A Hotel minibar allows you to look into the future. You can predict the cost of beverages in the year 2020!
When everything’s coming your way – perhaps you’re in the wrong direction on the highway?

Q. What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?

A. I don’t know and I don’t care.

No matter how much you push the envelope, it will still be stationary

Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn’t much, but the reception was excellent.
Will the last person in California to use a straw say, “well, that’s the last straw”
الإبتعاد عن صغار العقول لا علاقة له ب ( الغرور ) أبداً فهناك فرق كبير بين الترفُع والتكبر

Getting away from the little minds has nothing to do with vanity. There is a great difference between being raised and growing up.
السكوت موجع جدا بس إللى اتعود على حاجه بيبقى صعب يغيرها بيبقى اتعود خلاص .. زى العيل الصغير لما بيتربى ع حاجه ويكبر وهو بيعمل إللى اتربى واتعود عليه وكونك اتعودت ع الكتمان يبقى صعب تفضفض لحد .

Silence is very painful but when I get used to something its hard to change it then get used to it Like the little boy when he raises something and grows up and he makes a habit of raising and getting used to it and being used to secrecy is hard to keep up
حافظ على أخوك ما أستطعت ، لأنك إذا فقدته ستخسر الصاحب والصديق والمعين والسند في الحياة " الأخ لا يعوض "

Keep your brother as soon as you can, because if you lose him, you lose the sidekick, the friend, the Rhombus and the bond in life.

سؤال عجبني : اوصف الشخص اللي ممكن تحبه بثلاث كلمات فقط

I like to describe the person that you can love with only three words.   LETS CHAT!
حياتي ليست جيده كما تظن .. انا املك الجنون والحماقة ، أملك الحظ العاثر ، أملك كل شي يمكن أن يقود المرء للجنون

My life is not as good as you think. I have the madness and the folly, I have the misfortune, I have everything that can lead one to madness
اللهم إنا نسألك في هذا الصباح 🕊☀️ أن ترزقنا بصيرة تنير بها دروبنا 🌸 ، وسكينة تشرح بها قلوبنا 💕 ، وعافية ما بعدها ضرر 💐 ، ونعيماً ما بعده كدر 💫 ..

Oh God we ask you this morning 🕊☀️ to have a vision that illuminates our paths, a knife that 🌸 explains our hearts 💕, and the goodness beyond which harm, and the blessings of Beyond 💐 💫..
اللى بيستحمل كتير .. لما يقول خلاص .. يبقى خلاص ولو جبت جيوش الارض ميقدروش يرجعوه لحالته الاولى او ضعفه الاول .. هما شويه ضعف لما يموتوا بتموت معاهم ناس كتير

Who take so much When he says salvation. Then its over if I had the armies of the earth they couldnt get him back to his first condition or his first weakness They are little weaker when they die they love a lot of people!!
 تظاهر بأنك بخير دائماً مهما كان انهيارك من الداخل فـ الكتمان أجمل بكثير من أن تتسول شفقه الآخرين عليك

Pretend you're always okay, no matter how you collapse from the inside, the secret is much nicer than having others ' pity on you.

أصعبُ ما يُمكنُكَ فعله .. هو إجبَارُ مشاعرَكَ على اتّخاذِ طريقٍ آخرَ يُعاكِسُ احساسكَ تماماً .. The hardest thing you can do. is forcing your feelings to take another way to completely contrast your sense..