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It was pride that changed angels into the devils [Fallen Ones], It is humility that makes men as angels.

Saint Augustine
لا تحاول رسم قلب واختيار الغياب منك
الكتابة له أو له ،،، إذا كان الحب هو مصير .. صدفة أو الحظ، وعدم وجود خيار

Do not try to draw a heart and choose the absence from you
Writing to him or him ,,, if love is a fate .. coincidence or luck, the absence of choice
خطة الله ومصيرنا هو أن يكون كل ما هو عرض ولزوجين لاحتضان إرادة الله هو شيء مجيد. God's plan and our destiny is to have all that is offered and for a couple to embrace God's will is a glorious thing.
صباح الخيررر للي قلوبهم تشبه الورد Good morning for whom their hearts are like roses.
اللهم حلو اللحظات وخير الأيام دائماً.♥️ Oh God nice moments and good days always ♥️
اللهم ﻻتحرمنآ خيركَ واجعل لنا مع كل قطرة مطر تفريجًا وسعادة ورزقًا وعافية وإستجابة لكل دعاء ...♥️✨ Oh God dont deprive us of your goodness and make for every raindrop and happiness and sustenance and wellness and response to every prayer... ♥️✨
身のまわりで起こることの責任は全て自分にある。一見、他人のせいに見えることでも、全ては自分に責任がある。このように考えることで物事は好転する  岡本史郎 You are responsible for everything that happens around you. At first glance, it seems to blame others, but everything is responsible for me. By thinking like this, things will turn around. Shiro Okamoto
تصميمي👇 👌هنيئاً لمن كانت لحظة جنونه المضي قُدُماً نحو طموحاته . My determination 👇 👌 is good for those who have had the moment of madness to move forward towards his ambitions.

I think that being lost comes from a kind of desire. I want to become it, and I want to become it so, and I am lost from the desire that it wants to succeed in this way. If you throw it away, the problem will be gone.

Bom dia! “Senhor, Cuida do meu falar, do meu pensar, do meu agir... Cuida de todos que eu amo, dos que me amam e daqueles que por algum motivo desgostam de mim... Vigia meus passos... Sonda meu coração... Esteja comigo em todos os momentos da minha vida... Amém!”

Good morning! Lord, take care of my talk, my thinking, my acting ... Takes care of all that I love, those who love me and those who for some reason dislike me. Watch my steps. Probe my heart ... Be with me every day of my life ... Amen! "
السعادة هي أن تكسب أصدقــا۽.. لا يجيدون التصنع ولا يتلاعبون بالاقنعة تغيب عن أعينهم فجأة ولكن لا تغيب عن قلوبهم ابدا

Happiness is to gain the truest ۽... They don't know how to make, and they don't manipulate masks. Suddenly absent their eyes but never absent from their hearts,
اللهم ازرع في أرواحنا ، طمأنينة لاتغادرنا أبداً . May God plant our souls, tranquility, never leave us. ❤️
أحياناً عندما تسترجع أحداث حياتك، ستكتشف أن أكثر شخص أنت مُدين له بالاعتذار هو نفسك 💔 Sometimes when you relive your life, you'll find out that the most person you owe an apology to is yourself. 💔
استقبل يومك الجميل بهذا اليقين : ﴿ سيؤتينا الله من فضله ﴾ Receive your beautiful day with this certainty: ﴿ will God be rewarded by the bounty of ﴾
أبتسم سيأتيك ما قد يُنسيك ما أُخذ منك ، سيعطيك الله ما لم تكن متوقعاً أن يأتيك . Smile will come to you what may make you forget what was taken from you, God will give you what you are not expected to come.