One of the most common questions I am asked when I take a customer is: "Is he with that other woman?"  I know you have heard all the horror stories of womanizers and maybe even been unfortunate enough to have been involved with one in the past.  They are certainly out there. 

But like I stated in my previous blog (Men And The 'Commitment Issue'), in 25 years of psychic work I have come across three dozen dirt bags, whom I told customers to simply dump!  I've come across about a dozen golden boys who were just fabulous. 

Keep in mind that I have conducted over 5,000 readings in that 25 years, both via phone and working in two psychic bookstores in Arizona...and I've run across 36 scumbags. Only 36!  In one case, and one case only, did I tell a customer that she was loosing her man to another woman and their was nothing she could do about it.

Most guys, again, are striving to do the best they can.  They don't understand women anymore than many of you do men.  We really are from different planets.

Fortunately for you, psychics are available to bridge this gap.  I will give you clearest information I can from an intuitive male perspective.  Please trust me when I say that I can help you improve your relationship.  But in almost every case you need to take some action or make some changes! 

There are many psychics who will tell you that your guy is a Saint or a scumbag.  Chances are he's neither and you can do something to improve your relationship. 

Also keep in mind that when I state that I'm 80-90% accurate in my readings (on my listings), that doesn't mean I am wholly wrong about whether your guy loves you or not!  Trust me, I can read him like a book!  Especially after tapping into him multiple times!  The 10-20% error rate might be about something like a specific time frame where I am off a week or two or about exactly what gift he may have gotten you. 

Emotions are some of the easiest things for a psychic to pick up on.  I can tell you whether he really loves you, doesn't love and is just using you, or there is a mixture of attraction, repulsion or other complicated feelings. 

Nothing frustrates me more than seeing customers begin to improve their relationships with my advice, only to then let fear over take them, fall back into comfortable old patterns, and sabotage their relationship with the love of their life!

I have focused on female customers, since that is the majority, but I love male clients as well.  Just make sure you are ready to use the advice I give you.

My next series of blogs will be aimed at male customers.  So if your man is open to intuitive information at all, tell him to give me a call.  You can also let him know I'm a trained Remote Viewer.  Remote Viewing is the formerly classified military psychic spy skill.  That should get him a little more interested!

Give me a call and let's get things back on track for you!

I've joked with a few of my customers that I was going to start calling myself The Man Whisperer! Maybe I won't change my member name to that, but I'll blog about it.

Okay ladies, listen up: Everyday I run into the same series of problems with my mostly female customers. Don't take this wrong, I love you all and am happy to help. But the average woman is completely lost with the signals the average man puts out in a relationship. This is understandable, since we really are wired very differently.

About half my time on the phone is spent, not perceiving raw psychic information, but explaining how the male animal works in general; and then specifically, how the customer's man thinks and feels about her. This is wonderful too, since I really do help the customer.

The part that shocks me a little is how perplexed most women are about how men think. I would suspect with how much energy females put into relationships, they'd have their guy figured out by now. ;-)

Again, I do not mean to be insulting or offensive. It's easy for me because I am a straight-alpha-male psychic. One hint I would like to give you ladies before you call me is: guys are very, very simple. Most of the time, you're reading way more into the situation then is there.

There are many fantastic female intuitives here on Keen who can help you explore your feelings and spirituality in ways I probably never could as a man. So please don't think I'm being derogatory toward them.

But if you're completely confounded and hopeless lost in the forest of overly plain male behavior, please let me help you

Honestly, unless you want to talk about your feelings at length, it will probably take me less then 10 minutes to help you understand just how little your man really thinks! :-D

I AM The Man Whisperer!

Love and romance are wonderful things in life. And by and large that is what most of my customers are looking for here on Keen. However, as a psychic, I have come across an issue that has caused confusion and distress.

Most customers are calling me about that one special person. The person they dream about, obsess about and who dominates their daily thoughts. Unfortunately, while attempting to get accurate psychic information, some take a short term attitude toward a long term problem and begin sleeping with other people. And herein lies the problem.

Sex, no matter how casually it is handled in modern culture, is never a casual experience from a Cosmic perspective. There is no such thing as 'safe sex.' Not only are fluids transferred, but your energy is blended in a very unique way through physical intimacy. Sex, although it may be subtle, permanently changes your auric field. You are never the same.

Now, I'm not writing this to scare people. I'm certainly not writing for praise, since I have a strong feeling most people resent it. I am writing it because if you're coming to me for accurate psychic information or having trouble getting accurate data from your preferred psychic, sex with people other than your love may be the issue.

Your aura, energy, body, karma and cells are exchanged and permanently changed, through sex. This is why most ancient traditions handled human sexuality with caution.

I recently read a genetics news article where doctors are discovering viruses that permanently change the DNA sequences of those infected with it. Trust me, one day soon they will uncover proof of the same permanent DNA changes taking place through human sexual contact.

From an energetic point of view, the change in your auric field, can completely distort accurate psychic information. Since you as the customer, are the 'anchor person' I'm getting the information through, any changes in your energy field or body will skew that psychic data. How is any psychic supposed to pick up accurate information about your love, whom you're not being intimate with, while you are busy blending your body and aura with another person?

Any psychic, not just me, is far more likely to get information about the person you're being intimate with, and not your love.

So my advice is to abstain from any sexual contact with anyone else other than the object of your affection. If you cannot abstain from sexual contact with someone else, I think you need to reevaluate just how badly you really want that person you profess to be obsessed with.

Robert Todd Lincoln (August 1, 1843 – July 26, 1926) was an American lawyer and Secretary of War, and the first son of President Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln.

He was either present or nearby when three presidential assassinations occurred, and all three Presidents had precognitive dreams about their deaths.

President Lincoln had a dream about his death as I wrote about in my blog, Psychic Abraham Lincoln. Robert Todd Lincoln was nearby when his father was shot at Ford's Theater. He attended his father on his deathbed at Petersen House, where the President was had been moved to after the shooting.

In 1881, Robert Lincoln was serving as President James A. Garfield's Secretary of War, when Garfield had a dream about his own death. Knowing about President Lincoln's dream, Garfield wanted to know more details about the dream. He invited Robert to join him at the Sixth Street Train Station in Washington, D.C. on July 2. As Lincoln was approaching President Garfield, the President was shot by Charles J. Guiteau.

Robert Lincoln was also invited by President William McKinley to the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, on September 6, 1901. McKinley wanted to ask about a dream he had had about his own death as well. Before Robert could meet with him, the President was shot by Leon Czolgosz.

Robert Lincoln recognizing the frequency of these events, later declined presidential invitations. He is reputed to have said, "No, I'm not going, because there is a certain fatality about presidential functions when I am present."

February 12th was the 209th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth.

Readers of my blog have probably noticed that I tend to write about the psychic experiences of historically prominent men. This is not because I discount the psychic experiences of women, but because there is a trend in modern culture to ignore the psychic activity of men.

Some of this enforced ignorance might be because most men are uncomfortable with any subject that isn't analytical and easily explainable. But I cannot help that suspect that this enforced ignorance is an artificial social construct from people who know that psychic abilities are real.

If we speak of U.S. Presidents, we can go all the way back to the father of our country, George Washington, and follow psychic experiences through Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush.

Lincoln was reputed to have consulted a psychic when he was twenty-two and told that he would be the President of the United States someday. Tragedy opened the door for Lincoln's psychic experiences, starting with the death of his first love, Ann Rutledge, on August 25th, 1835. Abraham's wife, Mary Todd, appears to have had an interest in spiritualism from an early age.

Mary's interest in spiritualism only increased after the death of the Lincoln's second son, Eddie, on February 1st, 1850. Eddie was only three years old. Both Abraham and Mary were devastated. The Lincoln's third son, Willie, died on February 20th, 1862. The Laurie's, well-known Georgetown Mediums, visited the White House frequently after Willie's death. At least one documented seance took place in the White House on April 23rd, 1863, attended by the President, First Lady, and several other prominent members of the cabinet.

In October 1863, Mary said to her half-sister, Emilie Todd Helm:

"Willie lives. He comes to me every night and stands at the foot of the bed with the same sweet adorable smile he always has had. He does not always come alone. Little Eddie is sometimes with him and twice he has come with our brother Alex."

President Lincoln, who held the Union together during the bloodiest war the United States has ever fought, the Civil War, had many psychic experiences. He noted that he felt 'guided' when he wrote The Emancipation Proclamation.

Lincoln told his good friend on approximately April 11th, 1865, about a dream he had:

"About ten days ago, I retired very late. I had been up waiting for important dispatches from the front. I could not have been long in bed when I fell into a slumber, for I was weary. I soon began to dream. There seemed to be a death-like stillness about me. Then I heard subdued sobs, as if a number of people were weeping.

"I thought I left my bed and wandered downstairs. There the silence was broken by the same pitiful sobbing, but the mourners were invisible. I went from room to room; no living person was in sight, but the same mournful sounds of distress met me as I passed along. It was light in all the rooms; every object was familiar to me; but where were all the people who were grieving as if their hearts would break? I was puzzled and alarmed. What could be the meaning of all this?

"Determined to find the cause of a state of things so mysterious and so shocking, I kept on until I arrived at the East Room, which I entered. There I met with a sickening surprise. Before me was a catafalque, on which rested a corpse wrapped in funeral vestments. Around it were stationed soldiers who were acting as guards; and there was a throng of people, some gazing mournfully upon the corpse, whose face was covered, others weeping pitifully.

'Who is dead in the White House?' I demanded of one of the soldiers.

'The President,' was the answer; 'he was killed by an assassin!'

"Then came a loud burst of grief from the crowd, which awoke me from my dream. I slept no more that night; and although it was only a dream, I have been strangely annoyed by it ever since."

Three days later, he was shot by John Wilkes Booth, in Ford's Theater. He died the next day, on April 15th.

“The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings” ~ Plato

The phrase true love is almost as misunderstood as the word love.

What is true love according to this masculine male psychic? It’s optimum. It’s the best of all possibilities. It’s not the easiest, it’s not the ideal, and it’s not perfect by any means.

There are two things that are almost equally sad as a psychic: a customer who want to force a temporary relationship to be a true love one, and the customer who wants to make true love a temporarily relationship!

I’ve been asked many times: how can you tell whether this is a temporary relationship or true love? It’s intuitive; I can feel it.

Forget the analytical answers and classic relationship texts. Chances are pretty good, you and your true love should have been done with each other years ago, and with good reason. But you cannot give each other up!

There has been much written about Jesus of Nazareth; some of it true, most of it false.

Many whom have grown up in Christian homes found themselves fascinated by the character of Jesus, but not quite satisfied with seemingly sterile image of him portrayed by their respective churches.

The birth of this Avatar was indeed heralded by certain celestial and astrological events. Many mystics were waiting for his incarnation. He was born into the well organized Order of the Essene, a branch of the Great White Brotherhood. The Essene where healers headquartered in Galilee, north of Samaria, among the Gentiles.

A decree had been issued in 103 B.C. that forced everyone in Israel to conform to Mosaic law. Jesus’ parents, Joseph and Mary were Gentiles. They were Aryans who were Jewish, like many in Israel at the time, only by law. They lived in Galilee, but not in Nazareth, because this village did not exist at the time. Rather Jesus was referred to as Nazarene because this was the word the Jews used at the time to describe anyone who did not fully adhere to Judaism or who professed a different faith.

Some passages by Jesus in the New Testament are mysterious indeed. Many have been thought of in terms of spiritual regeneration, especially the term ‘born again.’

In the 11th Chapter of Matthew, Jesus is speaking to his Disciples about John the Baptist:“Truly I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come.

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” [emphasis added].

Jesus certainly seems to be stating the John the Baptist is the reincarnation of Elias.

The two major sects of Jews in Jerusalem during that time where the Pharisees and the Sadducees. The Pharisees were more metaphysical, believing in angels and an after life, while the Sadducees where more secular and legalistic.

In John, Chapter 3, a Pharisee named Nicodemus comes to visit Jesus secretly at night, for Jesus had many secret disciples:

The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, “Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him.” 

Jesus answered, “Truly, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

Nicodemus saith unto him, “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born?”

Jesus answered, “Truly, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the spirit is spirit. 

“Marvel not that I said unto thee, ye must be born again. The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the spirit.”

Nicodemus answered and said unto him, “How can these things be?”

“Art thou a master of Israel, and knowest not these things?” Jesus answered, “Truly, I say unto thee, we [the Essene] speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and ye receive not our witness. If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?” [emphasis added].

Then again, in the 9th Chapter of John: And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth. And his disciples asked him, saying, “Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?”

 Jesus answered, “Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.” 

Jesus then heals the man. But the question remains, how could this man have sinned before he was born unless he had a previous life? 

Reincarnation is certainly one of the most misunderstood of mystical doctrines. And I will not go into an elaborate explanation of it. This blog is only to point out some rather mysterious passages in the Bible.

A note about ‘past life readings’: I will warn you that at our current state of spiritual evolution, maybe one hundred persons on Earth can perceive anything about your past lives; and I am not one of them. So please be careful when you come in contact with intuitives who profess this skill. It is very rare.

Saturn: the planet of restriction. Obviously our Saturday is named after this planet, a symbol of restriction...which might do us some good in modern society. There is a concept very similar that Saturn symbolizes...patience, which is the message of this blog post.

Those of us who have been crushed, disappointed and heartbroken by love can often become fatalistic. We can become lonely and looking for almost anyone to fill the void in our heart. This is where our old friend Saturn comes in to remind us to be patient. More is lost by filling your life with the wrong person than patiently waiting for the right one.

Maybe it's naive, but I believe in the power of purity, I believe in the power of prayer, and I believe in the power of patience. May you, dear reader, utilize the divine power within you as you pray not only for the right person but the patience to wait for them. Patience is a lost virtue in our instant gratification society. Patience insures craftsmanship, quality, and a stable foundation for love, romance and family. Do not neglect this virtue.

Below is a beautiful song called "Someday" by a brother and sister band named La Rue from the 1990s. It perfectly captures the longing for a lover, a sweetheart, a companion, a husband, a wife, that almost all of us have. It's a moving expression of that longing to belong with someone, to someone, that most us of have. And unless you were the one of the fortunate few who met the love of your life in High School, this requires patience. Enjoy.

"I have a very strong feeling that the opposite of love is not hate - it's apathy. It's not giving a damn." ~ Leo Buscaglia

I had a customer I just adore call me earlier today and she was so mad at her guy she kept cussing and then apologizing. I had to keep reassuring her that it was okay to express herself like that. Because I almost never cuss, customers often think they must be very polite with me. While I appreciate this, it might interfere with your reading or understanding of the situation. My goal is to help you not only understand the situation and take effective action, but also rid yourself of those negative emotions. And often that is done through cussing!

You will find almost no cuss words in my blogs. I believe I use the word 'hell' in a few. I've also written some blogs about sexual purity and chastity that might give you the idea that I'm a prude. While I will always advocate being careful with your body and heart, expressing your emotions during a call with me are an entirely different issue!

Maybe it's because I'm Sicilian and was raised by a Sailor Dad from Brooklyn that I couldn't care any less about cussing? Seriously, it rolls right off me. Maybe it's because I'm an INTJ? I don't know. My attitude when on the phone is compassionate, yet detached. You customers are often dealing with very emotional issues that you can't talk to anyone else about! You want to scream! You want to rant! You want cry and cuss! Please go ahead and do so! You're not going to offend me. I will do everything I can to help you. Feelings often don't make sense and that's okay! Or sometimes they don't make sense until they are untangled by verbal objectification. So spit it out! It's okay. I can take it. I'm not going to break.

While I can help you understand your man, I also know we men can be maddening! We men can be so freaking dense! Men often expect their women to be men with vaginas. And this leads to all kinds of problems! If he's wrong, I'll tell you so. If you're misunderstanding his behavior, I'll let you know that too. I'm only going to lay a few ground rules for expressing emotion or profanity during a call:

  1. Cuss all you want! Really.
  2. You can tell me how much men suck (because we often do)! Just try not to attack me directly. :-D
  3. You can cry all you want! Really. Just keep in mind that if I can't hear you clearly, I can't answer questions. We'll have to wait for you to calm down enough for me to understand you.

I want to be effective in helping you. If dropping the F-bomb helps, do it!

Let’s see, last time I checked, I was a man!

There some customers who would like me to be a woman.  But guess what? When you call a straight male psychic, you’re going to get a male perspective!  As shocking as that might seem, it’s the truth!

Most of my female customers, who are the majority, are very accepting of the intuitive information. They appreciate the unique intuitive insights I can offer while helping them understand the very different manner in which we men think.  

Over the past 25 years of psychic work, I have probably run into a dozen men during readings who were absolutely fabulous and immediately told my customers to keep him.  The only reason they were calling me was for confirmation.  I’ve run into about twice as many men who were just complete dogs and I told my customers to dump him.  The vast majority of men out there are good guys, trying to do the best they can in a confusing world.  There are very few real ‘players’ out their ladies.  That was back in high school.

Most men do not have commitment issues, they don’t get involved with women just to break their hearts and they don’t drink your tears for pleasure. There are tons of psychics out there who will tell you that your guy is a player when he is not.  It’s one of the easiest things to do.  Other psychics will tell you that your guy will magically turn around, come back to you and everything will be great.  Both of  those options take  power and responsibility away from you, the customer!

Now, this might not be politically correct in the psychic handbook, but there is almost always something you have done or said to make your man cool his jets with you. Therefore there is almost always something, however small, you can do to improve your relationship and communication with your man.  That is where I come in. I am intuitive and a straight male and I can tell you exactly what he is thinking, exactly what he is feeling, and exactly what you can do to improve things.

But please don’t call me up, just wanting a scapegoat or me to tell you your guys is great or a dog.  Chances are, he’s neither.  For the purposes of illustration, I am going to list a few things not to do if you want to improve your relationship with your man: don’t sleep with his friend, don’t steal money from him, don’t stalk his every move around the internet and confront him with it constantly.  Don’t create spoof social networking accounts with a model's picture offering him more revealing pictures.  Don’t email and call him 50 times a day and demand to know why he won’t call you back.  Don’t show up at his place of work only to flip him off in front of co-workers.

For men, most of their supposed ‘commitment issues’ revolve around real problems they are trying to solve with you.  The issues are simple.  Some examples are: money (their lack of usually), children (from a previous relationship, yours or you wanting more kids), sex (incompatible styles / appetites), long distances, work schedules and career goals.  So when you call me, please be open to possibility that what your man is telling you is the issue, really is the issue; especially when I pick it up intuitively before you tell me anything about him!

I don’t have your guy on the phone, I have you on the phone.  I want to help you improve your relationship and as a male psychic, I can do that!  But not if you insist that your guy is a Prince or and Villain.

I look forward to your call looking for real solutions. 

Cosmic Consciousness and Psychic Development

What is Cosmic Consciousness and why is it a worthwhile pursuit? Depending on the mystic or psychic school of thought, it has been called many things in Buddhist, Islamic and Christian traditions: Enlightenment, Illumination, a State of Grace, Gnosis and Christ Consciousness.

Almost all mystical, religious or spiritual traditions have inspired individuals to pursue this blessed state up until recently. In the last 60 years, diabolical forces in the political and social realm have replaced spiritual aspiration with shortsighted hedonism and atheism.

Yep, you read that right: I wrote diabolical. There are also many in the psychic arena who ‘study’ Cosmic Consciousness or altered states of consciousness, as a hobby or pastime. They would be hard pressed and would abandon said study if life were not running smoothly. I don’t want you to feel guilty if this topic interests you and all your bills are paid, you have a great job, wonderful husband or wife and happy children. But ultimately, it is what we pursue under pressure that defines us.

Why study Cosmic Consciousness?

Because most of humanity trials and tribulations are brought about because of our lack of consciousness (awareness) of the forces that made and sustain us. In the past these have been referred to as Divine Laws. And let me add that these divine laws were instituted by our Creator for our benefit and growth.

Richard Maurice Bucke wrote this about Cosmic Consciousness in his Magnum Opus book Cosmic Consciousness: A study of the evolution of the human mind: “The primary characteristic of Cosmic Consciousness is, as the name implies, a consciousness of the cosmos, that is, of the life and order of the universe. Along with the consciousness of the cosmos there occurs an intellectual enlightenment or illumination which alone would place the individual on a new plane of existence - would make him almost a member of a new species. To this is added a state of moral exaltation, an indescribable feeling of elevation, elation, and joyousness, and a quickening of the moral sense, which is fully as striking and more important both to the individual and to the race than is the enhanced intellectual power. With these come what may be called a sense of immortality, a consciousness of eternal life, not a conviction that he shall have this, but the consciousness that he has it already.”

So we see that Cosmic Consciousness is a power that transforms the individual.

Let’s compare Cosmic Consciousness to lower forms of consciousness: simple consciousness is possessed by any living creature. Self-consciousness is possessed by human beings, as distinguished from that possessed by other animals. Cosmic Consciousness is something is in advance of either of these states, which goes beyond what we would consider our objective realization.

Ultimately, consciousness itself is a composite of what we perceive with our senses and our intuition. The latter is itself composed of two primary functions: our extrasensory perception and previous experience of the soul, vis-a-vis past lives.

The combination of self-consciousness and intuition is something that is unique to human beings, which makes us potential vehicles for Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness could be thought of with the analogy of a telescope. Just as a particular arrangement of material tools (casing, wires, lenses and mirrors) are needed for a telescope, so there is a mental or psychic arrangement necessary for Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness has the effect of being inspiring and practical to the challenges of daily life. New systems, procedures, inventions, books, music, movies and ideas spring from such divine inspiration. These inspirations will always have a practical application for the true mystic.

Let me state at this point, that it is difficult for most people to make use of a small amount of psychic development. They falsely believe they have the right to live in the clouds and forget the requirements of daily life. I have run into this psychological phenomena many times in this field.

“Mystics” or “Psychics” who want to float around in ephemerality and ambiguity, for self-aggrandizement and false social status, with no practicality to their insights, are not true mystics.

The problems and solutions to daily life with always be embraced by properly applied Cosmic inspiration. Anyone who encourages you to ignore or neglect the body is not applying the revelations correctly.

In adolescence, bodily changes start to affect our mental outlook. We begin to see our self and our place in the world differently. There are adjustments that take place with our self-concept. So too, changes like this happen when a mystic begins to develop and tap into Cosmic Consciousness.

There are inherent dangers in embracing this higher path, the same way there are dangers inherent in passing through the initiation of adolescence. However, as a species, we have very little choice. We will develop in this direction. The best way to pass safely through this initiation is to actively pursue it, study with diligence and apply it. One of the best methods to develop this exalted level of consciousness is meditation.

Attitudes toward marriage have changed radically over the past 15 years, especially among heterosexuals. Heterosexual woman have increased their desire for marriage, saying having a successful marriage is one of the most important things in their lives, from 28% to 37 percent. However, for heterosexual men the percentage went down from 35% to 29 percent. In her 2013 book, Helen Smith, Ph. D, Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream - and Why It Matters, thoroughly examines this phenomena.

Her premise is that American society, by and large, has become anti-male. She interviewed thousands of men all over the United States and concluded that the incentives have changed, shaping male behavior. I can attest to this; it has! I went from being a hopeless romantic, believing in love and marriage to being ambivalent toward it. And ironically, that radical transformation of my consciousness also took about 15 years.

I have been doing psychic work for 25 years. Twelve years ago I became a trained Remote Viewer. That was when I was introduced to the concept of Optimum Mates. Of course, my romantic side leapt at that. I had personal experiences that pointed to my Optimum Mate and I was happy to have it confirmed.

However, Optimum Mates do not exist in a vacuum. We live in a society where it is making less and less sense for a man to get married. Let's face it ladies, bagging a man today is totally different than 50 years ago! I attempt to educate my customers about their man's mindset and why he would be so hesitant for marriage or even commitment, even though he may be hopelessly in love with her.

As a trained Remote Viewer, and I can find out almost anything within human understanding, from what crashed at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 to how the AIDS virus originated. And yet most of my calls here on Keen are from female customers trying to understand, and move their relationships forward with their men.

Since women are more relationship-oriented than ever, isn't it important to really understand the men they want so desperately in their lives? Men are logical ladies. And while he may feel amazing passion for you, that's not going to translate into commitment or marriage unless you personally can offer a unique shelter from the social storms raging around us. You must be different from the typical woman that your man hears about in the news. Otherwise there is simply no reason for him to take the risk of marrying you. Why wouldn't he want to marry you when you're such an amazing woman (and I write that sincerely). Let's take a look:

1. He'll lose respect: Even 30 years ago, a man wasn't considered to be fully adult until he was married with kids. Fathers in 2015 are more the object of ridicule and mockery; the dumpy guy with the flower diaper bag. In today's society, father never knows best. TV sitcoms have a endless number of clueless fathers who personify incompetence. Even serious media portrayals of fathers are an exercise in buffoonery.

2. He'll lose out on sex: Married men have more sex than single men, on average, but much less than men who are cohabiting with their partners outside of marriage, especially as time goes on. Let's face it ladies, sex and intimacy, that bonding and affirming act, is critical to keeping any relationship alive. When men get punished by committing to a woman, they are likely to see commitment as not worth it. Sex is a major stress-reliever for men. If he was been married or in a long-term relationship previously, he may have literally been conditioned not to commit.

3. He'll lose his friends: Now this isn't as much a problem for me, since I'm a psychic and most other men are afraid of me; that is unless they happen to be entrepreneurial and interested in paranormal phenomena. But for most men, this is a big issue. They really need their male bonding time! And if they're into sports, this is critical. Not too many people enjoy loosing their friends and men even less so, since they usually have less friends to begin with!

4. He'll lose his space: This, personally, is a big one for me. I'm an Introvert and a Mystic. So I need my quiet meditative, writing and exercise time. Most men love their "Man Cave" where they don't have to be constantly clean and quiet. One author on men's issues noted: that the development of suburban lifestyles, intended to bring the family together, resulted in the elimination of male spaces in the main part of the house, and the exile of men to attics, garages, basements - the least desirable part of the home. Now, this I must disagree with. Most men want to keep their wives happy and don't necessarily want the living room. However, they do want some kind of Man Cave, even if it is an attic, garage or basement! Today, men don't even get that!

5. He could lose his kids and his money: And they may not even be his kids! Most men are keenly aware of the dangers of divorce. And they worry that if a marriage (even a common law one) went sour, the woman is likely to take everything. The courts are completely stacked against men. And to further add insult to injury, if you're a blended family, a man is likely to be forced to pay child support for children that are not even his!

One man commented that his ex-wife had taunted him with the knowledge that his 11-year old son wasn't actually his: "I was angry at the mother...I severed all ties to the boy. Some may see this as a failing. I see it as self-preservation, and to those that ask the question of whether or not the courts will make a non-biological parent pay child support, pay attention: YES THEY WILL! They see you as nothing more than a source of cash for the child. It seems that a person in these situations should be able to sue the real father for child support."

6. He'll lose in court: "Despite the increases in men seeking and receiving alimony, advocates warn against linking the trend to equality in the courtroom. Family court judges still tend to favor women," said Ned Holstein, the founder of Fathers & Families, a group advocating family court reform. "Family court still gives custody overwhelmingly to mothers, child support overwhelmingly to mothers, and courts still give alimony overwhelmingly to mothers and women," he said. "The family courts came into existence years ago in order to give things to mothers that mothers needed. The times have changed and the courts have not."

7. He could lose his freedom: At least, if the man charged with child support that he can't pay, he can be put in jail - and if he can't afford a lawyer, he doesn't have the right to have one appointed because, according to the Supreme Court, it's technically a civil matter! Fathers and Families also found: "A new report concludes that between 95% and 98.5% of all incarcerations in Massachusetts sentenced from the Massachusetts Probate and Family Courts from 2001 through 2011 have been men. Moreover, this percentage may be increasing, with an average of 94.5% from 2001 to 2008, and 96.2% from 2009 through 2011. It is likely that most of these incarcerations are for incomplete payment of child support. Further analysis suggests that women who fail to pay all of their child support are incarcerated only one-eighth as often as men with similar violations."

8. Single life is better than ever: While the value of marriage and commitment to men has declined, the quality of single life has improved. Single men once faced a stigma for being single and were looked on with suspicion. Many were passed over for job promotions and opportunities because they were not seen as "mature and stable" enough. Today, nothing could be further from the truth. A man is more likely to get promoted if he has no family or wife to keep him from focusing exclusively on his career.

Pre-marital sex was once frowned up, but today it is par for the course. Dating has never been easier and with our loosening morals has come the "hook-up" culture. While I am appalled from a psychic point of view by this state of affairs, it is nevertheless, pervasive today. I believe our bodies are sacred and should be handled with the greatest respect, as I blogged about in Sex and Psychic Readings.

Cable TV and the Internet provide endless hours of entertainment that was previously unheard of. And then there are video games that have evolved from little, pixelated cartoon characters on a screen into full blown, immersive sagas with sweeping story lines and special effects worthy of any Hollywood Blockbuster! For me this is also a bonding experience with my sons.

Is this good for society? No, as falling birth rates and increasing single-motherhood demonstrate. But people respond to incentives. If we want more men to marry and/or commit, it needs to be a more attractive proposition.

Men are not just being irresponsible and "making excuses." The issues above are real.

If reading all these reasons has depressed you, you're not the only one. It depresses to me. And I'm sure it depresses many other men out there. But while you, as an individual woman cannot change society, you can change how your man perceives marriage and commitment. Now I'm not going to be able to go into great detail below about how to do this, but I will offer a few suggestions. Please use your imagination to come up with more.

Respect your man for being your man and being responsible. Women want sex as much as men, so be available for your sweetheart or husband. The bonding and stress relief is good for you too! Let your man spend time with his football buddies every now and then. Always give your man some space, even a small space in your house, if you want him to feel welcome there. Nothing makes a man feel less welcome in a house then not having space. Do not invite him to spend time with you and leave him with no space to put his things. There should be a "his" side of the bed, his night stand and a small work space.

If you have children from a previous relationship and your sweetheart or husband is sharing part of the burden for them financially or by taking them to a after school game or teaching them to drive, etc, regularly let him know how much you appreciate his efforts. Most men run away from fatherly responsibilities and good step-fathers are unheard of these days. If your man still finds family important, make sure you tell him how much you appreciate him even if the rest of the world just thinks he's that dork with the flower diaper bag!

And don't even mention court unless you're signing a prenuptial agreement! Find bonding activities to do together, and not always with the kids! Most men are poor social planners, so help him out by planning a date or fun outing. A day at the zoo, a nice hike or cultural enrichment at the museum are all awesome. He will not "feel controlled" most of the time and will probably really enjoy them!

And, as always, if you need anymore help with your romantic situation, give me a call today!

Cold objectivity has its value in psychic readings.  One unfortunate phenomena many of us have run into is having a Psychic let their personal experience color their view of your situation.  That will never happen with me. 

While I can be compassionate about your situation,  I am coldly objective about the psychic data.  My personal experience has no place except as an occasional point of reference. 

Nor do your emotions have an impact on the reading. You can be crying, sobbing or even screaming. As long as I can make out what you're saying, I'm okay with emotions. I can read right through them! The only thing I would have a problem with in you calling into question my integrity as a psychic or hurling personal insults at me. If you get excited about your man and demand to know why he is behaving a certain, I will tell you. You're tone, quite frankly, doesn't make a damn bit of difference.

I only ask that you be honest with your verbal feedback so I can stay properly attuned to your situation.

If you want brutal accuracy with practical application, I am your psychic!  Talk to you soon!

This is always an interesting question to get as a male psychic. The answer is not an easy one.

Men and women are wired very differently. I hope that despite a 50 year campaign of the gender-benders to make all humans
androgynous, most observant and practical people are acknowledging these profound differences between the sexes.

None of the biological distinctions that I will write about below negate or replace spiritual feelings and aspirations such as love, hope, sentimental or sweet emotions. The biological component overlaps!

Also keep in mind as you read that this blog addresses most established relationships and/or marriages, not a new dating dynamic. 

These natural, biological differences go back tens of thousands of years (at least), to primitive times when humans where primarily hunter-gathers. Men often left on extended hunting expeditions that lasted days or weeks. Their survival depended on emotionally detaching so they could focus on the hunt. If they did not focus, they could get injured, killed or even worse, return to the tribe with no food!

Our society and technology may have changed significantly in the past thousand years, but biology moves much slower. Men still have the habit of emotionally detaching to focus on work or important aspects of life.

Women, being hard-wired for emotional closeness and intimacy, as a survival mechanism, are on the opposite end. While women may no longer physically or financially have to depend on a man for her survival, emotionally she responds just like she did thousands of years ago: panic.

Let's get back to the question of missing: Yes, your man misses you, but not in the same way you miss him. A man very rarely feels waves of sentimental feelings sweep over him immediately after he has departed his love's presence. What women in the modern world needs to understand is that this lack of sentimentality is not a bad thing! Your man still loves you, still wants you, and is still attracted to you. But when he departs, biology sometimes kicks in and he feels the wonder lust of the hunt (for food, income, acquisitions, and personal productivity).

For thousands of years, that detachment meant the survival of his family and tribe. And that will not change overnight, but neither does it need to be looked at as callousness, lack of love or lack of caring.

Yes, your man loves you, yes he misses you; just not in the same way, with the same intensity and on the same time table as a woman. And that's a good thing! :-D It is completely possible for you balance your need for closeness and intimacy with your man's occasional need to pull away. It's a matter of understanding, tolerance and trust that goes both ways.

There are many more issues revolving around this one topic I could go into. However, in the spirit of brevity, I'm going to end it here.

Love and love challenges have been on my mind this past week as we are approaching Valentine's Day.

I am a pragmatic man, a bottom line kinda guy. Being a male intuitive gives me an edge when looking into men, because I speak the same language. I have 'the same tools' in my personal thesaurus, so to speak.

I want to preface my next claim with the fact that some men really are just self-centered, immature nimrods who can't really love any woman. But that is definitely not the case with most men.

Despite 60 years of the popular media trying blend us all into one androgynous gender, evolution biology still has an impact. Organic evolution has been going on for billions of years and it stands in bold defiance of modern pop culture's shrill declarations that we are all the same. Men and women have been on different, yet complimentary evolutionary paths, for a long time. That different, but complimentary trajectory, is not going to change any time soon no matter how 'unfair' some claim it to be.

If you are a woman (and you have a good man to begin with), I can assure you that most of your problems are misunderstandings in communication styles and prioritization. I've been a psychic for 25 years, and 90% of the problems that couples face are ones of communication and prioritization.

If you are a man (and you have a good woman to begin with), I want you to understand that your woman really needs your love and affection much more frequently then you think. We live in a digital age where everyone is connected via social media. And frankly, the availability of so many other women terrifies her. Yes, it's true she could find another man as well. But unless there is something really wrong with her, she has bonded with you and isn't even noticing other men. She doesn't care about other men, she cares about other women.

She's afriad of being easily replaced. Less than 200 years ago, being replaced by another woman usually meant death or at least dire poverty. And there is a billion years of evolution to back that fear up. Don't think that just because she can earn her own money she doesn't need you. Sure, she can earn her own money. But money doesn't replace a man any more than it replaces a woman. She still needs you.

So rather than being a competitive jerk, and using this vulnerability against her, why not be a gentleman and actually love and support her? She needs little emojis, sweet gifs, and lots of reassurance. Flowers and thoughtful gifts are also awesome. You and I, as men, can be friends and not speak for six months and pick up right where we left off without missing a beat. That is not how most ladies operate and certainly not with a man they have strong feelings for. She needs frequent, often daily, contact to feel secure.

And before you go gripping about how needy daily contact is, check your own wiring Dude! Fess up: you know you love to be needed. So stop complaining about it! Fulfill her needs and she will fulfill yours.

That trait of emotional sensitivity also has it's roots in evolutionary biology. Women are much more relationship oriented than we guys. And trust me, you wouldn't want it any other way. That biological wiring is what makes her a good mother. And good mothers are hard to come by these days.

Face it, if it was up to men to raise children, many would never survive into adulthood; or at least not very well. We are really good at physical safety and protecting, but not at nurturing and subtle emotional cues. Your woman's relationship orientation and sensitivity to tenuous changes in emotions and intention can (and should) be the heart of any home. And unless you really are just a punk, you want a home. She can give you that. So don't squash her emotional sensitivity by trying to make her into a guy friend. Respect that she is different from you and that's exactly why she is so sexy and appealing.

Sometimes she makes things difficult on you just to force a confrontation that will lead to communication and reassurance. Yes, I know. This makes no sense to us as men. That's the last thing we'd do to a friend. But then again my man, your sweetheart is not your buddy. She is not a man, and needs to be cared for in a completely different manner.

What are the two things I hear from my customers the most about the opposite gender and/or their sweetheart when I explain how different the genders are:

From women about men: "That's just stupid! How he could not know that?"

From men about women: "That's crazy! That makes no sense!"

Yep. I know. I'm here to bridge the gap for you and tell you not to give up on love! True Love does exist and so do Twin Flames/Optimum Mates. And don't let anybody tell you any different.

Unless the person you're with is really just deceptive and out to hurt you, it is in your best interests to put some effort into the relationship and try to make it work. Think about why you fell in love with them in the first place. Go back to those memories and re-experience them. Again, unless you were really deceived to begin with, you probably fell in love with that person for very good reasons.

Don't give up without consulting a competent Psychic Advisor. And yes, I'm damn good at what I do, so I'd love to talk to you. But if not me, go with your gut and choose another.
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