I am finally following through on a goal I've had for a long time: testing my DNA to uncover my ancestry.

I have always been a firm believer that there is a strong genetic link to psychic abilities. I have my test kit from Ancestry.com and will be sending my sample off today. The results will be fascinating, I'm sure.

"Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life." ~ Jerzy Gregorek

As I have written before on my many occasions: we live in a supposedly "enlightened" age when women have been encouraged to emulate the worst sexual behaviors of men. The powers that be usually frame this promiscuity as "freedom" and "empowerment." After all, we are living the 21st Century and are much too sophisticated to be held back by antiqued ideas of tradition, fidelity and marriage!

As I wrote in my previous blog, 8 Reasons Straight Men Are Avoiding Marriage and Commitment, men are abandoning marriage and commitment for a host of very practical reasons. Culturally we have created incentives for men to be single. Certainly not all, but many of the traditions we took for granted only several decades ago have their roots not in the passing fad of cultural trends, but in biology and even eternal spiritual principles. Most men have not changed over the past several decades, nor will they, Caitlyn Jenner notwithstanding!

I'm certainly not naive enough to suggest that everyone wait until marriage for sexual activity. But I will say, that should still be the ideal, especially for young people. For those of who are seasoned and have been through at least one divorce, waiting until marriage before sex with additional courtships is unrealistic. However, I will tell you that until the man has flatly stated that he loves you and is committed to you, there should be no sex! Period! No exceptions!

I'm telling you not only how a man's brain is wired, but how a man's heart is wired too! And your rule as a woman should be: no commitment, no sex! I know that some of you ladies are afraid to follow my advice because there are looser women out there who are willing (and encouraged these days) to sleep with your man without any commitment. But guess what? Even if he does sleep with that other woman, he's not going to commit to her either! Trust me, it's not happening. It's not the way we are wired!

It's far better to save yourself the heartbreak by not sleeping with a man and letting him move on. The vast majority of my customers still want commitment, even after years of being shamed for it. That is hard wired into the most women.

I have repeatedly stated that my gender is much more simple wired than woman. This is not an exaggeration. My gender is not as simple as a dog, but when it comes to the fundamental basics of life: food, shelter, sex, we almost are! And almost any man reading this would agree with me. That is nothing to be ashamed of. Men's myopic singularity of focused consciousness has many advantages in life that ladies more diffused, holistic consciousness does not. But that is a topic for another blog.

For any women reading this who is offended, I'm sorry. But I can assure you that I'm doing you a service by being bluntly honest about this issue. No man should have the pleasurable ecstasy of being inside you without explicit love and commitment to you alone! If you reward his ambiguous bullshit in the hopes of securing him because he gets a chance to sample your sweetness, you are going to be disappointed every time! Don't envy the girls who give it up. They are setting themselves up for heartache.

I'm sure I'm going to offend many people with this next statement: but on this one issue the philosophy of Feminism has complete failed you! Feminism, from the beginning, should have encouraged women to honor one of their most sacred resources, their divine sexuality, more, not less! Why any woman would want to be "equal" to men in this regard, is beyond me. 70 years ago the men who couldn't keep it in their pants were looked down on as weak, incompetent, unstable and untrustworthy, by other men! They were denied or fired from jobs, shamed in their neighborhoods, denied loans at the bank, etc. Men had every reason, via external social forces, to remain faithful to their wives.

Why did feminism decide to embrace the promiscuous behavior of men instead of continuing to punish men for being weak, unreliable punks? One thing I can assure you beyond a shadow of doubt: the idea to embrace the vulgar habits of womanizing men in feminism did not originate with a woman!

So today women find themselves in this precarious position where they literally have no leverage on their man to commit. He will lose in court, loose money, loose in parental rights, loose respect if he commits and on top of that he can have sex whenever he wants by jumping on a dating app and taking a girl out to dinner a few times; often only once!

Ladies, do yourself a favor and be different! Most of you want love, commitment, a long-term relationship and possibly even marriage. Make yourself stand out by honoring your most intimate, sacred resource. You can't control all of these social forces that encourage promiscuity, but you still have one reserve that you can control; your body. Dating, kissing, hand-holding, snuggling and even heavy petting are fine. Be open, charming, sweet, funny and fabulous! But no actual sex of any kind, and that includes oral! I'm sorry to be so blunt, but if your man ejaculates with no stated, explicit commitment to you, you will have placed yourself in an incredibly weak position that is nearly impossible to recover from. You should never facilitate an orgasm for your guy without commitment. If you do, you are literally wiring his brain, via positive association, to be uncommitted!

If you're in a relationship and your guy starts wavering, saying his doesn't know whether he wants to be with you or wants to date other women: all sex stops! Period! Never reward a lack of commitment! Ever! When and if he recommits, then you can be intimate again. As a matter of fact: you should reward your man with frequent sex when he is committed! And never withhold sex in a committed relationship. It's like punishing a child by withholding food! Yes, I'm comparing men to children in this regard. You will damage the relationship beyond repair.

I know some of you are probably angry that I'm trying to get you to have this much sexual control. I'm sorry ladies, it's not fair. But men have not changed in the past fifty years. All that's changed in superficial cultural trends and fads. What I am writing is biology and natural spiritual law.

I hope you don't think that I disdain my own gender. I love men! We are awesome, have amazing strengths and capabilities. But in this one regard we are like Pavlov's dog. Do not reward us for unreliability!

When will the pain stop?

When you finally let go of what's holding you back! Be that a job, toxic family members, lousy friends or a destructive relationship.

For most of us logging on here to Keen.com, it's a relationship. And I can empathize with you. I'm a hopeless romantic! I love love and I love being in love. I love not only the closeness, emotional and physical intimacy, but the sentimental memories, couples can create together. A real love affair is about creating a loving family where you are accepted and supported. Loving families help you enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Most of all, they can accept your weakness without berating or torturing you about them. We all have flaws we are not proud of, but your primary relationship should not be one where you are mocked or degraded for them.

My older son can be selfish and stubborn. I do not humiliate him for it. I do the best I can to help him see other points of view and gently remind him that there are other approaches. I only intervene if his selfishness gets too out of hand. My younger son, while being a genius and incredibly analytical, recently begged me to get out his High School debate class. I know the fear of having to deal with others in a hostile social situation is frightening...and that's exactly why he needs to be in the class. He will one day thank me for making him stay in that class. He's going to be great! (It's a Psychic Dad thing!)

That same gentle, loving and nurturing approach should also exist in romantic relationships. How can you ever get past the initial rush of falling in love if you don't become family?

Have you apologized for things that really aren't your fault, just to keep things together? Have you begged for love and affection from your sweetheart? Does your lover believe the nasty things others (who are jealous of your romance) say about you and punish you for them? Do you have to continually "qualify" for your sweetheart's love? And is the bar is always moving higher?

Maybe it's time to ask yourself if the cost, emotionally, spiritually, and financially is just too high? Has Divinity been trying to tell you something? Have you just been too dense to listen? Maybe you're denser than most (like me) and Divinity has had to hit you with a sledgehammer? ;-) Anytime a relationship ends, it's an opportunity to get closer to the God of your Heart! The God of the whole universe is waiting for you. Let your broken heart melt into Him.

I recently decided to let a relationship go that I'd invested years in. As soon as I let it go, really let it go, it was like a weight was lifted from me. I became more productive than I'd been in years. As a matter of fact, July was the best month I've ever had in my 9 years on Keen! And August is looking awesome too! I've been able to bless my children with things they have needed for years! It's been incredible!

Thanks to you, my wonderful Keen customers, I'm purchasing a brand new motorcycle next month in preparation for my Disney World trip in the winter! Yes, I'm a nerd. I've never been there and want to see it. Thank you!

When Divinity spoke to me in meditation, I heard: "You can have everything you want, if you just let go of this one relationship; just this one person." The God of my Heart has been saying it for years: I finally listened.

Will you listen?

When will the pain stop?

When you stop punishing yourself and stop letting someone who claims they "love you" from punishing you too. I am all for fighting for love and have done so many times...but sometimes the answer is: the pain will stop when you finally let go!

And there are always possibilities. It might be years until you're ready...but maybe Divinity has someone better waiting for you?

I found this song uplifting. I hope you do too. https://youtu.be/F7g0GTlIu1o

This is always an interesting question to get as a male psychic. The answer is not an easy one.

Men and women are wired very differently. I hope that despite a 50 year campaign of the gender-benders to make all humans
androgynous, most observant and practical people are acknowledging these profound differences between the sexes.

None of the biological distinctions that I will write about below negate or replace spiritual feelings and aspirations such as love, hope, sentimental or sweet emotions. The biological component overlaps!

Also keep in mind as you read that this blog addresses most established relationships and/or marriages, not a new dating dynamic. 

These natural, biological differences go back tens of thousands of years (at least), to primitive times when humans where primarily hunter-gathers. Men often left on extended hunting expeditions that lasted days or weeks. Their survival depended on emotionally detaching so they could focus on the hunt. If they did not focus, they could get injured, killed or even worse, return to the tribe with no food!

Our society and technology may have changed significantly in the past thousand years, but biology moves much slower. Men still have the habit of emotionally detaching to focus on work or important aspects of life.

Women, being hard-wired for emotional closeness and intimacy, as a survival mechanism, are on the opposite end. While women may no longer physically or financially have to depend on a man for her survival, emotionally she responds just like she did thousands of years ago: panic.

Let's get back to the question of missing: Yes, your man misses you, but not in the same way you miss him. A man very rarely feels waves of sentimental feelings sweep over him immediately after he has departed his love's presence. What women in the modern world needs to understand is that this lack of sentimentality is not a bad thing! Your man still loves you, still wants you, and is still attracted to you. But when he departs, biology sometimes kicks in and he feels the wonder lust of the hunt (for food, income, acquisitions, and personal productivity).

For thousands of years, that detachment meant the survival of his family and tribe. And that will not change overnight, but neither does it need to be looked at as callousness, lack of love or lack of caring.

Yes, your man loves you, yes he misses you; just not in the same way, with the same intensity and on the same time table as a woman. And that's a good thing! :-D It is completely possible for you balance your need for closeness and intimacy with your man's occasional need to pull away. It's a matter of understanding, tolerance and trust that goes both ways.

There are many more issues revolving around this one topic I could go into. However, in the spirit of brevity, I'm going to end it here.

"Defer not till the evening, what the morning may accomplish." ~ Unto To Thee I Grant

What a precious gift life is: to be, live, breath, think, aspire, love...

Mysticism has within it's veins the science of Ontology: the study of being. All of the ancient mysteries schools delved into the mystery of being, including the Egyptian, Greek, Orphic, and Eleusinian. From this perspective, think of the physical world as "resistance" similar to the weights in aerobics or weight training. If you've done these exercises you know that the additional weight can help your muscles develop in tone and strength. The physical world can be a similar type of "resistance," with resulting spiritual tone and strength.

The early Christian Church included mystery elements (Then the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Why do You speak to the people in parables?” He replied, “The knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them." - Matthew 13:10-11) The early Church also included spiritual exercises designed to bring one closer to Christ. Some of these exercises included joining the Savior in the passion and crucifixion in which the spiritual aspirant must face his or her own death.

Initiatic death has been a part of all Mystery Schools throughout time, including those in Ancient Egypt. Indeed, Temples and yes, even the Pyramids themselves were erected to enhance Higher Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, within humanity. That sarcophagus at the center of the King's Chamber in the pyramid of Khufu was not for the burial of a King. It was an initiation chamber where Initiates experienced simulated death via Astral Projection. This initiation taught them many lessons, but one of the most important was that the body is just a shell that will eventually be left behind and that consciousness will live on.

What would you do if tonight was your last night on earth? Would you spend it in petty squabbles? Bicker with relatives endless about their faults? Or would you drink in every experience, every nuance with passion? Would you tell those around you how much you love them? Would you ask forgiveness of those you've hurt?

At the core of this wonder of being is the gratitude we human beings should feel about it. Also present within this sense of wonder is the implication that we should maximize the opportunities before us. So how does this square with the apparently contradictory doctrine of reincarnation? If we have endless life times, what's the rush in growing or perfecting ourselves?

While reincarnation is a reality, I can assure you that we have a limited number of lives to advance our spirituality. I'm not going to go into exactly how many earthly incarnations we have, but I can assure you, it's not in the millions or thousands. It's not even 200. In other words, you don't have forever. You've been given a rare chance that some beings never get, to develop in ways that can only be accomplished here on the earthly plane! Your time in the school of life will eventually come to end. Are you going to graduate with an "A" or are you going to flunk out? The choice is yours.

Start this day anew. Leave the past behind and embrace today! Let go of things that no longer work. A new future awaits you!

Below is one of my favorites music videos. It captures the spirit of courage that is necessary to be conscious of our limitations and use them to drive us forward to growth and eventually, spiritual perfection. Enjoy.


Cosmic Consciousness and Psychic Development

What is Cosmic Consciousness and why is it a worthwhile pursuit? Depending on the mystic or psychic school of thought, it has been called many things in Buddhist, Islamic and Christian traditions: Enlightenment, Illumination, a State of Grace, Gnosis and Christ Consciousness.

Almost all mystical, religious or spiritual traditions have inspired individuals to pursue this blessed state up until recently. In the last 60 years, diabolical forces in the political and social realm have replaced spiritual aspiration with shortsighted hedonism and atheism.

Yep, you read that right: I wrote diabolical. There are also many in the psychic arena who ‘study’ Cosmic Consciousness or altered states of consciousness, as a hobby or pastime. They would be hard pressed and would abandon said study if life were not running smoothly. I don’t want you to feel guilty if this topic interests you and all your bills are paid, you have a great job, wonderful husband or wife and happy children. But ultimately, it is what we pursue under pressure that defines us.

Why study Cosmic Consciousness?

Because most of humanity trials and tribulations are brought about because of our lack of consciousness (awareness) of the forces that made and sustain us. In the past these have been referred to as Divine Laws. And let me add that these divine laws were instituted by our Creator for our benefit and growth.

Richard Maurice Bucke wrote this about Cosmic Consciousness in his Magnum Opus book Cosmic Consciousness: A study of the evolution of the human mind: “The primary characteristic of Cosmic Consciousness is, as the name implies, a consciousness of the cosmos, that is, of the life and order of the universe. Along with the consciousness of the cosmos there occurs an intellectual enlightenment or illumination which alone would place the individual on a new plane of existence - would make him almost a member of a new species. To this is added a state of moral exaltation, an indescribable feeling of elevation, elation, and joyousness, and a quickening of the moral sense, which is fully as striking and more important both to the individual and to the race than is the enhanced intellectual power. With these come what may be called a sense of immortality, a consciousness of eternal life, not a conviction that he shall have this, but the consciousness that he has it already.”

So we see that Cosmic Consciousness is a power that transforms the individual.

Let’s compare Cosmic Consciousness to lower forms of consciousness: simple consciousness is possessed by any living creature. Self-consciousness is possessed by human beings, as distinguished from that possessed by other animals. Cosmic Consciousness is something is in advance of either of these states, which goes beyond what we would consider our objective realization.

Ultimately, consciousness itself is a composite of what we perceive with our senses and our intuition. The latter is itself composed of two primary functions: our extrasensory perception and previous experience of the soul, vis-a-vis past lives.

The combination of self-consciousness and intuition is something that is unique to human beings, which makes us potential vehicles for Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness could be thought of with the analogy of a telescope. Just as a particular arrangement of material tools (casing, wires, lenses and mirrors) are needed for a telescope, so there is a mental or psychic arrangement necessary for Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness has the effect of being inspiring and practical to the challenges of daily life. New systems, procedures, inventions, books, music, movies and ideas spring from such divine inspiration. These inspirations will always have a practical application for the true mystic.

Let me state at this point, that it is difficult for most people to make use of a small amount of psychic development. They falsely believe they have the right to live in the clouds and forget the requirements of daily life. I have run into this psychological phenomena many times in this field.

“Mystics” or “Psychics” who want to float around in ephemerality and ambiguity, for self-aggrandizement and false social status, with no practicality to their insights, are not true mystics.

The problems and solutions to daily life with always be embraced by properly applied Cosmic inspiration. Anyone who encourages you to ignore or neglect the body is not applying the revelations correctly.

In adolescence, bodily changes start to affect our mental outlook. We begin to see our self and our place in the world differently. There are adjustments that take place with our self-concept. So too, changes like this happen when a mystic begins to develop and tap into Cosmic Consciousness.

There are inherent dangers in embracing this higher path, the same way there are dangers inherent in passing through the initiation of adolescence. However, as a species, we have very little choice. We will develop in this direction. The best way to pass safely through this initiation is to actively pursue it, study with diligence and apply it. One of the best methods to develop this exalted level of consciousness is meditation.

Please see my meditation blog.
“The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings” ~ Plato

The phrase true love is almost as misunderstood as the word love.

What is true love according to this masculine male psychic? It’s optimum. It’s the best of all possibilities. It’s not the easiest, it’s not the ideal, and it’s not perfect by any means.

There are two things that are almost equally sad as a psychic: a customer who want to force a temporary relationship to be a true love one, and the customer who wants to make true love a temporarily relationship!

I’ve been asked many times: how can you tell whether this is a temporary relationship or true love? It’s intuitive; I can feel it.

Forget the analytical answers and classic relationship texts. Chances are pretty good, you and your true love should have been done with each other years ago, and with good reason. But you cannot give each other up!

Let’s see, last time I checked, I was a man! There some customers who would like me to be a woman.  But guess what?  When you call a straight male psychic, you’re going to get a male perspective!  As shocking as that might seem, it’s the truth!

Most of my female customers, who are the majority, are very accepting of the intuitive information. They appreciate the unique intuitive insights I can offer while helping them understand the very different manner in which we men think.  

Over the past 25 years of psychic work, I have probably run into a dozen men during readings who were absolutely fabulous and immediately told my customers to keep him.  The only reason they were calling me was for confirmation.  I’ve run into about twice as many men who were just complete dogs and I told my customers to dump him.  The vast majority of men out there are good guys, trying to do the best they can in a confusing world.  There are very few real ‘players’ out their ladies.  That was back in high school.

Most men do not have commitment issues, they don’t get involved with women just to break their hearts and they don’t drink your tears for pleasure. There are tons of psychics out there who will tell you that your guy is a player when he is not.  It’s one of the easiest things to do.  Other psychics will tell you that your guy will magically turn around, come back to you and everything will be great.  Both of  those options take  power and responsibility away from you, the customer!

Now, this might not be politically correct in the psychic handbook, but there is almost always something you have done or said to make your man cool his jets with you. Therefore there is almost always something, however small, you can do to improve your relationship and communication with your man.  That is where I come in. I am intuitive and a straight male and I can tell you exactly what he is thinking, exactly what he is feeling, and exactly what you can do to improve things.

But please don’t call me up, just wanting a scapegoat or me to tell you your guys is great or a dog.  Chances are, he’s neither.  For the purposes of illustration, I am going to list a few things not to do if you want to improve your relationship with your man: don’t sleep with his friend, don’t steal money from him, don’t stalk his every move around the internet and confront him with it constantly.  Don’t create spoof social networking accounts with a model's picture offering him more revealing pictures.  Don’t email and call him 50 times a day and demand to know why he won’t call you back.  Don’t show up at his place of work only to flip him off in front of co-workers.

For men, most of their supposed ‘commitment issues’ revolve around real problems they are trying to solve with you.  The issues are simple.  Some examples are: money (their lack of usually), children (from a previous relationship, yours or you wanting more kids), sex (incompatible styles / appetites), long distances, work schedules and career goals.  So when you call me, please be open to possibility that what your man is telling you is the issue, really is the issue; especially when I pick it up intuitively before you tell me anything about him!

I don’t have your guy on the phone, I have you on the phone.  I want to help you improve your relationship and as a male psychic, I can do that!  But not if you insist that your guy is a Prince or and Villain.

I look forward to your call looking for real solutions. 

In a day and age when few men are thinking about their own or anyone else’s character development, thoughtful men must look to the past to gain inspiration.  Benjamin Franklin, one of the American Revolution’s most notable figures is such an inspiration.  He was a Founding Father of the United States, a polymath, author, printer, inventor, postmaster, Rosicrucian and Freemason.

He invented the lightening rod, bifocal lenses, the Franklin stove, the carriage odometer, the glass armonica. He founded the first lending library and the first Fire Department in Pennsylvania.

Franklin sought to cultivate his character by a plan of thirteen virtues, which he developed at age 20 (in 1726) and continued to practice in some form for the rest of his life. His autobiography lists his thirteen virtues as:

  1. Temperance: “Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation.”
  2. Silence: “Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.”
  3. Order: “Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.”
  4. Resolution: “Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.”
  5. Frugality: “Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; i.e., waste nothing.”
  6. Industry: “Lose no time; be always employ’d in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.”
  7. Sincerity: “Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly, and, if you speak, speak accordingly.”
  8. Justice: “Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.”
  9. Moderation: “Avoid extremes; forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.”
  10. Cleanliness: “Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, cloaths, or habitation.”
  11. Tranquility: “Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.”
  12. Chastity: “Rarely use venery but for health or offspring, never to dullness, weakness, or the injury of your own or another’s peace or reputation.”
  13. Humility: “Imitate Jesus and Socrates.”

Franklin did not try to work on them all at once.  Instead, he would work on one and only one each week “leaving all others to their ordinary chance”.  While Franklin did not live completely by his virtues and by his own admission, he fell short of them many times, he believed the attempt made him a better man contributing greatly to his success and happiness, which is why in his autobiography, he devoted more pages to this plan than to any other single point; in his autobiography Franklin wrote, “I hope, therefore, that some of my descendants may follow the example and reap the benefit.”

Men like Benjamin Franklin are not very common these days.  But I firmly believe that men today could do much good while striving to follow his example.

Love and romance are wonderful things in life. And by and large that is what most of my customers are looking for here on Keen. However, as a psychic, I have come across an issue that has caused confusion and distress.

Most customers are calling me about that one special person. The person they dream about, obsess about and who dominates their daily thoughts. Unfortunately, while attempting to get accurate psychic information, some take a short term attitude toward a long term problem and begin sleeping with other people. And herein lies the problem.

Sex, no matter how casually it is handled in modern culture, is never a casual experience from a Cosmic perspective. There is no such thing as 'safe sex.' Not only are fluids transferred, but your energy is blended in a very unique way through physical intimacy. Sex, although it may be subtle, permanently changes your auric field. You are never the same.

Now, I'm not writing this to scare people. I'm certainly not writing for praise, since I have a strong feeling most people resent it. I am writing it because if you're coming to me for accurate psychic information or having trouble getting accurate data from your preferred psychic, sex with people other than your love may be the issue.

Your aura, energy, body, karma and cells are exchanged and permanently changed, through sex. This is why most ancient traditions handled human sexuality with caution.

I recently read a genetics news article where doctors are discovering viruses that permanently change the DNA sequences of those infected with it. Trust me, one day soon they will uncover proof of the same permanent DNA changes taking place through human sexual contact.

From an energetic point of view, the change in your auric field, can completely distort accurate psychic information. Since you as the customer, are the 'anchor person' I'm getting the information through, any changes in your energy field or body will skew that psychic data. How is any psychic supposed to pick up accurate information about your love, whom you're not being intimate with, while you are busy blending your body and aura with another person?

Any psychic, not just me, is far more likely to get information about the person you're being intimate with, and not your love.

So my advice is to abstain from any sexual contact with anyone else other than the object of your affection. If you cannot abstain from sexual contact with someone else, I think you need to reevaluate just how badly you really want that person you profess to be obsessed with.

Okay, this blog is going to be a blatant advertisement for my services, because, frankly, I think it's necessary!

There are many good Advisors here on Keen.  I have met some wonderful friends too who are very good at what they do.  And yet, I continually see the same problem: women expecting men to think and behave like women.

I am not saying there are not bad guys out there; there are.  I am not saying your current relationship isn't incompatible for you; it might be.  What I am shocked about is how often female clients, and even some female Advisors perceive guys through their 'girl filter.'  

Ladies, men are wired completely differently!  Not to insult some of wonderful fellow female Advisors on here, but if you are having difficulties communicating with your man that you cannot seem to get past, please give me a call later today when I am logged on or arrange a call with me.

If I cannot help you, I will let you know quickly, so as not to waste your time.  If I can help you with my psychic advice,  you must follow my suggestions, as counter-intuitive as they may seem.  We men are a very strange breed

But, trust me, if there is genuine love there, you can overcome the communication challenges and have your man! 

Please note: if you want to connect with a deceased loved one, I can do that for you.  But it is much better to arrange a call or suggest an appointment with me, even if I am logged on.  I have done on-the-spot mediumship communication, but it is much better if I have preparation time first, i.e. meditation. 

No matter which great Advisor you choose here on Keen, please know that there is hope.  All of us men can seem like Neanderthals on occasion.  I believe that your chosen man is probably a Homosapien


Cold objectivity has its value in psychic readings.  One unfortunate phenomena many of us have run into is having a Psychic let their personal experience color their view of your situation.  That will never happen with me. 

While I can be compassionate about your situation,  I am coldly objective about the psychic data.  My personal experience has no place except as an occasional point of reference. 

Nor do your emotions have an impact on the reading. You can be crying, sobbing or even screaming. As long as I can make out what you're saying, I'm okay with emotions. I can read right through them! The only thing I would have a problem with in you calling into question my integrity as a psychic or hurling personal insults at me. If you get excited about your man and demand to know why he is behaving a certain, I will tell you. You're tone, quite frankly, doesn't make a damn bit of difference.

I only ask that you be honest with your verbal feedback so I can stay properly attuned to your situation.

If you want brutal accuracy with practical application, I am your psychic!  Talk to you soon!

After his first day of High School yesterday, my youngest child told me he needed some things. Being very busy at the time, I told him to write me a list. Within a matter of minutes, he texted me the following list:

Things I need for school
  • Post-it notes
  • Graph paper
  • Dividers
  • A human soul

I forwarded the list to his mother and sister who live in another state. His mother replied with "I'll see if I can order a soul from Wal-Mart."

As we go forward through life's vicissitudes and challenges, I think it's important that we develop a healthy of sense of humor. It's nice to see that that philosophy has rubbed off on my son.

Have an awesome day and may you too, obtain a human soul! ;-)

For me to write the texting is bad for communicating serious concepts and emotions is the understatement of the decade! It's a recipe for disaster.

Texting should be reserved for simple concepts like, "See you at 6PM," and "Please pick up milk on the way home". Matters of the heart, subtle hints, suggestions, accusations or deep relationships discussions and negotiations should NEVER be handled in text! Men and women already have enough trouble understanding each other talking face-to-face with voice inflection and body language.

Stop trying to communicate complex feelings or concepts through text or expect the pain, confusion, misunderstandings and trouble to continue.

Happy Birthday Brother Armstrong, my fellow Leo. You taught me duty, honor and courage through your quiet example. You taught me that some men just talk, while others take real action that saves the day. I so wish I had the honor of meeting you in mortality; maybe I will get that chance someday in the world to come.

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." - Neil Armstrong

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