Full Moon Effects

Angel Oracle Online brings you a spiritual reading monthly to navigate the lunar effects of each full moon with heart warming & sparkling inspirations.
Spring's most Fertile Full On Flower Moon ~~~~~~~🌼~~~~~~~~~~ Bursts into Full Moon May 21 πŸŒ• 2:14 PM PST πŸŒ•Mother's Milk nurturing your dream seeds and Corn Planting into the most fertile ground of the year. Best time to plant your actions in are now. Take action on your highest inspirations that keep coming to you. Write a book Share it with the world. Take a walk to the nearest park enjoy that sunshine even in solitude or shall I say especially in solitude. You are the Divine child of benevolence, you are protected by extremely powerful guardians that will not allow you to be lost or sacrificed by those with evil intent. You are being given much wisdom and insight at this time do not waste it and do not be overwhelmed with heartache, confusion or fear. Embrace your wisdom and role in all of this. DO not spend the whole day dwelling on these dilemmas yet do not sugar coat or turn a blind eye for it is now that you are strong enough to handle these insights for the Celestial forces have brought you up and know you are ready to understand these things more and more.✴You have a role to play in all of this. β™› It is Divine and Benevolent and not for your own glory or greed. ❀ For the Greatest good of all align with the Divine and be nurtured in thought, word and deed of the Cosmos mother's milk. In otherwords, take the time each day to fully get outside and get close to nature to sit and absorb deeply positive vibrations. You are surrounded with angelic protection. ✿ Consciously plant the Divine seeds of life loving force into the fertile soil of your reality. Embody your true self like never before the Earth and its creatures depend on you showing up fully. Guidance will be provided for now plant your visionary seed dreams. By Full Moon they will sprout above the surface. For now do not speak of them much to anyone for they need you to be a quiet oasis for their own restoration. Your sprout will show up to you and be recognized substantially by anyone near and dear to you by full moon No doubt about it!
Rockin' Robin's Spring ~~~~~~~ πŸ₯ ~~~~~~ Full Moon March 23rd 2016 πŸŒ• 5:01 AM PST πŸŒ• Have COURAGE my love, GO FOR IT! SING along with this Spring moon to your heart's content, allow yourself to socially FLIRT for fun and tap into the PLAY of your inner 5 year old, in sheer delight. Take a Bite out of this moon of March! πŸŒ• Really enjoy it Savour it ALLLL, many flavours mm mm mmmm SO RICH Even the more minor notes, more somber, deep sadness, really honour it-the frustration. Do not react to the somber sadness or frustration. Allow it to pass like a haunting ghost. Sad stories. Sad unhappiness. Honor it for what it is. It will transform & it is transforming ESpecially the less you react to it, the more you stay in your center. Really respect it's history---Back up from getting too attached to it. Just listen & watch it like a play. Reach for the Stars 🌠 and they will come to you⭐ (Ι”β—”β€Ώβ—”)Ι” β™₯ Little bit nutty but sweet & comforting. You will find self comfort on a daily basis no problem. Just as you are simply reading this Full Moon Effects post, simply know that you are no longer needy for others to love you, for you already feel loved ❀ for you have embraced the celestial forces BIG TIME deeply.. uniquely.. A celestial message for this month's full moon power come from the angels of Metatron: "We long ... We LONG to express your Divine nature through you, into your world, in multiple ways. We are here. We are the angels of Metatron. There's not just one of us. We are a whole race. Metatron is androgynous for he represents all of our genders. Archangel Metatron is an ambassador of our frequency. β‰§βœ―β—‘βœ―β‰¦βœŒ Stay Cosmic, Angel Oracle Online