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I don't know who invented these marvelous things

There is a girl next door

She swings

The days are sunny and bright

  that don't matter cause she even

Swings in the Night


She escapes it all

in that ol tire swing

in a tree

in her very own yard

There are bills to pay

She had her babies so young

The house needs heat

Swing Swing Swing


Dream Dream Dream

of a way

of a day

beyond today

She has such a blissful smile

and a heart full of hope

as she clings to that yellow rope

holding that ol' tire swing

that helps her cope

Swing Swing Swing


Baby girl

Dream Dream Dream

that tree

an old tire

and that lovely girl

a Poem by : Ariana Lake


Cast upon the wind
When it shifted I drifted
Without a star to steer by
Fowl weather took me by surprise
I felt the sea begin to rise..

You are my lifeline
When love ripped all my sails with rain,
You saved me from this hurricane

Hurled upon the reef
No lighthouse
Upon my broken ship
I found no shelter anywhere
Until I saw you.

Whether you choose myself or another Advisor just know  .......There are some Wonderful Gifted & Diverse, Intuitives here....on Keen......This is an Enchanted Garden....a Magical Journey if you so allow it.....

I am Ariana Lake I am a Clairvoyant/Energy Reader & much more.  I have done readings on Keen since 2007. Personally, I have been doing Readings for over 25 years.  My gifts were opened up or revealed to me at the tender age of 3...... I come from a lineage of Clairvoyant Readers....a gift of nature and heritage.

As you look thru the Blogs and read the Profiles in search of your ideal Advisor...open your Spirit and your own Intuitive Inner Eye and you will find your Oracle of Wisdom......

The choice that your already seeking answers shows your already walking in the light...................

We made our warm bed out of blankets
In the meadow way up high
We undressed in the moonlight
To sleep beneath the sky

Your touch was a warm summer ocean
Your kiss made the whole mountain fly
And you looked deep within me and smiled
At the tears in my eyes

Now you can say that you always were honest
And your words were clear from the start
But it's more than just words that got spoken
There was language of the heart

I won't keep on calling your number
If you never have the time
I don't want to claim you or blame you
But you're always on my mind

You had no idea I would love you
It comes as a total surprise
And you shake your head slowly and smile
At the tears in my eyes

And you can say that you always were honest
And your words were clear from the start
But it's more than just words that got spoken
There was language of the heart

Your eyes like an ocean
Of clear sunlit green
My eyes with the salt water
Wash me clean again

And just imagine you whispered a secret
That could take away my blues
And you let me believe it to please me
Though it just wasn't true

You just meant to share with me pleasure
And your gifted at what you do
But your speaking an unspoken language
I thought that you knew

It's one that we all learn by heart
And our hearts think it's true

But you can say that you always were honest
And your words were clear from the start
But it's more than just words that got spoken
There was language of the heart, language of the heart


Ariana Lake

I’d heard rumors and I’d heard talk
About the trail you’d left of broken hearts
About the sea of tears too wide to cross
But a little bad press has never scared me off
So I burned a path to figure out
How to get me some of what you got

When I looked for you I almost passed you by
You were so cool and calm
I thought my friends had lied
But I thought so much reserve must make you wild inside
It was there and then that I knew
I had to get some of what you got

I thought I’d won your heart when I held your hand in mine
I thought it was true love the way we complemented each other
But my right is your wrong
And when you’re right then I’m left with nothing
Your light and your heat have all been spent
Leaving only smoke and ashes
Only smoke and ashes baby

I’m crying all the time
Salty stinging tears
And mourning for the past carbon-dated years
But knowing now for certain that you were always right
Because if a breeze could blow you out of my life
It’s only smoke and ashes baby
Only smoke and ashes baby

I was blinded by devotion
My unwavering love for you
So blinded that I thought all your lies were true
But now I know for certain since you’ve gone away
It was just a smoldering fire I mistook for a blaze
Only smoke and ashes baby

I’ve got a red hot heart
And your heart’s as blue as the blood in your veins
I say there’s fire down below
You say it’s only smoke and ashes baby
Only smoke and ashes baby, baby

*Tracy Chapman

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Growing up on a large farm we had land as far as I could see and I played Tarzan and Jane out there on the land.....my dogs were alligator's that I would wrestle in our purple clover field that became the rivers of the jungle.....I found as I explored our land I understood and talked to the birds and chipmunks and my dogs and our pigs and cows and chickens all of nature seemed to speak to me I heard with out words but with the inner voice of Organic Consciousness.....

Lady called the blue boy love

She took him home

Made himself an idol yes

So he turned to stone

Like a pilgrim she travelled

To place her flowers

Before his granite grace

And she prayed aloud for love

To waken in his face

In his face

Sometimes in the evening

He would read to her

Roll her in his arms

She would wake in the morning

Without him

And go to the window

And look out thru the pain

But the statue in her garden

He always looked the same

He looked the same

Bring her boots of leather

And she will dance for him

Shyly from a feather fan

She'll glance for him

Here he comes after midnight

To find her again

He will come a few times more

Till he finds a lady statue

Standing in a door

In her door

Sometimes it Looks Like There is No Way Out
Part of Our Lessons Here On Earth
In Our Human Experience
Are Choices
Each Action Creates
We Are the Masters of Our Reality
Have No Fear
The Universe is Your Home
You Are Loved
Take Control
There is a Way
Ask for the Answers
All Knowledge is at Your Fingertips

I am Available on Chat or by Telephone






Warmly, Ariana Lake

I'm traveling in some vehicle
I'm sitting in some cafe
A defector from the petty wars
That shell shocked love away

There's comfort in melancholy
When there's no need to explain
It's just as natural as the weather
In this moody sky today

In our possessive coupling
So much could not be expressed
So now I'm returning to myself
These things that you and I suppressed

I see something of myself in everyone
Just at this moment of the world
As snow gathers like bolts of lace
Waltzing on a ballroom girl

You know it never has been easy
Whether you do or you do not resign
Whether you travel the breadth of extremities
Or stick to some straighter line

Now here's a man and a woman sitting on a rock
They're either going to thaw out or freeze
Listen...strains of Benny Goodman
Coming through' the snow and the pinewood trees

I'm porous with travel fever
But you know I'm so glad to be on my own
Still somehow the slightest touch of a stranger
Can set up trembling in my bones

I know, no one's going to show me everything
We all come and go unknown
Each so deep and superficial
Between the forceps and the stone

Well I looked at the granite markers
Those tribute to finality, to eternity
And then I looked at myself here
Chicken scratching for my immortality

In the church they light the candles
And the wax rolls down like tears
There's the hope and the hopelessness
I've witnessed thirty years

We're only particles of change I know, I know
Orbiting around the sun
But how can I have that point of view
When I'm always bound and tied to someone

White flags of winter chimneys
Waving truce against the moon
In the mirrors of a modern bank
From the window of a hotel room

I'm traveling in some vehicle
I'm sitting in some cafe
A defector from the petty wars
Until love sucks me back that way

I am on the Chat Lines
Ariana Lake

*Hejira By Joni Mitchell

The Sweet Bird of Truth Landed on my Shoulder

By the Light of the Moon

She Sang me the Secret Song of Creation.

I found my Voice in a Soothing Harmony ....

While the Stars Twinkled in Constant Rhythm

My lessons on earth as a child were hard. My gifts gave me strength to go on as I knew there was more in this World and Beyond.

My GIFTS were AWAKENED by a VISITATION FROM AN ANGEL when I was 3 years old, who, at the time of great SORROW, came to COMFORT me.

I could HEAR PEOPLES THOUGHTS, I COULD FEEL PEOPLE AS IF I WERE INSIDE THEIR MIND & BODY . I knew who would be coming to the door, or that the phone was going to ring and who it would be. I could "Dream Travel",(kinda like floating), around the house while napping. I remember how excited my mother was when I began telling her what she was doing while I was napping. The older I got I began having DREAMS THAT CAME TRUE, MY PSYCHIC GIFTS KEPT REVEALING themselves to me. In HIGH SCHOOL my girlfriends would come to me to see IF THEIR BOYFRIENDS WERE MESSING AROUND WITH OTHER GIRLS. It became a natural part of my life to help others in this way as everyone recognized my gifts for what they were...A Gift. Much larger than me.

As I matured so did my abilities, they became stronger and branched out. I once, as a child, thought everyone saw and heard the way I did. I used to see the uncomfortable and shocked looks on peoples faces when I would tell them things and the excitement in them when they would want to know more...I soon came to understand it was a gift that I saw what others did not. It's thru your Energy that I connect.

Its about Energy....an Imprint of an old house or a location....sometimes its a snapshot of an emotion, yet clearly we are Energy we Never Die We Merely Change Form as it states in the Scientific Laws of Physics......so here is one of my first experiences after seeing the Angel at age 3 ....Our experiences certainly form and shape us into who we become and what we believe yet we can continue to evolve and grow to higher levels of understanding thru out our entire lives if we just open up our minds and hearts......Life offers so much more when we seek higher knowledge we find it..

It was a large old red brick house, with a large wrap around wooden porch......built around 1858. It was two large and tall stories, a full basement.

The staircase wrapped around the upper landing outside the bedrooms like a large wide open hallway. It was a winding wood carved staircase that sort of spilled into the grand entry room downstairs, by the double front door entrance.

The house was full of ornately carved wooden features and shiny hardwood floors thru out...large closets with windows that would be considered a bedroom today.

It was the 60's.....I was about 7 years old at that time....it had been a few years since my first sightings at age 3 of the angel who I called the fairy at that time......this was one of my more grown up memorable sightings although I was about 10 at the time... and other world communications of/from a "ghost" a man from another time...........he was or had been, a civil war soldier......who had appeared to me on many occasions while living in that large old mansion.

He was to come to me in my dreams as well as in the light of day.

I had seen him on summer days walking right thru what would have been the parlor room, to the right of the front door, or as in my communications I was told was the room where the men in charge would make plans on how to handle things like if soldiers came upon the house......and that is exactly what had happened in this house in Ohio, during the civil war.

This soldier and then two other soldiers that appeared to me ...........at one time, I saw them standing by the large fireplace in the Grand Room,and I understood they were wearing uniforms they had stolen off of other dead soldiers, they were on the other side as it would have been said..they would have been called the enemy at that time...

I knew they were waiting for the men in the other room to make a decision yet, as it was revealed to me, they thought they were safe in those uniforms in disguise .............the men had made that decision many years ago and took the lives of these young soldiers .................it was their spirits that came to me time and time again ...

I recall the kindness in the soldiers face when he would appear to me and he would bend down and look deeply at me with sad crystal blue eyes......he never really ever spoke words as we know them and yet I heard him each time....

I could hear his message to me ......written in his spirit, in his very energy...........I was never frightened .....He was calm and careful in giving me the Message.......

I understood they were an imprint of an event that occurred many years ago ....I understood they were all good men fighting for their own causes and only time would erase this past life.....these horrific deeds........they appeared as if wanting me to know this as I grew up.....

The one soldier time and again gave me this message to carry on.......to know we are all brothers and sisters ....

How sad the decisions that are made in war times .....as we are all here for the human experience........


*DREAMS ARE A PORTAL OF KNOWLEDGE & DISCOVERY* ALL THINKING BEINGS DREAM.... ALL THINKING CREATURES DREAM..... I recall the first time I had a dream that came true, I became flushed and hot all over it was the feeling of deja vu..Yet I was so young I did not even know the word Deja Vu.... I found that sometimes the smallest incident was something I had dreamt. Later in life I began to take note of the dates and times my dreams came true by keeping a dream log, just to validate this incredible discovery for myself. I was amazed. I began finding the underlying meaning in my dreams. I started listening to the advice. For example, once I was in search of a house to rent, I dreamt of a townhouse, and was told the landlady was quirky but the dream detailed how I was to deal with her and how my dealings would be with her if I rented from her. I awoke went on my search looking at rentals and I met this very woman that day and saw the very townhouse and rented it. Every detail of the dream was true. More and more I became aware that our dreams are windows into our future and our past. They are lessons as we sleep. They are not just entertainment nor just abstract reality. They teach and guide us ..... Know that your dreams are unique; no other individual can have your background, your emotions, or your experiences. Thus, every dream can only be connected to your own "reality". Want to understand and tell your own future? Inside our heads in our sleep we access our very own "Crystal Ball", a Doorway to Understanding & Protecting ourselves built in naturally. Its just that sometimes we need some guidance on how to understand what we are being told and shown.... I have studied cultures such as the Senoi The people who were said to first practice this new way of thinking about and using dreams. Love, Light & Peace to you, Ariana Lake (e = mc2) Energy does not end, it merely changes form. (We Are Energy !!!)
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