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So many of us struggle with a mind that takes control of our existence. While it is there to help and protect you, it can cause difficulties from insomnia to anxiety. When unchecked the mind will introduce fears that have been stored in your memory bank in an attempt to save you from experiencing past hurts. In other situations, it processes information in a way that introduces fear all the while hurting you despite its attempt to do the opposite.

How can you gain control of that powerful brain of yours? Create a thinking box in your mind. Design a box exactly the way you would like it to appear. Just make sure it has a lid. You can cluster it with gold and diamonds, dazzle it with crystals or build a simple but rich wood box. Do what speaks to you. Use this personal thinking box to store thoughts that emerge during your waking hours that distract you from remaining in a positive personal space.

Each time a negative, painful thought or feeling is introduced by your mind into your consciousness, take the thought and visualize yourself placing it in the thinking box. Then close the lid. Next refocus your mind to think a positive thought or better yet disengage your brain altogether and distract it with a soul based activity.

Creative and other activities such as exercise, meditation, music all help you engage with a different part of your mind, connect to your soul and disconnect from the negative energies your brain is introducing to your day. Every time you feel the fearful or negative thought arriving, place it tenderly in your thinking box. This will ultimately send the message to your mind that you are in charge. It tells your brain that negative and fearful messages are not part of your thought pattern any longer. If there is a toxic person troubling you, place that person's energy in the box as well. Be sure to close the lid each time and then move to a more positive place.

Over time the repetition will change the messages your mind sends you. Just like building your biceps muscles, the brain responds to training and repetition. You will be amazed at how empowered you feel. It is important to be vigilant and focused with this technique. I have found that trying to think your way out of negative thinking just creates more trouble. Instead pull the plug.

When you feel strong and ready you can take thoughts out of the box and deal with them one at a time, setting them free from your consciousness and back to the universe where they merge with the universal consciousness. Until that time, use the box to keep your mind free of negativity, focused on the present and positive about the future! I have had clients use this technique with great success so if your mind is cluttering your days with unwelcome thoughts and feelings, create a thinking box to free up space for joy and positive energy to grow.

If you need support on your journey to a new way of thinking, give me a call
Love, ASTRO Wing
As spring approaches, the promise of hope and renewal surrounds you. The warm sun is breaking through the cold and dormant winter ushering in a time of growth that allows your imagination and true self to bloom in a riot of color. The key is to not allow other people's negativity or judgments stop you from expressing who you really are. Bloom in all your glory!

On my life journey, I worked with a spiritual mentor who told me that throughout my life, I had spent considerable time and energy creating a beautiful garden. She could see it blooming with roses, peonies, daisies, violets, and all the flowers I so dearly love. Yet, each flower I planted over time in this collection of blooms represented not me, but who others expected me to be. It was planted to please others, one bloom at a time. The garden, despite its beauty, was not a reflection of my true self.

This time of renewal and transformation is an opportunity to look within and focus on who you truly are, versus who you project yourself to be in your daily life. Are the two in sync? Dig deep to your roots and find out. Ask yourself some question and honestly assess the results.

Does your outer appearance and health reflect your inner beauty in a way that tells the world who you are? Choices can be as simple as a new wardrobe and hairdo, dedication to a new diet and exercise regimen, meditation, stopping smoking, or similar actions to become the healthiest version of you.

Are there challenges that you need to deal with that connect your actions to your spirit in a more positive way? These may include gravitating toward work that makes you feel more fulfilled, interacting only with people who treat you with consideration, or removing toxic relationships from your life.

What makes your heart sing? Identify activities that take you to a magical place of joy and peace. Activities may include communing with nature and hiking, jogging and being a gym rat, meditation and yoga, creating music or art. Discover what makes your heart happy and introduce it to your days.

What makes you uncomfortable about your true self? Don't be afraid to face the darker aspects of who you are. We all have elements of our being that are in need of light and laughter. Break established patterns of behavior that no longer serve your highest good and develop new ones. This could mean being more loyal, honest and trustworthy or keeping promises. Perhaps it is time to pull out the weeds in your mind, weeds of fear, and insecurity.

Plant new seeds that will grow into self-love and belief in the real you. Remember to water the seeds everyday with love and care. Then bloom! Transformation is not an overnight process. It takes time and effort. Think of yourself as a butterfly in a chrysalis, emerging into the world. Self-analysis is the first step to becoming your true self. Once you are on course with your inner compass, make sure that you are following true north to self-realization, achievement, and love.

The goal is to be whole. After self-analysis, it is time to identify areas in need of transformation. Look at actual outcomes in your life rather than your feelings about them. What is and is not working? What changes do you need to make to bring each area of your life to a place that reflects who you are and is satisfying to your soul? Some thoughts to keep in mind:

· Don't compare yourself to others

· Do what makes your soul dance · Dare to be different

· Make room in your garden for dreams

· Forgive yourself

Once your goals are clear and you have decided what inner changes you want to make, plant a new garden full of blooms that reflect the real you. Gradually and with awareness, how you express yourself at work, in your relationships, in your home life and in your friendships will reflect your unique soul energy.

This process can be challenging due to family situations, life circumstances, societal pressures, and choices made. Many factors play a role in how you relate to your inner being. Combine the parts of your life that are in opposition and build new approaches to old issues. Think of yourself as a painter. Combine different situations, just like a painter blends color, to create unique solutions in the process of creating your masterpiece. It takes time to grow into who you are and shine for all to see. One change at a time. One day at a time. One step at a time.

It is never too late to bloom into your true self! If you are already in sync, keep watering that garden. The power of the human soul is strong. Transformation at a personal level takes courage, honesty, patience, and commitment. Build a support system through trusted friends, family, or personal counselors as needed to help you on your journey.

Take advantage of the beauty of springtime as life begins anew. Plant a new garden and blossom into your true self. Enjoy the process of metamorphosis because the results will be simply amazing. I can smell the beautiful fragrance of personal growth on the summer breeze. Bloom!

Need guidance on your journey? Contact me for a reading. Wisdom included!

Love, Astro Wing
The most important activities we can incorporate into our days are those which foster self-love and appreciation of our unique being. When we send the universe our energies with confidence and without fear of rejection, we attract people and life situations that are both nourishing to our soul and supportive of life goals. Self-love needs to be more than just a buzzword. Here are some Wing Tips on manifesting self-love:

1. Use a Mantra to Stay Positive

Train your mind to stop fearful and negative thoughts by using a personal mantra such as "I am the prize". Choose a mantra that is meaningful to you. It is akin to going to the gym for your mind. Create the habit of healthy and positive thinking. When you feel self-negating thoughts entering your mind, repeat the mantra. Say it fifteen times a day aloud everyday. Distract your mind as well through physical action. Run. Dance. Sing.

2. Start Journaling
Journal daily to let go of insecurities and perceived imperfections. Praise yourself for accomplishments, both Earthly and spiritual. List three different things you love about yourself and your actions everyday!

3. Accept Your Flaws, Release Insecurity
Remind yourself you are human and have failings. Forgive and accept yourself through meditation and expression of feelings, breaking down barriers created over time. Creativity, art and motion help to release guilt and transform feelings into physical energy that can then be returned to the universe. This creates space for self-love to grow and can be especially helpful for those insecurities that are deep and hard to reach.

4. Take Good Care of Yourself
Get needed sleep, exercise, eat well and interact positively with others. You have only one body, one house for your soul, one YOU! You are irreplaceable. Take simple steps every day to maintain your health, physically, mentally, and emotionally. These basic actions are reflections of self-love and strengthen it with each step.

5. Be Mindful
Make an effort to ensure that your actions reflect who you are deep down. Develop goals and dreams and commit to them. When a person or an action feels out of sync with who you are and what you want, be true to yourself and step away.

Sometimes, out of a desire to be loved, we stay in situations that are draining to our inner being or to who we are. Avoid this very human tendency. Instead choose wisely and telegraph your special intentions and hopes to the universe. This, in turn, will alter future opportunities and the people you attract. These changes can be the catalyst to significant new beginnings in life and love. Self-love attracts true love. Without it, relationships often lose balance and struggle. With the power of self-love, life goals also rise above the distractions of daily life and keep dreams front and center.

Truly, all love is about self-love. All relationships, whether romantic, family, or friendship-based, are mirrors that offer important and often hidden clues. Actions and attitudes you seek to change in another person's behavior are those which your soul most wants you to develop and change in this life. Heed these messages from Spirit. Doing so will lead to greater self-awareness, an important component of self-love.

Remember, your special light comes from within, and while at times feels hidden, it is ever present. Only you can make it shine for all to see. It takes courage to love yourself and expose your true self, imperfections included. Ego differs from self-love, in that ego seeks a feeling of superiority and self-love seeks empowerment. Find the power of self-love by trying these simple steps. You will be amazed at the results!

Call me for a psychic energy reading and let's take a look at changes coming to your days and discover ways to empower yourself and find your happiness.

Light and Love, ASTRO Wing
Take advantage of the new Moon partial solar eclipse in Aquarius to clear away the debris of past wounds that can prevent joy from entering your being. Then invite the new. Repeat this cleansing prayer often and make sure to say it in the just visible light of the partial solar eclipse new Moon on February 15th. Start the new year by clearing out the old and invite a breath of clean, fresh air into your life energy!

I AM now choosing to cleanse
myself and release any
and all thought forms,
beings, situations, and energies that
are no longer of service
to my highest and greatest good...
across all planes of
my existence, across all
universes, and across all lifetimes.
I ask that all energies that
are less than love
be transmuted for the highest good of all
and so it is.

Offered with Light and Love,
by ASTRO Wing

As a completion of the series of lunations we experienced in January including the most recent Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 31st, there is a partial solar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius on February 15, 2018. It falls at 27 degrees of Aquarius.

In addition to completing the energies of the new and full Moons in January, this eclipse activates the energies of the Great American Total Solar Eclipse that occurred in August 2017 and brought so many Earth changes to our country. The prior eclipse was in Leo at 29 degrees. The eclipse in February makes an opposition to the eclipse point of August's total solar eclipse. Whenever a planet or eclipse hits an eclipse point it awakens the energy of that eclipse. So look to what happened in your life in August as a clue to how this February eclipse may affect you directly.

Because it is a partial solar eclipse this event is clearly not as powerful as its predecessor but the fact that it is so close in degree to the August eclipse makes it more significant in terms of its impact. A solar eclipse is a new Moon and this one is a natural follow up to the full blue moon of January 31st in Leo. This February eclipse ushers in an excellent time for new beginnings. It is in sync with the themes of the lunar eclipse on January 31, 2018. Communications and transparency, exposing the real you and the truth. In combination, they create an eclipse phase which will be in effect until the next solar eclipse on July 12, 2018.

The electric planet of change, Uranus, ruler of the sign of Aquarius and all that is new age and humanitarian is conjunct (within ten degrees) the Sun at the time of the February eclipse. This planet is one of the most unpredictable in the heavens. This combination of planets will bring out issues that have been hidden, give voices to those who have been repressed, and spark change....often unexpectedly.

The solar eclipse Sun also squares Jupiter. This brings opportunity for wonderful changes provided you are disciplined and realistic in your choices. Sometimes Jupiter in square to the Sun will bring in an electric and seemingly positive change in the form of a person, a career move, a partnership prompting sudden movement....only to later expose that there was not a firm foundation for a decision or that the change itself was not one that benefited as expected. The lesson of this aspect is to look before you leap! See the benefits AND the possible pitfalls and stay grounded to make the most of any opportunities this energy brings. For example you may fall wildly in love with a person only to find it was a big mistake be wise in the use of this dynamic energy.

Venus makes a nice aspect to Saturn which may increase your need for companionship and help mitigate the Jupiter aspect I mentioned above. It makes you more sensible in a good way . It can also strengthen existing relationship commitments and be of benefit to you financially. Dating now may be beneficial but you will be more interested in long term vs transient connections with this energy.

Neptune the watery planet of illusion, ruler of the sign of Pisces, has been hovering around Mars, the fiery planet that gives us energy, for some time now and is very close at the time of this eclipse. My suggestion is to beware of deceit and lies in love relationships and keep those feet of yours firmly planted on the all the fine print in any business or financial dealings. :) On a positive note, this eclipse also holds the promise of positive change and new beginnings with Jupiter making a nice aspect to the powerful planet, Pluto. Pluto is the most powerful planet in the universe and this energy offers real opportunity when paired with the lucky and beneficial planet Jupiter.

Eclipses affect us all at an Earthly level....but the impact this eclipse will have on your life directly will depend upon where Aquarius sits in your chart and at what degree. Those of you with planets and points in Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus may also be affected but the primary impact will be felt in areas dominated by Leo and Aquarius. In a general way we will all benefit by developing our goals for the year ahead, especially the next six months, and communicating who we really are to the world. In this way you will take advantage of the eclipse energy in the most positive way and create desired results to arrive with the next eclipse in July!

To learn more about how this eclipse will affect you directly, contact me for an Eclipse E mail astrology reading or call me for an energy reading. Remember, as above so below. The sky speaks to those who understand its language and I do! To get your personal eclipse reading just click on the E mail Reading link on my listing and be sure to send me your time, place and date of birth. I will send you your birth chart to keep for future reference as well as details about how the eclipse will affect you personally. Have a great weekend!

Love and Light, WING

To quote Tolstoy: "Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness.  But to keep going when the going is hard and slow - that is patience. The two most powerful warriors are patience and time".

In my work as a psychic reader I am often asked how long it will take for that beloved person to come back into my life, ie., how long do I have to wait? The person waiting is in fact giving his or her power away to the person he or she is waiting for. This is often done from a sense of dependency, a feeling of belonging one to the other, true love that seeks more, a need for love and approval, a lack of self-love....or a combination of these complex emotional factors.

Regardless of when or if I see a lover or friend returning to clients' lives, I encourage them and encourage each for you to cultivate a state of active patience.  Get out and live your lives, meet new people, engage with the world at large, resist the temptation to focus on the missing piece of the puzzle and instead look at the puzzle as a whole...the puzzle of your life. You may be surprised at what the universe sends your way! Focusing less on what is missing frees energy to come in and fill the void so to speak.

In addition to feelings, the important aspect of love relationships is timing and a sense of responsibility one for the other, which again is gained over time. When you follow your path....yours and yours will find another to travel the journey with you. You will be creating your future rather than waiting for it to happen. That does not mean you should show a lack of patience but rather, in the meantime, do your own thing, forge your own path and let your love find you.

Contact me for a love or life energy reading for details about your future and to receive guidance along your path. Email love compatibility readings and general readings available. Wisdom included ~

Love and Light, ASTRO Wing

Chiron is a comet with a unique and erratic orbit. In an individual's birth chart, Chiron is symbolized by the “wounded healer". It represents our deepest wound, and our efforts to heal the wound. Chiron was named after the centaur in Greek mythology who was a healer and teacher who, ironically, could not heal himself.

Below is a brief summary of Chiron through each sign, the wound it represents in the sign and the gift received when the wound is healed. The sign Chiron is in has no relationship to where your Sun sits in your birth chart. It is treated as one would another planet. :


ARIES The wound for Chiron in Aries is a lack of self-esteem. The gift through healing is a sense of self-assertion and confidence.

PISCES The wound for Chiron in Pisces natives is a lack of boundaries. Healing of the wound brings the ability to exhibit kindness and spirituality.

TAURUS The wound for Chiron in Taurus natives is feeling neglected and unfulfilled. The gift once the wound is healed is the ability to build value from pain and sorrow.

GEMINI The wound for the Gemini Chiron native is to be heard. To communicate honestly. The gift once healed is the ability to speak one's own truth clearly and without fear.

CANCER The wound for the Cancer Chiron native is the feeling of being unwanted and unloved. The gift is to learn to give love to the self from within and feel fulfilled.

LEO The wound for those with Chiron in Leo is the need to recognition and attention and a desire to show an innate creativity. The gift once the wound is healed is the ability to express a unique creative talent.

VIRGO The wound for Chiron in the sign of Virgo is feeling impure and incomplete. The gift of healing the wound is the joy and reward of being of service to others.

LiIBRA People with Chiron in the zodiac sign of Libra feel incomplete without a love, a soulmate, that special other. Healing of the wound brings the ability to find love from within the self making love less co-dependent for these individuals.

SCORPIO Chiron in Scorpio can make its natives fearful of the dark side and of death or a connection to it. As a wound it can bring a self-destructive, self-sabotaging tendency. Once healed., the Scorpio native is transformed akin to the phoenix rising from the ashes with true power and balance.

SAGITTARIUS A person with Chiron in Sagittarius can tend toward superficiality, refusing to look at or confront the deeper issues and sides of life, caught up in material matters and external appearances. the gift of healing the wound is the gift of finding his or her higher self and living life in a more meaningful way, less concerned with appearance or opinions.

CAPRICORN The wound for those with Chiron in Capricorn involves feeling a lack of respect, a need to control people and situations, and a fear of chaos. The gift for the healing of the Chironic wound is with consideration earning respect, authority and organization in this life.

AQUARIUS People with Chiron in Aquarius tend to be different, sometimes eccentric and feel alone though they do not fit in with the Earthly world. The gift of healing the wound is the ability to use this alone time to commune with the universe and then bring new modes and ways of thought and action to the day to day world.

In my next blog post I will talk about how this asteroid Chiron and the wound it represents is affected by the zodiac house in which it lies. A birth chart is so helpful in giving us self-awareness and knowledge that allows us to see patterns and understand reasons for our behaviors in this life. One of the ways wounds we came to heal are shown to us is by the asteroid Chiron, its placements and the aspects it makes.

The sky speaks to us with a language and when you understand the language many mysteries are revealed. I understand the language. It is all about energy. To learn more order an E mail astrology reading or contact me for a reading to discover where your Chiron sits by sign and identify your wounds that are in need of healing. As above, so below.

Light and Love, ASTRO Wing
Prepare for this New Moon by writing down your goals and dreams. This new Moon offers a powerful opportunity for personal growth. Use this last Moon phase before a series of eclipses to your advantage. The aspects of this new Moon give energy with Mars conjunct Jupiter and the Sun conjunct the Moon. The new Moon occurs at 26 degrees of Capricorn with a stellium in the sign of Capricorn bringing a push to finish undertakings initiated over the past several months.

The hallmark of this Moon is the number of planets in Capricorn: Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Mercury and the Moon and Sun. Venus is not a happy camper in Capricorn but great for money! Mars and Jupiter are in sexy Scorpio so expect passions to battle with sensible Capricorn over the next few weeks.

This new Moon also leads us into a eclipse phase that hits the Great American eclipse from August. This partial solar eclipse coming up in February is at 28 degrees of Aquarius and activates and opposes the prior total solar eclipse degree. More on that to come!

So now is a time to use the power of Capricorn to further projects and work. Look to the house ruled by Capricorn and planets in the sign as well as Cancer, Aries and Libra to see how this new Moon will impact you personally. Contact me via phone or chat for a personal energy or astrology reading or request an E Mail reading for just $29.95 to look at the details of how this energy will impact your life.

Remember, as above, so below!

Love and light, ASTRO Wing
Saturn, the heavenly Lord of the Rings, recently moved into the sign of Capricorn where it will remain until March 21, 2020. Saturn is a planet with a bad rap and while not totally deserved, it is not the planet of fun and joy. It rules time, karma, responsibility, life structure, finance, business, and the father. It tends to bring home the results of choices made especially over the past seven year Saturn cycle. Depending on the choices made it can bring reward or demand change. Saturn is at home in the Earthly sign of Capricorn where it can happily exert its power. With the power broker planet Pluto in Capricorn we have a strong energy dynamic at play although by degree they are a safe distance apart right now.

Overall, Saturn encourages us to conserve and be very rational in our thinking and approach to life situations and problems. It grounds us and brings reality into full focus sometimes in an unrelenting way. During periods when Saturn is affecting your personal energies it is best to conserve your reserves and your personal energy. Saturn can cause the breakdown of structures that require change, remove people or situations from life and bring irksome duties. At times it makes people unsympathetic and robotic and this can be directed toward you or by you toward others.

On the plus side, Saturn rewards hard work, responsible choices, and dedication. Many people have found great success and opportunity as a result of positive Saturn transits. Relationships that survive a Saturn transit can be counted on to stand the test of time as Saturn in aspect will unravel relationships which are not firmly rooted. In addition, Saturn can bring in a past life or karmic love as a lesson or as a reward depending on the aspects it makes in your personal birth chart. The key to surviving a Saturn transit is to work hard, stay focused and be aware. Take life one day at a time. Ultimately the goal of Saturn is to bring Earthly and workable, necessary changes to our days as part of each person's life plan. Often Saturn brings the lessons as part of that plan demanding greater self-discipline. Re-organizing the area of life represented by the house or personal point that Saturn is “hitting” can lead to great rewards.

Look at your birth chart and focus on where Saturn sits natally, the house it is passing through as it works its way through Capricorn, and the aspects it makes (the other natal planets it touches) to find out exactly what Saturn in Capricorn will mean for you. Those with planets or points in Capricorn, Libra, Aries and Cancer will be most affected by Saturn moving into Capricorn.

To learn more about how this change will impact your life, contact me for an energy reading or order an astrology E mail reading today! Remember when powerful outer planets such as Saturn make aspects to our planets they pack a punch.

As above, so below.

Love and Light, ASTRO Wing

Closure is something that I have many clients ask about. Will I get closure and when? Will he or she apologize and admit to treating me badly so that I can move on? Relationship closure is very important in order for you to take steps to your future and open the door to more fulfilling relationship connections. But how we get to that often hidden place?

Psychology Today defines closure as : " knowing the reason a romantic relationship was terminated and no longer feeling emotional attachment or pain, thereby allowing for the establishment of new and healthy relationships." It is most prevalent when relationship break ups are one sided and one person is left feeling confused or is unable to process the reasons why the relationship failed to work....or refuses to accept the reasons why.

A person with a high need for closure prefers order and predictability, is decisive and is uncomfortable with ambiguity. Someone rating low on the need for closure scale expresses more fluid behavior and creativity. When we do not get closure to our satisfaction we are left wondering "What did I do wrong?" "Why didn't he/she want me?" "Why did he/she lie or cheat on me? These are all questions that demand answers so we can complete the narrative of the situation and then complete it to find rest in our own being. For people with very active minds, not having closure can be very devastating at an emotional level.

So how do you give yourself closure when your ex refuses to do so? Here are a few Wing tips:

Write him or her a letter outlining your feelings....which you may decide to send or not send. Make your feelings emerge in physical form and then handle them as you wish....I recommend burning or freezing them to remove them from your physical space.

Chances are that you may have projected some qualities to your partner that he or she was unable to exhibit in real time in the relationship. Look at this with fresh eyes as soon as you are able.

Examine or make a list of the things that are positive about the break up for you. Instead of looking through the lens of what you are missing, make a list of the actions or behaviors that caused you concern or upset you in the relationship. Be brutally honest.

Keep reminding yourself that there are times when regardless of how hard you or your partner tried, the relationship is simply not meant to flourish. Look at the external influences that caused the relationship to fall apart. This may include family and related pressures, money, ex lovers or spouses, fears on the part of you or your ex and more. Baggage can unravel relationships that start out on the best of terms.

Make peace with the fact that sometimes initial feelings change, two people may have different goals for the connection and the connection simply runs out of gas so to speak. Often here is nothing you could have done to change that. It simply is what it is. Try to avoid blaming yourself or your ex. Instead look at the situation with a new perspective and if you can a detached one so you can create the closure you need in order to move on.

Create a beautiful box in your mind. Decorate it just as you wish. Then as you look at the connection and its issues, place your feelings and thoughts in the box and close the lid. See yourself doing this in your mind. Allow yourself to open the box and review its contents. Then close the lid and make room for new energy and new love when you are ready. Every time you are finished thinking about your ex put the thought in that box you created and close the lid.

Give yourself time but not forever.Each of us has a different internal clock when it comes to closing one relationship door and opening another. A lot depends on the time spent together and the depth of the relationship connection and the degree of trauma experienced. When the time is right, make a list of of the attributes you are looking for in a new partner.

Start to create a new and more positive story as you let go and close the door to the failed relationship connection. This brings confidence and empowers you which is what giving yourself closure is all about. You are the prize. Time will help but actively taking steps to give yourself the closure you seek will make the process far more effective and pave the way for an even better relationship in the future!

To learn more about past and future relationship connections call or email me for a psychic energy or astrology reading. Love is my specialty! Have a fantastic weekend.

Love and Light, WING
On Sunday December 3rd there is a Full Moon at 11 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius.. This particular Full Moon in the Northern Hemisphere is nicknamed the Cold Moon, Moon Before Yule, or Long Night Moon. In addition it is 2017's one and only full Supermoon. This means it orbits so near the Earth (222,443 miles or more) that it is termed a Supermoon. The astrologer Richard Nolle, who is credited with coining the term, explains that a Supermoon is: a new or full moon that occurs with the Moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit. It is full (exactly opposite the Sun) at 10:46 am EST but hits its closest point to Earth on the 4th of December. This close orbit makes the power of the Moon's magnetic pull even more dramatic and the Moon itself more noticeable in the sky.

With the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini there is an emphasis on the spiritual side of life and how and what we communicate to others. In addition this Moon is in square along with the Sun to the mystical planet Neptune. Neptune, the higher octave of Venus, tends to muddle fact vs fiction and can create mirages in your view of life. Dreams emerge. Because the Moon represents emotions its connection in a challenging aspect to Neptune calls upon us to stay grounded, to reach out to our logical side but to look within to our spiritual side for answers. Balance the two. In the process watch out for illusions or deception while making that time to embrace the spiritual elements of your life.

There are aspects to help you with Saturn making a sextile to Mars. Its conjunction (same degree as ) with Mercury will also ground communications and bring them to Earth ....Saturn being the quintessential opposite of Neptune. Saturn to Mercury traditionally brings a more grounded energy to communication and thinking.

Mercury is turning retrograde at 2:43 am on December 3rd adding some confusion to the mix. Rethink. Regroup. Review. Jupiter is making a lovely trine to Neptune which will help overall to mitigate the Neptune square. Uranus is opposiing Mars and is an indicator of change and the unexpected and the electrical energy of life on display.

So just what does this Full Moon mean to you? There is an emphasis in a positive way for money including at a mundane level so there is potential for economic growth both personally and at a national level...big change and for the better. Take a closer look at what you say and how you say it and as Mercury retrogrades be prepared for the chance to rework your relationships with others using a spiritual approach and thoughtful consideration of the facts and how you express your feelings. Express yourself, look within and be true to who you are and your life goals. That is the lesson and the opportunity of this Full Moon.

If you have planets in Sagittarius or Gemini this Full Moon will carry a special message for you. The nature of that message is determined by what planets are in these signs and where those planets sit in your chart. Order en astrology email reading or give me a call for a psychic energy reading to learn more about how this Moon vibe will impact you directly :)

In the meantime expect an increase in mental/electrical energy overall and maybe even some lucid dreams as this Moon event unfolds. Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the glory of this celestial event!

Love and Light, WING
Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and is happiest in Virgo and/or Aquarius. In Roman mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the gods, noted for his speed and swiftness. Mercury circles the hot space around the Sun on the closest and fastest orbit of any planet. Mercury represents communication, mentality, thinking patterns, rationality and reasoning, and adaptability and variability. Mercury governs schooling and education, the immediate environment of neighbors, siblings and cousins, vehicles, transport over short distances, messages and forms of communication such as postal, email and telephone, newspapers, journalism and writing, information gathering skills and physical dexterity. The 1st-century poet Marcus Manilius described Mercury as an inconstant, vivacious and curious planet.

As you probably know Mercury retrogrades more than any other planet. Being aware of Mercury retrograde timing can help you increase your productivity and work to side step some of the frustration it can bring about. Mercury is turning retrograde today. It's movement between now and the end of the year is as follows:

Enters Retrograde Zone 08:51pm 13° Sagittarius 00' November 14th, 2017
Retrograde 02:26am 29° Sagittarius 18' December 03rd, 2017
Direct 08:50pm 13° Sagittarius 00' December 22nd, 2017
Leaves Rx Zone 11:32am 29° Sagittarius 18' January 10th, 2018

Sagittarius is the sign of the wanderer, the philosopher and all that is spiritual. This retrograde period is about finding your voice and your meaning and your truth. Depending on the aspects it makes to your personal planets it can bring gifts or challenges. The energy that can be especially troublesome is when Mercury makes an aspect to your natal Mars ....known as one of the aspects in astrology that brings expression of anger ( in words or communication (Mercury).

This Mercury retrograde timing brings us into the holiday period. It is a time when we typically look ahead to (with joy or tension) spending time with family and friends. Now is the time to have an open attitude, seek the spiritual meaning, stay open minded and look to time spent with others over the holidays as an opportunity for a life expanding journey! Go with the flow for best results. Much will be gained and learned in the process. Sagittarius is all about spiritual growth.

This is also a time to think carefully before you speak. This retrograde may bring cloudy communications and difficulty expressing your true spirit. It is a great time to ask other people about their journey and to be open to the Sagittarius energy but also to be careful in all communications so they are clear and true to who you are and to the spirit of Sagittarius.

As you know Mercury retrograde is always a time that can cause trouble with travel, the signing of contracts and all negotiations...not the best time to make a major purchase especially a car. Mercury also rules all types of code, including computer codes. When Mercury retrogrades, these areas tend to get scrambled or spin out of control and agreements, contracts, deeds, leases and the like can be problematic until Mercury goes direct. Contracts may need to be renegotiated after it turns direct or changes made. Avoid these situations until after Mercury turns direct as noted above. It is best to wait until it is out of its own shadow but if you cannot at least wait until it turns direct on December 22/23 (depending on time zone).

Being aware of the energies is key to anticipating and avoiding problems in Mercury ruled areas of life. Be open to the lessons that the universe is asking us to revisit and use that Sagittarius spirit to make the best of this time! People from the past may return but in the spirit of Sagittarius remember! To find out how this retrograde period will directly impact you by house and planet aspect, order an E Mail astrology reading (on my KEEN ASTROLOGY LISTING) or call me and I will construct your chart and answer you in detail !

Remember when you can read its messages, THE SKY SPEAKS to you. I read the messages it sends to guide you on your life journey.

Love and Light, WING
The huge pressure to be happy and the media’s ability to portray others as beaming with joy makes many of us despondent because we don’t feel that kind of joy and believe that we are the only ones who don’t. This leads to feeling terrible about ourselves and our lives. Regrets about the past get larger and larger. As a result many of us try to remove this feeling by spending, drugging, or drinking ourselves into happiness. When that approach fails we become even unhappier with ourselves and others.

Whether on television, the movies, or in our own minds, the holiday time is full of images that show happy families sitting around the fireplace as the snow falls gently outside....children waiting for Santa ....romance and diamonds. Sure these images are beautiful and dreamy but do they mesh with the reality your life? or just leave you feeling vaguely disappointed or downright depressed?

Divorce, broken relationships, illness, family members who are distant or who have passed on issues and more can all crash with the happy holidays we dream of. So how can those of us who are not in the best of places still have a meaningful and positive holiday season? Here are a few WING TIPS:

Do reality checks so that you are keeping your expectations in line with the context of your life. Even though this may get you down at first, in the long run shaping your holiday hopes in keeping with what can and will happen is best. Avoid running up credit cards just to please the family when you are short of funds, spend time alone rather than connecting with a lover you know in the long run isn't for you.....make choices that keep you grounded and pay attention to your emotional and physical health.

Revitalize your holiday traditions...try a new twist ...and don't make sharing the experience part of the joy. Practice gratitude by focusing on all you have and not what you are missing. The more you can allow yourself to experience happiness that is not dependent on having others in your life, the happier your life will be all the year round! I have a friend who doesn't put up a Christmas tree because it reminds her of times that were happier...and makes her long for Christmases of the past. Turn this around and put up a special tree or decorate your Hanukkah bush or wear that Kwanzaa Kente to celebrate those memories and create new ones even if you are on your own.

The holidays are a time to connect with your spiritual side. There is a strong spiritual message: that it is possible to bring light and hope in a world of darkness, oppression and despair. Embrace that message for your own life. Make a commitment to your faith or life philosophy and make it part of your daily life in 2018. Practice joyfulness with others. Strip away the trinkets and toys and focus on the part that really matters.....loving and giving to others unconditionally.

During holiday time the boundaries between souls tend to dissolve making it the perfect time to reach out to those less fortunate. Giving has such a natural healing power and at this time of year even more so. Work in a soup kitchen ....volunteer at that elderly neighbor.... and share your resources with charities that help those closest to your heart. Giving will give you the best boost of all. It's like a gift to yourself!

When all else fails and you find yourself depressed because you're alone at the holidays.....have a good cry.... but limit the time you allow yourself to grieve for yourself. Make yourself get up and get out (even if just for a walk in the fresh air or a movie on your own). Make your list of resolutions for 2018 and get busy planning how to make positive changes to your life situation. Sometimes we are just in a bad place beyond our control. In such a situation reach out to support groups and counselors when you cannot cope with your circumstances right now. Health issues can be especially difficult to deal with at this time of the year. Reach out and get help when you need it. The following link lists toll free lines to help you deal with all sorts of life crises ....from suicide fears and depression to domestic violence:

I will be available directly and through arrange a call throughout the holidays to provide vision and support as we head into a new year. Check out my new astrology listing and E Mail readings for a personal look at 2018 for you! Have a blessed holiday season!

Love, WING
The recent events with sexual assault in the news gave me pause. How does one handle life when it suddenly turns upside down? I was raped at age 17 and I had nowhere to go with that experience at all. My soul was exposed to the air....That is how I describe the feeling. I was devastated and felt responsible. How and who could I trust again? I was afraid and felt like I wasn't me anymore. At the time it simply was not spoken of. I never told a soul. I just tucked it away in some deep, dark place and moved on. It was years before I connected to another person. As I grew, my soul was ripped open several more times but each time little did I know a path to growing wiser was opening for me. It is my hope that my personal story with trauma will help others and my advice will touch a spot in the heart of someone experiencing personal pain.

My Journey
My path to becoming wise following my earlier experiences with rape trauma, began again with the sudden and early death of my mother. I had spoken with her that morning. At eleven pm a call came in that she had dropped dead while dancing. My shock and grief was overwhelming. I had worked through my husband's sudden disappearance when my son was 6 weeks old several years before but I was vulnerable because of this and earlier events. I immediately began experiencing fear from the past....but then spiritual visions appeared and I made amazing personal connections while in the midst of intense sorrow.

Events and Emotions
The next life event that challenged me was when my daughter and I almost died during an emergency C Section followed by her near death due to infection for two months. With blessings we both survived. When I was pregnant with my fourth child I went to the doctor for a routine visit (I was quite pregnant) and they could not find a heartbeat. I was told to go to the hospital immediately to deliver a deceased baby we named Isabelle. No warning. Shock. Pain. "Here we go again". Flashbacks. Lack of control. Fear. After that I was stunned and horrified to learn that my youngest daughter had cancer after a routine physical for school. Then she had to undergo serious knee surgery on each leg. All of these events have made me older than my years and challenged me to find ways to cope and feel secure in this life.

Growing from Trauma
Events change and shape all survivors of trauma and you can determine how they are meant to shape you. I am available to listen and guide in such times of grief and shock...having walked that path, although it is my greatest wish that it never becomes necessary for you. Here are my twelve suggestions about handling such shocks and life traumas:

Handling the Pain

"Follow your soul. It knows the way."

1. In the case of sexual assault please speak up right away and talk to someone you trust. Get officials involved as needed and do seek counseling because there are too many emotions ....fear, anger, trust, vulnerability, shame, handle alone. So necessary to find a way to be heard....something I never did.
2. Get all the emotional support you can from family and friends. I always recommend seeing a professional counselor for guidance during such times because they are the experts and others close to you or the situation are also suffering.
3. Cry. Scream. Meditate. Pray. Hide. Whatever works for you at that time and space.
4.Whatever your beliefs are about life and life after death, connect with them and let them nourish you.
5. Accept love from others with the realization that most of the time they may say the wrong things or not be able to help you feel any better. They are trying. I recall being very angry at my doctor after I lost Isabelle when he told me in the hospital.... "Well you are young you can still have another one." Not good but he was trying to comfort me.
6. Keep a journal or find some other way to physically express the fear, anger, frustration, pain and sadness these events have caused you to feel. For me it was through art. Take the thought/emotion form and transform it into physical form by writing or drawing. Then either save it or bury or burn it. Whatever feels right to you. This lets the energy pass through you rather than bubble within you and take root.
7. Create an altar or special place to retreat to that is yours alone where you can find serenity in the midst of anguish. Fill it with mementos or pictures or items that evoke joyful memories. Make it your personal space of peace. I also planted a tree for Isabelle and it helped me feel better as I watched it take root and grow.
8. Embrace the pain and grief and don't push it away....accept that it will always be a part of you and is shaping you and your life experience, making you deeper, wiser and when handled well, kinder. Let it flow through you. Remember it takes hot fire to make gold. These are scars of courage and most of all persistence.
9. Avoid a perpetual desire for closure and work on acceptance instead. How? The only way is one step at a time. One day at a time. Talking it out. Answers to "Why?" simply may not come. Why me? is a place that is easy to get stuck in.
10.Personal feelings of guilt are common and a big risk with any event like this so seek professional help if you feel yourself getting stuck in such a place. Guilt is a natural part of the trauma/grieving process but when it changes to anger and depression or if you are unable to move beyond it, it is time to immediately seek help.
11.Do not make any major decisions during this time of upheaval. Give yourself a year before you make major changes if you can wait.
12.Above all know that healing takes time......a long foot in front of the other with some stumbles along the way. Work on forgiving yourself (hardest for me) and knowing that you are loved.

It is All About Spiritual Growth for Each of Us....An Invisible Reality

After early traumas exposed my soul, my mother's death allowed me to open up to Spirit and experience so many visions and messages. I also saw a vision of Isabelle before she died or perhaps as her Spirit left my body. She must have come to say good bye because the next day the doctor told me she was gone. There are blessings somewhere in the darkness and fear. So above all hold tight to the realization that life is more than these events and emotions. There is an invisible reality that surrounds us all and with it hope and love. It is possible in time to move beyond the pain to a place of greater depth, love and understanding.

Thank you for listening to my story. If I can help or support you in any way through a difficult life experience whether sexual assault or other traumatic situations, please contact me. It is why I have chosen this path as a reader and spiritual advisor or I should say why these events and this path were chosen for me.

Light and Love, Astro Wing

Just some information to help you navigate the energies of your days. The eclipse point of 29 degrees of Leo will be hit by Mars at on the third of September and by Mercury as well as it retrogrades. Mars and Mercury together are considered one of the more difficult energy combinations in astrology affecting communications and ego energies.

These two planets do not party well together in a stressful aspect. Mars is the God of War and Mercury the Winged Messenger and both are in fire so heads up. Tempers can flare. Watch out for arguments and lay low until it passes. Mars will be out of Leo on the seventh of September. Mercury will be there for a bit as it turns direct and then hits the eclipse point again. It will enter the sign of Virgo on September 11th.

I am an energy reader and psychic and right now I can feel that the energy of the cosmos is turbulent. You can see that the two eclipses (Lunar and Solar) in August certainly kicked off a massive hurricane in America that is still ongoing as Mars moves to hit the eclipse point. More to come with this powerful eclipse. At a personal level each person is affected differently or perhaps not at all....but globally it is a challenging force to be sure.

If you would like an email reading of your chart energies just go to my page and click on the E Mail reading Link.....For psychic energy readings just call me. I am available. Remember as above so below :)

Love and Light, ASTRO Wing
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