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Jul 17 2017    Venus    Sqr    Neptune
14°Ge00' D    14°Pi00' R

This may affect young women and money most strongly. A square between Venus and Neptune signifies fantasies, deception, and/or just plain confusion in love matters, creative endeavors, and financial transactions. Things may not be based in reality and this can cause some confusion and disappointment.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and they both rule over love. Venus represents love in relationships, giving and receiving it. So this is a positive time to be compassionate and spiritual.  Giving without expecting something in return.  Neptune is about loving all life, human, animal, and everything else. While enjoying the wonderful romantic and inspiring transit, you may create some amazing fiction stories, photography, videos or music. Enjoy the new ideas, dreams, and expansion of your imagination at this time. It is also a wonderful time to do some drawing, painting, poetry, and/or any other creative work.

Jul 17 2017    Mar    Sqr    Uranus
  28°Cn25' D    28°Ar25' D

Rugged individualism. The will to fight for one's freedom from restraint. Technical and mechanical problems and solutions. Inner tension and stress. Impulsive actions. Efforts to meet personal needs and interests. Accidental conditions.

This is an accident prone aspect which can be caused by doing things suddenly or without preparation.  Now is not the time to act out on a whim.  Avoid dangerous activities as thing may not turn out as expected.  Others may act out suddenly and disrupt your plans.  Prepare for this and reroute your activities accordingly without making things worse. 

Problems may center around mechanical objects, cars, and electricity. If you must deal with these thing, be extra careful and don't do anything on the spur of the moment and/or don't try to do the work of a professional.   In other words, if your car breaks down or there are electrical issues in your environment, it is best to pay for an expert in these areas and not trying to do things yourself.  Expect possible problems or disruptions with cars, traffic, machines, and electricity around this time.

Jul 18 2017    Venus    Tri    Jupiter  
15°Ge24' D    15°Li24' D

Comfortable social conditions. Generosity and friendliness. Big productions or gatherings. Beautiful appearances.

There may be a tendency to overindulge a bit at home or on family members.   There may be a lot of emotions pouring in from partners, family and others now.  Enjoy the moment and go with how you feel.  Now is  a safe time to express how you feel and be accepted and supported for it.

This is a wonderful time to socialize and to re-connect with people   Convivial gatherings and other social events should be most enjoyable now.  It is not advisable to make any large purchases now (as you may tend to buy more than you should).  Also, creative projects, enjoying art, music, foreign things/topics/people/places, and higher education may be a source of pleasure.

Jul 19 2017    Mercury    Tri    Saturn  
 22°Le12' D    22°Sg12' R

Rational and logical thinking. Concentration and focus. Organization. Serious communication. Agreeable solitude.

Mercury in a positive aspect to Saturn is a good time for some critical yet practical decisions and plans.  This is an auspicious time to deal with important paperwork, facts, figures or conversations. 

You may find it easier to bring ideas into focus and create something meaningful, long-lasting and successful.  This is not a cheerful type of aspect so you may not feel like you are doing well even if you are.  This is a time for patience, maturity, and concentration when processing information or communicating with others.  This is a good time to tackle the more difficult projects or discussions.  It is also a positive time to deal with much older or younger people where you may share a teacher/student dynamic. 

This is also an excellent time for organizing paperwork, computer files, and anything that deals with the written or spoken word.  If there is a daunting task that you have been avoiding then now is the time to plow through it. 

Decisions, rules or programs implemented now may become a precedent or become "carved in stone."

Jul 20 2017    Mars enter Leo

Mars is entering the sign of love, romance, entertainment and leadership on Thursday.  Mars in the regal sign of Leo brings out the prideful arrogance in some and the fun-loving attention seeker in others.

Mars signifies young men, war, weapons, fighting, competition, aggression, speed, and energy.  There will be a strong push by people in expressing themselves now.  People may display dramatic and confident behaviour, and be driven to make an impact on their surroundings. Some people may become arrogant and expect others to bow at their feet.

There may be an overwhelming show of creative force, positive expression, financial abundance in creative matters, entertainment and surrounding children, real estate earnings.   Some leaders may display more arrogance and entitlement now.  

Jul 20 2017    Sun    Sqr    Uranus   
28°Cn27' D    28°Ar27' D

Exposure to, or confrontation with, ideas and information which challenge the status quo. Surprises and reversals. Misapplication of technical data. A nervous restlessness. Efforts to understand change and unconventional behavior.

Shocking new stories may be released now.  There may be disruptions in governments and with leaders.  Well laid plans may be completely changed at this time as things do not run their normal course.  Now is the time to be flexible in daily events and be as prepared as possible for unexpected mishaps. 

Prominent people may say or do shocking things or get into public debates at this time.  Use this time to think outside the box.  You may have some breakthroughs in solving an problem.  If you have a  new flash of an idea about doing something in an eccentric or unusual way, try it out and it may work perfectly. 

Jul 22 2017    Sun   enters Leo

Happy birthday to all Leos.

If you are buying a gift for a Leo, make sure it is as fabulous as they are! Leos love to be the center of attention and anything that will entertain them and all of their many friends would be a right start in searching for this generous and noble sun sign's gift.

Leos also enjoy sharing their vast amounts of love and entertainment. They love a party!

The one thing that you do not want to do is forget their birthday!

ROOAAR!! Do not upset the Lion!

Leos love to be flattered and if you want to influence them to change something - the best way to do it is in a way that makes them feel better.  Never try to tell a Leo what to do or push them into something as this fixed sign will not budge an inch. 

Some will say that Leos can be difficult in close relationships. Part of the reason is that any planet that comes too close to the Sun becomes combust or weakened dramatically, like Icarus's wings. Dealing with a Leo one-to-one is not for the faint of heart. Lavishing sincere praise and plenty of tactfulness is necessary to keep the Lion or Lioness tame.

Leos key phrase is "I will" and they are born to rule.

The sun in mundane charts represents the leaders, presidents, royalty, CEO's, PTA Moms, anyone in a position of authority.  This is their time to shine and be appreciated.

A recent study published in Harvard Business Review came up with some unsurprising results - the more time people waste spend on Facebook and other social media platforms, the increase in mental health problems.

We've all heard about how users only post an idealized version of their lives on Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms.  This often leads others to feel depressed about their own lives in comparison.  However, there are more reasons why people who spend time on Facebook are less healthy.

"social media may detract from face-to-face relationships, reduce investment in meaningful activities, increase sedentary behavior by encouraging more screen time, lead to internet addiction, and erode self-esteem through unfavorable social comparison."

Many people have responded by quitting social media.  One striking example of this was an Instagram star who was making thousands of dollars on social media:

"Essena O’Neill, 19, who has more than 700,000 followers on Instagram and 260,000 followers on YouTube, said she was paid up to $2,000 for posting pictures of herself on social media with certain products or wearing certain outfits. O'Neill is also under contract with international modeling agency IMG.

'I was surrounded by wealth, and fame, and power...and I had never been more miserable'”

Bottom line:  Studies show that social activity is necessary for a person's physical, emotional and mental well-being.  Making the effort to increase time spent in face-to-face social activities while decreasing the time on social media will improve the quality of life everyone.

The Rape of Proserpina is a large Baroquemarble sculptural group by Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, executed between 1621 and 1622. Bernini was only 23 years old at its completion. It depicts the Abduction of Proserpina, where Proserpina is seized and taken to the underworld by the god Pluto.

Before Harry Potter's Voldemort, Batman's Joker, Dracula, and other Disney/Hollywood depictions of evil, there was the Greek god Pluto.  One can argue that all of the modern villains of literature and movies borrowed their characteristics from this mythical overlord in one way or another.   Today in the news, a real life version of Pluto, named Brendt Christensen has descended upon on the scene.

"Pluto (Dis, Hades, Orcus, Aidoneus), son of Cronus (Saturn) and Rhea, received as his share of the world the supervision of the Infernal regions, situated beneath the earth, and was also appointed god of the dead and of riches, for all precious metals are buried deep in the bosom of the earth.
This god inspired all men with great fear.   They never spoke of him without trembling, and fervently prayed that they might never see his face;  for, when he appeared on the surface of the earth, it was only in search of some victim to drag down into his dismal abode, or to make sure there was no crevice through which a sunbeam might glide to brighten its gloom an dispel its shadows.  Whenever the stern god set out on one of these expeditions, he rode a chariot drawn by four coal-black steeds; and, if any obstacle presented itself to impede his progress, he struck it with his two-pronged fork, the emblem of his power, and the obstacle was immediately removed.  It was on one of these occasions that Pluto kidnapped Proserpina (or Persephone)  . . . Pluto is always represented as a stern, dark, bearded man  with tightly closed lips, a crown on his head, a scepter and a key in hand, to show how carefully he guards those who enter his domains, and how vain are their hopes to effect their escape."(Myths of Greece and Rome; H.A. Guerber)
On June 9, 2017, Brendt Christensen, an unemployed former PhD candidate was driving around the Univ of Illinois campus in his black Saturn Astra car, prowling for a victim. He circled upon a disoriented and distraught, Yingying Zhang.  She was panicking because she had just missed her bus and was late for an appointment.   Christensen cruised up to her and after a bit of deceptive coaxing lured the 26-year-old beauty into his "coal-black chariot."

On this day there were several interesting astrological events.  Jupiter stationed direct, there was a full Moon at 18 Sagittarius, transiting Sun  quincunx Pluto and  Venus formed a sextile to Mars.  Somebody's luck changed, life/death issues, an abduction, boy meets girl (or predator captures prey) while she was attempting to adjust her route.  

 Christensen accomplished his dastardly deed, abducting the unsuspecting young Chinese woman, newly arrived in the country just six weeks earlier. Had it not been for a distant security camera's (Mercury) capturing the young woman entering Christensen's vehicle, things would have turned out much differently.  The fact that a camera captured the entire episode may be partly shown by Mercury antiscia by opposition to Pluto. Hades was caught in the act. He didn't know it at the time but he and the rest of the world would soon find out (Full Moon.)

There were 18 black Saturn Astra automobiles in the area that the police had to track down. 

June 12, 2007: Three days after Yingying was taken, Christensen was first approached by police for routine questioning.  The sly perp pretended to not know a thing about it.  He was asleep or playing video games at the time he said.   On this day transiting Moon had just separated a conjunction with Pluto and was approaching a square to Uranus.  He probably had no idea at the time but this incident was going to turn his life upside down..

After finishing the interview, the eagle-eyed detectives went back and reviewed the video again. Lo and behold, they spotted a crack in a front wheel hubcap of the abductor's car . . . in the exact same place as the one on Brendt Christensen's car!

June 15, 2007:  FBI bring Christensen in for a second questioning.  This time, faced with indisputable evidence, he finally cracks . . . a little bit.  A sliver of sunbeam had found a crevice in Pluto's dark domain.  Christensen finally admitted that he picked up Yingying but . . . he claimed that he let her out of the car a few blocks away (where there were no security cameras watching.)  The police also searched his apartment and collected his cell phone where they discovered his fetish website activities where he searched about abduction and  tips on how to kidnap people. 

Christensen was released again but the FBI placed heavy surveillance on him.  Authorities would catch their break on Thursday evening, June 29th when transiting Mercury opposed Pluto.  The community gathered together to throw a concert and walk to bring awareness to Yingying's plight.  Mercury exposed Pluto again as he was secretly recorded.  Christensen confided to a friend the details of how he abducted Yingying.  He went on to describe the perfect victim and hunted for his next Persephone. Also, news reporters captured him on camera (Mercury) at the event as he walked with the other demonstrators and seemed to be enjoying himself.  Christensen was arrested the next day, June 30th.

On Monday, July 3rd, just after Mars opposed Pluto, Christensen stood before the judge for the first time as he was ordered held without bond.  He is now awaiting his pre-trial hearing on Friday, July 14, 2017 where more evidence is expected to come to light. 

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Sunday, July 9th - Full Moon 17 Capricorn

The week commences with an explosive full Moon at 17 degrees of Capricorn which signifies, among other things, boundaries, laws, authority, tradition, suffering people and the government.  The Sun and Moon falls on a Mars/Pluto opposition.  This could set off some new issues, revelations with regards to any of the above mentioned.  It would also bring power struggles out into the world.  Full Moons bring things to fruition and also reveal what the next step should be taken with regards to things begun two weeks earlier on the previous New Moon in Cancer. 

Full Moons can also cause people and events to become more stressed, chaotic and a bit 'looney.'  

 Monday, Jul 10 2017    Sun    Opp    Pluto  
18°Cn07' D    18°Cp07' R

Sun in Cancer will be opposing Pluto. This aspect can cause some extreme changes in some part of your life. While this can turn into battles with authority, at the workplace or in career matters.  This aspect can also be used positively to turn your life around. If you feel yourself getting angry about something, stop, breath, think about it.  What is making you feel this way? What is the most positive and loving way to deal with it? Is it really worth battling over this particular issue?

There may be some major changes happening in your life with relationships, finances, education, home, family, children, or health related matters, try not to get carried away and do anything that you may regret later.

When one door closes, another one opens. Remain positive and constructive in times of adversity. You may realize that the only thing to fear is fear itself. Use your energies towards something positive and you will be greatly rewarded in the end.

Pluto is a very powerful planet. If used correctly, it can transform your life to the highest height. If not, it could help destroy you, so be aware of how you focus your energy for the next two days and use it positively.

One beneficial way to use this energy is to clean out any clutter at home.  Recycle and/or throw out anything that is no longer useful.  This aspect may be obsessive at times so focus that intense energy towards research or learning something new.

Things that you do today and tomorrow could set you on the track of success or failure, it's all up to you!

Beware of abuse from those in positional power.  Be careful when dealing with any authority/government figures or in professional matters as things could become intense.

Possible abuses or rudeness from people in the workplace are likely in the next couple of days, try not to let their hurtful and callous behavior cause you to lose your temper.   Use any stressful experience with others to make yourself stronger and wiser.

Friday, Jul 14 2017    Mercury    Sxt    Jupiter   
14°Le59' D    14°Li59' D

This is a positive influence for writing, speaking, all kinds of communications. Mercury forming a smooth aspect to Jupiter promises good luck with signing legal documents, discussing marriage and initiating talks with adversaries.

This aspect also bodes well for diplomatic endeavors. Now is a good time to initiate talks with anyone you don't see eye-to-eye with. Discussions, ideas, writing begun now will yield fortuitous results.

Horary Astrology can answer almost any question that you can think of!  There are some questions that clients almost never ask and it might be because they don't know that a Horary Astrologer can answer them.

The Weather

You can ask about the weather!  I know what you are going to say, "I'll check the news for the daily weather forecast."  However, that is not what I'm referring to.  You can ask about any day(s) that concerns you. Let's say you have a vacation planned next year or a party you are going to have in 2 months and you want to know, "What will the weather be like for my party?" Horary astrology can answer this!

Will this be good for me or am I harming myself?

There might come a time when you wonder about whether a certain activity or place is good for you or if it is harming you.  You can ask this question as well.

Will he go to prison?

You might wonder if a certain person (close to you or not) is going to be sent to prison.  You can ask about this as well!

Dream Analysis

You can also ask about a dream that you had!  Dream analysis is a huge subject but if you wondered about something specific in your dream that regular dream interpretation didn't provide, you may get the answer from astrology.

What is Horary Astrology?

Horary is defined as "of the hour" and in astrology it pertains to the fact that a chart is erected at the exact time that a question is received by an Astrologer.  When a question is asked, the astrologer can create the chart and give an accurate answer - all without any birth data!

Horary Astrology is an ancient form of astrology that was given a big boost in popularity by a famous astrologer named William Lilly.  He practiced Horary astrology in England in the early 1600's. 

Back then, many people often didn't know their birth day or time, as record keeping wasn't as precise as it is today.  For this reason, Lilly used Horary astrology to answer questions and he became famous for his accurate predictions!

I have been using traditional Horary astrology professionally for the past 20 years and have had wonderful results due to the accuracy of this method. 

While Horary astrology can be incredibly accurate and descriptive, it doesn't mean that it can be used in all questions.  There are rules which must be followed.  If not, the accuracy of the reading is harmed and the question may not be answered correctly.  If you are unsure about a question, you can email me and ask me and I will clarify what questions can be answered.

While astrologers are well aware of Horary astrology, not many people in the general population are familiar with this branch of astrology.  !

I can understand the confusion, this is because birth data is so very crucial in Natal chart analysis.  An accurate birth time (or as close as possible) is needed in order to describe a person's life and future trends.

However, in Horary astrology, it is not about general future trends, it is simply about the Question and it's future only.  So the time of the question is what mattes.

Why is the time of a question is so important?  If you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

In astrology the birth of someone or something is what counts and what constitutes the "birth" chart, whether it be a person, company, marriage, job etc.  The moment it starts, that is the time to erect a birth chart and delineate it for it's future potential.

A question, given to the astrologer has a "birth" time as when the question is asked to the astrologer, it is the first time for the astrologer to become aware of the question and therefore can erect a chart for that time to produce an accurate reading.  This is what Horary Astrology is all about!

Some questions I can answer:

  • Will I get married this year?
  • Will I marry this person?
  • Will I win this court case? Lottery?
  • Will I pass the test?
  • Where is my missing __________(phone/purse/car/money/glasses/etc)?
  • Where is this missing person/cat/dog . . .?
  • Should I buy this house?
  • Did this person steal from me?
  • And many more questions can be answered!

The answers that I provide are more than just "yes/no". I provide details (and follow-up email) using the astrology chart. You might think that I am using psychic powers. But it is all from the astrology charts.

I do believe that we all have some psychic or intuitive abilities and this helps us all in our lives.  However, when I read a chart, I am only using the ancient rules which allow me to describe things so well.

When you call, I draw up the chart for the moment of your question and begin the reading.  I can provide details that you may not have known about as well as the final outcome.  You may be very surprised at how accurate astrology can be!

There are some Rules to answering questions with Horary Astrology. I did not create these rules, they have been passed down through the ages. I mention these rules or strictures in order for you to get the best reading possible. They are as follows:

1. The Question must be of pressing importance, honest and sincere. (If a question is asked just to *test* astrology or not of any importance to your life - it won't work.) 
2. The Question can only be answered once. (If you go to multiple astrologers with the same question - only the first answer counts.) But you may ask if the first answer you received was accurate!
and last
3. If there is a stricture in the chart - then the question is not meant to be answered. (This does not happen often but sometimes a question is not supposed to be answered. This happens if it is too early to ask or too late in the situation or if the person asks about something that may not materialize at all, a strong answer will not be revealed.

If it does happen, I still answer the question with a warning that it may not turn out as interpreted. Then I will give a free follow-up reading by email for another question in the future.)

I have experienced again and again how accurately astrology answers questions and that is why I have been using it for so long.
 If there is any question bothering you, please give email or call me today!

Jul 2 2017    Mars    Opp    Pluto   
18°Cn18' D    18°Cp18' R

Powerful drives. The urge for dominance and territory. Obsessions. Extreme efforts.  Efforts at personal transformation. Medical procedures. Strategic thinking -- plans for control.

 This opposition between Mars and Pluto shows an open power struggle which could get ugly.  This is because Mars in Cancer is not well placed and may result in attacks and violence against perceived threats real or imagined.  This can also show eruptions of violence from organized terror groups around this time.  More likely, this can be danger from doing something patriotic (fireworks), at home, and in restaurants. Avoid taking any unnecessary risks in sports, with weapons or other actions.

On a personal level this is not the best time to take risks or confront others.  Wait until later when cooler heads prevail as any actions taken now may be extreme and irreversible.   You may feel pulled into a power struggle with others which is best avoided as things could become more intense than desired.  Avoid being too competitive in things that really aren't that important.  If it is of vital interest to you, then be prepared for a long, intense, seemingly never-ending battle of the wills or forces.  Alternatively these issues may crop up around you or in the news at this time.

On the positive side, if you have been wanting a complete change in life then this may be the time to do it or to take the first step. You may completely change, transform or terminate relationships or other attachments now.  This is the time to clean out anything in your life that has outlived its usefulness.

Jul 4 2017    Venus enters Gemini

A time to be curious and flirtatious, and enjoy intellectual relationships with exchanges of ideas. Communicating within a relationship is important now.  May be restless, and sometimes get bored easily. There may also be many money-making schemes presented now.

The planet of love, money, luxury, art, music, pleasures and women is entering the mutable air sign of the twins.  This may cause some doubling up or repeating of the things that fall under Venus's domain (women, love, art, money, etc.)  Some people may find themselves dating more than one person as love is spread around and it is difficult to choose just one.  This also influences what we enjoy doing, which may result in some people pursuing multiple interests for enjoyment, not being able to do just one thing.

Gemini is excellent at muli-tasking so doing multiple art projects or investments simultaneously may be very successful now.

Gemini is a superficial sign that needs constant change and variety.  So this is not the time to put all of your eggs in one basked in matters ruled by Venus.  You may experience a multitude of offers of Venusian gifts all at once - take advantage of it!

Art, poetry and comedy are favored with Venus in Gemini.  Venus in Gemini brings pleasure through intellectual pursuits and conversations.  Gatherings with a wide selection of various sorts will be most pleasing and enjoyable now.  Also, having fun with young people is also favored now.

Pursuing a variety of past-times and keeping things light, fun and airy is the way to go with Venus in Gemini.  Benefits (financial and otherwise) through neighborhood activities, siblings, communications/media, writing, classes, children, traveling locally, fun and frivolity.

Jul 4 2017    Mercury    Sqr    Uranus
 28°Cn10' D    28°Ar10' D

This Mercury/Uranus collision can cause missed or mixed messages, computer problems, delays in traveling, cell phone problems, lost emails/texts, electricity going out . . . anything that deals with computers, communication, traveling, electricity, etc, may be disrupted.

Try not to let this bother you too much. Things will work themselves out. Take a few deep breaths and put things in perspective. Give others the benefit of the doubt if they say that they didn't get your message as they probably didn't.

Back in the old days, before voice mail, we used to get busy signals when we tried to call a friend who was on another call. There was nothing more irritating than that "Eh Eh Eh" tone the phone company used, created by some evil genius at the phone company to make people go berserk. This can be the effect of Mercury square Uranus.

Speaking of genius, Mercury and Uranus are not all bad news together. Brilliant thoughts, creative impulse, new and improved approaches to life. So now is the time to come up with a master plan for whatever issues you may need to address or embark upon intellectual pursuits.  Ideas, news may shock people now.

Today you may finally figure out how to fix that computer problem or other machinery that has been broken for a while, devise a new successful business plan, write some incredible science fiction, master a new subject, anything new and novel that interests you - today will be the best day for it.

If you do have to travel today, leave early and expect delays or obstacles along the way. If you are communicating to many people, follow up afterwards to be sure that they received your message and understood exactly what you meant. Try not to rush through things or mistakes and misunderstandings may cause mishaps.

Jul 5 2017    Mercury enters Leo

An enthusiastic quest for knowledge. Being proud of  learning abilities, and believing in the saying that learning is fun. There may be a tendency to be a know-it-all.

Mercury in Leo is loud, proud and may be fixed in opinions.  At this time the news stories may be more fun or outrageous than usual.  There may be some 'pomp and circumstance', awards, fun, contests, celebration, parties . . .  surrounding Mercurial topics: news, transportation, communications, information, data, accounting, emails, cell phones, books, literature, schools, young people, learning, memory, intellect, standardized tests, stationary products, pens/pencils, measurements, statistics, arguments/debates, accountants, teachers, messengers, diplomats, journalists, bankers, inventors, speakers/speeches, booksellers, clerks, etc.

This is the time (from now until July 25th) to be creative and put on a big show with your ideas, videos, articles, letter, all forms of communications.  People want to be entertained and feel the love now.  Plays, shows or other news, shows by children may be very popular now.  Having fun and being the center of attention is favored for writers, children, actors, and journalists.  Awards may be given to these people at this time.

Jul 5 2017    Sun    Tri    Neptune
14°Cn09' D    14°Pi09' R

The Sun is now traveling through the sensitive, security conscious, emotional and reactive sign of Cancer.  Spending time with issues pertaining to family, food, mothers, and national interests are favored now.

Intuition is heightened with the Sun in this water sign, so spiritual and religious feelings may also be more powerful now.  The Sun trine Neptune brings out the surreal, imaginative and possibly confusing nature of life around this time.

People may be feeling a bit lazier now as many go on their summer holidays.  This is the time for creating beautiful memories that will last a life time. This is a wonderful time to enjoy photography, movies,music, the beach, ocean, or anything creative and dealing with pictures. 

Jul 5 2017    Sun    Sqr    Jupiter   
14°Cn14' D    14°Li14' D

Exposure to, or confrontation with, ideas and information which challenge the status quo. Surprises and reversals. Misapplication of technical data. A nervous restlessness. Efforts to understand change and unconventional behavior.

Shocking new stories may be released now.  There may be disruptions in governments.  Well laid plans may be completely changed at this time as things do not run their normal course.  Now is the time to be flexible in daily events and be as prepared as possible for unexpected mishaps. 
Prominent people may say or do shocking things or get into public debates at this time.  Use this time to think outside the box.  You may have some breakthroughs in solving an old problem.  If you have a flash of an idea about something, try it out and it may work perfectly. 

Jul 7 2017    Mercury    Sxt    Venus
   02°Le48' D    02°Ge48' D
Flowing social conversation. Spirit of compromise and agreement. Harmonious interaction. Clarity. Appreciation of beauty.

This will be a relief in relationship and money matters as Mercury forms a positive aspect with Venus.  This is an auspicious time for signing documents - especially one's that pertain to money, beauty, children, jewelry, luxury items, music, art, fashion, poetry, gardening, flowers, and  relationships.

This is also a positive time for diplomatic relations, so scheduling meetings now would work out more pleasantly.  It is an auspicious time to make peace with others that you may have had some difficulties with. This is also a good time for writing, speaking, all forms of communication.  Enjoying music, the arts, and literature (alone or with others) are all favored now.

Published: June 28, 2017

A Chinese exchange student studying at the University of IL has made international headlines since she went missing on June 9, 2017.  She was last seen entering a black, Saturn car at 2:04 PM.  It has been speculated that she was kidnapped although she is seen to enter the car on her own accord.

Three weeks later and the black auto has been located by FBI investigators today, June 28, 2017. 

Yingying is represented by the Ascendant in Libra, she is ruled Venus and  co-ruled by the Moon.  Jupiter in the first house would also represent her.  Venus in dignitiy in Taurus indicates that she is a very attractive woman and high-achieving academic. 

"Zhang had a year-long position at the university's department of nature resources and environmental sciences. She graduated from Beijing's prestigious Peking University last year with a master's degree in environmental engineering, according to a department webpage.
"She was about six weeks into her appointment as a scholar in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences when she disappeared," said University of Illinois spokeswoman Robin Kaler."

Yingying's co-ruler Moon is in a double approaching conjunction with Saturn which rules dark colors like black.  Moon and Saturn are in the third house of moving vehicles. So this chart clearly shows her getting into a black Saturn car near her university (or on the way to it possibly) - both in Sagittarius.

I would look for her to be North from where she was last seen, and slightly east.

Sagittarius signifies places like universities, churches, libraries, places of worship, stadiums, places where sports are played, where hunting equipment is kept.  Sagittarius rules horses so places dealing with them, high up places on hills, large upper rooms, places near heat, fireplaces, stoves, anything that produces heat.

Venus is powerfully placed in Taurus, so she may be kept in comfortable surroundings.  She may also be in or near places dealing with water or plumbing, elimination (bathrooms, garbage incinerators, recycling bins, etc.)  She may also be near a place that deals with life/death issues, near a funeral home, medical clinic, bank, places where people's valuables are kept, places associated with sex, and/or taxes.

She could have been looking to purchase/sell something from someone she connected with on the internet or through the university.  She may be kept inside of something, it doesn't look like she will be found out in the open or in public.  She may still be in the neighborhood but she would be kept hidden. 

The Moon conjoins Saturn in 3 degrees.  She went missing on June 9th and approximately 3 weeks later, today, June 28th, the black Saturn car was found.  It appears that this case is close to being solved or may already have been and we are just waiting to hear from authorities.

If we don't hear something in the news soon, the next time something may come out and she may be found could be around July 14th and/or August 8th 2017.

UPDATE Additional observations 6/29/17:  There are reports that a man driving a black car, like the one Yingying entered, was posing as a police officer and trying to lure girls into his car.  The could be a part of what happened to her as shown by Mars in fall conjunct the MC (a dangerous man posing as an authority figure. )  Mars approaches a square to Jupiter.  Mars in Cancer really wants Jupiter (YY) but Jupiter in Libra hates Mars.  This could describe how she was abducted.  Mars and Saturn oppose each other by antiscia which indicates a secretive arrangement or influence on the other.  It can indicate the perpetrator, who has apparently already been located by authorities, being able to hide evidence and Yingying.  He could have access to places associated with his work or organization that he belongs to and hide Yingying there a/or other evidence.
Yingying was reportedly on her way to sign a lease for a new apartment, she was changing her living arrangements.  This change in direction in her life may be partly shown by the fact that Jupiter in the first house stationed direct, on a critical degree, on the day that Yingying was taken.  She may have been trying to get away for someone who was bothering her, a neighbor possibly (Mars in Cancer r-3).
Four weeks from when Yingying was last seen, the authorities will learn/obtain some information about the abductor or the abductor may contact the police in a secretive manner (ie pretending to be a concerned citizen.)
There may be a secret relationship between the Saturn car driver and the abductor that authorities will ferret out.

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Jun 25 2017    Mars    Tri    Neptune   
14°Cn14' D    14°Pi14' R
This week is a positive time for working towards any creative or spiritual pursuit.  Working in solitude, on quiet endeavors and helping the less fortunate will be most rewarding.  Mars trine Neptune is an excellent aspect for making films, art, music and engaging in spiritual pursuits.  There is a magical quality to actions taken now.  Any action or activity may take on a surreal or mystical quality in a positive way.  Mars rules young men so there may be some men in the news who are pursing an unusual, idealistic dream. Mars rules weapons/war so skirmishes on the seas, with chemicals, or in deceptive ways may also be in the news as well.

Jun 27 2017    Mercury    Sqr    Jupiter
13°Cn42' D    13°Li42' D
Mentally pushing the limits -- overassimilation, overexpansion, overload of communications, proselytizing, arrogance, etc. Interest in learning and travel. Overconfident judgments. Opinions.

There may be some overconfidence and zealous opinions flying about the social media at this time.   Any arguments now may just go on and on without resolution as the exaggerations and arrogance multiplies.

 This is a good time for studying a foreign language or cultural tradition and learning.  Be careful not to overestimate how much you can learn or get done today. 

Arguments and discussions go on for much longer than expected.  Reserve extra time for any meetings or group discussions. 

Avoid spending too much for information or on gadgets now as you might get carried away with the credit card.  This is not a good time for classes or talks as things may get carried away and words blown out of proportion.

This is not a good time to sign documents as expectations may be too grandiose for realization.  Ideas and events under this influence need to be worked on to become more practical else they may be setting people up for failure.  People may stretch themselves beyond their capacity in media, education or travel.

Jun 27 2017    Mercury    Tri    Neptune   
14°Cn13' D    14°Pi13' R
Mercury is applying to trine Neptune which makes this an ideal time for daydreaming, creative writing, art, music, spirituality, psychic or mediumistic experiences and it is an excellent time for a psychic or astrology reading!

Neptune gives insight and Mercury understanding, so combined they lift the veil to the other side and allow communication across different dimensions. Borders dissolve under this aspect.

However, this is not the week for dealing with facts, figures, or detailed work as Neptune confuses things on the material plane. This combination can cause some scandals and misunderstandings when dealing with everyday communications, interactions or financial matters. Missed calls and misplaced messages are common so try to give others the benefit of the doubt in these matters.

If you hear any incredible news or gossip it is best to wait and see if it's really true before acting upon it. Beware of lies, deceptions and scam artists as they will be very active this week.

How strongly this will affect you on a personal level depends upon how this trine interacts with your natal chart. Mercury trine Neptune can give wonderful experiences with music, art, psychology, and mysticism. It also allows a person to use these talents in constructive ways as trines can be unstoppable flow of energy (which can be destructive if you are unaware of it's influence.)

Although paranormal abilities may manifest more strongly, the flip side to psychic is sensitive. This can cause emotions to flow more readily and feelings can be easily hurt. You may send or receive and email or text and take it the wrong way. It is important to be very clear in all communications, perhaps making a direct phone call instead and double-checking any work emails to avoid getting into trouble.

You may find your most productive work will be done in solitude (as Neptune is associated with the 12th house of isolation). Be aware of any *signs* or unusual events that may be the result of influences from the other side.

Neptune rules the ocean, water and the feet. Water wears down and dissolves matter. Like a worn out rug from many people walking on it or sugar dissolving in a glass of water. This aspect can result in a loss of some kind. Neptune teaches us not to become attached to samsara or material world that we live in. Buddhism teaches us that this world is just an illusion (Neptune) after all. What we think of as solid and permanent, really isn't.

Neptune also rules viruses, drugs and alcohol. Being careful with any prescriptions and avoiding intoxicants is important now.   Beware of a tendency to want to escape reality with alcohol or other indulgences. Also a general feeling of apathy or laziness may also be strong now.

Sacrifice is also a Neptune keyword, so volunteer work and helping the less fortunate will also benefit you in a difficult Neptune transit.

While Neptune can cause drug addiction, the positive side of Neptune (spirituality) can help a person overcome these problems.

The Serenity prayer is a perfect example of Mercury and Neptune:

God grant me the Serenity

to accept the things I

cannot change;

Courage to change the

things I can and

Wisdom to know the


Living one day at a time;

Enjoying one moment at a

time; Accepting hardship

as the pathway to peace;

Taking, as He did, this

sinful world as it is, not

as I would have it;

Trusting that He will make

all things right if I

surrender to His will;

That I may be reasonably

happy in this life, and

supremely happy with Him

forever in the next.


Jun 28 2017    Mercury    Cnj    Mars   
15°Cn54' D    15°Cn54' D

**The last time Mercury conjoined Mars was in July 2015**
This may mean that something that occurred/started back then may be repeating now.  Or it could mean something coming up now that is similar to something that happened in July 2015.

Decisiveness. Mental assertiveness. Honesty. Practical solutions. Technical skills. Fast work, rapid progress.

Mercury, planet of mind, information and young people conjoins the planet of war, fighting and aggression today.  This is a day when arguments may flare up, problems with daily commute and possibly car or other mechanical trouble.  

This is not a good time to try to come to peaceful solutions however it is an auspicious time for dogmatic speeches and writing.  Threats, demands and hostile communications may flare up now.

Jun 29 2017    Mercury    Opp    Pluto   
18°Cn22' D    18°Cp22' R

Mercury is about information, letters, texts, all types of communication.  Pluto is about deep, dark, hidden places.  The places that we are afraid to face in ourselves and others. 

Post Secret is a perfect example of Mercury/Pluto energy.  A place where people tell their deepest darkest secrets.  It can be a liberating experience to share our worries with a trusted friend or professional.  Just get it out in the open, face our fears.

We may eventually learn that no matter what happens, in the end, the feeling of 'the fear' was the worst part.

Under this aspect, we may decide to uncover the truth of the matter.  This is wonderful for researching a new subject as under this aspect we will delve deeply and be absorbed for hours finding out all that we can.

However, this can be a negative influence if we turn the magnifying glass on another person's personal life.  Beware of becoming suspicious over something trivial. There may be  tendency to cross the line and invade other people's personal space. 

It is normal to wonder about what a partner is doing when not around you but how far you go in investigating and questioning others about it can be the problem. 

Being aware that you may feel more suspicious than necessary today and avoid compromising relationships that matter by becoming hostile or intrusive.

Finding the truth is the real meaning of this aspect. There is more than one way to obtain the information that you desire. Being honest is also important during this time or you may find others may become suspicious of you!

Focus your investigative energies on doing things that will improve your life and those around you.  There may be some things kept secret from you, but that doesn't mean it is necessarily bad.

Otto Warmbier was a 22-year-old American college student who made international headlines when he was arrested and imprisoned in North Korea for allegedly stealing a poster.  Otto was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor.  While incarcerated he fell into a coma.  For the following year no one, not even his family, knew how he was doing.  17 months later it was discovered that he had fallen into a coma.  He was returned to his home in Ohio. He never regained consciousness and died less than a week later.

Looking at his astrology chart illustrates how the events unfolded.  His birth time or place is unknown so this interpretation is limited.

Otto was born on December 12, 1994.  One of the first things that stands out in his chart is that Jupiter in Sagittarius is the Final Dispositor.  This happens when only one planet is in dignity and there are no mutual receptions so all of the planets lead back to Jupiter as the final ruler.  This alone makes Jupiter very important but in addition to this Jupiter is part of a T-Square configuration.  Jupiter squares Mars in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces. 

Malefic planets opposed in Virgo/Pisces and square a third planet in Sagittarius indicates a possible health crisis (Virgo) and hospitalization/unconsciousness (Pisces) in a foreign country (Sagittarius.)

Jupiter in Sagittarius showed how much Otto loved to travel and further his education.  He was in college and had been an exchange student in London. He also traveled to many places all over the world.  His friends described him as very friendly, intelligent and socially active.

In late December of 2015 he was traveling around China when he came across the opportunity to travel to North Korea on a five day New Year's trip.  He embarked on this trip on or near December 26, 2015 which was the day the transiting Uranus stationed direct at 16 degrees of Aries. 

Any time an outer planet changes direction it is a pivotal time when something significant may happen.    Uranus is the planet of shocking and unexpected incidents and accidents.   Transiting Uranus was conjunct Otto's Moon in Aries.  The Moon represents our home, among other things and partly signifies the abrupt change of his living conditions.  This Uranus also signifies the last minute decision to take this trip to North Korea. 

Another outer planet that stationed direct the month before (Nov 18, 2015) his trip was Neptune at 7 degrees of Pisces, almost exactly conjunct his natal Saturn at 6 deg 37 Pisces.  Otto's natal Saturn was a part of a T-Square with Mars and Jupiter so the T-square was activated by this Neptune station.  This was ominous as Neptune's transit aptly describes the series of events which befell the young man.

Transiting Neptune conjoining an afflicted Saturn signifies becoming institutionalized.  In positive circumstances it might show someone spending more time alone or working in a hospital or prison. With difficult aspects, it can lead to being imprisoned as was the case for Otto.

His natal Saturn opposed Mars is a difficult aspect which shows that at some point in his life he may become the victim of abuse by authority. Sakoin and Acker writes, "In extreme cases, cruelty, or criminal tendencies may manifest themselves.  Military involvements are also possible."

Transiting Neptune signifying confusion, obfuscation, deception, movies/videos, and incarceration activated his T-square. 

A low-resolution video is what caused him to be convicted and his trial was televised.  Later he read a confession that sounded coerced and his father said the story about a car and family did not make any sense.

Otto's confession:
"I committed my crime of taking out the important political slogan from the staff-only area of the Yanggakdo International Hotel, aimed at harming the work ethic and the motivation of the Korean people," Warmbier said.

"After committing my crime against the people and government of the DPR Korea, I was detained.  I have been very impressed by the Korean Government's humanitarian treatment of severe criminals like myself and of their very fair and square legal procedures."

"I understand the severity of my crime and I have no idea what sort of penalty I may face but I am begging to the Korean people and government for my forgiveness and I am praying to the heavens so that I may be returned home to my family."

The propaganda poster (Pisces) was stolen from an employees only floor (Virgo) and this became an international incident (Sagittarius). 

Transiting Neptune opposing his natal Mars indicates: "Secret intrigues and self-undoing through secret plots and undercover activity . . .The individual may be subjected to ill treatment or neglect while confined to a hospital or institution."  (Sakoin & Acker)

Otto fell into a coma. Neptune also signifies the unconscious.   Doctors say it was caused by respiratory arrest - for some reason his brain was deprived of blood.  North Korean officials said his coma was the result of food poisoning and a sleeping pill.

He was returned home on June 13th 2017 and he died on June 19, 2017.  What exactly happened to Otto and why may never be fully revealed.

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There have been some highly publicized court cases recently.  One of the cases involved the tragic suicide of an 18-year-old man as he was texting his 17-year-old female friend - Michelle Carter.  On June 16, 2017, Michelle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for pushing Conrad Roy III to kill himself.

Michelle was born on August 11, 1996 and Conrad was born on September 12, 1995, birth times and places unknown.  For this reason, a study of their charts is limited.  However, there are some important factors in their charts which helps to understand how and why the events unfolded as they did.

One of the first things to notice about Michelle's chart is that it lacks the element of air. I wrote an article about what a lack of the air element in a chart may manifest here.

It is not a coincidence that s native with no air would get in trouble with her relationships and communications.  In fact, the entire case against Michelle Carter centered precisely on her texts, Facebook and other messages she wrote to her 'boyfriend' Conrad.   

Another prominent feature of her chart is that her powerful Sun in Leo, which is an excellent placement, but can be considered unaspected (it only aspects outer planets Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto by very wide orbs.)  An unaspected Sun indicates that she would have very little trouble obtaining her goals but at the same time she may feel isolated and lonely. Michelle was very involved in school activities, voted class clown and 'most likely to brighten your day' (perfect description of a Leo.)  Michelle was popular and very active in school activities but she struggled with loneliness.  Her school friends said that she would constantly text them, asking them to do something together even though she knew they were busy with work and school schedules. 

Michelle's problems can be partly shown by the cardinal T-Square in her chart with a stellium in Cancer (Moon, Mars, Venus) opposing Jupiter in Capricorn and both square Saturn in Aries. This active combination gives Michelle a massive amount of energy.  She was a powerful force to be reckoned with especially in combination with a Sun in Leo. 

However her Sun (the way she goes about getting things done in her life) is not aspecting this T-square which causes things to spin out of control in her life at times.  She struggled with eating disorders as shown by her Cancer planets opposite Jupiter and square Saturn.  She did things to excess at times, caused by this T-square.  But her well-placed Sun caused her to seek help for her problems, which she did and that probably saved her life but it was an ongoing struggle.  Her well-placed Mercury exalted in Virgo and aspecting her Cancer planets and Jupiter made it easy for her to obtain the help she needed and to talk openly about her personal problems to work things out successfully.

Like many teenagers, Michelle was concerned with relationships when she was introduced to Conrad in 2012. While they only met in person a couple of times, she told everyone that they were boyfriend/girlfriend.  In their texts to each other they did express affection for each other and seemed to have a tight text-based bond.  Michelle has a strong passionate nature with her Venus conjunct Mars.  She was not shy in her interactions with Conrad but demanding at times.  However, she seemed to struggle with forming a serious relationship with him partly due to her Saturn square her Mars/Venus conjunction.  She constantly needed assurance from Conrad. There were hindrances to her romantic life.  One problem was that she didn't have a car and couldn't see him in person when she wanted to. 

Conrad had Venus opposite his Saturn and  he came across as noncommital with her.  He had other female friends and with his Sun conjunct Venus, he had many women in his life who adored him.  He had a very good relationship with his mother and sisters and got a lot of support from women.  He did struggle with how he wanted to organize his life or go about reaching his goals  With his Sun in Virgo, he was very critical of himself and wanted to be perfect with everything he did.  He worried too much and was very hard on himself shown also by his Sun opposing Saturn.  He was the third Conrad Roy in his family which owned a successful business that he worked for.  At a young age he became a marine salvage captain.   Hard aspects between Sun and Saturn can cause the individual to struggle with his/her identity in their youth.  "Possibly the child was not really seen in its own right but viewed as a parental satellite." (Sue Tompkins, 'Aspects in Astrology') Whether this was the case or he just felt that way is unknown.  However the fact that his name was the third may have, one some level, caused him to struggle with living up to the family name and/or making his own mark in the world. This  may have been part of what caused him to be depressive and overly serious at times.

Everyone has easy and challenging aspects in their charts, no one is perfect and no one has a perfect life.  In addition this this, when two people get together and their charts intermingle, a whole new set of variables goes into play.  With Conrad and Michelle, it was the combination of their charts or their synastry that set things off.

There are many things to study in a combined chart but one of the main triggers in the combination of Michelle and Conrad's natal charts is the Grand Square or Grand Cross formed when both of their charts are combined.

Michelle has a cardinal T-square. In a T-square, the middle planet, in this case Saturn, become the most important planet to watch for because it needs an opposition to work things out.  With any T-square there is an open leg opposing the middle planet and when another planet comes along by transit or through another person, it changes the T-Square dynamic into a Grand Square with 4 planets all squaring each other. 

A Grand square sets off a flurry of activities and events which can overtake the individuals lives.  With her T-Square, Michelle was already a force of nature but when Conrad's Mercury at 15 Libra came along, opposing Michelle's Saturn and squaring her Moon,Venus, Mars and Jupiter - it created the overpowering Cardinal Grand Cross.  Grand Squares in cardinal signs become unstoppable challenging events that occur very quickly and overwhelm the person's life.

Together Michelle and Conrad would change the world, but not the way that either would have intended or anticipated when they met in Florida in 2012.  Michelle's T-Square comprised of three fallen planets, Mars in Cancer, Saturn in Aries, and Jupiter in Capricorn.  This was part of the reason things turned out as they did. Instead of creating something positive together they self-destructed. 

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Sunday, Jun 18 2017    Sun    Sxt    Uranus   

27°Ge42' D    27°Ar42' D

A keen interest in ideas which are progressive or innovative. Scientific mind. Inventive. A questioning mind. Mental excitement. Taking action which changes things and brings improvement. Joining with others for a specific cause or purpose.

Many new and original ideas being revealed by leaders this week.  Shocking or upsetting events may develop as the direct result of a leaders decision which could lead to rebellion.

Leaders will discuss the internet and other forms of technology now. Advanced technology is utilized and discussed. There may be some advancement in science or metaphysics. A new study may be released which circulates quickly.This is an auspicious time to think outside the box and try a new way of doing things. Now is the time for implementing or introducing a new or unorthodox way of doing something.

Sunday, Jun 18 2017    Mercury    Opp    Saturn
24°Ge15' D    24°Sg15' R

Narrow, focused thinking. Exclusion. Limitations in transport or communication. Overly exacting judgments. Delays.

Mercury opposite Saturn can cause pessimism, delays and obstacles in communications.  This can lead to malfunctions with computers, cell phones and other telecommunications related devices or structures. 

Mercury and Saturn are in the 'transportation and communication signs' of Gemini/Sagittarius so this may be a day of problems with traveling, education, publicity, and emails/documents. Be prepared to have to struggle with some difficulties before all is said and done.

To get the most from this aspect, you will have to work hard, deal with some type of suffering and triple check everything.

This aspect does not make communications easier but through hard work, perseverance and maybe a little help from older/experienced minds this could be a time of some significant academic, historical, or literary achievement. Be prepared to struggle with discussions, paperwork, children, or ideas and take the time to cover all of your bases.  In the end you may produce an outstanding accomplishment which could win awards in the future and/or that may stand the test of time

Tuesday, Jun 20 2017    Venus    Sxt    Neptune   

14°Ta15' D    14°Pi15' R

Sensitivity and taste in love and art. Enjoyment of a fantasy. Accurate aesthetic judgments. Desire for distant things.

Romance is in the air on as the two planets of pleasure, love and fantasy for an aspect. This is also good time for creating something new, art, or reading a good novel.

You may want to escape reality for a little while and just enjoy some movie or other form of entertainment. Spending time by a lake, river, or ocean may also be soothing and inspirational.

This is not the time for dealing with finances or legal commitments but just enjoying some aesthetics. Redecorating or creating an atmosphere of comfort will go well now.

Avoid splurging on some luxury objects now as there may be a tendency to impulse shop at this time.

This is also a beneficial time for working on anything related to water, religion, or spiritual pursuits.

Tuesday, Jun 20 2017    Mercury    Sxt    Uranus
 27°Ge45' D    27°Ar45' D
Intensity of mind. Experimental attitude. Expression of radical or unusual viewpoints. Technical interest. Inventiveness.

Mercury and Uranus working together bring about new ideas and emphasis on technology.  This is a good time to do work or communicate electronically.  New information and ways to do things are successful now.   This is an auspicious time for learning a new software or integrating newer technology in your daily life.  This is also a good time for planning or communicating radical or revolutionary thoughts.  There may be some unusual or shocking news at this time.  Also new frontiers in science and space may become prominent now.  This is an auspicious time to introduce a new invention or way of doing things which may produce excellent results and become a success.

Wednesday, Jun 21 2017    Sun    enters Cancer
Today will be the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. The day that the Sun moves into the cardinal water sign of Cancer.  It's officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere!

Solstices are a major event for everyone, especially western tropical astrologers. This is the ingress or entry of the Sun into Cancer and the chart for this moment is studied in order to predict what to expect in the coming months.

With the Sun in Cancer, leaders may have to deal with issues centering around the caring and nurturing of others.  Patriotism, family and domestic security will be prominent topics being discussed and dealt with now.  Cancer is a water sign and not the most rational so people may react more emotionally and/or out of fear to any perceived threats.

On a positive note, people will be more likely to extend a helping hand to others, treat everyone like family.  Prominent stories in the news may center around caring for animals, the elderly and the less fortunate.

Wednesday, Jun 21 2017    Mercury enters Cancer

You place importance on communication within the family. Information about your family and its background is also important to you. For instance you may like to collect family photos or study family history. You look after yourself and others by communicating emotional issues.

Mercury entering Cancer will cause more communications surrounding mothers, home, family, real estate and patriotic matters.  Expect more sentimental and emotional discussions during this time.  People will express their need for security and protection.  Although things may be quieter with Mercury in a mute sign, feelings run deep.  Being more sensitive and swaying people emotionally rather than using facts and figures will be more successful now.

Wednesday, Jun 21 2017    Sun    Cnj    Mercury   

00°Cn23' D    00°Cn23' D
Mental strength. Intense thought. Consciousness of personal intent. Stimulus to communicate in speech or writing. Effectiveness in coordinating one's various activities. Mobility -- travel. Ability to meet up to situational demands.

This is a good time to brainstorm and come up with ideas regarding how to organize finances and other practical matters.  Figuring out what to do with all that you have at your disposal, including personal talents.

Saturday, Jun 24 2017    Venus    Tri    Pluto   
18°Ta30' D    18°Cp30' R

The merging of one's survival needs with those of a group. Sharing and trusting. Intense interactions with others.

Intensity over finances and with women/children.  There may be some covert activities which take over a situation with powerful influence.  Women may deal with power issues or money issues which may become prominent in the news.  Venus also signifies what we create, which can run from a piece of artwork to children.

Trines are unstoppable flows of energy.  Issues surrounding budgets could result in political problems.  More people may push their power to avoid paying or to receive more funds now. 

Relationships may also be affected by this aspect. Feelings may be more intense with a partner or other loved one which can be for good or ill.  The power to completely transform a relationship or finances is available now.

While this aspect of Venus and Pluto can be overwhelming, it can be used positively.  By channeling the energy towards working with others to improve your power physically, financially or socially.  Embarking upon a new project with gusto could lead to great success.

It may take a change of perspective to realize that a perceived problem could be a source of power.  Making that shift may allow you to obtain the best results of this aspect.


Tuesday, Jun 13 2017    Mercury    Tri    Jupiter   
13°Ge14' D    13°Li14' D

Good judgment. Taking in the full picture. Speculative thought. Positive thinking. Interest in learning. Teaching.

This is an auspicious time to take a new class, publish works, travel, give and receive information.  There may be many theories or ideas bandying about.  Some may feel very confident in their beliefs or judgements now.  Stories may get exaggerated and/or spread around far and wide.   Using this time to research, spread information, teach or learn new things is most favored under this aspect.  This is also a good time to embark upon any educational projects/plans.

Mercury represents the facts, clues or precise data of a situation while Jupiter provides common sense, morals and 'the big picture.'  When these two planets of intellect work together you get a perfect blend of knowledge and know-how.  Information is collected accurately and spread or used in the best way.

Tuesday, Jun 13 2017    Mercury     Sqr    Neptune   
14°Ge15' D    14°Pi15' D

Mercury is applying to square Neptune this week may cause more daydreaming, creative writing, art, music, spirituality, psychic or mediumistic experiences and it is an excellent time for spiritual endeavors.

Neptune gives insight and Mercury understanding, so combined they lift the veil to the other side and allow communication across different dimensions. Borders dissolve under this aspect.

This is not the time for dealing with facts, figures, or detailed work as Neptune confuses things on the material plane. This combination can cause mishaps and misunderstandings when dealing with everyday communications, interactions or financial matters. Missed calls and misplaced messages are common so try to give others the benefit of the doubt in these matters.

If you hear any incredible news or gossip it is best to wait and see if it's really true before acting upon it. Beware of scandals, lies, deceptions and scam artists as they will be very active this week.

How strongly this will affect you on a personal level depends upon how this square interacts with your natal chart. Mercury square Neptune can give wonderful abilities in music, art, psychology, and mysticism. It also allows a person to use these talents in constructive ways as squares can be very productive (or destructive if you are unaware of it's influence.)

Emotions flow more readily and feelings can be easily hurt. You may send or receive and email or text and take it the wrong way. It is important to be very clear in all communications, perhaps making a direct phone call instead and double-checking any work emails to avoid getting into trouble.

You may find your most productive work will be done in solitude (as Neptune is associated with the 12th house of isolation). Be aware of any *signs* or unusual events that may be the result of influences from the other side.

Neptune rules the ocean, water and the feet. Water wears down and dissolves matter. This aspect can result in a loss of some kind. Neptune teaches us not to become attached to samsara or material world that we live in. Buddhism teaches us that this world is just an illusion after all. What we think of as solid and permanent, really isn't.

Neptune also rules viruses, drugs and alcohol. Being careful with any prescriptions and avoiding intoxicants is important now.

Sacrifice is also a Neptune keyword, so volunteer work and helping the less fortunate will also benefit you in a difficult Neptune transit.

While Neptune can cause drug addiction, the positive side of Neptune (spirituality) can help a person overcome these problems.

The Serenity prayer is a perfect example of Mercury and Neptune:

God grant me the Serenity

to accept the things I

cannot change;

Courage to change the

things I can and

Wisdom to know the


Living one day at a time;

Enjoying one moment at a

time; Accepting hardship

as the pathway to peace;

Taking, as He did, this

sinful world as it is, not

as I would have it;

Trusting that He will make

all things right if I

surrender to His will;

That I may be reasonably

happy in this life, and

supremely happy with Him

forever in the next.


Thursday, Jun 15 2017    Sun    Opp    Saturn
 24°Ge30' D    24°Sg30' R
Difficulties in maintaining control over one's life. Problems, obstacles, limitations, inhibitions and delays. Feelings of insecurity which stimulate ambition and the desire to prove one's self-worth. Difficult judgments and decisions.

Around this time one may face trials, tribulations and delays in dealings with authority or reaching one's goal.  The hurdles one must overcome may become clear now and the next course of action decided - give up or trudge through the hard work and sacrifices necessary.

This can be a depressing time but one that divides those who reach their goals and those who do not.  How important is it to you to obtain a certain achievement?  Is it really worth the time, energy and toil?  Continue on and face possible failure or glory?  Only by being realistic will one pass through this phase successfully. 

Authority figures may put obstacles in your path or deny your wishes.  How you respond to this will decide your future.  There is also a karmic element to this as Saturn is the planet of Karma and the Sun is our life force, they are natural enemies to each other. Saturn may cause some leaders, politicians, and other prominent people to learn some harsh lessons if they have taken too much for granted. Saturn may release some of the "coming around that goes around" now and any transgressions may come back to haunt some people while those who have followed the rules and tried to do what was right may receive their just rewards.

Friday, Jun 16 2017    Neptune Stations Retrograde
14°Pi15' R     

Neptune is stationing retrograde today which may result in people going back and dealing with substance abuse issues, isolation, institutions or attending to spiritual issues.

Neptune will remain retrograde from now until the end of the year - Nov 22, 2017.

Neptune rules over water, pharmaceuticals, intoxicants, addictions, psychic influences, fanaticism, music, photography, scandals, deception, unconscious, confusion, mysteries, and the ocean among other things.  

One way that this retrograde may work out is that something related to Neptune may be put on hold now only to resurface at the end of the year to be dealt with.

This week we are watching the resolution to three highly anticipated news stories which center around trials and testimony.  (1) Michelle Carter - a young woman who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself via text message; (2) Bill Cosby - comedian/actor who has been accused by over 60 women who claim that he drugged and raped them years ago; (3) Jeffrey Sessions, US Attorney General who is testifying to what he knows about the firing of FBI director Comey and alleged interference of Russia in the US presidential elections.

All of these controversial trials have brought out strong opinions and they are also difficult to decide for many.  There is confusion about them - the truth is obscured.  That they are culminating this week is partly shown by transiting Mercury square Neptune.  Mercury is the planet of communications (texts) and young people.   Neptune represents fantasies, escapism, martyrs, drugs,  and movies/images.  Mercury square Neptune often shows that information is not being shown accurately, in other words, there are lies being spread (a/o the truth is not being revealed.) 

Mercury at 13 deg Gemini is powerfully placed in its own sign as is Neptune at 14 Pisces which squares it.  Mercury gives a cleverness and backs up with multitudes of data but it is not necessarily truthful.  Neptune brings in a fog of confusion and glamour which escalates things to a scandal that everyone it talking about. 

Neptune has come to a stand still as it prepares to station retrograde (go backwards from the perspective of the earth) on Friday June 16, 2017.  This makes Neptune's influence more powerful but it also shows that whatever is causing the confusion, drug influence, lies etc may come out again when Neptune stations direct later this year on Nov 22, 2017. 

For all of these reasons: 1.  Mercury and Neptune in dignity  2. Difficult aspect (square) between them and 3.  Neptune station have all caused these trials to become huge scandals now in the news - they were big stories before but now they are coming to a dramatic close or next chapter if there are future appeals.  People will be referring to these trials for years to come.

In the US chart transiting Neptune (14 Pisces) is exactly quincunx  the US Saturn at 14 Libra and Saturn rules the 9th house of legal and international affairs (in Gemini rising US chart.)  The US Saturn is in the 5th house of the US chart and this is the house of children, actors, and ambassadors. 

Difficult Saturn/Neptune aspects manifest in "underhanded tactics and dishonesty" in our public institutions as well as "Public disclosures of past secret misdeeds" resulting in the downfall of people's career, status and reputation.  These highly publicized trials have dragged all of the defendants through the mud. 

In addition to this transiting Jupiter (13 deg Libra), which recently stationed direct is conjoined the US Saturn (14 Libra), expanding the influence of these scandals now - causing these scandals to become exaggerated and spread all over the news.

Due to the confusion caused by Neptune, opinions are divided and the final verdicts cannot be certain either way.    It doesn't help that both Cosby and Carter have refused to testify on their own behalf.  Sessions is expected to invoke his executive right not to answer certain questions. Their silence does nothing to dispel the uncertainty of what really happened in their cases and therefore furthers the confusion and speculation (Mercury square Neptune.)

(Quotes from Sakoin & Acker)

Sunday, Jun 4 2017    Sun    Sqr    Neptune

 14°Ge13' D    14°Pi13' D

Lack of clarity. Unknown factors which challenge judgment. The practical use of art and music. Impressionability. Escapist urges. Misunderstandings. Visions which deceive. Mistakes and errors in judgment. Foggy or sloppy conditions.

Things take on a dreamy, sleepy mood as the Sun squares Neptune.  This creates  idealism from leaders who may express their hopes and wishes now.  Scandals and obfuscation may also be prominent now.

People may not be seeing leaders accurately now.  Conversely, some leaders may be more inspirational now.  Personally, it may be a difficult time to make decisions as things and actions may be unclear.

This is not a helpful time for dealing with facts and figures as this is a more creative / spiritual influence.  A positive time for art, music, and spending time by water.  Enjoying a good movie or book is also favored today. This is a perfect time for creativity, meditating, and spiritual pursuits.

Sunday, Jun 4 2017    Mars enters Cancer

The ability to fight for people or causes about which one feels strongly.  Being particularly protective of your family. When personally hurt, people are likely to retreat into their shell.

Mars hasn't made a trip through the sign of Cancer since  June 2015 and before that July 2013 when Prince William's son George was born.  This will be the 2nd Mars return for the royal prince  and may mark some type of physical achievement.    He will keep everyone on their toes and in their running shoes.

For everyone this is a time when things may become aggravated with issued surrounding home, family, country, security, finances, food, restaurants, patriotism and feelings.  At this time there may be some arguments based on emotions rather than reason.

Some people may withdraw and not want to show how hurt they are.  This is not the time to confront any sensitive issues.  Any changes or discussions of home and family matters should be handled carefully and with sensitivity.

While Mars in Cancer is in it's fall, it can pertain to people suffering from criminal or other unlawful or unethical actions.  People may go too far in their anger with Mars in this cardinal sign.   Mars is not weak in water signs as it rules the water triplicity and Scorpio.   Be on the lookout for sneak attacks, passive aggressive resistance, and other forms of indirect resistance now.

The US is a Cancer country so there will be discontent, fighting and other issues.  This is a good time for competitions surrounding food, patriotism, with family or between families and/or family members. 

Tuesday, Jun 6 2017    Venus enters Taurus

Romance and reliability go hand in hand. You approach relationships slowly and steadily, looking for someone who will prove solid and secure. You enjoy sensuality, and are reliable with finances.

Venus in her own sign of Taurus may cause people to want to indulge more.  There may be some luck with money matters.  Appreciating the finer things in life will be enjoyed more now.  Also building up material things that will stand the test of time - this is an auspicious time for gardening and art work.

Relationship matters will be more stable and decisions regarding them more enduring.  This is an excellent time for improving finances, home decor, starting a new beauty regiment, or doing anything that creates beauty and harmony.  This is also an excellent time for the arts and entertainment.

Tuesday, Jun 6 2017    Mercury enters Gemini

A love of conversation and information. Fast talking, collecting and networking knowledge and data. Enjoying books, letters, magazines, the media, computers and anything else that helps to learn and communicate.

Mercury enters its sign of dignity, Gemini, on Tuesday.  This may cause some significant news or information to be released.  Now is an excellent time to collect and organize data.  Mercury in Gemini will cause many discussions on-line as well as important documents to sign or decisions to be made. 

Thinking is clear, concise.  Stories by and about scientists, mathematicians, computer experts, secretaries, writers, reporters, teachers, lecturers may be prominent in the news now.

Be careful to analyze everything you hear or read about now as Mercury in Gemini can be the masterful trickster and result in some truly bizarre stories.   Mercury is not known for being honest so there may be some cleverly written articles that may be very misleading over the next few weeks.  Always try to keep the big picture in mind and not get too caught up in the details.  However this is a fun time for doing word games and other brain challenges.

Friday, Jun 9 2017    Jupiter Stations Direct
13°Li12' D     

Jupiter has been retrograde since Feb 6th 2017 and today will station direct.  This signifies that something positive or some sort of expansion that was held back since last February will start to work or manifest. 

At this time court cases, partnerships, travel, higher education, foreign people/places, or religion, luck and possibly money may finally arrive.  Something that you may have been struggling with since last February may now start working or work out.

This is a positive time to begin a journey, whether mental or physical and to explore new ideas and philosophies.  Now is a positive time to publish, post blogs, videos, or anything online as it may become more successful.  Something that you posted back in February may start to become popular now for example.  Another way this may work out is something that you posted on ebay in the past few months may suddenly now be sold or get a lot of bids.

Friday, Jun 9 2017  Full Moon
18 Sag 53'

The Full Moon in Sagittarius signifies a fruition or next step to take regarding: education, travel, foreign places, legal affairs, internet, religion a/or philosophy.  This is the time to enjoy the results of what began at the last New Moon on May 25th in Gemini. 
This might mean that an idea you had around the new Moon two weeks ago may lead you to publish something now or take the next legal step to obtain your goal.

Jun 9 2017    Venus    Sxt    Mars  

 03°Ta18' D    03°Cn18' D

Healthy passions. Physical attraction. Strenuous enjoyment. Joint enthusiasm. Romance. Creating art or decoration.

Venus sextiles Mars on Monday which is positive for relationships, creativity, and diplomacy.   This is a good time to talk to others and settle any disputes or at least start to.  Working with others smoothly while being productive at the same time is possible now.  Beginning a new creative venture, especially ones that deal with writing, speeches, documents, discussions, debates, etc are also auspicious now.

Please send healing prayers to Olivia Newton John who is being treated for cancer!
I wrote the below article back in 2015 about her astrology chart.

Olivia Newton-John is a lady who needs no introduction!  She is a world famous and much beloved singer/actress for over 50 years.  Born in England, raised for part of her life in Australia and moving to the U.S. to achieve super stardom with the musical movie, 'Grease' (which is set to be remade in January 2016 by Fox) and many chart topping songs following. 

Besides her shooting to stardom and becoming a house-hold name, she has always had such a likable personae with her charming Libra Sun.  She seems like the girl-next-door.  So unlike other stars who may fall foul of the tabloid press, Olivia has always been above anything messy, even when scandals surrounded her like her boyfriend Patrick McDermott who went missing in 2005 on a boat trip.

I do have high standards, but I don't expect anything from anyone that I don't expect from myself. - Olivia Newton-John

Back to the beginning of her career (or really more in the middle) when she starred as Sandra in 'Grease.'  Olivia's Virgo rising fit perfectly with the virginal young woman who was falling in love with the bad boy - Danny ( John Travolta).  This Virgo-virginal image still persisted after the movie and this is partly explained by her having Virgo rising.  She is hardworking, always neat and clean in appearance and modest. 

There's a rumor going around that I'm Miss Goody-two-shoes from Australia. Well, that's a laugh. I'm really Miss Goody-two-shoes from England!  - Olivia Newton-John

Her Moon in the 10th house in dignity in Cancer shows her huge success in life and with the adoration of the public.  It also gives her charisma and similar to Robin Williams who also had a powerful Moon, people or the general public (Moon) feel connected emotionally to them.    The U.S. is a Cancer Sun country so people with Cancer planets tend to do well in life here.

Not that Olivia needs any more luck, she has Jupiter, planet of good luck and fortune prominently placed on her angular fourth house which aspects her 10th house of destiny. Her luck is incredible and throughout her long career, which has been unusually stable and blemish free, she just gets bigger and better. 

Venus rules her 2nd house in Leo conjunct Pluto shows her powerful voice that she has been blessed with.  Also the fact that her Asc/MC ruler Mercury is at 29 degrees which is called 'feral' in traditional astrology or 'unaspected' as it does not aspect any other planets or approach any in the sign it is in.  This also shows how her career took off without stopping and just keeps going! [Note: When Mercury enters its next sign of Scorpio it does forma sextile with Saturn which indicates her hard-working nature and stability of her career success.]

Of the the meanings of the fourth house is family background and she descends from a very impressive lineage.  From her website: "Olivia Newton-John’s appeal seems to be timeless. With a career spanning more than five decades she is still a vibrant, creative individual adored by fans around the globe. Born in Cambridge, England in 1948, the youngest child of Professor Brin Newton-John and Irene, daughter of Nobel Prize winning physicist, Max Born . . ."

Powerfully placed Jupiter in Sagittarius, sign of higher education on her fourth house shows how highly educated, prominent, and successful her family line is. 

However nobody's life is perfect and neither is Olivia's.  She suffered from breast cancer in 1992, divorced her first husband, Matt Lattanzi and father of her only child, Chloe, in 1995.   After she began and nine-year relationship with Korean-American Patrick McDermott, also a divorcee with one son.

In 2005 McDermott went missing on a fishing trip.  His ex-wife believes that he is dead since he has not contacted his son while others believe he may be alive in Mexico. This mystery remains unsolved to this day as no trace of him has been found.  Due to his relationship with mega-star Olivia, the mystery of his disappearance has been widely publicized.  In 2008 she married long-time friend Amazon John Easterling.

Olivia's first marriage raised some eyebrows since she was eleven years older than her first husband (not that you could tell by looking at them.)  Olivia's ageless appearance is legendary.  Her first husband is shown in the chart by the 7th house which has Pisces on the cusp.  Mutable angles indicate multiple relationships, or marriages and that has been the case.  However, again with her well-placed Jupiter, all of her partners were good men for her and their relationships were full of happiness.  She has never had a problem attracting husbands and never will. 

Her second significant partner, Patrick McDermott is shown by the 9th house which has Taurus on the cusp.  This shows someone who is loving and stable.  Patrick was a rock for her, someone that she would always rely one.  In any pictures of him he always appears calm and serene.   He enjoyed the attention that attending public events with a super star brought on him.  This can be shown by Venus in Leo.  He was very loving and enjoyed the publicity.

However his mysterious fate is partly indicated by Venus conjunct Pluto.  Pluto the planet of death, power and the underworld is conjoined with Venus.  It has been speculated that he could have had some underworld ties which helped him to disappear to avoid paying his debts.  Pluto is mysterious and can keep the truth buried in darkness.

Venus square Mars shows Olivia's sex appeal and strong desire to be in loving relationships.  Problems in relationships are also indicated by this aspect.  Because Venus also rules her 2nd partner, it can show potential violence against him as Mars is powerfully place in Scorpio, sign of death and mysteries.  The fact that his disappearance/death is so widely publicized is shown by his derivative eighth house (8th from 9th) or radix fourth with has Jupiter in Sagittarius on the cusp.  Jupiter in this sign results in massive, repeated, international publicity.  His death/disappearance has been a huge story and still is.

Olivia said that she was depressed for a long time after Patrick went missing and to this day she wonders what happened.  After hiring private investigators, nothing has been revealed.

Olivia's daughter, Chloe,  has had some problems growing up in Hollywood.  She suffered from eating disorders and drug addiction.  She said that she used to party with Lindsay Lohan and others for a time.  The fact that Olivia's daughter would suffer from depression and other issues is shown by Capricorn ruled by Saturn on Olivia's fifth house of children.  Saturn is in her 12th house of secrets and sorrow.  Much of what she did was without Olivia's knowledge no doubt and has caused her suffering as a mother.  The ruler of the fifth house is in the derivative eight house of death, showing that her child would delve into lifestyle choices that could lead to her demise. 

Chloe has since healed and has become a singer like her mother.  However her image is almost the polar opposite of her mother's squeaky clean one.   Chloe had some plastic surgery on her face (Saturn in derivative eighth house of surgery) which along with her music videos with themes of suicide, violence, depression and porn, has been controversial.  Her video 'Play with Me' has a warning of graphic images and one must prove to be an adult on Youtube before being able to watch it!   A video that recently came out with Olivia and Chloe singing together isn't adult rated but the theme is similarly dark. Chloes has to deal with 'haters' who compare her to her mother and don't approve of her creative style.

None of the criticism bothers Olivia too much (as long as it doesn't hurt her daughter) as Olivia had her share of controversy back in her day.  It might be difficult to imagine but in 1981 her song "Physical" was banned by a radio station in Provo, Utah for its "suggestive" lyrics. "Physical" was her biggest hit, which sold over 2 million copies and spent 10 consecutive weeks at #1 on Billboard's Hot 100.  Remember that video?

Olivia's racy side is shown by her Moon conjunct Uranus in her 10th house.  Uranus is about breaking through barriers of success here and also about shocking people from time to time.  What we find shocking now may be nothing in a few decades as we learned from Olivia's 'Physical' video.

Having the mutable sign of Gemini on her MC along with Uranus in her 10th house also shows the dramatically different images she displayed in quick succession.  First good-girl Sandra, to a goddess in Xanadu with long blonde hair/disco fashion, and immediately after that she cut off her hair and donned athletic attire to get a bunch of overweight men to work out!  

All of Olivia's styles were a big hit with Moon in Cancer in the 10th house and Jupiter aspecting her MC.  The fourth house also indicates the last part of life, after the age of 40 more or less and again with her powerful Jupiter there, Olivia Newton-John is going to be an icon of success to the very end of her very full life.  Indians believe a full lifespan is 120 years so she should reach at least that!

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