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Thursday, May 25 2017    Venus    Sqr    Pluto
19°Ar06' D    19°Cp06' R

The powerful or obsessive desire to meet one's needs in relationships. Jealousy. Sexual tension. Territorial disputes. Fatal attraction

Venus is going to make a hard aspect to Pluto. This may manifest in different ways since Venus can signify: money, beauty, childbirth, jewelry, luxury items, music, art, fashion, poetry, gardening, flowers, and very often relationships.

There may be some shocks or upsets in relationships or money matters. Situations may get unexpectedly intense in a new or established relationship.

If you notice that things are getting more emotional or dramatic than usual, try to keep a cool head and know that this is a short-lived aspect (a day or two). If things do get to be too much, try to avoid any kind of confrontation until later on.

There may be power struggles over money, shared resources and in love matters.  Be careful not to get carried away and destroy everything over control issues.  Conversely, this may be the time to sever partnerships or ties with material things in order to regain peace and happiness.

For the next couple of days it is important with relationships and finances to be "above board" about everything. If you feel suspicious about something, try to be level-headed and not get carried away.

Thursday, May 25, 2017  New Moon
4° Gemini

The New Moon on Thursday is in Gemini.  Below are some ways it may manifest for each sun sign. (You may also use the sign on your Ascendant.)

Aries: The New Moon this week indicates a new writing project, class, or neighborhood activity that you may join. There may also be new changes at work, with pets or you may want to start a diet/exercise routine. Starting new things is what you are good at Aries, so follow your instincts and you won't go wrong!

The New Moon this week could indicate finding a new way to handle your finances, purchases or debts.  You may also decide to develop a talent and/or invest in something that you want to develop more.

The New Moon in your sign this week means that you could begin a new phase in life. You may begin to see yourself differently and may even act like a whole new person. You may decide to change something about your appearance or how you interact with others.

The New Moon this week could mean that you get new ideas from dreams or through solitary activities. As always, trust your feelings and you will be headed in the right direction.

The New Moon this week may lead you to start something new in obtaining your dreams. New groups or friends may inspire you and help to start a new project. Be aware of any behind-the-scenes activities at work and watch your pets. It may disrupt your routine and make things unpleasant.

The New Moon this week may give you a new start in your career. If you have been thinking of taking a new position, now is a good time to start working towards obtaining it.

The New Moon this week may be the start of a new class, journey, vacation, spiritual or pursuit of higher knowledge.

The New Moon this week may involve a new way to handle your debts, taxes, and estate issues.

The New Moon this week means that it is a good time to start something with a partner or someone else. You may also meet new people in the workplace. It is also an auspicious time to start something new when you interact with the public and/or in legal affairs.

The New Moon this week may result in you starting something new in the workplace or beginning a new health routine.

The New Moon this week may mean that you start something new that will allow you to make more money from home. You may also start a creative project, decide to have children or do something new to meet new romantic partners.

The New Moon this week mean that it is an auspicious time to start something new at home or with family. You may begin the process of organizing a family reunion or something else. Trust your instincts and sensitivities as you may sense things more accurately than usual.
Last October I accurately predicted that the Republicans would win the presidential election. Using the same two significators (Jupiter and Saturn) we can determine whether or not a sitting president faces impeachment and if it would succeed.

Only two US Presidents have been impeached by the House of Representatives: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton

"The impeachment
was initiated by the House of Representatives on December 19, 1998, against Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice.[1] These charges stemmed from Clinton's extramarital affair with former White House Intern Monica Lewinsky and his testimony about the affair during a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him by Paula Jones."

Impeachment proceedings for Bill Clinton began on Dec 19 1998.  Saturn, planet of Democrats was fallen in Aries while Jupiter, Republicans was in dignity in Pisces. 

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson was Vice President when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.  Lincoln was a Republican but Andrew Johnson was a Democrat.  They ran together on the National Union ticket.

Andrew Johnson was impeached on February 24, 1868 when Saturn (Democrats) was in Sagittarius - the sign of the Republicans.  This indicates that Democrats giving in to the Republicans - Jupiter - which was in dignity in Pisces.

This meant that Johnson, a Democrat would be voted out by the Republicans and become the first U.S. President to be impeached.

Both Johnson and Clinton remained in office after the House of Representatives impeached them because the Senate voted against the impeachments.

Thanks to the Senate acquitting them, both Johnson and Clinton finished their terms in office.

Richard Nixon

President Nixon, a Republican,  was faced with a trial to impeach him when he chose to voluntarily step down.  It centered around the Watergate scandal.

"The scandal escalated, costing Nixon much of his political support, and on August 9, 1974, he resigned in the face of almost certain impeachment and removal from office"

At the time that an impeachment trial was looming on Aug 9, 1974, Saturn (Democrats) was in detriment in Cancer while Jupiter (Republicans) was in dignity in Pisces.  Had Nixon gone to trial, astrology shows that he may have been able to win or keep his seat like Johnson and Clinton did.

President Trump

Once again, the threat of impeachment is in the air with President Trump.  Now we have Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius.  Trump is a republican so represented by Jupiter.  This shows the two parties working together, neither has more power over the other. 

In August, Jupiter and Saturn will form a sextile, an auspicious time for a new start for both parties.

Tuesday, May 16 2017    Mercury enters Taurus

Mercury will be changing signs from Aries and entering the sign of Taurus ruled by Venus.
Things should be calmer as Mercury travels through the fixed earth sign of Taurus.   There may be more information  and news about financial affairs, beauty, art, and creativity. Now is a good time to make financial plans.  Discussion with others should go more smoothly. However if someone is settled on their opinions or decisions now, it may be impossible to sway them.  People will be thinking more practically and be concerned with issues surrounding money, land, real estate, commerce, agriculture, gardening, luxury goods and personal resources.

Friday, May 19 2017    Saturn    Tri    Uranus
26°Sg23' R    26°Ar23' D

You now have the opportunity to balance a healthy sense of responsibility with the ability to embrace new and exciting concepts. Areas of your life which may have become a little staid are now enlivened. Whereas in the past you may have experienced obstacles to moving in new directions, you now have an understanding that breakthroughs are imminent. This is also an ideal time to explore new avenues of interest, to take up those opportunities to delve into exciting new activities. Metaphysics, science and the world of computers may all appeal.

Saturn will trine Uranus three times in one year.    This will be a year of exciting new changes and developments in career and government.  Things will run smoothly and unimpeded. 

The last time Saturn formed a trine to Uranus was on Dec 24, 2016 and the next exact aspect will be on Nov 11, 2017.  This portends to radical changes in some business and/or governments structures this year. (For example, the recent firing of the head of the FBI by President Trump.)

 Rebellions against the status quo will be constant and forceful.  Whether this is a beneficial or destructive manifestation depends upon how mature, in control and  patient the agents for change are.  If there is a movement that lacks experience, maturity and foresight, then any sweeping changes will more destructive than constructive.

On a personal level, this is a year for making dramatic changes in career or with a business which may produce outstanding success.  This is the time to upgrade technology and try new and untried ideas as they may prove to be very effective.  Integrating the old with the new may be one way to go about obtaining one's goals.  Again, being patient, mature and thinking in the long-term will help to achieve positive results for many years to come for everyone.

Friday, May 19 2017    Venus    Opp    Jupiter
13°Ar52' D    13°Li52' R

Excessive sociability. The desire to "party". Dramatic, extravagant gestures. Overindulgence. Overvaluing something.

Optimism may turn to over-indulging.  Enjoying good times with family and friends is most enjoyable.  Generosity and pleasures are multiplied more than usual.  An excellent time for family gatherings (no matter who you call 'family' as friends, co-workers, pets, etc. can be considered family too.) 

Jupiter expands the social circle with an aspect to Venus with a desire to shower everyone with some expression of good will.
  This is also a time when romance blooms.  There may be more than one romantic partner appearing at this time.
While it is a pleasurable time for social events, this is not the best time to do shopping as you may purchase more than you need or spend more than expected.  Avoid impulse purchases or getting carried away with any spending or activities. 

Saturday, May 20 2017    Sun  enters Gemini

The Sun enters the mutable air sign of the twins.  There may be some prominent news stories at this time concerning twins or people who are Geminis (like President Trump.)

At this time leaders will be thinking clearly and gathering pertinent facts.  There may be more meetings and discussions now but not necessarily getting things done as energies are more scattered than usual.  Expect meetings to take longer than usual as people enjoy discussing more than may have been on the agenda.

There may be a 'doubling' up of things which cause people to have to multi-task more or do many things at once during this time.  With projects it is best to be flexible and adapting to ever-changing circumstances now. Also, this is an auspicious time to spend with children, communications, neighborhood activities, media and communications of all kinds. 

A number of websites promote the story that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) performed a statistical study of which Sun Signs commit the most crimes. contacted the FBI and it turns out that this is not true.

Fake news stories are so common these days that one must stop and do research, even contacting the source if possible to obtain the facts.  The FBI statistical story may have been believable because there was a statistical analysis released in 2011 by AllState Insurance which ranked astrology signs by the number of car accidents they were involved in.

The ranking of the worst to best drivers by the number of claims filed was widely published in the mainstream media*:
  • Virgo (Sept. 16-Oct. 30): worried, shy; 2,340 claims.
  • Taurus (May 14-June 19): uncompromising, possessive; 2,021 claims.
  • Leo (Aug. 10-Sept. 15): arrogant, inflexible; 2,000 claims.
  • Pisces (March 12-April 16): fearful, overly trusting; 1,941 claims.
  • Sagittarius (Dec. 18-Jan 17): im patient, idealistic; 1,828 claims.
  • Gemini (June 20-July 20): short attention span, nervous; 1,497 claims.
  • Capricorn (Jan. 18-Feb. 15): responsible, disciplined; 1,381 claims.
  • Aries (April 17-May 13): impatient, determined; 1,345 claims.
  • Libra (Oct. 31-Nov. 22): cooperative, gracious; 1,268 claims.
  • Aquarius (Feb. 16-March 11): progressive, independent; 1,204 claims.
  • Cancer (July 21-Aug. 9): compassionate, sensitive; 1,122 claims.
  • Ophiuchus (Nov. 29-Dec. 17): wise, ambitious, lucky; 900 claims.
  • Scorpio (Nov. 23-Nov. 28): passionate, resourceful; 290 claims.

According to this statistical analysis published in 2011: Scorpios were the best drivers while Virgos were the worst.  Unfortunately, this is completely wrong.  However, it is not so much fake news as misleading news.

*Allstate Insurance used sidereal astrology dates and not Western tropical astrology dates (which is where astrologers in the Western hemisphere base the zodiac signs on.) 

You may notice the dates next to these signs do not correlate to what western astrology uses.  Also, Allstate decided to add a sign -Ophiuchus - into the mix but again, astrologers do not use that sign.

Below I have corrected the signs below which correspond to the dates that Allstate used, from worst to best by number of claims:

  • Late degrees Virgo, Libra, Early degrees Scorpio (Sept. 16-Oct. 30): 2,340 claims.
  • Late degrees Taurus, Gemini (May 14-June 19):  2,021 claims.
  • Late degrees Leo, Virgo (Aug. 10-Sept. 15): 2,000 claims.
  • Late degrees Pisces, Aries (March 12-April 16):  1,941 claims.
  • Late degrees Sagittarius, Capricorn (Dec. 18-Jan 17):  1,828 claims.
  • Cancer (June 20-July 20):  1,497 claims.
  • Late degrees Capricorn, Aquarius (Jan. 18-Feb. 15): 1,381 claims.
  • Late degrees Aries, Taurus (April 17-May 13):  1,345 claims.
  • Scorpio (Oct. 31-Nov. 22):  1,268 claims.
  • Late degrees Aquarius, Pisces (Feb. 16-March 11): ; 1,204 claims.
  • Leo (July 21-Aug. 9):  1,122 claims.
  • Sagittarius (Nov. 29-Dec. 17):  900 claims.
  • Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Nov. 28):  290 claims.

Now the real story is that Sagittarius is the best driver while Libras get the ranking of worst drivers.  This makes more sense since Sagittarius rules over traveling. Libras meanwhile are known to have difficulty making up their minds which could lead to some last minute driving maneuvers which could lead to car accidents.


May 10 2017    Mercury    Cnj    Uranus  
25°Ar55' D    25°Ar55' D

Intensity of mind. Experimental attitude. Expression of radical or unusual viewpoints. Technical interest. Inventiveness.

News and information may be scattered and unusual now.  There may be a new technology introduced around this time in communications.  There may be a scientific break-through in new forms of telepathy or how we process information.

Now is an excellent time to introduce a new invention or idea, especially if it is an out-of-the-box endeavor.  Radical and counter-cultural trends may start now.  Terrorists may be emboldened with mass communications or propaganda at this time.

There could be an overflow of electricity, transportation or news now.  There is an independence, originality and genius of thought now which could be translated into success if backed up by hard word. 

The expression, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration" may apply now under this inspirational influence.

May 10 2017  Full Moon

20 Scorpio

Relationship issues may become the focus of energies around a full moon since it is a relationship aspect of the opposition, Sun and Moon, masculine and feminine.  It may also be an internal relationship between following your instincts/cravings (Moon) or doing what society expects (Sun).  Put another way, following unconscious drives vs conscious decision making.

The opposition falls in Taurus and Scorpio, our resources vs other people's resources.  So the stress could very well center around finances and our relationship with money.

The Moon is fallen in Scorpio, which is intense and moody at times but can also be incredibly disciplined and determined.  Cravings are intense and run deep. The Sun in Taurus, is stable and stubborn but loves to enjoy luxury. 

May 11 2017    Mercury    Tri    Saturn   
26°Ar48' D    26°Sg48' R

Rational and logical thinking. Concentration and focus. Organization. Serious communication. Agreeable solitude.

Mercury in a positive aspect to Saturn may result in some critical yet practical decisions being made at this time.  This is a good time to deal with important paperwork, facts, figures or conversations.

This is an auspicious time to bring ideas into focus and creating something meaningful and long-lasting.  This is not a cheerful aspect but one that allows for patience and concentration when dealing with all kinds of information.

This is also an excellent time for organizing paperwork, computer files, and anything that deals with the written or spoken word.  If there is a daunting task that you have been avoiding then now is the time to plow through it. 

Decisions, rules or programs implemented now may become a precedent or become "carved in stone."

May 11 2017    Mars    Sqr    Neptune   
13°Ge55' D    13°Pi55' D

Mars squares Neptune so our actions may not have the intended results. This means it is not the best day to start a new activity or confront others. If you must begin something, be careful of hidden factors or secrets.

Mars indicates our energy and how we express our desires and our anger too. With Neptune squaring Mars, the fighting power is subdued. We give up with the struggle. A feeling of laziness may overcome people today.

This may also be a time when transsexual or gay rights are in the news. Same sex marriage or other story concerning alternate lifestyles of men may be prominent now.

Neptune rules over drugs, addictions, chemicals, water, the ocean and Mars represents energy, fighting, wars and hostile actions.  Incidents combining these topics may occur and be in the news.

Neptune is more powerful as it is the outer planet, so Neptune can dissolve or misdirect our energy or anger. The square can cause upsets between these two influences.

This is an excellent day to be creative, dream, take it easy, go on vacation, try out different things without committing to one certain action.

Avoid intoxicants as things could get out of control. Don't drink and drive and be careful to avoid any other similar situations today. If you work with chemicals, follow all of the safety protocols. Also, if you are going to the beach, don't swim too far out in the ocean.

Enjoy the peacefulness of this transit which is excellent for spiritual pursuits, artistic, creative activities and relaxation/meditation.

May 12 2017    Mars    Tri    Jupiter   
14°Ge23' D    14°Li23' R

Confidence and energy. Positive and successful attitudes create winning situations. Healthy competitive urges. A spirit of enterprise. Athletic and recreational inclinations. Concern for proper action. Moral or ethical issues. A crusade.

Mars in the planet of fighting, war and personal energy will form an positive aspect with Jupiter.  This could mean some good luck to people who start something new now.    Good luck from and by creating something, socializing, games and romance.

Benefits through competition and beginning something new.  A good time to publish a book or teach something which may turn out to be more successful than anticipated as Jupiter expands and elevates Mars and amplifies people's energy to get more done.

This is also a good day for young men, surgery, armed forces, working with machinery.    A positive day for sports, competition, debates, and any physical activity, exercise. 

May 3 2017    Mercury Station   Direct       
24°Ar15' D    

Mercury stops to move forward on Wednesday after moving backwards since April 9th.  This may result in the improvement of some matters.  Something significant may happen today, news, information and/or travel may change.  Something that was stalled or put on a back burner around April 9th may start up again.

May 3 2017    Sun    Sxt    Nep   
13°Ta45' D    13°Pi45' D
Physical sensitivity. Receptivity to impressions. Focusing the intangible. Intuition. The finished masterpiece. Art appreciation. Drama. Decoration. Museum. Library. School. Hospital. Zoo. Professional service. Wide expanses. The sea.

At this time leaders may be feeling more spiritual or idealistic now.  This may be a time of dreams being achieved or at least reached for.  People may be feeling a bit sleepy, lazy or dreamy today.  This is an excellent time for creative work, enjoying the arts, movies, spiritual practices or even spending some time by the water.  This is also a healing time when the body wants to rest or relax.  Yoga, meditation, walks or other calm exercise would be most therapeutic now.  

Horary is defined as "of the hour" and in astrology it pertains to the fact that a chart is erected at the exact time that a question is received by an Astrologer.  When a question is asked, the astrologer can create the chart and give an accurate answer!

Horary Astrology is an ancient form of astrology that was given a big boost in popularity by a famous astrologer named William Lilly.  He practiced Horary astrology in England in the early 1600s. 

Back then, many people did not know their birth data as record keeping wasn't as precise as it is today.  For this reason, Lilly used Horary astrology and he became famous for his accurate predictions!

I have been using traditional Horary astrology professionally for the past 15 years and have had wonderful results due to the accuracy of this method. 

While Horary astrology can be incredibly accurate and descriptive, it doesn't mean that it can be used in all questions.  There are rules which must be followed.  If not, the accuracy of the reading is harmed and the question may not be answered correctly.  If you are unsure about a question, you can ask me and I will clarify what questions can be answered.

While astrologers are well aware of Horary astrology, not many people in the general population are familiar with this branch of astrology. 
Did you know that astrology can answer almost any question that you have and even locate missing objects, animals and people? As well as giving timing? It is called Horary Astrology and I have been answering people's questions accurately for years using it.

Some questions I can answer:

  • Will I get married this year?
  • Will I marry this person?
  • Will I win this court case? Lottery?
  • Will I pass the test?
  • Am I pregnant? Will I get pregnant this month?
  • Where is my missing __________(phone/purse/car/money/glasses/etc)?
  • Where is this missing person/cat/dog . . .?
  • Should I buy this house?
  • Did this person steal from me?
  • And many more questions can be answered!

The answers that I provide are more than just "yes/no". I provide details (and follow-up email) using the astrology chart. You might think that I am using psychic powers. But it is all from the astrology charts.

I do believe that we all have some psychic or intuitive abilities and this helps us all in our lives.  However, when I read a chart, I am only using the ancient rules which allow me to describe things so well.

When you call, I draw up the chart for the moment of your question and begin the reading.  I can provide details that you may not have known about as well as the final outcome.  You may be very surprised at how accurate astrology can be!

There are some Rules to answering questions with Horary Astrology, rules that are hundreds of years old. I mention these rules so that you get the best reading possible. They are as follows:

1. The Question must be honest and sincere. (If a question is asked just to *test* astrology - it won't work.)
2. The Question can only be answered once. (If you go to multiple astrologers with the same question - only the first answer counts.) But you may ask if the first answer you received was accurate!
and last

I have experienced again and again how accurately astrology answers questions and that is why I have been using it for so long.
 If there is any question bothering you, please give email or call me today!

Apr 24 2017    Mercury    Tri    Saturn   
27°Ar31' R    27°Sg31' R
Rational and logical thinking. Concentration and focus. Organization. Serious communication. Agreeable solitude.

Mercury and Saturn are forming a cooperative aspect and both are retrograde.  Now is an auspicious time to go back to a mental discipline.  It is also a good time to review paperwork or any work in general.  There is an opportunity to think deeply and constructively now.  If something implemented in the past did not work out as planned, this is the time to restart it and it may prove to be successful.  Returning to the past, history, issues concerning the disadvantaged, hungry or elderly may work well now.

Apr 28 2017    Venus re-enters Aries

Pursuing a partner ardently and hastily, and yet strive for freedom and independence, when in an intimate relationship. Initiating relationships, can be aggressive. Propensity to be a spendthrift.

Venus re-enters the sign of Aries after it's retrogradation over the past couple of months.  This may bring back a situation that began the first time Venus entered Aries on Feb 3, 2017.

With Venus the planet of love, romance, money, and young women in the sign of entrepreneurial Aries there may be more instances of women initiating successful ventures.

This is not a positive time for spending money wisely or pursuing relationships as things may become more argumentative and competitive.  In love affairs things may move quickly and with an abundance of passion now. 

Apr 28 2017    Mercury    Cnj    Uranus   
25°Ar16' R    25°Ar16' D
Intensity of mind. Experimental attitude. Expression of radical or unusual viewpoints. Technical interest. Inventiveness.

News and information may be scattered and unusual now.  There may be a new technology introduced around this time in communications.  There may also be a scientific break-through in new forms of telepathy or how we process information.

Now is an excellent time to restart or introduce a new invention or idea again, especially if it is an out-of-the-box endeavor.  Radical and counter-cultural trends may start now.

There could be an overflow of electricity, transportation or news now.  There is an independence, originality and genius of thought now which could be translated into success if backed up by hard word. 

The expression, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration" may apply now under this inspirational influence.

Apr 17 2017    Venus    Sxt    Mars   
26°Pi57' D    26°Ta57' D
Healthy passions. Physical attraction. Strenuous enjoyment. Joint enthusiasm. Romance. Creating art or decoration.

Venus sextiles Mars on Monday which is positive for relationships, creativity, and diplomacy.   This is a good time to talk to others and settle any disputes or at least start to.  Working with others smoothly while being productive at the same time is possible now.  Beginning a new creative venture, especially ones that deal with writing, speeches, documents, discussions, debates, etc are also auspicious now.

 Mars is conjunct the malefic fixed star Algol which is associated with 'losing one's head' literally or figuratively.  This might result in getting carried away in relationships finances, or creative projects.

Apr 17 2017    Sun    Tri    Saturn
27°Ar41' D    27°Sg41' R

This is an excellent time to start a new work project or regiment.  Discipline is called for now and taking a measured approach to things is highlighted.  Organizing, planing and following the rules will be the way to succeed in whatever you want to achieve.

This is a good time to embark on an diet/exercise program or anything that you want to accomplish that requires consistent discipline.  Something you start building today may lead to solid and enduring results.

Apr 19 2017    Sun    enters Taurus

The sun moves into the fixed, earth sign of Taurus today. This signifies a shift in leaders from a more entrepreneurial, fast acting, fighting position to one of mastering material concerns.

At this time people will want to calm things down, get more settled, and be more concerned with security and finances. 

For the the next month there will be more of an emphasis on the arts, luxury, beauty items, money and possessions.  Leaders may become inflexible with their plans and things may slow down into a standstill for a while.  There will be a much more powerful focus on securing borders, land and material well-being.  Also keeping calm will be on the top of the agenda.

This is a good time to take an inventory of what your resources are and plan accordingly.  Making new investments or beginning creative ventures may lead to more comfort and success.

Apr 20 2017    Sun    Cnj    Mercury
00°Ta20' D    00°Ta20' R

Mental strength. Intense thought. Consciousness of personal intent. Stimulus to communicate in speech or writing. Effectiveness in coordinating one's various activities. Mobility -- travel. Ability to meet up to situational demands.

This is a good time to brainstorm and come up with ideas regarding how to organize finances and other practical matters.  Figuring out what to do with all that you have at your disposal, including personal talents.

Apr 20 2017    Pluto Stations Retrograde       
19°Cp23' R    

Pluto will station retrograde on Thursday and remain it's apparent backwards motion until September 28, 2017.  When a planet is retrograde it's energies are intensified, especially around the times when it stations.  Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde now.

This is going to be a time of some upheaval and disturbed energies.  When planets are retrograde, they do not perform in their usual ways and may show some bizarre events which may be described by the signs that they are in.

Earthquakes and other natural disturbances or events which affect the world may occur around this time and in the following months.  Pay attention to anything that begins or develops around this time as it might grow out of control or make a profound change when Pluto stations direct at the end of September.

Apr 20 2017    Mercury Re-enters Aries

Mercury is retrograde and returns to the sign of Aries.  This may mark a time of returning to an old argument or problem from the past.  This is a good time to revisit any old problems and figure out a way to resolve them.  This is not a good time to initiate any new plans of action or communications as things may not turn out as expected.

Apr 21 2017    Mars enters Gemini

Mars now enters the sign of Gemini forming a mutual reception with Mercury in Aries.  This shows some cooperation and help from multiple people or entities.  This is a beneficial cooperation when dealing with past issues or in restarting something.  There may be more arguing now and many ideas being expressed forcefully.  Be careful not to get caught up in a storm of ideas or information which may take on a life of it's own.  There may be a flurry of meetings, phone calls, or other communications at this time.  Be sure to take a break, meditate for example, if information/communications becomes overwhelming. 

Apr 21 2017    Venus    Sqr    Saturn  
 27°Pi36' D    27°Sg36' R

This may be a time of disappointment, challenges or sacrifices in issues pertaining to women, money, possessions or in relationships.  Venus square Saturn is a positive time for doing volunteer work, helping others (especially the disadvantaged or elderly.)

This may be a depressing or difficult time and can be worked out best by accepting and embracing and work, sacrifice or challenge that may present itself.  Working out any disappointments by working for and taking on the burden of others is one of the most auspicious ways of handling any melancholy at this time.

On a positive note, any disciplined endeavor (dieting, work, abstaining, doing without) may be more pleasurable now and/or be extra rewarding and enjoyable at this time.

Apr 9 2017    Mercury Stations Retrograde
04°Ta50' R    

Mercury stationed retrograde on Sunday.  Mercury goes retrograde about 4 times a year for 3 weeks at a time.   This current retrograde will last from April 9  - May 3rd.

This means problems with communications and travel.  

Something/someone from your past may have recently returned  into your life now.  Think twice before you email anything at this time and double check everything. Sending emails to the wrong person may happen during this type of transit. You may also notice problems with your cellphone or computer as Mercury retrograde can cause some issued with anything you use to communicate.  If you sign up for new classes now, be aware that you might change your mind for some reason later on.  So in anything new that you start or purchase, be sure to save the receipts in case you need to go back for some reason.

Again, this is a good time now to back-up any important documents on your computer or phone. 

Focusing on finances and personal talents, going over your skills/talents and perfecting things may go well now.

When a planet retrogrades it travels over the same degrees three times, this means that if you have planets from 24 deg Aries through 4 deg Taurus, you may experience a repeated or related event.  

The best way to take advantage of this retrograde is to get back in touch with people you may have lost touch with.  If you are looking for a job and have gone on interviews, send another email to the employer to remind them that you are still interested.  If you started a writing project that you put aside, now is the time to pick it up again and work on it. 

This is not a good time to sign legal documents or purchase new items unless you are going back and buying or signing something that you had considered doing before.  Anything new car/computer/phone that you decide to buy while Mercury is retrograde may have problems and you may have to return it or have to reset it back to factory conditions for some reason.  If you have to sign a legal document, just bear in mind that you may have to make changes in the future with the agreement. 

If you had been meaning to organize your home or office, Mercury retrograde is excellent for that.  Also, going over any policies or paperwork that you may have been avoiding, now is the time to do it. 

Now is the time to get back to that cleaning, organizing, counting, or polishing up whatever needs to be done.  The results will be long lasting, as perfect as can be, and lead you to success!

April 11 201  Full Moon
21 Libra

There will be a Full Moon on Tuesday in Libra.  This will bring results or the next step to something (even an idea) which began around the previous New Moon on March 27th at 7 deg Aries.

This Full Moon may highlight relationships, partnerships of all kinds, legal battles, diplomatic events, and competitions of all kinds. 

This Full Moon squares Pluto so it may bring out power struggles and trigger some transformations.

Apr 14 2017    Sun    Cnj    Uranus
24°Ar27' D    24°Ar27' D

A keen interest in ideas which are progressive or innovative. Scientific mind. Inventive. A questioning mind. Mental excitement. Taking action which changes things and brings improvement. Joining with others for a specific cause or purpose.

Expect some type of surprise today as the Sun hits off with Uranus, the planet of technology, surprise, and at times sheer chaos.

This is an excellent time for unique discoveries, inventing something, or thinking 'outside the box.'  This also means that something unusual may occur to disrupt the normal flow of things.  Electronic devices, computers, and other communications tools may act up or be disrupted somehow.

On an individual level, some may feel like things are too hectic or discombobulated. Take a break and meditate if you feel stressed by all of the activity going on around you.

Apr 15 2017    Venus Stations Direct
26°Pi54' D    

Venus stations Direct on Saturday after having been retrograde since March 4th.  This will indicate a turn around or change in relationships, money matters, children, creativity and other areas ruled by Venus.

Relationships may begin or end around this time.  You may return to a previous relationship or end a new one.  Money may finally be received that had been on hold since early March.  This may also portend to any diplomatic or trading issues. 

There may be a prominent news story that involves women, children, finances, art, diplomatic missions, etc. - anything ruled by Venus.

Neptune's ingress into it's own sign of Pisces in 2012 has signified many current events including: the brainwashing of western youth to become terrorists, fast spreading heroin addiction, fake news, video game addiction, a missing Malaysian airliner (MH370), and more.  Neptune will end its sojourn in Pisces in April 2025.

Neptune's influence causes confusion which can result in misplaced belief and trust.  Neptune rules over altered states of consciousness, whether that be from meditation, brainwashing, or drugs.  Neptune also pertains to anything imaginative: films, art, music.  Neptune rules Pisces and is associated with the 12th house of imprisonment, confinement. Neptune is water vapor/fog and rules over the ocean as well.

Neptune is about escaping reality for a while.  There are healthy ways of exercising the imaginative, creative forces and then there are the destructive ways.  The allure and impact of Neptune can be life altering, for good or bad. 

There is a story that describes the euphoric experience of Neptune (although Neptune is not mentioned in the story) about four wise me who go to heaven. 

Four wise men are taken up to visit Heaven one night.  After they return back to the real world they each react differently.  The first man completely loses his mind.  The nirvana (Neptune) that he experienced was so overpowering that he could not handle being back in his day-to-day life anymore.  He spent the rest of his days wandering around talking to himself.  The second man become completely cynical.  He denied it ever happened. He never went to heaven, it was a dream.  There is no such thing he said.  The third man returned home, he couldn't stop thinking about it.  He spoke about his experience in paradise all the time and to everyone he met.  He became obsessed and did nothing else but relive his experience for the rest of his life.  The last wise man, used the experience of nirvana to write beautiful poetry.  He also created music and art to express his love for his family and friends.
The moral of the story is that the fourth man handled his Neptunian experience in the most positive way.  He allowed the divine to touch his life and used it to enhance it, not to drown in Neptune's waters. Like when we listen to music while we drive or work, Neptune helps make our daily lives more magical.

Neptune isn't all angels, paradise and spiritual awakening - it also rules fears and phobias.  Anxiety, depression and despair may be from causes which are conscious or unconscious.  When one is drawn to dip into Neptune's fog, taking a moment to do a personal inventory of why is essential. 

Is it just to feel good or is it to avoid feeling something?  If the former, all may be well but if the latter, some restraint may be called for.  Neptune has often been accused (and rightfully so) of pulling the wool over people's eyes.  Scams, dishonesty and sometimes fraud.  However, a dreamer may also use Neptune's intoxicants to pull the wool over their own eyes.  An escape to avoid or delay dealing with difficulties or worries.  Humans are a resourceful lot and have come up with a solution, places like AA or NA..etc.  

In the end, a dose of Neptune helps the medicine of life go down.

Neptune is associated with the cadent 12th house while religion/beliefs, illness, thinking/communicating/traveling belong to the other cadent 3, 6, and 9th houses.  Neptune appears to mess around with our health,thinking and believing.  It causes some to travel far away to seek heaven.  What if that is the crux of the problem? 

Late astrologer Dave Roell wrote in his March 24, 2009 newsletter:

"Consider also angular vs: cadent houses.  Angular makes for aggressive people, according to the angle.  Cadent are those who blow with the wind."
From Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos:
"XV.  Signs cadent from the ascendant of any kingdom are the ascendants of that kingdom’s enemies.  But the angles & succedent houses are the ascendants of its friends.  It is the same in all doctrines & institutions."

The cadent houses don't help our practical lives.  In fact, the cadent houses can be harmful.  The 12th house represents 'secret enemies' or 'self-undoing.'  It is associated with harmful gossip, curses, and ways that we sabotage ourselves.  Cadent houses are not meant to be a way of life but a way to navigate with things to avoid.  Adapting when necessary, traveling and learning when the opportunity arises.

Roell also wrote in his 19-Jan-2010 newsletter:
"Planets in Cadent houses (3, 6, 9 & 12) make you DEFENSIVE.  The world is a strange place & you must be on your guard at all times.   Cardinal planets in cadent houses compel you to hunt down ambiguity & kill it.  Fixed planets in cadent houses make barricades, behind which plans are carefully crafted.  Mutable planets in cadent houses live in chaos.  I presume that after a time, they get used to it."
This may help explain why there is so much fighting, war and arguments when we delve into cadent houses.  Conversations that veer into religion and politics almost never end well.  Perhaps the sacrificing, escaping, and isolating tendencies of Neptune also never ends well when we invest too much of our lives in it. One can only swim for so long before hypothermia starts to set in.   How much is too much?  Should we learn to swim at all?

Like the Titanic, we are a ship traveling through the night.  It is our life mission to travel from point A to point B and we are traveling on Neptune's waters.  If we are lucky, we won't hit an iceberg.  But if we do, we're better off if we made sure to have a seat on a lifeboat and a life jacket.  Knowing how to swim would also increase our chances of survival.  This could mean that a certain amount of knowledge about our 12th house matters is necessary.  We should be aware of how best to survive in the ocean - just in case.  But our goal is to stay safe and dry on the ship's deck throughout our voyage. (Maybe jump in for a quick dip for fun.)

Many people love a good mystery.  Neptune represents things which are mysterious.  But there are some things that we will never know for certain in this lifetime.  Like the plane that disappeared in the Indian Ocean that may not be found in this lifetime or ever.  All we can do is try to learn from the experience to try to prevent it from happening again - requiring all planes to have crash resistant GPS mechanisms, for example. 

Enjoying Neptune's escapes: the beach, beautiful music, spiritual experiences can be crucial in maintaining our inner and outer peace and harmony in this short life.  Using while avoiding abusing Neptune's gifts appears to be the most advantageous way to incorporate Neptune into our lives.  Not seeking heaven outside of ourselves but embracing our inner spirituality.  Trusting our own instincts, practicing compassion, forgiveness and restraint.   Understanding our foibles while taking the initiative to prevent ourselves from falling off the ship.  Maybe stepping out of our comfort zone once in a while, building up our inner strength by facing our fears.  Then after our work is done, taking a little vacation.

Speaking of rest, Neptune/12th also rules over sleep.  The little bits of daily death we experience.  When our conscious life releases into the unconscious domain of slumber.  Do we question sleep? Do we try to rationalize it - avoid it?  We may try to fight it, but like all Neptune things, it will take us over and there is very little we can do about it.  Accepting the inevitable time for bed and scheduling our lives around it is the best plan of action. 

All in all, we need to accept that a complete understanding of Neptune will never happen.  There are mysteries which will never be solved.   We may enjoy mulling over them, coming to some conclusions.  If we are lucky, we may have a dream about it.

Just for fun -  Sun Signs of each character on the series 'Orange is the New Black'
... what do you think?  Leave a comment!

 Piper Chapman - Gemini

Alex Vause - Scorpio


Sam Healy - Capricorn

Claudette "Miss Claudette" Pelage - Scorpio

Galina "Red" Reznikov - Leo

Larry Bloom - Virgo

 Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren - Leo

Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson - Cancer

 Nicole "Nicky" Nichols - Sagittarius

 Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett - Aries

Dayanara "Daya" Diaz - Taurus

Lorna Morello - Libra

 Gloria Mendoza - Aries

Cindy "Black Cindy" Hayes - Sagittarius

Joseph Salvatore "Joe" Caputo - Cancer

Carrie "Big Boo" Black - Scorpio

Marisol "Flaca" Gonzalez  - Capricorn

Aleida Diaz - Aries

Poussey Washington - Pisces

Brook Soso - Aquarius

Yoga Jones - Pisces

Apr 2 2017    Venus re-enters Pisces
Venus retrograde reenters it's exaltation sign of Pisces.  This placement shows an improvement and enjoyment in love, creativity and relationships.  This is a good time to go back to a previous art project, relationship and/or financial matter.  However, care must be taken as Venus approaches a square to Saturn so be prepared for some disappointment, restriction or challenge in venusian matters.  Things will go well until they don't but this doesn't mean that everything needs to end.  Working with authority, elders, and responsibilities while enjoying the spiritually uplifting parts of what you enjoy is the best way to work it out. 

Apr 5 2017    Mars    Tri    Pluto   
19°Ta20' D    19°Cp20' D

Facing one's fears in regards to practical matters is called for now.  There may be an obsessive quality to any competition which can cause things to become 'do or die' in the quest to win.  The question to keep in mind is "is it worth it?"  Is it necessary to put forth the energy towards the goal you have set or are you doing it for ego gratification?  This is a positive force for good but misdirected it can also be a powerful force for darkness. 

Apr 5 2017    Saturn Stations Retrograde
 27°Sg47' R    
The traditional outermost planet Saturn appears to stand still and move backwards until August 25th 2017.  From now until August there may be delays, frustration and mishaps while trying to obtain a goal or build something.  Going over and testing the foundation of whatever project one is working on will work best now.  Going back to something regarding career matters, the poor, disadvantaged, elderly as well as with authority is called for now. 

Apr 7 2017    Sun    Opp    Jupiter   
18°Ar15' D    18°Li15' R

Leaders may show more optimism in relationships and wanting to expand their influence.  There is a larger-than-life quality now which may cause some to overextend themselves or their projects.  Avoiding the tendency to overdo or overestimate what can be done and there may be success.

Apr 8 2017    Venus    Sqr    Saturn

    27°Pi47' R    27°Sg47' R
There may be some hardships with money, love and creative matters now.  This is the time to become disciplined and realistic without losing hope.  Facing challenges and doing what must be done for what you love is called for now.  For some, waiting for a better time and patience may be the best solution.  Some may need to make some sacrifices or take on more work in order to give back.

Apr 8 2017    Sun    Sqr    Pluto
    19°Ar21' D    19°Cp21' D
This may be a time of power control issues and hidden agendas.  There may be some unknown or seemingly invisible wall interfering with new projects now.  A secretive and/or powerful group may be put under the spotlight now.  Vice versa a leader may be stymied by a silent yet powerful group.  This will be a tense time either way and one which could lead to extreme decisions if not handled correctly.

Mar 26 2017    Mercury    Cnj    Uranus
 23°Ar24' D    23°Ar24' D

Intensity of mind. Experimental attitude. Expression of radical or unusual viewpoints. Technical interest. Inventiveness.

News and information may be scattered and unusual now.  There may be a new technology introduced around this time in communications.  There may be a scientific break-through in new forms of telepathy or how we process information.

Now is an excellent time to introduce a new invention or idea, especially if it is an out-of-the-box endeavor.  Radical and counter-cultural trends may start now.  Terrorists may be emboldened with mass communications or propaganda at this time.

There could be an overflow of electricity, transportation or news now.  There is an independence, originality and genius of thought now which could be translated into success if backed up by hard word. 

The expression, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration" may apply now under this inspirational influence.

Mar 26 2017    Mercury enters Aries
Independent thinking. Talking quickly, and thinking of new ideas. Also indicates flashes of intuition.
Mercury entering Aries denotes speedy communication which is idealistic and potentially combative.  Decisive interactions, flame wars and disagreements may abound with Mercury in the martial sign of Aries. 

Issues may revolve around problems dealing with money, women, and personal possessions.  People want to discuss topics more rapidly yet on their own terms and both sides of a dispute may be inflexible.

In general, expect communications to be fast-paced and possibly overwhelming at times.  Take a break and some deep breaths before responding to any inflammatory emails or texts.  Clarify what someone meant before reacting too quickly as you may be more prone to assume others are starting an argument.

With Mercury in Aries, there may be tendency to read emails/texts in the wrong way and think they are 'fighting words' when they really aren't. 

On a positive note, this is an excellent time to defend your point of view, deal with financial issues of all kinds and dealing with personal property.  

Mar 2 2017 New Moon
7 Aries

The New Moon in Aries is an auspicious time for everyone to start something new.  This is the time to make a direct move, decision, or action to obtain your hearfelt desires in the world.  Being bold and brave in your choices is the best way to go about things.  This does not mean stepping over others or pushing others aside.  One should act in the appropriate, ethical, legal ways in everything one does.  Authority may take notice of any initiative taken now.

***Order a New Moon Report*** to find out the best ways (and days) to take advantage of this powerful New Moon in Aries energy!

Mar 27 2017    Mars    Sxt    Neptune   

18°Ar33' D    18°Aq33' D
The willingness to take action based on faith. The power of belief. Ideological success. The intellectual search for origins. The desire for adventure and for risk. Sensitive application of force and energy. Display of powerful emotions.

Mars, the planet of action, young men, fighting, and violence is making a smooth aspect to Neptune, planet ruling gases, ocean, and imagination.
This aspect can  result in some hostile activities on the ocean waters.
On a positive note, this is a good influence for creating and performing music, art, or anything dealing with liquids or the imagination.

Mar 29 2017    Mercury    Tri    Saturn   
03°Ar39' D    03°Sg39' D

Rational and logical thinking. Concentration and focus. Organization. Serious communication. Agreeable solitude.

Mercury in a positive aspect to Saturn may result in some critical yet practical decisions being made at this time.  This is a good time to deal with important paperwork, facts, figures or conversations.

This is an auspicious time to bring ideas into focus and creating something meaningful and long-lasting.  This is not a cheerful aspect but one that allows for patience and concentration when dealing with all kinds of information.

This is also an excellent time for organizing paperwork, computer files, and anything that deals with the written or spoken word.  If there is a daunting task that you have been avoiding then now is the time to plow through it. 

Decisions, rules or programs implemented now may become a precedent or become "carved in stone."

Mar 30 2017    Jupiter    Sqr    Pluto   
25°Vi11' R    25°Sg11' D

Tensions arise as you struggle achieve your goals. It seems as though other people and external events are deliberately plotting to thwart your every move. However, it may be that you are going overboard in your attempts to get your own way. The trouble is that you want to make great changes in your life, but lack the necessary tolerance and patience to get the timing right. While taking action can certainly have positive effects in the long run, you would also be wise to find the right balance of confidence and patience.

Jupiter will square Pluto three times in 2016-2017 which may lead to some upheavals in people's lives.  These dramatic changes and power struggles starting with the US election in November 2016, to a terrorist attack in Britain earlier this month.

Jupiter first squared Pluto on Nov 24,2016.  Now it forms an exact square on March 30, 2017 and will make it's final square on August 4, 2017.  We may expect some transformations, bullying, attacks, violence around these times based on differing beliefs.  It could be related to politics, government, issues of equality, court cases, or relationships of all kinds.

After 2017 things will finally settle down and people will find a way to work through whatever issues have erupted.  The power struggles will be less disruptive and will be replaced with powerful cooperation which will benefit all.

Mar 20 2017    Sun    enters Aries

In Western astrology, the Vernal or Spring Equinox (Latin for "equal night") begins the Tropical Zodiac at Zero degrees of Aries (the Vernal Point). This is the first day of Spring and when the day and night are of equal length. 

The is the Arie ingress of the sun and a chart for the moment the sun enters Aries portends to activities for the rest of the year for a city or country.

Sun in Aries indicates that this is a time for new beginnings.  It is also a time to push one's energies to obtain whatever goals and to remove any obstacles in your path.  Leaders want to prove themselves with action.  Aries can result in sudden events which can be inspiring and successful.

Last year(2016) at this time a prominent story in the news was President Obama and his family visited Cuba.  He was the first president to visit Cuba in 90 years.  So this is was new beginning of renewed relations between Cuba and the U.S.

Mar 23 2017    Mercury    Sqr    Pluto   
19°Ar12' D    19°Cp12' D

Mercury is about information, letters, texts, all types of communication. Pluto is about deep, dark, hidden places. The places that we are afraid to face in ourselves and others.

We may eventually learn that no matter what happens, in the end, the feeling of 'the fear' was the worst part. Under this aspect, we may decide to uncover the truth of the matter. This is wonderful for researching a new subject as under this aspect we will delve deeply and be absorbed for hours finding out all that we can.

However, this can be a stressful influence if we turn the magnifying glass on another person's personal life. Beware of obsessing or investigating something trivial. There may be tendency to cross the line and invade other people's personal space. It is normal to wonder about what a partner is doing when not around but how far you go in investigating and questioning others about it can be the problem. Being aware that you may feel like probing into things more than usual around this time and avoid compromising relationships that matter by becoming hostile or intrusive.

Finding the truth is the real meaning of this aspect. There is more than one way to obtain the information that you desire. Being honest is also important during this time or you may find others may do some background checking on you! Also avoid any power issues surrounding communications, electronics, local traveling and children today. If it is not that important, it is best to drop the issue lest things get blown out of proportion.

Focus your investigative energies on doing things that will improve your life and those around you. Studying a mystery or project may lead to some new revelations now.  Focusing this energy on matters which may benefit your education or career is the best way.  In personal matters, there may be some things kept secret from you and it may be for the best. 

Mar 24 2017    Mercury   Opp    Jupiter
 20°Ar03' D    20°Li03' R
Mentally pushing the limits -- over-assimilation. Interest in learning and travel. Overconfident judgments. Opinions.

Jupiter expands or massively spreads information.  This could indicate multiple viral news stories breaking out at this time.  Multiple new development happening almost all at once. 

This could cause problems with traveling, publishing, higher education, foreign affairs, group efforts, and places of entertainment.  Difficulties with religious differences may also be prominent at this time.

There may be a conflict of those claiming to know the truth.  Mercury and Jupiter shows that any religious, philosophical or other conflicts in what opposing parties believe will not be settled any time soon.  Participants in debates are forceful in their ideology. 

Facts and figures may also be exaggerated during this time and/or spread widely.  This is not a good time to negotiate deals as neither party will want to give in to the other.

Mar 25 2017    Sun    Cnj    Venus
04°Ar57' D    04°Ar57' R
The Sun conjoining Venus in an inferior conjunction changes Venus from the peaceful evening star position to the war-like Morning star will show after Venus is visible again in the night sky in about two weeks.

There are two distinct types of Venus in a chart which has been considered since ancient times - Morning Star Venus and Evening Star Venus. 

Morning Star Venus rises before the Sun each morning while Evening Star Venus sets after the Sun.  Astrologer Ronnie Dreyer wrote about the historical celestial studies of Venus's appearance in the sky by the ancient cultures (including Babylonians and Sumerians) in her book Venus the Evolution of the Goddess and Her Planet.

Ancient astrologers foretold of omens when Venus disappeared (hidden behind the Sun's rays in a conjunction) between it's Morning and Evening Star positions, when it was visible at sunrise or sunset.   Dreyer writes in her book, "It was said that the Morning Star's [Venus] appearance in the eastern sky roused the soldiers to war, while the Evening Star's arrival on the western sky induced passionate lovemaking and followed by restful sleep.  As a result, the aggressive Morning Star and the soothing Evening Star exemplified the two faces of Inanna [Venus] - 1) the wrathful Goddess of War and 2) the tranquil Love and Fertility deity."

In natal chart analysis, when Venus is in her Morning/Evening Star positions,  Dreyer writes that Morning Star Venus, " . . . it is more likely to convey her jealous, possessive aspects as well as proud, victorious qualities . . .The Evening Star, on the other hand, signifies the more passive, peaceful and loving Venus noted for her sensuality, beauty and facility for co-operation and harmony."

Venus signifies how we give and receive love and affection so during this Sun/Venus conjunction there are: f
eelings of affection and friendliness. Positive emotions. Expressions of love. The desire to join with others. Physical attraction and love. Attractiveness. Idealistic motivations. Concern for aesthetics, harmony, creativity and the arts.

This is a positive and potentially lucrative time for women and leaders - especially female leaders.  Everyone may feel like enjoying the arts, romance, luxury and finances. 

Mar 26 2017    Mercury    Cnj    Uranus
 23°Ar24' D    23°Ar24' D

Intensity of mind. Experimental attitude. Expression of radical or unusual viewpoints. Technical interest. Inventiveness.

News and information may be scattered and unusual now.  There may be a new technology introduced around this time in communications.  There may be a scientific break-through in new forms of telepathy or how we process information.

Now is an excellent time to introduce a new invention or idea, especially if it is an out-of-the-box endeavor.  Radical and counter-cultural trends may start now.  Terrorists may be emboldened with mass communications or propaganda at this time.

There could be an overflow of electricity, transportation or news now.  There is an independence, originality and genius of thought now which could be translated into success if backed up by hard word. 

The expression, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration" may apply now under this inspirational influence.

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