Star Struck Chronicles

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"

This month's full falls at 0 degrees of Cancer December 22, peaking at 12: 49 PM, EST. Cancer rules the 4th house of home and family, and is the most emotional of signs.

This Moon falls the day after the Winter solstice which occurs December 21, at 5:23PM, EST, and winter is officially here for the next 4 months. At this time the Sun moves into Capricorn for the next 29 days.

The moon rules women: Mother’s, daughters, family members and all the women in your life. It is also the ruler of your emotional life and home.

The Sun-Moon fall on the 4th/10th house axis ruling home, family, foundation, and work or priorities, and this is where we will focus our attention. Many people will be expecting friends and family over the holidays.

The Sun opposes the moon as it does every time the moon is full and this can create stress, tension and emotional problems, especially in Cancer. Your mood, or that of others may be changeable over the next 24 hours.

Venus is trine Neptune however, and there is holiday magic, compassion and happiness out there as well.

This is the last full moon of the year, and the New Moon of January 5, will be a solar eclipse in Capricorn.

Can you believe December is already here? The last month of the year holds many twists and turns. Mercury will finally move forward this week, and many more things are happening. Click here for for details.

When I was in my 20’s I met two older women, I will call Ruth and Sarah.  Ruth was in her late 50’s, and had divorced in her late 20’s with 3 children.  Ruth had worked as a waitress from the time of her divorce, and had little to show financially.  When I got to know her, I asked her why she never remarried? 

She proceeded to tell me the story of her life: after her divorce she met the love of her life, the most wonderful, successful man in the world.  He ran a well known business, and was a State Senator.  Wonderful, brilliant man and the sky was the limit. Only one problem—he was married.  She began dating him, waiting for him to leave his wife and three children.  The future looked bright—she loved him, and he always called.  She saw him at least once a week, and some days he dropped by the restaurant where she worked. She never out and out asked him exactly when he would leave, but she knew he would because he always told her how unhappy he was at home. 

Soon, she was 30, then 35.  Still waiting, but she knew the day would come.  Still working in the same two restaurants, always hoping to see him at lunch.  When he came in with his friends and political associates they would act as though they didn’t know each other, but that was ok..after all, he had an image to uphold.  Couldn’t let the constituents down.  Someday, she wouldn’t have to pretend.

It was ironic that I was listening to the news that day, in another town, having not yet met Ruth. A well known State Senator and businessman had shot himself at point blank range and left a suicide note.  An investigation was about to occur into his finances, and he would likely face a criminal investigation. He believed his life would be ruined, and his family disgraced, and he took the easy way out without having to face his actions.

I didn’t think much more about it until I met Ruth and put two and two together years later. I asked if it was the same man and yes, it was.  We were sitting in the living room of a local psychic waiting to get a reading.(long before the days of Keen!) She was there for a reading because she was convinced this man had left her money.  After all, she devoted the better part of her life to him.  Worked 2 jobs, and waited. She never went back to school because she knew her future held a man who loved her and was financially secure. 

Over the years I periodically saw Ruth from time to time and she would tell me about her latest theory as to where she believed the money was that he intended her to have.  She spent the last 10 years of her life getting readings, asking psychic after psychic when she would find the money.  When would she be contacted by an attorney? The fact is he never left her anything, he left it all to his family. 

Ruth spent 30 years of her life waiting for a man to whom she was convenient. Sure, he would drop by for sex, why not? Things were comfortable, easy, she adored him, idolized him and worshiped the ground he walked on, and she was attractive.  What did he have to lose?  Probably, he was even fond of her. She cooked for him, listened to his problems and was always there.  But, in the end she hadn’t cost him a thing.  He never had to work for anything, she made it easy. Always Waiting, and getting readings. A few years ago, I heard Ruth had passed away.  She never found the money, because in the end he only prioritized the security of his family.

Sarah had a similar situation to Ruth. She divorced in her early 30’s and was in her 50’s when I met her. She was a smart sophisticated woman, and I wondered why she was alone?  She too, had a story to tell. Met a wonderful man shortly after her divorce and began spending time with him.  One glitch-he was married with kids.  He too, had a high profile job, and had to be very careful about his whereabouts. They began seeing each other and many days he would come to her apartment.  He was unhappy at home, but because of the kids and his job couldn’t leave his wife.  They would take vacations together, and see one another frequently.  Sometimes they would go out on the town and some of his friends knew and accepted her.  He led a double life. Weekends and holidays, Sarah was always alone.

When I met Sarah she told me she had spent the last 20 Christmases by herself.  Christmas Eve he would manage to get out and make a 3 minute call to her apartment.   He promised that when the kids were all in college he would leave his wife for her.

One by one the three kids went off to college, and when the last daughter was finally enrolled in school, Sarah asked if he was ready to leave now.  Yes, the kids are safely away in school and he wanted to move on with his life.  There was only one problem—his wife’s name was on all of the assets and she was threatening to take more than her fair share.  He could be free—but at a price.  But, he had an appointment with a lawyer to find out exactly what he would end up with if he divorced her.  She waited by the phone to hear his news but he never called back that day, or the next.

 Before he could attend the meeting that day, he dropped dead of a heart attack, and she found out by reading the newspaper a week later. His wife and family were grief stricken, but well provided for. Sarah was equally grief stricken, nearly 60 and all alone. She had to move out of her apartment that year as she could no longer pay the rent.

I never saw Ruth again again after she moved. Like Sarah, she had put her career and social life on hold, never moving forward and never investing in her own future. His friends that had casually accepted her suddenly no longer knew her name. 

 Today this man’s children are all accomplished and his youngest daughter plays a role in politics. She enjoys a happy and successful life as do his other children.  But, none of them have ever heard of a woman named Sarah who was a part of their Father's life for  decades.

Life is Short. Time goes by faster than you believe.  Who are you spending your time with?(2011)


Many women call me to find out what their latest interest seems like personality wise and whether or not he is compatible. Many times I have heard the question: does he seem to have a temper or is he a cheat?

There are exceptions to every rule, and people are complex but the first things I look at are the Moon and Venus.

The Moon in a man's chart rules his Mother and all the women in his life, as well as his future wife. If the Moon is aspected badly, he will have problems with women in his life, or in some cases he may have issues with women.

Venus rules women as well, and the type of woman he is attracted to as well as how he expresses love.

At times, aspects in a woman's chart can help these complex patterns and other times they can't. Sometimes men seek counseling to overcome their issues, and at other times they can overcome certain negative patterns. All things are possible, but starting out a new relationship with a man with negative aspects to his Moon-Venus is something I would want to be aware of as it can indicate issues with women and relationships.

 That said, I have always believed there is someone for everyone, and some men learn to temper what would otherwise be (women) issues with time, conditioning and knowledge. The same comment would apply to women. Then again, there are certain individuals who don't or won't, and some men really don't like women as people. Knowledge is always power and all people can change. I have actually seen some people with what would be considered a 'bad' transit turn it into a positive by changing their thinking and actions. This isn't meant as a condemnation of anyone. All things need to be taken into consideration in a chart.

Some transits in a man's chart that indicate issues with women and relationships are:

Moon-Pluto-jealousy, possessiveness, control, obsessive

Moon-Mars-emotionally volatile, harsh toward women

Moon-Saturn-can seem cold, responsibility comes first, not for every woman

Moon-Uranus-likes independence, changeable emotionally

Moon-Neptune-confused, liar, commitment phobias, could cheat, sacrifices, addictions, can be cheated on

Venus-Pluto-control issues, jealousy, manipulation, sexual manipulation

Venus-Uranus-sudden excitement, then changeability, sudden endings

Venus-Neptune-lack of clarity, loss in love, changeability once he gets what he wants, commitment phobia, cheating, addictions, romanticist

Venus-Mars-passionate, can indicate divorce

Venus-Saturn-controlled emotions, insecure, hard to find love, not for every woman

Pluto-Mars-potentially violent, controlling, anger issues

Saturn is known as the taskmaster, or the Lord of Karma and the Great teacher to name a few. Without Saturn we have no stability in life. It shows us both our structures and our boundaries.

Saturn changes signs about every two and a half years, and takes about 30 years to circle through the entire zodiac.

December 19, 2017 Saturn entered Capricorn where it will remain until March 23, 2020

Saturn in Capricorn  is at home in this sign making it very powerful.

When Saturn entered Capricorn we will all began a new cycle and chapter altogether, both individually and collectively.

Capricorn is a no frills sign and deals with power, business and structure. Saturn here is concerned with security and structure, tradition, organization, big business and defense. If left unchecked, big business can become the new Gods of the Universe as Saturn moves through this sign.

Saturn in Capricorn can denote great wealth but also great limitations. Saturn was in Capricorn during the worst part of the Great Depression in the early 1930's. The rich got richer, and the poor got poorer.

The last transit of Saturn in Capricorn was from February 15, 1988 until February 5, 1991. Before that it was January of 1959-January of 1962, and December 1929-November 1932.

While in Capricorn, Saturn will build things that are meant to inspire respect (or intimidation) as much as anything else. The Berlin wall for example, began construction under a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (August 31, 1961). It was meant to be a political symbol to keep some people in their place. We will experience another Jupiter /Saturn conjunction, considered to be an important new cycle, especially in mundane astrology in 2020.

In 2020 Pluto will conjunct Saturn at 22 degrees of Capricorn and this will bring an entire new cycle. In reality, this will be a dangerous time in the world, where many things can and will happen. Events leading up to this period will begin long before the aspect becomes exact.

Saturn-Pluto will relate to the established power structures and ruling elite versus the common people, potential nuclear events and restriction on many levels. We could see a worldwide recession. This is a restrictive transit and we will see these restrictions play out on many levels in the world and in our personal lives. This transit will affect all of those individuals with cardinal planets 20-24 degrees.

Saturn conjunct Pluto will be a stressful period and can indicate limitation, financial loss, potential war and change and transformation. Many things will change at this time or be transformed, or end all together. It will not be easy.

The last time Saturn was conjunct Pluto was in Libra June-July 1983. During this time we saw unemployment rise in the US to the highest level since 1941. Europe was dealing with the IRA, Ethiopia appealed to the world for aid when death tolls from hunger reached 4 million, the US invaded Grenada, the Philippine leader was assassinated, the US embassy in Beirut was destroyed by a suicide bomber killing 63, and Ronald Regan proposed Strategic defense initiative to name just a few world events at this time.

The positive side of this combination  can relate to industrial infrastructure, science and engineering and a deeper understanding of things like genetics and physics. Some things can be transformed for the better.

The negative side is not going to be a piece of cake: tyranny, the abuse of power and corruption, organized crime and criminal activities, nuclear incidents, power struggles, recessions, issues with the monetary system and banks, and war, and limitation on many levels.

I will write more about this in the future. But, my advice to clients is to pay off all the debt you can now, and save, save, save.

Those most affected in a challenging way by Saturn in Capricorn will be the Cardinal signs-Aries (square), Cancer (opposition), Libra (square) and Capricorn (conjunct), or those who have planets in cardinal signs.

When Saturn enters your sign (Capricorn) it can denote a stressful period. Many things end and a new situation is often born on the ruins of the old. Typically, I tell clients with Saturn in your own sign you will be re-creating yourself in some way as Saturn crosses your Sun.

Those who will fare the best will be those born under the earth and some water signs-Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces or planets in these signs. In this case you can experience slow and stable growth. (2017)

This month's full falls at 0 degrees of Cancer December 22, peaking at 12: 49 PM, EST. Cancer rules the 4th house of home and family, and is the most emotional of signs.

This Moon falls the day after the Winter solstice which occurs December 21, at 5:23PM, EST, and winter is officially here for the next 4 months. At this time the Sun moves into Capricorn for the next 29 days.

The moon rules women: Mother’s, daughters, family members and all the women in your life. It is also the ruler of your emotional life and home.

The Sun-Moon fall on the 4th/10th house axis ruling home, family, foundation, and work or priorities, and this is where we will focus our attention. Many people will be expecting friends and family over the holidays.

The Sun opposes the moon as it does every time the moon is full and this can create stress, tension and emotional problems, especially in Cancer. Your mood, or that of others may be changeable over the next 24 hours.

Venus is trine Neptune however, and there is holiday magic out there as well.

This is the last full moon of the year, and the New Moon of January 5, will be a solar eclipse in Capricorn.

It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it - Maurice Switzer

Can you see someone who would be considered a true gossip in astrology? Absolutely.

Mercury rules our communication, so this is the first thing to look at.  Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so Jupiter is typically part of the equation, especially in a square or opposition with Jupiter. And if Mercury is retrograde this could add to the tendency as well as retrograde planets can misbehave.

Add Neptune to the mix and the stories could get more distorted and bizarre each time they are told. Add Pluto and they could get more intense with a touch of revenge added.

The signs the planets are in make a difference as well.  For example planets in Cancer could make the gossip more emotional. Sagittarius could make the stories bigger and wilder.

Of course we are all born with a brain and get to choose when we open our mouths. This is where free will enters the picture. And some people were raised to believe gossip is wrong. Conditioning factors can enter the equation as well. So these people don't have to gossip even if they have this tendency. But, the conditioning not to gossip would show in the chart as well.

 All human idiosyncrasies show up in the natal chart.

Planetary cycles affect your life before you were even born into the world. While many modern astrologers do not use pre-natal charts, (charts that begin at conception) they are as relevant now as they were in the past and much can be gained in terms of family connections, appearance, and traits and characteristics that will come to life once a baby is born.

Astrologers often specifically look at the Pre-natal eclipse, or the last solar eclipse that took place before your birth, and it has a strong influence throughout your life. Some believe this eclipse propels your soul into its existence, but whether you believe this or not the pre-natal eclipse has a significant effect throughout your life, as a solar eclipse typically repeats itself every 19 years. As solar eclipses occur in series called Metronic returns (which means they re-occur every 19 years), sometimes they end or change cycles. In this case, there would be a New Moon at or around the same degree as the eclipse that would have the same significance. The pre-natal eclipse always leaves an imprint on how we approach decisions, interact with others and approach our life. What it specifically affects depends on where it falls in your personal chart.

The first return of the pre-natal eclipse is 19 years later. At this time there is typically a dramatic change in lifestyle as one typically begins adulthood. You could marry, leave home, start college or begin a job. 19 is a powerful turning point for most people.

Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette turned the tide of the US Revolutionary War at 19. Upon joining the Continental Army, Lafayette befriended General George Washington. However, the young aristocrat's most important contribution didn't occur on the field of battle. He helped convince the French monarch King Louis XVI to intercede on behalf of the American rebels.

Drew Barrymore, Olivia Wilde, Princess Diana, Melanie Griffith, Ava Gardner, and Leeann Rimes, Eleanor Roosevelt and Barbra Bush are all famous people who married or were engaged at age 19.

The next return of the pre-natal eclipse is at age 38. Liu Chuanzhi founded Lenovo at 39, Gordon Moore founded Intel at 39, Amancio Ortega founded Zara at 39. Anna Nichole Smith died at 39, as did Martin Luther King, Jr, Stonewall Jackson, and Amelia Earhart disappeared at that age. Their work on Earth was done.

At age 57, At 58, Sony chairman Akio Morita introduced the Sony Walkman, an idea no one seemed to like at the time. Charles Dickens died at 58 as did Andy Warhol, and President William McKinley as assassinated at that age.

At 76, we experience the 4th return of the pre-natal eclipse, and again at age 96. Betty White was still famous and working at age 95, as was Bob Hope and George Burns.

What significant events stand out at these ages in your life or others you know at these 19 year intervals? Can you identify these events? To find out where your pre-natal solar eclipse occurred click here.

Mars conjuncts Neptune and this transit is exact December 6-7. The New Moon on December 7, will square these planets and this will be a powerful combination.

Mars is in Pisces, Neptune's sign, and Neptune is currently in Pisces. Mars-Neptune energy typically doesn't go very well together, as Neptune rules the ethereal, and Mars the ego.

Depending on how you are wired this transit will affect differently people, differently. The combination can be romantic for some, and delusional, upsetting, insecure or paranoid for others. Others may show or receive great compassion and it could manifest as spiritual awareness or creativity at best.

Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion, and Mar's conjunction (planets are together at 13 degrees of Pisces) can set off dreams, delusions, creativity and compassion. If you are dealing with an issue it may not be as bad as you think. You will know more after this energy passes. Dreams may seem vivid and psychic abilities enhanced.

Don't take all information at face value you encounter at this time, it may not be correct.

Now, add to this transit Mar's square to the Sun and Neptune, which will build in energies December 4th/5th. Sun-Mars is energetic and aggressive, and Mars-Neptune is confusing, tiring and portends to a lack of clarity.

Mercury turns direct December 6, and things may get worse before they get better. As Mercury reverses course, new information is revealed, and sometimes things change their course once again.

This is a convoluted several days, and it may take a few days to see all things for what they really are.

The New Moon falls on December 7, at 15 degrees of Sagittarius and this moon squares Neptune and Mars amping up the convoluted energy already in the sky. Moon-Mars transits are associated with burnout, anger, and upset. Moon/ Neptune transits are associated with insecure feelings, lack of clarity and confusion, and issues with women.

Of course this energy will play out in the world. We may see water weather related conditions, issues with gas and chemicals, oceans, scandals and deceptions, issues or scandals concerning same sex couples, anger, lack of clarity and transparency in politics and lies. Displaced people may also be in the news.

The Sun (in Sagittarius) clashes with Mars (in Pisces) and this reminds me of trying to leisurely paddle upstream in a very fast moving water.  It's a clash if you see my meaning, and it is exact, or at its peak Sunday, December 2, in the early evening hours (EST).The energy will continue a few days as Mars and the Sun continue to clash until mid-week.

·   Sun-Mars squares create an energy buildup within that can manifest in a strong desire to assert the personal will, act domineering and aggressive, act out in rash and impulsive behavior, make demands and in general put the personal will on the front burner. This energy will be upsetting, rather than angry to some.

You can experience this in a projected form, that is someone else acting like this.

This is also prone to sickness if your are run down (like colds and flu), and especially accidents. Use the utmost caution driving as many people are likely to be agitated over this period of time.

The positive side of this energy is high energy, a take charge attitude and a desire to accomplish a great deal in a short time. Channel your energy here, and exercise is a great option now.

Sunday, the Moon squares Pluto amping up the emotional energy, making things more volatile, altogether and obsessive for some. Push an issue and you can expect substantial push back!

These transits will play out in the world, and we can expect to see anger manifest, especially in the political world and we will be lucky if we don't see violence or accidents of some type. The 7.0 earthquake in Anchorage November 30, is indicative of this energy.

Above-oldest known image of Lilith (Wikipedia)

Black moon Lilith also referred to as the 'Dark Moon' was first observed around 1720, or earlier. Astronomers have reported the existence of a rarely seen second satellite of earth, three times further away than the moon. It reflects almost no light and is believed to take about 118 days to orbit the Sun.

 Lilith represents that which is mysterious and hard to understand in human nature. The Dark moon describes our relationship to sacrifice and indicates where we may feel frustration, powerlessness and a general inhibition as well as where we question ourselves and perhaps our abilities and basic nature. Dark Moon Lilith is found in every natal chart.

There are actually 4 Liliths in astrology. They are the Asteroid Lilith 1181, Black Moon Lilith- a mathematical point in space that represents the focus of the Moon's elliptical orbit around the Earth, Stellar Lilith, or the fixed star Algol, located at 26:21 Taurus, and has a reputation as the most evil fixed star in existence, and Dark Moon Lilith, which is the Lilith I refer to in this article.

 Lilith was written about in the Talmud, and some believe she is written about in the Christian Bible. The Talmud states she is the Queen of Evil and the mother of demons proceeding Eve as Adams first wife-whereas Eve was moral and upstanding-different from Lilith. Famed astrologer Sepharial named dark moon Lilith recognizing her nature as being of the same nature as Sampson's Delilah who became his temptress. In Jewish writings, Lilith becomes Adam's first wife, who was created at the same time as he, and from the same earth as Adam.

This contrasts with Eve, who was created from one of Adam's ribs. Lilith left Adam after she refused to become subservient to him and then would not return to the Garden of Eden after she mated with archangel Samuel. Lilith was pursued by three angels and could not be persuaded to regenerate herself.

The story goes that her jealousy of Eve caused her to return in revenge, ensnaring their children and she is blamed for Cain's revenge against his brother Abel-resulting in Abel's death. Lilith is found in some form in every known religion. As Lilith refused subservience with Adam, perhaps she is considered evil for failing to recognize a male patriarchy. If so, her sin lies in the revenge she heaped upon Adam, as she was created by God as an equal to Adam. In which case Adam would share the blame for failing to recognize his own fault in the matter.

While some astrologers today may downplay the influence of Dark moon Lilith, the older texts regard her influence as malevolent. Astrologer Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson wrote, "Lilith rules temptation, seduction and betrayal that dishonor if sufficiently afflictive. There is susceptibility to strange influences, delusions and fatal fascinations, infatuations and compulsions."

We must also take into consideration what if anything Lilith is aspecting in the chart, not just its house placement. For example, if Lilith is opposing Pluto from the 7th house of marriage, marriage could be denied or a bad marriage could result. Other aspects in a chart must also come into consideration and the entire chart must be read as a whole to determine the influence of Lilith. According to Goldstein-Jacobson the angular houses, the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th deny the greatest good if Lilith is there making hard aspects to malefic planets.

 In a man's chart Lilith can represent the type of woman who is most suited to him but complete honesty is called for because the same woman, in some cases (Lilith) might terrify him! Lilith in a woman's chart can represent the qualities she hides from the or feels ashamed of and are lacking in development and true expression.

 Astrologer Marguerite Hafeman wrote, "where a Lilith point is located on a horoscope chart and the close aspects she makes to other planets by progression or transit can indicate quite precisely where one is to encounter the most frustration and difficulty in life, stemming from poor choices, succumbing to temptation or confused thinking. Also the reaping of karmic consequence for avoiding authentic expression of self and persisting in egocentric, inappropriately idealistic or exploitative behaviors that will bring about a downfall. Sexual perversion and misogyny are other undesirable manifestations of a poorly aspected Lilith. "

Do not ever assume you are doomed in any area just by Lilith's placement. Every human being has areas of life that are weak points and we continually strive to overcome, realize and improve. A competent astrologer should be consulted if you are interested in this fascinating aspect of your chart that to this day is still considered mysterious by many. As a rule most astrologers don't read Lilith in day to day readings, although there are a few who do. By knowing Lilith's placement in our chart we can further identify our weak points and know what areas of our life need more work and consideration to avoid poor choices, resulting in a truer expression of the self. (1-21-2014)

The fifth house of your chart rules love along with friends and children. It also rules creativity, spontaneity and fun! Sometimes it's called the house of pleasure. But, astrologers typically look at the fifth house for love and meeting new people.

For the purposes of this blog, I will focus on love, and relationships. Notice I did not say marriage or committed relationships. Marriage is a 7th house matter. In most cases, and today's culture, love comes before marriage, and most people want to be in love. Now, if we are talking an arranged marriage, it would look different, but most people calling want to know about love.

You meet someone you like. Then you date, and hopefully have some fun together and learn about each other. This is where it all begins and that's fifth house. Putting the cart before the horse is a mistake and typically does not work. So, the fifth house is most important. If you want a successful committed relationship in the future you must take the time to find out if the person you are interested in can be a friend, and what you may have in common. In today's stressful world we could all use a little getting more in touch with our fifth house. So, what does your 5th house say about you or someone else you are interested in?

Let's take a look at the signs that can rule the fifth house, since that's where love and attraction begins. ( If you know your chart, you know what's in your fifth house. If you know your ascendant, count 5 houses forward. For example a Libra ascendant would typically have a fifth house in Aquarius. This utilizes whole sign astrology which I like. If you only know your Sun sign, count 5 signs forward. I'll make it easy. The 12 signs in order are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces). So the fifth sign from your ascendant or your Sun if you don't know your ascendant is your fifth house.

Aries fifth house-You like to take charge and may lack patience. You may prefer physical activities for fun. Fun and romance are very important to you, and you like a strong, independent and action oriented partner.

Taurus fifth house-You like a lot of affection and nice environments. You could enjoy lounging or just being lazy at times. You like the sensual pleasures of life and beautiful places. You or your partners could move slowly but when committed you typically stay.

Gemini fifth house-You may like to date around before settling down and can change your mind frequently. You like creative and smart types, and can't stand to be bored. Light and carefree goes a long way with you.

Cancer fifth house-You like doing things that are comfortable and comforting or things that can deal with the past such as antiques. You may like having people over for dinner and entertainment at home. An emotional connection is key in a love affair. You like comfort and security.

Leo fifth house-You like to shine at social events and aren't attracted to wallflowers. You like dramatic situations and need a partner to be focused on you alone. With the right partner, loyalty is key.

Virgo fifth house-You may like to plan your fun ahead of time and are looking for your perfect mate, and can be discriminating and discerning. Mental activities can appeal as can physical activities. You will not accept less than perfect-that is your standard of perfect. Your partner must be somewhat organized, disciplined and have their feet on the ground.

Libra fifth house-You could have a hard time choosing someone, or may change your mind. You need beauty, niceness and love good manners. Relationships are all important to you, and you may feel unconnected without one. You like to socialize and prefer attractive partners. Chivalry is never dead with a Libra fifth house.

Scorpio fifth house-You like to get directly to the heart of matters. Love is never shallow for you. You love them, or if the tide turns love can turn to hate. You like mysteries and unusual things. Sex is important and you go where angels fear to tread. You could become overly emotional or possessive. Once burned, twice shy.

Sagittarius fifth house-You love fun and anything can become an adventure with you. Travel is key on your list and people like to spend time with you. You are not interested in clingy and needy partners. You are drawn toward independence, and nothing to heavy or overly emotional. Lighthearted is the key.

Capricorn fifth house-You are practical when it comes to love and take plenty of time. You are looking for a secure relationship that will work as opposed to dewy eyed love. The person you seek must have a serious side and similar qualities.

Aquarius fifth house-You may enjoy doing things that are different and unusual. You like to keep things light and casual for a while, and your partners must show some originality, independence and possibly charisma. Neediness or clinging vines will turn you off, as do obsessive, jealous types. Your partners should be solid and unique.

Pisces fifth house-You are naturally creative in some manner and can tend to attract those who are creative, confused or who need to be saved or will save you. Pisces/Neptune is about sacrifice, but you must learn not to sacrifice your values for companionship. You could also attract spiritual partners.

November is a pivotal month as Jupiter enters Sagittarius, Uranus retrogrades back into Aries one final time, not to return for 80 plus years, Venus turns direct, and Mercury retrogrades.

Uranus re-enters Aries for the next four months on November 6, mid-term election day in the US. Every time Uranus changes signs we can expect some sort of shake up, often unexpected. The 29th degree of Uranus or any other planet is called the anaretic degree, and it is considered a critical degree and is often crisis-oriented.

Since May 16, Uranus has been in Taurus and we have seen a number of changes in the world and in our lives. Uranus in Aries is ruled by Mars (action, aggression, assertion) and we have seen many geo-political changes over the last 7 years. Aries rules the first house of self, and self interests and many people around the globe have promoted their own self-interests in the past 7 years.

While Uranus spends its last 4 months in Aries we will likely see many crisis situations emerge around the globe and have the feeling that we only have so much time to accomplish something.

Uranus will square the North Node at 29 degrees of Cancer, and (retrograde) Venus in Libra creating a t-square or a clash. This symbolizes the past and past actions coming to a head in the present moment, collectively.  As Uranus is in Aries (self interests) this is in conflict with the N. Node in Cancer (homeland) and Venus in Libra (women, money and values), and these are the deep issues we will be dealing with during this last transit of Uranus. With the North Node in Cancer (ruled by the moon) women, in particular will make their voices heard at this time, along with their values.

Uranus turns direct January 6, and this will be another pivotal point in its last transit through Aries and look for significant events at this time, especially as it coincides with a powerful solar eclipse in Capricorn. Uranus will remain in Aries until March 6, 2019, when it will re-enter Taurus for the next seven years. During these years our lives and the world will change dramatically, and we will  be focused more on the outside world, money and finance and the Earth itself, as we will see more Earth changes and potential disasters.

As we begin the month Venus retrogrades back into the sign Libra, where it is considered at home and very powerful. Over the past eight weeks Venus has been in Scorpio, where it is considered to be at its detriment, making Venus related issues more difficult. Venus rules love, finance and values.

In Scorpio, Venus was secretive and at times even vengeful as Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto.

Venus related issues will become lighter, and Libra relates to fairness and likes harmony.

But, the planet of love, beauty and values is still retrograde until November 16.

This is not the time to marry, get engaged, buy expensive items or have plastic surgery. If you begin a new relationship on a Venus retrograde its future is questionable and they say the love energy is never fully expressed.

As Uranus retrogrades back into Aries November 6, it forms an opposition with Venus. Venus opposed Uranus October 23-31 and we saw a large drop in the stock markets. This could happen again, along with other unexpected events. Some relationships could end.

Venus turns direct November 16, at 25 degrees of Libra in the early morning hours. If this aspects something in a positive way in your personal chart, you could see good results. You could meet someone new, or something else of a positive nature could happen. Venus stationing direct in a harmonious transit to any planet would being positive results.

Venus will remain in its shadow period until December 17. On December third it will make another pass through Scorpio that will last until the first week of January, 2019.

Jupiter leaves the sign of Scorpio for the next 12 years and enters Sagittarius on November 8 at 7:38 AM, EST. It will remain here until December 2, 2019.

Jupiter in Scorpio has had an enormous effect in our lives collectively and individually. Jupiter here has been a benefit to all water signs and has played a major role in the collective world.

Wherever Jupiter goes we see luck and gain.

Jupiter in Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, giving it an eighth house connotation. The eighth house rules sex, drugs, other people's money and change and transformation.

While in Jupiter the focus has been on the ongoing opioid  crisis in America and we have seen a resurgence of the #MeToo movement, and issues relating to sexual violence and inappropriateness.

Also, as the US is a Cancer nation, Jupiter in Scorpio has helped the economy. This won't be the case with Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is a Fire sign and all fire and some air signs will be helped with its placement here. Sagittarius rules the 9th house of world view, education, travel and foreign relations. Sagittarius is the luckiest of signs.

Jupiter effects in this sign will be to expand our consciousness, knowledge and understanding. Growth, generosity and abundance, and fairness are the trademarks of Jupiter in Sagittarius.

It will urge us to expand our higher minds, cultural and spiritual awareness and broaden our minds. At the same time we must not slip into an arrogant know-it-all attitude as this can be the downside of expansive Sagittarius

During its transit through Sagittarius, Jupiter will square Neptune three times. This will occur January 13-16, June 15-22, and September 15-21. While these are the periods Jupiter and Neptune will exact within 1 degree, they periods actually last much longer as Jupiter has an orb of 10 degrees.

When this occurs occur we can expect to see scandals, lies, untruths and will have to discern what is real and what is an illusion, both in our personal lives and our collective lives. This is also a transit relating to theft, and it can be theft of property, internet hacking, personal theft, or theft of the heart.

I liken this to the Saturn/Neptune square that occurred in 2016. We have since learned Russia made a concerted effort through social media to influence the US election. We also saw 8 major cyber attacks.

While the negative side of this will be manifested, the positive side will be creativity, psychic awareness and sudden understandings of the universe.

However, Neptune is a double edged sword and what may seem real, may only be an illusion and it may be hard to discern. Dreams will be vivid among many people.

Religion will come into play, real, or made up. We could see scandals related to religion, the Vatican and other entities.

The key will be to stay grounded at these times, and perhaps take the attitude, 'if it seems too good to be real, it probably isn't real.'

Sagittarius is known to be overzealous. It can expand the more negative qualities of the sign as well as the positive just as Saturn in Sagittarius did when it squared Neptune in 2016. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter is connected to the law, politics, religion, creating wealth, and foreign interests.  Many people will have opinions on the world and politics, just as they did in2015/ 2016 when Saturn was in Sagittarius.

Jupiter in this sign should work especially well for Sagittarians, who will reap significant benefit of Jupiter's placement here. Jupiter transits our personal signs once every 12 years.

As Venus turns direct November 16, Mercury turns retrograde the same day. It will remain retrograde until December 6.

Mercury will be stationary retrograde at 13 degrees of Sagittarius November 17-19. This is the point Mercurial energy changes, and delays, glitches and other unexpected situations occur.

Mercury has retrograded this year in fire signs, and this is the final retrograde of the year.

Now is not the time to marry, get engaged, start new projects, jobs, or buy high ticket items. Do so, and you will find that when Mercury turns direct some type of change occurs or you are not satisfied with what you started.

If you have to start a job on a retrograde Mercury, do so, but understand something will change or most likely it will not be your last job.

The bigger picture with this retrograde is Mercury's square to Neptune from  November 15-19, at 13 degrees of Sagittarius/Pisces.

Mercury-Neptune transits relate to lies, lack of clarity, untruths and an inability to see the big picture clearly. Be careful what you put in writing and check your email before you hit send. It may be hard for some to think clearly, and some previously unknown situations may be revealed at this time.

Other significant transits in November include:

November 7, the New Moon falls at 15 degrees of Scorpio. Scorpio rules the eighth house of taxes, debt, change, and other people's money. It creates a beautiful trine to Neptune and for some this may be a very idealistic time.

November 15, Mars enters Pisces. Pisces is a water sign that will work well with other water signs. It rules the 12th house of the zodiac, the subconscious mind and many things will be wrapping up between now and the end of the year. Mars here rules our action, and is not so aggressive in this sign. Planets in Pisces tend to flow rather than anything else. People will seem less aggressive and we may see new creative ventures, and things relating to psychic awareness. Action can seem more confused than direct.

November 19, Mars squares Jupiter and many things may be blown out of proportion. We could hear news of politics, law, or foreign connections. This is not inherently unlucky, and some people may gain luck on this day.  But, be cautious in what you promise others or what is promised to you.

November 22, the Sun enters Sagittarius and this is the mutable sign of fall when the weather begins to change toward winter. This creates a stellium of three planets in Sagittarius and we are officially in the Sagittarius season.

November 23, the full moon falls at 0 degrees of Gemini.  Gemini rules the third house of communication, ideas and immediate family members. It is associated with Mercury the planet of communication, travel and young people.

This moon forms a t-square or a clash with Jupiter and Mars. Moon square Mars is angry, volatile and prone to disharmony or even violence. things can get blown out of proportion quickly. I would not be surprised if we don't see violence in the collective. This is a full moon to be respected and tread carefully.

November 24, Neptune turns stationary direct. Neptune is the planet of mystics, religion, creativity and art, spirituality, and inspiration.  It is also the planet associated with illusion, confusion and delusion, addictions, lies and deception, self-deception, and the seamy side of life just to name a few things this powerful planet rules.

As this powerful planet goes direct confusion may increase for the time, and events will start to be revealed if it is aspecting other planets in your chart. Neptunian events have a tendency to appear as surprising, but in actuality the basis of Neptune related events was generally there all along, just hidden in a fog of confusion, lies or lack of clarity.  Such events tend to creep up on you and seem surprising at first, but the basis of the event was generally there, just obscured from recognition.

Surprises/events may occur for some individuals with Neptune in hard aspect in their natal charts.  If Neptune is good aspect to your personal planets it can come as a pleasant experience.  

 As with all retrograding planets, as Neptune turns around it will lead to confusion and misdirection as we get used to its new direction.

November 30, Venus opposes Uranus again for the third time in several months. Love may take a sudden or unexpected turn, unexpected events may occur and as with past Venus/Uranus oppositions we could see a change or drop in financial markets.

Venus opposes Uranus this week, and becomes exact December 1.

Relationships, money and other situations may take sudden and unpredictable turns. Some relationships may end unexpectedly but it would only be those tottering on the brink. This would not break up a normally stable relationship.

On the positive end, you may want to do something different and out of the norm today. Situations can be fluid and unpredictable. If you meet someone new, you should not assume anything, and let the test of time tell the full story, no matter how positive it may seem, as Uranus has the tendency to be changeable and unpredictable.

Venus opposed Uranus in Scorpio-Taurus October 30/31. At that time Venus was retrograde. Venus is direct and in Libra, which rules the 7th house of marriage and partnerships, and will oppose Uranus in Aries.

We will see many unexpected situations and events play out on the world stage. This transit is often associated with shakeups in the financial markets and the US stock  market fell more than 500 points November 20, erasing 2018 gains. This transit does not have to be exact to have an impact.

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