Star Struck Chronicles

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"

 Long ago, in a land far away and time long gone,  there were no internet psychics or readers, no Keen, No Facebook,, AOL or computers, cell phones, or texting, iPods, i phones, or any phone other than the one attached to the wall, and Apple was just a small unknown company- there was a little Italian card reader in Middle America named Mrs. Baines. She seemed ancient, her husband was dead, and her living room always full. If you wanted a reading, she was one of the people in town you could contact.  You could try to call her, and I say try as it was rare she answered the phone. Or you could go to her house, park in the driveway and knock on the door.  She might answer, or she might not. You could leave a message on the door, but it was unlikely she would call.  You could always come back and try again, and with luck you might get in for a reading or she would tell you when to come back. People would drive for miles to see her, sometimes multiple times, and it was not a short distance from my house. Often her driveway had cars lined up. She accepted cash, and it was negotiable if you were in hard times.

I got in to see her because my Astrology mentor/teacher knew her, and we hit it off. She read cards at her dining room table which was full of pictures, fountains, crosses, religious items, and objects connected with her long past life.  She would  sit at the table, shuffle the cards, take a long hard look at the inquirer (me) and begin the reading.  In those days my questions were generally about different boyfriends or potential boyfriends, none of whom worked out in the long run. It reminds me of many of the callers I get today! You have to kiss a lot of frogs to meet a prince.

Mrs. Baines could be quite a trickster. Some days she answered her phone, and would tell me to come on. I would get there, knock at the door and there would be no answer. It was really quite annoying, but I would be reminded that her favorite saying was, “always go with the hottest wheels.” On these days, I knew some ‘hotter wheels,’ had come by to take her somewhere.  Often it was the local hairdresser who had a red Porsche! Her clients were always vying to take her to lunch.

Several years went by, and eventually her predictions always transpired. After several years had passed and many visits later, one day she was lying out the cards and said, “One day you will help people.”  I had no idea what she was talking about, and quizzed her.  She just repeated the same thing again, and seemed quite introspective. I asked again, and she repeated, ‘one day you will help people—like me.’ She seemed puzzled, but that’s all she would say.

I had already studied astrology for years at that point, but I never envisioned myself a reader. I thought about it and decided she was off her rocker that day.  I had already worked in media for years and couldn’t see her prediction ever happening. Fast forward about 25 years, many astrology lessons and books later, and welcome to the world of instant communication, with the entire globe at your fingertips on the internet. The world is far different today, than those long ago days sitting at Mrs. Baines dining room table. The internet had not yet been invented. Yes, here I am. Her strangest prediction finally came true, and I have often wondered how she must have been envisioning the internet that day.

One day Mrs. Baines predicted her own death. She handed me an old beaded necklace and said that when she was gone, I could hold the beads and she would come. Within several months she was gone.

It was quite a funeral and people from all walks of life attended. There was even a sprinkling of politicians and police-she read for all kinds of people.

The beads remain in my nightstand today. I think she dropped by last night.

Every reader has a story. Many stories actually, that started somewhere long ago, and far away, and in many different lands. Your readers bring to you a wealth of  life experiences from all aspects and places.  There are millions of stories.  This is one of them.

December is a pivotal month as Saturn changes signs and enters Capricorn on December 19, several minutes before midnight on the East Coast. Saturn changes signs every two and a half years and when the planet known as the 'taskmaster'' changes signs energy changes in the world, and our lives individually. Things will start to shift in major ways now.

When Saturn moves to another sign, it typically changes houses in your personal chart. Each house in your chart represents a different area of your life, and as Saturn transits that house, this is where you focus typically lies, good or bad. Each chart is different.

Hard transits of Saturn (conjunct, square opposition) brings challenges and crisis, and easy aspects (sextile, trine) bring growth and stability. Typically, it's a combination of both.

Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra) will face more challenges with Saturn in this sign, or there will be challenges if you have planets in Cardinal signs. Saturn was last in the Cardinal sign of Libra July of 2010-October 2012.

Saturn was last in Capricorn February of 1988-January 1991. If you are old enough to remember this time, you can have an idea of how Saturn in this sign will affect you, as it will make the same aspects this time as it made 30 years earlier.

Saturn in Capricorn will be far different from Sagittarius. Sagittarius is about world view, politics and ideas and expansion, whereas Saturn in Capricorn is about business, priorities, and building stability and foundations, and this is where I recommend you place your energy. Shore up your foundations, and find something you can build on.

Saturn here is very powerful in its own sign. Capricorn is all business, and no frills. Saturn (Capricorn) can denote great wealth and great privation as well.

Saturn will make many harsh aspects in the US chart as it transits through Capricorn and I will detail them in a later blog. To read more about Saturn in this sign, click here.

Mercury turns retrograde December 3, at 29 degrees of Sagittarius. The stationary retrograde period from December 3-5  is often the most frustrating and confusing. Things slow down, plans change and communication becomes more difficult. I expect a lot of Christmas gifts purchased during this period to be returned! Click here to read more about retrograde Mercury.

Do not make major purchases, get married or start new projects on a retrograde Mercury. It is advisable not to start a new job if you can avoid it, but I always tell clients don't lose an opportunity by delaying it if you need a job. When you begin a job on a retrograde Mercury it will likely not turn out as planned or you may not be there forever. Sometimes though it can last for a while. There is no hard cold fact sheet of what it will do. Retrograde Mercury is always a wild card.

December 1, Mars opposes Uranus in the early morning hours. This is a volatile transit indicative of explosive and unexpected situations. The energy peaks in the early morning hours and will begin to wane from here on.

December 2, Jupiter trines Neptune, exact, and this is the first of three passes. This is a positive transit, good for creativity, spiritual development and compassion. This is positive in every way. Dreams may seem vivid and compassion toward others is another theme of this transit.

Venus also enters Sagittarius. Venus in Sagittarius is lighter, more expansive and less intense than Scorpio. People may feel less committal while Venus is in this sign, and desire more fun!

On December 3, we also experience a full moon in Gemini. Gemini is the sign ruling communication and travel of all types. This is a powerful Supermoon and it becomes part of a mystical if not confusing t-square with Neptune and the Sun in Sagittarius. This is not the best day to make important decisions. We may experience lack of clarity in some way. Neptune transits can make things seem very real, but events that occur today should withstand the test of time, to fully understand how they will play out. As Mercury is retrograde, events connected to this moon may be delayed.

As this is a Supermoon, emotions will run high-good or bad. This moon will appear close to the earth, and should be quite beautiful.

December 6, Mercury conjuncts Saturn and it is retrograde. This occurred November 28. This is a serious transit good for solitary activity, or projects that require analysis. Otherwise, it may seem tiring, negative and depressing to some. There could be issues with communicating and communication. Mercury's sextile to Mars may give it  a little help, but it could also lead to harsh words if you aren't careful. It will occur again January 12, 2018 in Capricorn. Mars sextiles Saturn as well, and this will help with taking care of projects and give us the wherewithal to accomplish.

December 9, Mars enters Scorpio. Energy changes when Mars changes signs and in this sign Mars is concerned with 8th house matters; Sex, money, debt, taxes. other people's money. Scorpio is the most intense of all signs, and action may take on an intense tone that can at times border on obsessive for some.

December 10, Venus squares Neptune. This day is a double edged sword. For some this is a romantic transit complete with candle lights. For others, it will be a confusing transit that can make some feel insecure. All things may not be as they appear, and it's best not to take out of the blue statements or opportunities too seriously.

December 15, Mercury conjuncts Venus. This is a positive aspect, good for love, your social life and money.

December 16, The Sun trines Uranus. Positive for expansion of all types and there can be an electric type of excitement in the air.

December 18, a New Moon falls at 28 degrees of Sagittarius. This is an expansive new moon. It does however fall on Saturn, and Saturn is about responsibilities and obligations. Some things may end, but an ending opens the door to a new beginning of some type.

December 19, Saturn enters Capricorn

December 20, Venus trines Uranus. This is positive, and upbeat. Time for some holiday cheer!

December 21, the Sun enters Capricorn and winter officially begins. As the Sun is conjunct Saturn we may hear major news in the world. This can be a tiring day with many responsibilities.

December 25, Venus enters Capricorn and conjuncts Saturn. This transit is a double edged sword. The positive side is being with those from the past, committed, longstanding relationships, stability and security, family, long term thinking and planning. It can also denote feelings of having everything you need. I would like to personally wish you and yours the very best of holidays!

December 28, Mars trines Neptune. This is positive for creativity, spirituality, compassion and visionary action.

December 31, Happy New Year! May the new year bring all of your heart's desire! Here's looking at you kid!

Mercury is conjunct Saturn December 8. This transit occurred November 27-28, and is exact again December 5. The transit remains close until December 8.

Mercury-Saturn transits are prone to serious thinking, tiredness, and may seem negative to some, especially as it is retrograde.

The positive side of this energy is that we can take a far sighted approach (Sagittarius) to things, and give it form. (Saturn)

Mercury rules our thinking and when conjunct Saturn we may experience great intellectual precision and tenacity. Organizational abilities may be at an all time high as well.

You can immediately see the flaws in other peoples arguments, but may not see the flaws in your own. This transit is a double edged sword in this respect.

Communication with others may seem harder to come by or even difficult. You could have problems with communication devices.

You should always be cautious of your own views, especially if they are negative so if you have a gloomy outlook, best not to take it too seriously.

Watch your critical thinking, and the way you approach others. You could change your mind about something.

Used constructively, you can accomplish a great deal during this time but the energy has to be channeled into something constructive.

Mercury turns retrograde December 3, at 29 degrees of Sagittarius. It won't turn direct again until December 23.

Mercury in Sagittarius will concern world view, legal and medical matters, education and travel.

The next three weeks may be a period where things seem at a standstill, especially our outward action. On an inner level however, we can accomplish a great deal.

Mercury turns retrograde 3 or 4 times a year, and generally has a bad name and elicits groans when mentioned.  To an extent this is perfectly understandable, as retrograde Mercury is the planet that causes delays, glitches, breakdowns in computers and equipment, relationships, slowdowns and brings hidden factors to the surface. Plans can be put on hold, miscommunication can occur, relationships can end or change, and cars, computers and other machinery can break down at the most inopportune moment.

All of this will occur, but this period does not have to be the disaster many believe it to be with some basic knowledge ahead of time.  The four most important things are to 1)understand what retrograde Mercury means 2)know what to expect 3) know what to avoid and lastly 4)understand what you can gain from it. With this basic information available, you should be able to make the most of the time, and benefit from the retrograde as oppose to being caught off guard.

The first step is to know what retrograde Mercury means. In the strictest sense of the word, the planet of communication does not actually go backward, it only appears to. This will occur three or four times every year.  A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac, and this is referred to as apparent retrograde motion.  When planets retrograde, their effects on humans are different than when in direct motion. Thinking is deeper, situations often appear to go underground for a time, or change altogether, and sometimes our focus shifts. Mercury retrograde is the most talked about retrograde, because it is a fast moving planet that controls our thinking, speech, travel, and cognitive skills. When Mercury retrogrades, there are several phases.

The first phase is the pre-retrograde shadow period which began November 15. This period is where Mercurial energy starts to shift and it is time to start wrapping up new projects for the time being and focusing on what is at hand.

The second phase of retrograde Mercury is the stationary retrograde period, when Mercury starts to shift into apparent backward motion. This occurs December 3-6, when Mercury starts its retrograde. This is the period most glitches start to become evident, and if you have a prominent Mercury in your chart, thinking may become foggy.

Mercury continues to retrograde through December 23 when it turns stationary direct December 23-27. This is the second period when glitches, breakdowns and changes in direction may well occur.

Mercury begins to move forward again on December 27, but remains in the shadow direct phase until January 11, 2018.  Mercurial energy does not pick up its normal pace until completion of the second shadow period. So, the retrograde Mercury period is actually a much longer cycle than most people understand. Changes will occur at the juncture of each retrograde phase.

The second step in surviving a retrograde is to know what to expect. What you can expect and prepare for are slowdowns, delays, miscommunications, interference with travel and travel plans and appointments, and the breakdown of machinery, situations and even relationships. If your car has been limping along and you have been putting off a repair, know this is the likely time it will become obvious that you have to fix it. If your computer is slow or having problems be sure and back up everything important. (I learned this one the hard way several times!) If you are in a relationship that is tottering on the brink of ending, this may well be the period that can occur, and often does. Of course, I always tell people, ‘Mercury retrograde is a wild card.” Sometimes, relationships can be fixed and problems brought out into the open if it is worth saving. Expect delays, changes of plans and try and not have situations set in stone.  In other words, prepare to be flexible.  Mercury retrograde is often a frustrating time to be looking for a job.  Don’t give up though, just keep plugging on and stay on top of all communication. And make sure you are direct and to the point in your communication with others.  If you don’t understand what someone is telling you, by all means ask for clarification.

The third and perhaps most important step in surviving retrograde Mercury is to know what to avoid. Don’t get married, start a new business, start new projects or begin anything you hope will become permanent during the most important three week phase of the retrograde. Don’t purchase high ticket items, important gifts, paint, or anything you expect to be there for a long time if you can avoid it. Retrograde Mercury is not the time to start new projects, but rather finish up the old, and redo, re-organize or re-work. Go against this advice and you may wish you hadn’t. I chose the paint color in my office on retrograde Mercury just to test it, and as I write this post, I wish I had time to get out a paintbrush today.

The fourth step to surviving retrograde Mercury is to understand what you can gain from it. Know that retrograde Mercury is part of the natural cycle of life and it is not anything out of the ordinary. Everything serves a purpose and the point of a retrograde Mercury is to slow down a bit, reflect, rethink, re-do, re-plan and reorganize and reconsider. It is a period of correction. Rather than starting new projects it is time to look at what is on the drawing board. Often during a retrograde, thinking changes direction and a more appropriate course of action can be mapped out. Often new information comes to the surface that must be considered.  Sometimes secrets are revealed, and the truth comes out into the open.  The truth may not be what your want to hear, but it can set you free. Retrograde Mercury is a time to plan, work on you, and delve into the spiritual side of life. Sometimes important contacts with people from our past can be initiated, and there is generally a focus on the past or past situations that can come back up to be resolved. Just focus on what is at hand rather than starting new situations.  If you are forced to start a job during a retrograde, it could be altered when Mercury goes direct, or you may not have all the facts. If you begin a new relationship on a retrograde, it may end or change when Mercury goes forward, time will tell. 

All in all, retrograde Mercury is a period where we should reflect on our current state, and plan rather than initiate new ventures. Reconsider your options, re-write, re-organize, and re-think. If you follow these basic principles, I can’t guarantee you won’t experience frustration, but you will survive the retrograde and perhaps come out of it better than you had believed possible.

Jupiter leaves the sign Libra and enters Scorpio October 10, at 9:40 PM, EST. The last time Jupiter entered this sign was October 26, 2005-November 23, 2006.

Jupiter changes signs every year and this time it will  remain in the sign ruled by Mars and Pluto until November 8, 2018. This will be a major planetary shift and change for us all.

Jupiter in Scorpio is concerned with 8th house matters: regeneration, other people's money, sex, secrets and things hidden and deep. We could see more interest in crime and those of a criminal nature. We could also see more interest and concern with issues like the sex-slave trade, and matters connected to other concerns connected to sex on many different levels.

Jupiter represents optimism, expansion and growth. Jupiter-Scorpio will be deep, and not superficial as Scorpio is the most intense of signs. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, good or bad.

If you are a water sign, or have water sign planets, Jupiter in this sign will trine your planets in Cancer and Pisces, and if you are a Scorpio, or have planets here, Jupiter will conjunct them. All of this is positive and expansive. If you are an Earth sign, Jupiter will sextile your planets, which is also expansive. This will be a positive change to look forward to.

Jupiter only enters your own sign once every 12 years. Jupiter in your sign (Scorpio) is typically considered a very positive placement, and you should see expansion in several areas your life, unless other transits are affecting your chart in a negative manner. Even if they are, there should be some planetary help with Jupiter in Scorpio. Never underestimate the powerful positive and expansive energies Jupiter can bring.

During this cycle of Jupiter we will value strength, willpower, and decisiveness. There can be a stronger desire to solve problems from the start. This can be a time for healing and improving and transforming your life in many areas, depending on where Jupiter transits your personal chart.

Jupiter will trine Neptune in Pisces during early December, then again in 2018 and this is a powerful psychic and creative bent. In 2018 it will also sextile Pluto in Capricorn, as opposed to the square we experienced in 2016/17.  All of this is positive, and will be far different from Jupiter's (recent) opposition to Uranus which is far more unpredictable.

Before the year is over, Jupiter will trine the Cancer  Sun of the US. This can only be positive, and perhaps some of the healing can start considering we have experienced numerous weather related disasters and the tragedy in Las Vegas. We can only hope, and this transit can only help.

 There are many things to consider when doing a compatibility reading between two people. Relationships are as multi-layered as are the people involved in them.  One of the greatest factors to consider in a reading is the connection between the planets that relate to our love life and the other individual in question.  A primary planet (or luminary) is the moon. The moon, as well as its placement and sign shows our true emotional nature, what we are secure with on a deep psychological level, and this is the most important planet in synastry. 

An individual may be a Cancer Sun sign, but if he or she has an Aquarius moon, this individual is an emotional Aquarius, and so on. So, while a Cancer male, for example may be a Water Sign, he seeks someone with whom he can relate on an emotional level, and will fit best with someone whose moon is compatible with his. That would be an individual with a moon in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius.

The moon shows what we are comfortable with, and what it takes to fulfill our emotional needs. It is more difficult to be with someone who cannot fulfill or relate to our true emotional needs. An alternate placement that would create compatibility between two individuals would be a Sun-Moon connection. For example the same Cancer male, mentioned above might be compatible with an Aquarius, as the two would have a Sun-Moon connection.  The Sun-Moon connection can be strong as well, as the emotional nature of the moon, would relate to the Sun or the soul vibration of the other individual.

 Ideally, both of these combinations would occur in some form, and these are the relationships we tend to think of as soul mates. Generally relationships that do not have a moon connection do not work as well as those who do. Sometimes couples who are in long term relationships do not have compatible moons, but there are always other factors to consider that would create compatibility with other planets.  Compatibility in intimate relationships is a complex consideration in astrology, and there are many factors to consider in the two natal charts involved.

December's full Moon falls on December 3, peaking at 10:47AM, EST. This is considered a Supermoon, which means it is closer to the earth, and will appear bigger and brighter.

 Supermoon is, a phrase coined years ago by astrologer Richard Nolle. What is a Supermoon? It describes a new or full moon at or near its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit. The Earth, Sun and Moon are all in a line with the Moon in its nearest approach to the earth.

 Nolle explaines further, "SuperMoons are noteworthy for their close association with extreme tidal forces working in what astrologers of old used to call the sublunary world: the atmosphere, crust and oceans of our home planet - including ourselves, of course. From extreme coastal tides to severe storms to powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the entire natural world surges and spasms under the sway of the SuperMoon alignment - within three days either way of the exact syzygy, as a general rule. SuperMoon solar eclipses tend to have a wider sphere of impact, extending roughly a week before and after the actual event."

The energy of a Supermoon typically increases the energies you feel and respond to-for better or worse.

 This moon is in Gemini which rules the third house of communication, immediate family members, and neighbors. Communication, and how we communicate or think will be the theme of this moon. We could experience some type of communication or emotional outburst. Gemini also rules young people, travel, all intellectual activities, and speech/free speech.

 Mercury turns stationary retrograde at 29 degrees of Sagittarius, in the early morning hours, and this can confuse the issues, delay matters and make things generally hard to understand or figure out. The stationary period is typically the most confusing and difficult time of the retrograde.

 This Moon also becomes part of a tight mutable t-square involving Neptune and the Sun. While Gemini is about communication, and the Sun (Sagittarius) is about truth, Neptune (Pisces) obscures, hides or confuses the truth.

 So 'the truth' may be hard to come by, or as Neptune is involved you could be deceived by others or yourself on some matter, depending on where this t-square falls in your chart. This does not however, mean that you should assume the worst. In a few days this energy will move on and things will have more clarity. Some people may feel tired or melancholy.

 A t-square is a difficult configuration that involves the energies of all three planets. Multiple situations are often occurring in your life at the same time.

 A positive use of this energy is creativity or helping others. Dreams may be unusually vivid, and your imagination may soar. Make the most of this.

 In the US natal chart this Moon conjuncts Uranus and Mars. Unexpected events and anger in the population will be present. Issues may arise concerning media, money, taxes, and it is highly probable facts will be distorted and all things not as they appear. 

With Neptune involved we could see weather related conditions that could impact us as well.

Mars opposes Uranus this week at 25 degrees of Libra-Aries, and the transit is exact Friday, November 30, in the early morning hours. We will see and feel the effects of this transit before and after it is exact.

Mars-Uranus transits are prone to sudden and unexpected events, situations and news and it is a volatile transit. Mars-Uranus transits can sometimes denote explosions and they certainly entail anger we will see play out on the world stage, and in some cases our own lives.

As Mars is in Libra, the sign ruling the 7th house of marriage and partnerships, it is likely this transit will affect relationships and it is not limited to romantic relationships but can encompass many different types of relationships. Some relationships will end at this time, but that would typically only occur in relationships tottering on the edge, or without stability.

Mars is considered at its detriment in Libra making it very powerful. In astrology a planet in its sign of detriment is likely to show its worst side, and Mars is considered, 'the God of war.' Mars rules men, action, guns and police and military action.

In our personal life, this can be an angry and volatile time, especially if Mars aspects anything in your personal chart. This transit will aspect those with Cardinal planets at 24-26 degrees. (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra) Mars-Uranus transits are prone to unexpected or surprising events, changes, accidents, rash action and separations. Now is not the time to push issues or issue ultimatums, but rather let this energy move by and wait for a better day.

If this does aspect your chart, now is the time to take a deep breath, and not approach sensitive issues that will result in explosive circumstances, but rather wait for a better day.  You could fall victim to someone else's anger, and no doubt you will see this energy at play in your life and in the world.

As Mars approaches its opposition to Uranus we will see unexpected and explosive events that could involve aircraft, accidents, coups, explosions, guns, weapons, sudden changes, and anger.

Mars-Uranus will certainly involve political events in the US as forms a t-square with US President Trump's natal Saturn/Venus conjunction. Venus rules women, money and values, and a t-square is a difficult configuration.

The last time this transit occurred was December 10-11, 2015. In the US, the San Bernardino terrorist shooting occurred before this transit was exact (December 2), the US military opened combat roles to women (December 3), President Trump called for a Muslim ban-(December 8, 2015).

Mars entered Libra on October 22, in the sign ruled by Venus. Venus enters Scorpio on November 7, and is in Scorpio, the sign ruled by Mars. This is called mutual reception, with each planet in the sign ruled by the other.  This creates potential for greater understanding among the sexes. Men may find some deeper understanding of women and vice versa at this time.

Mutual reception basically means the two planets want to help each other out. Mars rules men and Venus rules women, so we may see the sexes wanting to cooperate more, or come to a greater understanding.

That said, it is interesting that both planets are in their detriment in the others sign. This means neither sign comes from a position of strength. So, while the will may be there, the way may not become possible.

It's interesting with this placement sexual abuse issues are coming out again (Harvey Weinstein, George Bush Sr., Kevin Spacey, Roy Price, Robert Scoble, Chris Savino, Bill O'Reilly and others to numerous to mention), #Me too went viral in October as a way of encouraging women to recount personal sexual abuses of a misogynistic nature, just prior to Mars entering Libra.

It's going to be an interesting month in many respects. We will see what kind of results Mars and Venus produce, or if it's just another round of giving lip service to an age old problem. Either way, it is drawing attention to the problem. Any attention to the issue can only help to change things in the future.

Saturn trines Uranus for the third and final pass, exact on November 11 at 25 degrees of Sagittarius-Aries. The energy will be felt before it becomes exact, and decreases in strength after the exact date. This has contributed to maintaining stability in society in spite of nothing but chaos in Washington.

This is an excellent transit for stability and in some ways combining the old with the new. With this transit there is an awareness of needed change, but without the desire to overthrow things and create more chaos. This can be positive for any task requiring disciplined application, such as learning a new skill. Any activity is favored with this aspect as long as it leads to creative change.

As the transit passes we may very well see less stability in Washington, and more shakiness in the economy and politics. The short sightedness and lack of attention to many policies (such as healthcare) will become more apparent after this transit passes and we lose the stability it brings.

When both Saturn and Uranus change signs next year however, we will see this aspect again, falling in the Earth signs of Taurus-Capricorn.

If this trine aspects your personal chart you should be in a period where you can experience change for the better in some area of your life depending on what it is aspecting. It will aspect you personally in a very positive way if you have planets at 24-26 degrees of Leo or Aquarius. Otherwise it affects us all to an extent, collectively.

Other transits in November

November 3, Venus sextiles Saturn. This is basically positive and makes us realistic about those we care for. Could be positive for money or reconnecting with those from the past. The Sun also trines Neptune, and this could be used for spiritual or creative purposes. Good all the way around.

November 4, the full moon falls at 12 degrees of Taurus, in the sign ruled by Venus, peaking at 1:23 AM, EST. Venus rules love and money, and it is here we will be focused.

Taurus can be the most stubborn of signs and I would guard against being 'immovable,' or others could seem this way.

Venus opposes Uranus on this moon and we will see some surprising events. As Venus rules love and money, this is the likely area where events will occur.

For some, relationships will end, but this will only typically occur if your relationship is tottering on the edge anyway.

If you are in a stable relationship, there could be some unexpected event, but the other side of this transit is more positive-excitement, or trying something new, different or unusual. You could break out of a rut in some way. I would guard against taking sudden actions that you could regret later.

November 5, the planet of communication (Mercury) enters Sagittarius. It will remain in this sign until January 11, 2018 as it will retrograde on December 3.

Sagittarius is the most expansive of signs and open to new ideas and ways of doing things. This placement is good for travel and people may be more enthusiastic and social.

Now, consider this a warning of you are a Christmas shopper!  Most people understand a retrograde Mercury is the time glitches occur, things break down, and in reality we should buy as little as possible due to the propensity to change one's mind after the purchase.  I would try and complete my shopping by November 18, as this is when Mercury enters its shadow phase of the retrograde. If you can't do  this, then complete your shopping by December 3, when Mercury turns retrograde. Mercury turns direct on December 22, at 13 degrees of Sagittarius. My prediction is there will be a lot of last minute shoppers this year and returned gifts!

November 7, Venus enters Scorpio. Venus here is more intense and passionate. Power struggles could emerge. This works best for water signs.

November 9, the Sun sextiles Pluto. A good day to get to the bottom of any questions or research.

November 11, Saturn trines Uranus

November 13, Venus conjuncts Jupiter. This is a pleasant transit, prone to enjoyment rather than work. It will be easy to overindulge. Great for social interaction, and the results will be felt the night before.

October 13, Mercury squares Neptune.  This is a difficult and confusing transit and  not good for important decisions and conversations. You could feel depressed, or melancholy. Conversations and situations will be misunderstood. Dreams may be vivid. Don't take things at face value-let this pass.

November 16, Venus trines Neptune.  this transit is prone to creativity and compassion of all types. You could find yourself more interested in pleasantries-music, moves or the like, or in helping others. As Neptune is involved dreams may be vivid.

November 17, Mercury sextiles Mars. This is good for conversation or writing. People may be more talkative than usual-positive.

November 18, the New Moon occurs at 26 degrees of Scorpio. Scorpio rules the eighth house of other people's money, taxes and debt, change and transformation.

November 19, Mars squares Pluto at 17 degrees of Cancer-Capricorn . This is an angry and difficult transit, prone to arguments, accidents and power struggles. Best to avoid contentious subjects and if you push someone, expect pushback.

This will be a significant day in the world as Pluto rules the bullies and those pushing their agendas.  Pluto rules nuclear situations, and the New Moon in Scorpio is also ruled by Mars and Pluto. We could see conflict over money or taxes, and the world will be an angry place this day. Caution is advised for a few days.

November 21, Venus sextiles Pluto. A positive day for finances or expressing your feelings. Or it could come from someone else.

Also the Sun enters Sagittarius, and we are now in the Sagittarius season!

November 22, Neptune turns stationary direct. When Neptune is retrograde it brings about more acute sensitivity on an inner level and we may be able to pick up on those things we don't perceive when Neptune is direct. We are more likely to be listening to our own inner voice during this time and creativity and psychic or intuitive abilities may be increased during this time.

If transiting Neptune turns direct aspecting a personal planet in your chart, in hard aspect, we may deceive ourselves or others may deceive us, and situations can be revealed for what they are. Neptune transits can go on for several years and if ever your feet need to be planted on firm soil it is now if you have such an aspect.

As Neptune turns direct, what we have learned on deep psychic levels over the past several months can be put to use in the outer world. In some cases our thinking can become more clear.

November 25, Mercury trines Uranus. Positive, and prone to new ways of thinking and ideas.

November 28, Mercury conjuncts Saturn. This is a tiring and depressing transit prone to negative thinking and communication. On the other hand it is good for work associated with critical thinking and analyzing. Communication should be clear, if not overly critical or demanding.

Much is written about karma, and one of the questions often asked is, 'is this person my soulmate?"

For the record, I believe we can have many soulmates in life that can include siblings, parents, friends, co-workers or any other number of people number of people we encounter-they all don't have to be romantic.

As an astrologer when I look at a karmic relationship, I am looking at someone you were meant to meet in this life. That neither means they are forever, or are not forever. It simply means this is someone you were supposed to encounter and interact with for a variety of reasons. The other planets and transits in your chart will tell us whether the relationship will last, is the timing for a permanent relationship right, is another party involved, is there enough compatibility, or do both parties wish to make the situation permanent. These are all separate questions. Karmic in and of itself does not mean it will last forever. Or it can last.

There are many things an astrologer can look at to spot a karmic relationship.  Some of them include:

The personal planets of one or both partners are conjunct the South Node of the other.

The personal planets are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, the ascendant, or lord of the ascendant. If one of these planets conjunct the others South Node this indicates an important relationship. If Venus is involved, it can sometimes seem like love at first sight.

I also believe Saturn/Pluto and the Nodes can indicate karma. Sometimes it can indicate more difficult karma, or there will be many obstacles to work through if the relationship is to be successful.

The personal planets of one partner fall in the 12th house of the other.

The 12th house is considered the house of 'karma' in astrology. A partners planets falling here can indicate past connections.

Saturn and Pluto aspecting another's personal planets can indicate karma or past connections, as can Neptune.

Easy aspects (sextile, trine, conjunct) to either of these planets can indicate past connections.  Harsh connections (opposition, square, conjunct) indicate a difficult and intense relationship at times, and easier aspects indicate a lighter less troubled connections.

Harsh aspects at times can even indicate abusive relationships. Sometimes the karma (lesson) is to walk away and be free.

Saturn can represent stability or difficult relationships.

Pluto can represent intense connections, or difficult relationships that can include abuse.

Neptune can represent spiritual connections, or lies and deception, or drug-alcohol abuse.

Overall outstanding synasty

Synasty shows compatibility in a the charts of two individuals. On occasion the synasty can be so good, it can seem like you have known the other person forever. This kind of a connection can be long lasting. In these cases there is often some type of connection to the nodes, 12th house, Saturn or Pluto.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the affect of Mars and Venus, both in their detriment at this time, and how this is affecting the women who are coming forward to report sexual abuse by men. This all began in October, with the #Metoo campaign, and quickly spread across the globe.

Mars is in Libra and Venus in Scorpio, and neither sign is comfortable in this energy, but the fact they are in mutual reception also contributes to the current phenomenon. When planets are in mutual reception with each other, you might say they help each other out, energetically. Venus (rules women) in Scorpio rules the eighth house of sex and secrets. Mars (rules men) in Libra is at its detriment in this sign, but benefits from Venus in Scorpio's ruler Mars.

Add to the picture Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter here is also concerned with eighth house matters: sex, secrecy and other people's money. Whatever Jupiter touches it increases and enlarges, and in this case it is reports of sexual abuse which has been rampant in the American workplace for decades. It has taken this particular planetary combination to bring these issues to light.

We can actually add Saturn to the mix, as it moves through the last few degrees, and approaches its entrance to Capricorn on December 21, 2017.

Saturn rules karma, and Saturn in this sign is at home and very powerful. You could say, the chickens are coming home to roost in many instances with Saturn in its own sign.

Candidate (Judge) Roy Moore will be one such individual, as I wrote last week. As Saturn gets closer to its opposition to his natal Venus and its squares his Neptune,  I look to see a very public downfall after the new year.

The latest public figure to be accused of widespread sexual abuse is TV Newsman-Commentator, Charlie Rose, who has been accused by 8 women of sexual abuse and inappropriate conduct. Rose was relieved of his duties November 21.

Rose is a 14 degree Capricorn Sun. Pluto has been conjunct his Sun for several years, and all Pluto transits can ultimately bring change beyond our ability to control. At 19 degrees, transiting Pluto will oppose his Cancer ascendant, likely bringing his career to a close, or otherwise, bring change. Nothing will be as it was before. Uranus is involved in the mix, as it conjuncted his 26 degree Mars in  Aries, and squared his 23 degree Mercury in Capricorn that lies in his 7th house of partners. Uranus-Mercury transits often coincide with unexpected news. Saturn is approaching a square to his 29 degree Neptune in Virgo, and this transit is often associated with public disgrace and downfall.

Rose, and Moore are just two of the many powerful men that have been accused of extreme sexual misconduct over the past several months.

As Jupiter remains in Scorpio over the next year, I expect this trend to continue.

Many powerful men have historically taken advantage of women and pressed advances on them for decades, if not centuries in the workplace and beyond. Let's hope this planetary combination brings enough attention to the issue to create real change in the future, as opposed to a backlash against reporting sexual abuse, which I see as a possibility.

Neptune turns direct November 22, at 11 degrees of Pisces, and this is a significant planetary change. Neptune is the planet of mystics, religion, creativity and art, spirituality, and inspiration.  It is also the planet associated with illusion, confusion and delusion, addictions, lies and deception, self-deception, and the seamy side of life just to name a few things this powerful planet rules. Hence, the mystery surrounding Neptune, sometimes called the ‘blue planet.’

As this powerful planet goes direct events will start to be revealed if it is aspecting other planets in your personal chart. Neptunian events have a tendency to appear as surprising, but in actuality the basis of Neptune related events was generally there all along, just hidden in a fog of confusion, lies or lack of clarity.  Such events tend to creep up on you and seem surprising at first, but the basis of the event was generally there, just obscured from recognition.

Surprises/events may occur for some individuals with Neptune in hard aspect in their natal charts.  If Neptune is good aspect to your personal planets events can transpire as pleasant if not subtle experiences. Others may barely notice if Neptune is not aspecting their charts.  Like everything else, it all depends on your personal chart, and what it holds.

Spiritual and creative issues are internalizes when Neptune is retrograde. Now that it is direct it will be easier to present artistic and creative ventures to the outside world. We will find it easier to understand our selves and subconscious motivations.

As Neptune turns direct, what we have learned on deep psychic levels over the past several months can be put to use in the outer world. In some cases our thinking can become more clear.

By December 1, Jupiter trines Neptune, but this energy will be felt as it approaches its exact hit at 11 degrees, and after.  This is a beautiful, dreamy transit. We may see more focus on artistic ventures, compassion, spirituality and psychics. Dreams may be vivid, and your personal creativity may be at a high during this transit, which will repeat itself in 2018.

Mars has entered its square to Pluto and this transit is exact November 19, at 7:11 AM, est. The energy will be felt between now and as it becomes exact, and after.

Mars-Pluto transits are typically angry, and can reveal new information. As Mars is in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn we can look to the area of relationships, and business for this transit to play out. But, depending on where and what this transit aspects your own personal chart, it could affect other areas.

This is the transit par excellence, of power struggles and confrontations. You or others may desire to gain control over others or certain situations. If you aren't interested in control, others may be interested in controlling you.

On the positive side, this energy could be used to achieve, and it can stir up ambitions, but it important not to be ruthless in your actions or come across this way to others. Push others and expect push-back. Others with more power may well have the upper hand during this time. Avoid difficult people and push forward with your own ambitions, without stepping on others, and the potential exists to achieve.

In relationships this is not the time to push issues that lead to power struggles. The combination of Mars-Pluto can be ruthless and unyielding. Mars and Pluto can both be connected to sex, and issues can arise here as well.

Mars square Pluto will affect those more than others who have cardinal planets-Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra at 16-18 degrees. How you will be affected depends on where the cardinal planets are located in your personal chart.

This transit will play out in the world in the form of volatile and even violent situations. As this blog is being written, another shooting occurred at a school in California. From reports, at least three children have been injured at the time of this post.

Mars-Pluto transits can be connected to struggles over taxpayer money, bullies and those who wish to push their agenda. Mars rules men and guns and this transit is also connected to crime and criminal undertakings. Pluto rules nuclear weapons and power as well. This transit will affect US politics, and those in the highest positions of current government.

Roy Moore is a Alabama politician and former State judge who was elected twice and removed twice from the Alabama Supreme Court. He is the Republican nominee for the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions who accepted the post of US Attorney General., which will be held December 12.

He has garnered attention over his anti homosexual, anti-Muslim views and his belief that Christianity should order public life,  as well as his ties to neo-Confederate and White Nationalist groups. He has been removed from the State Supreme Court for failing to recognize same sex marriage laws.

Between 2007 and 2012, Moore collected $1 million in undisclosed payments to himself from the Foundation for Moral Law, which he had founded in 2002 as a non-profit organization. This amount exceeded the revenue the foundation reported in its public tax filings. The foundation also paid for an assortment of fringe benefits and perks for Moore, and supported Moore's political ambitions. A number of charity and tax law experts have said that the foundation's activities "raised questions about compliance with IRS rules, including prohibitions on the use of a charity for the private benefit or enrichment of an individual.-Wikipedia

He has come under public scrutiny over his alleged sexual encounters with underage girls several decades ago. Four women have come forward and stated they approached them. One woman claims sexual activity. Moore denies the accusations and says he will fight to clear his name. He has refused to withdraw from the December 12 election as of November 15.

Moore is just one more name among many that have been accused of sexual abuse since #Me too went viral in October as a way of encouraging women to recount details of personal sexual abuse as Mars entered Libra. Numerous men have found themselves in the hot seat in terms of their past sexual behavior, and not just in the United States.

This is a movement that I do not expect to fade out immediately. Venus in the sign ruled by Mars and (Mars in Libra) in the sign ruled by Venus. This is called mutual reception, and it means both Venus and Mars are likely to have a greater understanding of each other, or in other words they energetically try to help each other out.

But, while Venus and Mars are in mutual reception, they are also both in the sign of their detriment: Venus is considered at its detriment in Scorpio, and Mars in Libra.

This means the planets have a difficult time operating in these signs. As a matter of fact they are known to misbehave in these signs, and not operate according to norm. Scorpio is too intense and heavy for Venus and Libra is too passive for Mars. Neither sign is comfortable and actions will play out accordingly, and often in an uncomfortable way.

Add to the mix Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter expands whatever it touches and rules the eighth house of sex, other people's money, and death/transformation. Venus has joined Jupiter in the sign ruling the eighth house making this movement even more powerful.

A combination like this does not come along often, and it appears to be the recipe for drawing attention to inappropriate sexual encounters. Roy Moore is only one of many men accused of inappropriate sexual conduct.

As Venus conjuncted Jupiter November 13, another woman stepped forward to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct when she was 16 years old.  Moore then proceeded to attack the woman's attorney Gloria Allred. November 16, two Moore woman stepped forward with their own accusations.

Taking a quick look at Moore's chart, he is a 21 degree Aquarius with a Mars at 16 degrees in his first house. Pluto opposes his Mars, from the 1st to 7th houses (partnerships) from his Sun.

This  powerful transit suggests that the individual often sees extremes of behavior, more than most and can experience more crisis situations in a lifetime than most. Anger can be an issue, and even violence and Mars and Pluto rule sex, and anger. Many people with this transit have been characterized as difficult individuals to deal with, depending on how the choose to deal with the energy.

Power struggles often surface in relationships and these individuals can have a strong desire to act out their ideas and desires, whatever they are,

There is a Scorpionic attitude toward lovers and a distinct possessive and demanding nature in their sexual natures. Conflict in relationships often occurs and control is often the issue.

Saturn falls at 4 degrees of Leo and also opposes his Mars in a wide orb. Saturn-Mars individuals can be very determined but often experience great frustration in life. They can be perfectionists to the point they are seldom satisfied with results. With oppositions, the dissatisfaction and crisis typically occurs through other people.

Venus square his Neptune at 5 degrees of Capricorn. This is another transit that can create difficulties in relationships. These individuals can feel that they are different or even ostracized in love. Neptune can create a distorted self image in love or relationships. Sometimes these individuals lose interest once they attain the object of their desires.

Using a birth time of 12 noon, (birth time unpublished) Moore has a 9 degree Scorpio Moon, in the most secretive of signs. His Moon forms a t-square with Saturn/Pluto and Mars. A t-square works off the energy of all three planets.

The Moon rules the emotional life and all the women in a man's life. Moon-Saturn can often feel unloved and insecure. Moon-Mars can show issues with women and domestic problems, and the individual is often upset.

Moon-Pluto shows a possessive, demanding nature and is often highly manipulative.

Astrologer Jude Cowell wrote more about this combination and Moore's chart, " When Mars is oriental (last to rise before the Sun), we see an individual for whom self-promotion is constant and with a sense of always being ';on the stump' or beating a drum (Tyl); Mars oriental is shared natally by P.T. Barnum, Evel Knievel, and Liberace. Mars in Aquarius can be unreliable, contradictory, and superficial. Yes, his is a very busy Mars--oriental, one side of a T-Square (Mars opposite Pluto = Moon: an injury caused to a woman, according to Ebertin plus, Mars is also is the tail of a Kite pattern with Neptune and North Node sextiling stealthy wealthy Pluto @11Leo57 Rx. A Kite suggests high-flying success and, for Moore, publicity (Moon-NN)--or perhaps I should type, notoriety.

Now, a few details concerning his Sun SQ-Moon Scorpio personality blend with "stern judge" part of the picture. Sexual deviant Pluto is out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and doesn't like to 'share' only manipulate and control, while Saturn Rx is fairly near Pluto Rx in royal Leo, the 'cruel duo' of planets. Actually, any contact between Mars and Pluto (ruler and co-ruler of Scorpio) can result in ruthlessness and brutality, and Saturn-Pluto is always 'an extremist' combination that judges harshly."

Dealing with natal transits like these does not guarantee and individual becomes abusive. But, with this many harsh contracts in a natal chart is where free will comes in and one must descide how to deal with others correctly.

Regardless of the December 12, special election Moore will face major problems in the new year. By late January, if not before, Saturn opposes his natal Venus and this will revolve around issues concerning money, women, or both and by spring (if not earlier). Transit Saturn squares Moore's Neptune which can result in public misdeeds revealed and a fall from grace. 2018 will be a difficult year, and he will continue to face great opposition if not total downfall.


Sometimes when I am just relaxing unexpected things come to me. One day during spring of 2014  while I was sitting on my couch it came to me that it wouldn't be long before cars changed dramatically, and we wouldn't be driving manually anymore.

Within several weeks I saw a news story about Google's driverless car project.

The next thing I felt was that not only would cars be self driving, we would no longer need to own a car. I 'saw' a little box in my living room that sits on a table. You would press a button and within short order a self driving car would arrive at your house. You would program it to take you where you wanted. It took about 4-5 minutes or less to get a car to your house, depending on where you live. I saw 'stations' scattered around the city with available cars to be called to different locations by computer.

Since driving is no longer necessary the passengers can read, send emails and check their phones, or do whatever they want. There were two sets of seats in the vehicles that face each other. Nowhere was there a steering wheel.

Then I saw a mobile device that you would carry. When you were ready to leave and return home, push a button on the device and the car returns to take you back within a few minutes.

In this future vision many people don't own cars as the expense is great, and there is no longer a need to own.

Personally I think this looks really exciting. I firmly believe the way we travel and own cars will change in the future. I believe this will start in the larger cities with big populations and eventually spread to more rural areas. The driverless car is only the first step. Only time will tell.

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