Star Struck Chronicles

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"

The Sun enters Virgo August 23, just after midnight and becomes part of a grand  trine involving the Sun, Uranus and Saturn, that will remain in the sky through Sunday, becoming part of the Full moon energies on August 26.

A grand trine is a positive planetary configuration that involves three planets in a particular element (Earth), that work together harmoniously.

In this case the Sun (egos) trines Saturn (structures, stability, past situations) which trines Uranus (new approaches, sudden, unexpected events). This can bring about opportunities for creative thought and expansion building upon new or existing structures or ideas.

This will also bring some positive energies to the forefront and for a while things may seem easier. This can spark progress, peaceful or easy change and openings for communication and change.

This will affect those more so who are born under or with Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) at 0-3 degrees in their personal chart.

If you were born with a grand trine in your personal chart, (or those born on this day) this is typically associated with 'luck,' although it can indicate inactivity or a lack of drive if energy isn't exerted in making these energies work.

Grand trines flow easily, and typically an individual born with a grand trine has some element of luck, and seems to flow from one situation to another.

August begins with a volatile Mars transit, and both Mars and Mercury are retrograde slowing things down, uncovering situations and creating frustration. Much of the month between 5 and 6 planets will remain retrograde. 2018's final eclipse will occur August 11, in Leo and Saturn will trine Uranus giving us a much needed break in terms of some more positive and less volatile energy. Jupiter will also trine Neptune, and this is positive, creative, compassionate and spiritual energy which seems much needed with all of the harsher aspects that have occurred this summer.

Mars square Uranus becomes exact on August 1, at 2 degrees of Aquarius/Taurus. This transit will weaken over the next two weeks but be in effect until Mars re-enters Capricorn August 12.

We experienced this transit mid-May when Uranus entered Taurus, and Mars entered Aquarius. This time however, Mars is retrograde, making it very powerful, frustrating and angry.

This is a potentially violent and volatile transit, leading to unexpected incidents in the world and or personal lives if we are not careful. In May when this occurred we saw clashes and deaths in Gaza due to the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem. We also saw the eruption of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, among many other things.

We could hear shocking news, ecological disasters and unexpected events.

Mars rule police, guns, and young men, and Uranus can also rule aircraft (crashes).

In our own personal lives we need to proceed with caution as issues can become blown out of proportion and bigger than we expected with this energy. Uranus rules separation and change and  some will make sudden, or not so sudden departures from their norm and routines. Relationships can suffer as Uranus rules freedom, and this is an impetus for change if the relationship is not meeting the needs of both parties.

This energy will remain very powerful through August 3rd. It will retrograde several more degrees backward (making it slightly less intense) but basically the energy will be with us until Mars re-enters Capricorn on August 12.

You will be personally affected f you have fixed planets-Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius at 1-3 degrees in your chart.

Mars will remain at 29-28 degrees of Capricorn August 12-September 11, when it re-enters Aquarius in direct motion and we will repeat the same Mars cycle all over again that began on May 17. Most of 2018 Mars will remain in two signs, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Mars remains retrograde until August 27, when it turns direct at 28 degrees of Capricorn. (Happy days are here again!) While retrograde Mars lends itself toward slowdowns in work and activities, relationships can seem to go backward at times (Mars rules men), we experience low energy and more frustration. Health matters can be exaggerated if Mars hits a critical juncture in your chart and you have a health issue.

During August Saturn will trine Uranus at 2 degrees of Capricorn-Taurus August 13-September 20.  This represents a positive change in energy as change itself will not be so erratic or upsetting.

The energy will be reflected in the world and our personal lives, as always. Saturn and Uranus are opposing forces with Saturn as authority and structure and Uranus as rebellious and progressive. At this time these two energies can be combined effectively and without stress.

Saturn involves the old, and Uranus the new, and at this time the two can be combined harmoniously and this is a positive time for group activity and stability.

This can be a time of increased responsibility and greater freedom, especially for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, or those who have planets in the early degrees of these signs in their natal charts.

While Uranus tends to create sudden and upsetting change, during this time change can occur in an easier and more methodical manner, and changes undertaken now can have a lasting base for the future, especially after Mercury and Mars turn direct. Best to save important changes until then.

The eclipse season is not yet over, and the third and final eclipse of 2018 occurs on August 11.

This is another solar eclipse (New Moon) that falls at 18.42 degrees of Leo, the sign ruing the fifth house of love, friends, entertainment and children.

Eclipses are like wildcards, and one of the ways we learn how and what we need to change and evolve. An eclipse can seem good or bad, depending on what it aspects in your personal chart, and often an eclipse is dramatic, or reveals important information if it aspects a significant point in your own chart/life.  An eclipse often brings news pertaining to life's biggest events. The energy of an eclipse can go for months and in some cases years.

Almost always unexpected information comes to light and at this time something may be eclipsed completely out of your life, or into your life. Eclipses can bring positive or negative events depending on what it aspects in your personal chart.

As Venus squares Saturn August 10, this becomes part of the eclipse energy and relationships that are tottering on the edge may take  turn for the worse or end all together. Other situations may end as well. Healthy and positive relationships will remain. Venus square Saturn can make is feel unattractive, unloved, lonely, tired, underappreciated, and at times bad behavior could come into play. You may expect too much of your friends, and when your expectations are not met great misunderstandings may occur.

We could see endings play out in a public way and/or we could see changes in the financial markets among other things.

Other transits of significance include:

August 6-Venus enters Libra. Venus in this sign is more romantic, peaceful and partner oriented than Virgo. Venus is comfortable and considered at home in this sign.

The Sun squares Jupiter which is typically considered positive, but things can be blown out of proportion or overdone.

August 7, Uranus turns stationary retrograde.

While retrograde, Uranian energies are more bottled up, and the individual becomes aware of the need for change or revolution.  When Uranus turns direct those energies can be acted upon, seemingly in an unexpected manner. Events involving Uranus often seem shocking, but they are often the inevitable result of a situation, and transits involving Uranus often wake us up to what is really occurring in our lives. Uranus retrogrades every year, and turns direct again January 6, 2019.

As Uranus retrogrades it will move from Taurus back into Aries for one more swing in this sign November 6-May 7. This will be the final pass Uranus will make in Aries for anyone reading this blog.

As of August 7, 6 out of 10 planets are retrograde.

Venus trines Mars, and this is a good day for social, business and romantic activities.

August 8, the Sun conjuncts Mercury. This is considered a 'willful' transit and agitation and anger can be easily set off.

August 9, Venus squares Saturn. As we are in the energy of the solar eclipse this can be a powerful transit. Some may feel discouraged, unloved, and depressed. Some relationships or other situations may end and this is not positive for financial transactions.

August 11, Solar eclipse in Leo

August 12, Mars re-enters Capricorn

August 18, Mercury sextiles Venus. This is a light, positive and upbeat transit.

August 19, Mercury turns stationary direct at 11 degrees of Leo. Over the next few days, direction may change once again, and more glitches may occur as the planet of communication begins to move forward once again.

August 19, Jupiter trines Neptune and this transit is exact. This is the final pass of this transit which is creative, compassionate and spiritual in nature. If you are or have a water sign at 14-18 degrees in your chart this will form a grand trine in your chart, which is positive can bring unique opportunities during this time. The world needs creativity and compassion and now is the time for these characterizes to be displayed. Dreams may be vivid over the next few weeks, and there may be a greater interest in metaphysical subjects. We could near news of religion, the Vatican, or other spiritual or religious institutions, and this transit may be reflected in movies and TV shows during this time.

August 23, The Sun enters Virgo. Virgo represents the mutable sign of summer, where weather begins to change. Virgo is far different from fun loving Leo and rules the sixth house of health, service and work.

August 25, the Sun trines Uranus. This is positive and a day to take new approached and looks at new ways of visualizing and doing things.

August 26, the last full Moon of the summer falls at 3 degrees of Pisces. Pisces rules the 12th house of the subconscious mind, endings and things secret and hidden. As Venus squares Pluto issues may become intense, obsessive, argumentative and many may search to get to the bottom of the of some type of question they deem important.

August 27,  Mars turns stationary direct at 27 degrees of Capricorn.

August 28, Mercury squares Jupiter. Generally positive but many things may be blown out of proportion.

Summary: It's been a difficult summer for many with three volatile and difficult eclipses, Uranus's shift into Taurus from Aries, and Mars retrograde in Aquarius along with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. August starts out with a bang with the Mars-Uranus square and a dramatic eclipse on August 11. As Mars re-enters Capricorn August 12, things should begin to calm down as Mars is in the sign ruled by Saturn. Mercury turns direct August 19, and Mars turns direct August 27 and things and situations that were stuck will start to move forward. With the fast moving planets direct, along with the Saturn-Uranus trine and Jupiter-Neptune trine we should end the month in a far calmer and better place than we started.

I have an acquaintance who has been in a volatile relationship for a very long time. For years they have fought and argued and claimed to only stay together because they have a business, and no one wants to give anything up materially. Both parties have been involved with other people from time to time, and its typical for their relationship (Personally, I think they are crazy, life is too short).

Recently, things have gotten worse and looking at the charts I feel certain a split is really in the air this time.

The pattern in this relationship and many others is that when things are down, this woman, (and the man) call their family and friends and spill the beans on the other. He is a real **b she tells them. He did this, and then that. She is only interested in money, he tells his siblings, and she doesn't really care for me. And on and on..And since things have gotten worse lately, the stories have become more dramatic.

The other day the woman called me and stated she could not understand why his family and friends treated her so coldly, and in most cases wouldn't even take her calls anymore. She was genuinely puzzled.

"What's the mystery, I asked?" "The two of you have gotten mad so many times and called friends and family to vent and air your dirty laundry. Then, in a few days the air clears and you go back to normal like it never happened."

"The problem is, I continued, the friends and family you talked to haven't gotten over the stories you have told them, and they aren't going to. They are appalled and do not consider this a normal relationship like you do."

"Now, if my sister called me and told me some of the stories about her husband that you have told me, I would never speak to him again!" 

Oh, she said, she had never looked at it this way.

The damage is done. Friends and family on both sides now refuse to have anything to do with either 'significant other.' They are sick and tired of the stories, the drama and the fighting.

Do you sabotage your relationships like this with friends and family? Do your female friends hate your boyfriend?  Friends and family members don't forget.

Think, before you spread the bad word about your partner or current interest. In many cases 24 hours later, the problem wasn't so bad after all, and all is coming up roses again. But, words last and are not forgotten with friends and family. And if he's that bad, why are you really with him?

Saturn is known as the taskmaster, or the Lord of Karma and the Great teacher to name a few. Without Saturn we have no stability in life. It shows us both our structures and our boundaries.

Saturn changes signs about every two and a half years, and takes about 30 years to circle through the entire zodiac.

December 19, 2017 Saturn entered Capricorn where it will remain until March 23, 2020

Saturn in Capricorn  is at home in this sign making it very powerful.

When Saturn entered Capricorn we will all began a new cycle and chapter altogether, both individually and collectively.

Capricorn is a no frills sign and deals with power, business and structure. Saturn here is concerned with security and structure, tradition, organization, big business and defense. If left unchecked, big business can become the new Gods of the Universe as Saturn moves through this sign.

Saturn in Capricorn can denote great wealth but also great limitations. Saturn was in Capricorn during the worst part of the Great Depression in the early 1930's. The rich got richer, and the poor got poorer.

The last transit of Saturn in Capricorn was from February 15, 1988 until February 5, 1991. Before that it was January of 1959-January of 1962, and December 1929-November 1932.

While in Capricorn, Saturn will build things that are meant to inspire respect (or intimidation) as much as anything else. The Berlin wall for example, began construction under a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (August 31, 1961). It was meant to be a political symbol to keep some people in their place. We will experience another Jupiter /Saturn conjunction, considered to be an important new cycle, especially in mundane astrology in 2020.

In 2020 Pluto will conjunct Saturn at 22 degrees of Capricorn and this will bring an entire new cycle. In reality, this will be a dangerous time in the world, where many things can and will happen. Events leading up to this period will begin long before the aspect becomes exact.

Saturn-Pluto will relate to the established power structures and ruling elite versus the common people, potential nuclear events and restriction on many levels. We could see a worldwide recession. This is a restrictive transit and we will see these restrictions play out on many levels in the world and in our personal lives. This transit will affect all of those individuals with cardinal planets 20-24 degrees.

Saturn conjunct Pluto will be a stressful period and can indicate limitation, financial loss, potential war and change and transformation. Many things will change at this time or be transformed, or end all together. It will not be easy.

The last time Saturn was conjunct Pluto was in Libra June-July 1983. During this time we saw unemployment rise in the US to the highest level since 1941. Europe was dealing with the IRA, Ethiopia appealed to the world for aid when death tolls from hunger reached 4 million, the US invaded Grenada, the Philippine leader was assassinated, the US embassy in Beirut was destroyed by a suicide bomber killing 63, and Ronald Regan proposed Strategic defense initiative to name just a few world events at this time.

The positive side of this combination  can relate to industrial infrastructure, science and engineering and a deeper understanding of things like genetics and physics. Some things can be transformed for the better.

The negative side is not going to be a piece of cake: tyranny, the abuse of power and corruption, organized crime and criminal activities, nuclear incidents, power struggles, recessions, issues with the monetary system and banks, and war, and limitation on many levels.

I will write more about this in the future. But, my advice to clients is to pay off all the debt you can now, and save, save, save.

Those most affected in a challenging way by Saturn in Capricorn will be the Cardinal signs-Aries (square), Cancer (opposition), Libra (square) and Capricorn (conjunct), or those who have planets in cardinal signs.

When Saturn enters your sign (Capricorn) it can denote a stressful period. Many things end and a new situation is often born on the ruins of the old. Typically, I tell clients with Saturn in your own sign you will be re-creating yourself in some way as Saturn crosses your Sun.

Those who will fare the best will be those born under the earth and some water signs-Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces or planets in these signs. In this case you can experience slow and stable growth. (2017)

Between August 7 and 19, six out of 10 planets will be retrograde. This includes, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. We have not seen this many retrograde planets since May, 2016.

This means August is not the best time for launching new activities or starting new projects. What we can expect is to be going back over things started in the past, making corrections, making changes, re-vamping and redoing. In some cases people may decide something isn't right, or to their liking, or it may just seem like paddling upstream to start something new or even complete current activities.

Either way, starting businesses, jobs, even new relationships on a retrograde Mars/Mercury is not a good idea because when either planet turns direct and moves forward things may change or not turn out as planned.

Retrogrades are a part of the natural cycle and this should not be viewed as a negative (although it is frustrating). Sometimes we have to live in the moment, rather than the past or future, and this will be the time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. And dip your toes into the ocean and just enjoy the summer. After all, we can blink and things will change once again.

Here is how the retrograde cycle works for August:

August 7, Uranus retrogrades along with Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.

August 19, Mercury turns direct

August 27, Mars turns direct

September 6, Saturn turns direct

Things will start to pop once Mercury and Mars turn direct!

Mercury turns stationary direct Sunday, August 19, in the early morning hours.

While retrograde, the ideas may be sloppier as the thinking and un-thought-out actions more prevalent. We can have a better handle on this when Mercury turns direct, but things may change direction once again.

Retrograde Mercury enters its stationary direct period August 19-21 and you may change direction or find out additional information that changes your path. Sometimes more glitches occur before the stationary period ends.

While Mercury is direct August 19, best to let things level out for the next week than to immediately start buying high ticket items, accepting new job offers and the like. Then again, as I always tell people, don't turn down a job if you need one!

Mercury begins to move forward again on August 21, but the shadow period of the retrograde is not over until September 2. At that point Mercury moves forward at its normal speed, and things return to normal, or the new normal if changes have occurred.

The next major change will occur as Mars turns direct on August 27, followed by Saturn on September 6. By then, we will be rolling!

My best friend from childhood was a woman called Joan. Over the years college, then work separated us but we were never far apart even though we eventually lived in different cities. It was and is the type of friendship that could go for months with no communication, then pick up right from where we left off.

In the 1990's Joan had a dog named Molly, a very intuitive German Sheppard. Joan used to walk around the neighborhood for exercise and spotted Molly at a rental house always tied on a short chain with little food and water and the owner-renter was never home. We had many conversations about this helpless and sad dog, and one day Joan told me she was going to approach the owner about giving her the dog.

Being a great dog lover she immediately took up with Molly and would take her treats and spend time with her every day on her walk. Eventually, the owner appeared one night and as we suspected had no time for a dog. It didn't take much to persuade Molly's owner to turn her over to Joan.

Needless to say, Molly hit the jackpot that night and from that point on the two were inseparable. Molly was a perfect dog once she came out of her shell with a gentle and sweet personality.

Over the years Joan developed an auto-immune disease. For a number of years her health was bad, and from time to time she was so sick she would be in bed for days at a time, or unable to function.

As with other dogs that are now being trained to detect cancer, seizures, diabetes and other diseases Molly developed the ability on her own to determine when Joan would get sick. When this happened Molly would intently stare at her and kick her back legs and according to Joan, Molly was never wrong. This created an even stronger bond between the two of them.

After a number of years Molly developed health problems of her own and eventually passed away. Joan was devastated having lost her best friend in addition to what had become a fabulous service dog.

A few months later it was June of 2001. As usual Joan and I were both busy with our lives but for some reason I had the urge to call her more often. As the month went on our conversations escalated and I was calling just about every day, sometimes more than once.

Joan worked as a department head for a large university and although she was always busy she took my calls at work and sometimes we would stay on until she would absolutely have to get off to complete a project. Even then, I often had a hard time letting her get back to work, not to mention myself! It occurred to me that my desire to talk was becoming obsessive, and I could not explain to myself why, but as I generally do, I just 'went with the flow.'

As my desire to talk became more obsessive, I began picking up on her dog Molly. Molly would come to mind, and I could see her intently staring at me, kicking up her back legs like Joan had described. As the days went on, I would see Molly numerous times during the day with the same intent stare, and I finally told Joan, "I don't want to upset you, but I keep seeing Molly, and something is up with this." The visions continued and seemed to be tied in with my calling Joan. It was as though when she appeared, she wanted me to call her mistress, and most of the time I did.

Finally one day about the middle of June I was overwhelmed with the desire to talk to Joan. I called that morning, at lunch, and later that night at home. I had seen Molly almost nonstop that day.

We must have talked several hours that night, and on several occasions Joan needed to get off the phone. She was supposed to help her Mother with the house that night, and they were going to mulch some trees and shrub beds as some of the family was coming from Maryland to visit later in the week.

Joan's Mother was my second Mom. She had always supported me while growing up, and about the time I started college, she got a divorce and went back to college herself. For a while we attended school together and those were great times I will always remember. She became an artist and eventually taught at university level. I hadn't seen her for a while, and over the weeks I talked to Joan so often I often had a feeling I should go visit her as soon as I could.

That mid June night, I couldn't talk to Joan long enough. Finally, after several hours, she had to go. She was late getting to her Mother's, it was getting dark and she had to go. It occurred to me I had been rude, but I felt compelled anyway. We hung up and I decided like Joan, I would plant some shrubs. I had a beautiful flowering shrub and I had a feeling I would plant it in honor of Joan's Mother who had helped me so much in life, and later tell her it would be the centerpiece of a new garden.

Then I saw Molly. She was staring at me intently and had a sad look on her face. This time she was deathly still, and her eyes were not wavering from my vision. For a moment I considered calling Joan again, but instead I went up to my office and sent an email. "Your dog is here. I don't understand it, but something is definitely up right now."

After spending at least 6 hours on the phone that day, I didn't dare call again. I couldn't shake the sight of Molly, but I went downstairs and planted the shrub, and went on with my evening. I never heard the phone ringing 15 minutes later.

I will never forget the events of the next morning. I was asleep and about 7 A.M. my husband came into the room with a grim look on his face. "You have a call, and I think you had better take it."

The call was from an old high school classmate I hadn't heard from in years.  The previous night Joan's Mother had been murdered by her own brother who had lived in the basement apartment for years and one of the sisters was missing. According to the police he lost his grip on reality believing that family members were coming to force him to move somewhere else.

Joan's Mother had told him (her brother) she needed a vacation for a few weeks, not that he needed to move. "John" had lived downstairs for over a decade. He had once held a prestigious position with a New York stock brokerage firm. Something happened with his work and one day he showed up and asked to live in the small apartment. No one ever really knew what had happened but he never worked again. Joan's Mother had supported him for years until he was able to draw his retirement. Over the years he had become more reclusive and family members could not force him to get the help he needed. He was so quiet, you forgot he was even there. I barely remembered him.

According to police it was a grim crime scene. John and Joan's Mother had been arguing over minor things in recent weeks. The pieces began to come together. He resented his lack of power and money and his sisters many successes. The police stated he had two ammo belts strapped to him and his intent was actually to kill the entire family in the house but something within himself had forced him to act sooner before they arrived.The police found a note with his stated intent.

Joan's Mother was in the kitchen as he came up the basement stairs with a gun. His glasses were broken and she had put up a fight when she saw the gun. She fled the house and he fired two shots in the front yard. The second one was at point blank range. He then sat on the front porch waiting for other family members to arrive but the sirens and police cars came first. The third shot fired was for himself. A neighbor witnessed the incident and called the police.

After I hung up with Joan that night she laced up her tennis shoes and started the short walk along the several blocks to her Mother's house. She had gone about a half block when she heard the first shot, and in a matter of seconds two more. At first she didn't know where the shots were coming from and as reality sunk in she began to run toward her Mother's house. She recalled screaming sirens and ambulances passing her on the road and finally reaching the house to see it blocked off with yellow crime scene tape and her Mother lying in the grass. Mercifully, she doesn't remember much more.

In a split second after hearing the news I was aware of what had been happening. Had I not called Joan that night and kept her on the phone exactly as long as I did her Uncle would have killed her as well. The police said he waited for her to arrive, but heard the sirens first and couldn't wait any longer. The murder had taken place within 5-10 minutes of the time we hung up.  The next morning there was an incoherent message on my phone from Joan.

As far as Molly was concerned, she was a faithful best friend who found the will to bridge the gap between life and death to try and save her beloved mistress. Her love was strong enough to transcend even death. Death did not defeat her, and she succeeded in her final mission by connecting with me, who in turn called Joan keeping her on the phone so she did not arrive at her Mother's house. Molly never came to me again-her work in this world was done.

When Joan finally returned to work, my last email was waiting."Your dog is here. I don't understand it, but something is definitely up right now." She has said she saved the email with the date and time.

I am convinced that angels walk among us, and they are not all human. There is no greater love and that of a faithful four legged companion who would fight to the death for us, and in this case, even after death.

Epilogue:  Other family members were eventually accounted for. Joan's sister who lived at the house had gone away for the evening-another miracle.

The crime basically destroyed Joan's family. It was such a shocking and tragic event her four sisters each faced trauma and demons for years, and to my knowledge have not yet recovered. Joan's Father  tried over the years to bring peace to the family but never totally succeeded.

As Joan was executrix for her Mother's estate her sisters trauma manifested outwardly by fighting over the terms of the will which were fair. This caused a divide that has never been bridged. They were in court for years and the majority of money was finally spent on a decade of attorney fees. The judge finally told Joan's sisters not to come back to  court. Hopefully, they will one day overcome their bitterness.

Joan sought professional help in dealing with the grief /family situation and has gone on with her life. Her health dramatically improved, and she holds a major position at a University today, and I would have expected nothing less. She isn't the same person and never will be, but she is a whole person and has dealt with the demons from the past. Her boyfriend remains by her side and they are happy-lifelong companions now.

The boyfriend spoke at the funeral, and laughed as he spoke about becoming a male member of the family. "The first thing a man had to do be accepted was to understand that dogs come first with Joan's mother, and she taught this to her daughters. That had to be understood to be accepted." Everyone laughed, but it was true.

To this day I can hardly believe such a tragic situation really occurred. I will probably spend the rest of my life trying to understand at what point this destiny was cast as absolute, or whether it was this way from the beginning, and I tend to believe the latter. I do not believe I could have prevented the murder but am thankful I was the vehicle through which Joan's life was saved with the help of her faithful dog.

I have five loyal dogs today and I wouldn't take a million dollars for any of them.(most of the time) It was Joan's Mother who taught me to have such a love of dogs when I was young- a gift for life. I will continue to 'go with the flow,' wherever it leads with my faithful companions by my side, always.

Between August 8-19, six planets are retrograde. This includes, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. healer.'). We have not seen this many retrograde planets since May, 2016.

This means now is not the best time for launching new activities or starting new projects. What we can expect is to be going back over things started in the past, making corrections, making changes, re-vamping and redoing. In some cases people may decide something isn't right, or to their liking, or it may just seem like paddling upstream to start something new. Things may seem as though they are at a standstill and many people are working to resolve some long standing issue.

Either way, starting businesses, jobs, even new relationships on a retrograde Mars or Mercury is not a good idea because when these planets turn direct and moves forward things may change or not turn out as planned.

Retrogrades are a part of the natural cycle and this should not be viewed as a negative. Sometimes we have to live in the moment, rather than the past or future, and this will be the time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. And dip your toes into the ocean and just enjoy the summer. After all, we can blink and things will change once again. Change is coming soon, so hang on a short while longer.

Here is how the retrograde cycle will change

August 19, Mercury turns direct.

August 27, Mars turns direct

September 6, Saturn turns direct

With these three planets turning direct we will see major change. The other faster moving planets won't have as much of an overt affect unless they are hitting something directly in your chart.

Either way, expect issues to start getting resolved by the end of the month, and the pace will dramatically pick up. But, we will still have to go back over certain things to find final resolution.

Venus is square Saturn and this transit is exact in the evening (EDT) of August 9.

If you have been looking at a troubled relationship through rose colored glasses, they will likely come off at this time. Saturn is the planet of reality and it will clash with the planet of love.

Venus square Saturn can make us feel lonely, rejected or isolated. In some cases if this or something else makes a significant aspect some relationships may end, but this would typically only be the case if the relationship is tottering on the edge.

Issues can come to the surface and be dealt with. Sometimes this coincides with unpleasant circumstances we would prefer to avoid but can't, such as a loved one having surgery (or something else). In cases like this we just plug on and know the transit will pass shortly. Or we could look at love conditionally such as I will love you if...

As this transit becomes part of the eclipse energy of August 11, love or social matters can change one way or another.

This is not a positive transit for financial matters, and it can also relate to friendships, social circumstances and other matters depending on where it falls in your personal chart.

This transit will usher in certain world events. In the US chart it squares Venus in the 7th house of courts, and those considered enemies. It could also relate to financial markets and is not considered positive. We could hear news of issues related to women, endings and separations, or other Venus ruled matters.(Justice, juries, art, beauty)

Damn! I was in my car on the interstate.  The rain was pouring down in buckets, visibility was nearly zero, and eighteen wheeler trucks were zooming by my small car on either side, easily exceeding the 70mph speed limit.  Ever since my car went into a fishtail spin one rainy October night, I have tried to avoid the interstates during heavy rain,  even though I purchased top of the line Aqua tread tires. The interstates in my area of the country merge, playing host to big trucks any time of the day or night. It was getting stressful, not to mention I was unable to see what was in front of me. Call me crazy, but driving 75 mph with near zero visibility and trucks zooming by on either side is not safe!

Suddenly, I felt a presence in the seat next to me.  It was definitely male, a large male, and within seconds I recognized it as an angelic being. Oh no, what had I just said.  “It doesn’t matter”, I heard him say. (telepathically) “Cursing usually means a human is in distress, it isn’t taken any more seriously than you meant it.” Well, that was a relief.  Not that I curse like a sailor but those words can slip out sometimes in stressful situations. “Don’t worry, it’s no big deal, that is what summoned me.” I wasn’t aware that I had summoned anyone, especially by cursing.

You are in distress, and I heard. You will make it home with no problem. If you like, I will ride with you” How could I turn down an offer like that?

Before I could ask the question, the answer came. “Just call me Angel Sam.”  Odd name for an Angel, but that’s what he said.  Then, “I have always served. In life I was a friar for many years: that was more than 200 years ago and I lived in both America and England, and left America to return to England due to trouble that was not of my making.  Many of us lived cloistered lives lives rather than experience the kind of day to day stress you are dealing with now.”

 The Wikipedia definition of a Friar states, “Friars differ from monks in that they are called to live the evangelical counsels (vows of poverty, chastity and obedience) in service to a community, rather than through cloistered asceticism and devotion. Whereas monks live in a self-sufficient community, friars work among laypeople and are supported by donations or other charitable support. A monk or nun makes their vows and commits to a particular community in a particular place. A friar in making vows commits to a community spread across a wider geographical area (a province), and so they will typically move around, spending time in different houses of the community within the province.”

I was curious about Angel Sam, and how exactly he found me on the rainy interstate.  Again, before I could ask the question, he replied, “This is what I do, help those in distress: usually women, children sometimes, men.  Most of them are in far greater distress than you. You in fact, are quite lucky.  I am in attendance with many victims of automobile accidents, and some of them are fatal.” I felt very lucky, and he continued, “We are always there, watching, listening, waiting to be of service. You are never alone”  Again, the questions were forming in my mind and he already had the answers. “We cannot intervene.” So, you can’t stop an accident?  “We cannot intervene, unless we are called,” he continued.  “Sometimes, we whisper in their ear. Most people are unaware.” This was something to think about. “You are aware and sometimes you can hear us.” I made a note to listen more often and not forget.

“The world is full of human misery of all types-it has always been this way. Much human misery is brought on by the individuals themselves, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Divorce, unhappy, unhealthy relationships, conflict with others that can be avoided by mastering the lower emotions.  This is some of the greatest misery man knows, and it is unfortunate as much of it can be avoided. Self mastery of emotions and actions is the most important thing a human can achieve.” 

“But, we are always here-thousands, millions of us just waiting to be called. It is what we do. I serve those in crisis on the interstates and roads. You, actually have no real crisis, but you called.”

Time was flying by, and I was minutes from my exit. I didn’t want to go home now.  The rain had stopped as quickly as it began. I felt Angel Sam would soon depart. I had the impression of a young Mexican woman in great distress, probably a wreck. “Yes, she will need me, but it is ok for now, others are with her. I will ride with you to your exit.”  If you need to go…”No, I will accompany you the entire trip, as I said I would.” I felt very grateful.

I cannot thank you enough, I told him.  How can I repay you? “Your gratitude is enough, and spread the glad tidings that we are always here.” I was almost at my exit. Will I ever see you again? “I don’t really know, I hope not on the interstate!” He does have a sense of humor. “Perhaps, it’s hard to say.” I was at my exit now. You must go, I think she needs you. “Yes, it is time.”  He was gone, and I was almost home. The skies were clear now and the Sun was shining brightly wiping away all traces of the recent storm as though it had never occurred.

There are numerous stories of angels assisting those in need on the interstates. This is a true story.(2011)

73 years ago this week (August 6, 1945) hell was unleashed on Earth with the first nuclear weapon dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. A look at the event chart (chart the moment the bomb was dropped) shows Uranus (Sudden, unexpected events, explosions) on the Midheaven, next to Mars. Mars-Uranus transits relate to sudden, unexpected often explosive events, and we have the same planets in another aspect through mid-August,  (I am not predicting a nuclear attack), and a look at the news certainly shows great tension and stress in the world.

The Sun was conjunct Pluto, and this is a dangerous transit as Pluto rules nuclear situations and weapons.

In Japan's natal chart the previous June eclipse (in Cancer) fell in the second house opposing the 8th house of death along with Saturn. At least 90,000 died on impact and as many died in the following months from radiation sickness.

The bomb ended WW11 but set off a nuclear arms race that came close to setting off another, bigger war during the Cold War and the nuclear arms race with Soviet Russia, and the threat unleashed then continues to this day.

May we never see another nuclear weapon put to use on planet Earth.

There are many things to consider when doing a compatibility reading between two people. Relationships are as mufti-layered as are the people involved in them.  One of the greatest factors to consider in a reading is the connection between the planets that relate to our love life and the two individuals in question. 

A primary planet (or luminary) is the moon. The moon, as well as its placement and sign shows our true emotional nature, what we are secure with on a deep psychological level, and this is the most important planet in synastry. 

An individual may be a Cancer Sun sign, but if he or she has an Aquarius moon, this individual is an emotional Aquarius, and so on. So, while a Cancer male, for example may be a Water Sign, he seeks someone with whom he can relate on an emotional level, and will fit best with someone whose moon is compatible with his. That would be an individual with a moon in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius.

The moon shows what we are comfortable with, and what it takes to fulfill our emotional needs. It is more difficult to be with someone who cannot fulfill or relate to our true emotional needs.

Compatibility between two individuals often involves a Sun-Moon connection. For example the same Cancer male, mentioned above might be compatible with an Aquarius, as the two would have a Sun-Moon connection.  The emotional nature of the moon, would relate to the Sun or the soul vibration of the other individual, even if their Sun signs aren't as compatible.

 Ideally, both of these combinations (Sun sign and Moon) would occur in some form, and these are the relationships we tend to think of as soul mates. Generally relationships that do not have a moon connection do not work as well as those who do. Sometimes couples who are in long term relationships do not have compatible moons, but there are always other factors to consider that would create compatibility with other planets.  Compatibility in intimate relationships is a complex consideration in astrology, and there are many factors to consider in the two natal charts involved.

The next and final eclipse of the year falls at 18 degrees of Leo on August 11. This is a  partial solar eclipse that can be seen from some cities in the US, and you can click here to see the eclipse path.

Leo rules the fifth house of children, friends and love affairs, and our attention will be focused here, It is ruled by the Sun, which begs the question how do you shine? What puts sparkle in your life?

Eclipses are like wildcards, and one of the ways we learn how and what we need to change and evolve. An eclipse can seem good or bad, depending on what it aspects in your personal chart, and often an eclipse is dramatic, or reveals important information if it aspects a significant point in your own chart/life.  An eclipse often brings news pertaining to life's biggest events. The energy of an eclipse can go for months and in some cases years.

Almost always unexpected information comes to light and at this time something may be eclipsed completely out of your life, or into your life. Eclipses can bring positive or negative events depending on what it aspects in your personal chart.

Leo rules royalty, drama and theatre. Don't be surprised if things and people seem overly dramatic at this time and of course this could include drama Kings and Queens!

Relationships, fun and entertainment will be a focus during this eclipse, but Venus squares Saturn August 9-10, so this becomes a part of the eclipse energy.

Venus/Saturn energy can be difficult for relationships, and some relationships and other situations may end that are tottering on the edge.

An eclipse like this one occurred August 11, 1999, at 18 degrees of Leo. An eclipse can never be exactly the same as the other planets in the sky are always changing. However, if it hits a significant point or planet in your chart, the same themes and issues can repeat themselves.

Mars square Uranus may bring sudden and unexpected events, or explosive events in the world.

Jupiter is trine Saturn and this is a compassionate and creative transit that can bring harmony to different equations.

Also as Saturn is trine Uranus we can effectively combine the old with the new.

As Mercury is retrograde, events connected to the eclipse may be delayed for days or even weeks.

This eclipse is less harsh than the previous two and now is the time to enjoy some summer fun under the Leo moon. Happy eclipsing!


In a man’s chart the planet Venus is indicative of the type of woman he desires and wants to be with.  Venus is our desire nature, and represents the “type” a man is drawn to.  The Moon however, represents the true emotional nature, and in a man’s chart it represents the wife. This may differ from his Venus. 

Sometimes a man may feel attracted to one type of woman, but in the end he will marry the kind of woman represented by the Moon in his natal chart. Sometimes the Moon and Venus are in conflict. In which case he may be attracted to one type, but marry another. When the moon and Venus are in harmony with each other, what he desires and wishes to marry are one and the same.  But, this is not always the case. (2011)

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