Star Struck Chronicles

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"

As we begin the month of October many things are happening in the world, and in the US one of the most talked about situations is the investigation into Brett Kavanaugh, nominee for the Supreme Court.

The testimony of Dr. Ford who has alleged sexual assault 30 some years ago will be a turning point in society, and a significant historical moment now and in the future.

This is because Jupiter is in Scorpio along with Venus at the time of the hearings, Venus was/is on the eve of turning retrograde making it very powerful in the sign it is considered at its detriment in. Venus, the North Node and Mars are and were in a powerful clash stirring up the energies in the collective where powerful men have often taken advantage of their situation with women, perhaps since the beginning of time. This is a societal turning point, and history is being made. But, is society truly ready to change? Only time will answer this question.

October 24, the Sun enters Scorpio and October 11, Mercury enters Scorpio intensifying the 8th house energies, in the collective and our individual lives.

Scorpio rules the 8th house of sex, secrets, change and transformation, and there will be much focus in these areas during October. The eighth house also rules money, taxes, joint finances, lawsuits, debt and other people's money, along with drugs/addiction and death.

The #MeToo movement makes a powerful social statement of our times, and was borne of Venus in Scorpio (among other things). Now, this movement will be re-visited.

As Mars is in Aquarius, it will clash with Venus the first two weeks of October. Mars/Venus squares represent clashes between the male and female sexes. Add to this, Mars' opposition to the North Node, which can bring up past karmic hurts.

Black Moon Lilith has played a role as well. Lilith is recognized in Christianity and Judaism, and falls somewhere in each of our charts.

Interestingly, Lilith is prominent in the chart of both Bill Cosby and Brett Kavanaugh. Lilith is the primal force of feminine sexuality. She reflects our inner power and demands resistance to control by outside forces.

The place in your chart where Lilith is located is often a place where hurt can turn to vengefulness if you are not self aware.

Many situations will play out between men and women this month, both on the world stage and in our personal lives. Just as astrology affects the world, it affects us both individually and collectively.

Venus turns retrograde October 5, at 3:05 PM. A retrograde Venus is not the time to get married, have plastic surgery, or buy expensive products related to beauty, or even art as you may not be satisfied when the planet goes direct. Women driven businesses may see lower sales during this time.

Sometimes during a retrograde you can re-connect with those from your past, and other relationships may end during this period. Love energy seems more difficult and with Venus in Scorpio, which is considered at its detriment the worst qualities can manifest such as obsession, secretively, revenge, suspicion and mistrust. that are tottering on the edge may end completely at this time. Situations become revealed for what they are. Other couples however, will reunite or take things to a deeper level.

If you begin a new relationship during a retrograde Venus the love energy may never be totally expressed. The relationship could survive for the duration of the retrograde then shift to another level or end when Venus goes direct. I always liken a retrograde planet to throwing a wild card into the mix.

Venus retrograde is a process. The shadow period when we first began to feel the effects of the retrograde began September 3, when Venus was 25 degrees in Libra. Venus officially retrogrades on October 5, and goes direct on November 16. Another shadow period follows where things are not quite back to normal until December 18.

Venue goes stationary direct at 25 degrees of Libra November 16. If this is aspecting a personal planet in your natal chart you may meet a new love during this time, see an increase in your social life or benefit from some type of Venusian activity: love, beauty, art or money!

Let's take a look at some of the other transits of significance in October.

October 2, Mercury squares Pluto in the evening. This is an obsessive, demanding transit and many people will be trying to get to the bottom of some type of situation. Watch travel and driving, communication problems and arguments. We will see major events in the news. This transit is made even more powerful due to Pluto's direct station on the same day. Many things will begin to move forward in the collective and the individual basis, that include lawsuits, stalled projects, and we may be confronted with dealing with the reality of many situations which can seem overwhelming at times.

October 8, the New Moon falls at 15 degrees of Libra. While Libra is generally positive, this Moon squares Pluto and this can create tension in relationships. Change is possible, especially with retrograde Venus.

October 9, Mercury enters Scorpio bringing the total to three, and we are in the Scorpio season. Communication can become more subversive, and shallow discussions will not satisfy.

October 10, Mercury opposes Uranus. This can be nerve wracking transit prone to sudden and unexpected news. Watch for accidents and communication going off the rails today, and expected the unexpected

Venus also squares Mars today and this is the peak of the recent harsh energy, especially between the sexes, but it is not limited to this. Mars and Venus fall somewhere in everyone's chart so conflict is not limited to romantic situations.  Many people are experiencing stress at this time, and what the stress is over, depends on where these two planets fall in your personal chart.

As this is the peak of the energy, it will soon begin to lighten up. While the energy will remain with us for the next 10 days, it won't be so harsh,

October 12, the Sun squares Pluto. Change is in the air, and this is typically related to power struggles, arguments and it can represent forced change of some sort. If change seems imminent, it is better to go with the flow than to resist.

October 15, Mercury conjuncts Venus and this is typically positive for relationships and business, or social life.

October 19, Mercury trines Neptune and this is a compassionate transit, prone to creativity of all sorts.

October 23, the Sun enters Scorpio and we are in the Scorpio season. The Sun also opposes Uranus and this is indicative of explosive situations, explosions, and sudden change, often in a volatile way. Some things end, and we break away from other things. This will be a big news day.

October 24, the Full Moon falls at 1 degree of Taurus and the Moon is conjunct Uranus. This makes it very powerful and indicative of sudden and unexpected change, and explosive circumstances. If you have fixed planets at 0-2 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, this will affect you on a personal level, so expected change, often unplanned for.

October 26,the Sun conjuncts Venus and this is positive for all types of relationships, social lives and business.

October 27, the Sun conjuncts Saturn. This can be tiring, negative, and prone to dealing with responsibilities.

October 29, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, and this is another positive transit, but prone to tall drinks and tall tales, as Blanche Devereaux might say.

October 31, Mercury enters Sagittarius where it will retrograde in November. Mercurial energy becomes more vivid, fast and exciting in this sign.

Also Venus re-enters Libra where it is considered at home. This will be a change from the Scorpio energy, and the clashes with Mars much of the month. Venus here is more interested in fairness and keeping the peace. Venus also opposes Uranus and this can be an exciting time, or a day when plans go awry. Either way, have a Happy Halloween!

The Sun squares Pluto and this is exact just after midnight October 12, so the energies will be felt strongly October 11.

This can be combative and pushy energy, leading to arguments disputes, and information may be revealed at this time.

My advice is to not push contentious  issues, and you will likely experience push back.

Pluto rules the bullies of the world, the dark and hidden undercurrent, decay, corruption and raw power. There is no doubt we will see this transit play out in the world

Some may operate in a combative manner and not be aware of it.

At best this transit holds the potential for change and transformation to a higher order.

The Moon and Mercury have entered Scorpio, and Venus is stationary retrograde in Scorpio at 10 degrees as well. This will create a clash today between Mars/Venus and the Moon. This will make many people feel uncomfortable at some point. It could be issues with money, relationships, or some other situation, depending on where this hits your personal chart.

Today is a good day to remain calm, rather than acting on this potentially volatile energy. To avoid conflict, I would advise giving space to those who seem to be on the verge of agitation, and today is not the day to push ultimatums.

In addition, the Moon and Mercury are opposing Uranus in Taurus. This can bring sudden and unexpected news and events, and caution should be used in travel. We will see some adverse weather conditions play out in the world as well.

While the Mars-Venus energy will not end overnight, as the Moon moves past Mars tomorrow, things should be calmer.

Romantic expectations and styles

Neptune is the quiet voice within, the shadow voice, urging us to seek the ideal love we secretly dream of. It is all we privately dream of and desire in the deepest part of our soul and longing.  Neptune can lift us to the highest of highs, give us a deep spiritual connection, and fulfillment of our dream.

Alternatively, it's placement in our personal chart and those we sometimes attract, can sink us to the lowest of lows to a deluded, debased, unfulfilled, self sacrificing and unhappy union with another that few would actually call love. It all depends upon the sign Neptune was in at your time of birth and how Neptune aspects the planets in your birth chart, along with your understanding of it and how you respond.

Neptune represents the dream, unconditional love, religion and spirituality, psychic ability, imagination, spiritual connections, death, drugs, alcoholism, lies, deception, illusion and delusion, confusion, shame, creativity, psychological complexes and innermost dreams and this most complex of planets. It is the most mis-understood and overlooked of planet in the zodiac.

Neptune placements are generational and some of its characteristics will be shared with everyone born in the same generation. At the same time, depending on its placement in our birth chart, it is also very personal.

Neptune aspects each natal chart individually, creating situations that are unique to you. It is for us to understand it’s placement in our charts, and what it is actually calling for us to find and experience or to avoid altogether as Neptune can represent both ecstasy and chaos.

Your experiences in love depend in part, upon how Neptune is aspected in your individual chart. If you were born with Neptune in easy transit to the planet Venus, and other personal planets in your chart you may easily find the love of your dreams.

If Neptune is in hard aspect to Venus or other planets you may have to be more careful about getting involved with the wrong types, people who will take advantage of you, and drag you down.

 Find your Neptune placement and what it means by birth year. If it is not listed on the first one look to the next or previous year. Neptune changes signs in the course of a year at times.

Follow links  to read about your personal Neptune placement.

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1955-1984 click here

1984-2012 click here

Monday's new moon in Libra would typically a pleasant moon, but I say typically, because it squared Pluto, and this can bring up some deep seated issues. Pluto rules the dark and hidden undercurrent, and the energies of the moon will last two weeks.

This week Mars is still in a square, or clash with retrograde Venus. Issues relating to relationships and/or money can come up at this time, and we will see some type of scandal in the world, if not more.The energy is harsh, and often angry.

This square will not peak until late Wednesday, and this does not mean the energy is completely gone.

On the same day, Mercury opposes Uranus and this can create nervous, tense energy and bring unexpected events. In the collective this could represent another extreme weather related situation.

By Friday, the Sun squares Pluto at 18 degrees of Libra/Capricorn and this is a difficult transit, that can bring hidden issues to the surface, things into the open, and power struggles. Libra does not do well with this sort of thing. This transit will play out in the world as well as situations being revealed and potential abuses of power.

Those with Cardinal planets (Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn) at 17-19 degrees will be affected to a greater degree.

Venus retrogrades on October 5, and this phenomenon can have a big effect on our love lives. Venus retrogrades every year and a half, and I always tell clients that during this time, the ‘karma,’ of their relationship often plays out. Retrograde planets often have to do with events that are ‘fated’ to some extent, or otherwise outside of our ability to control. Issues and previously unknown situations can be revealed, especially in unstable or new relationships. During a retrograde period a planet appears to be moving backward in motion and many things can change, if it is not fully committed. This is a process and it does not happen overnight! Patience is required as the Goddess of Love meanders in backward manner, exposing chinks in the relationship that can either end it, or if the relationship is strong enough be resolved to move forward.

A retrograde Venus is not the time to get married, have plastic surgery, or buy expensive products related to beauty, or even art as you may not be satisfied when the planet goes direct. Women driven businesses may see lower sales during this time.

Sometimes during a retrograde you can re-connect with those from your past, and other relationships may end during this period. Love energy seems more difficult and with Venus in Scorpio, which is considered at its detriment the worst qualities can manifest such as obsession, secretively, revenge, suspicion and mistrust. that are tottering on the edge may end completely at this time. Situations become revealed for what they are. Other couples however, will reunite or take things to a deeper level.

If you begin a new relationship during a retrograde Venus the love energy may never be totally expressed. The relationship could survive for the duration of the retrograde then shift to another level or end when Venus goes direct. I always liken a retrograde planet to throwing a wild card into the mix.

Venus retrograde is a process. The shadow period when we first began to feel the effects of the retrograde began September 3, when Venus was 25 degrees in Libra. Venus officially retrogrades on October 5, and goes direct on November 16. Another shadow period follows where things are not quite back to normal until December 18.

Venue goes stationary direct at 25 degrees of Libra November 16. If this is aspecting a personal planet in your natal chart you may meet a new love during this time, see an increase in your social life or benefit from some type of Venusian activity: love, beauty, art or money!

Retrograde Venus can affect not only romantic relationships, but other relationships and situations as well, along with money, sex, and other 8th house related activities such as joint finances, lawsuits, insurance, credit, change and transformation and the way you feel in relationships.

Years ago, I used to meditate frequently in the late afternoon/evening and many things would come to me.

One day I was deep in a meditation and I found myself talking (mentally) with someone who identified himself as a Russian scientist. He seemed very interested in me.

After a few minutes, I decided to ask questions.

"Why are you contacting me?"

A-We are a group of Russian scientists who study the effects of ESP, and using this we reach out to people all over the world, in hopes of promoting world peace.

Q-Why have you chosen me?

A-You are a writer and can influence people. Also, we were able to reach you.

Q-What is your name?

A-There are many of us. You will never know our names, we cannot reveal them.

Q-What is your purpose?

A-To make connections and promote peace between our countries. We have reached many people around the world. and have been successful doing this.

Q-Is your government aware of this?

A-Parts of our government are, parts are not.

Q-Will you contact me again?

A-We do not know the answer to this question.

Q-Is there something you want me to know?

A-Yes, we would like you to know that in the future, your country and ours will be on friendlier terms. We seek friends all over the world. We want only peace.

The conversation went on for a while, and eventually ended.

Over the next few days I thought a great deal about this experience and wondered if I could have been imagining things, or was it really, what it seemed to be. I knew that Russia had a long history of paranormal studies, ESP and remote viewing.

The year was 1988, and the world was changing, especially Russia.

Several weeks later, to my shock and amazement as I was watching the news, I saw a piece where Secretary General Mikihail Gorbachev arrived in NYC, to be greeted on the streets by thousands of cheering Americans! They loved him! You can click on the link above to read the story.

As time went on, Gorbachev became President of the Soviet Union in 1990.

Gorbachev's policies of glasnost ("openness") and perestroika ("restructuring") and his reorientation of Soviet strategic aims contributed to the end of the Cold War. This was a world altering change.

I couldn't believe what had happened. While Gorbachev was President the US relationship with Russia seemed to be changing for the better. Many people had high hopes.

Unfortunately Gorbachev left office at the end of 1991 and things changed again.

Was Gorbachev part of the attempt to promote peace with the US? Personally, I like to believe he was.

I never had a contact like this again, and of course things are vastly different now.

But, for a short while, I believe we were on the right path to lasting friendship and peace with Russia.(5-30-17)

During the month of September:

The Sun transits through Virgo and into Libra.

Mercury moves through three signs: Leo, Virgo and Libra.

Venus travels through Libra and into Scorpio where it will retrograde in early October.

Mars moves through Capricorn and back into Aquarius for the second time this year.

Jupiter moves past the first half of its  cycle in Scorpio.

Saturn turns direct at 2 degrees of Capricorn, along with Pluto at 17 degrees of Capricorn.

It's been a rough summer for many with all the delays (6 retrograde planets), change (Uranus into Taurus) and three powerful eclipses. Of course summer does not officially end until September 22, when the Sun enters Libra.

September will bring several substantial planetary aspects and influences, and we are headed into a volatile fall/election year.

Originally, Uranus entered Taurus, May 15, and Mars entered Aquarius the next day creating a major clash. We saw deadly clashes in Gaza, a volcanic eruption in Hawaii, and the political turmoil amped up, just to name a few situations in the world. Many people saw change and upheaval in their personal lives including job change, relationship endings, and unexpected, unavoidable events.

Mars squared Uranus for the second time during early August, and in September we will experience the final clash between these two powerful planets.

September 10, Uranus retrogrades to 1 degree of Taurus and Mars re-enters Aquarius for the second time this year.

On the same day Venus enters Scorpio, creating a t-square (3 planets with conflicting energies) with Uranus and Mars.

This will be a volatile configuration that will be very powerful the 10th-14th.

We can expect attacks at various levels, and there is strong potential for violence along with other unexpected events in the US and around the world. Rest assured it will involve politics and more. We could see a drop or change in the financial markets.

On a personal level, this is a transit of change, breaking away from situations that limit your personal freedom and unexpected events, especially involving those who have fixed planets at 0-3 degrees, or those with planets in the early degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

The Mars-Uranus square is exact September 15-18, but we are looking at about a two week span, where we will see much tension in the world and our personal lives, change, and unexpected events. Mars/Uranus transits generally relate to explosive situations and circumstances, violence, unexpected change, military or police events, plane crashes, and anger, to name only a few. We could also see extreme weather or earth related disasters.

 In our personal lives we can experience sudden and abrupt change, or a desire to break free of some situation that has seemingly held us back whether it is a job, relationship or something else. Uranus is often called the planet of 'freedom at any cost."

Many things will change again at this time, and you can look back at the previous dates May 15-18, and August 1-4, to determine its affect in your personal chart and circumstances.

Both the New and Full Moon this month are stressful this month.

The September 9, New Moon (along with the Sun) falls at 17 degrees of Virgo and opposes Neptune at 15 degrees of Pisces. This creates a convoluted type of energy that can easily lead to misunderstandings, avoidance, insecurity, and/or lack of clarity.

My advice is not to take at face value anything that presents itself as all the facts may not be in. Things for some may seem worse than what they really are.

The Moon is supported by Pluto and Jupiter however, and this gives us an 'out,' to complacency or lack of clarity. Look for the facts, and they will present themselves, even if not this particular day. The energy is there to move forward in some way with Jupiter and Pluto.

A hard Neptune opposition can be a positive time for creativity or working to help others less fortunate. We may see outbursts of compassion in various places and ways.

The Full Moon falls at 1 degree of Aries on September 25. Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War. The Moon forms a t-square, or a transit involving the energies of three planets, with a square to the Sun, as well as a square with Saturn. This configuration can pull us in many different directions.

This can relate to endings on various levels. Relationships that have outlived their purpose may end at this time, along with other situations. It may seem negative, tiring and depressing. this moon can link to fears rooted in negative childhood or other experiences. The words, 'chill out,' come to mind, and should be good advice on this Moon.

Saturn trines Uranus the first half of the month for the final time. This has been a big help in 2018 and will not return again soon.

This is positive and constructive energy. In many ways now is the time to combine old ideas with the new and come up with something totally different.

This is a good time for creative self expression as you can find ways of doing things that don't rock the boat. This is also good for group activity in the collective, and out personal lives.

From mid-month the transit begins to weaken but will remain within orb until November.

Other transits of significance include:

September 5, Mercury enters Virgo. Thinking becomes more detailed and critical. Mercury is at home here and conversations can be practical, deeper. Conversation and thinking can also become more worrisome and overly critical of others.

September 6, Saturn turns direct. While retrograde, Saturn slows down the normal rate of activity so better methods can be developed and organized. Saturn rules the structures in our lives and allows us to develop our boundaries.

Wherever Saturn is located in your personal chart is where you need more work to avoid feeling limitation in some way.

When transiting Saturn is retrograde, and we experience a Saturn transit in our personal charts, the retrograde of Saturn is typically the most difficult period of the transit. When we experience a harsh Saturn transit, it typically makes three passes over the course of about a year, one of them typically while Saturn is retrograde. Saturn turned retrograde March 25, and retrogrades every year for about four months.

As Saturn turns direct this can be good news for many issues and situations that have been stuck or in some way or unproductive, and this is true for both the individual and the collective.  Saturn can represent a reality check in many areas of our lives and even in the world.

While Saturn was retrograde many problems were internalized that were cloudy and difficult to figure out. As Saturn moves direct the answers are put into motion, and many matters connected with government, the collective and business begin to move forward.

September 7, Mercury trines Saturn. This is a stabilizing transit and during this time, much can be accomplished with ease.

Also on September 7, the Sun opposes Neptune. This is confusing and difficult. It is easy to make mistakes, or mis-communicate something. At its worst this can bring up paranoia, insecurity or lack of clarity.

September 9, Venus squares Mars. This can bring up issues and problems between the sexes, along with jealousies and other tensions. As this falls on the day of the New Moon which opposes Neptune, situations may well be unclear, convoluted, or new information can be revealed. If you are in the dark, do nothing, as light and clarity will soon return.

September 9, Venus enters Scorpio where it will remain the better part of the year. Venus is considered at its detriment in this sign ruled by Pluto. There can be a tendency while in Scorpio for Venus to operate in a more compulsive or obsessive manner, with a need to uncover the truth, whatever that may or may not entail.

Venus will retrograde October 5, at 10 degrees of Scorpio. During this time matters connected to love and money may shift. Venus retrograde cycles seem to be karmic, and during this time some relationships will end, while others move to different levels.

The shadow period of the retrograde cycle begins on September 3, while Venus is at 25 degrees of Libra. Venus will turn direct again November 16. It will re-enter Scorpio for the second time December 2, and will not change signs again until January 7, 2019 when it enters Sagittarius.

September 10, Mars enters Aquarius for the second time this year. It will clash with Uranus September 16-19. This will be a volatile period, and the last of three squares this year Uranus makes with Mars.

September 11, the Sun sextiles Jupiter. Positive and upbeat. Also the Sun trines Pluto giving us an opportunity to delve deeper into questions and issues.

September 12, Jupiter sextiles Pluto. The energy of this transit began several weeks ago and this is the peak of this energy. This is positive energy for practical accomplishment. Many things may come together at this time. Also, Venus opposes Uranus today. This can make us restless and desirous of seeking out new situations. Venus rules love, money and social values, and many will experience a desire to break free, break out of ruts and try new opportunities. Plans may not go as anticipated.

September 13, Mercury opposes Neptune. This is a confusing, tiring and convoluted transit. You may badly misjudge something if you are not careful. Miscommunication and lack of understanding are a great possibility today. Certain issues can be revealed. Use caution in all communication and driving.

September 15, Mercury trines Pluto. This is good for easily getting to the bottom of problems and communication should take on deeper tones.

September 16, Mercury sextiles Jupiter. This is friendly, positive and upbeat energy.

September 20, the Sun conjuncts Mercury. This is considered a willful transit, and egos may become apparent. Much communication on many different levels.

September 21, Mercury changes signs again and enters Libra. Libra is less harsh than Virgo and relationships of different types will be on many people's minds during this time.

September 22, the Sun enters Libra at 9:55PM, EST and the Libra season, along with fall is officially here.

September 23, Mercury squares Saturn. This can seem tiring, negative and a bit depressing, but will pass soon. Mercury also trines Mars giving the planet of communication a boost, but it can also lead to arguments.

September 24, the first full Moon of fall occurs.

September 25, the Sun squares Saturn. This can be a heavy, if not discouraging transit for some. Some things could end, for most it will be experienced as tiredness, or a focus on more serious matters.

September 27, the Sun trines Mars. This is energetic and pro active energy.

September 30, Pluto turns stationary direct. Pluto transits through the natal chart are often described as "change beyond your ability to control." When Pluto makes a harsh transit in your personal chart change will occur in your life with or without your help. The same goes for the positive aspects.

Pluto has been retrograde since June 2 and retrogrades every year. At this juncture it is very powerful, especially if it aspects something in your personal chart at that time.

  Pluto is now just over half way through its long cycle in Capricorn that will take us through 2024.

Anything that has been festering in the unconsciousness may force its way into the conscious at this time. This is a powerful planetary change and things that have been hidden, both individually and collectively will start to show itself for what it is. Lawsuits that have been put on hold may move forward as can anything of this nature.

Secrets may suddenly be revealed or come out of the shadows and we may see situations or even people turn obsessive in some way as Pluto has an obsessive quality to it.

Pluto rules the dark and hidden undercurrents, sex, bullies nuclear energy and raw power or those who hold such power. It also rules ultimate change and transformation. Typically when Pluto turns direct we see major events transpire in the world. If Pluto is making aspects in your personal chart, expect change in some way, depending on what the aspects are.

  Much more will come to light this week with a Supreme Court nominee and his accusers, who claim sexual misconduct. I do not have Kavanaugh's time of birth, but it appears Saturn is opposing his Moon (women from the past) and this was 'set off,' by the full moon, bringing additional women forward this week who accuse him of misconduct.

Thousands of women have come forward with the #WhyIdidn'treport movement on twitter, detailing their reasons for not reporting sexual abuse in previous decades.

At the time of this post, Bill Cosby has been sentenced to 3-10 years in prison, as I predicted in 2016. This marks the first time since the #MeToo movement, a well known individual who was accused of sexual crimes will serve time in prison.

A powerful t-square is currently active involving Mars, the North Node and Venus in Scorpio, along with Black Moon Lilith. Mars/North Node can bring up painful incidents from the past, as can Venus in Scorpio on the eve of its retrograde, October 5. (A T-square involves three planets all of which clash/in this case 4)

As Venus retrogrades through Scorpio, along with Jupiter (in Scorpio) we will continue to hear much more about the sexual abuses and imbalances in society. The #MeToo movement came into being, when Venus was in Scorpio in 2017.

The Sun and Mercury, currently in Libra demand justice and fairness, as they opposed the Full moon in Aries.

Add to the mix,  Black Moon Lillith conjunct Mars (and part of the t-square) and you have the mix for this week, the sentencing of Cosby, and the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Lilith is the primal force of feminine sexuality. She reflects our inner power and demands resistance to control by outside forces.

The place in your chart where Lilith is located is often a place where hurt can turn to vengefulness if you are not self aware.

In Bill Cosby's chart Lilith is located at 9 degrees of Sagittarius, square his Moon (women). It also opposes his Venus, which deals with younger women. Rape is typically considered a crime of control and anger, and this ultimately led to Cosby's ultimate downfall.

In Kavanaugh's chart Lilith falls at 10 degrees of Aquarius, which is conjunct his Venus (younger women). Venus is currently square his 8 degree Aquarius in Venus and Mars is approaching it. Time will show us the role Lilith will play in his chart.

The full moon in Aries falls on September 24, at 1 degree of the sign. The lunar peak occurs at 10:52 PM, EST. Aries rules the first house or the self, taking initiative, and moving forward. But, this Moon squares Saturn and opposes the Sun/Mercury. Saturn asks that we be real, face reality, and deal with matters at hand. Saturn can also create fear, negativity and tiredness.

Many will experience this as some kind of a block, slowdown, limitation or even ending. This can be a depressing influence on emotions and emotionally bashed relationships, and it will be a challenge to overcome this. Some things, relationships and situations may end, especially if they appear headed in this direction anyway.

Aries is a fire sign and its being reined in by its square to Saturn and Mercury. This forms a tight t-square between the Moon, Sun/Mercury and Saturn which is a difficult transit and we may be pulled in several different directions at the same time.

Chiron conjunct this Moon can relate to deep seated emotional wounds  that may come back up which may have occurred earlier in life, even childhood.

Another t-square is still present in the sky involving Mars, Uranus and Venus. We have been dealing with this several weeks now and with Uranus involved, events and situations can be unpredictable and unexpected.

If you can move beyond or not encounter emotionally based issues and tiredness, this can be a time to accomplish a great deal of practical work, as Saturn deals with work and responsibilities.

A full moon like this calls for us to work on removing limiting and fearful thoughts, and dealing with deep-seating unpleasant memories so we may move forward in a more positive manner.

Years ago, my astrology mentor stated, "When a woman marries a man, she marries his chart. If a woman is single then only her chart matters."

At first, I didn't believe her, but as time went on, she of course, was proven right as she always was.

It's always interesting to look at the chart of a woman (and it could be the other way around) and as she begins to talk it's clear things aren't good at home. In some cases they are downright horrible. (I'm referring to women in serious/committed relationships.)

Thank goodness I had a great teacher, and the years have taught me, look at the chart of the significant other. 

The other chart always tells the tale. When a woman marries a man, she marries his chart, or in other words, she marries his karma. And it goes the other way as well.

She may have a great job, but if he can't keep one, things aren't good...

She may be happy with him, but if he isn't happy with her..

If he is an alcoholic or philanderer.. If she comes from a close family and his relatives are dysfunctional and always putting her down.. and on and on..

 So if you are considering marriage, moving in, or being in a committed relationship, you are committing to the karma of your significant other. The karma, or how things will play out in life, or how life generally treats you, shows up in the astrological chart. (When I speak of karma I am referring to the end result of things, and the general way of life the natal chart shows).

There is nothing supernatural about this and every natal chart shows basic direction and promise in life. Some charts show ease, and others show a difficult, grating existence. Most are somewhere in between and all human beings experience problems no matter who you are.

When I speak of karma I don't mean just the transiting planets as they move through the skies. That too has a big affect, but I also mean the natal chart the significant other was born with.

The natal chart and the transiting planets are two different things.

The natal chart is the chart you or anyone else was born with that shows the blueprint of your life and remains the same throughout your life. As they planets move through the sky they create aspects to our natal chart that show the current circumstances of life, which are always changing. These planets can compel an individual toward a committed relationship or not at the time.

The natal chart, however shows the personality, traits and character of a person, their 'natal promise,' or what they were born to achieve, and how their life will be lived overall. Some are easy, some are very difficult and most are mixed.

Let's say for example, a man was born with a Saturn conjunct his Moon in Capricorn, and the woman he marries or moves in and she has a Moon in Cancer, square Venus and Pluto in Libra.

This shows me a woman who has a strong need to be loved and shown love, and will be miserable unless she gets it. She might even be manipulative and jealous if she thinks it will help her achieve what she wants. She will definitely want a lot of attention.

Moon conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, however may feel that expressing his feelings, buying flowers and doting on his wife or girlfriend is unnecessary. He might show love by paying the rent and seeing that things are financially secure: he doesn't cheat and he feels that he has given his all.

Unless the woman he is with is of the right temperament and attitude and very mature, she is going to be miserable with this man. As their Moons are in opposite signs, this can attract, but further reinforce the feeling there is no common emotional ground. What once attracted can all to often come to repel.

And it works the other way. He would feel she was reactive, overly emotional, demanding, probably insecure  and manipulative.

This same man may be somewhat insecure on an inner level, bound to his job or duty and come from a family where feelings were never expressed, or had a cold upbringing. So, if the woman in question marries him, she marries his karma. By nature, he will never be an expressive man, and he might always put his job first.

They might tolerate each other for a short time, but unless maturity is involved along with enough love to reach an understanding, this relationship will likely fail.

Let's say a woman meets a man with Saturn in Aquarius in the second house (money) and opposing Jupiter/Uranus and square Neptune.

She likes the finer things of life and dreams of a big home, kids and fancy vacations every year. She is an Aries ascendant with Venus and Mars in the second house in Taurus, which squares his Saturn.

The man works hard, but doesn't get ahead, just pays the bills. Ideas and spiritual pursuits are more important to him than things, and money is only a means to an end. Underneath he has a dream of artistic pursuits that won't pay the bills. When he does seem to have an opportunity it seems to fall through suddenly or vanishes into the air.

Unless the woman is willing to earn her own money to pay for the finer things she wants and understands money is not his priority, it's only a matter of time before the fighting begins and this relationship fails because of money issues.

The branch of astrology that deals with compatibility is called synastry and can reveal all of these things in advance.

This is important because when you marry or commit to someone, you should understand their basic karma, and how their overall life will be lived. This is what the natal chart will show you.

Compatibility/understanding is everything, and knowledge is always power.

Saturn-Venus transits can be some of life's most difficult times, especially in terms of love and romance.

Saturn is affecting your Venus at this time if your Venus is in Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, or Libra at 2-7 degrees. You can click here, to find out where your Venus is, in your own personal chart.

Venus rules love, beauty, money and social values, and Saturn is the planet of restriction. The two do not blend easily or harmoniously. As a matter of fact, Saturn-Venus transits are known for ending relationships.

Between the ages of 21-70 each person will experience about 7-8 Saturn-Venus transits. Saturn will make a difficult contact with your Venus once every 7 years.

When you experience a Saturn-Venus transit money, friendships, and especially relationships come into question. If you or your partner have been unhappy in the relationship, it may very well end at this time.

As Saturn aspects your Venus, it generally makes three passes over the course of a year. In some cases it could make two passes, and on rare occasion it only makes one contact. If this is the case, the first and only contact, will likely bring on a significant life changing event.

One of my favorite authors, Dr. Herber Smith, wrote, "This aspect seldom passes without some sorrow, whether in the form of the death of someone dear to you, or the separation from someone you love. New friends made at this time are likely to bring more sorrow or discipline  into the life than pleasure or benefit. It is very unfavorable for social affairs which don't go rightly, you will be disappointed in things not turning out pleasantly. The people you wish o meet will not be presented to you, or your plans for pleasure will be disappointed. 

Herber continues, "do not marry, become engaged, or arrange for any important social meeting under this influence. It is an unhappy influence under which to play gaiety, amusement or anything of the sort, and it is unwise to expect much from a vacation, social engagement, visit, meeting between friends, love affair ,arrange or anything that concerns personal happiness under this condition."

Of course, the above was written more than 100 years ago, but astrology never changes and neither do the transits.

Many things can happen on a Saturn-Venus transit depending on where it is located in your chart, and what other aspects are occurring at the time.  9 time out of 10 however, most of those calling me with this transit are concerned with their relationships.

Whether or not your relationship will survive this transit can depend on a number of things.

First of all, what is the synastry between the two charts, or in other words, what is your real compatibility?  The better and more compatibility the two of you have the better your chance of surviving this transit.

Secondly, time can come into the equation. If this is someone you have known for a few weeks or months, there is a good chance the relationship is meant to end. Any number of things can happen to make it end. You, yourself could be unhappy, or your new partner could, or information could be revealed that changes things.

With time you acquire memories, ties, solidity and in some cases become financially intertwined or have children.  But, even in these cases relationships can end. But the more ties that exist between you, and the greater your ability to function well and get along overall the greater chance you have of surviving this transit. This is where actual commitment comes into play.

And of course there is love. Love can overcome many things (transits), but not if it's one sided.  If both partners are equally connected with each other, there is a far greater chance you will continue on. If one partner is in love with someone who is not available, does not care, involved with others, or is not vested in the relationship, you can expect a break up. This is simply the universes way of ending a situation that is not good for the person who cares. Make no mistake: Saturn transits are often final.

If the aspects takes the form of an opposition, it is typically the other person that ends the relationship.

If the aspect is a square, it could go either way, or either party could end the relationship or become disinterested.

I have found the conjunction the least harsh of the three transits mentioned. A conjunct will either end the relationship, or solidify it to go to the next level. It can go either way. Sometimes an old love can return on this one.

What happens when you have a Saturn-Venus transit? The energy of this transit begins to play out before it is 'exact.' Relationship issues can start to surface, and you or your partner may pull away. If you meet someone new at this time, it will likely not work unless there are mitigating factors.

Most people feel lonely, unloved and even unattractive with this transit. Some people begin diets and work out programs at this time. All self help can only be good!

You do not have luck under this influence. As Dr. Herber wrote, this is not the time to plan important meetings, go to court, apply for your dream job, make public appearances, or even renovate your kitchen, if it can be avoided. Saturn delays and in some cases, ends some things.

Things break, cost money, change and it's not going to be solely connected to your relationship.

But, what can you do if you want to keep your relationship going?

First of all you must ask the question that only you can answer. Do I really want to keep this relationship going, and why? Is it really good for me? Are my feelings being returned or is this a one way street.

Secondly, realize this is the time things can break, especially relationships. This is not the time to get into fights, bring up negative issues or make demands. I am not saying you should take abuse, or suffer silently in any way. But this is not the time to push antagonistic issues, give ultimatums, display jealousy, or go crazy. You or your partner could break, or just give up on the realationship. Or it could be you that gives up.

The above paragraph is why I call this blog "Love tough, or give it up." If you want to save your relationship, it is going to require work, patience, and knowing what you really want, especially in these times.

Sometimes however, the choice is made for you, and this is often the case. 9 times out of 10 with a Saturn-Venus transit one person loses interest, wants out of the relationship, or outside factors occur that make the relationship difficult or impossible.

Can the relationship come back together? Anything is possible, but often the third pass of Saturn is often an end, especially if the relationship is not well established, and there are no strong ties, and especially if the word commitment is not in your mutual vocabulary.

Then again, there are people who have been married 60 years. If you were to ask them about their Saturn-Venus periods, you can rest assured they would tell you these were the most difficult times in their relationship, but the bond was strong enough to stick it out. Even in the best of relationships, issues will occur that can include separation for various reasons, sickness, or some other problem. And then it passes, Saturn moves on, and normal life resumes.

If you make it through a Saturn-Venus period in your relationship, you will know that your relationship has strong roots and can survive future storms, that we all experience in life. If you have been involved with someone for 7 years, in all likelihood you have experienced a harsh Saturn-Venus transit.

Saturn can also make a sextile or trine to Venus, and this can bring stability in your love life, commitment, or you could meet some of the most significant people. This will be the topic of another blog.

The Mars-Uranus square finally becomes exact at 7:00 PM, EST, September 18. This will be the peak of this volatile energy, that began last week as Venus, Mars and Uranus formed a t-square, or major clash in the sky. This is the third and final pass of this volatile transit this year.

So, far we have seen a hurricane hit the US East coast, and Typhoon Manghut has created major disaster in Hong Kong and China. It will be days before we know the final damage with any of these storms.

A significant gas line explosion occurred in the Boston, Ma area forcing hundreds to flee their homes, and the damage here is not all known at this time, either.

US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will face his accuser on sexual assault charges in a public hearing September 24, reminiscent of the Anita Hill hearings in 1991. These are a few of the unexpected and explosive incidents we have seen since this powerful transit began, not to mention the unexpected and changeable situations that have occurred in our personal lives.

You will feel this transit more if you have fixed planets (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius at 1-2 degrees in your personal chart.

While the peak of this transit occurs September  18, this energy will continue to be with us through September although events may not be quite as dramatic.

 If you have a fixed planet at the above degree, as Mars continues to move forward things should begin to lighten up, but you also have a Uranus transit.

Uranus is in Taurus and will clash with fixed planets at 0-2 degrees between now and early November. Uranus is the harbinger of change, often unexpected, freedom, and it shakes things up, in often unexpected ways. Many people seek freedom from something when Uranus enters their chart, or others around them seek freedom or unexpected change.

Uranus will remain at 1-0 degrees until early November when it will re-enter Aries one last time. Next spring it will move back into Taurus for the next 7 years

Long before the days of Steel Magnolias there were Iron Buttercups.  An Iron Buttercup is a woman most often associated with the South, but she does not have to be from the South or have even stepped foot in the South.Nor does she need an accent! She is self possessed, possesses self confidence, and always responds/acts like a lady in public. She understands loyalty, and is willing to give everyone a chance unless they prove her otherwise wrong.  She is generally attractive.  She may not be movie star drop dead gorgeous, but has learned to make the most of what she has. This is a lady with her own mind.  She may or may not always speak it, but make no mistake, this woman is no pushover and everyone knows it.  Men like her because she sets boundaries from the beginning, and an Iron Buttercup knows men don’t go for doormats. (Neither does she)  When a man captures an Iron Buttercups heart, he knows he has something valuable. Such a woman is a challenge, making it all the more appealing to him.

While Iron Buttercups are often found in the South they can live anywhere, and they can be from anywhere.  They’re found throughout all walks of life/social stratas and in all cultures.  Long ago, they were originally born and bred in the South which is why so many of them remain today.

Iron Buttercups are seldom found in abusive relationships or for that matter bad relationships with men, at least for very long.  An Iron Buttercup may be divorced, separated, or she may have at one time been in a relationship with a man who was an alcoholic, cheat or abuser, but that’s the past, and she will not repeat history a second time. An IB can be a bitch, but only if deserved. A woman can become an Iron Buttercup at any point in her life.

Here are the Top 11 relationship tips from the Iron Buttercup Guide to Happiness with Men which has been handed down to women for generations.

1-Never chase a man-Men are the natural born hunters so the chase comes naturally to them. To chase a man defies the laws of Buttercup nature. An Iron Buttercup knows the only relationships worth pursuing are with men who are interested in her. (This does not mean a woman can never take the lead) A wise old Iron Buttercup said, "Men are hunters, women are gatherers: let the man hunt you!! Gather the benefits".

2-Never call, text, Facebook, or email a man incessantly.  One text perhaps, one call until he returns communication. And only if you have reason to believe he is interested in you. Preferably, he contacts you. Many Iron Buttercups NEVER call a man unless returning a call.

3-If he doesn’t return the communication back off. Don’t continue to try and communicate with a man who is clearly not interested. If he is interested, he will call back, even if there is a delay. Remember this most of all.

4-If you have been dating someone who suddenly disappears, shows a lack of interest or starts dating someone else, back off.  Hold your head high, stifle the instinct to cry and go into an emotional spin and get on with your life instead! There is plenty to see and do and the next and better man is just around the corner! This is your mantra, use it generously. And Never, never, never, put your life on hold to wait for a man to come back around!

5-Drop him like a hot potato if he abuses alcohol or drugs on a regular basis-it will only get worse.  If he abuses you physically or emotionally, mistreats you, is a sex addict, makes fun of you, or treats you in a condescending manner. If he lies to you, wants money, or you find him active on a dating site after establishing an intimate relationship, drop him fast. Look up the words narcissist, addiction, and psychotic and Understand what they mean.

6-Drop him like a hot potato if he mistreats your children, parents,family or pets. Things will get worse, not better.

7-Every man you meet is not your soul mate. Every man you are interested in will not become your husband/boyfriend.  You have to kiss a lot of frogs to meet a prince.  Meeting your next husband or soul mate is not an everyday occurrence, and not every relationship will work out. Learn the art of moving on gracefully instead of holding on, turning him into a deserted shrine. No one said it was easy, but it is necessary if you want to find the right man and insure your own happiness in this life.

8-Never give up your own interests. Don’t put your life/interests on hold for a man.  Don’t give up your interests in the pursuit of him and his interests.  An Iron Buttercup knows a woman with her own interests is an attractive one who has something to talk about.

9-If you choose to date a married or otherwise committed man, understand you roll the dice, you take your chances.  This is a risky situation at best, likely to end in a train wreck. If it does not work out move on, and do not be bitter.  Understand that married men seeking other women often lie or change their minds. Naivete is not attractive if you are over 25. Some men lie-frequently, and others will say whatever they have to, to get what they want.

10-You are not in a committed relationship unless you have a ring on your finger, or made and received a verbal commitment as such and both parties agree. If you are not committed, you are free, and so is he. No IB lives as a committed woman, if she is not. If you are not committed don't tie yourself down to a man who doesn't want commitment. If you are committed and he is not, you are not committed. Do not make allowances because he is scared, has baggage, or has a commitment phobia.  You are both committed or you are not.

11-The Golden Buttercup Rule-You must love yourself first. You must protect yourself and not put yourself in bad situations. If you are in a bad situation that causes unhappiness and pain, get out of it now! Never wait for him to 'change,' as chances are he won't and you are wasting your life.

It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it - Maurice Switzer

Can you see someone who would be considered a true gossip in astrology? Absolutely.

Mercury rules our communication, so this is the first thing to look at.  Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so Jupiter is typically part of the equation, especially in a square or opposition with Jupiter. And if Mercury is retrograde this could add to the tendency as well as retrograde planets can misbehave.

Add Neptune to the mix and the stories could get more distorted and bizarre each time they are told. Add Pluto and they could get more intense with a touch of revenge added.

The signs the planets are in make a difference as well.  For example planets in Cancer could make the gossip more emotional. Sagittarius could make the stories bigger and wilder.

Of course we are all born with a brain and get to choose when we open our mouths. This is where free will enters the picture. And some people were raised to believe gossip is wrong. Conditioning factors can enter the equation as well. So these people don't have to gossip even if they have this tendency. But, the conditioning not to gossip would show in the chart as well.

 All human idiosyncrasies show up in the natal chart.

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