Star Struck Chronicles

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"
Your life is represented by your personal astrological chart-it is the blueprint of your life. All situations current and past, early beginnings and even your parents show up in your personal natal chart.

The parents are represented by the fourth and tenth houses-the fourth house is the Father and the tenth house is the Mother. Astrologers can glean a great deal about your early beginnings by looking at these houses and their planetary rulers.

The Moon in a natal chart represents the emotions, the home, and shows us the Mother as well, and how we perceived her. In a man's chart it also shows the wife, or future wife.  Since the Moon represents the support system that you first experienced after birth, it describes the Mother.

No chart is the same and the Moon can make many different aspects with other planets. For example:

Moon-Pluto transits can indicate an intense if not controlling relationship with Mother.

Moon-Neptune transits can represent a confused image of Mother, or she could have had substance problems, experienced mental illness, or even been creative or psychic.

Moon-Uranus transits can show an erratic or very unusual Mother, or show unexpected and sudden events in early life.

Moon-Saturn transits can show a loyal and duty bound, or overly serious Mother, or coldness/lack in the relationship, or loss.

Moon-Jupiter transits can show a kind, loving or permissive Mother interested in justice and fairness. The hard transits can show permissiveness.

Moon-Mars transits can show an angry, disruptive, aggravating Mother, or in some cases accidental death of some type.

Moon-Venus transits can show a Mother that is kind, loving and generous or beautiful.

Moon-Mercury transits can show an intellectual, talkative or young acting Mother, or one that irritates and swings between emotional and rational.

The above are some of the combinations astrologers can see connected with the Moon but often more than one planet aspects the Moon, and it also depends on the sign and where it falls in your chart. To get a clear description of your Mother, all aspects involved must be taken into consideration.

Your Moon can fall in one of 12 signs and this also describes your Mother in brief:

Moon in Aries-the Moon in Aries shows a strong Mother, who could have been overbearing at times. She may not have always agreed with your plans and you could have considered her selfish sometimes. She would have been assertive and willing to make hard decisions.

Moon in Taurus-Your Mother probably placed value in comfort and practical details. She may have like fine things and good value for the money. You may have considered her overly practical at times or stubborn. Once she made up her mind, the decision was typically final. Usually, she would have been considered kind, but held strong opinions.

Moon in Gemini-You Mother was light, somewhat intellectual in her approach and seldom boring. She could have liked gossip. She in all likelihood, did not live a restrictive existence, and was open to new ideas and thoughts. You may have seen her as a continual source of information and she encouraged your inquisitive mind. She may have been like a friend.

Moon in Cancer-Your Mother could have experienced a great deal of emotional upheaval in her own life, but she would have been nurturing when she was not in emotional pain herself, and you likely have deep emotional connections. You may feel a sense of duty and obligation to be there for her, and she you. She would have strong opinions as to how you would have been/were raised and the past was important to her. She may have been overly emotional or overly protective.

Moon in Leo-Your Mother would be a bold presence in your life one way or another. She is not someone who held back on her feelings, and could be very dramatic at times. She was/is no wallflower.

Moon in Virgo-You would have experienced your Mother as down to earth and practical, and she could be critical at times, and you could be critical of her, or analyze her every action. But, at the end of the day, she got the job done and raised you to do the same.

Moon in Libra-Fairness and justice would be part of life with a Libra Moon (Mother.) You may feel you have to make sure you keep the peace, and this would be an important part of your relationship. She may have liked beautiful things, and significant relationships would have been important to her.

Moon in Scorpio-Your Mother would have been a passionate women, sometimes very private. You may see her as stubborn, intense and controlling or manipulative at times. You could view her as being very emotional, intense, and as you too are often private, the intensity could sometimes seem overbearing.

Moon in Sagittarius-Freedom would be a theme with your Mother-you or her. Fairness and justice may have been a theme. You may have seen her as less mature than other Mothers appeared, she could have seemed flighty or not as warm as you would have liked. Always fun loving though.

Moon in Capricorn-As Capricorn is ruled by Saturn your Mother may have seemed cold at times. She was all business, one way or another, she could have experienced a difficult life in some way, have been overly stern or controlling, and put work before pleasure. She was there for practical support, planning, and was/is security oriented.

Moon in Aquarius-Your relationship with your Mother could have been a bit distant or even detached. She was more intellectual than emotional and you probably didn't feel like burdening her with your problems. She may have relied on you more so than other Mother's and she may have wanted her space, or it seemed so at times. You probably matured early. She probably had many friends.

Moon in Pisces-She may have had to overcome many difficulties and had an inner emotional strength not all people were aware of, and she made many sacrifices. At times she may have seemed lost in her own world, and you may have felt lost in yours as a result. She may have had a deep seated faith of some kind that inspired her, or she may have been highly intuitive, or creative. She could have given confusing signals at times.

(If you do not know your Moon sign your can look for a free ephemeris on the internet. Or there are numerous free moon sign calculators.)

 In memory of Joan Hurley Peake- October, 3, 1924-May 21,1998, and all the other Mothers, daughters and sons that will not be able to celebrate this Mother's Day together.

As Uranus reaches the final degree of its time in the sign of Aries, Mars-the God of War- reaches its final degrees in the sign Capricorn. This creates a square between these two powerful planets, or a major clash.

Squares in astrology bring friction and change and the combination of Mars-Uranus will bring unexpected and unpredictable changes in our personal lives and in the world.

This transit becomes exact May 16,, but the energy will be felt before it is exact and for days after. Look to see multiple events happening one after the other.

Add Mercury to this mix, which (in Aries) also squares Mars, May 12, and this becomes an angry if not volatile combination. Both information and propaganda can come from this.

May 13, Mercury conjucnts Uranus, which is prone to sudden and unexpected news, accidents.

In our lives, we must guard against acting with haste and anger because plenty of this energy will be available if this is what you want. Also watch your driving and anything else that could cause an accident. The key is to remain calm and think all things through carefully and clearly during these days.

Many things fall apart under transits like this, and that said, many things also come together but the situations that come together would have a theme of change or breaking free of something. Positive events can happen.

These transits will play out in the world in terms of sudden and unpredictable changes such as those we have recently seen with the US withdrawal from the Iran agreement, the continuing Stormy Daniels saga, and the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii.

You can expect to see much more before this transit is over:

-the potential of further earth related disasters or further damage

-changes in politics and political figures

-violence and the potential of causalities

-accidents or plane crashes

-issues or changes with electronic equipment or the internet

-issues that concern sex or abuse by men

-explosions and explosive circumstances

May 15, Uranus enters Taurus at 1:23 AM, EST   Just after midnight, Mars enters Aquarius, May 16. Mercury, in Taurus becomes part of the equation again, as it squares Mars in Aquarius as well.

This is the same configuration as before, it has just changed signs!

Uranus in Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Mars in Aquarius is in Uranus' sign. I hope you follow this. This is very powerful energy.

-Mercury/Uranus in Taurus concerns money, the earth, women, social values

So, once again we will see sudden and unpredictable changes as Mars and Uranus clash but let's look at what these planets and their signs rule. They have changed from Cardinal (things are going to change fast) signs to fixed (stubborn and determined) signs.

-Uranus, now ruled by Venus (as opposed to Mars) is connected to women, the earth, money and finance, and Uranus rules the technology, innovation and aircraft as well.

-Aquarius rules the 11th house or the collective, so this transit can affect global change. It is also associated with coups, revolutions, war, and explosions or explosive situations.

This period will stretch through the week of May 20, and events that occur now will have long lasting consequences. On some level, most of us will see change and we will certainly see collective change.

Years ago, I used to meditate frequently in the late afternoon/evening and many things would come to me.

One day I was deep in a meditation and I found myself talking (mentally) with someone who identified himself as a Russian scientist. He seemed very interested in me.

After a few minutes, I decided to ask questions.

"Why are you contacting me?"

A-We are a group of Russian scientists who study the effects of ESP, and using this we reach out to people all over the world, in hopes of promoting world peace.

Q-Why have you chosen me?

A-You are a writer and can influence people. Also, we were able to reach you.

Q-What is your name?

A-There are many of us. You will never know our names, we cannot reveal them.

Q-What is your purpose?

A-To make connections and promote peace between our countries. We have reached many people around the world. and have been successful doing this.

Q-Is your government aware of this?

A-Parts of our government are, parts are not.

Q-Will you contact me again?

A-We do not know the answer to this question.

Q-Is there something you want me to know?

A-Yes, we would like you to know that in the future, your country and ours will be on friendlier terms. We seek friends all over the world. We want only peace.

The conversation went on for a while, and eventually ended.

Over the next few days I thought a great deal about this experience and wondered if I could have been imagining things, or was it really, what it seemed to be. I knew that Russia had a long history of paranormal studies, ESP and remote viewing.

The year was 1988, and the world was changing, especially Russia.

Several weeks later, to my shock and amazement as I was watching the news, I saw a piece where Secretary General Mikihail Gorbachev arrived in NYC, to be greeted on the streets by thousands of cheering Americans! They loved him! You can click on the link above to read the story.

As time went on, Gorbachev became President of the Soviet Union in 1990.

Gorbachev's policies of glasnost ("openness") and perestroika ("restructuring") and his reorientation of Soviet strategic aims contributed to the end of the Cold War. This was a world altering change.

I couldn't believe what had happened. While Gorbachev was President the US relationship with Russia seemed to be changing for the better. Many people had high hopes.

Unfortunately Gorbachev left office at the end of 1991 and things changed again.

Was Gorbachev part of the attempt to promote peace with the US? Personally, I like to believe he was.

I never had a contact like this again, and of course things are vastly different now.

But, for a short while, I believe we were on the right path to lasting friendship and peace with Russia.(5-30-17)


When I was in my 20’s I met two older women, I will call Ruth and Sarah.  Ruth was in her late 50’s, and had divorced in her late 20’s with 3 children.  Ruth had worked as a waitress from the time of her divorce, and had little to show financially.  When I got to know her, I asked her why she never remarried? 

She proceeded to tell me the story of her life: after her divorce she met the love of her life, the most wonderful, successful man in the world.  He ran a well known business, and was a State Senator.  Wonderful, brilliant man and the sky was the limit. Only one problem—he was married.  She began dating him, waiting for him to leave his wife and three children.  The future looked bright—she loved him, and he always called.  She saw him at least once a week, and some days he dropped by the restaurant where she worked. She never out and out asked him exactly when he would leave, but she knew he would because he always told her how unhappy he was at home. 

Soon, she was 30, then 35.  Still waiting, but she knew the day would come.  Still working in the same two restaurants, always hoping to see him at lunch.  When he came in with his friends and political associates they would act as though they didn’t know each other, but that was ok..after all, he had an image to uphold.  Couldn’t let the constituents down.  Someday, she wouldn’t have to pretend.

It was ironic that I was listening to the news that day, in another town, having not yet met Ruth. A well known State Senator and businessman had shot himself at point blank range and left a suicide note.  An investigation was about to occur into his finances, and he would likely face a criminal investigation. He believed his life would be ruined, and his family disgraced, and he took the easy way out without having to face his actions.

I didn’t think much more about it until I met Ruth and put two and two together years later. I asked if it was the same man and yes, it was.  We were sitting in the living room of a local psychic waiting to get a reading.(long before the days of Keen!) She was there for a reading because she was convinced this man had left her money.  After all, she devoted the better part of her life to him.  Worked 2 jobs, and waited. She never went back to school because she knew her future held a man who loved her and was financially secure. 

Over the years I periodically saw Ruth from time to time and she would tell me about her latest theory as to where she believed the money was that he intended her to have.  She spent the last 10 years of her life getting readings, asking psychic after psychic when she would find the money.  When would she be contacted by an attorney? The fact is he never left her anything, he left it all to his family. 

Ruth spent 30 years of her life waiting for a man to whom she was convenient. Sure, he would drop by for sex, why not? Things were comfortable, easy, she adored him, idolized him and worshiped the ground he walked on, and she was attractive.  What did he have to lose?  Probably, he was even fond of her. She cooked for him, listened to his problems and was always there.  But, in the end she hadn’t cost him a thing.  He never had to work for anything, she made it easy. Always Waiting, and getting readings. A few years ago, I heard Ruth had passed away.  She never found the money, because in the end he only prioritized the security of his family.

Sarah had a similar situation to Ruth. She divorced in her early 30’s and was in her 50’s when I met her. She was a smart sophisticated woman, and I wondered why she was alone?  She too, had a story to tell. Met a wonderful man shortly after her divorce and began spending time with him.  One glitch-he was married with kids.  He too, had a high profile job, and had to be very careful about his whereabouts. They began seeing each other and many days he would come to her apartment.  He was unhappy at home, but because of the kids and his job couldn’t leave his wife.  They would take vacations together, and see one another frequently.  Sometimes they would go out on the town and some of his friends knew and accepted her.  He led a double life. Weekends and holidays, Sarah was always alone.

When I met Sarah she told me she had spent the last 20 Christmases by herself.  Christmas Eve he would manage to get out and make a 3 minute call to her apartment.   He promised that when the kids were all in college he would leave his wife for her.

One by one the three kids went off to college, and when the last daughter was finally enrolled in school, Sarah asked if he was ready to leave now.  Yes, the kids are safely away in school and he wanted to move on with his life.  There was only one problem—his wife’s name was on all of the assets and she was threatening to take more than her fair share.  He could be free—but at a price.  But, he had an appointment with a lawyer to find out exactly what he would end up with if he divorced her.  She waited by the phone to hear his news but he never called back that day, or the next.

 Before he could attend the meeting that day, he dropped dead of a heart attack, and she found out by reading the newspaper a week later. His wife and family were grief stricken, but well provided for. Sarah was equally grief stricken, nearly 60 and all alone. She had to move out of her apartment that year as she could no longer pay the rent.

I never saw Ruth again again after she moved. Like Sarah, she had put her career and social life on hold, never moving forward and never investing in her own future. His friends that had casually accepted her suddenly no longer knew her name. 

 Today this man’s children are all accomplished and his youngest daughter plays a role in politics. She enjoys a happy and successful life as do his other children.  But, none of them have ever heard of a woman named Sarah who was a part of their Father's life for  decades.

Life is Short. Time goes by faster than you believe.  Who are you spending your time with?(2011)

Mercury squared Mars and Saturn in April several times, and to make it worse Mercury was retrograde. You may remember these days, April 4th and 5th, and then again on the 25th. Many people felt angry or blocked.

Heads Up: Monday, May 7, Mercury squares Pluto but the energy will be felt over the weekend.

By the end of the week, May 12, Mercury will clash with Mars again like it did April 4-5th, but at least Mercury isn't retrograde.

That doesn't mean there won't be problems. Mercury in Aries is bold and impulsive (communication) and Pluto could be a force to reckon with. In other words, be careful what you say, there could be push-back.  Or alternatively, this combination can be  obsessive, demanding and argumentative.

Mercury-Mars is angry and irritating. Again communication may be too bold, and Mars is the 'God of War.'

With work and control, these transits can indicate a great deal of mental work, or the possibility of such.

And of course these transits will play out in the world.

There are many things to consider when doing a compatibility reading between two people. Relationships are as mufti-layered as are the people involved in them.  One of the greatest factors to consider in a reading is the connection between the planets that relate to our love life and the two individuals in question. 

A primary planet (or luminary) is the moon. The moon, as well as its placement and sign shows our true emotional nature, what we are secure with on a deep psychological level, and this is the most important planet in synastry. 

An individual may be a Cancer Sun sign, but if he or she has an Aquarius moon, this individual is an emotional Aquarius, and so on. So, while a Cancer male, for example may be a Water Sign, he seeks someone with whom he can relate on an emotional level, and will fit best with someone whose moon is compatible with his. That would be an individual with a moon in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius.

The moon shows what we are comfortable with, and what it takes to fulfill our emotional needs. It is more difficult to be with someone who cannot fulfill or relate to our true emotional needs.

Compatibility between two individuals often involves a Sun-Moon connection. For example the same Cancer male, mentioned above might be compatible with an Aquarius, as the two would have a Sun-Moon connection.  The emotional nature of the moon, would relate to the Sun or the soul vibration of the other individual, even if their Sun signs aren't as compatible.

 Ideally, both of these combinations (Sun sign and Moon) would occur in some form, and these are the relationships we tend to think of as soul mates. Generally relationships that do not have a moon connection do not work as well as those who do. Sometimes couples who are in long term relationships do not have compatible moons, but there are always other factors to consider that would create compatibility with other planets.  Compatibility in intimate relationships is a complex consideration in astrology, and there are many factors to consider in the two natal charts involved.

Mary Todd Lincoln was born December 13, 1818 to a wealthy planter/businessman and slave owner in Lexington, Ky, time of birth unconfirmed. Her father owned slaves but was said to actually be against the concept of slavery. Politics were often discussed in the Todd household and it was here Mary developed her knowledge of the politics of the day and learned how to speak the language that would color her marriage and future life. Few women in her day were as politically astute as Mary.

By knowing the time of a person's birth astrologers can gauge the placement of the ascendant and the moon. Without the time, astrologers create a Sun sign chart which works well, but does not give us as much detail the time of birth would, especially if the moon changes signs that day. By looking at events that occur in a person's life astrologers can rectify a chart, and glean the time of birth according to events we know have occurred, but it is not an easy process to do so.

Mary was the third of six children and was six years old when her Mother died in childbirth. Her father subsequently re-married and had eight more children but the step Mother was said to be disliked by all of the Todd children, and Mary's life was never the same after this first major loss, which would be the first of many.

The moon was in two signs the day Mary Todd was born: Gemini into Cancer. Mary was known for being extremely emotional and this is indicative of someone with a Cancer moon and/or Cancer ascendant, Cancer being the most emotional of signs. She was very attached to her son, Tadd who died at a young age, and after he died Mary is said to have gone into a great depression, and this was one of the major turning points in her life. She suffered many traumas in life including the death of four out of five sons, the early loss of her Mother, health issues, depression, marriage problems, spending problems, political enemies, loss of family during the Civil War and of course the murder of her husband in 1865.

After Lincoln's death she found herself greatly in debt with not enough resources to pay it, and like many people today had a bad habit of living far beyond her means, and what her purse could support which proved to be a problem throughout her marriage, and even more so after her husband's death. Her spending was likely the result of trying to replace emotional serenity and personal happiness with possessions.

The moon represents our emotional life and temperament. If Mary was born between midnight and 6 a.m she has a Gemini moon opposing Neptune in her 7th house.

Moon-Neptune individuals are known to suffer from depression or lack of clarity at times, and the moon in her seventh house would signify her marriage to Abraham Lincoln, and an overall confusing or discouraging marriage situation on an emotional level in some respects. During their earlier years Lincoln spend months away from home, due to his work as a traveling lawyer, and they both suffered greet stress during Civil War that took its toll in many areas, including further losses in terms of Mary's confederate relatives who were killed.

History tells us Mary and Abe had their share of marital problems, with Mary often portrayed as flying into rages at the drop of a hat. After the death of their first son, it is reported Abe threatened to have her committed, but, they stayed together and she was his strongest political advisor and ally throughout his life.

Sometimes these individuals (Moon-Neptune) have an interest in the metaphysical world and Mary was known for holding séances in the White House. The fact is she was an involved member of the spiritualist community. In all likelihood this greatly contributed to allegations of her insanity as she became an enthusiastic member of this movement during the Civil War. Spiritualism took hold of America during this time but many Northerners frowned on the practice, and Mary was criticized for her participation and activities in this area. She told her sister she saw her dead son standing by the bed every night and had she not discovered spiritualism, she 'would still be drowned in tears.' These observations were recorded as unnatural instances among more conservative critics and Mary suffered as a result of an interest she made no attempt to hide among those she knew.

They (Moon/Neptune) can also have a lack of emotional objectivity at times, or can suffer from mental disorders/depression from time to time, depending on what else is in the chart.

After President Lincoln was murdered, Mary's son, Robert, had her committed, so there is a case to question if Mary had a Gemini moon opposing Neptune. At the time of her death she was said to be addicted to drugs, another indication of a Moon-Neptune.

This time of birth-6:00 a.m. could be seriously considered due to her alleged proneness to depression and delusions, but you are best known in life (and history) for cardinal planets and angular houses. Angular houses take on more importance (1, 4, 7,10 ruling the self, the home, marriage and career) and cardinal planets take on greater importance as well, as these planets/houses tend to cause energetic reactions and changes in one's life when aspected. (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra are the cardinal signs)

Using 6: 30 p.m. as a birth time, Mary has Jupiter in Capricorn, in her 7th house of marriage. The sign Capricorn ruled by Saturn would represent the older Saturn-like Abe Lincoln she married, so taking the above mentioned and other situations into consideration there is a stronger case for a Cancer moon and placing her time around 6:30 p.m. or so, placing her moon in the 12th house, sometimes called the house of 'karma,' and of troubles, and Mary's life was peppered with troubles from beginning to end. Her Sun and stellium of Sagittarius planets fall in her sixth house of health-work/service to others.

Abe's moon is at 24 degrees of Capricorn, falling in her 7th house of marriage. Abe's Sun would fall in Mary's eighth house at 23 degrees of Aquarius. The 8th house rules death and the Sun represents the husband and this combination falling in her 8th house shows a husband whose accomplishments will live on past death, as well as her own accomplishments/life being remembered.

Using this chart we see a woman who was destined to be known for her marriage to a husband who would die.

Placing Mary's time at 6:30 p.m. gives Mary a 16 degree Cancer ascendant and 5 degree Cancer moon. It places 3 Cardinal planets, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in Capricorn in her 7th house (angular) house of marriage or on the cusp. Had she not married Abe Lincoln, it is likely she would have married another prominent man.

Mary's constant tantrums and spending proved to be a source of trouble throughout her marriage to Abraham Lincoln, but her Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Capricorn sextiled his three planets in Pisces that included his Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter. These transits are indicative of love and tolerance. Her Uranus and Sun sextiled his 23 degree Sun in Aquarius showing a exciting connection between the two of them. They has a Mars/Venus trine indicative of attraction and romance. So, while there were problems, there was an underlying tolerance and love of each other that kept the union together until the end.

In Lincoln's chart, his Moon at 23 degrees of Capricorn square Mars at 25 Libra falling in the 12th house. This is indicative of many upsets in life that included the death of all but one son, and a wife that could cause or be subject to turmoil, and at times it would show an argumentative and unhappy union. This transit also shows his death as Mars in the 8th house of death squares is moon in his 12th house of secret enemies, which John Wilkes Booth was.

The biggest conflict in the two charts is shown by Mary's Saturn/Pluto opposing Abe's Jupiter which reveals a money issue or differences in values concerning money, and Saturn opposing Mercury can reveal harsh words and speech between them. Her four planets in Sagittarius square his three in Pisces and this combination would bring conflict.

Mary was born with a Venus in Capricorn and these individuals sometimes marry for money-security, or chose individuals who they believe will be successful. Mary is reported as having said many times she married Lincoln because 'she knew he would be President one day.' Lincoln is reported to have said he 'fell in love and never fell out.'

When Lincoln was assassinated in the Ford theatre the night of April 14, 1865, this places transiting Mars (ruler of guns) at 8 degrees of Cancer close to Mary's moon and ascendant opposing her 3 planets in her marriage house.

Uranus was in Gemini opposing her Neptune on this infamous date in history, square Pluto in a T-square close to the cusp of her house of marriage. Uranus rules sudden, unexpected and explosive events, and Uranus-Pluto can be indicative of sudden violence.

The assassination of a President would be accompanied by some very heavy and intense planetary combinations. Looking at the event chart for the morning on Lincolns death at 7:22 A.M April 15, 1865, Jupiter is opposing Uranus in the last degree of Sagittarius-Gemini, just about to go direct and Jupiter is the significator of the Republican party. The 29th degree of any planet is considered a critical degree by many astrologers. The moon was at 19 degrees of Sagittarius and as the moon conjuncted Jupiter that day opposing Uranus, word of his death must have spread like wildfire with details being sketchy.

Mars squared Neptune that day at 8 degrees of Cancer-Aries. Mars rules guns and weapons and Mars was in the sign of the homeland. Mars-Neptune transits often indicate confusion and depression as well as discouraging circumstances, and the country went into mourning.

Mercury was next to Pluto at 14 degrees of Taurus in the 8th house of death. The Sun, which represents the President in mundane astrology was opposing Saturn from the 12th house of secret enemies, showing us a major event was destined to take place that would involve the President and government at that time.

History portrays Mary as being moody, outspoken and sometimes difficult to deal with, but this was during a time in history when ladies were not encouraged to speak their mind at all. Women with a moon in Cancer often wear their heart on their sleeve. They can be moody at as well as sensitive and loyal as she was to Lincoln. A woman as outspoken as Mary, and as emotional, might well have well been called crazy by men of the time who believed women were to be seen and not heard, much like children in that day. She could well have had a nervous breakdown at some point with the loss of 4 sons, brothers and family members, and ultimately almost everyone she ever loved, along with the financial stress she got into, which today would be called a compulsive shopping/spending disorder and she would have been able to seek counseling had it been a different time.

Mary has a stellium of 4 planets in her sixth house ruling health/work or service. These planets include the Sun, Neptune, Uranus and Mars, all in Sagittarius.

Sun-Uranus individuals often come across as erratic, changeable and sometimes even charismatic and ahead of their time. Uranus-Mars individuals can be changeable on a dime, often considered moody, in a bad mood, or they can become volatile at a moment's notice, which was something Mary was known for. They often have a hard time reigning in their energy and are usually known for their temper. Uranus is the planet of freedom and Uranus next to Mars in a chart can indicate someone who wants total freedom of action and is determined to get it. This trait would not bode well with the public in a First Lady during the 1860's. These people (Uranus-Mars) are often considered rebels by society and refuse to be told what to do, and are often seen by society as too ahead of their time or unsafe. Mary was heavily criticized during her time as First Lady to the 16th President.

Mary suffered from headaches throughout her lifetime and Mars in the sixth can indicate headaches, and as Mars lies next to Uranus the headaches could come and go suddenly which they did throughout her life. She also suffered through a carriage accident and a disastrous fall later in life that affected her health.

Mary's Mars-Uranus conjunction in her natal chart squares her Saturn, which lies in her 9th house of religion, philosophy and outlook toward the world. Those with Saturn in the 9th house can be philosophers and spiritual students in their lifetimes. Sometimes they are intellectuals and either take an interest in religion or despise it. Mary as well as Lincoln had a big interest in metaphysical matters, and they believed in dreams and omens. She stated before the assassination that she believed her husband would meet a sudden and violent end. Lincoln was known for his dreams which he shared with Mary often.

Shortly before he died, Lincoln had a well publicized dream he related to Mary and some friends. He stated, ""About ten days ago, I retired very late. I had been up waiting for important dispatches from the front. I could not have been long in bed when I fell into a slumber, for I was weary. I soon began to dream. There seemed to be a death-like stillness about me. Then I heard subdued sobs, as if a number of people were weeping. I thought I left my bed and wandered downstairs. There the silence was broken by the same pitiful sobbing, but the mourners were invisible. I went from room to room; no living person was in sight, but the same mournful sounds of distress met me as I passed along. I saw light in all the rooms; every object was familiar to me; but where were all the people who were grieving as if their hearts would break? I was puzzled and alarmed. What could be the meaning of all this? Determined to find the cause of a state of things so mysterious and so shocking, I kept on until I arrived at the East Room, which I entered. There I met with a sickening surprise. Before me was a catafalque, on which rested a corpse wrapped in funeral vestments. Around it were stationed soldiers who were acting as guards; and there was a throng of people, gazing mournfully upon the corpse, whose face was covered, others weeping pitifully. 'Who is dead in the White House?' I demanded of one of the soldiers, 'The President,' was his answer; 'he was killed by an assassin.' Then came a loud burst of grief from the crowd, which woke me from my dream. I slept no more that night; and although it was only a dream, I have been strangely annoyed by it ever since."

The 9th house also rules legal and medical events as well. Mars/Uranus square Saturn in the 9th not only would indicate medical issues with headaches, Mars-Saturn individuals often meet with a great deal of frustration in life and often feel they have been abused or suffered at the hands of others and in fact often do. While Lincoln lay dying Mary was banned from his death bed by the Secretary of War who could not abide her crying.

Mary would eventually be involved in a well publicized trial when her son had her committed for a year, 10 years after Lincoln was murdered. She was released, and never totally forgave her son. She enraged members of Congress trying to raise money to assuage her financial situation as a widow, which included an appeal to the freed slaves for money, and she had to fight long and hard to get a widows pension.

As the wife of the 16th President of the US she was treated abysmally by those who should have lent support after Lincoln's death and no man of record stepped up to help in a time when women were not concerned for the most part with business, financial affairs or debt management.

Saturn square Uranus individuals are generally known as rebels, those who stray from what is considered safe and conventional. They may experience a great deal of upheaval in a lifetime which she suffered in all the various stages of life.

Mary was known to fly into rages and then become very emotional or melancholy. It is likely that Abe Lincoln felt a sympathy for her as he had a Saturn-Neptune conjunction in his own chart, which would make him melancholy and prone to depression as well.

At the time Mary was considered crazy by some, and the debate over her sanity remains to this day. Looking at her chart I do not believe she was insane. She was likely ahead of her time in many respects, and as her interest in spiritualism increased, reports of her insanity did likewise. She may have suffered from severe depression at times with so much loss around her, or even had a nervous breakdown, but her chart shows her to be a high spirited individual with a testy personality, qualities not encouraged in women during her day. Nor was it encouraged for women to speak their mind as Mary often did.

Mary's Sun-Neptune conjunction lies next to Mars-Uranus-Saturn in the 6th house at 21-26 degrees of Sagittarius. This gave her an intuitive quality and she used it throughout her life, always warning Lincoln of an assassination attempt she felt likely. She stated before the assassination that she believed Lincoln would meet a sudden and violent end. She told her step sister that her dead son Willie appeared at the foot of her bed at night and she could communicate with him. It is possible she had mediumistic qualities herself.

Her Sun-Neptune was square Pluto at 24 degrees of Pisces, and this square would guarantee that much of her life would be involved in struggles, but it also gave her great determination and will power to succeed. Her Pluto in the 10th indicates a powerful husband.

She died on July 16, 1882 and the death report stated 'cerebral disease." Her last years were marked with declining health and she was confined to and died in the same house she met and married Lincoln in. After the death of Lincoln she never fully recovered and spent the last 16 years of her life drifting from place to place, often short on funds. She stated before she died she looked forward to joining her husband in death. After 17 years she was finally reunited with him in death.

This month's full moon falls at 9 degrees of Scorpio, April 29. The lunar peak occurs at 8:58 PM, EST.

The Moon opposes the Sun, as all full moons do, amping up the emotional, intense  energy of this Scorpio moon.

This Moon highlights the 8th/2ond house axis which relates to money, other people's money, drugs, sex, and change and transformation of all kinds. Some things and situations may end at this time.

The rulers of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto and these two planets are currently conjunct, making this very powerful!  These planets  are obsessive and angry in nature, and Mars/Pluto can relate to anger, violence, police, angry young men, guns, bullies, and transformation. This is playing out in the collective with the sexual assault conviction of Bill Cosby, among other things.

My advice is to work toward the accomplishment of a goal which can relate to Mars and Pluto as well. But, you must work hard, direct this energy, and plan your actions accordingly.  If you channel things in this direction you can accomplish a great deal.

We have an intense week ahead, with numerous astrological happenings, namely Mars conjuncts Pluto.

That said, Mercury will pay a role as well, as the planet of communication is entering into another square with Saturn, as it did April 5. This will be a day of feeling limitations, and it is important not to let things seem more negative than they really are. It is important not to be overly critical in communication, and it is here as well as travel we could see issues arise. Blocks may arise creating frustration.

Mars builds in energy with its conjunction to Pluto which becomes exact April 25-27, but the powerful energy will be felt before and after the 'exact' hit.

Mars-Pluto is a powerful transit and people may be feeling more self-assertive than usual, to put things lightly. This transit can concern energetic physical actions, intensified will power, secret investigations, joint finances, and rage and anger.

As the Mars-Pluto conjunction sextiles Jupiter, the planet of gain and expansion, the potential exists for a positive outcome if the energy is channeled correctly. You may experience a strong desire for accomplishment.

To channel this energy I would focus on something you need to accomplish and move toward it full steam ahead. The potential exists for transformation of some type, with Jupiter involved. Pluto tears down only to rebuild in a different or stronger way.

Otherwise, this energy can come across as angry, volatile, harsh and in some cases endings will occur. The Mercury-Saturn square will contribute to making things seem more negative.

The dark side of Pluto is violent, subversive, and prone to rage and bullying.

If this transit hits something in your personal chart at 20-22 degrees of a cardinal sign-Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn you can expect it to play out in your personal life, depending on what it aspects.

This transit will play out in the world as well. In mundane astrology Pluto is the planet of power, dictators, corruption and nuclear weapons, to name a few. It also rules sex and abuse.

Mars rules aggression and strife, guns, young men, police or military action.

We can expect to see escalating violence, perhaps even a major incident. We could also hear of nuclear weapons or related situations.

This will no doubt involve political maneuvers, possibly subversive in nature. Issues involving the law could come into focus as well.

This transit falls on Neptune in Vladimir Putin's natal chart, so we know this transit will involve Russia. This can be interpreted as secretive action, lies and deception, issues that could involve chemical weapons and information being revealed.

Saturn-Venus transits can be some of life's most difficult times, especially in terms of love and romance.

Venus rules love, beauty, money and social values, and Saturn is the planet of restriction. The two do not blend easily or harmoniously. As a matter of fact, Saturn-Venus transits are known for ending relationships.

Between the ages of 21-70 each person will experience about 7-8 Saturn-Venus transits. Saturn will make a difficult contact with your Venus once every 7 years.

When you experience a Saturn-Venus transit money, friendships, and especially relationships come into question. If you or your partner have been unhappy in the relationship, it may very well end at this time.

As Saturn aspects your Venus, it generally makes three passes over the course of a year. In some cases it could make two passes, and on rare occasion it only makes one contact. If this is the case, the first and only contact, will likely bring on a significant life changing event.

One of my favorite authors, Dr. Herber Smith, wrote, "This aspect seldom passes without some sorrow, whether in the form of the death of someone dear to you, or the separation from someone you love. New friends made at this time are likely to bring more sorrow or discipline  into the life than pleasure or benefit. It is very unfavorable for social affairs which don't go rightly, you will be disappointed in things not turning out pleasantly. The people you wish o meet will not be presented to you, or your plans for pleasure will be disappointed. 

Herber continues, "do not marry, become engaged, or arrange for any important social meeting under this influence. It is an unhappy influence under which to play gaiety, amusement or anything of the sort, and it is unwise to expect much from a vacation, social engagement, visit, meeting between friends, love affair ,arrange or anything that concerns personal happiness under this condition."

Of course, the above was written more than 100 years ago, but astrology never changes and neither do the transits.

Many things can happen on a Saturn-Venus transit depending on where it is located in your chart, and what other aspects are occurring at the time.  9 time out of 10 however, most of those calling me with this transit are concerned with their relationships.

Whether or not your relationship will survive this transit can depend on a number of things.

First of all, what is the synastry between the two charts, or in other words, what is your real compatibility?  The better and more compatibility the two of you have the better your chance of surviving this transit.

Secondly, time can come into the equation. If this is someone you have known for a few weeks or months, there is a good chance the relationship is meant to end. Any number of things can happen to make it end. You, yourself could be unhappy, or your new partner could, or information could be revealed that changes things.

With time you acquire memories, ties, solidity and in some cases become financially intertwined or have children.  But, even in these cases relationships can end. But the more ties that exist between you, and the greater your ability to function well and get along overall the greater chance you have of surviving this transit. This is where actual commitment comes into play.

And of course there is love. Love can overcome many things (transits), but not if it's one sided.  If both partners are equally connected with each other, there is a far greater chance you will continue on. If one partner is in love with someone who is not available, does not care, involved with others, or is not vested in the relationship, you can expect a break up. This is simply the universes way of ending a situation that is not good for the person who cares. Make no mistake: Saturn transits are often final.

If the aspects takes the form of an opposition, it is typically the other person that ends the relationship.

If the aspect is a square, it could go either way, or either party could end the relationship or become disinterested.

I have found the conjunction the least harsh of the three transits mentioned. A conjunct will either end the relationship, or solidify it to go to the next level. It can go either way. Sometimes an old love can return on this one.

What happens when you have a Saturn-Venus transit? The energy of this transit begins to play out before it is 'exact.' Relationship issues can start to surface, and you or your partner may pull away. If you meet someone new at this time, it will likely not work unless there are mitigating factors.

Most people feel lonely, unloved and even unattractive with this transit. Some people begin diets and work out programs at this time. All self help can only be good!

You do not have luck under this influence. As Dr. Herber wrote, this is not the time to plan important meetings, go to court, apply for your dream job, make public appearances, or even renovate your kitchen, if it can be avoided. Saturn delays and in some cases, ends some things.

Things break, cost money, change and it's not going to be solely connected to your relationship.

But, what can you do if you want to keep your relationship going?

First of all you must ask the question that only you can answer. Do I really want to keep this relationship going, and why? Is it really good for me? Are my feelings being returned or is this a one way street.

Secondly, realize this is the time things can break, especially relationships. This is not the time to get into fights, bring up negative issues or make demands. I am not saying you should take abuse, or suffer silently in any way. But this is not the time to push antagonistic issues, give ultimatums, display jealousy, or go crazy. You or your partner could break, or just give up on the realationship. Or it could be you that gives up.

The above paragraph is why I call this blog "Love tough, or give it up." If you want to save your relationship, it is going to require work, patience, and knowing what you really want, especially in these times.

Sometimes however, the choice is made for you, and this is often the case. 9 times out of 10 with a Saturn-Venus transit one person loses interest, wants out of the relationship, or outside factors occur that make the relationship difficult or impossible.

Can the relationship come back together? Anything is possible, but often the third pass of Saturn is often an end, especially if the relationship is not well established, and there are no strong ties, and especially if the word commitment is not in your mutual vocabulary.

Then again, there are people who have been married 60 years. If you were to ask them about their Saturn-Venus periods, you can rest assured they would tell you these were the most difficult times in their relationship, but the bond was strong enough to stick it out. Even in the best of relationships, issues will occur that can include separation for various reasons, sickness, or some other problem. And then it passes, Saturn moves on, and normal life resumes.

If you make it through a Saturn-Venus period in your relationship, you will know that your relationship has strong roots and can survive future storms, that we all experience in life. If you have been involved with someone for 7 years, in all likelihood you have experienced a harsh Saturn-Venus transit.

Saturn can also make a sextile or trine to Venus, and this can bring stability in your love life, commitment, or you could meet some of the most significant people. This will be the topic of another blog.

Mercury squares Saturn over the next few days and we can expect irritation and the potential of arguments of all types, including written communication. We may have to work harder to maintain harmony in communication, travel, thinking and interaction with others.

The square to Mercury is exact April 25, but the energy will build between now and then.

When the planet of communication clashes with Saturn we can expect frustration, back biting, sarcastic speech, difficulties in communication, irritation over work problems, transportation and travel problems, issues with children or young people, and in some cases relatives, neighbors and immediate family members. Diplomacy is needed. In some instances infectious diseases could be spread.  At its best there could be a great burst of mental energy discerning problems, issues or difficult situations.

Mercury-Saturn transits tend toward frustration and feeling limitations, tiredness, a pessimistic outlook, inhibited communication, depression, and unsympathetic attitudes given or received.

Mercury rules travel, communication of all types, children and young people. This is not generally a good day to present important ideas.

The square to Saturn occurred on April 5, and due to the retrograde it repeats itself again.

As a child I had many other worldly experiences that I thought were perfectly normal. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I began to realize that not all young people had the same experiences I had.

I remember the day I figured out other kids did not live in the same inner world I lived in. For a brief time as a teenager I rode the bus to school, and I recall waiting for the bus to arrive one day when I realized many of the unusual things that happened to me, did not happen to my friends.

It would be many years before I could put all of these experiences together and put things into perspective, and many more years and study of various metaphysical disciplines, (especially the mid to late 70's and 1980's-90's) that included astrology, before I realized I was meant to use these gifts. One such experience was the visitation of my Great Grandparents.

I was somewhere between 6-7 years of age when it occurred,and I remember my Grandparents coming to my room to play. As these were my great Grandparents they were dressed like the era in which they lived. He was a country lawyer/small town mayor and dressed in a dark old fashioned suit with a hat. Grandma Stone wore a long dark dress that was popular after the turn of the century in the 20's and 1930's that hit about mid-calf. They appeared very somber to me.

We spent hours that turned into several days playing. They never seemed to actually talk, but the communication flowed and I never thought a thing about it. They wanted to know everything about my life, and I remember being extremely happy with them.

I even remember them sitting at the dinner table with the rest of the family. Then we would go back to my room to play some more. I actually thought they were interacting with other family members as well, even though I never saw any evidence of it. They seemed totally focused on me. It seemed like a natural occurrence.

After several days I became aware they were going to leave. I walked into the kitchen where they were standing on that Saturday morning, hating the fact they were leaving. No one else in the house was up.

"But when will you come back?" I asked. As they sadly smiled at me, I knew instinctively and beyond a shadow of a doubt they would never return. There was no physical answer, and they looked sad and more somber than ever.

Life went on, and I always remembered my meeting with my Great-Grandparents. I was always busy and they were seldom discussed. As I got older I knew they had passed, but still remembered my meeting and told no one.

Fast forward about three and a half decades later to 1998. My Mother was dying of cancer and on her deathbed. We discussed many things that spring that I knew would have to last a lifetime. One day the subject of my Great grandparents came up. "I met them,' I finally stated. "That's impossible," my Mother said, pointing to a nightstand drawer. "They died a generation before you were born."

I opened the drawer and there was a picture of my Grandparents Stone. She was dressed in the same long dark dress as she wore the day she visited me. He was sitting behind a desk in a suit and hat, the same as he wore when I saw him as a child.

I took a deep breath and told her the story of how I had met them both more than a decade after their deaths. I treasure the picture my Mother pulled from her nightstand that day.

What I can tell you is that we are always surrounded by those who love and watch over us from the other side. Some of them never even lived in our lifetimes. They are always there watching over us.

I am not a professional medium like some of the others on this site, but occasionally I do get a message. If I do I will pass it on, but I don't 'channel on command,' so to speak.

I can also tell you that our loved ones' astrological charts go on. I know this to be true from firsthand experience. I can't presume to tell you where they are and what their experience is like, but the (astrology) charts don't end because they have left the earthly plane. And the most amazing thing in charts of the deceased I can see is us. Past, present and future, we still show up in the charts of a deceased loved one, as do major events in our lives.

There is no doubt in my mind loved ones are aware of our circumstances.

And if that's not amazing, I don't know what is! Love never dies. Death my separate us physically, but there is nothing so powerful that it can destroy the love that exists between those of us who have gone on. Love is truly eternal.

During April the Sun will remain in Aries until the 19th when it enters Taurus.  Mercury is also in Aries and turns direct April 15, and will remain in this sign until May 13. Venus is in Taurus through the 23rd, when it enters Gemini, and Mars is in Capricorn all month, along with Saturn and Pluto. With 3 planets in Aries and 3 in Capricorn we will be dealing with 2 cardinal stelliums this month that will clash with each other. While this will create friction, it will also create change, and I look for April to be another fast paced month, especially while the Sun remains in Aries.

Saturn and Pluto will  both turn retrograde as they do each year. As the outer planets retrograde problems and issues sometimes seem to go beneath the surface, but solutions can sometimes be worked out as well. Both of these planets will turn direct again in the fall testing the solutions and changes that occurred during the retrograde. There can be a karmic energy to retrograde planets.

The month begins on the heels of a harsh full moon in Libra. Venus rules Libra concerns relationships, and this Moon can push relationships to the next level, or expose cracks and differences, forcing a conflict or run-in as, and in some cases endings. But this would only occur if your relationship is tottering on the edge and would take more than this full moon to totally end something.

April 1, the Sun conjuncts Mercury and this manifests as willful energy often involving the ego. It is wise to remember at this time Mercury is retrograde, and in Mars' sign. Communication could be overly forceful and antagonistic, at its worst, and it is important to be aware of the moods and feelings of others. Sun-Mercury also signifies travel and a great deal of communication.

Over the next week the energy of the Mars-Saturn conjunction is powerful and it peaks Monday, April 2 at 11:44 AM, EDT. This is a difficult transit that can manifest as cold, harsh and angry. The typical definition of this energy is frustration. But it can seem like a cruel, cold transit at its worst and don't expect a great deal of enthusiasm. Lowering your expectations for a few days is my advice but you can accomplish a great deal through discipline and hard work. You may find that you or others have a short fuse and any battle that begins at this time may be long and drawn out.

Mercury squares Mars April 4, but this energy will be powerful in the few days before. The Mars-Saturn energy is still powerful and this is somewhat of a double whammy. Mercury-Mars relates to communication of all types as well as our thinking. Watch your communication and travel as these areas can be affected adversely, and be careful how you speak to others as it can come across as angry or aggravated. And of course it can work the other way.

April 5, Mercury squares Saturn. Like the Sun square Saturn on March 29, this can be tiring. You could find it difficult to express yourself and it could be a day of stilted or repressed mental energy. Again, Mercury affects travel and communication. This could be positive however for working on details, you will scrutinize everything.

Venus trines Saturn April 7, and this is positive for money, business and connecting with those from the past. You could scrutinize relationships but not in a nit picking way.

April 11, the Sun squares Pluto and this is a powerful transit that can ultimately transform something, good or bad. Pluto is obsessive and compulsive in nature and people tend to go searching for the truth on a transit like this. If you chose this avenue be sure you are prepared for the answers. Conversations can turn deadly serious on a dime and I would avoid contentious issues unless you are prepared for the answers. Sometimes things can be revealed. Pluto rules bullies, the dark side of life and sex. This transit doesn't have to be harmful, but it will reveal hidden tensions and issues. This will be a major news day.

We will receive some planetary help with Venus trine Mars the same day, April 11. This can be a far more positive transit and perhaps an issue can be resolved. This can be good for our social lives and money, and the potential is greater for working out relationship issues.

April 14, Jupiter sextiles Pluto and this is a positive transit involving 'the God of the underworld,' as Pluto is sometimes called. The energy of this transit will be felt before and after this date-most of April. This is the time to focus on getting things done, move forward and for some things will come together. This will be especially powerful of you have planets in Virgo or Pisces at 19-22 degrees. If so, you will be aspected very positively by both Jupiter and Pluto. For the rest of us, it will still be a positive time with plenty of productive energy. On major transits like this big things tend to come together: job offers, real estate closings and opportunities of all sorts. This is a major transit in terms of world events, and is helpful in holding up the financial markets at this time. It will return one more time in the fall.

Mercury turns direct on April 15, at 5:21 AM, EDT. We can expect a few days of confusion before things straighten out. Some things may change direction again, but at least..Mercury is direct!

On this same day, a new moon falls at 26 degrees of Aries. This moon is conjunct Uranus. Aries is ruled by Mars the planet of action, aggression and anger. As this moon conjuncts Uranus we can see sudden and unpredictable situations emerge, and as Mercury turns direct there will likely be a certain amount of chaos.

On the positive side this may help you break out of a rut with new projects and situations. On the negative side you could feel nervous, plans could change or you could feel irritable. This moon with Mercury, makes this day changeable and unpredictable. Uranus has to do with freedom, breaking away from situations and does not like limits.

April 17, several transits occur. First of all Venus opposes Jupiter. This is typically not a negative transit and the biggest problems you may have is overdoing things, over-reacting, and don't be surprised if you don't have a craving for desserts! Venus also trines Pluto and this is a positive transit that has to do with expression of feelings which will come easily on this day. Feelings will be anything but shallow. Lastly, Saturn turns stationary retrograde, having reached 9 degrees of Capricorn. It retrogrades about four months every year and will turn direct again September 6, at 2 degrees of Capricorn.

While retrograde, Saturn slows down the normal rate of activity so better methods can be developed and organized. Saturn rules the structures in our lives and allows us to develop our boundaries.

Wherever transiting Saturn is located in your personal chart is where you need more work to avoid feeling limitation in some way.

When transiting Saturn is retrograde, and we experiencing a Saturn transit in our personal charts as it aspects another planet, the retrograde period is typically the most difficult part of the transit. When we experience a harsh Saturn transit, it typically makes three passes over the course of about a year, one of them typically while Saturn is retrograde. But, many things can be worked out or resolved at this time, or when Saturn turns direct again.

As Saturn turns direct this can be good news for many issues and situations that have been stuck or in some way or unproductive, and this is true for both the individual and the collective.  Saturn can represent a reality check in many areas of our lives and even in the world, especially as it retrogrades.

April 18, the Sun conjuncts Uranus. This is a powerful, but erratic transit. Unexpected change can occur on many levels, either for good or bad. Expect your day to be a little different than what you though and you could experience nervous energy. Uranus is all about freedom and breaking away from the norm.

April 19, the Sun enters Taurus, the sign of true spring where it will remain for the next 29 days. This can be a calm, stabilizing energy and things may move a little shower.

April 22, Pluto turns stationary retrograde at 21 degrees of Capricorn. Pluto is retrograde about half the time and will turn direct again October 2.

When Pluto retrogrades some things/situations start go beneath the surface where they will remain hidden for a period of time.


Pluto retrograde is a significant planetary movement, especially if you have Cardinal planets-Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn at 19-21 degrees. If so, changes can occur at this time, depending on what else is in your chart.

Many issues relating to joint monies and investments, partnerships and sex will begin to be internalized during this period allowing us to look at things from a different viewpoint. Pluto is about making deep change that goes beneath the surface. One way of looking at this is destruction of that which is no longer working, which will now become obvious.

Certain issues involving power or power structures may appear to lose steam during this time, but they are not really going away, they are just going under the surface, and in some cases becoming more subversive, and less front and center. They will resurface again when Pluto turns direct.

When Pluto turns direct long term issues of this type (power issues) will surface again both in our personal lives and the world. But, as Pluto retrogrades we have the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective and effect a transformative change over these months. Unless you have a Pluto transit in your personal chart, most people won't notice this.

April 24, Mars sextiles Jupiter. This is positive and upbeat especially for money, business and can't hurt interaction with people. Things may seem expansive on this day.

April 25, Mercury squares Saturn for the final time, as it did April 5.

April 29, Mars conjuncts Pluto at 21 degrees of Capricorn. This puts the planet of action with the planet of transformation together and the results can be substantial. Something will transform with a transit like this. On the positive side the transformation may take the form of something you have been working on and many things may come together.

On the negative end, Mars and Pluto can be malefic and anger and tempers may fly. Deep seated anger can ensue and some things may end. At its worst, violence can occur. This will be a major news day and we could hear of violence, nuclear situations, financial news, and it is a dangerous day in the world.

This month's full moon falls at 9 degrees of Scorpio on April 29. Scorpio is the most intense of signs and matters will not be superficial. This is a powerful moon as it falls on the heels of Mars-Pluto. Pluto is scorpionic in nature and rules the 8th house of sex, other people's money and change and transformation. This Moon represents another peak period of change and could be a dangerous time in the world.

Saturn turned retrograde April 17, at 9 degrees of Capricorn. Saturn is retrograde about 5 months every year.

Saturn's retrograde can be a pivotal time, especially if it affects something in your personal chart.

When you experience a Saturn transit, you generally get three passes of it and the retrograde pass is generally the most challenging. Saturn is overall associated with delays, slowdowns and endings of various types. Saturn will retrograde from 9 to 2 degrees of Capricorn between April and August. It turns direct September 6, at 2 degrees of Capricorn.

While in Capricorn, Saturn rules the 10th house of business and priorities and it is here our energies will be focused. Capricorn is a no frills sign and all about reality.

As Saturn deals with our structure we may be concerned with basic security issues while Saturn is retrograde both  individually and collectively.

If Saturn turns direct at a positive angle in your chart, you can expect positive events to amp up in your life. If it turns direct in a harsh angle, you can expect frustration in whatever area of your life it is transiting.

Saturn will remain in Capricorn until late 2020. In early 2020 it will meet up with Pluto in Capricorn and this will bring great changes to the world and our personal lives.

During summer of 2018 Saturn will trine Uranus in Taurus and this will be a positive change from the Saturn-Uranus square we have experienced in recent years.


Years ago, my astrology mentor stated, "When a woman marries a man, she marries his chart. If a woman is single then only her chart matters."

At first, I didn't believe her, but as time went on, she of course, was proven right as she always was.

It's always interesting to look at the chart of a woman (and it could be the other way around) and as she begins to talk it's clear things aren't good at home. In some cases they are downright horrible. (I'm referring to women in serious/committed relationships.)

Thank goodness I had a great teacher, and the years have taught me, look at the chart of the significant other. 

The other chart always tells the tale. When a woman marries a man, she marries his chart, or in other words, she marries his karma. And it goes the other way as well.

She may have a great job, but if he can't keep one, things aren't good...

She may be happy with him, but if he isn't happy with her..

If he is an alcoholic or philanderer.. If she comes from a close family and his relatives are dysfunctional and always putting her down.. and on and on..

 So if you are considering marriage, moving in, or being in a committed relationship, you are committing to the karma of your significant other. The karma, or how things will play out in life, or how life generally treats you, shows up in the astrological chart. (When I speak of karma I am referring to the end result of things, and the general way of life the natal chart shows).

There is nothing supernatural about this and every natal chart shows basic direction and promise in life. Some charts show ease, and others show a difficult, grating existence. Most are somewhere in between and all human beings experience problems no matter who you are.

When I speak of karma I don't mean just the transiting planets as they move through the skies. That too has a big affect, but I also mean the natal chart the significant other was born with.

The natal chart and the transiting planets are two different things.

The natal chart is the chart you or anyone else was born with that shows the blueprint of your life and remains the same throughout your life. As they planets move through the sky they create aspects to our natal chart that show the current circumstances of life, which are always changing. These planets can compel an individual toward a committed relationship or not at the time.

The natal chart, however shows the personality, traits and character of a person, their 'natal promise,' or what they were born to achieve, and how their life will be lived overall. Some are easy, some are very difficult and most are mixed.

Let's say for example, a man was born with a Saturn conjunct his Moon in Capricorn, and the woman he marries or moves in and she has a Moon in Cancer, square Venus and Pluto in Libra.

This shows me a woman who has a strong need to be loved and shown love, and will be miserable unless she gets it. She might even be manipulative and jealous if she thinks it will help her achieve what she wants. She will definitely want a lot of attention.

Moon conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, however may feel that expressing his feelings, buying flowers and doting on his wife or girlfriend is unnecessary. He might show love by paying the rent and seeing that things are financially secure: he doesn't cheat and he feels that he has given his all.

Unless the woman he is with is of the right temperament and attitude and very mature, she is going to be miserable with this man. As their Moons are in opposite signs, this can attract, but further reinforce the feeling there is no common emotional ground. What once attracted can all to often come to repel.

And it works the other way. He would feel she was reactive, overly emotional, demanding, probably insecure  and manipulative.

This same man may be somewhat insecure on an inner level, bound to his job or duty and come from a family where feelings were never expressed, or had a cold upbringing. So, if the woman in question marries him, she marries his karma. By nature, he will never be an expressive man, and he might always put his job first.

They might tolerate each other for a short time, but unless maturity is involved along with enough love to reach an understanding, this relationship will likely fail.

Let's say a woman meets a man with Saturn in Aquarius in the second house (money) and opposing Jupiter/Uranus and square Neptune.

She likes the finer things of life and dreams of a big home, kids and fancy vacations every year. She is an Aries ascendant with Venus and Mars in the second house in Taurus, which squares his Saturn.

The man works hard, but doesn't get ahead, just pays the bills. Ideas and spiritual pursuits are more important to him than things, and money is only a means to an end. Underneath he has a dream of artistic pursuits that won't pay the bills. When he does seem to have an opportunity it seems to fall through suddenly or vanishes into the air.

Unless the woman is willing to earn her own money to pay for the finer things she wants and understands money is not his priority, it's only a matter of time before the fighting begins and this relationship fails because of money issues.

The branch of astrology that deals with compatibility is called synastry and can reveal all of these things in advance.

This is important because when you marry or commit to someone, you should understand their basic karma, and how their overall life will be lived. This is what the natal chart will show you.

Compatibility/understanding is everything, and knowledge is always power.