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"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"
Mars entered Pisces November 15, and is in a square (clash) with Jupiter through the full moon, November 23.

Pisces rules the 12th house of endings, things secret and hidden, Dr.'s, hospitals, places of seclusion. Pisces planetary rulers are Jupiter and Neptune. Neptune can involve great creativity and imagination or it can represent illusion, delusion and confusion, as well as drugs, alcohol, and religion or spirituality. Pisces is one of the most compassionate signs and its element is Water.

Mars is square Jupiter, the planet of expansion and gain and many things and situations can become blown out of proportion.

With Mars in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius, we could see confused or incorrect information and situations getting blown up and of control, like the wildfires in California. Sagittarius is the most expansive of signs and tends to take off in its own direction. With Mercury retrograde (in Sagittarius) the direction could be confused.

Expect to see major events in the world over the next week, and is often the case these days, especially in politics.

Venus turns direct, but Mercury retrogrades all in the same day, Friday, November 16. Read more here.

Mercury turns retrograde this week on November 16, the same day Venus turns direct, probably a once in a lifetime coincidence.  As Venus turns direct many situations that have caused you to feel stuck may start to resolve, but it may not be instant as Mercury turns retrograde in a tight square with Neptune that will last until from November 12 until about the 21st.

You can expect to experience confusion, lack of clarity, misinformation and in some cases depression as Neptune clouds the issue and is considered the planet of illusion, confusion and delusion.

A clear head will be needed over the next 10 days. Don't take everything at face value and at the same time don't assume the worse, either.

People may change direction once again, walk back previous decisions or deny having ever said certain things. They could also over promise, over commit and make decisions  without all the facts.

This will play out in the world as scandals, lack of transparency and lies. Situations may be revealed such as the actual voter counts in Florida and Georgia, as well as those who try and repress the information.

Weather conditions could be affected adversely as well and the potential of flooding exists in some areas.

Recently, I had the pleasure of being hung up on by a caller when I told her that her relationship with her boyfriend had entered a period of instability, and it was likely to remain that way for quite a while, assuming it didn't end outright. After hearing the phone click off, my first instinct was to be hurt...after all, I was only trying to help, warn,  and I am only human, and I know that I was right about it. 
Upon reflection however, I realized this person was in a fragile state of mind, and like many of us, she  wanted what she wanted when she wanted it, and what she wanted was assurance from me that all was really good, and I couldn't give it to her. She was already beginning to feel his discontent, which is why she called in the first place. It's not that I wouldn't like to give her that assurance, I simply couldn't. I am an astrologer.  I look at the facts that your chart tells me and the possibility that what you seek is actually going to materialize. I'm not going to lie--I can't, I won't, it ain't happening. Not that I don't present things in a gentle and kind manner. But, to lie or mislead would not only do the caller a disservice, it would be a disservice to me as well. Not to mention the information would simply be incorrect, and then the caller would be mad.

Someone I know very well recently had a Saturn square Jupiter.  The definition of this is generally relates to money, expense, loss of faith in the Universe. We had been watching this transit for a year, and she was warned in advance.  She took the warning seriously and paid off most of her debt. She made house payments several months in advance, and saved all she could. The aspect finally hit in mid-April-May.  About that time  a bigger tax bill than she expected arrived, and a number of reoccurring bills that all hit at once. It was overwhelming.  But, having paid her bills in advance, and having put some money away in savings she was able to squeak through, and see her way clear in a few weeks. It wasn't easy, but she made it and moved on.

 Had she gotten angry and disregarded the information what would have happened? Probably excessive debt that would take a long time to pay, and she would have been in hock with the IRS and accruing interest on the amount owed! 

Yes, it was depressing hearing this in the beginning. But, the point is that she made the best of a bad situation and is now moving on with the next adventure in life as opposed to crying the blues over money for months to come.

Another woman I read for has Uranus squaring her Venus. The typical definition of this is an unstable love life. Again, we watched the transit for a while, it hit and her relationship became unstable.  She is still hanging in there, and has decided to put the relationship she is in on the back burner.  She is not leaving the situation for good, simply putting it on hold while understanding (as evidenced by her boyfriend's recent actions) that the stability she seeks is simply not available now. Not that it won't be in the future--it's just not there right now.

 In this way she is dealing with her life, looking for new adventures (or a new person) that might come her way until such a time that personal stability is available to her.  She hasn't given up on the dream of a happy personal life, she is just pushing it forward for another day and focusing on the things that are available to her right now in the moment.

Situations like these represent "a Bad reading that is Good." We all want to operate on our own time frame. But, the Universe sometimes has other ideas of when the time is right, and sometimes the universe laughs out loud  at our plans.

Astrology is  to empower yourself and build your life in the way you want it. The purpose of astrology is to know when the time is right and to be warned of situations that may prove problematic in the future. In a nutshell, to overcome, and to accomplish whatever you seek.  This reminds me of the Bible verse that was turned into a popular song by the Byrds.
"To everything there is a season
And a time for every purpose, under heaven
A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep
A time to build up, a time to break down
A time to dance, a time to mourn
A time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together
A time of love, a time of hate
A time of war, a time of peace
A time you may embrace, a time to refrain from embracing
A time to gain, a time to lose
A time to rend, a time to sew
A time to love, a time to hate
A time for peace, I swear it's not too late"

Truer words have never been spoken. Don't kill the messenger-hear the message. You will probably be glad you did in the end.(posted 8-2008)

In 1991 my husband and I moved into a beautiful old home built around 1795 on 5 acres, where we lived until 2006. We were sketchy on the history of it and no one seemed to know much beyond the previous 20 or 30 years. It was one of the oldest homes in the county and we couldn't wait to move in spite of the work and construction that lay ahead.

No sooner did we move in than I started to feel the presence of an old soldier. His spirit seemed to be very present, and I finally told my husband, "He is interested in who we are and he was in WWl. "How do you know it was WWl, " he wanted to know. "The uniform is clearly WWl."  Periodically I would sense his presence from time to time which was peaceful and curious, and he felt at home.

Next came the Indians a few nights later. I could feel their presence and finally I heard: "You have inherited the land-our land- and we welcome you. Your ancestors here were kind and just people, and we welcome you and honor you as we did them in life. They were honorable and fair people and we honor and bless you now. You will know of our presence. You will be responsible for the land now, even though you will travel to faraway lands and return" (*I traveled many places over the next 10 years including India, China and Thailand, Hong Kong and many places in the US).

That night as fog moved in off the nearby lake and encircled the house (which it continued to do over the years, forming a circle around the exact acreage with no visibility of the house from the outside) I could feel the Indian spirits/warriors dance around the house all night in a type of ceremony welcoming us to the land and honoring us.

A friend I made, who was a a shaman later informed me the Indian spirits referred to me as an ancestor of the original settlers because I had taken possession of their property and land, and this is how they would view me, and I was greatly honored to have been welcomed by them.

Over the months small details of the property came to light, and from time to time we would get a new piece of information about the house.

Just after moving in we discovered an unmarked graveyard. Some of the gravestones had names and dates and going back to the early 1700's. Some were impossible to read and there were many unmarked stones that would have belonged to children or slaves of the family, as was typical of the time. This became my first project and we hired a man to clean up the graveyard and secure the tombstones immediately. I always felt peaceful in the graveyard and hoped the original owners approved of what I was doing to take care of their land and home. From the graveyard we learned that generations of the same family had lived in the house throughout the 1800's into the next century.

One of the stories we were told was that Davy Crockett for a time had stayed in the house although we could never document it, and we discovered other historical events took place in the house over the years.

Over time I felt the presence of the original settler and owner of the land. To say he had a pioneer presence and feel of a very young America was an understatement. I felt he was young-20's, and had a wife he loved. Often I felt his presence upstairs, which in times past, would have been a loft in a log cabin that was quite large for its time and place.

The front yard was full of 200 year old maple trees that stood guard like old soldiers protecting the property. I often thought about how the house had been built just after the Revolution and had seen the rise of America after the revolution, the Civil War, WW1 and 11, Korea, Vietnam, the sixties and the War in Afghanistan and yet it stood proud, peaceful and silent. I always felt we were lucky to live there.

 On July 4,1992,  there was a knock at the door and it was the local chapter of the DAR. (Daughters of the American Revolution) They wanted permission to visit the graveyard and lay flowers on the graves. The original settler as it turns out had been a Revolutionary War hero! His descendant was a decorated WW1 veteran and hero and the local VFW was named after them.

Here's to all the veterans and warriors now and in the past. Their sacrifices are our good fortune today. (5-23-14)


More true stories below about old soldiers who came before us by Helga Morrow.

Old soldiers never die, They just fade away Old soldiers never die. They just fade away…
General Douglas MacArthur 1951 farewell address  
Memorial day weekend. Honoring our dead… Military and loved ones
[None of what I am about to write is political… It happened out of the blue since childhood in 3D]
I grew up in a neat little Baltimore row house neighborhood. Walked everywhere and up the hill of more row houses, and my catholic school and tiny shopping center. Same paths every day since I was 6. Safe and quiet. Everyone was friendly. My friends and neighbors all were friends. Families were close during WWII. Some of the big boys went to war. One by one stars hung in the windows… We all mourned and supported our joys and sorrows. A small red rimmed flag would hang in the window with “one navy star.” Then sometimes a second and third hung in the window.
One such tiny house was 3 small flags Mrs Mc lost 3 sons… they used to play ball in out street. I remember. She rented a room to make ends meet. Low and behold she rented it out to an extremely old gentleman [and his dog Brownie] Uncle Ted [not his real name] He walked his dog all the time. Down the street and up and down the hill. Very quiet kindly gentleman. Some kids walked slowly with him. He and I became walking buddies since I was six… remember I was clueless at that age about American history. Never could figure out “the Civil War” at that age. But he mentioned it a little, but mainly talked about my neighborhood when HE knew it in the 1800’s.
One memorial day our neighbors and my Mom had our little American flags in our planters on our porch walls all the way down the street on memorial day [4th of July too].Who was sitting on the “stoop”[steps]?
Uncle Ted in his Civil war Confederate uniform. All cleaned and pressed, with a long shiny sword. He never said a word. Just sat there. Dignified smile. Old wrinkled face. One eye always teared.
He was an orphan. His parents were killed, murdered. He was rescued, used as a little spy and drummer boy at around my age. The officer who rescued him adopted him with his wife [and regiment] raised him. What history! First hand little stories. He always kept his place. Never told anything gory. Very positive. This went on until I was around 10.
The point is: I came home from school one day returning down the hill alone. Bookbag in my hand. I always walked down the alley to the back door [most of us did].
There was Mom and Mrs. H. All upset. Mom was shook. She blurted out “Uncle Ted came up the front porch steps to say Goodbye…He will miss you!” I got upset… I thought Uncle Ted went to an “old Soldiers home” which he dreaded. My Mom told me nobody uses the front porch. Everyone would “say hello” from the back. Very unusual. Mom said she looked at him as he walked down the steps with Brownie.
I quickly knew something was dreadfully wrong. Mrs H was all shook up. She had told Mom Uncle Ted was found dead 3 days before by Mrs. Mc. He passed away. They both looked strangely at me. I kid you not. He came to say goodbye. I was 10. Many stories. Much first hand history. An old old soldier with a big heart. What human love can do through innocence and respect. Just an ordinary little girl, walking with a piece of history. The unknown soldier, who quietly protected her on her path to school.
Part 2
My husband and I lived in his little hometown in Ohio for a while.
The whole family had a prayer circle over his dad’s grave. Situated on what used to be a Civil war battleground for the north. I again was clueless about that area. It was late 1980’s. St_______ area. No clue of that particular part of that area’s history.
I stood there holding on to my husband [because I stupidly had on heels in a graveyard. Was trying to keep my balance. While I tried to look as dignified as possible, I was trying to not sink my heels in the ground. In doing so I quickly turned my head for some reason… I was in shock: a whole regiment of blue uniformed soldiers ran behind us hollering inaudibly in full battle gear towards the woods. I grabbed my husbands arms tightly to keep from tripping… he turned around… Looked at me stunned…he saw and heard nothing… neither did his family. His ancestors fought here… I never heard of the place. Oh my gosh… I realized these were the “Imprints” of a real battle here. [3D ghosts of the past… a spirit re-run] Found out history was made here.
The house we lived in in Ohio was Civil war ground: we heard Soft harmonica music played at night… Spirit of an old long dead soldier. Neighbors couldn’t figure it out either.  

Part 3
Our bedroom couple years ago: Twice in a week:
Facing South: Our property is in Ft Lowell battleground area; I again had no clue. Sat up in bed after washing my hands and saw a blue coated soldier with buttons down his uniform. Dragging a wagon with 2 Apache Indians helping pull the wagon. They were bare chested, saw their sweat glistening in what seemed like the moonlight shining on them dragging but tied to the wagon heading towards the fort.
I was intrigued, but not shocked. Thought it out carefully: Could be a “Time Warp” I saw them and I was in “Their future” so I did not exist. But I noticed I can see the past as clearly as TOMORROW.
Next day I got complete validation… from the little museum and the person hosting the history. I told him the truth. He never flinched. He showed me the old photos of the area. Apaches and said some Yankees stayed a while... and had blue coat. I was right. And never had a history lesson… on any of this… This piqued my interest.
And now in my old age… My family and I have been blessed a with protection from a recent soldier [Yes we all know what he looks like and his earthly name] who protects each one of us. He transports from my family, and helped me through my hospital crisis. He promised to stay with me. He gave correct messages to my family [in person] about my daily progress [See my other blogs].
I asked for none of this. Mostly all my Contacts are positive learning and healing experiences. Please don’t be influenced by people seeking out negative energies “to have an experience.” The real beauty is from believing in the joy and true beauty from the other side. Forcing yourself to “see” something… Yes you may get it… Then it will attach itself… and use you.
Be blessed THEY choose YOU… Just ask the good to SHOW you. Pray, center yourself… Picture what you need.
I have the ability to see 3D movies, flashes of your life. Fast forward in time, discern spirits and situations.
Read Helen's blogs
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RIP Helga Morrow, you are greatly missed, but your stories and legacy on Keen will live on!
A major planetary shift occurs November 6, as Uranus re-enters Aries for a final four month stretch. Expect big changes...

As a child I had many other worldly experiences that I thought were perfectly normal. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I began to realize that not all young people had the same experiences I had.

I remember the day I figured out other kids did not live in the same inner world I lived in. For a brief time as a teenager I rode the bus to school, and I recall waiting for the bus to arrive one day when I realized many of the unusual things that happened to me, did not happen to my friends.

It would be many years before I could put all of these experiences together and put things into perspective, and many more years and study of various metaphysical disciplines, (especially the mid to late 70's and 1980's-90's) that included astrology, before I realized I was meant to use these gifts. One such experience was the visitation of my Great Grandparents.

I was somewhere between 6-7 years of age when it occurred,and I remember my Grandparents coming to my room to play. As these were my great Grandparents they were dressed like the era in which they lived. He was a country lawyer/small town mayor and dressed in a dark old fashioned suit with a hat. Grandma Stone wore a long dark dress that was popular after the turn of the century in the 20's and 1930's that hit about mid-calf. They appeared very somber to me.

We spent hours that turned into several days playing. They never seemed to actually talk, but the communication flowed and I never thought a thing about it. They wanted to know everything about my life, and I remember being extremely happy with them.

I even remember them sitting at the dinner table with the rest of the family. Then we would go back to my room to play some more. I actually thought they were interacting with other family members as well, even though I never saw any evidence of it. They seemed totally focused on me. It seemed like a natural occurrence.

After several days I became aware they were going to leave. I walked into the kitchen where they were standing on that Saturday morning, hating the fact they were leaving. No one else in the house was up.

"But when will you come back?" I asked. As they sadly smiled at me, I knew instinctively and beyond a shadow of a doubt they would never return. There was no physical answer, and they looked sad and more somber than ever.

Life went on, and I always remembered my meeting with my Great-Grandparents. I was always busy and they were seldom discussed. As I got older I knew they had passed, but still remembered my meeting and told no one.

Fast forward about three and a half decades later to 1998. My Mother was dying of cancer and on her deathbed. We discussed many things that spring that I knew would have to last a lifetime. One day the subject of my Great grandparents came up. "I met them,' I finally stated. "That's impossible," my Mother said, pointing to a nightstand drawer. "They died a generation before you were born."

I opened the drawer and there was a picture of my Grandparents Stone. She was dressed in the same long dark dress as she wore the day she visited me. He was sitting behind a desk in a suit and hat, the same as he wore when I saw him as a child.

I took a deep breath and told her the story of how I had met them both more than a decade after their deaths. I treasure the picture my Mother pulled from her nightstand that day.

What I can tell you is that we are always surrounded by those who love and watch over us from the other side. Some of them never even lived in our lifetimes. They are always there watching over us.

I am not a professional medium like some of the others on this site, but occasionally I do get a message. If I do I will pass it on, but I don't 'channel on command,' so to speak.

I can also tell you that our loved ones' astrological charts go on. I know this to be true from firsthand experience. I can't presume to tell you where they are and what their experience is like, but the (astrology) charts don't end because they have left the earthly plane. And the most amazing thing in charts of the deceased I can see is us. Past, present and future, we still show up in the charts of a deceased loved one, as do major events in our lives.

There is no doubt in my mind loved ones are aware of our circumstances.

And if that's not amazing, I don't know what is! Love never dies. Death my separate us physically, but there is nothing so powerful that it can destroy the love that exists between those of us who have gone on. Love is truly eternal.

Romantic expectations and styles

Neptune is the quiet voice within, the shadow voice, urging us to seek the ideal love we secretly dream of. It is all we privately dream of and desire in the deepest part of our soul and longing.  Neptune can lift us to the highest of highs, give us a deep spiritual connection, and fulfillment of our dream.

Alternatively, it's placement in our personal chart and those we sometimes attract, can sink us to the lowest of lows to a deluded, debased, unfulfilled, self sacrificing and unhappy union with another that few would actually call love. It all depends upon the sign Neptune was in at your time of birth and how Neptune aspects the planets in your birth chart, along with your understanding of it and how you respond.

Neptune represents the dream, unconditional love, religion and spirituality, psychic ability, imagination, spiritual connections, death, drugs, alcoholism, lies, deception, illusion and delusion, confusion, shame, creativity, psychological complexes and innermost dreams and this most complex of planets. It is the most mis-understood and overlooked of planet in the zodiac.

Neptune placements are generational and some of its characteristics will be shared with everyone born in the same generation. At the same time, depending on its placement in our birth chart, it is also very personal.

Neptune aspects each natal chart individually, creating situations that are unique to you. It is for us to understand it’s placement in our charts, and what it is actually calling for us to find and experience or to avoid altogether as Neptune can represent both ecstasy and chaos.

Your experiences in love depend in part, upon how Neptune is aspected in your individual chart. If you were born with Neptune in easy transit to the planet Venus, and other personal planets in your chart you may easily find the love of your dreams.

If Neptune is in hard aspect to Venus or other planets you may have to be more careful about getting involved with the wrong types, people who will take advantage of you, and drag you down.

 Find your Neptune placement and what it means by birth year. If it is not listed on the first one look to the next or previous year. Neptune changes signs in the course of a year at times.

Follow links  to read about your personal Neptune placement.

Born 1929-1956 -click here

1955-1984 click here

1984-2012 click here

Venus opposes Uranus this week, and becomes exact December 1.

Relationships, money and other situations may take sudden and unpredictable turns. Some relationships may end unexpectedly but it would only be those tottering on the brink. This would not break up a normally stable relationship.

On the positive end, you may want to do something different and out of the norm today. Situations can be fluid and unpredictable. If you meet someone new, you should not assume anything, and let the test of time, tell the full story, no matter how positive it may seem, as Uranus has the tendency to be changeable and unpredictable.

Venus opposed Uranus in Scorpio-Taurus October 30/31. At that time Venus was retrograde. Venus is direct and in Libra, which rules the 7th house of marriage and partnerships, and will oppose Uranus in Aries.

We will see many unexpected situations play out on the world stage. This transit is often associated with shakeups in the financial markets and the US stock  market fell more than 500 points November 20, erasing 2018 gains. This transit does not have to be exact to have an impact.

Today, November 7, is the final day for Jupiter's year long transit through Scorpio.

Jupiter in Scorpio has had an enormous effect in our lives collectively and individually. Jupiter here has been a benefit to all water signs and has played a major role in the collective world.

Wherever Jupiter goes we see luck and gain.

Jupiter in Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, giving it an eighth house connotation. The eighth house rules sex, drugs, other people's money and change and transformation.

While in Jupiter the focus has been on the ongoing opioid  crisis (drugs-8th house) in America and we have seen a resurgence of the #MeToo movement, and issues relating to sexual violence and inappropriateness.

Also, as the US is a Cancer nation, Jupiter in Scorpio has helped the economy. This won't be the case with Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is a Fire sign and all fire and some air signs will be helped with its placement here. Sagittarius rules the 9th house of world view, education, travel and foreign relations. Sagittarius is the luckiest of signs. Expect to continue to see constant news of politics.

Jupiter effects in this sign will be to expand our consciousness, knowledge and understanding. Growth, generosity and abundance, and fairness are the trademarks of Jupiter in Sagittarius.

It will urge us to expand our higher minds, cultural and spiritual awareness and broaden our minds. At the same time we must not slip into an arrogant know-it-all attitude as this can be the downside of expansive Sagittarius.

We also finish up this cycle with a New Moon is Scorpio. It makes a positive trine to Neptune, so this will enhance creativity, spirituality and psychic awareness.

Uranus retrograded back to 29 degrees of Aries November 6, and the transiting lunar nodes are in a major clash with the planet of change (Uranus) throughout the end of 2018. The nodes are points (not planets) where the Moon crosses the path of the Sun, and are typically associated with human evolution or the souls journey in the collective, and in our personal lives as well.

With a clash like this, especially involving Uranus, change is inevitable as I pointed out in  Monday's blog, about the midterm elections, and my article about Uranus's retrograde back into Aries.

On November 6, more women took office during mid-term elections than any other time in history. These women include Muslims, native Americans and LGBT candidates.

This was shown in the sky by retrograde Venus in Libra, which became part of the current t- square (clash) between the North Node of destiny, Uranus and Venus. Change with women was inevitable.

Retrograde Venus causes us to go back and re-access our values. Venus in Libra likes a softer tone than what we have seen as of late, and the conclusion was inevitable.

Of course, change is hardly limited to politics, and will bring about other types of change in the world and our personal lives before it is over.

Uranus can rock us out of our normal patterns and boundaries. It may not all be smooth sailing, but it will definitely be interesting, and there is no doubt we have entered into historic times we will all long remember. May the changes we all experience be positive change for the better!

The Mid-term elections will be held Tuesday, November 6. Let's take a look at what the aspects are on this day.

1-Uranus retrogrades back into Aries. Any time Uranus makes a move, especially to another sign we can expect big (sometimes unexpected) changes and volatility. In Aries, Uranus has been about promoting self-interests, and we are entering the final 4 month stretch of this transit. Aries is ruled by Mars (the God of War). There is likely to be a shock or sudden change, perhaps more than one, and it is not limited to the US. This indicates a volatile period as Aries is at the 29th degree, considered a critical degree. Jupiter quincunx Uranus is also unpredictable. Uranus also rules electronics, the internet and electronic equipment, so this shows a possibility of election interference or attempted interference.

2-Uranus opposes (retrograde) Venus. This is another unpredictable aspect and we could see many things/changes not anticipated, including swings in the financial markets. Retrograde Venus in Libra tells us the general population is unhappy with the rhetoric and tone of the way things have been lately, and are taking this into consideration, along with the role of women. Some are fearful of their financial future. Women will play a major role in this election which is also signified by Venus trine the Moon in the US (Sagittarius) chart. As Venus rules Values, money and women, these are some of the things voters are re-thinking during this retrograde Venus.

3-The Moon is in Scorpio. Scorpio is deep, intense, and rules the 8th house of money, sex, change and transformation and reflects the general mood of the population, and this will be reflected in the vote.

4-Moon trines Neptune. People will use and feel compassion relating to the issues they vote for and about.Religion could come into play in some way.

5-The North Node of destiny moves back into Cancer, and forms a t-square or a clash with Venus in Libra and Mars in Aquarius. This shows an emotional change of the populous, especially relating to women and values. As both Uranus Cancer are at the 29th degree there will be major clashes.  As the North node moves back into Cancer (through 2020) people want more nurturing, security, security at home and emotional healing.

Much is written about karma, and one of the questions often asked is, 'is this person my soulmate?"

For the record, I believe we can have many soulmates in life that can include siblings, parents, friends, co-workers or any other number of people number of people we encounter-they all don't have to be romantic. I consider anyone that would be considered a 'soulmate,' to be a karmic connection.

As an astrologer when I look at a karmic relationship, I am looking at someone you were meant to meet in this life. That neither means they are forever, or are not forever. It simply means this is someone you were supposed to encounter and interact with for a variety of reasons and learn from. The other planets and transits in your chart will tell us whether the relationship will last, is the timing for a permanent relationship right, is another party involved, is there enough compatibility, or do both parties wish to make the situation permanent. These are all separate questions. Karmic in and of itself does not mean it will last forever. Or it can last.

There are many things an astrologer can look at to spot a karmic relationship.  Some of them include:

The personal planets of one or both partners are conjunct the South Node of the other.

The personal planets are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, the ascendant, or lord of the ascendant. If one of these planets conjunct the others South Node this indicates an important relationship. If Venus is involved, it can sometimes seem like love at first sight.

I also believe Saturn/Pluto and the Nodes can indicate karma. Sometimes it can indicate more difficult karma, or there will be many obstacles to work through if the relationship is to be successful.

The personal planets of one partner fall in the 12th house of the other.

The 12th house is considered the house of 'karma' in astrology. A partners planets falling here can indicate past connections.

Saturn and Pluto aspecting another's personal planets can indicate karma or past connections, as can Neptune.

Easy aspects (sextile, trine, conjunct) to either of these planets can indicate past connections.  Harsh connections (opposition, square, conjunct) indicate a difficult and intense relationship at times, and easier aspects indicate a lighter less troubled connections.

Harsh aspects at times can even indicate abusive relationships. Sometimes the karma (lesson) is to walk away and be free, thus learning boundries.

Saturn can represent stability or difficult relationships.

Pluto can represent intense connections, or difficult relationships that can include abuse.

Neptune can represent spiritual connections, or lies and deception, or drug-alcohol abuse.

Overall outstanding synasty

Synasty shows compatibility in a the charts of two individuals. On occasion the synasty can be so good, it can seem like you have known the other person forever. This kind of a connection can be long lasting. In these cases there is often some type of connection to the nodes, 12th house, Saturn or Pluto.

Venus will remain retrograde until November 16, when it turns direct at 25 degrees of Libra.

Venus has been retrograde in Scorpio Since October 5, and it re-enters Libra October 31, at 3: 42 PM, EST.

Venus is Scorpio is considered at its detriment, which means it is weak. I have found planets at their detriment misbehave, or cause us to act in ways we might do differently at another time. They can however serve a purpose. Venus (retrograde) in Scorpio can be secretive, jealous and even revengeful as it is ruled by Mars and Pluto. During this time we have heard a great deal about the #MeToo movement and Bill Cosby was sentenced to prison for sexual abuse.

Venus in Libra is considered at home, and Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus here is lighter and more prone to compromise and a desire for peace and harmony. Libra rules the 7th house of marriage and commitments.

Retrograde Venus is not the time to get married or make a major commitment. If you start a new relationship, things could change or end when Venus turns direct. Retrograde Venus is associated with people from the past. Some relationships end on a Venus retrograde and retrograde planets in general reveal previously unknown information.

Venus remains in Libra until December 2. December 3, it re-enters Scorpio where it will remain until early next year.