Vibrations of The Soul

Get the skinny on how to shift from struggle to Freedom in an instant, to put the joy back in your life!
Okay. So good old Mercury moved out of Retro..thank GOD. It was intense for many..A lot of emotion purging, misunderstandings, arguments, and we are still in the post retro there may be some residual moments of this..with some delays, but the delays SERVE YOU.

They are lining you up for your best path..I know delays can feel annoying at times, but don't ARE aligning..and if patient, you can see the results of these necessary moments..

Delays serve you not only to line up timing, but to ask you "do you really want this?" If so, then let's go forward.

Direct motion is exactly's letting go of the past and things that no longer serve you..You may have been compelled to clean, purge, let go of people, places, things and behavior patterns that no longer serve you. And if you did petitions on the new moon, then you should be seeing them come to fruition now with the full moon.

Use your crystals, sage, lemongrass, totems, ask your angels for help clearing and aligning, and take good care of yourself! These things and energies are TOOLS to assist and empower you.

It's time to cut the BS and push..but in a balanced way..taking all from the last life cycle into the NEW..The universe loves new and forward, decisive motion, so take advantage of all the energies supporting your HUSTLE.

You may feel, if self employed, the need to assert BOUNDARIES and upgrade..this is marketing, pricing, are feeling your value and are realizing that you need things too..You need a life, and to do that you MUST assert these boundaries, and even up your prices to avoid resentment when you are low on cash and going without..Those days are gone and the bonds are broken with suffering and sacrifice. That is OLD energy and will NOT serve you.

Release old traumas (that's the sh** energy you felt come up the last few weeks with all the (six) retrogrades happening..The planet needs us to let go of what's not working and level we can better assist and guide those around us to a higher playing field. It's time. And you deserve it.

As far as love goes, many are feeling spicy and open to a new, better, more loving relationship that is on the same more doesn't work. Also, the energy of "chasing" is gone as well.

It's crucial to remember always that FEAR CONTROLS, BUT LOVE ALLOWS.

Love does not chase, convince, manipulate or obsess. It allows another to move freely through their journey, growing and changing and living life. Hold your ground, know your value (or learn it) and allow the right things to COME TO YOU. Chasing will only make whatever or whoever RUN.

This is just the highlight reel, but I hope it helps..Go with the flow, focus, push, balance yourself with exercise, journaling, nature, good food, loved ones and especially love and forgive yourself. It's the key to joy, peace and happiness during the shifts.

If I didn't get to your sign in the card of the day, please message me and I'll be happy to pull a card for you and post it on my blog page..

ella xo

Aquarians! My air signs! You are such a beautiful group..and always in your head..STOP IT. lol

Okay, so your card of the day is the seven of pentacles..a good card and here's the message for you..

You need to KEEP GOING. You've reached a plateau it feels, but it's very important to remember that slow and steady wins the race! Your hard work WILL PAY OFF. It's feels like you're plateaued but you aren't..It's working, keep going..your finances are taking a turn for the better, so be consistent!

This is the time to stick with it and endure for a time..maybe a couple of weeks..and don't worry, God and the Angels are with you during this time of what feels is stagnancy..but the energy really is moving. Excellent persistence Aquarians!

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The Virgins! My beautiful earth is your card of the day.

It's the Knight of Swords..

This card indicates a young male who is full of confidence, and POWER. He is a man on the go and he's on his way if he's not YOU...He's your traditional knight in shining armour and, because he's of swords, he's an air in Libra, Gemini, Aquarius...Beautiful energy around him, and you. Chivalry...

He also symbolizes sudden CHANGE...he brings change because it's time to let go of the stagnant energy and move forward..Expect to be on the go and releasing all that no longer serves you..people, places, things, behavior patterns..out with the old and in with the new Virgos!

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My Caps! Your card of the day is the Queen of Wands! :)

Now the meaning behind this amazingly beautiful card of yours is that she is a POWERHOUSE.

She is a mighty angel capable of running everything, including business. This card is about a woman who does it all..successfully. She's happy, fun, independent and can handle family and career like a champ. She's a leader..A woman in charge..

What does this mean to you? Well, this powerhouse may be YOU..if that's the case, the energy is supported right now for your independence, power and happiness..It's your time to SHINE, so take advantage of the universal support.

If this is not you, it can represent the love of your life and HER qualities..She's coming, if not here already..she's amazing, powerful, independent Caps! She's everything you look for in a female partner. Time to shine Caps..the energy is phenomenal for your success in love, family and career!

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My Scorpions! You are an amazing is your card of the day..

Actually in pulling cards for you, there are two..the devil (don't panic it's just representing things to work on..) and the five of swords.

Okay now, we see the first card as constructive advice..the devil card has to do with someone with addictions, or codependencies..on substances or people..dependent..SO. That being said, it's important to release any addictions to the Universe for healing and to work on letting yourself experience an upgrade into a new life cycle..

It's time to drop all fear, FACE your fears, and to look right in the eyes of a bondage you may have's time to let it go and replace the fear with faith.

Now..the 5 of swords represents the cutting of these addictions..severing ties with people who you are codependent upon, or if someone is codependent on you..time to let go, own your sh** and let your power come through!

You're leveling up, so it's time Scorpion! Don't be spiteful with this person, or it will be an empty victory..Pure intentions to keep yourself in good karma..also be careful someone is jealous of you and may be sabotaging you..the same person..this dark energy in your life, let it GO..

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Hello my Pisceans!

Beautiful water creative and connected to Moon energy.

Your card of the day is the nine of swords..

Now, the meaning here is that the ***NIGHTMARE IS OVER.***

You're almost there in achieving your goals..And keep in mind that your imagination is much worse than reality..You are okay and all is well Pisces!

Better days are coming..this card is about HOPE, FAITH, TRUST..coming out of a dark period of being tested..You made it!!! Things are smoothing over now and your FAITH will light the way into alignment of your true self.

Keep going and you will find your way out of the darkness..head for the LIGHT..feeling light, playing, loving, creating, drawing, painting, singing, dancing..movement of the energy is important and all is working in your favor now. What a relief!!! You made it..keep going.

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Hi my Libras!

Your oracle card of the day is the Queen of Pentacles!

This is an amazing card for you, as it means you are really doing your're a capable person, team player, confident, and independent..or working hard at these things right now..the Universe is working with you to accomplish your dreams and goals! ***

You have the energy and stamina to pull it off! You have the potential for great love and the stars are aligning for your highest success right now..AMAZING.

You are being guided to be practical with money for success..and to achieve those goals. It's not time for frivolous actions..plan, take the initiative and GO..You're a powerhouse right now..but you must use your will to create the life you want..all is aligned and supporting your HUSTLE LIBRA..

For a personalized reading, contact ella xo

If you choose to accept your spiritual mission (we have many angles to our paths)..I will reveal the core of it to you to clear up any confusion..and it's simpler (and more complex lol) than you might imagine..but here it is.

1.) Heal Yourself.

2.) Be Yourself.

Okay, now let me explain what this entails...

1.) Heal Yourself. This means that it's up to us to clear and release all old give back and take back pieces of our souls that we have inadvertently given away or taken from others...This is soul retrieval..putting the pieces back together. It's also being put in a situation where you are "alone" to get to know those new pieces of yourself that you haven't met and integrated yet. This is BIG and changes everything so you are the real YOU. This is your true self..and why things are so hard..and why you feel like something's missing..because it IS. It's YOU. Your truth and voice and power.

You are encouraged to clear what doesn't belong to you, take back what does..and learn about yourself. This is key in the ascension process..

The next aspect of this major information is that you are clearing yourself to Clear Your LOCATION. This can't be done if you have "stuff" the energy around you may get stuck on and intensify...such as old traumas..depression, anxiety, etc.. GET RID OF IT..(that's where your angel helpers and people such as myself come in, if you need assistance, guidance, light, someone to show you how..the Lighthouses.

We show each other the way.

2.) Be Yourself. Now that you have healed to about 65-80% you will start attracting those who can learn from you..This means the lady in the grocery store..the guy at work..people who show up because they are drawn to guidance in what you are are being tested at this point to see what you can handle without being thrown off balance..otherwise it may move away from you. To protect you from taking on too much.


The reason for clearing locations is to heal the planet..why we’re you are a vortex encouraged to be clear and light, to spin off the location where you are at the moment. The wars, the locational traumas...clear your own, then clear where you are. It’s the mission. Well, the core of it..there are a lot of complexities along the way but that’s the nuts and bolts of it. Now you know. Or it’s been confirmed if you suspected it. You’re not alone. We are here to help you. And we are EVERYWHERE. When you’re done, you move to the next location. OR if it is damaging you on a soul level, God will move you OUT. Unless you are willing yourself to which case, they will still help you, it will just be that much harder when you ignore the call to GO.

Being yourself is the very definition of being PRESENT. Meaning you have pretty much got a grasp on managing the still FEEL them because you are A SENSITIVE. BUT you no longer have to ACT on them. No matter how spiritually evolved we become, we STILL have FEELINGS. And that's perfectly okay. The difference in what level of evolution we are is determined by our level of how soon we get UP..How we deflect the negative dark forces around us, trying to eff up our game we can use discretion to determine WHEN to act and when to go process emotions and separate ourselves from people until we have control and can now be responsible for our energy and what we bring to this experience.

It's also important to learn DISCERNMENT. Because everything we feel is only about 10% US and 90% EVERYONE ELSE'S ENERGY WE ARE SUPPOSED TO TRANSMUTE TO HIGHER LEVELS.

Being yourself also means that you get to learn about and master YOUR specific voice..separate from everyone else's..and to master supporting your own emotions, so you can support yourself financially. Supporting your emotions and money ARE IN DIRECT CORRELATION WITH EACH OTHER.


So allow yourself to heal up, your way, in your time, and unveil your true soul, true voice and power.

This information is gold..and straight from the highest lock it in Lighthouse.

ella xo


Aww I know it's been hard for you. The waiting game..waiting for things to push forward. You're endurance, patience and many other things are being tested, depending on your personal path..sometimes it's exhausting!!! I know..

The good news is the REASON you're being tested is TO GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

The restlessness you've been feeling, and challenges, are for good's actually a compliment to your potential..if you weren't being challenged and tested, then we'd have a problem! lol

Another wave of light has and is pushing it's way through your energy field and path..clearing away all that no longer serves you and asking you to set boundaries, stand your ground with your heart felt choices, and to stay focused on the POSITIVE. DO NOT FEED INTO FEAR ENERGY..IT DELAYS YOUR PATH..

You are releasing people, places, things and behavior patterns that are in the way of this UPGRADE. So go with the flow, but stand firm with your focus on YOU..your truth, true self, no matter how weird you thing you are. LOL Go with it!!! The universe supports YOU!

If you should choose to accept this mission and stand strong in your heart, kindness, right path, and patience, you will find you're about to be rewarded for all of your hard work...and the universe is PROUD of YOU.

Keep Going Dear Hearts. It IS WORKING.

Be Blessed.

ella xo

August 19th Mercury Retrograde goes Direct..however, we have about 3 weeks of fragments of the effects..

While we're still in Retro, make sure you're taking time for yourself and cocoon if you need to. Many go into hermit mode to be alone and refill..and go over what needs to be reviewed, updated, changed, released.

Take the time you need, set boundaries, intend and look for "happy surprises", journal, walk outside, etc. The past may come up if it hasn't already, because there are questions to be answered..and put in a peaceful place.

Are they going to the next life cycle with you or do they not belong there?

We need to review people, places, things, behavior patterns that serve or not to go forward. What has to go? Who's in your way? Are you sacrificing your needs for another? Time to release and clear your path. It's not easy, but setting boundaries will quickly determine who belongs in your life.

For more, book a personal session. You got this. #empowerment #love #forwardmotion #peace

xo ella

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