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Holidays can be stressful.

Please remember to delegate responsibilities and take care of yourself too. Getting extra rest, eating properly on time and take breathers by yourself are all NEEDED to remain sane.

A family holiday from prep to clean up should be shared by all.

Most of all Reach Out To Someone Trusted When You Feel Stress Coming On!

See my article called Stress Is A Blackmailer For Brain Distraction Tips.


First Time Appointments

1.50 a minute for 20 minute session

Repeat Appointments

As Low As 1.20 a minute for 50 minute sessions.

The sign that we are going the wrong direction is that we are struggling and not giving it over. It doesn't matter whether you believe in God or not. We have to do what God or Good wants us to do.

It's really hard to fight your will. I have personal experience in this area. I am such a stubborn person, but I know that I'm doing the right thing when there's a lot less stress; when I can actually make a decision. If I'm spinning my wheels then I know that I'm not basing it on Good or God therefore making it harder on myself prolonging anxiety and pain.

After all these years of believing in God and being a good Christian it is still hard for me to just let go. Let go doesn't mean push it down or pretend it never happened it means if you have a decision to make and you're spinning your wheels you're going the wrong way. You have to change direction. The sign that you're going in the right direction is not that you don't stress over it necessarily it's that you start to move through the phases rather than spin your wheels.

The process may be like a traffic jam, but if you are headed the right way you will see progress.

So be your own best friend and take care of yourself. We only get one life; you deserve to live it happy!


Stress is like a blackmailer that steals your health and happiness! It must be exposed!

The moment you feel stressed you need to expose it by reaching out and telling someone you trust you feel stressed! You don't have to share the details until you're ready, but just the simple act of letting someone you trust know that you're feeling stressed can purge some of that anxiety!

Another great tip I just learned works from personal experience is lift your head up to the sky and sigh! Repeat as often as you need. This has been proven to actually distract your brain for a few seconds!

Are you doing it now? Most people do when they hear about it 😁

I usually try to do the above when I'm by myself, because it can be taken as you're annoyed or bored with someone, LOL If I have to do it in the company of others I just find the right moment then say, "Did you know holding your head up to the sky and sighing is proven to distract your brain?" Yawning instead of sighing works too.. You just have to be sensitive to your situation and surroundings so that you don't offend anyone or are misunderstood.


I am begging you to let your advisers know you appreciate them and accept it when they are led to a higher calling. Sometimes our jobs are just stepping stones to education and experience to our final mission.

You mean a lot of to us. We still love you, but since our mission has changed we have been called to do more then just answer your questions and telling you how to live your life.

Please don't call us up and call us phonies, because we are in a new section, but are still gifted with intuition you once knew and loved.

Why? Why wont you use the free minutes to the new section to open up, ask questions and let us guide you to solutions that could rebuild your life for lasting happiness and peace?

Wasn't Jesus a prophet and counselor? Yes he was. Weren't his disciples prophets and counselors? If God can give those regular people and mothers intuition then why wouldn't you think someone could be gifted and be a counselor?

It's not only possible. It's very real. I am not claiming to heal you. We simply want you to finally get that peace and happiness you deserve.

If you have to call and ask questions, then call and ask another adviser questions, then call to confirm that is like a yo-yo on your emotions giving you temporary happiness that yields to concerns, stress and confusion which can lead to both depression and health problems.

Why not be willing to TFH, Talk, Feel and Heal? Yes you saw that I said I do not claim to be a healer, but the willingness to talk and work through it can bring you emotional coping skills that could help you feel better.

Please don't be mean to any of the advisers on any topic as they all love you and get a piece of the puzzle. In my experience when calling the Psychic side both yes and no can be right.

We all want to do more then just answer you, but those of us who switched sections are divinely led to do so at this time.
Please be accepting and use the free minutes sent as a trial. Really open up, ask questions and Talk, Feel And Try To Heal.
Come on what have you got to lose? Not a thing!

Disclaimer: I am not a Psychic. I do not make predictions. There are no warranties or guarantees. If suicidal please call your local emergency number immediately!

About Me: Pastoral Counselor, Financial Counselor specializing in regular budget and creative financing. Reiki Practitioner, Over 27 Years of Helping People.

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I do, but only if you do it meaningfully and rationally. Yes, you should shoot for things you intend on doing that are within your capabilities, yet challenge you a bit. In otherwords, don't pick things that you know you wont follow through with or is impossible for you to do.

With that being said, what are your resolutions for 2011? Share them in the comment section below if you want to.

Mine are:

1. Go Greener- already started by replacing my cleaning products with 97% and up natural cleaners.

2. Be more active- Wii fit, NO way would never stick to that, however I love to dance and bowl and box and play the games that use your body and boy what a workout is the dance on broadway with easy moves, lol Just be careful not to hurt yourself.. Ask your doctor to see if you are healthy enough for this type of exercise first. myfitnesspal site is neat for that too.

3. More me time. Hardly get this and would love just an hour a day, but I digress it is a work in progress. It is important to help recharge and clear your mind to get time every day to yourself as well as with your spouse and family. So work at time for you, time for them and time for him.

4. Go Natural: Replace prescriptions and Bath Stuff with herbal remedies. See Vitamin Shoppe for that, tell them all your allergies and conditions and they can set you up. Of course with the approval of your Doctor too.

5. Get more sleep and eat healthier. I never get enough sleep, but am setting my yahoo to pop up with a funny message about 15 minutes before to hop offline. It currently says "Night, Night, lol" so it makes it less stressful. Stuffing foods with vegetables rather then stuffing and switching to all lite versions is a great start.

6. Getting to Church more often then we have lately.

7. More Education

8. Doing all the above in steps at a time.

How about you?
This book was the product of 2 great minds, Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.

If you are a people pleaser like me this goes into detail chapter by chapter of all the situations you would be caught saying a pressured yes in. Kids, Work, Church, Groups and more. How and why to say no. How to get unstuck and stop feeling guilty by setting boundaries.

It teaches the difference between load and burden. Each of us are supposed to carry our own load, but all of us are supposed to carry each other's burdens? So what is the difference and how can we recognize? The book has answers to all of this. It even has different scenarios to give you examples.

I had no idea there were boundary myths until I read this book? In fact I didn't realize a lot of things in this book. It helped me to see myself in a larger light and taught me how to know when to say no, when to say yes and feel good about it all.

If you or someone you know has trouble saying no, then this is the book for you. Hey I thought I knew what was in this book, then read it and realize there is a lot more to it.

Thank you,
Windsor Personal Coaching
I was first introduced to Joyce Meyers via public television. Her light optimistic, yet firm approach to motivational speaking kept me hanging on, not to mention the chapters were... only max 3 to 4 pages long!

I like this book, because it not only gives ways to simplify your life mind, body and soul, but she shares her personal experiences as a child growing up. Did you know she was an abused child with a dictator father?

She shares her struggles and how she made it through. She also shares her adult struggles. I don't know about you, but anyone can tell me how to solve issues, but I tend to try the ideas of people who have been through it themselves, because I can look to them and their life inspires me.

This book will inspire you both with laughter and seriousness. It comes on Audio, but check your local library to see if they have audio.

Windsor Personal Life Coach
Journal Keeping By Carl J Koch turned out to be more then it promised. Most Journal keeping books ramble on about how to keep a journal, but this book is much more. It not only shows you how to keep a journal, but also explains new ways to keep the journal. Did you know you don't have to do it daily? Did you know you don't need more then one descriptive sentence along with your name and date to complete your daily journaling? I didn't and I have been journaling a long time.

This book shares important people in history who kept journals like a certain General and A Priest for the military? It was neat to learn all of the people who kept history and how their journaling helped us learn how life was for them.

Did you know there were mothers who kept journals through their families journey to find their land? Yes, it's true.

It also has other HUGE tips on how to use it to pray or meditate and why we should all keep journals.

There is tons more like how ancient cavemen kept diaries, but I will leave that for your reading pleasure. So stop into your local library today and borrow a copy :) Some books come on audio, so ask your librarian if you prefer to read that way.

This book was so interesting I could not put it down and read it in a day and a half!

What does this have to do with Personal Life Coaching? Everything. Journals help us to express ourselves in ways we can not in public. It also helps us to sort out feelings and make decisions. There are public and private journals, but both help us in all kinds of ways.

Windsor Personal Life Coaching
As you may know one of all of our biggest issues as humans is our will and emotions. When you aren't able to balance things then even the simplest of things get to you. In pool Mark can win against a higher ranked player by playing defensively (blocking shots with balls and such). This makes the other play flustered and then everything else goes. The other player loses concentration, his ability to play well and his confidence. This is not Mark's fault, because Mark respects and even practices with these players, but playing defensively is a must, a strategy just like in life sometimes when we are up against higher odds. I have been coaching Mark, because Mark forgets like most of us he is a part of a team, too hard on himself and would get upset every time he messed up or lost. He told me that since using my re-balance technique he not only doesn't sweat things as much, but he is able to quickly bring himself back into balance. He used this both at the pool match to get to the playoffs and at his recent final divorce hearing when his greedy cheating ex walked in halfway through demanding things he had already given her and lying about him.. It works...

It works for anger, happiness, all emotions. For there are times when we need to re-balance no matter what emotion we are having as we need to regain focus and clarity. It also works for hyper people and those with ADD and ADHD both kids and adults.

Would you like to use these techniques? I can personally teach them to you. It will change your life.. I am charging 25.00 for 1 month of the techniques and personal coaching via phone and email. Many charge 150-1000.00 for these techniques, but I want you to know them as they are important, but I warn you that you have to let go of some of your old ways. It means recognizing, being honest and then using the step by step program to reprogram your natural responses. You'll always have emotions and temptations, but even in the busiest most stressful times you will be able to recognize, reduce and refocus to make yourself think and act clearer which means better decisions which make better results.

Let me know if you are interested.

I must have had unfinished business, because one person after another kept coming back into my life. Some good and some turned out bad and left again, but again recently a very dear friend I left behind with my divorce came back. I left this very dear friend, because I wanted only for their happiness and thought it may be awkward or too hard for them to stay in contact. Of course I have spent almost 11 miserable years without this person and so we are getting to know one another again.

Advice: Good, Real, Friends are very rare and very special. When you find one that lives in your heart whom you are very close with don't let them go as the suffering I caused myself and possibly my friend hurt worse then just sticking it out. I now know what I thought was right was for my friend to decide and I should have spoken to my friend about it and let them decide. I had a good heart and good reasons, but made a bad choice that left me crying for 11 years over it.

I am glad I got a second chance and will cherish my friendship and not let it go no matter what.

Praise Jesus for this chance!

Also thank my fiance now husband for his role in this. He watched me cry, found her and got us back together.

As light and optimistic as I am even I find it hard when pushed over a period of time to ignore emotions and fight with love. This is just the reality of life and why we need to keep all bad karma (hence people) from our life!

We could have the highest confidence and self esteem, but when someone is in our life that constantly brings negative energy over time we can be unknowingly reduced to a pile of rubble.  Our once vigorous love of life and self becomes negative and harsh hatred of life. We go inside and many, many things we once enjoyed we now fear, so how do we prevent this from happening?

A few tips:
  1. If you know a person in your life is doing questionable things, even if not directly to you, remove them from your life as their negativity can bring you down as well. Once a month weed the garden of friends both online and in real person. And YES this includes family too as they may be your family, but if they are not behaving you don't have to be around them.. Remember family are those who love you, not just those who are blood relatives..
  2. Don't question your instincts! If you love all people, but something gives you an uncomfortable feeling about someone (even if they haven't done anything wrong yet) this is your instincts kicking in, so politely fade out that friendship.
  3. Don't put yourself in knowingly uncomfortable situations and Don't ever go past your personal limits.. Don't know your limits? Sit down and decide what is important to you? What is not? What you can change and what you have no control over? Religion, Parenting, Kids (Future or Now), your beliefs, your career
  4. Live for today ONLY! The past you can not change and the future changes constantly, you only have today to live for so don't fret over any other time or date..
  5. Bad Dates? Well considering only 1 person is meant for you 99 out of every 100 people will be wrong for you.. It's supposed to be this way, although you can get better dates you still have to accept most will not work out due to only 1 true love at a time rule, so just tell yourself that next time you are frustrated.
  6. Practice speaking what you want as if you already have it and let go of the negative thoughts as they will only get you more negative.
  7. Remember Manifestation is about your strongest desires, but leave room and openness to accept, because spirit knows what and where is best for you, so you may find love in other places and there may not bring the exact man, woman or place you wanted, but you may find in time it is better.
  8. Purpose NOT Patience: When you find yourself waiting or in the same issues as before, ask yourself what do I have to learn and be open to finding the answer as you are in the waiting room, so you need to find purpose, more then patience to graduate and move on from it.
  9. Frustrated, Angry? Use spirit, NOT emotions: Step back from the situation. Write down your feelings in a private place to get them all out; then sit quietly and ask spirit for a specific sign of what to do. Most importantly WAIT and Listen with your heart! Your head and emotions can be compromised, but your heart is pure good and a direct connection to spirit.. Sometimes he wants you to stand up for yourself, but only he can show you exactly how to do it in the way of light while in an angry situation. Don't do anything until you feel at peace and full confidence with it. It's only from spirit if you feel completely at peace and fully confident. Sometimes this takes a while, but waiting it out is the right thing to do. Spirit's will is the real solution.
  10. When you get to the end of your rope, think of all the good you have and seek out advice and others to help tie a knot at the end of your life rope to keep you going. We ALL need this! 
  11. Don't forget to thank spirit for his help and what you have.  If you are having trouble finding the answers yourself contact someone. A close trusted friend or adviser.
  12. Remember you are human as well as spirit. Both sides have very strong things about them. Emotions and Thoughts are NOT reliable, but are very, very overpowering at times causing you to make mistakes. Don't beat yourself up as it is all a part of the learning process. Just remember to recognize your patterns, always step back before moving forward, speak your affirmations and if you have made a mistake try to do something to better or fix it.
  13. Don't call yourself names or speak badly of yourself as this crushes your own self esteem. If you do self correct that by telling yourself one good every time you think or say something bad about yourself!
  14. Peace is where you manifest it. There is always going to be chaos in life, but you can say "NO MORE!" and you can manifest to feel peace in trying times. You ARE in charge of your destiny!
This is a bit wordy, but does have a point in which I hope can help or encourage you to share your experiences. I just feel we are all going through so much lately and want to reach out and hope that you will also reach out to feel better to.

1. My strong desire and prayers that Mark's crazy friend who kept confronting me would go away or be handled and leave me alone came true! One night I wake at 2am to Mark downstairs talking on the phone. As I walk down the stairs I hear him telling her it is not a good idea to confront her ex and he was getting tired of her drunk calling, texting and misbehaving. He told her that she was so disrespectful to him and especially me and that she does dangerous things when she is intoxicated and that he would not give her attention or take her calls anymore when she was like that. Later on he sent her an email when she was sober and she agreed she needed to stop drinking as she gets out of control. She has not called or bothered us since.

2. Old House: His ex trashed the house so bad before she left if a cop had seen it it would have been condemned til it got fixed up. Nothing new though she trashed it 3 times during the 15 years they lived there. Well I spent a year trying to clean it up and get rid of the smells and it was making me so sick health wise. His oldest son was becoming increasingly ill as well. I blessed it and cleansed it and cleaned it and I still hated this house so bad because the slopey backyard and the right on the street was dangerous for the kids and his ex kept breaking in or threatening to. Well finally a mistake at the mortgage company saying they were taking that house got us to move really quickly. We prayed and posted an ad and in one day found an incredible house closer to town where the we could monitor the boys even when they visit their deadbeat mother! Error was corrected at Mortgage company but it was too late, we had signed a lease and moved. Now we filed a complaint to try and get deed in lui which we just sign it over to them and are forgiven as it was their mistake in the first place!

3. Mark's Ex Breaks into old house, lies about having permission, cops are called and so cops tell us to board the place up and her son who has always tried to do what she wants yelled at her for doing illegal stuff! She calls Mark, yelling at him, saying she will break in again and she left the door open so she could get in again easier! but I get message to just board the place up, leave it alone and it will take care of itself. She then calls Sunday asks to get in to get the rest of her stuff.. Like she usually does calls half an hour before, then never shows up. We have been telling her an entire year and she choses to wait til after the mortgage company takes it to break in? What is wrong with her! Luckily we sent multiple notes including one certified to prove we let her get it.
4. Ex causes trouble and had just went off on Mark the day before, as well as constant history of causing trouble at events, so we were going to show up, but not stay to try and protect his daughters baby shower from being ruined. Well his other daughter comes to pick her up and she didn't even tell her she no longer needed a ride; she had went with her new boyfriend. Acted like an idiot still flaunting herself and her new relationship, but kept peeking to see if Mark was watching. Fortunately for me I know how to tune people out and noticed nothing, except the creepy "you're hot look" she was giving me. She's known as the town's friendliest person here and is why Mark is divorcing her! Anyways, so another blessing is that her oldest daughter used to not even talk to me when her mom was around, but Stephanie and I have gotten so close and both girls hugged me and talked to me and was so appreciative we were there. Even his boys just went ahead and hung out and chatted with me. God Bless Them :)

5. Mark's ex seems to have found someone to put up with her and she seems happy which is 1/2 our prayer answered. We are hoping they fall fast in love and want to get married so bad his ex stops coming on to Mark and trying to delay the divorce and just signs the papers this time!

6. Mark stopped smoking which was killing me slowly as I am allergic to smoke really badly. He had such trouble the first time he quit he was anxious about gaining weight and his mental state, but this time he is doing well and fighting it.

Note: I hated and did not ever want to live further in town, but spirit set me up good, because my prayer was unselfish. What I wanted was for the boys to have a nice backyard to play in and a place they could ride their scooters and bikes safely. I wanted for all their inner growth to be preserved and if that took us to move closer in town where their deadbeat mom lives then I would sacrifice my hatred of this town for their happiness.

So see there really is no secret to manifesting what you want, just know that your strongest desires become a reality. Sometimes not with the person or the place, but spirit can provide a sanctuary inside of something or place you don't like if you have truly unselfish desires.

We live up high on a hill in a nice family oriented neighborhood. We have an incredible view of the mountains and have a serious buffer zone, but are close enough to take care of the boys and monitor them. The calls about her letting them run all over town have stopped, they are much happier here and even though there was a period of adjustment for them because now they can only go in sight distance of her house (our rules) and they now have to follow our rules at her house (cause she has none and it was becoming dangerous) they quickly got through it and even thought of their own suggestions and after school programs so they are now busy most of the time they are with her. Praise Jesus! I am so proud his oldest son finally sees her for what she is and appreciates me more now, is able to ignore her lies and best of all is learning leadership skills so now instead of violence he says "I am, I feel" and recognizes his own feelings and has things he does to keep from exploding. It's all I ever wanted for him. To find happiness in the chaos of his mothers life.

I guess another blessing is that each time she is in a new relationship her kids get more attention while she pretends to be a good mom for her new boyfriend. As an optimist as long as the kids are getting some attention and are not being hurt by her then that is making them happy for the time being. but it is also good that even when she goes back to her old ways they seem to handle it better and are able to accept it and find happiness for themselves within her chaos.

Now that we worked on reasoning skills and they are getting them down. We have started working on reality of people may change, but most likely don't and how we have to learn to accept and find happiness in life anyways and of course how to do that.

Sorry I just had to tell you all this and vent some. I hope you can look at my situation and get some courage and empowerment for your own life.


Just goes to show you sometimes success doesn't come when we want it or how, but it does come with persistance and talent :)

This should empower you :) Some were considered stories, but very recently in Ancient Greece (Correct me if I am wrong about where) they found women warriors buried.

The Rig-Veda, an ancient sacred poem of India, written between 3500 and 1800 BC recounts the story of a warrior, Queen Vishpla, who lost her leg in battle, was fitted with an iron prosthesis, and returned to battle. (source Prosthetic History Page)
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