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Hi folks!

You may have seen me post some of my 'tarot peeks' and wonder what exactly I am talking about. The answer is really simple. In a tarot peek, you get a quick one to three card reading focused on a specific topic. They're different from the other, more detailed readings I do. With the other readings, depending on how detailed you want them, I can give you information from the cards about major players in upcoming events, hidden information on present situations, and help you get a better picture of where another person is at in a relationship. A tarot peek is just that, a peek at the situation. It is an extremely general reading that only gives the major details you need to keep in mind. And those details are limited because there is only one card presenting information on it.

Now, if you are interested in a quick one card reading, your very own personal tarot peek, send me a message. They're just $5.00. This is the same cost for the most basic reading I offer, which is a 3 card spread. I would say if you wanted a fast, immediately relevant answer, go for the tarot peek. It's almost perfect for yes/no questions, but it gives a little more information than that. The 3 card spread gives you an overview of the past, present, and immediate future of a situation. Similar to a tarot peek, that 3 card spread can help you get all the major details that are immediately apparent through the cards in short order.

So, give it a little thought. If you are interested, I will be here on chat for most of the morning.

Hey there folks,

It's about the end of the day for me. I hope you all have a lovely evening. Things are quiet here as we listen to Enya and the kids are sleeping. They played hard this afternoon with that cute little black pug from up the road. I'm hoping to be on for chat readings by 1pm, maybe a little earlier.

Have a lovely night, y'all.

Hi folks!

I'm available for chat readings. It's been a little busy over here. First we had dinner. Then there was helping out with homework. And during some outside play time, one of the cutest pugs in the neighborhood stopped by for lots of love and pets. It was great to see the boys so excited by the 'puppy' but it was a little challenging to get them inside for obvious reasons.

Now they're doing some reading and everything is actually pretty calm right now. I'm kinda surprised considering that they've got off from school tomorrow. We'll see if they stay out from underfoot and let me get my sewing tomorrow done. I have a blanket to mend and a table cloth to repair as well. Fortunately, no clothes have been torn this week. But, there are still two days left in the week. LOL

Send me a message. We'll chat a bit and I will give you a reading on any subject (except for obvious things like the stock market and medical advice).

Hi everybody!

My boys are due to be home from school in about a half hour. I have some housework to finish up. All of this taken into account, I will be available for chat readings after about 5:30 pm Eastern time, 6pm at the latest. If you want an email reading, send your request over. In your email to me about your reading request, please let me know how detailed you want your reading and what your concerns are.

A quick reading is $5.00 and only discusses what the cards show as the most vital information you need. A moderately detailed reading is $10.00. It discusses who the major players are in the situation, the rundown of how things are going to unfold, and what changes you may need to make to get the outcome you want. A highly detailed readings is $20.00 and gives more details about these things (up to and including things like physical characteristics of parties involved in the situation and signs that things are going how you want them to or signs of trouble).

As with all email readings, you get three free questions on the reading. Please reference what part you need clarification on. After this, clarification reads are $5.00. I will only answer one question per clarification reading just to make sure I get all the information you need on the matter. If your question request contains more than one question and it is past the first three free questions, the questions will be addressed in the order they are listed. Each will have its own mail with the matter of interest in the subject line.

Ok, I'm off to go wash a small mountain of dishes and take care of some laundry. See y'all in a few hours.

Hi folks,

So, here's a story for you about my afternoon. I get the kids off the bus. I get them inside and given snack. I'm all set to sit down at the computer and get back to work. And then a spider comes crawling across the desk. Not some tiny little house spider. The sort the live politely in corners and pay their keep by eating their weight in flies. Nope, it was one that looked like a male brown recluse. Brown recluse spiders are bad news. Their bites are toxic and can have the nasty side effect of necrosis. That's a fancy word for your flesh rotting off. Disgusting is a really mild way to describe that.

I have something of a phobia of spiders. It had gotten better over the years and to the point where I thought it was pretty mild. And then the spider thing started. The neighbors around have been having problems with brown recluse spiders. The folks downstairs have them pretty seriously infested. I was consoling myself by saying they like dark and damp places. Basement apartments are going to be prefered to this upstairs apartment. Cue the spider walking up to my keyboard as if it was going " 'sup, hooman? this is my space now, cool." And not a few moments later, another one that looked similar but was larger dropped down from the ceiling into my face. I barely managed not to scream.

Called the landlord. Texted the husband and freaked out a bit. Took some anxiety medication, and then tried to avoid the spiders. End result, stayed in the kitchen for the whole of finishing up dinner and eating before taking the kids outside. When hubby got home, we went in. He killed one spider, I managed to catch the other. My skin is still crawling. The bugs are everywhere despite all the doors and windows being closed. We're going to be leaning on the landlord to get the pest removal guy here asap.

And the kicker, the wasps on the shed beside the garbage have begun to swarm. So I couldn't take the trash out during the daylight hours because stinging death. It has not been the best of afternoons. I'm still a bit jumpy about possible spiders even with the anxiety meds. I don't know if I can say it is a mild phobia or if it is a moderate one. But I have a hard time sleeping now because I worry about bugs and insects walking over or biting me. (Thank goodness my medications will put me to sleep no matter how anxious I am and right before they do, I stop caring about stuff like if there are spiders in my bedroom.)

So, there's the saga of why I haven't gotten all of those tarot peeks done quite yet. It should be finished tomorrow morning. *shudders* I abhor insects and spiders that walk on me and bite. Why must there be so many of them right now? This is so much more than what there was this time last year. It is really weird and even made the news.

Have a good night. And I apologize to any spider/insect phobes that I distressed. I feel your pain and apologize from the depths of my heart. I just needed to get this off my chest. Thank you for tolerating my dramatic life.

Hi folks!

We're dealing with an infestation of stinkbugs. I've been utterly grossed out by them. They're just about everywhere. I think I'd completely lose my cool if they got into my cupboards or my fridge. (Please, gods, don't let that happen. *shudders*) I am trying to find a way to get rid of them. It's got to be something more than just sweeping them off the wall with a broom and out the back door. I've called my landlord. Apparently everybody on this side of the street is having this problem right now. I expect to see a pest removal company out here at some point in the not too distant future. I just sent a picture of the front door of the building covered in 'em. Good thing I don't have a bug phobia, but if this keeps up, it may develop. I already have a mild spider one. That said, I'm stepping away from the computer to go outside so i don't have to deal with any more bugs. Because dear gods there are SO MANY.

Thanks for letting me rant. I'll be back in about two hours. That's around 4:30 Eastern time. ♥
Hi everybody!

I have had life been extra busy. As such, some of my projects (including things I was working on for here on Keen) got delayed. Now that life is calming down and I am able to get back to things, I have the first half of the tarot forecasts by sign for the final quarter of 2017. I expect to get the remainder up tomorrow.

I will be available for chat readings until 9 pm Eastern time. My headset is currently buried in my desk and I'm trying to find it right now. I am always available for e-mail readings. Turn around time is 24 hours after I read your email. I will always send you a thank you note after a chat reading or a call reading with three free minutes as a thank you. Email readings get three free follow up questions. The pay-to-view on the fourth and other follow up questions is always at the low price of $5.00.

Here's the list of the tarot peeks for the next three months by sign:







Stay tuned. Tomorrow, the tarot peeks for Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces will be up at about this time in the day. (That would be 7 pm Eastern Time.)

Have a lovely evening.
Hi folks,

It has been a long day. I've been struggling with a migraine all day. Just now, I've gotten to the point where I feel almost wel enough to use the computer. The light from the monitor is really harsh on me, though. I'm logging off of internet stuff early because of it. I'm hoping tomorrow this will pass. In the mean time, I've taken some naproxen and thrown back a big bottle of water along with about half of a bottle of cola. Theoretically the water and caffeine will fix this. I will try to get things posted up tomorrow. Hopefully this will not be a 3 day migraine like what happened about three weeks ago.

Do y'all have any suggestions for at home remedies for a migraine? I'm starting to run out of ideas. Thanks in advance.

Have a beautiful night. ♥
Hey there!

We've hit the end of the day for me over here. The moon is glorious as he peeks between the clouds. The weather is not too bad for early October. I'm glad the super high heat hasn't come back yet. It was exhausting. Now, I get to snuggle in bed with my Beloved. And my brand new teddy bear he got me to replace Mr Bear - the one I have had since we started dating 20 years ago. The new bear is named Urso Secundus - a riff off of the Latin words for bear and two. Yes, Beloved declared me a dork for it. I feel pride in this level of dork-dom. The kids are bedded down (the youngest snoring a wee bit because he's getting over a cold and an ear infection). On the whole, my hope is that your home is as peaceful and calm as mine right now when you too need to bed down for the night. See you all tomorrow.

Hi Folks,

I was all set to start making calls. My voice was a little raspy but it wasn't that bad. Or so I thought. Then I went to make a phone call about school stuff for the boys and discovered I had just about completely lost my voice. I confess, I am rather exasperated with this fact. I wanted to do calls on the phone this afternoon. Just to have someone to visit with. After all, you can't spread a cold via a phone call.

I am on chat, however. So, please drop me a note. I'd be happy to do a reading for you and just chat about life, if you'd like. I even have a few hilarious stories about my kids to share. (When your 8 year old gets angry because you won't let them drive the car and the bus driver won't let them drive the bus, it gets pretty silly fairly quickly.)

Hi folks!

The kids have gone back to school. My life is settling down again. And this means that I can be more active here on Keen. I am super excited to get back in the saddle and start slinging cards. I also wanted to let you know that I will be setting up a schedule for calls but chat sessions can happen anytime I am lucky enough to have some downtime and access to the internet with my laptop. Readings by mail will still have that 24 hour turnaround time starting from when I have read it.

There are changes coming to my page here on Keen. I think I've figured out how to do some stuff to make it easier to read. And, honestly, you have to see a more recent picture. If I recall correctly, the picture that is up here is ten years old. A lot changes in ten years. So, I am coming back on Keen. :)

Dagaz is the rune for Monday, August 7th, 2017. This rune is associated with dawn and sunrise. It is also the run of illumination of a metaphorical sense. This rune speaks of knowledge that serves to suddenly broaden our understanding of a situation and/or the world. This is one of the set of runes that can not arrived in a reading reversed (reversed is also known as merkstave) and is generally considered to be a good omen. Indeed, Dagaz is one of the runes that is of such a powerful good aspect that it can counterbalance the other runes in a reading that are in a negative orientation.

It is part of the Elder Futhark and among the runes that can be traced back to protogermanic sources. It is sometimes described as a butterfly shape due to the fact that it is two triangles with points touching on at the center of the glyph. It corresponds to the letter 'D' in the modern alphabets of English and others that are derived from runic sources.

For additional information, take a look at the wikipedia page on this topic ( ).
Hi folks!

I haven't been dong too well over the last little while. I am going to do my best to be around over the next week. A lot of this depends on how things go with my health stuff. And on how much time I can squirrel away to be online while the kids are officially finishing up their last week of summer school. I honestly have no idea how this is going to work out.

That said, I did finally get another tarot peek finished up for you all. As with previous tarot peeks, my focus is on what is awaiting the Keen community at large. Sometimes I get information that is directed towards specific groups on here, such as the readers themselves or the clients. Often, my information is just for everybody. That said, this week's tarot peek does not include Sunday due to the fact that I wasn't able to get this done until this evening. Next week, I hope to get it up earlier in the day. So, let's set that bit aside and see what the cards had to say for this week!

Mon: The Empress (reversed) - Monday sees some instability in the arena of finance. Resources that were anticipated arrive late and not as plentiful as expected. There will also be some minor domestic discord on the personal side of things for several people.

Tues: The Sun (direct) - Tuesday is a reversal of Monday's difficulties. It is an especially auspicious day for beginning new projects. There will also be any opportunities for joy this day.

Wed: King of Swords (direct) - Wednesday brings some stormy weather on the social front. We are encouraged to focus on seeking the truth amid sharp words and to stand fast with our ideals. We are also encourage to be aware that arguments will arise from miscommunication and to apply Occam's Razor* to the resulting problems.

Thurs: Temperance (direct) - Thursday will be a day of healing rifts between people. It will also be a day where there will be many angelic messages. We encouraged to listen closely to our spiritual companions and advisers.

Fri: King of Cups (direct) - Friday brings a great sense of benevolence from people in positions of authority. Those who have the means to give generously will do so several times over out of a desire to see more joy in the world. We are encourage to be gregarious and generous out of our sense of love for our companions and the world at large.

Sat: Page of Swords (direct) - Saturday is a day of challenging news demanding decisive action. There will be a measure of heartbreak in this news but we are encouraged to face our circumstances boldly with the knowledge that we have the means to change them.


* (The wikipedia page regarding Occam's Razor.)
Hi Folks,

Have you started a garden at your house? We have a container garden that we started last week. Both the boys were thrilled to help clean up the old window boxes by pulling grass out of them and just tossing it off the deck into the weeds behind the building. (My youngest seems to have a pretty good throwing arm, because he was whipping those clods of dirt and grass pretty far into those weeds.) Some friends of mine are a bit nervous about having their kids out in the garden with them. They worry about their littles pulling up important plants or messing around with stuff that shouldn't be touched (like poison ivy). I was worried about this at first too.

Then it occurred to me that my kids are going to play in the dirt no matter what. It's just a thing that kids do. So, I put that desire to dig and pull up what they decided were weeds to use. Last year, we had a little difficulty with them pulling up my forget-me-nots. But, they learned pretty quickly what they were allowed to pull and it was a one-time incident. They were especially happy to help water things. We don't have an outdoor hose hookup. So, it was either I lugged around a 3 gallon watering can around the whole yard, or let the boys run around like little madmen with their 1 quart watering cans and dumping water on everything (including each other).

Kids like to play outside when the weather is nice (and sometimes when it is rainy, too). Because they see the grown ups in their lives gardening, they'll pretend to be doing it too. I lost count how many sticks my youngest put into the sandbox at the park and said he was growing a forest. When you take them by the hand and get them involved in the garden, there is a whole world of good things that can happen.

The best, however, is that bonding time you get to spend. Second best is watching them light up when they see a butterfly emerge from its cocoon. But it may be tied with fresh tomatoes right off the vine. Next week, I'll share with you how we organized our garden so that the kids have their own special things to be responsible for. It's a tricky balance between responsibility and fun. I'll share what we're doing at our place here.