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Hi there,

2018 appears to be a year of great frustration due to the failings of others. March will be a crucial month for you. The themes of this month are keeping calm and letting others be fools on their own.

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2018 starts a bit rough for our friend the Aries. With external guidance from key figures, they will find a great deal of good. September will be a key month of interest for the Aries, with a focus on major decision making. The general themes of the year are careful planning and hard work.

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2018 is a year of caution and counter-intuitive activity for our friend Taurus. July is a crucial month. The themes of this year are patience and keen observation (including of oneself).

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2018 is going to be a year of vigorous activity and hard work for your friend Gemini. October is going to be a key month for you. The themes of this year are going to be gratitude and persistence.

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2018 is a year of transformation through a series of challenges both major and minor. August is a key month for you. The themes of this year are transformation and growth.

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Hi there, everybody!

It had been a wild weekend with winter storm Hunter visiting my area. We have been bundled up and safe. Thankfully, we didn't get much in the way of ice. I haven't checked the snow with a ruler, but I'm pretty sure we have at least a foot of snow on the ground right now. The kids don't have school today because of Martin Luther King day, so I will only be on chat to spare you the constant noise of their toy firetrucks from Yule.

The tarot cards this week seem to be all over the place. I'm not going to cover Sunday's card because I didn't get to do the reading until this morning. (Thank goodness the kids are sleeping in.)

Monday: The Lovers - This is a auspicious day for entering into partnerships. I see a lot of really strong communication happening between clients and advisers with a general sense of good will towards everyone.

Tuesday: The Magician - The advisers are going to have some real challenges this day. I see questions coming in from directions that most wouldn't consider. As I know the Keen team is up to the challenge, the clients are the real winners here.

Wednesday: Page of Wands - The biggest topic in readings and consultations this day is going to be matters that are in the national news. There is some concern over an upcoming announcement. The cards are not very clear on this one.

Thursday: 2 of Cups - Clients and advisers working together will make the Keen community a place of deep peace, happiness, and general blessing. This is also another really good day to get a reading on relationship matters.

Friday: The Tower - A major announcement is going to shake things up. This is bringing a big change in many areas. The cards suggest this is tied to the events Wednesday's card is referencing.

Saturday: King of Cups - The Keen community at large are encouraged to take a rest day this Saturday. Make a point to enjoy the company and good cheer of friends.
Good afternoon, folks!

I have been posting up the buttons to the tarot overviews for the year 2018 by astrological sign. The readings are right now for the really low prices of $5.00. The cost goes up at the end of the month. I've decided that it has taken me long enough to get them up here that I really needed to give you the change to pick it up when you had the opportunity.

ti Tomorrow, I will be posting the final three overviews and a post with all of the buttons on one page. I will also try to make time to do a tarot overview for the Keen community at large. If there is a famous person that you'd like to see me do a tarot overview for their year, let me know in the comments. I'm still in the decision making process on doing a scrying session or a tarot reading on the state of the world for 2018. After 2017, I'm not sure if I feel brave enough to do that.

I'm still taking calls. I'll be taking calls until 4pm Eastern time with a brief break at 3 to get the household ready for my kids coming home from school and such. I will be taking chat until then as well but back after 6:30 to do chat until 8 pm Eastern time. I hope you're having a great day!

Hey there, folks!

I'm back. Tuesday I had what I think was food poisoning. Don't let your leftovers go too long, seriously. It was unpleasant and took all day to get to where I wasn't feeling awful. I think the culprit was leftover chili. Yesterday had some family stuff unexpectedly pop up. We went to see a sick little boy who is home for a few days before he has to go back for more treatment. If you're so inclined, please join me in keeping R.S. in prayers and good wishes for health. He has made a lot of very good progress, so we're optimistic that he will be home soon.

I'm a bit late signing on today. I had to make sure that the garbage guy actually took it this time. Good help is hard to find. And my goodness does there seem to be a shortage of it around. Throw in some of the neighbors being decidedly loud and unpleasant, it didn't make for a great morning. But, that is done. And my phone is almost charged (it should be done in about ten minutes). I'm going to be available for chat and calls all day today, even through my usual lunch period. When the kids get home, it is going to switch to just chat. They're pretty loud.

Have a beautiful day!. ♥
Hi there,

If you are like me, you have an abiding love for tacos and chili. This time of year is great because there's always an excuse to fix a pot of chili or make up some spicy tacos. (Well, not too spicy if I want my kids to eat too. LOL) Chilly weather is chili weather, as a friend of mine says. And all those football games demand nachos, so you need to fix some chili queso sauce. Let us not forget the glory of taco tuesday! (We're having ground beef tacos with ALL of the fixings and some mexican rice on the side tonight. This means that Beloved gets a burrito bowl for lunch tomorrow. Everybody wins.)

I like to make extra taco meat when I am cooking tacos. That means I am usually cooking up 2 lbs ground beef (or whatever meat we're using). Between the kids, Beloved, and I, we get through about 2/3rds of a pound of ground beef. That leaves me 1 and 1/3rd pound of cooked ground beef with taco seasoning. One pound of that (approximately) goes into a pot of chili later. That last third either goes into a burrito bowl for Beloved's lunch the next day or I save it for my own taco salad.

Now, taco meat is great on taco salad. But chili is AMAZING on taco salad. Seriously, I pick chili every time I have the choice. The key to a really good taco salad, though, is the freshness and variety of the veggies you use. The base of my taco salad is not some tortilla shell bowl. It is hand shredded romaine hearts. I personally can eat one of those just by myself. Because I am adding more to this, I shred about half. The rest I toss into a baggie and use for my next day's salad. I then layer on thinly sliced carrots and thinly sliced celery. This is because I feel that a salad is always missing something with out those two vegetables. I cut a medium tomato into eights before arranging it prettily around the salad. I heap a quarter cup of chili or taco meat in the center. I usually warm it up first, but it is just as good cold. Then I add a handful of diced sweet onion. I add my cheddar cheese to taste (usually it is shredded but cheese curds worked surprisingly well in a pinch).

Now, the topping is tricky. Some people will put on there guacamole. Others use just sour cream. Then you have people like me who will add ranch dressing. (When I am feeling like a heretic I will use thousand island's dressing.) Next, you can do what I have and put a fancy ring of tortilla chips around your salad or crush up a few chips in a bag (lightly) and drop that on top of your salad. It may not seem to be a filling salad but it is good to last me until mid-afternoon when the late day sugar drop happens. (Then I have some of those leftover chips and cheese as microwave nachos and remember college.)
If you don't start, how will you know if you can achieve? - Anon.

You have nothing to fear but fear itself. - Winston Churchill.

All shall be well, all shall be well. And all manner of things shall be well. - Dame Julian of Norwich
Hi there,

Here's this week's quick tarot overview. I'm sorry it is a day late. I've been dealing with chaos with the kids having the unplanned 3 day weekend.

Sunday - No card, because it is in the past. You already know what's up for that day.

Monday: 4 of Cups, reversed - Today is going to be a day with mild disappointment. You will find that things are actually improving in a two steps forward one step backwards kind of way.

Tuesday: The Devil, reversed - Those new year temptations will be easily shrugged off this day.

Wednesday: 5 of Wands - This is going to be a day of miscommunication and frustrated efforts. I see the Keen community really stuck at an impasse where moving forward is going to be delayed due to things beyond their control.

Thursday: 9 of Swords, reversed - The would be cruelty of others is rendered to mere annoyance. You recognize their childish, petty games for what they are and refuse to engage. I also see the Keen community banding together to protect the defenseless from such sharp and unkind words.

Friday: 10 of Wands, reversed - A great deal of hard work is happening this day. I see figures you did not anticipate appreciating it expressing said appreciation. All resources you need are handed to you. Though some negative attitudes around you try to bring you down, they are proving harmless if not laughably ineffective.

Saturday: 2 of Swords - All of your skill will be called upon to balance work and life this day. The hardest part to over come will be the inertia of not having energy to do much after a busy week. Consider your goals and be impartial in your decisions to be successful this day.
Hi there!

Sorry about not being around yesterday and the day before. Some unexpected household business needed minding on Wednesday that took most of the day. And I had a migraine yesterday. Now that the front is through, however, I don't have to worry about another awful headache. The kids have a snow day today because of the terribly bitter cold. The windchill is supposed to be somewhere around -30o F. Beloved still had to go to work. The wind is blowing pretty hard out there right now and our apartment is on the windward side of the building. It's a bit chilly in here.

I will be available on chat for most of the day. I am half way through the list of readings. I'm going to start uploading them this afternoon. Provided there are no interruptions. If not, it is happening tomorrow when Beloved can wrangle the children and I can work.

Hi there folks!

I was sorting through my cookbooks as I was thinking about baking some tomorrow. And this recipe fell out of the one I got from Grandma K. It looks like some kind of stollen recipe, but I'm not sure. I'll be trying it out tomorrow and report back as to if it is good.

Ingredients 1/4 Cup sugar 1 Cup lukewarm milk

1/2 Teaspoon sugar 2 Tablespoons milk 2 Teaspoons dry yeast

1/4 Cup butter 1 Egg, beaten

1/4 Teaspoon cinnamon and nutmeg 1/2 Teaspoon salt 4 1/2 C flour

Mix together 1/2 tsp sugar, 2 tbsp milk, and 2 tsp dry yeast, set aside. Heat 1 c milk, 1/4 c sugar, and 1/4 c butter until butter melts. Cool to blood temperature and mix in yeast mixture. Stir in spices, salt, and egg. Gradually add flour. Proceed as for bread.

It's a mystery but I think it will be a tasty one to solve.

Hi there,

It is almost time for my boys to get home from school. I'll be back after dinner on chat. Look for my uploading blurbs and buttons to a bunch of year at a glance tarot readings.

Hi there, everybody,

Today, I'm sharing more of a rough guideline than an actual recipe. I mentioned a little while back that there are some great ways to use up your leftover pulled pork. This one is a favorite at my place. Beloved regularly has thirds. (He's doing his part helping me stick to my diet, he says. LOL) Like most enchilada recipes, you need your pulled meat (about 1 cup), shredded cheese (about 2 cups), and tortillas. I like to use the fajita/medium sized tortillas. I used to use the burrito/large sized ones, but then I only got one enchilada and everybody else had the rest. Momma needs her enchiladas too, right?

I cheat and use a canned enchilada sauce for this. There are plenty of nice recipes out on the internet for how to make your own enchilada sauce but finding the time is a challenge with two small boys running around. I get the big cans of sauce this way everything is completely covered. If you don't feel like using enchilada sauce, try barbecue sauce. With the pulled pork and shredded cheese, it will be a very good taste experience.

Making an enchilada is a lot like making a burrito. Place your filling in the middle, then fold one side over. Tuck that side under the filling and roll once. I tried it with out rolling the thing and it made a tasty mess on my plate. Rolled, it kept its shape a little better. Fold in the top and bottom sides and roll it over the final side. Again, some people just fold but it always comes apart on me if I do that.

Eight enchiladas fill up my four quart casserole dish. Learn from my mistakes on this one, remember to grease your casserole before adding stuff to it. And remember to put a layer of sauce down on the bottom of the casserole before you put your tasty packages in it. Otherwise it is going to burn to the casserole dish and be hellish to clean up. (I confess, I cried a little bit over that because it smelled SO good but we couldn't really get it out of the pot to eat it. Ramen was not a joyful comfort food that day.) You want to cook it covered in the oven at 350o F for thirty minutes. During the last five minutes, take your casserole out for a second and remove the lid. and add a handful of cheese on top. When that cheese is bubbling and a bit browned at the edges, your enchiladas are done.

I would suggest serving it all with a salad, but these things are so hearty you may fill up pretty quickly. As leftovers, if they're not well covered in sauce, they are not going to keep that well. Of course, they don't last long enough at my place for there to be leftovers most of the time.

Have a great day! ♥