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If you're like most people, then you made some New Year's resolutions.  They probably include better health, wealth and relationships, which make up the bulk of resolutions.  According to the U.S. World & News Report, 80% of people will fail at them by February. 

Failure is a strong word that can understandably carry negative connotations in many circles - however, if you were to ask high achievers and elite performers in various fields, they would tell you that failure is a necessary and vital component to success!  Failures can enable us to do many things: Refine our processes by finding out what actually works and doesn't work; clarify our desires, intentions and goals; and build the all-important muscle called resilience.  Refine, clarify and build!

Please know that you will be perfectly imperfect along the way and because of these stumbling blocks, fundamental lessons are learned.  They could be as simple as tracking your progress in a journal - if it's not written down, it's not likely to happen!  Have you scheduled your resolutions and accompanying action steps into your calendar?  Is the task better done earlier in the day when it's easier to eat the big frogs first?  Or are there things you need to learn to say "no" to (successful people are adept at identifying energy-drainers and time-wasters), so you can declare an even bigger "yes" to your dreams and goals?

As Thomas Edison said about finally inventing the light bulb, "I have not failed.  I have just found 10,000 ways that won't work."  In the same spirit, persevere and fail forward!  Falling off the proverbial wagon and reverting to a comfortable habit and behavior pattern does not need to mean failure in the traditional sense.  In its best sense, it can be used as feedback that serves you on the journey towards a new, improved version of you! 

Denise Eagle is an intuitive tarot consultant and certified wellness coach, who is passionate about helping others to reach for their potential. 

Dear Beloved God,

We give thanks for our togetherness, our sameness, our contrasts,
and the light and resilience we reflect back to one another.

We give thanks for the Holy that holds us
and the humanity that brings us back to the Holy
to see the light and resilience we reflect back to one another.

We ask that our self-compassion becomes love and understanding for everyone around us,
that our personal happiness be woven to the heart of the world
and that our nourishment feed the collective.

May the sweetness of this moment
radiate to all beings everywhere
that we may see the light and resilience we reflect back to one another.

Amen. So be it. May all be so blessed.

- written by Danielle LaPorte (

The festive season is upon us!  Between choosing the right gifts for people, attending company functions and dinner parties, and planning your own celebrations, many of you are likely busy, busy, busy! 

While the season is meant to remind us of what matters in life, the reality is that most of us feel stressed to varying degrees - whether it's due to excessive commitments, financial pressures, relationship dynamics or unmet expectations.  According to a 2015 survey by Healthline, which is a US consumer health information site, 62% of respondents described their stress level as "very or somewhat" increased during the Christmas season, while a mere 10% of respondents reported no stress during the season.  In short, you are not alone in your feelings. 

If you can use some insights for how to navigate the holidays with more ease, here are some questions for consulting the tarot cards:

  • How can I best connect with a particular person?
  • How can I find peace with this person?
  • What can I focus on this season?
  • How can I create balance this season?
  • What gift can I share with myself?
  • What gift can I share with others?

Denise Eagle is an intuitive tarot consultant and a certified wellness coach, who is passionate about helping people to lead lives of joy and fulfillment. 

Before I ever became a Keen advisor, I was a client like you.  With life's uncertainties and curveballs, I found solace through this network of advisors - whether it was to check if I should heed my intuition, what another person was feeling about me, or I needed hope that various aspects of life would work out.  At times, if I didn't hear the answer I was seeking, I'd find someone else to tell me what I wanted. 

While I'm of the sound belief that we find advisors, friends, and life partners who are ideal fits, if we're not ready for change, our default mechanism can be to stay stuck in false hope.  False hope keeps us in our comfort zones, but they're not where growth occurs!  A sizeable percentage of the population is programmed to stay in their comfort zone - understandably, it's what we've become accustomed to, and the known often seems preferable to uncertainty.  Although growth and change can feel uncomfortable, they're required to fulfill our human potential.

After a period of consulting tarot cards with questions beginning with the word will, such as "will I get the job," "will I hear from him," and "will life be okay," I shifted my approach.  Due to working with a few, transformational life coaches I began to ask questions starting with why, what, or how:  "Why is this pattern repeating itself in my life?" "What can I learn from it?" and "How can I approach this situation for the best, possible outcome?"

By working with these types of questions, my fate was no longer outside of myself - instead, I took responsibility for the way I could actively shape my destiny by seeking powerful insights from the tarot cards.  The art of asking - and the art of living - can be found in posing stronger questions to attain stronger answers. 

Denise Eagle is an intuitive tarot consultant and a certified wellness coach, who is passionate about helping people to lead lives of joy and fulfillment.