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Your Free Energy Reading of the Week

Everyone Here is what our energy have to say this week. We are in our infamous retrograde period But I welcome it. For during this time we can surely grow and be wiser.
So what does the mind energy say.

It will focus on Modesty. It will be colorful and playful and you will enjoy the dance of the universe and feel as if you were passing through a painting.
Your Power Words are

You are more stable this week. Focus on this. For you can feel as if you are tires So you must replenish your body. Eat right . Feel as if you need to always stay grounded and prayerfully ask for it.
Your Power words are
Being mother
being grounded.

You will feel the need of a “ rebirth. “ this can be hard to change patterns that you are used to. try to remain firm in your mind towards the patterns that you are indeed changing and you will be doing well for yourself.
Just the beginning will be tough but.. you can totally overcome it all.
Power Words.
Growing pains.
becoming stronger within .

Have a Blessed Weekend.

Visit Your Love  ...
"As the earth finds its voice
Let us also rejoice
In that which sings in our heart
That will always Live
and never be

Let this weekend keep you rested.

Hi there … hope that you are doing well..It is always so good to be here for you.. and with you. Some of you have been struggling with your past desires.. and others have found dramatic changes coming into your life. Change is good. It is the state that moves us forward. or we will fall into a rut... tut tut tut !!!! No matter where you are in your path. You are moving.. forward upward downward or backward.. Let's just focus on the road and plant daisies and beautiful pansies to adorn your path today. :)
I humbly look forward to helping you.. With spirit and with your own truth. Many Blessings to you .. and your faith and trust in me and Liana my angel guide. and may God in his mercy grant the continuation of my gift ... so I may share and humbly care.

Your Mind Energy.
"let Blossoms Grow- water them with love, for they are new seeds of knowing .. sent from above." This weeks mind energy dances and prances. Like the ever flowing stream. You will be in a " Creative Mode" you will find great joy in teh world of music and the arts. It is a powerful world for you to embrace. Let your spirit be free..


    * Overflow
    * Expand
    * Sharing
    * Rewards
    * Flowers

Your Body Energy.
The Power of the "Yang" energy will rule. The male power, the intellectual guru within all of us will take note in your body. You will feel strong and virile. So drink up that water. and feel that you are beautiful. Your body "tenacity will rise above all. You will feel your own sensuality and find true ways of this expression.


    * Active Yang
    * Inspiration
    * Heaven masculinity
    * active strong body
    * release of stress

Your Spirit Energy.
The Dancing girl within you rises. There are NO surprises for you. It will be your week of great feeling . Your body will be like a sponge you will feel and feel ... let it be so. For our spirit guides will be talking to us within our senses. be open to this dance for it will set you free. I suggest you put some music on and let loose :) If you are shy to dance in your garden then do it in the shower.. why not ?? it is your Joy.. find it !


    * Illumination
    * Inspiration
    * Devotion
    * Dance
    * Music
    * Let the fire spring from within

We must remember that the more we heal the more the opposition of source rises from within. None of us solve a problem through negativity. But only through mutual respect and understanding. And accepting that we are diverse and beautiful and loved in equal measure by God..

I wish you a blessed weekend. And hope that you are blessed with peace and hope and above all. Love

Namaste. Dilani

"Let the energy of the retrograde help you grow and believe in that which is better with each moment " dilanidiva

Hi everyone,
 Hope the sun is shining at your neck of the woods.If not in your yard then maybe in your true heart
Lets venture to look at this weeks energy.


The mind of this week as a tendency to be ' disruptive." Be careful. It is going to try to break you apart so be aware of it. Dark energy will surround it. So.... Continue to pray. Be thoughtful to those who are around you, today ! we are all moving to places of peace or at least I hope we are... It is the retrograde and so one must be aware of its powerful dark force. the anger that drives us. To be an enemy to ourselves. So, be careful today. Don't let it drive you, to places you regret being.

Power Words

    * impermanence
    * collapse
    * deterioration
    * separation
    * letting go


be the Buddha this week. Relax your body . breath deep .. let it feel the power to move from a place of being "stuck' to a place of release.
Practice kindness to your body and know that you are blessed with God and his angels while you do so.

Power Words

    * self-discipline
    * self- respect
    * practice love


Here you will find the songs of the worlds. The true beautiful windmills of your spirit. You will have your angel guide your thoughts.. you will be so blessed and loved if you walk with your spirit this week. So try to stay with prayer and love.. and you will work through this hard time.. within and without ..

Power Words.

    * Friendship
    * respect
    * goals
    * agreement

Let the power of energy push you through

Oooh it's a week to be -aware.. or just to “beware..”

Its one of those upheaval weeks to be sure.. It will be a week where you are going to endure some imbalance, some trauma and maybe even some drama within yourself.

Be careful of your body and your mind. They will both endure some tough challenges.


The Mind faces flashes of energy this week. Almost the feeling of lightning. Sometimes it will be illuminated and other times it will be still.. Be careful don't let the energy rock your world. It is not all bad. It has the potential to reveal “Great new truths” . If you have felt as if you were drowning you will be pulled up with a great woosh. However the woosh will not be supported if you don't follow through with the “awed” feeling..

Power Words.

  • Shock

  • a shake up that is a wake up

  • a crisis to be solved

  • darkness to light


    On One hand the body will feel the weight of your mind and on the other hand it will rise up from the ashes. It is such a powerful space. New feelings of growing and nurturing will enter your spirit this week... don't let it bother you. Let it be powerful as the heat drains you. Let your spirit lift you up. This motion will cleanse you and drive you forward.. powerfully and prayerfully.

Power Words

  • danger

  • insecurity

  • dark emotions

  • facing fear

  • courage


This is your source of “PEACE” and Grounding this week. The Power of “EARTH MOTHER” rides high in your spirit this week. Your candles should be tones of earth. Brown Reds and Golds.. with some green thrown in.. This is a week for spiritual prayer. This is a week for meditation and asking for the divine to guide your body and your thought. Your anchor to the sublime is found in the spirit realm of your being. Tap in and stay focussed .


  • The Yielding Yin principal

  • Devotion

  • obedient to the soul

  • intuitive and responsive.

I will be on most of this week . Ready to help and support you.

Namaste. Dilani

Greetings to all.
I hope that this week is finding you well The last two weeks to ten days has brought about  a time of confusion and delays.
Most of which I have attributed to “the mercury retrograde” that we are in the middle of. In the past we have looked at the reasons why and how this period occurs. Today I would like to speak about recognizing some of the patterns that cause these forms of undue confusion.

This is a strong sign of the time. You will not me able to keep your thoughts centered. They will drift  in many directions. This causes direct conflict to you and your creative ability. Its like if you were going on a journey. You started with wanting to go to Paris. But when you went online to buy your ticket there was a cheeper one to Rome.. and now you have bought a ticket to Rome.. lol. But you console your self saying that next year you will go to Paris.. or maybe you wont.
as you can see your mind has a DIRECT bearing to your desire and your goals. If you keep wondering, and making other choices instead of sticking to the path you chose it is a disaster.

Some of us say “ how did that man make it? he is not even a good man, the God's must favor men of less character” - Now, that is not so. It is the way the man thinks and acts that supports his journey of the physical world and the spiritual world. Delays can be just the derailment of your goals. By this that and the other. So just be aware of that.

Your emotions will be very vulnerable during the retrograde. Almost angry and revengeful. Your feelings can get hurt, and you may misinterpret the actions of others in an all too personal way.

You cannot solve a problem that was created with angry energy with more angry energy. Your MIND MUCH CHANGE.. to that which is loving. So try to calm your inner self and change your focus.

Be aware that one must listen carefully during this time. Try to chose your words with wisdom not as a reaction. Be calm within and without. Knowing that the times of listening is here. Actions speak louder than words. So don't act until you know it is the right thing to do.

Adapt such a mind. Be mindful of other's and of you. Treat others as you would like to be treated. If you are seeing that the world is not treating you well.. you are only receiving that which you are giving to the world. So chide yourself. Not others. For then you will be a better man or a better women.

As a psychic many people come to me wanting magic. Magic to me is a miracle and yes it can truly happen. However if your life is full of anger. And hurt and pain.. it adds a block to your miracle. So look at your mind to day. Seek your heart.. Set your anger free and with it you will be too.

Dilani Diva

Another Beautiful Weekend  !!!
"even through the hardest times,
your joy can ring through if you have the courage to find it" dilani diva

Hi everyone,
  As another retrograde hits us we have to beware of communications and miss communications. Try not to push your mind to the negative,stay as balanced as you can.

This weekend energy can be powerful if one can tap into its life line. It is a time to reflect on your inner desire in the forms of love and productive thought.

The higher spirit within us all is dynamic in itself. Dancing within us creating laughter. However for those who are in spiritual or emotional pain it is a weekend of must try to listen to peaceful music and be around those who will support your heart.

The rejuvenation of the spirit can be profound. In the churning of our caldrons new things are coming to light.

"There is making in the breaking"

 New beginnings are emerging. Passion is at hand. It thrives within the soul. Waiting to be released. Use it, with love not with the desire to control. Sexuality can overtake the sensual dilemmas of the mind. That is ok. As long as you are aware of it's rightful place. Then great joy can be brought forth.

Your self is expressing has its own form of dance. Each his own. Let your inner self dance ....be of a child like mind.

 Try to let your spirit enjoy the wind, the rustle of the trees and the little chirps of the birds and the bees. Let go of your critical mind. It will not get you far. But simply alienate you.... Be more loving. For each of us have our own faults ...to righten ( and what is right ? - ahh that is another story indeed ) Work on being kinder and wiser and closer to that wonderful place we call eternal truth. And our true state of "love".

May the power and the love of the universe keep you safe always.

Namaste. Dilani

Good Morning to you all,
May happy times guide you and keep you safe. Reading, Musings and teaching... are some of the funnest things I enjoy. It is invigorating, to access new truths and find new ways of expression. For myself it has been a very releasing thing to be able to accept all or most things and people as being equal beings. Each, with their own desires and own paths for solutions and expressions. away from religious conformist. "If it works for them, then why not?".. I say. smiling..

The most powerful tool that drives us to day comes from interaction within and without ourselves. Weather it is self talk, observations or our interdependent relationships.
These experiences drives our motivations and desire and adds direction to the mind and the soul.. and therefore our character and core. This fascinate me. On some levels I try some changes in the ways that I am. Gently without creating too much of a do. It is easier that way. Then one can kinda absorb the variations of the results in the same subtle manner.
Too much of a shock to the system is not always a good thing. But a change to be felt, expressed and embraced as a good thing.. it is fun to enjoy the results of the same. Like making a dish and adding something more... or less to it... and experiencing the variation of taste in it's final product, for it is there. however subtle.. it is there !!!!.

I like to play with such things and see how love can be interwoven in it all. Sometimes one has to let things go. To fill up for new things. This is a constant. Better to do without struggle For it will happen anyway...

Here is a passage that I found profoundly fascinating to me. So I am sharing it will you. May you find meat in it's matter.. and chew on it just as I did...

" The world uses it's special relationships as a final weapon of exclusion and of separation. The Holy Spirit transforms them into perfect lessons of forgiveness and in awakening from the dream. Each one is an opportunity to let perceptions be healed and errors corrected. Each one is a chance to forgive oneself by forgiving the other. And each one becomes still another invitation to the Holy Spirit and to the remembrance of God" - A course in miracles

Most often than not. I used to find myself judging another behavior as being in error. However the more I pondered about it .. the more it was apparent that others were not wrong- Just different- a simple realization that they are not in alignment with my behavior or speech- given the same opportunity or circumstance. So I have learned not to judge it as being wrong but to view it as yet another way that one could handle a situation or instance. It has been such a wonderful feeling to enjoy the difference rather than sit and call it "wrong" . It has help widened my horizons and hopefully made me a better person. Kinder, more loving .... and definitely more allowing. ( however one also needs personal safe zones we call boundaries - this is another blog for another day lol )

My work as a spiritual counselor and my personal relationships have been my main doorway to understanding and hearing so many various forms of actions and states of being. For this I am grateful. and I am humbled and so privilege. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you some of these new forms of thought that cross my path.

May you too become a part of the adventure of life and live it and love it without too much faulting, and judging of  it's varied existence.

Blessings to you this spring day.

"May the Memories that keep us tall and strong give us strength as we venture on"
- Dilani Diva


"Another time to remember our past.
But live in the now and love endlessly......the future.... "

A Peaceful weekend awaits us ..
The Power Words are as follows.

    *  Following
    * Inner Truth
    * Innocence

We are going to have a very open feeling this weekend. Surrounded by friends and by family - we will feel the love. There is a seeking of inner truth. Not only for ourselves but for those who have given their lives for us and have given up their comfort so that you and I may be blessed.

Let it not just be with the heroes that are recognized with the world. But also for those who are the silent heroes . Those who work under the tables to sweep away the crumbs of pain and who are not even seen apart from the gloom that surrounds our minds sorrow. But those who touches our hearts with their tender smiles. For they are heroes too.

This weekend the child in each of us rises from within. We are free from earthly expectations . We play in the fields of flowers . Be free and be loved. Wear the blanket of gratefulness, it is a time to great great memories for each and every one of us. So let us do so.

Love those who love you and cherish those who have passed. as we lay flowers on the graves of those who are missed and remembered, may their ever loving grace be with us, and their eternal smiles give us hope... for soon we will be with them and our own angels.

I will be working all weekend for those who need me . How may I help you ? Let me know... I am grateful for your faith and your trust in me. I so enjoy helping you. May you be blessed with the love of an eternal spirit of hope, faith and truth.

Warm Wishes.
Dilani Diva

"When life gives us joy ..

give it back ooodles of chocolate" -

Dilani Diva.

Hello my dears,
So sorry if some of you could not access me the last few days..... i have been pretty busy on calls. But do arrange a call back  I will help you as soon as I am free.
Loving the energy of the day. I was out tending to some weeds to day.. seeding the flower beds.. It is a great time to bond with earth and laugh at it's simple glories.
How have you all been? Hope you are well.
So here is this weeks energy reading..

There is much fire of the mind so be aware that your thoughts are indeed expanding..  Growing and glowing. The energy being strong is a good thing. However how you handle it is also important.
 It is a week of giving your old coat to Goodwill and going shopping for a new one.. The Power words are

    * transformation
    * radical change
    * a quantum leap - of faith..

So you can see your faith has a huge role to play. If your faith in the divine is a little shaky. Then have faith in you and you will reap many blessings.
There are somethings this week to be aware of, that has a negative tenor to it. Do not drink too much pop. or you will drop !!!A tiredness can over take the mind, I see a cloudy web take over your thoughts and not let you see the forest cos the trees. In other words you can make a mountain out of a molehill. Now maybe you need the exercise walking up that mountain. If you do ...then kindly drink as much water as you can. Keep hydrated. or you will be so tired and angry at the end of the day that no progress will be made.  Who needs that ???

Words of Negative Power

    * Stress
    * overload
    * burdens
    * worries
    * breaking points.

I am here to help you with your mind and to look into your current situation, How can I assist you.??? We all have dreams . However are we creating the right dreams ? are we handling it the right way....
This we must find out. Then you and I can position ourselves to make the most of each moment. and truly find the peace that we are looking for.

"Carry withing you the fire of love and the breath of love -

 and all things in between will find it's place" - Dilani D

May spring liven your mood today.

Namaste. Dilani

"We move with the universe dancing with those that come our way and seeking new adventures day by day - Dilani Diva"

Let Beauty Prevail...
A calming beautiful time awaits us. Two days pf peace after the storms of life and or love.. . Let your mind take a simple way of being this weekend. Don't try to make something out of nothing.. but enjoy that which comes to you. One way of another...
We are open to learning from the universe of love. We are learning to cherish that which comes into our world. However do think of love that we have abandoned or treated badly and try to learn from it.
Being a spiritual person is not just being or acting loving it is actually feeling it within yourself. So that all the elements of your being echoes the same.
What ever we do this weekend it will blossom like a lotus flower. IT will find new birth .. so let it be watered by the seeds of love and not so much by the seeds of unlove.
We are all equal. we all have diverse gifts. Do not try to be another .. be you.. But also try to create change .
Inner reflection will take precedents this week.
So Muse and learn .. and be the beauty you are meant to be..

I am here for you today .To morrow I will most likely be busy in the afternoon. but morning and evening.. I will be available...

May you have a blessed Spring :)

Dilani Diva

Hi There,
My dear clients.
Hope you had some love during this day. It is a great gift to be a mother. To nurture life and give it hope . I find it very interesting that so many adds on the internet states " see what this mother did ?" - mother's have become a selling factor in the world today. Even as being a women in today's society has it's place we are the more gentler of the sexes and are expected to be trim toned and beautiful, amid the cooking cleaning and washing....
There are so many products that have been put out there to help us "to look better !!!! " - anti aging, wrinkle reducing, fat burning... diets and on and on.
As a spiritual teacher I say that the greatest of these is a healthy body and a healthy mind. If you want your body to do well and be well balanced then a balanced diet and a balanced mind is the key. herbs
There is nothing greater of more powerful than natural foods. Taken with a pinch of salt. For myself I avoid using the word "Diet" I say.. I eat good healthy food. The word "Diet" alone has a negative meaning. It says I am fat !!! Even if you are why focus on that .. focus on letting that go.

Some of the most powerful soul foods are found in naturally grown spices. That help you to digest and gives your body the right balance.


OMGOOOOODNESS, diet pills are not for healthy living. The body needs a little working out. One cannot get the same effect of tone if we sit on our butts and pop a pill, now that does not mean you have to be like an energizer bunny and hop around all day. Take it easy. But walk your limbs.... Do some stretches... drink some water...

Eat Iron in your food and take some iron and b 12 every day. Great energy... and safe for you.
I have here placed some excerpts that interested me ...

"Can’t sleep? Try lemon balm. Suffer from anxiety? Lemon balm. Want to boost your immune system? Lemon balm. Cold sore? Lemon balm. And this lemon-scented mint relative is also antiviral, good for fevers, and great for indigestion, gas, and bloating. Find it surprising that one plant can do so much? Herbs are not always as multipurpose as lemon balm – not to mention delicious, safe, and effective – but sometimes herbs can deliver up healing powers that pharmaceutical companies can only dream about. And if that sounds crazy, then give it a try with an open mind and see for yourself.

n my own case, after trying every pharmaceutical around, I’ve found two fixes for my migraines. One is Percocets, a controlled, Schedule II substance that cannot be used too frequently because of dependency issues. If you use Percocets regularly, you’ll find that the same dose no longer delivers the same amount of pain relief. My other migraine fix is peppermint essential oil. Safe, cheap, non-prescription, and non-addictive. I smear the stuff all over the part of my head that hurts, keeping it well away from my eyes, and within minutes my headache dissipates. For me, that’s an herb I cannot live without.

2. Ginger: You’ve likely sipped ginger ale or ginger tea when you’ve had an upset stomach. Ginger’s fantastic for nausea – and so much more. Because it gives your immune system a boost, it never hurts to add ginger to your cooking if you like its flavor. It’s also antimicrobial and pain-relieving, properties you can take advantage of both internally or externally – for example, by applying cooled ginger tea to burns. Its expectorant and diaphoretic properties make it a great choice for colds, coughs, and fevers. De La Foret also recommends ginger for menstrual cramps.
Drinking a tea of ginger alone can be overwhelming, so you might wish to combine it with other herbs so your tea has a little zing without making it too difficult to drink. Try an immune-boosting blend of equal parts ginger, lemon balm, rose hips, and dandelion, for example. Pour one cup of water “just off the boil” over one teaspoon of herbs and steep, covered, for 20 minutes. Then sweeten with honey, add lemon if you wish, and enjoy.

I agree. I use ginger on meats and even my curries. It's wonderful. YUMMY

3.  Turmeric: Turmeric is another herb – well, a spice technically – that acts like one-stop shopping. What doesn’t turmeric do? This curry ingredient is used for everything from eczema to Alzheimer’s. It helps with heart health, digestion, liver function, and more. You can find many resources on turmeric online, from a scientific analysis to sites telling how to use it as everything from a natural dye to a tooth whitener.
One word of caution about using turmeric: some sources say that the active ingredient is fat soluble (meaning you have to consume it with some fat in order to get its benefits) and works best when combined with a small amount of black pepper. In other words, maybe consuming turmeric in a curry is a good idea!

I use Turmeric when I am cooking curried veggies. In fact I just made curried cabbage with honey mustud sage and turmeric. Double YUMM

So Listen up Ladies. Go for the kill. The key is that you ENJOY FLAVOR. Don't Gobble. Take time eating and preparing. Try not to use too much of cheese or white breads... a little is ok. Doing without is not the key .. having in small doses is !!!!

Guidance on Food.

Next time you and I chat lets talk about your soul food. This is important. It is what gives you that energy and the drive. Our spiritual and mental well being is assisted with the type of fuel we put in our bodies. Let it be the right fuel. It is sooooo dangerous to listen to all the adds that speak of "HOW ILL" you are. There are somethings we do need a doctor for.. like an infection.. but most things can be handled with the right mindset and the right intake ...

God created this world for us to enjoy.. lets just do that. and not look at what we eat as a problem but more as a solution. I will be available for you tonight and also tomorrow during the day. I will be off for a few hours in the late evening tomorrow... grab me.. and lets talk.

may your have a wonderful day being a mother, a women, a friend and a lover..


Learning through Spiritual Truths !!!

Listen to your Spirit - Sometimes your body may betray you !
Salutations !
Many Blessings to you. A weekend of "Dynamic Energy"confronts us. the week passing has been a conflicting one. new dynamics of personalities rising from the earth. Like the blossoming of the flowers those around you also have bloomed. Sometimes our blossoms need a little pruning, so hold onto your horses and enjoy the ride.. don't try to bounce around too much.
Within our mind the God head lies. Within our bodies our expression lies. It is a time to understand that sometimes these may appear to contradict those around us. Even though your heart and spirit is a gentle place relax take a deep breath and let go of that hard rod that is binding your spine.
God will take care of it. If we let him. Let us allow our faith to bind us with our great power.

Words of Power.

    * Gentle thoughts, moderation, non violence and Faith

For Body

    * The shake up that is a wake up . be awe inspired, be open to change, don't judge.

The Spirit

    * Mutual attractions, simulations, courtship natural magnetism.

So as you can see this is a week of power in faith. Your desires are in the process of multiplying.. let is do so. Enjoy your ride. dance beneath that moon at high tide. :) be aware that your body may resist these changes to your new spiritual adventure ... just be mindful of this. and enjoy.

"what would my human life be.. if I could not dance in the sun.. run in the rain.. and feel the loss of a loved one.. yet again.. and yet again" - Dilani Diva.

Tap in and be tapped out this week. Blessings always..

Namaste. Dilani

"Be Loving to be loved " - Dilani Diva

We are praying people. We are people of great hope. We are people that give and humbly receive and we are people of deep gratitude. and hopefully.. good attitude. !!!

As many things We enjoy, which is like ... the sound of music, or the fragrance of flowers.. are blessings of divine.

Many times I have received numerous calls from my dear clients who share their miracles with me. thank you.

yes the Divine constantly surround us. Like soft pillows. Gently guiding us. Most times, the protection is primarily from "our own self' our anger and our pain and our hurt.. from past relationships or disappointments.
They do not judge us. They are wondrous beings. I like to emulate them. So I too. Try not to judge.

Not everyone or everything will work towards our favor. Sometimes things are different and can work away from us. Then one must learn to let it go.

Your angels will be there to hold you. They are like light. They are like soft music. But if we are angry like a chuffing train their gentle glow can my lost in the timbers of our anger.

So today I will chose to be loving. I have to work on this ... trust me. and also stand up for me.. I always try to put others first. But at times it is important to lovingly look at what is important, not just for you.. .but for those you love. and stand up for it. and your guides will help you . No matter what the outcome is. So don't be afraid. Be of deep faith and of gentle love.. and of clear resolution.

I am here to help you gain clarity and direction and understand you, your divine purpose and how to achieve your greatest self. So Call me today.

Thank you for your faith and trust in me.

May you have a blessed Spring :)

Dilani Diva

A week of Reflection with Care... Need and Heed your Mind !!!!!!!

Week of the 26th March 2014

It is a COOL week this week. Even though Spring is in. The energy is blue. But not too mournful. We are working through minor hurdles.

Your Mind will feel as if you have many things to think of You will view things in various surroundings. sometimes happy and sometimes even a little melancholic.

You will feel a deep commitment to your INTEGRITY and your SPIRIT. There is much to endure .. but an endurance of learning as it were.

Be careful that you are not hiding from the universe. Don't curl up.. stretch out and take charge. You will feel the need to get to the bottom of things and to move things forward more effectively.
The bottom of it all is not a bad place to be. You can then travel all the possibilities. However it is a week for you not to ACT IMPULSIVELY.. Take three deep breaths before you fly off your handle. Be aware that this is possible at any given time.
You are going to have a "FEELING WEEK" so as much as your Joy is abundant so will be your sadness and all those emotions that lies therein.
Just be aware and try to moderate them when handling them.
Your Foundation is been worked on !!!!
Do it Power and Hope and many thoughts of wisdom.

I am here for you this week if you need a personal session. Please call me directly and if I am not available arrange a call back and I will get to you as fast as possible.

Thank you for your faith and trust in me.

May you have a blessed Spring :)

Dilani Diva

 ~Powerful Week ~
ONE In Spirit and in TRUTH !!!!!

" All Things Celebrated in Truth and Love - will live forever - moment to moment - breath to breath " Dilani Diva

I am AMAZED at this weeks energy. It is sooooo powerful. I am thankful for these types of weeks that can make us regroup and grow . It is up to each one of us to tap into this power..One cannot be forced into the light.. but be allowed to dance right into it's glory. I hope that most of us will engage in finding there power this week. For the Universe offers it abundantly..

It is a week of


Your Body will feel the energy of Power, and focus and self discipline. This is a great time to start your new "meal program" or to begin a new work out routine... or even start reading or listing to a good book or music. Your observational power's will ride high.. like birds flying in the spring sky . Your character will feel strong with defined boundaries. So powerful. It is important to remember to give thanks and be grateful and try not to get too involved with self glory.. use it.. kindly and wisely.


    * Self Discipline
    * Strengthen Character from Within
    * Realize Potential.

Your Mind will find rest. and favor with Gods angels and the universe. It will be balanced and harmonic. Your mind chatter will find another stage to play on. It is a great and favorable time to plant new thoughts into your mind. Release doubt and move to your glory. Think Love :Think Grow...


    * Harmony
    * Perfection
    * Well Being.

Your Spirit will be a God Child. It will understand the reality of your existence and also penetrate doubt. It will be like a flower... seeking rain and enjoying sun. It will be in communion with God and his angels. It will understand the human heart. Your joy and your pain and it will help heal it . Almost be a conduit for love. There is no time for grandeur or illusion.. it is a time for live and the giver of it to come forth and bless his creation and so you will become more of a realist


    * Clarity
    * Insight
    * Consciousness
    * Penetrating Illusions.

For those who seek guidance in truth and in love.. I am here to help you . Call me for your personal guidance session. All session's are spirit guided and private.

May you have a blessed Spring :)
Let the Music of your heart, with laughter ring,
may you dance, may you dance and may you .... sing !!!

Dilani Diva

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