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Capturing the essence of the world as I see it...........

Pink is often displayed in the aura as a secondary color. When this is the case, this is indicative of a highly interactive and balanced heart center. Beings expressing pink in their auras are often emerging into the following life purposes: unconditional love, receptivity, benevolence, compassion/compassionate listening or unity.

When pink is displayed as a life color, one's unique, loving purpose is being properly expressed and fulfilled, however, when it is displayed as a secondary color, this could mean that one is going through a unique energy transition and integration that will help in the above mentioned purposes.

Being that pink is a heart chakra color, you may notice that if you are expressing pink in your aura, that you begin to feel more expressive of love towards humanity (or the unique soul family members around you) and/or you may become more receptive to love. Pink is also displayed in one's aura when one is learning self love, which is the foundation of both giving and receiving love.

Pink as a primary color, while rare, is possible, is a person has mastered Om Love. Om Love is Agape. It is the truest most Divine form of Love that connects humans to each other and to Source. I often see pink expressed in the secondary colors when one is recovering from heartache, once one learns self love thereafter. I see pink when one is truly aligned in twin flame relationships, directly shining from a strong, balanced heart chakra. I've seen pink as a halo around children who are born with into the rainbow purpose (see the blog about rainbow children). Pink is often expressed as a layer in the rainbow auras of humans if they have mastered the purposes of Unconditional Love.

Careers best for those of you who hold pink as a primary color: healing, counseling, therapy, mitigation, family advocate, autism advocate for children or adults, family therapist, reiki master or pranic energy healer, childhood development specialist, childcare of any variety, recreational therapist for children with special needs, music therapist, art therapist, massage therapist.

Compatibility with other colors: Pinks are most compatible with other heart chakra based colors, such as green, royal blue, periwinkle and aquamarine. Pinks are generally incompatible with beings who hold orange (if overpowered or underpowered), browns, tans and reds.

Personality traits of one with a pink dominant life color: loving, compassionate, benevolent, tolerant, forgiving, peaceful, kind.

Core beliefs pinks have transmuted:

1. I am worthless.

2. I am unloved.

3. I am isolated/alone.

4. I do not belong.

5. I am bad/evil.

Beings who hold pink as a dominant life color generally are operating within the earth angel purpose or very close to it. This purpose holds great responsibility towards helping the human conscious collective heal it's most prevalent issue: lack of self love.

It starts with a vague feeling of something not quite being 'right'. Then goes to full on “cray cray” land, right? The transition from any color scheme to indigo, crystal, lavender or rainbow is full on bizarre- no middle ground. Not only are the 5 senses you were born with flipping out, but you’re acquiring etheric senses from the massive soul braid experience occurring within you, which will exacerbate ALL senses.

Sounds- Sounds are harsher on the ears normally during this transition. Try to take it easy on yourself if possible by lowering the sound environment in your environment. The TV and radio should be off more than they are on right now, and popular music you once loved may seem too empty or even annoying to your now extremely sensitive ears. You may even find that your music taste is changing- roll with it. Here are some ways to help with the changing in SOUND frequencies that occur with your new etheric ears:

1) Headphones with soothing music that eliminate all outside sound stimuli is very helpful during this energy transition. If you can’t tolerate any sound, it might be best to get rid of external stimuli from televisions, stereos and computers. Turn off the kids' game systems that they aren't playing. Sound stimuli is the most bothersome external and internally driven overload system during this specific transition. If you need silence, try noise cancellation headphones AND earplugs (not just one, haha).

2) Ask those around you to limit bombarding questions or talking simultaneously over each other, as that will be more irritating than usual. Stay away from large, public crowds if possible, as anything like the mall, a rock concert or large gathering of people might end up feeling like your own version of hell during this time.

3) At first, at night, I suggest some hard core white noise. A good, old fashioned box fan or attic fan works wonders for this. If you can’t handle the cold air from fans, try a white noise machine or mini waterfall. If this doesn't work, try binaural beats or any soothing type of meditative music that has particularly distracting but grounding sounds like crystal singing bowls or ceremonial drumming. Use headphones.

4) This sounds like a trivial thing, but for both emotional and sound overstimulation factors, try to avoid people who talk too much in general, you know, for their safety and yours. I was so tempted to reach out and cover people's mouths with my hand, for some odd reason, during my spiritual awakening experiences.

Smells- if you find yourself avoiding your once-beloved candle shop because the scents are so over powering, you’re not alone in that. You may find that your entire cooking style may change until you learn to tolerate the same smells from fresh foods like onion, garlic , curry and other strong smells that you used to love. I've got quite a few tricks up my sleeve for this, including:

1) Cinnamon potpourri. If you MUST indeed smell something, cinnamon is awesome because it strips away the potentiality of all other external smelly stimuli, even fishy smells. Keep it on you if you work outside of the home. A tiny travel candle that has cinnamon in it could save the day at work when your co-workers begin popping popcorn from a nearby kitchen. Popcorn, just so you know, was one smell I could not TOLERATE during my indigo/crystal transition. Once you learn the one smell you cannot tolerate, avoid it at all costs. I keep cinnamon around in candle form and even spray room potpourri. I particularly like the cinnamon room spray from Scentsy. It can over power ANY smelly stimuli. So, find the smell you LOVE and cover the smells you don’t.

2) Fresh air. Open the windows and turn on the ceiling fans.

3) Clean the carpets. Cleaning the floors in your home actually eliminates some of the harshest smells you could possibly believe! Same goes for cleaning your tile or wood floors. Even if you just clean with water and essential oils you love, try an essential oil you LOVE and add it to your mop water. Smells will dissipate and stay far away.

4) Keep your linens, especially pillow cases fresh and smelling good. There is nothing worse than smelling either your own sweat or that of your partner’s on your sheets when going through this transition. No matter how tired you are, you won’t sleep if your sheets smell of anything other than a smell you love.

Touch- You’re likely to alternate between periods of feeling like you can’t STAND to be touched to periods of really wanting massive amounts of snuggling and touch, possibly due to the emotional things being triggered and brought to the surface. No matter where you stand in this equation, the physical feeling of everything will indeed shift, so here are a few tips I find helpful:

1) Stay away from rough fabric when choosing clothing. Now is time for yoga pants, sweats, silk pjs and dressing for comfort in all possible scenarios.

2) Now is NOT the time to be stubborn with sizes. If you are trying to get into your final goal jeans size, now isn’t the time to be wearing the size too small dress pants to work- you know, the one that “almost” fits but rubs your belly button every time you move. That will make you want to strip your own pants off mid work day, and you know, employees already likely notice your level of moodiness as it stands, so now simply isn’t the time to go there. Now is the time, instead, to buy a half size larger and just be comfortable.

3) Don’t force yourself to hug people you don’t want to. This may sound rude, but now is just NOT the time for social graces. If you can get out of mingling with co-workers or potential clients right now, it would be wise to do so. Otherwise you may find yourself standing by your boss and raising your eyebrow, then promptly removing your hand when someone you “sense” is a bit shifty extends his own hand to greet you. We don’t want to have to have to explain that, do we? Your senses are on high alert right now, so you will not be able to fake it till you make it at work functions. Play sick if you must, but don’t do it.

4) Skin sensitivity- I noticed that right away I suddenly became allergic to all my favorite shampoos, skin lotions, makeup and hair products. Better hit up the hypo-allergenic aisle- fast. You might start getting odd rashes, having allergic reactions to formerly benign things. Use the senses you've been given to troubleshoot the problem, and eliminate the irritant from your home. Avoid the use of commercial cleaning products- you can get great results from simple cleaning items like vinegar, baking soda, and simple castile soap. Polish silver with ashes.

Taste: Food becomes a challenge: what you once loved, you now hate, and processed food suddenly seems toxic to you- or at least your body believes so judging by its reactions. Your taste buds are affected, too, yes. “Say it isn’t so!” most of you indigos will say (most of you love food). Alas, you may want to stick to non-spicy, non-greasy, non-GMO, organic only tree bark for awhile. Ok, so while I’m kidding about the tree bark, you may find that most foods in general are too spicy, too greasy, too “funky tasting” or over-stimulating to your senses in general. Here is a list of food that I noticed works well during this time, as well as a listen to avoid.

Avoid: gluten, dairy, greasy foods, garlic/onion, GMO, certain spices *you’ll know which ones you can tolerate well or not by the aversion to the smell they have or lack thereof*, red meats, fishy fish like mackerel and most sushi, tomato sauce and other acidic foods or citric acid in general, alcohol and drugs.

Try this instead: brown rice pastas with white sauces, any cleansing foods such as ginger (but not garlic or onion) organic raw fruits and veggies, especially in smoothy or juiced forms and any basic comfort foods like bananas and yes, even potatoes.

Empathy sense:

Certain friendships begin to drift, to dissolve, as your interests change and shift. Your home becomes your refuge and sanctuary, and your solitude might become a bit more sacred during this time- and that’s totally ok but try not to get to the point of isolation either. Don’t go too far one way or the other when it comes to over-stimulation or isolation from your friends. You may find that certain friends you’ll just let fly off your radar really fast. This is because now that you’re hyper aware to who you are at this point with your empathy and judgment of character skills blooming, now will be the perfect time to get rid of all the human GMOS in your life as well.

Your moods become the stuff of legend. Sounds almost like menopause, but it isn’t. You have bursts of creativity, and bursts of total laziness and disinterest, then bursts of wanting to tell people off (if they deserve it) or have a long, good cry if they've been even slightly more direct than normal.

SLEEP: Also, please don't be surprised if being around people causes you to suddenly start having massive nap attacks, and feeling as if you are walking around in a massive brain fog state. Or sleep may be erratic and you could have periods of either extra sleepiness followed by insomnia. My suggestions in the sleep department are as follows:

1) Lavender essential oil on EVERYTHING, provided your sense of smell can tolerate it.

2) White noise or binaural beats (with headphones).

3) Stick to a consistent sleep routine. Get off the internet and shut down all electrical devices at least half an hour before you need to get some zzz’s, preferably up to two hours. The electromagnetic energy from these devices can overstimulate you and cause insomnia, otherwise.

4) Take a warm bath with sea salt, Himalayan salts or Epsom salts right before bed. This zaps the negative energy right from your body so that you can go straight to bed more easily.

5) No arguments or highly stimulating types of emotional interactions before bed, it stirs up too much empathy response in your sensitive solar plexus chakra.

Religion/Spirituality Preferences: this may sometimes require an overhaul in this period as well, because most organized religions will feel too boxed in for you at this point. I suggest more open religions or just taking a break for awhile, if you find that spirituality seems confusing. Too MUCH focus on spiritual pursuit have a negative and over-stimulating effect as well, even though this is supposed to be a spiritually aware experience.

Sometimes you may just need to take what I like to call a “fluff” break. This means you do nothing spiritual. No meditation, no church, no inner exploration, but instead try comedy, playing sports and doing things that are lighter in nature. Do this as often as possible, especially if all of the spiritual awareness occurring with incoming and new etheric gifts are causing for emotionally hard times, including anxiety, panic attacks and depression. You know when you’ve reached the point that your spiritual awakening is mentally exhausting you, then it’s time to take a “fluff break”.

A little probing will reveal that you now have an ‘always-on’ broadband quality connection with Spirit, and spiritual things that you struggled to master before- including certain meditative exercises- become effortless, IF you give yourself breaks as necessary and don’t go overboard with this awakening. Don’t beat yourself up with inner child work, shadow work or any other inner journey or process- not even my own processes.

The quality of your spiritual connection will become really acute at some point during this awakening, without the usual ‘noise’ you had to struggle through to communicate prior to now. So keep that in mind that all of it will come in time, or in bouts of extreme awareness. If it’s too much, take breaks.

Electronic Disturbances: You might find yourself changing light bulbs more often, or having to contend with the sudden failure of a favorite electronic gadget. Computers might suddenly either hate or love you, and very sensitive electronic instruments may go haywire in your presence. Small infants and animals may react violently to your presence, and you may have to carefully remake your acquaintance with pets. If this occurs, make sure you take breaks to have one of those cleansing baths I mentioned above, or use the grounding exercise listed on my youtube channel, or any grounding exercise you prefer to reign your aura back in.

What is happening? Are you turning into an eccentric curmudgeon? No, you are transitioning spiritually. These transitions can happen when you’re going from any color that is a different frequency to one of a higher frequency. It’s a lot more intense when you aware transitioning to indigo, crystal, lavender or rainbow, but these transitions are difficult for any particular color scheme.

You've undergone the trials and tribulations of life, had your hard knocks and educational experiences, built your inner self-confidence and learned about your capabilities. Now it is time to get down to your real spiritual path. Now it’s time to wake up.

The life of a newly awakened soul can seem to be unduly difficult at times, given the inborn eccentricities and sensitivities of this particular type of person. Today's children and adults have it much worse than the children of 30-50 years ago, as they are more closely watched, and much more likely to be 'diagnosed' with various ailments- both real, and culturally acceptable.

Eccentricity, independence and 'spiritedness' are not a welcome trait in today's child, and the toxic environment that today's kids are born into makes overcoming the congenital difficulties imprinted into them by the environment even more difficult. If an Indigo child survives his or her childhood un-drugged and un-diagnosed with various things like ADHD, autism, or worse, they are extremely fortunate. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the most recent crop of indigo children have become the victims of this particular disaster, which has meant that the even more sensitive beings meant to come behind them would have an even lower survival rate. So, the emphasis and transition to crystal and rainbow has been and will be even more difficult.

Great changes are happening to humanity, and spiritually sensitive people are still required to help catalyze these changes and catalyze the rest of humanity in order to guide them through these times. It is clear that being born crystal will not be the solution, and in fact, creates even more problems- like the sudden epidemic of autism in some children. So, things have taken a different tack, hence all of the “spiritual awakenings and transitions” that are happening daily. Indigo born adults are being born in ways that prepare them to transition, step by step into the gap required to become crystal and continue the work. Some of them will have crystal children to continue the work, as well. But because of the extreme toxicity of both the psychic sensitive and the natural environment, the survival rate of crystal children is much lower than it should be, thus triggering this particular change in plans.

Many crystals are conceived, but don't even make it to birth. And some are born to parents who are incapable of handling them, and end up having near death experiences in life later. And those who manage to get fairly decent parents still end up in psychically toxic environments, and taken at very tender ages to over-stimulating venues which make them literally shut down- turning violently away from the world because they cannot handle the sensory overload.

Because of this high failure rate, the creation and transition of all color schemes into indigo, crystal, aquamarine, lavender and rainbow adults is now the way our path seems to be headed.

Spiritual gifts that manifest: Transitioning from most colors schemes into crystal or indigo is like being stripped to the bone and re-dressed in a slightly different, but still familiar body. Even for adults who have built defenses against the harsher elements of the environment, this change is very difficult. Even outgoing indigos suddenly become near-hermits, and the shy ones practically vanish for a bit during transitions. As one who has undergone this rather harsh spiritual transitioning, the careful restructuring of one's life to accommodate the new etheric abilties that are part of the indigo/crystal or rainbow arsenal is vital.

Clutter is suddenly toxic. People seem oppressive. I hated cell phones after my transitions, but love the Internet. I don't go near stores between Thanksgiving and New Years. I no longer attend crowded events without intense grounding and cleansing both before and afterwards. I've become a mail order type of shopper. Silence rules my private time. But there are positive aspects, too: suddenly, I am a bottomless well of words, ideas, suggestions, artistic interests and unconditional love for others. I've never seen myself as a leader, but suddenly, I am. Not the traditional sort, but more like a quietly competent backseat type.

My native Indigo wit has been sharpened to an incredible fineness- capable of surgically rebuilding bad ideas into good ones, or dryly collapsing a room into gales of laughter. Written or spoken, the words of the newly minted crystal vibrate with inner meaning, will, and genuine magick in the best sense of the word. With the crystal ray at their disposal, crystals now have a means to use their extreme sensitivities for great things- healing, transmutation, creating or closing energy wells, deflecting negative energies, sniffing out charlatans and destructive people, lie and truth detection…the list goes on and on.

With adult experience coupled with fully developed indigo gifts, the newly transitioned crystal can become a formidable being, belying their sensitivities when need be. Getting on the bad side of a transitioning or newly developed indigo/crystal is not advised. Most likely, they will have sniffed you out well before any problems arise, and will either have healed you of your twisted energies, or blocked you in such a way that you are harmless to them. If you have such a person as a friend, treasure them. If you've managed to make such a person into an enemy, shame on you.

Indigo and crystal adults have access to the many spirals of 'time' that gives them insight that makes them clairvoyant in capability. Being able to see farther up the loops of the spiral path than ordinary people makes them capable of avoiding the current sequence of events that creates the difficulty further up the road. This big picture capability makes them a formidable ally in the ongoing re-tuning of humanity.

It can also be a terrifying gift, as the future spirals first manifest themselves as dreams- both sleeping and waking. Crystal dreams would make the horror and disaster movie makers extremely envious- because they show the extreme manifestations of small errors. Both indigos and crystals work to deflect or derail these sequences- a word here, a small change there, a moment of reflection and insight somewhere else, subtly placed in the way of the growing juggernaut, keeping yet another disaster away. It is chaos theory in action before your eyes.

This gift of spiritual and temporal farsightedness can be the cause of some frustration to those who are family and friends with a newly transitioned crystal or indigo. The transitioning or awakening person may withdraw from extended contact, or suddenly close themselves off where they were once more open. Their demands for privacy may eclipse or even end some relationships. This sudden insistence on more casual contact and solitude is not shallowness, although it may seem like it, it is necessity.

Instead, it is the crystal or indigo’s defense from the intrusion of their particular abilities into the relationship. Part of the gift of being able to see further into cause-and-effect time is the discernment of events of the lives of folks they have to live and work with. This includes their illnesses, accidents, and possibly even awareness of deaths. If an adult indigo, crystal, aquamarine or lavender/rainbow gives you any health advice unsolicited, take it. They will rarely do this, and don't try to push them into doing so.

Health-Consider homeopathic and naturopathic solutions to health problems, as most allopathic, pharmaceutical drugs will likely be too sensitive on a transitioning or newly transitioning, awakening indigo/crystal/rainbow. Quit smoking (if you do smoke) and monitor your alcohol consumption. If you had a drug habit in your youth, and the bumps and scrapes of this transition tempt you to return to using them- don't.

Even 'recreational' drug use should be ended, because your body and mind has changed radically, and its processing capability boosted to incredible levels. Moderate exercise- just walking, swimming or something you are used to, will be very helpful in maintaining your well being during this time. Make sure that you have regular checkups by your doctor of choice, also.

Pregnancy during transitions: If you are a childless female and are considering having children during your transition and spiritual awakening, you might want to reconsider doing so. Your sensitivities will also be radically amplified, and pregnancy may be exquisitely painful- both physically and psychically. There is also the matter of your senses being amplified, and the trials and tribulations of child rearing will be much harder on you if occurring during a transition of this nature. Any child you do give birth to will likely be an indigo or crystal, just so you know. So if you do choose this path, now is the time to come into full awareness of how to raise an indigo, crystal or rainbow child.

The unveiling of your true indigo/crystal core can be frightening at times, but it is ultimately rewarding, in ways that are unimaginable at first. It’s like you’ve suddenly grown a whole meter, or have been given color vision in a monochrome world, or can hear musical chords and melodies after being deaf. Your life will radically change, but once that change has settled in, you will wonder how you managed to get along before it happened. You will quietly use your newly unveiled etheric abilities to help the rest of humanity find its way to wakefulness, seeking no reward or recognition- but content to be part of the great wave of Awakening Light that is sweeping the world. Welcome to your awakening!

If anyone tells you to stop bringing so much "drama", this post is for them. There is no such thing as "drama". You have a right to feel and express the way you feel- we all do. Everyone around us, also, who we may consider "drama queens"- they are expressing as a reflection of something we have in ourselves. We're all here to learn from those expressions. Allow yourself to feel the way you feel minus the invalidation of what you (and others) feel. The more you allow yourself to feel true emotion and the more you validate other's true emotions, the more "oneness" will occur.

Everyone has a right to feel their emotions. "Drama" is just an expression of unprocessed, invalidated emotions that people ignore until they come out so fast and furious that they can no longer be ignored. It comes out in what seems to be an overreaction to the circumstance, especially from the outsider's perspective. But what this reaction really means is that the person's subconscious has mirrored itself into their reality (and yours) because it wants to be integrated. It longs for the person who is expressing it to become aware of it. The subconscious or our "inner child" can become like a toddler pulling one's pants legs in need of love, attention and understanding. But what does a toddler do at the worse case scenario when her needs aren't being met? She will melt down into a full blown tantrum, aka what we as a society like to call, "DRAMA".

Does the toddler care that she is in the middle of the grocery store and that her Mom needs to shop, or that perhaps the Mom needs some attention herself or a much needed nap? No. Why? Because her needs have been unmet for so long that she is in survival mode. Therefore, after trying for so long to get our attention, she melts down and does something that screams, "ME, ME, ME- I NEED YOU, NOW!" That's what it appears to be on the surface when our loved ones melt into drama. But who do they really need? Themselves. They need to be shown that it's okay to need something. That is where you come in. In a society that shuns outward expressions of anything "negative", then need someone to come in and hold that safe space for them to show their emotions, whether positive OR negative. Dramatic or not! This is why we as a society like to have therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, church clergy, life coaches, healers/shamans and spiritualists in our lives: because they are creating a safe space for us to show all of the emotions we need to show that society frowns upon.

However, let's think for a moment about what would happen if, EUREKA, it was totally okay to express this "drama". If we became our own safe person. And if others showed us that it's okay to show an emotion that may be considered negative or dramatic if it means it helps us heal. Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing? If we all helped ourselves and each other hold that safe space to be who we are as opposed to being told the following things:

1) "That's so dramatic. Stop being a drama queen." Doing this shuts down and invalidates one's inner child on the spot, especially if this person IS a child. You may as well have just said to the person (and to their inner child), "Your emotions aren't important to me".

2)"It could be worse" (insert the worse case scenario here). Many of the most well meaning people use this one. For example, a person just lost their pet. "At least you still have your children". A person just lost their car, "At least you still have your home". A person just lost their job, "At least you still have a savings account".

3) "Well I remember when I (insert story of loss or pain) but I just focused on the positive only. You know what they say: fake it till' you make it". That actually doesn't work, no matter what anyone says. The only thing this fake strength and fake positivity does is help you succeed in suppressing your emotions so much that they don't heal and you're then left with defense mechanisms and walls around you, not healing or peace.

Inner child word (aka shadow work) is nothing more than making our inner child (aka shadow or subconscious) fully conscious and the unacceptable actually acceptable. The integration of the subconscious with the conscious leads to complete and total awareness, followed by healing. Anyone who tells you that you have too much "drama" is invalidating your right to FEEL, which ultimately invalidates your right to be human, as that is the main reason we are here: to learn lessons via processing, expressing and then integrating our emotions. Therefore, if someone around you is showing you what we as a society like to call, "DRAMA", stop, sit down with them, listen. Validate their emotion. Be there with them in the emotion. Let them cry, get mad and share in their right to be human. THAT is functional. Calling someone's expression "drama" is not. THAT reaction is invalidating someone else's heart and trying to take away their right to be human.

If we invalidate that by calling it drama, it will keep happening until it becomes downright dysfunctional. Humans are becoming "dramatic" because they aren't getting what they need to heal. It's a cry for attention. If someone is there for them and says, "I hear you. You have a right to feel that way", over and over again, eventually they heal. But if we just say, "Suck it up buttercup", they remain in pain and the expression of that pain becomes even louder. Everyone's hard time is "legitimate" because pain is relative.

Narcissists are an entirely different story. They are born to parents who don't validate their emotions, hence why they are that way once they reach adulthood. They do what they were taught, and they sure as heck are not taught love or self love. Therefore, if parents were to validate children from a young age and teach them love/self love, and not attempt to dominate/manipulate/control them in negative ways, a child would not become an adult narcissist. It all begins with love and nurturing. Narcissism happens when a person has very little resources for love. This is not a natural state of being, and mainly occurs when a person has to become completely focused on LACK of love and allowing for self love in their lives. Narcissists do NOT know how to love themselves so they take and take from those who do know how, because they subconsciously feel their life depends on trying to get you to give them what they lack (which normally is love, affection, self love, validation, power and attention). When you don't give them those things their inner child desires, they feel lost, frustrated, angry and scared. But if you will take a moment to truly consider why they are doing this, you will have compassion for them, for they are but a small child inside: one who is so broken, so unloved by themselves, so needy, that the only way they know how to get what they need is via narcissism.

They are internally emotionally starved, therefore, expecting the starving inner child to NOT go get what they need to survive (emotional food, love and power) is the same as expecting a physically starving child to not steal food from others if this is their only known option. People who are absolutely giving to an extreme and thereby can be considered "selfless" and narcissists, who are emotionally starved, both come from the same place of lack (lack of self love), therefore this is why the narcissist is attracted to the more compassionate, self-less, extremely giving type of person and vice versa. When one is completely in alignment with Source and with one's self, there is no need to attract narcissists, nor will they be attracted to you. Because at this point, you are aware that the stream of love coming from Source is absolutely limitless. There is no lack in the love Source has to give us. The best and most self loving thing one can do when approached by or involved with the narcissist, is to know that only the narcissist can heal himself or herself via connection to self and to Source energy. In order for the narcissist to heal, he would need to admit the deeply embedded trauma to the subconscious that has caused him to become the way he is today. The pain that causes this trauma is so painful that most narcissists would rather avoid it, find a way to blame the person he is interacting with instead, project it, manipulate others with it, etc.

A narcissist has very limited capacity to have a truly reciprocal intimate relationship with other human beings unless he can admit to the trauma that caused this lack of self love in the first place, and then begin to take steps to improve upon the ways he interrelates to others. They would need to change their believes about their own self worth. If they can then feel a connection to others, they could possibly then relate to others as being safe to love as opposed to being threats to their own perceived self worth (or lack thereof in this case). Secondly, they'd have to heal by learning how to operate from a place of abundance as opposed to operating from a place of lack. They would need to view money, love, safety, intimacy, friendship, etc as coming from a place of abundance and infinite resource as opposed to viewing these resources as limited.

Most narcissists began as children who did not live up to the rather fantastical expectations that one parent or more had in place for them. This is how a true narcissist is created. The child cannot figure out how to please the adult(s). The child was then likely treated as being stubborn and difficult and could have even been labeled as the problem child in the family. The parent(s) then likely took the child's behavior extremely personally and developed resistance to child, then likely punished the child in direct and indirect ways. This resulted in the child then being seen as subconsciously a threat to the adult(s). This created a hostile and unsafe environment between parent and child on an emotional and possibly even physical level. This environment could have caused the child not to form bonds of attachment to her primary attachment figure(s), hence causing a lack of intimacy and a lack of attachment to adults at some point later in her life. The inner child of a narcissist does not inherently trust adults, but instead they develop a hostile and selfish world view (because they still feel unloved).

We attract the people to whom we are most aligned, especially in terms of self love. This is why the narcissists are likely to attract those who unconditionally GIVE love: because both are coming from a place of LACK. The compassionate, overly giving person views love as a limited resource that can only be had when they GIVE love. Therefore, they attract a narcissist because the narcissist also views love as limited. This can all be changed by aligning to receive and give love in a way where we believe there IS no lack. This can be changed by understanding that love comes from an infinite Source and cannot ever be depleted. The best way to do this is by starting with ways to love ourselves and to feel love from Source/God. The more we heal our own inner child traumas, the more we will be aligned to attract people who can be reciprocal in relationships and the less we will be aligned to attracting narcissists into our lives.

Regarding energy vampires, I've received so many questions lately about how to protect ourselves energetically from people who seem to "drain" us of energy, who seem to be so much about themselves that not only do they have nothing to return to us emotionally speaking, but they are wallowing in so much lack of love from Source and self, that they actually seem to feed off of the negative energy they are creating either for themselves or from our reactions to them. I'd like you to consider that it could actually be impossible to give away your life force energy to anyone, and it could be actually impossible to take someone else's life force energy. You are connected to your soul, and your soul is connected to Source energy. You are only being fed energy from your soul and stream of consciousness, which is being fed by Source energy. You're only taking energy from your soul and stream of consciousness, which is also being fed by Source energy. What happens when a person is "drained" of energy when interacting with another person, is that said person is thinking thoughts that disconnect himself or herself from Source energy, then said person is drained of their own energy thereby. The person they are connecting to acts in such a way that is "perceived" as negative or draining, which causes the other person to think thoughts that create resistance, and thereby disconnect them from their OWN flow of Source energy.

I had a new client come to me recently who said, "THANK YOU for not reacting to the way I'm FEELING right now and then projecting it as an outcome for my future path. Thank you for not being empathically reactive, but independent and connected to Source in the way you read my future!" This client happened to come to me in a very depressed mood and thereby had a limited perceived outcome of what would happen to her. She was cut off from her own Source energy and thereby, her own intuitive nature. If I had reacted to her energy and projected myself back at her, all we would do is play depression ping pong and she would not feel better. I would also walk away feeling depressed. This could have easily become what so many of you call, "energy vampirism", which is a term well known in the new age community for something simple: we perceived that another person drained us, but in actuality, it is our own negative reaction to this person's emotions and energy that caused us to restrict our own flow to Source energy, and thereby end up feeling drained.

Energy vampires, much like narcissists, do not feel as if the Universe is an infinite Source of love. They do not trust themselves to fulfill their own needs so they then take from others. They feel weak, unsafe and desperate for love and attention. This does not make them evil. They don't have bad intentions. It makes them desperate victims to their own states of mind. Because we live in a reality that is based upon duality, the people we attract are all mirrors to something shown to us that is also in ourselves. The Law of Attraction is the law of this Universe. According to the Law of Attraction, only vibrations which match can be aligned and attract each other. If you are attracting an energy vampire into your life, chances are that you also operate in a state of weakness and have that same desperate state of mind that needs love and attention, at least in that moment you attracted the psychic vampire. You as well, are feeling spiritually weakened and unaware of your unlimited connection to Source energy and Source love.

If you attract and are in alignment with a psychic vampire, you will begin to feel a bit internally lost, overwhelmed and confused. Perhaps even exhausted or out of sorts. You will feel depleted and unsure of what hit you. Keep in mind that you cannot solve their problem, because solving the actual problem will not make them feel better. The attention you are giving them in their moment of desperation is what they want to feel better. They are addicted to the endless cycles of being a victim, causing others to feel pity for them in urgent ways and then receiving emotional support and attention. The FEED off of this attention as if this will heal them, because they know no other way to heal. If you try to direct their attention to ways to heal themselves or be responsibility emotionally to heal their own pain, they may even become hostile and resistant towards you. They may blame you even and use many attempts to get you to apologize for allegedly making them feel WORSE with your suggestions. "Don't you think I've tried that?", "Don't you see I can't do that?" and "That will only make things worse!" are their common reactions to resist help and then possibly even blame you for such suggestions. At this point, they may even expect an apology from you for even attempting such positive resolutions or they will say, "You/your suggestion only made me feel worse". This is because they are addicted to the cycle of energy vampirism to help them and they are NOT looking for true healing.

With all of this being said, many times when someone is doing or saying something negative to another person, it is the other person's responsibility to "choose" how they react (both in their responses and in their emotions). No one can "make" anyone feel a certain way (with the exception of rape/abuse and things like that). When a person is being negative, the reason it is happening is not only that the person is in pain, but because there is something inside of US that is attracting that person in order to reflect what we are ignoring about ourselves. The best way to handle, "drama queens, energy vampires and narcissists" is to handle yourself. Manage your own reflections. Figure out what energetic/emotional state you were in to begin with that created an alignment with a person who is so desperate for healing and thereby, resorted to such desperate measures. What is YOUR inner child in need of? What is she lacking?

Once we work on and heal these aspects of our inner traumas, it will be not only helpful but easy for us to sit still with others and nurture them in that moment. This type of help we give to others could also put us on track to be able to then sit still with the inner child within us, to ask what we felt when interacting with that person and to trace that emotional reaction back to it's original sources. Then and only then can we help others, when we are fully integrated with our own subconscious wounds to our inner child. Then our reflections of who we attract in our lives will change. The narcissists, drama queens and energy vampires will either bore of us because we don't feed what they're looking for or they will accept healing and begin to slowly change in their inward and outward behaviors towards us (and others).

I feel that if we seek to stop and help another person process their emotions, we are also helping ourselves to understand why we attracted that situation to begin with, if we go back and look inside of ourselves. Last month, for example, I asked a lot of people what they associate as negative about me, because I was looking for patterns in the type of people/scenarios I attract into my life. But we can do this with most negative circumstances presented to us once we learn the other person's point of view. It helps them and it helps us. This especially applies to the alleged "drama queens". They hate the title, you hate the title. So let's abolish that term from our vocabulary and stop to give them the love and validation they need to get out of the cycle that is causing them to create the "drama" to begin with. The toddler in the grocery store, the teenager who just slammed the door in your face and said, "I HATE YOU", the facebook poster who loves to post vague statuses of woe, they all have one thing in common: they are crying out for validation. And that is perfectly healthy. The toddler is hungry or needs a nap. So give it to her, don't chastise her for embarrassing you at the grocery store. The neighbor who needs to rant. Let her rant. Maybe she has a husband who never hears her, so she doesn't feel heard. Maybe others invalidate her and you are the person who will be there to tell her she is heard and loved, and thereby validated. The teenager who just said she hates you needs you to validate that and say, "It is okay that you hate me. I still love YOU." Let's not minimize or invalidate each other, but build each other up instead.

Insofar as energy vampires and narcissists, there is a difference between stopping to validate them and subjecting yourself to abuse by waiting to be sucked dry, emotionally. It is a fine balance. I'd say that at first, it would be helpful to stop and say, "I hear you. I can be here with you completely in this moment if you'd like. However, what I'd also like is for you to consider toning down your voice a notch so that I can feel safer in helping you and hearing you." This helps out often when a person's outward expression of emotion has become rather volcanic and is erupting in one's face. It is helpful to diffuse the bomb instead of allowing it to explode in your face. If you've tried to diffuse the bomb and it does indeed explode, back up and put plenty of space between you and the bomb. It is also important to note what about ourselves has aligned with the energy vampire or the narcissist, so that we can learn from them. However, learning from them is only safe if we draw boundaries that are not to be broken. Here are examples of ways to maintain boundaries if you must interact with an energy vampire or narcissist:

Choose your words carefully: nothing is a secret. Anything and everything you say could be used against you, especially words said from a place of vulnerability. Words are weapons so do not give them ammunition;

Choose your reactions even MORE carefully: They feed off of negative attention and cause "drama" and friction on purpose so that they can have anyone and everyone's attention on THEM. If you are indeed going to give them attention, make sure you give positive, healing attention that involves suggestions for self love, personal responsibility and steps of ACTION they can take to feel better. As stated earlier, they won't like this, but if you keep handling their pleas for attention in this way, they will either tire of the way you react to them and not need you any further, or perhaps one day get so disgusted by their own cycle of pain/negative attention seeking that they will remember your suggestions and take heed. Either way, it's a win win situation.

Do not accept or take personally any violence, threats or insults: not only this, but use such negative threats as your cue and excuse to get the heck out of dodge. Literally say to them, "I will not be your victim. If you want support and love from me, you'll have to do so in a healthy and nonviolent way or I won't stick around", then leave the scene. Narcissists, especially, need to understand that there are repercussions to damaging threats and attacks on your ego, otherwise, they will keep right on being threatening.

Do not always say yes: In other words, do not come running every single time they call. You must have your own oxygen mask first in order to even attempt to help and heal a narcissist or energy vampire. Sometimes, the most self loving thing you can do is to love yourself first, by saying, "I can't help you right now, I'm sorry." Get intermittent or even permanent space from them if you've done all you can do for that moment and/or you have been receiving too much negative words, threats or attacks from the narcissist or energy vampire.

Be aware of your circles and communities: Narcissists tend to be more prevalent actually, in healing communities, churches and spiritual circles. People in these circles have low self defense mechanisms, are easily forgiving and also are there because they are healing from victim-hood mentalities. Many people who find their way into these spiritual spaces are not coming from a space of joy, but because they too, need healing. They lack self-love very often and feel less of a connection to Source energy. Do not become the victim to a narcissist in the name of spiritual healing.

Narcissists in particular, are notorious for picking sides and playing mutual friends against each other, all for the sake of being able to step in and powerfully control the entire circle of friends, making THEM the top priority for everyone involved in the circle of mutual friends. They feed off of the negative attention when friends side with them. Be aware and stay out of such circles.

Guilt is their favorite way to attack, control and manipulate people. Not only does it give them the negative attention they crave, but it causes them to feel in power when you need to apologize and work hard to earn back their trust. This makes them feel powerful because they are forcing you to show some form of apology, acceptance or approval of them as a person. If you find yourself being "guilted" in feeling a certain way or interacting in a certain way with the narcissist or energy vampire, back away. Do not apologize. Maintain your stance and excuse yourself from the interaction. Perhaps you may need to also excuse yourself from further interacts if this is the predominant pattern with this person.

I hope this clears up any misconceptions of the actual meaning of "drama queen" and helps us to realize that everyone is a reflection of the inner child within us, who is crying out for love from Source and love from ourselves.

This comes to me each and every time when asked by a client or friend about how to have romantic love in their lives: "You must first love yourself". Your guides have said it, my guide has said it, it is the knowingness that I get from Source as well. It is the ultimate answer to healing. But let's get real for a minute, it is also the most difficult thing for human beings to do. Such a simple thing has become the bane of our existence here on earth, and sometimes our torture. Lack of self love has caused us to remain alone instead of with a God sent soulmate, it has caused our relationships to fail one behind the other, it has caused us to push people away that Source sends into our lives to love us and it has caused many of us severe clinical depression and feelings of emptiness. This simple thing, self love, is something we must have so that we can stay connected to God. It is THE KEY to our human survival.

We are born with basic instincts. Self love is taught to us from an early age, as it is shown to us by our earthly parents. If we learn self love at this early age, we have a limitless connection to Source and to our unique spirit gifts that help us survive as a human being in a harsh environment: Earth. However, we also choose our spiritual lessons while in spirit form, prior to even being born. Based upon the lessons we choose, this is what aligns us to be born to certain parents that are loving or many times, parents who are the opposite of that. Prior to our birth, we choose these lessons, align to certain parents and life time events that will happen to us and then we FORGET who we were.

Right at that time of entry into the human world and onto planet Earth, we forget ALL soul memories of being in spirit form from when we were in the spirit world. We were surrounded by pure unconditional love, joy/bliss, perfection in spirit body form and we are innocent. No sin, no pain, no questions (because we already know) when we are in spirit form. Why would we choose to be born, you ask? Because it is another level of spiritual growth. Being always so innocent and perfect in the eyes of God, there is but one way to learn: back up. Back up from all of that and go receive a body. It is the ultimate experience to lose all of one's soul memory and CHOOSE to learn in a completely different way!

As we are born into the human form, we then rely upon love from a mother and we are taught love for ourselves. We relate love to safety, peace, comfort, food, health, joy, laughter, bliss and so much more. There are many ways our mothers teach us love. But here is the catch: because earth is ultimately a place of duality, in order to actually learn anything truly, we must know two sides to every situation we are born into. For example, if you opted to learn the lesson of true, unconditional love when you were in spirit form, because you need to fully understand the opposite of unconditional love FIRST (due to Earth's nature of duality), you must learn it by first seeing, knowing and feeling the pure opposite of love. Therefore, this specific lesson will align you towards parents who could perhaps be very unloving and sometimes even dangerous emotionally and/or physically to us as children. This could cause the parent to show neglect, abandonment, abuse, or something as simple as not emotionally connecting to a child. On earth, there is no sunlight without darkness, there is no peace without war first, there is food and famine. It is all duality- it is how we learn.

Why do we choose these difficult, painful lessons, you ask? When we were in spirit form, we questioned nothing. We knew what we knew because Source gave us that knowingness, not because we learned it ourselves. Just because we knew truth. When God is around you and shows you truth when you are in spirit form, you don't question it. You just know. Instantaneously. Spirits choose to be born as humans onto earth because they want to learn knowingness by being separated from God/Source. They love God so much, ultimately, that they TRUST that even though they are disconnected from Him by being on Earth and being embodied, by being born into a world full of turmoil where they will highly likely be unsafe, that they will still find their way back to God/Source. They love and trust Heavenly Father/Mother this much! We trusted and loved God SO MUCH that we literally went into human form to learn, die for Source and make our way back to Source once more, with a different kind of knowledge: an integrated knowledge.

God also considers us so ultimately special and loved, that we are made in His image, allowed to be separated from our heavenly parents and TRUSTED to come back! It's like a parent who says to a rebellious teenager: "Oh, you want to go see the world? Have at it. Here is some cash, a car and the keys. But from there, you're on your own. I love you. Go learn. But you're always my child so try to come back at some point and don't forget me, ok? And of course, as a parent, keep in mind that I have eyes in the back of my head so I will have my ways of knowing what you're doing. If you need me, I can also help." God being omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, can help us out as much as we want (if we choose and ask) along our journey as humans. He even granted us specific spiritual gifts and talents that we carried over from the spirit world to be utilized once we're born as humans on earth. However, there is one specific thing that we are also born with that can supersede God in almost every single instance: our God given FREE WILL. We are born with it.

Many times, I ask my spirit guide during my spiritual journeys when I'm asleep, "Why do human do so many horrible things to each other, to animals and to planet earth?" The answer always points back to free will. Free will to do what? Murder, rape, pillage and destroy everything? My guide's response to that is, "Free will to BECOME aligned to that path because of a major basic thing you choose not to do: self love". Almost every single question I've asked about why humans do this or that will always go back to the original issue: "lack of self love". If one does not love oneself, which is ultimately the reason why God sacrificed his son and us, his children, to be separated from him by becoming embodied, then we instantly become aligned to all of the lessons of duality earth has to show us, and not neccesarily easy ones.

The result of lack of self love causes us to resonate with a 3rd dimensional vibration that is below the vibration of pure Source energy. This lower level energy aligns us with a possibility for actual mental illnesses (especially depression but also anxiety, phobias, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and at worse case scenario, psychosis). This is every dangerous because if we do not choose to stop this cycle by loving ourselves, we cannot heal from these spiritually manifested diseases, which can sometimes cause actual physical manifestations like rape, abuse, neglect and even murder. It can manifest as cancers and other physical diseases. The result of what we align our energy to is limitless.

My personal physical manifestation of a spiritual problem is depression. I become extremely clinically depressed when I lack self love. But like many of us, I chose a life lesson that aligned me to a parent who was incapable of loving me because she did not love herself. This aligned me with many situations both in childhood and in early adulthood that caused for abuse, neglect, rape, sexual abuse and much more that caused me to choose not to love myself.

Not loving myself became a very dangerous situation because I was also born with very extreme levels of extra-sensory perception. My earlier memories were of seeing angels and other spiritual beings almost everywhere I was. Because I was so focused on all of these extra-sensory things that were basically unable to be ignored, I choose to work on helping others in this lifetime. I therefore became filled with pure, unconditional love for humanity. However, I did not love myself. After a number of years being human, I learned that helping others with my gifts would not fulfill that vast hole in my being with love. Only Source could relieve me of my clinical depression so that the cycle could be complete: I'd love you all AND myself!

I searched long and hard in my journey for self love. I searched in different religions from around the entire world, from all the spiritual texts I could find, from self help books, from online self help groups and spiritual forums, from my home teachers at church to different spiritual teachers and gurus all the way to kundalini yoga and reiki. I searched via homeopathic medicines, healing touch therapy, psychiatry, different psychiatric medications and all the way to transcendental meditation, followed by shamanic healing. Then one day recently, when at my wit's end, I asked a close, trusted friend what to do. Her answer was clear and concise. It wasn't full of details of aura cleansing, meditations or love and light affirmations of trying to lie to myself and say that I was already healed and whole. Her answer was, "Have you asked for specific help from Source with this, Pamela?"

We were born with a guide on our journey. We humans call them "spirit guides". You will hear me talking about mine only every so often, because spirit guides choose US. Their identities are often sacred and personal to us. They choose us prior to birth and they are here, whether we see them or not, from the moment we are born until the moment we leave our human bodies. They were there with us in spirit form when we were in the spirit world prior to our choosing to become human forms. They are a part of our spirit families and they are given special privileges to help us, but they remain in spirit form always.

Being born with extra-sensory perception, I can choose to talk to my guide at will, and if I'm ready, he will answer. I don't know why I didn't think of this first before jumping into every other spiritual modality, but I figured if my guide wanted to say something to me, he would. WRONG ANSWER. Please hear me out with this. There is a reason why God has said in many different languages and in many different spiritual texts he has given to us, "ASK and ye shall receive". Since we ultimately came here as humans to learn things on our own, we often do not think to ask. It is in our human instincts to take the bull by the horns and try to stubbornly go figure it out on our own. But sometimes we get stuck. During those times, it is important to ask SPECIFICALLY for help from Source.

After specifically asking my guide and God about self love and how to obtain it, here were the five steps given to me to learn self love:

1) Earth. Put your feet on the ground. LITERALLY. We are on earth with human bodies because it grounds us, heals us and provides us with love from Source. God is constantly pouring his love and healing through planet earth. Put your feet on this earth. Preferably be barefooted. This is why many spiritualists ask us to work on "grounding" meditations. This is why our indigenous peoples love the land and view it as sacred. Our ancestors lived on this land. They didn't live behind computer screens 24-7, they didn't live with their cell phones and tablet to their faces, did they? They had everything they needed spiritually and physically from the land. Make sure your foods come from a pure source: from the earth. Stay away from processed crap. Your body is a temple that should stay connected and grounded to EARTH.

2) Water. Our human bodies are compromised of 65 percent WATER. There is a basic reason for God making us this way. WATER is the way planet earth holds and transmits energy. There is a reason why in the biblical tests, God flooded Earth. In all spiritual texts, water is considered the ultimate "purifier". In order to have self love, we must first be an empty vessel. You can't pour water into a glass that's full. You must be pure of negativity, both physically and emotionally. EMOTIONS are pure energy. Renowned scientist and writer Masuru Emoto, who wrote the book, "The Hidden Messages in Water" even claims that one can focus healing energy into water via the power of pure thoughts, thus charging the water and causing it to change the human body upon ingestion. Our human bodies need water to cleanse up both physically and emotionally of impurities that make our glass to "full" of negativity. This is why many spiritual teachers will suggest natural hot water springs and baths with salt crystals in them: because water cleanses and purifies us;

3) Air. This one is quite simple. Every human being on earth is in need of oxygen as a primary source of life. BREATHE. If you're at work, open the window or take regular breaks for fresh air outside of the building. Take regular walks outdoors. You need fresh air as a form of rejuvenation to the body and spirit. Breathing is what we do to circulate pure energy throughout our bodies and auras. Breath is life. Meditation helps us with breath, as does singing, speaking our truth and deep cleansing breaths of fresh air first thing in the morning. Many spiritual teachers refer us back to "breath" and help us connect to deep breathing as a coping mechanism that returns us to ourselves. If we are focusing on our breath and only our breath, stress dissipates. We must love ourselves enough to stop, get rid of all thoughts, and breathe, if but for a small amount of time each day;

4) Giggling. Yes, yes, I know. I had to ask for clarification on this one as it sounded so silly. "Why don't you just say LAUGHTER?" I asked my guide. "There are many reasons to laugh for humans. But giggling is only done with pure and innocent joy. There is no sarcasm or nervousness. Children giggle. Get back to your innocent, inner child form. Get back to pure joy. After all, you're still a child"; and finally

5) Electricity. I also had to ask for clarification on this one. "Do you mean to tell me I need to go tell my clients they are to stand in front of a light bulb and suddenly they will feel self love?" I said sarcastically to my guide. "Well yes, metaphorically. God's love is the bulb. It illuminates light to you. His pure light is love. When God loves you, there is no doubt that you also love yourself. Instantly." Confused, I shrugged and said, "Well why don't you just say Love and Light like everyone else does. Add some fairies if you will like everyone else who is preaching the Love and Light message to me as if that is the only thing needed to get by as a human?!" With a knowing smile, he turned his face and his eyes met mine for a moment. "That is why I am your guide and not some Buddhist monk. That is all well and good what your friends say, but it is not GROUNDED. Electricity is grounded. You are the conduit through which God's love heals. When you are grounded properly in all aspects of yourself, then and only then can God's love be within you for healing. Your friends are indeed missing that component."

"You are here to be a human. It doesn't matter who or what you were prior or where you come from. So be human. You are not here to circumvent time, bend spoons or change the way energy works in ways that don't align to being human. It's fun, for sure. But it's not your ultimate purpose. Your human "love and light" theory you mentioned is wonderful, but it is incomplete as everything on earth is meant to be in duality. Therefore you must integrate all components of yourself and be fully aware. However, YOU are missing Love and Light sometimes. You also cannot fully focus on integration of your shadows without also being a pure conduit for light. Humans are separating everything with religions, teaching and opposing methods for healing and definitions for God's love. You are all ONE with God. Lose the separation and do all of it. Then and only then can you shift into Christ consciousness- when you are one.

Warmest blessings,


I'm going to attempt to peel open the many layers of the lotus flower by discussing the idea of suicide, and the spiritual ethics of the act, or lack thereof. Being just a human with lack of knowledge in such matters, I of course, asked my spirit guide as I always do when pondering very important or delicate subjects. There is no other way to describe this as simply and ethically as my guide addressed the answer with me last night in dream form.

Firstly, I was shown our galaxy and all of the stars thereof, in my dream. My guide was pointing them out and said, "You see that bright one? That is you." Then he began to point out even more bright stars and he very matter of factly said, "That one is you as well". Then he pointed to others that I could barely see due to their dim nature and he nodded knowingly and said, "That's you, also. That one is also your brothers and sisters. You all are made from star matter and created in His image".

In true Morgan Freeman style, my guide lowered his voice and said, "Here is the catch. You are all also one person." I glared at him, confused and bewildered and he returned a smile and said, "You are all a part of the Creator. You aren't just his children, you are a piece of his Being. You are all created from the same matter, even. You have your differences maybe in spiritual lessons and reasons for incarnating on your planet, but you are still a part of each other and a part of Creator."

Seeing the confusion written all over my face, we stopped our journey through the galaxy and sat down on a park bench with a vast view of thousands of brilliant, sparkling stars, shining like crazy diamonds. A comet shot across the sky wildly as if slung from a cosmic sling shot by an unattended child somewhere on a different planet. "So is it a crime, and are there repercussions or punishments?" I asked the guide. Resting his elbow on his knee while star gazing, he turned his face towards me and knowingly said, "It is a spiritual crisis. A choice. However, you must understand that there are repercussions to every choice." Suddenly the night screen of stars changed and flashed into darkness, then it turned into a movie of my dearest and closest friend's life. It was like watching a movie of her holding and rocking her babies, playing at the park with them, her long brunette hair flowing in the wind as she pushed her daughter on the playground swing set. I could hear her son giggling in the background as he played in a sand box, dumping sand all over his freshly washed hair. "Would you kill her?" the guide said softly and turned his big, brown eyes to meet mine.

"WHAT? Of course I can't kill my best friend. She's like my sister, what are you talking about?" I angrily yelled back at him. He maintained a soft smile and knowingly said, "But you are one. If you kill you, you kill her. She is a child of creator. She is made from the same material as you. From God matter. From the stars, even. She is family." "But my life is MINE, I was born with free will, you said so. All religious texts say so! I can do with my life what I will!" I angrily responded once more. "Your life is a gift, dear one. It is the same gift given to her. You can't take gifts away."

My angry glare was then accompanied by a frown as I tried to wrap my head around his answers. "Stop talking in riddles and explain this more directly". The screen flashed again and I saw my beautiful friend shopping for makeup in her favorite makeup store, Sephora. I smiled and nodded and said to him, "She'd spend hours there is she had the money". We both giggled and he said, "She just got an unexpected birthday gift of cash from her Mom. So she was told to go utilize her gift." I was excited for her as my guide and I watched this movie. She was like a kid in a candy shop, ooohing and ahhhhing at every thing the sales lady brought in her direction. But then I saw myself enter the movie. She bought her makeup and then rushed to the restroom in the mall, leaving me holding her shopping bags. I gasped as I saw myself reach into the bag the moment she disappeared, and then I watched in horror as I slid the eye liner into my back pocket. "I'd never do that!" I screamed at my guide again haughtily. "We know. Bear with us." Suddenly the mall cops rushed to my side and accosted me. "You can't take that gift that she chose for herself!" the mall cop said to me with an outstretched hand. "Give it back, it belongs to her". Bewildered, I responded, "But I used the gift. It's mine now, look I have put the eye liner on my eyes!" "It's still her eyeliner. It was a gift to her, and no one can take a gift away, even if it's utilized by you or another person".

"Ahhhhhh I get it now" I sighed with my head in my hands. "I can't believe I didn't get this without your help", I laughed coyly and smiled at my guide. "It's ok. You're still a baby", he replied with a pat on my back. "Doesn't matter if you used the gift someone else gave her (and the one she chose) on yourself. It's still her gift. You're using it but it's not yours. Your life is the same. You're using it but it's not yours! However there is only one punishment: redo your life. Your entire life. Reincarnate and do it all again. You don't want that do you? Then no suicide! Not for yourself or anyone. Tell people who have asked that this is the message".

In closing, the act of suicide is very much considered that of a lower vibration because that soul is wishing to go against the akashic records and also lacks that of self-love. A soul who commits suicide has lost all personal connection to the material world and also to themselves. They would have to go through the reincarnation cycle because their karma would go to a denser energy through lack of love. They would need to develop the power of forgiveness and that the universe would have them work out their own lessons in a different life to understand how the true reality is about loving the world and loving the self. That must be achieved no matter what, suicide is like trying to take the easy way out but discovering the void space is still there. We attempt to fill this void but in return we create more karmic cycles for ourselves. The true power will always be of the higher frequencies through forgiveness and love.

This blog is dedicated to my best friend Kimberlee, with much love.


This is by far, one of the most common questions brought to me by my friends, family, colleagues and clients. In a society that appears to be ever changing, in this day and era, we all want to know if we're doing absolutely everything we can do to be our best selves spiritually. Today, let's discuss spirituality and how to stay in tune so that we can do everything we've set out to do in our lifetimes, and be all that we can be spiritually. Listed below are some of the basic things we all could focus on in order to make sure we're not ignoring our spiritual selves:

1) Sustenance for your physical body. Let's get right to the basics. Are you eating right and drinking enough water? First and foremost, we all chose to be incarnated on this earth in order to have a HUMAN experience. We are flesh and bones, muscle and sinew. We need energy from food and our bodies are comprised of up to 65 percent WATER. In almost every religion on our planet, there is a common phrase we all honor: The body is the temple. Treat your body with respect by making sure you are properly providing sustenance. You can't operate in any other spiritual dimension if your body isn't healthy enough to operate in the third dimension (earth) and in it's human physical body. Below are some ways to make sure you're doing this:

a) Organic veggies and fruits, non GMO: Ultimately speaking, it is highly advantageous for us to GROW our own food, but since this is not convenient for most of us, here are some basic rules to buying foods. If you can't grow your foods organically, buy from local farmers markets and fruit/veggie stands. If you can't buy from fruit and veggie stands or farmers markets, stay away from the "inner aisles" of grocery stores. The majority of the foods available in the inner aisles are non organic, are laden with preservatives and are processed in ways that are detrimental to our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Keep it simple: buy vegetables and fruits that are organic and not in a box or can: buy fresh. Stay away from pesticides, additives, preservatives, food coloring and GMOs. As a rule, don't buy anything in a box or a can.

b) Eliminate dairy items: Cows milk is meant for baby cows, not humans. Dairy in general is bad for the human body. Most dairy products are too processed and laden with chemicals in order to be good for the human body. If you must eat dairy, please try to follow these general guidelines: organic, fresh yogurts only, eggs should be from a local farmer or from your own chickens that you feed naturally, replace milk with almond milk or rice milk. If you cannot do that, just stick with fresh milk that you get from local dairy farmers. It must be organic and raw.

c) Try to eliminate as much meat as possible: It is very spiritually and physically advantageous to eliminate meat altogether from the human diet. The reason for this is because partaking in animals in today's day and age also means partaking in said animal's energy emotionally, which isn't normally a positive thing. There are some exceptions, but most meat we buy from the grocery stores and even from the butchers are animals that were raised in very inhumane and emotionally frightening or volatile scenarios. If you kill another living being in a volatile manner and eat that, you are also eating that being's emotional state of mind. All energy comes from emotions and thoughts. If you must eat meat, eat happy meat. The only way to make certain that the animals you consume are indeed energetically safe is to raise them and kill them yourselves. Thank them for their sacrifice and honor them by using every possible part of their bodies, much in the way the original natives did. If you cannot do this, the next best thing is to eat only fish for your meat source. If you cannot do that, the next best thing is to buy meats that are grass fed and cafe free/free range.

d) Limit alcoholic beverages and stimulants. Keep in mind that most things we drink with the exception of water and organic herbal teas are created with chemicals that are not physically or spiritually advantageous. If you cannot rid yourself of caffeinated beverages altogether, try cutting sodas and everything but organic coffees and organic teas. Insofar as alcohol, if you cannot eliminate it altogether, try to stick to beers naturally brewed and organic wines (and use them in moderation).

e) Steer clear of the pharmaceuticals: The ultimate goal is to be completely free of all pharmaceuticals that are man made. The binders, chemicals and even the drugs themselves are not always best for the human body. I say these with EXTREME caution because I realize that there will be exceptions: if you are seeing a doctor and he/she has prescribed pharmaceuticals to you, please do not rid yourself of these substances without approval and monitoring by your doctor or specialist. This especially goes for those of you who are diabetic: insulin, human hormone therapies and all medications that are replacing something naturally made by your body. Do not change or mess with that please. However, try to avoid recreational drugs of all types and use over the counter medications sparingly. A more homeopathic or ayurvedic route of healing is preferred.

f) Water: Unless your doctor has recommended otherwise, please do try to drink 6-8 8 oz. cups of spring or bottled water daily. If you cannot do this, put a filter on your kitchen sink and drink filtered water. If you cannot do that, buy a bottle with a filter built in and then put your tap water in that before consumption.

g) Exercise: It is very important that we get some exercise daily. MOTION is very important to the aura because when you move your body, you move your cells. MOTION moves all negative energy through the human aura and puts it into exit mode! Physically speaking even, a moving cell is a healthy cell. Movement in the cell body helps to keep cells detoxified of physical impurities in the same way meditation detoxes our spiritual bodies. For a quick and convenient aura cleansing, all one has to do are the first two steps in the sun salutations of basic yoga: Put your hands down to your side, palms facing upwards. Then slowly lift your hands out to your side, bringing them slowly above your head until your palms touch each other over your head. Do this upon inhaling, and then while exhaling, slowly bring your hands back down to your side. Also while inhaling and lifting your arms, imagine a bright, clean, white light surrounding your entire body and staying there. This one basic exercise is the start to a complete cleansing of all the human chakras!

h) Time in nature: Are you spending enough time connecting to the earth? This is a very important part of spirituality because planet earth is our home. When we chose to incarnate in physical bodies here on earth, we chose to be born with all of the tools we needed to be able to survive physically, emotionally and spiritually. Take the time to "unplug" from the world of the Internet at least 1-3 times a week and be outdoors to rejuvenate and remind our bodies, minds and spirits why we chose to incarnate here to begin with. Sand beneath your feet or dirt beneath your toes will ground your aura, align your chakra system and cleanse your mind. The salt in the sea will cleanse and detoxify your mind and body, bringing you back to your core. The feeling of the wind against your body and the snow on your face will ground your root chakra like nothing else. No matter where you are in the world, step outside today! Science shows that there is a big connection between lack of sunlight and vitamin D deficiency. Many people who are experiencing depression and seasonal affective disorder also have been shown to have low levels of both serotonin and vitamin D: the sunlight will help prevent this issue! {source: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/reading-between-the-headlines/201307/vitamin-d-deficiency-and-depression}

i) Sleep: It's very important that you get 8 full hours of sleep a night. No ifs, ands or buts on this one. If you're having issues with sleep physically, it's time to look into ways to change that. A sleep study to determine if the problem is physical is a nice way to start. Sleep apnea causes the most disturbed sleep patterns I've yet to see in one's aura. Remedy that issue FAST and you'll notice your path to enlightenment opening up quickly. Try a natural sleep aid like melatonin, valerian root or a calming herbal tea. Unplug the Internet and stay off of your smart phone one hour before bed time.

2) Sustenance for the emotional body: The human aura has three main layers: physical, emotional and spiritual (otherwise known as the conscious, subconscious and soul layers or the physical, mental and spiritual layers). Therefore, in order to stay on track spiritually, we also must make sure we provide proper sustenance for the emotional body. Below are several important facets of staying emotionally healthy:

a) Get rid of HUMAN GMOS: all the naysayers, the nit pickers, the drama starters, the negative nancies. That can really spiritually hold you back. Why? Because the law of attraction goes in all directions, friends. If you're attracting people who are reflecting negativity, you have to back up away from those people until you find out why you're attracting negative reflections in your life. There are deeper reasons for the law of attraction manifesting negative reflections to you, which we will discuss, but first, you have to start by getting rid of unnecessary baggage and drama in your world from people who'd rather bring you down than lift you up.

b) Meditate daily: meditation does the same for the emotional body as it does the spiritual body. Energy is created by human emotion. Emotions are the BASE of energy. Emotions become thoughts. Thoughts become actions. Actions manifest your future. Therefore, it is very important to manage one's thoughts via meditation in order to keeps one's energy pure, centered and grounded. Of course, the most effective form of meditation is done in the complete stillness of one's body, one's mind and one's surroundings. That, however, is not always the easiest or most convenient thing for us to do. Therefore if sitting peacefully and keeping the mind still is difficult for you at first, or if you cannot find quiet surroundings, put on some headphones and try guided meditation or meditate via a musical track. There are plenty of cds and downloads available for purchase on Itunes, at the Playstore, Amazon or from your local Barnes N Nobles. Meditation grounds the physical and mental layers of one's aura, therefore it is very beneficial for one's health. Guided visualization meditation cleanses one's aura and also can be used to manifest one's future in a more positive manner.

c) Find proactive ways to channel away negative emotions: now that you've taken care of your body physically, you're meditating daily and you've gotten rid of your HUMAN gmos, it's time to make sure negativity stays away. The following are my tried and true methods for channeling away negativity:

FACE IT. While this isn't the easiest or most time conducive or convenient way to get rid of negativity, it is indeed the absolute most effective way. Walter Boyce, director of Wildlife Health Center at University of California even states,"If you see a mountain lion, don't run or crouch down; act big, yell; be assertive; a vast majority of the time the lion retreats in the other direction. If a lion attacks, fight back." {source: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/survival/mountain-lion-attack.html}

I realize that facing our fears can feel like facing giant mountain lions, but based upon the law of attraction, EVERYTHING happens to us as a reflection of ourselves. Therefore, our fears and negative emotions we are feeling and negative interactions with others in our lives are all reflections of something either conscious or subconscious; it's a reflection of a pattern we need to work through, hence the reason why it keeps happening. Emotional patterns happen either because we are on the right track spiritually (if the pattern being reflected is positive) or because we are off track spiritually and the inner child, like an annoying toddler, is pulling on our pants legs, trying to get our attention, saying, "LOOK AT ME, I need you. YOU need you." Instead of running from negative situations, stand up, look the situation in the face and try asking yourself these questions:

How am I feeling in my emotions and in my physical body when this pattern happens? The pattern could be that a friend is acting in a certain way and it hurts you. Perhaps the friend is doing something like ignoring the friendship. Ask yourself this question and sit still with your mind and body's response. Maybe you feel rejected and hurt when your friend ignores you. Perhaps in your body, you begin to feel tense. Your hands clench into fists. Your heart beats quickly. Sit STILL in these emotions and FACE THEM, allowing them to overcome you. Cry. Get angry. FEEL what you are supposed to be feeling that you keep repressing. Once you get used to allowing the feeling to completely overcome you, your mind and body will begin to adjust and recognize that the feeling will not hurt you or kill you, and is not a threat to your body or mind. Your fight or flight response will stop being triggered.

Talk to the person or persons involved in the situations that cause these feelings to occur. Sometimes you can directly do this. I realize it will feel like standing in front of that mountain lion, but it is necessary. It is important to talk to the person with whom you're having a negative interaction with LOVE and in a non-combative manner. If you need any help considering ways of speaking to someone, especially when you sense a confrontation could occur, try learning about non-violent communication steps from this free online source: http://www.wikihow.com/Practice-Nonviolent-Communication. Don't worry about the results of the communication: your only goal should be facing your feelings that you noticed earlier that present themselves as a pattern when communicating with this specific person. The goal is not to stop the problem, or salvage the friendship. The goal is emotional freedom and communication between the two of you. Also, keep in mind that if the communication between the two of you is not peaceful and does not remain peaceful, you should find a calm way to back out of the conversation. Just knowing that you faced the person involved in this pattern of negativity is what will cause your healing, not the actual resolution of the conflict.

If you cannot talk to the person because a) doing so would put you in danger or b) doing so isn't possible due to the person not being available anymore to talk to you, try writing out everything you would say to this person and put it in an email. If it is safe to send to the person and reasonable (meaning you aren't causing the other person risk by doing so) then send an email or put the letter in snail mail. This process is very emotionally freeing and provides a lot of closure in many cases when you'd not otherwise get this closure, especially if the person won't talk to you any longer or is deceased.

Go back to the original feeling you felt when involved with the person causing you to feel negatively. Allow the emotion to overcome you once more. Be very still in your bond and mind, but let your emotions completely take over. Then ask yourself in your mind, "When was the FIRST time I felt this emotion?" Sit still for a few moments and meditate. You will likely then begin to see a very brief memory. It could occur only for a fleeting moment. Grab onto that memory and pull it into your consciousness. This memory will likely either be of you as a child in a certain parental interaction or family interaction, or it will be of you in a relationship. Remember the memory clearly. This isn't easy work. Continue to let your emotions flow properly through your body, mind and spirit.

Now that you have this original memory, ask yourself, "What was I feeling at this point?" The answer will likely be a very negative feeling. That is ok. For example, say the original feeling led back to a memory of your mother yelling at you. Stop, sit in that memory and ask yourself, "What was I feeling during this?" What we are looking for is the ORIGINAL feeling associated with EVERYTHING about this entire pattern you have created in your life. Now that you know how you felt, I want you to begin some creative visualization during your memory. Imagine that the ADULT you is there with yourself as a child or with yourself wherever you were at that stage in your life in this memory. Comfort yourself. Reach over and hug yourself. Have the adult "you" talk to the child "you". For example, if your mother was yelling at you, and that is the original memory. Your inner child says, "I felt unsafe. I feel unsafe. This feels horrible!" Grab the child's hand and hold it tightly. Step down to her at eye level and comfort her. Say to the child "you", "I can see why this hurts. I can see how you would feel unsafe. This is horrible". Validate the child YOU.

Now that you have validated and comforted the CHILD you, recreate this memory. For example, if the original memory was your mother yelling at you, Take the CHILD you by her hand, guide her away, saying, "You're safe now" and take her outside to play. Or you can stage a guided visualized intervention between the CHILD you and your mother. Talk to the mother and say, "Don't you see how you're making her feel? You are the adult. Be compassionate; do not make your child feel unsafe. Realize this and change this now!" What you've essentially done is this: you've traced the negative pattern in your life to a FEELING. Then you traced that FEELING that keeps being reflected back to you in patterns. You've traced this feeling back to a "core belief system". When you originally felt this, you created this "core belief". You believed it and therefore, negativity kept being reflected to you. But by stopping the core belief pattern and recreating it, you are now inviting the positivity in the newly created belief to begin to show itself to you! This is very empowering spiritually and puts you back on track.

Keep looking for PATTERNS in your emotions. Keep asking yourself, "When did I originally feel this way", then validate your inner child, recreate the memory, therefore recreating the core belief into something more positive, which will in time, change your entire life. New patterns will then begin to show themselves in friends, loved ones, bosses, co-workers, your children and pretty much everyone around you. The process I've just explained to you is called "shadow work" or "shadow therapy". It is a widely accepting part of energy work that is taking the world by storm and causing blocks to break worldwide. The Law of Attraction works in all ways, and is there to reflect all sorts of emotions and patterns to us. The more you face your "shadow" or subconscious, the more you'll change and manifest a very positive future.

d) Find your bliss (and then practice it): Finding your bliss means find what will authentically make you connect with the human emotion JOY. When I mean your bliss, I don't mean your ROLE in life, your hobbies, etc. I do not mean for you to respond with: "I'm here to be a mom" or "I'm here to be a teacher" or "I love my job and I have found that it is what I'm meant to do". While that is all well and good, wonderful actually, it is but a RESULT of finding your bliss. For example, if your bliss was a current of electricity, the electric cord it traveled through would be your job, your hobby, your role as a mom or friend. The cord itself is just the path in which your bliss is channeled. Your bliss is the ENERGY that is channeled through that electrical cord. You can determine your bliss with this simple exercise:

Ask yourself, "If money were no object, what would my life look like?" Go ahead and pull out your creative visualization and sit still in your mind. Visualize the house you'd live in, the person you'd be with romantically, your circle of friends, your beautiful and well mannered children, the job you'd like to be doing. Visualize everything you'd like to occur and don't spare one beautiful detail. But then stop for a moment and ask, "How would I FEEL if all of this were the case?" Don't you dare say, "RICH!" either. It has to be an emotional response. Write that feeling down into words. Now go back and think about who you were during the happiest moments of your childhood. If you had a horrible childhood and can't find a happy place, try to find your first truly happy moments as an adult. Either way, try to imagine and remember what you were doing during those moments.

Were you playing doctor with your little sister or playing with your dollhouse with a neighbor? Perhaps in this example, your "bliss" is care taking or healing. Or were you a young, single adult who was dancing to your heart's desire in a club with all of your best friends around, just letting your body move to the music? In this case, perhaps your bliss is body/mind/spirit connection. Were you holding your baby sister and realizing how wonderful it may have felt to take care of another human being? If this is the case, perhaps your bliss is creation. Find the authentic and truest emotion associated with what you love doing best and THAT, my friend is your bliss. Money is just a tool to get you there. It is an important tool, but once you are following your bliss, you also have the capability of manifesting money! Finding your bliss is an important part of manifestation and an even more important part of your emotional well being.

e) Find your core imprint (aka life purpose): In the same way you face your fears by finding your core belief system, then found your bliss, now it is time to find your original core imprint in this lifetime, also called your "life purpose". Allow me to begin by explaining that earth is a place of DUALITY. One cannot have light here on earth without darkness, or vice versa. One cannot experience positivity without experiencing negativity. Once cannot know love without understand an equally opposing emotion. Therefore, if you had agreed via your soul contract to learn "joy" in this lifetime, you would then become a match to being born to parents who probably showed you the OPPOSING emotion to joy. Because that is the way of learning on planet earth. This is the reason the majority of us had difficult childhoods.

In order to find your core imprint, all you have to do is examine the patterns that present themselves negatively in your life. Have you had constant job loss over and over again? Or are you attracting the same type of romantic partners who cheat? Do you attract friends who lie? What is your most COMMON current life pattern that seems to be occurring repeatedly all across the board in your life? Once you identify that pattern, I want you to sit still in your mind once again and pick ONE specific person who is reflecting that negative pattern and situation to you. Pick the interaction that hurts you the most. Replay a specific incident in which that person said or did something to you that hurt you the most and visualize that memory. Allow the emotions that occurred within that pattern to be with you once more, taking you over. It won't be pleasant, but bear with it. You're safe. Once the emotions have completely sat within your mind and body and caused discomfort, ask yourself, "When was the first time I experienced this emotion?"

Now you're going through the SAME process you experienced when finding your core belief pattern as a child or young adult. See where it takes you. See what memory comes up for you and relive it. Now, once you're in that memory, ask yourself how you're feeling. One word should come up. Here is how you find your core imprint (life purpose): take that one word and flip it around. Use your thesaurus if you must to find the antonym of this word. Take that emotion: that one word you came up with and find the OPPOSING word to that. I'll give you a personal example. I experienced a lot of physical and emotional abuse as a child, so when I found my core belief system that had creative most of my negative patterns in my life, I learned that the original core belief I had created was "shock". That was the primary emotion I experienced when my mother was abusive. It shocked me. Take the word, "shock" and meditate on it. Ask yourself, what opposite word really sits well within my soul to the word, "Shock" (replace my word with yours). Whatever word comes to you eventually when you're ready is your life purpose. I am here for AWARENESS. That is my core imprint and life purpose. TO FIND awareness. But then my BLISS is the feeling of pure joy I receive when teaching you.

3) Sustenance for the spiritual body: Finally, we get to the core of all that you've practiced above with your physical and emotional layers of the aura. It's time to balance the spiritual layers of you. We've discussed the role of meditation, facing the subconscious shadow in order to break free of your blocks in your life, finding your purpose and following your bliss, now it's time to figure out how to maintain all you've worked so hard to accomplish. That's all the spiritual body is about: maintaining balance and freedom from blocks. The following are a few methods that help in keeping aligned spiritually:

a) Grounding: Grounding your energy to the earth is a simple practice that helps both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Grounding is like the foundation of your spiritual HOUSE. Without a foundation, the building crumbles to the ground. Here is a simple grounding exercise: when meditating, visualize your inhaled breath as roots coming from the earth and going directly into your body. Imagine that the roots are the color of pure white, and then visualize the energy of the white roots going from your root chakra all the way to your crown chakra at the top of your head. The energy travels through the deeply embedded roots in the ground beneath you into your root chakra and then then exit out of your crown chakra at the top of your head. As you exhale, send the white energy back down through the top of your head and crown chakra, back down through your entire body, eventually allowing the energy to exit your root chakra and anchor back into the ground beneath your body. Grounding is important because it anchors you emotionally. You'll find that all of your thoughts and emotions are thereby safer to both feel AND to express, if you're properly grounded.

b) Cleansing: Cleansing is the second step that is important to do. It's normally done right after grounding while you're meditating, but there are many effective and quick cleansing methods one can do throughout the day that you can use when necessary. After you've completed your white light exercise for grounding, you can continue to use the same pure, white light as your cleansing energy or you may change the color to one that feels better to you, such as green or blue. Green is helpful to use in visualizations when cleansing if you wish for more heart focused energy or emotional healing. Blue is helpful to use during cleansing if you wish to open your throat chakra more and focus on more healing via your verbal expressions. Orange is a helpful color to use for balance in power, if you're feeling that you're out of balance with power in your life, or when you're feeling helpless. It helps you create and take control over what you create in your life.

Pick a color that is comfortable to you, then continue inhaling and exhaling, drawing in the color of your choice and allowing it to freely travel throughout your body and chakra systems. Imagine the color blasting out all negativity or energy blocks. Energy blocks often look brown to me when viewing the aura, therefore, I often will visualize whatever cleansing color I am using blasting out the BROWN in my aura. Once the cleansing color of choice rises through the chakras, I imagine it permeating the brown in my aura and PUSHING it out of my body. When you exhale, go ahead and release ALL of that yucky brown energy right out of your mouth. Then repeat the process over again until you don't see any more brown energy in your aura.

Throughout the day if you encounter situations that present negative reflections your way and cause you to feel dis-empowered, depressed, fearful or angry, you can repeat this cleansing process even for a few seconds with eyes closed and it's very powerful and effective. If you aren't in the place to repeat the process, try carrying a cleansing crystal in your pocket such as quartz. Take it out and hold it in your hand. Crystals naturally and quickly cleanse the aura. If you're home, a quick bath with sea salt is a fast and effective way to cleanse the aura or if you don't have a bath, try a shower with a sea salt scrub. Himalayan sea crystals are most effective, but regular sea salts work fine as well.

c) Protection: There are many methods of protecting one's aura. This is a necessary practice to use especially if you're physically or emotionally feeling ill. Once all spiritual blocks are broken and you've done most of the work listed above, you won't feel the need to use protection methods often. However, they're still useful if you're feeling a bit energetically vulnerable. Here are some effective ways to protect your aura:

When you're in a meditative place, imagine a clear bubble forming completely around your physical body. Visualize all positive emotions as being clear and brilliant colors that are able to permeate the bubble. Visualize anger, fear and depression as being negative emotions that are brown in color and unable to permeate your bubble. Breathe through your bubble, allowing all of the positive, clear and brilliant colors to come in and fill your entire being with warmth, love, joy, peace and bliss. Then as you exhale, imagine the bubble pushing away any dark, ruddy brown colors of negative emotions that you don't want coming in. You can also place medallions of religious value onto different areas of the outside of your bubble. I personally believe in Christ consciousness and Jesus, so I put the symbol of the cross on my protection bubble, but you may use any symbol you wish that you feel protects YOU.

d) Honoring yourself: Now that you've broken negative core belief system patterns, found your bliss, found your core imprint/purpose and kept your physical, emotional and spiritual body protected, now it's time to do a little spiritual maintenance. Are you honoring everything that you've learned about why you're here in the first place? For example, if you discover that your core imprint in life is peace, are you honoring yourself by making certain that your relationships, friendships and places of employment reflect peace back to you? Learn when to say no, when to say yes, when to say nothing, when to do more, when to do less, when to honor YOU. If you're in a religion you don't accept anymore, it's time to change. If you keep saying yes to friends who need you but don't reciprocate, it's time to back up. If you're in a habit of explaining yourself when you need to say no, it's time to stop doing that. Honoring yourself means you live in a state of balance. Here are some ways to keep yourself spiritually balanced by honoring yourself:

a) Relationships that reflect your core imprint back to you: make sure that any relationships you form in your life are healthy ones that are reflecting positive lessons back your way. Married people, people who cannot and will not commit, bosses who disrespect who you are as a person by being unethical: those are prime places to start in terms of what to change in your life.

b) Careers that reflect your core imprint back to you: You also want to make sure that your line of work is the correct conduit for which your bliss can be channeled. If your core imprint is self responsibility, teaching doesn't align with that. If you core imprint is independence, sometimes working in a cubicle 9 hours straight without a lunch break won't align with that. Step forward to look for careers that honor your core imprint and your bliss, then you'll be well on your way towards spiritual enlightenment; and finally, last but not least:

e) Enlightenment is not perfection. You will sometimes still attract negative reflections from people and situations around you. If you get to that point again, rinse, wash and repeat on all of the work listed above until you've found your balance. The most enlightened folks I've had the pleasure of meeting are simple folks. They are people who enjoy meals made from scratch, chopping their own wood and cleaning their own residences. They find meaning in things as simple as washing dishes, cutting the crash or having their hands deep into the earth when planting spring flowers.

Spirituality is not here to confuse us, but to cause the light flicker of fire in our spirits to quietly ignite and enlighten our path while alive on this planet. It is found in the simplest of lessons and reflections. All you have to do is ask for it, and it will be shown to you.

INDIGO: The indigo aura color is another of the more rare colors I've seen. The life purpose and path of indigos here on this earth is to usher in a wave of new, transitional energy so that human beings on earth can get out of their limiting core belief patterns and revolutionize planet Earth. That probably feels like a tall order to fill, but each person with indigo in their primary aura color has their own purpose and piece of a much larger puzzle to fulfill. You are here to open our eyes, get us out of our comfort zones and WAKE US UP. You are like the spiritual bulldozer coming in and plowing down popular views about religion, spirituality, politics, traditions and comfort zones. This is needed because human beings in this era are meant to CHANGE.
You have always felt different from the rest of us, and that is because you are, in a good way. Inside you are gentle, sweet, intuitive, quiet and always profoundly THINKING and pondering. You want to know the meaning of everything. Outside, you may have a boldly expressive exterior where you have been unafraid to express your very unique inner values. Indigos will often be the ones unafraid to try blue or green as a hair color, expressive tattoos and creative piercings in visible places, and could have an independent sense of fashion that is a combination of comfort and artistic flair. You likely are an artist in every sense of the word and you normally like to explore your talent via incessant learning and growth.
You are also more likely to be introverted, shy and/or sometimes intolerant of human ignorance. You respect all life forms and are also likely to be either a vegan or vegetarian. You're not likely to be involved with a traditional religion, but if you are, you're the one quietly changing things about said religion from the background and from the inside out. You're also unlikely to pick a political party, but if you do, you've picked an independent or democratic platform. You're here to change all current world systems and institutions, therefore if you pick a religion you learn all about it, and then create and rally change therein. You are often the black sheep of your family and this can create issue with depression which stems from abandonment at an early age (or rejection) from parents or family. No worries, for eventually, once you find yourself and your path, you get on quite well without feeling as if you have to have a place in any particular human family unit. You will create your own unit or you will do just fine without. The people who are close to you in your life have normally been close a LONG time, as you don't let friends in easily. But once you DO let someone in, you like to let them in for life. You have a bittersweet relationship with humanity. You know human beings are inherently good, but you do not understand why they are selfish and ignorant. You want to help them, but you don't like the constant tug and pull or back and forth of most human relationship interactions. That is because you're still learning what it is to be human yourself. You are who you are and you don't like to hide that (not anymore anyway). People either love you or they will be threatened by every fiber of your entire existence. You're fine with either of those extremes as you do not operate well in comfort zones, not even your own. You are the spiritual bulldozer to the entire human race. The people born with crystal in their auras are there to clean up the wake of change and pave a new and softer path after you. But your life purpose is to tear down systems that no longer work for the human race.
What is your weak suit, you ask? Your weakness is often yourself. You get in your own way because you realize that the way you feel, the manner in which you live, your life as a whole doesn't make sense when compared to the rest of society. Sometimes you feel so abandoned by others that you get caught up in victim mode and end up with many years of battling health problems both physically and emotionally. There are often times when people say things to you that are mean or hurtful and you draw a blank. Then later you think of all of the things you could have and would have said to empower yourself and stop the cycle of people being horrible. Stand up. Empower yourself. Reclaim the power of your own existence and then you will be unstoppable. Say all of the things your soul longs to say and do the things your soul longs to do. Others are watching and you're paving the way for the rest of society to unleash their true potential in the same way. Get out of your own way, you're meant to be a leader: from food to music to parenting and spirituality, you are here to show US how it is done.
Don't worry if people don't understand you. If they do not understand your lifestyle, your religion (or lack thereof), your stance, your ideas. You are revolutionary and they won't get that at first. That's the whole point of you being here in this lifetime: to show the rest of us how to truly be human!
What you provide in any relationship You provide the intensity, the passion, the loyalty, the support, but also you provide the ultimate mirror to what and who a person really is and all they are about. It ultimately takes an immensely strong person to be by your side: someone who is comfortable with who they are and on your same page or someone who is willing to change and grow immensely both intellectually and spiritually.
Warning to other aura colors: Indigos really will rock your world from the inside out. Get ready to grow. Get ready to change. Get ready to get out of your old patterns that aren't working for you and break ground into all that's new and true about life.
A common answer to most questions about the indigo's personal life could be answered by them with, "Because that's what is real." Indigos are primarily just wanting to find themselves and break out of the constructs binding them by society, their parents, their family members and even their friends.They just long for acceptance. Be warned that if you are not going to give that to them, you're of more detriment than benefit to them. Indigos are ushering in the true importance of unconditional love as being the ultimate goal. You may see them as angry, stagnant, shy or depressed. But that is when they aren't operating in their power and haven't broken free from the definitions and boxes others have placed around them. Once they have broken those binds, they are unconditionally loving, soft, vulnerable and beautiful people, inside and out. Unfortunately, because society is so unforgiving of their true nature, it could take them at the minimum, a third of their lives to break from these binds and become themselves.
What you should watch out for in relationships: Mainly, don't bond with anyone who tries to fit you into traditional ways of societal constructs. It just won't work for you. If they aren't on the same page with you in religion, politics (or lack thereof) and lifestyles in general, don't try to have an intimate relationship with them long term: look for others who, like you, are ushering in change in a state of spiritual awareness. Look for other indigos, aquamarines or crystals. Look for someone equally aware and awake.
How you can make your friendships and relationships better: Non-violent methods of COMMUNICATION. Be aware that because you see things so literally, you have a tendency to speak directly with no filter between your brain and mouth. You don't try to cushion your words at all like others do, which could catch others off guard because your communication style is blatant. Soften your words a little. Even though you aren't purposefully violent in your communication style, others can mistake it for this, therefore read up on non-violent communication methods so that you can learn how to cushion your words. Because remember, your ideas that are coming out with your words are often new, unchallenged and hard for others to accept. They are still awakening, so be patient and gentle with their minds and hearts.
Your spiritual lessons:
 1) You can't change everyone and everything all at once. Sometimes it takes baby steps for people to wake up. It could happen all at once, or it could take them YEARS. Be patient. This knowledge you have isn't easy for them to integrate.
 2) Stop hiding. Stop trying to fit in. Love your uniqueness and let that shine to others. You're here to be different and please know that this is OKAY!
 3) Yes, we know, we know, you are never wrong. But sometimes, it could help to back out of debates and disputes if you know that even though you're right, you won't be able to find any positive balance with the person who is wrong (and doesn't accept it). Respect their right to their opinion and know that love is more important.
Who make the best friends or partners for you: Other indigos, because they understand your very difficult life purpose. They challenge you, keep you amused, understand your authentic and unique nature, and will never judge you. Crystals, because they are the opposite of your strong nature. They ground you, calm you down, soften your intensity and make you see the reason for their path in the first place (unconditional love being the ultimate goal, crystals are already there and are the only ones who are currently more spiritually advanced than you). Aquamarines, because they are also highly evolved spiritually but grounded enough to be calming to your fears and tensions. They know how to make you laugh and lighten you up and give you tools to know how to unconditionally love YOURSELF and rise above society's unrelenting callousness.

Who makes the worst friends or partners for you:

Abstract tans, because they aren't grounded enough for you and are too insecure at times, they ruminate a lot about their emotions and you don't have the patience to follow that. Yellows, because they operate on the surface level sometimes and you can't get them to concentrate on more intense issues (yellows prefer only positive subjects). Pinks, because they question you too much and are always telling you ALL about who you are, and browns, because they are too set in their own truths and ways.
Careers best for you:  Spiritualist, because you are here on earth to change everything about the way human beings handle the spiritual side of things, especially religion. You know how to break out of current human paradigms so this would be helpful in teaching manifestation in a new way. Writer, because as you are learning all of these new ways of being/living, it serves a profound purpose to reach a lot of the human race via writing about it. Life Coach/Psychic Advisor/Energy Healer because you can reach, help and heal the masses. Advocate, because people trust you and you know how best to help them fight for what they need most. Your own business of any kind, because you're independent enough to motivate yourself in doing ANYTHING you love. Just make sure it's something rewarding to you. Philanthropy, because with your business smarts and heart, it's a the perfect combination. Doctor, because you're also an intellectual with a memory of an elephant. Combine that with helping people AND the need to change human constructs and this is a CHALLENGE to you. You love a fresh challenge! Librarian, because books are LIFE. Historian, because you'd like the world to know where they are from. Judge, because you're a great judge of character and you are great an offering an unbiased view of things. Nurse, because you are a hard worker and have a great heart or Computer systems analyst, because sometimes you just need a break from humanity for awhile.
Careers worst for you:  the hospitality industry as a whole, because when you're in a certain mood it SHOWS (you can't and won't hide that). You are who you are and don't put on airs just to please customers. Most desk jobs you like to move about and you enjoy fresh air. Entrepreneurs, because you don't like selling things as you find most things to be sold are not beneficial or banker because money is one of the things in our world that needs a major system overhaul.
Health Challenges: depression, bipolar disorder, immune system disorders, fibromyalgia, neuralgias, genetic disorders, heart disorders/conditions, arthritis and muscular disorders/conditions, sensitive GI tract
Health Strengths:strong endocrine system, lower incidence and prevalence of brain tumors, strong levels of physical endurance when exercising, no problems with breathing or lungs, very strong liver and pancreas.
How you can tell you're INDIGO:  Call me and I'll let you know, otherwise, here are some telltale signs:
1) You are a very good judge of character;
2) You aren't happy in comfort zones, not even your own;
3) You spend many years trying too hard to fit in, then finding yourself, and then not caring if you did or not;
4) You're articulate and intelligent;
5) You rarely back down from a good debate or an opportunity to teach someone something;
6) You often are observant and very empathic. You're aware of others' emotions in a way most aren't;
7) You don't talk much, unless spoken to, but once you are spoken to, you're very verbally open;
8) Your answer to most questions is, "It's complicated" or "Where do you wish for me to begin?"
9) Your friends have been in your life since childhood or for at least a decade;
10) Traditions bug you;
11) Spirituality is very important to you;
12) You don't like conventional constructs of society and you long for the world to break free of such systems like religion or politics;
13) You find no need to taper your words or to cushion them for others' comfort;
14) Your handwriting is perfect;
15) Your cooking is, as well.
16) You love animals more than humans most of the time;
17) You have always longed to help out other countries around the world and have a heart for children born into poverty;
18) Your sense of style unusual and somewhat altruistic;
19) You love sleep and cannot get enough/are always tired;
20) You don't mind being alone.

Dwelling is something many of my clients have discussed with me either because they brought it up to me: "Why am I DWELLING so much on him/her/the outcome of things" or because I asked them to stop doing it: "You must not dwell on what the expected outcome of your situation might be". Have you ever heard me say just that to you? Stop dwelling? How do we actually do that and what is the simple explanation of dwelling, anyway?

Dwell (dwĕl)

intr.v. dwelt (dwĕlt) or dwelled, dwell·ing, dwells

1. To live as a resident; reside.

2. To exist in a given place or state: dwell in joy.

3. To fasten one's attention: kept dwelling on what went wrong.

When your spiritual coach or advisor tells you not to "dwell", chances are that she means not to do number three (3). Do not keep dwelling on either the present, the past or the future. Why shouldn't we, you ask? Here are the reasons why:

1) What is dwelling actually doing to keep you actively involved in manifesting an outcome and on relying in your higher power to help you stay in the spiritual guidelines involved in receiving your outcome?

Most of you believe in taking power back in your lives to learn how you can manifest positive future outcomes of your preference. Most of you who do not believe in manifestation via the Law of Attraction (read the book The Secret, if you've never heard of this) strictly believe either in staying within the will of your Higher Power or you may believe in a bit of both. You may believe that the Law of Attraction isn't all there is to it, but neither is pure and simple religious principles/letting God handle things, therefore you do both. Some of you are atheists and probably don't really give a hoot (carry on).

Those of you who have read the book or watched the movie, "The Secret" may have been incredibly disappointed when you realized that getting what you want in your life isn't as clear cut as pasting cut outs from a magazine on a cardboard box and then VOILA, your man is back (or a new man has arrived)! The Law of Attraction is much more complicated from a spiritual advisor's standpoint because we understand that it's just not that simple of a thing to do: there is Divine Will, Free Will and Life Lessons (Karma). It is a combination of all three things that create our future. What the Law of Attraction fails to show most of us is that it only works if what we want in our free will is within the will of the DIVINE (your Higher Power) and if we have also learned the KARMA attached to the outcome.

Therefore, the reason dwelling is not helping you at all in manifesting your desired outcome nor in utilizing the Law of Attraction skillfully and appropriately is because you are ONLY using one part of the law of attraction: your free will. You, within your own mind, have decided for yourself that you deserve, want, desire and more importantly, NEED who/what you want right "now". Many of my clients call me in despondent tears over this part. Then the justifications roll in: "But I can't find anyone else and I can't stop thinking about him. I deserve love and he/she does as well." Those are but a few of what I hear from my clients daily. It's the final breaking point in your will. You're hanging on but realize that you hanging on is not truly working, but you keep doing the only thing you know how: dwelling.

That's not how things work, unfortunately. There is a reason that person, job, new car, etc., is not in your life. The reason could be that you or he/she is not ready for it, it could also be that maybe you have a specific karmic lesson to learn first (one common lesson I see occurring is when one is meant to let another person go before they can have him/her back, hence moving past co-dependence and learning to love oneself). Another stumbling block I see in karma is that one or both people are married or in the divorce process. There are many important reasons that your Higher Power may wish for you to stop what you are doing/feeling long enough to hear what needs to be heard from the Divine side of things, and then to allow your actions to follow via learning, before outcomes can be attained. The hardest stumbling block I see quite often is when your "soulmate" simply isn't the one for you. That's a hard one, right?

Before you continue to dwell, stop one moment. Ask yourself could it just possibly be that you're dwelling because you are GRIEVING?That last part of your ego is holding on because you want a relationship with specific someone who is not in a relationship with you SO BADLY. You want it so much that you are willing to hold onto the final thing you have left, being that the person truly isn't communicating much, if at all, there are no visits, there is nothing left but memories, emotions and what many clients like to call "signs". Signs, by the way, do not mean you are meant to be with someone, the majority of the time (although sometimes it is the case). A sign, is nothing but a reflection of how you are feeling. The Universe is reflecting back to you what you want in your reality because in that other person's reality, they cannot be with you or will not be with you. Signs are comforting, but they are for YOU only. They often do not reflect much about the soulmate in question. Could it be, that you are dwelling because that is all you have left of the soulmate?

2. Another important reason you should not dwell is because not only is it not effective in manifesting what you want, it prevents you from grieving. You may say to me, "But I don't want to grieve someone that is coming back!" The fact that your soulmate is not around right now, or the fact that you lost your job that you had put several years into, is actually a loss. Losses require grieving.There are stages to grief. Allow me to outline them for you:

a. Shock and Denial: You are in shock that you were hurt by someone, that you were fired/laid off, that a friend betrayed you, etc. You don't know how to process this shock from pain from someone/something that was SUPPOSED to be. Human beings are conditioned upon awareness of their comfort zones- this makes us feel SAFE. It is quite shocking to have the rug pulled out from underneath us, so we then go into DENIAL.Dwelling can actually be a part of this denial. Why? Because it is easier to dwell and deny the possible truth that someone/something is not meant to be in our path or is temporary, than to face the pain that follows the shock. In other words, dwelling feels better than what comes thereafter, which is immense pain.

b.Pain and/or Guilt>/b>. You begin to hurt so badly that you feel your heart will internally combust. There is no physical pain worse (except perhaps labor, and not so much because we know labor ENDS). Out of desperation to alleviate ourselves from this stage of grief, the pain, we do what? Once again, we dwell. It is safer. It is more comfortable because it gives us a possibly false sense of security. Maybe the person/job/friend is coming back. Maybe this is all a horrible dream. Maybe he or she is thinking of me as much as I am thinking of him/her. Maybe these "signs" are here to show me what will happen and are telling me to be patient and wait on a more positive future. Are you seeing a pattern here?

c. Anger and Bargaining. After a certain amount of logical time, we begin to realize that there is a distinct possibility that we have been hurt and this hurt could be permanent. He or she may not be coming back. We then become angry. We think about all of the time we invested in this person or situation/job. We may feel hurt or used, or even betrayed. However, after this, we STILL would rather not accept the possible truth that the pain is permanent and that this shocking event did indeed occur. So what do we do? We bargain. We pray and plead with our Higher Power. We will do ANYTHING to get that person/job back. We go to therapy, we buy self help books, we plead with our spiritual advisors or life coaches for ways to find peace or closure but secretly, what do we want? Nothing but the safety and security of the love, friendship, etc. that we had before. Therefore, the anger and the bargaining aren't helping (or so we think in the moment), so what do we again do? We dwell. Once again, we return to the safety blanket and suck our thumbs stagnantly in the corner while we remember good memories and smile while we wonder if it could possibly be that all is not lost.

d.Depression, reflection, loneliness. Nothing has helped. The praying, the pleading, the dwelling. We then begin to compare our lives to the lives of others. Why do they have their soulmates? Why are THEY happily married but we got left/hurt? Why do they have a good job? Why are their kids still alive? The list goes on and on and it's easy to do. The reflection on the good times are sometimes still there, but mostly we are now reflecting on what we did wrong in our lives to deserve this agony. We begin to think this is indeed a permanent loss. The loneliness sets in because everyone else seems happy. No one is going through what we are going through. No one could possibly understand. But still, in times that we don't tell our friends, therapists, church clergy or spiritual advisors/coaches, what are we still doing? We are indeed dwelling. Not on the possible outcome so much anymore, but now on our pain. On the sadness.

e. What are the final stages of grief? That my friends, is up to you. Some say it's an "upward turn". Something specific happens that redirects your attention to healthier endeavors. Perhaps a new soulmate arrives who treats you well and is promising, or a new job randomly appears out of the blue, a new friend comes into your life that is funny and uplifting. I would be entirely dishonest with you, however, if I told you that happened as the happy ending in the majority of clients with whom I work. The harder truth is that it is often NOT an upward turn of events that pull people out of the final stages of grief. It is, instead, an upward turn of the HEART. An upwards turn of the THOUGHTS in one's mind, and hence, the energy of this person that is projected back into the Universe. The person begins to understand and accept that the pain that occurred happened for reasons and they begin to seek out those reasons. They seek answers, and they receive those answers. And then, they do not dwell, but they accept those answers.

Now that we have a more clear understand of what dwelling is and why we shouldn't do it, let's talk about how we can find ways to not dwell:

1. Texting/calling/emailing/voicemailing: Just don't. If the dwelling is regarding a breakup of a friendship or romantic partner,it is important to take the person who broke up with you at face value. Why? To do anything but this would be to disrespect who they are as a human being. If you told someone once that you didn't want the relationship anymore, wouldn't you want them to believe that you meant it? Wouldn't you want people to give you the space, time and trust to believe you meant it? Even if you didn't mean it permanently and you just need some space, wouldn't you expect that person to give you that space by not texting, calling or emailing?

Even if your partner or friend just dropped off the face of the planet, don't try to justify your texts, emails and calls to them by saying, "But they owe me an explanation.They could be dead, sick or dying!" While it is respectful of them to give you an explanation, it would be a gift, not a requirement. Sadly enough, some people aren't emotionally mature enough to know how to ask for space or breakup with you. Therefore, do not do the work for them. Give them that space and time, whether it ends up being temporary space or permanent. Give YOURSELF the gift of closure by allowing your heart to move on. In other words, if they didn't tell you whether it's permanent, pretend like it is. Why? Because no one deserve the pain and agony of living in limbo.

Many of you might respond, "But if I let go of him/her, then I will never give him/her another chance if he/she returns. I know this". Do you? Do you know how your Higher Power will impress upon your heart in the future? In other words, are you omniscient like God is? Be willing to let go and let God.

A new client of mine recently told me, "This may sound crazy, but to curb the impulse to reach out, I actually put a tiny post it on my phone that says 'DO NOT TEXT!' It works!"

2. Be innovative and creative. Use this time to find YOU. Do all of those things you wanted to do but didn't have time when raising your children, or while in college. Here are some golden words from the same beautiful client I mentioned above. "Pursue goals, be creative. At 52, I am finally going to record one of my songs. And I am taking a Japanese course to further my skills. Taking the focus off him and putting it on me is actually key." Court yourself. Sounds corny, right? However, how can either your current or a new soulmate love you if you've lost yourself? Use this time to take YOURSELF out to eat at a fancy restaurant or see the latest movie you're curious about.

3. Get out of your comfort zone. The strange truth that I've learned via helping you fabulous ladies and gentlemen these past 13 years is that there are REASONS why your relationships aren't working. Reflection via prayer, meditation, self exploration, etc. is important. However, the statement from Susan Powter, the spikey-haired exercise lady who made us all stop and wonder, has a ring of truth to it. If something isn't working in our lives, why are we doing it over and over again? That's insane! If you keep going back to exes, stop. If you are stuck on the same soulmate and he is not with you, stop. Reflect upon what isn't working, and change it. Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to stop the insanity. Get on a dating site, or join a meet and greet type of group. Go to dance classes. Run a marathon. Take a martial arts class. You'd be surprised what wonderful things happen when you stop saying, "I can't do that. That's not the way I operate". Because ladies, unless the pizza man or the UPS man becomes the way you "operate" you won't meet any men by going to work and then coming home to sulk.

4. Get your brain wrapped around new ideas. Here is another quote from my client, C: "I am not ready to date yet, but just introducing the idea to my brain has worked wonders on helping me to disconnect from my soulmate. Anyone can set up a profile on match.com and "search for free" without actually subscribing. I have already chosen four "Favorites" - a couple of whom I may actually pursue on the near future, which even entertaining the notion of is a HUGE step in progress for me." She has a good point. Before you actually say, "Ok I'm ready to date", try just praying or meditating about it. ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE is not just a biblical concept. It is the law of energy that makes this world go round. Try asking your Higher Power/The Universe for love in your life/a new job with better hours or more pay/better friends. If you ask, generally, you are not attaching a NAME to your question to God. You are thereby showing a huge amount of trust in your Higher Power to give you the love, the friend or the job that is actually right for YOU, instead of choosing it yourself. Do you realizing how FREEING this feels when you do it? I urge you to give it a try today. Getting on a dating site, joining a meetup group, applying for new jobs, going to a mommy playgroup to find a new friend, etc-- all of that is affirming the prayer you just prayed. It is a way of showing action, as well. "Faith without works is dead". This is a Universal concept, not just a biblical one. Give it a try!

5.Creative visualization is a wonderful technique to try.Your emotions become your thoughts. Your thoughts end up causing emotions that are reflected back at you from the Universe. Try to visualize what you want in your life. Practice this in meditation as often as possible. Shakti Gawain wrote a very powerful guide in her book, "Creative Visualization". Here are more thoughts from my client C about this: "Okay, this one might be a little too woo-woo/out there for most of your clientele, but it was amazingly effective for me! Sometimes things come to me visually, and as I was lying in the bathtub with my eyes closed, asking for help with my "separation" process, I vividly envisioned my heart, with two openings. One for receiving, the other for giving. I saw my giving side, and I pictured all of the light, love, support, time, energy and attention I have given this man without reciprocity - literally golden, radiant light streaming from this opening towards him - and I then saw the clear image of a plug, like a round, rubber sink drain stopper - and in my mind's eye I placed it over this opening, and I actually felt the flow of all those wonderful aforementioned things ceasing to reach him, and flowing back into my own being, for myself. It was an instantaneous change and has lasted!"

6. The tried and true "benefits vs. detriments" list.Once you see in writing the truth of how your life has been and what/who you are dwelling over and WHY, it's an instant reality check. It won't be easy to do while being absolutely honest with yourself. Don't put things under the benefits column, for example, that don't belong there anymore if you're currently not speaking or if you are broken up. Don't put "possible growth opportunity" under the benefits options in your stressful, brain-sucking job if you truly don't know whether or not there will indeed be an opportunity. This list is an option only once you are ready for balls to the wall, no holds barred honesty with yourself. Here is how it worked out for my client C: "Sometimes seeing things in writing really clarifies things. I made two columns, and listed the benefits vs. the detriments of having had this man in my life. Quite eye-opening to see which side accrues more!"

Dwelling is not an easy habit to stop. But once you recognize it for the habit it is, how time consuming and emotionally draining it is, you will be happy you stopped. I'm here as your advisor to help you stop. No lectures. Just love oriented, honest help. One final thought is to consider the first part of the definition of "dwelling", listed above. It says that dwelling is "to live as a resident". Therefore, the actual truth of what you are doing is that you are living a resident inside of your own emotion. Dwelling. You are a prisoner to it. Break free!


My title may have been less revealing for those of you who aren't Harry Potter fans. In the game "quiddich", in the Harry Potty books and movies, the "snitch" is the ever so lively, elusive, animated ball that the characters chase around. It has wings and flies around in attempts to avoid being captured by the team players in the game. Sometimes, even when it is caught for a few seconds, it can wiggle its way out of a player's hands and end up on the fly, again.

If you've ever seen even just one Harry Potter movie, by the time they caught that tiny, annoying thing you wanted to squash it into a zillion pieces, right? Many of you remember the popular theme to quiddich, "Get the snitch or die trying!" That's how closure feels- as if you don't find it, you will most certainly die (or perhaps your heart will) in the long, drawn out, ridiculously painful attempt thereof.

After 13 years of observing clients who are chasing after that elusive monster, "closure", I'd like to share my take on why I think you don't have closure (yet), followed by some suggestions on how to find the Loch Ness Monster:

You do not have closure because (and this is the biggest reason) because you still consider him/her an option. I am here as your coach/advisor, every step of the way to help you in your journey to find your own closure. However, if you're still allowing your heart to control your mind, body and future, because you choose to continue to wait, to continue to have hopes, to continue to be in love with him/her, then closure becomes even more elusive. Why? Because you don't want it. Here are some ways to help yourself with closure:

1) Stop the excuses. Which means first and foremost, to identify that the phrases of comfort you have been using to pacify yourself (and in some cases to stay more sane) are actually just that- excuses to prevent your closure. Here are a few of the most common excuses I hear daily:

"I can't make myself stop loving him/her." That would be dishonest and untrue to myself. (REALLY, because staying in love with a person who has given you no option but to fall OUT of love with said person is healthy and true to yourself?) Crack isn't healthy. As a matter of fact, once you've tried it, you're so addicted to it, that it's hard to stop using it. When you say this to me, you may as well have said to me, "I'm smoking the soulmate crack pipe" because you're not only still loving someone who cannot be with you, you're also addicted.

Married loved ones, loved ones pursuing another person, whether it be casually or seriously, are giving you a sign. A big, flashing, neon sign that says, "I cannot be with you". It is important to identify the reasons you feel they cannot be with you and to either take it personally or not. Some loved ones cannot be with you because they can't be with anyone seriously. One of my dear clients recently exclaimed to me, "Well that just can't be so, because he was in a relationship for 13 years prior to me!" Exactly! He was in an unhealthy relationship for 13 years and now that he's out, he's ready to hit the road to becoming a player- perhaps for good!

Perhaps he won't be a player permanently. But in his mind, he feels he feels he deserves to play the field, date casually, or even to not date at all. He feels he is owed this no matter his feelings for you and the depth of those feelings. You could have come along at a time when he felt that way and perhaps for a moment in time that was brief, he began to feel as if he could or should change his goals and commit. Perhaps you began to feel as if you could change a man who was initially only a casual interest (and believe me he made that point clear, whether you saw/heard it or not, either in his words or actions), which leads me to my second point:

"But he has such good potential/my love can heal him/I was put in his life to help him grow/change/heal." STOP TRYING TO HEAL, CHANGE or BETTER HIS LIFE with your love. Yes, your love is amazing. Yes, you deserve love. Yes, he deserves love. Yes, he has a good heart and good "potential". But this situation has little to do with whether or not he is a "soulmate", whether or not you think you can help him/heal him/or be healed by him, etc.

It is not HIS responsibility to want to grow, change, heal or be healed, or to live up to his or your potential. Do not assume that people share the same responsibilities or goals that you have in your own life. The plain and unfortunately very hurtful fact of the matter is that you have been hurt by this person, probably more than once, by his actions. His actions are showing you loud and clear that he does not want any of these things. He does not want to be healed, to help you heal, to "see where it goes", or to meet his potential.

"But his energy is still around me. It won't let me go. He needs to control his energy!" Pull yourself back into the day to day world for a moment, the world you lived in before you even knew what energy was and listen to me for a moment, with your logical ears, not your intuitive ones-- DO YOU REALIZE HOW CRAZY that sounds? Ok, now we talk. I need to tell you something that will be even harder to hear than that, but from a spiritual standpoint.

Having been able to see energy/auras since age five, (and I really hate to tell you this) about 80 percent of my clients who tell me this have my heart in such a massive way. My hugs go out to you. Why? Because among 80 percent of you who say this, it isn't HIS energy that is crying to you. It's yours. All of that depression, all of that heartbreak, all of those dreams, all of that "soulmatey feeling"? It's coming from you.

Stop right where you are. Feel it. Let it sink in. Cry. Scream into your pillow (or from your porch if it suits you). But know it's truth. YOUR soul is crying to YOU. It is crying to YOU to wake up. It is telling you that you are mourning that person's characteristics because you saw something in him/her that you want in a person. It is telling you to get over this person so that you don't spend the next several years getting over him/her, thereby blocking your energy for the entrance of new soulmates into your lives.

80 percent of those long, sleepless nights your spent crying over him and assuming he was doing the same for you? He wasn't. He may have regretted hurting you, but also felt a sense of relief letting you go- knowing he wasn't right for you and knowing you weren't right for him. Knowing you are a good person but that he simply doesn't want a relationship in general at this time. I know this one is hitting you hard. Feel free to close my blog now, block me, leave me bad feedback on my website, etc.

7 years later when he's still not back and you are ready for truth, unblock me, pull this blog back up, ask for some free minutes towards a session, and let's get your life started again- with eyes wide open.

"But he has to be the one, because I've tried dating and I'm attracted to NO ONE ELSE. NO ONE compares to him!" This is going to feel about as good as ripping off a bandage that has been attached for 7 long years. But the truth of the matter is, from what I've observed in 13 years of intuitive coaching is that others have probably come to you that are as good as, if not better for you, than Mr. Wonderful. The problem is, you've been stuck on Mr. Wonderful-Who-Isn't-With-You-Anymore for so darned long, that the only energetic print you KNOW is his.

In other words, you wouldn't know love if it walked right up to you, say "Hello!" and smiled at you the way the way Jack from Titanic looked at Kate. She just knew. Why did she (and the heroine from The Notebook) know? Because their hearts were ready. They were open to love and ready. They weren't pinning away for some other soulmate who was married, was "casually" dating other, who were "just friends" with them and didn't want more, who once loved them and broke up with them, or whatever the circumstances happen to be that apply to you.

Also, even if you think you're ready, being in love with someone else while looking for new love is kinda like walking into a dating group with a red, neon sign attached to your forehead that has your heartbreak's name on it. Guys see you, but they do not think you're available. It's just a vibe or feeling that you give off to them as either uninterested, bored or taken.

"I've been wanting closure but it has not been given to me! It has to come from him/her and that meanie won't give it to me (how unfair)!" Closure is normally not a gift that is given from another person, but a gift that YOU love yourself enough to give to YOU. I repeat, it rarely will come from your soulmate. Do you really think that if you had the chance to talk to him/her- to sit down and ask him why he hurt you, that he/she would be fluent, willing or even emotionally capable to give it to you in a way that made sense?

Most of the time, the reasons for the issues are emotional immaturity, lack of communication or problems too deep for either of you to understand about yourselves or each other (the type of problems that require psychiatry). Do you think having a sit down about it, would reveal anything? He/she would hem and haw, probably tell you they don't know, or they would give you the surface reason that they believe is the problem, but that both of you know (or at least feel) is not the deeper issue.

Do you think that you finding out that he/she fell out of love with you, loved someone else more, or felt that your butt was too big, would really help you get closure? You are going to say in response to him/her, "Why? Why did you fall out of love with me? Why did you love someone else more? Why was I not good enough? My butt is a size 6, why is that not good enough?" (or whatever the case is). Then your soulmate is gonna reply, "I don't know." Would that give you closure?

Take responsibility for yourself. Do the emotional work needed and required and give that closure to yourself.

"I can't move on because no one else is coming into my life. I know so many other people who got out of relationships and are now happily with someone, and I am not. If someone would just come and make me happy, I would get closure and move on!"

Ok- once again, step outside of the spiritual realm for a moment. Come down from the clouds and take a peek at yourself from the logical standpoint. You have MORE POWER than this. The Universe, the angels, Heavenly Father/Mother or whoever you believe has give you, their precious child, much more power than this. Do you not believe that you cannot be happy without a man or woman in your life? You can! There are many single moms and dads, single people who are happy and empowered and not even looking for a soulmate, out there today.

They are either choosing this lifestyle choice or they are learning to be happy without a man or woman to fulfill their lives, before they begin their search. A partner/spouse is an addition to your life. He or she is not given to you to complete your world. I often get the statement, "But I shouldn't have to be single!" in response to me asking clients to become empowered alone. If you carry that statement over into your lives to the extent which you never become happy alone, the only people you will attract are people who are broken, unhealed and possibly will hurt you, or you will remain alone. What/who you are is what/who you attract.

Also, you are not omniscient. You do not have an insider's view into other people's lives, especially not into married or committed people's lives. What you see on the surface is not always what is behind the curtains. It's very hard to carry over bricks from a house you built with an ex and build a new house with a new spouse. You carry over all of the problems you didn't take care of and the lessons you didn't take the time to learn, and it could quite possible deter your progress with the new partner. Emotional baggage could, quite possibly RUIN a new relationship, especially without the help of prayers and meditations and the help of your Higher Power, The Universe, Heavenly Father/Mother.

"I want closure, but I can't have it because he/she owes me money and/or we have legal/financial ties." It's just money. Repeat after me, "IT IS JUST PAPER". Do you not have enough faith in yourself, your Higher Power, et al to help you emotionally and financially to be ok? One of my clients recently responded, "But it is ruining my credit and that is not fair!" My response is, "You're right, it's not fair. Now...how long are you going to pout about it, before you let it go?" If it is your credit you're worried about, take responsibility and hire an attorney to recover your credit report. It will take time, but you must take responsibility for this instead of wasting years of your life in hopes of getting blood from a turnip. Chances are the soulmate who owes you money/ruined your credit report, stole from you, etc. is never going to repay you. EVER. I know. Let it sink in. Take a moment to breathe.

If you've come back down to reality, now hear me out. Do your research. There are many ways to reclaim your own power in this, and there are also many ways after you've done so to hand over this problem to your Higher Power/The Universe/Heavenly Father or Mother. Hire a law group to reconcile your debts by helping fix your credit report. Set up payments with whoever you owe and responsibly pay for it, even if it means getting two jobs or working extra hours. It is but for a time.

That time will be such a short amount of time compared to the amount of blood, sweat, tears and YEARS it would take to get that blood from your turnip (the ex-soulmate). If you own property together, get an attorney. Sort it out. If it cannot be sorted out, let it go! I repeat, LET...IT...GO. No amount of property or money is worth your heartache because you can't take it with you, folks. No matter your beliefs on what happens in the after world, we all know that you cannot take it with you.

2) Another helpful way to receive closure is to practically free yourself from your soulmate. What I mean by this is to cut all logical ties. If you are married or separated, for goodness sake, GET A DIVORCE. No excuses. Because again, how can new love find you if you're logically and perhaps morally still bound to someone else? If you broke up with your ex or if you were broke up with, and their "stuff" is still at your home, contact them. Give your ex an ethical and reasonable amount of time to come get their things. Let them know what your plans will be if they do not do so. Those plans could include but aren't limited to, dropping their stuff off at a friend's house, at their mom's house, mailing it to them, or in a worst case scenario, putting it out for trash pickup or sent to Good Will.

The reason for this is because anytime you see their things lying around, their pictures on the wall, the bed the two of you used to sleep in, all it does is emotionally tie your heart into knots. Don't do that to yourself. This suggestion is not contingent upon how you feel, if you think he/she will return, etc. If there has been a practically reasonable amount of time since your ex has been in your life, please dump his belongings, give them to Good Will, his family/friends, etc. If you lived together and owned things together as a couple, some of those things will need to go, depending upon how they affect you emotionally.

Here are but a few of the things that may need to be tossed if you lived together as a couple: pictures of the two of you (even if you just get them out of sight and off the walls, off the bedside table, this would help), personal items you shared (clothes, favorite cds), your joint facebook (at least label yourself as SINGLE and change the name on it to ONLY your name please), "the" bed (as in, you know, the one you used "together") and cell phone, internet or other abstract "plans". Get your own cell phone plans, insurance plans, health insurance, etc.

This will not only make you more independent, but it sends a message loud and clear to The Universe/Higher Power/Heavenly Father and Mother that you are ok with having the right soulmate come your way. You are now open to it. Even if you're not "ok" with it, you're now "open" to at least considering love that doesn't come with his/her name attached. It means you are now ready to consider that he/she may not be your soulmate anymore and that you're open to other forms of love that might be better for you; it also means you are ready to heal and to be happy!

Many people hold onto these tangible or abstract items because they are not ready to admit that he/she is not coming back, they might not be ready for new love, or they could even have a fear of the public knowing that they're going through a breakup. If it's the latter, have no fear. You will be supported through your pain the moment you show to your Higher Power that you are indeed hurting and that you are willing to accept support.

3) Stop all addictions. It's not healthy. Pss..your soulmate is one of your addictions. When I ask you to stop all addictions, I mean all of them. If you smoke you're probably lighting up more than Cheech and Chong right now. If you like to eat your feelings, you're probably feeling like one stuffed turkey.

Heaven help you if the addiction is pills, crack or alcohol because at this point, you're going to need rehab therapy and a significant amount thereof, not a 72 hour hold and then 3 days to sober up. Find an addiction center who specializes in longer term rehabilitation and schedule yourself a spot. If you have children, have your relatives watch them while you do this- it's important!

Finally, please realize that you have become addicted to your soulmate. If you consult with life coaches or intuitives, our help can becomes a crutch and an addiction to you as well. Therefore, limit your time that you speak to us to a very small amount that fits into your financial budget. I suggest once a week, and if you find yourself absolutely feeling the NEED to talk to us, cut back to even lesser of a time.

You must realize that your soulmate has become unhealthy for you and that you are addicted to the "outcome" of the situation and addicted to the need to KNOW what will happen and how YOU can control this outcome. Give up this need for control to your Higher Power. Do your spiritual work in this. Pray and follow suggestions you trust (not just the ones here) for your journey towards closure.

4) Except responsibility for your own emotions. Do not continue believing that you are somehow spiritually picking up on your ex's emotions because you are/were soulmates. Even if this is the case (and especially if it isn't), you aren't doing yourself any favors here. If you are "picking up on a soulmate's energy/thoughts" of you and if it is hindering you, you must clip the cord, fast!

The way to do this is to get into some therapy, get into Church in the religion you believe in, get into a support group online or offline, open up the problem to your web of support. If you do not have a web of support, create one. This web normally includes, family, friends, support groups online and off, a therapist, a psychiatrist, a clergy member or bishop, other church members or perhaps an online venting group (yes, there are such things!).

Another way to find support is to create a blog so that you can write. The blog could be private or open to public comments. If it's more public, you can accept and receive support from viewers and commenters.

Don't fall into the belief system that (if you believe a soulmate's energy is hindering yours) that you must perform energy work or prayers for them in order for YOU to be released. While this helps, what helps even more is when you follow the above mentioned advice. Closure is an arduous process.

It's work. It's months to years of work. There is no magic wand. When you pray or meditate, and before you bring these prayers to your Higher Power, make sure you are aware that in every belief system, "faith without works is dead". This means that you will not receive assistance from The Divine without doing your part.

But let's discuss this for a moment. Here are some ways that readings can be inaccurate:

1) Testing the psychic. Many clients aren't aware of this but when you ask questions to which you already know the answers, you shut down a large portion of your energy. This blocks me from reading you at all. Therefore I'm left grasping at straws. Not only this, but it insults me and pisses me right off, which blocks more energy from coming in. I'm a professional psychic, not a circus animal. I'm not here to jump through hoops simply because you don't believe in psychics.

2) Distractions (on your end). I rarely get distracted on my end, but if you are calling while you have children in the background that are actually speaking with you, I pick up on that. I pick up on the energy of whoever is around me and whoever is around you, especially if they interrupt our conversations by speaking with you. With this in mind, I'd like to let it be known that I don't mind children "in the background". Mine sometimes are as well (quietly). I can tune that out. What concerns me is when your children or spouse interrupt by asking you a question.

3) Free Will. Every prediction has a certain percentage of free will, Divine will and karma. Depending on the amount of free will you or another person has on the path, inaccuracies may occur. The things that cause inaccuracies are generally when there are a variety of choices involved and I'm asked to choose which choice the person will make. I'm also inaccurate sometimes with predicting the sex of babies, lottery numbers and other related questions. My strengths include health, personalities, general yes or no predictions, love and relationship predictions, job interview decisions and much more.

4) Not reading my profile. If you're one of those "call before you click" clients, you're in for a surprise. It's ALWAYS a good idea to read a psychic's profile or website BEFORE contacting for a variety of reasons. Psychic gifts aren't generic. They are specific and the talents of psychics vary. If you notice on my website, I don't like to give time frames. I do it anyway for clients with whom I've developed a strong connection, but I'm still only accurate about 75 percent of the time with time frames. Many psychics on keen, if honest with you, will admit their weaknesses.

5) Calling when you're too upset. Because aura reading is a clairvoyant AND empathic gift, this means I connect with your FEELINGS and the feelings of those around you. If you call me when you're angry, you project that anger onto ME. It distracts me from picking up on the feelings of your significant other, and sometimes, it's downright scary (when you call me cursing, yelling and generally acting like a menopausal psychopath).

6) Not telling me the truth. If you embellish ANYTHING about the information or questions you give to me, this throws me off majorly. Especially if you lie about your name or the name of the person involved. Not only will you not get accuracy, but I can tell I'm being lied to and this causes me to feel insulted and frustrated, which puts further blocks into the reading.

7) Sometimes, just because the path changed. I'm human. Not perfect. Sometimes, for reasons that are unexplained, the path simply changes.

8) When you project or force answers upon me. If you refuse to hear anything that may be possibly negative, and you're focusing on a positive outcome only, you may be setting yourself up for failure. You must be open to all outcomes that psychics give you and at least listen to what Spirit has to say. Sometimes, a soul mate, friend, boss or job simply isn't right for you and you have to trust the logical ACTIONS that are being shown (or in most cases, are not being shown). If you project your own emotions into your intuition, it will sway your path for sure!

9) Head games. Riling up the psychic by playing emotional games or head games with her is like riling up a toddler right before bedtime. If you want good results, ya don't do it! Those of you who do this with psychics know what I mean. I have a regular client who plays head games with me regularly. She'll call and say, "You predicted he would call me last month on this date and it didn't happen", knowing good and well I did not make such a prediction. Don't do that, folks, it wastes your time and money because then in my head, I'll sit there and go back in my mind to see if I said that and when I realize I didn't, I'll be angry that you lied and then confused that you lied and in the back of my head during the reading, I'll be thinking, "Why is she lying to me and playing games?" instead of focusing on your questions. Don't set yourself up for failure.

10) Arguing with the psychic. I'm not going to change my prediction because you disagree with it or think you know it's not true based upon your emotions. However, if you presents FACTS to show me I'm wrong, I'll review the question and sense into it a second time. If you think a psychic is inaccurate or not connecting, don't waste your time. Hang up!


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Confession- Do Psychics Take Notes?

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Confessions, Ethics of Psychics

This question has been asked many times over: “Do you guys take notes about our readings so that you can remember what you predicted?” Some clients view this as an obvious thing for us to do as we have so many clients. Others view this is an ethics issue, because if we referred to our notes of what we said to them during prior readings, we’d be more apt to stick to what we originally stated insofar as predictions, as to not look the fool if we forget what we predicted.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Most of us DO actually take notes to a small degree. The things we take notes on are actually not what we predicted but the statistics of your lives. For example, the first names of you and your loved ones or anyone mentioned in readings, when you got married, when you divorced, and when major milestones in your lives occurred. The reason we do this is because we speak to anywhere from ten through hundreds of existing and new clients a month. We’re bound to forget simple things along the way.

The reason why we do NOT take notes on predictions is for one simple reason: it blocks the flow. If every time you called, we referred back to our notes and noticed what we predicted the last time you had a reading with us, there would be an issue. The issue with this would be that we’d be too busy logically focusing on what we said before that we’d be energetically blocked to any potential changes in your path.

There…now you know!

Have you ever found yourself confused during or after a psychic reading? Figuring out what your psychic advisor means should not be like trying to unravel the DaVinci Code. I’ve created a simple guide to ease the frustration and help with interpreting your psychic reading.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Psychic Reading Interpretation

1. When your psychic says, “Here is your timeframe on this prediction.”

DO interpret this to mean that the numbers provided are merely a window of opportunity for when it is POSSIBLE for your prediction to occur.

DO NOT think that said numerical timeframe is set in stone. No psychic can be 100 percent accurate with timeframes. Even those who specialize in timeframes don’t get it right all of the time, if they’re being honest with themselves and you.

2. When your psychic says, “Hmmm things aren’t looking good..”

DO interpret this to mean that your psychic is showing you a glimpse of your future based upon your path at the present moment. In other words this is her gentle warning that if something doesn’t change soon, you’re not going to like the outcome of the future regarding the question you asked. Hint: this is your cue to ask the psychic if there is anything you can do to change what she is predicting.

DO NOT interpret this to mean your psychic is trying to bring you down, be unhelpful or simply is a negative person and therefore projecting a negative outcome. Do not assume that the psychic is trying to be disagreeable, either.

We want nothing more as advisors than to help you in the most positive way possible, so that you can be happy not only with our readings but in your life. There is nothing worse than knowing we need to share negative information with you and hoping you won’t become upset by this. We spend hours of training learning how to spread bad news without breaking your heart.

Being psychic is not only about giving you insight into your future, but also about being diplomatic and compassionate. If an advisor you have hired ever makes you feel badly about yourself intentionally, you need to find another advisor, pronto!

3. When your psychic says, “That’s not really relative at this point” in regards to a question you ask about the present or future.

DO ask the psychic why she feels that the answer to the question is not relative. Normally when a psychic says this, she has intuitively come to the conclusion that you are not emotionally prepared to hear a difficult outcome in relation to something you have asked about in your life. IF you are ready, go ahead and ask her why she has intuited this response. But normally it means, “I don’t think you’re ready to hear that something isn’t going to end up well, so I’m letting you come to the conclusion yourself and in your own timing for the sake of your emotional well being”.

DO NOT assume that the psychic is withholding information out of spite or for any negative reason. It’s always because either your guides or her empathic/clairvoyant reasoning has led her to this place. Remember, we’re on YOUR TEAM. Other than answering questions about “who’s the daddy” there is no other more difficult or frustrating part of our jobs.

4. When your psychic says, “He/she is not coming back.”

DO take this to mean, “He/she is never coming back.” At this point, it doesn’t matter if the person you asked about has convinced you they will come back, if YOU are convinced they are coming back, or if you had a vision from Jesus himself. The psychic is convinced it won’t happen. If you disagree, take the information with a grain of salt. However, keep in mind that you paid someone to tell you the truth. Don’t shoot the messenger. Take some time to pray or meditate and then listen to your own voice of REASON. In other words, if you haven’t talked to the person in a long time, if he or she is dating another person, etc, listen to your logic.

DO NOT take this to mean your psychic is trying to hurt your feelings in any way, shape or form. Do not take this to mean that the psychic is “inaccurate” if you disagree. Be open minded. Ask yourself if anything else the psychic said to you was accurate (and not just in your opinion or hers but via the facts). There are many of my clients who aren’t told what they wish to hear. However, the truth prevails in the end. If your psychic is honest with you, you will keep that in mind in the future if the difficult thing she said turned out to be true.

5. When your psychic says, “The answer is up to you”.

DO interpret this to mean that the answer to that question depends upon many factors that are contingent upon your own actions. If you want to, ask the psychic to elaborate and she will lay out a clear picture of the many ways the path could go, and her vision of the outcome.

DO NOT assume the psychic is being vague intentionally. It’s a very difficult thing for us to explain when we are seeing many forks in the path of your life but that it is changeable depending on what you do or say. Interject. Be a participating party in the reading that you paid for. Ask the psychic what the outcome would be in each set of circumstances involving your projected path. The power to manifest your own future is a very empowering tool.

6. When your psychic says, “His hair is brown” or “his eyes are blue” or some other very definitive and clear statement.

DO interpret this to mean exactly as it sounds. She saw a vision of someone with brown hair and blue eyes. There are simply no other reasonable explanations, and anyone who tells you that is a metaphor is full of crap.

DO NOT listen to any other explanation of a very clear prediction. If the prediction changes significantly later and the psychic says something very different and then backs up her story, you can consider yourself scammed. It’s one thing to have a different outcome happen based upon some other reason or the psychic had an off day (yes we all have them). But it’s quite another thing for the psychic to change her story to back up her failed prediction, aka “I meant that the man had hazel eyes or maybe it was green, I didn’t get a clear view.” If a Psychic makes a clear prediction and then changes the very clear details thereof, it means they suck. No questions asked.

7. When your psychic says, “You need to stop calling so many psychics!”

DO try to understand that we have your best interests at heart. As with anything else in life, calling psychics should be done in moderation if you have certain circumstances (poor financial situations, an obsession with someone who isn’t currently in your life or if you’re addicted to calling psychics because you’re afraid of making your own decisions). The psychic could be sensing your financial problems and wanting to help you by saving your pocketbook. The psychic could also know that calling so often about subjects that don’t help you emotionally could be bad for your mental mindset. Also, calling too often to calling too many psychics energetically puts you in a bad position. You open up a large portion of the electromagnetic energy field surrounding your body each and every time you engage in any energy exchanges with people, but especially during a psychic reading. If you do this constantly, yet you’re not cleansing your aura/energy field often, you are putting yourself in a very mentally and physically draining position.

DO NOT assume we’re getting into your business? Why? Because we’re already in it, and chances are that even if you haven’t told us, we already know. Also, we don’t like being responsible for your finances when that’s your job. We answer calls from clients all day who are in foreclosure, in bankruptcy and who are even homeless. We have families to support just like you, so we do understand financial concerns. However, if you refuse to stop calling when we’ve let you know that we’re concerned about your financial future, we don’t like to be held responsible for doing our jobs, which is ultimately to make money by providing spiritual help to you.

8. When your psychic says, “Don’t put words into my mouth.”

DO interpret this as your psychic’s kind way of saying, “Let me do the predicting. Whatever you just stated was not what I was saying or sensing at all, and was very far from it”. This is normally the case when the news we’ve just delivered, while not easy to hear, isn’t the “end of the world” either. In can happen in the opposite scenario as well, when we’ve predicted something more tolerable but that the outcome has challenges that are not to be ignored either.

There is no reason why any reading should leave you confused, and if it does, all you have to do is ask for an elaboration from your psychic. And keep in mind, unless you’re a exhibitionist nude sky diver who is asking when his mail order bride is due for arrival, we’ve heard it all before!– Pamela Aaralyn *DivineDimension* 1-800-ASK-KEEN ext. AURA

Periwinkle: Periwinkles are some of the most truthful, down to earth, strong, respectable, courteous and kind members of the aura spectrum.

In relationships, periwinkles have the absolute MOST staying power. This can be both to their benefit and to their detriment, as they are the color most likely to attract the wrong soul mate connections in the aura color family. Periwinkles are profoundly grounded in their ways and strongly against change. However, being that they are the most likely to attract the wrong soul mates in their lives, they do often end up finding that change is highly necessary for emotional survival. But they only change when their backs are up against the wall.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of these rare breeds in person this morning, strangely enough, after having read for a client whose soul mate is a periwinkle. He was hard not to notice, not because he wore anything flamboyant that stood out (periwinkles NEVER do this), and no because his voice was booming or annoying (periwinkles never do this, either), but because of his very soft, strong, grateful-for-life, gentle energy. He glanced down at my curious, grinning four year old, who noticed him right away, and returned his smile with such a sweet and adoring smile that even my child couldn't resist him as he dove in for a surprise hug while wrapping his tiny arms around the stranger's leg. Now....most people would jump or recoil at a strange lil' preschooler jumping on their leg, but this kind soul just laughed heartily and hugged him right back.

And this is the epitome of a periwinkle's soul: loving life down to the very second. Another example would be my gardener. He barely speaks English, but we speak in smiles, pointing, gestures and the occasional hug. That's all we need. I don't have to ask him to please pull the weeds in the garden. He does it weekly. He doesn't have to ask me to pay for it, I do it without prompting. He didn't have to ask me if it was ok to move the wilted, dying bush to a different area of the garden; periwinkles have a knowingness about them. They are self starters who often pave their own way through life without many words because they are people of action. Victor also knew without me telling him that although the tiny, freshly sprouted acorn squash plant had weeds around it, it was NOT a weed. How many gardeners do YOU know that can identify a sprouting acorn squash plant? Periwinkles KNOW their field and they are expert in their lines of work.

Individuals with clear shades of periwinkle can often be seen working as accountants, gardeners, horticulturists, park rangers, fishermen, personal assistants, sports team managers, agents, writers, pastors, counselors or any self employed lines of work. Periwinkles were self starters from the time they were children. Normally, periwinkles come from two walks of life: a) small families wherein they had no siblings or maybe one who lived outside of the home, and they were raised by a single or widowed parent; or 2) larger families wherein they were either the middle child or youngest child and felt a little ignored by at least one parent. In other words, periwinkles had no choice in childhood but to fend for themselves, and they aren't bitter for it, nor have they ever carried a grudge. If anyone asked them about their parents they will say, "Mom did everything she could with what she had". Periwinkles do not complain-- they do. In other words, if something needs changed, they change it. If their loved one is angry, they call. If someone needs forgiveness, they don't tell the person that they did wrong and now the periwinkle will forgive them. Nope...they naturally forgive and the person who did the wrong can feel the love in the tone of their voice. Something in their voice is very inviting to other people who love them; the under tones of their voice say, "You're loved", "It's ok", "You're safe with me", "I will be honest with you", and "You can trust me".

To you who are periwinkle, helping others feel healed and safe is your greatest gift. People gravitate towards you because you won't judge them, so they can finally be free to be who they are around you. And it feels like coming home after a fifteen year long road trip. But, think about yourself for a moment. Don't YOU deserve to feel safe? You're so busy making sure that everyone else feels good. It normally takes you well into your 40's because you begin to learn how to let others know what you want, what you can and cannot do, etc.

You were busy your entire life making sure your siblings were clothes, fed, loved, had fun, had normal childhoods, could afford their senior yearbook and got the chance to go the every prom, etc. But where were you every night? Normally, you were playing parent at home, packing up their lunches in their backpacks, cleaning up dishes from dinner and finishing that last load of laundry because your Mom worked two jobs and was on her second shift job. Your childhood pulled a virtual Houdini act before you even noticed it was gone.

Don't get me wrong, you're not crying about this. I bet you even feel uncomfortable drawing this much attention to yourself to even be able to discuss this with anyone. But there is a playful part of your soul that we all notice. Your smile looks like you have a little toddler inside that wants to jump out and stomp through mud puddles while giggling joyfully. You're gentle, your eyes dance, your heart smiles, and even when you don't want to be notice, trust me, the whole world will notice you, periwinkle. And many of them will love you. For the very few you allow into your heart, their worlds will be changed instantly.

It's a good thing that you don't let love go. No matter what problems you are experiencing when you meet a soul mate (you often meet your soul mates during very bad timing), you always hold onto the HOPE that you can make a relationship happen and you do not let go until it can-- even if it takes your entire lifetime! Now that, my friends, is patience.

What is your weak suit, you ask? Your stubbornness. You are the absolute luckiest people because you attract soul mates, friends, business opportunities, etc., like bees to honey. Yet, you will not proceed forward to take these VERY wonderful opportunities the universe has bestowed upon you because it "isn't the right timing". Well dear, if we all had our way, we'd attract everything in perfect timing, but life just isn't like that and sometimes you have to take a chance and tell yourself, "You know what? This is really crappy timing, but I'm going to go with my gut and take a chance!" You're lucky, so lucky, that these chances that come your way are often attached to people who think you're the best thing since sliced bread, and will wait on you.

What you provide in any relationship: You have the capability of making your partner feel immensely loved and cherished, even. They feel lucky to be in your presence because it brings out gratitude in them and causes utter joy and happiness to be alive. You make each day worth living, and those who love you are aware that they are very blessed. In friendships, you are loyal to a fault. You don't always pick the finest choices in friends, but you stick by their sides to the bitter end, often times even when they mistreat you. Your biggest fault in relationships is that even when one is over, you will allow the person to stick around as a friend until THEY get ready to move on, even though you clearly don't love them. You let it go on because you care about your soon to be ex as a person, and you treat them with the utmost of respect because this is how YOU would want to be treated. You truly carry the golden rule too far.

For men in relationships with periwinkle women, stop trying to read her thoughts. Really, what she says to you, although worded very simply and shortly, is what it is. She means what she says. She's not the standard woman who says, "Hon I heard Blue October is coming into town" and expect you to read her mind and go purchase two tickets. She will simply go purchase them and ask you to clear your schedule on the concert date.

For women in relationships with periwinkle men, you must possess astounding amounts of patience. Often, periwinkle men simply aren't available, but if you happen to capture their hearts, waiting can actually pay off! There are many times there lack of interaction due to their life stress (which is normally high) will make you want to cut them out of your lives permanently. However, there will also be just as many times when their apparent love and respect for you will shine through so strongly in their words and actions, that there is then nothing to do but continue onward loving them because once you love a periwinkle, it is often for life.

Warning to other aura colors: it takes years to earn a periwinkle's heart. Once you've got it, though, you've GOT it for good. They are keepers and worth every ounce of patience you've got in you.


How you can make your friendships and relationships better: Have better discernment of who to let into your heart. Just because a person is "a good person", doesn't mean you have to commit your life to them, you know. You're worth finding that exact person who is the other half of you! In friendships, stop being friends with people who insult you!

Your spiritual lessons:

1) Have more emotional discernment in friendships and relationships.

2) Know when it's time to shut the door in friendships and relationships.

3) You're not everyone's charity case sponsor. Don't hire people who bring your business down, don't fork over loans to family and friends so often, and sheesh you buy everything from every door salesman in four counties, stop!

4) Don't be afraid to ask for help.

5) YOU are worthy of happiness and YOU deserve to be in love, freely.

Who make the best friends or partners for you: Aquamarines, because they are open minded, nonjudgmental, patient enough to put up with your slow nature and profound enough to never bore you. Violets, because their open wanna-heal-the-world view is wonderful, but they're smart enough to start with themselves, and you could stand to learn from this. Blues, because their emotionally open and sensitive nature is one that understands your gentle spirit without questioning it


Who makes the worst friends or partners for you: oranges, because they have so much energy and applomb. It could suck you dry almost. You're gentle and calm. Oranges are flamboyant and nonstop. You like to go to bed on time, they party all night. Purples because they're too fake for the likes of your authenticity. Pinks because you're naive sometimes, and they're skilled liars more than half of the time

Careers best for you: Horticulture: you have a way with plants and have been fascinated by them since you were a child. Accountant: you're not rich, but you KNOW how to save money and particularly, how to stretch it. Truly, you're so grounded and talented, that you could perform well in ANY career as long as you're self employed.

Careers worst for you: the restaurant or hospitality industries; you have a bad back and standing too much on your feet in one position is torture. Truck driver; you're a homebody so this could never work out. Mailmen or route delivery; see above.

Health Challenges: your back, arthritis, male patterned baldness, carpal tunnel syndrome

Health Strengths: strong immune system, you retain vitamins from foods more so than most people so you could get by minus any daily vitamins.

How you can tell you're Periwinkle:

1) You find the good in everyone, even when people are being utterly despicable!

2) You always have a smile in your eyes that causes other people to smile, instantly.

3) People naturally calm down around you. They could be having the worst day ever and in just a few calm words from you, they're smiling.

4) You don't have many (if any) pets or kids, but you adore them, and even more so, they adore you!

5) You're an UBER hard worker. No one has such a strong work ethic quite like you.

6) People cannot be mad at you for long.

7) You can stretch a penny further than my grandpa used to stretch toilet paper (one roll could last him a month, if that tells you anything).

8) Ethics and moral values are very important to you.

9) You refuse the idea of riding a roller coaster like my cat refuses to meet and greet the neighborhood dog.

10) You're funny about your food. You like it plain, very little spices, and nothing too mysterious, and certainly nothing raw. There is only one food from another culture you enjoy, and that's Chinese food. However, you STILL to this very day, sometimes cannot help but wonder if you are consuming dog.

11) What you see is what you get. People tend to think you mean something deeper than what you say, but you never do. You're a person of few words, because to you, words are overrated.

12) You haven't changed your haircut in twenty years.

13) You're also strangely able to still fit into the same jeans from ten years ago. HOW do you DO THAT?

14) You don't ever get sick...everrrrrrrrrrr. But, when you do, you're sick enough to be in the hospital. Granted, you never go to the hospital; stubborn!

15) You believe strongly in the golden rule.

16) Your patience is astounding.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Are You Here?


Right now, are you here?


Are you conscious of the ground beneath your feet, the in-and-outness of your breath, the beating of your heart? Do you notice the brilliance of your fingers that wrap perfectly around a pen? Are you aware of the brother or sister who sits next to you in your office or on the train?


Are you seeing the vast sky? Are you noticing the deep silence that underlies every sound? Are you clasping the hand of your own divine spirit?


Your spirit is the wealthiest asset you will ever possess.




Do not forsake it to dance with fear.


Come back to here. Come back to now.


Come back to You.

a declaration of deserving:

You are worthy of your desires. Really wanting what you want gives you the power to get it. You were born free. (The more you try to earn your freedom, the more trapped you become.) You are worthy of love and respect. Lovable.

You deserve
: eye contact
: smiles in the morning
: food made with pure intention
: clean drinking water, fresh air
: Hello, Please, Thank you.
: time to think about it
: a chance to show them what you're made of
: a second chance
: an education
: health care, including dental
: orgasms
: weekends and the summer off
: 8 hours of sleep
: play before work
: to change your mind
: to say no
: to say yes
: to have your deepest needs met
: to be seen
: to be loved for what is seen.

You deserve all this just because you showed up here on this planet.
Yep, you're that monumental.

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