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"Alan was supposed to call me at 5 pm .... it's 9 and no word. Where is he?" "I met Matt at a bar and I thought we really hit if off. I gave him my number, did he lose it?" "Haven't heard from him for a few weeks, and he doesn't answer my texts ... what happened?"

Probably few things hit harder than rejection ... in any form; whether its a non-response (letting her off easy) or a lame excuse ("I'm really just a loner"), when someone in whom we've invested energy becomes non-existent on our playing field, it should give us pause to reevaluate ourselves. Most times, however, it throws us way out of balance and gives negative entities a worm hole in which to enter. Ouch !

And so it begins: all the 'what ifs' and 'maybe if I's' come bubbling to the surface like 200 gph spring! Of course, it HAS to be your fault, something you said or did in the most intimate of moments. OUCH ! Your brain floods with horror as you realize that this person you allowed into world, showed your belly to, and otherwise your vulnerable spots is ... dumping you! Really ... ?

Seven Things To Do To Get Over Rejection

1. Give yourself a chance to cry. Its actually good for you and helps to get rid of acids in the system. Limit your crying jag to 10 - 15 mins. Then, wash your face, brush your teeth, comb your hair and move on.

2. When you find a negative thought creeping in ... say outloud "Cancel" "Cancel" "Cancel" and move on.

3. Use Malachite, Peridot, Bloodstone or Apache Tears - all wonderful conductors for healing energy in matters related to love and emotions. Keep your healing stone in your pocket, or worn next to the skin to receive full benefits of the stone's frequency and vibration. Twenty inch (20") cords or chains offer placement close to the heart chakra energy center.

4. Forgive ... yourself and the other person. Remember, they are on the same ride as you with the ups and downs, low trends and high trends and perhaps the same insecurities, too. We balance the field when we begin to look at others the same way we view ourselves.

5. Trust the process. Steps comprise the process, whether baby steps or huge leaps ... the process happens whether we participate or not. All is exactly as it should be AND as we allow it - trust that the Higher Self is a guiding light, trust that all experiences happen for purpose and know that trusting the process is all it takes to be truly happy.

6. The Law of Karma. "What goes around comes around," my mother used to say. I later learned that what my mother was telling me, in essence, is that karma's a biatch, what you put out is what you get without judgement. Sometimes that painful experience could be a blessing in disguise, taken as part of your growth process. And, sometimes we square up karmic debts to others from past life experiences. And then there are those sweet other times when the Lords of Karma give you the chance to see the boomerang bounce back at the offender. Thanks, Mom!

7. Thoughts and words have wings, and our intent sends them on their way backed by the energy in which the thoughts and words form in our mind. Good thought and words gain momentum as they race out into our Universe, the same as negative thoughts and words, so in consciously choosing to use positive words, and think positive thoughts, we create a positive future.

Negativity breeds itself into beingness over lifetimes, but it doesn't have to continue. Rejection doesn't have to be a bad experience. And, being rejected doesn't necessarily mean we did something wrong. It just means that that the door wasn't ready to open. I believe that doors that remain closed are better left that way and if I am patient and continue to trust the process, the right doors will open at the right time. And, So It Is.

A mocking bird chirps brightly outside the bedroom window as the last stirrings of wakefulness bring me to consciousness. I listen for a while as the bird goes through its entire repertoire and I think to myself ... "How Can This Get Any Better?"

Just as well, waking sounds could have been thunder rolling across the skies or rain pelting the metal roof producing its reassuring thrumm, my thoughts trail off to my morning mantra: "How Can This Get Any Better?"

During the day, I find myself reciting my morning mantra in the form of a daily blessing, for myself, and for all those receptive beings in my immediate area. It is a movement. My movement.

Entire cities have been built and novels written, stories told for want of having 'better'. Is it that the grass is always greener on the other side, as the old adage goes? Or .. could it be rather that Soul strives for the best and highest available to It?

As Soul, we are never alone; we always have Guides (or as I refer to them - 'handlers' ) to help us in our journey. Let's ask for and seek the highest level guides available to us, and the highest light available to us every day. And, every day, let's all ask this question to God, to the Universe, to Source .... "How Can This Get Any Better?"

On your worst day of days or the Dark Night of Soul, the beauty of spiritual muscle-memory brings your morning mantra to the forefront with the quintessential question - "How Can This Get Any Better?" All that is left for you to do is wait. Because the Universe, in It's wisdom, is ready, willing and able to respond in kind to your query. Life Is Good.

Warmest and Brightest Greetings ~~~ After a three year hiatus, I am returning to Keen to offer psychic services to both old clients and new! A wise person once told me to "Put your past in your behind and move on." Taking this sage advice, I am returning to the joy of sharing the gift of love with my callers. All I need is to hear your voice. I am able to tune in to your vibration and frequency through the audible life stream, the universal energy in which we all abide. Besides vibrational readings, i am also able to read crystals for you, sense your animal spirit guides, and read your higher self energies. I don't always use tools, but sometime will use Grand Etiella French Egyptian Tarot ( my super deck ), Angel cards, Ascended Master Cards, Dolphin Readings, and Medicine Cards to contact the highest guides available to me on your behalf during our readings. Or if you like, just have your questions ready and I will pass along the messages to you. I am really happy to return to Keen and welcome your energy. Brightest blessings in Love, Light and Sound always Bee Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients

Greetings Dear Ones …


Happy Spiritual New Year Everyone !  It is that time of year again ~ time to bid farewell to the past energies that no longer serve our needs and time to welcome the present and incoming energies of the New Age.  Today’s Positive Affirmation is designed to welcome in these new energies and bless the old energies as they pass into posterity.  Those energies that had once supported and invigorated us are now moving behind us as our spirit opens up to regeneration and renewal, welcoming the new, crystalline energies in our now. 


Remember to say your positive affirmations three times in sets of threes.  Much like we use repetitive movement for our bodies, we also use repetitive thought for our Spirit.


“I lovingly release the tired, worn energies of the past year that served me well and open my heart and Being to the new regenerative energies of my now.  I embrace this spiritual new year with love, acceptance and anticipation of greater experiences yet to come, and release the past with love and blessings.”


Don’t be fearful of letting go. Trust that Divine Magic is yours over these next several weeks.  Use the high energies of Spiritual New Year to manifest exactly what you want and deserve in your life.  Paint your picture as boldly and definitively as you can so the Universe will manifest exactly what you desire.  Go forward with confidence !


Sent with much love in Light and Sound always ...


Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients


p.s.  Intended on sending this out on Friday, but .. our area experienced an internet outtage after a fiber optic line was cut.  We are back on and I will be available today for consultations.



Greetings Dear Ones ...


There is no better time than right now to do all those things you've often put off til 'later'.  "Later" .. has finally arrived!  That's right !  Now is the time to gear up, get ready and finish that painting, or book, or project.  Today's positivity treatment is designed to fortify your resolve to get things going, move things off your 'To Do" list and put them on  your "Done" list.


Try this positive affirmation every day for one week to stimulate your motivation and bring greater fulfillment into your life!  Even if you don't feel entirely ready, today's treatment will help you to see the wisdom of 'gettin 'er done', making that leap into your future by doing it in your now !


"This is the perfect moment.  I am ready to embrace my now in order to fulfill my future."


Think in terms of manifesting your heart's desire ~~ see if, feel it, think it, breathe it in, touch it, and savor its essence.  There is no better time than right at this moment, dear ones,  Set aside all the things that cause distraction and keep you from avoiding your goals.  Make adjustments to your priorities so that everything you do moves you forward.  Trust the process that if you ask for help, it will be given to you, but don't sit and wait -- get out there and shake the bushes!  Hire help, if you need it, but bottom line ... Just  Do It !


You have my warmest wishes in Love, Light and Sound always ...


Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients


Greetings Dear Ones ...


In order to successfully access the Higher Power within us, there first must be a spiritual alignment between our energy centers to enhance the flow of energy.   The Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters are drawn to the loving essence of our spiritual balance.  Our affirmative treatment today is a visualization and affirmation to pull our energy centers into positive alignment.


First, we will visualize a beautiful blue Kyanite stone, streaked light blue and white in a long bladed crystal form.  Kyanite has the metaphysical property of pulling our energy centers into alignment. Place this ethereal stone on your crown chakra at the top of your head during this affrmative treatment. You may program this ethereal stone to work for one day, or  all week as you see fit, after which time, it will disappear.


Next, repeat the following affirmation three times during a light meditation --


"My energy centers are balanced and in perfect alignment.  My sky is clear, my intent is pure and I am an open channel for Spirit."


As you speak this affirmation, visualize your body's energy centers moving toward the center of your core being, see the sky above you as open and clear, feel the power of your intent based in love and open yourself to the Universal Life Force energy to work through you.


Perform this affirmative treatment every day for the next week to balance your energy centers, pull each center into alignment with your core and to keep the channels flowing with positiving and love !


Sending out a positive energy stream to all who read today's treatment with Love, Light and Sound always


Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients


P.S.  Availability --  I am staying available later into the evening because daytime has become more difficult for me now that an elderly family member is living with us.  I will log in every chance I get to take your calls and serve your needs.  Thank you for your kindness and patience.  I love you!

Greetings Dear One ...

Happy Friday The Thirteenth :) No worries about 'bad luck' or superstitions today ~~ today we are going to allow our NOW to increase and improve our self-worth, giving us free reign to flow with the essence of life in a gentle and loving way.

Today's positivity treatment is all about releasing the old ways and focusing on our NOW to empower our energies to glide us peacefully into our future.

"I lovingly release all negative emotions from the past, and place my focus on creating a joyful, peaceful and positive NOW. I am safe. I am secure. All is well in my world."

Please remember to repeat your affirmations in sets of three every day for a week to fully impact subtle changes in your world.

 I send my warmest wishes and blessings to you this day and every day.

 Much love in light and sound

Bee Dolphyn
Wisdom of the Ancients


Greetings Dear Ones ...


Inspiration comes from many sources ... all one needs to do is remain open to allow a connection with the source.  Yes, this sounds so simple and easy, doesn't it?  Today's Positive Affirmation helps you open the channels to Source so that you can use your intuition to inspire you on to greater things in your life.  As always, remember to say this Positive Affirmation in sets of threes, either verbally out loud or quietly to yourself -- your Higher Mind will accept the suggestion.


"My conscious mind is open, every moment of every day to intuitional self-direction and inspiration from the perfect collective mind of the Universe ... and I give thanks that So It Is."


Short, sweet and right to the point!


Try this every day for one week and then evaluate how you feel afterwards - your Higher Mind will utilize the suggestion put forth from the affirmation and  you will become more aware of your own intuition and inspiration from all sources.  If at first you don't have recognizable results, please continue to use this Positive Affirmation until you feel a subtle change in your abilities.


Sent with love always ....


Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients


Greetings Dear Ones ...

How can you tell if you are on the right path, or headed in the right direction -- in decision making, in your love life, in your career ?  We are faced daily with making the right choices and oftentimes we miss important 'signs' that show us the way. 

Signs are truly miracles. They come in the form of visual and/or audible aids, physical and/or spiritual beings that offer miraculous presence to light our way. 

In fact, one of the most disregarded signs we receive is simply that barriers have been removed for our forward movement, which sometimes causes us to stop in fear!  Don't allow fear to be your guide. 

Today's Positive Affirmation is in the form of a prayer treatment and will help you to stay on track, uncover the "signs", and reach your goals and desires effortlessly.

"Divine True Source, Creator of all living things everywhere, I recognize with my heart and soul that You are the most capable counsel and guide in my life.  I trust your input and ask that you show me the way that impacts the good of the whole.  I ask that you make a sign so far beyond coincidence that I will have absolutely no doubt of its origin.  I trust your guidance and place my situation in your loving hands.  And So It Is."

Please keep this prayer treatment close to you and repeat it often.   Allow the presence of the Divine to be your guide and know that all that happens in your life has real purpose - whether it be for the learning experience Soul needs, or to move you forward to the next level of enlightenment.

You all have my warmest wishes for more joy and real fulfillment as you walk your path.

Warmly in light and love

Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients

Today's affirmative prayer treatment has been paraphrased with input from the Supreme Science QiGong Center.

* Happy Fourth of July *

Greetings Dear Ones ...

Today we have been given a most wonderful day to set our lives in order. Let's all use this time of independence to stand in our own power, organize ourselves for quality production, and move forward bravely with integrity.

Our positivity treatment today is about independence, self-reliance and trusting our own judgment to cure, heal and right ourselves and our circumstances.

"I declare myself as a sovereign Being, financially and emotionally independent. I do for myself, I trust my own judgment and I stand in my own power. I enjoy abundance and prosperity because I deserve it."

Never be afraid of declaring who you are -- at any point in your life -- you are who you are because you make it so. Go forward into the void knowing that all you need to do is peek through the blindfold to realize that your world is as bright as you allow it to be. Be mindful of your own empowerment and ... let it flow !

Delivering this message directly from my guides to you with much love in the light and the sound always ...


Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients

Greetings Dear Ones ...

It is common to say that we are all on different levels of our spiritual evolution.  In some spiritual organizations, our personal ascension is documented by initiations which keep us yearning and learning toward that next step ~~ something to look forward to, as it were.

Today's Positive Affirmation is geared to help you rise to the next level of unfoldment at the speed that is perfect for you at this time and in this place.  This is not an initiation in the physical, but more of an awareness on the inner, a personal gage as to where you are spiritually in the NOW.  Try it for a week and see if you are not more focused and clear in your spiritual goals.   Life is a wonderful process, dear ones.  Let us All, each one of us, approach our personal spirituality with a zest and joy once reserved for birthdays and holidays, because every day is a special opportunity to move forward toward the Creator Source, the All That Is.

Use these short affirmations throughout the day, or if you wish, you may repeat them as one paragraph.  I personally like to keep them short .. but please, use these affirmations in a way that suits your needs.

" I am an active participant in my personal spiritual unfoldment."

" I recognize and accept that every experience is a lesson and an opportunity to move forward toward the next level of my growth."

" I grant permission to the Universe to bring me to where I need to be in order to fulfill my spiritual goals."

"I am One with the All That Is."

When you first begin to say your affirmations, you may find yourself simply repeating the words without much feeling.  This is fine.  Eventually, as you continue to speak your affirmations, you will begin to sense a commitment and conviction in each word.  Good for you!  Just remember that no matter how you say them, the HIgher Mind gets the message and processes the affirmation to manifest quietly into your physical life.  And... So It Is !

I would like to thank Ascended Master Sananda for assistance with today's Positive Affirmation.

Sending much love and light always


Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients


See full size imageGreetings Dear Ones …


What a beautiful day we have been given today ~~ despite all the doom and gloom emanating from the Gulf of Mexico Geyser ~~ we are back with Friday’s Positive Affirmations.  And, today, we are offering the opportunity to join together to heal and support the impacted areas both on the physical plane and above within the higher realms.  Today’s affirmative treatment is “Love The Oil Spill.”


It is very important that you send loving waves of energy to the affected areas in the Gulf of Mexico.  The more you fear what is happening (even right now, as you read this), the more you reinforce the negative energies and impact on our world as a whole.  Where there is fear, there is no place for love!  Together, we can fight the fear, and envelope the entire Gulf region with healing love and support with this affirmative treatment.


Remember to say today’s affirmative treatment three times, in sets of threes (a total of nine times) and to do so with an open heart and loving conviction.


“I visualize my loving heart reaching out in a silent wave of acceptance that envelopes the entire Gulf of Mexico region.  I see my love spreading out and absorbing all toxins and poisons.  My love is effectively removing the poisons from our physical atmosphere, and sending them to the furthest reaches of the Universe, where they will disperse harmlessly and hurt no living thing.  Let the blessings be.”


Keep in mind that “As Above, So Below.”  This means that whatever we create in the higher planes will impact us here in the physical world.  Create love, create beauty, create a healthy atmosphere and shower the Gulf of Mexico area with all that you create.  Do this with pure intent and genuine sincerity. And punctuate your affirmative treatment with a clear statement to let all experiences be blessings for the highest good. Together, we can impact this negative occurrence and turn it into a positive experience.


This is my prayer for us this day.  I invite you to join me.


Sending warmest wishes in Love, Light and Sound always



Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients


Greetings Dear Ones ...


Today's positivity treatment deals with self-belief.  The opinion we have of ourselves is what makes us or breaks us.  We have it within our power to build up a life for ourselves, or to destroy it -- the choice is ours. 


Our belief about ourselves comes from our own personal experiences of learning the highest possible truth about ourselves.  Finding the highest possible truth about ourselves is achieved by touching the Divine within, the essential purity of the Universal Creative Consciousness that dwells within each one of us.  Here is a positive affirmation to repeat often to help you discover your highest possible truth:


"I believe in myself, for I believe that the Divine True Source resides within me.  I accept myself, just as Nature and the Divine True Source have accepted me.  I believe that I can accomplish what I wish to accomplish, because I believe the Divine True Source is the true doer of all things.  I believe that my efforts to do and succeed are continually renewed, just as Nature and the Creator, the Divine True Source, continually renew life.  And, so it is."


Please print out today's positive affirmation treatment, keep it with you, and repeat it often.   The more you repeat this affirmation treatment, the more you condition yourself for a higher understanding of who you are, where you are going and how you are getting there.


Always in Love, Light and Sound ...


Rev. Bee
Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients


Thank you to one of my dearest mentors, Dr. Paul Leon Masters, for his inspiration with this positivity treatment.


Greetings Dear Ones ...


As we begin our journey into 2010, here is a Positivity Treatment to help to powerize your now and your future -- spiritually, psychically, emotionally and physically.  Take the opportunity today to allow the energies of this positivity treatment to enter the core of your BE-ingness on every level ~~ from  cellular to the spiritual level.  Today's Positivity Treatment has been inspired by the teachings of Dr. Paul Leon Masters.


It is important to speak your Positive Affirmations in sets of threes, three being the magic number that hammers home the message to your Higher Self where it can filter down through to your physical self when you are ready to receive it.


"I begin my New Year on positive footing.  My feelings, thoughts and emotions all emanate from my connection to the presence of God, The Creator of All Living Things, within me.  All negativity from the past year is cleared from my BE-ingness, including anger, hatred, jealousy, and envy.  I declare myself to be a clear and open channel for the Love and Light of The Creator Source.  And, So It Is."


Don't be afraid to release the grasp of the past in your now.  And don't worry about resolving issues that have been carried over into your now from the past, either.  All things resolve when we delcare ourselves a clear and open channel for Love and Light ~~ so ... use this positivity treatment to clear your now and insure that your future continues to glow in the light of love and positivity.  Remember ... when your intent is pure, manifesting exactly what you need becomes a natural progression in your life.


With warmest blessings in Love, Light and Sound always ...


Rev. Bee
Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients


Greetings Dear Ones ...

We often been told that it is better to give than to receive.  Yet ... how does one truly know how to give, if we do not know how to receive?  Today's positivity treatment is all about feeling comfortable with receiving so we can place ourselves in the positive to give, unconditionally.  It may not be as easy as it sounds!

Receiving means that we accept ourselves as worthy and deserving of all the good things in our lives, love, hope, success, joy, wealth, health ~ all the wonderful gifts that are our birthright ~ no  matter who we are and where we come from.  We are all created equal.  Use this affirmative treatment for one week, reciting it in sets of threes, three times a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner or morning, noon and night - whichever trigger works best for you.

"I am deserving to receive the gifts of the Universe.  I am worthy of all good things and good experiences.  I am an equal Earth partner with all living creations.  My heart, mind and Soul are open to receive the all the benefits that this life has to offer me."

We are in the season of giving .... be ready to receive with an open heart and give willingly from the depths of your Soul.  To do both ... is the greatest gift of all!

With warmest blessings of Love, Light and Sound always


Rev. Bee
Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients

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