I am Jeekers, a very intuitive compassionate psychic. I pray for Guidance and can bring you helpful insight today. My blog has a few special entries that I have been guided to post on Keen for you to return to later .
What if I had fantasy day on my listing, Good idea?
I am a good story teller, but you would know it was a story and would not call , perhaps some of you would?

I wonder how this would go over!
When you call me on Keen I am serious and honest about your questions but pondering if some of you would prefer a certain outcome in your reading questions. You wouldn't want that , would you?
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Ingredients of  My Perfect  Life                                                                                      



This is a really fun exercise.  You can truly create your perfect life!   You are the only person with your spirit, your personality and unique set of talents.  The job and the life you create doesn’t have to already exist – you can create it now.  This is magical!  It draws this new life to you.  Instead of sending resumes for the same old job that you’ve been doing, you are creating a job and living a dream life for the person that you are today!  It’s an extremely powerful exercise and it’s been proven over and over again that it works, by the many testimonials I constantly receive by email and personal conversations.   The more enthusiasm you put into doing the exercise, the quicker it works!  After you do the exercise, follow up by being courageous in seeking your what you want, listen to your intuition and watch miracles start to happen!  Some helpful questions to ask yourself each day that will lead you in the right direction are:  “What would my soul LOVE to do today?  If I had no fear, what would I do today?”   “What things are energizing me now and what things or people are zapping my energy and draining me?”  Good luck!  Let me know how it works for you.  I’d love to hear from you.


Write out the ingredients of your perfect life.  Use this outline as a format.   Writing it down creates a “preview of coming events”! 




My Perfect Life



Salary  or Income $______________Per year   (+ Bonus, Incentive, Commissions, Referral Fees, Residuals, Royalties)


Medical & Dental Benefits


Savings Plans – i.e. – 401K, etc.


Company and Boss are dynamic and have integrity. 


Enthusiasm for product – (An example here could be:  I’m selling a product I believe in.)


Location – (i.e. – Half time home office/Half time company office)


Vacation Time (i.e. , 3 weeks vacation per year)


How many work days a week (i.e.,  4 day work-week with flexible hours, etc.)


Ideal office environment  (lots of greenery, great view, fountains, etc.)


Local, domestic and/or international travel


Using my creativity, opportunity for growth and advancement


Job uses my experience in_________________


(List your talents and things you’d  LOVE to do here)


For example, “I use my organizational skills, I use my creativity, I use my computer skills, I counsel people and help them find direction, I use my sales ability, I use my people-skills, I use my knowledge of advertising, I use my writing ability, etc. “




-Now – Be a little crazy!– list some things that you’d almost PAY to do here!  What would your soul LOVE to do?  Don’t judge what you’ve written, just let it flow – it’s a process and things you write here, you could cross off tomorrow, but just be creative and have fun with it!


(One girl wrote “job involves hot air ballooning in the Loire Valley of France” and got a job involving just that!)





Higher Purpose




How do you see yourself on your ideal work day?  What are you wearing?  Who are you meeting with, what are you doing?  Put  emotion into it!  Put your higher purpose into it.

(Example:  Be specific – i.e.  You’re wearing your Armani suit, have just finished doing a fantastic presentation to a group of people on something you really believe in, something that’s really going to help these people, they bought your product and now you’re taking off on a plane with your spouse or loved one  for a romantic vacation.)




I bless my current position with love and I now accept a wonderful new job or career where I am richly rewarded, creatively, spiritually and financially.  This is now happening in Divine Right Order for the Highest Good of All Concerned under grace in perfect ways.  I release it to God and surrender to my Higher Purpose.  I let go and let God!  I now ALLOW the good to flow into my life and align my will with God’s will.




Love Life


What is seeking to emerge as the highest possibility of my love relationship?  (You can use this for your current love relationship/marriage or to manifest a new love relationship.) 






What are the qualities of the person I want to be with:







Who must I become in order to manifest this type of relationship?  What qualities do I need to amplify or enhance?





What beliefs, traits or habits do I need to let go of?




Affirmation:  I am thankful that this love relationship is now manifesting in my life.  I’m grateful for all I’m becoming.  I feel it.  It’s already happening in some dimension.  It’s happening now.  I’m seeking to become the right condition for this love relationship to manifest in this dimension.  This is what I’m becoming.  When I fully “get who I am” then I will attract the perfect partner who “gets who I am”. 









Whatever you think the world is withholding from you, you are withholding from the world.  If you’re wanting more praise, appreciation, assistance, money, loving care etc – give it to others.  Outflow determines inflow!


Smile at your neighbors, do something kind for a stranger, acknowledge the lovely Spring flowers on your walk in the morning, give assistance to others.  Ask yourself often – What can I give here?  How can I be of service to this person, this situation? 


Highly evolved people LIVE TO GIVE! 


Universal Law of the Circle

 When you’re making a donation say the following:


“With this donation, I am giving $______ amount back to God in love and appreciation for my gift of Life.

With the highest good of all concerned, I am gratefully receiving $______ (Tenfold) from the flow of God’s Abundance on the return current.”


Then it’s important for us to consciously expect to receive an increase of money.  Be open and receptive to every single avenue of return.  Notice every gift, free dinners, gifts from friends, free tickets, complimentary rooms etc.  Then when someone gives to you, bless them Tenfold on the return current!   It’s all part of our returning abundance!  Allow your thoughts and feelings to be filled with an alertness, enthusiasm and a Divine Intelligence that is forever open and pliable. 



Remember – what you want – WANTS YOU!  You are now on your way to living the life of your dreams and doing what you came here to do!!








I want to be the person that changed everything, the person that made a difference, that person that gave you a story to tell.Image result for flowers , white background

Hi dear, Feel free to save this beautiful image and words that I made for you. I found this quote (origin unknown), but I check in many times  a day with this little check in. I know that sometimes we do tend to "try too hard" with some people and situations and this little check in can help us place the energy in the direction of our own best interests. And the other person or people will have the freedom to do what is meant to be for them easier.

Lots of love,




  • Create a beautiful, uplifting and organized space.
  • Add new linens, bath soaps, plants, soft lighting and other beautiful accessories.
  • Add a mirror to the door to help the bathroom visually disappear.
  • Put a divider between the bathroom and bedroom in master suites.
  • Add earth and fire elements. the dark pink balances the high water elements in a bathroom. What do you think?
Never regret the moments that once made you smile, because those are the ones you will remember forever.
 Be kind and generous.  If this is too sweet for you, pass it by.

 But for you, know that being kind to people and animals, and generous with yourself and your time and your resources, is a fabulous way to improve confidence. You get in sync with the golden rule and you can actually  feel better about yourself, and to think that you are an awesome person.

It will really do wonders for your self-confidence, believe me!

small ways to give right now?
Get a pile of things to take to charity!

Write a thank you note!
Got any other easy ideas?
Fear creates: -Doubt -Division -Discouragement

 Love tells us to: -Trust and believe -Connect and unite -Encourage
 Redefine your self-image. Our self-image means so much to us, more than we often think. We have a inner description of ourselves, and it determines how happy we are. But this picture isn’t fixed and standing still or static. You can change it!!
 Use your mental creating skills, and go to work on  self-image. If it’s not a very great one, change it. Figure out why you see yourself in that light, and fix it.

For example, why do you see yourself in a less than stellar light?
If it is because of other people's comments or perceptions, then spend less time around them  and increase the time with those who appreciate, praise or compliment you.

some great words for you to start using when thinking of yourself:
God loves me , I am a child of God and I have Jesus to show me the way .
Jesus experienced such things that we all do as humans, when he became man.
Keeping Jesus in our situations will help us stay in the Light.
Being in society, going out in the business world, in the world of work, parenting, dealing with difficulties, remember Jesus was persecuted too.

The strength and love we have within us as God's children, with God as our father....
Harmony is possible... keep turning to Jesus when things are tough, when our confidence sinks... There is a lot of jealousy out there and we often feel we have no friends.
God is there always.
Often God wants us all to himself! Ask God what His will is when our confidence and faith seem low.
You will get answers!

Question your motivation: are you pondering your image for the fun of it, or are you hoping that you will get some outside validation? Understanding your motivation will help you identify any underlying body image issues. Seeking validation outside of you will not lead to positive body image or self esteem in the long term. Learning to love and accept your body has to start from within.

SO  Do all these things and keep it for the right reasons. One thing that I love is to feel more athletic and strong so that I can play my guitar without getting tired ( I lift weights when I do not play a lot that day) and I stretch often , walk often and make sure that I am up to date on the activities I want to plan for the next season. Work and family keep me pretty busy at home but when nice weather hits I want to be ready!
What things are you looking forward to this summer?

 Dress nicely. It goes along with good grooming ,   first thing on the confidence list here in my blog… if you do dress nicely, you’ll feel great about yourself. You’ll feel successful and presentable and prepared to take on the world.
 Now, dressing nicely means something different for each person … it doesn’t mean wearing a 200 dollar outfit, but could mean casual clothes that are nice looking and in good repair.

Find out when sales are  at your favorite shops, even find out when the thrift shops have sales! Find one color scheme to start with and make one ensemble , then find items that match.
Some people swear by having a "uniform" , you could try that too!

Nothing wrong with that, some very successful people have done that, including Steve Jobs.

This month, I will present  25 things that will help you build your confidence. None of them are really new ideas. The list certainly isn’t comprehensive. These are just some of my more noticeable  helpful steps, stuff that’s worked for me.

If you feel guided to,  give them a try. If they work, try others. If they don’t, try others.

Here  is the first, the rest to come over the month of July

 Groom yourself. This seems like a normal step, but it’s fabulous how much of a difference a shower and a shave can make in your attitude,   and self-confidence and for your self-image. There have been days when I turned my mood around completely with this one small thing. For women, a shower and  makeup and cute hair style! Even cologne , can make a huge difference in how you face your day.

I would love other grooming boosts that you try. Add comments to my blog any time. It is fun to see the interaction here. 

God loves you so much, take time to groom yourself well. Research it a little more or even get professional advice, One step at a time I am going to be able to help you so much with these goals and our readings.

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