I am Jeekers, a very intuitive compassionate psychic. I pray for Guidance and can bring you helpful insight today. My blog has a few special entries that I have been guided to post on Keen for you to return to later .

One a piece of paper...

write on the left top ( your name) To do List

on the right put, God's to do list.

Make a line down the middle of course.

number from 1 to whatever ...

On your side put things like... the laundry...

2.wash the floor,

3.write thank you notes...


on God's side put the things like...

1. God, help me discern whether this ( persons name) is a good friend .

2. God, help me find the right apt ./home

3. God help me find the right job for me.

3. God help me
 get a right teacher for my lessons in ( write in the lessons you want)

4. God, Help me relax about the decision I have to make regarding  ( write in your problem here)

5. God help me get a good sleep .

6. God help me be a good wife/ husband for someone and help me meet my partner

As you can see, the list can go on as long as you need it to.

What I have noticed is that the things on God's side get done SO much faster.

the things on My side are usually less, its a shorter list, and they take longer to get done!

Okay now that you are done, wrinkle it into a ball and throw it in your sock drawer to be found at some later date!

Let me know what changes after you make a To Do list for God!

Miracles are so inspiring! I loved watching the Unsolved Mysteries Miracles episodes, now they seem to not be available anymore on websites at all! I wonder why?
In any case, there are many stories of miracles for us to gain inspiration . In the New Testament, Jesus accompanies his words with many "mighty works and wonders and signs" which manifest that the kingdom is present in him and attest that he was the promised Messiah.
     The signs worked by Jesus attest that the Father has sent him. They invite belief in Him. To those who turn to him in faith, he grants what they ask.  So miracles strengthen faith in the One who does his Father's works, They bear witness that he is the Son of God.
But his miracles can also be occassion for "offense". They are not intended to satisfy people's curiosity or desire for magic. Despite his evident miracles, some people reject Jesus. He is even accused of acting by the power of demons.

By freeing some humans from the earthly evils of hunger, injustice, illness and death, Jesus performed messianic signs. Nevertheless , he did not come to abolish all evils here below. but to free men from the gravest slavery, sin, which thwarts them in their vocation as God's sons and causes all forms of human bondage.
From the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Butterflies in the stomach are like messengers reminding you that change is afoot. They are fluttering to tell you that you’re ready; ready to transform, to grow, and to soar. Visualize the butterflies flying in formation, lifting you up, turning anxiety into excitement. It’s the butterfly effect; one small flutter, infinite impact.
When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people. ~Abraham Joshua Heschel

Pretty thought provoking. I have experience with this , as I am sure many of you do.
When I am thinking on this, through my life, there have been stand out moments of someone trying to be smart instead of kind that have really been hurtful.
Wow. Amazing then to think of the kind moments.

The person who chose to be kind is radiating love through me for years.
I know that most people feel it is wrong to covet someone who is married.
Calling me for a psychic reading on the situation is something anyone can do , ... the problem is when I see things that you wish I did not see.
Please everyone, first of all, if someone is " taken" it is usually very complicated and that person needs to work their own life out and get out of their marriage or relationship before they can even be a potential for anyone else.
When someone calls for a psychic reading on their attachment to a person who is already legally married, it can be a very painful process to accept the truth.
Sure some statistics are available on the topic, some chances and risks are taken in life... but what I am wanting people to know when they call me is to not shoot the messenger if I do not see the man breaking up with his wife and calling you to tell you the news, and dating you next.
Bonding to someone who is not single is very possible, ... call me and I will be there for you every step of the way if this has happened to you.
Our nature is to bond and it does happen .
I will help you rather than tell you a fantasy ending.
I have helped many people over time , as you know I have been on Keen for a long time.
Take the time to think things over after a call with me, write me an email, I do answer them.
God bless

If there’s a  date or job interview on the horizon, start practicing your speaking voice instead of planning your  outfit.

 Job recruiters perceive potential employees as much more intelligent when they hear their voices instead of seeing them on paper!! Wow huh?

Those given the chance to speak were clearly in the top ranks.

 The voice seems to impact a person in a way clothing cannot, explaining,

We think this is because it tells us  that other people are human beings. And the capacity to recognize someone’s mind, we think comes quite clearly through their voice.

  Along with this discovery is research into another aspect of the modern lifestyle: the Internet.

Simply put, we have a hard time understanding the person on the screen is a human when we can’t hear his or her voice. Do you agree?

So much of our conversation and relating with each other is done digitally with the voice stripped out. This does make sense , doesn't it!!?

I don’t think it’s any accident that people online people seem to treat each other as mindless idiots!!!! How crazy is this? Not at all. We humans recognize our own fellow humans when we hear their voice. Simple as that.

Whether you’re speaking to a potential employer or a coworker, you might be better off using your voice instead of text.

Now I am wondering about the written word compared to text, hmmm! I know some doggies who just LOVE the human voice more than anything.

Teach me, Lord, Jesus, to be generous:
to serve You as You deserve;
to give, not counting the cost;
to fight, not heeding the wounds;
to toil, not asking for rest;
to labor, not seeking any reward,
save that of knowing that we do Your will.


A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.

 I thought I would share a few affirmations we can give to people we might be taking for granted.
Positive comments such as these written in a card, or said at a certain memorable moment may last a lifetime.
You are really talented.
I am so glad you are in my life.
I am very proud of you.
We are so lucky to have each other.
You'll figure it out.
Let's make some fun together.
You have beautiful handwriting.
You will do better next time, don't worry.
I will always have time for you.
You have a great sense of style.
You are a great mom.
 You are a great dad.
I love your smile.

I am sure you can think of more especially for your closest friends and family members... these intimate details only you can know, being appreciated, feed the soul.

If you need help with understanding the needs of any of your loved ones, call me... I am quick to assess what is going on in relationships. I can also help you clear up confusion as many messages just for you come through in my readings.
I will be available for you , as I work full time on keen.
I am a psychic on Keen and I paint often , and draw, in order to gain insight into my visions.
Recently I have been looking at the painters I love.
Here is one on my previous blog post.
Many times I have been painting in order to process situations for my clients.
Call me and I can help you by seeing what visions come through.
It is amazing to be here for you all, you are wonderful clients and I care for each and every one of you.
I  am here for you...   .Over the course of my work on keen, I have been hit by one stars..I just roll with it, or feel as if people that call need to understand that trust needs to be built and I do understand denial. If you think you might be in denial, how can you tell? If you want to hear a certain answer about your romantic partner... and you only want to hear reasurrance that it is going to be the answer that you want, should you really be calling a psychic? Write to me first, I can help you decide if I am the right psychic for you.
I will tell you what I see and hear and feel in a reading and I will not lie to you. If you fear that you may be in denial, I can be here for you in other ways.
Calling many advisors and hoping for a certain answer is a little bit like gambling and it can be a problem over time. I love to pray for my callers and I do believe in miracles,.. yet I also care about your well being if you are in denial and need to give things time to process. Be open to hearing the truth with a call from me.

This article is something else... All ladies who read this blog ought to check out this article. It is about a " dating technique" that is based on insulting the woman so that her self esteem goes down... in order for the " loser" guys to get a girl that is rated higher than he is ( on a scale of 1- 10).
The sad thing is, the author admits it worked on her.
She is now going public to help other women... notably the man that teaches this technique to other men is banned from England now due to his woman hating attitudes!
I am Jeekers,  if you have not had a call with me, here is  a little bit about me. I access the Guidance shortly after we connect on the call. I only need first names... I need an area to focus on, I can help you by scanning while I do the reading, and it takes a few seconds... I scan to see your best path and the trends around with other factors.
 I enjoy helping people and pray through the night when I awake for  God and the angels and saints to help me give the information that is best for the caller each time.
Many times things come through in ways that help me transmit it quickly such as metaphors, song titles, sayings, and scenarios. Sometimes it may not make sense at the time but will later,... so I ask that you take notes. I do not take notes nor do I refer to notes during or after calls. I like to be fresh and unbiased.
If you are in need, give me a call.
Love , Jeekers17

What if I had fantasy day on my listing, Good idea?
I am a good story teller, but you would know it was a story and would not call , perhaps some of you would?

I wonder how this would go over!
When you call me on Keen I am serious and honest about your questions but pondering if some of you would prefer a certain outcome in your reading questions. You wouldn't want that , would you?
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