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Happy Birthday Mom. She would have been 64 today. Miss you still each day. FROM KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE BY KYLE GRAY FAITH: HUMANITY AND BENEVOLENCE "Stay calm. Trust the good in yourself and others. See the light in the world." Twin Flame of Archangel Michael. Faith is here to remind you that you are not separate from love. Humans are divine beings of love created in the image of God. Allow yourself to be guided beyond your fears into your sacred heart space. Trust yourself and the trust of others will fall in line. Live in the divine. FROM CRYSTAL VISIONS TAROT BY JENNIFER GALASSO CARD 1 SITUATION: 10 OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~Whatever stresses you have been dealing with are now lighter on your shoulders. You may simply learned to delegate and release some control over the situation or perhaps the situation is coming to a close, but either way, you are able to breathe a little easier. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 7 OF WANDS ~~ A card of conflict, but one in which you have the upper hand. Life is always balanced by struggles and we can often encounter those which were unforeseen, but it doesn't mean you were caught unprepared. You can blaze through this one easily with a little faith. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 3 OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ If you have suffered a recent heartbreak or disappointment you can rest assured that you are near the end of that chapter. It's time to let it go and close out that chapter in order to move on toward better things. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 10 OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ Again this card is letting you know that you are recovering from a painful situation and you are emerging stronger than you were before. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: ACE OF CUPS ~~ You are experiencing new emotional and spiritual growth through Faith. You are making decisions and moving your life at the moment from a deep well of love. Embrace the love, not as a separate source, but as a part of you.
FROM KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE BY KYLE GRAY CHARITY: PRAYER AND CONTEMPLATION "Connect with heaven. Ask and you shall receive." It's time to receive. Charity recognizes all you do for others. Remember to recharge your spiritual batteries so you can continue to do so. Pray with your heart and your voice and send those vibrations to the heavens as you do so. Your voice is heard and the universe has your back. Welcome Charity to be with you and receive her inspiration at this time. Your deeds will be for the greatest good of all involved. FROM CRYSTAL VISIONS TAROT BY JENNIFER GALASSO CARD 1 SITUATION: THE CHARIOT ~~ Self confidence and success is yours today. You are in control and on your way to achieving your goals the way you want. The horses on your chariot are wanting to move in different directions, but you have the control and self assuredness to keep them going in the direction that you desire. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: ACE OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ You have the beginnings of an idea or new project, but aren't sure how to proceed yet. If you don't act soon, that spark may die out. Try talking about your plans and see if someone has input to inspire. Charity is with you and will use a vessel for her voice to assist you. She can inspire you through a friend. Trust yourself. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: THE WORLD IN REVERSE ~~ You are closing out or completing a cycle, but did you get to understand all of the potential life lessons that were held in that cycle? As your creativity was blocked in the previous card, this is the block that needs to be cleared away. Work toward understanding so can move on the next chapter. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: THE HERMIT IN REVERSE ~~ Now is not the time retreat into isolation. Not when you have so much to share and give. Let your light shine. You may overwhelmed, but it's time to let someone in and you the companionship you crave. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 3 OF SWORDS ~~ Though Charity has blessed you, you have to recognize that you can't save the world. Respect where you need to let go. Celebrate where you have been able to help. Everyone has their own path to walk and you let them for their greatest good. It's hard to watch the butterfly struggle to emerge from it's cocoon, but it you cut the prison it will never have the strength to fly.
FROM KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE BY KYLE GRAY THE HOLY SPIRIT: EXPECT MIRACLES "Remember that only love is real. Miracles will occur naturally Spirit has your back." When you need to move beyond the illusion of fear, call on the Holy Spirit to guide you. It's time to expect the unexpected. The universe really does have your back. Sometimes we push for things that we want to happen, but when we do, it's from a place of fear. We want so desperately for certain things that we think are the best for us, but we are afraid that by waiting for it to happen naturally that it won't happen at all. Move past that place of fear and trust that if it's for your greatest good, it will happen. Trust that for your greatest good it will happen in it's own natural time, and the universe is making sure it happens for you. There truly is a time for everything, a season for all things. Move past the fear and trust from a place of love. If something doesn't manifest the way you want, trust that the universe has something better on it's way for you. Let go of disappointment and be prepared for the best to come. The universe will take care of you. Miracles happen everyday so embrace them with love. FROM GHOSTS AND SPIRITS TAROT BY LISA HUNT CARD 1 SITUATION: 3 OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ Manes are on this card, they are the ghosts and guardians of burial sites and monuments. Wow! What a great card for this position! I can totally resonate with this today as it's asking for you to take on a new project that may require a brushing up of skills you haven't used in awhile or learning a new one. I chose to learn a new skill today! I've been wanting to learn numerology for a long time now and finally managed to get out and got started doing that. As I become proficient, I will begin to incorporate it into my Keen business so look for that soon. :) What new project are you taking on? CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: THE HERMIT ~~ Dryads! Ancient Greek nymphs that lived in forests and trees. If you are feeling a call to move to a quiet place and center and ground yourself to recharge your spiritual batteries, now is the best time to do so. Sometimes we need a little time out. Things have been almost overwhelmingly busy since the turn of the new year and it may be time to step back and catch your breath. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: PAGE OF PENTACLES ~~ Jack Frost is pictured here. Going back to card 1 it's a great time to discover your hidden talents. Play with your inner child in doing so and kindle your creativity. You may find that there is some real financial potential to be had. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: THE FOOL ~~ Leshies are here and they the wood spirits of the dark forests of the Baltic region. Let you inner child lead the way as you explore new things and new paths. Feel and feed that spirit of adventure deep within yourself. All you need to do is have the courage to take that first step. Remember the universe has your back. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: JUDGMENT: Pictured here is the judgement of the dead where the heart is weighed against the feather of truth. A portal to a higher awareness is opening for you and all you need to do is listen with your heart and inner voice to make the right decisions.
FROM KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT~~~ MERCURY: OPEN COMMUNICATION "Get a weight off o your chest. Speak up with love, and be heard." As illusions fall away you may feel tempted to call people out on their BS. Please remember to do with compassion and respect in order to gain compassion and respect in return. This is also a time where if you were misunderstood recently, particularly when Mercury went into retrograde, you will be able to clear this up and move forward. This is also a time to notice all levels of communication: written, vocal, music, feelings and body language. Even your own thoughts can communicate to you and through you. It's a powerful tool. When you pray, do so aloud, let your beautiful voice be heard. FROM GHOSTS AND SPIRITS TAROT ~~~ CARD 1 SITUATION: THE TOWER ~~ The Fall of the House of Usher is depicted on this card. It speaks of disaster and sudden changes, but like in previous readings, I feel that this "destruction" is necessary and not a bad thing. We are still in the process of ascension to 5d reality in our current state and it's happening quickly now. Your foundations are rocked to the core and it will soon be time to rebuild on new beliefs as old ones fall away. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 9 OF PENTACLES ~~ Kobold are pictured here. It's time to work hard toward your goals that you are manifesting. Save your money and invest wisely. It will pay off. Patience is key. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 8 OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ On this card is Der Schimmelreiter. You need to recognize that you are the only one who can free you from where you are feeling stuck. You're not drowning in deep water, you simply need to put feet down and walk out of the water. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 6 OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Things that have been neglected need to be a focus at the moment before you can move forward. It's time to bring life back into balance. Only in this way can you achieve your goals. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 6 OF WANDS ~~ Valhalla. Prepare for good news on the way as your hard work and dedication are being recognized. Don't rest too long on your laurels though as the next goal needs to be met.
FROM THE KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE ~~ MASTER BUDDHA: INCREASED AWARENESS "Deep connection. Trust your inner voice." Remember that the only constant in the universe is change. Everything is temporary. When you suffer, it will pass. When you feel joy, that too will pass. Life is a balance and an ebb and flow. Let the illusions fall away from you now. You will know a greater joy when you do. One that is lasting. Raise your awareness above your problems to find your solutions. Raise your vibration and frequency to ask for assistance when you need it. See the solutions all around you. FROM CRYSTAL VISIONS TAROT: CARD 1 SITUATION: THE TOWER ~~ Though in most readings I do The Tower represents a disastrous situation, but not so in this case. It's more a revelation that will shake the very foundations of your beliefs. Illusions are quickly being destroyed at this time, I feel it daily. There has been a huge- a huge shift of energy since the New Year and it's only gaining momentum. We are no longer waiting on the shift toward 5d that has been talked about in metaphysical circles for the last several years, it is here. It is now. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: THE FOOL ~~ The Fool represents the beginning of your journey. You cast your courage and passion into the first steps on your path, not really knowing where you are going and that's ok. Your tower has been shaken to the ground and you are free to go on a discovery. Make it a good one. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 8 OF WANDS ~~ As I stated above, the shift is happening quickly now and we are reaching our intended goals. Your angelic team is leaving you messages often, daily. Are you listening? Guide yourself inward for a few minutes each day, even for a few breaths and you'll discover amazing things about yourself. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: THE HIEROPHANT ~~ Sometimes as we move ahead, we need to look toward the ancient beliefs. There are valid answers there. Answers that time has not quite yet forgotten. Traditions should not be abandoned. They are traditions for a reason. Look to your faith. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: THE DEVIL IN REVERSE ~~ Spiritual growth is happening by leaps and bounds! You are learning and moving closer to ultimate enlightenment as did the Buddha. Sit in the quiet and enjoy your zen, but never stop seeking and growing.
FROM THE KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE SANAT KUMARA: LIGHT ACTIVATION "Shine your light. Your internal guidance is coming through loud and clear." Sanat Kumara is considered by Kyle Gray to be the leader of the Keepers of the Light. A god in Hinduism, he is an advanced light being. He is the twin flame of Lady Venus. You have a magnetic energy! I remember this coming up in yesterday's reading! Yes, you have a magnetism that is electric and you are being pushed to share this light of yours with the world. All you need to do to inspire those around you is to be your amazing self. FROM CRYSTAL VISIONS TAROT CARD 1 SITUATION: PAGE OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ In the chaos of being pushed to share your awesomeness, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed and want to turn inward. You are ignoring or declining social invitations today in your need to recharge and regroup. This resonates so much with me this week! I even spent the majority of the day working from bed just to avoid even being around my family. I needed the solitude, though I couldn't really say why I felt that need, but it was a need that had been growing all week so far. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: PAGE OF WANDS ~~ It's time to develop your creative ideas and bring those goals into focus. Let go of the fear that has held you back from sharing your gift with others. Let others appreciate the beauty that you create around you. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: THE MOON ~~ This is the card of dreams and your natural psychic abilities. In order to continue on your path you need to look down the path that is not fully illuminated, to face your fears and leave in the past where they belong. CARD 4: NEAR FUTURE: 9 OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ You might feel a bit of a panic as an unexpected financial pitfall hits causing some disharmony in the home. Be aware that it's temporary. My sense is that it's not a bad as it seems so take it in stride and keep moving forward. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 8 OF SWORDS ~~ You are feeling like a prisoner, but you have to realize that the only bonds you wear are those you have placed on yourself. It's time to put aside the victim mentality and take control of your situation.
FROM KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE ISIS: MAGIC MANIFESTING "Your dreams, visions, and goals are becoming reality. Stay focused." Isis is smart and resourceful with the ability to move between the dimensions of the Underworld, Heaven, and Earth. Dream big right now. I mentioned at the beginning of the year that this was a robust time of manifestation and here, Isis has come to assist you. Your dreams are reality now and stay focused to keep them manifesting. You can be your own magic, your own miracle. Make the best of it. FROM CRYSTAL VISIONS TAROT: CARD 1 SITUATION: QUEEN OF WANDS ~~ You are magnetic! Again, we are talking about your ability to manifest your goals today. You are noticing changes in your reality as you come more into alignment with your goals and they are becoming a reality for you. Your strength and caring shines through. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 3 OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ As things shift in your energy while you manifest you may notice some blockages that have been buried that now need to be cleared so you'll experience minor delay when doing so. Take heart that this delay is temporary. Work on releasing those things that are holding you back in making your dreams a reality. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 5 OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ You are letting go of the past and have a new appreciation of the lessons you have learned in the past. Depicted on the card are 3 cups floating down the river while fairies bring you 2 more. You are seeing the potential in the 2 cups you still have and willing to let go of the ones moving away from you. You can now move forward. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 6 OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ In your manifestation, you may be faced with a choice you don't want to make yet. This will cause yet another temporary delay, but you will need to decide in which direction you are going to go with it. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 9 OF CUPS ~~ Wishes! Respect the delays that are coming your way to take time out to really examine your goals. Are these goals still in line with your greatest good? Ask your angelic for messages on this and listen to the message. What you are currently manifesting may no longer serve your needs and desires. Change your goals as necessary.
KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE MARY MAGDALENE: TEACHER AWAKENS "You have something important to share. Follow the inner call. Don't let anything stop you." This was a particularly stunning card to pull today on a personal level. I give thanks to Mary for sharing this message. The biggest message here is that your vulnerabilities are your strengths. If you can and feel so moved, share your strengths with the world in order to teach someone else to rise to their potential. It's time to share a messages of love, compassion, understanding. FROM CRYSTAL VISIONS TAROT CARD 1 SITUATION: ACE OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ Spring is on it's way and we may be suddenly feeling the need to push along our goals in order to achieve them, but the timing isn't right. It's not the time to rush through and make hasty decisions and you may find that the harder you push the more delays you will run into. The universe has it's own timeline and it doesn't always coincide with yours. Have patience. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 8 OF CUPS ~~ This is a card of transition. You are walking away from what you once were and moving forward to something more fulfilling in your life. There may be pangs of regret as you let go of the past but it's a necessary thing to do in order to have room for growth. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 4 OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ You are on a new journey or a new part of your path and you have strong excitement to see this through. There is happiness and joy that surrounds your new project. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: PAGE OF PENTACLES ~~ Your dreams are manifesting and you are reaching your goals in good order and in good time. You are assured of success. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: QUEEN OF PENTACLES ~~ Earthy and efficient, you know how to get things done. Your practicality and financial savviness will pay out to your benefit.
FROM KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE CHARITY: PRAYER AND CONTEMPLATION "Connect with Heaven. Ask and you shall receive." Charity is the twin flame of Archangel Chamuel. You are encouraged to pray and meditate in order to connect with and understand the messages you receive from the Divine source. She will help you create a healing energy for the world. Because you selflessly put other before yourself, Charity recognizes you and is offering support to you in your time of need. It's time for you to receive as well so as to keep the flow of abundance moving. FROM CRYSTAL VISIONS TAROT: CARD 1 SITUATION: KNIGHT OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ You are being too obsessive and controlling in your current situation, with a project. You have to learn to let go and trust other who do have your best interest at heart. Yes, the project or goal is your baby, but there are others who share your vision and you need to trust them. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 5 OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ Whatever decisions you recently made regarding your job and health was a good one so stick to it. If you were recently in troubled waters, you are treading toward the shore now. Difficulties will become easier as you feel more secure. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: JUDGMENT IN REVERSE ~~ Lots of clients have been focused on Karma recently and it may be that you are feeling a need to clear and let go of some negative Karma that has been clinging to you through out lifetimes. Meditate on this with Charity and learn to let it go. It's time for resolution. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: PAGE OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ A situation is heating up and you need to take a step back in order to not deal harshly with it. You have to see the forest for the trees. Step back until you can cool your temper in order to remain just. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: QUEEN OF CUPS ~~ Honest and fair, you work from a place of love. Your decisions are made through love. Continue to spread your warm nurturing and be prepared to receive back. Remember that Charity is with you.
FROM KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE SAINT GERMAIN: KARMA RELEASING "Move beyond drama. Create your own path. Make room for good energy." Saint Germain is a guardian of the sacred Violet Flame along with his twin flame, Portial, in the temple at Telos. I have seen the Telos temple in meditation and it's beautiful! I highly recommend learning to work with the Violet Flame and the Sacred Fire. The Violet Flame will burn away all that is blocking you from your true potential, transmuting that block into energy that can be used to a better purpose. What is left behind are the holes of where those blocks were. You have made room for good energy, but you need to bring it in before something more negative settles in and you fill those empty spaces with positive energy from the Sacred Fire. Let it burn within you. Walk away from drama and cut cords. Work with the Violet often, daily even. FROM THE ARCANUM TAROT CARD 1 SITUATION: THE EMPRESS ~~ We've been seeing her a lot lately so make sure you heed her message! She is nature itself, in all of it's abundance and creativity. Bask in this beautiful energy and nourish your soul today. Take a walk in nature or sit in the sun, or in my case, the chilly rain! CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: KNIGHT OF CUPS ~~ You may be feeling the itch to share what's on your mind and in your heart right. There is a feeling of simple openness you will want to take advantage. Let your guard down for a bit and open your heart. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: THE HANGED MAN IN REVERSE ~~ A lack of faith may be leaving you stagnating and stewing too much in your own head. Pull out of it and face the world. We can all feel selfish from time to time, it's a human failing, but it's time to move past ego and into your heart. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 7 OF CUPS ~~ Sometimes we are faced with too many choices and decisions on our path and not all of them are true or good for us. Open your eyes to see which ones are truly divine gift and which ones are only illusions to stall you. Call upon the Violet Flame to burn away those choices that are not in your best interests and greatest good. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: QUEEN OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ It's easy to slip into a routine where you are not taking as good care of yourself as you could be or should be and you could be feeling disconnected because of this. Ask Saint Germain to step in and assist you. Don't forget to work the Sacred Fire as well. Visit Telos in meditation and if you can, take a trip to Mt. Shasta, you won't be disappointed. In the meantime, take care of yourself and reconnect.
FROM KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE GREEN TARA: SUPREME PROTECTION "You are protected. Cords are being cut. Move beyond limitation. Trust." You are being assured that the worst is behind you so if you are worried that this year is going to be as bad as last year, it won't be. Life is finally going to be turning around you and what held you back is finally being cut away from you. You are loved and protected. You no longer need to hide behind your walls. FROM THE ARCANUM TAROT: CARE 1 SITUATION: THE EMPEROR IN REVERSE ~~ You must be wary of being too stiff and rigid. If you don't bend on occasion, you will break. Though life might seem to be in chaos, I'm being told that there is a plan, you have to have faith and ride out the current storm. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: STRENGTH IN REVERSE ~~ Again, you are being told to trust. You are stronger than you feel right now. Shift your focus on what you perceive as lacking around you right now and see the plenty in order to raise your vibration. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 9 OF WANDS ~~ Whatever long term goal you had set recently, you are close to completing it so stick with it! You're almost there and you will be successful. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: THE CHARIOT ~~ Now is the time to travel and to make things happen. As was stated with card 3, you are close to achieving your goals, it's just a matter of time before you are finished. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 3 OF PENTACLES ~~ Work as a team with those around you and stay focused on those last short term goals in order for you to accomplish your ultimate goals. This is your year.
FROM THE KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE QUAN YIN: CARE AND COMPASSION "Choose to be love. Do what is right for everyone involved. Offer a helping hand." Quan Yin is a goddess of mercy and love. She is also closely associated with Reiki healing. You are encouraged to offer compassion and love to yourself and others. Take the time today to acknowledge all you do for others. You work from your sacred heart space to share beauty and healing and love. If you are struggling to understand others go to that place of compassion in your heart space. Even you disagree with someone, know that their intent was meant to be a good one and acknowledge that. FROM THE ARCANUM TAROT: CARD 1 SITUATION: 5 OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ While today may be a day of disappointments, continue to be open minded. All things are temporary. You don't have to wait long for your luck to change. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: THE LOVERS IN REVERSE ~~ Sometimes we focus too much within and lose the empathy for those around us, especially if we have been hurt. This is where Quan Yin's message of love and compassion is most important. You have to understand that your loved ones want to help you and have the best intentions even if their method was questionable. Move out of your ego and into your sacred heart space. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: JUSTICE ~~ Things are beginning to move in your favor now. Let go of existing in the dark and move yourself into the light. In this way you can find your balance. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 8 OF WANDS ~~ You are able to move from a place of courage and your decisions are as swift as the arrow. You know what you need and what you want and you will go for it. The time is right. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 6 OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ It's time to give recognition to those who have helped you along the way. Shift your focus to quality rather than quantity. In this you may find a shift in your beliefs as well.
FROM KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE WHITE EAGLE: ANCESTOR SPIRIT "Connect to your lineage. A family wound or pattern can be healed now." Reflect on your past. See where you have begun and look at where you are now and really see how far you've come. Dark times and good ones have both shaped your path and who you are. Shift your awareness and find comfort through grace. Old ancestral patterns may appear, but you are now in a position to move past it, to forgive it, to heal it. Notice that recent masters were Master Jesus, Mother Mary, The Myriam, and now White Eagle. All have shared messaged of family healing and unconditional love. FROM THE ARCANUM TAROT CARD 1 SITUATION: THE MAGICIAN ~~ You've either been or getting ready to set a pace on gleaning some knowledge that is outside of your expertise. Enjoy the study. Your will to manifest all you desire is strong at this time. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: THE TOWER IN REVERSE ~~ Sometimes in our fear of the unknown, of the change that is inevitable, we cling too hard to the past. It's time to let go. You could spin out of control, but this change is a welcome and good one. Just have faith. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: THE EMPRESS ~~ Abundance is coming your way. Nourish your soul with your creativity today. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 6 OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ There is an imbalance between giving and taking and you need to bring this back into balance before the flow of abundance halts. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: THE CHARIOT IN REVERSE ~~ If you currently feel overwhelmed in your current projects, take a step back to gain some clarity.
FROM THE KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE MOTHER MARY: LOVE AND PEACE "Let go of the need to be right. Choose peace. Mother healing is possible at this time." You do not have to be a Catholic or even a Christian to call upon the Holy Mother in your need. She is probably the most loved of all of the Saints. If you seek peace, call on her. Many times throughout my adult life I can walk into a room and smell roses. Ascended Masters work with you in need and will guide you right along with your angelic team. She brings healing through peace and peace through healing. It's time to let go of your need to be right. This is ego getting in the way of your relationships and your right to love and be loved in return. When you have to prove you are right by pointing that something else is wrong, it creates this road block to you life path destination. It's frustrating to everyone involved. Let go and live your truth. Others will follow when they are ready to accept your truth. You don't have to force it, prove it, or defend it. Approach situations from and through your sacred heart space energy, not your ego or fears. FROM THE ARCANUM TAROT CARD 1 SITUATION: THE HERMIT IN REVERSE ~~ You will need to come out of hiding eventually. Others need the wisdom you have to share so why not share it. The silence that you have retreated to in contemplation to understand and process your world has been wonderful, but it's time to share what you learned there. Work with Mother Mary to come out of your sanctuary in peace. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: THE LOVERS ~~ You have a choice to be made and in making this choice you bridging a gap between you and loved ones. Rather than just a significant other, this feels like it is something that affects your close family unit. There is change, big changes which can often be frightening, but this is a decision that is surrounded by a lot of love and warmth. It's a choice made out of love. You are reconnecting and it's beautiful. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 5 OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ This is a time where you might need to swallow your pride and ask for help. You'll be ok, but you need to focus on your health at this time. Bring this into balance and all else will fall in line. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: THE WORLD ~~ For some reason this energy seems in sync with the energy from the Lovers in this reading. The first word to catch my eye is "reintegration". There was almost a feeling a reunion with the Lovers and I feels these 2 cards are meant to be connected in this reading. You can manifest what you need now. You've come back to yourself, returning to the world, almost like a rebirth. Take advantage of it. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 2 OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ It's fine to be a bit picky. You seem to be focused more inwardly, toward your intuition, so you don't make a mistake. Allow that mistakes will happen and just embrace them as part of the process of being.
FROM THE KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE THE MYRIAM: SACRED VISION "Choose to forgive in order to heal. See the light in all. Remember that love has no boundaries." The Myriam are showing up frequently right so if you've been feeling stuck, down, and even angry without knowing for sure why, you need to examine what you are holding on to that is holding you back. Chances are, you just need to exercise some forgiveness. You can forgive faults of others, of yourself, and faults back through your ancestry. Be aware that you have lived other lives and have more to come as you learn your life lessons and move through your ascension path. When you take these faults and forgive them with love and grace, they no longer hold you back. You regain control. FROM THE ARCANUM TAROT CARD 1 SITUATION: 4 OF SWORDS ~~ You have seen what is coming, you are expecting the change and are calmly preparing for it. Sit in quiet thought so you can hear the messages from the Divine in the silence. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 6 OF SWORDS ~~ We reach several epiphanies throughout our lives as we ascend. You are currently moving through one such rite of passage. Sometimes it's a trial by fire, but you are strong enough to weather it. Keep moving forward. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: THE SUN ~~ Your confidence is going to shine like the sun today and it's time for you indulge a little bit in your success. Go enjoy yourself, You've earned it. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: KNIGHT OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ You are motivated to get done and past your current goals so you can make new ones, but don't get too up in being perfect. Pay attention to detail but not to distraction. You need to keep your eye on the big picture. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: THE HANGED MAN IN REVERSE ~~ You are still feeling stagnated in your goals and my guides are saying that you are not recognizing all you have accomplished at this time. It's well past time to do so. Push past selfish methods and count your blessings as they come.
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