Guiding Spirits

Psychic Medium with over 20 years experience.
CARD 1 SITUATION: THE MAGICIAN ~~ It's time to make decisions and stand firm in them. If you've put off stuff to make sure it was the right thing to do, then it's time to settle up. Do what you have the passion for and forget the rest, but whatever you do today, make it happen! CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 8 OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ Due to pursuing your dreams today, you will feel that you are too busy to do much of anything else. Things are so busy you won't have time to breathe. It's like you've the catalyst at last to get you moving in the right directions. However, you may feel frustrated as you suddenly hit obstacles in your way. Get creative and make yourself push through. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 4 OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ When you don't fit in with someone else's idea of what is the norm, it can cause friction and this in turn may put a bit of a strain on family matters. It's minor and you will weather it through. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 2 OF PENTACLES ~~ Everything is in a state of flux, I've been seeing it with clients for a couple of weeks now, so stay flexible to the waves of change as they occur. The universe seems set on shaking things up and it's difficult to foresee some events as everything is in a state of change. Breathe through it and as things calm down, you may even find your whole life path has altered. Be open. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: KNIGHT OF PENTACLES ~~ Going back to where we started in the first card, the Magician, the Knight is reminding you to make sure you finish what you start. Don't leave anything left undone in order to achieve your ends.
CARD 1 SITUATION: 1O OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ Things happen that you don't always get a say in and sometimes those things can knock you down. It's time now to get back up and pull yourself together. For some reason you are intent to carry baggage from your past no matter how clear the solutions are. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 8 OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ When the grass looks greener on the other side, take a good whiff. I can guarantee it's crappy fertilizer you'll smell. Poop is poop no matter what side you're on. Take what you have and put a positive light on it instead. You don't need what is on the other side. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: PAGE OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ News is still coming your way that you don't want to hear. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: THE TOWER ~~ Changes are still rocking your world like aftershocks of an earthquake. You'll need to try to keep your balance as this happens. This is a time where illusions will crumble to dust for you to see the truth. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: THE STAR ~~ A lot is happening and you will need to have faith to get through it all, but get through it you will. Each new day is a fresh start.
CARD 1 SITUATION: PAGE OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ Learning a new skill can be challenging. Your financial situation isn't helping at the moment as ends are just not meeting for you, however, this is temporary so don't worry. Do a check to see if your struggle is because you really want to be doing what you are doing. If this isn't resonating with you, try something else, but don't allow apathy to leave you sitting on your bum thumb twiddling. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 9 OF WANDS ~~ Patience is a virtue. And for most of us, that is the struggle. But don't give in now! You've come to far and you are winning the fight. You need to see things all the way through. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: JUSTICE IN REVERSE ~~ You are feeling like you'd like to scream as life can seem as though it's throwing of crap your way. It's all so unfair! Hang on, no need to scream yet. You just need good, solid, pro advice and you need to be the one to ask for it. Don't expect others to simply offer. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 7 OF WANDS ~~ The injustice you are facing is a platform to stand on. It's time to fight for what you believe in. While others may not jump on your band wagon, you have the passion and the drive to move ahead. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: THE LOVERS ~~ It's time to make your choice. It may be a choice or decision you have been avoiding but you can't any longer. Make sure it's really what you want. You can see things with clarity that you didn't see before so rethink that bridge crossing as there won't be any going back.
CARD 1 SITUATION: THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE IN REVERSE ~~ Today is not your day. Look for delays to bring about failures. Just try to remember that everything in life is temporary. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: QUEEN OF PENTACLES ~~ No matter how dire things seem to be with that reversed Wheel card, you can count on this Queen to bring a change of luck with her. She's no nonsense, honest, and straight forward. Everything you need right now. Channel her energy into your very light being today and change your luck. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: THE MAGICIAN IN REVERSE ~~ Your setbacks may make you feel like you don't believe in magic and miracles today, but don't worry, they are still there. Have a little bit of faith. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 7 OF PENTACLES ~~ No matter what, there is still a good deal of things to feel positive about. Draw on your patience and you can weather through this. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: ACE OF SWORDS ~~ Once again we are reminded that things won't be the same. That's fine, you don't want them to be. You need to grow.
CARD 1 SITUATION: 4 OF WANDS ~~ You have time to be happy and proud today. Everything feels like it's coming up roses at home and you want to show it off a little. That's cool. Prepare for a holiday weekend ahead. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: THE LOVERS ~~ After all of the readings regarding not letting your heart make decisions lately, here is an interesting card to tell you that you emotionally want to do just that, let your heart guide you. But before you do, allow your intellect to step into the situation before something happens that you will regret. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: JUDGMENT IN REVERSE ~~ You feel the need to change where you are coming from, but not everyone will see it that way or understand why. Your ascension level is elevated and some around you haven't quite caught up yet and until they do, you are going to be seen in a confusing light. Don't wait for direction from someone else, you know the way you have to go. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 3 OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ You are not financially out of the woods yet so expect more delays before you can move ahead. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: PAGE OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ You are keeping things bottled up and are being advised not to. Just say it, say what's on your mind. You'll feel better when you do.
CARD 1 SITUATION: THE EMPEROR ~~ It's time to let your masculine energy come forth. Mind over Matter today. You are working hard to have success and security and it's finally your due. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 5 OF SWORDS ~~ Not everyone is on the same page you are. Pick your battles and where you can avoid a war of words, do so. It won't be beneficial to you. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 7 OF SWORDS ~~ Literally this whole reading is asking you to sit aside your emotional nature for the rational. Focus on facts, use your tact and whatever diplomacy you have at your disposal to sort the situation. Don't act out of haste or emotions. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: THE TOWER IN REVERSE ~~ Even though I've been talking about all of the changes that are happening in your life lately, you aren't prepared for all of them. There are always unforeseen things to come in a shake up a situation. Remember to roll with the tide before things get too far out of control. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 8 OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ You have more control than you believe. Take the reigns and bring things around. You are the driver and can get to where you need to be. Things are clear to you now and you can act on them. You are not a victim of your circumstances so put that mentality away.
CARD 1 SITUATION: 8 OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ You are not feeling as though you are fulfilling your life path and it's down right boring you. You need to change things up a bit. Life is too short to follow what your heart desires. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 8 OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ Things feel as though they are turned on their heads as nothing is working out to what you had expected. Where you expected things to be easy, it has proven to be difficult. You feel stretched in too many directions and it's time to refocus. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 5 OF SWORDS ~~ Normally I cringe whenever the 5 of any suit comes up as they are generally not great situational cards, however my guides are assuring that this not a bad thing for today. Just remember to pick your battles. You don't have to be in the thick of every battlefield in order to get things done. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: THE MAGICIAN ~~ Stop putting things are on pause. Sometimes it feels as though your whole life is on pause when you could be pulling it all together. Though you've recently missed some opportunities you should not have, new ones are coming your way so pay attention this time around. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 9 OF CUPS ~~ Make your wish and it will come true. Don't stop and let your feet become idle for too long as you need to keep moving, but your wishes will manifest and find you.
CARD 1 SITUATION: 7 OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ Opportunities have been missed and perhaps current financial situation is a result of ill fated decisions that you should have thought more about before going ahead with plans. Nothing for it now but to weather it through, learn from your mistakes. To do so, you need to look at your situation with patience. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 2 OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ You feel the ball dropping as you are spreading out too thin. You are so focused on small situation that the larger pieces of the bigger picture are not getting the attention that they need. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 10 OF WANDS ~~ Life is all work and no play right now. Your responsibilities are pressuring you and you will need to delegate to get things done. Time to prioritize. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: KING OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ Time to listen to some hard truths as you are consumed with work and keeping the possessions you have. Remember not to get tied to possessions, they are not why you are here. Possessions can be replaced if lost, but not those you love. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 3 OF PENTACLES ~~ Things are going to be on the up and up so keep going through your situation as it will resolve soon. Once it does there will actually be room to breathe.
CARD 1 SITUATION: ACE OF WANDS ~~ Pulling it from Crystal Visions Tarot deck tonight. Remember that tomorrow is the new moon and if you write out abundance checks or do any form of abundance or manifestation ritual, now is the time to pay attention and make things happen! The universe is on your side and you need to keep open to the new opportunity coming your way. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: QUEEN OF SWORDS ~~ Focus on the facts. If the past is causing you pain, it's time to rid yourself of it. You have to move past the emotions of it. Honesty is going to sting a bit, but you will need to hear it. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 9 OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ Anxiety and panic are causing a situation to seem to be more of a nightmare than it actually is. Take a deep breath when you start to feel like a deer caught in headlights. Things are not that dire, it's just your imagination playing tricks on you. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 4 OF CUPS ~~ You are feeling bored and a bit stagnated causing you to miss important stuff right under your nose. You really need to be paying attention. Don't be so focused on looking in that you forget the people and life all around you. Balance is key. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: KNIGHT OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ You should not engage in rumors and need to avoid it all costs. It's hard not to be the subject of them and this may be ruining your thought out plans. Be prepared to change and go with the flow.
CARD 1 SITUATION: ACE OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ You've gone through some emotional cleansing, had a good cry and now it's time to fill the empty space with good things. Everything in life is temporary and good feelings are going to flow again. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: PAGE OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ It's time to stop irrational thoughts and move yourself back into reality. Your feelings were hurt, but it's now over and time to move past it. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: THE EMPRESS ~~ It's time to get yourself back into a position where you can resume taking care of others. But first you have to take care of yourself. Nurture yourself today. Follow your heart and have a little bit of fun. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: KING OF PENTACLES ~~ Trust in your own good common sense. It's hard to come by sometimes, so if you've got it, use it. Why not? Really take in a situation before making decisions today and make sure you have truly seen everything so there are no surprises. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 8 OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ Where once you thought your hands were tied, you now see a way out of that situation. You are not a victim! Take control and break free.
CARD 1 SITUATION: 6 OF PENTACLES ~~ This is your karmic wake up call. Today is a day to be generous with what you have. However, if you need it, it's time to not be shy in asking as help is there for you. As I always say, pay it back and pay it forward. Remember that you can only give when your cup is full. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 2 OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ Self doubt is creeping in and possibly rearing it's ugly head. Don't allow it to. You are great at what you do. The biggest fear you have is worrying whether or not you have the strength of your convictions to see things to the end. Hand in there, you do and you need to trust yourself. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: KING OF SWORDS ~~ Be organized and filter away your emotions for cold, hard facts today. You need to clear out the mental clutter to see the situation in a way that can be fairly judged. Be honest. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 8 OF CUPS ~~ Trust you instincts, they won't let you down. You need to have faith in yourself as you will soon see the outcome you need to have. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 4 OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ Every issue you are faced with has a way out. You just need to shift your focus. No matter how dark things seem, stop and look at what is right there in front of you. You will see that there is still beauty in the world.
CARD 1 SITUATION: ACE OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ Stop before making a decision! Today is not the day to do that so put off anything major decision making. You may think you want a fresh start but what you have in mind may only be a passing fad of an idea so hold your horses until you're sure. Clarity will come soon. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: QUEEN OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ Someone is doing some backstabbing whether they realize they are or not. It could just be minor gossip that will affect you, and therefore they may be so in the habit of spreading gossip that they may not realize they are being harmful to your reputation. Take a step back before exacting revenge. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: QUEEN OF PENTACLES ~~ Be the loving, nurturing person you are today. You are one to get things in a quick and efficient manner, but no less loving in spite of the efficiency. Changing fortunes in your favor is part of your energy and people are attracted to your down to earth nature. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: JUDGMENT IN REVERSE ~~ Focus on your free will today rather than what you think you are destined to do. Not everything requires the signpost on the path. There are many paths to the same destination. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: CHAINS IN REVERSE ~~ You need to break free from habits that are holding you back and keeping you down. It won't be an easy thing to do but it will be worth it.
CARD 1 SITUATION: THE SUN ~~ This card brings hope, peace, and harmony! There is success to all of this. Your luck is turning for the best and you can celebrate and feel really good today. There is always light even in the dark. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 5 OF CUPS ~~ Sometimes our most challenging lesson is to realize that we can't change the past and we need to move on. We tend to focus on problems rather than solutions. It's good to remember that everything is temporary and a bump in the road of life, is just that. Only a bump. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 4 OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ Look on things with fresh eyes and you'll suddenly see the solutions to your problems. All of the good things in life are right there for you to see. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: ACE OF PENTACLES ~~ You'll receive the help you need. Time for some happy as you begin to feel more grounded and on more solid financial ground. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: PAGE OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ Remember to seek to understand others and their habits rather than just being judgmental. When others are trying to get under your skin, don't let them.
CARD 1 SITUATION: KNIGHT OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ Sometimes our best laid are deliberately ruined. Sometimes it's people from the outside, sometimes we sabotage ourselves for whatever reason. It' happens. During this time, make sure you are not engaging in harmful gossip. This will come back to bite you. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: KING OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ It can be difficult to take responsibility for your own stuff, but you must. Otherwise, you really are being your own worst enemy. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 7 OF WANDS ~~ It's time to take a stand for what you believe in. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. Set your boundaries and don't allow anyone's opinion to make you feel defeated. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 6 OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ Your financial situation is not the most stable at the moment so you must be careful It's temporary, but when you need help it won't be there. Cling to your life boat. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: ACE OF SWORDS ~~ Nothing will be the same again, but you knew the recent changes were going to close doors that will not be re opened. Instead go through the new open doors as new opportunities are awaiting you.
CARD 1 SITUATION: 4 OF WANDS ~~ Things are going great at the homestead and it's boosting your feelings of confidence today! Enjoy yourself and celebrate. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 9 OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ Sometimes our imagination and dreams are better than our reality. You might be feeling a tad disappointed that what you have desired is not exactly all that and a bag of chips. Cheer up though, remember to work for what you want, count your blessings for what you have and get and keep plugging on. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: KNIGHT OF CUPS ~~ Feelings are still at the forefront! You are finding an emotional solution to an emotional situation. This is a time to make sure your desires are rooted in reality. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 10 OF CUPS ~~ Things are coming up roses. Commitment is on the horizon in your relationships. Be prepared for a pleasant surprise. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 2 OF SWORDS ~~ Make sure you are awake to smell the coffee! Notice everything around you and make sure you are making informed decisions.
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