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Psychic Medium with over 20 years experience.
CARD 1 SITUATION: THE TOWER IN REVERSE ~~ It's time to pay attention to what you have foreseen. You can't hide your head in the sand even if you wanted to. What has been seen cannot be unseen. So you might as well meet it head on. You know there are going to be delays and hiccups in the road so be prepared to jump and land. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 10 OF CUPS ~~ Smiles all around! Even though there will be delays you have so much to celebrate. There are a lot of positive things to look toward today so have a day to wallow in the glory. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 10 OF WANDS ~~ You are taking on too much and need to learn to say 'no'! It's ok to say it, you won't get your hand slapped. You have to take time to slow down. You need to find time to sort through your tasks and reprioritize. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: ACE OF CUPS ~~ Love is the ever flowing ray of energy from your cup today. It is the beginning of all of you do. It's time to be happy and allow your cup to overflow and encompass those around you. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: THE STAR IN REVERSE ~~ Remember to hand onto your faith. It's easy to lose sight of it when you feel as though everything is negative. Don't allow your feelings to get bottled up.
CARD 1 SITUATION: 9 OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ I actually love this card because it gives you a bit of hope over a situation you might be obsessing about. It's normal to stress about certain things no matter how positive you try to roll and sometimes our own fears can project a much bigger and more nightmarish quality to our situation. This is keeping us awake at night! But know that it's not really that big of a deal in reality and your fears are just a projection. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 2 OF PENTACLES ~~ Time for flexibility! As life has it's normal ups and downs, you have to roll with the tide. Realize that everything is temporary. Going to sound like a broken record here, but gonna say it anyway: The only in the universe is change. So when you hit a dip, know that you are soon to rise again and it's all ok. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: KING OF SWORDS ~~ It's time to reorganize and logically sort your personal self. You've got some emotional baggage collected over this year that you don't bring into the new year with you and some stuff that you would like to continue. Organize you mind, body, and spirit and ditch all that is not in complete accord with you. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 3 OF WANDS ~~ As you go this reorganization you can rest assured that you are making the right choices. Maintain your sight on the big picture and just go for it. You know what you want and at the moment, there is nothing holding you back. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 10 OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ Sometimes the apple cart is overturned and you have to do the clean up. However, you need to make changes. Sometimes you have to put yourself first and others will have to understand. Try not to step on toes as you do so and retain your diplomacy. Now is a good time to count your blessings.
CARD 1 SITUATION: 7 OF PENTACLES ~~ Time to be positive as the rewards for all of your hard and good are finally coming in! You are fine setting those long term goals as you are settling into the patience required for this hard work and are ready to take it on. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 4 OF SWORDS ~~ You need take time out for healing today. Remember that if you don't take care of things yourself, the universe will step in and take care of it for you. So would rather take a day off of work or end up in the hospital for that much needed day of rest? CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 5 OF SWORDS ~~ Even though sometimes if feels like everything is going wrong, there really is a solution to all of it. Calm your mind so you can see it. Talk to others, and debate rather than argue, you'll go farther that way. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 8 OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ You aren't living your soul's purpose and you are realizing that now. It's time to make some changes in your life. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: THE STAR IN REVERSE ~~ When you find your soul's purpose you will find your faith restored. Sorry for the lack of post last night, the winter storm we had knocked out my internet service! But while we still have snow all day today, internet was restored this morning and I'm back in business.
CARD 1 SITUATION: ACE OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ This card keeps showing in the daily readings so pay attention and watch your pennies! Especially as we close in on the holiday season, bad financial decisions can make things extra difficult down the road. Do not spend where you don't need to today. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: THE MOON ~~ You are allowing your fears to surface and guide you today creating extra confusion. It's an easy trap to fall into, especially with Mercury's Retrograde which lasts until the 22'nd. At least it's direct again for the new year! Work extra hard to sit your fears aside. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 7 OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ Deception is abundant today and you need to pay attention to the things right under your very nose! Don't be taken in by something too good to be true.CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 3 OF CUPS ~~ At least there will be time to wind down with some friendly faces. Go hang out with family and friends for a drink or even just chill with Netflix, but spend time with others. You'll be glad you did today. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: THE HERMIT ~~ Don't forget to schedule some time just for yourself as well. We all need a little piece and quiet to sort through our own thoughts.
CARD 1 SITUATION: 9 OF SWORDS ~~ It's nothing but worry and more worry today! Oh no! You have so much on your mind right that you may be finding sleep illusive. You are projecting your fears and need to try to calm things down. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 3 OF CUPS ~~ Try calming those fears by letting your hair down and having some fun. Get out with some friends. You can take a break, it's ok. Things aren't going anywhere, your issues will still be there to be dealt with when you return. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: THE FOOL IN REVERSE ~~ Not the time to be acting a fool so don't make a rash decision. STOP and think. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: QUEEN OF PENTACLES ~~ No fuss, no muss. The queen doesn't play when it come to solving problems or doing things in an efficient manner, but she is also loving and nurturing. Like the queen, you too can turn a not so great situation into the best that you can. It's all about perspective. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 6 OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ The past can sometimes hold clues to the answers you seek even if you'd rather not revisit it. However, take a glance in the widow of memory, don't open it and go it and stay there. If you become trapped in the past, you can't possibly move forward.
Being Mercury Retrograde, I just want to let everyone be aware that it affects all communication and occasionally, as was the case today, my laptop will freeze in the middle of a chat session. When that happens, I have to take a moment to reboot it. It only takes less than a minute and as soon as I'm back online, please look for a free minute offer for your patience because I do send an offer when there is a technical difficulty on my end. So if it appears that I have shut down a chat abruptly, I can assure you, it was not intentional and I will be immediately back on and sending you a free minute to continue the conversation. My laptop has behaved for awhile, but this morning it did freeze up, probably due to the last Windows 10 Creator's update that I just did the night before. Thanks again for your patience! Here's today's reading! CARD 1 SITUATION: JUSTICE IN REVERSE ~~ You are feeling the butt end of being on the losing side of a double standard. You will have to stand up for yourself and in doing so may need to gather others around who have suffered as well and take in some good advice. You do not have to take being treated in an unfair manner. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: THE HANGED MAN ~~ It's time to relax into the quiet times and decide on those things that will need to be left behind. Being independent sometimes means making those sacrifices of the things that no longer serve you. Choose carefully. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: ACE OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ Watch your pennies very closely right now. There is a risk to everything and you can't afford a bad decision about finances right now. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 7 OF SWORDS ~~ When one approach isn't working, you need to change direction. Bite your tongue and go for diplomacy. You have to pick your battles and today is the wrong day to make the wrong assault. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 6 OF WANDS ~~ Congratulations, you've made it through another day. Hey, sometimes it's life's little victories, right? Time to celebrate though, you've done well. You are finally reaping favors and rewards.
CARD 1 THE SITUATION: QUEEN OF WANDS ~~ It's time for boldness and to also have a little fun. Why not? You're a force of nature when you've a mind and the world should be able to see and appreciate your awesomeness. Don't be afraid to hang out with your awesome friends and seek advice on those things bugging you today. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: THE CHARIOT ~~ The Full moon and the retrograde of Mercury is turning everything on it's head today and you are feeling as though you have no control over where you are headed. You have more control than you think, but you might have to get creative on the steering. You will be fine, you'll get to where you are going. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 3 OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ You are on a path of growth right now. This is perfect during this time as you are realizing that your past doesn't have to define you. You can let it go, grow, and move forward without the pain that the past can have for you. There is a silver lining. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: THE FOOL IN REVERSE ~~ Recklessness will be your downfall today. STOP and think and make better choices. Otherwise you are going to miss out on the best opportunities. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 10 OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ It's not how often you fall down, it's how you get back up and keep going. It's time to let go of the baggage that is weighing you down. Each time you falter, you get back up. You keep going. You fall 10 times, you get up 11. That's how you get through it.
CARD 1 SITUATION: KING OF SWORDS ~~Mercury Retrograde is in full swing now! there is no room for clutter, not in your head or heart so it's time to clear it all out. You need to get organized in a logical manner. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: THE DEVIL ~~ Your prison is only there because you believe it to be. You need to realize that you are the only one who holds the key to it. It's time to set yourself free. Keep in mind that your prison, while a prison, is still a familiar home. you don't unlock the door and expect to be done forever with it. You will have to go back and keep unlocking that door as you will find yourself back in your cell often for now. Eventually you will get used to being free and then you're done. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: QUEEN OF CUPS ~~ You are going to need to be compassionate and kind to those around you. Listen well to what people are saying in your group as you may suddenly hear the answers you seek for your own issues. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 6 OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ Remember that Mercury is seriously screwing with you right now so expect some delays on your plans. Take it a reason to look over your goals again and make sure you have ones that are feasible and attainable. Keep trying! CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 2 OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ Everything feels like it's on a roller coaster and you will need to be reminded that you need to focus on the situation in your head and not through an emotional ego at the moment. Learn to let go.
Before I jump right into the reading, I have to say I am definitely not the most tech savvy person. But then I forget to water my house plants and repel cell phones so I guess a certain amount of tech ignorance is mine to own. I just figured out how to find comments on my blog posts. So for everyone and anyone who has been kind enough to comment on some posts and I haven't responded, I'M SO SORRY! I completely apologize, I wasn't a jerk intentionally, just didn't know how to find comments. I had assumed I'd be pinged somehow and that no one was actually making comments. Thank goodness I really haven't missed that many, but even so, I'm sorry I missed them when you posted and now that I know how to find them and comment back, I will much more diligent in seeing them and responding. You guys are awesome, thanks for being patient. With that said, we are entering another Mercury Retrograde so buckle up. I've noticed a lot of extremes with this one. I, for one, feel like I'm being pulled in two directions and I am constantly trying to stay centered and grounded in order to focus. To work yourself through this retrograde period, focus on your intuition and intellect and less on your emotions, stay grounded as much and as often as you can. Ask your guides for assistance and stick your current focus on shorter term goals. You can refocus on long term things toward the end of the month. Breathe through it, the retrograde can be annoying, but you can make the best of it by using the energy to advantages if you know what to expect. Don't fear the retrograde, simply use it wisely to get the most of out of this period. Have fun with it. And once again, I won't be a stranger on my blog comments! On a quick side note for those who know I'm a huge Marvel fan, haven't seen Ragnarok yet, it's on my list, yes the trailer for Infinity War is epic! Grrr, missed out on Spider-man Homecoming, hope to catch it on DVD, and The Punisher was amazing! Yes, I binged Stranger Things season 2 and the new season of Frontier was pretty awesome as well. Ok, so now we are all caught up, here's the reading for today! CARD 1 SITUATION: 3 OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ Expect delays and some financial setbacks. Well, it is the retrograde, so be prepared. Especially when finances are the issue, you may want to keep things private, but try as you might, getting outside advice may not be avoidable. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: THE LOVERS ~~ Not surprised to see this card in this position. This is a big focus for a lot of people at this time of year. For those of you in long term relationships, your wait is coming to an end. Big decisions are being made. Especially if you are not yet married, now is the time to think about your future and what path you want to take. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 9 OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ Dreams are awesome! but make sure you are not just stuck in the dream. You still have to put in the work to make them manifest. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 10 OF WANDS ~~ In an effort to combat day to day routine boredom, you may find yourself taking on too much! Stop and slow your roll. Take time out to look at what you have on your plate already and see what you can give up so you aren't so stressed. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: THE MOON ~~ With the retrograde here it's easy to become confused. You may even feel as though you can't trust your inner voice right now and that's ok. There is deception but you're expecting it. Make sure you are not repeating the past.
CARD 1 SITUATION: THE WORLD ~~ It's time for celebration! As we begin to close out the year, things have come full circle. It's time to reflect on where you were and how far you've come. Be proud of the progress of this year, you've worked hard to break cycles and reinvent yourself. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: THE TOWER ~~ Speaking of the year's reflection, change has been the predominant force this year and will continue to be so in the year to come. Expect to continue to have your previous belief systems challenged and fall away in the wake of new ways of thinking that are more in line with your soul and your soul's path. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: THE HANGED MAN IN REVERSE ~~ Suddenly you may feel that you have reached a state of limbo. This is also a time to remember that aren't hanging around to be someone else's punching bag. Don't allow others to bring you into subservience. You've come too far in your independence to go back now. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: THE DEVIL IN REVERSE ~~ In many ways this has been a tough year, indeed a tough couple of years, but you are breaking the chains that have held you back. It hasn't been easy, but it wouldn't have been worth the struggle if had been. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 8 OF WANDS ~~ Don't expect that feeling of limbo to last for long. Once gone things are happening so fast now that you may wish for it back. Use your time wisely.
CARD 1 SITUATION: 2 OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ In the middle of the situation is not the time to begin to worry if you have what it takes to see it all the way through. However, these nagging worries will have be more cautious than making rash decisions. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: THE SUN ~~ The Sun once again appears. Remember it was also in yesterday's reading. The sun is shining through your doubts and shedding light on your goals. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: STRENGTH IN REVERSE ~~ Your insecurities will compromise your strength and resolve today. You are going to have to dig deep to remember that all of the strength you need is already with you. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: THE HIEROPHANT ~~ Stick to tradition and stick to what you already know. it isn't the time to go changing the game. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 6 OF PENTACLES ~~ The one I call the Karma card. Give what you can and take what you need but a reminder that the bill always comes due. Pay it back or pay it forward, but pay you must.
CARD 1 SITUATION: 5 OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ This is a card of financial hardship, however my guides are directing me to think of it this time and a bit clearing house. It can be a financial and emotional strain but you are making room for better things to come so hang in there. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 7 OF CUPS ~~ Sometimes we don't know which end is up when we have so many decisions to decide and things to choose from. Narrow down the possibilities by letting go of what you don't need. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: THE EMPRESS IN REVERSE ~~ It's time to search and be honest with your feelings. Repressing them only makes you feel worse. You need to self nurture. Find creative way to express yourself. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: THE SUN ~~ The sun is always shining somewhere. You don't have to look far for it. It's time to enjoy a place of peace. CARD 5 DAILY LESSONS: KING OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ Be mindful of following someone who deals in empty promises. Their heart is in the right place, don't judge them harshly. Just be aware that empty promises are not what you are needing right now.
CARD 1 SITUATION: 7 OF PENTACLES ~~ This reading seems to be focus mostly on business and finances today beginning with this card. You are harvesting the fruits of your labor now. Reaching your goals feels good right now and it's time for a little pat on the back. Maintain your patience and keep working toward the long term goals you have set. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 5 OF SWORDS ~~ Revenge is best served cold. It's time to pick your battles. Step outside of your personal pride as being driven by it won't serve your ultimate goals, it's only going to hold you back and cause delays you don't need right now. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 5 OF PENTACLES ~~ Financial worries are on your mind, but remember to keep working toward your goals. Your situation is good even if you are feeling insecure. Stay focused and don't let pride get your better. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 9 OF PENTACLES ~~ Good things are attracted by good things. Expectations lead to manifestation as the universe is listening. Opportunities are good. Relax and enjoy yourself a bit. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 6 OF WANDS ~~ Congratulations are in order. The insecurity you felt will be put to rest as you realize your success. Be happy for what you have. It wasn't a gift, you earned and deserve it.
CARD 1 SITUATION: KNIGHT OF SWORDS ~~ The storm is coming so you need to be prepared. Others could see something about you as a challenge, but there viewpoints aren't your baggage to claim. However, it's time to be tactful as being aggressive or confrontational won't serve you. How they see you isn't personal and you can't take that way. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 9 OF CUPS ~~ Love this card! Wishes will come true for you, literally the stars are filling your cups. You still can't shrug away from effort, but it's a good time to dream and to dream big. Be happy and proud, but don't sit for long. You've got to keep moving. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 9 OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ This card always reminds me of the prophetic dreams I have. Often they are scary, like nightmares, for me. For instance, I dreamed I was with my mother and we had gone to lunch. As we were leaving the restaurant, the sky turned dark as night in the middle of the afternoon and it began to rain. Suddenly everyone is scrambling to get somewhere safe as coffins and crosses are falling from the sky all around us. I'm running and suddenly notice mom isn't with me. I turned and notice she had fallen. I go back for her and she tells me to just leave her and I wouldn't. I woke up shaking all over. I felt like I had dreamed of the apocalypse. In reality, it was, but not like you'd think. It was the beginning of the end of life as my mother knew it. Not long after that dream she had part of her right leg amputated and her life and health were not the same after that. But that nightmare was far more scary than the event of her surgery. The 9 of Swords reversed reminds us that sometimes our fears can get the better of us. It can make monsters out of shadows and we need to remember to stay focused on the reality of the situation. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 4 OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ Not every thing is going to be smooth right now. Remember the situation card. You may have to adjust to a new version of normal. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: THE DEVIL ~~ You allow others to have all of the power over you. The only prison you are in is one of your own making. Only you can take back the power that is yours and only you can break your chains.
CARD 1 SITUATION: THE HERMIT IN REVERSE ~~ You are feeling like you want to go and hide your head in the sand over current situations. This isn't going to help anything, you will just need to face things head on as they come. Don't be afraid to ask for help to help you cope. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: ACE OF SWORDS ~~ Whether or not you are really wanting to hear the truth, the truth you shall have. Once heard, it can't be unheard and nothing will be the same afterwards. It's time to take action. You know what you need to do and let go of. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE ~~ Luck is going to be turning in your favor. Look for the opportunities and if you don't see them, create them. You have the power to do that and manifest what you want and need right now as the universe is on your side. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: 3 OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ Insecurities are suddenly coming to forefront, especially with people that you should be feeling comfortable with. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: 4 OF SWORDS ~~ You have to remember that you need to take time to heal and you need to take a day of rest in order to heal asap! Take a pajama day and rest. If you don't make time to take of yourself, the universe will create a situation to make you take time to heal.
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