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Trusting anyone after being hurt can leave you stuck and sometimes it starts to effect how you trust yourself.

You may wonder, "Am I making the right decision to trust this person?"

"Is he/she lying to me or telling the truth?"

"Should I take this job or should I stay where I'm at?"

It's normal to ask yourself these questions. However, it can be unhealthy when this is all you think about or your fear causes you to become stuck and unable to make any clear decisions at all.

Here's a few tricks to get you closer to trusting again...

Trusting someone starts with trusting yourself and your guides/angels to make a good decision.

Long ago, I had serious trust issues and begin using a few tricks that I still depend on today. I started using these tricks because I had no one in my life to depend on. Little did I know that this also helped me develop a trust in myself and others.

1. Some of you probably already do this but it really works better as you gain more trust in your angels. Ask them to let you see a blue bird, a yellow butterfly, a red shoe or anything that is not very common but exists so that you will know if it's a YES that you are making the right decision.

You can also ask, "Is he the right man for me? Show me a green ribbon, today."

2. I have numerology numbers that I depend on for answers. Sometimes I just need to know that everything is going to be ok. For me seeing 222 means going the right path or 444 is my Angels are here to help. These numbers comfort me when things get tough.

777 usually mean that what you are doing will bring great results. 1111 means focus on your most happiest self and let go of everything else. The Universe has your back. Some feel that 1111 also means make a wish or ask for what you need.

My favorite number is 511. This to me means there will be changes but there will be good ones. No worries.


There is nothing wrong with using a tool to help you gain your trust back. Being human can be confusing and hard. Angels and guides know this and do their best to try to help. Just listen and watch for your sign.

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Fun, sex and a great relationship is not impossible now that you are over 40 years old and divorced.

It certainly may feel like your chances are over as you try to dip a toe back in the playing field of dating.  Yup,'s scary as heck. I will concur! BUT there is a few tactics you can do to make sure you get the most out of your love life now!

#1 Make sure you are very clear with yourself about what you want BEFORE dating. "I'm just looking to see what's out there." the wrong frame of mind when you are secretly looking for love but too proud to admit it.

Go ahead and throw that pride in the trash. Be real!

You're looking for a good man that is going to be supportive of your dreams, that is affectionate, got his sh** together (a car, his own apartment or home and a good job!). You want to be chased not BE THE CHASER. What I mean is, you want to feel wanted. He calls or text consistently and his words matches his actions.

#2 Speak up about what you want between the first date and second date! Let him know what you expect and what you are looking for. If he has a problem with it let him go.

#3 Ask him what he wants! Oh my gosh. This is so important. Don't wait months later to know that this man doesn't want a relationship. Yes, some men lie or they think they are ready but when they get close to you they bounce from fear...this is were you look at his actions. A man can't lie with his actions...they can't help it.

If he says he wants a relationship with you but never available or don't initiate communication or asks you out (not hanging out at his home or yours - in public), that's a red flag. Take it as face value and stop listening to the excuses. NEXT!

#4 Quickly process men that are not working for you faster. If you are dating a guy and you are doing all the work, then LET HIM GO. I know, I know have feelings for him, he was passionate and romantic at the beginning and now you don't know why he has sort of disappeared.

The quicker you get over it and know this has nothing to do with you, the quicker you will find someone that WILL give 100%.

**Something is going on in his life that is keeping him from being a healthy participant.** It could be he is emotionally stuck and unavailable, he could have money issues that he is worried about, he might have another woman or is married and/or he is dealing with physical or mental health problems. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU!

#5 Stop telling your friends about your love life! I know you want advice, but know not everyone wants the best for you. There are other friends who over worry and give you advice based off of their own fear. I guarantee this will sabotage any chances of a good man in your life.

#6 Be what you are asking for. If you want a man that is compassionate and is excellent in bed than you better bring your 'A Game'! If you want him to dress nice and smell nice then that's what you need to be for him.


Dating in your 40's is way different when you are 20! You got to be focused and be ready to take action when things are not working. You can't fix a man! You don't have time for that.

Be honest with yourself without fear or judgment about what type of relationship you want and then there will be less hiccups, drama and confusion in the long run.

This is Jessica Spirit...

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Most tarot readers that I know use their tarot cards as a prevention or look out for their future.  A few years ago, I started using tarot cards to see if I should continue dating a guy or if I should run. But first, I tested the cards to see what they really meant and if what they meant was true each time. Oh my! Some of the cards I pulled I really wish I listened to. READ MORE

Stop from getting hurt in your relationships by reading this...

You can pull the cards I mention below from a Rider Waite Tarot Deck and it will work just fine without all the cards to find out about your guy. Even if you don't know anything about tarot you can do this!

In Tarot, some minor arcana cards represent a person in your life that might pop up several times. These cards mark who they are and what they're about.  For instance, if my question was about family and my uncle was a major part of my life, he might be shown in the cards as the King of Cups  and may show up every time I ask a question about family or about him in particular. READ MORE

Funny to think, but I had totally forgotten that I did the love ritual. So, he says, “Jessica, I love you.” And I looked at him like what? I was totally in shock but knew that my invitation that I sent to him was accepted.

That’s why I totally believe in love rituals but understand it only works if...READ MORE

The most irritating thing anyone can do to a tarot reader is assume that we know what you are thinking and feeling. I often get ask at least twice a week, “Don’t you suppose to know that already?” So, let me eloquently explain the difference....READ MORE>>

Yesterday a lady came to me and wanted to know about her financial situation and if her money was going to increase for 2018. It’s a pretty popular question that I get from clients. What most people don’t know...READ MORE>>

The following is a conversation I had with a client. Yes, she gave me permission to use her situation in order to help with an unfortunately popular issue among women who are dating or dealing with their boyfriends. The names have been changed to protect their identity.

Hey Leela. How are you? – Tarot Reader

I’m hurtin’. I’m not going to lie. – Client

Why? What happened? – Tarot Reader

It’s Jacob. Everything was going great. We got so close and he just stopped communicating. Like I could feel something was wrong before he stopped cuz the way he text was not his usually loving self.  I just don’t know what to do... READ MORE

When I do face to face readings for relationships and I lay down the LOVERS card clients always assume they are going to have love or connect with someone.
That is not always true. It depends on:

The Question That is Being Asked
The Cards Next To It
The Intent and energy of the Client


I’m going to try to share this story and make it short. But I think it is time to tell all who will read.

About 10 years ago I had this dream. No. It was more like an experience. I could feel other people in a way that I’d never could imagine here on earth. Dare I say, I could feel their consciousness in a village that I lived in. READ MORE

During the beginning of the New Year we receive a lot of questions about what is going to happen in 2018. The questions are mostly about love and finances which is totally understandable.  As humans we are creatures that love to connect with one another. A stable finance is extremely important for  survival in our world. Acknowledging these facts, two psychics... READ MORE

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I'm excited to show off my first video reading. Really down to earth no fluff, no I just want it to be as real as possible. For this reading I did a 3 card spread and you can see how I'm shuffling in all that. I didn't put out my candle, water or crystals...because I'm use to what it should feel like when I have a connection. But, on days that I'm having a hard time "seeing" I will put out the tools. :) ENJOY.

Watch Tarot Reading Video here:

I have used love spells twice in my life. Both times, very surprisingly they have worked for me.

As long as you put good intent and outcome in your love spell, plus, have patience it will come true.

The first spell I ever did was for a love relationship with a co-worker. We flirted once a twice a week with each other and I wanted more. I did the love spell and the next night he confessed that he loved me. I couldn't believe. In fact, it frightened me and I reversed the love spell.

The second time I did the spell I knew what I wanted and I was much older. I knew I had the power to change my mind at any time. It took about two months after the spell before the guy I was dating told me I was his and we were in a committed relationship.

The easiest way to get quick results from a spell is to be specific.

Both love spells I have done in the past were detailed about how I wanted the man I was dating to love me. Spells have power and if done correctly you will see results.

The only time a spell may NOT work is if the person you wish to fall in love with has already declined and its not an option for them.

A love spell works best when it is an option in the person's mind and
had a conversation with you 4 to 6 times.

Does love spells work for long-distance love or online love? YES!

You can even put in the spell that you want to meet. Sit back and allow it to happen.

You may try this love spell that I used myself here:

Author: Jessica Brown

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I bet you once looked at your life and thought, “Ok, I’m ready for something new.” You took action, you did your research and you are feeling great about it! Then all of a sudden that F word tackles every single fiber of faith you once had. Your instinct is to back down, run, hide, scream, yell, protest and be highly frustrated.  A year might pass before you know it and that great plan to make that change never came. You’re still making the same amount of money or less, you’re still single or in a relationship that is not going anywhere.


What I came across is that some feelings can’t be explained by words. Some feelings are so deep and buried from past experiences it may just be coming to the surface after 10, 20 or 40 years.

This is because when you are ready for change you are open to receive and when you are open you are letting go of things you probably didn’t know you were holding on to.

As a child when you were hurt emotionally, you probably didn’t have the skills to process those feelings and it was buried. As a young adult you probably didn’t have the time when it came to the surface and now that you are much older you are wiser – freeing things up and there it is staring at you. You’ve forgotten all about it and still don’t recognize what it is.

That’s ok. You don’t have to know why it is there.

Fear, that son of a gun, comes out of nowhere especially when you are ready to achieve greatness. It doesn’t mean not to keep going or there is something wrong, it just means deal with this emotion in order to grow.  It is almost impossible to achieve anything outside yourself without some type of growth. Even a warrior like myself fall to their knees and have to reorganize the plan.


In order to face fear, you will have to first acknowledge what ever feeling it has decorated itself as….it could camouflage as sadness, tiredness, frustration and even anger.

Then, you must choose on what you wish to feel instead whether it is peace, harmony, passion, focus or happiness.

Sometimes, I say it out loud. “I rather feel peace.”
Sometimes those fear-like emotions come back and sometimes it goes away for good. It’s up to you to choose not to give up. Focus on what you rather have like that great and sexy body or the best relationship you’ve ever had or perhaps its just a better place to live.

Be the warrior and get off your knees and fight the good fight.


The F word can keep you from doing what you love. It can be sneaky and appear as something else. It will make you blame something else other then yourself. It seems powerful and unwavering, but its not the Master, you are. Nothing has the power to create in your world. You get to choose.

Author: Jessica Brown

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