View from the House of Netherworld

my personal ongoing experiments in the psychic and supernatural realms

Well I am back on schedual doing nightly reading here in the House of Netherworld.  It is at this time of year I find I am most in tune with matters of personal growth and romance.  I do feel that there has been a shift in things recently and that with this new full moon many relationships will be ending.  Though with that event I know many new relationships are going to start.  I am alone in the house tonight (living people that is) and the spirits are all pretty quiet as well.  I am picking up alot of passed relations that are trying to communicate and I will post some of these rather obtuse but highly detailed messages as they happen.  I am getting a lot from an Irish grandmother Helen Murgathy (or markathy) looking to speak to a Janet or Jane....... if this sounds like you, write me and I will send you some free mminutes to get this message to you...... other wise to all my friends living and Dead have a magical and mysterious night

Joe Netherworld

Just a glimpse into my garden for now:




Monks Hood


I will be writing alot about my Witche's Garden and posting a lot of pictures

I find my best readings take place when I am amongst the calm and otherworldy plantings of my secret garden

Welcome new readers to my first Keen blog

as some of you already now I own and live in one of the most haunted houses in America.  This always leads to something interesting going on around here and lately it has been the apperition of the "Shadowy man"  a spectral entity that disturbs our dog Medusa to no end.  This apperation appears as the shadow of a large adult male wearing a cloak or loose fitting coat that billows about him as he moves.  I only catch side ways glimpses of him passing from the kitchen out to the back porch.  The dog however sees him often.  He has started to appear more frequently now that spring is here and I leave the back door open for Medusa to wander the yard.  many have questioned the validity of spirits and all I have to say is come over sometime and spend an hour visiting or getting a reading and proof will be shown

on another note I will not be using this forum to complain about Keen or bash other readers...........