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When I give you a reading, I give you the most likely outcome to your situation, look at my feedback, I am mostly right ;) This being said, I can not deal in the absolute. I have had a client say to me "everyone says you COULD see him, well, I COULD get hit by a car" yes, this is true, but the reason we say COULD instead of will is that YOU can change your own destiny. Say I say to you "you will see him tomorrow at work" and you, deciding you are afraid, decide not to go to work, you have changed your destiny. Then please don't call to tell me I am wrong. You made me wrong. If I tell you to activly persue someone, and you don't, you stay shy..well, I am not wrong, you have chosen not to listen.
If I could so pick dates and times without a shadow of a doubt, I would be touring Europe with all the money from my lottery winnings. This being said, it is not a reason to not seek the advice of a psychic, because we can't give you absolutes. We do have insight, and can see things that maybe you can't. We certainly can give you advice on the best course of action to get what you desire, but this being said, we can't take that action for you.
I can help you, but the ultimate outcome is based on what you decide to do with the input I give you.
Many Blessings

Good morning everyone! I have some great news, I am leaving my day job, and will be on mostly weekdays starting next week. I will also be on at least 2 evenings a week, and even some weekends. I am thrilled to be able to do what I love full time, and I so look forward to reconnecting with you or meeting you as a new client!

As for my schedual this week, I will be on all weeknights from 6 to 9.

Best Witches!