For you that would like to know more about this ~~~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xU-9dVM4Zng
You may have heard of Angelic Humans. You may feel you are an Angelic Human . . . or not. What are the Angelic Humans? How do you know if you are one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qnRzoIK7tw
Hi guys, I just watched this documentary in which I thought I wanted to share with you. Some of you may have watched 'The Shift', - and so this also relates to our changing New World as we pass 2012 onward and implementations to create a better future world. Post it to your facebooks and share if you like it! Love & Light, Karen Film Synopsis: THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEV5AFFcZ-s&feature=related
By Karen Lustrup

Neptune will occupy Pisces from February 4th 2012 to 2026. It takes Neptune 165 years to orbit the Sun once. Having concluded its journey through Aquarius for the past 13 years what will this new era bring humanity?

Let’s first look at what it accomplished for us these past years. Neptune rules “Oneness” our conscious minds acting as One. Transiting Aquarius which is the sign of cutting edge technology and brotherhood: we can immediately recognize one of the greatest tools we use every day: The Internet. Email. Social Medias. It united us and made the world a smaller place. We reached out and connected with friends and family thousands of miles away and people we hadn’t seen in decades.

We sent out more satellites and mapped the Moon, Mars and got Google Earth where we can zoom in down to a couple of meters, anywhere. We’ve been peering into deep space looking back in time to the big bang and have found new worlds around other star systems.

Cell phones. Who can live without them? How did we survive before? We have become a population of immediate need to connect, share, research everything we wonder about – we have keywords and search engines that will open the super highway of the largest library on Earth. We Google it. Our instant need to know is only key away and at our fingertips.

So, Uranus revolutionizes and Uranus rules Aquarius. Neptune (our dreams) passed thru and manifested it for us. It connected us. We have accomplished so much in short time and now our journey here is over for now as we currently find ourselves in zero degrees in Pisces. We have No Idea yet what it will bring, what new trends stand before us and how it will revolutionize our next phase. But we can imagine what a few of those trends may be. Let’s zoom in on that future horizon and see if we can tap into some of them.

Neptune rules on its higher octave: dreams, hopes, ideals, compassion, oneness, spirituality, telepathy, spirit, mediumship, channeling, religion: creativity, arts, music, drama, theater, the ocean, fish, water. Its lower octave rules: alcohol, escapism, drugs, shadiness, deception, lies: floods, tsunamis, hurricanes It transiting in Pisces in which it rules indicates it is ‘at home’ and will be at its strongest vibration these years. We’ll see brilliant artists emerge, new types of entertainment, holographic devices, new music and performances we’ve never encountered, - artwork will come alive in new dimensions, and spirituality will expand and perhaps be brought into the arts: dramas, feature films, texts, lyrics, etc.

Interdimensional energy will become more prevalent: We’ll see more Orbs, Rod’s, Energy Beings that have already been manifesting and new entities yet not arrived and will when we have become more prepared and opened. Our chakras will expand our consciousness to take this in. People will become more 5th dimensional as they ascend from the 3D level of awareness. Some will automatically ‘ascend’ into this vibration, some will still be ‘stuck’ in the 3D world of thinking and not comprehend the new and may continue to belong to the ‘old group’: the skeptics and debunkers.

Our awareness will expand as Neptune is known for its limitlessness. We’ll go where no one has gone before. Reaching for the farthest parts of our galaxies we will find new frontiers as we will in our minds and souls: as above, so below.

You may find yourself day dreaming more as well as nocturnally. Your ideals will expand, compassion will come in stronger as new groups form in humanitarian forms to help, aid and assist those less fortunate. We’ll find new ways through the internet’s already laid infrastructure to reach out to those out there that can pitch in to gather food, clothes, funds and other articles.

A new religion may take on as the flame of the old candle is flickering. New spiritual leaders, gurus, masters tend to incarnate under such influence as Baha’u’llah did in 1844.

We’ll see a realm very little explored till now soar, namely: Our Oceans. We’ll develop crafts that will be able to go down to the sub levels at it deepest regions and show us creatures yet never seen living under intense pressures. It in itself is like exploring outer space.

Quantum Light and Physics will open up new realities. New medicine and quantum healings will escalate as we attune to higher vibrations.

Fashions that are dreamy, romantic, soft may arise.

Relationships may become more so karmic in the sense that individuals will start recognizing past-life-loves and bring in true soul mates and twin flames. Flashes from prior incarnations may become more accepted and embraced. One may also develop stronger telepathic and clairvoyant skills and children born under this influence may bring this in as natural talents. The understanding of reincarnation may become more so fully understood in the western world, that this life is no more than a link in a larger chain for spirit’s evolution. In a vaster perception, we will sense we all belong as One and that there is no true separation. The saying we are all born of the same star stuff will now start ringing true. We may see boarders dissolve as they are only ‘illusions’ from a higher perspective rooted in human rulings and ego. Politics will be challenged especially due to the hard square over the next 3-4 years between Uranus and Pluto which is nothing more than rebellion against old power structures be it politics, governments, oppressions against the little people in society no longer accepted. Through that chaos Neptune will help, heal, assist and help flush out all the deceit (negative Neptune) that has been going on for decades and longer.

Neptune rules gas, oils, minerals and we’ll see changes here as well. New gem stones hidden in the earth may surface, - new ways of mining, or also mining the ocean as well may be discovered. Methane gases may be utilized in higher degree: we will see using the elements more such as wind, wave and solar for power energy. Under negative aspects along the road we may encounter gas leaks, flooding, bacterial deceases, infections, new illnesses that can be hard to diagnose among other Neptunian lower vibrations.

Brilliant new scientists will amaze us as we move into one of the most marvelous periods of our lives, that none of us has experienced before since it has been 165 years since last, and now with all the technology we have at hand to jump start us into this last phase of this particular cycle. Pisces is the last sign for this planet to transit and it will salute us as its journey is in it most productive area; its own sign.

After its initial start which is now and the first year where many may come to feel a bit lost, confused, spacey which is only natural for many when upon changing, not only signs, but into this Neptunian atmosphere: We’ll feel more elated, joyful, thankful and grateful for all that is good.

Angels appear as humans -- then vanish -- after making startling announcement that Jesus is coming "very, very soon"!!! And other supernatural confirmations of Christ's soon return! by Jim Bramlett

Introduction. Numerous reputable people have told me, most unsolicited, of experiences with angels they either had personally or knew about. In most cases, the angels appeared to provide help in some distressful situation. However, several of the incidents, including the ones below, are particularly interesting for two reasons: (1) they contain a message (literally, the word "angel" means "messenger") and, (2) the incidents were brought to my personal attention under unusual circumstances, making me think God sent them my way. In each case, the angel delivered basically the same startling announcement of the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Why me? Why did these stories come to me? My only guess is because I have the inclination to pursue them, to write about them, and to tell you about them. In God's great love, it may all be just for you.

Caution. It is important to stress that any mystical experience, even messages from angels, must be carefully judged against God's Holy Word, the Bible. New Agers and other non-Christians claim angelic revelations while rejecting the cross of Christ which paid the price for our spiritual blessings and access to heavenly things. They are deceived and usually involved with demonic spirits. A pertinent fact about the experiences below is that they came to me after I had already concluded their general message from the Scriptures. Therefore, they were confirming messages. Nevertheless, judge them for yourselves. (Note: I was not able to confirm # 1.)

Encounter # 1 (Not confirmed)

This is one of the incidents reported to me that I was never able to actually confirm after hours of frustrating attempts and many long-distance telephone calls.. It reportedly happened in the Atlanta, Georgia area, on I-285 near "Spaghetti Junction." I traced the incident from a friend in California California to a United Airlines pilot in Chicago, then to at least 15 others in Atlanta, including a medical doctor. Each person with whom I have talked has seemed highly credible, although I could never trace it to the source.

A lady passed a hitchhiker on the expressway, giving no thought to stopping. But she heard a voice say, "Pick him up." She did not stop, but continued on. But she again heard the voice: "I told you to pick him up." She now felt compelled to go back. She turned off the expressway, then got back on via an access road. She thought it would be unlikely that the person would still be there, but if he was, she would pick him up. To her surprise, the man was still there, so she stopped. He got into the car. They chatted for a few moments, then after a brief pause, the stranger said, "Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon?" On hearing that, the woman glanced toward the stranger -- but he was not there. He had suddenly and unexplainably vanished!

She was so shaken that she had to pull off the expressway. After sitting there a few minutes trying to regain her composure, a policeman pulled up behind her, got out of his car, went up to her window and said, "Ma'am, is there a problem?"

She replied, "Officer, if I told you what just happened to me, you wouldn't believe it."

The policeman urged her to tell him anyhow. She described what had just happened. He responded, "Ma'am, normally I would think that you were one of the craziest people I have ever seen, but you are the seventh person today to give me this same report."

Encounter # 2 (Confirmed)

While in the process of investigating the above incident, I learned of this next amazing one from another person in California, although it took place in Tennessee. It happened just past midnight on March 26, 1993, to Vincent Tan, an analytical chemist who works in Chattanooga. I spent weeks personally tracing this incident and have confirmed it with two reputable Christian leaders, his pastor and, finally, even Vincent himself. The following is a precisely recorded account: Vincent was born Tan Ban Soon in Singapore of Chinese, Buddhist parents. A few years ago as a young boy in Singapore, he was in the library reading a book on nuclear physics and discovered an offer for a Bible course stuck between some pages. He ordered the course and later became a Christian. He came to the U.S. to attend a Christian college, then gave himself the western name of Vincent. After four years, he graduated with a major in science. He has been very active in his church and in sharing his faith.

On the night of Thursday, March 25, 1993, Vincent was working late in his laboratory to complete tests due on Friday. During the evening he moved his car close to the front door of the building, since there had recently been criminal activity in the area. From time to time he looked out the window into the almost empty parking lot to check on his car. At 1:30 a.m. he finished working in his lab. As he was preparing to lock the door, he saw a person standing by the passenger side of his car. Vincent assumed the man was trying to steal his car. He noted that the stranger was of medium build with clean-cut, straight hair and had on a T-shirt, blue jeans and white tennis shoes.

Unsure what to do, he went back into the lab and prayed, "Lord, help me to do what I have to do. Do I have to use chi-sao?" Chi-sao (pronounced "chee'-sow-o") is a form of martial art in which Vincent is proficient. To be extra safe, he looked around the lab and picked up an 18-inch metal rod, held it behind him and stuck his head out the door. He said, "Hi, can I help you?"

The stranger answered, "Hi, Vincent."
Startled, Vincent asked, "Do I know you?"
The stranger replied, "Not really."
"What is your name? Who are you?" Vincent probed.
The stranger said, "I have the name of your primary and secondary school." He added, "I'm a friend. You don't have to use chi-sao or the rod on me." His voice had unusual authority, and it seemed he knew the question before it was asked.

Now Vincent was really startled. No one, not even his best friend in this country, was familiar with chi-sao, nor did anyone even know that he knew it. Also, there was no way the stranger could have seen the rod behind his back. Vincent later reflected that the stranger had used terminology ("primary and secondary school") of Singapore and not the U.S., and that name of his school back in Singapore was St. Gabriel. The stranger was saying that his name was Gabriel!

"How do you know that?" Vincent asked.
"I know," the stranger replied. "By the way, Mum is fine." Vincent was startled again. Just the week before, his sister had called from Singapore saying that his mother had heart complications, and Vincent had been quite worried about her.
Gabriel continued, "You love the Lord very much, don't you?"
"That's right," Vincent replied.
"He loves you very much, too," Gabriel said. Then he added, "He is coming very, very soon." He seemed to emphasize the "very soon."
Vincent answered, "That's great!"
Gabriel then asked, "Can I have a cup of water?"
Vincent said, "Sure," and turned momentarily to get him the water. Then he decided to invite the stranger inside to drink from the water fountain. He turned back to invite him inside -- but Gabriel was not there. He had suddenly and unexplainably vanished! Vincent had not turned his head for more than three seconds. There was no place for the stranger to have gone.

Puzzled, and not wanting to go back into the lab, Vincent laid the metal rod down by the front door and headed to his home outside of Chattanooga. When he came back to work later that morning, he wondered if he had dreamed the whole experience. As a scientist, he wanted to prove whether it had really happened. When he got to the building, he found the metal rod lying by the door just where he had left it. He knew he had not been dreaming. Upon entering the lab, the first thing he did was to lock himself in the rest room and kneel in prayer. "Show me what to do, Lord. I know what I remember. If I'm supposed to share it, I must believe it myself," Vincent pleaded. He then sat down at his computer and recorded every word said and everything that had happened.

That night, March 26, 1993, in a dream Vincent relived the whole experience, seeing himself, and word for word hearing the whole conversation. He awoke at about 3:30 a.m. and wrote down every word in the dream and the description of the stranger. What he wrote from the dream confirmed every detail he had written earlier. Also, a week after the experience, he learned that his mother had received needed surgery and was recuperating nicely -- and that the medical decision about her improved condition came a week earlier at about the very same hour as he was talking with Gabriel!

On July 29, 1993 I asked Vincent what effect this experience has had on him. He said he believes more strongly now that we should be ready every day for the Lord's coming, and not worry about which day He will come. He said the experience has intensified his dedication, causing him to spend more devotional time than before, wanting to know more about God and be closer to Him. For some time, even before that experience, Vincent said he had been asking God, "Am I ready, right now?" Now, more meaningfully than ever, this writer is asking that same question.

Encounter # 3: Vincent's second (confirmed)

I recently confirmed personally with Vincent that he has had another encounter, this time with an unnamed angel, on Thursday, December 23, 1993. Like the above, the following is an accurate record of exactly what happened and words exchanged.

Two Significant Prior Events. There are two events that have a bearing on this one. First, in July, 1993, Vincent had a dream. He saw himself standing at the door of a big room. He saw many candles, but not all of them were lit. He asked himself in the dream why the unlit candles. Then he heard a sad voice behind him saying, "If only all of them were lit." He turned around but didn't see anyone. A week later he had the exact same dream. Vincent shared the dreams in his Bible study and said he hoped someday the Lord would show him the meaning of the dreams.

Second, three months later in October, 1993 a stranded motorist waved Vincent down and asked him to jump start his car. Vincent stopped but did not have a cable. However, Vincent asked the man if he believed in God. The man asked what could God do. Vincent told him he believed that God could help in any situation such as this if we ask Him. So Vincent prayed out loud for God's help. After he prayed Vincent noticed a coat hanger on the road.

Somehow, he figured out a way to break the coat hanger in two and use one part to connect the positive terminals and the other part to touch the two auto bodies together as ground. The man's car started. He looked at Vincent and said, "You sure have a powerful God!" Vincent said, "I sure do. All we have to do is believe in Him." The man said, "I'll have to think about that," and left. Two days later, Vincent got a jumper cable for his truck.

The December 23, 1993 Experience. Shortly after 11 p.m.,

December 23, 1993, Vincent was in his truck returning home from visiting a friend near Chattanooga. About four miles away from the friend's home, he saw a truck alongside the road with its hood up and with an old man, estimated at about age 75, standing in front of it. Vincent was always wary of stopping for strangers, and believed one must really be led of the Lord in order to do so. He felt he should stop. He walked up to the man and asked if anything was wrong, to which the man replied that he a dead battery. Vincent asked if he could help in any way. The man asked that Vincent go get his jumper cable out of the truck. Vincent was surprised that he said this, as if knowing that Vincent had a jumper cable, especially since he had only recently obtained one. Vincent himself had forgotten that he had the cable, but when the old man told him about it he remembered. It was very dark and Vincent had to use his flashlight to see to connect his end of the cable. Then he turned around to discover that the man had already connected his end, even in the dark and with no flashlight. That seemed impossible, and startled Vincent.

Vincent said, "I need to do something first." The man looked at him and said, "I did it already." Vincent said, "Did what?" The man said, "I placed the bricks by your tires. That's what you want, isn't it?" The man had no way of knowing that Vincent had two bricks in his truck or that he wanted to block his tires with them because he didn't trust his hand brake and because the gear would have to be in neutral to start the other truck. Vincent checked and discovered that the man had placed the bricks behind the exact same tires that Vincent wanted. At this point, Vincent was convinced that this was not a natural person. And after the experience in March, Vincent had decided that if the Lord ever gave him the privilege of another encounter with an angel, he had many questions he wanted to ask. But he had a sudden feeling come over him and some force caused his mouth to be kept shut. He was not able to say anything except to respond to whatever the old man wanted or said.

Vincent was now ready to start the truck, and the old man said, "Can we wait in your truck and have my truck charged up?"

Vincent agreed and they sat in his truck. The old man spoke first and said, "Can we pray? God can work miracles -- even start a car with a coat hanger." (The previous incident with the coat hanger job was a car and not a truck!) At this, Vincent said to himself that this stranger must be an angel!

The old man prayed: "Oh most holy and powerful God in heaven, we know you are coming very, very soon. Help us now in your own time and way. In Jesus' Name. Amen." Vincent said the man's voice was so powerful and assuring that it sent chills through him. After the prayer the man asked Vincent, "Do you believe the Lord is coming soon?" Vincent said yes. Then the man said, "He is coming very, very soon, and we need to be ready now and always." Then he said, "Can I use your Bible?" Vincent agreed, then without any word from Vincent the man reached into the glove compartment for the Bible, already knowing where it was located.

The man asked Vincent, "Do you read your Bible.?" Vincent replied that he tried to read it every day. The man said, "That's very good. It's unfortunate that many do not do that. Having Bible studies is like being in a big room with many candles that are lit." Vincent knew he had God's answer about his dreams six months earlier. The unlit candles meant many people were not spending time studying God's Word! Now Vincent had absolutely no doubt that this was an angel.

It was very dark, but the man took Vincent's King James Bible and, without searching, flipped immediately to the exact page, to Matthew, chapter 24. Then Vincent shined the flashlight on the page as the man read verse 36: "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only." He then jumped down to verse 42: "Watch therefore, for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come."

Then again, as if knowing exactly where the page was, without searching he flipped to John, chapter 14, and read verses 1-3: "Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also."

Then again, he amazingly flipped directly to Revelation 3, verse 11, and read: "Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown." With that, the man put the Bible back in the glove compartment. Vincent reflected that all three passages, and everything the man said, was about the Lord's return.

After reading, the man put the Bible back and said, "The truck is ready." He started the truck and Vincent said he would follow him for awhile to make sure everything was okay. The man said, "Thank you very much for your help. By the way, I left a small token for you. It will be enough to fill up your car tomorrow." That was strange, because there was no way for the man to know that Vincent had a car in addition to his truck. Vincent followed him about a mile with the man's tail lights clearly in view, then as they were going around a curve, he suddenly vanished from view. He and his truck just disappeared. Thinking his vision may have been obstructed by trees or something, Vincent even went back the next day during the daylight and retraced everything. There were no trees or anything obstructing his view. There was no human explanation. Also the next day, as he always does on Friday, Vincent took his car to the service station to fill up the tank with gasoline, so it would be full for the weekend. He had forgotten what the man had said about leaving a token "to fill up your car tomorrow." Vincent put $2.32 worth of gas in his car, then tried to round it off to $2.35 or $2.40. But he could only get it up to $2.34 and it stopped. It just would not take more than exactly $2.34.

Vincent then left to visit a friend's house, but remembered that he had left the friend's Christmas gift in his truck, so he went back home. When home, Vincent decided to clean his truck a bit before leaving. While doing so, he found some money on the front seat, passenger's side, underneath his glove. The money consisted of two one-dollar bills, a quarter, a nickel, and four pennies -- exactly $2.34!"

Encounter # 4: Vincent’s third (confirmed)

Vincent had another amazing experience in the early morning hours of Sunday, September 13th 1998. He had been working late in his chemist job again to finish some urgent jobs. He left work at about 1 a.m. When he got outside, he suddenly realized that he had left his keys on his desk, but was not able to get back inside because of the automatic lock on the door. So now he could neither get back inside, nor drive his truck. He prayed that the Lord would unlock his truck, but nothing happened.

He walked across the street to a pay phone but discovered it had been vandalized. He remembered his cellular phone in his backpack and took it out. Vincent then realized he had left the battery at home to be recharged (an old model), and it could not work, of course, without a battery. Nevertheless, he prayed and asked the Lord to allow him to make one call. As soon as he prayed, he noticed the phone miraculously lighting up, and he called a friend to pick him up. The friend agreed to do so.

Vincent then sat down by a doorstep of the lab and waited. A little while later a police car drove up and stopped. The policeman asked, "What are you doing?"

"I'm waiting for a friend," Vincent replied. He told the policeman his situation, about the prayer to open his truck, and the call to his friend.

The policeman replied, "Your friend isn't coming." He noticed Vincent's Bible, and added, "That's a good book to read." Some conversation ensued in which Vincent disclosed his faith and his belief that the Lord is coming "very, very soon."

The policeman replied, "I believe the Lord’s coming is very, very near too."

At that very moment, a call came in over the policeman's radio and he said he had to leave. Before he left, the policeman remarked to Vincent, "Why don't you pray and ask the Lord to open the door to your lab?" Vincent said he watched him leave, while praying silently.

Vincent said, "I had barely finished praying when the lab door miraculously opened. I immediately stood up and turned around towards the door and noticed that someone had pushed the lock bar and opened it from the inside. I held on to the door and turned to look at the police car and noticed he was not to be seen, even though I had taken my eye off him for only a few seconds."

Vincent got his keys and drove away in his truck. He drove by his friend's home and noticed both their vehicles in their driveway. He assumed that they must have gone back to sleep, forgetting him.

Vincent said that he decided to go on home, "believing I may have actually spoken with an angel," he said. The next day he checked with his friend whom he had called and who had promised to pick him up. The friend did not remember anything about the call!

Here we have: (1) a cell phone that miraculously works without a battery, (2) a mysteriously appearing and disappearing policeman who said "I believe the Lord's coming is very, very near," (3) the policeman knew in advance that the friend would not pick Vincent up, (4) after the policeman told him to pray, a door that miraculously opened from the inside even though no one was inside, (5) a friend promised to pick him up but neither he nor his wife remember the telephone call. The whole episode is no doubt supernatural.


Incident # 2 above about "Gabriel" motivated me to review references in the Bible to the angel Gabriel. By name, Gabriel appeared to three people. The first was to the prophet Daniel in about 550 B.C. He gave Daniel a vision of the future, including the timing of Christ's first coming. And similar to the message to Vincent, he said to Daniel, "You are greatly beloved." Later, as recorded in Luke, he appeared to Zechariah, saying these awesome words, "I am Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God," as he announced the birth of John the Baptist; then shortly thereafter he appeared to the virgin Mary to announce the birth of Christ. Gabriel's main function in both Old and New Testaments seems to be in connection with announcing the coming of the Son of God to the world.

Angels who appear as humans are not without biblical precedent. For example, two angels came to Sodom to warn Lot before they destroyed the city (Genesis 19). They visited Lot's home, ate with him, and even spent the night! They appeared as such "real people" that Sodom's homosexuals tried to accost them and have sex with them, but the angels struck them blind. The next day, because of its blatant wickedness, God destroyed the city by fire.

Encounter # 5: Vincent's fourth (confirmed):

God makes a telephone call -- literally!

This may or may not have involved an angel. What is described below could have been either the sovereign hand of God Himself or an angel. However, we do know that God does uses angels to carry out His work so my guess is that an angel was involved. Also, the below incident does not involve prophecy but I am including it because the supernatural nature of it affirms the other prophetic experieces had by Vincent Tan described above.

On Saturday, April 6, 1996, Vincent was awakened at 4:30 a.m. with a burden to pray. He slipped to his knees beside his bed for a few moments, after which he returned to bed and to sleep. He arose later, and at 7 a.m. began his morning prayer time. At 7:30, as he was still praying, the telephone rang. So as not to be disturbed, he decided to let the answering machine take the call.

For some strange reason, the answering machine refused to take the call. The telephone kept ringing, as though demanding to be picked up! Vincent discovered that the answering machine was, indeed, on, but that it was not taking the call. He decided to go ahead and answer it. He also noted that, oddly, his Caller I.D. failed to show the number of the caller.

"Hello," Vincent said. Surprisingly, the other party also said, "Hello." Again, Vincent said, "Hello." Again, the lady on the other end said, "Hello." Vincent asked, "Do you want to speak to me?" The lady said, "No."

Vincent then asked, "Then why did you call me?" The lady said, "I didn't call you." Vincent explained that his phone rang and he had answered it. The lady said the same thing happened to her-that her phone rang and she had answered it. Vincent told her his name, and she said her name was Doris, and that she was in Iowa. They both concluded that somehow their lines must have become crossed, causing this freak mishap.

(God had caused two distant telephones-one in Tennessee, and one in Iowa-to ring each other simultaneously, and for the loving and Divine purpose explained below.)

But in another surprise, Doris asked, "Are you the same Vincent who had an experience with an angel?" Vincent said yes. She explained that she and her mother had read about Vincent's story about a year ago in an article I had written. Doris went on to say that six months ago, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and only given six months to live. She said that every day for the past six months her mother had prayed that she would be able to meet or speak with Vincent before she died. In her prayers about this, she had claimed the promises of Jeremiah 32:27, which says, "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?" and Jeremiah 33:3: "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." A few years ago, Vincent had also claimed these same promises.

Doris explained that her mother was near death, and how that very morning, at 3:30 a.m., Iowa time (the exact same as Vincent's prayer at 4:30 a.m., Eastern Time) she was awake and felt led to seek the Lord and remind Him of her mother's request. She asked if Vincent would speak with her mother, to which Vincent agreed.

(As an answer to this dying mother's fervent, daily prayers, God had miraculously allowed her to speak with Vincent!)

Her mother was bed-ridden, so Doris decided to put Vincent on the speaker-phone, which took a few moments to set up. Finally, after waiting, Vincent heard the mother's weak but audible voice. The mother thanked Vincent for talking with her, and then asked if he would please personally repeat for her his angel experiences. Vincent patiently took about the next 45 minutes describing to her the incidents in detail. At the end of his description, Vincent heard the mother say weakly, "Praise the Lord. Amen."

This was followed by silence. All was strangely quiet. Vincent waited, thinking that Doris was taking him off the speaker. After a few moments, Doris broke the silence and came back on the regular telephone. "Praise the Lord," she said. "My mother just died."

Vincent now says, "I was so overwhelmed with mixed emotions. I did not know whether to be happy or sad." He says he decided to say goodbye so that Doris could be with her mother. In the shock and emotion of the moment, Vincent didn't think to get Doris' telephone number for follow up. But he says, "I know that the Lord has His reasons for us not getting each other's numbers. Why He would not let her number flash on my (Caller I.D.) screen is still a mystery. Yet I am amazed at His miraculous action in ringing both our phones at the same time. As I ponder over the event, I am grateful to the Lord for His loving kindness. It just encouraged my faith to trust Him even more, knowing that in the fullness of His time, He will answer our prayers."

Vincent added the following, a message I believe not just for me, but for all who read this:

"I hope that this will be an encouragement to you as it has been to me. I know that we will see Doris' mother in heaven when we all will be able to know the answers to our questions. The Lord is coming very, very soon. As we near the final hours, I know that His presence is even evermore with us now....May the Lord continue to bless you....Let us be ready now, for His coming is very, very near."

Encounter # 6: Mother hears voice -- same message (confirmed)

More recently, while perhaps not involving angel, on December 30, 1999, a mother in Maryland, Beth, told me an amazing and confirming testimony. She said, "I would like to share with you an occurrence that happened on December 10, 1999 in the a.m. My 8-year-old was at school and my husband was at work.... I had my 6-month-old son in his swing in front of the television watching Sesame Street. What caught my attention was that the television made the 'shhhh' sound. I turned to look and the screen was snowy as expected with that noise. It's what happened next. The television completely cut off. My child was asleep. No sooner did I think, 'Oh, the cable must have cut off,' did I hear a voice. It said, ‘The lord is coming very, very soon.' I was dumfounded, and then the TV came back to normal and Sesame Street continued."

She went on to describe her reactions and adds that it was three days later on December 13th that she came across my article about Vincent’s angel encounters with the exact same message.

"Needless to say," she concludes, "the messages that your witnesses received were exactly as my message was. I was very shaken.... I wonder why He chose me to relay this message."

Encounter # 7: Angels discovered singing end-time song in rural Chinese worship service! (confirmed)

This is a totally different kind of angel incident, but with a similar message and no less powerful. In May, 1995 I received this most electrifying report from a friend who has been a missionary to China for several years. To protect him and his contacts in China, I must not reveal his name. But for you to better understand his credibility, let me explain that I have known him for many years. He is a graduate of a prestigious theological seminary and is a former pastor. My friend is an intelligent and balanced servant of God. He is not given to sensationalism. The following is a summary of his recent report to me.

The whole province of Shandong, in eastern China (population: 57 million), is in the midst of a sweeping revival. For fear of arrest, believers meet secretly in house churches, often by candlelight. At a 1995 meeting in Shandong, everyone was singing "in the Spirit" together (1 Corinthians 14:15), not in their own language, but "as the Spirit gave them utterance," all in harmony but all singing different words. Someone audiotaped the meeting. Later, when they played back the cassette, they were shocked! What they heard was not what had happened there at all -- but the sound of angels singing in Mandarin -- a song they had never heard before, and with a musical accompaniment that had not been there!!! When my friend first heard the tape, before anyone told him what it was, he exclaimed, "Those are angels!!" Actually, there was no other explanation. A Chinese Christian co-worker translated the tape. Below are the actual words sung by the angels! Note that the words express ideas with which these rural Chinese peasants were not familiar. (Original Chinese version follows).

"The End is Near: Rescue Souls" The famine is becoming more and more critical. There are more and more earthquakes. The situation is becoming more and more sinister. People are fighting against each other, nation against nation. Disasters are more and more severe.

The whole environment is deteriorating. Disasters are more and more severe. People's hearts are wicked, and they do not worship the true God. Disasters are more and more severe.

Floods and droughts are more and more frequent. There is more and more homosexuality and incurable diseases. Disasters are more and more severe.

The climates are becoming more and more abnormal. The earth is more and more restless. The skies have been broken. The atmosphere is distorted. Disasters are more and more severe.

Chorus: The end is near. The revelation of love has been manifested. Rise up, rise up, rescue souls. The end is near. Rise up, rise up, rescue souls.

The below was translated by two native Chinese Christians in Beijing who have personal knowledge of the church and the pastor where the incident happened:


While we may never know the day or hour of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, Scriptures do clearly indicate that seekers will at least know approximately. And there is overwhelming evidence that the return of the Lord will be soon. According to the four of the encounters and testimonies above, it will be "very, very soon."

Readers are permitted and encouraged to copy and share this article freely with others. May the special presence and peace of the Holy Spirit rest upon each person who reads this article, and may God's angels be with you and watch over you at all times according to Psalms 34:7 and 91:11.

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A series of unexplained noises are being reported across the globe and the frequency of these events appear to be increasing. The sounds range in description from “bizarre and creepy” to “industrial and "mechanical.” The sounds appear to be omni-directional and seem to have no single traced source of origin or horizontal source of degree graduation- leaving one with the impression they are coming from directly overhead or directly underneath the earth. What do you think they are? Feel free to comment or share -- Karen __________________________________________________________________________________

Earth Groaning / Strange Sound Phenomenon 2011 Summary - World Wide Strange Sound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFWy632w0NM

Earth Groaning - Whole city terrorized by 2011 Strange Sound Phenomenon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4_qW3M7nTk

Strange noise in the sky August 2011 St. Pete,Fl. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuJD4ehNEm4

2011 WEIRD SOUNDS STRANGE NOISES BIG BIG SUMMARY part 1/5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=zrnTcgv1_Oc

Strange noise in sky(Florida)!10-28 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4Th5BYr0XU

strange sound in the sky (VERY CREEPY!!!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJQEhv3fsKA

This is wise words for everyone to bring along as we journey through life: I am sharing this article upon death and dying and what most people's last thoughts and regrets are: http://www.ariseindiaforum.org/nurse-reveals-the-top-5-regrets-people-make-on-their-deathbed/
This is an awesome article by Lynn Koiner I think you will appreciate! http://www.lynnkoiner.com/astrology-articles/mars-retrograde-2009-2010
Mars turns retrograd January 23rd to late April 2012 I found this and another article quite informative and wanted to share with you. Love & Light Karen http://www.evolvingdoor.ca/miscarticles/rxmars.htm
Do you have any of these sympthoms? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIGSceDrkHc

YOU! –

By Lucy Danziger and the Staff at SELF Magazine, Sunday, April 10, 2011

Remember carpal tunnel? These days we're tapping and typing 24/7 with so
many new and different gadgets — smart phones, GPS systems, MP3
players, tablets, etc. — that we're at greater risk for painful and
even potentially deadly side effects than ever. Don't let the digital
age do in your health! Stay safe with these easy preventative tips for
four top tech issues.


Unlimited texts plans on cell phones are wallet-friendly, but
too-frequent texting or emailing on phones with small screens and tiny
keys can cause aches and pains.
"People unknowingly brace themselves, tightening their neck and
shoulders, to ensure accuracy while typing," says Erik Peper, Ph.D.,
professor at San Francisco State University.

The FIX: Release tension by taking quick breaks between messages to roll
your neck and raise and lower your shoulders. Do each exercise three or
four times. Repeat as needed.


iPod addicts, listen up. Noise louder than 85 decibels—equivalent to
standing on the side of a busy street—can permanently damage our ears,
yet in order to hear our tunes above the din of mass transit, or noisy
coworkers, we turn up the volume too much, says Craig Kasper, an
audiologist in New York City.

The FIX: To save your ears, set your iPod volume bar below 70 percent,
particularly if listening for more than an hour. When at your desk or on
an airplane or train, use sound-isolating earphones to block out
surrounding noise so you don't have to crank up the volume.


"Using electronic devices behind the wheel can be a distraction and may
slow your reaction time," says José Alberto Uclés, spokesman for the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

And it's not merely texting and driving that don't mix. Using a GPS can
also be dangerous. Drivers may weave or slam on the brakes more often
without realizing it.
The FIX: Stay safe by programming your device in advance. This gives you
time to review the route before you're on the highway and confused about
whether you should take exit 19 or 19A.


Most of us can't imagine ditching our cell phone, but some studies
suggest that the radiation it produces could be putting us at an
increased risk for brain cancer and other health problems, says Devra
Davis, Ph.D., a toxicologist in Jackson, Wyoming. For now, the FDA
reports that the research linking the two is still inconclusive.

The FIX: Reduce your exposure by using Bluetooth devices to increase the
distance between the phone and your head, Davis says. And keep your cell
in your purse, not your pocket, to further lower the amount of radiation
you come into contact with.


It might seem like old news, but carpal tunnel is still a concern,
especially for women — we're three times likelier to suffer from the
syndrome than men. The repetitive motion disorder occurs when prolonged
pressure is put on the median nerve that runs from the shoulder down the
arm and to the hand through the carpal tunnel, a narrow passage inside
the wrist.

The FIX: Try this posture tweak from Ann Goldberg, a certified hand
therapist at North Shore Occupational Therapy in Roslyn, New York: Sit
straight with your feet flat on the floor, and position the keyboard
slightly lower than your elbows so your arms extend 90 to 110 degrees.
This will help keep the bend out of your wrist that compresses the
median nerve. Work well, be well!
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By Karen Lustrup


Ever get lost? Not knowing where you are heading? Also, as in the direction you are going in your life?


Have you ever wondered how you can get clean, clear answers to how to get where you are going and how you will be able to achieve those goals and ambitions?


The best mentor you will ever have or find is you, – yourself.


What does that mean? How can you predict those steps 5-10-20 years ahead, get there and not get lost?


Living Your Life Backwards is not just a hypothetical means of navigation but a clear cut one indeed.


See, your Future Self has already walked those miles. She has already cleared the path for you and moved through her obstacles. Now all you need to do is trust her, know that your path is already lived through. When you open up to your Future Self you will become filled with peace, filled with trust and faith and avoid what a lot of people live through as far has being filled with the unknown, doubts and fears lurking around each corner. The unknown does that to people. Not only will that deprive you from energy, but it will also inhibit most of us to expand our lives and potentials because in this scenario we tend to hoard whatever security in the Now we may have or find and restrict ourselves from opening up.



Now you’ll probably ask how you can connect with your Future Self. It’s not hard at all, but it order to do so, you have to make a commitment first to yourself. That commitment is based on connecting with all of your Past Selves first; from today and onwards.


How does this make sense? Give it a minute and try to see what the message tells you.



First of all: we are multidimensional beings. Not the linear beings we have come to believe for eons that we were. Linear living, linear thinking is restrictive locking ourselves into the Now.


Though the Now is a most pivotal point in time – it is also nothing less than a vantage point upon where past and future meets and is gone as soon as it arrives. Fleeting. Your past weighs heavier on the one end, and the future(s) as much on the other end. The now is only nano second by nano second. Here now and gone. Pooff…


So, by living consciously in the Now, take time to back over your life into the past – meet your past Self and tell him or her,  how things and events unfolded from the vantage point you were at then and had no clue about what the future would bring you. Who knows better than you how things did evolve? 


The more time you can spend to go through all the prior events and lay IN the answers to your previous life path to sum it all up, you’ll develop a pattern to do this a regular basis every day, quickly and nearly without effort so that you’ll catch up with yourself. This mean that per today you can easily connect with your Future Self rather easily because you trust that this is something you now have developed to do, hence you can trust your future is open to you.


I have seen how this allows spirit to fully trust ones path – even in the midst of challenges and the ‘apparent  blind spots’ as to the outcome we encounter, resting peacefully in the knowingness ‘that even this shall pass’ – as future self has already ‘lived through the experience already’… ~ and survived.


In intense encounters of stress, one can somehow, even when we can’t visually connect to the solution of a stressful situation – still trust that it is there. Jump ahead 5 minutes, 1 hour or whatever you need in that given situation. A day or even a week or more, depending on what your situation may be and ‘see yourself’ already beyond the conflict.


Time jumping or quantum jumping is connecting with you past, present and future self. You are all these beings – here and now. The only barrier between them is the illusion of time itself – linear time.






By Karen Lustrup




Especially maybe the Piscians, in their own way can celebrate, due to Uranus moving out of their sign March 11th  2011, next week.. Uranus has shaken up their world since 2003 for better or worse, but it gave them an intense ride of moving through unexpected territories. You Pisceans have had to show lot’s of extra flexibility these years, and thank God the Universe already had created that sense in you prior so you have done extremely well.

I know most of you like excitement, but have you missed the ability to plan predictable events knowing you could actually attend them? These years have been difficult to plan anything next week or next month, -- let alone not even knowing how your day would turn out 2 hours from now! Well, now you can start planning again! You will feel how timelines are going to change. We’re only a week away from the big shift, so you may already have noticed over the last month how things seems to have slowed down around you – placing you into a new time-dimension. You can definitely use this brake.


Uranus has been conjuncting your sun sign and Sun so you are coming out off this as a totally different person than you were in 2003. The coming time ahead will show you exactly what all these changes were good for!




For you Virgos, you’ve been challenged too. Whereas Pisces had direct alterations through choices made, you seemed more like changes were thrown your way through circumstances beyond personal control. Uranus has opposed your sign. You must feel quite exhausted by now to say the least. Especially as you people are quite the perfectionists among us, so having had all this unpredictability around you must have left you quite flustered.


You control and sense of self and self empowerment is just around the corner as we head into next week. Uranus will not be around in this position again for another 84 years so you can rest assured you are beyond the growth cycle for the rest of this incarnation!




Your signs have since 2003 been squared by Uranus, meaning you have challenged yourself beyond any other time during your lifetime. You placed yourself out there and results may have swung from the one intense extreme to the other. At least by now you’ve learned what you are capable of and just how far you can cosmically reach to obtain your goals.


Your energy & input may have opened doors for others through your ability of communication and visions to which in times to come will have benefited many around you.



To all Four Signs:

You have given your best efforts to humanity at large as now the next 4 signs can take over which are: ARIES, LIBRA, CAPRICORN & CANCER


Aries and Libra will be directly targeted by conjunction and opposition and Capricorn/Cancer will both be receiving their challenges being squared by Uranus. They can expect to start seeing upheaval in their charts. Uprooting of what no longer works will be dealt with: Chaos before New Order. We will write about them in the next article and what they can expect..








Heal Emotional Wounds and Scars
Heal Emotional Wounds and Scars

It's easy to see physical scars and wounds. You can see if they are old or new, or whether the wounds need to be stitched by a doctor or if a Band-Aid will suffice. But emotional wounds and scars are not as easy to detect. Some emotional scars and wounds are in desperate need of treatment but have been ignored for years. Ignoring these types of scars and wounds may result in serious psychological damage. It is important to not only recognize when you have emotional wounds but also know what is needed to heal the hurt.

Difficulty: Challenging



    Recognition of emotional scars and wounds is necessary and sometimes difficult. Some people who have experienced a great loss, survived a disaster or have gotten out of an abusive or dysfunctional relationship may focus on stabilizing their external environment by acting as if nothing ever happened. Others may suffer post-traumatic stress and relive the loss or abuse repeatedly in their minds. Recognizing the emotional pain means being able to accurately define or describe your feelings related to the event or situation, even if there are feelings of numbness. Emotional pain can be defined as feeling hopeless, lacking trust, guilt, resentment, anger, sadness or feeling nothing at all. It can also mean feeling unlike yourself or feeling as if you don’t know who you are anymore with loss of self esteem, passion and confidence.


    Many people feel that time is the answer to healing emotional wounds and scars. In reality, the next step after recognition of an emotional hurt is to find out what are the root causes of the emotional scars. There are many reasons that people can be emotionally hurt. Many stem from bad situations or living in dysfunctional environments during childhood. Others result from some type of traumatic incident such as a disaster, a divorce, death of a loved one, rape, abuse, loss of a child, job or house or being neglected. Think about the situation that triggers the negative feelings. Ask yourself what bothers you the most about the situation or incident. Is it the way that the situation was handled or not handled? Is it mostly the shock of it happening?


    Once you have defined and described your feelings, its time to acknowledge, release and let go. Get into a quiet place, close your eyes, take deep breaths, invision yourself literally flying over the situation or circumstance and leave it behind. Acknowledge in your mind that the situation, circumstance or event has taken place. Acknowledge the portions of the situation or circumstance that you have no control over. Tell yourself out loud "I will rise above this," "I'm still here," "It's going to be okay," "I'm going to be okay," "This was a negative situation in my life but it does not define who I am and I will not let it destroy me," and "I admit that I am hurting because of what happened, but I am releasing and letting go of my pain."


    Repeat the meditation as many times as you need, for as long as you need to. Write down your feelings in a journal, join a support group and give yourself time to heal. Allow yourself to relfect on the positive ways the situation has helped you grow. Write down what you have learned and focus on the positive ways you have grown or matured mentally.


    Write down positive affirmations. Put them on sticky notes or write them down some where you can visually see the words. Talk with a professional counselor, psychologist or therapist.

Read more: How to Heal Emotional Wounds and Scars | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4558328_heal-emotional-wounds-scars.html#ixzz1FeRExU00
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