Witches Brew and Stew

Place to clear my head. Maybe to vent about clients.
That is right this girl doesn't let appointments get in my way. I have in the local hospital between appointments doing chats. www.keen.com/LadyDastina For some reason my chat button isn't working for my blog but trust me I am around if you follow my link. I have been very busy lately. I launched my Twitter, Facebook and also a website. In my next blog I'll give the links to all those.
I give advice daily on how to be positive but I don't seem to follow it myself. So tomorrow when I cheapen my rates to get some calls in I'll be more positive and work on following the advice I give.
I will only be charging $.50 a minute for Tarot and To the point advice about life and love. First time clients get 3 minute Free and if you spend $1.10 I will send an additional 2 minutes Free. Click on the link and push the chat button to be directly connected to me. If I am not on set an appointment and I'll get to you as fast as I can
Why is it we get to Wednesday and everything seems to sllllllooooooowwwww down?

Its not the weekend yet, though many like my husband its his Friday so maybe that is why its so slow.

I have been logged in ready to work and not a call.

I love my clients and I miss when I don't hear from them.

I hope to hear from you all soon.

Lady Dastina
I got good and bad news yesterday. Good news there is a chance we can save our condo we own on the island of Oahu, HI. Bad news I need to get $1000 in my pockets for a flight there and need another $1000 to pay people to help sell or rent it out.

I have lowered my rates in hopes to get more clients but I fear I still will not make enough to get this all covered. We are loan free right now so if need be we could go get a loan but were so close to retirement that I really don't want another loan on our backs at this time.

We have a child who turns 16 this year. Then Oct. 31, 2010 my husband retires after 20 years of the military.

I am going to put this all in the faits of Gia and light a candle in hopes that some where this money will come.

Thank you

Lady Dastian
Well I am human and I get sick. This time its pretty bad. I had a UTI last week which infected my bad kidney. I'm in great pain and if I'm not better by Saturday they'll throw my butt into St. Johns.

I hope to be back by Sunday.

Lady Dastina
I am trying to figure out how to get clients to leave feedback. I have to wonder also why don't they leave feedback or why they don't even leave at rating.
Lets see my husband is still at home healing greatly.

My business here on Keen has greatly picked up.

I have made some wonderful clients and friends threw here.

Oh school will be out soon so I'll have to move my business hours around.

Why do people think we can get a quick answer? I don't have quick answer in my ad, some times it takes a second to gather the meaning of a card.

Also asking questions for other people that makes the connection even 10 times harder.

Time to for me to take a break this morning already and tend to my young.

Lady Dastina
It has been very slow I have been on about 3 hours and had 1 call. I don't have extra money right now to do biding.

Tommarow I may run a special on my spells. I am working on some meditations to post and sell.

My friend who got me started said this would be a rough point of the month to start but I'm sure I'll get it to work for me.

Good night all

Lady Dastina