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Most people don't know how much power they have. Last night I spoke with a new client who did not understand this but it's really very simple. If you are involved in a relationship and the man or woman is not treating you the way you know you want and deserve to be treated you have the power to change that. Men are creatures of habit. I apologize to any men out there reading this. I do not mean that in a derogatory way. Men and people in general take their cues from others around them. So, for instance, the client I was speaking to last night was upset because this man that she's so crazy about calls her late at night for a booty call. She runs over and they have the greatest sex in the world and then he basically sends her home. She feels devastated. But, if she's available the next time he calls she is sending a very strong message to him that he is doing everything right. So if you want to change the behavior of your partner you have the ability. You have the power. But, if you opt to accept 'crumbs' you're sending a strong message to your partner that that's good enough. That you're happy with the crumbs. That perpetuates the cycle of not getting the things that you truly desire from a relationship. Having the power to change things should make you feel good. It should make you realize the magnitude of the power you have in the palm of your hands. If you shut down and your partnet doesn't get the response that he or she anticipates they learn very quickly that their actions are undesirable. The problem is we as a society don't honor ourselves. And if we don't honor ourselves no one else will. So, in another words in the situation I just mentioned above where this guy calls this wonderful woman for a booty call and she's always available she's going against what she truly wants in a relationship. She wants a real relationship. She wants to be taken out to dinner and treated with love and respect. So if she doesn't raise the bar for herself no one will treat her in the way she deserves to be treated. So it's not up to the other person to treat you well it's up to you. Treat yourself with respect and dignity. If you don't treat yourself with the respect and dignity no one else will. Raise the bar for yourself and don't make the other person the answer. They are not the thing that's going to make you happy. YOU, my friends, are the gift and the answer. And Until you realize that and start treating yourself like you're the 'gift' and #1 no one else will either. If you're in a relationship and are not being treated the way you deserve to be treated schedule an appointment I'll help guide you through it! For those looking for love contact me I can help!
Do you wish you could let go of someone but can't get them off your mind?   Letting go is one of the most difficult things to do.  The more you try the harder it is.  When you intellectually KNOW you should 'let go' and 'move on' but your heart is not yet ready it creates an inner conflict.  This inner conflict, on an unconscious level, causes you to end up 'resisting' your own desires to 'let go'.  Think about what happens when you do resistance training at the gym.  You grow bigger and stronger muscles.  Same thing happens when you 'resist' letting go.  The desire to 'have the very thing you want to let go of' grows stronger and stronger.  The fact of the matter is you will 'let go' when you are ready.  Or, to help that process along you can do the following inner work and visualization.  This can help you not only release the need to hold onto that person but you'll get an understanding of 'why' you hold on.  

OK, to begin.  Find a place where you can be alone and not be disturbed or distracted.  Turn off you phone, TV, radio, etc.  You can play some soothing music if you desire (but no commercials please).  Sit quietly.  Take a few deep breaths.  Think of the person you are trying to release from your life.  Notice where in your body you feel them.  Often-times it is in the heart area or the solar plexus but it CAN be anywhere.  Find the spot and notice the feeling and emotion in that spot.  Say out loud what you are feeling.  If it is fear, say 'I am afraid'.  Then ask yourself.. 'what am I afraid of?'  Perhaps you will say something like 'being alone'.  Then ask yourself 'why?' and see what comes up.  Whatever comes up HONOR IT (don't deny or ignore it or believe it is silly - HONOR IT).  Keep going by continuing to ask yourself 'why' and for every step - validate and HONOR that feeling.  That in itself is empowering and you may autonomously begin to feel inner shifts that will release the binds that keep you stuck.  

We holds on for our own reasons.  There is not one universal reason.  Some of us are afraid of being alone.  Others may be afraid no one else will love them so they accept less.  Yet others may be afraid of finding someone else who could TRULY love them but because at the core they feel unlovable or are afraid of truly being loved they stay in unloving relationships!  There are dozens of other possible reasons, so keep asking yourself 'why'...  

Ask until you are either crying, laughing or until you feel that SHIFT and RELEASE.  You will KNOW it when you FEEL it.  It is liberating.  You feel lighter and almost feel like you can fly.  Your spirit will soar high as a sense of release, happiness and bliss fills you from your core.  Once you bring those deep, inner doubts to the forefront of your conscious mind and HONOR and VALIDATE them your NEED to hold on WILL begin to fizzle; often-times right in-front of your eyes!  You can even imagine you see those hurts, doubts, and fears dissipate into a twinkle of light or swirl down the drain.. or whatever visual works for you.  As it fizzles, there is an autonomous shift inside of you and presto.. you'll soon realize you have already shifted and have already let them go!  You may realize an hour or day later that you have hardly thought of the person that you have tried so hard to let go of!  SUCCESS!

Now, when you finish that inner work, you may opt to do this next step.  If you felt a total shift doing the emotional release you may not find anything, but most of us have some remnants we hold onto (for our own inner security).  Most of us have large hooks.  So, bring your attention back to that spot in your body where you felt the emotion associated with the person you are trying to let go of.  Start with the first spot you went to when you did the emotional part of this work.  Check to see if there is a 'hook' there.  If so, notice the size. The color, etc.  Now, imagine that as you gently touch the hook it gently releases and watch as it floats away.  Some 'hooks' may be a little more resilient but just gently tap the hook until it releases.  As it releases notice how you feel.. and whatever you feel - allow IT - yes, allow yourself to FEEL the feeling.  Validate the feelings.  So, in other-words, after you remove a hook if you feel sad, allow yourself to feel the sadness.. and even say out-loud,, 'I feel sad'.  Or, you may feel joy or happiness or lighter, whatever the feeling, allow yourself to FEEL it.. and experience the emotion.  But, it is important that you are honest with yourself and acknowledge and validate what you feel.  

Once you feel and acknowledge the emotion, most of the time, it seems to fizzle and instantly go away.  Should it linger, keep acknowledging it.  I am sad.  I am happy.  I feel scared.  Whatever the emotion is.  When ready.. ask yourself 'Why do I feel that way'?  And keep asking 'why'.  Whatever comes up.. ask 'why'.  The deeper you dig.. the sooner you will be able to release the person.  Along the way you will most likely get a lot of inspiration.  You may see tidbits of experiences, past hurts, past situations that HAVE effected you deeply.  Honor them by acknowledging and validating them.  

Here is a sample inner dialogue.

After releasing I shift my attention back to the area.  I feel scared.  Alone,

I allow myself to feel it.  I say, 'I feel scared',  'I feel alone'.  I pause and let myself feel it.

Then I ask myself  'why are you scared?',  




Continue the process and see where you may have other hooks.  We often have several hooks - oftentimes in many different sizes.  Go one by one and release each one, allowing yourself to feel the emotion as you do this work.  Some of the hooks may be attached to other hooks, just allow them to float away.

The BIGGEST mistake that you can make is to hide or bury your feelings and emotions.  When it hurts, do NOT pretend it doesn't.  Don't ignore the pain assuming it will go away.  Because it doesn't.  And the more you ignore it, the more it hurts and festers.  So, learn to HONOR YOURSELF by HONORING YOUR EMOTIONS.  As you do that, your need and desire for the people not honoring you will start to melt away and you will find yourself feeling empowered and grateful!!!

Once you get the gist of doing this inner work you won't even need to locate the feelings in your body.  You will intuitively know and the answers will simply 'pop' into your conscious awareness!!!!

This work frees you from the binding negative influences that hold you back from shining the brilliance you were destined to share with the world.

For those of you working along with the CRACK THE CODE SECRETs on my facebook page - the 3rd SECRET will be posted this weekend!!!  You can also ask questions and get the answers on facebook!
Think about it.  New Year's is one of the few holidays that is celebrated in almost all countries around the world.  Many countries have traditions they do each year to help usher in love, happiness, luck and wealth.  If you are looking for ways to insure that 2016 is the best year I have compiled some of my favorite traditions from around the world that WORK!

When doing any (or all) of these, be thoughtful, reflective and emotionally present.  In other-words, don't be worried about work, or stressed about deadlines while sweeping the negativity out your front door.  Instead, focus on the task at hand. 

So grab the champagne and let's toast to a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!  btw, did you know that is primarily an American tradition? 

Some of my favorite traditions from around the world:

1) Eat 12 grapes at midnight.  They say this will bring 12 months of GOOD LUCK!  Be sure to eat them before 12:01am!  The original Spanish tradition says to eat one grape every second but might be hard for some, so gobble them down before 12:01am!

2)  Make noise and lots of it  Fireworks, chimes, bells.  Whatever works for you.. but make allot of noise!!!  This shakes up the energy and gets it ready for the next few steps to work.  I like to get into the corners and clap my hands or ring bells.  According to feng shui that moves the stagnant energy.

3)  Open all your windows and doors.  I also open cupboards and closets.  Clap your hands, ring bells, shake up that stagnant energy.  Imagine all the old year's negativity leaving your home as the crisp, vibrant 'new' energy enters into your home. 

4) Sweep around all your doors at midnight.  Sweep 'away' from your home.  This will sweep out all the negativity.  Imagine the things holding you back are being swept out the front door and allow the 'new and blessed' blessings to flow easily into your life.  I often envision dirty dust going out while a sparkly, shimmery, glittery magical dust comes in!  A friend of mine imagines as she sweeps out the murky energy, a lucky fairy starts sprinkling their fairy dust around!  How magical!

Note:  After I open all doors and windows and sweep the negativity out I often light incense.  This is optional.  Some of my favorite choices are frankincense, sandalwood or frangipani - but most any incense will work.  Some new age stores sell a special new years incense blend.  Whatever you chose make it a fragrance you really love! 

5) Eat collard and mustard greens, black eyed peas, lentils and cornbread on new years eve and new years day to bring good luck and prosperity in the New Year.

6)  Long asian noodles are said to bring longevity.  Maybe a tasty stir-fry should be on the menu?

7)  Scatter coins around the house for prosperity.

8)  Tie red ribbons on every door in your home.  This draws in joy & happiness

9)  Surround yourself with round and circle shaped items!!!!!  Vases, ying yang symbols, glasses, sun-shaped items, whatever you can think of!  If you are wearing jewelry - try to keep it to round shaped jewelry.  Bangle bracelets, round, curved rings, sun-shaped pieces, etc etc.

10)  Don't give anything away on new years day,  In-fact, don't let any of your belongings leave the house.  It is said you should not even to throw out the garbage until January 2nd!

11)  It is lucky to eat pork and unlucky to eat chicken or turkey on new year's day.

12)  Most importantly, RELAX.  Have FUN!  New Year's day is not a day to be stressed.  Think about doing something relaxing or luxurious like a spa bath, sauna or massage.  Start the year off relaxed and pampered.  If all goes as planned, that is how you will be ending the year as well!

Be creative,  You can modify these to make them work for you.

Happy New Year to you!  I wish you great happiness, health, wealth and that you are a good luck magnet!!!

To those who wish to speak with me today or in the next few days - my planed schedule is as follows:

Today - Dec 31st:  2-4pm(ET) and 6-8pm(ET) - firm cutoff of 8pm!
            Jan 1st:  Look for me between 7pm-11pm(ET)
            Jan 2 & 3rd:  2-4pm(ET) and 8-11pm(ET)

Stay safe & ENJOY!!!!

In about 5% of my readings I pick up something that is truly 'destiny'.  The rest of the time what I predict or see is based on free choice.  What that means is that you or anyone involved in the reading has the power to CHANGE the events by CHANGING your actions.  Good, bad or indifferent, it really is that simple.

Any psychic can only see through the window of today - the NOW!!!  As they look through that window they see (feel, hear, and/or know) a series of events and how they will play out for you.  These events are based on the path you are currently on.  Many good psychic advisors can tell if you are about to make a change.  They often see you at a crossroads where you have decisions and choices.  However, what you may not realize, is you don't need to wait to be at these crossroads.  You have the power to change that path NOW; hence, change the prediction (and outcome) by changing your actions.  Unless I tell you that an event is destiny then you can change the outcome.   By the way, the majority of events that come through as destiny as generally fabulous and truly amazing events - that you clearly would NOT want to change anyhow!  So, keep in mind that if you don't like what any psychic advisor tells you then look inward and change YOU!!  You have that innate ability, we all do!

Did you know the Vatican's has an interpretation on free choice?  'The power of free choice, which Vatican Council II hailed as “an exceptional sign of the divine image within man” (Gaudium et spes, no. 17)' is clearly affirmed by Scripture, the Fathers of the Church, and the whole Catholic tradition.  In a paper by William E. May called
The Existence of Free Choice: defined Church teaching he states:  "In a beautiful passage cited by Pope John Paul II in his Encyclical Veritatis splendor, the great Greek Father, St. Gregory of Nyssa, eloquently described human freedom of choice as our power to “create ourselves,” as it were:

"All things subject to change and to becoming never remain constant, but continually pass from one state to another, for better or worse….Now human life is always subject to change; it needs to be born ever anew….But here birth does not come about by a foreign intervention, as is the case with bodily beings…; it is the result of a free choice. Thus we are, in a certain way, our own parents, creating ourselves as we will, by our decisions.."

Read that again.  Understand that we all have the ability to make free choices.  Theologians talk about this all the time.  But, understand that free choice is defined by the vatican as a divine power within us!  Wow, who wouldn't want to embrace the divine by making different (and often 'smarter') choices?"  You have that ability!

This certainly does not mean that free choice is limited to those of the catholic faith.  What that means is that FREE CHOICE is not a new concept.  The hippies or new age followers haven't invented it as a convenient cop-out - quite the contrary.  I bring the religious aspect to your attention so you will realize that free choice is a well documented, well learned concept that theologians all over the world believe and teach and have explored for many centuries.  

Likewise the Torah says the following:  [Freedom of] choice has been granted to every man... This concept is a fundamental principle and a pillar of the Torah and its commandments (Mishneh Torah, Laws of Repentance 5:1)

So many religions and theologians have been discussing and teaching free choice for centuries.  According to Yanki Tauber in an article he wrote called On the Essence of Choice which is based on the teachings of Lubavitcher Rebbe he says:  'The concept of choice is central to the belief and philosophy in Judaism. Two of Judaism's most basic principles revolve around choice: God's choice of Israel as His chosen people, and the free choice that has been granted to man'.

So, maybe it is time YOU chose to buy into the concept of your own power!  FREE CHOICE allows you to get out of your own way and truly change the direction of your life.

In any given month I often get calls from people who have called other advisors and are not happy with their readings.  More often I get people calling who are unhappy with how their life is unfolding.  I do my best to explain the power and miracle of free choice.  If you don't like the way something is headed; then CHANGE IT!!!!  When I give predictions I generally let people know if they continue on the path they are going - what the outcome will be.  But, I also tell them if they make a specific changes what I see.  For-instance, oftentimes people call who are in a troubled relationship and ask.. 'should I just walk away?'  Well, I can not make choices for you but what I do is let you know what I see the outcome to be if you continue on your current path, but I also let you know what I see if you opt to make changes.  It often opens up so many new opportunities that you are not even aware of.. and in some cases that you can not even imagine.  That is the POWER of free choice!

So, if you feel stuck and are unhappy with how your life is unfolding; then CHANGE!  YOU have the power to create miracles in your life.  Make a change and you will see how significant that change can be!!!

If you need help in figuring out what the best direction for you is, then give me a call.


-Lady Fontaine

“Believe nothing no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and common sense.” ~Buddha

Basically, what that means is before following the advice of anyone, that includes your mom, your friends, your therapist or your psychic.. be sure it resonates within you and feels right.  We are all different.  We all have our own beliefs and morals.  We are ALL in a different place emotionally. So, there is not a 'one answer fits all' that works for everyone or even works for the majority.  

The best approach is to look within and quiet your mind and ask.  You WILL get inspiration and an answer.  The next best approach is to get as much input as you need.  But, do NOT follow any of the advice.  Consider it, but as you hear it or ponder it some things may feel right while others don't.  ALWAYS follow the advice that feels right for you.  Don't do anything that does not feel right.  Stay clear of anyone who tells you what to do.  That is not their job.

Most of you have had situations where you listen to a friend even though you intuitively know what they say is the wrong - but you do it anyhow.  What inevitably happens?  You live to regret it!  Situations like that have happened to all of us at some point in their lives.  Learn to listen to that strong inner knowing that we all have.  And as you do that, you will strengthen your own intuition!

I believe the job of any good psychic is to EMPOWER you.  My approach is to let you know how I see things unfolding in a variety of different scenarios.  For-instance, if you are trying to decide if you should divorce your spouse or not.  What I can tell you is what I see if you opt to stay and what I see if you opt to leave.  I can also tell you what is holding you back and what you need to work on.  I can also help you see what areas you could work on with your partner to improve the relationship.  But what I will NEVER do is tell you what you should do.  That is not my choice.  It is the not choice of anyone; otherthan you.

Give me a call!


-Lady Fontaine

Greetings of Light & Love and Happy Thanksgiving..

I will be doing a 2-day candle blessing beginning Thanksgiving eve (Wednesday) lasting through Friday Nov 28th.  These are available at no cost to all callers this weekend (Nov 22/23rd) whose paid call lasts 10 or more minutes.  This is COMPLIMENTARY at NO additional cost to you!!  You'll also get 5 FREE mins!

After your call to me, please email me ONE WISH and we will do our very best to petition the Universe to help make your wish come true in 2015!!  These are a version of the candle blessings I charge $50++!  The ones I charge for a longer (2-3 weeks) but the same amount of energy and effort will go into these abbreviated candle blessings.

There is no catch.. read my feedback if you have not already called me. 

This is my gift to all my new and existing clients.

I am here to help!

Many blessings to you!

-Lady Fontaine

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The biggest mistake you can make when your guy is distancing himself is to call, email or text him; and the bigger mistake is to tell him how much you care.  Through the years I have spoken to thousands of men and women who tell me that one day everything is going great and the next day their partner is distant and not responsive.  Allot of times that is true, but oftentimes there are telltale signs beforehand.  But, we often miss them.

The reason most men pull away is they get scared.  Other-times they are confused or feel things are moving too fast.  Or are not sure what they want.  When they are experiencing this, the single worst thing you can do is to chase after them.  It will cause them to further retreat,  GIVE THEM SPACE!

Men process things different than women.  Women like to be chased.  They like to be pursued.  Some men do too (believe it or not they are the exception rather than the rule!) but mostly men like to pursue.  They are hardwired to do it.  So, when you pull back, their instinct is to come on strong and in many instances it works when men lavish a woman with words and gifts and inevitably, she comes around.  But men are different.  When they distance themselves or pull away.. or say they need space; that is exactly what they need.  They don't want to know how much you care.  They know.  In most cases *THAT* is what is either scaring them or confusing them.  They don't want to know how hurt you are.  This has nothing to do with you; it is about him.  For the best outcome, the best advice I can give you is to be strong and confident; stand tall and give him space.

So, if your guy pulls away, instead of putting yourself out there and chasing after him; sit tight and wait it out.  In the majority of situations he WILL be back; and when he comes back he will know what he wants - YOU!   In the situations where he does not come back, then you have saved yourself allot of grief; because he NEVER would have stayed and it would have been an emotional roller coaster ride for as long as you put up with it.  But, if you chase after him, he may come back, but chances are he will not stay for long.  

For more tips and to learn how to act when he re-enters your life - give Lady Fontaine a callShe is a Certified Master Psychic and relationship expert often called 'The Love Doctor!'

Another dynamic I often see is men get their ego's massaged when they step away and a woman starts chasing after them.  When those dynamics are at play, he is not in-tuned with his feelings.  He is actually quite needy and needs the attention more than a relationship.  In those instances; he more often will distance himself rather than deal with the REAL issues and 'risks' as he sees it in a REAL relationship!

BE SMART - don't be impulsive.  IF you do not have enough confidence in your relationship or your man.. then perhaps he is not the right one for you.


Lady Fontaine is known internationally as the Love Doctor.  She is a Certified Master Psychic and Life Coach.  She is an author, radio psychic and is available to take your calls many evenings on Keen.  Please give her a call.  Her specialty is reading energy and providing deep and detailed information about your situation.  Please read her page and feedback for more information.
ENJOY the Summer Solstice!!! (June 21, 2014)

In ancient times, the Summer Solstice was a fire-festival. They believed the power of this ritual would strengthen the sun and provide the necessary sunlight to grow bountiful crops.  In modern times the Summer Solstice is a time of crating abundance in your life.  The summer solstice draws in not only what you ask for or desire, but more!

In ancient times the Summer Solstice was celebrated with a parade of torches.  In modern times we use a CANDLE or BONFIRES to represent our connection with the power of the SUN. A
candle (or multiple candles) should be lit for the entire day. My suggestion is to get a large candle or a 7 day candle and when you light it, be sure it is on a fireproof surface. I generally put a 7 day candle on a ceramic plate on the stove or in the sink. Never
leave a candle unattended.

  • Surround yourself with symbols of the sun
  • Weather permitting spend as much time outdoors as you can. 
  • If you have a fire-pit - LIGHT IT!!!!
  • Invite a few friends over and spend the day sharing food and stories.
  • Gather some fresh herbs like Vervain, Lavender, St. John’s Wort and throw them into the fire silently saying and releasing to the Universe your deepest wishes!

FLOWER CROWN PIECE: Create crowns made out of flowers. Use allot of yellow, gold or red flowers. Wear the crown all day and at the end of the day burn it in your bonfire and dedicate
it to Litha, (the powerful Summer Solstice) and/or the Mighty Oak Tree. As it burns the wheels of magic are released and the power of your deepest desires will be born (created) to manifest your desires.

MAKE A JEWELRY LUCKY TALISMAN:  Buy a beautiful piece of gold jewelry in the shape of the sun. Light incense and infuse jewelry to purify. Then, infuse with sun energy (on your outdoor light altar) for 5 or more hours. Give thanks and then wear as your lucky talisman. Be sure to wear this every day for at least 2 weeks. Allow yourself to feel the power of the SUN within YOU!

FUN IDEAS:  Throw a party with a bonfire. A bonfire is part of the tradition of the summer solstice. Fire has always been a source of protection for human beings, scaring off the unknown and unwanted beings of the night.  Nowadays you can reinvent the bonfire as a great reason to hold a summer solstice party with friends. Just be sure to choose a location where it is both safe and permitted to burn a bonfire––check with the local authority first. In some
places there will a fire ban due to the dry conditions, so make plans to have a party without the bonfire if this happens. Back-up plan use a fire-pit!  2nd back-up plan - have a BBQ!
• BBQ lunch and/or dinner outside!
• Light outdoor (backyard) citronella torches

More Summer Solstice Things to Do..
These can be done on Summer Solstice Eve and Summer Solstice (June 20-21).
• Spend time outside with children or pets. Walk dogs as you consciously draw in the rays of the sun.  Feel the sun's protection and power gently bath every cell in your body.
• Sunbath and splash on rich scented oils.
• Put nettle leaves on the windows and doors of your home for protection against hexes.
• Communicating with plants and trees on the Summer Solstice was common among magician in the pre-christian times. It may sound silly but stand in-front of your favorite plant or better yet the wise old OAK TREE and just talk. My preference is an Oak Tree because of the
symbolism. There is so much power in the Oak Tree. Open your heart and Talk. I sometimes gently put one hand on the Oak Tree and just start talking.  Admire the tree, tell the tree how you feel. Share with the oak tree what you want in life and what is holding you back. Then release it. Let it go! Don't wait for it, Don't think about it just
let it go. Every-time you see the Oak Tree say a quick 'thank you.. or I love you (or value you.. or whatever words are comfortable for you).
• It is said that herbs collected on the eve of the Summer Solstice have a healing ability stronger then the one(s) that they usually possess. If you have an herb garden, collect herbs on this day. If not, you may want to purchase fresh herbs at the local market.
• Wear gold eye shadow!


When oak, ash and thorn trees are all found together they form what is called the Faery Triad. These are sacred groves to faeries, especially the Dryads, who were supposed to have instructed the Druids in the use of sacred tree magick.

Leave a gift for the fairies and the fairies shall
reciprocate by leaving a gift for you!

*  *  *  *  *  * 

Lady Fontaine is an internationally known and respected certified Master Psychic.  If you are interested in receiving an authentic reading from a genuine psychic - GIVE HER A CALL!  Please read her feedback to get an idea of what others feel about her!

Many blessings to you!!!
The reason is simple.  It is the same as the solution.  Love will find you when you completely embellish love from within.  What that means is when you shift your focus away from the person you are hoping will love you towards that divine and all-encompassing source of love within; you will effortlessly manifest in your outer world the most magnificent loving relationships.  This is because your outer world is always a reflection of what is going on inside of you.  So, in other-words, when you focus your energy on someone who is not attentive, is not showing you love, is not treating you with love or not treating you in a loving way, you certainly are not treating yourself with respect.  If you don't respect yourself then who will?  So, when you 'want' something that you don't have you resonate on the energy level of 'want' which translates into 'don't have'.  So, when you send out that 'you don't have someone or something' the Universe lovingly sends you more of not having them!  That is the Law of Attraction at Work.

So, when I talk about finding that love within yourself; it isn't about getting your nails done or your hair done or even getting a massage.  All of that is icing on the cake and really wonderful to do; but what truly matters is more a 'feeling' than all the external distractions around you. 

So, how do you get that 'feeling' of love?   It is tied into your sense of self esteem.  Because when you feel good about you - you radiate a sense of peace and harmony and contentment.  That is your true source of love.  But, it isn't because you have money in the bank, or a good job, or 10 gorgeous men or women pursuing you that gives you that true sense of inner love.  It is you.  It is recognizing and respecting and honoring your OWN MAGNIFICENCE!  It is a process of learning how to make yourself #1.  And when you do that, you send out a powerful message to the Universe.  The Universe, in turn sends you more of making you #1!

Ways to gain that 'feeling' are through self awareness exercises, inner work, meditation, life coaching, awareness and ways that help you find YOU!

                                 #  #  #   #   #

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"To Want or Not to Want"

1. To want or not to want. That is *THE* question! The answer is simple.  Stop wanting and shift your focus to GRATITUDE which will start the manifestation process working in your favor. Once you begin to focus on the things you are grateful for the energy within you completely shifts.  When you 'want' something it keeps it away but being GRATEFUL for what you have.. draws in plentiful blessings into your life. Let's take a minute right now to do an experiment. Take a few deep breaths. Now allow yourself to think of something you 'want'. Really imagine the item for a few minutes. Notice where you eyes are looking.. Notice your breathing and body language. Notice where you feel it in (or outside) of your body. Now, let that go and take a few deep breaths and now think of something you HAVE and are very grateful for. Notice where you eyes are looking.. Notice your breathing and body language. Notice where you feel it in (or outside) of your body. Do you see and feel the difference? In many cases people keep the vision of the things they 'want' outside of their body.. just off in the distance. Their eyes may go up or down but most often UP and to the LEFT. When you are grateful for something.. many hold it in their heart or solar plexus.. but definitely the energy resides WITHIN them rather than external to them. Our eyes usually go down. These are cognitive signals that go DIRECTLY to the brain and ignite your manifesting power. What that means is if you are in a state of 'wanting' and your eye movements follow the patterns described above - your cognitive message to your brain is that you don't have the things you desire so you increase your state of LACK in your life. You are 'thinking' about things or 'sensing' them but they are not in your life. However, when in a state of Gratitude this sends pleasurable energy through your body of 'appreciation'. Your eyes are generally positioned downward giving a cognitive message to the brain that you FEEL the joy and PLEASURE in the things you have. You are GRATEFUL for what you have. For your Life. This sends a cognitive message to your brain of BEING WHOLE, PERFECT an COMPLETE.  And guess what?  The Universe then aligns with this energy and sends you more situations to support this wonderful feeling of joy and happiness and your sense of feeling COMPLETE. The message the Universe gets is that you don't 'need' anything so get this -the Universe sends you situations to support HAVING EVERYTHING YOU NEED!  That is what we call ALIGNING with your destiny!  That is when you begin to experience the divine blessings you are ALL entitled to receive!  Remember, money and prosperity are ENERGY. When energy flows effortlessly through you - you attract prosperity into your life. Every second of every day you have a choice. Consciously chose to align with the state of gratitude. Your life will almost instantly shift for the better. Gratitude is a much different energy than the desire of 'wanting' something and draws into your life love, happiness and prosperity.

Gratitude: Watch your thoughts. Measure your thoughts about money and see if you are wanting or appreciating. If you are appreciating be sure you have an awareness of gratitude. Gratitude BRINGS it into YOUR life. Wanting keeps it just OUTSIDE of your reach.

"Detach from the Outcome"

2. Detach from the Outcome: OK, this is tough part. It requires a TRUST in a higher source or power, or a trust in the fact that you DESERVE it!  This requires that you have an inner awareness that there is a greater power out there that you are attached to and truly  are a co-creator. Some think of this outside source as God. Some think of this as a 'higher force' or even their 'higher self' or 'The Universe'. It doesn't matter what you call it - but it does matter that you understand that there is some force GREATER than ourselves out there - that we are CONNECTED too. This is a loving, supportive 'power' that you can TAP into at any time. When you have this awareness and understanding and you trust that this higher power will know the bigger picture and bring to you what you need at any given time. So, you want the 5,000 square foot house in the suburbs, the Hummer, $100,000.00 in the bank and the other niceties. Imagine if the Universe's plan for you is to bring you a 8,000 square foot house, 10 Hummers and $10 million dollars in the bank and even more. OK, who needs 10 Hummers but you get the point!  Or maybe you aren't supposed to have the Hummer but a Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes, Lexus or ll of the above. TRUST and allow the Universe to bring you the GIFTS it desires. Don't limit yourself. Just OPEN to the possibilities of prosperity and allow the Universe to work out the details. The Universe SEES the BIG picture. So get out of the way of the creation process and stop limiting it.  With the way our brains are designed; we can't embrace the magnitude of this. We don't have that vision or capability. So, allow the Universe to do what it is BEST at - bringing you wonderful opportunities that could manifest way beyond your hopes and dreams.

"Allow the Universe to bring the opportunities and gifts into your life
that you deserve!"

This goes for relationships as well.  IF you were supposed to be with that person you desire, trust me, you'd be with them.  If you are not with them now.. there is a reason.  TRUST in that process and don't struggle with it.  ENJOY where you are NOW.  Be GRATEFUL!  That is truly THE SECRET to bringing you everything that your heart desires!!
Happy Manifesting!


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To know what men want.. you have to know what they don’t want. All too often, women give a man what they ‘think’ he wants but ultimately it pushes him away. Listed below are the top 6 Rules of Dating and getting your man to commit. Any single one of these can almost immediately change your relationship for the better. If you do more than one the odds are stacked in your favor. Why? Because men process information in a different way than women.

What seems so major to you may not be that critical for your man. So, it becomes important to learn the intricate differences in how men and women think so you can relate to them in ‘their’ language. Learn to understand how they think and how they process information and you greatly improve your chances of creating lasting love! The list below does not apply to every man nor every relationship. There are still some men that appreciate women and treasure a woman who gives fully of herself! But, in today's world women need a set of rules to maximize the benefits in THEIR favor! So, if your man is not appreciating you the list below will explain why! Don't change who you are - but knowledge is power and sometimes women have to resort to some well-planned 'strategy' to get their needs met!!

These six rules of dating are designed to help you outsmart the Venus and Mars disconnect in relationships!!! The list below gives you the tools to empower yourself in a relationship by understanding how a man thinks and interprets your actions and how to get him to appreciate you more!

Rule #1: TELL A MAN WHAT YOU WANT: Men often tell me that they are not 'mind readers' and don't know what their lady wants. Oftentimes they 'think' a woman is receptive and happy because she doesn't tell him anything to the contrary, so when suddenly out of left field she gets mad or hurt it confuses most men. Don't be afraid to tell him what you want and what is important to you. If he doesn't care to know or doesn't respect what you think and feel, then the relationship is doomed for failure anyhow. It is best to see that upfront and save yourself the heartache. Most men who are serious and want to pursue a relationship will be happy for the guidance.

Rule #2: RESPECT YOURSELF: Men often respect women who value themselves and expect to be treated well. When a woman is too nice, too helpful, too supportive or too loving it translates to your man as too much of a good thing. I am not saying any of that is a bad thing.. if your man is giving you that, then give it back. But, the second he stops don't keep trying to win him back by doing more and more. Giving too much love, attention, support, money, etc translates to your man that ‘you’ and ‘your feelings’ don’t count. If you 'always' put him first he quickly learns to do the same (put himself first) and ultimately he is more likely to ignore your needs. Not because he doesn't care about you but you are subconsciously telling him that his needs are more important than yours. Women think that a man wants the woman who caters to their every need. Well, they may want it, but when they have it they quickly tire of it and take it for granted. So ladies - balance it!!! Give, but also allow the man to give and do for you.

Think about it, how many times have you heard about a man leaving such a good and loving woman for a demanding one? It happens all the time. When you make your entire emphasis in a relationship about your partner; you rob them of a very intricate part of man’s dream fantasy about love. What's the fantasy you may ask? WINNING YOUR HEART!!!! Ultimately, this is one of the primary reasons men leave a relationship. They get bored. ~This is one of the biggest mistakes a woman can make.~

RULE #3: WHAT TO DO (and NOT DO) WHEN A MAN IS INCONSISTENT: Men don’t want to be overwhelmed with words. Most men think and feel in simplistic terms. For them, actions speak louder than words. When a man ‘pulls away’ emotionally or is not attentive or not calling then the absolute WORST thing you can do is send him a letter or email telling him how you feel. This will push him away further. You may get a knee-jerk response from a man but it won’t be lasting. When a man is inconsistent the WORST thing you can do is leave that door open for them to keep coming back. Value YOURSELF more than that. You are worth more and deserve more from a relationship.

So, if he pulls back, do the same. And, when he steps forward, be somewhat reserved. Don't tell him how much you missed him, etc. That rewards his negative behavior. Don't complain or be mean.. just be aloof and distant. This gives him the opportunity to work hard to win you back.

RULE #4: HOW TO GET A MAN TO TREAT YOU THE WAY YOU DESERVE BE TREATED: Women think the way to get a man to do what they want is to tell them they are NOT doing what they want. This is a HUGE mistake!!! Men immediately turn OFF when you begin nit-picking by telling them what they are doing wrong. The BEST approach is to REWARD your man for his positive behavior and when he is not doing what you want.. pull back slightly and be a bit distant. When he asks what is wrong - start talking about things that are IMPORTANT TO YOU! Don't say he isn't doing them just say something like.. 'I've been thinking'.. or 'I have been reading this book and I realize what is important to me..' That works much better than saying.. 'I am sick and tired of you not calling when you say you will and I am not putting up with this anymore'. The problem is, most women do and the man then realizes he can get away with not doing what he says because you stay in the relationship in-spite of it. There is a HUGE difference in criticizing a man vs telling him what makes you happy. He’ll learn quickly to do the things that you desire when you let him know what they are.

RULE #5: THE WAY TO A MAN's HEART IS THRU SEX.. or IS IT???: Many women think ‘sex’ is the way to a man’s heart and the way to keep a man. It surely may get a man interested at the beginning; but don't use sex as a means to get a man to fall in love with you. If you have casual sex with a man, it usually stays casual. I am not saying don't have sex.. but if you truly want a commitment and marriage and he wants sex.. giving him sex does not often get him to change his mind. However, if you with-hold sex, your chances are greater that the man will take the time to get to know you and care for you!

If he wants something (sex) and you want something (commitment) - limit the sex until you get the commitment or the relationship is ‘secure’. When a woman gives a man sex as a means to getting a commitment it backfires ABOUT 90% of the time. If she realizes it or not she actually is training him that he doesn’t have to work for sex or for the relationship. In other words, he doesn’t need to buy you gifts, doesn’t need to appreciate you and more importantly, doesn’t need to give you a commitment. All too often, women forego their true desires of having a commitment but they give ‘sex’ as a way to barter for what they want. The majority of time - it backfires. Don’t forego what is important to you by giving sex freely to a man. The best way to capture a man is to make them wait and make them work for what they want. The longer they wait, the more they desire you.

RULE #6: GETTING WHAT YOU WANT: Many women give endlessly to their man even when he does not treat them well. This is a HUGE mistake. Nice girls rarely finish first.. especially in romance. Defining your boundaries is not selfish; in fact, it is one of the best things you can do for the relationship. You set the RULES and REQUIREMENTS. If a man asks you to meet him at a restaurant and you want to be picked up - tell him. If you want to stay home or want to go to a restaurant or concert - tell him. Most women think that men want the woman who make no demands. That is 100% INCORRECT. Men like to know what is expected and they like to cater to a woman’s needs. If you don't tell a man what you want - don't assume that they know.

~Follow these RULES to greatly enhance your current relationship. You'll have your man eating out of your hand in no time at all!!!

Best of luck!~

############################### Lady Fontaine is a Certified Master Psychic and Love & Relationship Coach. Lady Fontaine wrote a syndicated Love Advice column for many years. She is known as one of the top love psychics. Many of her articles ARE syndicated on the internet and are featured on sites such as, AOL,, and many other sites! For many years Lady Fontaine hosted the AM Radio Show Non-Stop New York giving callers expert psychic advice. Search the internet and you'll find a host of her articles for your reading pleasure! Lady Fontaine has been ranked in the top 5 psychics worldwide for the past 9 consecutive years. Lady Fontaine is currently working on her second book. Lady Fontaine is available on Keen most evenings between 8pm-11pm. If you don't see her as available, put in a call-back and she will take your call at her earliest convenience.
Most everyone who has gone to a psychic has had situations where a prediction is given that doesn’t unfold in the time-frame predicted. Why is that? Well, the answer is two fold. First, there is something called FREE CHOICE. A psychic can only see a window into the future from the day they do the reading. Anywhere along the way you may make a choice that changes your path; therefore that changes the outcome. You may think the psychic SHOULD know if you are going to change your mind and go in a different direction but that would fall under ‘destiny’ rather than ‘free choice’. That being said, I, for one, can generally pick up when someone is at a crossroads or is indecisive about something or if a change of heart is coming, but free choice is just that - FREE CHOICE. IF a psychic predicts it, then can it be considered free choice?

Now, lets look at a situation that many of you have experienced where a psychic gives you a prediction and it does not come true. You may wonder why that happens and is it a bad psychic reading? More often than it being a problem with your psychic it is usually that along the way you made choices that changed the outcome. So, it is important to factor that into things. FREE CHOICE is just that. Free choice. Without that, you wouldn't be free to make the choices and mistakes that you often make. The way we all learn and grow is through our choices. LEARN FROM YOUR choices, good, bad or indifferent; because there are really no mistakes; just detours. But, in the end, if a psychic is good at reading outcomes as I am, they should still be able to predict the end result; even if there are several twists long the way. I remember doing a reading for a regular client who asked me about her daughter. I saw a very bright future for her daughter including becoming a doctor and having a happy married life. At that time her daughter wanted to be a model and had no interest in the medical profession. In her teen years this young woman made some choices and got into trouble as she pursued her career as a model. For a few years she went off course. I held firm in my predictions although my client just couldn’t see it. She was sure her daughter was going to ruin her life. But fortunately she didn’t. Eventually she get back on course. Her daughter got sick and she met a great doctor who tremendously influenced her. They didn’t become romantically involved but they became good friends. She eventually went to med school met a handsome young doctor and they now have 3 young children and are living her dream life! So, the moral is - give the predictions time to unfold. I personally read outcomes. There may be several twists and turns while getting to the outcome.. and sometimes my clients are so sure I am wrong, but inevitably it plays out as predicted. So, when you get a prediction, regardless of time-frames given, the first thing is to wait it out. Give it some extra time since time is very hard for most psychics to predict.

Secondly, if you are NOT ready for a situation to play out - then there very likely WILL be delays. The Universe will UNFOLD for you with your best interests at heart. That isn’t always what YOU want - when you want it. That is often the most difficult thing to understand when life doesn’t unfold as you want it or as it has been predicted. People often KEEP things just out of their range; the very things they most desire because they are not ready. When a psychic reads your energy they can feel it and sense it but it is up to the individual to allow it into their lives. Sometimes you need to let go of something BEFORE the next door opens. Other times, the timing just isn’t right. You might need to work through some issues or get clarity on something BEFORE it comes into your life.. So, before you BLAME THE PSYCHIC for predictions that don’t seem to come true look inward and if you are honest with yourself you may see that perhaps you weren’t ready or that you are pushing it away. That can turn out to be the greatest GIFT in any prediction. I see this play out all the time, so be patient.

I recently heard from a client that I read for about 3 years ago. At that time I predicted a total change in her career and that she would meet a man through this new career path that would be a mentor within 12-18 months. The reason this client called was about 8 months ago she made a career change. She has now met a man she is dating who is starting to mentor her so she called me to see if he was the man I predicted for her. So, the prediction DID come true in it’s own time-frame. Just allow it! The bottom line is, allow some time for the predictions to play out. In the end, if the psychic is generally accurate then the predictions will unfold, if given time!
To everything there is a season...

"Should I stay or let go and move on?"  This is probably one of the questions I hear most frequently.  That is also a question a psychic should NEVER make for you.  A psychic can't (and should NOT) make your decisions or your choices for you.  A psychic SHOULD give you the options and explain the scenarios; and then you are free to chose the right path for you!

That being said, what do you do when you still love someone and they are not in your life?  Should you let go or should you stay and hold on?  This is always a question that each person must decide individually, however, keep in mind that for everything there is a season.. and a time.  If you are not with someone now, then this is not your time.  Your life is ALWAYS perfection (even when it doesn't feel that way!).  We manifest things in our life to support where we are on this journey of life.  If you don't have someone in your life the WORST thing to do is to focus on them.  When you do that, you are totally missing the point.  When someone is not in your life; they are not there for one of two reasons.  Either the timing is not right or they are not right for you; otherwise they WOULD be in your life!!!  It really is that simple.

So, when someone you love leaves.. what do you do?  The best thing is to allow yourself to grieve and get over it; and then, to the best of your ability.. move on.  Take this time to WORK on YOURSELF.  Discover who YOU are!  Discover what makes YOU tick.. (other-than the love that got away!).  Nurture yourself.  Love and HONOR yourself... and you will see that the Universe brings you countless 'new' gifts which are amazingly more spectacular than anything you had before.  What I always tell my clients is to HONOR YOURSELF!  If you don't, then the Universe won't ether.  It is a simple truth called the law of attraction.

"What I always tell my clients is to HONOR YOURSELF!  If you don't, then the Universe won't ether."

The events happening in your life are a REFLECTION of what you feel.  If someone doesn't love you that means you are not acting in a loving way towards yourself.  Think about it honestly.  Are you making them the main focus?  Do you allow them to act unkindly towards you?  If so, that is not honoring you!  Shift your focus to YOU.. and everything will change in your life.. EVERYTHING!!!!  You may find the love(s) that got away re-enter your life.  You will discover new and amazing experiences where people love and honor you!  TRY IT!  It really DOES work!

The time apart from a loved one should ALWAYS be a time of self-exploration.  LOVE and HONOR you and you'll see how quickly others do the same.  Now, when I say love and honor yourself, getting your hair done, going to the spa, working out, these are small things you CAN do.  But, they are not enough.  First, you should learn to DEFINE YOUR BOUNDARIES.  Learning to honor yourself means to make yourself first.  Imagine your best friend or closest relative being involved with someone who leaves them or cheats on them.  What would you tell them?  Would you want them to hold on and wait?  Would you want your best friend, or relative to throw their life away in memory of someone who didn't care enough to stay?  Of course not.  You'd want your closest friend to live a glorious life.  Think of that song I HOPE YOU DANCE.. by Lee Anne Womack.  That should be your motto in life.  Wish for others and yourself the very BEST!  When you do this you create the VERY BEST for yourself.  

"The time apart from a loved one should ALWAYS be a time of self-exploration!"

When someone leaves or opts not to be in your life; that is because the timing is not right.  You can't win by trying to control the situation or change it.  Learn to go with the flow.  If things cycle back then it was meant to be.  If they don't then it wasn't.  But, most importantly, learn that when someone is not respectful or caring of you or your feelings, you should NOT give your life away to them or their memory.  The better approach is to neatly fold it away and place it lovingly and respectfully in your heart.  Honor and love them for how they enriched your life.. and wish them well.. Then focus on you and move on.  You will be amazed how quickly love comes knocking at your door.. and the countless surprises and gifts the Universe has in store for you!


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Lady Fontaine is often called the LOVE DOCTOR!  She is an internationally known psychic with over 27 years experience!  She is a CERTIFIED MASTER PSYCHIC and CERTIFIED MASTER Life Coach.  CALL HER to get an exceptional love reading and advice.  She has evening hours of Keen.

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Do you want to know the secret that makes some men and women incredibly irresistible to the opposite sex?   It has nothing to do with how attractive or successful you are.  It is really quite simple; it is being a GOOD LISTENER.  Men and women alike swarm to those who possess this skill.  In-fact, studies show that women value men who are good listeners more-so than any other trait or virtue!  Isn’t that amazing?

So, how do you become a good listener?  Here are some tips.

  •  Listen more than you speak.
  •  Maintain eye contact.
  •  Ask questions about how your partner feels.
  •  Allow your partner the space and forum to share their feelings or vent their frustrations WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.
  • Resist the urge to give advice.
  • Listen and validate your partner’s feelings.  When they share something with you say"  I understand.  Or thank you for sharing.  Do NOT tell them they should;t feel that way.
  • Keep The Focus On Your Partner.
  • Resist the urge to talk about yourself or your experiences.  Keep the focus on THEM!
  • Truly listen.  Don’t pretend to listen while you are waiting for the chance to interrupt and talk about yourself.   
  • Be supportive.  Regardless what they say eve if you have an opposing view) say things like:  'I understand'.
Becoming a good listener can make you a more caring person while making you simply irresistible to the opposite sex!


Please read Lady Fontaine's blog for more love and relationship tips!

Lady Fontaine is often called the LOVE DOCTOR!  She is an internationally known psychic with over 27 years experience!


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