When you are manifesting your life through your positive thoughts and intentions there is a flow to life, a rhythm that is unmistakable. Things come to you without effort and you always have what you need when you need it. To make the decision to follow this path and stay on this path is to know true peace and living in the moment. The key is to be persistent and consistent at all times. Those who dabble don't truly get to experience any of this. It's a life choice and when you dabble you get inconsistent results. So be mindful always once you have made the choice. Be mindful and aware of what you are thinking, saying and doing and if they conflict with what it is that you truly want then stop it. Even in jest you are still creating, so stay aware.
Believe it or not you have a purpose for being here. There is a reason that you are in this world even if you can't remember that reason. Most people spend their whole lives seeking near and far for someone to tell them who they are, why they are here and what they are supposed to be doing. The fact of the matter is that this information is right there inside you and you don't really need anyone to tell you anything, you just need to tap into your true self. Most people have faces that they pull out at the drop of a hat for certain people and certain situations. None of these faces actually represent you but they are a facade that you have habitually learned to use in order to interact in this world. The more you use the mask the deeper it gets embedded into your subconscious mind creating a layer between you and your true self. Think about it, you have work you, mom you, child you, spouse you, friend you, taking care of business you, pretty much any situation in your life you have created a mask to handle that. How many times have you said yes when you really did not want to? How many times have you accommodated someone else at the expense of something that you really should do? How many times have you gone against that little voice in your head and your heart that says, no, stop, don't do it? In order to find your true self it is important to make a conscious effort to put away the masks that you have become accustomed to using to hide the real you. Release the habits and patterns that you have created to cover up who you really are. You know what you want to do in your life, so follow your bliss and stop making excuses. You know where you want to be, so stop talking yourself out of being there. You know who you are so stop trying to hide it with masks. All of the information that you need is right there for you but you have to peel away the layers of "not you" that you have covered it with in order to get down to the true you and begin creating from your truth.
From the dreams of meeting your princess or prince when you were little, to the dreams of being a nurse, a pilot, an astronaut, an artist, whatever, we have been creating. The difference between now and then is that you knew as a child that your dreams were real, you knew that there were endless possibilities and that they were all available to you without worrying about how, when, why, and what. You just knew that anything was possible because that is the absolute truth. It wasn't until someone told you that it wasn't true, to stop daydreaming, to live in the real world, whatever they said they literally encased the truth in a web of illusion. They made you question and doubt what you knew to be true. Someone did that to them and they did that to you and on and on generations of illusion that covered up the truth. It is time to dream again and to know that your dream's do come true. The only thing that stands between you and what you desire are the blocks that you build between you and what you want with doubts and fears. Empower yourself with belief, sit down and find your bliss which is the dream that you've always tabled to "live in the real world", and begin the process of making it happen. Enjoy the journey!
You know, there is something completely calming and uplifting about nature. A walk through the forest can lift your energy, clear your head and refresh your state of mind. Look around at all of the different types of trees, greenery, animals, birds, bugs and all manner of life living together, cooperating with each other, cohabiting in the same space for the common goal of existence. They have all that they need right there for them to be healthy and prosperous without fear, worry and concern. This is the true nature of life and the way that it was always supposed to be. You and your energy touches those around you and their energy and all of this energy touches the earth and so on and so forth, on and on and this is the catalyst for life as we know it. We do not exist in bubbles but are part of the whole, part of the universe and we all create with our energy, with our thoughts, with our intent. Spend some time in nature, take off your shoes and touch the grass, feel the beautiful energy of peace that is natural for the forest and most of all become aware of the unity that you find there. This peace can be yours with just a change of perspective. Just a tweek in your psyche that let's you become aware that everything is important and everything is connected and each living beings existence is important to the whole. This knowledge brings balance, it brings enlightenment, it brings peace and most of all it changes the world in a positive way.
The best gift you can give yourself is the "will" to follow your dreams. Getting up every day, being consistent and persistently following your inner guidance is the sure fire way of bringing your dreams into the physical. Your "will" is really the most powerful tool in your tool kit, it's the fire behind your intentions, it is the energetic action that you need to take to boost your thoughts into the universe and the more will that you feed it the more powerful the thought seed get. The truth is that if you "will" something strong enough there is nothing in this world that can stand in your way. It goes way beyond wishing something to happen, with "will" you are actually stating your intention and creating or making the situation happen with all expectations of it being a done deal. Practice makes perfect and creating your life is no exception. With each conscious choice to create the positive life that you desire, with each positive thought, and each positive action you are making progress and with this progress you will find your world shaping into your perfect dream.
It takes commitment and sheer will to change the way that you think. It takes consistent persistence to alter a lifetime of negative thoughts and behaviors in order to finally be where you truly desire to be, and every day that you wake up and you work on it shows the universe your determination. By doing this you are actually creating a positive outcome! You are blossoming and growing into your ideal life creating the things that you know belong to you, things that will bring you joy, things that will positively impact you and the world around you. Think of the possibilities! You can dream big and know there will be a positive outcome. It's also a great place to take a good look around you to see where additional work may be required. Are there still areas that seem to be blocked? Are you getting push back with something that you are attempting to do? Be honest with yourself so that you can find these little pockets, look at them and then release them in order to get rid of them and continue your forward momentum. Think positive, you can do this!
One of the easiest people in the world to lie to is ourselves. We sometimes don't honestly see who we really are and then other times we do see it but push it aside and stuff it deep down in our psyche so we don't have to look at it right now. The fact of the matter is that we have to look at these things. Finding these deep dark hidden things that we have placed in file cabinets behind many locked doors in the cavernous depths of our minds is one of the best ways to help clear the slate of all those things that stand in the way of the world that you want. You can do affirmations all day long, you can spend hours visualization your outcome, you can believe, you can think positive you can do all of this but it's not really going to matter if you have something in yourself that counters what you want. Take for instance your finances, if you have done all of the above and then a bill comes in the mail and you immediately panic wondering how you are going to pay it then I'm going to hazard a guess and say, "yeah, there's something in there you need to look at". If you have beliefs, fears, worries, concerns, doubts, self loathing, anger, etc., these are things that you need to find within yourself in order to move forward and remove the blocks that have been placed there because until you do they will continue to sabotage anything that you are attempting to do. You have to face them, you have to face yourself and all of the things that you hide from yourself. Be honest with yourself, be honest and look at your beliefs and then let them go. Look at the fears and face them and you will find that most of the time they weren't really as frightening as they pretended to be. Once you make up your mind to do it and release the fears that you hold on so desperately to, you will be able to soar into the life that you really want.
There are different types of love in this world. You have love for your parents, your partner, your children, friends, you name it but there is one that is mostly neglected and that is the love of your self. This, believe it or not, is the most important of them all. What you think about yourself is how you shape your world, it's how you create and how you look at yourself is reflected into everything that you try to do. That self talk that you say to yourself everyday, this is what you see in your life. If you believe that you are not worthy then that is the kind of people that your will attract to you, those who think you are not worthy. No matter what it is, if you don't straight up love yourself and everything about you then you aren't going to attract that straight up love in another person. I'm not saying that if you see a problem that you don't make a move to change it. I'm saying that you can still love yourself and not like an issue, you can see the problem, make the change and move on but you should always love yourself no matter what. Value yourself and what you have to offer to the world, value yourself for the wonderful things you can create with your own life and in doing so change the world, cherish yourself for the special things that only you can bring to this reality. Love yourself and you will know true love!
When you are using positive energy to create what you want into your life and at the same time asking when will this happen for me you are unknowingly creating a huge block in front of your dream. Just by using the words "when" you have now taken a positive creative seed and added an anomaly, a flaw, a question mark upon it. The most important requirement of manifesting what you want is knowing without a doubt that it's already done. You acknowledged that it belongs to you, you've sent out the energy into the universe and so you can quietly sit back and move on to other things until there is a need to look at it again. If you continue to lift the lid to look inside to make sure it's still there or ask, "how long is this going to take", you are showing that you really don't believe what you are doing, that you have doubts about your ability to do so and you are putting block after block in front of it and then you wonder, "what did I do wrong"? Well, what you did was in trying to create what you want you also created, "when", so now you have a whole lot of "when" in the equation. A whole lot of doubt thrust into what you desire. Your will is very strong and you have the ability to create everything that you want but your beliefs are what push the will. You aren't going to have the same powerful energetic push in trying to make something happen when you don't believe in it. This is when a lot of people throw up their hands and stop trying. What is it that you believe? Do you believe that you can do this? Do you know in your heart that this is the path for you? More important, do you really want what you asked for? If so, then stand in your power and will it to happen knowing without a single doubt that it belongs to you and accept it with gratitude!
Imagine the life that you want and then go for it. How much of the reason that you are still where you are is because you are afraid to go for it? Are you afraid of failure, do you think that you don't have what it takes, are you afraid to lose? Is it the doubts in yourself, doubts that it will take too long or not pan out? These are the things that stand between you and what you want your life to look like. You don't have to jump up in the morning and decide that you are going to change your entire life this moment, although you certainly could. All it means is that there is that one thing in the back of your mind that is your dream and you continuously push it right back in to the back of your mind every time it tries to get your attention. People spend their whole lives looking for that elusive path when it was right there all along shoved into the back of the closet of your mind. It's time to pull it out, dust it off and look at it. Your dream, that thing that makes you excited to think about before you allow the fears and doubts to take over. Change your perception and look at it as if it already is, it does already belong to you, it's your dream and yours alone. Approach it in the positive only and take tiny steps every day to get there.
Our lives are made up of moments and it's important to be present in those moments in order to obtain the most from them. Good or bad that moment is the step that takes you into the next moment over and over throughout your lifetime. How many times have you found yourself daydreaming about the future or thinking about the past, worrying, wondering, creating? Those are the times when your mind is not where it's supposed to be. In those moments of not being present is where all of the little things are happening but not only that you living in the moment calms your mind and brings you into your center of peace. That is the only time that you will find quieting of the mind. If you are not pondering then there is really nothing to think about. Practice paying attention to where your thoughts are going and pull yourself back when you begin to have an onslaught of thoughts. Remind yourself that you desire to remain in the here and now. Once your mind is quiet you will be able to hear your inner guidance and that is a sure fire way of knowing what is going on instead of wondering what is going on and what you should do about it. This is where you will be able to create those pure thoughts for your life and this is where you will find the little things that make your life!
What you believe about yourself and your life is your reality. It's as simple and as complicated as that because you have the power to create your life into whatever you want it to be and if you have self limiting thoughts about your ability to do that then you will have a self limiting outcome. Some people have a tendency to put themselves down or lay out the worst part of themselves into the open for others to see. To them it may feel as if they are unburdening themselves, they may feel that it is necessary to put it out front to make others feel more at ease, or maybe even to try and make sense of it in their head. Even if it is self deprecating it is still creating your world. Our releasing work and retraining our minds to function in a way that is conducive to the life that we want hinges on the ability to not only release but to let it go permanently. That means that what you "were" no longer becomes topic of conversation because it has been released and by repeating it you are accepting it back into your life which recreates it all over again. So, why not begin your day saying I am new, I am fresh as of this moment and I now accept that newness as mine. I start from this very moment and my life is great and I am so grateful that this is so. You have that right, you have worked for that and you should accept that new chapter as the gift that it is. Create the new life that you want and allow the old to fade away until it no longer exists because you are what you believe you are.
Considering the fact that we all create our own world with our thoughts then you should be exactly where you are supposed to be right? Yes, absolutely, you should, yet... How many times in your life were you presented with something that you have put energy into getting then came up with excuses left, right and center as to why you couldn't have it or shouldn't take it when offered? That new job you've been looking for comes through and you balk, afraid to leave what you know. That new man walks into your life and you seek flaws or you have an opportunity to strike out on your own and start your own business and you worry about not being able to be successful, even that moment when you decide that you are going to embrace your true self and you doubt. These are perfect examples of fear and fear will stop you in your tracks faster than anything. What good is it to set your intentions on starting your own business and do the affirmations and put the positive energy out there then be brought to your knees with fears when the opportunity arises? These are the moments when you are planting the seeds of blocks and obstacles on your path. You may not feel like it is fear, it may just seem logical to hesitate, but you know in your heart what it is. As you've been working on releasing the things that don't belong to you and creating your world these moments are what you are looking for. The last bit of negative energy seeds that you planted when you lacked the awareness of understanding. Pay attention, be aware, listen to your self talk and your higher minds guidance and catch negativity when it comes. Understand that these do not belong to you and release them. Let them go, let them go, let them go! Face your life with confidence and conquer fear, be bold and true to the life that belongs to you.
Beliefs are powerful thought forms that you begin to create the nano second that you are born. Every moment since your birth the circumstances and situations that you found yourself in have been shaping your perceptions and expectations of your life. You may not even have a conscious remembrance of a majority of these beliefs but every moment of your life has been recorded and stored in your subconscious mind and when you come across a situation that even remotely has to do with the stored belief it pops out to hit you smack in the face. Your relationship with your parents, your parents relationship together, your friends, relatives, your interactions, that frightening moment in your crib when you heard a loud noise, those major moments, all of this shapes what you truly believe about your life, what you expect out of life and they can cause fears and blocks that prevent you from moving forward. If you are seriously working on manifesting the life that belongs to you then it would serve your cause to at least examine your true beliefs. I'm not talking about what is on the surface, that is easy, I'm talking about deep down honesty and truth. For example, say that you have been doing the positive affirmations for love and you meet a man that ticks all of the boxes on your wish list but something inside you tells you that you are not good enough, that you are not (fill in the blank) and so you do everything in your power to screw it up. This may be caused by a belief that you have in your subconscious mind that you need to look at and release because the only way to move forward is going to be to release it completely and by releasing it you remove the blocks that have been holding you back. This takes persistence and a true willingness to change your life. Until that time they will continue to sit there silently waiting to pop out and "assist" you the next time the situation comes around.
When you were born you had the knowledge of all things spiritual, you never questioned whether a dragon existed, you knew that it did, you didn't question that you could hear your so called "imaginary friend", you had active interaction. you didn't question that a person made you uncomfortable you just knew to stay away from them. It wasn't until you were told that it was your imagination that you began to question what you were seeing. feeling and hearing. You have been trained since before you even had a choice to focus entirely on the physical world. "Pay attention, stop daydreaming, don't say that people will think your crazy, on and on and on. You were literally born with the knowledge of how to create your world with your thoughts and navigate the energies of your life and then convinced by the people in your life that you were wrong. The thing about creating your life with your thoughts is that it is happening whether you are aware of it or not, it is happening whether you believe it or not, it is happening and the universe doesn't judge whether you are aware or not. You have the power to take back control of your life and to wake up and remember the truth. You always had the power, so take that bright beautiful creative mind and color your world in the way that you want it to be and in your own way and the way it was supposed to be!
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