Expectations are funny things because they are based on preconceived ideas and notions about how something is going to happen or should be. A couple of weeks ago I gave examples of the proper way of creating things and how too much planning and fussing can actually be counter intuitive in creative ventures. Expectations are another aspect of that type of thinking. Say you are creating a positive financial situation and you know that you will like to see X amount in order to reach the goal that you desire, that's all good. The issues only begin when in your beliefs and ideas you have a set expectation of how that is going to come through for you. Expectations of how that positive financial situation is going to occur is the same as placing blocks around the many resources both known and unknown that are available from the Universe. If you leave the when, where, and how open the finances can literally come from anywhere. This actually pertains to every aspect of your life whether it be relationships, career, life, whatever, know what you want, state what you want, visualize having what you want and how happy it will make you to have it but leave the how details to the Universe. This way the Universe can grab that off the shelf, wrap it up and deliver it in a timely manner and all you have to do is ask, believe and accept it when it's delivered.
Here we are in the new year of 2019 starting a brand new chapter with fresh brand new blank pages. We've come a long way on this journey in the past year and have learned many new ways to direct the focus and intent of our creative muscles through creating with thought. Let's make this year all that we want it to be as we progress and expand our awareness even further!
This week the word "change" has come up many times and I thought that a bit of clarity was needed on this topic. Change is natural, change is actually necessary in order to move forward, change is a vital part of growth and expansion and sometimes it is going to happen whether you embrace it or not. Now, we all know that we create with our thoughts and that every aspect of our lives is narrated by our perceptions, beliefs, will and desire. If you have planted the seeds for something to happen in your life, something that you really, really want, then that will come to fruition but this is where change comes in. There are times in life that a change is absolutely necessary in order for something that you really want to come to you. For instance, if you are in a relationship that is not going very well and you decide that you really want a great relationship that is beneficial for both parties, then you have to understand that a change may be required. This means that maybe the relationship you have right now isn't conducive to the type of relationship that you want and you will have to let it go in order to get the relationship that you asked for. This is a perfect example for a necessary change and this is when you get to choose. This example can be used in every aspect of your life where your will and desire has requested something from the Universe. When you have set the thought in motion then it becomes an active, energetic, living representation of what you have asked for. If you want a new job, a raise, a relationship, a career, a new vehicle, money, even expanded spiritual awareness, it will happen, but you have to be willing to accept the changes that may be necessary to get it in order for it to flow smoothly into your life. Don't fear it, embrace it!
According to the National Science Foundation the average person has around 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day with a thought occurring 35 to 48 times per minute per person. That's a lot of random thinking and the fact is most people couldn't even tell you what they are thinking about half the time because they think so fast. Now, if each of those thoughts is actually creating something and you can't even remember what you were thinking that's like playing Russian Roulette with your life. Pure thought is a thought that has been untouched by negative energy and influence. It is not random, it is not a remembrance of the past or planning the future, it is a thought created with intention and focus with a singular goal of creating something that you want in your life. Every thought that you as the creator of your life has should be pure thought and fertilized with positive energy in order to create the outcome you desire. Learning to control the monkey mind and the constant plethora of incoming information and chatter is one of the most important things that you can do in your journey of creation. Be aware of your thoughts, control them and focus them on what you want them to be focused on. Take control of your life and create the outcome that you want!
One of the things that I've noticed when beginning the process of creating with thoughts is that expectations are a sure fire way to slow down the works. Expectations are not the same as visualizing what you want and they are different than just creating with thought. Expectations are the walls that you put around what you want and most people don't even realize they are doing it. Take for instance someone who would like very much to win the lottery. A person may decide I will win the lottery, that's a good creative idea. The next step is to visualize the winning of he lottery also a very good start in creating. Next comes what usually happens with an untrained mind and that is deciding, where, what, when, and how that is going to come to you. With these parameters you have now dictated how you expect it to come to you and because it all relies on you these parameters are going to have to be met before it happens. For example, I will win the lottery, a thought like this could mean you will win a dollar because you have not expressed interest in an amount and once you have won the dollar the creating is done. Then you have situations where you have expressed an amount and visualized yourself winning the lottery and here is where you begin with the expectations. You see yourself buying the lottery ticket at a particular store, at this point you have set up walls around buying a winning ticket anywhere else. Then you may decide I will win by buying a scratch off or weekly drawing, you have now set up more walls saying I must buy from this particular store and I will only win with this particular type of ticket. Then you may say to yourself I want to win $500.00. Now the scenario is I will buy this particular ticket, from this particular store and it will be exactly $500.00. It will happen....someday...but there is a lot that has to line up right for you to get it in a timely manner. The better way to handle this is to affirm, "I have now won $500.00 or better." This is a better way to handle that, no parameters, no set amount but what you want or better. You visualize getting the money and what you will do with that money and the happiness you feel by getting that money, then let the Universe do it's thing. This works with everything that you are trying to create whether it is a relationship, a new career, a new project, everything. Remove all expectations about how the Universe is going to bring it to you. You create it with your thoughts and your expression to the Universe that you want it and then you allow the Universe to bring it to you in whatever manner it chooses. Know it's yours and accept it.
We have come far this year and have learned a lot and continue to grow everyday. Take a moment and enjoy this week, take a breath and reflect on all of the progress that you've made and all of the things that you've learned. Most of all have gratitude for the wisdom that you've gained with every step and know that you are creating a better world. Happy Thanksgiving!
I've been pondering this week on the will and what that means in our journey of creating. According to thefreedictionary.com/will, the definition is: 1. The mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course of action: championed freedom of will against a doctrine of predetermination. 2. a. Diligent purposefulness; determination: an athlete with the will to win. To me this definition ticks all of the boxes as to what my belief about "the will" is. In order to create what you want in your life you must know what it is that you want. This act alone is probably the most important thing because if you don't even know what you want then how can you put "will" behind it to create it. This is the act that you use to point your focus because without this laser point focus there really isn't a target to manifest. So, the act of choosing creates focus on what you want. At this point you have to lock on to that choice and hold it. Now that you have your target and your focus is locked, this is the time to implement the will. The "will" is the internal energy force that propels your choice into the Universe for manifestation in the physical. This is the time when you use your determination and deliberate purposefulness to maintain that focus on what you want to achieve. You stand tall and no matter what comes at you, you maintain that focus on what you want. Just like a lion on the hunt you maintain that laser point focus on your goal. The last step is going to be the act of being persistent and consistent. I know we use these words a lot but its because they are so important. In these circumstances it means to maintain your focus on what you have chosen. When doubts crop up or fears and worries, or chaos or whatever comes around, that is when persistence and consistence comes in handy. Your ability to maintain your focus on what you want unmarred by negative thoughts and energy goes a long, long way in realizing the outcome that you want. Pay attention to what you are saying to yourself most of all because you are the literal creator of what you are manifesting. Select your goal, focus your intention, then be steadfast in your decision and allow your will to manifest it into your life. Once you make your decision, go for it and don't look back.
We talk a lot about creating what we want in our lives and we focus a lot on how we change in order to bring about the new book we are writing and all of this is important. The thing is that sometimes the fact that we affect the world around us doesn't get the attention that it really requires. The energy that you put out is attracted right back to you under the Universal Law, "like energy attracts like energy." Knowing this information is actually a great way to gauge how your energy is flowing to the world around you. Are people being rude? Are things chaotic? Are people irritable, edgy and argumentative? Look no further than to your very own self to adjust and change what is going on. Once the awareness comes look within and see what it is that your energy is saying to the people around you and choose to change it. Adjust your thinking, allow the positive energy to flow and see how quickly the circumstance change. Be the peace that you seek and it will be reflected right back to you, always!
The only way to fail in this life is to give up. Spirituality is a life choice not a goal that you can reach and with each challenge that you face brings learning, growth and awareness of what you do and do not want in your life. When you face one of those situations where you have felt that you've been knocked back a few pegs, just the fact that you get back up on your own feet and keep on going means you've won. Strength and fortitude will go very far in your quest for that which you seek. There is absolutely nothing that can stand in your way or stop you from doing something that you really want to do, nothing! Remember the last time someone tried to tell you no about something? Use that same energy to get back to the task at hand, get back to work, get back on the horse, whatever idiom that you want to use just don't give up. Take a breath, roll up your sleeves and get back to work. You win every time you make the choice to keep going!
There is so much magic in this world and it's there for everyone to use. We create with our thoughts, we have free will, we have the ability to choose and all of this is given freely from the Universe. We talk about energy all of the time and the importance of the energy that we put out and gratitude happens to be one of the most positive energies you can use. It elevates anything that you do, it elevates the way that you feel, it elevates and boosts anything that you are creating. Using gratitude frequently has the ability to lift your spirits and push aside the negative. No matter what is going on you can always find something to be grateful for even if it's just the strength and knowledge you are gaining from the situation that you are currently dealing with. Reach above the negativity and grab onto the gratitude and this will help you to maintain the positive energy that is required to fertilize the seeds of your creations. It lifts your mood, it opens you up to seeing the big picture and it raises your vibrations to a higher level. Make gratitude a part of your daily boost.
When you were young how many times did you imagine yourself living in your castle with the Prince or Princess of your dreams, loved beyond belief, no worries, happiness and joy filled every moment. Did you dream of being a Cowboy or a Ballerina even a Rock Star? It wasn't until someone told you to "get real" that you stopped this visualizing. The fact is that you were doing exactly what you were supposed to be doing. You were actually practicing the skills that were necessary to create your life. If you are having a hit or miss relationship with creating it may help you to begin to open up to those skills that you had when you were young. Remember what it was like to picture yourself doing, being, living what it is that you desire. There were no boundaries when you were a child, their were no locked doors, no bars, you could be anything even Superman if you wanted to be. That is where you need to be, that is the energy that boosts those desires into being. Get in there and pull open that old door and dust off your skills and begin the new chapter of your life.
Abundance can have many meanings to just as many people. You can have abundance in love, relationships, money, resources, security, opportunities, just about anything that you can imagine. What it means to you when you are creating is all that matters. When you ask the Universe for something, no matter what it is, you must be specific about what type of abundance you are requiring. You can ask for abundance alone and that's fine but you can see what a mixed bag that the Universe has to choose from but if you want it right now it's best to be specific and give a head's up. State your desire, be specific, plant the exact seed that you require and fertilize it with your pure intentions. Cultivate the exact life that you want the way that you want it. Know yourself and your heart and what your true self requires for you. Then know that it is already done, positively!
Have you figured out who you are yet? No, I mean truly, who you are, not who people have told you that you are, not who you were groomed to be, but your true glorious, lovely, outstanding, wonderful self. You know the one I mean, the one that you push away to conform to other people's expectation, the one that you swallow when there is something important to say but don't want to seem...what? You fill in the blank. The point here is that you do really have a true self. Your true self is the one that has that dream for you that you table for "some day". Your true self is the one that tells you to turn left but instead you turn right and cry, "why is this happening to me". You have the capability of having everything that you could ever imagine but you get up every morning and put on your facade mask and get back in the groove of the the same ole, same ole, that other people and you with some help have designed for you. The hardest part of the process is being honest about it to yourself because this is an internal process and only you are in control. Be honest with yourself about your true hopes, dreams, and desires. You are going to have to fight the urge to tell yourself that it's not possible or that you can't do it or that it's too hard. None of these things are real and you have complete control because what you believe is what becomes your life. Once you have taken an honest look at what it going on then you can go through and rid yourself of any belief that doesn't belong in your life. That is control, that is what you have the ability to do, you can choose to change into what is truly yours. Do this with confidence and the understanding that the power is within you and it always has been.
Our lives are so magical! Think about it, we each have the ability to be the actual creators of every aspect of our lives, the people that we meet, our careers, our relationships, our finances, everything. The only thing that stands between you and what you want is, literally you! Every morning that you wake up, it is with a blank canvas and you have the ability to paint the picture that you want to see. What is it that stops you? Is it fear? Is it doubt? Is it procrastination? What is it? You have the ability to start fresh right here and right now and only you know what is blocking you. Sit down with yourself in a quiet place and ask yourself the questions that need to be answered. Don't run from an emotion that you might have, look at it, and then let it go because it has no place in your life anymore. Every time that it pops into your thoughts it negates any positive thing that you tried to do and the only way to get rid of it is to find it and then release it. Once you do then you can begin to create your life with pure thought and pure positive energy and see the outcome that you hope for.
Do you know how powerful you are? Are you aware of the fact that you have the power to over come any obstacle, any interference, any situation or issue with your will? That is the one thing that is guaranteed in this reality and that is the power of your free will and with that free will comes the absolute power to choose! You have the power to choose! Every decision that you make in your life affects your world. Every thought that follows that decision creates your world and every action that you take after that thought solidifies that decision into your world. There will always be chaos in this reality and it will affect you from time to time. This reality is a balance between chaos and order and it's bound to happen but if you make the conscious choice to approach that chaos within your center of peace and with positive energy you will come out of it quickly and easily. It is your will and your desire and no one and nothing has the power to over ride that free will so choose wisely!
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