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Helping those in search of learning, understanding & transforming. While many are oblivious to messages. My blog offers articles that provide insight & translation to the many signs, symbols, & numbers that are right under our noses.

In ancient teaching, Spica is called the bright star in the “Wheat Ear of Virgo.”  In Hindu tradition, this star is considered to be part of the lunar mansion called Chitra (The Bright One).  Let me explain now, why I feel this is absolutely beautiful and happening at the perfect moment.  This is a very auspicious time.  It brings good results, money, positive negotiations, peace, more business, success with existing legal matters, etc.

How can this play out? Perhaps you have been working on a project, business or plan.  This is the time where you can see at least the results of your hard work or perhaps others will see these results, which will give you a big leap forward because it will give you the opportunities to do more work, more business and get more projects going which will all lead to more money!  If you started something new already this month, you can bet there will be some quick positive developments that will quickly move your forward unexpectedly.  If some of you have been feeling down and hopeless, this conjunction will give you enough spiritual experiences and signs to give you the feelings of hope, positivity and courage showing you the light at the end of the tunnel.  Its a very uplifting time and for those going through difficulties could use this conjunction.

If you are in school and thought you were off to a rough start, this conjunction will motivate you on your path or quickly put you on the right path.  Legal matters, state matters, insurance matters, government matters all go more smoother and successfully so during this transit.  This will also bring in new relationships for single people.  It will improve existing relationships by bringing more love, harmony and peace.  Communications are clearer during this time.  Home life improves, health takes a turn for the better, plenty of spiritual experiences will take place, more inclinations to pray and meditate, trips to sacred or special destinations can occur, social media is calm and more peaceful (far less critical.)  You will hear many accounts of peoples spiritual experiences during this time.  Many unanswered questions also get answered during this time. Many mysteries get solved as well.

On a side note: With all the hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding that has taken place,  I can say that what felt like devastation is now going to feel like healing.  Think about it…What does water do?  It nourishes, it heals, it cleans, etc.  With this, I believe it will bring on a whole new perspective, a new psyche among the many people who were physically going through these weather patterns and among those who watched.  I believe in miracles and Im sure many of you reading this will say that it was a miracle that the death count was so low here in the U.S.  I am so grateful for that.  Although I wish that there were zero deaths, I suppose the only other way I can look at it is that it was time to return to Divine Creator.  

Due to this wonderful conjunction taking place, I invite you with me to pray or meditate for all those effected by natural disasters and devastation recover quickly and positively so.

Lastly, I predict that this star will bring about technology that will protect cities from getting flooded or floored from hurricanes or other such natural disasters.  This same technology will do the same in the event of a tsunami.  What I am seeing doesn’t control the weather, instead it’s something that surrounds the cities.  Imagine an energy shield around cities.  It’s something of that nature.  Hard to explain as I am not a technological geek and my vocabulary to explain this is very limited. It will be very interesting to see this happen.  Good thing, I am expected to live long in this lifetime and will catch a glimpse of this. =)

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The Full Moon is in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius here is the easier and softer side of its ruler Saturn. It is also an air sign. This sign represents social life, networking, friends, side ventures, eldest siblings, winnings, income from job/career and stepchildren. Aquarius also speaks of someone who works hard to accomplish their goals but does it through the resource of friends, social life, networking, etc. With the Full Moon here, many opportunities that revolves around or through networking, social media, social circles will be highlighted and brought to the forefront. Thank God for that, because I know many people are looking for jobs/work right now. And with this Full Moon in effect it’s the best time to take advantage of that and use your social media, social circles and networking skills to find that job. Especially since, we will all be feeling a lot more charismatic, chatty and intuitive. Just be careful not to be too critical and cynical at this time.

With the Full Moon, and Neptune (transit), we can say that there may have been some illusions, intuitions, and uncertainty in the area that this house occupies. And, with this sign opposite of Leo, I can also say that perhaps you are feeling frustrations as well and a sense of being pulled. The questions raised here is what are you running away from? What were you trying to avoid? Is it a person, situation or a place? Perhaps you are feeling like you can’t get in touch with that side of your life. With the Full Moon’s help here, you will be drawn and will be able to in create a balance or bridge a gap between these illusions, uncertainties or intuitions and reality. This will help you to get that footing, foundation and grounding that you have been needing at this time. And this will ultimately transform your psyche. Which is great. Let’s be honest, we all get carried away from reality at some time. However, our dreams are the things we all want to run after and need in order to achieve goals and make them into a reality. So rather than being on one side of the fence, we get to meet in the middle and receive the insight we need to live a transformed reality and in my opinion a better one.

I personally think it’s a great Full Moon, especially since we have so many planets going direct right now, it makes this Full Moon move us all into a more positive and fulfilling direction in life.

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September Predictions (CAUTION!) Mercury Conjuncts Mars in Leo September 8th Mercury Conjuncts Mars in Leo All Leaders, including Spiritual Leaders and Royal Families are in danger right now of harm, coup d’etate, thievery or major accident. This is also a time where a country may declare war on another. I’m praying it doesn’t manifest this way, so say a prayer with me.

President Trump is in danger as well, as he has this conjunction in his first house. The positive thing is he has Natal Mars in his first house as this gives him good defense because he can fight back. I pray that he is protected and no harm comes to him or his family or anyone for that matter.

However, this does not bode well for countries ruled by Leo, such as Italy, Madagascar, Congo, Cyprus, Greece, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Netherlands, Singapore and Switzerland. However, it is a short transit and therefore we can skate through it with prayers and meditation during this time. Every thought and prayer helps reduce negativity.

Be extremely cautious driving during this time. Major accidents, explosions, elaborate crimes (fraud, embezzlement, larceny, robbery and shoplifting) are possible now. Be very careful with who you communicate with. This is not a good time to meet strangers or random people via social media outlets as you can put yourself in harm’s way. Parents, this is a crucial time to keep a close eye on your children to help prevent such meetings and dangers with strangers. Excellent time to monitor their internet interactions. (Im not kidding, who cares if you are helicopter mom/dad for the next 2-3 weeks. Just do it!)

Remember, the woman in Central Park, NYC who was jogging while a gang of teens/men jumped her and you know that rest. I’m concerned something like this will repeat again. Be very careful jogging or taking a stroll. Stay in groups, not alone as it may make you vulnerable to harm or death.

If you are doing sales transactions or business transactions in general be careful that you do not get robbed. Count your money as this is likely to happen during this short transit. For all you know the teller can miscalculate and so can the cashier at the register.

By all means, I am not trying to put anyone in a panic, I just believe that knowledge is power and with knowing the information I have provided you, you can make the best of your situation and think ahead without making yourself vulnerable to negativity.

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If you have been reading my blog posts then you already know I follow Vedic (Sidereal) Astrology.

This month things get moving forward and faster than it’s been the past couple of months, mainly because all signs are moving direct. It’s a great boost forward. So we can all breathe a sigh of relief for that.

Here is what we can anticipate this month as a result of Mercury’s transit Direct:

Mercury is moving Direct in Leo (Magha Nakshatra) on September 5th. We can expect communications to run more smoothly and without delay. Since we have Mercury in Magha, there will be leaders making new agreements, documents, rules, etc. There will also be a focus around communications and previous deals/agreements that will change now. Many leaders right now around the world will be more cooperative with one another for the most part in terms of making agreements, deals, etc.

We have Mercury opposing Capricorn, therefore this is also a good time to get news or communication about a career or job change. It’s very possible that if you are looking for a new career, you will land your chance this month. If, you are looking for a new job, you will likely find one this month. If you are hoping for a raise, or promotion, it’s likely to happen as a result of this transit. This transit also gives certificates and/or licenses that revolve around career and work. So if you were debating whether or not to get one, in my opinion, now is a better time than even to get them, simply because they will help you get a new job, promotion or more money. It all goes hand in hand.

It’s very possible you may have some work/career related travels. You may also get new work/career related technology like a new computer, phone, software, email, etc. There will also be some changes in the economy right now that will boost currency and income, and stimulate new jobs and careers. This is a great thing. So if you are having any financial troubles, it’s a good time to put your thinking hat on and get set on a new goals that will actually fulfill you.

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Divine Guidance Astro-Numerology Monthly Reading for September 2017

Find your reading by using your birth day. For Example: Born on July 4th, 1971. Focus on the day you were born. In this example it is the 4th. This works for anyone born on any day during any month of the year. The key is your birth day! Now scroll down to find your personal reading and predictions for the month.

1: You can expect to get some good advice this month from a female influence. This could be from anyone in your family, work environment or a stranger on the street. With this advice you will be able to achieve something successfully. Things at home will be more calm. Life should overall feel less intense this month. You and your family should be feeling more content. It’s a good time to spend some time outdoors. If you have a patio, or balcony take some time to breath in the fresh air and clear your mind.

2: This month you are feeling a bit challenge and its either because you are dealing with internal battles or external ones. The key to succeeding this month and solving all your problems, or at least a good portion of them is to tame your energy. No one can decide your life but you, so it’s important to rely on your own personal will power. If you need advice seek someone outside of your circle for a neutral answer or opinion. Life is only negative when you keep thinking of it in that way. Train your mind otherwise.

3: You can make magic happen this month. Overall the year has been in your favor whether you realize it or not. Now you have an opportunity to do something new with the support of others. Use your strong will power to move forward and take action. You triumph over something long awaited this month. What you perceive to be a triumph is all in your personal definition. Know that you have the ability to illustrate your message clearly. You will feel inclined to take risks this month, just be sure to measure all your possibilities, pros and cons as well.

4: There was a strong push to re-evaluate your life or at least certain aspects of it. Now you are looking where to go from there. Really all you need is an open mind and some courage to move forward. Once you do that your life will reveal changing results. Set new goals, instill some will power and day by day check off that list. Soon enough you will reach personal success and accomplish those goals. The ultimate result is that find that they all lead you to your greatest joy.

5: Talk about being inquisitive. Lots of questions but not so many answers. Know that you will get those answers this month. It may be that in order to unravel all these mysteries you will need to exercise your faith, spirituality, tap into your intuition or seek someone who is of faith, spirituality or an intuitive practitioner. Know that astrologists, clairvoyants, numerologists, priests, ordained minister all fall into these categories. Good thing is you have a Full Moon on the 6th which will bring some of those hidden things to light and answer some of those pressing questions.

6: This month will initiate the beginning period of some strong emotions that will ultimately strengthen you. Its possible you may face some difficulties during the month, but by months end you will be feeling very joyful. Striking a balance emotionally is definitely one of your goals this month. Perhaps you are doing construction on your home (which can be a painful process) but at the end you got what you wanted and your happy as heck! This will also apply to relationships, projects, work, and children. The light is at the end of the tunnel.

7: Big changes for you this month. Transformations and endings are the theme for you. This can transpire in so many ways and in different areas of your life. It’s important to know that this is all pre-ordained. There is nothing that you could do to change destiny. What you can do once these changes and transformations reveal themselves to you is clear your mind and get ready for the next big chapter in your life. Follow the lead of the Universe as you will have signs pointing out your direction.

8: I can feel the pressures of your life’s commitments this month just by looking at your birthdate and I can empathize with the pressures you may be feeling. The answer to how to wean these responsibilities off is to distribute your responsibilities. Maybe someone else needs to pick up the laundry or a get a part-time job. This month, it’s wise to focus your energy in one direction which will make reaching your goals more achievable. There is hope for you this month so long as you consolidate your efforts, work or endeavors.

9: Aren’t you just lucky this month. Born on a 9 day in a 9 month in a 1 year. It’s definitely your month. Confidence is boosted, positive energy is applied and prosperity is achieved. All good deeds get a good start and good foundation. This month is harmonious for you and will bring happiness, balance and good things to come. You will be celebrating happy times, relationships, accomplishments and new beginnings even. You have the love and support of all those close and far. Good for you. Enjoy it!

10: Nothing stopped Julius Cesar and so nothing will stop you! You are near the end and any struggles will be worthwhile. Honor, recognition, commendation is what you will have so long as you don’t quit! Remember not everyone is as brave, courageous and strong willed as you this month. So keep it up while you have it. Also, there is a good chance you may be moving this month or making moves in terms of decisions. It’s possible you may be driving a new car or taking a new trip before month’s end.

11: Romance or perhaps a bro-mance? Charming and debonair is how many may describe you or the person of interest. Some of you may get engaged. Some of you may accept new positive opportunities. Some may even receive an invitation they have been waiting for. Feeling good and connecting with others is an important theme that plays out this month. This is also a good time to follow your passions, so if you were wondering when, begin them after the September 5th.

12: Finally, you get to ride your white horse with trophy in hand! I know what you are feeling, “It’s about time! So glad for you. Material rewards, some levels of success, recognition, good news and inspiration is waiting for you this month. That heavy feeling you were having these past couple of months are finally lifted. All you desire is achieved this month, all blocks and opposition are out of the way. I’m having ginger ale on the rocks in celebration of you!

13: Its full speed ahead for you. Now that doesn’t mean you speed literally on the road or boat (lol), I mean you just become very busy this month as opposed to the last few months that just passed. It’s all good though. You will be happy with this active lifestyle this month. Obstacles and delays are out of the way. Its possible you will do many short travels or long distance traveling. Unpredictable good news and good things will happen for you this month as well.

14: This month is about wake up calls. You have been feeling dissatisfied with life and people, but fail to realize the blessings you do have. Happiness is a state of mind and if you are not nurturing your mind by following through with healthy habits and positive actions and patterns then it will be the same old scenario. This month some ground breaking changes take place that will force upon new cycles and goals for you. Remember when push comes to shove, the Universe will kick you into motion. It’s better to get up and going before the kick lands a good one on you.

15: Negativity, fear, ego, anger, terror, jealousy, resentment, self-delusions and doubts are some of the things you will be dealing with in the earlier part of this month and previous months. In the words of Jon Snow, “Winter is here!” Are you going to battle it out? You should! The time has come where you need to find the beauty in life and most importantly in yourself. Stop projection the same old low energy thoughts and actions out into the Universe. It only comes back to you. Get out of unhealthy situations, patterns, addictions, work environments, friendships, relationships, lies, etc. AND most importantly, it’s time to visit the book/DVD “The Secret.”

16: Positive developments, personal gain, good influences, productivity and perhaps a new adventure. You get to have some real joy this month and experience some manifestations of your own. You have so much potential this month and so many advantages before you, you would be foolish not to utilize them.

17: Your past actions, decisions or lack of will come back to bite you this month. It’s possible you didn’t think things through at the time. However, you can’t sit around feeling guilty or regretful because the Universe wants you to either correct the situation or make it better. How you go about it is up to you, but now is no better time than ever to be optimistic to get you through it. Lucky for you, this month shall pass.

18: This month is about bringing balance into your life. Steer away from taking risks or “jumping the gun” quickly. It’s about recognizing all angels of the situation or people and really approaching them in an optimistic and honest way in order to resolve any conflicts. This will allow you to move forward. Avoid making big purchases or major decisions this month if possible, you will be happier you did. Moderation is key for you.

19: This month is about partnerships and seeing eye to eye with people of interest. This could be in the arena of your love life, friendship, work, or business. It’s important to know that in order to achieve your goals in life especially in partnership the best way to get there is to have a mutual understanding and share the same priorities. Pairing yourself with someone who does not have the same ambitions in mind will only delay your progress. All in all, this month is mostly a happy and positive one because a meeting of the minds can definitely fructify.

20: You may feel that you are off to a slow start this month and I’m seeing that you did not anticipate it either because you were unrealistic or you are experiencing some sort of setback. What the Universe is doing is just helping you learn to get a better control of the situation now so that in the long run, your rewards will be great. So don’t fret, slow and steady wins the raise. P.S. Be sure to use your full potential and remember the tale of The Tortoise and the Hare. It applies here.

21: Life’s cycles is what we all go through. The future of events for you are positive and yet they are still out of your control. What to do? Tend to the things you do have control over and learn not to agonize over that you cannot control. The path of your life is changing this month and will give opportunities towards person growth and happiness. It’s important to change your ways of thinking to go along with the direction life is taking you in. Remember whether or not what you do brings success, it will ultimately bring beneficial change.

22: You will be called to take initiative actions this month regardless that perhaps you feel limited or burdened by them. In some ways it is irrelevant. You have to do what you got to do and the truth of the matter is that, if the Universe didn’t think you can handle it, you wouldn’t be in your own shoes right now. In order to make the most of this month, you need to exercise structure, order and authority. Maybe you weren’t ready to take these steps, but it will be another patch to add onto your Scout Uniform.

23: Talk about hitting an intersection and not knowing which way to go. Well that’s the feelings I’m getting for you. You have got some major decisions to make this month. They may be difficult. They may be painful but you need to trust that you will make the right choice. So just accept it and move forward. Here’s a little tip, once you make the decision, you will no longer have to contemplate it. What’s better than that. Check it of your list. All will be well. If this decision revolves around relationships, you already know what to do.

24: So maybe you made some miscalculations. It’s okay we are not all the “Three Eyed Raven.” Good thing I can tell you is that it prompts you to transform your goals into new ones. Better yet, it may create a “new” you. So how will this go about, you may break old patterns, let go of something or transition somehow. It’s not negative or positive for you this month, it’s more like you have gained a new perspective and are consciously acting on it.

25: I’m waving the red flag right now and flashing the red lights. “Caution!” Reasses the direction your headed towards. Trust your own instincts. It’s not the time to take other peoples’ advice. You have an opportunity to avoid any negative outcomes this month. If you don’t you may be met with failure, ruin, depression or simple feel crushed and broke. I don’t mean to sound so negative, but the truth is your best guard! Trust no but the truth and facts!. Question everything. It’s up to you how you navigate the month.

26: Swami Sivananda once said “Life is a pilgrimage. The wise man does not rest by the roadside inns. He marches direct to the illimitable domain of eternal bliss, his ultimate destination.” Regardless of the challenges you may face in life, nothing will stand in your way. However, you learn from experience and do best to prepare for the future. Enlightenment, reflection and contemplation are part of your experience this month. Quite time never hurt anyone, so take all the time you need.

27: This month is about getting what you deserve whatever that may be. Things get justified to bring balance back into your life. You can call it karma but I call it being fair. All I know it’s the higher order of Santa Clause checking who’s been naughty or nice. I hope those who are reading this have been on the nice list. If your moral character was questioned in any way, just maintain integrity and all will balance itself out. This is great for all the good guys born on this day. Woohoo for you!

28: Gatherings, lending a hand, celebrating, success in various areas of your life takes play for you this month. Be incredibly grateful as this is a positive month for you. The role you play in life right now will not only impact your future but it shall create a fortuitous life for you. You can expect timing to be in your favor this month. So if you are planning or scheduling anything specific this month the days 1, 3, 12, 19, 21, and 30 are lucky for you. Make the most of it.

29: So you wanted to go through the eclipse with a bang! Lol All jokes aside, Out with the Old and in with the New. It looks like you are trying to close off one chapter in your life on a high note and start a new one with the right step. There is no guarantee that you will do it exactly in that way, but you get the job done. This month is more about to make these changes happen and the experience you gain with it. So in many ways you get what you desire, you live and you learn. Sounds like a “coming of age” thing however, it’s much deeper than that, perhaps even spiritual.

30: You are certainly more conscientious, academically inclined and/or in a financial bent state of mind. What you learn gives insight. You’re more attentive and studious. It’s likely you will pick up a book or two to read. Maybe even take a new course or get certified in something of interest. For some it may be about returning to school for others it’s just about wanting to know more and improve where you feel you need it most. The great thing is that even though you may be doing it casually, further down the road it will pay off in some way shape or form.

31: It seems as though there may be a bit of a struggle in either your personal or professional life. Now this doesn’t need to turn into trouble if you just pay attention to the signs. But if you do land yourself into these conflicts do know that you have what it takes meaning inner strength and courage to get through it. Avoid sacrificing your values for a quick fix. Also Avoid giving in to poor decisions for a short term gain. It won’t be worth it. The key to this month is to be cautious, keep your guard up and deter from temporary securities.

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I really wanted to notate that during this Mercury Retrograde that many secrets will be coming out. Many enemies will be revealed.

Predictions: I foresee that the WhiteHouse will find some enemies and bugs of their own right under their noses. So keep an eye out for that.

Traders will also come into the light out of the darkness (hiding).

There are quite a number of things happening with this retrograde. Im also see that more lost things will be found especially things that pertain and relate to communications, secrets, documents, and people.

I also see siblings finding one another.

Lost lovers finding one another. Its an interesting next few weeks.


A short note about this years’ Mercury Retrograde taking place between August 12 thru September 5, 2017. There is a focus on the arts, film, painting, beauty, opulence, materialistic gains and romance. Yup that’s right romance. This focus will also be in relation to documents, contracts, communication, emails, calls, short travel, skills and sales. It’s possible you can be dealing with matters involving any of the just mentioned. This is a great time to renegotiate, reassess, review, redo, release, etc. This is also a time to wrap some things up. So if you have been working on something and need to get it into completion, now is your time to do it. I do not recommend starting anything new during this time. If you have obligations to begin something new during this period, then I highly suggest you be diligent because unforeseen matters involving your new project will appear. You may experience communication malfunctions and/or vehicle or transportation malfunctions. Or you may be replacing your old means of communication devices or machines and/or vehicles for a new one. You can be dealing with mistakes and so this is a time to correct them.

Back to romance, as this is a hot topic for many. You may be revisiting some old romantic flames. They could just appear right out of the blue in front of you. Maybe you have some questions that still need answering? Or could it be something else? Perhaps you are revisiting your romantic life in a new way with your current partner that will stimulate the relationship in a new positive direction. Either way, it should be an interesting next few weeks coming up. Now for those of you involved in a third party triangle, it’s very likely you will get caught or be forced in some way to come clean as means of communication with these third party affairs as they will come into the forefront of your life.

This is also a good time to check your licenses, certificates, etc to make sure they are up-to-date. Check your paperwork folks and make sure you are up-to-date with things. If you have tickets to an event, make sure you double check them. If you are flying, go through your paperwork. Also if you are doing some short distance or short-term traveling, have a plan B, and plan C in place. If you are in school, you may find that you have some extra work or extra courses to take. It’s also possible you may lose something during this time, so make sure to go over your plans and keep your work safe.

My next point, this is also a time where you may lose something or find something that was lost. Either can happen during these next few weeks.

If you have been reading my previous blogs, then you know that there is going to be miscommunications between leaders in government and spiritual leaders as well. There could be broken communications or miscommunications. When this happens we all need to be alert as everyone gets affected. Please be peaceful during this time. Pray for peace as the stars in the sky are making some difficult transits. If you don’t know how to ask, just simply say: “Divine Creator and the Universe help all living beings make decisions that will result in an unconditionally loving and peaceful way so that it may uplift and benefit all in our world in the most positive of ways.”

You know where to find me. Feel free to share or leave comments and questions below. P.S. If I have made any mistakes, we know its Mercury Rx LOL!


I really wanted to take another moment to reflect on these two eclipses. These are huge especially for the people in the United States. The time between these two eclipses will act as a corridor to some really huge life changes. No one will be the same after this. The Universe is putting us in a new direction. There are things happening, that I can’t even predict because I cannot know some things regardless that I am a psychic, medium, and clairvoyant. But what I will say to each and every one of you reading this right now is that on the level of your highest consciousness, you are ready for this change. You also came to life to have specific experiences and most importantly be here at this specific time. If you already know this, then you are a few steps ahead.

Each and every one of us has a role to play out. Therefore, each and every one of us is important. We are all valuable. If there is any wish you can make or any idea of what you want for the future, the time between the Lunar and Solar Eclipses is the time to think on them.

I also want to reflect on the fact that our Kingdom, meaning the land which we reside on is going to change. Our kingdom within our hearts, is going to change. How we live life, is going to change. If there are things happening right now in your life and these changes are making you so very uncomfortable, It’s because there are other doors that are opening and you are being presented with choices to make. This is not bad unless you are a fixed sign like one of my children (haha), then change in the beginning is most frustrating, but the relief and gratitude comes after. There is always a rainbow after every shower. =)

If you do not already know, the United States is going through a 7-year transformation period on every level you can imagine. This will also impact the rest of the world because whatever happens in the U.S. affects every single other nation like a domino effect. That means this period extends into the year 2024. We will be tried in many different ways and the purpose of this is so we can bring out the best of our spiritual self hence, the spiritual number 7. No one become spiritual through an easy life. You have to be faced with some opposition to get there. As a result, I believe and foresee that we will become spiritual and in touch with the Divine Consciousness in a way that we have yet experienced in our lifetime. That veil that exists between the physical and spiritual will no longer be. The number 2024 (2+0+2+4 =8) is an 8 number. The number 8 is also a number that represents Saturn, the great judge, the authority figure, the disciplinary one. In the year 2024, you can say that we will have received our verdict as a nation and world based on the work we have done and put in. It’s also important to know that the Universe is giving us a reset button this month and breaking some barriers for us so that this transformation period could go easy in some ways and very fast in others. So when I say this to you, I am being shown an action-packed life taking place. Something like a Hollywood movie, when so much is happening in the movie, you lose track of time and suddenly it’s over. It’s the end. The Universe will “strip us of our clothes and leave us bare for everyone to see”, exposing everything about us. Revealing our shadow side in accompany with our lighter side. Does this make you vulnerable? For many it does. For some it will be a sigh of relief. Either way, we have to face life for what it truly is and for what and who we truly are because the biggest theme that is going to play out the next 7 years will revolve around truth! There is no going back after this month. There is only going forward. The best thing about all of this is we have a chance to make history. We have a huge chance to do things bigger and better than you have done before, but it is going to take work and faith and trust in the Universe and in yourself.

Feel free to leave any questions, comments or suggestions below.


The NYPost says to "Brace for a truly terrible hurricane season."

I CONCUR! Not only will it it be the worst hurricane season. But you can expect floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami's, golf to orange size hail balls falling, and snow! This is not a mis-prediction on my part. This should not be over-looked. Be prepared come September.

There is a huge transformation taking place in the United States and around the world. This is part of our Earth's evolution. Many of these dramatic changes will take place from now until 2024. I mentioned in my one of previous predictive blogs that there will also be borders changing. You can expect some of this due to the extreme weather and literally ground breaking along some parts, Not only in the US but around the world. However, the US will have significant changes.

Do be prepared for whats to come. I also said there will be a another blackout taking place in the US. If you aren't ready for this, you still have a chance to prepare.

This is not a doomsday prophecy....Its just best to be prepared to the best of your abilities.

Feel free to leave questions, comments suggestions. Lissabeta

August 7th Lunar Eclipse as according to Vedic Astrology and yours truly!

This Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn/Cancer will bring out deep emotions. Just when you thought you were able to keep some feelings repressed, they will come up again to the surface. In a way its great because it can influence your creatively in an impactful and big way. Perhaps you were having writers block, well this Lunar Eclipse can give you just the storyline you need to continue your work. You can expect much of your artistic side to come out. Whether it is singing, painting, crocheting, acting, designing, drawing, building, etc, these deep emotions will come out to express themselves. This is an excellent time for such creative pursuits.

Another point in mind is that the Lunar Eclipse will persuade you through your emotions to take action and do something that is positive and enlightening at home or at work. This could be making some changes that will uplift you. Perhaps you need to get rid of some clutter or old stuff. You may also take some simple measures such as getting rid of old curtains so you can allow the light to penetrate more deeply in your home or get rid of old furniture because its been putting a damper on the look and ambiance of your office or work space. Whatever it may be, you will be getting rid of physical/material possessions.

I also see some new information that will be revealed to you about the people you live with or work with. Perhaps someone is unwell and has been secretly suffering or maybe someone has been tricking you and they have left evidence around proving your suspicions. These are a couple of the many ways things will play out. This information will come in a way that is obvious, loud or in your face way which will prompt you to take immediate action! It

This could also be an intense time for relationships, marriage partners and business partners. There will be a sense of restrictions, limitations, or a wanting to break free. It’s possible you may feel deceived in some way or you are the one acting deceptively. It’s also possible you are feeling overly ambitious or dealing with someone’s over-ambitious ways. Maybe there is an imbalance where one is putting in a lot more work than the other. There will be some deep and intense emotions, arguments and/or fights relating to money, children, business decisions, and decisions about what direction to take in the future. These arguments could very well happen inside the home or at work. My suggestion is to take some preventative measure by clearing the energy in the air so when the time comes to communicate or take action, it can be done in a calm and peaceful way. Burn some white sage or frankincense and myrrh incense around the home or office.

This Lunar Eclipse will also bring many searching for answers or looking for insight and finding them in religious or other occult beliefs. Perhaps you may be looking to priests, rabbi’s, a father figure, a sibling, therapist, mediator, astrologer, psychic or clairvoyant for help so you can figure things out during this time. Through these means, you will receive the answers you are looking for. This is also a great time for prayer, meditation and having faith in the higher self, the Universe or Divine Creator. Believe it or not, this is also a time for miracles with the help of a little faith and prayer.

P.S. This is not a time to rely on friends because relying on them to solve your problems may backfire on you. They have their own problems and karma to deal with. You can figure it out because all you need to do is follow some guidance and intuition of your own. If must look to someone, family and faith is your best bet right now. Saying a prayer of my own for the Universe to bring you love, peace and positivity during this time.

Some predictions (One week before and up to 30 days after this Lunar Eclipse): - Expect records to be broken even in the music industry for sales. - Expect a scandal and fight between business partners in the arts industries (music, film, art, etc.) - Expect another couple in the film industry to break up because of physical abuse and money issues during this time to make headlines. - Expect a merger between Universities and/or Colleges.

Hope you enjoyed my take on the August 7th, 2017 Lunar Eclipse. Let me know what this Lunar Eclipse reveals and does for you by leaving it in the comment sections below.


I was about to start writing about the August 7th, 2017 Lunar Eclipse and its effects but then I saw this taking place. Following is my prediction which will happen either a couple of days prior to the Lunar Eclipse to as far as 30 days following the Lunar Eclipse. Keep a watch out for this one in the news/media.

I’m picking up on someone famous who is of the Arts industry (i.e. Art, Music, Painting, Fashion, Film) who is of strong religious/occult faith or has strong views/values and is involved in some charity work. I see that this person is in danger of deceit, fraud and/or physical harm. This could be death and if so, it would be by poison, drugs, strangulation or literally a cut to the throat. I’m suggesting this because there is a focus on the throat area. The person who commits the crime is unwell be it they have cancer or some other disease affecting their mind and body. The sick person who commits the crime does this because they feel as if, they themselves have been taken advantage of for their hard work and dedication and/or is simply feeling a very deep sense of lack of appreciation. With this Lunar Eclipse its sure to move people deeply on an emotional level which can drive someone weak mental. This crime seems to somehow fall in the lines of a “Crime of Passion.” This will be huge in the media. It’s reminiscent of the Gianni Versace death.

In addition Im also picking up a location that involves a home with water nearby (i.e. pool,beach,river)

Feel free to leave your comments, questions or any feedback below.

PS. I am working on submitting a more enthusiastic analysis of this Lunar Eclipse shortly.


IMPROVE your luck by using good phone/mobile numbers. Whether its for private use or for business, these tips will still work.

Numerology is also expressed through your phone/mobile numbers. This even applies to sim card numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers, etc. These numbers can improve your luck or make it difficult.

How to calculate using Numerology:

- First, add the 10 digits of your phone/mobile/business number and see the total. - Then, reduce that to a single digit number which, I call this the Root Number. This number gives the final say. - The root number should match your Birth Day/(BD) number or Life Path/(LP)

For Example: (212) 123-4567 2+1+2+1+2+3+4+5+6+7 = 33 Reduce your compound number to its root: 3+3 = 6. 6 is the root number.

Phone/Mobile Number Root Number and some occupations and interests related to these numbers.

Number 1: Leadership, Currency, Dominating, Business, Politics, Religious, Spiritual, Administrator, Jewelry, Fame, Popular, Outgoing, Fire related Industries

Number 2: Love Opportunities, Partnership, Friendship, Psychology, Therapy, Sensitive, Essential Oils, Perfumes, Hidden Knowledge, Moody, Creativity, Restaurant, Food, Agriculture, Horticulture, Beverage, Passive, Healing, Water related industries

Number 3: Leadership, Service, Talkative, Wide Knowledge, Optimism, Creative, Business, Friendship, Non-Judgemental, Writers, Speakers, Motivators, Social Networks, Educators, Helpful, Righteous, Strong, Spiritual

Number 4: Students, Construction, Architecture, Steel, Wood, Metal, Commodities, Transportation, Education, Merchant, Sales, Bookkeeping, Clerical, Planner, Organizer, Manager, Very Particular

Number 5: Accountant, Intellectuals, Money, Casino, Stock Market, Communications, Science, Speed, Networkers, Compulsive Tendencies, Business Oriented, Entertainment, Technologies

Number 6: Abundant, Family, Lovers, Friends, Beauty Industry, Film Industry, Doctors, Cosmetics, Sex, Business, Art, Resorts, Surgeons, Pets, Leading positions, Spa related industries, Animal related industries.

Number 7: Traveling, Investigating, Analytical, Researching, Detective, Solitude, Religious Organization, Philosophy, Rehabilitation, Healers, Metaphysics

Number 8: Extreme wealth, Extreme poverty, Criminals, Saints, Judicial System, Law, Casino, Police, Sex Related Industry, Repetitive mistakes and patterns

Number 9: Humanitarian work, Charities, Causes, Military, Action-oriented, Leaders, Politics, Law, Medical, Educators, Assertive, Aggressive

Example: Ex – This is the mobile contact number one of the most famous department stores in the United States called Macys: (212) 695-4400 (2+1+2 + 6+9+5 + 4+4+0+0) = 33. Add 3+3 = 6.

The number 33 is a very lucky number, provided one is not born on birth date: 3, 12, 21, 30 and his/her life path number is not in 3 series.

Feel free to leave feedback, comments, or suggestions below.

For more information on numerology, name/birth analysis or a reading feel free to contact me here on advisor Lissabeta.


I said before in my previous newsletter that this is a wonderful New Moon. I certainly meant it.

Let’s get straight to it.

July 23, 2017 (7+2+3+2+0+1+7) equals a Destiny Number 22/4 . The BD is a 23.

We already know this New Moon in Cancer is asking us to commit to someone or something in an unconditional way. So I also know that this New Moon is excellent for starting new projects, new jobs, new hobbies, new activities at home, new writing, new anything I mean just about anything. Even becoming a new parent or maybe you’re having a new child.

The awesome thing is the New Moon starts on a 23 day. The number 23 is one of the best compound numbers in Chaldean Numerology. It means the promise of success. Receiving help from your superiors or from unexpected people, places or resources. The Destiny Number 22 means that may face some unexpected or hidden obstacles, twists and turns. However, because we start on a 23 day regardless that the Destiny Number is 22, we must know that with commitment and putting aside what we want or expect to receive from starting something new here, we will be successful and receive blessings that are completely unanticipated.

For example, we started a new business or project that we love. However, we have specific expectations and goals in order to be successful. This New Moon according to Chaldean Numerology says forget what you thought the way to that goal will be. Let go of all the preconceived notions cause it’s not going to go the way you planned or according to the way of your past experience. This also means that what we have originally intended this business or project to be will go through changes that will essentially bring about more freedom and happiness.

Therefore, apply this same concept I am giving you to anything you begin new….Ie. An exercise routine, diet, family member, marketing strategy, home renovation, lover, business, employee, partner, loan, idea, career, network, etc, etc. There will be changes to your initial ideas so don’t get your feathers bunched up but commit and go with the flow because the waves will inevitable bring you to a better place than you originally intended.

I need to add one more thing. The number 23/5 is harmonious with the 2017/ 1 year we are in. So this gives us extra support and harmony towards success in anything new begin. The number 22/4 is neutral so regardless that there may be twists and turns, they will not be harmful, just eye opening.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it. Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, comments or post questions.


This is a wonderful New Moon and the last before the Solar Eclipse.

What this moon will do for you?

This moon is a blessing in my opinion and you will understand why.

So what is Cancer. It’s a water sign represented by emotions and feelings. If you look at Cancer, it’s a crab, with a hard shell on one side, but when you turn it on its belly its soft. Hence, the crab can be vulnerable and protective in nature. Cancer is the 4th house in astrology whether you follow Vedic or Western. The 4th house is about the home, the mother, happiness, emotions, material assets, etc. This New Moon in Cancer will confront our vulnerability and defensiveness. What is making you feel vulnerable right now. Why are you feeling so defensive? Maybe we are being “crabby” and picky about the details in our lives.

This New Moon will answer these questions and move us in a way that opens up our hearts and lowers our defenses. It will show us that perhaps we have set up way too many conditions and limitations on the people we love, the things we do and the principles we have. Many times we do things expecting specific things to happen in return. Just like a job. We work and expect a specific paycheck in return. We send our children to school expecting them to have a specific education. We are in a relationship because we expect something out of it.

Well, this New Moon does something very beautiful for all of us. It will motivate us to step outside of the box we have created for ourselves on an emotional level and even mental level. It will motivate us to give unconditionally. That’s right, unconditionally meaning without conditions or limitations. It will prompt us to be more nurturing … encouraging the growth and development of someone or something. It will call upon us to act selflessly meaning you are more concerned about the needs and wishes of others than yourself. When’s the last time you did any of those things. Maybe you need to keep doing them because it’s the right thing to do.

Are you catching yourself now? Are you thinking back and reflecting on those thoughts you had the other day. If so, good!

The Universe is telling us now it’s time to act and be that someone who doesn’t expect anything in return in the most authentic and genuine way possible. Pretty deep don’t you think. Think about it. Have you been doing what’s right or doing what’s right for you? See the difference.

So how does this all play out. Well what the Universe is telling me is that you may have been very upset, angry or feel challenged by someone or something in some ways. Perhaps your upset your partner, loved one, significant other isn’t meeting up to your standards in some way. Are you going to dump them or are you going to do whatever it takes to help them along the way even if you don’t get a thank you or that jewelry or car they promised! This New Moon wants you to help them without reservation Maybe it’s your partner who is feeling this way about you! Didn’t think about that did you.

Have you been punishing your children because they have been acting out? Taking away their phones, tv, xbox, etc? New Moon says, you need to nurture them in a way without creating more restrictions on them but connect with them on a deeper level and help them because all that acting out is coming from a place that maybe needs healing.

Has someone needed your help and you just won’t put in the time because you need extra beauty sleep? What happens when the tables are turned and you have no one to help you, will you look back and say, “I should of just gave up a few hours of my time.” I say a few hours is better than nothing, so what you lose some extra sleep and don’t get a dime out of it.

Perhaps you were reluctant to give someone advice because you wanted to charge them for it instead but they don’t have the money. Does that mean you should keep your mouth shut and not say a word? Maybe it’s better to pay it forward than get paid in return.

Has someone’s jealousy created more obstacles for you than imagined and you are contemplating a payback LOL. The Universe is asking you in this case to deal with it in a more compassionate manner period.

It’s very likely that at this point in your life you believe you are eating a lot of poop, accepting way too much, not getting what you deserve, feeling lines have been crossed and are frustrated as heck! Thankfully this wonderful New Moon is going to help you to find a way without harsh judgment to continue committing to your life’s journey in a way that will make you a better person. By the end of this moon cycle you will find that all of this “avant garde” actions you make that don’t benefit you will actually set you free and be a blessing in disguise. Mark my words, it will be a blessing in disguise.

I hope you enjoyed this reading and embark on this New Moon in Cancer cycle in a very open hearted way.

Feel free to leave comments, questions or suggestions below.

I am always available to give you a reading come rain or shine.



Predictions: Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Leo. August 21, 2017

I love the Leo constellation. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the most brilliant star in the sky. It gives warmth. It gives life. The sun helps plants grow. It also activates and heals our pineal glands which is essential for our intuition and clairvoyance. Leo represents Leaders, Kingdoms, Royalty, Gold, Children, Creativity, the Heart.

This year we are having a Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Leo. What is a solar eclipse?

Dictionary version: A solar eclipse is when the sun is obscured by the moon. Vedic Astrology meaning: According to ancient Indian legends, the shadow demon Rahu (N.Node) Ketu (S.Node) get his revenge on the Sun and the Moon, devouring them and stealing their rays of light. What light was pure and creative gets all twisted and dark during the eclipse and for a few days after. This doesn’t sound very romantic I know lol. Every time I think about this story, I equate it to vampires sucking the life out of humans. It’s so dark you don’t see them coming and in seconds, the blood, your vitality is being drained. You become weak, delusional, and feel as if you are on the verge of death…sounds like a Solar Eclipse lol!

As you can see since Ancient times, this was a scary thing to witness and many would hide when the eclipse was in effect. Fast forward to today. People all around the world get psyched to witness an eclipse, regardless they don’t have the best reputation. This year, the solar eclipse’s path will run across the United States. This means it will have great and significant impact on the United States.

Now, before I get into what those effects will be, here are a few words about the solar eclipse in general. Eclipses can be a very inauspicious time to get married, get divorce, start or end something such a job or project. It’s not a good time to make big purchases such as homes or vehicles or relocate and move, in or out of a home. Traveling long distances is not recommended either. So many details begin to go missing during this time, leaving you with only a very little in sight. Even people, objects and things as big as cars or airplanes will go missing during this time. I’m only saying this because since all the light is being eaten by Rahu and Ketu, you are completely robbed from having sight on the things that may potentially harm you or leave you with regret. Think of it from this perspective. Would you ever sail your boat blind folded in the Bermuda Triangle? “Oh, NO!” I knew you would see it my way.

Avoid making major moves or decisions two weeks before and two weeks after the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse. If you must make a decision, then detox yourself. Meaning, stay away from sugar, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, smoking, sex anything that can act as a stimulate for 3 days. Also drink lots of water, because water feeds oxygen to the bring. Go for a walk, bike ride or exercise for three days and NO eating red meat for these three days. This is the best way to allow the Universe to guide you into making a positive choice. Sorry it’s not more magical than that, but this method legitimately works. Otherwise, your mind may be clouded and therefore prevent yourself from making the best choice. You have just been served the “Solar Eclipse Memo.”

Here is a list of a few countries that are ruled by Leo which can expect an impact due to the Leo Solar Eclipse: Italy, Madagascar, Congo, Cyprus, Greece, Indonesia, Jamaica, Netherlands, Singapore and Switzerland. Here is a list of a few cities ruled by Leo which can also expect to be impacted by the Leo Solar Eclipse: Bombay (India), Bath, Blackpool and Portsmouth (England), Damascus (Syria), Rome, Ravenna and Sicily (Italy), Prague (Czechoslovakia), USA cities: Albany (NY), Chicago (IL), Baltimore (MD), Boston (MA), Charleston (SC), Miami (FL), and Montpelier (VT). Countries that use the symbol of a lion and/or Sun on their flag will go through a superficial change. This also includes businesses.

If you are born on a day ruled by the Sun for Ex: 1, 10, 19, or 28 day, this solar eclipse will impact you in some way. If your life path number reduces to a 1, you will also be subject to the solar eclipse. If your name or business name as according to the Chaldean Numerology alphabet system reduces to a 1, then you too will be impacted. If your ascendant is in Leo, you better believe, you will be this will have a significant impact on your first house. Your appearance and mind will be affected. If, your Sun or Moon is in Leo in your natal chart as according to Vedic Astrology, you will be influenced by this solar eclipse as well. This year is 2017 (2+0+1+7 = 10), which reduces to a 1 year. 1 represents the Sun which is the ruler of Leo! It important to pay attention and know these things, because it can help guide you make better decisions. It’s no coincidence that this is a 1 year with a solar eclipse in Leo, both ruled by the Sun. The Universe makes no mistakes. Its calculated by an intelligent program for lack of a better words.

Moving along, to what most of you have come here to read and that is my predictions!

If you haven’t already read my previous post about the Queen Mother of England aka Queen Elizabeth II, then I suggest you do. In a brief synopsis, I predict that Queen Elizabeth II will pass on this year. For obvious reasons or another, there will be a new head of throne for the British Kingdom. If you pay attention to the news about Royal Families, then you already know that the Saudi Arabia King has just appointed his son (Pun on Sun lol), Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz as heir to throne over his nephew just recently. Expect more public announcements regarding changes all pointing to the throne in the Royal Families to be taking place this year. I’m expecting engagement, marriage, death, newly assigned royal duties among the Royal Families right before and as far as 6 months following the Leo Solar Eclipse. This is just a few of the changes that will be happening with regard to the Royal Families this year. Keep a lookout. They are always interesting group of families filled with many scandals, some of which will take place two weeks before and up until 6 months after the solar eclipse.

Kingdoms and governments will be changing and so will their leaders. There’s going to be new rules and new ways to lead the people. You will see this with your various government leaders, i.e. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Dictators, etc. I’m also seeing a surprise in new leadership aside from the Royal Families across the globe. I am also seeing that this is a very dangerous time for leaders around the world. This could be leaders being overthrown, killed or kidnapped (I kid you not.) I see the leaders of our future also being born at this time. There is a significant leader that is being born during this Leo Solar Eclipse that will have a huge and significant role to play in our future history. This could very well be decades from now, but hopefully there will be archives of my blog to keep track of this. Or maybe I can finally get writing on my books that I’m always talking about lol. Also, it’s a strong possibility of a be new country being born. It’s possible that they will use the symbol of the lion or sun in their flag. Speaking of symbols, all countries that currently use the symbol of a lion and/or Sun on their flag will go through a superficial change. One more note about the leaders around the world, and this includes spiritual leaders as well as government leaders, it’s very possible that their health, safety and stability will be dramatically effected during this time. It will be dramatized throughout the media. This also includes the death of a spiritual/occult leader. I predicted this in a prior post, Im stating it again here. Remember, this can happen anytime between a few weeks prior to the solar eclipse and as far as 6 months following.

I see attention being paid towards currency. I am picking up on people buying and selling alternative currency. This is something like Bitcoin, but I know there are other currencies available as well, so I am including them too here. I see an increase in alternative currency on a record level. There will be economic changes such as a correction taking place that will drive people towards investing in alternative currencies. I believe this will be the reason for the record level increase. I’m also seeing stocks acting erratic, they are just so unpredictable. Expect record highs and record lows. I also see serious loss of money among many people and then again some serious financial gains. Be very careful. Unless, you are a Gemini ascendant, I would be leery of the stock market this year. If you still want to stick to stocks, find a broker with a Gemini Ascendant using the Vedic Astrology Calculator. This is Sidereal based Astrology.

Earlier this year North Korea fired missiles in the Sea of Japan. I see this taking place again. I’m also seeing some underground eruption leaking gas under the ocean water which will hurt marine life. I see something about people ingesting gas in the air. Could be a huge gas leak or chemical attack. I’m also seeing the possibilities of an airplane on fire falling into water and releasing something into the water. I’m also seeing ship/boat getting into an accident or something happening as a result of an accident releasing some chemical into the water.

Speaking of accidents, I’m seeing an unusual amount of vehicular accidents and I’m not excluding airplanes, trains, or boats. I see fire attached to all these types of accidents. Be extremely cautious come August and six months after. No drifting, no races, and speeding during the rain for all you risk takers out there! Wow as I just wrote this, I saw an oil spill on the road causing accidents and fire.

Im picking up changes in the constitutions, and agreements between countries. I feel that some agreements will be broken between countries creating hostility. Maybe not enough to go to war, but enough to keep in mind for the future and use it as chess play. I’m also seeing that some deal the U.S. is trying to work out with the U.K. will be delayed as a result of this solar eclipse. It’s a good thing too for the time being.

I’m also seeing the borders of some countries changing. This could be building a border. Protecting a border, extending a border or loosing land therefore changing a border. Speaking of land, I see land collapsing into water and some going under water due to hurricanes and/or tsunamis. I’m also see more land appearing out of no-where just like off the coast of North Carolina.

Im seeing something about “outbreaks” and no one knowing how, when, where, why, etc and then suddenly like in the past there is an urgency to take some vaccine or medical protocol. Interestingly in this case what’s supposed to help you actually hurts you. These vaccines will have some serious side effects that no one accounted for that will hurt the heart, spine, spinal cord and backbone,. People will become weary of medical antidotes such as vaccines. The good news is that there is going to be medical advances in technology and treatments regarding the heart, strokes, autoimmune diseases, cancer, backbone, spine, and spinal cord.

This Leo Solar Eclipse is going to ignite a burst of creativity among people especially the young. You can expect much attention being paid to young people for coming up with amazing ideas, and inventions. You will hear about children breaking certain records and doing things that we would consider genius! There is going to be an increase in creative and artistic outlets and activities for children. There is also going to be a significant increase in children being homeschool. You will hear about this through statistics. It’s as if there is a movement to homeschool children taking place.

Let’s talk about the glamourous life of celebrities. More and more celebrities will “come out” to discuss, write, or talk about the dark side of being famous. The public’s perception of the rich and famous is going to change drastically. Once it was celebrated to be on drugs, commit scandals and do immoral things, now the majority is going to uphold more of a moral stance with these celebrities. It’s not what it once was or thought to believe. The hidden life of major celebrities will be exposed in the most outrageous of ways. You already see this recently with Robert Kardashian on his social rants. It gets worse. Secrets, sins, scandals and scoundrels will all come to light. Pay especially attention to celebrities that are consider the King, Queen, Princess or Prince of such and such. Also, lots of written material and photos and arts of these people will be available to the public in such an explosive and dramatic way.

Speaking of that, if you have some skeletons in your closet, you better be careful because this Leo Solar Eclipse might be the ticket to exposing them.

Speaking of writing, there will be the death of a writer or author who writes books and/or articles about royals, celebrities, real life, spirituality, or in the fictional sense. I’m also picking up the death of a renowned romance novelist.

Seasons, I am being told that seasons are changing. Although many believe climate change to be a result of human error, I was told by my guides that it’s the result of Earths evolution. The Earths’ axis is changing causing the seasons to change, the icebergs to melt and the marine life to change direction. With that said, seasons are going to change in the most obvious of ways via weather patterns and temperatures. Keep an eye on your weather channel around the world. I’m also see that in some places the summer’s will be longer than usual.

I am also see something about a new way to fuel vehicles, i.e. renewable energy. Now I know that this is already in the works, but there seems to be a bigger push for this. Also, I’m seeing fuel energy for vehicles that come from plants that are yellow like corn or sunflowers. Would make sense since they resemble the color of the sun. Remember like attracts like, so it’s no surprise to me that this is even happening. I also see that there is going to be a new resource to obtain gas for vehicles. I also see that there is a bigger push for solar power vehicles and vehicles which use magnetic energy. Somewhere in the world someone is getting it going. The technology is already there, but someone is getting them made. I believe that vehicles using magnetic energy will be the way of the future.

The solar eclipse is going to bring a disruption in communications. Rahu and Ketu take the vitality and light away from the Sun and Moon. When that happens you can’t see or communicate! So one thing that I believe for sure is going to happen is a repeat of the Northeast Blackout of 2003. I was there when that happened and the only lines of communication that worked was my landline. My internet and all electricity was shot! My cell phone would not work. People were stuck on the subways and train lines. Street lights weren’t working. In the city, the elevators to all those high-rise buildings stopped leaving many stuck and scared for their life. It was absolutely horrifying for many. Fortunate for me, I was off from work and home. The purpose of me telling you this is to remind you to be prepared for such an event. So have a plan ready for you and your family, especially your children for when this event takes place.

I hope I was able to shed some light on what’s to come August 21, 2017. Feel free to share your questions and/or comments below. If you are looking for a reading, you can find me here on Should you want to chat with me, I will arrange my schedule at your convenience, just send me an email.


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