Affirmation of the day: "A wonderful new beginning is blossoming in my life."


Card meaning: A new cycle is blossoming in your life. All that is not needed from the past is dropping away as you release the old and embrace the new.


What the Universe wants you to know: All life travels in cycles. On our beautiful planet, plants die in the winter so that new life can emerge in the spring. It's the spiral dance of death and rebirth. This represents a time in your life to start fresh. Do not linger with old situations, relationships or places that no longer server your higher good. Let go and sail into the unfamiliar waters. Stretch into a new direction even if you feel uncertain. Wonderful opportunites await you.


Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~If my life truly started fresh, would I make the same decisions?

~Am I ready to let go and begin anew?

~What is blocking me from doing so?

Padma's Commentary: I love the part that says all that is not needed is dropping away. If you are living in an area where the currnet season is fall... look around you. The trees and plants are in transformation and even though the "dead things" are falling away...isn't it beautiful? Don't be afraid to change your colors, drop away old habits, people places... cut away your dead ends... and I'm not just talking about your hair. If you could really start fresh... what would that look like? What would you be doing? Who would you be BEING? What would you have? So what's stopping you? Happy starting anew to YOU!



Affirmation of the day: "I heal rifts, I am a mender."


Card Meaning: Heal old wounds with respect to people and sitautions. Carefully do whatever you feel is necessary to make amends. You are a mender. Help others mend bridges in thier lives.


What the Universe wants you to know: There are times to drop everything and leave and  there are also times to carefully mend bridges with, people, situations and places. This is one of those healing times. Maybe there is a wound inside of you that needs to be forgiven or accepted. Transform the inner grievance. Do it now, for you no longer need to carry it with you. Perhaps there is a person from your past with whom you should reconnect. You know what you need to do. Take action now.


Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~If there was an area of my life that needed mending, what might it be?

~What is the first step I need to take toward resolving a current rift I have with someone?

~Could this card represent something within myself that I need to give attention to or mend?


Padma's Commentary: So far we have done a lot of work on looking at the past to see what needs to healed and what we need to let go of. But what about the things that maybe need to be mended instead of disgarded? If you truly have been taking a look at yourself you may found areas of your life where maybe YOU are the one has caused some conflict or inflicted some pain on someone else or even YOURSELF. It's time to go ahead and take resposibility. What can you do NOW, right here, right now with what you HAVE to make things work? Do you need to apologize to someone or yourself? Do you need to return something, payback debt or call someone you have been avoiding? We've all burned bridges in our time. Do some need mending? Happy rebuilding ya'll!



Affirmation of the day: "I step into my future with my strength and my clarity."


Card Meaning: Your past (and even your past lives) affects your present. A powerful healing is occuring for you right now. Beneath the surface there are forces dissolving old blockages and limitations, This has a postitive effect on every aspect of your life including your health, your relationships and even your creativity.


What the Universe wants you to know: Challenges i your present can be linked to past events. Take some time to examine your current situation to see what areas could be strengthened. Release old blockages. Even if it feels like nothing is happening, profund transformations are occuring at this very moment. This is not unlike the bamboo that grows roots under the surface for two to five years, building a foundation invisible to the naked eye. Then in one year, it grows up to 90 feet! Wounds from broken relationships, people or situations that seem impossible to forgive and old shame or guilt are all dissolving; as a result, your body, mind and spirit are healing.


Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~ Is there anything in my life that needs to heal?

~What will lead me to the path of the greatest healing?

~How can I become an even greater healing force for others?


Padma's Commentary: So as you know, this is the deck that I have been pulling from every day to guide myself. Which means that I am doing the work right along with you. Yesterday in addition to my regular routine I really did a deep meditation and asked what messages I needed to be getting. The answer... let go of my past. While I have done much work to make ammends with my past, flashing before my eyes were instances I still needed to work on or let go of. And today I will look deeper and find what else needs some healing. You see, no matter how hard we work on ourselves there will alway be something to continue working on.. another layer. There is this quote that goes "The path isn't a straight line; it's a spiral continually come back to things you thought you understoond and see deeper truths." So today go back and look, even at the things you thought you have healed already and see if you can discover something new for youself that needs to be healed. Your future self will thank you for it. Happy healing ya'll.






Affirmation of the day: " I am a clear channel for the messages from Spirit."


Card meaning: Believe! Right now your spirit guides, ancestors and loved ones who have passed on are sending you messages, love and healing. Have faith that you can discern these messages... and you will.  You are a vibrational match for communications from these spiritual realms and so now in the days ahead you'll be even more aware of these loving messages that are flooding your soul.


What the Universe wants you to know: One of the secrets of the Universe is the power of belief. If you are able to imagine and truly believe that something can happen then miracles will abound. Look for the signs. The feather that aligns at your feet. The penny that mysteriously appears or the rainbow splasehs across the sky might be the sign that Spirit is trying to get your attention. Watch for signs in your dreams too, for messages from Spirit are most often conveyed during the nocturnal hours. Messages are waiting for you. Listen to the whispers in the wind.


Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~If I knew who was trying to reach me from the Realm of the Spirit, who would it be?

~If I knew what the most important message was, what would it say?


Padma's Commentarty: I swear I couldn't have a picked a better card to follow up from yesterday! Spirit is trying to communicate with us ALL THE TIME. OUR spirit. our ancestors, the Creator, Mother Nature... and all we really need to do is listen. So if you really slowed down yesterday.. were you able to get messages? Did your intuiton tell you something? If not today is the day to seek out the message. JUST ASK! Take the postition and follow the method I have described before (see the post "Dwelling in the truth"). In prayer ask to connect and receive the messages that are intended for you in this moment in time and see what comes up. Don't forget to journal! I can't tell you what a powerful tool it is. Sometimes we think that we have things all figured out in our heads and its not until we start sharing and talking or writing things down that we get them OUT of our head and TRULY figured out. I cannot tell you how many amazing revelations I have had sharing and journaling. Sometimes time passes by and then I read old passages and things just start to make so much sense.. the journey... the steps that I have taken... everything.  So go ahead and listen for those messages! Happy Message Monday ya'll!




Card Meaning: Go forward slowly and gently. Stop to smell the daisies and enjoy the view. Love and appreaciate what is here and now.


What the Universe wants you to know: When You take your time and go slowly new perceptions blossom that you can't see if you're moving fast. Step out of the rapid pace of everyday life and step into the majesty of stillness. Resist the impulse to go ahead with your first instinct and tune in to your deeper intuition. Power is born when you relax into the present moment.

Questions to ask yourself and/or Journal about:

~What is the underlying wisdom for me regarding being cautious?

~Is there an area of my life where I should slow down?

~Should I view a certain person or situation in my life with caution?

Padma's Commentary: I adore that this is the card for Sunday as it reminds me of that old 70's song by the Commodores "Easy". "That's why I am easy... easy like Sunday Morning.." There is a part that goes... " I want to be free to know the things I do are right; I wanna be free just me... that's why I'm easy.." There is actually really great advice in this and it is EXACTLY what this card is saying. Sometimes we just act and be who others want us to be.. or do what we think is supposed to be done or just emotionally and quickly react. Instead, really take the time to tune in and see if who you are being, what you are doing and how are acting is actually in alignment with who you WANT to be, who you REALLY are and in your HIGHEST INTEREST. Don't just do, do, do.... take some time to be sure that you are living authentically and BE EASY. Let your higher self speak to you and guide you. You will be amazed at what you find out. Happy slowing down ya'll.




Today's Affirmation: "I accept and embrace my inner majesty."


Card Meaning: Accept your life in all its configurations. Know that every moment, situation and event has profound value... even if it doesn't seem like it. Accept your inner majesty. Be present. You are magnificent and wonderous beyond measure. Embrace all parts of yourself.


What the Universe wants you to know: It is an act of both power and faith to love, honor, and accept what is. At times it can be challenging to truly accept what's occuring in your life. When you do so, however, you affirm that there is a plan for your life and that everything is working out for your highest good. Accepting "what is" doesn't mean that you can't work to change it, because you can. It does mean that there is gentle, yet profound awareness that every experience can support your highest good and spiritual evolution.

If there is something you just can't accept, start by gently acknowledging the fact that you can't accept it. As you increase your own acceptance in life, this will help others be at peace in their own lives.

Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~Is there anything that I'm not accepting in my life?

~ How can I embrace myself and my life even more?

~Where will my life's journey take me, if I truly honor every aspect of "what is'?

Padma's Commentary: I love that this card came up after yesterday's truth seeking. What did you find? For most of us the truth can be a hard pill to swallow. But what this card is suggesting is that it is ALL PERFECT. Everything that has happened to you good or bad is actually PERFECT. It makes you who you are and YOU are a child of the Universe, here to learn from each and every moment of your existence on this planet we can Mother Earth. This card reminds me of a passage from one of my favorite poems called "Desiderata" and it goes like this:

"Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the Universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should."

No matter where you are in life.... it is all about of YOUR journey. And YOU get to take the lessons you have learned along the way and say how the rest of the journey goes. At every given moment we have the power to choose. It all starts will accepting what is so right now and making the next best choice with that you have in the present moment. One foot in front of the other we continue on. Happy accepting and embracing ya'll! 

Dwelling in the truth. 


Affirmation of the day: “I stand in the light of the truth.”


Card Meaning: The Soul loves the truth. Be honest with yourself and listen to your inner guidance. Follow it by speaking your truth. To thine own self be true. You radiate the energy of truth to others. 


What the Universe wants you to know: There is a place inside of you that ALWAYS knows the truth. Take some time to be still, to discover that genuine place of knowing within. Often the hardest thing about living your truth, is discovering what it is, so it’s important to slow down, be quiet, and listen to the whispers of your soul. If there’s an area of your life where you are not being authentic or where you are not living in integrity, this is the time to make some changes.


Questions to ask yourself/journal about: 

~ Is there an area of my life where I am not living in integrity? 

~What do I need to do to be in accordance with my deepest truth?

~Is there anyone who isn’t being truthful to me, and do I need to take action regarding the situation? 


Padma’s commentary: This is an absolutely amazing card. No matter how much of this work you have been doing, no matter how much you’ve been following along... it all meanings NOTHING unless you have been truly honest with yourself. If you have been avoiding the truth, ignoring it, making up stories about the truth, justifying it, making up excuses for yourself or just not really taking an HONEST LOOK at yourself and your life... nothing is really going to shift for you. It’s not until you actually know who you are, what you’ve been truly doing in your life and most importantly who you’ve been BEING that things can begin transforming. You can’t fix a hole in the wall unless you know it’s there. You can’t treat a disease or disorder properly until you get a diagnoses. You can’t even respond to an email properly unless it’s been read and understood. So why would we “the self” be any different? So really look. Have you been playing small? Maybe you love being a victim and continuously blame your circumstances. Perhaps you’ve been ignoring your health, mental wellness or appearance. Where do you have a principal or value that you are not truly not living by? Where are you saying one thing and doing another. Where are you saying you want something but are not taking the actions of someone who really wants that thing. Today really take the time to LOOK. Drink a glass of water and get centered. Say a prayer and ask your guides (or however you connect with spirit) to actually GUIDE YOU to be able to answer all of the above inquiries. Close your eyes, plant your feet firmly on the floor and put your hands in your lap. Begin to take slow deep breaths, filling up your abdomen. Clear your mind of any other thoughts When the mind begins to wander simply acknowledge the thought and bring your awareness back to the breath. Do this for at least 12 minutes. Next take out your journal and get to work. What came up for you? Be HONEST the only person you would be lying to here is YOURSELF. Happy truth discovering ya’ll

Taking Action

Today's Affirmation: "I enthusiastically embrace life's boundless possibilities."

Card Meaning: Don't hesitate! Whatever you have been putting off, now is the time to act. Stand tall, raise your fists to the sky and leap into action. Break out the champagne, for victory is in reach.

What the Universe wants you to know: Action creates momentum. Whatever you have been wishing and waiting for, THIS is the right time to move forward without looking back. Quicken your spirit by taking action now. Even if you have to face your fears in order to do so, look them in the eye with a calm and clear gaze and forge ahead. The acton you take now will reap immense rewards in the future.

Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~In what area of my life should I take acton now?

~What blocks me form action and how can I overcome this?

~ What is the most direct action that will yield the greatest result?

Padma's Commentary: This is so on point. I reallllllly hope you have been following along so far this month because just yesterday we talked about dreaming big. SO how PERFECT is it that today we are WORKING THAT PLAN and actually FOLLOWING that dream. Reallly, really, really take a good look at the above questions because getting to the bottom of what is holding you back from acting is going to be your biggest breakthrough! Chances are you have some self limiting belief somewhere that you made up along the way. Perhaps when you were a child it was reinforeced that you had to do HARD work in order to make money. Or maybe it is that "good girls and boys" act a certain way. Perhaps sometime in your teenage years you made up that you were not attractive enough or that you were not funny enough... not out goiing enough. Could it also be that you have a fear of failure? Is it that you are afraid that you will be judged? Will you not be supported? Have you made up a ridiculous story about not having enough time or money. Because I invite you to look at the fact that it is ALL MADE UP. And you can take small steps to get what you want RIGHT NOW! Just do the best with what you have right now. And when you have more... do better! Now gets ta steppin! Happy Wurking it ya'll!

Exceeding Expectations


Affirmation of the day: " I soar into excellence."


Card Meaning: This is the time to dream big and stretch yourself. Exceeed your own expectations... and definitely exceed the expectations that others have of you. Evisage that in the days ahead you will be stepping beyond what others anticipate for you and so it shall be.


What the Universe wants you to know: You may have been playing small but now is your chance to dream big. Expect Miracles. Believe that the best will occur for you and it will. Make plans-- big plans-- for the future. Do not act as if you are inadequate in order to make others feel secure. In the months ahead you'll be exceeding inner and outer expectiations. Get ready to fly.


Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~Have I been playing small so that others wouldn't feel insecure?

~ Am I ready to exceed my own expectations ?

~ What are my true expectations in my life and am I satisfied with them?


Padma's Commentary: If you did yesterday's visualizing work, you are ready now to evaluate your expectations. It is time to DREAM BIGGER. Where in the vision for your life can you EXPAND? GO AHEAD YOU ARE WORTH IT. Maybe ysterday you were visualizing your own business. Today perhaps it expands into a whole chain. Yesterday maybe you were imagining vactioning on a beach because you adore the ocean. Today maybe expand to living by the beach. Maybe you own several beach homes. Perhaps you rent them out for part of the year to help with expenses orrrrrr maybe you just GOT IT like that! Expand and adjust your dream until it feels JUST RIGHT. Now start taking steps TODAY to realize your dreams. Push yourself to break through your comfort zones by  dreaming big AND acting big. We only have this one life. How do you choose to live it?  One of my favorite quotes is "Inspiration without action is merely entertainment." So don't just inspire to have a big life... lead one! Happy excelling ya'll!

Manifesting Dreams


Today's Affirmation: " My dreams are coming true."


Card Meaning: Life goes in cylces. There is a time for planting seeds and a time for harvesting bounty. Right now is your time for harvesting. Your innermost dreams and desires are manifesting. Don't stop the flow by doubting the process. All is unfolding according to your highest good.

What the Univeres wants you to know: The seeds of the desires you planted so long ago (perhaps even before this life) are coming to fruition. Sometimes it's simply a matter of being still, opening your heart and knowing that you deserve your dreams to come true. You are worthy of greatness and you have the ability to manifeset your deepest and most heartfelt wishes. Timing is everything and the moment is ripe  for those lingering desires to be realized. The bounty of the Universe is pouring into your life.

Questions to ask yourself and/ or journal about:

~What do I truly desire?

~Is there anything that I need to release in order to reach my dreams?

~ What steps can I take to help my heartfelt wishes come true in my life?

Padma's Commentary: This is the season for harvesting. What a perfect card. (I know I say that and it's  so true isn't it?!) This card is all about the Law of Attraction. All the things we have been desiring in our lives since we were younger we have manifested and are manifesting now. So how to get more of what you want? Just keep beleving that it will happen! Visualize yourself having all that you want and BE SPECIFIC. Imagine youself tanning on that beach, driving that car and having the relationship of your dreams and each day continue to work towards getting there KNOWING that one day it wll be so. Because it will! THE TIME IS NOW! Happy Visualizing ya'll!

Following your Bliss

Affirmation of the day: " My soul sings with Joy."


Card Meaning: Do what gives you joy. Celebrate and have fun. You do not need to suffer to grow-- In fact, true happiness comes from following the dictates of your SOUL. Take steps today to expand your joy. You don't need to do it all at once, but you need to start.


What the Universe wants you to know: If you don't follow your bliss now, when will you? If you've been waiting to act until circumstances are different or somehow better you may have a long wait. Some people put off following  their north star until they graduate, get married, have kids or retire. If you continue to do so, you may never attain genuine happiness. Take steps TODAY to experience the sweet nectar of life.

Questions to ask yourself and/ or Journal about:

~What feeds my soul?

~How can I follow my bliss?

~What is blocking me from living a life filled with joy?

Padma's Commentary: What a perfect card for today, SUNDAY FUNDAY! Take some time today to do something that you have always wanted to do. Maybe it's some thing big like book that cruise you wanted to go on. Or maybe not so big, like trying a new restaurant. It can even be really small like watching an episode of your favorite show that you always say that you never have time for. Whatever it is; DO SOMETHING TO FEED YOUR SOUL. Take a bath, bake some cookies, buy a new perfume. JUST get out there and do it!! Don't know what feeds your soul? Now is the time to start asking!! Whip out a pen and paper and ask youself "what would I really love?" Drawing a blank? Start with your favorite color, your favorite food, your favorite music etc. How can you then incorporate those things into your life so that you are really creating a life you LOVE?! Happy Soul Searching ya'll!!

Cherishing Self

Today's Affirmation: " I accept and love myself"


Card Meaning: There are times to put your own needs above the needs above the needs and expectations of others. Put YOURSELF first today. Buy yourself roses, invite yourself to a sumptious dinner, or buy that special gift for yourself that you have been putting off. Treat yourself the way you would an honored guest.


What the Universe wants us to know: Be your own advocate. Spend time cherishing yourself, kindly and gently. Focus on what is wonderous and remarkable about you. When you truly care for yourself, you are able to care for others even more and make a difference in their lives. It's difficult to give when your cup is only have full but when your cup is overflowing, you have more than enough to offer others. In the same way that a flight attendant tells you to put on your oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs in an emergency... cherish yourself first and then others will benefit even more.

Questions to ask yourself or Journal about:

~Is ther something blocking my self-care?

~How can I cherish myself even more?

~In what ways do others benefit if I nurture myself?

Padma's Commentary: This card was so PERFECT for me today. Since last evening I wasn't feeling well and instead of pusing myself I just went to bed. Today I woke up early and wanted to make up for lost time and my body was telling me to lay back down so I did. I apologize for this post being super late AND this card for sure is the perfect confirmation that I did the right thing. ( I love it when the Universe gives you the signs you need.) In order for me to be my best for you, I have to take care of me. I think women in particular tend to ignore our own needs for our family and career. It's the natural nurturing mother in us. However, sometimes we must remind ourselves to be our own mother! Happy cherishing ya'll.


Letting Go

Today's Affirmation: " I surrender to the ebbing and flowing of life."


Card Meaning: Surrender. Relinquish control and allow spirit to take over. You don't need to do everything by yourself. All is well. It's time to just let it all go and enjoy the ride! Doing so gives others permission to let go in their own lives.


What the Universe wants you to know:There are times to hold on for dear life and times to simply throw up your hands and let go. It's time to release any limiting paterns, emotional attachements, or inner and outer clutter. Surrendering doesnt't mean that youre yielding to a force outside of yourself. It means that you are allowing your soul to take over. Release the stress of needing to control things, wanting to determine the outcome of the situation or expecting others to act in a particular way. There is a simple grace and beauty that unfolds when you truly let go . Loving spiritual help is all around you.... simply open your heart and let it in.

Questions to ask yourself:

~Is there anything I need to release?

~Is threre a person or siutation I need to let go of?

~ Is there anyone that needs to let go of me?


Padma's Commentary: I love this. For me ....what I got present to is how I mircro-manage everything. I sometimes have a rigid view of how my life and days should go and get frustrated if I dont get all I want done in a day or if my day or life isnt going as planned. I also am seeing how I have a hard time asking for help and can be a perfectionist and not want to trust people with things; such as certain aspects of my buisness, because "if you want something done right you have to do it yourself." Or I just tell myself I need to be "the ONE" to do it AND in all actuality I am just cutting myself off from the support of my commumity. What do you hold on to that needs some letting go of? Happy releasing ya'll.


Stepping Into Stillness

Today's Affirmation: "My power is born in the majesty of silence."

Card Meaning: Take a moment to enter into the silent, deep place within you. Be still. Let everything go, and focus on what is truly important. Imagine spiraling down into the source of your essence. Breathe deeply. Allow your body to relax into the present moment, the here and now.

What the Universe wants you to know: Deep within you is an inner sanctuary. Having this inner peace however, doesn't mean that there isn't chaos or disharmony around you. It means that no matter what is ocurring in your life, you can observe it from a place of stillness. Surrender to the sweet energy of quietude; avoid the temptation to embrace the drama and urgency of life. Affirm that you have all the time you need. Power is born in stillness and your potential is dramatically expanding in the majesty of silence.

Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~What do I need to stop in my life?

~What do I need to surrender to?

~How can I enter into my inner stillness?

~As I become still what will expand in my life?.... What will contract?

Padma's Comentary:

This card soooooo reminds me of the part in the Wizard of Oz when Glenda the good witch reminds Dorothy that she had the power to return home within her the whole time. We have all the tools within us to heal our minds. bodies, spirits and relationships and have access to them at all times. All we have to do to access them is to slow down and listen. Pray, meditate and the answers will come. If you are my client you might already know that I recommend at least 12 minutes of mediation a day. In fact the the golden tools that will change your life are a simple 3 step process. First, ask. Pray to God, the Creator, your spirit guides or whatever you connectwith. Ask them what you want to know or for what you wnat ot have. Next, mediate. Slow down, focus on your breath and clear your mind. Last, journal. Write down anyting that comes up for you during your mediation or anything that you just want to get out. I promise what you will start to discover for yourself will be completely transformational. If you like, I recommend using these posts as your guide. Start by reading what card was picked then ask the questions given. Set your alarm for 12 minutes and begin to clear your mind. Then in your journal start to answer the questions.Then use the affirmation throught out the day to remind you of the days intention. Happy Meditating ya'll!


Simplify your life

Today's Affirmation: "I cherish the simple pleasures of life."


Card Meaning: Focus on what is important to you and let everything else go. Scan all the areas of your life and clear out the internal and external clutter and you will experience remarkable transformations. Rest and rejuvinate. Do what matters and release whatever is left.

What the Universe wants you to know: To clearly hear messages from the Spirit, simplify. If you are always busy and have accumulated much more than you need, you might also have a lot of static in your life. This can make it a challenge to hear the voice of the Creator. Remove those things from your schedule which don't move your life forward. Then go through your living and work spaces, room by room and clear out the clutter. Additionally, be sure to take the time to clear any mental clutter. Calm your life and simplify your thoughts. The smallest amount of of clutter clearing both internal and external can make a huge difference in your life.

Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~What can I clear out of my life that will enrich and empower me?

~What blocks me from simplifying my life?

~What will my ultimate result be if I simplify my enviornement and my activities?

Padma's Commentary:

This is soooo powerful. If we have ever had a call together its possible you may have heard me use the phrase "remove what no longer serves you". THIS is what I am referring to. AND trust me if we do not do it ourselves the Universe will find a way to do it for us or MAKE us do it! Clutter is stagnant energy. Cluttered rooms, cars, closets, minds and hearts. If you have any of these you are not allowing chi, positive life energy, to move freely. Sit down now and make a list for each area of your life. Your mind, body, diet, home, vehicle, freindships, family, love life, elecronics/record keeping, finances etc. and really take an honest inventory. Is each area clutter free? Is there a grudge you have been holding with a friend that is taking up space in your mind? Is there something you have been needing to say to your mom or family member. Are there people that you just really need to cut out of your life? This list may seem overwhelming at first however you can even SIMPLIFY that. SIMPLY take each "piece of clutter" that you discover and schedule a time to "clean it up" on your calendar. Break down big projects into smaller chunks. Maybe just clean out one drawer a week. Have one "clean up' conversation with somene on your list a month. Remember slow and steady wins the race. You can either start today and be in a completely different space next year or you can be looking back next year on all the things that you still need to do "one day". Happy clutter clearing ya'll!

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