Affirmation of the day: "I am in the flow of the Universe."


Card meaning: Everything is falling into place because you aren't resisting the drift of the great river of life. Let go of the shore and allow the currents to dictate your direction. You don't need to decide and plan everything yourself. Let things flow effortlessly.


What the Universe wants you to know: When you are truly in the flow you don't need to push or exert great effort to make things happen. If there is a situation in your life that isn't falling into place, let it go. It's not the right time. If there aren't smooth currents regarding a specific area of your life, it might mean that you are trying to control the outcome or that you are being overly self-critical. Know that you can flow around any obstacle. The way to do so is with gratitude and appreciation. Allow others and Spirit to support and take care of you.


Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~Is there anything stopping my ability to adapt to the circumstances of my life?

~If so how can I move beyond it?

~What is the most important area in my life to let go of so that I can get into the flow?

~Do I feel the need to stay in control and does this truly serve me?


Padma's Commentary: This is our last day together enjoying this amazing deck in our Month of Magic and Manifestation and I could not think of a better way to end. I am so proud of all of you for taking this on. You have been doing the work, letting go, clutter clearing, going deeper, finding your limiting beliefs, uncovering what you want to achieve and creating new things in your life. And now it's simply time to go with the flow. When I was studying to become a yoga master one of the phrases we would use all the time was "adapt, adjust, accomodate." And now is that time. This doesn't mean to stop moving forward, to stop being determined or give up. It simply means if something is not working and you are trying to force it, stop. Take a pause and allow the Universe to help you, give you answers and perhaps show you another way. Now is the time to just let things flow and let all the hard work you have done work FOR you. I hope you guys had an amazing month and I cannot wait to share some of the miracles that you shared with me and are allowing me to share with others so that they too can grow from your victories. I will be posting those shares on Tuesday. After that I am taking a break to work on some great things for you! I encourage you all to read through the '30 days of gratitude challenge' from last year, if you haven't already so that you can be in complete alignment with the upcoming holiday. Love you all! Happy going with the flow ya'll!



Affirmation of the day: "I am bringing forth new and dynamic energy into the world."


Card meaning: It's time to launch a new project. The ideas that have been gestating within you are ready to manifest. With attentive care and feeding, miracles can abound.


What the Universe wants you to know: Perhaps there is a quality, project or talent within you that wants to be born. You have been nurturing and caring for it and it is the perfect moment to share it with the world. Release it and let it soar. Give birth to your hopes and dreams. Timing is everything and the time is now!


Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~Is there anyting I've been putting off that I need to birth in my life?

~Is there something I've put forth that I regret or haven't acknowledged?

~Am I ready to birth a new way of expressing myself in the world?


Padma's Commentary: We are nearing the end of our Month of Magic and Manifestation and what a perfect card! What have you discovered for youself by doing this work? Who do you want to be? What did you uncover as your innermost desires? Whatever it is... the time as now. Whether you want to start a new career, take dance classes, start traveling, explore your sexuality or rennovate your home... the time to get started is NOW. It's time to start expressing that side of yourself that wants to come out. Stop doubting yourself, let go of your reasons and circumstances as to why you cannot and JUST GO FOR IT! Happy giving birth ya'll!




Affirmation of the day: "I open my soul to grace."


Card meaning: All is well. You can relax and let go, for your path is divinely guided. Gifts from the Creator are pouring into your life. Gratitude abounds. A spirit of grace is softly unfolding in your life.


What the Universe wants you to know: In the stillness of retreat, the gifts of Spirit will emerge at your feet. In gratitude and thankfulness, an opening into the deepest spiritual realms is occuring. Simply be ready to be open and waves of sacred love will pour into your heart. Grace is growing within you so that, more and more, you serve as a safe sanctuary for others.


Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~How does the spirit of grace want to work in my life?

~What has blocked it from filling my life in the past?

~If I truly let go and open myself to grace what will unfold?


Padma's Commentary:


  1. elegance of beauty of form, manner, motion or action. "We watched her skate with effortless grace across the ice."
  2. a pleasing or attractive quality of endowment
  3. favor or goodwill
  4. a manifestation of favor
  5. mercy, clemency; pardon

Looking at the above card again, after reading those definitions, what can you see newly for yourself? How can you open yourself up more so that your life flows with grace and ease. One of the best ways to open yourself to grace is being thankful... for EVERYTHING. Everything that you have experinced in your life, the ups, the downs and everything in between has made you who you are AND has given you the GRACE to be HERE... RIGHT NOW, which is the most precious gift of all. If you do not have one, I suggest you start a gratitude journal. Everyday list at the very least 5 things that you are thankful for. Some days it might be as simple as a the bed you slept on and the eggs you had for breakfast. Other days there might be tremendous life changing miracles to be thankful for. The point is, that when you are thankful for it all, when you are looking for the lessons in the challenges, the silver linings... life begins to move with grace... what emerges is an ease where you realize; all is perfect and exaclty as it should be. For some that may be a hard thing to accept and if that is need this exercise the most. You will be amazed by the changes that happen once you open yourself to gratitude and grace. If you need a little extra help please see the blog entries under the 30 day gratitude challenge! You got this! Happy emerging into grace ya'll!





Affirmation of the day: "I am strong, valiant and courageous."


Card meaning: Move forward fearlessly. Gather your inner forcres and take a risk. Speak up for yourself by honoring your truth. This isn't the time to be timid of hold back. Go forward gallantly with your banner of truth waving in the wind. You are a light bearer for others.


What the Universe wants you to know: Being courageous doesn't mean that you're not afraid. It means that in spite of fear and hestitation, you take action anyway. It's all right to fall down-- just don't stay down. Do now allow yourself to be limited by the beliefs of others or even your own beliefs. Face your fears. Go beyond the boundaries of your self-imposed barriers. Live passionately and boldly.


Questions to ask yourselg/ and or journal about:

~What could this card represent about my own fears?

~How can I overcome fear and step into courage?

~What is the ultimate outcome if I conquer my hesitations?


Padma's Commentary: This is a perfect card to follow yesterday's. What have you been discovering for yourself? What has that little voice in you head been telling you? Now is the time to stop holding back and go for it. You only have this one life. How do you want to spend it? It's so much better to say "oops" then spend your life wondering "what if" AND what if what happens is something great... something amazing. Something that surpasses your expectations all together. So this can either be day one or you can keep saying "one day" I'll start. You decide! GO FOR IT! Happy lighting that fire ya'll!



Affirmation of the day: "Deep within me is a majestic radiance."


Card meaning: Things are not always as they seem. Look deeper into the situations and relationships in your life. Somethings that seem closed may, in fact, be just ready to open. If you go beneath the surface, you may find hidden gems of truth, light or abundance.


What the Universe wants you to know: This is a time to engage and reflect. It might be worth taking a second look at something you previously passed over. Imagine a mystical mountain lake where you can see the reflection of the sky and trees. But when you look beneath the surface, you can see sparkling gems in the crystal clear depths. These treaseures are meant for you. By exploring hidden crevices in your soul, you will begin to uncover even more profound levels of the vast majesty within yourself.

Questions to ask yourself and/or Journal about:

~Regarding my relationships with myself and others, is there an area in which I should look deeper?

~If I need to go beneath the surface of a sitaution in my life, how should I proceed?

~Is there anything that I am not seeing in my life?


Padma's Commentary: This is sooooooo good for the last week of this series "Month of Miracles and Manifestation". I have gotten so many emails of how much this work has really helped and I have also gotten many emails from those who are still stuck and needed more help. Usually what we discover together is that we have to GO DEEPER and look beyond the surface level. On the surface we have what we think we believe and want to believe but as we go deeper we find that we have some hidden core beliefs that stop us from achieving all that we want. You can find those beliefs in that little voice you hear in your head in times of sadness, anxiety, hurt, anger and fear. It's the voice that tells you that you're not good enough at your profession to be getting a promotion. The voice that tells you that you are not getting dates because you have a muffin top. That voice that tells you "I told you so" or "I knew it" when things go wrong. AND when we acknowledge that voice we can then say "Ah-ha! So that is at the source!" We can then tell that voice "thank you for sharing" and realize that it is absolutely not true and all made up. That is the true gem of truth. Because standing there... we can then create whatever it is that we want. Replace that voice with a positive affirmation. AND THEN KEEP DIGGING! I am so proud of all of you who have worked so hard to create miracles in your life this month and as promised at the end of this series I will share some of the miracles that were shared with me. AND NOW whether you have been doing this work or not; I invite you to go deeper. Review this series from the start. Go over the questions, do the meditations, the prayers and the journaling... and take another look. Go deeper because that's where the diamonds are! So happy digging ya'll!



Affirmation of the day: "My heart is open."


Card meaning: Love is on it's way. The more you open to love the more its sweet necgtar can surge through your soul. From the love of others, to the love of self, to love from the Creator; love flows to and through you. You are indeed a sacred vessel for love to flow through.


What the Universe wants you to know: There is nothing you need to do to desereve love. It is already waiting for you. It's like the sun... there for everyone. It simply is a matter of stepping out to bask in that warm and glowing light. Who you are is enough. This is true. In matters of romance, love is flowing, wounds are healing and hearts are opening. If only you could see yourself as those in spirit see you, you would know how very loved you truly are:

Questions to ask youself  and/or jounal about:

~What is my true pathway to love?

~How can I open myself to love even more?

~What is blocking me from welcoming love?

Padma's Commentary: This is soooo beautiful. This is actually the very fist time that I have ever chosen this card. I absolutely love the metaphor about love being like the sun. It is soooo true. Love is who we are. It is our natural state... all you have to do to recieve more of it is expand your awarness of it. The majority of calls that I get on Keen are about love and romance. And the one thing that I say over and over again is that to improve your relationships or to attract them you must first improve yourself. If you want yourlsef. Love others without limits and conditons. Once you do this your frequency expands and you recieve more of what you are giving. I really is magical. Many of us, once we get hurt, or if we are scared, we shut down, pull away, think negatively and all things similar to this. Those actions start to cut us off from the source of love. One of my favorite exercises taught to me by one of my favorite spiritual teachers is "Be your own mother". If you could be the perfect mother to yourself what would you do? Try it. Make sure you get enough rest and that you look good and are taken care of when you go out. Prepare yourself the best foods. Tell youself positive things like you are beautiful and I LOVE YOU in the mirror. This begins to open the flood gates and you will see how things start to change for you. Happy opening yourself to love ya'll!




Affirmation of the day: "My inner light shines far and wide."


Card meaning: You are making a difference in the lives of others. In ways that you may not even know, many benefit because of you. Your light radiates far and wide.


What the Universe wants you to know:

Sometimes the smallest actions can have the greatest impact. Perhaps it's a smile shared with a stranger, a kindnesss extended to an acquaintance or a favor done for a friend. This is akin to the story about a man who returns starfish to the sea. Although he knows that he cannot possibly save them all he continues his work becuae it makes difference to the few he can save. Take steps today that will make a difference in the life of another.


Questions to ask yourself:

~How can I make a difference?

~Whose life is positvely impacted because of me?

~What can I do to make even more of a difference in the world?


Padma's Commentary: I love this card so much! Sooo many of us think that we are not making any impact in the world or that we make no difference. This is just not true. You sure do! AND you were put here on this earth to continue making that difference by finding your life purpose, your passions and throwing yourself into them. So today really be present to how ou make a difference and just do it! Every journey begins with first step. And as this card so eloquently says.. it could just be with with a simple smile. You are powerful beyond 'measure! Don't underestimate yourself! So get out there and make a difference ya'll!



Affirmation of the day: " I fully embrace bliss in my life."


Card Meaning: Fill your life with people, experiences and places that bring you delight and joy. Live deliciously! Release the need to be preactical in all situations. Surround yourself with beauty and sumptious pleasures.


What the Universe wants you to know: You're not meant to soley work hard and be dutiful and dilligent. Life should be lived abundantly and fully. Give yourself permission to be happy and experience profound gratification. Embrace pleasure whenever you can. Create personal enviornments that fill you with deep satisfaction. Cherish your friendships. Love often and deeply. Allow your senses to be satiated. See, hear, taste, touch and feel the beauty within and around you. Drink well, eat well and dance into the morning hours.


Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~How can I experince even more pleasure?

~What helps me embrace bliss and delight?

~What do I need to release and transcend in order to live fully and sensuously?


Padma's Commentary: How well did you do with yesterday's assignments? If you had a hard time with them I can almost bet it was because of some "logistical" reason. You have to work, clean the house, take care of the kids, help your mom or something of that nature. Well listen up! Life is meant to be lived. And taking time for yourself does not mean slacking off or being irresponsible. In fact indulging in self care is one of the most responsible things you can do. How can you contribute to others... to the world if you are not at your best and living a life you love? So stop making excuses and SAVOR something! INDULGE a little! Do something that will bring a smile to your face and make all the 'work' worth while! You can thank me later. Happy Savor Sunday ya'll!






Affirmation of the day: "Childlike wonder fills my life."


Card Meaning: Celebrate and live your life with glee! Clap your hands in delight! Be madcap and spontaneous! All is truly well.


What the Universe wants you to know: Allow a childlike wonder and joy to fill your entire being. Your happiness makes a difference to others, for as you experince true delight, this radiates out from you and ripples in a still pool and touches the souls of many. Take time for yourself. Find ways to expereince joy in every moment. Even when doing the most mundane, boring or gritty tasks, look for ways to feel genuine happiness. If you have trouble finding pleasure in certain situations, start small and eventually you will soar. To feel joyful is a gift. It rejuvenates you and heals the world.

Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~What gives me the greatest pleasure?

~What might be blocking my joy?

~What's the key to experiencing more bliss in my life?


Padma's Commentary: Remember when you were a kid and couldn't wait for Saturday morning cartoons? Or just laughing for no reason? Excited about it snowing because that meant building snowmen and making money shoveling for the neighbors? As we get older somehow the sparkle seems to diminish from our eye; we laugh less and work more. However, it doesn't have to be so. You can bring the child out of you at any time you wish. Just simply choose. Today choose to be a child. Take some time to watch your favorite show. Laugh. Laugh at anything and everything. Call a friend and talk on the phone about nothing. Color. Go to the store and by a fesh box of crayons and a coloring book just for you. Treat your self to your favorite dessert, candy or meal. Enjoy every bit of it. Know that you are developing your skills of childlike wonder and that you can pull this out of your tool box at any time. Whenever you are having a bad day, do something that makes you feel like a child again and reconnect with that wonderous energy. Go ahead.. try it! Happy going back in time ya'll!



Affirmation of the day: "My life is truly guided."


Card Meaning: Listen with your heart and act on your instincts. Trust that you are being guided as the messages that you are receiving are in your higest good. Follow the nudges from Spirit.

What the Universe wants you to know:

Your intuition is the vehicle for messages from Spirit. If in the past you followed your instincts and then later it seemed to be the wrong move, dont let that keep you from trusting your intuition now. Often with the perspective of time the things that seemed like mistakes were actually your best experiences. Know that there are spiritual guides, allies and angels surrounding you. As you open up to your intuition you will sense their loving presence and profound messages.

Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~How can I access my intuition even more?

~If I knew what my higher self was trying to tell me what would it be saying?

~What is blocking my intuition and how can I heal this?


Padma's Commentary: Whether you realize it or not every single experience that you have had has molded you and gotten you to right here.. right now.. reading this. Sometimes it can take 10 years of this molding and building to have that one year that seems to change your life. But what I want to offer you is that it was not that one year. It was all the years in which you learned about yourself, others and life that TRULY creates that one year that seems to change it all. So wherever you are now, know that there are guides and forces that are guiding you along your path and helping you to achieve your life purpose, your life's work and your life's goals. Tap into those energies and ask them to continue guiding you, to heal you and if you choose.. to accelerate your journey by inspiring you via your intuition. Then just sit back and trust that the ideas and thoughts that you are having are divinely guided. The key word here is TRUST. Happy trusting ya'll!




Affirmation of the day: "I communicate from the depths of my being."


Card Meaning: Allow the truth of your soul to be felt and heard. It is an act of power to speak freely and easily. Be willing to stand tall and address people from the center of your being. Know that you can heal yourself and others through communicaton. This isn't the time to step back--rather, it is time to step forward and share from your heart.


What the Universe wants you to know: You are a natural teacher and you have the ability to empower and enrich the lives of others through your words. Step into your role as a teacher and leader. Additionally if there is someting that you have held back, now is your opportunity to bring this truth to the light of day.

Communication can restore trust and mend life long wounds. Take a risk. Speak from your soul with clarity and authenticity, even if it is not easy to do so. If there is any unspoken darkness that lies heavily upon you, now is the time to unburden youself. If there is  someone you love who you haven't told, share your feelings. Communication can heal, free and transform your life.


Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~Is there anyone I need to communicate with?

~Is there some type of communication that I have been withholding?

~What might I need to do to step into my role as a teacher and leader?


Padma's Commentary: You have heard me say it before sharing is caring. The Universe is pushing us now to bring things into completion. Have you ever heard of the saying, "It's like putting icing on a mud pie." It's like... what's the point of putting such delciousness on top of something thats not edible and might even make you sick if you did? Well thats what we are doing when we try to lay bricks to build on a bumpy foundation. If you really want to build a strong solid future the foundation has to be strong. So go back and clean up any messes that you may have made, say anything that you need to say, make ammends with who you need to make ammends with. Feel the feelings, think the thoughts and communicate what needs to be communicated! Stop sweeping things under the rug! EVERYTHING CAN BE SOLVED IN COMMUNICATION! So start being honest with yourself and with others. And if there happens to be some incompletion with someone from your past that has passed on... guess what!? Today is all Souls' Day! So write them a letter and read it to them. It will be heard! Happy communicating ya'll!



Affirmation of the day: " I am noble, brave and strong."


Card meaning: Stand up for yourself and don't back down. Stand up for those who can't protect themselves. Believe in youself and hold firm what you know to be true. You are a force for good.


What the Universe wants you to know:

There are times to step down and times to negotiate but this situation doesnt pertain to those. You need to hold hight the banner of truth, grace and compassion. Honor your values without denyng the values of others. Remember what is truly important in life and let go of everything else.


Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~Is this the time for me to stand my ground?

~Whom or what do I need to face with strength and fortitude?

~What might be blocking me from standing firm?


Padma's Commentary: Today is all Saints' day and as usual the perfect card was picked. Saints are those being who lived once on earth and are honored for their likeness to the creator. Typically when you reaserach the life of a saint, they are usually inducted into sainthood because they stood their ground and held tight to what they believed in for the greator good. Today, ask the Saints to guide you to find what it is that you should be standing for. Ask for their strength in doing so. This might look like something simple like the discipline to keep a regimin or something more complex like making changes in your family, community or even the world. Whatever that is... today is the day to call upon those who have forged the path before us. So happy standing strong ya'll.



Affirmation of the day: "Deep inner knowing is emerging within me."


Card Meaning: The wisdom of the ages dwells within you. It is arising now. The chalice of wisdom is being offered to you. Pay attention to the coincidences, signs and synchronicites around you. Profound enlightenment is growing within you even if you are not aware of it.


What the Universe wants you to know: The wisdom of your ancestors, your predecessors and all of history exists deep within you. An inner portal is opening as this sacred information pours into your conciousness. You have always posessed innate knowledge, but at this juncture, simply by being still you are able to access it with even greater perception. You are a wise being and your wisdom is very supportive and helpful to others.


Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~To understand a dream, sign or synchronistic event ask yourself: "If this symbolized a message from the Ancients, what would it be? How can I access even more wisdom within myself?

~How can I access even MORE wisdom within myself?

~How can the wisdom of the past help my present and my future?


Padma's Commentary: What a beautiful card to be picked on today, Halloween as we also embark on All Saints' and All Souls' day on tomorrow and Wednesday. It is no coincidence that this time of year is celebrated by honoring ghosts and magic. It is a very auspicious time of the year when the veils between the realms of the spirit world and our world are very thin. Now is the time to access that magic and take the ancient wisdom into your life to make some powerful changes and solid decisions. So honor your ancestors, ask for guidance and be open to signs. Happy Halloween ya'll! Life is tricky baby... Stay in your magick! ;)



Affirmation of the day: "True magic is abounding in my life."


Card Meaning: It is indeed a magical Universe. Spiritual dimensions and mystical realms are only a thought away. The key to opening these doors is to trust in something you cannot see or hear. You can have doublts yet still believe in the vast and mysterious Universe; where signs, symbols and coincidences reveal secret messages. Even if your faith is the size of a mustard seed, magic can abound. Believe!


What the Universe wants you to know: Somethings are true, even if you don't believe them. It's hard to comprehend how something as heavy as a jumbo jet can fly but it does. When you make an overseas call it's hard to believe that your voice travels into space and bounces back but it does. And sometimes it's hard to believe that angels are looking over us but they are. Here's to believing in magic.


Questions to ask yourself and/or journal about:

~How can I access even more magic in my life?

~What is the most important way for me to step into true magic?

~If I truly believed in magic, in what ways would my life be different?


Padma's Commentary: What a great card for this week! This week includes one of the most magical days of the year, Halloween! In fact this entire season, all they up to the winter solstice, is full of magic and miracles. (I did not pick this month to manifest magic and miraces for nothing!) Whether you believe it or not, there is an energetical and spiritual realm that helps to govern our existence on this very planet and in the Universe. The wonderful part about it is that you don't have to see it to believe it... and you dont have to know exactly how it works to have it work for you. Just like when you pick up cell phone to call home you don't have to know exactly how the microchips inside work and how they transmit your voice to the person on the other side. All you have to do is talk. So today only speak of magic and miracles. Talk of things you want to have, the things that you would love to have and things that you know you will have. It is all possible if you believe in magic! Happy making magic ya'll!



Affirmation of the day: "I am an incredibly generous being."


Card Meaning: Share who you are with others. Give what you have, what you do and who you are. Be generous. The more freely and fully you share of yourself the more freely and fully the Universe will give you.


What the Universe wants you to know:

You need to share the depths of your soul. Allow others to see your essence and feel your radiance. If you give with the thought that it's something you must do as a duty or sacrifice, you may feel depleted. However, if you give with the belief that there's no scarcity of energy, funds or joy, the Universe will pour an abundance of these things into your life. Don't expect to recieve something in return --rather, be generous just because it feels right. You can only give as much as your capacity to recieve, so open yourself to recieving even more.


Questions to ask yourself and/or journey about:

~How can I give even more?

~What is stopping the flow within my life?

~What could occur in my life if I give without reservation?


Padma's Commentary: Sharing is caring! There is tremendous power in sharing. The easiset way to share is to just talk to others about yourself. When we share with others what we are feeling, what we are going through, our struggles and our victories, others can see themselves within us and things begin to shift. When you're online and you see an amazing weight loss story does it not inspire you to start to get fit? When hear of a succesful buisness man that came from nothing does it not give you hope that you can do it too? When your friend shares their sorrows with you can't you relate? We as humans are a lot more alike than we are different; and when we share magic happens... we help to lift eachother up and shift. So start sharing yourself. Stop being shy and let your light shine and let people be inspired by you. Furthermore, we have to be the change that we want to see. If you want more money share more. Even just sharing a dollar with a homeless person on the street starts the flow of abundance. It reaffirms to the Universe that you have enough to give. If you want more love in your life, give more love! Tell your loved ones you love them. Do something nice for them... you will be surprised how things start to shift for you. So happy sharing ya'll!


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