Messages From The Light

The Answer is, Always has been, and Always will be: LOVE.
Once, while deep in prayer, I asked Great Spirit to please feed all the hungry in the world.

The answer I heard was: “Why do you think I put so many of you down there?”

We turn to Great Spirit and we pray, we beg, we plead. We need love, we need food, we shelter, we need compassion.
And, yet the answer is all around us.

What we need is each other.

Each and every one of us has the power to give something. A smile, a sweater, a meal, a hug.

Connecting to the answer is the answer to healing…the world. And, ourselves.

When give to someone else who needs, we see how very much we have.
And gratitude is the key to happiness.

Its all very simple.
If we save each other, we save the world.

5/6/2018: 5/20/18 leaving feedback to validate some things she has mentions she informed me of our living situation before it She said over the next 2 weeks he will be at your house more. He has been here everyday and night. She also mentioned look out for a quickmarriage / engagement in a couple weeks. Well 5/18 just shy of 2 weeks out the blue he asked me for my ring size. Although Michelle informed me I was still shocked as these things unfold. Give her a try. Great insight! Thanks so much Michelle!

5/9/2018: So right on house closing. They pushed my closing and she said no latert than 17th. All was done for me by 16th and lender today, 17th. She's also been on point on my relationship. Thank you

5/8/2018: I got reading 5 days ago... Predictions came true when she told me I would not get the job I hoped for got email today I was not given job. She also predicted CPS issued that happen and was correct lady falsely accused me and came clean. She is precise on her reading maybe a couple days off but it happened JUST AS SHE SAID.

5/3/2018: AMAZING READING! Whoever reads this, please call Michelle and Josh! They are shockingly accurate and so far all predictions have been true! SO grateful for them being here on Keen!

5/21/18: Michelle is always so incredibly right on the nose with my situation! She tunes in quickly and gives a clear, accurate picture with plenty of helpful details. She also gets other important messages that I later realize are critical for me to know or deal with in some way. She's always truthful, kind, and caring, and her predictions have been gradually unfolding just as she's seen them. Even got contact on the exact day (and time of day) she predicted! Thanks again!

This is one of my favorite ways to get direction from Great Spirit and the Angels.

Anyone can do it.
It is your divine right. We are all part of, and connected to, the divine.

When you have a situation you do not know the solution too, or are not sure which path to take, just ask for a sign.

I use prayer to ask for my signs, just because prayer is what works best for me. You can ask in anyway that is comfortable for you. You can ask for a sign out loud, whisper your request, or state it firmly in your mind.

Your angels will hear you.

I do have to warn you, you may not like the answer you get. Please be sure you are ready to know the answer before you ask.

The Angels will do their best to help you in anyway they can. If you ask for something will bring it too you. Please be open to the answer they bring, their only desire is to help you.

Most of my signs come to me from the animal world. A feather in in the road means I am on the right path. An unexpected visit from squirrel means I need to start saving my nuts (money) for a rainy day. Flies around me mean there is someone suspicious near me. Crows, mean change. The more crows, the bigger the change. My angels give me signs from the animal kingdom, because they know that is where I keep my lookout for signs.

Your Angels know you just as well, and will use means in your daily life to bring you a sign. A name on a license plate, phone call out of the blue with some helpful advice (Spirit often works though people). An overheard conversation by two strangers.

You really never know.
But, if you ask, the sign will come.

The hard part is being open to the answers. If you have a block here, the key is to have an open mind. Also, remember that all Angel messages come from a place of love.

The more you ask, the more signs you will receive from your Angels. Once they know you are listening, they will try to communicate with you more.

Oh, and do not forget to say thank you for your signs when you receive them. Doing so strengthens your rapport with your angels.

There is a great book on the subject by Denise Linn called The Secret Language of Signs.

I have a good friend, a gifted psychic who works all over the country. When she is giving live readings, people come for miles to see her. They line up. She is that good. She is that gifted, and that kind. This woman also works on Keen. The other day, she was hit with a one star rating, and negative feedback because she did not give the desired answer to the question.

Which leads me to this sorely needed blog.
First: If psychic readings are not working for you, you may need a different type of help. 

There are many good, knock your socks off psychics who have left Internet readings because of the "bashers." I have been told that it is hard to find a good psychic on the net. I often hear these words: "I have talked to so many, why did it take me so long to find you?"

The reason is a lot of the sensitive psychics (and really, if your psychic is not sensitive, check again...there is a reason we are called "sensitives") have left Internet readings because there are too many people out there willing to tell you what you want to hear for a buck. A Happy Ending is an easy sell...the truth not so popular. And, when a happy ending collides with the truth, its often a big mess, and the person who was honestly trying to help you, the Lightworker (you can spot us by how tied we are to TRUTH) often takes the brunt.

I don't know if you know this, but, anybody can sign up to do readings on Keen. Anyone. Sadly, sometimes people come here when they need to make money. Needing to make money does not make you psychic, or give you psychic gifts. But, needing money will make most people do wrong, and desperate things....What we all have the ability to do, is ask a few questions, figure out what a person wants to hear, and tell them that.

Psychic or not, this is a hard place to make a is well known amongst advisors that sometimes a green and jealous advisor will go around calling other advisors, and leaving bad feedback...out of sheer jealousy. If you do not believe  me, ask your advisor, they will tell you. Sad, isn't iit?

So, if the feedback looks out of place, it probably is.

Most are here because they really want to help you...real psychics have no control over what they see. The visions "come to us"...we do not "go to the vision."
If we see that your husband is not coming back... then that is what we see.
We do not build your lives, pick your outcomes, or choose your fate. We are doing a reading, not twisting your destiny.

We can help you see the good in the bad, and point you towards the light at the end of the tunnel...

Which takes me to the phenomenon of "trusted advisors." If you have a psychic or 3 that you are happy with, please stick with them.��Do not go around the net looking for ''validation." As soon as I see feedback that says: "This person did not give me the same prediction as my trusted advisor." I know what happened. The caller is looking for validation that what the "trusted advisor" is telling them is true. When the "new" psychic sees a different out come....the caller gets upset and leaves one or two stars because they did not want that answer...they wanted what the "trusted advisor" has been telling them. They are looking for validation, and for some reason are so desperate to have it...they take it out on a psychic in feedback.
Makes you think, doesn't it?
Heck, as soon as I see a psychic who has feedback that says: "I did not like this reading. Did not concur with my trusted advisor" I bookmark that psychic. That's the person I am going to call when I need a reading! They are probably telling exactly what they see. BRAVO! 

Please, only call a psychic if you want a true psychic reading. Not because you want "validation" or too hear that everything is going to be okay....sometimes its not going to be Ok. Sometimes, your heart is going to break. Sometimes, its going to hurt so badly that you feel it breaking, you cry and cry, you do not want to get out of bed for
weeks, you do not want to eat...
That's horrible! You say. No, what is happening to women daily in South Africa, that's horrible. What I described is heart break....which is part of life. What happens when the heart heals? (It does, I promise). We learn. We learn to be more careful who we date, even who we look at (lol). Who we give our heart too...this is nature's way of teaching us to protect what is most valuable to us, our hearts. 
So we learn to discern, as we go, and after a couple of heart breaks.... pick someone we can trust with our heart. We have a happy, trusting, long term relationship with them....because we learned to pick wisely.

All new callers to me, be sure what you seek is a real reading, because that is the only thing I can give you. I work for a higher authority, and Great Spirit has a funny way of insiting I tell the truth.

New Love? Would you like to know who he really is before he breaks your heart....or if he is the ONE for you.
God has given me the gift to read a person's  character, current challenges, struggles, and joys by only looking at picture of the person. (Please note, what I will see will be what the person was going trough at the time the picture was taken). The more current the picture, the more helpful information I will be able to give you.
Photo readings are most useful to you if you have just started dating, or are considering dating some one, and are not too sure if this is a good situation for you to be in.
This can also be very useful if you are dating someone who is confusing you with their actions, or you have a bad feeling, but you just can't quiet put your finger on it, If you need you need on why your lover is acting strange or distant, photo readings allow me to help you, by very looking very deeply into his/her soul and mind.
In order for me to clearly read a photo well, the subject must be facing the camera. The picture must be clear (not blurry) and it needs to be large enough so I can read the face clearly; 4 by 6 or  5 by 7 images work very well. Smaller images are unreadable.
Please email me the picture before calling, so I can be sure the picture is readable or not.  I would not want to waste you time or money! If I can read the image clearly I will let you know and we can begin.
Photo Reading Testomonials
Wow!  ...I'm surprised how much you picked up from a picture.  You nailed most everything and I'll be glad to write a testimonial.  Will take me a bit...My son and I are leaving for 2 weeks vacation to Twin Lakes, I'll be running around / packing etc tomorrow. 

I think you've described Anthony very well...the music/art etc. I never saw a real interest in children from him but that doesn't mean it wasn't there.  He actually walked away from his 2 boys and didn't have and still doesn't have anything to do with them.  Very bad feelings between his ex-wife/Mom of kids and him.  It's always made me wonder how he could just completely ignore his kids.  He seems to have a long history of running from emotional situations.

It's funny you should mention him thinking I'm strong and could start a charity which he could run...he always encouraged me and thought I could do anything...I really miss that.  I've been thinking that we could accomplish something together.  I feel it would be very good for both our souls.

...I do love him...without the mask.  Maddening that he thinks he's not good enough...I think the opposite...that I'm not worthy of him and he's just not interested in me.  You completely nailed the client thing and how I took him to be "attracted" to his cilents at times which I completely mishandled. jealousy, own insecurities really fed this cycle negatively.  I know that part would be different as I understand we have a unique connection and that his interest in them wouldn't be "love".  Your Superman/clark Kent analogy is very fitting.  I can really see where in that space of helping/healing a client he feels fulfilled.  ...and there I am able to take care of myself and independant and he likely feels I don't NEED him...but I do...I feel such a void without him.  He is in my head all the time. 

found the sex part very that he can take care of himself :)  this is not the first time I've heard this from a psychic.  Likely the complications of a female are difficult. turn to be graphic....the oral sex part really jumped out at me as in our 5 year relationship this is something he NEVER did.  Makes me think he reserved this talent for other women. :(  Is this a part of him that he held back from me, like he wasn't fully committed.  Bizarre....and frustrating.

This really was fascinating Michelle..  Your gift is amazing.  Meanwhile my heartfelt voicemail goes unanswered  and I am left wondering what or if I should take any next steps.  The past couple of weeks I've thought about sending him a postcard when I'm away...a nice lake/water scene.  My mind tells me this is stupid...and yet my intuition tells me to do it.  A simple message on a card...the picture would have to speak to me somehow.  I'm feeling something about distance and my being away from my home and writing would be good.  who knows....maybe I'm just stubborn.  I'll try to make time for a call to you tomorrow before
Holy $%#- You are amazing! I happen to know that a lot of that what you said in the photo reading is true...Everything, her relationship with her mom, her Nanny raising he, her modeling career....even the drugs!!! How do you do that with just a photo? Even that she is still in love with her ex!
He wants out of the love affair, he told me so last week! I think you are right! He is playing hero, and does not know when to draw the line. I just hop she does not bring them both down!
That was fantastic, right on. I could not have described him better myself, if I tried. Thank you so much for the picture reading, it helps me to understand the whole situation. As always I look forward to speaking with you in the future. Michelle is the best, no question about it. If you are looking for someone to connect with ----without a doubt call Michelle!
She is extremely good... if you speak to her you know that. She did a picture reading for me which was phenomenal. She picks up a lot from just a picture and a name. I will keep you posted. She is kind and genuine and guides you through life's difficulties. TY  

With a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach, Michelle's talent is genuine and very rare. She did a reading with only a picture of my boyfriend and was able to sift through the ether to confirm his strong connection with his grandmother, his love of creative mix of color (he is a fashion designer) and truly honest nature. I was stunned.
 It is truly humbling to know that you can know so much about a person just by looking at their picture. You described my friend so accurately, it was as if you had known them beforehand. Actions and intent explained simply even information that I did not know about before.
Photo Reading Prices
After the picture is approved as quality I that is psychicly readable
 and give you pertinent information:
I will have you send a 50 dollar downpaymant
This $50 will be taken out of the final bill when  I send your picture back to you wih the Reading
One Picture 50 word Report       $75
One Picture 100 Word Report     $100
ONE Pictrue 150 Word Report  $150.00
3 free follow up questions witch eah report.
Please Note:
A picture of another person tells me about him
A picture of the two of you toghether....
A picture of him with another woman, I can read that also.
Very well!
Being an empath is hard. By far, it is the hardest psychic gift to live with. When we feel other's emotions, we do not just know what the other person is feeling, we feel it like it is our own. Many times, we pick up an emotion from someone else, and it stays with us all day.  This is when we start questioning our own sanity! "Why am I so depressed? What happened to make me feel this way? Everything was okay until I talked to Joan."
When the feelings stay with you after you have parted company, or hang up the phone, it is becuase some of that persons energy has attached to your aura.
This blog will focus on how to get another person's energy off of your aura, so you are not feeling someone else's emotions for an extended period of time.
5 Ways to do an Easy Aura Clean Up.
A) Take a shower
Its simple, and very effective.
Water is a great conductor of energy. You rinse the unwanted energy off of your aura in the shower. For the first few years on doing phone readings, I used to run to the shower after I had a very distessed caller. It works everytime!
B) Salt Bath
I preffer the shower method, but, I know a few people who claim a salt bath is the best way to clear deeply and quickly.  Throw a handful of sea salt under hot water and add to your bath water.  Soak for 5 to 20 minutes. If you feel the vibration is stubborn, immerse your whole face and head in the water for few seconds. Repeat 3 times.
C) Smudge
 For smudging, I suggest White Mountain Sage, it is extremely effective in removing even the most toxic of energies.  Don't forget to smudge your calves, ankles, and the bottoms of your feet. This is a very important area because this is  the place where your aura is usually the thinnest. It is also the area most often over looked. If you are an empath, take regular care of your feet!  This will "thicken" your aura in that area, and add extra protection. I know it sound silly, but, it has helped me very much! (if you unfamiliar with smudging, there is a wealth of information on the net).
D) Shower of Light with Raphael
Stand with your feet firmly one the ground, and your hands hanging freely at your side. Assign the unwanted energy a color (I am going to use grey). Call upon Archangel Raphael and his band of Angels to shower you in cleansing golden white light. Stand still for a few moments, and giving the Angels a chance to rain this light down upon you.  As this happens, visualize  the grey unwanted energy washing off of you, into the ground and into the center of mother earth. Here  it will be cleansed, and sent back to its original owner. Do this until there is no more grey in your aura. Give the Angels your Thanks. You may also ask the Angels to seal your aura in a Golden bubble of  light for protection.
E) Om
The vibration of the sound Om can be very effective in clearing the aura.
 Find a private quiet place, sit cross legged (Indian style) with your left foot over your right. (so you see your left foot, but the right is partially hidden. Take a few deep breaths, and let your mind relax. Say a prayer for protection. As you breath in, let your lungs fill completely. As you breath out make the sound "Om." You do not need to reach any perfect state of mediation for this too work. Do try to focus on the sound "Om."  Don't be aftraid to let it get a little loud, that helps! After 2 minutes, your aura should be clear. It is the vibration of the sound which clears the aura. The sound Om also centers and calms the mind and spirit.  This is my chosen method between readings now.
F) Singing Bowl
Similarly, the ringing of a Tibetian singing bowl can clear your aura.
Take some time to be still. Sit, or stand, next to your singing bowl (you can find these at new age shops, and on the net) allowing the sounds to wash over you.  Do not rush the process, you will know when your aura is clear. This is a very effective method used by two busy moms I know, both who happen to be empaths!
If you missed the first post, Donna Eden has a great technique called the Zip Up. I use it daily, and swear by it. (I zip down, not up) Please try both, see what works for you.
Let me know if you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. There will be 2 more parts to this series on Empath Survival Skills coming up. Those will deal with the more stubborn, intense energies we can pick up.
Many Blessings to ALL.

You are a Powerful Being of Light.
A kind word,
A smile in the grocery store,
A donation to the local animal shelter.

It takes one moment, and it lights up a world that sometimes feels like such a dark place.

You are not creating the light that lights up the world.

You are a Being of Light.
The light is within. 
Let it shine.

Strangers have changed my life,
Changed my path,
Even, changed me.

The man who pulled over to share his cell phone and a cigarette when my car caught on fire on the LA freeway.
The Tarot reader who took all my calls when I was very suddenly dumped.
The woman who offered me a cool drink, a warm hug, and a prayer when she saw me tearfully scattering ashes my grandmother's ashes....alone.

I will never see any of these people again. I only got to thank them once.
They probably do not even remember me.
And I am sure they do not have any idea what an impact they made of my life.
Each one shined their light for me when all I could see was darkness.

And even more than that,
They reaffirmed my faith in the goodness humanity.
And that is a very powerful thing....
Because it made me want to do more good by others.
You are a powerful being,
Your are a being of spirit,
You are a being of light...

I will be here today and part of this evening if you feel I can be of help!
I had a positive reading with them couple weeks ago and I've been feeling skeptic due to all the fairytale readings with other advisors. I asked if there is a way they can give me a sign and they said they don't do that but then they said, 12 days from now you'll see two white doves/pigeons and I was like oh whatever. So 12 days passed, nothing. On 13th day I was visiting my parents and my step dad called me to the window and said you have to see this and I'm like what... and there were two super light gray pigeons like dirty white sitting on their patio.

I can't explain or even begin to fathom how you would know about my recent change of hair style and thinking about doing more to it?!?! That is the most oddest way of confirming your accuracy. You are very direct with the answers to my questions and I don't doubt your time line after you mentioned about my change of looks. That was extremely mind boggling. I literary I had stop my other questions to ask you, "what did you say about my hair?" I had planned on going to get more stuff done to it and there was no way you would have known that! I will follow the advise to not go through with more changes and I will definitely keep you posted with my situation! Thank you!

I will be writing a series on Survival Skills for Empaths.

I am an empath, many of my friends and callers are empaths, and countless readers here are empaths.

We all know one thing: Being an empath is actually really hard!  You spend those few years thinking we are going crazy, then find out that, no, you are not crazy, you are Gifted! That makes the mental part of it easier...but, you are still picking emotions from people near and far!

Learning  a combination of easy steps to help you through the day, and the muck of everyone else’s emotions is well worth it. Trust me.

For now, I will leave you with Donna Eden, and her “Zip Up” technique.  I absolutely recommend this technique for empaths. Its very effective, and a great place to start. 

As for myself, I do alter this technique a bit. I do a “Zip down.” I decided to try it one day after I read natural flow of energy is top to bottom, and  found it was more comfortable for me.  You will want to try both to see what works best for you. If you are an empath, that will be fairly easy, because you have amazing sensitivity to your own energy body. You just have  to "trust" what you feel is correct.

Donna Eden's Zip Up:

Blessings to ALL,


"I've been getting readings from Madea for a few years now, she's amazing! I sent her a message last week asking if she was available for a reading. After I sent the message I received a phone call from one of my best friends. She was really excited about the new car she just bought. She was on her way over to my house to show me her new car and go out that night. Shortly after getting off the phone with her I got a message from Madea, it said, "I do not usually get this message, but, they say, that you call me now." I called Madea right away. She told me she saw a car crash involving a white car. Neither myself or my best friend had a white car. She warned us not to drink and drive and take an alternate route. I was relieved that night when my best friend and I got home safe and sound. I assumed the disaster was averted, unfortunately it wasn't. Less than 48 hours later my best friend got into a car crash with a white car! Her new car was totaled! Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured, it's just been a huge headache for my friend. Madea is the real deal! When I got the call from my friend telling me about her accident with the white car my stomach dropped and I got goosebumps all over my body. I am utterly amazed by her gift! I've had several readings over the years with many different psychics and nothing like this has ever happened before! When it comes to readings I'm very picky and I have very high standards. Madea is the best! Hands down, no contest!"

Removing Stubborn Energy
If you are an empath the most powerful tool you can learn to use is the Violet Flame. The violet flame can be called upon anytime, anywhere, and as many times as you need. It is very powerful, with the ability to remove any negative vibration you have picked up. I have taught this technique to many people, and everyone has told me they have felt and experienced the positive effects.
There are variations of the summoning of the Violet Flame. I am going to give you the technique I use with success each time. If you want more information about the Violet Flame, there is wealth of information on it on the net.
Violet Flame of Purification
Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Sit or stand quietly. Allow your body to relax. Pray to Archangel Zadkiel to bring the violet flame of transformation to you. (Heart felt prayer is most effective).
See (visualize) flames of violet color it rising up underneath you, all the way up over the top of your head. Focus on feelingit purifying your aura, your Chakras, every inch of your spirit body.
 As you are feeling the flame purify you, say this decree 3 times or more.
“I AM a being of violet fire!
I AM the purity God desires!”

Let your intuition tell you when the Violet Flame has finished its work.
You can repeat the Violet Flame technique as many times as you feel is needed. This is a blessing if you are living with a person, or persons who are carrying a lot of negativity with them You can use it anywhere you want, anytime you want. I do suggest saying the decree out loud because your voice vibration is part of the process. But, if you are in a public place, you can do it silently. I invoked the Violet Flame a bathroom stall in a train station once, and it worked!
Stubborn Energy Removal with Eggs
A raw egg is an amazing energy sponge. Take a raw egg and pray over it for the removal of any negativity from your aura. Rub the egg all on your sternum (between the breasts). Stop when you intuition tells you that you are done. Throw the egg in the toilet to break it, and flush to get rid of remains. This will remove any emotional disturbance that has attached to you.

Vinegar and Salt Bath
Vinegar works is a spiritual astringent. Salt is an excellent purifier. Add one cup apple cider vinegar, and a teaspoon salt to your bath water.  Pray for the released of any negative energy that has attached to you. Enter the bath and Immerse your whole body, including your head, at least 3 times. Stay in the bath for 5 to 20 minutes. Pat yourself dry, or shower to rinse the solution off. Either way is fine, the vibration will be removed.
The next part of this series will be posted in a few days. I will be focusing on shielding, and claiming your energy back from someone else.
Please Note: I would like to make a few comments about this prediction. First, this was not a reading on health. The reading was on if there could be a homecoming for wonderful woman, or, if she would have to stay in a rehab facility. I DO NOT DO READING ON HEALTH OR DEATH.
Please also note that Prayers, and following the advice I was given to tell this woman by the Divine was what helped this happy ending to come to fruition.
My mother had a stroke the end of this past December.  After hearing from my two other readers that my mom was extremely ill, that she would not recover, probably would never come home, and would most likely die within about five months, I had many decisions to make and was feeling completely at a loss as to how best to help my mom.  With a knot in my stomach and tears close to falling, I contacted Michelle for a reading. I asked if my mother would be coming home.  She assured me she would come home and not go to an assisted living facility.  She said she would end up being in the rehab center for a week longer than planned. She said caretakers would be found who could come into our home to help with her care while I was at work.  She said to keep in mind that the final decision was in my hands and up to me.  None of this seemed possible as she had already been there for the maximum number of weeks they could keep her.  Funding for the number of caretakers hours she would need seemed out of our reach.  I was asked to make a quick decision as to where she would go upon discharge from rehab - home or assisted living.  Everyone involved was pushing hard for the assisted living center as she needed so much care and therapy.  I remembered Michelle's words, prayed to my guardian angels for help, and said I was bringing her home. Like magic, the funding began to open up, problems with insurance coverage was resolved, the rehab center agreed to keep her for the additional days needed to finalize planning, and yes, my mom is home.  She is regaining her ability to walk and talk ever so slowly with the help of in-home therapists, but there is noticeable improvement every day.  The laughter in our home as we work together to help her recover is contagious to those who come into our home to help her recover.  Her therapists and doctors are amazed at the changes!  Everything has fallen into place exactly as Michelle said it would.  I look forward to the times when my mom "starts telling her stories again" and watching her live many more years just as Michelle said will happen. I don't need other readers any longer ... I found Michelle and I believe in her abilities to clearly see what I need to know.

One of Josh's biggest jobs is to help me with my love life. He says I am like most women, I make common mistakes that many women do. He would like to share a secret about men that is rarely told to women. Quoting Josh: "We get jealous and insecure, just as women do. But, we do our most to hide it from you. We are taught that as a man being insecure is a sign of weakness, the opposite of what a girl wants: Strength! Be careful before shaking him up with jealousy. When women is unsure if a man cares about her, she may do something to make him a jealous to see if he has a reaction. To the female, a strong reaction to jealousy means he cares. No sign of jealousy means he does not care. To a man, watching you flirting with another guy shows that you are interested in the other guy, not him. This feels like rejection, and it hurts. Some guys even get angry, distant and cold. BUT, they will not tell you why. Men are not taught to talk about their feelings the same way women are, and hold a lot more in. So, be careful when you are trying to figure out if a guy cares about you. Playing the jealousy card can make him close off, or send him in the other direction.
Josh and I are having a Christmas sale tonight. Come and get it while its hot!
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