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Many people do not realize the importance of astrology in our daily lives. My posts will be to guide others by way of my astrology postings.
The boost began early today – the Moon in Aries; begs us to embrace our sense of connected-ness with those we know such as family and friends. Later in the day, remember that it is better to be still and allow for new beginnings as it pertains to other others. Know that even silence can be felt and this can be significant in bringing about a more united outcome.
For some, travel today may prove a bit stressful. The best action to take is doing what improves your life and your sense of well being. This is a good day to spend time with loved ones and relax this evening, from any pressures brought by the Pisces Moon.
The New Moon is in Aquarius as of 4:00 PM/EST today (the energy of this could also be felt from 2:00 PM/EST;) This is a good time for relationships as well it is a very good time for new beginnings. The Moon is in Void this evening when some alone time maybe necessary. This is also a very good time to call me for your detailed reading.
This Valentine’s Day be prepared to embrace all. This day is not necessarily about receiving but true happiness is also found in giving. Today also represent the final day of the Lunar month. The New Moon in Aquarius takes place tomorrow. Do not be rattled if things seem to be too quiet for you today for tomorrow represent the beginning of passion.
Today the Sun joins Venus in Aquarius and a time for focused and purposeful activities. The Pisces Moon helps us to maintain clarity. Later today will also encourage us to relax and let our hair down.
Today the Sun joins Venus in Aquarius and a time for focused and purposeful activities. The Pisces Moon helps us to maintain clarity. Later today will also encourage us to relax and let our hair down.
This is my resolution. I will send love to all and will receive only that which is good, loving and of the Light. Let us watch the words we write or say and do NOT USE THEM TO bring harm to others. I promise if you send bad or negativities as in the past. You will RECEIVE IT BACK in FULL MEASURES!!!! So, enjoy 2018 and have a blessed year, P. Blessing! Mignon
Discouragement can be the theme of the day – if we allow it. Let’s shift our focus from conflict to positive. No need for restlessness. What to do? Choose your happy place.
Early today work is heavily on our minds as the Moon enters Libra -- we feel more in balance and in harmony. Later in the day; Release stressful events or simply walk away and find your safe zone in all ways that you can with the Mercury-Mars alignment involvement – It is not necessary to be a part of any confrontations. It is also Important to Remember; not to throw stone for it shall return on to you.
With the Virgo Moon we are encouraged to focus on our highest intentions and choices, instead of our needs. This is a wonderful time to deepen our spiritual awareness as well our personal interactions with others. A great evening also, to embrace your comfort zone.
The Moon is in Gemini and in opposition to Mercury and Saturn. We are indeed being encouraged to speak truth. This afternoon you may feel out of sorts with Cancer which is also at plays. This is a good time to get to get a reading from me to move beyond the fuzziness. Call or CHAT with me now!
Today represent a day of change and how we react will be important. Inner peace could be at stake with the Aries Moon, Mars and Uranus at play. When was the last time you treated yourself to something good, positive and wholesome? I suggest meditation or anything which brings you joy. No need for reckless behavior for the next few days. Call/CHAT with me for more.
From this moment on, let us remember to at least, try to live our lives fully; in each and every precious moment for these are precious gifts indeed. With the Moon in Capricorn this is a great time to visualize the mountain before you as a mole hill, one you can and you DO transcend! Let us demonstrate FAITH in our chosen outcome. Be optimistic. Be inspired even as we illuminate others.
Let us open our hearts and embrace others. Remember, love is the energy which expands, opens up, sends out, stays, reveals, shares and heal. While Fear holds close (as though taking the energy of others) Love always holds dear! The Mercury’s connection with Uranus today brings us blessings while helping us to focus on the task before us! What’s in store for you? Call or CHAT with me now.
Cause and effect are in affect today, so let us each do the right thing. Also, with the Moon is in Pisces; instead of becoming emotional, turn it around. Sing a song, smell a rose or simply decide that you refuse to focus on anything negative. Instead focus on that which brings joy.
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