Astrology by Mignon The Oracle

Many people do not realize the importance of astrology in our daily lives. My posts will be to guide others by way of my astrology postings.
As we seek balance in our lives today; We can expect to experience harmony which assist in helping us to transition to seeing the bigger picture. Fear and doubt should not be the focus today. Instead, Hope and Faith availeth much.
Today can be one intense and emotional day. Why? Mars is in retrograde and emotions can feel fiery on the home front as well as the work front. Best step away from other people emotional breakdowns. Tonight, do what it takes to make you happy!
Today can be an emotional one with some of us wearing our hearts on our sleeves. Instead of sadness be inspired by the fact that nothing sad lasts forever. Put your energy towards love and happiness and on those awesome memories to come.
For many, today and days ahead you demonstrate you have what it takes to hit the mark -- as long as we don't take things to extremes. While we're at it; Let us be an example to those who are observing for they are when one becomes the focal point. Expect glowing reviews. Tonight is a great night to relax and unwind from the day even as one prepares to meet the new day tomorrow.
There can be a serious tone to today. There can also be some changes or matters to contend with. Just remember in conversation with others; it is not only what you say but how you say it. Relax this evening and tonight. Call me for your personalize reading!
On this day it is best to stay centered. Become aligned: heart and mind. Helping us to stay on track is Aquarius playing well with the Mercury and the Sun. This is a great day for meditation and prayer.
Strange but during this Full Moon there can be power struggles. We really need not struggle with anyone, what is called for is being compassionate and realize that fear of lack in the life of some, can bring out their worst. Step away from struggles of all kind. I am here to help. Call Me Now!
The powerful Scorpio Moon aspects Venus today bringing about a wandering mind mostly about long term relationship. Want to see the big picture? Call me! Many are ready to bring into reality the perfect mate.
Jupiter trines Neptune; Meaning, we are keeping our hopes and dreams alive instead of abandoning it. Still there is Mercury trining Pluto – we will transform fears into hope and from hate to love. Remember to fear is a choice. Let us put fear down. I Am Available For Your Reading Today! May you have a blessed Memorial Day Weekend!
Many of us spend this day working on the details; this include listening to another's point of view and finding common ground and bringing about harmonious and peaceful vibration. Call me for your Individualized Reading.
New doors are opening and opportunities will come. Just get all the facts before later commitment. This is a great day to get in touch with core self - Meditation and Prayer are power tools. Have faith in all your undertakings. Remember to live each day deliberately and without fear!
Universe has many opportunities for us today and tonight. With Neptune involvement, embrace all.
Know that any stress you maybe feeling, will not last. The cosmo's moving forward where many are concern. This is a great day to communicate with those whom have been on your mind family and friends. It's one step at a time as it pertains to stubborn family members. Remember, love is always the answer.
The sextile today could leave some feeling restless. Remember, take only the good from it and allow all else to fall away. Focus on helping others but don't forget to do for self. This is a great day for communicating so touch someone either by phone, text, email or in person. Tonight, relax! In the meantime, call me for your reading!
Today is a great day to plan it, whatever it is you may choose. It is also a good day for communication under this transit. Tonight, is good for snuggling up with your favorite person or with your favorite blanket. New beginning are underway.
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