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Many people do not realize the importance of astrology in our daily lives. My posts will be to guide others by way of my astrology postings.
Tonight, we are open to following our hearts. Just don’t make any final decisions yet even though the Pisces Moon encourages that going for all when it comes to desires. Go slowly when meeting new friends - one step at a time.
The Aquarius Moon can bring with it feelings of vulnerability. As long as your words and actions are loving then there’s nothing to worry about. Today is also a day of opportunities and thus a transformational day. Just don’t sweat the small stuff for the Moon will Moon shifts into compassionate Pisces at 5:55 pm EDT,also bringing with it a sense of balance.
With the Moon in Libra, this evening is an especially good time for meeting with good friends and family and for traveling. Whatever it is that you are up to, think of this time as a magical time which is also awesome for meeting new people. Reach out and touch somebody!
Optimism is the key mindset for today as the Libra Moon harmonizing as well, Jupiter is in sync with energy today making it a good time to enjoy self and finding peace. It is also a very good day for communications of all kind. I look forward to hearing from you.
Today is a good day to focus on those things that are important to us. This is also a very good day to reach out and touch! The Moon in Virgo early this morning had us in a practical frame of mind. As we move on with our day beginning with late afternoon we begin to shrug restrictions. Follow the dots in the road for you will reach your destination. Tonight, relax!
Leo is sextiling Venus in Gemini toady; makes for a powerful day with emphasis on communication. How we communicate is important. It is also a good time to put aside desires for immediate gratifications, with stern Saturn involvement. Focus instead on future achievements by way of what you do today. The buzz words today: focus on goals and patience.
The energy of the Capricorn Full Moon continues to have some affect. Steady and slow is advised when making plans or plans should be put aside for now. Be motivated in communicating with those who cares for you, friends and family included. Major decisions should be put off for a better time. Today is a day to be happy!
The Moon in Capricorn makes the rules today where relationships are concerned. Remember you really do not have to compete. Let go and just let it happen.
Issues earlier today may have felt somewhat complicated. However, with the Aries Moon at play this brings us opportunities and advantage, especially tonight and tomorrow as Mercury sextiles Uranus. Allow harmony to reign.
This can be one frustrating day with the Aries moon initiating major reactions from yourselves as well bringing about intense reactions from others. Today, it is important that you at least take time to think about what you hear. No reaction necessary today.
Many may well be trying to adapt today. Remember, the Moon is in Void until this evening so take time to relax and not to push through. June 9th the New Moon enters – this is good!
Let us give thanks for each single one of our achievements. Tonight is a good time to stay near home if possible.
Today the Sun in Taurus trines the Moon makes it a good day to express ourselves, however don't forget to take time to also, listen. Tonight, a time to relax!
Let us take a deep breath, relieved that Mercury which had been in retrograde from April 9 until this day, has today turned direct! Let us now get ready to follow our dreams.
Feelings as though things are standing still today,this has much to do with Mercury and Venus in Retrograde. Also, silence can be a good thing during this time. Remember, don't throw stones for stones can ricochet back. Let us not believe we are better than others -- none is better than any other. Unkind words against others can returned in multi-folds. Tonight is a good time to relax and unwind.
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