Astrology by Mignon The Oracle

Many people do not realize the importance of astrology in our daily lives. My posts will be to guide others by way of my astrology postings.
Follow your hearts today – especially when there is no fear. Fear constricts. Love heals. With the involvement of the Leo Moon today, the opportunity is there for the path to get smoother. Not necessary to make decision out of fear or anger. This is a day to go embrace the positive.
This day is a significant one with the Lunar aspects. This is a very good day initiate positive changes within our lives. Don’t worry if others seem slow to respond. Later, the Gemini Moon is present. Let us not demand but go with the flow. Tonight, we focus on relationship issues. Go easy with self as well as with loved ones.
Venus trunes Pluto today, this makes for an awesome day. What’s more, the Moon in Pisces also connect with Neptune bringing us new opportunities for new beginnings over the next 30 days. With these planetary combinations, let us embrace optimism. Stay strong in your convictions and see the end results, as fulfilled. Remember, thoughts are powerful! Use it well.
We may feel more emotionally balanced in presence of the Aquarius Moon today. This is also a day when we demonstrate consideration for others as we wish for favorable considerations for ourselves. Clarity of message is easy today!
The Moon entered transformative Scorpio this afternoon. The Autumn Equinox takes place this afternoon and the Sun’s shift onto Libra bringing with it restoration and balance.
We are blessed with a wonderful day today and highlighted are our communications with others. This is a time of growth – in spite of how you may see it. Give thanks for all experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly. With the playful Leo Moon in place we want to do what we want to do. With Venus in play, love is in the air!
Mercury direct is helping us to make decision and stick to it. Remember, we’re still within the Full Moon energy also, so walk gently even as we embrace others with open arms. NOTE; Let us pray for the protection of those in the path of hurricane Irma.
Let's be opened with our feelings today. This is a particularly good time to spend time with loved ones as well a good time to be opened to receive. Tomorrow it will feel like a new cycle is beginning with the Full Moon in place which can help with both work and play. This is a time to follow our hearts. We may want to hold off three days before signing contracts. Nothing negative, only positives will do.
With Mercury slowing down and joining Mars, we may spend too much time in thoughts alone. Remember this is a powerful day to communicate so reach out! On September 5 Mercury goes direct offering us new opportunities – let us allow a few days following the 5th before we sign on the dotted lines of any agreement or contract.
We have come through much in the past weeks and while today some may feel discontent or frustrated having experienced much struggles. As well, let us be aware of our communication with others and loved ones, for miscommunication is possible leading to that which we do not want to experience. Whatever you do; Don’t take it personally! Go with the flow and remember Mercury goes direct next week and the Pisces full moon brings cleansing and healing. Enjoy your weekend!
Today, Venus path crosses Saturn and this is an awesome connection which means, everything is possible now and many are now ready to take the next steps in life. Today is a great day for visualizing your choices. This is also one fine day to provide some random acts of kindness.
Many may feel over pressured today with Mercury retrograde. Fortunately as we enter late afternoon into evening we feel we are making progress. Seek to be happy in whatever you do this evening.
Today is a fantastic day to plan with enthusiasm. It may not be the best day to make final decisions with Virgo Sun challenges at play. Later, should be a better time to make final decisions with both the Sun and the Moon highlighting Jupiter. No need to make things complex today. Best to just go with the flow.
Not the day to rehash negativities from the past when Mercury is in retrograde today, especially with Pluto so close. This can make things worse, well that’s if we allow it. Thankfully the Moon shifts into Sagittarius this early evening and this helps us to return to understanding and faith in the future.
This is not a day to be selfish, instead allow everyone’s well being take center stage. Saturn ends its retrograde today and we can be thankful for the blessings of awesome Jupiter along with Saturn and Mars and the energy helps to unlock future doors -- from past endeavors. Peace and harmony is the theme of the day. Tonight, remember, it takes two to tango. A good time to spend alone time. Any defensive emotions cast it out the window and -- count to 100. Put down anger. A very good night to curl up with a good book or tune into your favorite show.
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