Astrology by Mignon The Oracle

Many people do not realize the importance of astrology in our daily lives. My posts will be to guide others by way of my astrology postings.
It really is unnecessary to allow restlessness to control you. Restrain yourself from emotional outburst with the Moon in Aquarius. Todays may not be the time for significant communications with those you love. The energy gets better by tonight as the strange mood passes.
Because of the Mars-Uranus square today – at a minimum, stress can be the theme for many. This is a very good day to shift focus and refuse to become embroiled in any negatives. Prayer and meditation are the keys to overcome and for grounding.
While we require love and attention as much as the next person, we also knows the value of service unto others. Within days, love shows up for many even if it maybe on the late side.
This is the time to seek clarity with the Sagittarius Moon in place. Do not hesitate. Today is a day of discovery. Enjoy the ride!
Look at your tendencies relationships today. Remember, it does not have to be your way or the highway. Be willing to compromise. It is quite okay to take the middle ground. Tonight is good for you to do that which it take to make you happy. A little pampering of self is okay as well.
It is quite okay to be confident in all you do today, at the very least, pretend you are. Within the Leo Moon’s presence we are reminded that our dreams are indeed possible!
Mercury in analytical Virgo forms a Grand Earth Trine today which influence Karma and Karmic Rewards to come. Remember, one the greatest reasons we are each here is to remember to LOVE one another as we love ourselves. This is a great day to release all that is negative and a good day to follow your adventurous aspirations -- let's allow our creative juices to flow!
Let us remember on this day that, one hand washes the other and allow civil discourse to rule. Mercury's involvement is significant here with it's awkward alignment with warrior Mars. Thankfully Cancer Moon helps us to be on our best behavior in the face of any negativity Tonight, relax and be happy – whatever you do!
Today is a day many may withdraw from social activities with the Moon in Cancer this morning and later with the Moon in Saturn. Remember, there’s nothing to fear but fear itself. Release anxieties and tensions and know nothing is withheld from you, unless you decide it’s not worth it. The thing to do is to confront fear by deciding against it! Release, Loose and Let Your Faith take you to your desired outcome.
We play well with others while the reflective Moon visits friendly Gemini; differences of opinion just will not seem to matter as much while Mercury’s cooperative sextile with valuable Venus inspires us to see the better side of nearly everyone. Nevertheless, we are also being called upon to make good common sense decisions so as not to have upsetting situations involving authority f figures.
Spend precious moments with loved ones and know the connections you make during these times will be enduring. During this time embrace the happy energies others are sharing with you.
Earlier today there was a conjunction with the Moon and Uranus, which might have left us feeling insecure. Fear not! By the afternoon and evening the energy shifts. It's a very good day to watch for signs of synchronicity-- just be aware. Slow the pace and focus on some of your great blessings thus far.
Hold unto positive attitude today and hold onto those dreams. The Aries Moon brings enthusiasm but whatever happens don’t let that go as well, be thankful for your blessings!
This is one perfect day for you to embrace opportunities as well to trust each step you take toward victory. You're extra strong now, in both mind and body. Thus, it's a great day to launch a new endeavors as Mercury squares Jupiter bringing us encouragement. Remember, dreams are possible now. Tonight, laugh, love and just be happy!
For some, things may seem to be spinning out of control today even as we end a two months retrograde. While many may not be feeling optimistic and would rather blame others – making them the target and the problem. Refrain from this kind of behavior! Whatever we send out today will return to us in multi-folds. Control of emotions is required now and do not stubbornly insist on having it all your way. Take the worry out of life today. For even though some of us may encounter unpleasant resistance earlier, release, let go of our expectations of others and allow for the sweet energy of Love in our hearts as you move forward. If you are feeling disappointed, you will bring more of that. Instead, feel love, gratefulness and embrace a sense of EXPECTATION! Now remember, if you are fearing today, if you are spinning out of control today uncontrollable, if you are blaming others today, you are only bringing more of these experiences to you. So, I ask you now, why not just choose the highest and the very best for others and yourself? It goes like this; Give love, receive love. This is a very good day to go within and MEDITATE! As well a fread day to reach out to those who are suffering. Help those are ailing! Someone says they are thirsty, give them water! Your compassion for others is now required of you. As we give, so shall we receive. Where exactly do you stand today? Pointing fingers and blaming others or are you ready to be a Light in the darkness for others to follow? I would suggest that we all leave a well in the valley as we go through... for those who will follow...
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