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Many people do not realize the importance of astrology in our daily lives. My posts will be to guide others by way of my astrology postings.
Issues earlier today may have felt somewhat complicated. However, with the Aries Moon at play this brings us opportunities and advantage, especially tonight and tomorrow as Mercury sextiles Uranus. Allow harmony to reign.
This can be one frustrating day with the Aries moon initiating major reactions from yourselves as well bringing about intense reactions from others. Today, it is important that you at least take time to think about what you hear. No reaction necessary today.
Many may well be trying to adapt today. Remember, the Moon is in Void until this evening so take time to relax and not to push through. June 9th the New Moon enters – this is good!
Let us give thanks for each single one of our achievements. Tonight is a good time to stay near home if possible.
Today the Sun in Taurus trines the Moon makes it a good day to express ourselves, however don't forget to take time to also, listen. Tonight, a time to relax!
Let us take a deep breath, relieved that Mercury which had been in retrograde from April 9 until this day, has today turned direct! Let us now get ready to follow our dreams.
Feelings as though things are standing still today,this has much to do with Mercury and Venus in Retrograde. Also, silence can be a good thing during this time. Remember, don't throw stones for stones can ricochet back. Let us not believe we are better than others -- none is better than any other. Unkind words against others can returned in multi-folds. Tonight is a good time to relax and unwind.
On this day let us keep an open mind in all we do. Put down any fight to achieve. Relax. Today is a day to relax and go-with-the-flow with the Moon movement in Virgo. This is one day to think before signing important documents or making major decisions. Feeling down, emotionally? Call me!
We may experience intense emotions today which can bring intense drama in our lives – that’s if we allow it under the Leo Moon. Thank goodness with the support we receive from Mars and Pluto, obstacles seems to disappear and we rise to the occasion. Stay focused and faithful to choices
Early today, it is not one of those days when you want to share too much feelings especially when it’s frustration and anxiety that you are feeling. Later in the day transformation and time for optimism as we evolve when Mars meets Jupiter, lessening the anguish and anxieties. Tonight will be a good one to hang out near home with family and/or friends.
Keeping calm; This should be the motto of the day as there is likely to be at least one experience which may bring about anxiety at the least, irritability -- with Uranus and Jupiter’s involvement. Today is a day to go with the flow and focus on those things which brings joy.
Today with the Moon having shifted into secretive Scorpio and change is underway. Let it be change for the better. This is not the time to jump ship or feel the grass is greener over there, you may later find it was just a mirage! Remember to be grateful and gracious to those whom have helped. Instead of ungratefulness. Share love!
Positive changes abounds today and this include flashes of inspiration. It is quite okay to embrace emotions (keep it positive,) balance will be necessary.What is not necessary, is to try to steal the show. This day also highlights creativity and exploration of new ways and options with Aquarius involvement. A good day to accomplish goals with clarity and calm. NOTE: Call me for your personalized reading.
We have a fantastic line-up astrologically today as Venus comes together with Chiron. Also with Capricorn Moon’s involvement, we are reminded and encouraged not to surrender to fear based emotions. Remember, what is there to fear but fear itself? Call me for your individualized reading!
Do not allow your foundation to be shaken today under the Full Moon. Remember, others have their own issues and it does not always have to do with you. This is a good day for planning for new opportunities. Not the best day to sign documents. Tonight, a great time to enjoy those nearest and dearest to you. Communication is good as long as you allow yourself to go with the flow and simply enjoy the company.
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