Astrology by Mignon The Oracle

Many people do not realize the importance of astrology in our daily lives. My posts will be to guide others by way of my astrology postings.
Mercury is still retrograde and today others maybe difficult to deal with as well as they can be ready to push your buttons with their demands. It is a good day to just listen. Pay attention to details today as well pay close attention to fine prints today. You will be glad you did!
A powerful day for you as it relates to friends, family, love and finances with the ending of the Neptune retrograde phase. We’ve entered an awesome phase as the Gemini Moon forma a wonderful trine with Venus. Should you have to deal with contract, please read carefully before signing.
Today embrace obstacles! Give thanks for each and every experience we have. Do not forget to be thankful for each and every day we are given to experience the good, the bad and the ugly. With life we can get through each and every experience no matter what they are. Remember, life which is our greatest gift of all! Let us forgive ourselves as well forgive others. Allow healing to take place and simply allow the Sun and Chiron gently embrace us.
The full Moon energy is still at play. This not the day to lay blame to others but commit ourselves to making choices towards our own fulfilment. This is really a time of recovery and to resolve issues -- be it with others or with self. Another aspect is the Moon trining Pluto today, it means to give up being stuck emotionally; Instead, look at ways to find peace in our lives.
Do focus on what you have to do today to bring desires into reality. Remember, with Neptune and Charion's involvement the day might have started out confusing. Later today we find the energy shifting and things begin to calm down around us. Let us be thankful to Mercury! Tonight we find it easy to relax and enjoy life.
Let us not blame others today or become pushy in any way. Know when blame is part of your experience, the only person at fault is you. Later today with Mercury and Neptune in play you can begin to feel more grounded and relaxed. Embrace this! Hold onto it. As well, drop any jealousy for it only harms the one who is jealous and whatever you send out you shall definitely in return receive yourself
Today the calculating Capricorn Moon teams up to help us to make right decisions. Pay attention to your words and actions and pay attention to details. Words intended to manipulate others is unwise and will bring no positive gains. Allow loving actions, deeds and communications.
While the cosmic energy may leave some feeling less grounded; Wait! Let us abandon any focus on fear based emotions. Instead focus on POSITIVE EXPECTTATIONS! Be careful for where thoughts goes energy flows. Keep it on positive choices not on THE FEAR BASED and I WANT TO ATTACK mode! Remember, it's not about ALL WE CAN GET while we’re here on earth. It’s actually about Soul Works that we are up to here.
While the morning may have been unsettling in some aspect of life; This afternoon and evening we feel more grounded and stable with the Mercury/Saturn sextile. Tonight is good for a little heart-to-heart.
The powerful Scorpio Moon conjuncts with Jupiter today and we are confident in all we do. It maybe a good idea slow the pace and take time to consider any pitfalls which might develop ahead. Allow logic to be a part of all your decisions today and stay away from emotional dramas.
Venus is in the first day of a six week retrograde but we can still achieve our goals providing we have faith in the outcome even though it may seem like a slow dance to victory.
Today may feel intense with the Moon’s shift into Cancer then into Leo. Release fears and focus on your requirement for change. Pray, meditate and allow for grounding. By later this evening you will put all the dramas of today to bed.
Suddenly things are coming together for many today. Let us embrace a greater state of your spiritual connectedness with Uranus involvment today acts as we awaken to the Divine flowing in and through us. Tonight, go with the flow.
Today many of us will feel determined to move forward with projects we may have put aside in the past. It is also a great day to promote good habits especially in health including eating habits. Energy is high today. Take advantage of it.
We gain momentum today with Saturn slowly moving behind us. Nothing labored today also, it is quite okay to let go of anxieties -- the best options. Tonight, is marked for harmony and relaxation.
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