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Many people do not realize the importance of astrology in our daily lives. My posts will be to guide others by way of my astrology postings.
Today the Cancer Moon is strong and encourages communications. Tonight may offer social opportunities, go with the flow! Also, intuition can be high today plus many roads are clear for follow up's. Not necessary to insist on having your way or the highway -- or it may well be the highway or at least, some form of delays. I am Online and Available to give Individualized Readings. Call me!
Mercury is direct today and many of us we are driven to succeed in our relationships and other undertakings. This is also an important day to follow your heart – without fear. Should there be fear, drop it and fine tune your plans a little more before speaking or acting. I am online to share with you what is coming up for you. Call me! I Am Also available for CHAT Readings. Blessings! Mignon
The New Moon is upon us today. We are on the verge of new beginnings. Pay attention to signs around you. This is also a time of union and re-union as well as celebrations. This begins a fortunate time.
For those of you who are in a relationship Venus is in Taurus trining Saturn in Capricorn can involve discussions of your relationship. Long term relationship is the goalAlso, this is a day when focusing on self is important. Tonight is a wonderful time for love.
Positive change is coming. Do not allow the Mars and Saturn to have you falling into emotional rut. Instead of anxities and sadness; embrace joy and laughter. How? Take a good look around you and give thanks for all that you are and all you have been given. Be also thankful for life and all you have received. Tonight, a great time to relax. Whatever you do; ENJOY YOURSELF! BE HAPPY! I Am Available . Call Me!
Not necessary to be involved in tug and war decisions today. Instead, decide and follow your heart. This is not only a get things done day but also a day to do those things which brings happiness. Give yourself a break from uncertainties. Tonight, another great night for -- need I say it, FUN!
when you feel insecure remember we are still in Retrograde. It is not necessary to worry about what others thinks about you. Go with the positive flow. Hold onto your most cherished values. Give thanks for all you have received and do not forget to ask for what else you choose.
Today’s Mercury retrograde is in place so take it easy whatever you do. Go with the flow in all you do and wherever you are. Be patient and kind. Not a day to begin new relationship or to sign contracts -- which you have not been working prior.
It’s going to be a busy day for many in the area of money. A good time for going over contracts with a fine tooth comb. Don't get too caught up with paperwork. This is a very significant day for relationships. Spend time tonight doing what you love to do.
Today and tomorrow is all about finally starting a fresh, new beginnings!You will be ready within coming days to turn the page and embrace the new. Go ahead and embrace the glow -- remember, your thoughts create reality so keep it real and drop fears.
New beginnings and fun are the earmarks of this day. Enjoy St. Patrick's Day and forget fear or worry. Enjoy and trust in where you are even as you embrace your ideal. Remember, nothing is impossible to achieve but you've got to believe!
Today is a day to relax and release all anxieties. Let your hair down and go with the flow and bask within the positive energy of the Pisces Moon. It’s okay to focus on self and what you are doing and not on what others are doing and being. Breathe easy and live in the present moments.
Today is one day to have your thinking cap on -- think outside the box. Know also that any dramas of this day will dissipate by not necessarily a good time to demand having the last word. Instead, go with the flow and allow others to have their say.
Today is a key day to get get things done in and finally wrap up the week. Things might have gotten a little intense under the fiery Sagittarius Moon . Nothing needs be difficult this evening, simply go with the flow and enjoy!
On this day relationships can take center stage as a result of the Scorpio Moon's effect. Stay far from those behaving controlling or possessive, hold your loved ones close -- without suffocating them. Confrontations should never be the choice. You know the saying, make love not war!
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