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Sending out love and light to all those who need it (we all do!), today. I choose to share healing energy with all who reach out to me, in real life and here on Keen. My blessings to any and all, you and yours, as we make our way through this sometimes difficult life. May your path flow easily towards your destination.
For anyone wondering why everyone's rating numbers have recently changed, it's because Keen has altered how they look at things. There have been a lot of changes recently, as they are attempting to improve things. I'm sure we can expect more to come, but will continue to provide you with dependable, quality service. I'm here every day, taking calls and chats whenever possible. Call me at 18002755336, ext 0392108. Blessings, Marie :)
Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season, Merry Christmas! I just want to say that, if you are having trouble reaching me or any other advisors, please notify Keen Customer Service via email or phone 877-533-64335. And when you are leaving feedback, please be sure you are leaving it for the correct advisor. Negative feedback does affect us all and when it's left on the wrong advisor's page, causes damage where none was deserved. We are here to help, and if you feel you're not getting what you want you can end the call immediately. Please be sure to review the advisor's page before calling, as we all do things differently and have specialties that are specific to how we each read. Personally, I read energy and I go by names. I do not want anyone's birth date and do not give general readings, I answer specific questions. So please be prepared when you call, for the best reading possible. Thank you and have a fabulous New Year! Blessings, Marie :)
Well, we have a lot to deal with this month. We are still dealing with Venus retrograde, until the 15th. Just a couple of days ago, on the 6th, Saturn went retrograde. Tomorrow, our old nemesis Mercury retrograde begins for 3 weeks. And finally on the 20th, Pluto will retrograde. Wow, that's a lot of obstacles to overcome! The Universe is bringing us much to work on, we certainly won't get bored. All of these things will help to bring about change, and if you've been working on these areas of life it will not be bad for you. If instead, you've been avoiding certain things in your life, you will come face to face with them and be forced to deal with them now. So be prepared and do what you can. And remember, this too shall pass. I'm here this morning and will be available all day, just give me a call or request a chat! Wishing you the best, Marie :) 1(800)275-5336 ext 0392108
The full moon has passed and Spring is nearly upon us! Are you enjoying the new flowers with sun or snow? Today's storm in the NE is winter's last hurrah, while the SW deals with heat well above normal for this time of year. Meanwhile, everyone deals with the changes happening all around us. Life is certainly different than it was a year ago! How is it affecting you? I'm here and will be available all day to take your calls and chats. Blessings, Marie :) 1(800)275-5336 ext 0392108
Thursday January 26th will bring a new moon in Aquarius, giving us energy for new beginnings and ideas. Thoughts about new ways of dealing with things, feeling hopeful about these ideas and connecting with others to put them into action are all part of this moon's power. Solve problems, help others, and make way for progressive changes in our lives! Just in time for the new year, as we gather strength by joining with and reaching out to those who are in need. I remain available every day, happy to help you with your issues. Call with your questions and let's check into things! Love and Light, Marie :) 1(800)275-5336 ext 0392108
Tomorrow is a new moon and Sunday is a new year! 2016 has been a year of endings, with a 9 energy. 2017 will be a year of beginnings, with a 1 energy! Expect changes and be ready for different energy than we've had for a while. We will still be dealing with Mercury retrograde for a bit longer, until the 8th, and then planetary energy will begin to draw us into forward movement. Make your new moon wishes for tomorrow and be prepared for positive energy next year! I'm here each day to look at the energy around you and answer your questions. Bright Blessings, Marie :) 1(800)275-5336 ext 0392108
I'm hearing rumblings of people having trouble connecting to Keen, this weekend. If you are unable to connect, please contact Keen customer service via email or phone and let them know! I am on today and available to take your calls, all day. 1(800)275-5336 ext 0392108 Love and Light, Marie :)
Why do we doubt others? We should accept that we are all doing the best we can, at any given time. Human beings are imperfect and constantly learning. No one is perfect or all knowing. So we do our best and it would help to give others the benefit of the doubt, cut them a little slack and accept. Forgive and accept and move forward. Live and love. I'm here all day, call me with your questions. I'm happy to look and see what's going on around you. Blessings, Marie :) 1(800)275-5336 ext 0392108
As the energy shifts into a new phase, our hearts open and we feel ready to begin anew. Basic issues will come up for review, and we'll need to become clear with our intentions and actions. Staying grounded via meditation and prayer will make things more clear, as we are faced with choices and decisions. Be sure to allow yourself time and space to recharge, as you will find yourself needing it. August brings forward movement, as the energy shifts again. I'm here to answer your questions about the energy around you, call me today. Love and Light, Marie :) 1(800)275-5336 ext 0392108
Recent changes to our availability status seems to be cause for some confusion. We have lost the Alert Status, and now only have 3 options for our listings: Call Now, Call Back/Arrange a Call, or Away. When we set ourselves to Arrange a Call or are temporarily busy on another call, you see Call Back. It might be Busy - Call Back or Away - Call Back, but if you click on it you will be able to arrange a call. Call Back now equals Arrange a Call. Please Call Back/Arrange a Call if I am not currently available. If you see my status on Call Back, that means I will be back ASAP! I am available every day and look forward to speaking with you! Blessings, Marie :) 1(800)275-5336 ext 0392108
Today's new moon falls in the sign of Aquarius, bringing progressive energy into the mix. This is a time to state new intentions, start fresh in whatever area of your life you've been thinking of changing. The moon's energy will give you a boost and help to get things off the ground, so don't be afraid to give it a go. I'm here for you, as I am every day, to answer your questions and read the energy of whatever situation concerns you. Give me a call at 1(800)275-5336 ext 0392108 today! Blessings, Marie :)
2016 is a 9 year, meaning endings and new beginnings. Out with the old and in with the new! Have you been waiting to make changes? This is the year to take action on those ideas you've been working on. Try not to hang on too tightly to things that don't seem to be working, as the energy is flowing towards release. If you have already released what you need to, be prepared for new opportunities to come your way. Declutter, make amends, finish projects. Take advantage of the energy, let it be a help to you. Don't be afraid to make changes! And I am here for you, every day, when you have questions. Blessings, Marie :) 1(800)275-5336 ext 0392108
Here we are, about to begin a new year again! 2016 will be the year of the Monkey, in Chinese Astrology. Anything can happen, so be prepared for flux, but personal goals should be met. Finance, business and real estate should improve! Try something different, but make sure your ideas are based on facts. Group projects will not have the success that individual efforts will. An auspicious year! Meanwhile, I am here to answer your questions and am available every day, just give me a call! Blessings, Marie :) 1(800)275-5336 ext 0392108
We are all dealing with the arrival of the short days and long nights of winter, making it very easy to feel depressed at this time of year. The stress of the coming holiday weekend can add to that, as well. If you find yourself feeling low, try to find a light at the end of the tunnel to focus on, something positive that you know will be happening in the near future. And call me if you need a view of what's going on around you, I am and will continue to be available throughout the weekend. Bright Blessings, Marie :) 1(800)275-5336 ext 0392108
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