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Hi Folks, According to the Ancient Spirutal Wisdom of the Kabbalah Words have Tremendous Power. The Ancients do believe in fact the World was created by Letters and Words. One can create and destroy with the Power of Words. There is an Ancient Book which speaks of the Laws of Speech and in this book one is taught to take great care and thought into what is spoken especially in regards to another person. It is written and believed that negative words can cause tremendous devestation not only to people but to the world; they indicate wars begin in this manner. It does behoove us in the times we are living now to consider this Widsom as we all see there is a lot of "gossip" and "negative speech" occurring and people are confused not knowing what to believe. By refraining from speaking negatively about another and choosing our words with care we can all help bring tremendous spiritual light into the World now. However in situations where one's life is in danger or extreme circumstances exist it is ethical and necessary to tell the truth to save lives yes. I hope you found this interesting and helpful. Realize YOU have tremendous Power and can Channel this Power of Speech in most positive ways by refraining from negative speech, gossip and by being thoughtful with your words. Warm Wishes, Mystic9
In Kabbalistic Wisdom we know that the healing of one soul "Tikkune Adam" is the path towards the healing of the World "Tikkune Olam." In Light of the Recent Tragedy of Lost Lives due to shooting in a school in Florida, I felt compelled to write this today. Clearly there is a deep need for Resolution of this Tragic Reoccuring Problem however in my opinion I believe many are misunderstanding the Deeper Issue where the Core Problem Lies and How to in fact solve this serious illness of our Time. Of course we are aware that possession of guns is dangerous and inappropriate for those who are unstable and unfit to deal with the power a gun gives man. We are all also aware that the youngsters who have been involved in these shootings were individuals who had untreated and or misunderstood problems. In every case I've read about I see the individual was taking psych medication. In the recent story of the Florida Tragedy, the young man had a long history which begun with being adopted, then loss of a his adoptive father in his youth, followed by recent loss of his adoptive mother. He was exhibiting depression, anger, isolation and clearly was a lost soul for a long time before things went from bad to worse. He was lost and felt outcast looking to fit in and belong - a human need. He involved himself with a white supremacy group, became obsessed with guns and killing. When a soul is lost and depressed, alone, misguided and confused it is easy to fall prey to the negative "forces" that are always upon us. This young man had inner anger and most likely rage. the psych meds often can make this emotion turn to violence as we've seen with many other shootings of this kind. The core issue is a need for community involvement and true concern for one another. When we see an initial cry for help not to turn a blind eye but to reach out with kindness. Community Prayer is Powerful. In her book "Warrior of the Light" Peace Mother explains how we must each be a Warrior of the Light Force vigilantly doing our part to bring Light, Love, Compassion, kindness and Love into the World. Every small act of kindness, every positive word spoken, prayer prayed, have a ripple effect into the larger Universe and we can shift the energy from one of Fear to one of Love. We have the power to change these dark times into times of Joy, Healing, Peace and Love. The Age of Aquarius is Upon Us now a time when people will wake up to the realization that when we come together in Community to Heal We are Powerful Forces for Change. A time of Progressive thinking, humanism when the Power of Love shall Prevail and not the Love of Power. Today and everyday I shall do my part to be a Warrior and Force of Light. I hope you are inspired do the same. Warm Wishes, Mystic9
One of the simplest yet most effective ways to Heal the Self and Send Healing to Others is a Technique using Visualization and Energy.
First of all we must understand that everything is energy.  When we realize this truth and see that not only are we all energy but we are all connected, we begin to understand how healing works on an energetic level.
All of us have negative emotions blocking us and causing us imbalance and disharmony.  In this state things don't flow for us.  A Simple and Powerful Way to Unblock these negative emotions whatever they are feeling like for us - pain, fatigue, depression, confusion, anger, grief, etc... is to channel Light.
There is always a constant brillant and healing Light that exists in our Universe.  It is what keeps us and all things alive.  It is Divine Light.  We can access it anytime anywhere by simply sitting still and starting to see this Powerful Light showering down upon us.  We can see it, speak to it and surround ourselves with it.  Once we have done this we can use this Light to Heal Ourselves or we can send this Healing Light to those we LOVE, those we are in conflict with, whomever we choose.
When we intend to come from a place of Love and Healing, we are able to Release Negative Emotions within us and as we send this Light to others, we simultaneously heal ourselves.
I hope this is helpful and enjoyable to those who read this and decide to try.
The more you do this, the more you become a channel for the Light.
With so much going on today in the World, it is important to have a way to Protect and Heal ourselves and those we love.
All of us suffer some illness in our lives - whether it be Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual or a combination of these. We come into the World a with Spiritual Purity and as we reside on earth many Negative Energies invade us. For those who are sensitive this is very challenging. We see the Most Sensitive Souls Suffering Most. It is therefore necessary to build a Shield of Spiritual Protection around ourselves and if one near us is very young, frail or ill build a Shield for them. By buidling this protective shield we keep out negativity and our inner Divine Light can Shine Bright as was intended when our soul incarnated. Rituals for Spiritual Protection are important not just when one is sick and suffering but we must have these rituals be a part of daily life. Giving thanks to the Force of Creation, Divine Mother, Christ, The Most High, Buddha or whatever you choose to call this Force, it is truly all leading to the same place - THE ONE DIVINE GRACE AND LIGHT THAT IS MOST POWERFUL AND CAN HEAL ALL ILLNESS AND BRING GOODNESS IN PLACES OF DARKNESS. In Native Cultures, there are beautiful rituals for cleansing and giving thanks. For example, there are beautiful matras and songs as well as beads for protection, symbols, shakers for chasing away negativity. In Indian Culture equally there are matras, rituals, incenses, offerings. Judaism has many rituals meant for spiritual upliftment and protection including the powerful "Magan David - Star of David" protective symbol as well as Healing prayers, psalms and songs. This is true for all Great World Spriitual Religions. The World has always experienced a battle between the Light and Dark Forces. The purpose of our existence is to use our FREE WILL to connect with the Light Force by praying and connecting with this Beautiful Energy which ingnites a "spark" within us which was given to each soul as a GIFT. Once a Person puts into practice some Spiritual Program for Healing, Cleansing and Protection they will see their Life TRANSFORM into something Joyous, Meaningful and Beautiful. Know that YOU ARE EMPOWERED WITH THIS DIVINE SPARK AND THE TOOLS TO WAGE BATTLE AGAINST THE NEGATIVITY YOU EXPERIENCE ON A DAILY BASIS BY practicing Your Spritual Rituals. If you are seeking something to connect to, you may wish to Read a Book called "The Impeccable Warrior of the Light" which is quite inspiring and helpful to put things into perspective. Also, you may visit for further information about Healing and Spiritual Protection. Otherwise, please allow yourself to find the Spiritual Path that resonates with YOU and follow it. It is your KEY TO FREEDOM, HAPPINESS and HEALING. Warm Wishes, Mystic9
Hi Folks,
Today I am inspired to share with everyone the Basis of Energy Healing.  Energy Healing is a subtle, safe and powerful way to work with a person's thoughts in such a way as to help the person needing Healing to change their thoughts to Positive Vibrations of Light Love Energy.
Dr. Masuru Emoto is a famous Japanese Scientist who did an experiment with water.  He took a bowl of water and played music that was uplifting, beautiful and positive such as Mozart, Jazz or songs of Praise and Love.  He also spoke words of Kindness and Praise to the water.  What he found was the Water had turned to PERFECT CRYSTALS.  He has photos of this on you tube.  When he took bowls of water and played angry, frightening and mean spirited music to the water and spoke cruel and negative words to the water, the water became irreversibly damaged.
Dr. Emoto then went on to discuss how humans are roughly 70% water and therefore when we send POSITIVE VIBRATIONS in the form of beautiful and loving words to someone or ourselves as well as Positive and Beautiful Music is played to someone, it will affect healing at the deepest core of the person's being or ourself.
The Human Body has the Miraculous ability to HEAL itself and when we start at the root level which is speaking loving, kind and positive words to the person needing healing as well as sending positive healing energy through our prayers and meditations, we DO HEAL. 
For those struggling with illness or needing to assist others with their Healing process, realize the POWER TO HEAL is at our fingertips and through our thoughts and words.
Also, Emotional Freedom Technique is another tool for this type of Healing Work.
Miracles Do Happen every day so believe in your Miracle and begin your HEALING PATH to Your Joyful Life.
To view Dr. Emoto's wonderful work go to and call up Dr. Masuru Emoto:  An Interview with Dr. Emoto and  Water, Consciousness and Intent.  It will inspire you!
Warm Wishes,

Hi Folks,

Thankyou for visiting my blog and I am honored to be writing again....having recently been struggling with Darkness in my life has brought me to a new sense of meaning and purpose.

These past several years have been tumultuous and challenging for everyone on planet earth no doubt.  We are trully in a time of energetic shifting and those who are struggling with the task of surviving and getting through the day are having a hard time staying afloat. 

What is most important to remember and be aware of  now is that EVERYTHING DOES HAPPEN FOR A REASON and it is exactly in times of CHAOS AND TOTAL DARKNESS that it is our BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY to elevate ourselves towards the "Light" and become conscious, alive and healed on our soul's journey.

There are themes in our lives and it exactly what is happening that is our biggest CLUE and KEY to our HEALING.

In order to Understand the Chaos, make sense of it and in this way develop strength of mind and character to handle these difficult times, we must look within and meditate on what our message is.

For example, it is often the case of someone who is struck with Cancer that they WAKE UP and realize that the illness has come to teach them HOW TO LIVE.  The Answer is hidden in the seeming problem, challenge.

For further insights into your specific soul journey, please call me for a Chart Reading or Even a Tarot Reading - We can get to the Root of the Issue and Heal from the Deepest and Truest Level.

Blessing and Light to ALL.

Warm Wishes,

Many Folks are going through tremendous change in their lives.   There are revelations occuring now, emotionally, financial security,work - we are trully being challenged to look deeper into our hearts to find Meaning in Our Lives.  This is Good - As it Should Be.

Although the "gas crises" and economic woes are hitting us all - this is Not Necessarily a Bad Thing.  In Times Such as These, we all must realize the Bigger Picture - The Universe is Shiftig Into a New Consciousness and these upheavels in our lives is the Universe's way of pushing towards the Light.

One Major Theme Coming into Our New Consciousness is "Go Green."  This can be as simple as driving less, walking more, buying eco-friendly products, recycling, really thinking about how our everyday actions deeply affect the Earth.

Similarly, we are being pushed to Take Responsiblity for our Emotional Lives - Releasing Toxic Emotions, not blaming others for ourselves, having a deeper truer understanding of Love My Brother as Myself.

Put this Time in Perspective Folks - and remember we trully are all connected in the Web of Life and everyone of us Makes a Difference.  Let us "Join Hands" here and move towards Higher Consciousness of Love, Compassion, Responsibility with Joy, Dignity and Courage.  Theses are Powerful Times Indeed.

Warm Wishes,


Notice, first we breathe In and then we breathe Out.  This simple exercise is a  Powerful Clue as to the Way Spirit Works.

Everything in the Universe is In to Out.  As the famed forerunner of Modern Dance, Isadora Duncan once said "Everything is In to Out" and her movements are based on this concept.

Our Consciousness Shapes the World around Us.  As we believe, think, as our spirit is, so our environment and circumstances are formed.  Taking this to a Grander Scale, all the Crisis experienced by Mankind are Reflections of Crisis in "Group Consciousness" as a Whole and a Clear need for Healing.

Realize that at every moment in time, we are creating our destinies and futures.  The Power is Immense.  So then, the question is "how can I use my consciousness to create that which I desire and which brings lasting Fulfillment and Joy?"

The answer is to Look Within, to Listen, to Simply Be.  When we are still and allowing flow, messages are loud and clear.  The messages we hear are clues - how we are feeling physically - our bodies talk to us, what we are saying to ourselves - the tapes we play in our heads and the infinite symbols around us that talk to us when we take time to Listen.  Regarding symbols we see - notice that when you are going about your day, certain objects, colors seem to jump out at you - you are noticing them more - pay attention as this is the Universe's way of communicating messages to you.  Being Aware is the first step.  Many folks receive important messages in Dreams - Pay Attention!

This is in essence meditation.  Breathe In, Breathe Out - do this for a short time at first and become comfortable with a state of Being.   Allow Feelings, Thoughts, Symbols to Flow through you - Be Open and Aware of your True Infinite Spirit - Your Consciousness. 

Once Acheived, we then take this to the next step.  Cleansing.  When negative feelings are entering, pain, we Release this - Breathe Out.  Negative Thoughts enter and we release.  Being Aware is the first step to freeing ourselves.  The next step is Releasing in Trust and Love that the Universe is a Loving, Benevolent Entity that Shall Provide and Protect. 

A helpful exercise to help us acheive a state of Lasting Joy is to Read the below List taken from Deepak Chopra's Ten Keys of Happiness.

1.  Listen to your Body.

2.  Live in the Present.

3.  Embrace Silence - which leads us to the Field of Infinite Possibilities.

4.  Relinquish your Need for External Approval.

5.  Get Rid of Toxic Emotions.

6.  Strive to Acheive Total Self-Knowledge.  Realize the World is a Mirror of Our State of Consciousness, a Reflection of Ourselves.

7.  Don't Judge Others or Thyself.

8.  Remove All Toxins from your Life - in the form of Food, Drugs, People, Emotions, Thought Patterns, Habits.

9.  Replace Fear based Thinking with Love Based Thinking knowing we are all One Soul - Unity Consciousness.

10. Cultivate Witness Awareness.  By simply breathing, being we are in a state of objective awareness which doesn't judge or think, it simply observes.

These Ten Keys of Happiness by Deepak Chopra is a POWERFUL TOOL in beginning your journey towards Spiritual Growth and Lasting Joy.

Warm Wishes,

Money is an energy.  Our money and our possessions reflect much about what we value.  Also, how we interact with and feel about our money and our possessions reveals our self-worth as well as what is of value to us emotionally and spiritually.

When a person has a strong and healthy sense of self-worth, they are able to attract money into their life.  We call this "prosperity consciousness."  As a result of our belief in our deservedness to be wealthy, our self-esteem and our sense of inner power, we attract money into our lives - we know we deserve to be happy and don't settle for less.  We don't let others' take advantage of our worth, our finances, our power.  We ask for and receive what we trully deserve and are worth.  This is powerful.  We attract that which we are on a deep inner level.

At the same time, the one who is in "prosperity consciousness" doesn't hold their possessions too tightly.  They don't hold their money, their possessions with fear.  With Trust, Faith and Love they keep one hand open upwards to the Divine Source and one hand open towards the earth to ground this energy, power, love and keep flow alive.  We see this symbolism in the Magician Card in the Tarot Deck.  By allowing this flow, trusting we shall always receive as long as we keep one hand open to receive and the other open to give, we always have all that we need - true wealth.

Upon meeting a person who doesn't enjoy sharing their money, who isn't generous, who considers their possessions more important than you, realize this same person will equally not be able to give emotionally.  This is a clear sign of their values, their "poverty consciousness", insecurity and fear. 

Consider yourself WORTHY at each moment to RECEIVE the Universal Love that is your birthright - and see it manifest as an abundance of money and love in your life.

Warm Wishes,

One of the most asked questions most Readers come across by clients is "Is he/she a good person?"  "Can I trust this person?"  "What is the character of the person I am interested in having a relationship with?"

According to the Torah, it is believed that the character of a person is determined by three things: 

1.  How a person welcomes you into their home.

2.  How a person shares and spends their money.

3.  How a person behaves when angry.

These seemingly simple behaviors are revealing the deeper truth of who a person is.

Reflect on these ideas and decide for yourself if this is in fact True and Wise.

Warm Wishes,

The on-going research on Holograms Provides Deep Insight and Wisdom to the long-held Spirtual Understanding that all life is a Connected Web.  The quote below is evidence of this fact for the more scientifically inclined:

"If the apparent separateness of subatomic particles is illusory, it
means that at a deeper level of reality all things in the universe are
infinitely interconnected. The electrons in a carbon atom in the human
brain are connected to the protons in a 'hydrogen atom on the surface of
the sun, and these are in turn connected to the subatomic particles that
comprise every salmon that swims, every heart that beats, and every star
that shimmers in the sky.

Everything interpenetrates everything, and although human nature may
seek to categorize and pigeonhole and subdivide the various phenomena of
the universe, all apportionments are of necessity artificial and all of
nature is ultimately a seamless web'."


"The three-dimensionality of such images is not the only remarkable
characteristic of holograms. If a hologram of a rose is cut in half and
then illuminated by a laser, each half will still be found to contain
the entire image of the rose. Indeed, even if the halves are divided
again, and then again, each snippet of film will always be found to
contain a smaller but intact version of the original image. Unlike
normal photographs, every part of a hologram contains all the
information possessed by the whole.

The "whole in every part" nature of a hologram provides us with an
entirely new way of understanding organization and order. For most of
its history, Western science has labored under the bias that the best
way to understand a physical phenomenon, whether a frog or an atom, is
to dissect it and study its respective parts. A hologram teaches us that
some things in the universe may not lend themselves to this approach. If
we try to take apart something constructed holographically, we will not
get the pieces of which it is made, we will only get smaller wholes. "

Further understanding leads us to feel empowered by this idea that separateness is an illusion, within each separate part is indeed a complete whole.  Everything is interconnected, every small part has the complete whole already in it.  From a healng point of view:

"Rather, it is consciousness that creates the appearance of the brain, as
well as the body and everything else around us we interpret as physical.
labyrinth and have transpersonal experiences no longer seems so strange.

Such a turnabout in the way we view biological structures has caused
researchers to point out that medicine and our understanding of the
healing process could also be transformed by the holographic paradigm.
If the apparent physical structure of the body is but a holographic
projection of consciousness, it becomes clear that each of us is much
more responsible for our health than current medical wisdom allows.

What we now view as miraculous remissions of disease may actually be due
to changes in consciousness which in turn effect changes in the hologram
of the body. Similarly, controversial new healing techniques such as
visualization may work so well because in the holographic domain of
thought images are ultimately as real as 'reality'."

With this in mind, let us all embrace the Wisdom of Connectedness, Tune Into Unity Consciousness, Be Mindful of the Power of Our Actions and Thoughts on Ourselves and Humankind and Use this Power for the Greater Good. 

Spend a few minutes each evening to Regroup, Center and Pray for Our Own Inner Peace, Healing & Joy as well as that of All those Around Us and the World at Large.  Don't Underestimate the Power of Your Prayers for Yourself,  for those You Love and for Healing of the World.

Warm Wishes,

The Power of Kind Thoughts and Words is phenomenal.  In an experiement performed using water, it was discovered that when negative angry music was played in the presence of Water, the water molecules became distorted and ugly.  Similarly, when beautiful, loving, calm reinforcing music was played in the presence of water, the water molecules formed Perfect Crystals.

As Human Beings, our bodies are 90% Water.  Realize that we, like the water in the experiment, thrive and become "perfect crystals" in the presence of Kind, Loving, Positive Thoughts, Words and become distorted and ill in the presence of Negative, Violent, Angry Energy.

Please be mindful of this fact each day, use the Power of your Thoughts, Words to Create Perfect Crystals in Yourself and in Others............

It is the Human Condition to tend towards chaos, spiraling down, out-of-control with no effort.  In other words, we must make an effort to be Positive, Kind and Loving realizing this doesn't just occur - we live in the material  world of Work - in Kabbalah we call this Malkut.  We are here to Work, to Evolve Spiritually - Let Us Stand Up and Take Responsibility Daily for Ourselves and Our Actions and How they Effect Others - This is a Time of Responsibility - Human Consciousness is Going Through Upheaval and Change as Pluto transits into Capricorn and remains in this sign for the next 15 years - We Must Take Responsibility and Work to Make These Changes Positive and Create The Changes WE WISH FOR IN OURSELVES, OTHERS AND THE WORLD.

I welcome your questions and comments & extend my Kind, Loving Thoughts to ALL THOSE SOULS I TOUCH AND WHO TOUCH ME.

Warm Wishes,


This is a True Story of the Power and Miracle of True Love

A story of a boy, 14 years of age, alone and scared in a concentration camp in Nazi Poland.  He prayed to his mother for help and she came to him in a dream letting him know she would have an angel sent to him.  The next day appeared a young girl outside the barbed wire fence.  She was also in fear for her life as she too was Jewish.  She disguised herself as a non-Jew for survival.  She saw the boy so skinny she offered him an apple through the fence.  Daily, she would approach the fence and give the boy an apple.  This gave him hope to carry on another day.  A dark day arrived when he was distraught as he told the girl, "I shall not see you again, we are being transported."  In reality, he was being brought to his death.  They parted their ways...........

The next day as the boy was being carried to his death in the train, miraculously, the war ended hours before he was to be cremated and all those in the train were spared - they were freed.

Many, many years later, the boy now a man living in America, was set up on a blind date.  Instantly at the sight of his date he was intensely drawn to her.  It was she.  The girl with the apples.  They spoke and when they both realized they've found eachother again, he proposed, telling her "I will never lose you again."

They are since married 50 years.  Every morning he rises and the very first thing he does is tell his wife how much he loves her, how much he appreciates her.  A day doesn't go by that he doesn't appreciate her, tell her.

Appreciate the Love in Your Life, After all, it is a Miracle!

Warm Wishes,


Please share this with your loved ones so they too may remember to appreciate the miracle of Love.

Seeing the image of a young girl being chauffered off to jail brings my heart Pain.
Many folks are outraged at this "lack of Justice" for Paris being let off easy and now are happy to see her suffer like everyone else and return to Jail.
I believe it is time for a new perspective here.  The Lesson here is to understand that Your Pain is My Pain....Not My Joy.............I do not believe or feel that by Paris suffering and being distraught will actually bring Justice.  I am not rejoicing in Her Pain.  My Heart Feels Sorrow for Her.
When we wish pain on others we need to check ourselves.  Another's Pain & Sorrow will not in anyway improve my live or bring Justice................Kindness begets Kindness..............
Why are we rejoicing in another's pain, why aren't we rejoicing in their happiness?  What is our Lack, Let us Look Within...Fill Our Own Cup to feel Joy.  Emptying another's Cup will not bring me joy.  It will actually have the subtle effect of lowering the Love Vibration on the Planet.  We are all Connected.  Let us Pray for one another, be kind to one another.
Our Society is not much evolved from the days when men celebrated and entertained themselves by throwing innnocent souls into a lions pit and watching them be eaten alive.
The Highest Form of Intelligence is Kindness and Love.  When we remove our ego, envy, jealousy, judgement from the situation............we realize that Love is what is Real.  Love is the reason we are breathng each moment.  The blessing and gift of our very breathe is the Love Force of the Most High.
When we are in that space of Sprituality, we will never feel joy or confuse another's suffering for Justice.   Even the Highest Form of Justice is bathed in Love.
Just send out loving thoughts or do an act of kindness and feel your heart chakra grow.  Feel a calm, warm, peaceful feeling in your soul.  Even science has proven that acts of kindness heal depression, raise the levels of serotonin in our brains which gives us a sense of calm and joy.
The next time we find ourselves judging another's mistakes and sins, wishing evil on them, let us remember.............."Let He Who Has Not Sinned Cast the First Stone."
This is a daily exercise we must practice as human beings so as not to spiral down into a place of hatred for no reason and poverty of spirit.
Lastly, in response to some grief stricken families whose loved ones died in jail due to illness (a tradegey that should not have happened), I say, let Paris' release early be a lesson in compassion to those who also need better treatment while serving time.  Noone's health and life should be jeopardized due to serving a jail sentence.  Yes, those folks who are in a precarious medical situation in jail must also be given proper attention.  Forcing Paris return to jail because they suffered, having her suffer too, doesn't bring them back, doesn't bring Justice to the situation.  The example of giving her compassion should lead to compassion for all.  Yes, I agree.
Remember and Realize that each breathe we take is a gift and blessing of Love from The Most High.  Let us Fill our Lungs, Hearts, Souls with this Breathe of Love, Let us be Compassionate for this alone will Heal the World.
Warm Wishes,
In response to the recent Tradegy at Virginia Tech where 32 innocent young lives were taken at the hands of a mentally deranged student, I wish to share my views on what I believe to be the Deeper Meaning of this Tragedy - Why did this happen?  What is the Root Cause of this Act of Meaningless Violence, more importantly, what are the lessons?
First and foremost, I wish to take a moment to send out my deepest heartfelt prayers to all the victims, victims' families, students who were injured and those who witnessed this horror.  Their lives are forever scarred.  I pray for their HEALING.
As with all Tragedy, we ask the question WHY?
It is of utmost Urgency that we respond to this by looking at the Deeper Issues at Hand, realizing this is not an isolated incident and there are important Spiritual Lessons in this for this Country and Humankind.
Whenever we witness random acts of cruelty, we must realize that the answer lies in the problem.  The "cure" if you will to this act of violence is RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS.  On a deep Spiritual Level, We as a Nation and as Humans must become more compassionate, mindful, thoughtful of our fellow Human.  Do unto others as you would have them do onto you.
We must become more sensitive and aware of those around us and realize we are all connected - "my brothers' pain and sorrow is trully my pain and sorrow."  In the Spirit World, KINDNESS AND LOVE IS THE CURE FOR VIOLENCE AND HATRED.
We learn that the killer was a mentally deranged student with severe violent tendencies and had a history of setting his dorm room on fire, stalking girls on campus, writing essays and stories that were recognized as disturbingly violent and sick, to the point that his professors referred him for counselling.  We learned that his piers recognized he had issues and even commented "One day he's going to get a gun a shoot somebody."  He was a loner, clearly depressed.  Nobody responded appropriately.  It was a timebomb waiting to explode.  We as a society must open our eyes and hearts and see that this is OUR PROBLEM.  We must care for our mentally ill, our sick, our neglected, our homeless, our hungry.  We cannot put a fence around our home and say "it's their problem."  No, we must take social responsibility for those who clearly are not functioning, with no blame, no feeling of burden, realizing that it is all of our problem.  In many cultures around the globe, it is unheard of to ignore your neighbor.  If one is without, the village will cometogether and help that person.  If a person is not well or acting inappropriately, the village comes together to find a solution.  They do not shut their door, turn a blind eye.  NO.  They realize that we are all connected and my brothers' pain is my pain.  In one remote African Village, if a young boy commits a crime such as theivery or worse, the village will come together in a circle and put the boy inside the center of the circle.  Then the Village will sing the boy his "birthday song" (each child is given a song for his special soul coming into the world on his day of birth.)  The philosophy is that they wish to remind this boy, this soul of who they really are.   They do not punish, they HEAL.
There are other lessons in this tradegy no doubt.  We must recognize as a nation that as long as we allow the TV, Internet and Media to Pour out messages that tell our youth "Violence is Heroic" by portraying this by making villains heros, and as long as we pour out Violence as a form of entertainment to our youth....we will continue to see our Youth acting out these very role models.  The Subconscious Mind of the Society is trully being Poisoned by these Violent, Inappropriate Messages and Lack of Positive Spiritual Role Models.  We see this everyday with young children playing violent video games and immeadiately acting out this behavior.  We must take RESPONSIBILITY for the FUTURE GENERATIONS AND STOP allowing our Children to be fed these violent images.  We as a nation use violence as a form of entertainment and until we change that fact, we must take responsibility for the result.  I realize this is not an easy task, but recognition is the first step to healing.  If eachone becomes more mindful of their role, their choices, the effects are quite powerful.
Lastly, many claim "guns dont kill people", "people kill people."  I beg to differ.  The ease at which our youth or for that matter anyone can buy a gun in this society is mind boggling.  The film documentary "Bowling for Columbine" which addresses the need for gun control in our society is a wonderful, intelligent and honest look at this issue from the tragic incident at Columine where students were massacred in their own school building (a precursor to this recent tragedy unfortunately.)  We see bored, youth (with no parental guidance or positive role models) watching violent TV and films and this is their "role model" and only guidance.  These same youth go buy guns and plan these horrific crimes for lack of a better way to express themselves.  It is simple, WE MUST FIGHT FOR GUN CONTROL LAWS.  The evidence speaks for itself.  We also see many, many tragic accidents as a result of a loaded gun being in the home and chlildren find them and accidently get killed or kill someone else.  Or, students bringing their fathers gun to school and killing other students.
Lastly and the most important point, WE MUST PUT OUR CHILDREN FIRST AS A SOCIETY or there will not be a society.  We must think about our future generations well being, we must take steps to give the children what they rightly deserve, a future.  We Must make Wise, Thoughtful Spiritually Sound Decisions and Choices that will allow for future generations to survive
This includes being mindful of what the Media Promotes through TV, Internet, the Press and not be motivated by pure greed and egotistical self fulfilment.  My actions and choices today are the future.
The Selfless Acts of Kindness and Thoughtfulness we choose today will be our  Future - Our Children, which are our true WEALTH as a Nation.
Peace unto all of you and I invite all your comments, questions and thoughts.
Warm Wishes,
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