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I'm Psychic Medium Cori, Join me to read common insights derived from thousands of readings including love situations, afterlife queries, past life observations and spirit in general!
It's genuinely difficult when in the dating game to know for sure if the person you are with is the "one", the "for now" or "the lesson". Here are 4 surefire ways I have discovered through countless clients' stories of pure love lasting though lifetimes, to know you have to search no further! 1. You are NOT afraid. SO what does that mean? Simply that your soul knowledge of the rightness of the union outweighs "human" fear of it falling apart. You aren't constantly trying to make sense of detail, you aren't waiting for the letdown. Fear, very different from a realistic view of life's circumstances, (which is imperative to have) doesn't consume you. 2. Your communication is on point! There's no guesswork. If you're angry, you talk about it. If you're hurt, confused, need support, it's all there. You don't feel judged by the other, or feel the need for masks. Open communication isn't difficult. It may take some practice, particularly if you've come from hard relationships, but ultimately you make it easier on each other to be vulnerable. 3. No Rush! There no hurry, even if by "social" standards you're on the more mature side, you aren't desperate to lock down the relationship. It simply doesn't matter about title or staunch declarations of commitment. You both just know, and live. A marriage proposal may even sound something like "Wanna get married, have the whole dress and party thing?", "Sure! We should pick a theme!" 4. It just isn't difficult. You flow, your opposing interests become sources of learning for each other, you are happy together and have no problem saying, "Goin out with the girls, I'll make dip if you wanna invite the guys over to watch the game while we're gone". You include each other in engagements with friends you had before you met, or friends you made recently, you include them in that circle because you want to, because you're proud of the other and want to build a friend family with them. There is a complete partnership, and even playing field. You are happy! Finding the "one" can be a daunting task. But the common thread I have found is that the "one" is simply a person who enhances you, who compliments your life, who doesn't need you but wants you, who is grateful for you. Not a perfect person, no one is perfect. But a person who makes you the best version of yourself, not an alternate one, that is a person worth keeping. Blessings! MysticCori
This post, loves, is not to answer the question for you. It's to discuss why you're waiting for the answer. Often in a relationship where one or both parties is unavailable, the attraction, connection and "knowing" that this is your person can be overwhelming. I have been reading relationships for over 20 years and there's a common theme that always repeats in these situations. (Which by the way anyone who says they haven't at least dipped their toe into this stream, even perhaps just being attracted to an unavailable person, is probably fibbing) That is, that when the two parties are together, it's magical. It's perfect. It's exactly what a lifetime spent looking has brought you to. Now the hard part about this, is that all those things are generally true! The problem is that you are experiencing the BEST of the other person. There are no obligations, no reality, no demands. There is a need to put one's best foot forward to "keep" the other, because it's such a changeable situation. So the sex is incredible, the romance turns on, the gifts happen, the smiles and looks and touches, the willingness to listen and be vulnerable in some cases, etc... everything wants to be in a storybook and it is. But then the clock strikes 5 and the Mrs. will be on her way home. The phone rings and you have to be quiet. The Instagram picture of the happy family shows up with some tagline about luck and gratitude and love. And then you feel like crap. Used, second, ashamed maybe, angry. The person inevitably becomes contemplative, possibly remorseful, confused and then often will close up, stop sharing, be distant, be careful, "try" with their significant other, not reach out as much and so on. What these relationships provide is a rollercoaster ride. Ups and downs, excitement. It's addicting. NOW... statistically, do people leave marriages for the "other" person, well, I have no idea. What I do know is that in my experience it does indeed happen and all situations are different. But much gets lost in the whirlwind these things provide. My answer to the general question, being remiss to not include that being detached from that chaos saves the mind, body and spirit of all parties involved a lot of grief most often, is to take things a day at a time and when the situation becomes more of a mission than a romance, when you are diminished more than raised up, walk away. Destiny speaks and if it's to be it certainly will be. In it's time. When you need to reach out to a psychic you trust, let him or her experience the energy of the other, and always upon always, use your own intuition and decide only on what is best for YOUR well being. Blessings! Mystic Cori
Hi everyone! For my first afterlife blog post here on Keen, I felt it important to write about my impression of crossed loved ones in terms of how they "feel", "where" they are, and how they reach us. First and foremost, they are simply not gone. Most of you know the basics, I'm sure, regarding energy spanning dimensions, time and place; about the soul and how it doesn't leave but lingers in a different "form" to guide and protect us; about how they try desperately to communicate with us using symbolism and other methods. But there are some things about the afterlife that aren't so basic. For one thing, there is no anger, that emotion is transformed into something more of spirit than of man. There is also a supreme understanding once one is crossed of "why" he or she lived the path they did, their purpose and their new "job" once on the other side. And the best part of the transition is that they immediately feel nothing but love. We are indeed crossed by loved ones gone before us, but did you know that we recognize instantly, a soul who we may not have known in this lifetime? Another experience I have had is that these souls are simply not contained and can indeed help and be among as many or as few humans as necessary, including as many souls on the other side as desired. I've gotten many clients ask me how their loved one can be around both them and someone else a state away, and the answer I give is because containment of a person is an illusion, the existence of the body makes us think that there are limitations to our ability to travel, and this is not the case. As to "where" they are, well, they are everywhere! They are in a field of existence that spans, there's no containment of place, only that the reality that humans cannot quite see or experience IS reality to us once we become of pure spirit. Now they desperately try to get our attention, through any means necessary; dreams, animals, songs, "feelings", others, psychic mediums and so forth and nothing is coincidental. It's all part of the oneness that is communication between all realms of existence. SO, how do you know it's them? You pay attention. You believe and you do not dismiss synchronicity. You STOP and let them speak, sometimes even literally, depending on how you have connected to their energy and vice versa, and you look for patterns. Existence has roots in patterns. Learn to see them. So what to do when they reach out? Well, tell them you know they are there, even if you have no idea why. It opens up further communication. Take small steps before you try to "conjure" them up. And if you are pulled to speak to them, consult with someone who has the gift of intervention between realms. But above all do not dismiss them! They are with you, they are watching and helping, more than they ever could in life. Be open, understand that reality is multidimensional, love is stronger in the next realm, it's the ONLY, the very energy around which everything revolves. It is without filter and even a small experience of that can transform your life! Many Blessings! Mystic Cori