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The letter H -  Hello, Heloc, Hinder, Help, Hedge, Hog, Happy, Hilarious, Hypotheses, Hitler, Hopeful, High, Hidden, Hide, Hathor, Hideous, Hindsight, Honor, Honesty, Honorable, Hornet, Hop, Hip, Hustle, Heard, Hang, Hone, Host, Hurt and Happening!

Today's word that sticks out is the one that says I have the right to be heard! I have sat back quietly for the most part and let everyone show their very true pretty colors while I had my nose in the books getting further educated about all facets of life.  I am humble and grateful along with happy as I really got to learn some incredible things about life along the journey that definitely changed my life but in a way that ultimately makes me look at the greater part of society as hideous. 

I know such a twisted thing to say as a Jypsie as I have analyzed and written many different theories but the funny thing is I knew the truth the whole time.  I was just truly waiting for it to come out in a format that just helped motivate me to be heard by others outside of my entire school of professors and or guiders to whom I call goons! It's kind of like when the lights go out you wonder if anybody's there!

I love my hidden ones at the same time there is no more hiding. I feel it goes with the statement of you can't hide an owl in a cloth bag.  It's merely one of those things that there are three things you can't hide the sun, the moon and the truth! It's just not possible and or plausible in today's world it's the 21st Century!

If you have not read the book 1984 you should and then take it with a grain of salt that if you don't have anything to hide you don't have anything to worry about.  We are so technology advanced in our world that truly they don't have to wreck your world to look inside your life to see what's really going on! Key words they just don't.  It's just that simple. 

Or you can be like a Jypsie and give them all that opportunity! It goes with the word helpful along with honorable plus it keeps others from hindering not to mention it's like a security blanket. Sometimes I wish I was doing all the outlandish things that I have read, heard or have been unveiled to me.  It seems like I have missed a kicking chicken of a good time! Not really I am glad I didn't participate in the hog man's game I would rather be the hog hunter or look for the mole either way same same!

Honesty sticks out the most for me because honesty is something that is not most often it's always the best policy no matter what because then you just really don't have to remember the lie. It's the easiest thing in the world.  Everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect by any means but when you choose to go against people you didn't do your educational research and I actually did plus I read pretty accurate for a living it's super hard to hide!

I just can't fathom such a wacky and wild group could come up with such creativeness.  This is where I am different I am creative but in a very mysterious and unique way! One in which you more than likely won't understand.  It's kind of like the lady with the house full of thirty one cats. Makes me think in such a creative way that maybe sitting in the dump for a good 18 hours might make one think before they react. I know such a crazy idea bur really it stems from a Judge that I admire to whom a woman was abusing animals which made me sad as I know someone like that too.  However, I though the creative way he handled the situation of having her sit at the dumb for 18 hours was a truly unique solution.

It really makes one who is creative resonate and think about it does pay to be honest, loyal, loving, forgiving but far from forgetting.  It also, shows strength, character, morals, integrity and all that implies when it comes to the big picture as well as, the letter H!

Looking very forward to writing about the letter L as it will be a debate between love and loser! I say that as I teach others not to settle for less than their worth it's the beauty of being in the top 12% education bracket, top 1% sales bracket along with being a 95% accurate reader of faith at the same time it's all about love!

Hathor she is the beloved Egyptian Goddess who is the symbol of the all around athlete of a mother to whom enjoys every facet of guiding and nurturing not only herself but her loved ones. Hathor really hits me as she is the mother of all when it comes to her precious children to whom are the world to her!  She has enough love to go around for all her kids! That's what being the best MOD is all about!

Mystic Jypsie

The letter G what a great letter it really defines the last three years of my life from a whole different perspective as one who studies everything from Government to God or what I call Faith!

Things that really resonate with me when we talk about this letter are goals, good, goods, gone, grief, greatness, giddy, gleam, ground, grown, growth, GDP, GOP, Grassroots, grain, gain, gut, give, Google, grumpy, Gramps, greed, gaze, gifted, great, go, gifts, geese, gibberish, genius, gems, gym, giant, gold, grateful, goober, giddy up, get on, Gif, God, Grand Canyon, Garage, Graduate, Gossip, Guidance, Grant and then there is Government.

Only some of the words that I came up with actually have any meaning to me.  It's  more of a daily exercise of what are the first things one thinks of when they think of the letter but at the same time keeping it along the lines of something that you are able to write about and or share that could be applicable and or apply in your life or maybe it will help another!

You never know when you are writing, sharing and or blogging if you are helping others as you don't know most often who the readers are.  You  might surmise but really you do not know or do you.  Food for thought!  

Let's look at goals first this is something everyone should have is goals.  I am going to share an exercise that I found to be a good reminder when it comes to goals it's called the 5/25 rule.  First you write down the top  25 things that you want to achieve and then pick the top 5 things you must achieve by reviewing the list of importance.  Once you have picked your top 5 scratch out the other 20 as they do not apply to what your true goals are they are just the after thought of the list you have compiled.  Now you are ready to work on the top 5 tasks and take them one at a time until you have completed the things that are the most important for you to achieve and repeat. 

Goals are something everyone should have not only by task but by quarter, semi annual, annually, the three year, five year and ten year goals.  These are all things you should have written out as  your road map to achieving in life.  Our goals do change from time to time but really they should stay pretty consistent if you stay on track of what you have defined out.  The only things that change or sway one from their goals are obstacles or it could be a simple as the wrong guidance.  That is truly something for all readers to think about when assessing where they are and then where they want to be while working on their 5/25 list of achievements to a better lifestyle.

I really like the top five goal list as it keeps you focused on the true eighty percent of what you need to do leaving the twenty percent for later completion as you move through your list.

Let's add a funny in here today Geese.  Everyone says I gotta get my ducks in a row we hear it often in various different ways might be a gif, statement, quote, etc.  Ducks don't get in a row but Geese do!  Something to really think about when it comes to what we read, quotes, news, agenda, media, being social and sharing.  If we use this example it really shows one that we use statements and or share things that might not necessarily be true, right or real.  Just think about how many times you have heard the ole' adage of ducks in a row to find out that it's only Geese that get in a row. Just a little humor fact of the day!

The next word that really sticks out to me is Gossip something I truly and personally can not stand.  It's a word I must say I have to  bite my tongue and sometimes it feels like I might just bite it off.  When a Jypsie says she despises gossip it's not a figment of speech it's a fact!

Example: I was working a game last night and having a grown up conversation, various names came up to whom I know the individuals at the same time I am a pretty good read on others it's part of my make up plus it goes with my goals not to mention I am gifted.  With that stated as we continue into the conversation I found myself saying I don't know I do not participate in catty gossip and I meant what I said.

I very well might have taken aback the other person as it seemed to have shocked them when such words would come out of a females mouth especially in a hen house.  This was fine with me maybe the person will have learned something about catty gossip or at least stop and think about it as it was abundantly clear they were a huge participator in such things!

The first rule of thumb is to stick with who you are and participating in gossip is just something you will rarely find me engaging in.  I am the type of person that just goes straight to the source to find out what I need to know or don't need to know then I move on from there. It goes along with my goal of seeking first to understand before participating in gossip.  A different way to look at it is one's ability to form their own opinion without participating in speaking about others but rather getting to know the person and or person's. It's really about having ethics along with morals or lack thereof!

Gossip most often leads you to a rumor that was nine times out of ten not true which is truly the reason I personally can't stand it and find it to be one of the worst qualities about human's and or human behavior.  It's truly a word that makes me want to teach and lecture on how certain human behaviors are not becoming or they are just not healthy characteristics to have.  It's also a word that when I think of it; if I were to gossip it would be hurtful as I would not be gossiping I would be stating actual facts about others in which I find it easier to just not be a participant based upon the bigger picture of life.

The struggle is real so I can only fathom for those who don't know as much as I do based upon they most often have a different background or educational level or it could be something as simple as experience including a different view point not to mention lack of strength.  All of the above apply to where I challenge you to think about what the Jypsie has shared the next time you find yourself in a position that you are around or get that gut feeling about the word gossip try using the words I don't participate in catty gossip and see the reaction of those you state it too.  It will share a whole lot about those you are around when you make such a statement and or do not participate! 

Greatness is a word I use often when looking to the greater good of searching for the positive in the realms of the words that start with the letter G.  If I were to pick out a third word it's so hard to just pick three words from a list and write about them. So we will leave it at Greatness as I remind everyone to work on your goals, stay away from gossip and work to be towards be grateful!  Just a little advice for today's message!

The care of the day I chose is Guinevere to whom is the Celtic Triple Goddess to whom has ancient roots preceding her times and is also, the Goddess who rules over the land.  She is delivers the message about romance, true love, partnership, laughter, beauty, passion and reminds us that romance is the life force of the universe.  I am not sure had I read her message that she would be part of the blog today except for everything I do is about love as that is my motto it's all about love!

This is where I must use the strength within at the same time let me pick who you may love or not love as I promise you would not be with the one your with!  I will leave that with the last G word that comes to mind and we will just call that a guarantee or guaranteed!  Either way it's the same thing as using the word rest assured!

Goddess, Goals, Greatness by Guinevere - Mystic Jypsie 
The letter F -  Family, Friends, Facebook, Fiasco, Faith - Character A -

I could spend the entire next few years writing on the subject of Family and Facebook but I will just leave it on a positive note as there are too many F Words to write about!

Freyja - The Nordic Goddess of Earth who is bold and daring here to remind us that we do not capture our dreams by being timid and that it's time to unleash the adventurous side!  She gets her name after the day of the week of Friday which could not be more perfect for the letter F!

It goes with the theme of You Be You or What my young bucks say You do You!  That means be who you are, stay true to your self, stick to your word as that is all you have in the big picture of life!

Mystic Jypsie
The letter E is our blogging letter today!  Endless, Embassy, Effort, Eireen, Embarrassment, Enigma, Europe, Estate, Embedded, Emblem, Entertainment, Empire, Extraordinary, Engaged, Easy, Entitlement, Education, Experience, and Expert.  These are just some of the things that resonate with me today when I think of the letter E.

It's another letter of the alphabet that I could write all day about but the good thing is coming up with things that stimulate thought to refer back to when it comes to writing and or blogging for a driven purpose which leads to a great purpose as the story and or life goes on.

Education is what really sticks out to me today as I don't think one could have too much education when it comes to the big picture of life.  I have such an in depth education that I would not even know where to begin to speak about education and achievements as the list is long maybe that's why I don't speak about education much as is it really relevant and or is it not.  I feel education is everything.

I feel people fail first due to lack of education next communication and then from there they didn't seek to understand which  ultimately that was more than likely due to their lack of education and or inability to communicate either way it stimulates thought about the letter E.

It's what I call judging books by the cover but never opening them to read or understand exactly what is was they were judging and that is most often how judging what one doesn't understand happens and then leads to a situation of reaction with out knowledge and or education. 

It's called cause and effect with no regard to how that might affect one it's why its so important not only to seek first to understand but also, make sure you understand the education level or the back ground of the person and or person's you are dealing with!  Then ensuring that you are communicating effectively with that person or person's.  We all could use work on our communication skills so it's a topic none of us our exempt from and should look to every day to hone in that skill or refine it daily in order to continue to be effective at it.  It's one of the most important skills one needs in order to get through life at any level! 

Had someone actually opened up the book and cross checked the education, certification level or even the achievement level maybe we would not have failed to begin with.  I say that overall in my blog as education and communications go hand in hand together in every situation you deal with in life.  You don't have to have the over the top education but you must learn to communicate and or vice versa but having both does help often times as nothing can be an always.

I don't know it's just one of those things where you come to realize you can't hide an owl in a cloth bag. How that is relevant to the letter E not sure I will leave that up to the readers to think about in all things on where that applies to  their life and or where the actually saying comes from.  It's a quote but the key is to what country is the quote from.  It's where knowing culture comes into play and understanding various types of people and ultimately does tie back to education. 

Now let's talk about Eireen the Greek Goddess of Peace.  Her sisters are the Goddesses of Lawfulness and Justice, Eireen just brings the peacefulness to all who call upon her.  She reminds us to have faith along with enthusiasm for life.  She is one who has a higher plan of action at the same time she reminds us to appreciate, be grateful and bless or be blessed when it comes to life and peace making.

Mystic Jypsie
The letter D - that has way too many words and or names that come to mind in a quick five minutes.  Deal, Dang, Darn, Dance, Doodle, Double, Diana, Doubt, Drama, Day, Dwell, Dream, Dad, Duty, Dog, Deed, Dublin, Defamation, Draw, Drew, Degree, Depth and Drive!

Just random words and or names with it comes to mind when I think of the letter D.  I am not really sure I have anything significant behind the letter D that stands out more than one that I never even thought of until I started to write and that is Divorce.

Relationships in life are hard and they take work no matter what type of relationship it is friend, family, pho, love, marriage etc.  They are all work.  What you put into the relationship the rule of thumb in order to be successful is what you get out of the relationship.  Most people look at their relationships as 50/50 and really you should look at them as 100/100.  It's just a principle that I learned early on.  You will know when you are putting in 100 and getting out 50 or maybe even closer to what I call zero.

I know divorce can be super hard especially for those who have children as it's hard on kids to not see the parents that they love not together as one at the same time maybe the relationship wasn't right to begin with one never knows as each relationship is different as to why or why not it works or it doesn't.  I just know that when they are kids involved it sure can be tough. 

It's the relationships without kids involved that totally perplex me when it comes to the world or word divorce.  It's just one of those things that a Jypsie is thinking about this evening as I have one of those divorce's in which seems to be the never ending divorce of a lifetime.  It's one of those things where you are like I don't need the drama and divorce is what the solution is so I thought.

I sit at my desk several years after the fact to ask myself what did the divorce really achieve starting with the paperwork.  I have what I thought was an iron clad one that was very defined out inside of it has a life long order of protection but yet I have had zero protection so when I speak to my clients to whom have difficulties of all kinds I just want to let them know not only can I empathize with them I truly do have compassion for what they are going through in life when it comes to relationships.  This divorce was the relationship or lack thereof that I call the one that was and is enough to last me a lifetime.

I could literally write a novel that would probably be better than Fifty Shades of Grey throw in the Day in the Life of Twisted at Seven Levels where Snapped and the I.D. Channel came together and created crimes of passion.  Honestly I am just lucky to be here to even write about it.  We read all kinds of different things in the news but we rarely talk about ourselves as no one wants to be known as the victim it's just not a fun place to be however, it's very true on when the victim decides to come out and speak about it except I am not going to wait thirty years to do it.

I probably wouldn't even write and or talk about it if it wasn't something that didn't happen on a daily basis to the point where you get tired of sitting in silence waiting for something to happen but knowing it will never happen if you don't speak about it. So when I take your calls believe me when I say I totally understand nine times out of ten what you the callers are going through as I have just about seen it all over the last few years to say the least.

I truly thought that a life long order would mean just that but apparently the person isn't able to read the order and or share it with anyone as it states that you are not to use anyone or anything to annoy, alarm, torment, torture, harass, harm, embarrass when it comes to me, my children, my business, my family anything to do with me. It's very rare that someone actually has a life long order they are usually only two years that should give you the full understanding that a Jypsie has been through and seen quite a bit to get granted such an order when it comes to a divorce.

Here is a great example of how something like that looks when it comes to the big picture and small picture of life.  In the big picture it means that the person can't go to a friend and or business affiliate and try and use them to leverage anything to do with me surrounding anything about me.  It means that they can't do things like have their ex calling family members or using public civil servants to do any of the above either it's just one of those things that is part of the Public Doctrine of Law when it comes to the protection of one with such an order when you are a victim of many things. 

I try not to call myself a victim but rather a survivor as victim seems so deep even though it's the truth.  It has almost cost me my life not once but at least three times in three years.  You can only imagine the journey it has been to say the least.

It's almost so very hard to even write about it not for fear of being the victim but when you are still dealing with the victimization as no one wants to put forth the effort to put a stop to it you really don't have a choice but to talk about it and share your story when it comes to the reality of all things.  At some point you have to get it out there and share it with the world at the same time not only help yourself but letting others know that I am here to help you as well!

I truly understand what people are going through but what I feel is they don't know what I am going through.  Do you know what it is like to have one thing in your world change daily because the abusers can't leave you alone?

Can you imagine living like that it's probably how small children feel locked in the closest with no food or water for days on end, or the prisoner of war to whom is tortured with no relief.  It might even be like the true story of the woman who lived in a box under the bed for nine years before she ever was able to escape and tell her story. 

It's that profound at the same time you get used to it.  Some days you try and find the humor in the fact that you can't call anyone or no one that needs to reached not because the you don't have a phone it's just that the phone you have doesn't allow it for some odd reason.  Then you find on a daily basis you can't get into your school, work or bank accounts but yet you have the proper identification for them but others don't.  It's just one of those things that you learn to live with and do not let it affect you.  Doing what I call rise above but not sure how much further I have to rise above based upon the facts of such an equation.   

For me I am just grateful that I have mellowed in my age and have learned what is called temperance and or to be calm about certain things at the same time having the faith that maybe one day the world will realize that not only have they violated me they have violated every extension to me which goes against that order and I pray that they figure that it's inside the decree before I end up like Kathryn Stewart Morse which is a true case that can be researched as mine is just like hers except for it's laid out color by number.

Maybe this is not the place to blog about the trauma and victimization that I have been through and or am a victim of but in reality it's the perfect place as at least someone will always be able to find a Jypsie not to mention I teach others on how to move through life of these types of issues.  I would not be a good advisor or leader to others had I not walked in the steps before them in order to effectively guide them. 

Truly the hardest part about the whole thing is to not just blow up and start calling out the exact things that happen daily and have  for almost 5 long years. 

Being a Capricorn with such deep roots who comes from a culture and heritage that it takes all I have to not say what I really feel, wish or desire let alone turn my cheek and go the other way knowing that Karma will catch up and handle it one day here soon.

Either way it's something that I just really felt like sharing with the world of readers to let them know that trauma and or drama isn't fun and if there is anything I can save another from having to go through what I have just know that the Jypsie is an advisor that will do whatever it takes to guide you away from anything remotely close to what I have been through as a true guider of light. 

With that said I have picked a card tonight called Diana known for focused intention.  Diana is a Roman Moon Goddess who carries the silver bow and arrow given to her in childhood by her father.  She is a goddess of tenacity which means she sticks to a decision and she does not allow outside forces to sway her.  She is one of positive mindset at the same time she takes actions focused on her target, and she will make her mark by knowing her priorities at the same time of taking control of the situation and releasing the doubts she will see the action through. 

The card was not drawn in conjunction with the word D but I must say it could not be more applicable based upon my writing tonight about Divorce and the Decree inside of it that is an order that must come to light in order to help others understand that not only have I walked in your shoes before you I will guide you through along with I will see to action all things as you know the Jypsie always says their are three things you can't hide - The Sun, The Moon and The Truth!

I was once asked what I feared and the answer was I have no fear I just haven't felt the need to bring it up to light until now as it's on the victims time!

Thanks for reading and allowing me to write and share as we work our way through the alphabet over the course of this month!

Mystic Jypsie
I have made three attempts to write about the letter C which is the third letter of the Alphabet but I will leave it with Casper loves me the ghost of my computer.

I am to be blogging with a driven purpose and the letter C doesn't want to cooperate with me tonight based upon Casper he isn't happy with anything I write so when writing about C it's going to have to be left to the letter and no word.  So I will pick a card and leave it with a Cruise and go I don't know Aliens, Goons not sure don't know can't remember or just be slap stick silly either way. Casper has decided that I am not going to write what I want but rather what he wants.

So we will go with Carnelian - 7 - it's a Crystal Healing Stone - it's about creativity and protection when it comes to all things.  Irony since Casper has decided I am not to write anything I want to about the letter C. 

Carnelian is the healing stone that reminds you to stay calm have self control, courage, don't follow the crowd at the same time your family means the world to you.  It is also, about being eloquent, creative and bold reminding one not to back down at the same time trust your intuitive perceptions and stay the tower of strength.

Life is short and the battle is long but it's okay because you have the courage to face it. To yes I do and that is the beauty about having Faith and or not having Faith either way I have courage.

Mystic Jypsie
Blogging with a driven purpose and the letter B.  The Words that comes to mind today which I challenge everyone to spend five minutes and think of the first things that come to mind when thinking about the second letter of the alphabet!

I came up with Business, Boyfriends, Bananas, Broken, Beyond, Bonus, Belittle, Blindside, Brother, Boy, Believe, Back, Buddha, Baffled, Bright, Beatify, Begin, Big, Bravo, Basketball, Bully Beta, Book, Budget, Boo Boo Kitty, Back up, Brains, Beauty, Blog, Brilliant and Brigit. 

In Ancient Greece the letter B stands for the number two which is something new that I learned so maybe you will learn something new too.  In thinking about the letter B the two words that stick out to me the most are brains and beauty.  The two words resonate with me as every since my sweet one's were young I have always taught them to belong to what I call the brains and beauty club.  What does that really mean.

It means that you should always use your brains to succeed or drive success over your beauty as beauty is something that comes from within.  I am blessed with the genes and so are my young one's that beauty is something they will always have because of their ancestors at the same time beauty is truly more of an action and or make up of a person that comes from within.  It's a choice! 

You don't have to be outwardly beautiful to exude beauty as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  What that really says to one is it's all in the way that you treat others.  So looking at beauty we should look to be kind, loving, generous, respectful and caring to others that is what truly makes beauty and or a beautiful person. 

When you  combine brains with beauty which is merely education and attitude you become what is called a well rounded person to whom is beautiful and smart.  This is something that will help you with success of many things if you will apply the simple principles of belonging to what I call the brains and beauty club.  Just remember it's more of actions and behaviors of the true way that you treat and or deal with other people in life when it comes to all relationships! 

So when flip scripting the words you have choices when desiring to achieve your goals through your own driven purpose but you must define what that is first by setting the goals then being bold enough to achieve them which brings me to the quote of the day!

Your life is can be defined by a single moment let it be today GO BOLD, GO BIG and GO in the direction of your dreams not allowing anyone to get in your way of being your own kind of beautiful along with being brave using your brains along with your beauty to drive you towards success both personally and professionally for whatever it is our are looking to obtain as your driven purpose.

Brigit to whom is our triple Celtic Fiery Goddess of Ireland that represents three aspects of woman combined into one.  She is the feminine warrior of Archangel Michael that is here to remind you that you must stand up for what you believe is right, you must never back down, speak the truth, be assertive, trust in all things and don't worry about what others think ignite your passion and propel forward in life with the most important message of this goddess do so without fear! She is the true power of strength and make no mistake she will protect you as she is protected at the same time she will call you to action of what is acceptable and not acceptable in all things of life!

Mystic Jypsie

When I think of the letter A I think of so many words that jumble together with A as it's the first letter of the Alphabet!

Here are just a few words that come to mind for me as I reflect to the letter A. Activity, Accountability, Attitude, Aptitude, Apology, Applicable, Assignment, Association, Attention, Affiliation, Affirmation, Attend, Alpha, Ancient, Ancestors, Accent, Adaptability, Audience, Arrangement, Agreement, Administration, Appointment, Autograph, Athena, Ajoite, Apathy, Application, Art, Aphrodite, AINE, Acceptance, Abundance, Address, Apprentice, Affiliates and Adorable.

It's the month of sharing is caring and educating about the different things with each letter from A to Z so we shall start with A. The goal is to help you the readers either learn a new word, stimulate thought or teach you something that goes with A personally and or professionally.

Here is a quote that I picked out that goes with the word I have chosen to write about. "For success, attitude is equally as important as ability. Walter Scott" Attitude is such an important part about life it's one of the driving forces behind our driven purposes that helps us with the mindset or ability to make things happen in our life or others lives starting with having a positive attitude.

It is a choice to have a good attitude or a bad attitude around anything and everything you do. It's truly all in the way you think about things. We all have ebbs and flows and it's all about the attitude of how you deal with those ebbs and flows when it comes to your attitude.

Attitude can have an effect and or an impact on just about everything in life we do. The beauty about the word attitude is it's a choice to control your attitude that is the part where one learns to accept the things they can not control and the wisdom to know the difference so choosing to have a positive attitude is most often the best way to go in any situation. It's about finding the positive in all things when dealing with the ebbs and flows that life throws at you.

In sharing my part about attitude it's rated at the top of the list for me when I think of words and letters that start with A as attitude is everything to me and should be to you as well the readers as attitude is something that can make or break you as it's one of the hidden pieces within ourselves that we must learn temperance in conjunction with our attitudes.

I have lived through quite a bit in my life and I am asked often how I have such a good attitude about all the things that I have been through and my answer most often is it's all in the way you look at it and the attitude you have that goes with it. I look to find the positive in every situation no matter what the situation is and when you do that you will find that it will make the ebbs and flows in life so much easier.

We all have things that frustrate us, throw us off, get in our way, delay our goals, disappoint us, hurt us at the same time we have things that help us and attitude is one of them which says having the right attitude is where it's at when you want to achieve anything in life. It's all about how you take it and spin it with your attitude. For me personally, I spin my attitude with a simple twist of humor as laughter does help when it comes to healing and or excelling in anything about life. If we can't find the humor in any situation it's the same as not finding the positive in which if we don't do both we essentially are living and looking to the negative which leads to nowhere but a dead end.

When we flip script the word attitude and tie it into relationships as everything in life for me is about love and relationships they go hand in hand. So when you look at life in any situation when you are dealing with another person's attitude you must stop and think why do they have an attitude, especially when dealing with those that have a bad attitude and or a non-positive one. This is where you ask yourself is their attitude because of me or is it because of them and when you practice this exercise in dealing with people most often you will find out it's about them as we project our attitudes on to others so when we take it one step further and you look to the person and or situation along with the word attitude you must step back and evaluate it from a different perspective.

Here is an example - yesterday I was talking with someone who had a very gruff and rude attitude in which I could have taken offense to but didn't as I understood the reason they had the attitude, the sharp curt lip tongue, the backlash of their words and why they responded to my questions delivering the attitude they did when I spoke to them. It wasn't so much about my questions it was more than that it was ultimately about them as they were wrong in their actions so therefore they delivered me a negative combative attitude.

Did the attitude help or hinder that is a question when we look at attitudes then match it to the behavior on whether it was a positive or negative. In this example, the answer is it helped because it showed me the person didn't like being wrong. The person had a choice to have a good attitude and be helpful or a bad attitude and be rude which shows us there is a choice. The better choice would have been to be helpful and non-combative when questioned at the same time I took it as a positive as I teach others to pay attention to what is being said, how it is being said and to listen to the person saying it including their attitude. We can learn a lot about people, situations and relationships all in the word attitude and how we handle things or respond or react to the simple word and or action of one's attitude.

It's being able to spot a lie through a kiss use the same example when dealing with the word attitude it will teach you many things about a person and or event when looking to the true root of someone's attitude.

In ending today's blogging with A Driven Purpose to-help others we will look to AWN - ya to who is known as a very powerful Ireland Celtic Goddess and Queen of romance of mortal men who is revered to help oversee animals and her crops that you may call upon when you need guidance, courage and or the attitude to put your goals into actions by taking a leap of Faith in order to capture your dreams or achieve your goals! Remember Attitude is key just like communications and education in all things!

Mystic Jypsie 
I blog and write a lot about various different topics when it comes to my life, love, relationships really anything from A to Z just pick a subject and or category.

That is the part about blogging and or being judged by my media or even those that I call Trolls. In order to be effective at anything, you have to be a novice of what you offer to others. I am a person who has a vested interest in not only you, families but their well being which includes every facet of their lively hood.

It's what separates me from the masses to whom don't understand that in order to be an expert at what you do you must know all the subject matter surrounding everything. Since everything I do is about love and family with a vested interest I will be writing about topics starting with A and ending in Z over the next month on a daily basis in each topic I will share not only something about my life but I share something about the topic that you will be able to take something away from the blog and use it towards your personal or professional life!

Blogging is not only about sharing your blog but it's about helping others in which you can't do if you don't share the stories and or the expert advice that goes with the topic.

I am a unique writer to where there is something that everyone is able to look to the writing and if you feel it hits you then call for advice as I am an advisor to whom is able to help guide you through the maze of life as one who has been there done that and or seen it or know someone that has. I pride myself on being an expert or what I call a subject matter expert or we can throw in the twist and call it being a novice.

Mystic Jypsie 
Mystic Jypsie - Faith - Peace and Love!
It's one of those days where you get some additional life education as you have a friend with every outlook and or interest and you can decide to use your power or not to use your power at the same time to remain anonymous or not because isn't that part of the Mystery about life that we are to keep secret!

I don't know the answer it's more of a random thought or statement just thinking as I reflect on life and business.

There is no relevance to the post or is there not sure as again it's just random!

Mystic Jypsie
It's not a good idea for me to share the post about the two today but I will circle back to this blog and write about love versus hatred.

If I wrote what I truly felt on this subject I am not sure how it would go over so at this time while I desire to share the difference I am going to refrain and circle back another day!

Mystic Jypsie 
I am so tired but yet so honest that I just want to say that whoever routed my calls to Europe thinking they were having a good ole' time starting way back after 2014 made a big mistake with me and I just want to say that I told you so and thank you to a few and in between the variance study what Triggers and Adjudication which is like a reverse mortgage.

The beautiful thing about life is that I know who did a the same time it's where I say I am blessed as the Star and I say thank you to those to whom are brothers and sisters around the world that did their research and are Grand in faith of the same union. The Jypsie love's you!

I feel it's something everyone should understand and study on not only how that feels to me but how that looks not only to me but to you from a Macro level with a Bird's Eye View. 

I don't feel that well at the same time I feel well enough to blog you might want to come to understand the subject and or subject matter and start thinking really hard whether you will pass  for playing games not just with my life but other's life's that are an extension to the Jypsie. The question and or statement in blogging about it is it acceptable or not acceptable.  It's not acceptable!

I will let the readers decide how they want to view this analogy and or metaphor or blog with a driven purpose you may take it and it's content or context any way you feel necessary and apply it to your life and its equation of those who used to troll my stuff and go she is either talking to me or she is talking to someone is it me or is it, someone else.

I will let you figure that one out on your own sense isn't that what trolling, is - throwing out bait trolling for the catch in a game like Sharks Tank hoping not to be caught!

Oh, wait we missed something very small but rather very big how is that plausible and or possible. I don't know sad the Little Red Hen. Yes, 9 times out of 10 people do not understand what I am saying because I do write like James Joyce - this is the only way you will understand my writings that are scattered all over the place or you read the poorly written school paper on what triggers and adjudication in order to understand the Mystic Jypsie
Integrity is the most valuable and respected quality of leadership. - Always keep your word!

Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people.  Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily, even if you had no title or position.

Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems - respect is the key determinants of high-performance leadership. How much people respect you determines how well they perform.

The three "C's" of leadership are Conversation, Caring, and Courtesy. Be polite to everyone!

Mystic Jypsie
I took this quote from another inspiring artist to whom I just think is awesome in all things! Watch out for the joy-stealers: gossip, criticism, complaining, faultfinding, and a negative, judgmental attitude. Joyce Meyer

What a great quote of starting out this fabulous Wednesday! It's such a true to heart kind of one that I have shared it already with many. Everyone thinks Facebook is such as mass destruct-or and or any platform like it but really it's not the mass destruct-or the true mass destruct-or is gossip, criticism, complaining, faultfinding or how about a reason to justify your nasty actions and behaviors.

It's such a simple equation that I look at it and motivate and teach others to rise above such things. You are not always going to make everyone happy and most often when dealing with the unhappy they are busy trying to figure out ways to hold you back or take you down. Rise above it and just take accountability for yourself and be who you are the rest doesn't most often fall into place it always falls into place if you do the right things.

It's those who don't do the right things they are always running and ducking for cover and or doing exactly what Joyce Meyer says which is the part about evil and the difference is to have Faith in all things!

Happy Wednesday and really think about what the Jypsie is saying about not being part of mass destruction but rather rising above it and being a positive influence, not a negative one!

Mystic Jypsie 
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