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When I think of the letter Z when it comes to words is Zip, Zap, Zoo, Zillow, Zine, Zinc, Zebra, Zealander, Zero Zinc and Zodiac. Oh believe me I could come up with way more words than just these but these are the ones that resonate on my mind at this time and remember this is my blog for a driven purpose in which case I will be asking for the entire blog from start to finish over the last two years as it goes with everything in life from A to Z in all things that are truly ambiguous because you failed to do your research before you left me with Zero thinking that a Zebra was going to change. You did change the Zebra and or maybe the way the Zebra views the world and or views you. I have so many things to say and no way to say them not because of my inability to articulate them that is for sure. It's due to the fact that you won't be able to handle the things that I have to say and at the level in which I have to say them. I have spent the last few years doing way more than I wanted and or deserved. I have truly enjoyed helping many of you capture your next dreams, grow, see the bigger picture and capture what was truly in your heart including love. It's time for me to be honest about exactly who the Jypsie is and how that looks forward now that we have gotten to the last letter of the alphabet even though it's only the American Alphabet. The Jypsie was and is way more than just that. Thanks for reading my blog and thank you for being a part of many things as the journey has been long and very underserving at the same time I am not able to write the things that I want and desire here as it's not serving any purpose that aligns with my goals and or my company goals. I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful great start to the week! Mystic Jypsie!
When I look to the letter X there are so many words I could come up however, they are more words that are used in the game of scrabble or the crossword puzzles. It's definitely a limited letter of the alphabet as it's more used in the phonetic alphabet. So my challenge would be to challenge you to all the words that go with x besides the obvious ones like X-Ray, Xylophone etc. There are only 40 words that go with X and many that are used for scrabble that are smaller 2 letter words. Enjoy today's blog and make it a great one around the world from my desk to yours! Mystic Jypsie
When I think about the letter W I think of so many things that start with the letter. The only real word that comes to one I wish to use is the word why? Why resonates daily on my mind even though I have a good idea it's still a question that never seems to get answered. Mystic Jypsie
There are no guarantees in life. Education and experience will teach you how far you can trust your intuition. The trick is to learn to rely on your best instincts, decide and act without looking back. What a great quote on this beautiful wintery Sunday! Mystic Jypsie
Blogging about the letter V what a Vast amount of words we can come up with in regards to the letter V. I would go with Valencia, Valentine, Vineyard, Vine, Vines, Vain, Vein, Van, Varmint, Virgin, Vigilant, Vigilante, Varsity, Vascular, Void, Vomit, Visa, Vampire, Variant, Variance, Valiant, Value, Vanity, Vacuum, Vernacular, Vote, Vagrant, Vitality, Volume, Voice, Virginia, Vape, Vigor, Vessel, Vivacious, Voodoo, Viper, Vase, Vying, Velocity, Various, Victory, Venomous, Virgo, Venetian, Vital and Vegas! What a random group of words for the letter V of blogging with a twist! I don't even know where to pick a word from at this point its so random. I will just go with the Variance in all things and leave it at you might have to look up some words today as the readers and if so look at all the relevance to the words you can come up with and learn something new! Mystic Jypsie
The letter U brings so many words to mind but I feel we should start our blog today with a love quote! Perfect love casts out fear - John 4:18 and The First Duty of Love is to Listen - Paul Tillich When I think of words that begin with U I think of Unified, Utility, Uncle, Universe, Universal, Unilateral, Utter, Union, Ugly, Uppity, Umpire, Unanimous, Unambitious, Unemployed, Undefined, Uber, Urgent, University, United States, Us, Use, Uses, United, United Kingdom, Unknown, Unexplained, Ultimate, Ultimatum, Urban and Umbrella. Essentially when we look to the letter u in conjunction with words, it's not an over the top long list of words that fall into u category but what I have found out about the letter u is it's in almost every other word we use. So the task of the day is for each of the readers to really reflect on the letter u and you look around and see how many you see in the words that you read or review today. It's a day of U Be U and or You Be You or You do You - any way you look at it there is u in a mass majority of our daily words and or writings. It's something that I find to be very unique when it comes to the letter u. The biggest thing that stands out to me is that it's okay to be unique as we all have something that is different about us when we look to the bigger picture and the universe including the cycle of change, the cyclical cycles, and life cycles. Maybe I am just a unicorn in my unique way of thinking but then again it's what makes me an Enigma! Mystic Jypsie
Aine of Knockaine - Also known as The Fairy Goddess, Aine of Knockaine was not a goddess to mess with! Aine of Knockaine ruled both love and farms. She was a goddess to be feared, and everyone made sure to make ample sacrifice to her. You are a lot like Aine of Knockaine. When you say something, you mean it. If you feel ignored, there will be consequences."" Just a tip of fun! Mystic Jypsie
Where does one start when it comes to T and Thanksgiving other than to say I hope that each of you enjoyed the day and found a reason to be thankful! Happy Thanksgiving, Mystic Jypsie
The letter S brings so many words to mind that I don't even know where to begin but I will go with what comes to mind first.

Special, Services, Sweet, Swat, Swindle, Sarasvati, Sedna, Super, Summer, Sexy, Simple, Silent, Sound, Sale, Sell, Sold, Superior, Sam's, Sick, Sovereign, Science, Space, Spunky, Stamps, State, Seattle, Southern, Ski, Silly, Sample, Stretch, Straight, Script, Scribe, Scrabble, Security, Supper, Steep, Slope, Sly, Slay and Spectacular!

Just a quick list of fun words that came to mind but what really sticks out is simple, stamps and special!

Simple is just that it's so simple to learn new things and be interested in understanding the finer things in life as the day you stop learning is the day that you die.  We should strive everyday to learn something new and or different even if it's just a simple word, a simple recipe anything simple that takes you less than five minutes to educate yourself on a subject matter that interests you!

My favorite saying that goes with simple is - it's really simple stupid and or it's not rocket science!

Stamps they do work try sending someone a simple thank you or a letter of appreciation or an apology or just something that let's them know they are thought of!  It's the random acts of kindness that go a long way when you use a stamp and penmanship that means more to others than you might realize!  Try it as it might not just brighten your day but someone else's!

Special really stands out to me as I strive to teach everyone that there is always not most often something special about them and not to allow anyone to let you feel different about yourself! It's the part that everyone seems to miss is that everyone has something unique and different along with special about themselves. Take time out to get to know other's and find that one thing that is special about them you might just find out you learn something new and maybe you meet a new friend along the way!

Life is short so relish in every special moment that you can and enjoy the simple things and really don't forget stamps do work so send someone something special today!

I picked out two cards that go with today's writing and I am not sure if there is relevance and or no relevance but I am going to share them with you regardless to help stimulate thought for those who read my blog!

Sedna and Sarasvati both very different goddess one comes from the Alaskan world and the other is Hindu.  I am going to go with the Hindu Goddess for my ending message of the day!  She is the reminder and helper when it comes to the arts and expressing one's self through creative means as well as, to continue to study on the things that promote us versus distract us!

Mystic Jypsie
Today's letter is R - The first words that come to mind are Relationship, Robbery, Richard, Rhiannon, Robot, Rapid, Race, Regular, Rotatory, Rotate, Rid, Ride, Rich, Roscoe, Ridiculous, Rancid, Ratchet, Racket, Route, Rudimentary, Rude, Ripple, Roughneck, Repeat, Repetition, Rogue, Rupture, Route and Radical.

Rudimentary is just that a word that is elementary or speaks to a subject being rudimentary. 

Relationships - That is a subject that I teach on daily is how to have successful relationships.  I teach everything from being able to spot a lie, to apologizing and or what it takes to have a successful one when it comes to relationships. You may call for advice as Feedback Speaks for it's self!

Ridiculous is the word that sticks out most to me and I find so many things I want to write about when it comes to being ridiculous and or dealing with ridiculous people or things in which sometimes it's better to leave ridiculous alone and rather watch ridiculousness!

So we will leave the letter R with Rhiannon the Sorceress!  She is the lunar Welsh goddess's name - irony in the part about Welsh - means great queen!  She serves to be important in ones life as being an inspiration for artists, and is one of royalty.  She is very loving caring and is one that you call upon to help you with transitions in life. She also, reminds us to keep yourself focused on what you desire and away from fear.  It's a time of having absolute faith in your dreams and that your mission will be accomplished.

Her biggest reminder is to resume the mission that was once aborted through the misdeeds of past leaders and ill willed evilness of others.

It is time to be clear with your intentions along with be real as you come into the final stretch of bringing your dreams into realities!

Mystic Jypsie

The letter Q not much that really resonates with me outside of Queen, Quiet, Que, Quartz, Quit and Quaint.

I feel like that is the smallest list I have come up with to really only two words really resonate with me when it comes to the letter Q and it's not anywhere close to Quit.

Unique feeling to have when it comes to Queen, Quaint and Quiet.  It's not really something you desire to talk about at the same time it is what it is and no longer can be hidden as a mystery when it comes to life in the big picture.

Not everyone is picked and or invited it's just not how it works along with not everyone is born into a family of deep roots and lots of heritage.

However, the beauty is we are all Queen's of our own courts! Just remember that and never Quit that is the best advice I am able to give tonight surrounding the letter Q!

Mystic Jyspie - Queen of Faith
The letter P has several words that go with it but polite would be the only one that sticks out the most today!

It really doesn't take much to be polite and or even kind.  Its just a simple act that should be part of who you are to me it screams manners something I was taught at a very young age.

The question resonates heavy today as I feel that you can be to polite and is that a good quality to have or a bad one?  I think being polite is a good quality at the same time a quality many take advantage of.

Maybe because politeness is viewed as a sign of weakness and not a sign of manners or even a good character trait to have. There is a time to be polite and sometimes you find that there is a time not to be polite.

It leaves one feeling that yes you should always be polite and do your best to stay positive as there is so much negative and hatred in our world.

It's time we find a place of peace in all things!

Mystic Jypsie
I will be back to write about the letter O but the first words that come to mind are Oscar, October, Organ, Operation, Obsolete, Obstacle, Ostara, Operative, Opera, Oppression, Opposite, Opt, Opportunity, Opinion, Option, Onion, Oneida, Oktoberfest, Olympics, Otter, Organic, Order, Oregon, Ore, On, Off, Out and Okay!

I will have to think about all of the above and circle back to write about the letter O but I am sure that I will start out with Oscar and end with Opportunity!

Until then make it a great Friday!

Mystic Jypsie
The letter N it's kind of like M where I have no words.

However, when I do find the words to finish M and N as we move on to O etc. I will be back to write about them. 

It's a time of silence as I enjoy the Harvest Moon in the month of October and have no words!

Mystic Jypsie
Today's letter writing was to be about the letter M - The only thing I can come up with is no words.

Mystic Jypsie
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