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A daily Tarot card to help guide your is an adventure so live it fully...
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ace of Swords Today is a day of good news coming your way. It is the day you get that added advantage to help you succeed in life. The suit of swords puts a focus on communications as it is the air element, be clear in your needs to attain the positive breakthrough you need for attaining your goals. Communications will bring good news to you today, do not let the machine get the phone, instead grab it yourself; it is a good news day. This is the advantage you need to get your dreams furthered. Do not be shy, nor hold back in regards to attaining what you seek, you have the right plans, now reach for the sky! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ten of Wands Today we are faced with dealing with the challenges we face, we are tired of the fight which has gone on too long, it is a day of needing to take a break from this stress. Challenges you are facing today can cause great upsets as you are feeling uncertainty in regards to the final outcome. This is a day to face the knowledge that not all can be overcome. It is a day to evaluate what you are truly fighting for, as you put things in perspective, you will find that often what you are fighting for is not exactly what you seek, life gets complicated as you try to long to attain your goals, reevaluate your objectives today. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Temperance card Today we look at a peaceful period that can be coming to you. This card sees the gentle and calm balance in life as you find a comfortable period ahead. Expect a quiet time where life just falls into place, it shows that you will not see windfalls coming your way, but instead a quiet time where you are able to exist peacefully. Temperance sees us living in a balanced state, as though life is offering us calm. Enjoy this and live within these parameters as truly you can establish a secure foundation in your life by living within your means. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ten of Swords Be wary of others today, do not count on others to help you through a jam as today it is a day of betrayal. Though life is rarely that severe still be careful about counting on others for help, you will find yourself being let down. Guard yourself today as it is a day you learn who your friends are and who is not someone you can rely on. Do not rely on others to do important tasks today as you will be let down by those you counted on. This is a day to look after yourself as to find the right path for yourself; trust your instinct but not your fears today to move away from those who do not have your best interests at heart. You can learn a lot today by relying on instinct. Tread carefully is today’s lesson. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two of Cups, Today is a day to start that new love or business partnership between friends. This sees today brings new beginnings to your life as you feel the security of others. It is a great day for harmony and cooperation between you and your dreams. It is a day to reach out for more from life, do not hesitate to embrace the opportunities to follow your heart as truly life is too short no to reach for the rainbow to follow it to the pot of gold! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eight of Wands Today is a day for changes, it shows that you must explore new avenues to attain your goals. It sees the importance of getting around the obstacles within your life to bring happiness to your life. A fresh approach to get your message across to others can breathe fresh life into a stale conflict. Often a new thought or plan will restart an old challenge, adding new hope and actions to your situation. Do not give up, just explore new options in regards to old troubles. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two of Coins Today we see rewards from past efforts, this card sees that there will be positive rewards for you from past efforts. Today is a day to expect positive news from your efforts as your efforts from the past reap you the rewards you are due, it is a good day to ask for that raise or promotion as you deserve it. Today we are focusing on the Earth Element, coins show the practical and financial aspects of our lives. Often our success is measured by rewards and praise for a job well done, be this working from outside the home or inside the home, we need positive days to remind us that we are doing good! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight of Cups Today is a day of actions, deliberate results occur from your actions, though not as quickly as you might like, the rewards are still positive. It is a great day for a new adventure or celebration, as you find happiness from all your past efforts. It is a day of definitives, you feel secure in knowing you have attained your goals by perseverance and dedication. Offers can arrive that sweep you off your feet but go with the flow as you find happiness can be rewarded from previous hard work. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Wheel of Fortune The Wheel shows our past, present, and future. All our experiences are the fabric of our lives, from which our actions come. Today we see the hand of fate as life goes forward. Changes are brewing these can bring positive benefits to life. You are entering a new cycle today, a day of rewards and fulfillment. The Wheel is the fabric of our life, we are what we lived through, this day brings rewards from our life efforts. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Four of Wands Today we are reminded there are many challenges between us and our dreams. We can see what we desire in life in front of us, but before reaching there we first must finish old business and tie up loose ends in life. There will be joys for you after you can overcome the challenges you are now facing. It can be very difficult to stay strong and focused day after day as you work towards your goal, but in truth, you are going forward with each day, happiness is sneaking up on you, just stay focused and determined. Do not look upon only the challenges in your life, see where your actions are taking you to realize you are getting closer to your goals. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Five of Wands Today is a day of challenges. This card shows that you often feel as though life is an uphill battle as you must get past obstacles and hurdles. Challenges do make us stronger and more determined in life, we learn from these to find strength and faith in our beliefs. Today can be upsetting as you are losing sight of the positive, but this is where faith is needed, know you are fighting for what is right for you. Do not give up today, this fight is worth it and you will achieve your goals, stand determined! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seven of Coins Today we see the delays, the frustrations and the doubts in regards to your actions. Often a seed planted takes time to blossom, your work and financial aspects are like that, efforts put in today bring rewards at a future date, as they mature into what you desired. Do not let delays cause you to doubt your efforts, have faith in what you are doing as it will yield results Use the pause to evaluate your efforts, be certain you are content with what you are doing as this pause can be used to fine-tune your efforts to achieve your optimal rewards. You are on the right path, patience is a virtue, one few of us have. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Page of Coins Today is a day of visions, look ahead to see where you want to be; it is attainable. Dreams are very important as premonitions can come true, reflect on last nights dreams, or start a dream journal today as you will find that it is a day of interesting lessons and actions. Trust your instincts today as you can guide yourself on the right path by instinct, play your hunches as it is a day for clear vision, you do have the right ideas, now follow through. It is a day to plan for your future, do not fear the future, instead embrace it. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two of Swords Today we are faced with choices, it is often hard to choose the right path in life, but you must take the right steps towards happiness. Often the right choice is the hardest path to travel, which causes you to want to take the “shortcuts” in life. Sadly these end in dead ends, causing us to backtrack to the right path, losing time and adding stress to our lives. Evaluate your choices right now, plan out your next step towards happiness but be certain to face the true path, the hard choices are the best choices. Decisions can be very hard to face, but be honest with yourself as truly you must overcome the conflicts in your life first before moving forward. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Hermit Today we focus on self-reflection. Make time in your busy life to focus on you. Go within to see your motivations, decide why you are doing the things you are. It is a day to take a step backward, slow life down to make sure you are going in the right direction. Even surrounded by people you can feel spiritually alone, take time to see the restrictions in life and face these challenges head-on. Go forward seeing clearer by taking time for reflection. Blessings Arriana
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