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A daily Tarot card to help guide your is an adventure so live it fully...
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eight of Wands Today is a day for changes, it shows that you must explore new avenues to attain your goals. It sees the importance of getting around the obstacles within your life to bring happiness to your life. A fresh approach to get your message across to others can breathe fresh life into a stale conflict. Often a new thought or plan will restart an old challenge, adding new hope and actions to your situation. Do not give up, just explore new options in regards to old troubles. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Moon Today we must look carefully at life, it is not always as it seems. Deceptions can linger near our lives touching gently or deeply into our everyday lives. Under the darkness of the Moon we do not always see what we should, offers too good to be true, they are. Look under the surface of the situation in your life, see why this does not seem right, look to others motivations as truly there are reasons for their actions, often by looking closely we can see through the haze of the present situation. Deceptions and manipulations can be understood when you see them clearly. Make today one of seeking truths, slow life down if you are feeling uncertain, do not act unless you are feeling secure today. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Strength Card Today we draw from our inner strength. This card sees that tact and diplomacy will go further than an angry word. The focus for us is not to give up, truth and light will win over tyranny and darkness if we are strong. Life gets difficult but we must preserve to attain what is rightfully ours. Strength comes from within us, our motivation and drives help us go forward. Do not give up, have faith in your beliefs to hold on to your desires. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Sun Today we step out into the bright sunlight seeing clearly the opportunities ahead of us. It is a day for doing things, finding the next step in your life journey as truly you know where you want to go. Look to new avenues that are opening up to you, do not feel shy or uncertain as with the Sun shining on you every step can be seen clearly. This is a card of good fortune and opportunity. Your ideas can bear fruit as the sun nourishes your goals. Today is the perfect day to start that plan you have been considering as you will see that there will be offers of assistance and the clarity today to see what is attainable. Search yourself as you grow under the sun’s rays, see the possibilities that are open to you, it is not a day to hide in the shade, get out there and enjoy. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nine of Coins Today we look around and are proud of all we have attained. It is a day to appreciate the finer aspects of life, family, and security. It is our nature to want certain aspects of life secure, family and home life are two very important aspects of our life and you have worked hard to establish the foundation that you have built. Today is the day to enjoy all you have, you can expect positive new aspects of life to pop up around you, visits from those close to you as well as unexpected small financial rewards. It is also a good day to plant some flowers or greenery as your home is a loving place that can promote growth. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two of Cups, Today is a day to start that new love or business partnership between friends. This sees today brings new beginnings to your life as you feel the security of others. It is a great day for harmony and cooperation between you and your dreams. It is a day to reach out for more from life, do not hesitate to embrace the opportunities to follow your heart as truly life is too short no to reach for the rainbow to follow it to the pot of gold! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Five of Wands Today is a day of challenges. This card shows that you often feel as though life is an uphill battle as you must get past obstacles and hurdles. Challenges do make us stronger and more determined in life, we learn from these to find strength and faith in our beliefs. Today can be upsetting as you are losing sight of the positive, but this is where faith is needed, know you are fighting for what is right for you. Do not give up today, this fight is worth it and you will achieve your goals, stand determined! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Four of Coins Today we see how finances affect our stability, though money is not the most important aspect of life, it does affect our everyday stress levels. Today we are focused on how much energy we are putting into our finances, balance is important as we can not let finances take over, causing us to forget the finer and free aspects of life such as family and friends. Today this card reminds us that we need only enough to get by, the rest is “gravy” so try not to forget what is truly important. Often this card is a spread indicates that added money will come to you, to help you take time to see what is most important, those near you. Go for a walk in the park, or have a family picnic to just enjoy the true rewards in life. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Five of Swords Today is a day of conflicts and upsets. Life does not always go as we desire it to which can bring sadness and upset in our plans. Today it will be necessary to reevaluate your plan as things are not going in the direction that you desire. Today you are truly faced with challenges and upset, do not let it ruin your future goals, just go with this flow to make the best of things, think carefully to put a positive spin on today’s conflicts, changes in plans can be brought to your advantage. If possible, just stay in bed with a good book, a cup of cocoa and relax. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ten of Swords Be wary of others today, do not count on others to help you through a jam as today it is a day of betrayal. Though life is rarely that severe still be careful about counting on others for help, you will find yourself being let down. Guard yourself today as it is a day you learn who your friends are and who is not someone you can rely on. Do not rely on others to do important tasks today as you will be let down by those you counted on. This is a day to look after yourself as to find the right path for yourself; trust your instinct but not your fears today to move away from those who do not have your best interests at heart. You can learn a lot today by relying on instinct. Tread carefully is today’s lesson. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two of Swords Today we are faced with choices, it is often hard to choose the right path in life, but you must take the right steps towards happiness. Often the right choice is the hardest path to travel, which causes you to want to take the “shortcuts” in life. Sadly these end in dead ends, causing us to backtrack to the right path, losing time and adding stress to our lives. Evaluate your choices right now, plan out your next step towards happiness but be certain to face the true path, the hard choices are the best choices. Decisions can be very hard to face, but be honest with yourself as truly you must overcome the conflicts in your life first before moving forward. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seven of Swords Watch out for the unexpected today, secrets have a way of being discovered and you can find yourself wanting to retreat to a neutral corner. It is a day to be careful about what you say, you will find that others are watching and listening to you in a way of spying; be certain that you are doing things the right way. It is not a day for taking shortcuts through life as that can hurt you in the future. Do not trust things that seem too good to be true, as they are you can end up with regrets as you find it comes back to haunt you. Just be honest and look after you today! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ten of Coins Today is a great financial day, look to windfalls or expected money to show up today! It is a day of reaping rewards, your past efforts are rewarded today as you have worked hard. Rewards will come from the most unexpected areas of your life, it is a day to just accept these pleasures without question. This is a positive financial card, it brings completion to those projects you have been working towards or just plain luck in attaining the right connection. If you are waiting on settlements or inheritances, this is the day they can be furthered. Head out to buy a lottery ticket, as it is a positive financial day, big or small added revenue is a bonus! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ace of Coins Today you can look forward to a positive career or financial day. This card shows that new beginnings can be yours, it is the perfect day to take that next step in your career plans, do not hold yourself back as truly you can attain your success by taking the risk. This sees that there are new beginnings for you today, look to new options to add to your life, this card brings financial rewards to your career endeavors as you can reach the level of success that you desire, just have faith in yourself. As today is the day for you to shine in your career path. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight of Wands Today is a day to act on impulse, do not over think just do! Rewards are yours by acting fast, trust your instinct and just fly today. Often when we hesitate it brings later regrets, but it is important to think fast to get the biggest reward from our day. Be certain to use confidence in your choices, do not let your fears cause you to miss out on the adventures that life offers you, go forth boldly as life can be exciting and intriguing as you explore it fully. Do not hold yourself back today, life is what we make it and today is a perfect example of this fact. Blessings Arriana
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