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Welcome to A's Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ace of Coins Today you can look forward to a positive career or financial day. This card shows that new beginnings can be yours, it is the perfect day to take that next step in your career plans, do not hold yourself back as truly you can attain your success by taking the risk. This sees that there are new beginnings for you today, look for new options to add to your life, this card brings financial rewards to your career endeavours as you can reach the level of success that you desire, just have faith in yourself. As today is the day for you to shine in your career path. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eight of Coins Today is a good day to explore new trades and options. This card today sees that you can expect to be offered new duties or responsibilities that add to your knowledge and future options. Approach new tasks with zest as they can add to your financial security as time goes on and use your new skills as a part-time or sideline venture to increase your earning potential. The only things holding you back today are your fears and doubts, jump into new ideas as they will bring rewards. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Justice card Today we look at a balanced day. Justice brings fairness, if you are awaiting decisions they will be fair to your actions. If owed an apology you can expect to receive it today, though if you are the one in the wrong be prepared to eat humble pie and apologize. Any legal aspects will be ruled justly and fairly for you today. Balance in our lives is important if it is a legal case or just a fair outcome of an argument it is important to put things in perspective for a fair outcome. Look to what is right, and fair in all your choices, every choice has two outcomes, always make the fair choice. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eight of Cups, Today you find yourself seeking more from love and life. It is important to balance your spiritual aspects against the material to find your niche in life. Explore your heart to see the truths in life, look around and see what leaves the void in your heart, armed with that knowledge you shall fill this empty feeling. You know what you need in life, believe in yourself to attain it. It is important to put your needs first when it comes to happiness; though easier to look after others first; it can bring you upsets. Reach out for what your heart seeks and you will find happiness. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Tower Today is a day of huge changes! It is a day you can expect your foundation to be rocked, though remember there are days when change is positive. Expect to face change today, be it good or bad it is necessary to go forward in life. Trust your instincts today to direct these changes for the positive, this is not a good day to change anything drastically, let fate guide you but go slowly. This is a great day to say goodbye to an old love, release yourself from these bonds as you can meet a new face in new places. Change is the lesson for today do not fear it, instead embrace this to bring a positive outlook to change! Blessings Arianna
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Five of Wands Today is a day of challenges. This card shows that you often feel as though life is an uphill battle as you must get past obstacles and hurdles. Challenges do make us stronger and more determined in life, we learn from these to find strength and faith in our beliefs. Today can be upsetting as you are losing sight of the positive, but this is where faith is needed, know you are fighting for what is right for you. Do not give up today, this fight is worth it and you will achieve your goals, stand determined! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eight of Wands Today is a day for changes, it shows that you must explore new avenues to attain your goals. It sees the importance of getting around the obstacles within your life to bring happiness to your life. A fresh approach to get your message across to others can breathe fresh life into a stale conflict. Often a new thought or plan will restart an old challenge, adding new hope and actions to your situation. Do not give up, just explore new options in regards to old troubles. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ace of Wands Today we look at new actions or ventures in our lives. It is a day to focus on starting that new project you have been considering as it is a high energy day. The fire element in the suit of Wands shows that this is a day for taking charge, positive new cycles can open to you by just taking the first step. Often we shy away from starting something new, but by planning it out we can attain success in new ventures, you have thought long enough about what you want in your life, now just do it! You will find today is a day where opportunities appear and magick can just happen. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Emperor Today’s card is often viewed as the mate to the Empress, but it also focuses on the material side of life whereas the Empress is the spiritual side. This card shows we can attain material goods from our efforts. The Emperor sees our quest for independence. We are striving for security and stability in our lives. Today you should look around you, view with pride what you have attained in your life. See your efforts being rewarded as your abilities and skills have brought these things to you. It is a good time to start your own business or a new project today, as you are aware of the material needs in your life. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Lovers Today is a day for love, not just a relationship but all relationships within our lives. Love is all around us. A caring gesture today can fill you with the power of love. Love can walk a fine line between vice and virtue, we can try each side of this but in the end, true love will win. This card in a Tarot spread will show love coming into your life, it could be a lover, a companion or just a loving gesture to cheer your day. Today we reflect on the importance of true love within our lives. Reach out to connect with the people in your life you love, take the dog for a walk or even give the cat an extra treat! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Page of Cups Today is a day of unexpected but good messages, good deeds get rewarded today as you find the day lighthearted and pleasant. It will be a bright day all around as you find yourself enjoying new ideas and new correspondences; remember to look carefully for hidden strings, but all in all, it will be a positive day. This card shows that there is fun ahead, a needed break is important as you have put in added efforts to get ahead in life; bask in the fun today it does bring needed stress relief. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Four of Cups, This is a day of serious reflection. Thoughts are turned inward as you feel there needs to be more to life. You are tired of the material aspects and need to spend a day looking to the spiritual side of life. This is a day to reach out to those closest, spend the night appreciating what is truly important to you. Go for a picnic with the family or call someone you have lost touch with. Get in touch with your spiritual aspects; reach within to feel what you want for your future outlook, then go for it. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seven of Wands Today you need to rely on your true inner strength, there is competition for what you want in life and only determination and valour will lead you to victory. It is not a day for shortcuts as that will not help you in the long run. Challenges can be won today just remember the old adage “treat others as you wish to be treated” Do not resort to things you will regret later as you overcome challenges today, karma likes to kick back. You will win the fight, it is just important to remember to stay true to your beliefs. Blessings Arrianna
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Chariot Today we are moving forward in life, but often to go forward there are difficult choices we must face. There are times you feel torn in two directions as our chariot is pulled by two different steeds in opposite directions. To go forward we must make hard choices, often our best path is not the easiest path, go forward with determination and strength as you are going towards rewards. Look forward today, do not dwell on the past as through your dedication you are blazing a trail to what you want in life. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Four of Wands Today we are reminded there are many challenges between us and our dreams. We can see what we desire in life in front of us, but before reaching there we first must finish old business and tie up loose ends in life. There will be joys for you after you can overcome the challenges you are now facing. It can be very difficult to stay strong and focused day after day as you work towards your goal, but in truth, you are going forward with each day, happiness is sneaking up on you, just stay focused and determined. Do not look upon only the challenges in your life, see where your actions are taking you to realize you are getting closer to your goals. Blessings Arriana
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