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Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ten of Coins Today is a great financial day, look to windfalls or expected money to show up today! It is a day of reaping rewards, your past efforts are rewarded today as you have worked hard. Rewards will come from the most unexpected areas of your life, it is a day to just accept these pleasures without question. This is a positive financial card, it brings completion to those projects you have been working towards or just plain luck in attaining the right connection. If you are waiting on settlements or inheritances, this is the day they can be furthered. Head out to buy a lottery ticket, as it is a positive financial day, big or small added revenue is a bonus! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ace of Swords Today is a day of good news coming your way. It is the day you get that added advantage to help you succeed in life. The suit of swords puts a focus on communications as it is the air element, be clear in your needs to attain the positive breakthrough you need for attaining your goals. Communications will bring good news to you today, do not let the machine get the phone, instead grab it yourself; it is a good news day. This is the advantage you need to get your dreams furthered. Do not be shy, nor hold back in regards to attaining what you seek, you have the right plans, now reach for the sky! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Chariot Today we are moving forward in life, but often to go forward there are difficult choices we must face. There are times you feel torn in two directions as our chariot is pulled by two different steeds in opposite directions. To go forward we must make hard choices, often our best path is not the easiest path, go forward with determination and strength as you are going towards rewards. Look forward today, do not dwell on the past as through your dedication you are blazing a trail to what you want in life. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Six of Swords Today is a day to move beyond the negative, focus on the future and on the positive. It is important to see that you can move away from the past to a better future, let things fade today as you only look forward. It is a good day to plan a trip or weekend away, getting away from regular stresses allows you to recharge your batteries and start focusing on the future. This card reminds you to evaluate what needs changing in your life, do not be afraid to take that leap, it is important to continue forward in life as opposed to standing still; think for your best interests. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight of Coins Fight for your beliefs and you will get through today without a problem. You could feel defensive today as you feel others are questioning your actions, be ready to speak your mind as it is important to be firm in your desires. At work, you can find yourself answering questions to those in positions above you, use confidence in your answers as the defensive energies are causing you to feel this discomfort. Believe in yourself today as you are on the right path, do not let doubts creep in as you find others to actions and have confidence in your actions. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Page of Cups Today is a day of unexpected but good messages, good deeds get rewarded today as you find the day lighthearted and pleasant. It will be a bright day all around as you find yourself enjoying new ideas and new correspondences; remember to look carefully for hidden strings, but all in all, it will be a positive day. This card shows that there is fun ahead, a needed break is important as you have put in added efforts to get ahead in life; bask in the fun today it does bring needed stress relief. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Four of Swords Today is a day of rest, it is time to recharge your batteries from the everyday stresses which have plagued your life recently. It is a time to just turn the difficult aspects of life off as you put your needs first. Take a bubble bath or long walk to clear your head. Do something to treat yourself, as you need this calm day to recharge your inner strengths to face everyday life. It is important to take time for yourself, it is often hard to shut others out, but it is very important to take today to ground yourself and just rebuild your energies to go forward in life. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ King/Queen of Coins Today is a day for family focus as you are looking after responsibilities. Getting finances in order or taking care of pressing business is your first priority. It is a day to make sure that you have a secure foundation for the future, look at investments and check bank balances to feel secure with your future outlook. Take time to evaluate what you are dong, be sure your efforts are taking you in the right direction as you are working hard, be certain it is in the right direction. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Devil card Today is a day of trouble! The Devil brings complications, restrictions and obsessive actions. Be wary of new people with offers that sound too good to be true, as it is! This card warns of being tied down by duty and responsibilities, do hesitate on taking new duties today as these will bring troubles to you, taking away your free time for the very little reward. The Devil is not a good influence on life, others who can come into your life under this guise will bring conflicts. Be wary today of committing to anything! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight of Swords Today is an aggressive day, be prepared to defend actions as you find others around you questioning your actions. It is important to stay on top of your emotions and stay confident as you could be forced to make quick decisions. Make your choices with confidence as truly you can do what is right, do not hesitate as opportunities can be missed if you take too long to act. You need to feel the thrill of your actions, do not let this fast pace cause you to panic; instead, use the motto of “Just do it” as your theme today. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two of Swords Today we are faced with choices, it is often hard to choose the right path in life, but you must take the right steps towards happiness. Often the right choice is the hardest path to travel, which causes you to want to take the “shortcuts” in life. Sadly these end in dead ends, causing us to backtrack to the right path, losing time and adding stress to our lives. Evaluate your choices right now, plan out your next step towards happiness but be certain to face the true path, the hard choices are the best choices. Decisions can be very hard to face, but be honest with yourself as truly you must overcome the conflicts in your life first before moving forward. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ten of Wands Today we are faced with dealing with the challenges we face, we are tired of the fight which has gone on too long, it is a day of needing to take a break from this stress. Challenges you are facing today can cause great upsets as you are feeling uncertainty in regards to the final outcome. This is a day to face the knowledge that not all can be overcome. It is a day to evaluate what you are truly fighting for, as you put things in perspective, you will find that often what you are fighting for is not exactly what you seek, life gets complicated as you try to long to attain your goals, reevaluate your objectives today. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two of Coins Today we see rewards from past efforts, this card sees that there will be positive rewards for you from past efforts. Today is a day to expect positive news from your efforts as your efforts from the past reap you the rewards you are due, it is a good day to ask for that raise or promotion as you deserve it. Today we are focusing on the Earth Element, coins show the practical and financial aspects of our lives. Often our success is measured by rewards and praise for a job well done, be this working from outside the home or inside the home, we need positive days to remind us that we are doing good! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Three of Wands Well today it is time to lead your team to victory! Group efforts are a good foundation to your goals, but there are days such as this that you need to take charge of the situation and put your ideas forth. You are a team player and do work well towards your goals with others, but this is a day of letting yourself shine, as you do have positive solutions to the challenges you are facing. Have confidence in your plans and thoughts as others do value your opinions. Act on impulse when you feel it is the right moment to speak up, do not shy away from action! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seven of Wands Today you need to rely on your true inner strength, there is competition for what you want in life and only determination and valour will lead you to victory. It is not a day for short cuts as that will not help you in the long run. Challenges can be won today just remember the old adage “treat others as you wish to be treated” Do not resort to things you will regret later as you overcome challenges today, karma likes to kick back. You will win the fight, it is just important to remember to stay true to your beliefs. Blessings Arriana
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