Mysticalcraft Arriana's Daily Tarot !

A daily Tarot card to help guide your is an adventure so live it fully...
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The World Today we reach our goals, this card sees that we are reaching out for life, not be afraid of tomorrow but instead bravely extend ourselves to reach for happiness. Our inner strengths have gotten us where we are now, we make our destiny, each action brings a reaction however big or small. This card sees that our actions have reached out far, but we must not stop yet, as there are always dreams to be pursued and goals to fulfill. Life is what we make it, though we have ups and downs as long as we go forward we are headed in the right direction. Today is a day to look upon all our accomplishments and be proud, failures were learning experiences that propel us forward. Pat yourself on the back today! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eight of Swords Can you say frustration! That is today’s keyword as you find yourself dealing with the unknown obstacles. You can find today to be very restrictive as you meet with obstacles on each step you take. Do not despair today, instead pace yourself and wait for these to clear, as tomorrow will be another day. Often obstacles are put in our lives to make us slow down, speed bumps on the road of life; just pace yourself as not to try to change what needs time to settle in. At times today, you will find the need to count to ten and then breathe, do not let today’s stresses cause you to pull your hair out, just smile and think tomorrow is nearing. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two of Cups, Today is a day to start that new love or business partnership between friends. This sees today brings new beginnings to your life as you feel the security of others. It is a great day for harmony and cooperation between you and your dreams. It is a day to reach out for more from life, do not hesitate to embrace the opportunities to follow your heart as truly life is too short no to reach for the rainbow to follow it to the pot of gold! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Sun Today we step out into the bright sunlight seeing clearly the opportunities ahead of us. It is a day for doing things, finding the next step on your life journey as truly you know where you want to go. Look to new avenues that are opening up to you, do not feel shy or uncertain as with the Sun shining on you every step can be seen clearly. This is a card of good fortune and opportunity. Your ideas can bear fruit as the sun nourishes your goals. Today is the perfect day to start that plan you have been considering as you will see that there will be offers of assistance and the clarity today to see what is attainable. Search yourself as you grow under the sun’s rays, see the possibilities that are open to you, it is not a day to hide in the shade, get out there and enjoy. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Moon Today we must look carefully at life, it is not always as it seems. Deceptions can linger near our lives touching gently or deeply into our everyday lives. Under the darkness of the Moon we do not always see what we should, offers too good to be true, they are. Look under the surface of the situation in your life, see why this does not seem right, look to others motivations as truly there are reasons for their actions, often by looking closely we can see through the haze of the present situation. Deceptions and manipulations can be understood when you see them clearly. Make today one of seeking truths, slow life down if you are feeling uncertain, do not act unless you are feeling secure today. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Four of Swords Today is a day of rest, it is time to recharge your batteries from the everyday stresses which have plagued your life recently. It is a time to just turn the difficult aspects of life off as you put your needs first. Take a bubble bath or long walk to clear your head. Do something to treat yourself, as you need this calm day to recharge your inner strengths to face everyday life. It is important to take time for yourself, it is often hard to shut others out, but it is very important to take today to ground yourself and just rebuild your energies to go forward in life. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Chariot Today we are moving forward in life, but often to go forward there are difficult choices we must face. There are times you feel torn in two directions as our chariot is pulled by two different steeds in opposite directions. To go forward we must make hard choices, often our best path is not the easiest path, go forward with determination and strength as you are going towards rewards. Look forward today, do not dwell on the past as through your dedication you are blazing a trail to what you want in life. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Magician Today the Magician reminds you to embark on a journey of self-confidence. Market yourself or your skills with belief in yourself. Use your abilities to shine, let others believe in you as you use all the elements to your advantage. Do not let others see your true nervousness as you venture forth, use your skills to your advantage. Trust your instincts to guide your actions, act on them do not over think as you can miss a great opportunity. Make magick happen today as you are the true Magician! Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Fool This card sees the start of all our journey’s. We are all born a fool, without knowing what will occur the next day, we are uncertain of the adventure ahead of us. As we explore life we learn and grow as a person. It is important not to stop exploring life, we can continue to learn each day, exploring new avenues and opening our eyes to new ways and experiences. This day brings with it the joy of adventure and exploration. Reach out to life, never tire of going forward to learn new ways. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Emperor Today’s card is often viewed as the mate to the Empress, but it also focuses on the material side of life whereas the Empress is the spiritual side. This card shows we can attain material goods from our efforts. The Emperor sees our quest for independence. We are striving for security and stability in our lives. Today you should look around you, view with pride what you have attained in your life. See your efforts being rewarded as your abilities and skills have brought these things to you. It is a good time to start your own business or a new project today, as you are aware of the material needs in your life. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Judgment card This is a day of change and balance, your previous efforts do bring rewards of change and growth. Think with reason and logic as truly there is more to life then you grasp now. Search who you are to see where you want to be, do not let fears hold you back as you have unlimited potential, only you can limit yourself. The creative energies within you can help guide you where you need to be, balance your desires and needs to achieve the growth you desire. Life is a journey of learning and reaching for all we can be, you are going forward, do not shy away. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Three of Coins Today is a day of learning new skills, it is time to take that step to learn how to further your skills to get ahead. This is a perfect day to start a new class or hobby even. Learning new ideas, even if it just how to balance our chequebooks can give us added motivations and determination to grow as people. By exploring what is out there we can easily add to our experiences, a seminar or course can help us find the fulfilment we are seeking in life. It is always fun to learn new ideas to further our knowledge, use today to reach out to what you have been considering learning. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight of Coins Fight for your beliefs and you will get through today without a problem. You could feel defensive today as you feel others are questioning your actions, be ready to speak your mind as it is important to be firm in your desires. At work, you can find yourself answering questions to those in positions above you, use confidence in your answers as the defensive energies are causing you to feel this discomfort. Believe in yourself today as you are on the right path, do not let doubts creep in as you find others to be demanding today. Good finical rewards are coming to you, be firm in your actions and have confidence in your actions. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Page of Swords Today is a day to be cautious, as you can sense the beginnings of changes. Change is a good thing but it is best to be prepared for it, you can keep close tabs on those near you to be ready for what is coming up. There can be sudden changes or cancellations in plans today, try to go with the flow of energies around you as opposed to fighting the changes. It is important to sit back and watch things occur as opposed to you trying to block these changes. Do not fear today, instead, use your common sense to watch what is going on around you and see your best options. Blessings Arriana
Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Four of Wands Today we are reminded there are many challenges between us and our dreams. We can see what we desire in life in front of us, but before reaching there we first must finish old business and tie up loose ends in life. There will be joys for you after you can overcome the challenges you are now facing. It can be very difficult to stay strong and focused day after day as you work towards your goal, but in truth, you are going forward with each day, happiness is sneaking up on you, just stay focused and determined. Do not look upon only the challenges in your life, see where your actions are taking you to realize you are getting closer to your goals. Blessings Arriana