"Your Guidance Within"

We all have the ability to listen and be guided by our own psychic development. Let us begin the journey you and your higher self have been waiting for to be explored.

Animal Totem ~ The Duck

Self Sufficient. From an early age Ducks are taught to pucker up and waddle into life or get lost. Literally this is what occurs. As ducklings Mama duck assists them to become self-sufficient and are taught everything on how to find food, stick with their own, and run like hell from those that mean harm to you. This my friends is what life is sometimes all about, both as human beings and emotional creatures. Self Sufficiency as human beings we can literally understand, however emotionally we need guidance and the Duck can teach you 101 on Self Care & Self Love.


Let us begin with what we cannot see but we can feel! Emotional Self Love. The Duck teaches you that although we love certain people, things, or habits that really just add to our unhappiness – we really just need to stop and return to the basics. FLAP Your wings, thrash in your mess, and then walk away from it to start again somewhere else. Ducks don’t just stay where they are not wanted – they stay because they get something out of it.


Now if you noticed in your life you are somewhere that it is just too low and it is unhappy there…you may be at the point of change even if you are thinking… “Oh, its bad but there Is nothing I can do right now”… The universe will move you to re-act if you do not act. Things will get so bad that your choice to get up and do something about it will just be taken from you and you will get up and do something about it any way. However, if the Duck can teach you something its about listening to your feelings in the first place. Its about noticing that the circumstances around you are bad, and uncomfortable, sad and perhaps unsafe… which means its time to move on.


Ducks are slow at times but in the end they do realize that no one is more responsible about there life and well being than themselves. They do not blame the others when they do not have a mate,  no food that day, nor when there young don’t make it and are lost to them…no no no… they learn from their mistakes, they learn from the ducks around them where it is safe, where there is food, and where there are available mates.


So if you need to get mad and blow steam…The Animal totem of the duck says go for it. This is your life, your sanity that plays the role of your reaction to the around you and your life.


Learn from the Duck as you realize that there is no better time in the present to take care of the #1 person in the world…you!


Thank you,

Miami Psychic

Animal Totem: The Bull (aka OX)


We have all seen this wonderful creature out and about, mostly while he is pulling, pushing, or wildly kicking and charging the humans who sport him, however this creatures is completely different in nature. Its magnificent stature and its rich thick coat can make anyone near him feel small, weak and insignificant in its presence. In the spirit world the reality is quite the opposite.

The Bull is a guarding animal, one who is strong and firm, however he here to offer support and foundation in your life. He is not hear to compete, compare, nor complain. He just is – but with no sense of being conceded, but rather the “Big Brother” who is there for you. The Bull teaches us that we can learn to “Co-Exist” no matter the person, the religion, the ethic, nor their purpose – because we all have a purpose – this the Bull teaches us very well.


The Bull knows he is strong, knows he is big, knows he “can” – In his lessons though I have learned that we can be as the bull in all his strengths, but most of all in his “acceptance” in the way things “just are” and the beings around him “Just are”. He teaches us that we can only control our actions and reactions – however the creatures around us – our society we can attempt to coherence and share our thoughts, but in the end we can NOT make them do anything they wish not to do. Thus the stronger lesson comes as a result of this action, We learn to choose to walk away from them or graciously pass by them. Yes this may mean that shoulders may me brushed and these people will have thoughts that may not be true to your personality – but the Bull teaches you to not care what they think or say after you pass them by or walk away from them. For the Bull can charge aggressively other things more exciting and productive to the Bulls’ existence. Think about this and ask your self now how do you feel about the bull?

Perspectives are such wonderful kaleidoscopes in life to play with! --- Miami Psychic

Page of Pentacles

You are about to receive fruit for what you sowed, desired, daydreamed, planned, and worked hard for. Life is literally giving you what you want. Now that you have your confirmation do be abit cautious - for what you want may be abit more than you imagined to handle. This is just a caution – and it must be taken with the thought of – ok, now let me see how I can still make things work out for me.


We are creatures of hopes, wishes, and desires – and yes the old saying of “be careful of what you wish for, for you just might get it” is completely true with this card. This does not mean that something negative will arise – but rather it advises you of the desired object, person, status, or situation is coming to pass – make sure you are completely ready to receive!



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Animal Totem: The Crane


The Crane is a distinguishable artistic creature. With its thin long neck and smooth feathered wings, this bird teaches us how to live life much like the elegant strokes used with a brush on a canvas.  A Master piece that dances, dives, and walks with all the grace of the world high on its head – a majestic creature with its humility showing in its grey, whites and black colored feathers.


When meditating with “The Crane” One learns life is not about what you “have” in your life that gives you the “feeling” or aspiration of royalty, wealth, beauty, or knowledge – It is through the achievement of slow pacing your actions that will assist you to attain such features. One realizes that there is no rush in living the day, nor is there any lack of which one is misfortune by, due to the fact that this creature believes in its capabilities of surviving with its optimism of being “Graceful, completely confident, and of course - blessed in acquiring all of its necessities required to survive and live life to its fullest.


It is not with conceitedness but rather with humility that this creature passively moves, breaths, and lives life with. There is no rush, for there is no true time line, or clock in life. There is no better race, nor are there more intelligent creatures for there no discrimination among the animals in this creatures mind. Things just are as they are and one is to mind ones business. One is not here to compete, nor make others feel bad, but rather remember they are perfectly who they are meant to be. There is no soul searching with “The Crane” because the crane teaches you that if you become ACCEPTING & PATIENT with yourself – the TRUE YOU will spread its wings and fit right in life – no competition or huge change necessary.


The crane meditation begins with these thoughts of pure acceptance and gracefulness. One may attain connection with the crane with slow moving breaths. (What I mean moving breaths – I mean slow breaths accompanied with slow stretches or movements. Much like the crane in water or walking among the marsh.) This exercise is great with stretching and self-massaging. I would recommend this exercise while using body lotion. Spend about 5 to 10 minutes daily massaging your arms and legs all the while slowly breathing and stretching your extremities. Feelings of luxury, gracefulness, and beauty will fill you. This my friends are your strokes on canvas, your Master piece, your Animal Totem “The Crane”.


Many Blessings,


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Time and Time again women find themselves questioning the reason for their current STAGNATION in their relationship. We ask our selves, okay so I got the man or woman I wanted but why isnt it going anywhere? We begin our journey in finding, no, correction in REDISCOVERING the QUEEN OF DESIRE by understanding the HOW WE ATTRACTED our PARTNERS.


Woman and Men alike ATTRACTED one another because of one SIMPLE FACT!

What Kind of energy you say? HAPPINESS!!!

I AM HERE TO TELL YOU! That you indeed are a QUEEN OF DESIRE, and because you lost her or some how forgotten about her, this is WHY you are currently experiencing STAGNATION in your relationship or love life!

SO lets begin where we all know it STARTED! IN THE BEGINNING!!!! lol

In the Beginning you were thinking of ONLY you!!! You were doing things that you enjoyed! You were focused on having fun! and Most of ALL you were ALLOWING yourself to be happy with the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON in this world!!!


Yes you were allowing yourself to BECOME SELFISH!

Selfishness has somewhere in time been thought as an awful trait but the TRUTH is without it you will not BE HAPPY and nor will you BE ABLE TO KEEP OTHERS AROUND YOU HAPPY!!!






First you are to find atleast 10 MINUTES DAILY!!!! YES I KNOW YOU ARE BUSY...but allow yourself five minutes since you have non selfishly given your whole day to other duties..give yourself 10 minutes.


This is an audio that will assist you to focus and align your vibration in RECEIVING!




You are the goddess of your desires and yes of the "Man of YOUR DREAMS" you choose to be with! So you forgot who YOU ARE?! Allow The Miami Psychic to Guide you back TO BECOMING THE QUEEN OF DESIRES!! Yes you have always known you are special but perhaps somewhere you lost the sight!! That vision of YOU! The amazing woman of gifts, visions, sights, dreams, passions, and hell yea!! CREATIVITY! The woman who always knew she was meant to take long beautiful bubble baths in rose petals, who has the man she is meant too be with because....SHE CHOSE TO BE WITH HIM!!! Yes remember you are the the QUEEN OF DESIRES and because you are that AMAZING WOMAN!!! WHO HAS POWER!!! You have the power to CALL UPON the man of your dreams into your life and if not YOU CAN!!!



YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A HAPPY WOMAN!!! You might have lost sight of it..you may have just needed the right coach, psychic, and mentor... BUT I AM HERE TO TELL YOU it wasnt time then!!!!


Those who are READY were pulled to my blog and those who are READY FOR HAPPINESS scheduled an appointment or called!!!!


:) Guiding in Light and Love Always,
The Miami Psychic
aka The Nightenchantress on KEEN
Tarot of the Day!

The sun represents the initiation or beginning of a new time and era of your life! It is the spark in which has been lit for you to "see" and continue to move towards! It is the Birth of a new beginning and it promises great ongoing success! Continue the feeling of hope and happiness, for what you desire is finally here for you to enjoy daily!

The tarot used in this reading is Rider Tarot Deck.


April 11, 2012
"life is good"
A word with your magickal confidant

"Begin to realize everything you need and desire are in your life already...waiting for you to just pick it up and go with it. Life is good! Look at three good things that occurred to you today, no matter how small they may seem, GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO YOU DAILY!!! Give thanks to the universe and watch how they multiply everyday TEN FOLD!"-- Julie


March 20, 2012
A word with your magickal confidant

"It is at times when we feel like our emotions cloud our judgement and thus we act upon them leaving us feeling worried and unsure of the outcome...tis the way of things in life, however it is at those moments we seek out another pair of eyes to help us see through the mist."-- Julie

The Lion "King of Cats"

This is a very "regal" animal totem to carry and call your own. I have seen such Totem especially recently around a special person and this animal is one not to be ignored. The lion calls out the law! This majestic creature tend to bring justice not only through out its land and territory but in the lives of its gifted people. Those carrying such totem are surrounded by power, righteousness and pride. Those in need of protection , or a desired outcome for true justice may find it in the Lion.

Meditate with the Lion

(This is a very intimate and yes very strong bonding meditation that you may use when trying to communicate with the Lion Totem.)

Sit in front of a mirror and turn on a bright yellow candle. Call out to your guides and focus on the lion animal totem. Visualize or Imagine its beautiful blond and brown mane. Now with a brush that is only yours..brush your hair... any way you like of course..wild..preppy.. nice..neat.. crazy...it doesnt matter which way you decide to brush it, infact your individual and  unique decision on how will tell you more about your animal totem. See yourself brushing your hair and visualizing the Lion within you. Speak to the lion, tell him or her how they may help you. How you wish it to be part of your life and your judgement. Allow its spirit to connect with yours as long as your feel it. Once you are done, thank the Lion spirit and repeat this exercise daily.. to seal your pact.


Ace of Cups

This powerful card expresses abundance and opportunities filling ones life soon if not already. It is a time where you will experience an overflow or excess of more than one area in your life.
May it be love - You will experience not just love from a partner but an abundance of love for yourself. May it be business or career - Opportunities will come forward left and right. It is my personal advice for you to say "YES" to the universe even the opportunities you dont see yourself going through with. I say this because when the universe sees you accepting it will continue to send you more energies and opportunities. Look at it as a universal buffet - where you get to have a little bit of everything and then you decide in your own time which entree or dessert to finally eat.

Allow the universe to flood your gates with gifts and experience this pampering time with the luxury of taste. Dont decide in just one thing right now allow yourself to experience alittle of everything that is coming your way.

The tarot I am currently using for this reading and interpretations is the "Legacy of the Divine Tarot"


Your reality is based upon your perception and intentions! So why is your life not what you want it to be? This is a red flag letting you know that guess what you are unhappy--soooo do something about it! CHANGE!

We are creatures of habit and fall in homeostasis many times through out our life and yes even in a day! So how do we break our habit and become who we want to be? Become happy and enjoy life to the fullest as we have always intended??? Really?! Intention there you go!

So first thing is first! Tell your self that just for today you are going to give this a shot! Just for today even if you think this is foolish you are going to believe that all it is going to take to live happy is to change your intention! Now that you have cleared your mind and are determined to change your perception and intention to a happier you!

Lets do this exercise with the Angels! imagine or visualize your angels surrounding you in white light and they are supplying you with the clarity and confidence to modify your life to the life you have always wanted! OK STOP! Ask yourself what is happiness?

Meditation with the Angels ~ Intention

If you could attain the feeling of happiness at this moment in time, what would it feel like? Does it have a color, a word, and image that you can associate happiness to? Intention is everything so let yourself find the intention in finding inside yourself and image of you! Yes you heard clear!

An image of you HAPPY!!! what does he/she look like? If we could visualize yourself happy and complete what would that be? How are you dressed? What things do you do for self care? Do use products you didnt before? Is your hair or make up done differently? How does this make you feel?


Now bring this image to you today! What is different? What are some things you can change today, right now to attain that "you"? Write this down - Do this exercise with music that you find uplifting and do this whole experience over and over. It is the intention guided by your angels and guides who will assist you in attaining the happiness you are looking for! But not tomorrow or a year from today! Rather right now! at this moment!

Change! Allow change to happen in how you perceive yourself! How you smile and give yourself the patience to be positive even if its in one thing a day! Find a hobby and allow your true self to shine through it. Be happy right now and share it! It is all in your intention to become happy today and in the perception of what happiness is that will bring happiness in your life!



Daily Reiki ~ Just for Today...

I am content with myself!
I am very excited to be me!
I have everything I ever need to be happy right now!
I am loved!
I have love!
I am filled with hope, inspiration, and excitement!
I am confidant!
I am complete!
Even if I have doubt, just for today I wont!
I will believe this just for today!
I have no need to search outside myself for love and affection!
I am sexy and I feel it!
I am deserving of this feeling!
I am attractive!
I am a great person!
I live an amazing life!
I will prentend this all day until i say it 1000 times! (laugh)
I will laugh! (why not! I am happy!)
I will smile and smirk!
HA! Just for today I will allow myself to be fun!
I am fun!
I am fun to be around and be with!
All things I have doubted in are not going to be here todya!
I dont have such feelings in my life today!
Just for today I will live an amazing life for being amazing!
I am thankful that I love myself first!
I deserve to love myself first!
 I have all the love I need and more!
I am very very happy to be me!

Journal your affirmations as you practice your reiki daily!


*Animal Totem*

Today I was inspired by a very unique little creature. The spider! This animal totem crawled her way all up to my make up counter and on to my mirror. There I was asking my inner shaman for guidance in my love life when I was so graciously startled. What a unique animal totem to be presented to during such a trifle time in my love life. She taught me a few tricks and allowed herself to be revealed as I prepared my goddess self to take her spirit in.

During my meditation with the spider I learned that all though dangerous things and changes such as a new romance or healing one could feel very on the edge. One must take her life gracefully with purpose in her stride yet be allowed to watch all angles to care for ones heart without being startled. She told me that we sometimes fall pray to anxieties and worries unnecessarily at the moment in time. For we look at our relationship at the immediate image rather than the day as one piece of a 1000 piece puzzle.

She also taught me how to be slick and sly with my personality and sensuality.
She explained to me that it is the tiny secret smile we woman (and heck why not men too! lol) hold to ourselves that allows us to be confidant and sexy. She advised me to practice and to smile so..that my eyes truly held the secret to being sensual. It is a trick in the eyes that can make you seem what you may lack or desire you to have always wanted.

The spider is an amazing creature teaching us how to be prepared to change our course without much thought to anxieties or worries but rather in the quiet yet secret laughter in our eyes.


Imagine our visualize the spirit of the spider. She is tiny to many other creatures but the venom in her fags create an aura of danger. Imagine this aura and hold the ability to be confidant that you are always protected at all times. With such aura imagine the ability to smile through your eyes. You hold a secret - a secret that no one else knows. That secret is so sexy and beautiful - exotic to those surrounding you. Keep holding her spirit in you as you master her ability to perceive more than on entrance or exit to the situations around you. Without hesitation you are able to switch gears and speed. allowing you the right timing for all course of actions needed at the time.

This is the spirit of the animal totem spider. May she bring you a different sense of awareness!


Moon: Hunger Moon
Angels: Gabriel & Barbiel
Waning: Best time to find new solutions to existing problems. A time to correct past mistakes.
Color: Orange (You may use a candle in this color to amplify power)
Astral Sign (Regarding Moon position): Scorpio
Planet: Moon
Magick Properties: Dealings with home, family, love, growth, cooking, clairvoyance, medicine, dreams.and the sea.
*Time for magick* (Variable - I work moon magick always at 10PM)
10pm - Monday - is ruled by Moon: involves emotions, love, partnership, friendship, healing, compassion, erratic powers, memories, and the mind.

My Spell Work: (If you are comfortable in the casting of a circle please feel free to do so now. If not then call upon whatever you feel is comforting may it be angels, god, or your animal totem and a circle of white light for both protection and as amplification to your magick) 

Scorpio Waning Moon Magick
February 13th Monday 10 PM

"Blessed Be the work of a light worker and the triple moon goddess's magick! In Light and Love I call upon Gabriel and Barbiel for their assistance and guidance. In pure intentions I cast out to the universe that surrounds me : Golden Light in Love and Prosperity to break away from past mistakes and hurt. Hurt I have caused and or been caused to me. Either purposely or not. I command in light and love to release such feelings of hurt caused in my current relationship(say the name of the person or persons)."

(Begin to imagine white light surrounding you and your space - Angels assist me to find the answers necessary to move forward in my relationships!)

"I cast away all hurt in my (love, friend, or family memeber) relationships. It is my desire to retain or create new of what I already have with (this person), such as communication, [ ex. love, passion, sex life, good times, happiness, and/or lust] for the present and the future with (this person), (anything or anyone you may also want to add to your spell -- say it here). In light and love I surround myself with prosperity, divine strength, courage and determination necessary to resolve my current issues in (add the area of life you feel is important to you tonight here). I call upon the universe and the power of the moon bring to me my hearts desire. In light and love I cast out this spell work into the night, in to the universe for completion. So mote it be!"

(Imagine your spellwork turns into a ball of golden orange light and and cast it out up to the moon to the stars or universe.)

Thank your guardians and guides, the universe. Gabriel and Barbiel. The Triple Moon Goddess and anyone one else you feel you need to thank.

Great time for new starts and begining for love of all kinds! FRIENDS! PARENTS! SIBLINGS! FAMILY! BOYFRIENDS! GIRLFRIENDS! COWORKERS! NEW PERSONS IN YOUR LIFE!

Blessed Be your Moon Magick my beloved love ones!!!


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