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What an incredible week!!! My spiritual sensors are going nuts over the past days...
Wow, I am feeling so dizzy... in a good way, in a very good way!

Why is that ? Well, today is July 26 2018 and the LionsGate Portal starting to open up... so much to say about it...

LionsGate is about bring us into self awareness, transmuting old fears and the development of inner strength & fortitude by becoming empowered & reminding us of our full spiritual potential. It will help you re-awaken your cosmic connection & sense of Divine sovereignty.

Some common effects leading up to the LionsGate cosmic event that you might have felt are:
  • a sense that things are shifting

  • a feeling of great uncertainty and self doubt

  • powerful activation, or ups and downs - like a roller-coaster

  • anxiety, restlessness, disrupted sleep or insomnia

  • lower energy, old wounds & emotions coming up to the surface

  • self forgiveness & amplified inner child issues & healing

  • anxiety, fear

  • anger, judgements & projecting onto others

  • feeling of total desperation

  • amplified feelings of separation & aloneness, left out, rejected

  • negativity & lack mentality

  • difficulty coping

  • internal anguish & self power battles

  • the challenge of cultivating & managing inner strength, control & power

  • transmutation 

Tomorrow, July 27th, we are having the longest total lunar eclipse of this century, in Aquarius, combined with a Full Blood Moon !

Finally... today July 26 also begins Mercury Retrograde in Leo.. you understand why now I can not stand still !

What to expect during this major energy shift week ?

It’s all energy. We’re swimming in energetic streams. We are connected to the movements of the cosmos and are all woven together in this intricate and multidimensional tapestry that is Life.

There is a lot of charge in the air which could be wiping some of us out! Energy has been building toward this BLOOD MOON~ LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aquarius.
Passions will be stirring so we must take deep breaths, connect with the grounding energy of the Earth and bring patience and love to our interactions/relationships. We can transmute the fire and rise to see a new dawn with an open and accepting heart.


This full Blood Moon on July 27, 2018 at 4° Aquarius is a total lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse July 2018 astrology is mainly influenced by Mars, making this an emotionally challenging eclipse. Mars anger and frustration could easily turn to reckless actions because of a harsh aspect to Uranus. A more gentle influence from Saturn will make it a little easier to calm down, and some fixed stars give patience and decisiveness in a crisis. However, these same stars can also cause aggression and emotional problems.

Remaining calm in a crisis is the key to dealing with this overly emotional lunar eclipse. This is particularly important for the next two weeks while the July 12 solar eclipse is still active. It brings the potential for a crisis with your self-esteem, a relationship or an event, and for neurotic distress triggered by a deeply buried subconscious fear of disaster.

This July 2018 lunar eclipse is a rare central lunar eclipse, where part of the Moon passes through the center of the Earth’s shadow. It is also the longest total lunar eclipse this century, lasting 1 hour and 23 minutes. This powerful total lunar eclipse is also called a blood moon because of the reddish color caused by light being refracted by Earth’s atmosphere. A blood moon conjunct Mars is an omen of war, and will be most visible over hot spots in the Middle East like Iran, Iraq, Syria and Israel.

With this Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, it’s time to integrate the endings, awakenings, transformations and death and rebirth experiences related to the balance of Self and Other, completing our initiation into a more balanced exchange between the masculine and feminine energies of life as well as between women and men.

All new things start with our choices. Our free will is our greatest gift, and yet many people don’t use theirs. That’s when we get stuck in life and can’t seem to find a way out.
Being a victim entails not seeing options in our lives. We shut down on life. Being an optimist means that we see different opportunities and choices we can make.

There are possibilities in life. Choices begin the process of change. Our brain chemistry changes when we make choices. Making a choice signals our brain that we’re ready to begin a journey.
So the choice is the first step in changing our behaviors….

Lunar Eclipses occur when the shadow of the Earth moves across the face of the Moon, cutting off the sunlight. Usually, full Moons help us become aware of something within us, some feeling or belief that we keep hidden.

At a Lunar Eclipse, these feelings and beliefs come out unconsciously. You could say, our shadow is showing.
So look for your Shadow turning up this weekend, and instead of pushing it back into the unconscious, embrace it, name it and allow it into your life.

This is the ultimate choice; stay open to all of yourself and own it. Then take it into your relationships and work consciously to include those rejected parts of yourself.
If your partners are strong, they will accept these elements of your personality and learn to work with them. The point is to keep your standpoint, try to find the compromises that work for both of you, and communicate with grace, openness and love….

If you feel concerned about all those events or if you have any questions, feel free to email me or chat directly with me

Divine union with soulmate connections (Twin flames, Soulmate, twin Connections and karmic flames and many others) is one of the most powerful experiences that you would ever feel in your lifetime.

As beautiful and amazing as the energy is, there is a process that soulmates go through in order to come to the divine union. It’s a very challenging and a difficult process that feels like a lifetime.

There is emotional pain and many times chaotic confusion that they first need to purge and let go of in order to come to their Divine Union.

We don’t have clear answers on why Twin Flames go through so much drama and pain. Only for the fact that they are releasing and surrendering in order to let go of any excess baggage internally in this lifetime.

Twin flame relationships go through many lifetimes with the cycle of coming together and disconnecting. Many times this can be very confusing when you meet your divine partner, such as your twin flame, you know that this person is in for the long-haul in your life. You will not be able to separate from this person.

Twin flames have a spiritual mission and they first need to heal and let go of any fear-based energy that they carry deep in their soul. This is a very painful experience for Twin flames and other Soul Bond Connections, but it is all part of the process in order to keep them purified in your spirit.

Runner and chaser Energy?

This happens to all types of soulmate connections. When they first meet, it is a beautiful honeymoon vacation, and as they get stronger in the relationship, they both feel that magnetic pull that scares them.

There is always one that is the stronger vessel and is willing to take the chance.
While the other may have not healed from past wounds and starts to run away from it's own emotions and insecurities.

They are both actually not ready; it’s not just the runner who is not ready but they both need to work on themselves energetically in order to get past these life lessons.

There’s no way of determining how long this can take, many times it can take several months or even many years. But it’s all serves a purpose in order to find your true center and complete your soul mission with your divine partner.

How to get through chaser stages and heal?

First you have to remember that this is all part of a master plan and you to resent together in order to work on yourselves.

Twin flames can go through many different stages with healing. Many times twin flames get back together for several years and then break apart and going through the same vicious cycle because initially they were never completely healed.

The first step is to find balance and spiritually centering your soul. I like to use meditation and helping connect to the higher above, into the divine with the angels to help heal and find your true Spirit center. This will automatically reciprocate back to your divine partner who twill be able to manifest to the higher 5D level. They can then allow themselves to heal to complete and let go of past all the wounds.

If you are going through challenges in your soulmate or Twin flame relationship, I do offer chat and email readings.

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I've been involved in a recent study about the soulmates,
 I will explain the spiritual connections. It is so fascinating, how this type of spiritual connection
and this bond can be divided in different spiritual paths, all have a purpose in life.

Please note that in all relationships it may not always be an actual connection, and not everyone is the same,
but after reading this, you must understand that it may not be what you want to hear,
but resulting in perfecting your karma, and help you find the One.

There are soulmates, twin flames, whatever you want to call them, and everything happens for a reason, know that some of the people that come into our life are merely there just to help teach us a lesson and make a real impact on our life.

A soulmate connection would be the almost perfect connection, both Twinflame and Soulmate both have intense energies, Twinflame is the dynamite energy where Soulmate is the Dynamo that is quite powerful but long lasting, there are several types of Soulmates, friendships, family, children even pets and we do have more than one.

Twinflame is the explosion of energy where Soulmate is the generator energy, that is the difference, and you seem to never disconnect your self from your twinflame in this or any other lifetime, sometimes it can follow you into other lifetimes and this is where connecting with your your twin fame can be chaos and a struggle. especially the person may be married, and
Twin flame is the other half of you soul.

Some would call it a twin soul,  When it does, however, usually that person is NOT your ideal mate, for good reason, they are sometimes difficult to live with, This is not easy to live with total chaos you have come to where you are very comfortable with your self for it to work. Most people mistake Twin Flame for their Soulmate.

Yes we all have a Twin Flame, soulmates is a almost perfect connection, (unless there is some type of a confliction of spirituality) Twin flame has some type of chaos involved, one can be attached, age difference, different locations (very common experiences), or the person has some serious issues and is afraid to open up to the energy because the bond is too intense.

The either love each other or hate each other, like a thin line between love & hate. it is a Direct bond, so drawn that you can’t let go of the connection even if you never had a relationship or if He/She is not single, that thoughts will be never ending, sometimes for years. 

The connection is very intense and you can feel what they are feeling even apart. You can feel them spiritually close to you, and even when there is negativity and distance, you will feel this emotion.

It can be a beautiful and traumatic experience as it sounds, Sometimes people can’t handle this deep Spiritual Bond with a some one and block it, causing them to go thru life with a never facing the truth of life (which is rare). Keeping in mind, everyone has choices and free will . Once a Twin Flame connect it is never one sided, and when Karma permits, this depends on every one differently.  Spiritual connections usually develop up when you don't expect it.

You will also find yourself coming down the the same symptoms of a soulmate,  it can be telepathic, Twin flames come together when they have unfinished business. Keep your spiritual senses clear and focused on yourself and activities in your life, don't spend every second of your free time looking for your soulmate or Twin Flame, waiting for that person to call or email you, Focus on your dreams, and what makes you happy.

Just know that in more spiritual patterns and most spiritual connections are really just Past Life connections.

There for us for a reason to help us grow spiritually, before we are born in the physical world, our life is with God. were brought here for a short time to make our choices and destiny for the after life. After crossing over the first time and many times after we haven't fulfilled what we suppose to do, we have the choice to come back into the physical world to correct our mistakes and grow from them. Life on Earth isn't Home, the after life is.

If you have ever experienced the term we use in France "Deja Vu", (or Sentiment de Deja Vu) you know that you've felt like you've been in a certain place, knew someone or had a conversation before that very moment. That is very true. Most likely you knew that person, had that conversation, Spiritually your linked to everyone you meet, and there is a purpose for them in your life, and is a part of Karma, that is past over present and how actions in a past life, predetermined the conditions in your present life and character. Each life we live shapes our character and our future.

You're spiritual energy knows what is best, and all are not perfect but in fact equal when it comes to a relationship, Soulmates have their up and downs like non soulmate relationships, but with the soulmate there is a certain bond that can't be broken, you can live with someone who isn't your twin flame, this may be your choice in this lifetime and to much for a person to have and is too intense for a relationship that will always break and re connect, sometimes years later, with a karma connection, you can feel the spiritual energy and want to use it to help the other person with unconditional love and as long as that person is living a happy life and are a part of it what ever way possible that would be the true gift of all.

With spirituality, it's very unpredictable and things always happen for a reason, people are sent everyday as messengers just as you are sent to people for a reason, you can't bring some one close if there is a plan for you above, you have to know how to deal and handle the energy not to over dominate you, that you are in control of your own life not others, always remember things happen for a reason and activity spiritually calms and reverses the energy. 

When soulmates don't feel the energy you give, this will bring the relationship into a spiritual reverse, all soulmate connections are 50/50, but it can reverse that it's not you any more it can be them working the energy around about the relationship.  

The biggest struggle we encounter these days is the ability to be able to remain in a clear path, without deviating and losing our spiritual and energetic compass.

In those struggles, Love, Hope, Peace and Growth are constantly put in challenge.

By my knowledge and experience, even the wisest persons on Earth still struggle, from time to time, having difficulties to apprehend what’s happening, what to do next or where to go from here to there.

Worldwide, we are subjected to real facts, dark facts, dramas, death and terrorism, such as what just happened in France, which truly touched me by the gravity of it.

At this point, it is very hard to keep control of the facts and to clearly keep our faith up.


The same challenges exist in terms of Love, about our Soulmates and Twinflames.

Especially with this New Year 2015 starting, we need a clear view and we need to prospect on the future and on what needs to be done.

Life is a journey, a day after day task which can either be happy & easy or sad & hard.


Finding the right person, growing our current connection, maintaining our relationships, working out our own issues, finding solutions, finding the right time, growing spiritually ... this list can just just go on and on.


The main concept here is to never lose hope, to keep your heads up, to keep a strong aura and to never surrender to the negativity and darkness.

Indeed, this is a lot of work but with Faith, Hope, Serenity and Strength, we can overcome any obstacles.

The same goes for our Partner, our Love One, our Soul Mate, our Twin Flame, our Karmic Flame, our half whom can only help us, guide us and give us whatever we need to accomplish our dreams and goals.


If you do lose track of all your priorities, press the Reset button or simply surround yourself with the right person.


God Bless You,


Psychic Reno

Happy New Year everyone !
bonne Annee !

As we move into 2015, we can feel everywhere around us a lot of excitation, fever and also multiple mixes of feelings and emotions.

The new beginnings and new year resolutions are planned.

This is a very Spiritual time to make positive. You may be from different religions, different cultures, different background, this does not matter at all.
Your goal is to bring joy and happiness in your own life then around you.

It may be hard for you as well, this year may have not be the best year for many reasons - This is the best time for you to anchor yourself with positive memories letting you move forward, honoring past traditions and keeping your faith up !

Are you loved ones not with you ? It is, in fact, not easy but you need to find any occasion to share your love with them, even at distance.
Physical distance, in our days, became not as bad as they used to be. We now have technical ways to share our feelings and spend time with our loved ones across the World.

Harm yourself with positive thinking, positive attitude, positive vibes and I can assure you that nothing or no one will never be able to take this happiness and love away from you.

Don’t be afraid to share your Joy with others, to go visit your Family, your friends and of course, don’t hesitate to go to a Church, physically even on online (I watch Joel Osteen every Sunday).

A brand new Year 2015 is here, it is so easy to put things down, to succumb to the darkness, to the negativity, to worries and to heartbreak.

It is actually easier to keep your inner spirit, thoughts and heart in a higher level, full of compassion, love and hope than letting yourself go into negativity and depression.

Don’t keep saying to yourself: what if? why not? how come? I can’t do that! this is too hard!
No! You need to tell yourself words such as: yes I can! It is easy! This is my chance! This is my year! Let’s make it happen! I am going to meet the One! Love is waiting for me!

Positive thinking is a gift and your own tool to spend some wonderful and unforgettable moments and to begin a marvelous New Year 2015!

This is a time to open new doors, to new journeys and new opportunities, let go of Negative thoughts and think Positive, start 2015 with positive resolutions, your days be prosperous with beginnings and be happy with love and Peace!

I will be lowering my rate to $1.99 for the New year, I

God Bless You

Psychic Reno

I'm going to explain a little researched history on thanksgiving and it's true meaning of Thanksgiving. For many of us, the actual meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday includes a delicious dinner (with many calories), black Friday shopping (staying in long lines for hours), catching special sales all weekend, special events, football games, the Macy's day parade, family outings, and a the beginning to the Christmas holiday festivities, which is fine to do.

But actually the first Thanksgiving, was not a feast or a holiday, but a a gathering after the Mayflower’s arrival at Plymouth Rock and it was on December 11 1620. The Pilgrims lost many of their 102 colonists. And with the help of the Indians, the remaining Pilgrims survived the winter and enjoyed harvest. As a celebration, a harvest festival, lasting around three days brought them and the natives to enjoy a thanksgiving observance.

Thanksgiving meal would not be shared again until 6/1676. On 6/29 the people proclaimed the day Thanksgiving. This celebration excluded any of the Indians, as colonists and recognized their recent victory the heathen natives. 100 years later, in 10/1777, all colonies participated in a  a thanksgiving dinner which commemorated the patriotic victory. It actually took over 150 more years to actually establish the Thanksgiving dinner as we celebrate it today in November 2014.
George Washington was the one who made to be a real holiday back in 1789, then president Lincoln made it to the last Thursday in November back in 1863, and later Congress created the legal holiday back in 1941. So the meaning of Thanksgiving is feelings of gratitude and the actual meaning of Thanksgiving has went through many changes, remember it's not all about getting ready for Christmas.

This Holiday is an expression of deep gratitude for our survival, many families added their customs to the Thanksgiving holiday, preserving that which is the most precious. To gather all together, this is a refreshing and loving time when people come together, to celebrate. It is a time for reconciliation and differences also a time of spiritual healing. And everyone sharing their victories as well as the challenges, we can find strength and hope.

This is a time to be thankful and having our sentimental time, the power prayer with Thanksgiving especially before the Thanksgiving meal.In gratitude as we pray and humbly reflect on our family and friends, the gifts, health in our lives. By giving thanks to god, we extend ourselves, love and to give to others that are less fortunate from the abundance in our hearts, that we can offer our resources to help others.

The true meaning of Thanksgiving is to Praise God in the holy Bible, the spirit of thanksgiving reflects love, happiness, praise, adoration, sacrifice. Thanksgiving is a grateful message and prayer to God as we worship. Being thankful for all your blessings Thanksgiving represents the heart and creates a solid relationship with our God. Finding and being thankful to for your Soulmate for the this thanksgiving 2014, I don’t feel that you only have one Soulmate (one twinflame) or a Soulmate is a only a romantic connection. Actually we are blessed and have several Soulmates (up to Seven) and while we may think they are all good looking, we are not into them that way.

They may be our best friends, family members and even our pets, you would be surprised  to know not all our romantic relationships are our Soulmates. It's possible for a romantic relationship and just be that.Soulmates are quite different. Sometimes it isn't a connection that is very dependent on how long we have actually known our soulmate. They are the people in our lives, and we want to discover new surroundings to have an adventure with. We all would like to look back and see in our best memories, we are so thankful for finding our soulmate. We love them deeply and emotionally. We know it is unconditional, they know our quirks, they can call us anytime we are there for each other and that in self is something to be thankful. Soulmates can help us to grow as a better person, we want to do the same for them. Be thankful for your blessings and thanking God, we found our Soulmates and for them being in our lives.

In honor of Thanksgiving and being thankful for everything I have, I will be lowering my rate for the rest of Nov to $1.99, I'm also offering free minutes, email me.

Happy Thanksgiving

In honor of the thanksgiving Holiday I will be lowering my rate for this rest of December 2014 to $1.99.

I will be online taking chat, also readings via email.

I wish you all a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving



The #1 question people ask me during a psychic reading is, if the person they are dating is their soulmate or Twinflame.

When I'm giving a Psychic or Soulmate energy reading, I pick up people's energy and everything around the situation, I can see those who actually found their soulmate or Twinflame, because their spirits shine brighter than others that are just casually dating someone. There is a positive spark in their aura and in their eyes and only happens when you are complete and found your true Soulmate.

There are many different types of Soulmates, there are companion soulmates, Karmic and Twinflames, but all are Soulmates, they connect when the time is right and it's no accident find each other, they connect when the time is right. sharing  spiritual lessons and to teach us something The energy and feelings are intense and the spiritual connection is very deep, they can go through lifetimes trying to connect.
Soulmates connecting  are always destined, never by accident. There is a purpose or some type of lesson that we need to learn.

Not all soulmates are romantic, we can even connected through our family, co-workers and friends, it's easier than ever connecting with a soulmate with social media and all these special gadgets almost everyone owns now a days.
There is a lot of mystery around soulmates, I will give you a brief summery of the differences between Soulmates, Karmic connections and Twinflames.

A karmic soulmate is a person that shares some a karmic attachment from a past life,  or psychic agreement. There are different types of karmic relationships, some can be romantic while others are Platonic.  There is usually an intensity to their energy similar to Twinflames.
Soulmate connections appear in a person's life after a negative experience and they there to help you heal. Some time you will have dreams of your soulmate before you meet them. and get a feeling of deja vu almost like you known him/her for years or in a another lifetime.

You can have a lot in common with your soulmate and sometimes it can feel like almost identical, but actually in many ways, absolutely the opposite of each another. This also can help you tune into what you will need to learn from him/her.

You have certain obstacles and challenges together especially Twinflames there will spiritual tests, also connections  went trials in the past. It’s common to find your True Soulmates, Twinflame or karmic connection sharing the same histories like each other.
Twinflames are extreme and you meet your twinflame when you least expect it, you know right away this person takes your breath away and that there is a sense that you know this person before.

When they are in need and you know they are in trouble, you can feel a spiritual vibration in one of your chakras and it usually the heart chakra.
You may be seeing the numbers like 11 or 1111 usually a repeated pair of numbers, they can appear on a clock, sign, billboard and can appear anywhere.

Age can be a big difference, some have none, one can live on the other side of the world (this is what I meant it's easier with social media to find your soulmate), they can be in other relationships or married, but whatever the situation is, Twinflames always find each other in the end.

Twinflames are one spirit split into two, yes it sounds beautiful but it can also be chaotic and negative until they are connected.

Whatever your situation is, I can help you find clarity in your relationship or when you will meet your soulmates.

I'm available for chat and Email Readings.