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Dearest ^i^ ^i^;

I'm excited about my New Age News reports broadcasting on Manhattan Neighborhood Network. The reality TV Star is saying good-bye to special guests and 'Hello' to you; the client/caller. These are prerecorded programs for astrology moods, email spell request and spell work, tarot reading on the White House and Robin, Robin and more...Robin.

Love you all XOXO

Dear Friend,

I have been back on the UBN Radio station, every Friday nights at my regular time slot after Char, who did a reality TV show called, "Medium at Large" and extremely talented medium. I drive to the Gower Studios in the heart of Hollywood, but almost finished with partnering to a Culver City production office, but on the UBN social media feed and keep on the iHeart podcasts.

Been thinking about doing a lifestyle show on Blog Talk Radio eventually with other show hosts, so email me if you would like to get involved in the future.

YOU can watch the "Psy-Chic Lifestyle" television show, every Wednesday, between 7:30-8pm-PST on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, channel 3 continuing my reality TV star (actor) status and give Saturday Night Live inspiration. ;-)

I have been an entertainment psychic for almost 3 decades and marketing has changed, so I've been advised by my teenage daughter to do a daily Vlog. My daughter looks forward to them and I'm always excited to get her feedback after a post.

My FAVORITE task in my career is hearing from you and connecting with your heart Charka to open a clear channel to tap into a spiritual realm and be of service.

Bless UP

It was at the end of last year, I informed you of my Christmas holiday trip overseas ahead of time. I had a fantastic time riding horses on the beach, going to an Amusement park and taking my teenage daughter on an African safari, while in Cape Town, South Africa. It was the best vacation to date. I do appreciate callers still contacting me for psychic readings and working with the time difference being 10 hours ahead of pacific standard time.

Now, it is my birthday next week and I will be traveling on Monday, February 20th to March 5th to India via Hong Kong. It is almost a 3 days trip departing and arriving home next month including a day layovers to tour the area each way. I will be available after the 23rd of February and before March 4th, but I will be in a 14 hours ahead time zone from California time.

I am going to try to conduct my weekend radio shows, but it depends on the internet connections. The station may air reruns, but will be back 'Live' the first Friday in March. I plan to work on editing my listed eBooks to release in the next coming weeks too.

The best Keen listing that I commonly use is my 'Psychic+Mom" extension.

I want to thank you for choosing me, Robin Zodiac as your personal adviser. Talk to you soon!

Dear Friend,

Can you believe 2016 is almost over? Once again, I will be traveling to Cape Town, South Africa to enjoy a summer Christmas and New Year Eve's celebrations. I will be unavailable between December 9-11, 2016 and January 15-18, 2017 due to travel, but will be logged during my trip on to either Robin Zodiac, Psychic Mom or Psychicmom Keen account(s) and provide readings 10 hours ahead of California time, so this is early morning or late evening availability for American callers.

I'm most excited to keep in touch with you. 2017 is going to be a wonderful year astrologically for all of us. These last few years have been challenging from the major planets shifting, eclipses and retrogrades.

I'm taking a break from my radio shows, but will be returning in the middle January, when I return to the States. I have numerous easy reading books that I hope to be releasing, during my vacation. These spiritual advice ebooks need pictures added and formatted work to upload for your enjoyment.

I want to thank you for the love and support for these many years of service. I love connecting with you and assisting on your journey in life through psychic readings. My friends and family have come to realize that you have reinforced my confidence by sharing yourself with me on Keen.

Thank you again. Happy Holidays by staying connected,

Robin Zodiac aka Psychic Mom

Psychic Youree Harris AKA Miss Cleo has passed away of cancer at the age of 53 yesterday. It is my understanding that she was originally from the Huntington Beach, California area and just an actress. I have no judgment on her being gifted or not, but her trouble was charging clients for services not rendered. In numerology, she died on -7-8-9 (July 26, 2016) and may she rest in peace. I enjoyed her fake accent and her commercials. Miss Cleo did make an impression on viewers’ minds and there is something to be said about her impact in the psychic industry. It is more common to see Miss Cleo’s image being a typical looking psychic medium, than a blonde haired, blue eyed reader as myself. I have always fought stereo-typical by using the name Zodiac is one major thing about turning people’s impressions in a new direction. So, R.I.P. Ms. Harris and my sympathy is extended to her family losing someone at age 53 years old is a tragedy.
So, I have written about routine and lists being a very important aspect of living a healthy productive life. Plus, when you do the littlest of things on your list, it will give you a feeling of accomplishment, which builds confidence. Also, they say a baby should be put on a schedule and scheduled on a predictable routine is natural, which makes a smart and relaxed baby, who knows they are getting fed or napping at certain times and they do not fear their safety. And, nurturing yourself as having an inner child will help with your coping skills and ease worry and anxiety and Tapping works too. These are my new year’s resolution goals or tasks during my week(s). Monday: 10:15-11:15 Water Aerobics Class - Tapping - Upload: Video/Sound Clip and Tuesday: 10:00-11:00 - Yoga - 1st Diet Day - Write: Blogs - (Appointment(s) Day) and Wednesday: 10:15-11:15 Water Aerobics Class - Tapping - 2nd Diet Day - Write or Edit Ebook(s) and Thursday: 9:00-10:00 Yoga Class - 3rd Diet Day - (Appointment(s) Day ) and Friday: 10:15-11:15 Water Aerobics Class - Tapping - Write: Sunday’s Show and Saturday: 9:15-10:15 - Water Aerobics Class - Run Errands to Bank, Shop, Lunch with Friends or Family, Movie, Car Wash and Sunday: 12pm-3pm-PST is driving to and from Hosting TV & Radio Show. I’m usually available, after 3-3:30pm-PST daily to take your calls.
It is amazing that it is already April 1st of this year. My step mother passed away 4 years ago, it is a sad day for my family. She was a wonderful, spiritual woman. So, it is a day to perform a prank on others, yet it is a serious day to me. I truly miss those family and friends that have passed. I hold them in my mind and heart. It is natural to go through good days and bad ones. The best advice I have is to cherish those in your life. Loosing a loved one is really not having them in the physical form, but they never leave us. Most say they look in the sky for the spirit of heaven to touch their lives and I look at the ground and appreciate seeing the grass grow effortless as a miracle. Life is a miracle, when shared with others memories. I want to thank you callers for sharing your lives with me and having my psychic mind keep memories of your essence and voice, even for just a time. Bless Up and Appreciate Down!! :-)
Happy Valentine’s Day to You! Today’s astrology energy is a good one for passion and vivid memories of past loved ones may surface.  The moon or mother energy is over Leo.  Leo’s are giants when it comes to passion and confidence and we draw on this from our nurturing exposure from our childhood.  According to the stars, this is going to be a good Valentines’ day due to the vibe of our zodiac.  There are thoughts and feelings of love and passion resurfacing in our minds today.

I’ve been reflecting on lovers that are no longer with us on this plane.  I felt their spirits around me.  I hear their music or watch their videos and study them as if it was yesterday we spent time together.  It seems I awoke this morning having to write this blog in memory of lovers and friends that live in my heart and my head when the energy is strong and influential. 

I do recommend that we all exchange text messages of love and well wishes.  Sometimes women feel like they need or want to be chased.  Well, men would like to be chased on a Valentines’ day too.  It is hard to change our traditional behaviors, but I do suggest to women to send the first message to your love interest today.  You may feel foolish and not agree with this advice, but it will be well received and if your-crush is interested, then they will most likely return a reply to get things rolling.

We still are going through a wobbly time when it comes to work, money and making decisions.  The decisions made today may change by Monday.  This energy is really positive for working on our emotional selves and plan the direction our economical futures.  The plans are meant to be flexible, but please, try to live within your income. 

This is a time to reflect on your expenses for last year in regards to taxes, so reflect on your expense report and look where you may be able to cut corners to be able to balance your life this year.   

Today has been a busy day online.  I woke up feeling the anxiety before stepping out of bed.  I had a good cry this morning and called my daddy for that stable feeling of support and my psychic lift of encouragement that I get from conversing.  I’ve been taking allot calls all morning from people feeling today’s energy too.  We are being influenced by the sun sign Aquarius that rules the mind of everyone and everything.  We are experiencing an impact by the Cancer moon and the major reason some of us may feel like crying or choked up with this energy and during this time of Mercury retrograde, which is shining on Pisces, the water sign of water signs.
So, this is a very chaotic energy day with this much water influences on the surface.  Then we are impacted with Capricorn in regards to matters of the heart.  We might want more out of our relationships whether they are partners or family or friends.  We may seem or feel needy from others today, but the best thing to do is to journal thoughts down, and leaving messages for others, wait for their return calls and try to live in the moment.  It seems that we may feel ahead of ourselves in feeling emotions and trying to wrap our thoughts around them and trying to describe it, but unable to do so in words.

This Mars placement in Libra is causing confusion with this retrograde challenge and it would be a good time for a vacation.  But, this is not the usually the time of year that people do relax and try to enjoy the Astrology current, instead trying to work within it and trying to make things happen.  So, we are all feeling today as a somber day of feelings and emotions surfacing from the beginning of the midnight last night.  This is day to struggle through wearing a mask and grabbing that box of tissues and releasing this energy without using words.  Some people are able to laugh out this expression of painful pent-up energy instead, but whatever works should be implemented and utilized to continue to flow in good energy considering today’s zodiac chart.     

Thank God(dess) It’s Friday and the Stars seems more gentle today.  The last blogs I posted was about handling conflicting planets and the reactions of others or reactions you may have towards others.  But today is a good balance of touchy and feely influences in our thoughts and emotions with allot less passionate view points towards them.  There seems to be a good synergy with people and a sense of calm in the air.  The weather may have something to do with people slowing down and enjoying the simplest things in life.

This is a good day to make those phone calls you have been meaning to make.  It is a good time to write those emails of apology to those that you may have hurt.  Today is a great day to close shop early and relax with good book and a glass of wine.  I usually discourage alcohol when the planets are to Chaotic, but there is a different energy and a welcoming change in astrology.

We may experience a yearning for a stronger loving relationship right now.  Our memories of past lovers could be right in the forefront of our thinking and feelings today, but a much more positive perspective energically.  I’ve reported our parental relationships have made a huge impact on us, day to day in recent weeks, especially for Americans.  These last few months have shown allot of instability, especially in the Stock Market, which is a currency that seems controlled and managed industry and it has been operating as if the numbers are out of the box in the recent days.

The moon is influencing Tarsus and tomorrow and Sunday it shifts over Gemini, so expect change in plans, which could have something to do with the weather.  But overall today and this weekend’s energy is flexible, gentle and relaxing and schedule your routine, so we can truly have a free time to really relax and escape into music, a movie or a good book and enjoy the simplest of pleasures that exist in our minds.  

Enjoy today and thanks in advance to those that have and/or will include me in it with a telephone reading! ~ Psychic Mom ~ Robin Zodiac ~

Today is not an airy Aquarius day energetically.  The Aries moon influence and the Pisces mind with the mother and father relationships reflecting brings family and friend bring on harass comments or postings.  The heart is strong today to be able to take the critics in your life, but the creative mind taking the comments in could seep into confusion.  The spiritual planets are a combo of fire, water and earth energy with the sun sign shining on Aquarius.  The moon is a nurturing energy and Aries are not known to be sensitive to others, so be good to self and pamper your body with a massage or a relaxing bath.

I’ve been writing blogs about routine, so schedule in your relaxation time.  Research a good book and choose something that is a good distraction from the chatter in our thoughts today from our loved ones shaking off their ‘jarred up feelings’ that today’s energy brings on their expressions.  It might be advisable to stay in touch with loved ones, but today is best spent focusing on self-acceptance.

It looks like work it going to feel like chasing everyone in circles with missed calls or redoing the same job again or addressing a repair or fix to a plan.  This is a good day to make a list of things that you have procrastinated for months.  It might be emailing an old friend with an apology.  It might be call to a business associate with unfinished business.  It might be a good day to dress down and comfortable, so this will put you in a more flexible mood.

My plans are to be here for your questions and concerns.  I will be working at my office studio today and going to schedule radio time to demonstrate my accurate ability to tune into callers and other energies around callers.  The energies around us today could need some straightening out from the astrological placements on Tuesday, February 4, 2014.  

My advice is to write your list for the day and week.  Schedule in your meals and what you will be eating and when to feed your inner child.  Take an hour of personal time relaxing with a book and/or bath or schedule a massage for the zodiac signs today are extremely powerful.  Avoid alcohol by giving yourself a piece of chocolate or desert instead.  And, please journal your thoughts and I believe this is why twitter was created to keep track of your timelines, but this social networking site seems to have become self promoting ads.  Enjoy your day committed to your list and your schedule to cater to pampering yourself.

Happy February 1st!! Today is an extremely psychic day. The power of thought floods our memory banks with feelings attached. Today is an inspirational day for artists and musicians. This is a flowing day of powerful planets that are going to make an impact on us. It seems that today will be a day to really claim yourself as a leader and focus on a plan. The decision making for business and work could be an interference, but always pay your rent and utility bills first and then think about the other stuff you need and not what you want.

Today could be spent for a weak minded to drink or use drugs to escape the intense current that is caused by the stars shifting through our solar system. Going through emotional reflection is for the strong. The strength comes from going through the shift as a challenge, instead of avoiding the emotions that these thoughts are painful and must be avoided with a party. It is best to write out your hopes and fears.

Make a list and number them as your priorities to get done in a time period or deadline set that can be changed, but once accomplished the sense of success is grand. The littlest thing on your list helps us feel big about our future. It is best to list every little thing like a shopping list of where you are going and a plan on who, where and how this will fall into place. Make a new list every morning and cross off the old and write in the new goals or thoughts that you may have discovered on the way of getting things done.

Even our diets should be calculated. A smart baby is a baby on a strict routine, where their life is predictable and they are never hungry and always feed and changed and cared for as a well run clock.  The baby is able to learn more from borderlines and game rules and a structured routine. We need to treat our inner child as a toddler, when it comes to discovery and learning lessons that are both painful or pleasurable.

My best advice today is to take a walk or exercise while today's memories flood your mind. Eat when hungry and try to balance you diet with vegetables and protein, and instead of a glass or bottle of wine, it is recommended to have a small piece of chocolate. Do not deny yourself food cravings when they happen, or give yourself one day out of the week to eat those craved foods.
Today’s planets are in a better placement than Friday and/or Saturday.  Sun and Mercury is being impacted by Aquarius like the last few blogs, but the moon influenced by Sagittarius is a good day for truth and honesty.  Today is a perfect day to apologize or make amends with people that you may have had tension within the past.

Venus being in Capricorn makes the one apologizing empowered and on the path to greatness.  This is a challenging day astrologically, so don’t miss this opportunity.  It is good for the soul to admit to wrong doings and move past things by apologizing to yourself or others depending on what may have you tied up with guilt or disappointment in yourself by having negative feelings towards others.

I do recommend that making amends with your parents is the best thing to do with Jupiter being influenced by the Cancer zodiac sign and Saturn being influenced by Scorpio.  Jupiter is the ruling planet of luck and fortune and the Cancer sun sign represents the nurturing energy from a mentor or parent.  The Saturn symbolizes friends and in Scorpio is more about rising above challenging friends or acknowledging secret ones too. So, write that apology or ‘Dear Jon’ letter and let the past free of mental guilt that maybe have lingered these last few days with the astrological effects that may have happened.

The spiritual planet alignment combination hasn’t changed.  Uranus, Neptune and Pluto stay for years and decades in the same placement.  This is a time of subconscious passion mixed with ambition.  This is a generational shift of conscientious.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Wow! Today is another planetary day as yesterday!! It is a surprising and sensitive day towards reflection that relives the feelings and emotions from our past.  My best advice is to you is to journal your thoughts and get everything out on paper.  Then delete the doc or burn the page. 

Stay busy by cleaning and organizing your surrounds of clutter.  Think positive and write your worries, fears or concerns down and by the end of this planet placement, get rid of the pain that may be on your mind today!

Today is a real strange day energetically.  The Scorpio moon is between the two planets influencing the Sun and Mercury with Aquarius traits.  This is a very intense day when it comes to instincts or intuition within us.  Listen to your instincts first and it is a good day to make those calls and do things that we procrastinate.  This is a strong day of truth and secrets and today is best to open up to this impacting combo to work through your situations that are being put off to another day.

This energy lingers through the weekend.  This is a good time to call people that you have been meaning to speak with or make up with from a misunderstanding.  No one is perfect and it takes a big person to make to the first contact to smooth things over.  Most people are willing to forgive and forget and move into a renewed relationship.

We are going through Mercury retrograde and this means people from our past or our past lives seems to come into our present currents.  We attracted undone relationships during this planetary shift of Mercury, which rules the mind, reflects on the past situations.  It is best to throw our hands-up and try to mend things over, because no one is perfect.

It is TGIF!! This is a day to enjoy for being the end of a work week and the beginning of play time.  It seems that most people run errands and do their chores during this time period too.  This is a great end of the Chinese New Year coming up on the 31st.  Have a wonderful Friday and hope to hear from you this weekend!

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