I love using candle magick. It is a very old, very effective and fast acting way to manifest your needs or desires. It is also very simple. Incorporating candles in your use of Law of Attraction can add immeasurable energy to your intents and manifestations. The reason this works so well is that you are not using "conscious mind language". The subconscious does not speak in words. Things like colors and symbols speak directly to the subconscious bypassing the conscious mind. You cannot reach the cosmic consciousness without going through the subconscious which is always connected to the All.
       If you are totally new to Law of Attraction, check out my other posts on how to apply it. If you have been working with Law of Attraction, this should be easy.

     You can use any kind of candle for this. I like to use the small sized spell candles that are available online and come in all colors. But large tapers, pillars, votive, and novena candles are fine. How you want to do your candle magick will probably dictate what kind of candle you use. Also you will need a space just for this, a table or maybe on your mantle, anywhere you can do it but have it clear of all other energies. This does not work well in a cluttered space.

      Carving appropriate symbols into your candle helps to define your need/desire. It further speaks to the subconscious. This can be done by creating a sigil ( a symbol made from the letters of a sentence you have formed with your intent... more on how to further down) or using symbols that already have an imprint on your subconscious like a dollar sign or a heart.

       The color of candle you will use depends on your need, every color is a frequency wave and carries the energy of that frequency. So if you want to attract a passionate love the obvious red is the color to use. If you want to attract material wealth you would use green or gold (I prefer using gold for this purpose). Always use a brand new candle, never ever use a candle you have burned for any other reason. There is a chart posted below for color correspondences.

        If you want to carve your candle with a sigil, which is a symbol you make yourself and holds your personal power, you first make a sentence of your desire. Example: I DESIRE PSYCHIC EXPANSION. All in capital letters. Make it a precise, short sentence that states your desire clearly. Then cross out all the vowels and any repeating letters so that you are left with a string of consonants. so for the example sentence we are left with the letters DSRPCHXN. This string of letters is used to make a symbol that speaks to your subconscious.
      This is done over several steps to get to a symbol that does not really look like a bunch of connected letters. As in this example:

While you are creating your sigil, stay focus on its purpose, feel the emotions of how you will feel when you manifest this desire. Visualize what you are wanting. Carve the final draft of your symbol into the candle with a small knife or toothpick. When I use a pillar candle or a large taper I carve the symbol 3 times into the wax. When using a novena I find a sharpie pen works great on the glass or you can make a paper label and tape it to the novena. It is important to keep visualizing as you carve it into the candle. The color I would use for the example sentence is deep purple and carve the sigil and an eye representing the anja chakra.

   The next step is to anoint the candle with oil. Olive oil is a great all purpose magickal oil and can be used effectively. Or if you prefer to use essential oils geared towards your purpose that is fine, too, and below is a chart with oil correspondences.
     To anoint the candle take some oil on your power finger (the index finger of the hand you write with.) and start from the middle of the candle and as you turn the candle clockwise continue to pull the oil from the center to the base of the candle. Then you will anoint the top part of the candle starting at the center again and drawing the oil to the wick. It is important not to rub back and forth!! Just one motion from the center to the base and then from the center to the wick. While doing this, again focus on your wishes, visualize your desire and feel how you will feel when you receive it. To fix a novena candle that is encased in glass poke 3 holes with a chopstick or knitting needle into the top of the candle around the wick. go as deep as possible and then drip your oil into these holes.
     The last step before lighting it is to hold it between your palms and keep visualizing and stay focused and feel all of that pouring into the candle through your hands. Then place it in its holder in the space you have cleared for this purpose.

      If you wish you can use sage or incense. I always clean my home with sage and especially the space I am doing my work in and I use the appropriate incense for my need/desire.
       I could not find a chart for that that was big enough to see but here is a website that is accurate.


       Okay so now you are all set and ready to light your candle. You are still visualizing and directing all that into the candle that is in its own space and light it up with a match. Say your gratitude knowing that your desire will manifest, feel it being sent on its way through the flame of the candle. release the energy. This is a good time to reflect on how this will make you feel when it comes to pass and to be thankful. Then you should go do something physical, like eat. Because you have just expended a great deal of energy and you have been using your upper chakras and you need to ground again and "come back to earth". I always have a snack ready for afterwards because I feel famished. If the weather is good, walking around in the grass barefoot if great for grounding. Now just forget about what you just did. Let it do the work you programmed it to do and go about your normal routine. If you use a larger candle and you have to leave the house, please use proper caution. If you have to extinguish your candle that is fine, you can relight it when you come home. Do it with your mind still and show gratitude for what you will receive.

    This is just the basics, there are many things that can be added to candle magick and if you wish to go deeper, or need some more explanation please feel free to message me. I hope you try this and see great results!

This is a chart on color correspondences:

And a chart on the properties of oils for anointing:

       I wish you all much success in your manifestations!
       Namaste, Rose :)

Here he is now...

But tomorrow he be like...

So you better

And then all your friends be like

And before you know it your mind is working like this

And your texts start to look like this

And on the inside you be  like


And it can drive you completely bonkers if you let it

And if you find even the slightest anomaly on his insta...

and it gets worse until you realize


And especially for your love life

So you don't have to use the excuse

And you don't have to say

Call or Chat with me! we can make it through this retrograde too!
Namaste! Rose

Law of Attraction. What can't it do?

 Hi! In this post I want to expand on the

 Law of Attraction (LOA) and how to to use it
harder, better, stronger, and faster! I see so much

info out there about LOA and it seems
everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. But how

many people are getting results? Let's get
some results.
   The Law of Attraction states that what you believe,

you will attract. What you think will become your

reality. Think back five years ago. Where was your

focus? Have your past thoughts and beliefs molded

your present? What if you had consciously and

willfully focused on what you wanted your life to be

like? Would it be different from the reality you are
currently experiencing? What would change?
We are constantly using LOA, whether we are

conscious of it or not. Thoughts are energy! They

take shape and form. If your life is not what you

want it to be, you have the power and ability to to

use LOA. It is never to late to begin.
   So, our first step is to define our desires. What do

we want? What do we want to change about our

lives? And the other question, WHY do we want those

changes. When I do this, I take a sheet of paper and

draw a line down the middle, creating two columns.

The First column is "WANTS" and the second column

is "WHY".  For every desire I write down, I write

down why i want that, and I found that my WHYS

would repeat themselves. Many of my wants had a

why of  "to make a better life for my family" and "to

help others achieve their desires" .  This greatly

defines Life Purpose (we can cover that in another

entry, but I am sure you get it). The WHY list is also

a great indicator of what drives you emotionally.

Emotions are a powerful catalyst to achieving

success with LOA so pay close attention to your

feelings while you make your lists and when you

picture yourself living the life you want to be

   Imagery and emotion are integral to your success.

Emotion is energy and travels along your intent like

electricity travels on wires. The ability to focus, feel,

and visualize are paramount to successful use of

LOA. If you have trouble focusing or visualizing, I

strongly recommend doing exercises to strengthen

these abilities which are innate.
   If you are completely new at this or if you have

been trying without much success, start at the

beginning. You must train your mind to bend to your

authority. (I talked about this a little in an earlier

blog post). There are several steps, which, when

followed and practiced, can increase your abilities

which will increase your success in attracting the life

you want.
   Lets begin with Step One. This is in the physical

realm. By using LOA, we are trying to control the

physical realm through the mind realm, so first you

must learn to control your own body. If you can't

control it, you wont be able to control things outside

of you.
   Begin by putting yourself in a comfortable position,

either sitting or laying down, but don't get so comfy

you fall asleep. Now let all your muscles relax. If you

have stubborn muscles, tell them to relax. Say, "feet

relax, legs relax, hips relax", and so forth until you

feel loose and relaxed. Don't forget your facial

muscles and scalp. Now don't move for 10 minutes.

You are willfully vegging out. You can, of course,

blink and breath, but other than that just be a real

couch potato. If you feel the urge to move, resist. If

you have an itch, resist. Resist everything your body

tries to make you do. You are the boss. Do this for

10 minutes the first time you try it. Once you can do

it for 10 minutes, try to do it for 20 and then 30.

When you can do this for 30 minutes without

moving, you are ready to move onto step two.
   In Step Two we are still using Step One, so you will

be sitting completely still for 10 minutes (it will be easy for you

now) while focusing on a candle flame.  Get a candle and a

quiet, dark space and sit or lay comfortably like in

step one and just look at the candle. You will have

thoughts popping up and chatter might be

happening, but just ignore that and let it fade to the

back as you keep your eyes on the flame and keep

your body still. Again, start with 10 minutes and

work your way up to 30 minutes.
   Step Three is closely related to Step Two. We are

doing the same thing with the candle and keeping

still, but now we are going to make the thoughts and

chatter stop. We are making the mind still, like the

body. So instead of just keeping your vision on the

candle, this time focus on the flame. If a thought

comes, stop thinking it and return the attention to

the flame. This part is a little more difficult for most

people and may take longer to control. Your mind will

want to have a chat or look at pictures or day dream.

but now is not the time for all that. Now is the time

for focus and training the mind to be quiet and listen

to your will. Do not get upset with yourself when you

catch yourself having chatter or thoughts running

through. simply stop it and gently return your focus

to the flame. Repeating this over and over trains

your mind to bend to your will and carry out the

tasks you need it to do. Again, start with 10 minutes

and work your way to 30 minutes of focus.
   Once you have mastered the previous steps and

you can focus on the candle flame without any

thoughts barging in and being still of body and mind,

you are ready to move on to Step Four. Here, we

take away the candle as a focal point and replace it

with focus on your own breathing. Be still in body

and mind and just tune in to your breath moving

through your body, entering through the nose, filling

the lungs and exiting through the nose. Notice the

rhythm of your breathing pattern.  Breathing through

the nose produces effective results. Do not try to

control your breathing, you are only observing in a

focused manner, you are not acting on anything. And

like with the other techniques, start with 10 minutes

and increase to 30 minutes.
   These four steps help greatly in training the body

and mind to be still. You will see it gets easier if you

keep at it. Especially if you put aside just half an

hour every day to do these. Aside from enhancing

your ability to use LOA, you will feel other benefits. I

think it is also a good idea to record your

experiences with the exercises every day so you can

track how you are doing.
   Now, we need visuals. If you have ever had a day

dream, you have visualized. If you can close your

eyes and see your loved ones you are visualizing!The

key is to be able to hold this visual which is why you

did all the exercises above. Still some people have

trouble visualizing and there are exercises for that

also. And even if you can visualize these are good

   One way is to study a picture or object for a few

minutes and then close your eyes and "see" it in your

mind. If you want to have a more intense experience

with visualization, do the breathing exercise in Step

Four, except this time instead of exhaling through

your nose, imagine your anja chakra is exhaling. This

is the third eye and is located between in the space

between the eyebrows. Breathe in through your nose

and out through the third eye area (of course your

breath is going to come out your nose, but your

attention is on your third eye) Try not to let your

physical eyes look up toward your third eye because

they may naturally want to, resist this urge or

reaction. After a short while you may feel a sensation

between your eyebrows. That is because focusing on

an area will increase blood flow and energy activity

to that area. This results in a better ability to

visualize and hold the image in your mind.
   And finally, but certainly not  least is EMOTION. As

I have said before, emotion is energy, a catalyst of

power. Remember your list of "WHYS"? These should

bring forth emotions, which add KAPOW!! to your

visualizations and intents. Emotion is the driving

force that gets your desire on the road to

manifestation. This is hand in hand with Life Purpose.
   Okay! So now you are equipped to charge forth

into the land of abundance. You have the ability to be

still of body and mind, you have the ability to focus

and visualize and you have clearly defined desires.

You are ready to create your own reality and make

things happen.
   Choose one of your desires and use any method

you like to use. If you like to make collages of your

desires or say affirmations or use music or subliminal

symbols to your subconscious  or a combination of

these, do it. Make the collage, blast that music. Do

whatever it takes to get your emotions up about your

desire. This is where you can get creative and use

what works for you to get that feeling.  Get amped with

emotion.Then when you are ready hold the image in your mind,

use your focus and visualization skills and be still. Put all your

focus and emotion on that one desire and hold it for

at least 10 minutes. If you can do it longer, good!

this can make it happen faster. When you are

finished putting all your energy in your desire, which

is now an actual thought form, send it off to make

your desires become manifest.
   Don't forget Gratitude for your manifestations.

Being thankful is an emotion that attracts more

blessings. I know this sounds like alot of work and

discipline, but it does produce results. See for

yourself  and start living life the way you really want

to. There is enough good for everyone on the planet.

More than enough. An infinite amount, actually.
   I hope this helps you on the path of LOA and a life

you create yourself. Namaste, friends! See you


Today, i had and experience that I have not had in awhile. Last week a stray dog came into my yard and was very big in the belly, full of pups. No one in the neighborhood claimed her and no one wanted her, so I had to call a rescue for help for her as I already have dogs and I really can't take on another one with a litter! O_O SO I had been calling for a few days to the rescue groups around my state and no one answered or returned my messages.
I was a little miffed but it's Mercury retro and communication problems are to be expected. And everything happens for a reason.  And the Universe gave my 9 year son and I a beautiful experience today as he witnessed the miracle of birth for the first time, watching 9 small bundles of wet fur come to life and seek nourishment. He was touched so deeply by it he was crying bliss tears... which then made me cry the bliss tears... or tear really... one constant tear of bliss. He said, "I don't know why I am crying when I am feeling like my heart is full and making so much energy and I feel happy" .......WOW. The Bliss.
This was also a reminder of how precious life is as they were coming, each one a surprise, making sure each one was viable... the stress part. The nervous feeling part, anxious part.
  I had also connected with the mama dog on a psychic level when she first showed up. And while she has never been hit or beaten she has been abandoned several times, or "thrown away"  and neglected. She is very sweet and I can't imagine why someone would have thrown her out, and I feel so bad about not being able to keep her and being yet another human that can't have her :(
Which brought me to thinking about how important spaying and neutering our pets are, to prevent these kinds of sad cases of animals that  don't have homes after humanity has domesticated them. I am a firm believer in that once we domesticate an animal it is our responsibility to be responsible with them. Including their breeding. which reduces the need for kill shelters. Reduces unwanted homeless animals and reduces the risk of animals falling into the hands of abusers.
I want to thank the Universe and Source of ALL for the reminder of how beautiful life is and how perfectly correct the building blocks of material existence are. And how precious it is because it is a temporary existence and time moves forward. And time is the only thing we can't get back. So make the most of it while you are here.

Namaste <3 Rose

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Come on down! You are the next contestant on TEST THE PSYCHIC!!
I Just had some experience in the last few days that have put this "testing" into perspective. I would love to be scientifically tested for real. To be able to see the brain activity while doing a reading or while seeking an answer from "the field" would be awesome. This got me to thinking about the way psychics are tested by seekers.

I am very interested in how you, the seeker. tests a psychic. I want to know the method(s) you used to determine that your test is accurate in the first place. Are you using an approved test of some sort? Are you using the scientific method? Have you devised a test that has proven to work at least 95% of the time? If your method is to ask a vague question and try to hide your true question, then anything could come up. including things you may not want a reader to know. You may ask a question like "tell me about my love life"... when? Today? Future? Back in the day? Anything could potentially pop up and you will deem the answer incorrect and make a false assumption if the answer you seek is not in that pile of total vagueness. You will assume that the reader you have chosen is not gifted or the real deal.

You want to see the person you really want to ask about "pop up" and then somehow that is a pass on the test. But what really happens when you play this game is that you actually throw up a wall between us. One I have to take extra mental effort to climb over and peek into your true intent. I can tell when I am being tested. I think all psychics can tell. I understand the reason is because you don't want to waste time or money on someone that is not good at what they are doing or an outright scammer. Unfortunately there are many scammers out there but here on Keen, you can look up the reviews on an adviser and also read their listings and blogs. You can check us out before you hit the call or chat button and use your own intuition also in choosing your reader.

So, if you feel you must test your psychic it would be a far more accurate test if you did not ask a vague question and you went in with a spirit of actually connecting with your reader and ask the real questions you came to ask and get answers to. In the long run this will save a lot of time and energy and your money.

I do this kind of work because of my love for humanity. I am of service to my fellow humans because we all live on this ball of water and dirt together, hurtling through space and nothing is guaranteed here. If I can help sort out any problems you have then this lightens the load globally as well. We all have a place here. And my place is doing what I do and have done for decades. I think skepticism is healthy and I am skeptical of many things myself. I just think those of you who play test the psychic need a better test. Because the "vague question test" or the blatant "tell me about this person who doesn't exist test" are not very accurate measuring devices for psychic ability. I bet none of you are testing your doctors in such a manner, lol. Maybe you should though, just a thought.

I just wanted to say that. Thank you and Namaste, Rose
The Chakra Sysytem

        Once you have practiced Will over mind, (the ability to focus and visualize and hold that visual), working your chakras becomes all the easier for visualization is a big part of working with them.
        What are the chakras? We all have them. They are the energy centers in our bodies through which our energy flows. when these are operating fully and correctly, we find balance between soul and bodymind. They are located from the base of the spine (root) to the top of the head (crown). Although the crown chakra is not located in the actual physical body, it is above in the etheric body. Each Chakra is also connected to a set of glands in the physical body. Proper use of your chakras will increase health and vitality and you will find your mind at ease and also that you will be better able to deal with the mundane tasks of everyday life. Below is a very generalized list of the chakras their colors and what aspects of life they deal with.

   1. The Root Chakra:
    color: red
    location:base of spine between genitals and anus
     sound: LAM
    deals with regular every day survival needs food, shelter, money, ability to feel stable on earth. also deals with trust

   2. The Sacral Chakra
    location: about 2 inches below navel (for women the uterus area)
    color: orange
    sound: VAM
    deals with sex, abundance, and physical well being
  3. The Solar Plexus
    location: the stomach or diaphragm
    color: yellow
    sound: RAM
    deals with self esteem and self worth
  4. The Heart Chakra
    location: center of the chest right above the physical heart
    color: green
    sound: YAM
    deals with love, joy and peace from within
 5. The Throat Chakra
    location: the throat
    color: blue
    sound: HAM
    deals with communication, speaking truth
6. The Third eye Chakra
    location: between the eyebrows on the forehead
    sound: AUM (OM)
    deals with intuition, visions, ability to make decisions, thinking and wisdom
 7. The Crown Chakra
    location:very top of the head about 3 inches outside of the physical body
    color: violet (or white)
    sound: NG
    deals with connection to cosmic divine and bliss

                When working with chakras it is best to open them from bottom to top, starting at the root and working your way up to the crown. It is best not to open the crown without having a firm root. The chakras look like vortexes, like 2 funnels that meet in the center, and energy flows into the front side of our bodies  and out the back side. Like in this picture below.


           Each color is a frequency or energy, light. There are also mudras (which are positions for  the hands) and chants for each chakra. There is an address to a video below showing how to position your hands during your meditation.


I hope you enjoy working with your own energy and feel free to share your experiences!
Namaste :)

     This morning I pulled the SUN card, and boy did I need it. The Sun is the 19th Key of the Major Arcana and symbolizes the divine child within all of us. A place without boundaries or secrets. a place where all can be known.
     The Sun brings clarity and sheds its light to chase away the confusion of the dark. The active, creative, positive power of our lives. Suddenly, with the Sun, what seemed impossible at the darkest hour is possible again.
      Nothing seems impossible when the Sun card comes up, even when surrounded by more difficult cards. Its joyful vibe permeates a reading. With emphasis on positive thought and creative energy and action... doing.
       Just last night I had a long conversation with a friend about positive thoughts and how it affects everything around us and within us. So pulling the Sun card this morning just affirmed the lesson that is on going in my life, lol.
       So if you resonate with this, get out there and do some doing today. Connect with that inner divine child and create something, plant something, sing something...
    Show the world who you are and express yourself with joy :)

and be excellent to each other
Namaste, Rose


Hello again! In my last two posts about Law of Attraction, I shared about how to train the mind in order to use LoA in a more effective way. But sometimes there can still be things blocking you from  manifesting.  These things can block your energy and can stem from various sources within you. So, I want to share some ways you can release those blockages and get more flow.
                One of the main reasons people have difficulties manifesting is Mental blocks. These come from our conditioning and the thought patterns that arise from this. Limiting convictions and being critical of yourself can hamper your effectiveness in manifesting. For example, if you want to manifest more financial abundance in your life, but you are convinced (through conditioning from past experiences) that you can't have more without hard work and scrimping and saving, then this can sabotage your intentions. One has to realize that the limiting conditions are simply not true but a mental construct one has made for themselves. A very effective way to to break these beliefs about yourself is to use your imagination. Change how you see yourself. Imagine what it would be like if you had more financial abundance. What would you be doing? How would it make you feel? Imagine what it would be like to have what you want. Feel it. Imagine all the sensations that would happen if you had what it is you desire. I know this sounds too simple, but your subconscious doesn't care if you are really experiencing your desire or just imagining it. Either way it  experiences that it is possible  to have this desire and then the limiting belief diminishes. The more you daydream about your desires and really get into it and experience it in your imagination,  the faster these false convictions about yourself will fall away, leaving space for flow to be possible.
                 Another reason for difficulties is Emotional blocks. This is the biggest culprit that gets in the way of successful manifestation. These are deeper issues and subconscious wounds. Sadly, we all have these wounds, but since they are in the subconscious we do not pay attention to them and they block us from that level. This can be a difficult thing to get through as the wounds must be opened and healed. This calls for acceptance of self, and approval and love of the self and apply this to the wounds that crave this energy.
                One way to do this is telling yourself "I love you" to you reflection in the mirror. Just look yourself in the eye and tell yourself that you love and accept yourself. It sounds simple and i admit it even sounds hokey, but it works. You may experience strange or uncomfortable sensations or even cry when you do this. That means it is working. The parts of yourself that have blocked off receiving love and acceptance might freak out a little at all this attention from the conscious mind. Reassure yourself that you are going to make everything OK.
               Another way is through use of EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique also known as "tapping". The theory behind EFT is that no matter what part of your life needs improving, there are unresolved emotional blocks. This system borrows from the Chinese meridian system used in acupuncture, without needles. So there has been much scientific research in this method of healing. There are many websites about EFT and how to use it. I don't want to write a how-to because it seems to be an evolving technique as more and more is discovered. So try to find the latest researched methods.
                  Chakra work is very beneficial and also effective at removing both mental and emotional blocks. Daily or frequent meditations to activate your chakras can release many blocks and heal many wounds. Again there are a plethora of websites on the chakra system and I also wrote a post which can be found here : https://www.keen.com/CommunityServer/UserBlogPosts/Roma_Rose/The-Chakra-Sytem/751172.aspx
                  Yet another block can have to do with "wanting". I know, strange right? Law of attraction has to do with wanting things and situations and conditions for your life, but if the focus is on the want and not the thing you want to manifest itself, then you will just create more want. All that is needed in this situation, usually is just to change your perspective a little bit. Instead of focusing on the want, focus on how it will be like to already have what it is you want. Put it in past tense. Visualize it and feel it as though it is a memory and you  are remembering what it is like to have your desires manifested. Do not worry about the want part. Everything that exists wants something. Focus on the something.
                   Sometimes it is a simple matter of just not spending enough time everyday visualizing your desires. If you can do this and simply focus and feel and visualize your desire every day for 10 minutes, this will greatly improve manifesting abilities. Your focus must be pure. By pure i mean it must not be sullied by wandering thoughts or becoming distracted. If you find that this is your main problem, check out my blog post entitled Law of Attraction  MACH II  https://www.keen.com/CommunityServer/UserBlogPosts/Roma_Rose/Law-of-Attraction-MACH-II/753213.aspx
                    One of the things about Law of Attraction is that it is constantly in use, whether consciously or unconsciously, or for negative or positive. If you are focused on lack, you will receive more lack. and vice-verse, Energy flows where attention goes.
                     I hope this has helped and please feel free to message me with any questions you may have.
Namaste, Rose

     Are you the type of person who avoids crowds and feels like time alone

afterwards is needed to feel normal again? Or do you feel this way after a day of

work even though you love your job and get along with your co-workers?

     You may be empathic and picking up on other people feelings and energies.

You may be around people that just drain energy from others, even if they are

nice. Some people just do that naturally. This can leave you feeling drained,

unsteady, emotional for no apparent reason, or even cranky. And after awhile

this can lead to stress in your life if you do not know how to take care of it.

   This is when visualization skills come in handy. Remember, what you think and

intend does become manifest. There are several ways to protect yourself from

feeling all the subtle energy muck of a public place that you are sensitive to.


   A very effective visualization is to see your self in a mirrored bubble. Quiet

yourself for a moment and visualize a bubble around you, protecting you and

creating a buffer zone between you and the muck. You can still see out but they

can't see in. The Mirror Bubble deflects any negative energy away from you but

it allows you to still be able to interact with those you want to be around. The 

more you practice this, the stronger your protection will become. You can also

use this visualization to protect your loved ones by seeing them in the bubble

or put your whole home in a bubble every day.


   Another effective visualization/affirmation is the Golden Armor. Visualize

yourself in a suit of armor that is gold and has a silver light emanating from it.

You can make your armor look however you like. If the feudal era is your thing

go for it. If a storm trooper style is more your speed, go for it. Just make it gold

with silver light. Affirm "The silver light of golden armor surrounds me and

protects me" at least 3 times, or chant it like a mantra until you have a firm

visual in your mind's eye of yourself in an awesome suit of armor. You can use

this one whenever you feel you need protection from any situation.

   Those are a couple of preventive measures that are very effective and

actually work to deflect negative influences that may attach themselves to you.

But you still may need to "clean" energies away and this can be done by

smudging with sage and other visualizations.

    Something that has always worked for me has been walking barefoot in the

grass and letting "everything that is not mine" drain into the earth and visualize

healing energy coming up from the earth through my feet. (we do have feet

chakras just for this purpose :) . Mother Earth knows what to do with these

energies and you will feel clearer and more grounded if you try this technique.

   You can never go wrong with tree hugging. We live a symbiotic life with them.

Their waste sustains our life and ours sustains theirs. Trees seem to just pull

negative energy right out of a human and they return an energy to you.

    So If you feel like this is you, give these visualizations a try and see how things

go. See if there is a difference in your day.

   Namaste, Rose

   In another post, I explained that law of attraction is not a true law, but only half of the Law of Polarity, which is the 4th Law of the 7 Hermetic principles. These laws are named for Hemes Trismegistus who was known as "The Great Great" and "the Scribe of the Gods" and "the Master of Masters". His teachings act as the lowest common denominator in all religions of the world.

    "The principles of Truth are Seven, he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open."~ The Kybalion

   The following is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of the Kybalion which defines these 7 Principles.

The Seven Hermetic Principles, upon which the entire Hermetic Philosophy is based, are as follows:

    1. The Principle of Mentalism.
    2. The Principle of Correspondence.
    3. The Principle of Vibration.
    4. The Principle of Polarity.
    5. The Principle of Rhythm.
    6. The Principle of Cause and Effect.
    7. The Principle of Gender.

These Seven Principles will be discussed and explained as we proceed with these lessons. A short explanation of each, however, may as well be given at this point.

1. The Principle of Mentalism

    "THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental."--The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the truth that "All is Mind." It explains that THE ALL (which is the Substantial Reality underlying all the outward manifestations and appearances which we know under the terms of "The Material Universe"; the "Phenomena of Life"; "Matter"; "Energy"; and, in short, all that is apparent to our material senses) is SPIRIT which in itself is UNKNOWABLE and UNDEFINABLE, but which may be considered and thought of as AN UNIVERSAL, INFINITE, LIVING MIND. It also explains that all the phenomenal world or universe is simply a Mental Creation of THE ALL, subject to the Laws of Created Things, and that the universe, as a whole, and in its parts or units, has its existence in the Mind of THE ALL, in which Mind we "live and move and have our being." This Principle, by establishing the Mental Nature of the Universe, easily explains all of the varied mental and psychic phenomena that occupy such a large portion of the public attention, and which, without such explanation, are non-understandable and defy scientific treatment. An understanding of this great Hermetic Principle of Mentalism enables the individual to readily grasp the laws of the Mental Universe, and to apply the same to his well-being and advancement. The Hermetic Student is enabled to apply intelligently the great Mental Laws, instead of using them in a haphazard manner. With the Master-Key in his possession, the student may unlock the many doors of the mental and psychic temple of knowledge, and enter the same freely and intelligently. This Principle explains the true nature of "Energy," "Power," and "Matter," and why and how all these are subordinate to the Mastery of Mind. One of the old Hermetic Masters wrote, long ages ago: "He who grasps the truth of the Mental Nature of the Universe is well advanced on The Path to Mastery." And these words are as true today as at the time they were first written. Without this Master-Key, Mastery is impossible, and the student knocks in vain at the many doors of The Temple.

2. The Principle of Correspondence

    "As above, so below; as below, so above."--The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the truth that there is always a Correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of Being and Life. The old Hermetic axiom ran in these words: "As above, so below; as below, so above." And the grasping of this Principle gives one the means of solving many a dark paradox, and hidden secret of Nature. There are planes beyond our knowing, but when we apply the Principle of Correspondence to them we are able to understand much that would otherwise be unknowable to us. This Principle is of universal application and manifestation, on the various planes of the material, mental, and spiritual universe--it is an Universal Law. The ancient Hermetists considered this Principle as one of the most important mental instruments by which man was able to pry aside the obstacles which hid from view the Unknown. Its use even tore aside the Veil of Isis to the extent that a glimpse of the face of the goddess might be caught. Just as a knowledge of the Principles of Geometry enables man to measure distant suns and their movements, while seated in his observatory, so a knowledge of the Principle of Correspondence enables Man to reason intelligently from the Known to the Unknown. Studying the monad, he understands the archangel.

3. The Principle of Vibration

    "Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates."--The

This Principle embodies the truth that "everything is in motion"; "everything vibrates"; "nothing is at rest"; facts which Modern Science endorses, and which each new scientific discovery tends to verify. And yet this Hermetic Principle was enunciated thousands of years ago, by the Masters of Ancient Egypt. This Principle explains that the differences between different manifestations of Matter, Energy, Mind, and even Spirit, result largely from varying rates of Vibration. From THE ALL, which is Pure Spirit, down to the grossest form of Matter, all is in vibration--the higher the vibration, the higher the position in the scale. The vibration of Spirit is at such an infinite rate of intensity and rapidity that it is practically at rest--just as a rapidly moving wheel seems to be motionless. And at the other end of the scale, there are gross forms of matter whose vibrations are so low as to seem at rest. Between these poles, there are millions upon millions of varying degrees of vibration. From corpuscle and electron, atom and molecule, to worlds and universes, everything is in vibratory motion. This is also true on the planes of energy and force (which are but varying degrees of vibration); and also on the mental planes (whose states depend upon vibrations); and even on to the spiritual planes. An understanding of this Principle, with the appropriate formulas, enables Hermetic students to control their own mental vibrations as well as those of others. The Masters also apply this Principle to the conquering of Natural phenomena, in various ways. "He who understands the Principle of Vibration, has grasped the scepter of power," says one of the old writers.

4. The Principle of Polarity

    "Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its
    pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are
    identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet;
    all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be
    reconciled."--The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the truth that "everything is dual"; "everything has two poles"; "everything has its pair of opposites," all of which were old Hermetic axioms. It explains the old paradoxes, that have perplexed so many, which have been stated as follows: "Thesis and antithesis are identical in nature, but different in degree"; "opposites are the same, differing only in degree"; "the pairs of opposites may be reconciled"; "extremes meet"; "everything is and isn't, at the same time"; "all truths are but half-truths"; "every truth is half-false"; "there are two sides to everything," etc., etc., etc. It explains that in everything there are two poles, or opposite aspects, and that "opposites" are really only the two extremes of the same thing, with many varying degrees between them. To illustrate: Heat and Cold, although "opposites," are really the same thing, the differences consisting merely of degrees of the same thing. Look at your thermometer and see if you can discover where "heat" terminates and "cold" begins! There is no such thing as "absolute heat" or "absolute cold"--the two terms "heat" and "cold" simply indicate varying degrees of the same thing, and that "same thing" which manifests as "heat" and "cold" is merely a form, variety, and rate of Vibration. So "heat" and "cold" are simply the "two poles" of that which we call "Heat"--and the phenomena attendant thereupon are manifestations of the Principle of Polarity. The same Principle manifests in the case of "Light and Darkness," which are the same thing, the difference consisting of varying degrees between the two poles of the phenomena. Where does "darkness" leave off, and "light" begin? What is the difference between "Large and Small"? Between "Hard and Soft"? Between "Black and White"? Between "Sharp and Dull"? Between "Noise and Quiet"? Between "High and Low"? Between "Positive and Negative"? The Principle of Polarity explains these paradoxes, and no other Principle can supersede it. The same Principle operates on the Mental Plane. Let us take a radical and extreme example--that of "Love and Hate," two mental states apparently totally different. And yet there are degrees of Hate and degrees of Love, and a middle point in which we use the terms "Like or Dislike," which shade into each other so gradually that sometimes we are at a loss to know whether we "like" or "dislike" or "neither." And all are simply degrees of the same thing, as you will see if you will but think a moment. And, more than this (and considered of more importance by the Hermetists), it is possible to change the vibrations of Hate to the vibrations of Love, in one's own mind, and in the minds of others. Many of you, who read these lines, have had personal experiences of the involuntary rapid transition from Love to Hate, and the reverse, in your own case and that of others. And you will therefore realize the possibility of this being accomplished by the use of the Will, by means of the Hermetic formulas. "Good and Evil" are but the poles of the same thing, and the Hermetist understands the art of transmuting Evil into Good, by means of an application of the Principle of Polarity. In short, the "Art of Polarization" becomes a phase of "Mental Alchemy" known and practiced by the ancient and modern Hermetic Masters. An understanding of the Principle will enable one to change his own Polarity, as well as that of others, if he will devote the time and study necessary to master the art.

5. The Principle of Rhythm

    "Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides;
    all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in
    everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the
    measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates."--The

This Principle embodies the truth that in everything there is manifested a measured motion, to and fro; a flow and inflow; a swing backward and forward; a pendulum-like movement; a tide-like ebb and flow; a high-tide and low-tide; between the two poles which exist in accordance with the Principle of Polarity described a moment ago. There is always an action and a reaction; an advance and a retreat; a rising and a sinking. This is in the affairs of the Universe, suns, worlds, men, animals, mind, energy, and matter. This law is manifest in the creation and destruction of worlds; in the rise and fall of nations; in the life of all things; and finally in the mental states of Man (and it is with this latter that the Hermetists find the understanding of the Principle most important). The Hermetists have grasped this Principle, finding its universal application, and have also discovered certain means to overcome its effects in themselves by the use of the appropriate formulas and methods. They apply the Mental Law of Neutralization. They cannot annul the Principle, or cause it to cease its operation, but they have learned how to escape its effects upon themselves to a certain degree depending upon the Mastery of the Principle. They have learned how to USE it, instead of being USED BY it. In this and similar methods, consist the Art of the Hermetists. The Master of Hermetics polarizes himself at the point at which he desires to rest, and then neutralizes the Rhythmic swing of the pendulum which would tend to carry him to the other pole. All individuals who have attained any degree of Self-Mastery do this to a certain degree, more or less unconsciously, but the Master does this consciously, and by the use of his Will, and attains a degree of Poise and Mental Firmness almost impossible of belief on the part of the masses who are swung backward and forward like a pendulum. This Principle and that of Polarity have been closely studied by the Hermetists, and the methods of counteracting, neutralizing, and USING them form an important part of the Hermetic Mental Alchemy.

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect

    "Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause;
    everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name
    for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation,
    but nothing escapes the Law."--The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the fact that there is a Cause for every Effect; an Effect from every Cause. It explains that: "Everything Happens according to Law"; that nothing ever "merely happens"; that there is no such thing as Chance; that while there are various planes of Cause and Effect, the higher dominating the lower planes, still nothing ever entirely escapes the Law. The Hermetists understand the art and methods of rising above the ordinary plane of Cause and Effect, to a certain degree, and by mentally rising to a higher plane they become Causers instead of Effects. The masses of people are carried along, obedient to environment; the wills and desires of others stronger than themselves; heredity; suggestion; and other outward causes moving them about like pawns on the Chessboard of Life. But the Masters, rising to the plane above, dominate their moods, characters, qualities, and powers, as well as the environment surrounding them, and become Movers instead of pawns. They help to PLAY THE GAME OF LIFE, instead of being played and moved about by other wills and environment. They USE the Principle instead of being its tools. The Masters obey the Causation of the higher planes, but they help to RULE on their own plane. In this statement there is condensed a wealth of Hermetic knowledge--let him read who can.

7. The Principle of Gender

    "Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine
    and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all
    planes."--The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the truth that there is GENDER manifested in everything--the Masculine and Feminine Principles ever at work. This is true not only of the Physical Plane, but of the Mental and even the Spiritual Planes. On the Physical Plane, the Principle manifests as SEX, on the higher planes it takes higher forms, but the Principle is ever the same. No creation, physical, mental or spiritual, is possible without this Principle. An understanding of its laws will throw light on many a subject that has perplexed the minds of men. The Principle of Gender works ever in the direction of generation, regeneration, and creation. Everything, and every person, contains the two Elements or Principles, or this great Principle, within it, him or her. Every Male thing has the Female Element also; every Female contains also the Male Principle. If you would understand the philosophy of Mental and Spiritual Creation, Generation, and Re-generation, you must understand and study this Hermetic Principle. It contains the solution of many mysteries of Life. We caution you that this Principle has no reference to the many base, pernicious and degrading lustful theories, teachings and practices, which are taught under fanciful titles, and which are a prostitution of the great natural principle of Gender. Such base revivals of the ancient infamous forms of Phallicism tend to ruin mind, body and soul, and the Hermetic Philosophy has ever sounded the warning note against these degraded teachings which tend toward lust, licentiousness, and perversion of Nature's principles. If you seek such teachings, you must go elsewhere for them--Hermeticism contains nothing for you along these lines. To the pure, all things are pure; to the base, all things are base.

   The Kybalion states, "The lips of wisdom are closed except to the ears of understanding."

This may not be for all of you. It requires training and discipline that not all are willing to do. If this is something for you, always remember that with Knowledge comes responsibility to act in the highest mind possible.

The Kybalion is available on amazon and you can also find pdf online.

I just wanted to share this for those who have "ears of understanding".

Namaste, Rose

   I love talking about Law of Attraction and how to use it but I must say it is not what we think it is and it is not what it is purported to be. I do not like calling it Law of Attraction but that is what it has become known as, so that is what I now call it. When Law of Attraction first gained recognition and became popular, much of the information was left out. Firstly, that there is no such thing as Law of Attraction. They weren't going to ever tell you this. They might if you pay them and buy all their books and DVDs and go to their workshops and seminars. It is a made up label that states only half of the Hermetic Law of Polarity, which is both attraction AND repulsion. And really, the Laws of Vibration and Correspondence are much closer to LoA. Also Law of Gender is key to manifestation.
   The Law of Gender states that no creation, spiritual, physical or mental is possible without this principle. The yin yang symbol is a perfect example of this Law. This Law lives within us in our minds as well. The conscious mind being the masculine, active, positive force and the subconscious the feminine, passive, negative force. Both are needed to create and manifest desires. The subconscious is always connected to the Unconscious or Divine (or God, the All... there are many labels attributed to this omniscient intelligence). The conscious mind has no direct link to the Divine so it must go through the subconscious to have this relationship. It must also be trained to have communication with and exert will over the subconscious mind. One must become whole in this manner if one is to be successful in manifesting desires.
   Positive thinking is but one half of the story. We can be positive until the cows come home and still nothing is manifested. This is the long way around. This way can take months or years to get what you want. It is possible but it is not effective. Law of Gender clearly states that nothing is ever created without these two forces (masculine/feminine) working together. And in this, it only matters what the subconscious knows because that is the part of the mind that is magical and creates your reality. It is the part that manifests what it is impressed with, programmed with, from the conscious mind and also things that slip under the radar of the conscious mind and goes directly into your subconscious. In order to avoid this willy nilly way of creating, one must exert the Will over the conscious mind and train it to be still and communicate with the subconscious. (I have written how to do this in previous posts on LoA).


    The subconscious is constantly attracting and repulsing without any help from your conscious telling it what to do. Essentially you are constantly doing magick without even paying attention to it. So imagine how things would be if you were to consciously program the subconscious to do what you want it to. Everything that exists is energy flowing at different vibrations or frequencies. Your desire is a trigger that creates flow in your life but it can be tricky. If you are constantly worried in your conscious mind about paying bills or finding the love of your life, then you will only attract more worry and lack, because you are programming your subconscious to create more of that worry and lack. The subconscious will comply with all your demands and create them for you.
   The problem lies with the conscious mind and its filter. Imprinting of the subsconscious happens constantly whether you are aware or not. Things slip in while you aren't looking. Music has this effect. A song that is played over and over will play over in over in your conscious mind eventually and this will indeed imprint your subconscious mind. So it is prudent to be aware of what you are letting in. It is two-fold. Be aware of what is streaming in and also program yourself. Control your conscious mind. This takes training and discipline, however, so it is not for everyone. It is for people who are willing to take the time and put in the effort in the right way so you are not wasting your time on something that doesn't work.
   Law of Attraction is magick. Weak magick but magick nonetheless. But it can be made strong with diligence and the proper training and tools. And actually understanding how it works and the true Hermetic principles behind this theory.
   As a tarot reader, I understood this through the Lovers card.

   Here we see how it works in a picture very clearly. Above there is an angel representing the Divine Mind or The Unconscious. That place where all is known, everything that ever was, is or will be is there. The collective data of all existence. Below there are the figures of a woman and a man. The Angel is gazing down upon both of them, showing that the collective data is available to both of them, but only the woman is gazing back at the angel, while the man is gazing upon the woman. There is much much more to this card, but for this purpose we will just look at the 3 figures and their placement in the card. The man represents the conscious mind. He has no direct link to the Divine, even though the Divine sees him clearly. The woman represents the subconscious mind which is always in contact with the Divine. It is clear in this symbolism that the conscious mind (masculine force) must go through the subconscious mind (feminine force) to reach the Divine. The woman and the man are on an even field next to each other, she can tell the man what the Divine knows if he would just be still and quiet for long enough to hear her. He needs to be trained and disciplined to hear what she has to say. To hear the messages from the Divine. 
   I hope this has cleared some things up about Law of Attraction. I will continue to call it that since the words already have power now that there is a belief in this thing we do all the time. But I know it is not a real Law of Nature, just barely half of the Law of Polarity.
   Change your conscious mind, change your reality. (check out my blog on the 7 Hermetic Principles)


Namaste, Rose

I am a huge fan of dreams, and what they mean and how they work and why we have them. I love how our human minds work, even as we sleep. Lucid dreaming is the ability to consciously direct and control your dreams. It could be called an alternate reality or dimension. When you are in this dreamstate, everything feels just as real as it does when you are awake. You can taste food and smell it. You can touch things and they feel solid. The brain registers these dreams as real experiences. They don't stay in a dream file somewhere in your mind, they can change how you think, how you perceive, and this can affect your awake life.

In normal dreams, even though they can be profound, your self awareness is asleep and the memory of the dream can be hard to retrieve. Which is why most dream work recommends keeping a dream journal for better recall. Lucid dreaming happens during altered states of consciousness. The conscious mind is awake while your body is sleeping and your mind is having adventures. To me, this says the soul never sleeps. The body obviously needs sleep, the mind sleeps, but the soul seems to be doing its own thing while we are unconscious.  This kind of dreaming can open up a whole new world, one that can greatly benefit your waking world and you can apply much of it to growth and expansion of yourself.

So how do we make this happen? Many of you have had lucid dreams before, or at least have good dream recall. If lucid dreaming is a desire of yours, simply having the desire is planting a seed in the mind that you want to experience this. There are many techniques that can be applied to achieve lucid states of mind. The key is in recognizing the dreamstate. It is firstly realizing that you are dreaming and then staying in the dream instead of waking up. Then when you are in there, you can fly, you can float, you can do anything you want. whatever you think of is created instantly (so mind your mind).
Some of these techniques include meditation, reality checks, journaling, self-hypnosis, visualization, mnemonic techniques, binaural beats, and herbs that are dream inducing.

Lets take a look at some of these. Meditation and self-hypnosis are widely used and there are many ways to do both of those. You may already meditate regularly so this could be something you add to your regular routine.

Reality checks are what you do when you are already  in the dream and you can't tell is you are really awake or dreaming. Pick something easy like poking your finger through your palm. If your finger goes through, then you are obviously in dream and now you are lucid and can have your adventure.  Personally I use a token, mine is a thimble, and throughout the day I hold it in my palm and look at it and say aloud, "I am awake".  I do this 10-15 times a day. Then when I am in dream, and I look at my hands, and the thimble is not there, I know I am asleep and I am about to have a wonderful lucid experience.

Journaling is always a good idea for dream work, and it is important to write them as soon as you wake up from them, before your feet hit the floor, because even this act will trigger things in your brain to wake up and you will lose much of the dream or even all of it within half an hour. So keep one by your bed with a pen that works, because you don't want to run out of ink in mid dream recall.

Binaural beats are readily available on youtube for lucid dreaming and for many other things. Binaural beats were originally discovered in 1839 by physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, who discovered that when there are two different frequency signals are played separately to each ear, your brain recognizes the variation and tries to reconcile that. Thus inducing a third frequency. For example,  if a frequency of 100 Hz is presented to your left ear, and a frequency of 105 Hz is presented to your right ear, your brain “hears” a third frequency pulsing at 5 Hz, the exact difference between the two frequencies. This is probably one of the easier and more effective ways to change brainwaves. Headphones should be worn when using this technique.

Mnemonic techniques are really tools to help improve your memory.  The idea behind using mnemonics is to encode difficult-to-remember information in a way that is much easier to remember. Our brains respond more to images and colors and symbols than written word. There are many websites that go into great detail about Mnemonics is you are interested in incorporating this technique in your quest for lucid experiences.

As far as the herbs go, you will have to research that for yourselves and decide if it is something you want to try. there are literally thousands of websites on herbs that are very in-depth and you should also consult your medical practitioner before taking any herbs.

I hope you try going Lucid in your dreams. It is a very natural human ability and it can have profound changes on your life... your awake life :)
Enjoy the alternate reality your soul travels to every night.

Sorry to have been gone so long again... first with that nasty flu and the last week I have moved back out to the country and all kinds of snafus with getting internet out here in the boonies. It is some beautiful boonies though, lol. And I have been thinking of you all the whole time.
I am back, feeling strong, centered and ready to get back to the daily :)
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Many Blessings for all as we have made another cycle around our big star, Sol. What will 2017 bring to your life? What will you bring to 2017?
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Namaste, Rose

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