Daily Guidance by Rosalind Medea

Daily guidance to support you through the day - Tarot & I Ching
The Fool is at the beginning of her/his new journey. At present, you do not know where this journey will take you, but all that is required of you is to trust in your self and take it step-by-step, but first you must take that leap of faith.
Tun (Retreat), Hexagram 33 – The need to preserve one’s energies is imperative right now. Negative forces are at play and such destructive forces thrive on the attention they get. Focusing on the negative forces or enemies and what they are attempting to create will not serve you well at this time. Tun (Retreat) advises that you step back and relook at the problem before stepping back in. This is not an admission of defeat, but an acknowledgment that you will deal with the situation when the moment is intuitively right for you.
The King of Swords is one who most certainly "cuts to the chase", and wastes no time with the unnecessary. You may take a similar line to the King of Swords when approaching a subject matter today. However, while this King has a propensity towards logic and reason, otherwise known as the intellect, you are reminded to listen to your inner voice also, and integrate the two.
Ta Ch'u (The Taming Power of the Great), Hexagram 26 - With great power comes great responsibility. Ta Ch’u focuses on the power of silence and stillness - enabling one to conserve energies, make better use of resources and to take action when the time is right. Refuelling your inner being daily brings about strength and balance in life.
Lin (Approach), Hexagram 19 -Lin (Approach) signals that a great opportunity is approaching, but in order to realise this opportunity, it is important to listen to the advice of others, for it is their wisdom and knowledge that will enable you to progress. Be open to them and do take heed of their advice.
The Chariot indicates that you are making inroads in all aspects of your life. There's significant progress being made as you take complete control of the reins and act on the changes necessary to keep the momentum going. The Chariot also suggests a physical journey today - it may be that you are travelling or perhaps going away for the weekend.
Last seen on 10 November, The Magician today reflects a continuation of your "magic" and the physical manifestation of your desires. The Magician has been a recurring card for some time now and that is a sign of what your will, your desire, your intent and your focus can create and does create. The Magician also serves as a reminder to be aware of your power and to own your power.
Kuan (Contemplation), Hexagram 20 - Kuan (Contemplation) indicates a period of deep introspection, where time spent in meditation will bring about clarity and put things in perspective for you. The world is in constant change, and so to is your life - no matter how small or big these changes are, they are changes nonetheless. Nothing in nature is stagnant and Kuan (Contemplation) is necessary to making changes. The truth you learn through contemplation and the action you take based on that truth will flow out to influence others, simply by your very existence. You are an example to others. Let your vision become your way of life, and so to will your vision enter the lives of others. Live your life with care.
Success and victory is yours right here, right now. You have successfully accomplished a goal and are seeing the fruits of your labour. As you align yourself with the winning power of your true self, you have a heightened awareness that you can recreate the success and victory that you are currently experiencing not just today but daily.
Shih (Integrity), Hexagram 7 – Hexagram 7 is often referred to as Integrity or The Army. Shih teaches the lesson of discipline and integrity, and insists that it be incorporated in to all aspects of one's life. It also symbolises the need for integrity within society, hence The Army reference. As the I Ching purports: "A country without an army is vulnerable. A country with an army is still vulnerable if it is undisciplined and poorly led. Mutual rather than personal benefit should be the rule."
Hsiao Kuo (Preponderance of the Small), Hexagram 62 – Paying attention to the small things is key to success right now, rather than attempting to attain big success in one go. Many small successes will stand you in good stead, for its an accummulation of small successes that ultimately brings about big success. Progress is more than possible, by taking one small step at a time.
You are moving into a more positive place as you work diligently on building a solid and secure foundation upon which your finances can flow and flourish. Abundance and prosperity develops from a growing awareness that you are abundant, and from maintaining a positive attitude free of any doubts, concerns or fears about your financial growth.
The Magician today comes with the growing awareness that you create everything with your thoughts. Being able to still your mind and align with your higher self, enables you to reach your source where there are no limitations, and there is a knowing that everything that belongs to you is within reach. Pay attention to signs and symbols today as it is likely that something you have been working towards presents itself to you physically – evidence of the power of your magic.
Huan (Dispersion), Hexagram 59 – Huan (Dispersion) signals the need to break down blocks and obstacles that may be getting in the way of you progressing to another level. With patience, persistency and consistency, blocks and obstacles will be removed, but first you must become aware of that which might be holding you back then taking the necessary step(s) to dissolve them.
Feng (Abundance), Hexagram 55 – Feng (Abundance) represents a time of great success. It also serves as a reminder that even though the time period is fortunate, do not take it for granted – meaning take steps to secure the future and always be prepared for the next phase. Celebrate your success, but do stay on your guard at all times, especially from those whose intentions are not well intended and who may want to bring you down following your success.
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