Tarot Guidance by Rosalind Medea

Daily guidance to support you through the day
You are that much closer to achieving your goals, so trust that all is going at the pace it should. Persistency, consistency and patience on your part will assist you in raising motivation levels at this time as you continue in your efforts to reach your "destination".
Once again renewal and rejuvenation is taking place on all fronts, as The Star emerges having last appeared on 10 April. You may experience a deep sense of inner peace during this healing period. Be kind to your self and nourish your body with that which supports and maintains your inner harmony.
A new business idea has been bubbling as the Ace of Pentacles indicates, or it may be a new beginning as far as your finances are concerned. All that is required of you at this stage is to be open to this new opportunity, whatever it may be and however which way it may be presented to you. You will reap what you sow today in the long run as financial rewards abound.
The Knight of Pentacles is persistent and consistent in all his efforts - putting his all into everything that he considers important and takes full responsibility for all his actions. He takes his "role" very seriously, and while his methodical approach may not be the most interesting nor creative way of doing things, it is this energy today that will assist you in getting what needs doing, completed.
Last seen on 3 April, the 2 of Pentacles again serves as a reminder to be flexible in your approach. It appears that you are juggling several different projects. You are more than capable of getting these completed in the time required, but you must also be mindful of maintaining your own equilibrium as you do so and be present in all that you do.
While the Knight of Cups may be perceived as a "dreamer", he does make choices with his heart. Remember that dreaming is good - after all dreams are the first step towards creating your reality - but also be ready to pursue those dreams and manifest them through intuition-guided actions.
The 3 of Pentacles is an indication that money is headed your way, whether it's payday or money owned to you making its way back to you. There has been a change in your perception of money - mainly the awareness that money is energy and like energy attracts like energy. In light of that, all blocks and obstacles to your cash flow begin to dissolve, and so allowing for abundance to permeate your life.
The Queen of Cups serves as a reminder to trust in your intuition or gut. There are signs and symbols pertaining to a situation that you may find yourself dealing with today, which requires your intuitive awareness. It may be that you are hanging out with friends or family and your gut is alerting you to an awareness of someone or something at that gathering. Be open to receiving the signs, in whichever way your intuition chooses to delivers them to you, and acting on the guidance.
The 6 of Cups indicates there maybe gatherings with children or it may be that you tap into your inner child. You may come across something that rejogs your memory or enables you to live an experience you had fond memories of as a child in the here and now.
Opportunities arise as The Wheel of Fortune denotes. With the Wheel of Fortune it could go one way or the other, and the direction it takes ultimately depends on the choice you make. Embrace the opportunities, in accordance with your intuition, and trust in your "fortune", and there will be positive outcomes. Hesitate or choose otherwise it may feel like you are literally going backwards.
If you have been going at something and continue to keep going at it regardless of the "stop" signs, the 4 of Swords indicates that if you don't slow down and take stock, then you will be forced to take time out. If you are feeling "worn out", now is the time to rest, recuperate and recharge.
The epitome of fire energy in its purest form, the King of Wands is certainly no slow burner so be prepared to "fly" with any personal or work projects that are in need of a creative and energetic boost.
Renewal and rejuvenation is taking place on all fronts. You may experience a deep sense of inner peace as you are intuitively aware of this healing process. Be kind to your self and nourish your body with that which supports your inner peace.
A situation in your life requires harmony. While the Justice card is represented by the scales, any imbalances in and around your life will be brought into balance. If you are tied up in legal proceedings or negotiations, trust that the right thing will be done in whatever situation you are currently facing.
Last seen on 27 March, The Chariot comes as a reminder that you are in complete control of your life and are making massive strides on all fronts. Positive changes are occurring in and around your life, and you are charging forth with confidence, courage and consistency.
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