Tarot Guidance by Rosalind Medea

Daily guidance to support you through the day
You have reached a turning point and there’s now a willingness to let go of the past – beliefs, judgements, patterns – in order to accept your self and follow your destiny. You have been diligently letting go of what is not a reflection of your true self in recent times, and with a lessening of the load, it is enabling you to ease in to who you are, your true nature. It just happens. Allow it to be so, letting go of any resistance.
Energy, enthusiasm and confidence strides through your day today enabling you to handle anything that comes your way and complete tasks. You are aware that you are self-sufficient and have all that you require in life - your inner being - to make whatever you desire in life so.
Success is in your sights as The Emperor puts in a showing to remind you of that today. Something that you have been putting your desire, will and focus in to may be manifesting into your life. There are signs, no matter how “big” or “small” they are. Be aware of your power to create what you truly desire and make it so.
A true awareness of the magician that exists within you may become apparent today. As you become aware that your thoughts create your world and the world around you, that knowing inspires you to take charge of your life and to ensure that you do not waiver from your true desires. A mindful approach to life sees you leaving no room nor gaps for negative thoughts to tamper with the positive that you are attempting to create in your world.
Pay attention to what “lives” in your heart and what makes your heart beat, so to speak. Listen to your intuition so you are aware of exactly that – everything from what your physical body requires for nourishment to what you can do to create a sacred space for you and your loved ones may be on the agenda today.
Something has you procrastinating. It may feel like you are going "round-and-round in circles" or that you have stalled. The 2 of Swords indicates that a decision must be made, one way or another. Forward movement is not possible until you let go of what it is, which at this moment is attempting to block your progress, and make a choice.
The Queen of Cups knows exactly who she is and is completely comfortable in her own skin. The epitome of the divine feminine, the Queen of Cups knows that her point of power is in being a woman. The energies of the Queen of Cups comes with three messages today: be aware of your creative force, trust in your intuition, and believe in your true self.
Your energy, enthusiasm and confidence levels are on the rise, and a combination of these three will help you to reach your goals. The Knight of Wands indicates movement and wherever you are at along the journey of attaining your goals, it will happen for you and rapidly at that. All you need to do is just be you, as in your true self.
An understanding and an awareness of the true meaning of commitment may become apparent for you today. Commitment is an action. Being committed to your true self, your significant other, all aspects of your life and those who belong to you, be they your children, family members, pets or friends, is an action based on your commitment. The partnership you have with your true self right about now has reached another level altogether – something you may not have until this point ever experienced. Truth of the matter is you are now committed – and this time, it’s not about just saying the words, the commitment is real and heart-felt. Enjoy the day!
Help is at hand for you. Or it may be that you offer a helping hand to someone in need of assistance. The 6 of Pentacles indicates an end to any struggles. With assistance, things start to move forward for you and anyone who is offering assistance or who you are providing assistance to. Like energy attracts like energy, and what you give out comes back to you in return, whether that’s positive or negative. And that is true of both parties involved in this care – the giver and the receiver.
You’re starting to integrate a deeper awareness of your purpose into your daily life, and that’s great. The Queen of Swords often operates as a lone warrior. While each individual has their own life’s purpose, remember that each person is connected to the universe and has her or his part to play, as a collective, in the bigger picture.
The Knight of Cups strides through today reminding you to follow your heart in all your endeavours, and to be mindful that when you make a heart-felt choice, how easy things become for you. Heart-felt choices awaken your very being and opens you up to a new world of opportunities and possibilities, enabling you to embrace life in all its real entirety. When such opportunities and possibilities present themselves to you, be present in their very presence and do not “run away” with them.
The week gets off to a great start as victory is on the cards. Something that you have been working on so diligently has come together and you are looking at the fruits of your labour. Whatever you have triumphed in today is a reflection of your positive mindset and your knowing that whatever you put your heart and soul into is successful. Maintain this positive mindset throughout your everyday existence, because as simple as it may sound, it is the "secret" to your success.
The 2 of Cups indicates that you are in sync with your significant other, but first and foremost you are in sync with your true self. There’s a new found oneness with one’s self and with the appearance of the Strength card yesterday and the 2 of Cups card, often recognised as the card of partnerships and love, in today’s reading is an indication of the positive work you are doing to embrace the real you and rid yourself of all falsehoods. You are “growing in to” your true self and growing to love your true self from the inside out, and this is the “recipe” for attracting the love of your life to you.
There may be obstacles in your way but that is no reason to give in at this moment. It may also feel like you are being tested. Truth of the matter is that you are becoming stronger and stronger day-by-day as you start to become aware of where your power lies and where you draw strength from. The Strength card, no matter which deck you use, almost always depicts a woman with a lion. Strength represents the female energy. It is an inner strength. Not one that is determined by outside forces or physical measures that "represent" strength. Focus on your internal power and know that you can breakthrough any obstacle.
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