Tarot Guidance by Rosalind Medea

Daily guidance to support you through the day
The King of Swords is one who most certainly "cuts to the chase", and wastes no time with the unnecessary. You may take a similar line to the King of Swords when approaching a subject matter today. However, while this King has a propensity towards logic and reason, otherwise known as the intellect, you are reminded to listen to your inner voice also, and integrate the two.
Positive steps towards an improvement in your finances is suggested with showing of the Knight of Pentacles today. Very practical in nature, this Knight is conducive to devising budgets. While you may not be one for taking charge of your finances in such a manner, take advantage of this time and create a budget. For example, if you are concerned about the price of your household energy bills, the energies of the Knight of Pentacles can assist by directing you to a more cost-effective and energy-efficient solution such as a green energy provider.
A warm welcome from the compassionate Queen of Cups this Saturday, exactly a week since her last showing, sees you following your heart and soul throughout the day's activities. Pay attention to signs and symbols - everything from a song playing on the radio, a message in a movie, or a book you are drawn to read - there is pertinent information there for you.
Happy and prosperous times are here as the energies of the 10 of Cups permeate the day. There's a focus on relationships of all kinds - the relationship with your self, your body, your health, your other half, your family, your career and your finances - and an awareness of progress in all aspects of your life. As you grow in to your true self and learn to love and respect yourself, first and foremost, you begin to attract that which truly belongs in your life.
This week there has been an emphasis on finances, with cards from the suit of pentacles featuring daily since Monday. A change to your financial situation for the better is imminent and with the 6 of Pentacles, there is assistance available to you or you may be the one providing assistance. While the start of the week brought with it the Ace of Pentacles and the possibility of a new project, support for that project or a boost may come through today.
The Queen of Pentacles was last seen in mid-November, and everyday since, you have been etching closer and closer to being your one true self and maintaining that to be so in every moment of your existence. A rich and fulfilling day is to be had, and you will find that the mothering qualities personified by the Queen of Pentacles will shine through you as you become a magnet for those seeking your natural nurturing energy.
The presence of the 8 of Pentacles is indicative of study. Allocating time and energy to "fine tuning" and nurturing your skills today will be time well spent. If there is something that you have brushed aside or neglected recently, now would be an opportune moment to pick up where you left off and begin practicing again.
All the Aces signal new beginnings. As the pentacles tend to deal with money, today’s emergence of the Ace of Pentacles suggests there may be a new project that is set to improve and increase your finances. This project may have been brought to your attention previously by your intuition. Difference being, now you are open to the possibilities and are ready to take that first step into this new venture. Success is inevitable.
Change is occurring and with change comes endings. These endings are not to be dwelled on, rather they are necessary for your life to proceed and to progress without the blocks and obstacles that have previously held you and your life in gridlock, as it were. Embrace the change and this period of transformation will be an easy one for you. Fight it and it will be an exhausting process. Either way - whether you embrace it or fight it - change will happen and ultimately, for your benefit.
The Queen of Cups is an indication that your intuition is at the forefront in everything you do, as you make the choice moment-by-moment to be guided only by your intuition. With water being the element associated with nurturing and pure love, the Queen of Cups not only exudes this energy herself, she also puts that energy out into the world and into all that she cares about. A deeper connection with those things that resonate with you will be cultivated today.
A second showing for the King of Pentacles in the last fortnight. The King of Pentacles, possibly the more cautious of the Kings, is not known to be a "risk taker" and is one who some may say "plays it safe". Something you've set your sights on will be achieved, although within a comfort zone, meaning it may not go the extra mile, so to speak, but it will be successful nonetheless.
There's a "go get 'em" vibe when the King of Wands shows up. Confidence, charm, enthusiasm and abundant energy will enable you to reach for the stars today. With this energetic flow prevalent through the day, new possibilities may spring up and all that is required is that you be open to exploring them and taking action.
The 9 of Cups indicates that you are in a good place, and a positive mindset is enabling you to enjoy the abundance you have been creating. Also known as the wish card, the 9 of Cups sees you ensuring that your dreams come true, and engaging in that which brings you happiness. Your physical wellbeing is also strong, and you may find yourself enjoying some of those physical activities that you like and perhaps have not done in a while - for instance, going dancing with your other half, taking a walk in a green space you have not visited before, or perhaps going for a swim followed by relaxing in a steam room.
There may be something in your life that keeps recurring, that something that has not been "resolved". It could be a habit or a pattern. Your awareness of this "something" today will be heightened, mainly because your intuition is nudging you to take a "deeper look". The answers you seek can not be found externally. Only your intuition knows what is being hidden and only your intuition can reveal it, and The High Priestess today is a reminder to work with it, not against it.
The World is an indication that you have come full circle, having successfully reached completion of a goal or project, and are now ready to begin a new phase in your life's journey. As you enter in to this new cycle, you are reminded to be open to the bigger picture and to remove anything that seeks to "obstruct your view", so to speak, of it.
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