Daily Guidance by Rosalind Medea

Daily guidance to support you through the day - Tarot & I Ching
T’ai (Peace), Hexagram 11 – A deep sense of inner peace and outer peace is experienced today as you fully open up to what is inherent within you already. Be aware of what that peace feels like and understand that it is there not just momentary, but is a state of being that is in fact very normal and can be achieved constantly.
You have turned your back on a situation in your life and are "sailing away" from it. It's not that the "problem" has gone away as such, but more importantly, the 6 of Swords indicates that you have made the choice to let go, to move forward and to do the right thing by you. That choice brings you closer to freedom and strengthens the relationship between you and your inner being.
Tensions abound and challenges arise with the energies of the 5 of Wands. It appears that someone is wanting to do battle with you. As disruptive as these energies appear to be, stand your ground, uphold your position and do not give in, and most importantly maintain your inner peace. You will ride out the storm and come out all the stronger for it.
Ken (Keeping Still), Hexagram 52 – Stillness and silence is a necessity in life so that you can be aware of and be guided by your intuition or higher self. Ken calls on you to take the time to meditate. Learning to be still and to still the consciou mind opens you up to your higher self and the clarity, inner peace, wisdom and insights of the higher self. Through silence and stillness, you become aware of the bigger picture and the need to act only when an action is required.
As a chapter ends, a new chapter begins. The World is an indication that you have come full circle, having successfully reached completion of a goal or project. There may still be a few "loose ends" to tie up here-and-there that you must take care of - but "loose ends" or not you are still ready to begin this new chapter in your life's journey and move forward.
Bi (Grace), Hexagram 22 - An abundance of beauty exists in the world - from natural beauty found in nature to inner beauty found deep within one self. Grace symbolises this beauty. It can sometimes be hard to see the forms of beauty around us, and one must always use discernment, not the naked eye to see beauty. Grace teaches us to be discerning in order to be able to see what true beauty is and what is simply a facade and" far from grace". In its infinite wisdom, Grace also shows us how to appreciate the smaller things in life and to give gratitude for such.
I (Increase), Hexagram 42 – I (Increase) is just as much concerned with generosity as it is with abundance. I indicates the need to use your wealth and resources wisely. Aligning yourself and the use of your wealth and resources with that which serves the greater good ensures an abundant and prosperous flow. This also enables you to share with others, and so with generosity, abundance continues to flow freely.
You’re at a new chapter in your life and what is required of you at this point is to trust – to trust in your true self and to trust in your journey. Since trust is key throughout your journey, The Fool’s first action is to take that initial leap of faith. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
The Magician emphasises the power of your will, intent and focus in creating the life that you desire and the world in which you desire to live in. Be mindful of your thoughts at all times and be sure to affirm exactly what you want, and to discard any negative thinking that negates what you are attempting to manifest.
Yi (Nourishment), Hexagram 27- There is more to nourishment than simply eating the correct foods that your body requires. Rather Yi suggests the need for spiritual nourishment too. That includes meditation; paying attention to where your thoughts go and ensuring you counter the negatives with life-affirming positives, and taking walks in nature. These are just some of the ways to nourish your higher self.
Li (The Clinging), Hexagram 30 - Once again Li (The Clinging) makes an appearance in a matter of days (last seen on 6 September), which is an indication of the need to continue to fill your day or days even with spiritual sustenance, in other words that which belongs to you on a deeper level. Clinging to what is true to your inner being is key to your sucess and will bring you good fortune. As the light within grows brighter, it adds its light to the world towards a greater good. Keep this light fueled with persistency and consistency in your efforts to stay true to your self and your inner truth, and to maintain a level of enthusiasm as you carry out your daily tasks.
There is cause for celebration today with the 3 of Cups. Something that is close to your heart may enter into your life today or you may see physical results of that which you have been diligently and persistently putting your energies behind. Perhaps you are attending a gathering of some sorts or your own birthday party. Celebrate with gratitude for what the day brings you.
Yu (Enthusiasm), Hexagram 16 - Creative energies are abundant today with the presence of Yu (Enthusiasm). You may be required to inspire others as well as yourself today. Be guided by what lives in your heart and not your head. Just like music has the power to unite people, use your leadership skills to inspire those around you, and basque in shared enthusiasm for a shared cause.
While the Knight of Cups may be perceived as a "dreamer", he does make choices with his heart. Remember that dreaming is good - after all dreams are the first step towards creating your reality - but also be ready to pursue those dreams and manifest them into the physical through intuition-guided actions.
Tun (Retreat), Hexagram 33 - The need to preserve one's energies is imperative right now. Negative forces are at play and such destructive forces thrive on the attention they get. Focusing on the negative forces or enemies and what they are attempting to create will not serve you well at this time. Tun (Retreat) advises that you step back and relook at the problem before stepping back in. This is not an admission of defeat, but an acknowledgment that you will deal with the situation when the moment is intuitively right for you.