Tarot Guidance by Rosalind Medea

Daily guidance to support you through the day
The 6 of Cups indicates there maybe gatherings with children or it may be that you tap into your inner child. You may come across something that rejogs your memory or enables you to live an experience you had fond memories of as a child in the here and now.
One of the cards that most strongly represents the energy of happiness, the 4 of Wands is always a pleasure in a reading. If you are in a relationship, you may be getting married or an engagement may be announced. If you are single, the possibility of meeting that special someone is likely. Overall the day is filled with joy and every action you take is a reflection of your commitment to your life purpose and to being exactly who you were born to be.
Success and victory is yours right here, right now. You have successfully accomplished a goal and are starting to see the fruits of your labour. Or it may be that you have cracked something that has held you in limbo and had a hold of you for sometime, enabling you to live your freedom, your victory and your destiny.
The 8 of Cups today indicates that you choose to walk away from a situation that no longer serves you. It may be any number of things - a relationship or a certain way of handling life even. Whether this is an easy step for you or not, what you do know is that you will be better for this move.
The Knight of Wands brings buoyant energies to the day, so if there has been a period of stagnation in areas of your life, things are likely to speed up now. Enthusiasm and optimism, which is also associated with the Knight of Wands, will support you to take action and be in action.
The third consecutive card from the suit of Wands this week indicates a whole lot of fire energy - passion, enthusiasm and action. You are that much closer to achieving your goals, so trust that all is going at the pace it should. Persistency, consistency and patience on your part will assist you in raising motivation levels at this time as you continue in your efforts to reach your "destination".
The 3 of Wands today comes as acknowledgment of the persistency and consistency of your efforts - you have now reached an important milestone and success is in your sights. If you have been working on a project recently and it has come to a natural halt, assistance may come from a small group of like-minded people.
Energy and enthusiasm is in abundance today as the Queen of Wands indicates. You are in action and taking the necessary steps to accomplish your tasks. While this is an inspiring time, be sure not to charge forth so much so that you lose sight of the here and now.
Something new is coming into your life as the Page of Cups indicates. It could be a new work project, a new relationship or a new member of your family coming into this world. Embrace this "newness" with openness as these changes are likely to shake up your world in a positive way.
The Magician comes as a reminder today of just how powerful your thoughts are. A positive mindset is now giving way to positive results in your life. You now have physical evidence to show just how much you can achieve through the power of positive thought and so willing such in to being.
The card of love, union, partnership and balance, the 2 of Cups is always a welcome sign. There is a deeper sense of self as you accept and embrace who you truly are on every level, especially spiritual. This commitment is also reflected in your outer world in your relationship with your significant other. For those who are single, an opportunity to meet someone truly special is likely.
A second showing for The Fool in less than two weeks is an indication that you are at a new chapter in your life's journey. Take a leap of faith and allow your inner being to guide you every step of the way, and trust in your inner voice.
The Ace of Wands is much about creative beginnings and something new coming in to your life. If there's something that you have put on the back burner, now is the opportune time to kickstart that project. Whether it’s putting pen to paper and writing a novel, changing the interiors around in your home or having an image overhaul of your website.
The time and energy that you have put into a personal goal has paid off as you've achieved that which you set out to, and are now looking at your creation or "final product" as it were. Enjoy your success today before you move on to the "next leg" in your journey.
Just as the sun shines a light each and every morning, The Sun today is a signal of enlightenment and illumination in your life. As you embrace the light that is your being, so too comes a new lease of life, a new found enthusiasm for life itself, and the ability to see the positive in every situation you encounter. Radiance and contentment emanates from your being continuously, bringing with it greater clarity.