Tarot Guidance by Rosalind Medea

Daily guidance to support you through the day
A situation that you find yourself in or a situation that you have dealt with in the past, that is still affecting your present, needs to be resolved. You "resolve" it by seeing it for what it truly is - that means cutting through the layers of illusions and seeing the truth.
The King of Wands, last seen on 8 February, will amplify your confidence levels, enabling you to move forward in your endeavours with a clear cut vision of where you desire to be, coupled with the drive necessary to "catapult" you there. The epitome of fire energy in its purest form, the King of Wands is certainly no slow burner so be prepared to "fly" with those projects in need of this energy boost.
One of the most recurring cards of the year to date, The Magician, puts in another appearance as the month of February draws to a close. Once again his appearance shows you the importance of your will and intent in creating the life that you desire. Visualise exactly what it is you desire and put positive thought and action to will it in to being. The magic is within you and around you.
The 6 of Cups may see you "revisiting" your childhood - not for reminiscing or any other sake - but rather to be aware of what stirred your passions then. Now is the time to start bringing those passions into being again and live your dreams.
Enlightenment and awareness in recent days has given rise to commitment and an understanding of what commitment truly is. The most important commitment that you can ever have to anyone or anything is honestly, with your own inner being – now you understand the importance of that commitment, you are ready to act on it. Be open to learn and to apply that learning towards nourishing your inner being first and foremost.
The acknowledgement that old beliefs, belief systems, habits and patterns are the cause of blocks and obstacles in areas of your life is certainly a plus. However, awareness without action is certainly no plus. The Death card today calls on you to take action on your awareness - that simply being letting go of what no longer serves you.
You are continuing to learn, and to develop your skills or area of expertise. Last seen on 11 February, the 8 of Pentacles shows with persistency and consistency comes awareness, knowledge and power.
The Lovers is a reminder that a decision needs to be made and you must choose. It may be that you are faced with the same situation that arose on 2 February, when this card appeared last. If so, this situation will continue to come up again until you make that choice. Or it may be a new situation in which a decision also needs to be made.
You are at a new beginning in your life and what is required of you at this point is to trust - to trust in your true self and to trust in your journey. While trust is key throughout your journey, The Fool's first action is to take that initial leap of faith. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
You have reached a major breakthrough and a new direction now presents itself to you. With the Wheel of Fortune it could go one way or the other, and the direction it takes ultimately depends on the choice you make. Embrace the change, go with the flow and trust in your “fortune”, and there will be positive outcomes. Resist the change, and it will feel like the negatives are being rehashed and relived over and over.
The fire(y) queen puts in a second appearance in just over a week, ploughing her energy and focus into her work endeavours. This is good news as far as your career and business is concerned, but do remember to enjoy what you are doing at the same time.
The Knight of Cups serves as a reminder to make heart choices in all your endeavours today. While the Knight of Cups is often perceived as a "dreamer", be aware that "dreams" are the first stage in creating your reality, so be sure to follow your dreams with "heart-felt" actions.
The compassionate side of your being may be emphasised today as your natural healing abilities are shining bright. You may be present at a gathering with friends and family today, so do not be surprised if a certain someone makes a beeline for you and wants to "pour their heart out".
Fairness is required in a situation you find yourself dealing with today as Justice prevails. It maybe that balance and harmony is required in a personal situation, or it may be that you support a cause that requires justice be served.
The Magician has been a recurring card for a number of weeks now and as persistent and consistent as it has been in the daily readings, this is an indication of the magic and power within you to bring about all your life's desires. With your focus, will and intent, you are making dreams come true.