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Sep 18 2018    Mars    Sqr    Uranus   
01°Aq52' D    01°Ta52' R

Rugged individualism. The will to fight for one's freedom from restraint. Technical and mechanical problems and solutions. Inner tension and stress. Impulsive actions. Efforts to meet personal needs and interests. Accidental conditions.

  • Mars is going to be squaring Uranus three times in 2018 - this may indicated related or similar events connected by this aspect.  Mars square Uranus on May 16th again on August 1st and finally on Sept 18th 2018. 

This is an accident prone aspect which can be caused by doing things suddenly or without preparation.  Now is not the time to act out on a whim.  Avoid dangerous activities as thing may not turn out as expected.  Others may act out suddenly and disrupt your plans.  Prepare for this and reroute your activities accordingly without making things worse. 

Problems may center around mechanical objects, cars, and electricity. If you must deal with these thing, be extra careful and don't do anything on the spur of the moment and/or don't try to do the work of a professional.   In other words, if your car breaks down or there are electrical issues in your environment, it is best to pay for an expert in these areas and not trying to do things yourself.  Expect possible problems or disruptions with cars, traffic, machines, and electricity around this time.

There may be a breakthrough now in a situation that may have seemed fixed or impenetrable. You may suddenly be presented an opportunity to do something new which may allow you to break out of an old path or out of a rut.  Things may be more exciting, eventful and possibly stressful at times.  Going with the flow of events and dealing with things as they come is the best way to handle this aspect.

Sep 20 2018    Sun    Cnj    Mercury   
28°Vi02' D    28°Vi02' D

Mental strength. Intense thought. Consciousness of personal intent. Stimulus to communicate in speech or writing. Effectiveness in coordinating one's various activities. Mobility -- travel. Ability to meet up to situational demands.

This is a good time to brainstorm and come up with ideas regarding how to organize finances and other practical matters.  Figuring out what to do with all that you have at your disposal, including personal talents.

Sep 21 2018    Mercury enters Libra

You are a diplomat and peacemaker, often acting as a go-between in relationships. You a good communicator, putting others at their ease.  Arguments may upset you, as you prefer harmony in communications.

Mercury enters the Venus ruled sign of Libra today.  This is a good time for creative writing, contracts between partners, legal affairs, diplomatic matters and talking about relationships.

This is also the time for competitors and enemies to communicate successfully.  This is a good time for collaborations on writing projects or legal affairs.  Mercury is strong in the cardinal air sign of Libra and also can express itself in the most beautiful ways.  Thinking of the other is emphasized now. 

When speaking or communicating to the public, success depends upon expressing thoughts in the way that the audience will find the most accepting/appealing.  Mercury in Libra is very attuned to this and allows for ideas to be more accepted by others.

This is a good time for doing any type of creative writing, taking short trips and earning money through communications.

Sep 22 2018    Sun enters Libra   

The Sun enters the sign of Libra, on Sept 22nd which is known as the autumnal equinox  All over the world, the sun will be above the horizon and below the horizon for equal amounts of time (or day and night are of equal amounts of time today). 

In Astrology, Libra is considered the sign where the Sun falls however this does not mean it is a weak sign.  The cardinal modality strengthens it and the Venusian qualities make Libra a very amicable, strong, active, and pleasure-seeking sign.  Libra people are very charming, artistic but tough.  Librans are concerned with balance, fairness, art, music, beauty, partnerships, and equality.

When the Sun enters Libra, astrologers read the chart (called a Libra Ingress Chart) and predict what will happen in the world for the next six months. 

Sep 23 2018    Mercury    Sqr    Saturn  
 02°Li47' D    02°Cp47' D

There may be some difficult decisions to make now as some people may face some sort of disappointment.  Problems with communications and traveling may also occur.  Being patient with any conversations of plans is advisable as it could become strenuous around this time.

Thinking may be serious, methodical and profound but also may tend towards pessimism or depression.  This is not a good time for thinking optimistically about any opportunities but it is a positive time to thoroughly analyze plans to determine any faults.  Being aware that one may err on the side of negative thinking and waiting until a later time to start a new venture is advised. 

This is not an auspicious time to sign legal documents to finalize financial decisions. 

Sep 23 2018    Mercury    Tri    Mars  
 03°Li26' D    03°Aq26' D

Decisiveness. Mental assertiveness. Honesty. Practical solutions. Technical skills. Fast work, rapid progress.

Information and communications will be fast and furious now.  This is a good time to get the word out and make decisions.  Thinking and information will be quick and direct now which will prove successful.  Now is also an auspicious time to speak directly to people who you want to address.  This is not the time for subtle hints or 'beating around the bush.'  Say what you mean and mean what you say and things will move in the right direction.  Establishing new computers, cell phones or any other technologies/machinery that promotes communications and information will be quicker and easier than usual now.   Local traveling should also be smooth and done faster than usual, however, be aware of road rage and/or speeding which may also occur.  The rapid fire communications may be overwhelming at times so be sure to take a break if it becomes overwhelming. 

Venus, the planet of love, affection, pleasure, romance, money, and possessions will stop and start to move backwards (from the earth's perspective) on October 5th thru November 16th 2018. 

People with planets between (and aspecting) the degrees of 25 Libra and 10 Scorpio will be most affected by this retrograde Venus period.   Venus will make three aspects as it travels back and forth which can cause related or similar events to occur.  These include events associated with (but not limited to) relationships, finances, social events, the arts and young women.

Venus may have some dramatically different influences during this retrograde since Venus begins her station in the sign of her detriment - Scorpio.  This can lead to intense, obsessive or jealous incidents.  Then Venus re-enters her own domicile of Libra where she shines with fairness, loveliness, beauty, art, and diplomacy. 

This means there will be a mixed bag of tricks for people during the 'trick-or-treat' season this year.  Expect some ups and downs with Venusian matters from October 10th thru Nov 16th. 

Besides changing sign from her sign of detriment (Scorpio) to dignity (Libra) Venus will also be changing from her Evening Star to her Morning Star phase beginning on October 26th.   This indicates that Venus's influence will become more warlike than peaceful after October 26th.

Morning Star Venus rises before the Sun each morning while Evening Star Venus sets after the Sun.  Astrologer Ronnie Dreyer writes, "It was said that the Morning Star's [Venus] appearance in the eastern sky roused the soldiers to war, while the Evening Star's arrival on the western sky induced passionate lovemaking and followed by restful sleep.  As a result, the aggressive Morning Star and the soothing Evening Star exemplified the two faces of Inanna [Venus] - 1) the wrathful Goddess of War and 2) the tranquil Love and Fertility deity."

In natal chart analysis, when Venus is in her Morning/Evening Star positions,  Dreyer writes that Morning Star Venus, " . . . it is more likely to convey her jealous, possessive aspects as well as proud, victorious qualities . . .The Evening Star, on the other hand, signifies the more passive, peaceful and loving Venus noted for her sensuality, beauty and facility for co-operation and harmony."

Venus will remain in her Morning Star position from October 26, 2018 thru August 14, 2019.  In general events and activities related to Venusian topics will be more active and eventful during that time.  New relationships may start and be more passionate or full of activity.

If you would like to know more about how Venus will affect you. I am offering a 'Venus Report'!  Click the button below to order.  This report does require your birth data (month,day, year of birth along with time of birth and place (city,state or country).
I will email you a report of how Venus's transits are affecting your natal chart and where you may experience the highs and lows of Venus's over the next year.
Venus is about to station retrograde on October 5th 2018 and will remain that way until November 16th 2018.  Venus represents relationships, arts, and financial matters, (among other things).  This article is about one story of how Venus retrograde kept a marriage together.

Venus retrograde played a part in the relationship between Khloe Kardashian and NBA star Lamar Odom. 

Khloe Kardashian married Lamar Odom on September 27, 2009 after meeting only a month earlier.  They fell in love fast!  They managed to stay together through some difficult times until, six years later, Khloe filed for a divorce from Lamar in July 2015.  They both signed the divorce papers near the same time Venus stationed retrograde on July 25th 2015.

Venus rules over marriage and when it stations retrograde there will be problems, delays and/or changes in the situation.  Things don't go according to plan when a planet retrogrades.  Marriages or divorces - beginning during a Venus retrograde (especially right around the exact date that Venus stations retrograde) will cause some problems in the plans.

This is exactly what happened with Khloe and Odom's divorce.  They both signed the legal documents in July 2015 but for *some* reason (Venus stationing retrograde) the divorce papers were mishandled and were therefore never made official by a judge.  In other words, their divorce never when through.  They remained legally married.

This turned out to be a good thing for Khloe and Lamar as they changed their minds a few months later.  The following October, soon after Venus station direct again in September - they had a change of heart and decided to give the marriage another try.  In other words, the 'went back' into their marriage - described by Venus retrograde.   In October 2015 they announced that they were giving their marriage another try.  It was a big story in the news.

This is the type of event that can happen during Venus retrograde.  It may not happen every time (if it did, people would be divorcing and reconciling ever year!)  But if you do make a big change in your romantic life or marriage during the time that Venus is retrograde - there is a chance that you will change your minds.  Even if you don't change your minds then for some reason the paperwork may not go through or some other sort of setback occurs to delay things.

This could work the opposite way as well, if you start a relationship around a Venus retrograde then you may end up changing your mind when Venus stations direct.  The best thing to do is wait until Venus stations direct before making any final decisions about a relationship (or financial or artistic matter.)

 Venus retrograde was felt very strongly by Khloe Kadashian and Lamar Odom.  They tried to divorce, it didn't go through and they changed their minds and tried again to stay together.  Unfortunately, they could not stay together and the following year, they did change their minds again and filed for divorce a second time.  This time Venus was not retrograde and their second divorce became final in December 2016.

In this article I will be covering the astrological significance of Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces from November 2018 through December 2019.   What to expect, how to make the best of it while avoiding the pitfalls. 

Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion enters the sign of Sagittarius on November 8, 2018.  What does this mean for you?  One way to anticipate how Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius will affect you is to consider that Jupiter is in a sign once every 12 years.   The last time Jupiter was in the mutable, fire sign of Sagittarius was from November 23, 2006 thru December 18, 2007.   What was happening in your life back in 2007?  2019 won’t be exactly the same as 2007, of course, as the other planets are all in different places, but there will be some similarities. 

Jupiter is wonderfully placed in its own sign of Sagittarius.  Jupiter signifies law, foreign travel/affairs, publishing, internet, higher education, religion, philosophy and public speaking (to name a few major themes.)  Something pertaining to one or more of these areas may become prominent in your life from November 2018 thru December 2019.  For example, you may decide to return to school, embark on a trip to a foreign place, learn a new language or go on a pilgrimage.  With Jupiter in Sagittarius, these areas can result in some sublime experiences.  You may want to reach out more to people from different backgrounds and feel more optimistic.   This is because Jupiter expands, protects, and offers new fortunate opportunities which can at times be awe-inspiring.  This is why Jupiter is known as the ‘greater benefic.’

However, unlike when Jupiter was last in Sagittarius, there is another important planet in the mix – Neptune in Pisces. Back in 2007 Jupiter formed an easy sextile to Neptune but in 2019, Jupiter will form a dynamic aspect (90 degree) with Neptune three times.  This influence will affect everyone either directly or indirectly.  Sakoin and Acker describes Jupiter square Neptune in their book Predictive Astrology as: “ . . . emotional idealism, unrealistic expectations, and misplaced sympathy.”  Under the influence of Jupiter square Neptune, you may get carried away with some ideas which may lead to disappointment.  There is also a chance that you might feel a bit down in the dumps and feel like you want to escape or indulge in unhealthy pastimes.  A positive way to utilize the energy of this Jupiter/Neptune aspect is by enjoying the opportunities of Jupiter but being more careful.    Before you sign on the dotted line for that new class, cruise trip or self-improvement course - do a bit more research than you might usually do.  This extra due diligence may help you avoid some costly mistakes. 

 The dates that Jupiter perfects a square to Neptune will be on: January 13th, June 16th, and September 21st.  Mark down these dates and try to avoid committing to any important legal, travel, or educational commitments on these dates.  At the same time, these dates are auspicious times for creating new videos, illustrations, meditation, music, art, spiritual practices and/or indulging in a new fantasy game or novel.

Neptune in Pisces makes things unclear, foggy, mystical, glamorous and sometimes deceptive.  This is wonderful for fiction writing, videos or games but in the real world, it can lead to disappointment.  One way to describe Neptune’s influence in everyday life is to consider social media.    With good lighting, camera angles, make-up, almost anyone can appear to be a glamorous movie star.  

However, the reality is what the person is off the camera.  Neptune may help make someone (or something) appear dramatically different and deceive you into thinking they are glamorous but if you meet in person, you will no doubt be disappointed.  That is the nature of Jupiter square Neptune – this contrast between fantasy and reality will be amplified in 2019.  This may result in some huge scandals.

 This isn’t always a negative influence – why not have some fun and look like a model on a Youtube video or Instagram photo?  There is nothing wrong with it as long as you keep in mind that it’s not reality.   This will be the lesson of 2019. 

It’s summed up with the old fashioned expression “If it seems too good to be true it probably is.”  This extends to subjects and events beyond social media.  There may be some type of product, ideology, or publication that be spread far and wide (Jupiter) but it may all turn out to be a disappointing deception - or lie (square Neptune.)   

Another example of Jupiter/Neptune manifesting is in legal cases (Jupiter.)  Jupiter rules over the 9th house of law and in 2019 there will be some prominent trials that will capture the imagination (Neptune.)  One is the NXIVM cult case.  NXIVM portrayed itself as an ‘Executive Success Program’ (Jupiter) but instead of improving their business skills it was brainwashing participants with the help of Hollywood stars (Neptune) while emptying people’s bank accounts.  Catherine Oxenberg just published a book (Jupiter) about it after she rescued her daughter from the clutches of this deceptive (Neptune) cult.

2019 will be an interesting year with Jupiter square Neptune.  It may be a year of profound creativity, experiences and spiritual awakenings.  Enjoy the enthusiasm while avoiding people, places or things that seem too good to be true is the best way to navigate the next 12 months.

Sep 10 2018    Mars enters Aquarius
Mars began his trip into Aquarius last May (those who purchased my 2018 planetary reference sheet will be aware) and remained in Aquarius from May 16 - August 12th)  Now that Mars is back again in Aquarius, it may indicated that something similar or repeated occurs now in relation to something that began back in May.

Aquarius is a fixed, air sign ruled traditionally by Saturn and co-ruled by modern planet Uranus.This is an excellent time to work on original, inventive and/or unusual projects. Mars in this sign may indicate fighting for humanitarian causes.  Groups and clubs may become more active and possible aggressive during this time.  Any violence may bring people together to protest.  This is a time of heightened energies in regards to pursuing dreams/visions and activities with friends/groups.

This is also an auspicious time for revolutionary actions and breaking away from old patterns/ways of doing things to form successful new ways. Things may move very fast with societal changes from now through November 15th when Mars enters Pisces.

Sep 11 2018    Sun    Sxt    Jupiter   
18°Vi42' D    18°Sc42' D

The urge to be bigger than one really is. Growth. Consciousness of moral or religious issues. The desire to travel or to reach out to new ideas through education. Optimism and confidence. The willingness to speculate or to take a risk.

This is an auspicious time for learning, publishing, traveling and expanding one's horizon's.  Spending time with educators and foreigners also bode well today.  There may be more optimism than usual and international meetings should fare well.  This is a good time for implementing educational or foreign policy. 

This is also a wonderful time for meeting new people and visiting new places, especially for religious, spiritual or charitable reasons.  A tendency to overindulge or attempt to do too much may be slightly problematic but luck is strong for pursuing goals and success.

Sep 11 2018    Sun    Tri    Pluto  
 18°Vi50' D    18°Cp50' R

Rational and logical thinking. Concentration and focus. Organization. Serious communication. Agreeable solitude.

Power issues, secret agendas and attacks could be on the menus when the Sun hits off with Pluto. Some leaders may get ugly and may find themselves consumed with sneak attacks or power issues. This aspect could make some people feel more suspicious than usual so paranoia may run high.

This may also cause some to become obsessive / compulsive about a certain person, place or thing. This is not a good time for power plays as things may get carried away. However this intense, investigative energy can best be used to delve deeply into research, cleaning/clearing out one's environment, and with studying mysteries or psychology.  It is a positive time to use your powers positively and extensively. What you say or do around this time may reach far and wide so use your influence wisely.

Sep 12 2018    Jupiter    Sxt    Pluto   
18°Sc50' D    18°Cp50' R

You have the opportunity to boost your confidence and to move towards your goals in life. You are mostly self-assured and feel powerful and in control of your life. Others take notice. Therefore you may find that career promotions and recognition play a prominent role right now. It is a good time to make the most of any opportunities for advancement that come your way, as your judgement should be sound.

Jupiter trine Pluto indicates a power to move mountains. At this time there may be some dramatic changes based on shared faith, philosophy, or some belief system.  This is an excellent time to publish something, travel or begin a new class.  This is also a time when the media may have a powerful impact on people. 

Sep 12 2018    Venus    Opp    Uranus   
02°Sc03' D    02°Ta03' R

Things may get intense and exciting in relationships and finances.  Some surprising or even shocking developments may occur by or to women and children.  Supporters of women's causes may protest at this time. 

This could be disruptive and unconventional time in social events and relationships. There may be rebellious activities occurring now. This could also signify an break in diplomatic or other relations.  Surprises in stock market.  Bizarre relationships may form now or abruptly change/separate.

Sep 12 2018    Venus    Sxt    Saturn   
02°Sc34' D    02°Cp34' D

Venus will sextile Saturn three times in the next few months.  Today, Oct 24, and Dec 16, 2018.  This means that something similar or related, of a Venus/Saturn nature, may occur around these dates.

Inhibitions which preserve stability: loyalty, duty, economy. Diplomacy. Good judgment. Business agreements. Conservatism.

With Venus forming a positive aspect to Saturn, this may result in obtaining some stability in love and financial matters.  Initiating a creative project will have solid results.  Creating permanence in romantic and creative areas of life are favored today.

Benefits through older people, farms, coal, public buildings, state officials,or antiques.  This is a good day to have an heirloom appraised.  This is also a positive time to organize or attend to money matters.   Doing something constructive which lays down the rules with children in a loving way, could be very successful now and last long-term. 

Beautifying an old place or object may have some outstanding results.  Painting, sculpture, and interior decorating are also favored under this aspect.  Donations to charities will help more than usual today.

Sep 13 2018    Mercury    Opp    Neptune   
14°Vi54' D    14°Pi54' R

Deception is in the air as new scandals may arise around this time.  Information may be foggy and lack basis.  This is not a good time to deal with facts and figures as it may become overwhelming.  This is a positive time for art, music and other creative outlets.  Also enjoying water activities may be soothing as well as pursuing spiritual matters.

Sep 15 2018    Mercury    Tri    Pluto   
18°Vi48' D    18°Cp48' R

Mercury is about information, letters, texts, all types of communication. Pluto is about deep, dark, hidden places. The places that we are afraid to face in ourselves and others.

Post Secret is a perfect example of Mercury/Pluto energy. A place where people tell their deepest darkest secrets. It can be a liberating experience to share our worries with a trusted friend, a professional, or on the internet. Just get it out in the open, face our fears.

We may eventually learn that no matter what happens, in the end, the feeling of 'the fear' was the worst part.

Under this aspect, we may decide to uncover the truth of the matter. This is wonderful for researching a new subject as under this aspect we will delve deeply and be absorbed for hours finding out all that we can.

However, this can be a bad influence if we turn the magnifying glass on another person's personal life. Beware of becoming suspicious over something trivial. There may be tendency to cross the line and invade other people's personal space.

It is normal to wonder about what a partner is doing when not around you but how far you go in investigating and questioning others about it can be the problem.

Being aware that you may feel more suspicious than necessary around this time and avoid compromising relationships that matter by becoming overly intense or intrusive.

Finding the truth is the real meaning of this aspect. There is more than one way to obtain the information that you desire. Be honest is also important during this time as you may find others may become suspicious of you and double check your information!

Focus your investigative energies on yourself and your work.  You may accomplish much more than usual

At this time, there may be some things kept secret from you, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is a negative thing, it could be better that way.

Sep 16 2018    Mercury    Sxt    Jupiter   
19°Vi30' D    19°Sc30' D

Good judgment. Taking in the full picture. Speculative thought. Positive thinking. Interest in learning. Teaching.

This is a positive influence for writing, speaking, all kinds of communications. Mercury forming a smooth aspect to Jupiter promises good luck with signing legal documents, discussing marriage and initiating talks with adversaries.

This aspect also bodes well for diplomatic endeavors. Now is a good time to initiate talks with anyone you don't see eye-to-eye with. Discussions, ideas, writing begun now may yield fortuitous results.

There will be a proliferation of information/conversations/messages supporting certain beliefs or opinions now.

Sep 3 2018    Mercury    Sxt    Venus
   25°Le33' D    25°Li33' D
Flowing social conversation. Spirit of compromise and agreement. Harmonious interaction. Clarity. Appreciation of beauty.

This will be a relief in relationship and money matters as Mercury forms a positive aspect with Venus.  This is an auspicious time for signing documents - especially one's that pertain to money, beauty, children, jewelry, luxury items, music, art, fashion, poetry, gardening, flowers, and  relationships.

This is also a positive time for diplomatic relations, so scheduling meetings now would work out more pleasantly.  It is an auspicious time to make peace with others that you may have had some difficulties with. This is also a good time for writing, speaking, all forms of communication.  Enjoying music, the arts, and literature (alone or with others) are all favored now.  A good time to sign contracts and make financial arrangements.

Sep 5 2018    Mercury enters Virgo
Mercury enters its own sign of Virgo which will strengthen people's thinking and detail work. Mercury will remain in Virgo until September 21st. 
During the Mercury's trip through Virgo health matters will feature heavily in the news and in business.  There may also be an emphasis on financial, business operations, service oriented work and animal

People may be more critical and thinking from a fact based, logical perspective rather than moral or ethical ways.  Crunching numbers, dotting every 'i' and crossing every 't' will be very important now in all official transactions.  Any work my receive more scrutiny and dissection than usual. 

This will be a benefit in the areas of: mathematics, scientific research, medicine and hygiene.  Any type of detail oriented work may flourish during this transit. Work will be the focus of everyone and doing any kind of detail or accounting work will be successful now.  Virgo also rules small animals so this is a good time to focus on a furry family member and/or take a class on how to train your pet!

This is an excellent time to do a personal inventory of what you want out of life and detailing how you will reach your goals.  This is also a good time to devise a strategy and implement a new.

Sep 6 2018    Saturn Stations   Direct
   02°Cp32' D    

Saturn represents many things including laws, regulations, policies, burdens, work, career, the elderly and disadvantages, as well as being the traditional planet of death. 
Saturn also rules structures of all kinds including the bones/teeth of a human body. Saturn in Sagittarius strongly pertains to these issues that also deal with issues surrounding beliefs, foreign matters, religion, international travel, law and higher knowledge.

Saturn finally stationing direct today  indicates an issue related to Saturn which may be getting back to normal now or finally being settled now.  A foreign or legal matter which may have been questionable may finally be squared away. 

Sep 7 2018    Mercury    Tri    Uranus
   02°Vi11' D    02°Ta11' R
Intensity of mind. Experimental attitude. Expression of radical or unusual viewpoints. Technical interest. Inventiveness.

Mercury represents thinking, news, communications, travels and Uranus is the planet of genius originality.  These two planets trine each other which may cause a flurry of new ideas and solutions.  This is an excellent time to brainstorm and figure out how to go about things that need attention.  Electronic communications (cell phones, ipads, etc) to be most prominent in the news.

There may be some shocking new quickly spreading around too as rumors and gossip could fly at lightning speed.   This is an auspicious week for inventing something new that may concern the written or spoken word and gathering information.  Once way this aspect may work out is in improving ways to email/text or communicate online.

While this influence can be fast and exciting it can also be overwhelming.  Avoid getting too caught up in video games, online discourse or other electronic dialogue as there is the potential for overdoing things, which could lead to burn out and exhaustion.

Mere mortals need their rest and unplugging from the mass communications online may be the healthiest move.  Take a siesta if you find yourself becoming carried away or overwhelmed with electronic information and discussions.

Sep 7 2018    Mercury    Tri    Saturn
   02°Vi32' D    02°Cp32' D
Rational and logical thinking. Concentration and focus. Organization. Serious communication. Agreeable solitude.

Mercury in a positive aspect to Saturn is a good time for some critical yet practical decisions and plans.  This is an auspicious time to deal with important paperwork, facts, figures or conversations. 

You may find it easier to bring ideas into focus and create something meaningful, long-lasting and successful.  This is not a cheerful type of aspect so you may not feel like you are doing well even if you are.  This is a time for patience, maturity, and concentration when processing information or communicating with others.  This is a good time to tackle the more difficult projects or discussions.  It is also a positive time to deal with much older or younger people where you may share a teacher/student dynamic. 

This is also an excellent time for organizing paperwork, computer files, and anything that deals with the written or spoken word.  If there is a daunting task that you have been avoiding then now is the time to plow through it. 

Decisions, rules or programs implemented now may become a precedent or become "carved in stone."

Sep 7 2018    Sun    Opp    Neptune
   15°Vi04' D    15°Pi04' R
Lack of clarity. Unknown factors which challenge judgment. The practical use of art and music. Impressionability. Escapist urges. Misunderstandings. Visions which deceive. Mistakes and errors in judgment. Foggy or sloppy conditions.

Confusion, scandals, or deceptions between leaders nd/or by leaders.  Scandal may erupt and difficulties in negotiations. Lack of clarity, obfuscation on important issues. Unknown factors which challenge judgment.

This is a beneficial time for art and music. A general feeling of laziness and wanting to escape reality.  Issues concerning entertainment and drugs (chemicals) may be addressed now by governments or leaders.

Sep 8 2018    Venus    Sqr    Mars
   29°Li37' D    29°Cp37' D
Passionate or very emotional reactions.  Tense sensuality. Difficulties with assertiveness and cooperation.

Love, creativity, and romance are highlighted now.  Passions may run high and lead to upsets for some.  Others may experience and sudden attraction to someone or something else.  Artists may have a sudden burst of inspiration now.

  Avoid doing anything you may regret later after this aspect passes.  While in relationships it might seem like a match made in heaven, only time will tell.  Avoid overspending or overdoing things now. 

Sep 9 2018    Venus enters Scorpio
An intense need for relationships. Passionate in relations with others. A desire to know your partner's innermost thoughts and yet have a tendency towards secrecy.

Venus is in detriment in Scorpio, which does not make it a weak influence but it may cause things ruled by Venus to become more intense, passionate and secretive. Venus is known as a lesser benefic but sometimes her influence can be more warlike.

Venus is in her warlike Morning Star position now which amplifies things. This means that relationships, women, financial matters, art, life/death issues may become more problematic.

Sep 9 2018   New Moon
17 Virgo
We have a New Moon at 17 degrees of Virgo on Thursday Sept 9th.  Virgo is a feminine, earth, mutable sign ruled by Mercury.

In traditional astrology, Virgo is cold, barren, nocturnal, critical, efficient, retiring, human, studious, analytical, inquisitive, neat, fussy, fastidious, conservative and pessimistic.  It rules over the intestines and people with afflictions in their charts to Virgo planets may become hypochondriacs or 'germaphobes' obsessed with sanitation and avoiding illnesses.  Sometimes they make themselves sick from worrying too much about bodily functions that are supposed to be unconscious.

On another note, Virgo also rules over study halls, libraries, bookkeeping, drug stores, servants quarters, wherever food is stored, pantries, wheat, silos, warehouses.  The FDA could be seen as a Virgo entity, in charge of double checking food and drug safety.

Virgo, ruled by Mercury, means that dealing critically and analytically with information is also a facet of this sign. Secretaries, writers, accountants, editors, copywriters, dress makers, veterinarians, health workers, computer programmers, and hospital workers fall under this sign.

Mercury rules over all forms of communications from text messages to legal documents, rumors, speeches, and the news media.  Mercury also rules over merchants, traders, vehicles, local travel/transportation, mathematics, thievery, forgery, hands and arms of the body.

A New Moon in Virgo can mean a new beginning or changes related to any of these areas. 

New or Full Moons don't always signify something significant on an individual level, unless it closely aspects something in your natal chart.  However, it will describe some major current event occurring at the time.

The following Full Moon brings to fruition what began at the New Moon.  So the Full Moon at 24 degrees of Pisces.

Pisces  is a passives sign, representing the feeble, helpless, repressed, sick, enslaved and powerless people. Pisces
rules over chemicals, confusion, disinformation, illusion, water, psychic phenomena, and the ocean.  Hospitals, prisons, secret enemies and behind-the-scenes transactions occur in this sign. 

The Full Moon will fulfill the promise of the New Moon.

Aug 27 2018    Mars Station Direct      

Mars is stopping today to move direct after moving backwards or retrograde since last June 26th.  There may be a change in direction and new energy to start or restart a project that began last June.  This is an intense time and may result in successful physical or defensive maneuvers.  This is a good time to begin a strategy that may have been mulled over for the past month or two. 

Aug 28 2018    Mercury    Sqr    Jupiter   
16°Le39' D    16°Sc39' D

Mercury squared Jupiter three times in the past few wees.  This can show similar or related events happening which started around July 9th , August 11th and finalizing today August 28th.

Mentally pushing the limits -- overassimilation, overexpansion, overload of communications, proselytizing, arrogance, etc. Interest in learning and travel. Overconfident judgments. Opinions.

There may be some overconfidence and zealous opinions flying about at this time.   Any arguments now may just go on and on without resolution as the exaggerations and arrogance multiplies.

 This is a good time for studying a foreign language or cultural tradition and learning.  Be careful not to overestimate how much you can learn or get done today. 

Arguments and discussions go on for much longer than expected.  Reserve extra time for any meetings or group discussions. 

Avoid spending too much for information or on gadgets now as you might get carried away with the credit card.  This is not a good time for classes or talks as things may get carried away and words blown out of proportion.

This is not a good time to sign documents as expectations may be too grandiose for realization.  Ideas and events under this influence need to be worked on to become more practical else they may be setting people up for failure.  People may stretch themselves beyond their capacity in media, education or travel.

Aug 23 2018    Sun  enters Virgo
Now is the time to get to work with the Sun in the detailed, service-oriented sign of Virgo.  Leaders will be organizing with detail exactly what needs to be corrected and what needs to be done. 
In personal life, this is the time to organize and decide what to keep and what to discard.   This is a good time to attend to any health related matters. A good time to start a new diet or cleaning up your environment.
Now is also a positive time for working with numbers, writing, organizing and working on the specifics of whatever topic concerns you.
Virgo teaches us that taking on a huge project by working on it little by little allows you to achieve great things.  Taking a practical approach to material concerns is highlighted now. However, be careful not to be too critical or exacting in what you do or it could be detrimental to morale.

Aug 25 2018    Sun    Tri    Uranus   
02°Vi25' D    02°Ta25' R

A keen interest in ideas which are progressive or innovative. Scientific mind. Inventive. A questioning mind. Mental excitement. Taking action which changes things and brings improvement. Joining with others for a specific cause or purpose.

Now is the time to go with the flow as things may happen unexpectedly but for the better.  You may make a decision or start something that causes more or surprising things to happen.  This will be an unstoppable energy and one that will go smoothly. 

This is a good time for daring or innovative moves that advance your position or viewpoint.  You may reconnect with someone from the past which gives you clarity and appreciation for all of the changes that you have made.

Aug 25 2018    Sun    Tri    Saturn  
02°Vi38' D    02°Cp38' R

This is an excellent time to start a new work project or regiment.  Discipline is called for now and taking a measured approach to things is highlighted.  Organizing, planing and following the rules will be the way to succeed in whatever you want to achieve.

This is a good time to embark on an diet/exercise program or anything that you want to accomplish that requires consistent discipline.  Something you start building today may lead to solid and enduring results.

This is an auspicious time to do something to further your career or for building something that will benefit you for the rest of your life.  Now is the time to make long-term plans and act on them. 

With Saturn retrograde, you may have to go back and change something later.  However, if you have already considered and action earlier or even made a step towards it in a previous occasion that things should progress without a hitch.

This is also an excellent time to go back and get some work done that you may have avoided earlier.  No matter how boring or dirty the work may be, under this aspect you will be able to get it all done in an efficient manner.  Your employer will notice your efforts and at this time you may receive more responsibility.  If you do, you will be able to handle it well.

Aug 26 2018    Venus    Sqr    Pluto
   19°Li02' D    19°Cp02' R
The powerful or obsessive desire to meet one's needs in relationships. Jealousy. Sexual tension. Territorial disputes. Fatal attraction

Venus is going to make a hard aspect to Pluto. This may manifest in different ways since Venus can signify: money, beauty, childbirth, jewelry, luxury items, music, art, fashion, poetry, gardening, flowers, and very often relationships.

There may be some shocks or upsets in relationships or money matters. Situations may get unexpectedly intense in a new or established relationship.

If you notice that things are getting more emotional or dramatic than usual, try to keep a cool head and know that this is a short-lived aspect (a day or two). If things do get to be too much, try to avoid any kind of confrontation until later on.

This may be a challenging time in social situations where some may feel or be manipulated, uncooperative or rude.  This is not the time to confront other in social situations, wait until later to discuss privately.  Venus square Pluto is not the time to push for things in group settings

There may be power struggles over money, shared resources and in love matters.  Be careful not to get carried away and destroy everything over control issues.  Conversely, this may be the time to sever partnerships or ties with material things in order to regain peace and happiness.

For the next couple of days it is important with relationships and finances to be "above board" about everything. If you feel suspicious about something, try to be level-headed and not get carried away.

Aug 26 2018   Full Moon  
3° Pisces 12'

We have all heard the effects of the full Moon where emergency room visits escalate and people act a bit more "lunatic" than usual. Some claim that this is an old superstition but it is a scientific fact that the ocean tides rise as the ocean on the side of Earth facing the moon gets pulled toward the Moon!! This creates high tide and pulls the ocean water away from the earth!

Although there doesn't seem to be any scientific proof of the full Moon effects on humans, the fact that the human body is made up of approximately 80% of water, it is easy to understand why the full Moon may have such an effect on people, especially those with an emphasis of water in their charts (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).

During this full Moon in Pisces it is a good time to work in seclusion, help the less fortunate and dream. It is also an auspicious time for psychic abilities and anything to do with water. Enjoying time on the beach or a walk by a lake,  dip in the pool,  to a bubble bath may be most rewarding now. This is the time to relax and follow your inspirations.  Creativity flows easily now and may help inspire artistic accomplishments.  This is also a positive time for doing meditation or yoga. Reading a good novel, music and movies may be more enjoyable now.


“What lives shall die. What dies shall live.”

~ Clarisssa Pinkola Estés, PhD

“A single assault touches the lives of many people. It reverberates for years.”

~ T. Pat Davix


Meredith Kercher was a beautiful, happy, young woman who was thrust into the world news (and tabloids) due to her death and the depravity of the monsters who attacked her. She was mature, ambitious, loved and admired by the many people whose lives she touched. She was a rising star. Even now Meredith’s inner light radiates so brightly that the three perpetrators held responsible for her demise still bask in the outer fringes of her glow – in the dim fumes of infamy.

Meredith possessed all of the qualities that her killers lacked: honesty, dignity, beauty, style, humor, wit, wisdom, charisma, generosity, grace, compassion, and intelligence. As Arlene Kercher, Meredith’s mother stated:

“I think it happened to Meredith because she was all that they weren’t.”

A decade after Meredith passed, multiple books and movies have been and continue to be created about her. Meredith’s light shines on and affects people all over the world. Meredith Kercher was, is and will always be a star.

Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher

“She was clearly intelligent and worked very hard. She was always talking about her family. She was very friendly – I still have text messages from her in which she persuaded me to go out in the evenings. She was generous and open and had a very big heart. She was a very fulfilled human being. She was happy and talked about her family all the time. She had lived life to the full. That gives me a great deal of comfort.”Idea [I] – Meredith Kercher’s friend Natalie Hayward

Meredith Kercher was born on December 28, 1985 and was raised in Coulsdon, England. Her father, John Kercher, wrote the book, Meredith, Our Daughter’s Murder and the Heartbreaking Quest for the Truth where he describes how the family took many vacations in Italy when Meredith was a small child.

When she was 14 years old she was part of an exchange program to Italy. Meredith lived in the southern town of Sessa Aurunca with an Italian family. She attended the local school, Taddeo da Sessa. Meredith’s teachers reported that she fit in very well in school and in Italy. She made a wonderful impression on everyone who fell in love with her good nature and sense of humor.

Her parents realized that Meredith’s maturity and confidence exceeded her age. So it was with their permission that she returned to Italy the following summer with friend when she was 15 years old. Meredith spent her summer holiday absorbing even more of Italian language and culture. Meredith was traveling internationally and had adapted to life in Italy, which was now a second home to the teenager.

A love for Italy seemed to run in the family as Meredith’s mother, Arline, lived and worked in Italy in her younger years. Arline worked on the restoration of Pompeii, the city destroyed by a volcano in AD 79 and buried under its ash. Meredith made a point of visiting there on her school trip. Meredith’s older sister Stephanie also studied Italian and speaks it fluently.

Her father recalled in his book when Meredith was in her Year Thirteen (equivalent to senior year in high school) she was part of a presentation with various students reciting Italian poetry. A classmate was scheduled to read a section of Dante’s Divine Comedy but had a panic attack at the last minute. Meredith calmly took over and read the passage in Italian flawlessly, without any preparation.

Meredith continued her Italian and Latin studies at the University of Leeds where she lived with five other girls in a house off campus. They enjoyed many good times together, cooking big meals, shopping, going out dancing and to the gym. Meredith was a hard worker and took on many jobs to help pay for school while being an honors student, maintaining a B+ average. One of Meredith’s jobs was working at Gatwick airport where she helped passengers connect with their flights. Her father recalled that Meredith had told him about an Italian passenger who was especially impressed by her fluency in Italian. Another job she obtained was acting in a music video. Kristian Leontiou was creating a video for his song ‘Some Say.’ He chose Meredith out of a long list of other attractive young women to be the star.

“It was made by a group of Meredith’s friends sometime during 2007 – I think she knows the lead singer. The people on the video are friends of hers who were at Leeds University and it is unreal to see her in the video and to know that a few months later she was murdered.”

Meredith’s star quality and ease at being center stage was obvious to those who knew her. Her being chosen as the lead actress in a professional music video made it official. Meredith worked a grueling 15-hour day in the filming of the video, and everything went well. She was happy with the results. She did not know the lead singer Kristian Leontiou personally and only met him briefly during the filming. However, after Meredith’s passing, Leontiou wrote a message of condolence. He expressed his hope that the video gave some solace to her family and friends. He said the short film captured her “beauty, grace, and charm.”[ii]

Meredith did not let her newfound fame go to her head. Instead she quickly went back to her grueling work and school schedule. She worked long hours at a local bar, called Vodka Revolution, while carrying a full course load. There she learned how to make various kinds of drinks like the Polish vodka mojito that she would later make for Patrick Lumumba which impressed him so much. She often returned home from working at the bar in the early morning hours, when her flatmates were just waking up. Then she would go straight to class.

Another job Meredith excelled at was as a tour guide in London. She worked on a London tour bus, informing visitors about the history of the city while entertaining them. This was the summer before she moved to Perugia. This position required her to attend a two week intensive course to memorize the historical facts she needed to convey as well as monitoring the vacationers and keeping them safe on the open top double-decker bus. She enjoyed leading the tourists around her hometown, and she wasn’t afraid to reprimand someone if they jeopardized their safety on the double-decker bus. Her boss said that she knew Meredith would be a good fit for the position with her charming and unaffected personality. She added that Meredith never called in sick, never complained and was an enthusiastic worker.

Meredith majored in Italian and European Politics and was accepted into the prestigious Erasmus program. It was through this exchange program that she was able to return to Italy again in the Fall of 2007. Meredith attended the University of Perugia which is the oldest and most prestigious university in Italy. She was no doubt excited to be back, immersing herself in university classes, Italian culture, and language.

Meredith was five feet four inches (164 centimeters) tall, approximately 110 lbs (50 kilos), healthy and active. She took ballet classes as a child and at age 17 began taking Karate. She was no doubt aware that her petite stature could make her an easy target for criminals. Her friends and co-workers even worried about her safety. When she worked late at a part time job in a Mexican restaurant, her male co-workers would wait with her at the bus stop to make certain that she got home safely. Meredith was determined not to become a victim and she worked hard to earn her third degree belt in karate. She was working towards a black belt and had regularly sparred with other women and men who were twice her size in class.

It takes physical and mental strength to pursue a martial art consistently as Meredith did. This carried over to her scholastic work where she earned high marks. This didn’t mean that she was all work and no fun. Her friends said that she always made an effort to enjoy entertainment with others. She was also an impressive dancer. She no doubt learned a few moves from her boyfriend at Leeds University who taught dance classes. He had proposed marriage to Meredith but she knew that she was too young. They remained friends. Meredith continued to be very socially active while studying in Perugia. She made friends quickly and enjoyed many outings with them. However, she always kept up with her school work, cleaning up around the home she shared with three other roommates and communicating with her family every day. Meredith was especially concerned for her mother who suffered from serious health problems.

One of Meredith’s friends at Leeds University described her:

“I have never known anyone make so many friends in such a short space of time. It was quite remarkable how her personality affected such a large number of students.”[iii]

Meredith made a new group of British and Italian friends through her Erasmus program in September 2007. Her classmates recognized her impressive depth and understanding of Italian. They often sought to copy her notes after class as she always managed to capture everything.

Meredith aspired to become either a journalist like her father or to work at the European Parliament in Brussels. Besides being fluent in Italian, Meredith also had an excellent grasp of the French. Meredith fully embraced the Italian way of life. She loved to shop for new clothes and wear the latest fashions. Always perfectly put together, she owned a large collection of shoes and designer clothes with which she always made the extra effort to present herself beautifully – la bella figura. She also fell in love with a young Italian man who lived downstairs – Giacomo Silenzi. They became an item in October 2007.

Meredith was gorgeous, young, healthy, living her dream, and in love. She was enjoying delicious cuisine, the beautiful Umbrian landscape, a romantic language, new circle of friends, and a handsome new boyfriend.

She was having such a wonderful whirlwind of a time that she and her friends were unaware of the dangers lurking around them. Natalie Haywood remembered a tutor in Perugia warning her and Meredith about the hidden dangers in Perugia.

“We laughed about it. We were thinking ‘What’s to worry about? This is a tiny little town and we’re from London.’ It’s horribly ironic now.

Meredith’s murder shocked everyone. Not only because of the senselessness and savagery of the assault but the unexpectedness of it. Meredith was a good person, well-liked, surrounded by friends and at home in Italy. She had been there little over a month. How could this happen?

One of Meredith’s teachers said about her:

“In all of the time that I knew Meredith, I never heard her say one bad thing about anyone or anything. She never judged others and always tried to see the good side of people . . . ” (Meredith; John Kercher)

What kind of monster(s) can live with this on their conscience, lacking any shred of decency to admit their wrongdoing?

The Notebook

Meredith spent her last day on earth surrounded by her friends. They ate some home cooked food and watched a movie titled, The Notebook. The film is about a woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and has forgotten the past including who she is. Her devoted husband reads to her every day, stories from a notebook. It is a notebook filled with the memories that the woman wrote earlier on, in the beginning stages of her illness to help remember. After her husband finishes reading the notebook, the woman finally remembers. She recognizes the man as her husband and for a short fleeting time she remembers who she is.

In the case of the murder of Meredith Kercher, a public relations firm and the murder suspects have been working hard to rewrite history. PR has been reading a notebook of lies in the media. The mainstream media wittingly or unwittingly spread fake news about this case. Stories spread that portray the murder suspects as victims. Stories meant to inflict the public with a collective Alzheimer’s. The memories of Meredith’s life and death have been overshadowed by the murder suspects lies.

This is why a devoted group of volunteers have worked together and published online ‘notebooks’ at: and


These websites and others help keep the memories of this wonderful, vibrant young woman and the truth alive.


o Meredith Kercher DOB: 28-Dec-1985, London, England, approx. 8:32 PM (20:32) the youngest of four children

o 1997 – Meredith’s parents agree to a divorce

o Aug 31 2007 – Italian roommates Laura Mezzetti and Filomena Romanelli moved into cottage

o September 1 2007– Amanda Knox arranged to rent a room in cottage before returning to visit her family in Germany

o Sep 15, 2007 – Meredith moved into cottage at Via della Pergola in Perugia, Italy.

o Sep 20 2007 – Amanda Knox moves into cottage.

o Sept 28 2007 – Meredith flies to UK to collect warmer clothes, gives Giacomo Silenzi a bottle of whiskey for his birthday (September 28th).

o October 1 2007 – Meredith returns to Perugia

o October 20 2007 – Meredith and Giacomo Silenzi spend night together while Amanda sleeps with Giacomo’s friend Daniel De Luna.

o October 25 2007- Meredith + Amanda attend a classical music concert outdoors which began at 19:00 or 7:00 PM. Meredith leaves early. Amanda first meets Raffaele, they smoke hashish and spend the night together.

o Nov 1 2007 – 8:55 PM (20:55) Last time Meredith seen alive by her friend Sophie Purton who walked her part of the way home.

o Nov 1 2007 – According to Meredith’s cell phone records, a number was dialed out at 9:58 PM (21:58) and another call at 10:00 PM (22:00). These were short dialing attempts on her English telephone (Meredith had two cell phones, one for local Italian calls and one for her calls home to England.) It is unknown whether these calls were accidental or intentional.

o Nov 1 2007 – A witness, who lived nearby, Antonella Monacchia, heard a heart-piercing scream at around 11:00 PM (23:00.)

o Nov 2, 2007 – Elisabetta Lana discovered Meredith’s cell phones in her garden.

o Nov 2 2007 – 1:15 PM (13:15) Meredith’s door knocked down and her body discovered

o Nov 5 2007 – Amanda accuses Patrick Lumumba of murder, placing herself at the scene of the crime and was arrested along with Raffaele Sollecito who did not corroborate her alibi

o Nov 6 2007 – Early morning, Patrick Lumumba arrested.

o April 2008 – Raffaele Sollecito’s father gives video footage of Meredith’s nude body from crime scene photos to Italian Television station Telenorba 7, broadcast on TV without permission of Kercher family.

o Sep 16 2008 – Pre-trial commences with Judge Paolo Micheli presiding. The pathologist, Dr Lalli, estimates Meredith’s time of death to be 11:00 PM (23:00.)

o Oct 28 2008 – Pre-trial verdict handed down. Rudy Guede chose a fast track trial and was found guilty of being an accomplice in Meredith’s murder and sentenced to 30 years.

o Dec 4 2009 – Amanda and Raffaele Sollecito convicted of murder. Defense appeals decision.

o Oct 3, 2011 – Amanda and Raffaele acquitted, Amanda allowed to return back to U.S. Prosecution appeals decision.

o March 25, 2013 – Acquittal annulled by Italian Supreme Court. Judge Nencini upholds original guilty verdict. No more appeals allowed.

o March 2015 – Italian Supreme Court made unusual (some say illegal) decision to change lower court verdict. Knox and Sollecito were found “not guilty due to insufficient evidence. (Art. 530.2 of the Italian penal code). (This contradicts later claims by Knox and Sollecito that they were found innocent, which would be a finding under Art. 530.1.”)

September 2007

Meredith moved to Perugia, Italy in early September 2007. She rented a room in a duplex villa with a panoramic view of the Umbrian hillside. Meredith lived with three other young women, two Italian women Filomena Romanelli (DOB: 25-Jun-1979) and Laura Mezzetti (9-May-1980). Filomena and Laura worked full time at law firms. Meredith’s third roommate was a 20-year-old American student, Amanda Knox from Seattle, WA (DOB: 9-July-1987).

Meredith arrived as an exchange student via a scholarly Erasmus program. She was enrolled full time in her studies of European politics and Italian. She quickly became friends with a group of other British erasus students.

Right from the start the Meredith and Amanda had two very different agendas in Italy. Meredith was there to polish her already fluent Italian, study hard, and socialize with her new group of friends. Amanda was there to casually learn Italian by taking less strenuous non-college credit classes, indulge in the party atmosphere, and embark on a campaign of casual sex. In her memoir, Amanda claims that it was her friend Brett’s idea to have casual encounters. She writes: “Her newest cause was to convince me to give casual sex a chance. I’d heard the same thing from other friends. It seemed to make some sense. I yearned to break down all the barriers that stood between me and adulthood.”

Meredith quickly grew exasperated by the Seattle native and her habits. Meredith complained to her family and friends about her irritating American roommate. Amanda didn’t flush the toilet, sang loudly all of the time, brought home strange men and didn’t clean up after herself in the kitchen. At the end of October she told her sister Stephanie that she had quarreled with Amanda. Stephanie didn’t think to ask her for the details so the reason for this fight remains unknown. It was the last conversation Meredith would have with her sister. A few days later, Meredith Kercher was murdered on the evening of All Saints Day, November 1, 2007, at approximately 11:00pm.



We know from John Kercher’s book that Meredith was born in the early evening between 6:00pm to 9:00pm. He writes that he received a call to go to the hospital at around 6:00 PM. As he was taking his two other children to the hospital their car broke down. They dashed to the nearest train station (Purley Station) and traveled the remainder of the 18 mile trip. Meredith was born 20 minutes after he arrived at the hospital. Naseer Ahmad of suggests the most likely time she was born:

“According to John Kercher’s book they were called to Guys Hospital [in] London around 6:00 PM. [Traveling from] Coulsdon to London by car is 45 minutes but their car broke down on the way. So they took a train from Purley which runs every 30 minutes and takes at least 1 hour 7 minutes. Then sometime after they arrive John tells the hospital she’ll be ‘born within 20 minutes’ which they disbelieve but she’s born quickly anyway. So a more realistic time would be around 8 P.M. I prefer a Leo Ascendant not Virgo based on body type and personality, and the moon in 11th house (many female friends) not 12th.”

According to Bing Maps it takes approximately one hour to travel from Couldston to Guys Hospital in London:


If Meredith’s father traveled without a problem when he left at 6:00PM he would make it to the hospital by 7:00 with a birth 20 minutes later at 7:20pm. But we know this didn’t happen because the car broke down and he had to rush to take a train. So factor in the time it took to walk or take a taxi to the Purley station with children, then it was a one hour ride. The earliest he could have arrived at the hospital with the children would have been probably 7:45pm-8:00pm with Meredith born 20 minutes later at around 8:05pm soonest. However, he may have arrived later. 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM would is the time frame to rectify within.

Her father wrote that Meredith was born “within 20 minutes” of his arriving at the hospital. I have rectified Meredith Kercher’s birth chart to 8:32 PM (20:32).


“In order to describe the native by the horoscope, we first notice the sign in the ascendant, also see if there are any planets in the ascendant, and if so, we notice the signs that they are in, and also see if they have any aspects to any other planets; then we go to the lord of the ascendant and see what sign it is in, and if it has any aspects to any other planets; then we go to the Moon and see what sign it is in, and what aspect it has to any other planets, and judge by the combination of the whole.”

Meredith has Leo on her ascendant. She was fun, lively, and always organizing outings with her friends. She enjoyed going to the theatre with her father wrote that she seemed interested in an acting career. She was chosen to star in a music video and performed well. She was full of life and radiated warmth to everyone around her. In Leo rising fashion, she took great care to style her long hair and dressed in the latest fashions. All of this supports her having Leo rising.


Figure 1 2007 -Meredith second from left (top pic) second from right (bottom pic).

Not one picture of Meredith with Amanda Knox exists, clearly illustrating a lack of friendship. Knox was not invited out with Meredith and her friends after some unpleasant experience with Knox behaving erratically.

People remarked that Meredith always made new friends effortlessly wherever she went. This is partly shown by Leo rising with Moon in dignity in Cancer in her 11th house of friends. Her Moon could not be in the 12th house as late astrologer Dave Roell wrote that someone with Moon in the 12th house is a, “quiet, mousy sort who keeps to himself.” This would not describe Meredith who was outgoing, social, and made friends very easily.

Meredith was surrounded by friends a few months before moving to Perugia to study. She starred in a music video titled, ‘Some Say’ by Kristian Leontiou.

“It was made by a group of Meredith’s friends sometime during 2007 – I think she knows the lead singer. The people on the video are friends of hers who were at Leeds University and it is unreal to see her in the video and to know that a few months later she was murdered.”

Her star quality and comfort in being center stage also coincides with her having Leo rising. Meredith was popular and surrounded by groups of friends and this is partly indicated by her Moon powerfully placed in its own sign of Cancer in the 11th house of friendships. Her chart also has multiple planets in the fifth house which strongly influences the 11th house. This emphasizes her many friends and much love that she gave and received from others. She may have mothered or taken care of her friends with Moon in Cancer in the 11th house. Her friends said she loved to cook big meals together and she really cared for them. Meredith had only been in Perugia a few weeks and she had already made a group of female friends who testified in court.

The fact that Meredith would enjoy living in a foreign county is partially shown by the ruler of her Aries 9th house cusp (foreign places) being Mars dignified in Scorpio and placed near her 4th house cusp of home. Her Mars rules both her 4th and 9th house (home and foreign lands), combining the influence more powerfully and being in dignity, the strongest essential dignity of a planet, prominently indicated that she would do very well living in foreign countries and she would have a powerful impact there. This is exhibited by the fact that to this day people travel to Perugia to visit the villa where Meredith lived and passed away.

Scorpio is associated with death and combined with Mars the planet of violence on her nadir, is one indication of her experiencing some kind of transformation or death where she was residing. Sagittarius (foreign influence) is intercepted in her fourth house showing her cohabitating with foreigners and living in a foreign home. The two signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius in her fourth house (end of life) combined indicate death at home in a foreign country.

Becoming famous through death can be shown by a connection between the 10th house of public status and the ruler of the 8th house of death. In Meredith’s chart this is shown in by her MC at 17˚ Taurus 33’ with its ruler Venus (1 Capricorn 50’) conjunct the co-ruler of the Pisces 8th house cusp Neptune (3 Capricorn 23’.) This is reiterated by the traditional ruler of the Pisces 8th house cusp ruler Jupiter at 17˚Aquarius35’ exactly square the Midheaven (17˚ Taurus 33’.)

Her Sun (r-10) conjunct Neptune (r-8) signifies her murder being a mystery which has never been completely solved. To this day the Kercher family does not know why she was savagely attacked that November 1st night. This lack of clarity is reinforced by Pisces on the 8th cusp. Neptune and Pisces indicate the mystery and confusion surrounding her death as well as the scandals and overwhelming publicity following the trial.

John Kercher wrote:

“Not one of us could comprehend why this had happened, who could have done such a terrible thing to such a beautiful young woman and for what reason.”

Meredith Kercher herself remains a mystery to people who did not know her in life. The murder suspects used public relations to drum up support and spread misinformation and confusion which only muddles the memory of Meredith even more. With her Sun conjunct Neptune, Meredith Kercher, her life and death will remain shrouded in mystery. It is interesting that a recording of her voice has never been release publicly. There are no videos published of her talking, only the one music video where she emanates an ethereal, silent, glamorous image. Even in a Netflix movie which included a short clip of Meredith, her voice was silenced while the alleged perpetrator spoke over her images.


Fan Pattern


Meredith Kercher’s natal chart is in a Fan Pattern. This is when 9 planets are within 120 degrees and one planet is separated from the rest by more than 65 degrees. It is called a fan since it is shaped like an old fashioned hand-held fan where the force applied to the handle planet causes the entire ‘wedge-shaped’ (planets within 120 degrees) or blade of the fan to move.

In other words, the Handle Planet of the Fan is a source of energy which gets parceled out among the houses and signs comprising the blade portion of the Fan. The energy of the Handle Planet is particularly strong with any planets that it forms a major aspect to. Even if the Handle Planet does not make an aspect to certain planets, all of the other planets are powerfully influenced by this Handle Planet. The Handle cannot move just a portion of the Fan, it must move the entire Fan. It’s all or nothing.

In Meredith’s natal chart the Moon in Cancer is the handle planet. This makes her Moon a high focus planet. A high focus planet, “needs special attention” when delineating the chart. The Moon as the Handle Planet shows great intensity of purpose and drive. They live life to the fullest. Some individuals with a Moon handle planet seem almost driven by a great emotional energy toward whatever they want to achieve. They do nothing without a purpose and seem able to bring an enormous amount of energy to bear upon any situation. On a bad side they will sometimes be unaware of what is happening around them. They may put figurative blinders on. On the good side they have enormous luck with obtaining the approval of the general public or being popular.

The quadrants where the planets are located are also important to decipher where the energies are focused in the person’s life and personality. Planets above the horizon are comfortable in the public eye. They enjoy attention. People with most planets below the horizon are more private. Most planets on the Eastern side (left side) of chart make people more self-centered and self-motivated. They prefer to do things themselves and have luck with that. People with most planets on the West (right side) of chart are more influenced and affected by others in life. They are more successful when they work with others to accomplish things.

1st Quadrant: Houses 1-3 – Spends energy on one’s self. Self-development, independent, self-reliant

2nd Quadrant: Houses 4-6 – Spends energy on family, friends, children, pets, co-workers and strongly influenced by them in private.

3rd Quadrant: Houses 7-9 – Spends energy socializing with others in public, most concerned with partners, intimacy and strongly affected by these relationships.

4th Quadrant: Houses 10-12 – Is strongly attuned to the collective and is self-motivated to make changes in the world. Career, friends, acquaintances and humanity is the focus of self-realization.

Meredith’s Sun in the 5th house is on the western side of the natal chart. Author T. Patrick Davis found, in her research, that most murder victims had their sun on the western side of the horoscope.

Meredith’s Moon above the horizon indicates that she enjoyed being out with people and was comfortable being in the spotlight. Her Moon is also in the 11th house (4th Quadrant) so she aspired to help humanity with her natural linguistic talents. She was considering becoming a journalist or working for the European Parliament. She may have also gone into acting or politics.

Meredith’s Moon is in Cancer, signifies her popularity and sensitivity with others. She enjoyed a close-knit family, loved to cook, and nurtured people around her. Her prominent Moon foreshadowed that she would become well-known or famous one day. Meredith’s murder case is one of the most prominent legal cases of the 21st Century.

The majority of her planets below the horizon indicate that most of her life would be private. The majority of her planets on the western side of the chart indicate that her life would be strongly influenced by others.

“Meredith was very nice in general and that is. . . she was not perhaps this great beauty but she was pleasant company. Amanda, on the other hand, was insistent . . .a little ‘heavy’.” -Filomena Romanelli, Italian roommate

MK- Angular Houses

The most powerful houses in the astrology chart are the angular houses (1, 4, 7, and 10). The angular houses are said to work on 100% power. The succedent houses (2 , 5, 8, 11) have 50% power and cadent houses (3, 6,9, 12) have 25% power.

One indication of difficulties in life for Meredith is she had all malefics in her angular houses. Mars (can be read in 4th house), Saturn, Mercury (malefic by association) and Uranus. All of this indicated that she would have many hardships to contend with in life. It is also one indication of a violent end (4th).

Meredith’s parents separated when she was 12 years old and both parents suffered from serious health problems. Money was tight so Meredith worked many different jobs while taking out loans to pay for her university education. She worked very hard and was a serious student.

Unlike her American roommate, she was not in Perugia to indulge in drugs and go on a campaign of casual sex. Meredith was there to work towards her career goals. This is not to say that she was all work and no play, Meredith also had a good time, but in moderation. She was a year older than her American roommate and had lived with friends in an apartment back in the UK. She had experience with going out drinking with friends and even worked in a bar so she knew how to enjoy herself without going overboard.

To Be Continued . . .

Aug 12 2018    Mars re-enters Capricorn
Pursuing personal desires in a responsible and methodical manner. Strong ambitions, and may be domineering if threatened.
Retrograde Mars re-enters its sign of exaltation, Capricorn.  It will remain there until September 10th.  This may indicate returning, repeating or reviewing something that may have been put on hold since May 16th.

Mars in Capricorn gives new elevated status to armies, young men, war... anything ruled by Mars.  It also means that Mars and Saturn will now be in the same sign.  This means that they will work together.  It is auspicious for any strategic undertaking of a mars nature, fights, competitions, and acts of war.  Both planets in good zodiacal states portend to positive results.  Careful actions, strategic initiatives and organized movements.

Aug 18 2018    Mercury    Sxt    Venus
   11°Le32' R    11°Li32' D

Flowing social conversation. Spirit of compromise and agreement. Harmonious interaction. Clarity. Appreciation of beauty.

This will be a relief in relationship and money matters as Mercury forms a positive aspect with Venus.  This is an auspicious time for signing documents - especially one's that pertain to money, beauty, children, jewelry, luxury items, music, art, fashion, poetry, gardening, flowers, and  relationships.

This is also a positive time for diplomatic relations, so scheduling meetings now would work out more pleasantly.  It is an auspicious time to make peace with others that you may have had some difficulties with. This is also a good time for writing, speaking, all forms of communication.  Enjoying music, the arts, and literature (alone or with others) are all favored now.  A good time to sign contracts and make financial arrangements.

Aug 19 2018    Mercury Stations   Direct
       11°Le31' D    

Mercury stops to move forward after moving backwards since July 26th.  This may result in the improvement of some matters.  Something significant may happen today, news, information and/or travel may change.  Something that was stalled or put on a back burner in March may start up again at this time. 

Aug 19 2018    Jupiter    Tri    Neptune  
15°Sc36' D   15°Pi36' R

Jupiter trine Neptune is an expansion of the imagination. So people who are involved with creative work may also find that they are able to produce more substantial work during this time. The ideas just keep coming and an accumulation of a mountain of good material could result from this aspect.

Jupiter also expands psychic abilities (Neptune) and spiritual work so now is an excellent time to go on a pilgrimage or embark upon religious or spiritual pursuits. This is also a good time for any psychic related activities as they may produce many positive and healing results now.

Be wary to not let the less savory side of Jupiter trine Neptune affect you - laziness or becoming maudlin.  Neptune can lead to daydreaming or fantasizing while Jupiter may expand these tendencies.  Making the effort to bring your dreams to reality is the way to make the most of this aspect between Jupiter/Neptune.

Since Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and Neptune the modern day ruler - people with Pisces planets may be strongly affected as well as any area of life ruled by Pisces.  These include hospitals, prisons, zoos, the ocean, water, drugs, pharmaceuticals, and secretive activities.

Trusting your intuition may help you out of a difficult situation. Also, taking some time to be alone to rejuvenate or work in solitude may be more helpful than usual.  As usual, be careful with drinking or other intoxicants and be careful with new medications during this time.

  • NOTE:  The last time Jupiter formed a trine to Neptune was on May 25th 2018 when Meghan Markle married Prince Harry.  Before that Jupiter trined Neptune on December 2, 2017 a few days after Prince Harry announced his engagement to Meghan Markle. Before that, Jupiter trine Neptune on  July 17, 2013 - five days before Prince William's and Catherine's first baby was born - Prince George.   So there may be some new announcement by the British royal family around this time.

Read the meanings for your Sun and Rising Signs for two different ways this Solar Eclipse/New Moon will affect you:

Turning over a new leaf in dealings in romance, with children, sports, or entertainment may lead to charity, solitude and dealings with behind-the-scenes activities.

Making new changes in your home life or real estate will show results later this month with remarkable results with friends/groups and obtaining something you have hoped for.

Embarking upon a new mission in relation to neighbors, siblings, communications (social media) or around the neighborhood may lead to some powerful results in your career and public standing.

Cancer: Beginning something new with your finances or personal property may pay off later on this month with higher learning, foreign affairs or publicity (publications, internet).

The New Moon in your sign means that a new look or way of meeting people could lead to new income, tax rewards or joint resources becoming availabl

Virgo: Doing something new in your 'alone time' or wherever you work in solitude, for charity or sleeping, could lead to a significant partnership or other relationship by the next Full Moon.

Making an effort to begin a new friendship or group could lead the way to fantastic experiences in improvements in your health, daily work and for any pets you have!e.

Doing something new in your career or for boosting your public status will give you more fun, entertainment, and romance by the Full Moon.

Sagittarius: Embark upon a trip, class or new website now will give you benefits and/or improvements improvements for your home,family, and real estate. 

Capricorn: Investing in a joint financial project, dealing with taxes or doing something new will help improve tings with your siblings, communications, new skills, and neighbors by the Full Moon.

Aquarius:  Doing something new with partners, in litigation or dealings with the public will help bring you more income from the public, positive payback in your personal finances and feelings of self-worth.

Start something new in regards to health, pets or daily routine and by the Full Moon you should see results in improvement in your image, health, or general outlook by the Full Moon.


Aug 6 2018    Sun    Sqr    Jupiter  
14°Le26' D    14°Sc26' D

The urge to grow in ways or areas that may present problems. Efforts to do too much. The urge to travel. Growth-stress. Overconfidence. Overoptimism. Overload. Awareness of moral or legal issues. Awareness of differences in opinion.

Leaders may be feeling overly optimistic and attempt to do too much today.  While this is a positive time for beginning something it need to be kept in moderation.  An excellent time to travel, publish, research, law, and higher education.  Some may display too much confidence in their opinions or beliefs which could lead to a future downfall if actions are not kept in check.

Aug 6 2018    Venus enters Libra

Venus finally leaves the sign of it's fall to enter her dignity of Libra.  People with planets in Libra will be feeling the love, generosity and good luck bestowed by this lesser benefic.

Whether you have planets/points in Libra or not, you may notice that things seem to be going better than before, especially in anything ruled by Venus: women, money, creativity, art, music, romance, relationships, negotiations, and diplomacy.

People want to enjoy pleasantries and indulge from now until Venus leave Libra.  They also want fairness and justice.    This is a wonderful time for enjoying time with friends, building new relationships (business or personal) and earning money. 

Aug 7 2018    Uranust Stations   Retrograde       
02°Ta33' R    
Outer planet Uranus stations retrograde! Prominent news symbolized by this was an explosion in Venezuela that was alleged to be a drone assassination attempt on the Venezuelan president. Also in the news was a meteor crashing in Greenland.

Before that Uranus stationed retrograde was on August 3, 2017 when there was a terrorist attack in Australia was foiled by the police.  They avoided an attack which would have become a huge incident.  Other events included clashes in Venezuelan elections and North Korea firing a long range missile proving that they could attack the U.S. Before that Uranus stationed retrograde on .July 29, 2016 when there was a terrorist attack on France on Bastille Day.  I wrote about the astrology of it at the time here.

The year before that, Uranus went station retrograde was on July 21st 2014, four days after Malaysian plane MH17 was shot down over the Ukraine killing almost 300 people aboard.

When Uranus changes direction, significant world events tend to occur, especially those including planes, space, internet, and technology.  All of the things ruled by Uranus.   Revolutions, accidents, and changes which are completely unexpected. 

On a personal level, you may experience some sudden or shocking news or event in your life around this time. Some things that occur may not be finished or resolved until Uranus stations direct on Jan 6, 2019.

Aug 7 2018    Venus    Tri    Mars
   01°Li03' D    01°Aq03' R

Healthy passions. Physical attraction. Strenuous enjoyment. Joint enthusiasm. Romance. Creating art or decoration.

Venus trines Mars which is positive for relationships, creativity, finances and diplomacy.   This is a good time to talk to others and settle any disputes or at least start to.  Working with others smoothly while being productive at the same time is possible now.  Beginning a new creative venture, especially ones that deal with writing, speeches, documents, discussions, debates, etc are also auspicious now. 
This is an auspicious time for relationships of all kinds.  At this time there may be a reconciliation or settlement that appeases both parties from earlier disagreements or disputes.
This is an auspicious time for beginning or working on finances, romantic and any creative endeavor.

Aug 8 2018    Sun    Cnj    Mercury
   16°Le27' D    16°Le27' R

Mental strength. Intense thought. Consciousness of personal intent. Stimulus to communicate in speech or writing. Effectiveness in coordinating one's various activities. Mobility -- travel. Ability to meet up to situational demands.

This is a good time to brainstorm and come up with ideas regarding how to organize finances and other practical matters.  Figuring out what to do with all that you have at your disposal, including personal talents.

Aug 9 2018    Venus    Sqr    Saturn
    03°Li07' D    03°Cp07' R

Distance from others. Inhibitions. Utility over beauty. Exacting distinctions. Serious or traditional social matters.

This may be a time of disappointment, challenges or sacrifices in issues pertaining to women, money, possessions or in relationships.  Venus square Saturn is a positive time for doing volunteer work, helping others (especially the disadvantaged or elderly.)

This may be a depressing or difficult time and can be worked out best by accepting and embracing and work, sacrifice or challenge that may present itself.  Working out any disappointments by working for and taking on the burden of others is one of the most auspicious ways of handling any melancholy at this time.

On a positive note, any disciplined endeavor (dieting, work, abstaining, doing without) may be more pleasurable now and/or be extra rewarding and enjoyable at this time.

Aug 11 2018    Mercury    Sqr    Jupiter
   14°Le47' R    14°Sc47' D

Mercury squares Jupiter three times in a few week period of time as it stations retrograde and direct again. This can show similar or related events happening which start around July 9th 2018. The following dates that Mercury will square Jupiter are on August 11th and August 28th.

Mentally pushing the limits -- overassimilation, overexpansion, overload of communications, proselytizing, arrogance, etc. Interest in learning and travel. Overconfident judgments. Opinions.

There may be some overconfidence and zealous opinions flying about at this time.   Any arguments now may just go on and on without resolution as the exaggerations and arrogance multiplies.

 This is a good time for studying a foreign language or cultural tradition and learning.  Be careful not to overestimate how much you can learn or get done today. 

Arguments and discussions go on for much longer than expected.  Reserve extra time for any meetings or group discussions. 

Avoid spending too much for information or on gadgets now as you might get carried away with the credit card.  This is not a good time for classes or talks as things may get carried away and words blown out of proportion.

This is not a good time to sign documents as expectations may be too grandiose for realization.  Ideas and events under this influence need to be worked on to become more practical else they may be setting people up for failure.  People may stretch themselves beyond their capacity in media, education or travel.

Aug 11 2018    Solar Eclipse
       18°Le41' D    

Eclipses are *hot spots* and if they closely aspect a point or planet in your chart within a degree, you might have a significant event in the coming year or two.

Eclipses repeat every 19 years and if they are prominent in a person's natal chart, they may indicate two related and prominent events in a person's life:  Marriage, divorce, moving, births, etc.

  • The last time we had a solar eclipse at this degree (18 Leo) was on August 11, 1999. 
  • The last time we had a solar eclipse (Saros # 155) at 8 deg Leo was on July 31, 2000.

The powerful effects of an eclipse are not often felt on the actual day of the celestial event but later on when other planets aspect the eclipse point.  Astrologers will be monitoring transits and progressions to the eclipse degree for timing of important developments for individuals and the world.

Outer planetary stations near eclipses can signify earthquakes, fires, and other significant events that affect many people or whole countries.  On August 7th Uranus will station retrograde at 2 deg of Taurus. This could indicate something happening around this time that may lead to more big news.

With three planet stations and the eclipse, August may be a stressful month.  Taking time out to relax and meditate may help to  pass through the potent energies in the month of August with the least amount of stress.


Aug 1 2018    Mars    Sqr    Uranus   
02°Aq32' R    02°Ta32' D

Rugged individualism. The will to fight for one's freedom from restraint. Technical and mechanical problems and solutions. Inner tension and stress. Impulsive actions. Efforts to meet personal needs and interests. Accidental conditions.

  • Mars is going to be squaring Uranus three times in 2018 - this may indicated related or similar events connected by this aspect.  Mars square Uranus on May 16th again on August 1st and finally on Sept 18th 2018. 

This is an accident prone aspect which can be caused by doing things suddenly or without preparation.  Now is not the time to act out on a whim.  Avoid dangerous activities as thing may not turn out as expected.  Others may act out suddenly and disrupt your plans.  Prepare for this and reroute your activities accordingly without making things worse. 

Problems may center around mechanical objects, cars, and electricity. If you must deal with these thing, be extra careful and don't do anything on the spur of the moment and/or don't try to do the work of a professional.   In other words, if your car breaks down or there are electrical issues in your environment, it is best to pay for an expert in these areas and not trying to do things yourself.  Expect possible problems or disruptions with cars, traffic, machines, and electricity around this time.

There may be a breakthrough now in a situation that may have seemed fixed or impenetrable. You may suddenly be presented an opportunity to do something new which may allow you to break out of an old path or out of a rut.  Things may be more exciting, eventful and possibly stressful at times.  Going with the flow of events and dealing with things as they come is the best way to handle this aspect.

Jul 24 2018    Venus    Opp    Neptune
   16°Vi09' D    16°Pi09' R

The planet which signifies young women, art, and money among other things forms a hard aspect to the planet Neptune - fantasies, deception, and/or just plain confusion. This is a positive time to explore spiritual or creative projects, but not the easiest time for starting a new relationship. Be careful not to get carried away with any relationship that is not based in reality.   Online romance scamming may be prominent now.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and they both rule over feelings of love and creativity. Venus represents love in relationships, giving and receiving affection.  Neptune is about loving all life, human, animal, and everything else.

While enjoying the wonderful, romantic and inspiring transit, be careful not to spend too much money or energies. Don't jump on the next stock tip that comes around without doing some serious investigation first.

Enjoy the new visions, dreams, and gifts from your imagination at this time. It is an excellent time for writing fiction, drawing, painting, poetry, music, movies or any other creative work.

Spending time at the beach with loved ones may be most enjoyable now.

Jul 25 2018    Sun    Sqr    Uranus
   02°Le29' D    02°Ta29' D

Exposure to, or confrontation with, ideas and information which challenge the status quo. Surprises and reversals. Misapplication of technical data. A nervous restlessness. Efforts to understand change and unconventional behavior.

Shocking new stories may be released now.  There may be disruptions in governments and with leaders.  Well laid plans may be completely changed at this time as things do not run their normal course.  Now is the time to be flexible in daily events and be as prepared as possible for unexpected mishaps. 

Prominent people may say or do shocking things or get into public debates at this time.  Use this time to think outside the box.  You may have some breakthroughs in solving an problem.  If you have a  new flash of an idea about doing something in an eccentric or unusual way, try it out and it may work perfectly. 

Jul 26 2018    Mercury Stations Retrograde
        23°Le27' R    

Mercury is going retrograde on Thursday  and will continue moving backwards until August 19th.  (People who purchased my Planet Reference sheet will be able to quickly reference this!)

This is an excellent time for going back over old projects, novels, applications, forms, or other writing that you may have begun earlier, only to abandon the project before it was finished.  Also, any previously broken items dealing with communications may be fixed now!

Getting back in touch with people whom you haven't spoken to in a while may turn into a very positive experience.  Reviewing, restarting, redoing or renovating is very successful while Mercury is retrograde.

This is not the best time to sign documents or other legal affairs. Watch out for communication mishaps, emails going to the wrong people, typos, messages not being received, computers, cell phones and fax machines breaking, etc.

Also, it is best to wait until Mercury is direct before purchasing any new communication equipment (cell phone, computers, etc.)

Commuting to work or around the neighborhood may prove to be more problematic than usual.  Try not to let any travel or communication delays/problems upset you.

Jul 27 2018    Sun    Opp    Mars
   04°Le08' D    04°Aq08' R

The urge to power and survival. The desire to fight; competitive reactions. Self-motivated reactions. Intense output of energy. Stressful muscular activity. Impulsiveness. Headstrong. Fever and temperature. Accidents and injuries.

The last time the Sun opposed Mars was in May 2016.  Something that happened in May 2016 may occur again or something related to that time may resurface in some form.  One example is Johnny Depp who divorced his wife of 15 months - Amber Heard in May 2016.  Now it was just reported that he is filing a lawsuit against the Sun news media for libel for calling him a wife beater.  Depp claims that Heard lied about being hit in the face with a phone.

Sun opposite Mars may cause leaders to be more aggressive and confrontational now as energy runs high.  People may perceive things as being more threatening and may act on them quicker.  This is an angry aspect and one of potential violence in worst case scenarios.

This is not an auspicious time for attempting to settle any disputes as tempers flare more easily now.  The best use of this energy is to work out at the gym, build something that requires physical effort (like cleaning out the garage for example.)  Use this extra boost of energy to get something positive accomplished.

Jul 27 2018    Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse     
04°Aq44' D    

The last time we had a lunar eclipse at 4 Aquarius was on July 28, 1999.  Something related or similar may happen now.

Traditionally the effects of eclipses were judged by how the sky appeared that night. Eclipses were originally studied to understand the effects that they had on entire cities of countries. Many years later when astrologers started delineating personal horoscopes, they could determine whether an eclipse would have a direct effect upon an individual's life.

In ancient times if the sky was cloudy and the eclipse could not be seen, then the city or country was spared any malefic effects. Eclipses were always considered bad omens. So not being able to witness the Moon passing through the earth's shadow was very good news for the people.

Because the Moon is full and bright, matters that may have been hidden may come out into the light around the time of the lunar eclipse.  The effects of Lunar eclipses last about 6 months.

Eclipses are not necessarily bad, they may be good in their effects!  You may find something that you have been searching for or a mystery may be revealed.  If you or someone you know has been having some health problems, the eclipse may reveal what the underlying issues are so that they can be treated successfully.

Whether positive or negative, eclipses are usually hectic times in general when the air is charged with electricity.  People may be feeling more stressed than usual due to the eclipse energy.  So be prepared for people rushing around or not being very pleasant while out in public.

Relationship issues may become the focus of energies around a lunar eclipse since it is a relationship aspect of the opposition, Sun and Moon, masculine and feminine.  It may also be an internal relationship between following your instincts/cravings (Moon) or doing what society expects (Sun).  Put another way, following unconscious drives vs conscious decision making.

The opposition is in Leo and Aquarius our creativity, love, romance vs our friends, groups and hopes/wishes.  So the stress could very well center around children (either of body or mind), relationships with friends/lovers and/or entertainment.

Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs and ones that demand attention.  The Sun is powerful in the regal sign of Leo so this eclipse may affect those in the entertainment industry, royals, or leaders in general.  With the Moon in Aquarius, humanitarian ideals and group activities will be most important now.

Aries  may discover something new about a friend/acquaintance which may be shocking.  Aries business owners should keep an eye on their finances now as there may be something revealed there as well.

Pisces may discover something about their own unconscious motivations that they never realized before.  Spending time alone may also help reveal some surprising things.

Capricorns may find discover new sources of income from business, luck, and possibly through groups or friends.

Aquarians may  discover a new way to present themselves which will gain attention.  Some Aquarians may post a revealing blog or video now.

Geminis may get a surprise on the internet or from a foreign person.  If dealing with legal affairs or higher education, something may be revealed there that may surprise you.

Sagittarians may benefit in unexpected ways from interactions with siblings, neighbors and while commuting to work our around town. 

Virgos may get new ideas to improve health and work matters.  You may be onto something that could revolutionize the world.

Cancers may discover something new related to joint finances, occult or transformative issues.

Scorpios may discover something new at home or with a family member now.  House hunting Scoropios may finally find that new house they were looking for.

Lastly, Leos may receive some shocking news regarding a partner or business connection.  Expect the unexpected when dealing with the public or in court battles.

These are general descriptions which can be described more precisely by studying one's natal chart, with exact birth time, as the exact location of the eclipse in the natal chart shows more accurately how this eclipse may affect an individual.

Jul 27 2018    Venus    Tri    Pluto
   19°Vi38' D    19°Cp38' R

The merging of one's survival needs with those of a group. Sharing and trusting. Intense interactions with others.

Intensity over finances and with women/children.  There may be some covert activities which take over a situation with powerful influence.  Women may deal with power issues or money issues which may become prominent in the news.  Venus also signifies what we create, which can run from a piece of artwork to children.

Trines are unstoppable flows of energy.  Issues surrounding budgets could result in political problems.  More people may push their power to avoid paying or to receive more funds now. 

Relationships may also be affected by this aspect. Feelings may be more intense with a partner or other loved one which can be for good or ill.  The power to completely transform a relationship or finances is available now.

While this aspect of Venus and Pluto can be overwhelming, it can be used positively.  By channeling the energy towards working with others to improve your power physically, financially or socially.  Embarking upon a new project with gusto could lead to great success.

It may take a change of perspective to realize that a perceived problem could be a source of power.  Making that shift may allow you to obtain the best results of this aspect.

Jul 22 2018    Venus    Sxt    Jupiter   
13°Vi32' D    13°Sc32' D

Comfortable social conditions. Generosity and friendliness. Big productions or gatherings. Beautiful appearances. Good-hearted, have a sunny personality, and a strong need for attention. Agenerous nature, but can be arrogant.
This is a wonderful time to socialize and to re-connect with people  Any social gatherings should be most enjoyable.  There may be a slight tendency to overindulge or overspend now.

This is an excellent time to work on creative projects, enjoying art, music, foreign affairs, and higher education.  Financial opportunities may arise.  Avoid overindulging or laziness.

Jul 22 2018    Sun   enters Leo

Happy birthday to all Leos.

If you are buying a gift for a Leo, make sure it is as fabulous as they are! Leos love to be the center of attention and anything that will entertain them and all of their many friends would be a right start in searching for this generous and noble sun sign's gift.

Leos also enjoy sharing their vast amounts of love and entertainment. They love a party!

The one thing that you do not want to do is forget their birthday!

ROOAAR!! Do not upset the Lion!

Leos love to be flattered and if you want to influence them to change something - the best way to do it is in a way that makes them feel better.  Never try to tell a Leo what to do or push them into something as this fixed sign will not budge an inch. 

Some will say that Leos can be difficult in close relationships. Part of the reason is that any planet that comes too close to the Sun becomes combust or weakened dramatically, like Icarus's wings. Dealing with a Leo one-to-one is not for the faint of heart. Lavishing sincere praise and plenty of tactfulness is necessary to keep the Lion or Lioness tame.

Leos key phrase is "I will" and they are born to rule.

The sun in mundane charts represents the leaders, presidents, royalty, CEO's, PTA Moms, anyone in a position of authority.  This is their time to shine and be appreciated.

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