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Today I began to pray for all people who have issues within their minds from the past that have damaged them emotionally which has caused them to be older in physical age, but emotionally much younger due to damage not of their own making….so when I found this article from Joyce Meyer, I thought it is perfect to share with you today…..Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!


“Today, people everywhere are struggling through life with damaged emotions. They've endured a lot of negative things, causing untold damage that needs to be dealt with. But all too often, these hurts are simply swept under the rug in an attempt to make them go away. 

Through my own life experiences and from many years of helping others through this process, I've discovered that although God wants to help those who really want emotional healing, there are some very important steps these individuals must take for themselves. If you want to receive emotional healing, one of the first steps you must take is to face the truth. You can't be set free while living in denial. You can't pretend that certain negative things didn't happen to you. 

I've come to realize that we're experts at building walls and stuffing things into dark corners, pretending they never happened. 

I spent the first eighteen years of my life in an abusive environment, but as soon as I got away from that situation, I acted as though nothing was wrong. I never told anyone what had gone on in my private life. 

Why don't we want to bring things like that into the open? We're afraid of what people will think. We're afraid of being rejected, misunderstood, or unloved by those we care about or that they might have a different opinion of us if they really knew all about us. 

The next step toward emotional healing is confessing your faults. I think there's a place for eventually sharing with someone else the things that have occurred in our lives. There's something about verbalizing it to another person that does wonders for us—but use wisdom. Choose someone you know you can trust. Be sure that by sharing your story with someone else, you don't simply put your burden on that individual's shoulders. Also, don't go on a digging expedition, trying to dig up old hurts and offenses that have been buried and forgotten. 

When I finally worked up the courage to share with someone what had happened early in my life, I actually began shaking violently in fear. It was an emotional reaction to the things I'd kept buried within me for so long. Now when I talk about my past, it's as though I'm talking about somebody else's problems. Because I've been healed and restored, my past doesn't bother me anymore. 

Finally, you must assume some personal responsibility. Some people are trapped in denial, afraid of what might happen if others find out the truth. But as long as they deny the past, they're never going to be free from it. “

Nobody can be set free from a problem until they're willing to admit they have one. An alcoholic, drug addict or anyone who's lost control of their life is doomed to suffer until they're able to say, "I've got a problem, and I need help with it." 

Even though our problems may have been brought upon us because of something done against our will, we have no excuse for allowing the problem to persist, grow and even take control over our entire life. Our past experiences may have made us the way we are, but we don't have to stay that way. We can take the initiative by taking positive steps to change things—and we can ask for God's help. Whatever your problem may be, face it, consider confessing it to a trusted friend, and then admit it to yourself. 

Face the truth—it can be the beginning of a happier life!”


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God’s Grace, Mercy, Love and Peace Be Upon Your Lives


Faery Blessings:


I have shared this before about Fear, but it came up so strong in my Spirit today to share it again…I had so much fear growing up, I had so much fear in my adult life and I stayed broken for a very long time in the “grip” of Fears Power…..I did not have this letter written by Joyce Meyer out of her book, but after watching her and hearing her read this letter out loud today, it hit me that there are many out there who are still locked up in the “grip” of Fear… today I share this letter with you….she suggest printing it out and signing your name or to write out your own letter and put your specific fears in it and then sign it…..but she emphasized beginning to do something about that fear, because Honestly “Fear, He is a Liar”….Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!




I only refer to you as “dear” because of our long-term, intimate relationship, and certainly not because you are dear to me in any way. In fact, you have been a tormenting influence from start to finish. You have told me lies and prevented me from doing the things I wanted to do and should have done. You are indeed a miserable, wretched companion and one that I no longer am willing to be involved with.

I am writing you this letter to let you know that from this point forward, I will not fear!

Although I may feel your presence, I will not bow down to your demands. I have a friend whose name is Jesus, and He has promised to never leave me nor forsake me, but to be with me always. He is indeed a powerful friend and although you do have some power, His is by far much greater than yours. You can come against me, but Jesus lives in me, and the power of the one who is in me is greater than you are (see 1 John 4:4).

Although I cannot prevent you from coming to visit, I do want to give you notice that you will be ignored. I am far too busy now fellowshipping with my friend Jesus and developing an intimate relationship with Him to give you any of my time. The more time I spend with Jesus the more courageous I become. He is teaching me a new way to live, one that is exciting and adventurous—one that is fearless.

I also want to inform you that since I have so much experience with you and know how self-defeating it is to listen to you, I now intend to tell as many people as I can what a thief and a liar you are. The years I have wasted with you will be redeemed and I will bear much good fruit. Thank you for driving me to Jesus. You see, you made me so miserable that I sought a way to be free from you, and Jesus met me where I was and set me free.

Should you decide to waste your time and try to visit me even after my letter, I am letting you know ahead of time that you will be met by faith in God and a determination that I WILL NOT FEAR!






This is an excerpt from

LIVING COURAGEOUSLY: You Can Face Anything, Just Do It Afraid

by Joyce Meyer. Copyright © 2014 by Joyce Meyer.


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God’s Grace, Love, Peace & Mercy On Your Lives


Faery Blessings:


Today I wanted to share a simple prayer…..I am currently taking authority over things in my life…and somedays are harder than others to do that, like today….I turned on the TV and saw one of my  ministers teaching on Authority…She said this woman told her to pray for her because “if she ate one cookie, she had to eat the whole bag” and she wanted to stop doing that and Joyce Meyer told her that “You mean to tell me that you have authority over the Devil and can’t take authority over a cookie?”….I about fell out of my chair laughing, so today I was having a particularly hard time taking “authority” over my diet and so wanted to cheat just one time, when I was gently reminded by this prayer to “run” to the Lord for “all” things…and today I ran to Him and said “Ok Lord, I need authority over this” LOL… I thought I would share this prayer for those of you who are trying to stop or change something in your life and you are having a hard time with it… today this prayer hopefully helps you with that….

And this can also be authority over fear, your mind, your actions, your everything and anything you need to take authority over in your life, body, soul and mind....Enjoy today's message and Be Blessed!


"Dear Father God,

I want to know You more.

You are an awesome God.

I ask for discipline so that I would take time to sit before You in quiet places, to study Your Word in order to know You more intimately, and to develop an ear to hear Your voice and to always be guided by Your Holy Spirit.

Lord, I run to You for all things.

Please place within my heart an unending desire to know You, to grow closer to You and to present Your Love to every person I meet.

I trust You to guide me today.

In Jesus' name I pray,



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God’s Grace, Mercy and Peace in your lives

Enjoy the Journey


Faery Blessings:


Today, let’s Talk “Obedience”….For many years I went my own way….I did things my own way without taking into consideration what God was trying to tell me to do…I kept myself busy with TV, shopping, listening to music really loud…I now realize a part of me was trying to “drown out” God’s still small voice within me…..God has always been with me as He is with you, but we can push Him so far down within our minds and hearts that we don’t hear him, busying ourselves with the “world” and the “things of the world”….


I am not saying that TV, shopping or music is bad…just the opposite if they are used to add to the knowledge and wisdom God is trying to teach us as sometimes he teaches us through a certain TV program we turn on(yes God can even use horror movies to get His point across if He chooses to lol).  And music well even the angels sing so music is “very” important to God and we have all had that moment when a song comes on and we just light up inside and suddenly it is our favorite song and it lights up our soul….and OH shopping, who doesn’t love to shop, but even in shopping God can teach you because who knows who you might bump into that just needed your joyful presence or a simple HI to make their day where otherwise they might have had a bad one….


The obedience I am talking about is not hard….religious people sometimes make it hard, but spiritual people who are truly connected to God will not give you a bunch of rules and regulations that are almost impossible to do even with the strongest Christian….No the obedience of which I speak is so simple…


T.D. Jakes taught a class or sermon on Obedience and he said that Jesus was tested by some Pharisees about the 10 commandments and most of us already have had those “drilled” into our heads if we went to church at all and some of us(like me) have tried to live out each and everyone without making a mistake…..that is hard, yet God is forgiving….so Jesus told the Pharisees that the two “greatest” commandments were these…”To Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy might” and “To love your neighbor as yourself”…..basically if you get these two down the rest you won’t even think about doing, so it’s like you get the first two the rest fall into place in your life without effort.


When you stop and think about how Great God is and that He gave the only Son he had to be tortured, beaten and crucified so that we could all be free and imagine if this were one of your children going through that for all of us, then we would expect some form of love and respect for what we had given up right? just love God with all you have, which does not mean you have to  be spiritual every moment of every day of your life…..Just every so often in the day say something as simple as “You know what God?, I LOVE YOU”….He is satisfied with that….”AND” the second command:


“Love thy neighbor as thyself… think about how much you love yourself?????....yeah we as humans tend to love ourselves quite a bit, albeit sometimes selfishly, yet we do love our own selves….Take that love  you have for yourself and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”….pretty simple right?  Well it wasn’t at first for me, because I was still living under “religious” rules, but once I fully let Him into my heart he began to show me that just letting Him know I love Him and being nice to other people like I was to myself, then it suddenly became easy…Now I no longer want to break the others commandments because when I do then I am more or less just hurting myself and others I love…


Today “choose” “Obedience and Love” and do it your way…each man has to work out his own salvation with the Lord and we all have different personalities so he will work it out in each of us as individual, so the way I love God and worship Him may not be the same way you do, but that is what makes us unique beings to Him….He created us to be that way… “do” you and let God in and He will show you how He sees you through “HIS” eyes….Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed and Enjoy the Journey!


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God’s Grace, Mercy and Peace Be Upon Your Lives


Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk “Perception”…..and Yes we have talked about this before but after watching my minister this morning teach this, it took on a whole new meaning….


Perception is how others see you….for example, you see someone you know and they walk right past you and say nothing and immediately you think or perceive they are arrogant, not knowing that her tooth was hurting and it hurt so bad she could not say a word and she was focused on her tooth hurting and not ignoring you, but now you don’t know that or didn’t bother to ask later and you just believe she is arrogant and anything she says or does after this point you will consider “arrogant” because you have perceived that this is just who she is and anybody who talks to her after that is “arrogant” too and ignoring you and suddenly you are trapped in a prison or your own perception and cannot see her through anything but your own eyes and ideas now and you get mad when she doesn’t apologize to you because she was rude to you and then for days, weeks or months you walk around not saying a word to her and she wonders what she did to upset you so….she doesn’t have a clue and she doesn’t feel she deserves how you are treating her yet you are feeling ‘you can’t believe she treated you that way”….that is perception to it’s ultimate where two friends lose great friendships or relationships over something they “perceived” happen, and instead of talking to each other and letting the truth come out so it can be healed, you hold onto that “feeling of hurt” and it stays stuck where it is…


Jesus lived in a world of perceptions….and Jesus did not isolate himself just to the people he liked….and this next statement is “VERY IMPORTANT”


Jesus was here to heal people, so he faced these people with their perceptions head on, looked them right in the eye and perceived who they were through the eyes of his Father and not his own eyes, but dealt with their issues anyway…Jesus went to everybody and let everybody touch him…..HE KNEW WHO HE WAS….and He did not apologize for “who he was”……


When you “KNOW” who you are and “WHOSE” you are then you will know without a shadow of a doubt who you are, then you can walk into a room full of negative people and people that you perceive don’t like you and you can be only “Who You Are”.


People who don’t “KNOW” who they are or “WHOSE” they are, are always trying to prove something to others and they wear different hats…they wear one for their boss, one for their spouse and one for others in public, etc……that is the prison…..when you lose yourself in others perspective of you, then you are trapped into being someone “YOU ARE NOT” and that is where your stress, anxiety, etc comes from…you exhaust yourself and blame it on others….


So today I challenge you for just a few hours to be YOURSELF, even if you feel a bit uncomfortable and dare to be around those who challenge you to be something “OTHER” than yourself and face it head on and BE YOURSELF anyway… those few hours I bet you begin to feel less stress on yourself although it might still feel a bit uncomfortable…


Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed and Enjoy The Journey!

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God’s Grace & Mercy On Your Lives


Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk “burdens”…..Burdens we take upon ourselves that are not ours to bear…..Me and my grandchildren were watching “Monster House” this morning(yes I watch cartoons with my grandchildren)…God can speak through cartoons…..and the story the man tells closer to the end of the cartoon stood out to me….


You see this man loved this woman and when he was younger he saw her in a circus with everyone making fun of her because she was so “big”… hurt the womans feelings yet she gave in to her life always being that way, but the man got his truck, hooked it up to the trailer (cage) they kept her in and he rescued her but asking her did she want to leave with him and that he loved her….she said yes…


He took her far away and bought land in the desert in hopes she would be left alone and could live out her life happy……while building her a house some children came along throwing rocks at her and laughing at her and she was screaming at them to get away from her house and her husband(the man that rescued her) told her “honey they are just children”, yet she remained angry and kept screaming and stepped backwards and fell into the basement and died…he could not bear to lose her so he filled in where she fell with cement so he would always have her there, but her spirit lived and her spirit was still angry as well….he had to keep all children from his house so she would not hurt them still…he took on the burden of keeping the children safe while loving her at the same time…even in death he loved and protected her and the children he never had(you see over the years they built houses all around their house)….


Longer story short, at the end of the movie, although he loved her, he protected the children before he did her and told her that “she had to stop hurting the children”…..and he told her “haven’t I always protected you?”….she got angry and went after him and the children because even in death she felt betrayed…..but in the end he gets her attention and with him and the children working together as a team(a family) they defeated her angry energy, but in the end they also gave her peace so she could move on into heaven and be happy and her husband could finally release his “self-imposed” burden and move on with his life as well and the children were saved….


And at the very end of the movie the old man(her husband) said “we(him and his wife) have been trapped for 45 years” and “now we are free, thank you friends”……how many of us have been carrying burdens on our own longer than we need to?


I am not going to try to explain what all that means….I know what it meant for me and watching my grandchildren watch it showed me that they too got something out of it as well….my granddaughter said…even though I am small I can protect those close to me when I pray…..I was like wow….but you read the story or watch the movie and decide for yourselves what it means personally for you..Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!

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God’s Grace & Mercy

Enjoy the Journey


Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk “Shadow Boxing”…shadow boxing is when you are sparring with yourself so to speak….you stand there and you are punching and kicking and throwing those punches in the air and as TD Jakes puts it “it’s great cardio, you heart races and your blood is pumping, the problem is, you are fighting nothing but air and yourself at the same time”….WOW…..He referred to it as the same way we are fighting the negative things in our lives, the devil,  the negative thoughts that come into our minds…..if we are “shadow boxing” with these things then we are only “swatting at them, slapping at them, just chasing them off” and they come back…..




If you ever get a “sparring partner”, them punches coming at you are real and you truly have to find a way to defend yourself, not just swatting or slapping at them but you better know how to duck and throw punch…..and in the spiritual he says that is what the devil and negative energies and things that come up in our lives, that you need to have Jesus as your sparring partner so that when the enemy comes up to try to torture you some more in your mind or in your life, then you are not only prepared to throw a punch but duck, you can "duck and throw a punch" at the devil…..and what this means is that you are not alone in this fight….


Most of us “shadow box” our way through life….without a spiritual partner to be by our side….God, Jesus and angels are always there ready to have our backs….Jesus can be our sparring partner while we are learning to fight so that when the BIG fight comes we know what we are doing…..I am not a big person, I think they call them "super flyweights in boxing….but I can tell you now that I have God, Jesus, and angels at my back I am now in the spiritual kingdom aspiring to be the “super flyweight” champion in the ring with the devil…..Are you willing to spar with Jesus to fight the devil?  I know I am and currently doing so…..I got the word down in me…Enjoy the message today and Be Blessed…..


Bible says and the Bible contains within it the “thoughts of God written down”….It says:


“No weapon formed against me shall prosper” and “He will cause us to mount up on the wings of eagles and soar”….and “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world”….


Nothing the devil has in his arsenal can defeat someone who has God fighting by his side.

And if we need peace God will mount us up on wings of eagles spiritually so we can fly above the situation…

And, God lives within us as us so when we fight, we never fight alone and He can defeat anything the devil throws at us if we believe He can deep within us.


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God’s Grace & Mercy Upon Your Lives


Faery Blessings:


Today let’s talk, “Types of Critics”….there are critics who critique movies, published articles, books that are written, songs… name it, there is a critic for it and let’s not forget the critics in our own lives….those are the ones who usually get our attention and space in our heads…..we had critics as children, critics in school, critics in college, then we got a job and we had critics there too…..let’s not forget dating and critics there, oh and yes, we get married and that is where the critics really get in our lives, friend critics, etc… get the picture, in every area of life there is someone with an “opinion” or “critique” of what we do or don’t do, say or don’t say, believe or don’t believe… check out the list below of the 4 types of critics and see if you can put a name to those in your life out of one these 4 types…Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!


There are 4 types of critics…..but let me tell you that there is no worst critics than a religious critics….not a spiritually deep person who loves God with all their heart, mind, body and soul and speaks from a place of Spirit to help those in need….


List of Critics: This is from TD Jakes list of the 4 critics and I agree with his definitions:


  • Institutional Criticism: They criticize behavior that is out of context with their point of reference. They criticize you that you don’t fit into their “institutionalized thinking”….You are not normal to them….they say “we have not seen it done this way before”…..”we don’t do that at our church”….”that’s not what I am accustomed to seeing or hearing”….anytime you don’t fit the institution view you will be criticized…They want you to come in and look like them, act like them, think like them, talk like them, be like them, participate like them and if you don’t then you threaten the institution with your distinction….


  • Positional Criticism: They criticize based on their perspectives and priorities….. And they criticize you because you don’t line up with their perspectives or priorities….These critics have been trained a certain way of seeing and doing things…and they have been trained that if you don’t see things their way that you are wrong…they are not evil, they are not intentionally trying to hurt you, they just cannot see your way of thinking or believing…This is where you have to learn to “understand” your enemy, you cannot defeat that which you do not know and understand”….And you have to understand that these positional critics have been taught that their way of thinking and believing is the “LAW”….This group of people has been taught to value “principles” over “people”….these critics are the ones who ask “are you Republican or Democrat, Baptist or Methodist, etc”…an example of this type of critic he says is what caused Hitler to rise to power….a small clique of those who believed that their way was the only way….


  • Intimidation Based Criticism: They criticize because your success highlights their deficiencies….Into this categories comes all the haters….They criticize frankly because they are envious…..envious that you did more in a short amount of time than they have accomplished their entire lives…these are the ones you cannot please no matter what you say or do


  • Associative Criticism: They criticize to attack what you represent…..some people simply criticize you because of who you hang out with…they criticize you for what you represent in the sense of what you believe, what you teach, and how you teach it….so if you are criticized for what you represent and you believe in what you represent, then hold your head up…Understand that what they say about you does not define you….


Jesus did not allow the criticism to stop what he set out to do and that was to healing this woman no matter the institution, their positions, their intimidation and by who he was associating with…..He had no fear to say and do what needed to be done and to complete the assignment his “father” God had sent him to do, so when God gives you something to do, don’t look left, don’t look right, but keep walking on the path straight to where God told you to go and to do what he told you to do….and tell your critics “go ahead and run your mouth, but it will not stop me from saying what he told me to say or do what he told me to do”…..Enjoy and Be Blessed!


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God’s Grace & Mercy Be On Your Lives


Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk “Seasons”… not the kind seasons like Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall, but the seasons in  your life….the seasons where you changed and grew, the seasons that brought you to your knees….the seasons that took the breath out of you…those kinds of seasons….Seasons of you life….


We all know those seasons….the dry seasons, when nothing is happening in your life…..when you have had faith, prayed, believed it was coming, had hope, did everything you knew to do and still nothing happened….


The wet seasons, where all we can do is cry….again we have had faith, prayed, believed it was coming, had hope, did everything we knew to and still nothing happened…


Yes I have had wet and dry seasons in my life….when I did all I could do, prayed all I could pray, hoped with all the hope within me, stood on faith even when I saw nothing…..


HERE”S THE KEY: And it is simple:


When “you” have done all you can do to stand, then stand….Surrender it to God….if you reread the above statements, they all have an “I” in it….I prayed, I had faith, I had hope, I believed….Well when I learned to allow God into my “I” and suddenly “we” had faith, prayed, had hope and believed” THEN things began to change…you see I had left him out of it all….Now I say when I pray, hope, have faith and believe “Thy Will Be Done Lord”….because in all my prayers, just maybe God knew better than me “exactly” what I needed and sometimes “Thank God for unanswered prayer”….when I look back over my life, I can see why God didn’t give me everything I prayed, hoped and believed for…..


So in every season of your life, no matter wet, dry, sunny or hot, trust in Him and let Him bring you in each season what you need when you need it…..His timing is amazing if you let go of what you “think” you need and let Him bring you “What” you need and in His own Divine Right Timing….Enjoy the message and Be Blessed!

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God’s Grace & Mercy

Enjoy the Journey


Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk “Timing”….but today the timing of which I speak is not of the kind that asks “When is my life going to change? Or When is my mate going to call?, which is fine to ask to ease your mind….BUT….the kind of timing of which I speak is the timing of God that wakes you up at 4AM when you went to bed at 11PM and you don’t have to get up early that morning for any particular reason…


Well today God woke me up early and per usual I spent part of my morning telling Him how wonderful he was to me and how much I loved being in His presence so early….it was just me and Him in that first 30 minutes or so while he set me off on a journey of reading His word online and getting my daily “God Coffee” lol


I was blessed when I signed onto Keen to meet the most lovely person on Chat…..she was down and had doubts in her mind yet she remained positive and hopeful….I felt an energy about her that was crying out “someone give me understanding of why this happening”….I never give advice out of my own mind(that would be a disaster) but out of a waiting a moment and allowing God to give His angels the word, which then filter down to my Faeries which then get typed into chat to hopefully give someone clarity on what is going on in their lives….as I read the questions that come up in my chat box, I not only read them, but I ask God to help me feel and sense what they are currently sensing and feeling, so I can come from a place of wisdom, insight and empathy for those in pain…so know that when I read for you all, I do so from a place of God…..


Some do not like my style of reading because it comes with the truth, and some of that truth at times is not easy to hear, but necessary for growth within the person God is leading me to guide…some say I am too preachy(I don’t mean to be), some say I speak in riddles(I don’t try to, that is just how God delivers it to me to say) and some say “your predictions are never right”(and they are not my predictions but God) and some say “I don’t want to wait that long” when I give them a time frame(it is God’s time frame and not my own)….I only tell you what I felt led in my spirit to do so….I believe that no matter what comes out or how it is taken that in time God will enlighten their hearts to see it through his eyes..


Oh yes “TIMING”….I believe that no two people come together without a reason and that it is God’s timing that brings us all together, whether to learn and grow and come together, or to learn and grow and move apart OR to just coming together long enough to touch each others souls in a meaningful way…the world calls it synchronicity, I call it His perfect timing.


Always I give my best to you all…I pray for the angels to open up your hearts and minds to see the wisdom in all my readings for you, as they come from a place of love!

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God’s Grace & Mercy and Enjoy the Journey


Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk “HOME”…..We have all heard the saying “Home is where the heart is”…..and I agree it is…but something I was watching by accident on TV today went into my spirit and reminded me of something we should all remember.  When we are with the ones we love we are “home”, no matter where that is..but you say not all of us are with the ones we love…..


Well that is the revelation that came to me….I neither am not near all those I love, but they are always with me in my heart, so matter where I go or how far apart I am “home” in the knowing that as long as my heart beats they are there and I am home….


You see in this world we meet people, some for a season and some for a lifetime….sometimes we meet someone and then they are gone or apparently moved on to something else, but our hearts feel something so deeply that we can’t shake it…..that means there was a connection of love, and do not mistake love with sex… not mistake love with being in the same proximity of each other….if that were true then I would feel so lonely that Jesus was so far away from me in Heaven, but he isn’t…..he is in my heart and as long as he is there, he is close….


Now yes you say, but what about having someone in the physical to share our lives with?  God wants that for you too….sometimes when we meet someone they don’t understand “home”…they understand past pain, past hurt and a lot of childhood damage and in that damage they don’t know how to truly love and hold on for the long haul….sometimes they pull away out of fear due to that damage…..


Yet we as humans want that person to love us period…..sometimes unanswered prayers are the best….sometimes not getting that person we want “right now” is a blessing as sometimes God is working on the damage within their damaged minds…..just like if someone you loved was undergoing surgery and slipped into a coma, you would not turn your back on them would you?  Or how about if someone you loved went off to war in a foreign country for a year or more, would you give up on them if they did not have a way to communicate with you for a period of time…


It is the same when God is working on healing someone….they are undergoing a spiritual form of surgery and sometimes in that surgery they go into a coma of sorts spiritually because their wounds are deep and need that down and rest time to fully heal…..and just like the person who is off to war in a foreign country, when God is healing them, they feel like they are in a war, and they are, a war to get their mind back and they are in a sort in a foreign land as this is something new and foreign to them to heal….


So today as I type this I am reminded that I also have to step back and allow those I love to heal and in their absence continue to have faith and pray that God knows what is best and healing them deeply in only a way he can…..Enjoy today’s message and enjoy the Journey!

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God’s Grace & Mercy & Enjoy The Journey! :)


Faery Blessings:


Today let’s talk “Wisdom and Signs”…..We all look for signs…’s human nature, but I want more than just my human nature to sort through all the world’s idea of wisdom…..I want a revelation down in my soul….I want to hear God’s voice in my being….I want to walk with him each and every day…..what’s the difference you ask…..glad you asked….


We as human want signs…for instance a long time ago I would say “God if this is for me, let me see a tiny lavender butterfly, and then I will know it is you”…..Yes I did……and a lot of times I did not see that butterfly and took it as God’s truth that it was not suppose to be mine….my favorite I used to do was to ask God is: “God if my husband loves me, let him give me a sign, let him walk in that door tonight and the first thing he does is hug me”……many nights I did not get that hug and “YES” I took that as God’s honest truth that maybe my husband did not love me….I would doubt everything about our marriage then…and signs are not wrong to ask for when you are a babe in Christ…if you are not ready for the meat of the word of God “BUT”….just because you don’t get a sign does not mean that God is not working on that request you asked for underneath the surface….that is where “faith” comes in….


“Faith is the ‘substance’ of things hoped for….the evidence of things not seen”(signs)  Just because you don’t see a thing does not mean it is not real….I love someone who said “you can’t see the wind blow, but you can feel it’….that to me is what faith is…even though I can’t see it happening or coming, I can “feel” it deep within my spirit that it is on it’s way… “Wisdom”


I daily now ask for “wisdom”…not the world’s wisdom, but “Gods” wisdom….my human wisdom is so beneath his wisdom…my wisdom without him in intellectual and analyzed and goes by the worlds standards of what is right and true, but OH His wisdom comes from a Divine knowledge of things outside of anything you have ever read(besides the Bible) and beyond anything anyone has ever told you….and when you get “wisdom” inside of you and can hear God’s voice, you know that you know that know that everything is going to be “alright”… begin to see beyond your situation and beyond your feelings and beyond your imagination and beyond your pain to see the truth through “HIS” eyes and not your own understanding….it is a beautiful thing…..When I began to see others through His eyes and began to see from my past how many times He saved me from my own wisdom and choices, it suddenly became an easy choice….”I CHOSE HIM AND HIS WISDOM AND NO LONGER NEEDED A SIGN”….I had Him and He gave me Faith and that is all I need…Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!


God’s Grace & Mercy


Gods Blessings:


Let’s talk “Fixing Things”….Did you know that God can fix anything, that nothing is impossible to Him?  That’s right, NOT A THING He cannot fix!.....But the problem lies in the way we want Him to “fix” it….We want him to fix it like He did the first time…..HMMMM…definitely “food for thought”…God says “Yes I could fix it again like I did the first time, BUT I’m not going to”….again “food for thought”…..And God says, last time I did all the work, I got you to a good place and you didn’t appreciate it, you didn’t carry it with integrity, you let what you saw with your eyes and heard with your ears make you break and hurt what I gave you….So if we are going to do this again, then I am going to require a human investment and today “as T.D. Jakes put it, “And I’m going to call it Sweat Equity”….God said, I am not going to carve out any more opportunities for you, I will do the guiding, but you are going to have to do the work by yourself this time….God says you gonna have to climb that mountain yourself this time with no help from anyone and learn to rely on me and me only…..


But if you want this thing back like God had you in the first time, this time you are going to have to sweat over it, work hard for it, you are going to have to humble yourself and you are going to have to be invested in it….God says, I don’t know how long it is going to take, that depends on you this time…..because I gave it to you last time and you dropped it and broke it…..God is saying: “This time instead of it being with you and others, this time it is going to be just between “YOU AND ME”….and this time you will have to collaborate with me to get this done….this time God says “It will be my way this time, on my terms and in my time”…..and again all that depends on how hard you plan on working on it, investing in it and working your way back to it”……This time God says “You sweat it out”….


So you want it fixed….well then get busy, dig your heals in and get ready to work and sweat……I hope this truly helps someone today.  Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!


Do you know what a second chance for us cost Jesus?  It cost Him His life….It cost him a beating….It cost Him humiliation and sweat and hard work, yet He did it anyway, FOR US, because he Loved us so much!  Can you do the same thing for those you love?  “Just a thought”

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God's Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk “Real Faith” or “Jacked-Up Faith”……yes there is a difference……You see we all have desires and some of us were raised to believe, that if I want it bad enough and I pray and I work myself up in positivity and keep saying “it’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine”….we have to continually say over and over, it’s mine….that is mustering up enough faith to get it…but did you know we don’t get everything we desire…..most of us believe that if we pray for our desire, that we “will” receive it….Now come on T.D. Jakes said “You know everything we ask for is not holy” lol…..Don’t act like you think everything you ask for is “holy”……or that everything you desire is “yours”….


For example:  My granddaddy was a preacher, so I am a preacher….it might have been expected of you but that don’t make it yours….you might live in a family of doctors or lawyers and it is expected of you but that don’t make it yours… might be expected be a CEO of a large company, but that don’t make it yours….you see what is yours is what is on the inside of you….it’s never just on the outside of you….if it’s in your “spirit” then it will evolve into your physical reality….so you can pray all day long, jack yourself up and tell yourself “It’s mine, I’m gonna be a preacher like my granddaddy, but it won’t happen”, not unless you feel the call to preach on the inside….if you do it because it is expected or because you feel obligated to do it, then it’s not yours……


Now let’s talk “Real Faith”…’s the kind where you ask for it, you believe for it, noone’s told you it’s yours except God… see, just because moma drove a buick doesn’t mean you should just to impress her….just because momas a counselor doesn’t mean you have to, etc…..(I’m using myself as the example here)….you see I have 2 daughters who are nurses(no one in our family was ever a nurse), one who has worked at the same “performance motor shop” for almost 15 years(no one in our family ever did this), one of my children counsels like I do(didn’t tell her she had to or it was expected of her)….but you get the point… children followed what was best for them and if they didn’t then that is because it was their choice and not mine… see I personally believe that if it is yours it will come easier than having to fight your way to it…yes there will be times when it is difficult but real faith gives you the patience to get through those times because deep inside you feel it is yours…and I know that if you find something you want to do because you love doing it and would do it for free if you had to, then that to me personally is a calling..


I love to talk and type….I love to help people…..I love to give people advice(when they ask now, not so much pushing it on them anymore)…..I have done it for free, but then God led me to be able to do it and make money….how cool is that? And work out of my home….How cool is that? And make my own hours….How cool is that?


You see real faith for me is to ask God for something I desire and then I pray “If it be thy will”….you see I don’t want God to give me anything that He knows I cannot handle…Real Faith comes with a peace in your soul that cannot be explained….it is what Jesus called “peace that passeth ALL understanding”…..all hell might be breaking loose around you, but you just feel so peaceful, knowing the outcome is going to be what is best for you in the long run, down the road….


But we live in a generation of “I want it and I want it right now” lol..funny but true….God still lives in a generation and never changes and if you trust him and have “real faith”, he will give you what is rightfully yours in His time and in His way….so today ask yourself…..Do I have “Jacked-Up Faith” or is my faith the “Real kind of faith”….I can tell you that believe it or not, the Real Faith is much better…..Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!

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God’s Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:

Today let’s talk about “perspectives”… know we all see things differently from our own “perspectives”…..two people can read the same book and come up with different “perspectives” of what it meant for them personally…..


So let’s look at other things we see…..a woman has a baby and she breast feeds then decides to bottle feed….the older generation thinks “now that is just wrong, she should breast feed that baby”…..another generation behind that woman thinks “I understand, I did it for as long as I could, it hurt”….and the mother in this generation thinks “I tried really hard”……let me tell you what happens when the mother in this generation starts listening to the older generation with their perspective…..the mother now starts feeling guilty and feels like she let her baby down…..yep, now you see the difference?


The older generation mother did not mean to hurt the mother, she was just stating her opinion from a place of what they had to do…back then they did not have formula, you either breast fed or the baby didn’t survive so in her point of view she should have to go through what she did, “hurt nipples and all”…but as each generation grows, trends change and sometimes the older generation does not want change….but the thing is we should embrace change…..we should listen to our own bodies to tell us what is good for us, what hurts us…..


Another example…..there is this huge convention going on at an arena….the convention goes through without a hitch and is great for some….the security people are like, “no one got hurt, there were not accidents, nobody started a fight” and to them that made it a great convention…..another group the bookkeepers went through the books and noticed that some checks had bounced and it took away from the profits of the convention and they thought “it would have been better if these people had made sure the money went through, now I have to readjust the books” to them it was not such a good convention… the speaker “who developed a sore throat during the speaking” thought, “It was  a good convention but my throat is sore and I made it through” so he thought a “so-so convention”….the people who attended the convention listened in awe as the speaker spoke(totally unaware of his sore throat) and came away from convention feeling “enlightened and awakened within themselves”….to them it was a total success….Can you see how all of their perspectives differed yet it was the “same convention”? 


That is how real life is….we all have opinions, we all have our own perspectives, but in no way should we view our perspectives and opinions as the “only ones that are right”….we need to be more open in how we see and view people….we need to really listen to their needs and even if we have an opinion on how the older generation did it, just maybe we should keep that to ourselves and speak from a place where we know we are not hurting but helping the person…we are not saying lie, we are saying speak the truth from a compassionate place….


I have been known to speak straight out of my mind and react instead of waiting on God and then respond, but God has been working on me with that….now I take a moment while listening to what people are telling me instead of just spouting off my personal opinions….God knows what is best for that person and if you listen closely enough you will hear the story behind what they are telling you and then your “perspective of them” might change as well…..Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!

 Just to see for yourself, show this picture to people you know and ask them what they see versus what you how many different "perspectives" of what others see, same picture, different view personally I see a woman calming herself "getting ready" to take on that great big world she is looking out at... :)

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God’s Grace & Mercy


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