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God’s Blessings:

Today’s message is about “perception”….Citing an example from T.D. Jakes below:

“Two people have the same job at the same company, with the same amount of kids, with similar bills, and similar home lives….one comes to work frustrated, angry and complaining, the other one comes to work saying “Thank you Lord for this job” and is happy, content and does what is needed regardless.”

The difference between the two people is their “perception of the situation.”


Another example is:

Two people, both single, one comes in the door after work and says “I’m tired of being alone, I’m tired of cooking and cleaning, I’m tired of being the man and the woman and taking out the trash”…..the other person comes in the door and says “I thank you Lord that I have peace in my house, I can cook when I want to, go out when I want to, go to bed when I want to and nobody tells me what to do”…..two people, same situation, different perspectives….

As you can see, it’s not the situation that is the problem, but the perspective of the situation that is the problem…

While one person saw the good in everything in their situation, thus trusting God with everything in their life with faith, hope and gratitude…..the other person sees through the eyes of their feelings in the moment and not thinking that anything can change….

So today ask yourself which person you are and then ask God to help you change your perspective and trust Him to bring you what you need, when you need it in His timing and not in your own timing….

First you have to believe it in your inner man/spirit before it becomes a reality, but until it does, believe that God has a reason for everything that is going on in your life and that although He might not give it to you in your time, He will deliver it in Divine Right Timing and God is never late, but right on time.

So when things are not coming to you right when you want it then ask God for the patience and faith to know it is coming and to help you find the good in what is going on and to place a knowing in your heart that “everything turns out for the good of them who love the Lord”…..

Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!



Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


God’s Blessings:

Today I woke up with the word “integrity” in my “A Daily Walk Through The Bible” devotional….

I’ve heard this word spoken many times throughout my life and to me personally it means “doing the right thing, even when no one is looking”….it took me a while to figure out what that meant spiritually for me….then one day it hit me….I am to do the right thing even if no one sees to give me credit for doing the right thing….I am to do the right thing for the Lord and let his grace and love be enough for me…

In today’s generation I see a lot of people wanting the credit for doing something good…for instance my grandson’s chore is to do the dishes every night after we eat and take out the trash…it is a condition of keeping his cell phone turned on every month…it is teaching him responsibility and earning what he has and then he will be ready when the real world comes in and he has to take care of himself….he will be ready…

But what got my attention is that a lot of nights he will come out to my office where I work and tell me “Nanny, I did the dishes and took out the trash”….now he doesn’t do it to let me know that he did it to get attention but so I will know he has done what was asked of him…..and yes, sometimes still have to remind him to do them lol but hey he’s pushing being a teenager and I understand the need to “revolt” a wee bit at that age, but he always does them despite not wanting to some nights…

But there are also people around me that sometimes let me know they did certain things, so they will get a pat on the back or a “good for you” and that’s ok some times, but usually it has become a habit to get rewarded for all the good things they do….they want physical and human praise, but what I am trying to stress here is doing it simply because it is the right thing to do and let God reward you in his own way….

I am sure that Jesus would have preferred not to get beaten and go to the cross to be crucified but he did anyway, because it was the right thing to do for all people….he wasn’t selfish at all in his life or need the praises of people but of his Father in heaven…

I want to add an excerpt here from my daily devotional that puts it all together….

“Charles Swindoll correctly observed, “Nothing speaks louder or more powerfully than a life of integrity.”  Godly men and women agree.

Integrity is built slowly over a lifetime.  It is a precious thing—difficult to build but easy to tear down.  As believers in Christ, we must seek to live each day with discipline, honesty, and faith.  When we do, at least two things happen: integrity becomes a habit, and God blesses us because of our obedience to Him.

Living a life of integrity isn’t always the easiest way, but it is always the right way.  And God clearly intends that it should be our way, too.”


“There’s nothing like the power of integrity.  It is a characteristic so radiant, so steady, so consistent, so beautiful, that it makes a permanent picture in our minds.”  Franklin Graham

Today’s Scripture:  Proverbs 9 (NLT)

“People with integrity have firm footing, but those who follow crooked paths will slip and fall.”



Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


God’s Blessings:


Are you stuck in a routine of religion?  Do you go to church once a week and then forget Him Monday through Saturday until you go to church again on Sunday?  Then you are stuck in a routine of religion….God wants to be in our lives as well Monday thru Saturday, not just on Sunday….

Do you surrender up all your dysfunction on Sunday, just to pick it all back up on Monday and carry it throughout the week, just waiting for Sunday to arrive so you can surrender it all up to him again?  That’s not living, that is just surviving and Jesus gave his life so we could “live”, not just survive….

What God is looking for is “relationship” with you, not just a religious service to him….anyone can go to church, anyone can surrender it all up for one day while under the protection of the “church”, but are you under protection of God and his son Jesus every other day of the week?  That is what he wants from you….

I know you’ve all heard how each morning before my feet hit the floor that I ask Him to walk through my mind, heart and soul and of those whom I love as well and I thank Him for another day to serve him and “live”...I repeat this to let you know that each morning I surrender it all up to him so that I can live my day out with a whole heartedness and freedom and peace...

Don’t make a routine out of your disability…..make a life out of making the most of your life each and every day instead of waiting on one day a week to make that happen….He is everywhere and always right there with you waiting to have a “relationship” with you just like you would with a long lost friend…..he’s never more than a breath away…..

So enjoy today’s message and ask Him to come into your life today and live side by side with you so that on Sunday you will get more out of your experience there with God and like-minded people…and Be Blessed!

Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


God’s Blessings:

Today’s message is taken from an article I found online that just lit me up inside….and I began to think: “What If God Was My Life Coach?”….then I started considering ways that he already is and how I should allow him more guidance in my life as far as coaching me on different directions and which ways to go…so today’s message is not mine, but an article that I believe you will all find fulfilling…..


When we think of God as Father, do we think of Him as coach? While many of us don’t, we should. God can be your life coach.

A life coach is almost like a sculptor who can look at you and see the potential for you to achieve all that you desire. Coaches help you focus, provide direction, challenge you, support you, motivate you and celebrate with you. Who better to trust with this task than God? He even sent His Son as a flesh and blood example of how to do life. Who better to counsel, encourage, and help you to live fully and make a difference than the One who has known you from your very first breath? If you’re ready to look at God as your coach, it’s important to understand how God coaches you.

In John 16:12-13, Jesus says, “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. But when He, the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth.”

Earlier in John 14:15-18, He said, “If you love me, keep my commands. And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another advocate to help you and be with your forever – the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. But you know Him for He lives with you and will be in you. I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you.”

Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


God’s Blessings:

“So Laugh”….Sounds simple right?  It is….laughter is good for the soul…..when things in life seem to be going wrong and nothing seems to be going as I would like it, although I know it is going just the way God intended…I learned that if I can laugh about anything, then I feel the pressure being lifted….I truly believe that no matter what is occurring in your life that if you can laugh, it won’t seem so hard..

Proverbs 17:22New King James Version (NKJV)

22 A merry heart does good, like medicine,[a]
But a broken spirit dries the bones.


For instance, when I feel a lot of pressure I watch Madea…..Madea is hilarious and puts things in perspective…she is totally and brutally honest and in that honesty is funny and you will laugh because you will find what she says sometimes the things you would like to say but afraid of what others would say….After watching her I told my children, I am going to be like Madea as I get older…my children and grandchildren were like “Oh No”….lol….

Seriously though, find something that makes you laugh and as the song says “Shake It Off” or in my example “Laugh it off”

Nothing is so serious that God cannot handle it and with that he gave us a way to take the stress off of us….he gave us laughter and I am sure he would not have told us that laughter is good for the soul if that wasn’t his way of saying….”don’t take life so seriously”…So enjoy today’s message and “Just Laugh”…Be Blessed

Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


God’s Blessings:

Most nights I wake up between 3 and 5AM…usually somewhere in the middle….I used to complain as I was one who truly loved my sleep time, but it appeared that God had other ideas, so instead of complaining I simply would get up, grab a cup of java and begin my day with God…I would have conversations with Him as if he were sitting right next to me and talk to Him like you would an old friend…

It’s not that he answers me back all the time, it is just our time when all the rest of the people in my world are asleep and the energy is peaceful and open and clear….I sit in my office and look out over the water below from my office(which my husband built for me) and in it he placed two huge picture windows that overlook that water below…he did that just for me and I realized this beautiful morning just how lucky I am to have someone like that in my life who cares enough about my spiritual center to give me what I need to share time with my Lord….

Was it an easy road for  me and my husband to get where we are? Not at all, it was filled with ups and downs, a failure to communicate at times, heated debates over who was right and wrong, arguments over how to discipline children, etc….the usual that comes in a marriage, but to be honest it was mostly me that had to overcome the tendency or need to be right all the time and I had to learn to simply surrender sometimes because I found myself at one point needing to be right over the simplest of things….

God showed me through soul searching that my need to be right came from my childhood when I was never allowed a say or was told to be quiet as I was only a child and did not know what was right and wrong, so as an adult my inner child wanted to be right all the time….

Now I pick my battles and usually now they are the bigger battles and I leave the smaller and sometimes more complicated things to my husband….which I have discovered is much easier on my psyche and the need to be right has diminished over the years…believe me it’s easier to just surrender especially when you know you are not right and give over control to the “man of the house” and let him do the “manly” things and not take over the entire household and rob him of his manhood….lol…

Was it easy?  Certainly Not!  I liked that I could do it all…but God showed me that although I could do it all(bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan) didn’t mean I had to……lol…Get the point?  Hehe

Anywho just a rant from me today…..God said to share a part of my life where I also go through what some of you ask me about and can easily answer those questions that plague your minds concerning which battle to pick and which ones to let God fight for you…..these days I let God do my fighting and if not God then my husband picks up where he left off… I just enjoy my days lol

I like to say that I have learned the Art of Delegating and "Waving The White Flag"….I now enjoy being the wife and letting him be the husband….Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!


Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


Gods Blessings:

Today’s message is about “holding your peace”……

Exodus 14:14King James Version (KJV)

14 The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

When I read this I see that we are not being asked to “hold our peace”, we are being told to “hold our peace”…is that easy? Not all the time no, but is it doable? Absolutely with faith…..

Jesus said “my peace I leave with you, not as the world giveth”….so your peace is not found in things, people or possessions….all of that will eventually lose their enthusiasm in your life and you will be back to having to replenish your peace with purchasing things or trying to change people to have peace…that is the peace of the world and Jesus’s peace is “not of this world”…

Did you know you have peace on the inside whether you activate and use it or not…God gives us amazing things that he placed inside us when we came to him asking forgiveness and giving our lives to Him…but most times we do not even go into our spiritual closet and pull out these gifts he gave us and “hold” them close and dear to us…..

When you “hold your peace”, you are not only “holding your tongue from saying whatever you “feel” like you want to say”, but it’s a holding that peace in your heart and trusting God that no matter the circumstances, situation or people in your life…..

In order to keep peace, you have to have humility which means that you don’t argue over the small things or blaming others for their mistakes or bringing up their past mistakes….humility means obedience to God, trusting and knowing that God turns everything eventually that others used to hurt you and uses it ultimately for your good….

But you say “I can’t help myself, it is just who I am or I’m not going to take this anymore off that particular person”…God’s answer to those statements are “you can help yourself and it’s not who you are because I am in you and that is not who I am”…..

What can I do? Well if you are unwilling to forgive, be humble and allow God to change the situation, person or things in your life, then you will just have to be miserable and hold onto your situation and deal with the consequences of your unforgiveness and anger….and your attitude determines a lot of what occurs in your life….if you don’t give it to God and let him avenge you(because if you allow it, He will fight your battles for you) and in that surrender you will find the peace he placed inside you….If you don’t surrender then usually it is just more of what  you don’t want because God will move out of the way and let you do it your way if you want and will leave it where it stands until you ask him again and surrender it “totally” up to him….

So enjoy today’s message and know that “faith, hope, trust, forgiveness, and humility” draw great things to you….”fear, doubt and worry” delay what God is trying to bring into your life...Self pity will hold you back, shake it off with the help, strength, grace and peace he placed inside you push that out and don't blame your parents, your childhood, your spouse, your mate for the way your life is...take responsibility for where you are right now and trust God and watch what God can do!  Be Blessed! :)

Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


Gods Blessings:

Romans 14: 23(MSG)

“If the way you live isn’t consistent with what you believe, then it’s wrong.”

Today’s message was taken from a “Daily Walk Through The Bible”

In describing our beliefs, our actions are far better descriptor than our words.  Yet far too many of us spend more energy talking about our beliefs than living by them—with predictably poor results.

As believers, we must beware:  Our actions should always give credence to the changes that Christ can make in the lives of those who walk with Him.

Your beliefs shape your values, and your values shape your life.  Is your life a clearly-crafted picture book of your creed?  Are your actions always consistent with your beliefs?  Are your actions always consistent with your beliefs?  Hopefully so; otherwise, you’ll be tormented by inconsistencies between your beliefs and your behaviors.


Franklin Graham said:

“Believe and do what God says.  The life-changing consequences will be limitless, and the results will be confidence and peace of mind. “


Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


God’s Blessings:

Again I want to share Romans 8:28 because it took on a whole new meaning when I began to study it for a lesson in my own life….

Romans 8:28

"And we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His  purpose."

Notice it says "ALL" things, not just "some" things in our lives, but "ALL" things...because I used to be the "But Lord" person who thought my situation was unique, and I was special and this should not be happening to me or it's not fair or nobody understands and the list could go on and on....what is your "But Lord"?  And when you figure out what your "But Lord" is, then give it to him because he knows "ALL", sees "ALL", is "ALL"....he created it "ALL"....

My family is going through a crisis, a personal one and although my feelings tell me to let go, give up and move on with my life, my true heart and soul that is so tightly woven in with God says that this too is for the good of everyone involved, so I trust God and not my situation and I know that no matter what all things work out for the good of them who love and “trust”(I added that) the Lord…..

And yes I do enjoy sharing my life experiences with you all, so that you will know that I have been through what some of you are going through and that it is possible to get through anything if you surrender your need to have it "exactly" like you want, and just "when" you want it to happen....the beauty of it all is that no matter what, God sees what is on the other side of it all, knowing already what is to come and how it benefits our lives in the long trust Him, not what you see or don't see happening in your situation and find peace.


God sometimes allows events in our lives that do not seem to make sense. But the Lord is in control of all circumstances in the life of a believer. He causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him (Rom. 8:28). When we come through difficulties in life, we then can bring comfort to others who need it. You gain greater credibility in the eyes of the person you are ministering to when you yourself are going through something difficult or have come through it. Allow the Lord to use you to bring much needed comfort to others.

So today, think of something or someone in your life that is bringing you what you feel is not good for you or does not feel good and ask yourself, is God training you so that you grow stronger to help others in your situation at some point in your life?  Enjoy and Be Blessed! :)

Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


God’s Blessings:

I got so many positive feedbacks for my “Woman Of Few Words” scripture and what it means personally to you that today I am sending out another, only today is called “All Things Work For Good”…..

Romans 8:28New Living Translation (NLT)

28 And we know that God causes everything to work together[a] for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

I like sharing with you all how these scriptures affect my life, because it shows you I am human and everyday go through some of the same things you do, but I daily go to God and ask him to give me the grace to get through it and come out on the other side whole and healed…we all go through things, no one is exempt…..just like Job in the bible, God allowed these things to happen to him to “test his faith”, “to see if Job loved him more than what was taken from Him”, and to make “Job stronger in the end” and in the end of all that testing “Job got everything back seven fold because of his faith and strength through it all”….so today is about understanding that “All things work for good to those who love God”…

So don’t give up, know that whatever you are going through, God has a reason and God knows what best to put in your life and what best to remove from your life and although we don’t always get what “we” want, we do get what “God” knows is best for us even if we don’t agree at the time.

Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!

Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


God's Blessings:

My husband often says I say a lot of words to get to one point(and I do)....I realize I do so today God, Angels and Faeries challenge me to be "A Woman Of Few Words" today I am going to just share a scripture with you and allow you to do some of the research on what that scripture means for you personally in your life....would love to hear the feedback on what you came up with for you personally! :)

Proverbs 17:27

A truly wise person uses few words; a person with understanding is even-tempered.

Yes we know the scripture goes along with what my husband was telling me.....for me it means to speak less and listen more(which is hard for me lol), but I believe I am getting better at just sitting in my own thoughts with me and God and getting understanding! :)

Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


God’s Blessings:

Today’s message was taken from an excerpt of “Prime Time With God” email I receive daily…I thought today maybe some of my clients could benefit from the deep and profound knowledge they shared on this day!  Enjoy the message and Be Blessed!


The Holy Spirit is the Blessing you need. It’s not help you need; it’s the Holy Spirit. It’s not money you need; it’s the Holy Spirit. He is the Blessing you must have to fill up that hole in your life. Don’t seek money or happiness or success; seek the Holy Spirit. It’s not an ambiguous blessing you need; the Holy Spirit is the Blessing you need.

Holy Spirit, I will seek You so that I can have spiritual blessings in my life. I have occasional emergencies, but most of the time I just have pressures. Bless me with Your presence this day. Be with me in all that I do today. Bless my testimony to expand Your kingdom.

The Blessing you seek is the Holy Spirit. He will add value to all that you are and all that you do. He is the Blessing. He can bless you and keep you; He can make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; He can give you peace” (Numbers 6:24-25). The Holy Spirit is the Blessing. You must yield to His control so that He can bless your work- place and the work of your hands. The Holy Spirit is financial Blessing; you must yield the use of your checkbook to Him so that He can add financial value in your life.

Lord, You are my Blessing. I look to You and not to money, position or things. Add value to all I do, and help me be a blessing to others, as You have blessed me. Amen.

Go Deeper: Mark 4:14-29


Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


God’s Blessings:

Have you ever had your heart broken? Well of course, at some point we all have….but did you know that the things you sometimes complain about when someone else hurts you, you have already done to another as well….when you say “my g/f, b/f does not spend time with me”, that sometimes God also is heartbroken thinking “my child does not spend time with me”…..When you say, “my b/f, g/f does give me love or attention and it hurts”, that sometimes God also feels the same way “when, you don’t give him love or attention”….”my g/f, b/f doesn’t communicate with me regularly and is distant”…..that sometimes God also feels the same way with us, “when we don’t communicate with him regularly and are distant”…..”my b/f, g/f  doesn’t trust me”, well sometimes God thinks the same thing, “My child doesn’t trust me”……and the list could go on and on….so today ask yourself this, “Are you giving to God what you want from others or are you giving to God what you don’t give to others or are you expecting God to do for you what you will do for others or are you expecting God to just give you even if you don’t do the same for others?”…

I know this seems like a harsh and hard message, but it was laid on my heart to share…the same things we accuse others of doing to us, we sometimes do to God but we expect him to forgive us and make things better even when we hurt him…so shouldn’t we give the same to others that we expect from him?  So "Are You Giving Back What You Get From God?"


I know this doesn’t feel like your typical message from me but I was told to share it with you today…may you take it in the spirit it was given, with compassionate truth and love.  Be Blessed!


Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


Gods Blessings:

I start today’s message with the old saying “plumbers have the worst plumbing” and “girls with curly hair want straight hair and straight hair girls want curly hair” lol….

I thought this was appropriate to today’s subject on the “not satisfied with what we have syndrome, wanting more”….

I remember a time when I was single and I wanted to be married but when married wanted to be single again lol…we’ve all been there-done that right?

Well today I wanted to ask you to try an experiment(I did yesterday)….take a pad and pen and write down all that you have in your life that is good and positive….now check off how many of them you want “more” of or things you could do with “less” of……(Believe me this is harder than it looks and will reveal where you are on the gratitude chart…it did for me)…..

I found on my list that:

1) I have a home, a roof over my head(positive)
2) I have food to eat(positive)
3) I have loving, healthy children and grandchildren(positive)
4) I have a vehicle I love and runs well(positive)
5) I have a God who loves me(positive)
6) I have a supportive husband(positive)
7) I have a smart phone, tablet and desktop(positive….love my internet) lol
8) I have music on my phone I love(positive)
9) I am healthy(positive)
10) I have clean hot water(positive)….and the list could go on and on but you get what wee ones are trying to say…

Now, let's go on to what I had to complain about on that list that made me stop and think about how I take for granted all the positive things in my life...and as I go through this list of my own life so that you know that I am also human and experience "my moments" lol....But I stopped after reading my list and asked God and angels to remove every single complaint I had and only to focus on the positive of what is truly important and good in my doesn't matter whether I have straight or curly hair, the same car as my neighbor or the monetary equivalent of what their house cost, etc....and here I go revealing my weaknesses(that I do work on when I recognize them, which is at a much quicker pace than  ever before) other words I don't "wallow" in my negative moments...I acknowledge them, give them to God and angels and go about my day....less stress that way believe me....


1) I have a home and a roof over my complaint was that it's not the fanciest roof in the neighborhood(wrong answer God and angels say....)

2) I have food to eat(but my neighbor eats out way more than I do, wish I could)(no no no say God and angels, wrong answer...)

3) I have healthy children and grandchildren(but man God they are bratty sometimes....again, wrong answer God says)

4) I have a vehicle I love that runs well, but I sure would like one like my friend has, fast and convertible(wrong answer again God content with what you have)

5) I have a God who loves me(absolutely no complaints

6) I have a supportive husband(but God I sure would like it if he were more really chuckled on this one asking me.."you do realize how long you two have been married right? And have you told him you want him to be? get the picture there...hehe

7) I have a smart phone, tablet and desktop....Yes but I sure wish I had more data to do more with..."man God whacked me in the head on that one"....I could hear him saying..."you are so ungrateful aren't you?"....Yes I took it back after looking over my list again.... :)

8) I have music on my phone I love....but I sure wish I had more music than what I have on it....yep, God smacked again lol

9) I am healthy(Lord I sure am tired having to get up so early)....Wow, really I told myself when I read this grateful you are waking up period to be tired I heard Him

10) I have clean hot water...."man I don't like doing dishes"...."yep you got it...God said be grateful that you have food to put on those dishes and hot water to clean them with after you ate"....


Now this is my list and what I had to go back and repent of....what's yours? LOL

God said this was my "Gratitude Inventory List" and to check it daily to see if I need a "Gratitude Adjustment" because he sure gave me yesterday lol

The old saying "Be grateful for what you have, lest it be taken from thee"....Now I understand totally what it I will keep all 10 of my positive list(thank you "faery" much God) back to being grateful for what I do have and satisfied until God sees fit to give me anything else and if not, well I will be grateful anyway :)

I hope this helps someone today!!! :)


Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


Gods Blessings:

Today I got an article in my email that I wanted to share with you all and then my wee comments below each statement they's a bit long, hope you don't mind...

7 Steps to Finding Your Clarity

The answers that you seek are within you. Look into your heart right now, for you know what is best and right for you. Be open to giving and receiving and trust that you are in exactly the right place. All that you need is already with you - you don't always trust that this is true. When you do trust, will see remarkable results, so use those times as your strength to lean on when you need extra support as you find the path that is right and best for you.

"I see the above statement as saying to look into your heart is to look for God in your heart and be still and listen to what he is trying to say to you and trust Him."

 1) Get Your Mind Really Clear

As you clear your mind and get really focused on what is most important to you, that focus helps you to find the clarity of your purpose in what you are facing now in your life. Sit quietly for a bit and find that still, wise center within you. Then, focus upon your heart and let that light radiate through you and all around you and dissolve any thoughts and feelings that are not necessary right now. When your thoughts and feeling are calm, shine the pure light of your heart on what it is you desire to understand or bring into your life. Keep your focus and breathe deeply for a few minutes holding the desired thoughts or your intention.

"Get your mind clear to me means to give it all to God and have faith and then go about your day and let Him shine the light of His love on your situation....he certainly knows how to do that and take the stress off of you and that does get your mind clear!"

 2) A New Approach

A fresh perspective will help you. See things from a different perspective. You're strong desire to move on to something more meaningful is ripe and ready for action. Look past what you are currently feeling or dealing with and remember that the first step towards the changes you desire is the most important. Refuse to be stuck in a situation that doesn't make you happy or support your growth. Don't wait for someone to rescue you, this is all about you and making the choices and seeing things clearly and trusting in yourself. You have great strength and courage and this will help you see things differently to gain clarity in understanding.

"To me personally, I stop whatever I am doing, find some good music, take a walk or take a drive to get a different perspective on what is going on...I remove myself from the difficult situation and find sanctuary with God off to myself so I can distance myself from the thing that is creating the issue...and I don't wait for my knight and shining armor to come get go to my knight and shining armor(Jesus)....."

 3)  Do Not Worry

Do not worry if there is a pause in momentum, as this allows you the time you need to rethink your approach and make some new plans that are more befitting who you are now. Embrace your own uniqueness and look past your current circumstances and see the bigger picture. Envision the endless opportunities that are available to you as this is truly an abundant Universe and there is enough for all. Call your angels to walk with you and ask for them to help you see the road head with clarity, love and ease. Notice the signs that guide you in the direction of your intentions and know that you are supported in undreamed of ways.

Affirmation: "I am ready to move past my current situations and circumstances and trust that the path ahead of me is filled with endless opportunities, clarity, love, and abundance."

"Now here is where a lot of people get stuck...they overthink a situation and try to figure out how to get it moving again and that is not really going to help the situation....worry, fear and doubt slow down what God has in store for you but faith, hope and trust bring it towards you give it God and give it not another thought....that way you can focus on what you can really do and God can do what he does  best without your help!"

 4) Not Sure What to Do?

If you are not sure what it is or where to go next, then this is also the perfect time to focus on what brings you joy, love, and happiness and then ask your angels to clearly show you what possibilities are currently available to you and if none of them make your heart sing, then ask God and the angels to show a different path, or a new perspective so that you will clearly know what is the next step and to help you make your decisions with courage, strength and clarity.

"This is my favorite because in today's world we all feel like we "should" be doing something to "fix" our situation when in reality sometimes it is just best to step back when we are not sure what to do and allow the process to unfold for a bit on it's own with the help of God...wait on God's timing to show you which way to go and pray for strength, grace and clarity to see it when it arrives..!"

 5) Take that Next Step

Action is one of the keys when you are searching for clarity.  God will show you exactly what you are asking for, so if you are not seeing the results you desire, then ask it in a new way. Sometimes by discovering what you don't want it leads you to exactly what you have been searching for.

Affirmation: "As I look at my life and into my heart, I gain insight and clarity into situations that trouble me and I receive messages and signs to help me find a better way."

"Again it's about stated above if you are not seeing the results of your desires, then ask for it in a different a song that reminds you of what you are a book on what you something different than what you have been doing to shake up the energy and show God that you want change and you want clarity on that particular issue!"

 6) Be Confident

You know exactly what to do and what is best and right for you, better than anyone else. Take the time to sit quietly and consider the benefit of your experience, the wisdom you have gained, how insightful and self-reliant you are because of those life experiences and it is now time to trust yourself in new ways. There is so much to accomplish and so make a detailed plan of what you want to create and begin the process of manifestation.

Affirmation: "As I look with my heart for the answers that I seek, I gain a new clarity and understanding of my life, God and all that Is."

"This one I truly love...when you know yourself and you know what you want then it's time to act on it....don't allow others or naysayers to hold you back when it is time to be confident and move forward with your do know what is best for you, what lights you up inside and not everyone is going to agree with what you believe is best for you, but go for it the process of going for it and being confident you will find and make new friends who are more on the same "dream team" you find yourself stepping into!"

 7) You Have an Important Mission

You have important goals to accomplish. Taking charge of your life and your plans is the best way to help yourself and that in turn helps the world. This is a time to focus upon your growth and expansion along with your career goals and how you can make this a priority in your life. Listen to God for accurate guidance and take these opportunities to improve your life.

Affirmation: "Each day I seek clarity of vision and I strive for the highest choice. I embrace each moment as a gift of unmanifested potential."

"And here is the "GO FOR IT STAGE"....I call it the time to dig in your heels and get going with your life...This is where you take that first BIG STEP and the next one God takes with you....and each step thereafter he helps you pick up the pace of your steps as you take that leap of faith...this is your time...this is your life and it's time to get in your life and live it out fully!"

Hugs and Faery Sprinkles


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