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7 Guidelines You Should Follow To Stop Worrying About Things You Can’t Control

Faery Blessings:

This one had to be for me today...I have a lot on my plate and although it is easy to tell others how to release the worry, sometimes it is not so easy to practice what you preach, so today I was reminded again by God and angels to do the following guidelines in my own life as well...I found these on consciousreminder .com....I hope this helps someone today....Enjoy the message and Be Blessed!

"It was said that most of our stress comes directly from the way we think and respond.

So, that’s why today, we will present you the seven tips which will stop you from thinking and worrying about things which you cannot control.

Seven tips to prevent you from worrying about things that you are not able to manage.

1.You cannot control everything which goes around you, but you can, in fact, control the way you respond to it. The most significant power is in your response. Yes, it is true that most of your stress comes directly from the way you think, as well as respond, and not the way life is. You should adjust your attitude, and all that extra stress will be gone.

2. You should not worry about whether they are going to be some problems. There are going to be plenty of them for sure, and you will succeed in solving all of them.

3. If you are worried too much about what may happen, as well as winder too long about what might have been, you are going to ignore and entirely miss what is. You should realize that worrying is a misuse of your incredible creative energy. Instead of imagining the best, and how you can bring it about.

4. Today is just your own choice. So, today you should choose grace over impatience, beauty over negativity, as well as presence over panic and so on.

5. There is absolutely nothing about the present situation you are in to – even the aspects which you cannot control – which will prevent you from making progress, step by step.

6. You are still alive, and you are still breathing, so you should act like that. You should let go of what is wrong and grab hold of what is right. Also, make things happen, and then let them happen. You should learn, accept, explore, as well as create and experience every single day, one tiny step at a time.

7. Most importantly, keep being mindful. Keep breathing profoundly, as things ultimately turn out best for people that make the best out of the way things turn out.

Read these things carefully and once again, think twice before you start worrying about something that is not in your hands."

God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon All Your Days

November Astrology: Soft Energies Heralding The End Of 2018! :)


Faery Blessings:

We've all felt this year, including me...retrograde after retrograde we plowed our way somehow through this year...and as we stepped into the Fall we felt a slight shift, but still a retrograde or two was still holding us back a wee when I saw this article on consciousreminder .com I thought everyone could welcome some positive energy coming in during this month, so I wanted to share this article in hopes that someone would find hope as we begin closing out this year...and this November 11th is 11/11/11.....very powerful indeed!...Enjoy today's message and Be Blessed!



"This year was really a period of retrogrades. Influenced by their energy, we had to stop and evaluate our lives’ paths. We also need to decelerate and take a look on our past for directions, wisdom, so that we can heal ourselves.


In the month that comes, two planets will be in retrograde – the planet Venus and the planet Mercury. Though there is going to be easing, and people will feel more relieved, as they are getting ready to enclose this year.


Finishing this month, people were in contact with the elevation of the retrograde of the planet Venus, and during the first 10 to 15 days of November, Venus will also get ready to start a new round. The planet is going to finish the retrograde on the 16th of November, and during this period her obligation will be ended too.


But, on the day when she turns direct, the planet Mercury will go retrograde and is also going to stay in such a position until the 6th of December.


Once more, it looks like the Universe desires people to decelerate and mirror before they continue. Still, the good thing is that following this there is not going to be another retrograde planet until next year in March.


Although people will be working with the energy of the retrograde during November too, a sparkling occurrence which will be on the top and which carries positive energy in the lives of those people will also be present.


The event will occur on the 8th of November – the shift of Jupiter out of the sign of Scorpio into the sign of Sagittarius, which is its home constellation. These are excellent, beneficial news, and it is considered the most significant aspect of the following 12-month period.


During the period when the planet Jupiter moves in the sign of Sagittarius, people will feel communicative, plentiful, as well as enthusiastic and brilliant, and they will also feel optimistic.


A lot of tragedy existed worldwide, and there was also a lot of rigidity in politics; however, the planet Jupiter, being in the sign of Sagittarius, will be helpful in brightening the mood, as well as permitting people to notice some different ways of working together, instead of working against one another.


One day prior to shifting in the sign of Sagittarius, on the 7th of November, people can also see the New Moon, happening in Scorpio.


There is no intensity surrounding it, but, it will bring with itself more understanding, as well as more aspiration to everything that has been distributed on the Full Moon in the sign of Taurus of this month.


The New Moon will also call attention to and aid to enclose the problems which have been brought ahead at the time when the planet Jupiter has been in the sign of Scorpio.


Even though the things can reach a turning point during this period, there is a probability that this high point is going to lead the way to an aspiration, as well as to go ahead and discover forgiveness.


As a result of that, people will have the imposing alignment of the 11th of November. The numerological code of that day is going to be 111111. It is an exceptionally strong code which is going to be helpful in advancing spiritual awakenings, as well as unlocking the portals of the world of spirits.


On the 1st of November, people are also going to obtain a taste of the energy; however, on the November 11th, people will be in a state of intensified sensitivity, as well as consciousness, and innovation.


It is going to be an excellent time of manifesting, meditating, as well as connecting with the spirit mentors.


On the 23rd of November, we will also see the Full Moon in the sign of Gemini and on the 25th the Sun will meet the planet Jupiter.


Although there will be high cosmic energies and retrograde activity, the planet Jupiter is the real star of November, and people are going to feel the abundant, warm-hearted energy soothing their wounds, pains, as well as raising them higher.


God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon Your Lives

Feeling Anxious? 3 Ways to Reduce Anxiety for Good!


Faery Blessings:

I saw this article from beliefnet and I thought "wow"...never knew it could be so simple to get rid of anxiety...there is a saying that if you are sad then you are stuck in the past(it cannot be changed) and if you are anxious, then you are in the future(that has not happened yet) and that the only place of peace is in the present(this one is where you are right now)....Oh yeah and on the "physically healthy" one, this does not mean you go out and hurt yourself working out or eating means even a 5 minute walk a day around your block is good, so don't think you have to overdo it...and on "eating healthier", yes do eat healthier but don't starve yourself to death either...I've heard that for every 6 days you eat healthy you should have one free day....I work out(but I don't overdo it)...I eat healthy(but I also enjoy my food) with that being said, enjoy today's message and Be Blessed!


"Everyone feels a little anxious from time to time…and that’s OK. Because, since we humans don’t know for sure what the future holds, it’s perfectly natural to feel a little anxious on occasion…After all, anxiety just stems from being concerned about the future. It’s only when anxiety becomes all-consuming that it really becomes a know, like when you’re worried or concerned all the time for no real reason. Or even worse, when you’re physically panicky? Yup, that’s not good and that’s when anxiety, worry, and concern can really become problematic. Luckily, there ARE steps you can take to ensure that your ‘normal concern about the future’ doesn’t escalate into serious anxiety. Even better, these steps also work if you’re already a ball of nerves! Here are 3 proven ways to reduce anxiety once it comes (and to help prevent it from arising full-force all together).


Drop the Chaos Theory


So many people unknowingly accept and believe that this world is completely chaotic! But the truth is that with each passing day, science unveils that every single aspect of our world - our bodies, our minds, and the physical world around us - is completely driven by law. So why do so many people believe the world is chaotic? Because wherever we haven’t yet discovered or uncovered the laws that govern our universe, we deem that aspect of the world chaos. Despite the fact that, it too is driven by laws…we just haven’t figured them out yet! Wait…Why does this matter? It matters because when you think the world is chaotic, you get incredibly anxious! After all, how can you feel secure and positive in this world if you think everything is random, and you ultimately have no control over any of it?!


Solution: Recognize once and for all that this world is driven by growth-fueling LAW rather than “chaotic destruction.” Because once you truly internalize (and recognize) this in your day-to-day life, it will be very, very difficult to either become or stay anxious!


The World Is on Your Side


Sometimes life is difficult. Sometimes we might get afraid about how the things we care about will turn out in the end…After all, we want things to work out in our favor! And this desire for things to go well in our lives causes tremendous anxiety. Why? Because when things seem less than perfect we start to fear that the world is “against us” or that it’s not working in our favor. When, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Because really, how many times have you looked back on your life and said to yourself “Wow…that all worked out so well….even though at the time it seemed disastrous.” Exactly. And that’s the point: Everything in your life is unfolding in perfect order and harmony for your benefit and the ultimate benefit of humanity. So why be so terribly anxious about it all the time?


Solution: Even when things seem to be unfolding in a less-than-perfect way, remind yourself that (as your past shows) everything is working in your favor for the ultimate benefit of your goals and dreams. Instead of looking back at your life in awe, why not trust the process as it’s unfolding. Now THAT’S a proven anxiety-cure!



Get Physically Healthier


Did you know that people who are unhealthy or physically weaker than average actually experience more anxiety in their lives? And it’s not because they’re concerned about being ill. It’s because when your body is physically weak, your brain automatically becomes more alert to threats in the environment. And it happens this way because the weaker you are physically, the more time you’d need to be able to flee to safety in the case of a threat. It’s part of our survival mechanism: People who are less physically healthy or fit actually perceive the world through a more anxiety-provoking lens because their survival “threat-detector” is activated more frequently during day-to-day activities. It happens so in the event of danger they’d have more time to flee.


Solution: Eat healthier foods that make you mentally and physically stronger.  Also, work out, walk, jog…anything that can help you build some strength for your physical body. Not only will it make you happier by releasing positive endorphins, but it’ll also balance your body,  making you less anxious overall."



God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon All Your Days

10 Honest Questions to Ask Yourself When You're in a Conflict

Faery Blessings:

This particular artice from ibelieve .com is amazing and long so it will be split into many parts and emails....I sat down and thought about a recent argument I had with someone and asked myself these 10 questions and to be honest, I failed most of them from looking back on the today I will focus on these 10 questions to see how even I can better handle conflict in my life personally and I hope it helps you guys as well....enjoy today's message and Be Blessed!

Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have conflict? Can you imagine how peaceful the world would be? Think of the impact this new reality would have on our families, places of employment, and even social media—need I say more?

As a recovering people pleaser, who would rather avoid than confront, this possibility sounds like a win. And as much as I’d like to cozy up to this idea, I know conflict is inevitable—it is going to happen.

Just as an unexpected rain cloud creeps up on an unassuming sunny day, conflict will blindside us all. At some point we will be ushered into a difficult and uneasy clash with someone else. It can happen anywhere: in our homes, on our jobs, and smack dab in the middle of our relationships. Before we know it, we will find ourselves swimming in it, wondering just how did we get here and how can we MAKE IT STOP! For this reason, I’m offering a few honest questions we can ask ourselves when we are in a conflict.

1. What is True about the Person with Whom I am Having Conflict?

Emotions are powerful. In an instant, our feelings are capable of clouding sound judgement, causing us to think, believe, and act irrationally. In times of intense conflict we are tempted to believe the person on the other side is the enemy, but they are not.

We must not act impulsively, but seek understanding. In doing so, we can determine what is true about the person we are in a conflict with. We can identify the motivation behind what they did or said rather than form an assumption. This is why we are encouraged to get understanding in Proverbs 4:7: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”

2. What is True about God?

When we are in the midst of resolving conflict, it is helpful to have a motivation beyond our own fleshly limitations. This is where a relationship with God is beneficial. When we are tempted to quit and give up on resolution, God’s Word has the power to steer our resolve in a different direction.

Maybe this is why the apostle Paul pinned such strong words in Romans 12:18. He says, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” He didn’t say live at peace with some or with those you find it easy to tolerate, but everyone.

This may cause you to want to raise a few objections. “Paul, you don’t understand my situation! Did you see what she did? Did you hear what he said?”

3. Are We Loving Others the Way God Loves Us?

Paul offers no exceptions to his Romans 12:18 statement. I believe this is because he knew one undeniable truth about God. This is a truth we all know but often forget when resolving conflict. The truth that anchored Paul’s hard-to-embrace statement is the nature of who God is—He is love.

And so for every objection we could ever make regarding the person we have a conflict with the response is that God is love. This statement holds a tremendous amount of weight for those who believe God dwells on the inside of believers. If this statement is true, then we who believe in Him are to exhibit this same love for one another. When we are in a conflict we can ask ourselves what should love look like in this conflict? If we are not sure, Paul offered us a clear description in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8.

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”

4. Am I or the Person I am Having a Conflict with Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired?

Since conflict requires us to be at our best mentally and emotionally, it is a good idea to eliminate possible barriers to this. The obvious would be when we are hungry, angry, lonely or tired. This spells HALT.

If we find ourselves experiencing any one of these, it is wise to communicate our weakness. This might look something like saying, “I’m not at my best right now. Could we talk about this tomorrow or at a later time?” The other person may not comply with our request, but what if they do? What if a choice to HALT is the difference between a divisive argument or a calm conversation? Which would you choose?

Although we cannot predict the outcome, when we are in a conflict it is best to yield to the voice of wisdom: “Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you” (Proverbs 4:6).

5. If I Say What I am Thinking, Will I Regret it Tomorrow?

There is a reason why James said, “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” He knew the dangers in speaking first. When we speak first we spew out our in-the-moment response without thinking about the consequences of our words.

How many times have we said hurtful statements that felt right in the moment, only to feel the lingering weight of regret for years? What is important to remember is that once words are stated, we can never get them back. We can apologize and repent, but we can never erase the impact of our words from the person we say them to. This is why in the middle of a conflict we should ask ourselves whether we will regret the words we say tomorrow.

6. Am I Praying about the Situation?

Would you enter a battle without an army or weapons? The probable answer is no. The reality is, however, we often enter conflict without inviting our omnipotent ally to help us.

There are countless scriptures that describe the strength of God. 2 Corinthians 12: 9 says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Psalm 46:1, says “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

Entering conflict without asking God for help is like turning down super powers. The patience, wisdom, and unconditional love we lack, He has in abundance. The moment we sense a conflict arising, we should seek God’s help.

Instinctively, we know this, but somehow we forget to invite God into our conflict. I am learning, however, to immediately begin praying. “God, give me the words to say. Please help me to be slow to speak. Please cause my emotions to be in line with Your word.” If we are going to resolve conflict in a manner that honors God, we should invite Him to help us.

7. How Can I Practice Humility?

Christ is our ultimate example of humility. He had every right to protest his unfair treatment and yet intentionally refused to do so.

Philippians 2: 5-8 says, “In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.”

As difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible as it is, we are to choose humility even when we are in a conflict. Here in this text, Paul encourages us not to “do anything out of selfish ambition or vain conceit but to consider others better than ourselves.” This would include those we are in conflict with. By practicing humility, we place God’s unparalleled power on display because humility is the antithesis of what our culture is used to.

We expect people to defend themselves, demand their rights, and always choose themselves first. When someone does what is unexpected, it opens the door for God to grip the heart of the person we are in conflict with in ways our words will never do.

8. Does the Person I Have a Conflict with Have the Skills to Resolve Conflict?

Proverbs 26:4 says, “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.” This scripture sheds light on the reality that some people may not have the tools to resolve conflict. This may be due to spiritual or emotional immaturity. If this is the case, it is up to us to recognize and choose not to engage in heated conflict with this individual. I have found that in these circumstance silence is best.

When I have opted to defend my stance or argue a point with a spiritually immature person, it has always led me down a long winding path to nowhere. By heeding the advice of Proverbs 26:4, we can save ourselves a lot of time and energy.

9. Does the Person I am Having Conflict with Believe in Jesus?

If the person we are in conflict with does not believe in Jesus, this should impact our speech towards them. As believers, we should desire that everyone come to know the unconditional love and amazing grace that a relationship with Christ affords. This desire should govern our speech as Paul admonishes in Colossians 4:5-6. He says, “Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”

In light of these words, our point of view should take a back seat to the love of God. We should make a point of communicating the truth in love so that someone who does not follow God might want to.

10. What is the Big Picture?

When we are in a conflict it is tempting to have tunnel vision. All we see is the here and now and what we want the outcome to be. We may not see how our conflict might impact others years later.

For this reason, we should ask God to give us eyes to see beyond the present. We should think about the lasting ramifications of our words and choose wisely. In doing so we can focus on God’s ultimate glory rather than our temporary pleasure.“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.” Romans 8:18 (NIV)

God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon All Your Days

Healing Childhood Wounds

Faery Blessings:

This seems to be coming up in relationships quite a bit partner is deeply in love and clear in their mind about it, the other partner loves you but is fearful in their mind...either from recent wounds or long ago(childhood) wounds....and it is difficult when you are with or waiting on a partner to heal those wounds...but when they do and the fear is gone,what we have is a person that God created them to,loving and with the ability to love you from a whole and healed place in heart, mind, body and enjoy today's message from DailyOM and Be Blessed!

"We all have the ability to heal ourselves from childhood pain at the deepest level.

Events from childhood, our first experiences, have the power to shape our lives. Some do so immediately, offering us challenges to overcome and encouragement to make use of our talents and interests. In the process character is built, and we make the first steps upon our personal paths. Other events seem to lay dormant until adulthood, when our closest relationships help to bring out the deepest aspects of ourselves. This is when unexamined lessons can be put to use and untended childhood wounds make themselves known in a call for healing.

We may discover issues of trust coming up, or perhaps we find ourselves mirroring actions from our past instinctively. No matter the case, we have the power within us to heal ourselves at the deepest level. With the wisdom of an adult, we can be the loving parent or guardian we needed as a child. Knowing that we are each whole spiritual beings having a human experience, we can nurture ourselves from that wholeness, and then reach out to others as well. We can recreate scenarios in our mind's eye, trying different outcomes and following them to their logical conclusions. In doing so, we may be able to imagine possible reasons a situation occurred as it did, and even accept that it could not have happened any other way. With the wisdom born from age and experience, we might be able to see events from a different perspective, bringing new understanding and freeing ourselves from any hold the past may have on us.

Life offers opportunities to clear these weeds in the gardens of our souls. However, when we want to focus on easier and more pleasant tasks, we are likely to pass up the chances, leaving the wounds to continue to drain our energy and resources for living life fully today. We might find we need support to face the events of the past, so turning to a trained professional who can offer tools for healing can be a valid choice. As long as we remember that the child we were lives on within us, we are always free to go back and right old wrongs, correct mistaken perceptions, heal wounds, forgive, and begin anew."

God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon All Your Days

Thought Power--Your Thoughts Create Your Reality Part 1

Faery Blessings:

Have you ever heard someone say about the definition of insanity? "Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results"...guilty here in my past of finding out the hard way what this meant...I was a stubborn one for sure, but God was faithful in that he kept bringing the same lesson over and over until I got it and what I figured out was that my mindset had not changed...I would have a pity party for myself and when no one showed up it pushed me deeper into a downward spiral, until I figured out it was "me" and my "thoughts" creating my reality and blaming it on others....not now when I sense negativity coming up within my mind, I momentarily search the thoughts to see if they are negative or positive and act accordingly to build on them or push them out of my enjoy today's message from "mind your reality" .com!

"Thought power is the key to creating your reality. Everything you perceive in the physical world has its origin in the invisible, inner world of your thoughts and beliefs. To become the master of your destiny, you must learn to control the nature of your dominant, habitual thoughts. By doing so, you will be able to attract into your life that which you intend to have and experience as you come to know the Truth that your thoughts create your reality.

For Every Outside Effect There is an Inner Cause:

Every effect you see in your outside or physical world has a specific cause which has its origin in your inner or mental world. This is the essence of thought power. Put another way, the conditions and circumstances of your life are as a result of your collective thoughts and beliefs. James Allen said it best when he said "circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him". Every aspect of your life, from the state of your finances to the state of your health and your relationships, is accurately revealing your thoughts and your beliefs.

It's an Inside Job:

Most people have it back to front, believing that they feel or think a certain way because of their circumstances, not knowing the truth that it is their thought power that is creating those very circumstances, whether wanted or unwanted. By internalizing and applying this Truth, that your thoughts create your reality, you will grant yourself the power to create the changes you want to see manifest in your life. Reality creation is an inside job.

Your Thought Power is Limitless:

There is a single, intelligent Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe, which is all powerful, all knowing, all creative and present everywhere at the same time - the Universal Mind. Your mind is part of this One Universal Mind and since your thoughts are a product of your mind, it follows that your thought power too is limitless. Once you truly understand that your mind is one with the Single Source of All Power and that this power is within you, you will have found the only true source of infinite power for which nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing. Know that thought power comes from within. Accessing the source of All Power starts by looking inwards.

Your Thoughts are Alive:

The greatest mystics and teachers that have walked the Earth have told us that everything is energy. This has now been undeniably confirmed by modern science. Your thoughts too are energy. William Walker Atkinson told us that "where mind is static energy, thought is dynamic energy - two phases of the same thing" and Charles Haanel went on to say that "thought power is the vibratory force formed by converting static mind into dynamic mind". Your thoughts are alive. Each time you entertain a specific thought, you emit a very specific, corresponding frequency or energy vibration.

What Frequency Are You On:

The basic premise of the Law of Attraction is that like energy attracts like energy. You attract to yourself those things and circumstances that are in vibrational harmony with your dominant frequency, which is itself determined by your dominant mental attitude, habitual thoughts and beliefs. Mike Dooley, one of the presenters of the movie The Secret, fittingly suggests that if you want to know what a thought looks like, just look around you. Keep in mind these three words "thoughts are things".

Not All Thoughts Are Created Equal:

The attractive power of any particular thought is determined by how often you have that thought and by the strength of the feelings or emotions associated with it. The more energy you give to a particular thought, the greater its power to attract its corresponding circumstance into your physical world through the Law of Attraction. Your one-off, passing thoughts do not have the same creative power as your habitual thoughts and beliefs. Remember, that it is of little use to entertain positive thoughts for just a short burst of time each day if you then proceed to think negative or unwanted thoughts for the rest of the day. A negative thought cancels the benefit of a positive thought and vice versa. Since your reality is the sum total of all your thoughts there are many factors influencing your life. This makes it difficult to directly join the dots between the cause (thought) and the effect (circumstance) but the causation is always there.

Use Thought Power to Change Your Life:

It is your subconscious mind that is the storehouse of your deep-seated beliefs and programmes. To change your circumstances and attract to yourself that which you choose, you must learn to programme and re-programme your subconscious mind. The most effective and practical way to do so, is to learn the simple process of creative visualization. It is the technique underlying reality creation, making use of thought power to consciously imagine, create and attract that which you choose. Your imagination is the engine of your thoughts. It converts your thought power into mental images, which are in turn manifested in the physical realm.

Become Aware of Your Thoughts But Not Obsessed:

It is important that you learn to be aware of your habitual thoughts and to appropriately adjust them so as to maintain an overall positive mental attitude. However, be careful not to become obsessed with every thought that enters your mind as this would be equally counter-productive, if not more so, than not being aware of them at all. Remember that to obsess over your negative, unwanted thoughts, is to give them power and as the saying goes, what you resist persists. So instead of resisting any of your negative thoughts, simply learn to effortlessly cancel them by replacing them as they arise.

Instantly Replace Unwanted Thoughts:

To instantly neutralize the power of a negative thought, calmly and deliberately replace it with its opposite, positive equivalent. For instance, if you think to yourself "I'm not good enough, I will never succeed", mentally replace that thought with "I am good enough and success comes to me easily". You can also use the "cancel, cancel" technique made famous by the Silva Method. Each time you catch yourself thinking an unwanted thought, mentally tell yourself and the Universe "cancel, cancel" and immediately follow it up with a positive statement.

Tame Your Dominant Thoughts and Your Random Thoughts Will Follow Suit:

It is estimated that the average person has between 12,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day. This is evidence enough to suggest that your goal should not be to control every thought. It is your dominant thoughts and beliefs that you must learn to bring under your conscious control as they are what largely determine your mental attitude. As you do, you will find your random thoughts themselves becoming more positive and more deliberate.

The following words of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha perfectly capture the essence of thought power:
"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become."

In a nutshell, your life is the perfect mirror of your thoughts, beliefs and dominant mental attitude. Whether you realise it or not you are already creating your reality through your thought power. Every effect you see in your outside world has its original cause within you - no exceptions. To gain access to the greatest creative power at your disposal, you must learn to control the nature of your habitual thoughts and to align yourself with the One Source of All Power of which you are a part. Your thoughts create your reality - know, internalize and apply this Truth and you will see your life transform in miraculous ways."

God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon All Your Days

5 Signs Someone Connects With You On A Deeper Level Than Anyone Else! :)


Faery Blessings:

Lately a lot of relationship articles come up in my research in my class I am when this one popped up today on consciousreminder .com I was reminded of my clients feeling let down a lot in relationships and almost giving up and not believing the one was coming...I thought this might help those who thinks they will never show due to a lifetime of let downs in today, enjoy today's message and Be Blessed!


"When someone has walls up, it’s always for a reason, but the possibilities for that reason are endless.


Perhaps you are cynical since so far, everyone you date seems to be the same — disconnected, unremarkable and incapable of making a lasting impression. Maybe you suffer from generalized anxiety and, therefore, find it difficult to enjoy the moment.


It could be you’ve dealt with so much rejection that the opposite concept (someone choosing you) is nothing but a figment of your imagination. It may be you’re so used to being disappointed that when you finally meet someone different, you doubt they are for real.


But, what if your dream person was for real, and not believing in his or her authenticity was a big mistake?


The problem with walls is they don’t just keep others out, but also keep you locked inside your very own metaphorical prison. Unfortunately, some people just aren’t willing to try to get in and free you if it seems like a lost cause.


Someone would need to have a special connection with you in order to break down your emotional walls. That being said, it takes a lot more than just that. This person must be intuitive, have perseverance, and they have to care enough to want to, or need to, break your walls.


You may think the only person who can break your walls is you, but what if someone else could?


Let’s fantasize that one day, you meet someone different — someone special who possesses those rare qualities required to free you from your metaphorical prison cell, crush your cynicism and liberate you.


What if you meet someone who isn’t too good to be true, but rather, just true and, therefore, has the extraordinary ability to really touch you. When that person comes along, make sure you recognize who they are.


Here are five signs someone cares enough to break down your wall


1)  They force you to be in the moment


Many people who have their guards up, or are closed off from others, often go through the motions rather than feeling emotions.


They cruise through life without anything imprinting. They go through their days on autopilot, and though their bodies might be there, they are not really present.


People who care about you will notice when you are not engaged in the moment. They will notice your lack of eye contact and they will notice when you fail to laugh at one of their jokes because you weren’t really listening.


It takes a special type of person to be able to force you to be in the moment. How this person accomplishes this varies and is discovered through trial and error of what works and what doesn’t.


Maybe they bring you back with a really passionate kiss, a walk in the park or a taste of salted caramel ice cream.


2. They know to make all the first moves


If someone realizes you’re more likely to shut them out than let them in, this person will understand that they need to take all of the initiative, especially in the beginning, to earn your trust.


They will have to take the lead on planning dates, text you first, call you first and lay all the cards out on the table first. If this person doesn’t put effort in, they don’t stand a chance.


If things go well and your relationship organically progresses, this person also knows that it’s up to them to keep the momentum going.



3. They’re patient


As much as it hurts the person you are dating when you do not fully let them in, they know how amazing it will feel when you do finally let your guard down. They will be willing to be patient in order for that pivotal shift to happen.


Some people know that sometimes, a new love can heal old pain. It just takes time to build credibility so that you are no longer skeptical of what this is or of who they are.


Think of it as a car window on a cold winter’s day. You can’t drive the car until you give the windows time to defrost, but you can see the windows defrosting, so you know you’re getting somewhere eventually.


That’s how it feels to fall for someone who has emotional walls up. But, it’s worth the wait because once the person can drive that car, you guys can go anywhere together.


4. They’re determined


They care enough to be determined because it’s easier to give up and walk away than it is to stick around in hopes of eventually being let in.


In a world where everyone is accustomed to instant gratification, it takes a special kind of person to want to invest in someone who won’t immediately offer what the person wants out of a relationship.


In the beginning, if you are not all in and your partner can sense it, what is it that motivating them to stay? We can attribute a person’s motivation to stay to the chemistry and connection someone feels with you.


Those are the two most amazing motivational factors when it comes to a new relationship because they are so rare to find.


5. They’re intuitive


It is rare to meet the type of person who has the ability to understand you without any offered explanations from you.


They have an uncanny intelligence when it comes to figuring you out. When you’re uncomfortable or anxious, they know and can also tell when you’re genuinely happy. They give a whole new meaning to “reading between the lines.”


Their intuitiveness contributes to his or her willingness to put more effort in with you. They might take notice of what types of situations seem to relax you and will remember what puts you in a good mood.

That way, when his or her intuition communicates that something seems off, it’s a signal to attempt to help. If someone gets you like that, they are surely a keeper."




God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon All Your Days


6 Ways To Ask Your Angels For Help!


Faery Blessings:

All my life I have loved angels and faeries, but angels are God's main beings to assist wee ones I believe assist the angels...I wanted to share this wee article from beliefnet .com as it embodies what I have believed concerning angels and asking for their are never alone.....enjoy today's message and Be Blessed!


"At many points during our life we find ourselves wanting to reach out to something beyond us for divine help, guidance or intervention. Life can be rocky with challenges being thrown at us throughout our journey. Whether we are struggling to plan and do not know which way to turn or feel stuck and need a bit of divine intervention to guide us out of a tough spot, asking our angels for assistance is a solution.

The angels are always with us throughout life. At no point in life are we walking alone. Angels are always available to us bringing unconditional love and support. They are always ready to help, but they will not intervene without our permission. The only exception to this would be a life-threatening event where they may assist without being specifically asked. Otherwise, we must ask the angels to help us before they can provide their assistance.

Angels can help with little challenges or with larger problems. Angels can provide guidance. Angels can help calm our emotions, resolve conflicts, repair relationships, provide protection, assist in healing and help us to manifest the things and experiences we desire in our lives. The angels may respond with encouragement and guidance, like a gentle nudge in the right direction or create changes and miracles in our lives we didn’t think were possible. Requesting angelic intervention or guidance can be done in many ways. The angels will hear our request no matter what method we choose to use. The more we ask for their help and invite the angels into our lives the easier it becomes for them to assist us.




Ask out loud. Our requests do not need to be in the form of a formal incantation or specially scripted prayer. No formal request format is required. We simply need to verbally speak our request. Requesting angelic assistance is often more comfortable and effective when we ask in a peaceful, quiet and private space. That place may be at home, out in nature or behind closed doors in an office or meeting room. When making the request speak naturally as if speaking to a peer. Start by clearly stating, “I am asking for your help…” that is important as it gives the angels permission to help. From there some may feel more comfortable talking through and explaining the problem or others may choose to simply ask for what they want and need. Either approach is fine. Don’t worry about solving the problem. Ask for the end result, what needs to happen. Let the angels help to bring that to reality or provide the guidance needed to get there.




There are often times where making a verbal request is not an option. Mental requests made through our thoughts are just as effective. The angels hear our mental pleas for help just as clearly as our verbal ones. ‘Think’ a sincere request for help. Stating the request as a positive affirmation in the present tense, for example; “Angels, thank you for helping me to control my anger and peacefully resolve this conflict with my husband.” is a very effective method. We can also mentally scream “Angels help me!” and they will be there to help. If we know what we want the outcome to be that is always helpful but sometimes we are not sure of what we want to happen and just need help. That is ok too. The angels will step in and help. The angels can feel the emotion behind our thoughts and the sincerity with which we make the request. The sincerer and more heartfelt the request is the better able they are to help.




The method of writing our requests out on paper is another great way to ask for the help of the angels. This method also can help the writer become clearer about what the problem is and what they would like the outcome to be. It can give the person writing an outlet to release all the pent-up emotions about the problem clearing the path for angelic intervention. It is ok to be honest about our feelings about the situation. Angels do not judge us in anyway. They love us unconditionally. There is no need to feel guilty or shy about our feelings. To feel the full range of emotion is human. Once we have written everything down we want to share about the problem and our feelings simply write a statement to ask the angels to help resolve or heal the situation. Once the request is written it can either be kept in a journal, torn up or in some cultures as a personal ritual the paper can be burned with the smoke of the burning paper carrying the request to the angelic realm.




We can ask for angelic help by visualizing the angels around us assisting or healing the situation. In whatever way we visualize the angels is unique to each of us and works perfectly fine. Some may visualize human looking bodies with wings and halos, while others imagine glowing points of light. Whatever is envisioned imagine the angels helping the situation and visualize the intervention. Common visualizations include surrounding a family member that we are concerned about and seeing the angels create positive change blessing their life; surrounding an individual at an interview or when giving a presentation providing support and helping them to say the right thing in the right thing at the right time; surrounding a decision maker such as and interviewer, banker, mediator or judge and providing positive angelic guidance to support that person in making a decision in our favor; or surrounding ourselves or someone we know how is sick and healing them. These are just a few examples. In whatever way we envision the angelic help it is perfect, and the angels will respond.




By setting our intention prior to beginning a meditation we can guide the focus of the energies that the meditation generates. The goal is not to meditate on the problem but to set our intention to have the angels help with the problem. When in meditation, whether that is in the form of quiet contemplation or guided meditation or something in between, focus on the energy of the meditation. The intention to receive angelic help set at the beginning of the meditation will focus the angelic energies and allow for powerful healing and or guidance to come through to during the meditation time. Do not worry about how or if this is happening, simply focus on the meditation and know that the angels are at work responding to the intention set at the beginning. Since meditation helps to open the channels of connection with the divine and higher realms this can be a very powerful method to use when seeking angelic guidance.

Feel It

Place the left hand over the heart chakra in the center of the chest and focus on how it feels to have the problem resolve, the need healed, or the desire materialized. Go beyond imagining what it would look like and connect with how it feels. How does it feel to have an amazing loving relationship? How does it feel when to be working a dream job? How does it feel when all financial obligations are met? How does it feel when a loved one is healed, healthy and vibrant? Connect with that great loving and joyous feeling then ask the angels to help in creating this feeling into reality and bringing life into alignment with that feeling. Thought is the concept to manifesting any desire however feeling is the fuel. The more deeply we feel something the more energy we create around that thought or idea. This means that the situation can be solved more quickly and efficiently. By connecting with the feeling, we give the angels more clarity and fuel to get on the fast track to angelic intervention.

The angels exist to love and support us. As we go through life angels are always with us. Whether we recognize it or not angels are constantly leaving us signs and intuitive nudges to let us know they are there. They want to help us and are patiently waiting for us to ask. Whether it is a little or a huge request they are ready and able to intervene once we ask. Inviting the angels into your life for a little assistance is easy. Try one of the steps shared in this article and be open to the guidance, healing and miracles that follow"



God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon Your Days


The Gift of Boredom

Faery Blessings:

You know how some of us were told in our lives to be doing something all the stay busy and too...but let me tell you that I was reading an article one time and it said sometimes when you are doing nothing that you are really doing "no-thing"(Zen) and sometimes in the "no-thing" you are learning on a deeper level and that is why this article from DailyOM struck a nerve within me...we all dislike being bored, but sometimes in the boredom we find out who we are on the inside and need to just do "no-thing/nothing" can be what is best for us...Enjoy the message today and Be Blessed!


"A bored mind can be the canvas upon which innovation is painted, and the womb in which novelty is nourished.

The human mind thrives on novelty. What was once a source of pleasure can become tedious after a time. Though our lives are full, boredom lurks around every corner because we innately long for new experiences. Yet boredom by its very nature is passive. In this idle state of mind, we may feel frustrated at our inability to channel our mental energy into productive or engaging tasks. We may even attempt to lose ourselves in purposeless or self-destructive pursuits. While this can be a sign of depression, it can also be an invitation issued from your mind, asking you to challenge yourself. Boredom can become the motivation that drives you to learn, explore the exotic, experiment, and harness the boundless creative energy within.

In Hindu and Buddhist traditions, boredom is perceived as a pathway to self-awareness. Boredom itself is not detrimental to the soul--it is the manner in which we respond to it that determines whether it becomes a positive or a negative influence in our lives. When you respond by actively filling the emptiness you feel lurking in yourself, you cultivate creativity and innovation. If, when in the grip of boredom, you have difficulty acknowledging the merits of any activities you might otherwise enjoy, generate your own inspiration. Before you find yourself beset by boredom, create a list of tasks you can consult when it feels like there is simply nothing to do. Referring to a list of topics you want to learn more about, projects you've yet to begin, or even pending chores can spark your creative energy and reawaken your zest for life.

When we are troubled by boredom, it is not that there is nothing to do but rather that we are not stimulated by the options before us. A bored mind can be the canvas upon which innovation is painted and the womb in which novelty is nourished. When you identify boredom as a signal that you need to test your boundaries, it can be the force that presses you to strive for opportunities you thought were beyond your reach and to indulge your desire for adventure."

God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon All Your Days

We Only Fall In Love With 3 People In Our Lifetime—Each One For A Specific Reason


Faery Blessings:

I found this article interesting...also was reading another article from consciousreminder .com that was talking about the reason sometimes our relationships are so hard is because we still have lessons to learn with that person and when the lessons are done, then we begin to share this beautiful and deeper soul journey that continues our lessons except then we are learning deeper soul and heart lessons that are easier and lighter for us to get through as a couple....that is an article for another day, but after reading that one this one popped up so I decided to share it with you all....enjoy today's message and Be Blessed!


"It’s been said that we really only fall in love with three people in our lifetime.

Yet, it’s also believed that we need each of these loves for a different reason.

Often our first is when we are young, in high school even. It’s the idealistic love—the one that seems like the fairytales we read as children.

This is the love that appeals to what we should be doing for society’s sake—and probably our families. We enter into it with the belief that this will be our only love and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t feel quite right, or if we find ourselves having to swallow down our personal truths to make it work because deep down we believe that this is what love is supposed to be.

Because in this type of love, how others view us is more important than how we actually feel.

It’s a love that looks right.

The second is supposed to be our hard love—the one that teaches us lessons about who we are and how we often want or need to be loved. This is the kind of love that hurts, whether through lies, pain or manipulation.

We think we are making different choices than our first, but in reality we are still making choices out of the need to learn lessons—but we hang on. Our second love can become a cycle, oftentimes one we keep repeating because we think that somehow the ending will be different than before. Yet, each time we try, it somehow ends worse than before.

Sometimes it’s unhealthy, unbalanced or narcissistic even. There may be emotional, mental or even physical abuse or manipulation—most likely there will be high levels of drama. This is exactly what keeps us addicted to this story line, because it’s the emotional rollercoaster of extreme highs and lows and like a junkie trying to get a fix, we stick through the lows with the expectation of the high.

With this kind of love, trying to make it work becomes more important than whether it actually should.

It’s the love that we wished was right.

And the third is the love we never see coming. The one that usually looks all wrong for us and that destroys any lingering ideals we clung to about what love is supposed to be. This is the love that comes so easy it doesn’t seem possible. It’s the kind where the connection can’t be explained and knocks us off our feet because we never planned for it.

This is the love where we come together with someone and it just fits—there aren’t any ideal expectations about how each person should be acting, nor is there pressure to become someone other than we are.

We are just simply accepted for who we are already—and it shakes to our core.

It isn’t what we envisioned our love would look like, nor does it abide by the rules that we had hoped to play it safe by. But still it shatters our preconceived notions and shows us that love doesn’t have to be how we thought in order to be true.

This is the love that keeps knocking on our door regardless of how long it takes us to answer.

It’s the love that just feels right.

Maybe we don’t all experience these loves in this lifetime, but perhaps that’s just because we aren’t ready to. Maybe the reality is we need to truly learn what love isn’t before we can grasp what it is.

Possibly we need a whole lifetime to learn each lesson, or maybe, if we’re lucky, it only takes a few years.

Perhaps it’s not about if we are ever ready for love, but if love is ready for us.

And then there may be those people who fall in love once and find it passionately lasts until their last breath. Those faded and worn pictures of our grandparents who seemed just as in love as they walked hand-in-hand at age 80 as they did in their wedding picture—the kind that leaves us wondering if we really know how to love at all.

Someone once told me they are the lucky ones, and perhaps they are.

But I kinda think that those who make it to their third love are really the lucky ones.

They are the ones who are tired of having to try and whose broken hearts lay beating in front of them wondering if there is just something inherently wrong with how they love.

But there’s not; it’s just a matter of if their partner loves in the same way they do or not.

Just because it has never worked out before doesn’t mean that it won’t work out now.

What it really comes down to is if we are limited by how we love, or instead love without limits. We can all choose to stay with our first love, the one that looks good and will make everyone else happy. We can choose to stay with our second under the belief that if we don’t have to fight for it, then it’s not worth having—or we can make the choice to believe in the third love.

The one that feels like home without any rationale; the love that isn’t like a storm—but rather the quiet peace of the night after.

And maybe there’s something special about our first love, and something heartbreakingly unique about our second…but there’s also just something pretty amazing about our third.

The one we never see coming.
The one that actually lasts.
The one that shows us why it never worked out before.

And it’s that possibility that makes trying again always worthwhile, because the truth is you never know when you’ll stumble into love.
“You found parts of me I didn’t know existed and in you I found a love I no longer believed was real.” ~ Unknown"


God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon All Your Days


Tonight’s Venus-Ruled Full Moon In Taurus Is All About The Real And Tangible

Faery Blessings:

Love, love, love this article from consciousreminder .com, because for even me some of these things have come up during this instead of usual lengthy speech here I am just going to say...Enjoy today's message and Be Blessed! Happy Full Moon!

"Governed by Venus, this Full Moon brings to the fore comforting emotions and the importance of safety, security, and nourishment.

Rather than just concepts and ideas, this Full Moon requires tangible, solid, proof that can be seen, felt, touched, smelled and heard. More than evidence, it also needs to be reassured so nothing is too over the top for this Moon.

Quite a few things that we haven’t paid attention to in a while are coming back to us now and we don’t particularly like that. This leaves us looking for other options which is well beyond the normal escalation that takes place during the Full Moon. Venus is currently right in the middle of her retrograde and she wants to know the impact of her movement.

On the 5th of October, Venus began her retrograde movement and ever since then, she has been sifting through what we want, whether we’ve received whatever that is and if those things still hold meaning. Past relationships, projects, money troubles, tangles with authorities and carnal desires are crashing in like waves and it is very easy to allow these things to take over your sense of rationality.

These visits, welcome or unwelcome, would have changed things for you. They would have given you the chance to reflect on these situations. Some may seem relevant now and you might wish to investigate them more. A few of these bonds would now appear like they belong only in the past because they don’t deserve to be part of your present.

Each decision you have made is close to your heart and you would have gained knowledge that improved your own perception of yourself. Venus being in retrograde and near the sun puts her directly opposite to this particular Full Moon. Though the Tauran Moon doesn’t want to let go, it is now being slowly persuaded to do so.

Now is the time to release your hold on the things that don’t serve you well. Uranus moved into Taurus a few months ago and this is the first time since then that we’ve had a Taurus Full Moon and so Uranus now wholeheartedly works for change along with the Moon.

A sudden revelation might occur that has the potential to sever an old connection. There may be no other choice but to say farewell. At the same time, an encounter with love is likely to occur out of the blue so you will soon find the comfort you need to soothe your pain.

Organized Saturn stabilizes the interaction between Uranus and the Moon. You may depend on the changes wrought by the Full Moon to endure for some time to come. There is a sense of fate surround this Full Moon. At its southernmost end, it symbolizes what has been and when you look to the north, it is guiding you into your future.

Suspending us between different worlds is the grand cross and each of its aspects will interact with an aspect of the Full Moon. Venus in Retrograde with the assistance of the Sun will keep exploring and re evaluating all that has passed. The Moon with Uranus will break away from what has been and clear a path for all that is to come.

Remember to relax and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Think about what you’ve lost and what you’ve gained. If something is holding you back, cut that cord without hesitation. Enjoy all that you have in this moment and acknowledge that which gives you a sense of security.
When you think about safety and love and that brings a person to your mind, tell them that. This is even more important if it is not something that you would usually do."

Prepare Yourself For The Power Of The Full Hunter's Moon With This Magical Moon Ritual

God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon All Your Days

You Never Know Until You Try

Faery Blessings:

Been here done this....In my younger years, I was so afraid I would fail that I would not do any of it....when I moved in with my mother at the age of 13 she showed me a whole new world out there and nudged me into trying different things even if I failed....she let me be in band, playing the clarinet, marching in the band and I loved it....she got me piano lessons and made me practice and I loved it....she got me gymnastics and dance classes and I loved them...all the fear of failure I had all the previous years of my life moved out as my mom help me make room to "just try it" and if I didn't like it then I could stop but I found freedom in doing things I was afraid to do, yet my moma gave me confidence to try anyway....I truly appreciated her for that because later in life, after looking back and seeing what I had accomplished, gave me the courage and confidence to try other things as today, not afraid of failure, more afraid of "not trying" lol...Enjoy today's message from DailyOM and Be Blessed!


"When contemplating whether to do something or not, a plucky voice in our heads may say, "You never know until you try." This is time-honored wisdom that encourages us to be game rather than to hold back. It reminds us that it is only through experience that we learn about this world and ourselves. Even if we regret the outcome, we have learned something, and the newfound knowledge is almost always worth it.

This wisdom can be applied to situations both large and small. From crossing the Atlantic on a boat to trying Ethiopian food, there's only one way to find out what it's like. We have all had experiences where we tried something we didn't think we'd like and fell in love. We may have found ourselves stuck with nothing to read but a "boring" book, only to kick-start a lifelong passion for Victorian literature. We may have decided that sailing was not for us until we fell in love with someone with a boat. On the other hand, we may try tofu only to learn that it is truly not for us. In this case, we gain greater self-knowledge from the experience. And yet, we might still remain open to trying it prepared in a different way. The right marinade might make you a convert--you'll never know if you don't try it.

It is often said that at the end of our lives we are more likely to regret the things we did not do than the things we did. As an exercise to test your own willingness to discover through doing, try making a list of things you regret not having done. You may begin to notice patterns such as a failure to say what you really think at key moments or closed-mindedness to certain types of activities. Just being aware of the opportunities you missed might encourage you not to miss them again. There's only one way to find out."

God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Upon All Your Days

How the Habit of Trust Transforms Your Life


Faery Blessings:

For so long this was a tough one for me....I could trust God in the calm and when things were going my way...but one little thing went wrong and I found myself going off the deep end...but then one day it hit and faith is easy when there is nothing to question our trust or faith, so what good is it if we never get to use it?...It's like a student with pencil and paper and homework....until they actually sit down and write out their homework the pencil and paper are I began to look at my life like a student with pencil and paper awaiting the homework assignment God gave me...easy lesson or hard lesson, I work that pencil and paper(trust and faith) and found the more I did the wiser I became and the stronger I became so I could pass that level and move onto the I wanted to share this message so others hopefully would grabe their pencil and paper(trust and faith) and go to work on whatever lesson they had/have in this life...I'm ready to move on up, are you? Enjoy today's message and Be Blessed! P.S. Did I mention that once you get through the lesson there is peace that passeth all understanding? Well there is....


"For a long time, there was so much turmoil in my life. It really saddens me to think about all the years I wasted living this way.

I was a Christian and went to church, but I spent a lot of time being upset about things I couldn’t do anything about, and had continual feelings of guilt and condemnation much of the time. As a result, I had no peace and just didn’t enjoy life.

But thank God, I’ve experienced radical transformation in my soul. And the key was developing a habit of learning to trust God at all times, in every area of my life.

What It Means to Trust God

Trusting God is simply believing that He loves you and knowing He’s good, He has the power to help you, and He wants to help you.

Christians are called believers, but many times, we are more like unbelieving believers. We trust our friends, the bank, the stock market or the government more than we trust God and His Word.

Sadly, a lot of people go to church, hear what they should do and then go home and try to do it on their own. They usually end up desperately telling God how hard they’re trying to do what they need to do, and they’re leaving Him out!

God wants us to put Him first in our lives. He wants us to put our confidence and trust in Him, all the time, in everything.

Learning to Trust God, Not Myself

I used to have a habit of trusting myself. I formed this habit through years of trusting people, getting hurt and finding out I couldn’t trust them.

I thought, If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. If you don’t ask anybody for anything or open your heart to them, they can’t hurt you. But this mindset just kept me from trusting God.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.

The Good Habit That Makes All the Difference


When you go beyond what you want, what you think and what you feel and do what the Word and the Spirit of God tell you to do, you are able to develop good habits and break bad ones. You come to a place where the blessings of God – His righteousness, peace and joy – overflow in your life.

Life is simple and peaceful when we come to God like little children and say, “God, I don’t want to live on my own. I want to trust You. When I don’t know what to do, I’ll trust You. When I don’t understand why, I’ll trust You. I’ll do my part with Your help, and when I’m done, I’ll trust You to do the rest.”


Unshakeable Trust


God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon Your Days

Venus Retrograde – The Rebirth Of Venus, October 26th,2018


Faery Blessings:

Interesting astrological energies coming the closer we get to the end of October....This article below by consciousreminder .com is a great article to tell us about the shifting that is coming on the 26th of October...this article touches on matters of the heart....we have all been through it over the summer months and to be honest this whole year has been about lessons in our life....Venus is the planet of love and the heart, so she sometimes forces us in a retrograde to get the lesson the easy or the hard way, but it keeps repeating until we do, but the 26th of October gives us somewhat of a reprieve as we look back over the lessons and think about what we have enjoy this message and Be Blessed!


"Venus has been retrograde since the 5th of October and will remain this way until November 16th, but on October 26th something very special is happening.

On this day, Venus is going to complete her rebirth. She will still be in retrograde, but on this day she will rise up as a morning star and begin a new cycle.

As Venus continues traveling backward she will meet with the Sun on October 26th. This is her grand rebirth moment, and from this point forward she will emerge from the underworld as a morning star.

Even though Venus will still be in retrograde, we may begin feeling a shift or turning point of energy around this time.

Venus is the ruler of our hearts, so while she has been retrograde, we have all been challenged to focus on matters of the heart.

A Venus retrograde highlights our love life, our relationships, and our finances, but on a deeper level, it is really about learning to love ourselves more.

Lessons of the heart are often painful, so if you have been having a rocky time so far during Venus Retrograde, October 26th may bring some relief.

It is important to understand that Venus Retrograde’s job is to expose the true nature and the true calling of your heart.

If you have been having issues in your relationships, Venus is simply shining a light on them so you can begin healing and making amends.

"Taking action often becomes easier once Venus begins turning direct again, however after the rebirth of Venus, we may feel more confident and secure in how to move forward.

Even though we may all be experiencing different heart-related issues, the message of Venus is the same for everyone- learn to love yourself.

Venus wants us to love ourselves so we have more love to give others. Venus wants us to love ourselves so we can set healthy boundaries and say no to things that drain us. Venus wants us to love ourselves so we can see that we are all connected and all one in the same.

So, as Venus is reborn on October 26th, we have to start asking ourselves what we want this next cycle to feel like. We have to ask ourselves where we want to lead our hearts.

While we don’t always get a say in what comes our way in this life, we can have a say in where we would like to go. In fact, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the rebirth of our hearts and what new direction we wish to take.

Do you want your heart to be more: Open? Fierce? Loving? Passionate? Compassionate? Sexy? Responsible? Creative? Wiser? Supportive?

Take a moment to think about what new energies you want to bring inside of your heart. Take a moment to think about your rebirth and what you would like to embody.

Venus may have her own ideas that may come along with this rebirth too, so be open to her messages and trust what unfolds, but there is no reason why you can’t have a say and set an intention for what you want.

Finally, the death and rebirth cycle of Venus is really about learning to love ourselves and to find the truth within ourselves.

If a relationship has ended or if some painful truth has emerged know that it’s ok to let it sting and burn, but then also know that it is all to help awaken and deepen the strength of your heart.
That’s all Venus wants. Stronger hearts. So we can love ourselves. Love one another. And love this planet. And goodness knows, we could all use far more love in this world."


God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon All Your Days

Lashing Out


Faery Blessings:

Oh how I needed this email today from Madisyn Taylor from DailyOM...yesterday my car would not start(battery bad)and I had an appointment to be's a newer model car so it should not have these issues I thought....I wanted to lash out at the dealer I bought my car from, I wanted to lash out on my husband who knew it needed another battery and as of yet had not gotten one...I had to call someone to come get me to take me to my appointment only to find out that their reps showed up that day and they had to cancel my appointment(but never called me), so I wanted to lash out on them for not letting me know and having to reschedule's funny now but not so funny when it was happening, but I made it through it all and only lashed out while I was alone, not allowing my emotions to spill out onto innocent victims(even though in my eyes at the time they deserved it..see below in article)....the thing is that I didn't lash out and let it all out where it did not belong....I heard a gentle whisper inside of me that said "Just tell the devil,no, not today!" today's message and Be Blessed!



"Dealing with feelings honestly, as they arise, will avoid a build-up and control a lashing out down the road.

Intense emotions demand intense modes of expression. While there are many outlets for the feelings typically deemed positive, however, there are far fewer methods for constructively coping with anger, frustration, fear, sadness, or stress. Consequently, such feelings can cause us to believe that we are no longer in control of our emotional state. Backed into a mental corner, we may lash out at the first individual we encounter. Most of us will quickly discover that our misdirected outpouring of fury has not relieved the pressure of our pain. Powerful emotions are like the lava in a volcano poised to erupt--held in check with nothing but an eroding layer of calm. Within us lies the power to direct the flood of feeling that surges forth by channeling it into productive, artistic, or laborious pursuits.

Retaking control of our emotions at their height can be difficult because our already negative feelings can convince us that others are deserving of our wrath. But if we consciously look for healthier ways of expressing what we feel, we can both safely dispel our pain and use the energy of that pain to add value to our lives. Anger and sadness, for example, can become the inspiration that induces us to dedicate ourselves to bringing about the change we wish to see in the world. If we act rather than react, we can become effective agents of positive transformation. When we channel our frustration or feelings of stress into outside-the-box thinking and proactive exploits, we are more apt to discover solutions to the issues that initially left us stymied. And if we view fear as a signal that we need to reexamine our circumstances rather than a cue to flee, we may gain new and unexpected insight into our lives.

Channeling your emotions into constructive action can also prevent you from engaging in cyclical rumination in which you repeatedly relive the situation, event, or expectation that originally sparked your feelings in your mind's eye. Since you are focused on a goal, even if your ambition is merely to better understand yourself, your pain is no longer being fed by your intellectual and emotional energy and quickly ebbs away. You not only avoid lashing out at others, but you also actively take part in your own healing process while honestly acknowledging and honoring your feelings."


God's Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love & Abundance Be Upon All Your Days