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I have so many people who tell me….I will believe it when I see it……I will believe it when he starts treating me better…..I will believe it when they change…..MY OH MY….do you ever have a “LONGGGGGGG WAIT”…you see it is not our job to change people, that is God’s job…and nagging someone does not make them change…oh the pity parties I see people having because “someone” is not acting the way “they” want them too…and the more they act the way that is not wanted, the madder the other person gets and believe me hanging onto that anger only hurts you while the other person is like “I just don’t understand” and truly some people truly “do not” understand why “you” feel  the way you do..


Long ago I was this jealous and insecure person with my husband(whom I love with all that is within me)….they were not his insecurities and he honestly did not understand why I would go off the deep end when he knew he was not doing anything wrong….it must have been so hard for him to stay with me with me always accusing him every day for things that were only in my imagination(in my mind)…my past history of being cheated on clouded my current relationship and I was “comparing” him to all the men in my past who had hurt me and took it all out on him….how tragic and sad for him I now see…and honestly after God and Holy Spirit opened my true heart to see the damage I caused him, I will spend the rest of my life “doing mine and God’s best” to make up to him all the damage I caused him on top of all the damage his childhood did as well….we are healing together and believe me it is a beautiful thing for both of us….


You see what I had to do was go to God and ask Him to help me forgive those in the past who had “hurt” me and took “advantage” of my kindness and love…and to realize that the pain they caused me came from the pain that was inflicted on them at some point in their lives… now I look back and I see peace and forgiveness and a reason for every single one that hurt me….it wasn’t to punish me, it was to give me strength to learn the lesson which led me to the perfect person for me who could take my pain that I was releasing on them and instead of hurting me back, simply looked deeper and loved me anyway… see I always thought I was the strong one in my relationship with my husband, but looking back “he” was always the strong one who stood by my side and continued to love the “damaged inner child” within me, knowing that when my healing was completed he would have his best friend and wife that loved him with “ALL” her whole and healed heart…..He had “faith” and didn’t even know he was using it lol…..If anyone knew my husband you would totally understand where that came from on the him “having more faith” than me….hehe….


So today…..just ask yourself….”Why do I need to change someone else?”….Is it for them or is it for me?.....Do they really need to change or do I just need to accept them the way they are and let God do the changing?....Can I challenge myself to look beneath the surface of their actions and find the true heart of that person that was not born this way?.....Do I dare trust God and angels to do what is necessary in both of us to bring us together in a healthier way? see, most of us only see the faults of those we love….but we don’t see the “beam of wood” in our own eyes that needs to be removed and healed….”Physician heal thyself” is not just a saying from the Bible…it is a call to examine your own life before you dare to know what is in anothers true heart… ask God and angels to “heal thyself” first(Luke 4:23) and then the person you are trying to change will appear in a new light of what is true about them…Be careful, you might not like what you find, but trust me, God can heal it all….Enjoy todays message and Be Blessed!

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Gods Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:


There was a time in my life when I judged others….until the Holy Spirit made it known to me that only God can judge others….the Holy Spirit gives us discernment to know the true intentions or heart and mind of another, but that is not the same as judging….Judge not lest ye be judged was always just a passage of scripture to me until the last few weeks….


You see in the last few weeks, the Holy Spirit has also opened up my heart to a deeper level of compassion, understanding and seeing inside the deepest parts of a person’s heart no matter how they are acting, what they are doing, or how unkind and even allowing me to see within me also the deepest parts of me that have needed healing…..


My whole view of others has changed…I see the good, the bad and the ugly, but in all of that I still see the potential, the hope, the sadness, the truest intentions if there were not so much pain within these people….you see I always thought that others should do as they are expected to do without question….I was taught by my elders to do as I was told(that was hard at times) and although I “tried my hardest”, sometimes I just did not measure up….but what the Holy Spirit has taught me in all of this is that it was never my “job” to “try to do it on my own”, but with God’s help and guidance within me…


You see I now truly realize that God lives within me……always has…..He has always been there to guide me, but I was too busy listening to others and what they would say is best for me……


Do you know what “responsibility” truly is?  It is the “ability to respond”……Some people had such lives and were never taught or guided to develop the “ability” to respond…even those who have had great childhoods have something that holds them back and to be honest they might not even realize what that is….even looking deep within myself, I found what held me back, but I have now also found what “pushes” me forward… is “LOVE”… is the “LOVE” of God within me and my desire and want to LOVE like he did and still does….


When you find this within yourself, you will find that you never look at people again in a selfish and uncaring way, but you will see them through the eyes of Christ and what he sees is not what we as humans see…Beneath all the fear, heartache and anger is a child that was born to love and be loved….and that is what I desire to do now, is to find the child in each person I guide and help them to grow into the adult God knew they could be.   Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!


P.S.  I no longer judge because if God were to have judged me in my youth or in certain periods of my life, I would not be here, nor would I enter the Kingdom of Heaven…but He didn’t…..He looked and found the hurting child within the adult and He loved her back to wholeness…I hope you all find the same.

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God’s Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:


Today is just a simple prayer that struck my heart and is getting me through my day, so I wanted to share it with you…..enjoy’s todays message and Be Blessed!


"Dear Lord God,

I pray that I will remember that You are the God who brings life from tiny seeds buried in soil.

You designed the butterfly who waits in a chrysalis while transformation takes place.

Help me to trust You as You mold me into a display of Your splendor.

Thank You for Your promise to see Your good work in me through to completion. 

Thank You for Your promise to make me new.

I pray that Your Holy Spirit will help me to experience Your peace, which surpasses all understanding.

Please reveal to me what You would have me do with my grieving heart.

Help me to live in Your light.

Thank You for Your promise to fulfill Your purpose for me.

Help me to see the beauty of Your love in this day that You have made.

Thank You for Your presence.


Lord Jesus, my words are not adequate to express my feelings, so look within my heart to receive the worship that is there. And when my words of worship are not adequate, look deeper in my heart to discover my love for You. Amen."

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God’s Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:


Today I was thinking about all the questions I get on people being or feeling lonely…..lonely is actually the feeling of the absence of another…..but why is it we have to feel lonely even when we are alone?  Well I found this article and wanted to share it with you all….It helped me to see loneliness differently than I had in the past…enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!




“A major problem facing many people today is loneliness. As I travel the world, I see an increasing number of people requesting help and guidance on handling loneliness in their lives. 

In the Bible God tells us we are not alone. He wants to deliver, comfort and heal us. But when people encounter painful losses in their lives, sadly, many never get over them. Sometimes when sudden tragedy occurs, the hurt seems unbearable. Without help, a sense of loneliness can actually settle on a person or family like a cloud, and it doesn't seem to go away. 

There are many causes of loneliness, but many people don't realize that they don't have to live with it. They can confront it and deal with it. Loneliness often manifests as an inner ache, a vacuum, or a craving for affection. Its side effects include feelings of emptiness, uselessness or purposelessness. 

Are you alone (independent, solitary, on your own)? Or, are you lonely (desolate, deserted, dejected due to a lack of companionship)? There is a very real difference. It’s important to realize that just because you are alone, it doesn't mean you must be lonely or lonesome. While it may not always be possible to avoid being alone, there are always answers to loneliness. Many times loneliness results from a trauma or crisis due to the death of a loved one, a divorce, or separation. When something happens that makes us realize that things are never going to be the way they once were, it often creates crisis or trauma in our lives, which can lead to a sense of loneliness and despair. 

Like a healing wound, the pain may be felt for a long time, but complete recovery requires daily improvement. When a physical wound refuses to heal, it indicates there’s an infection that must be dealt with. I believe the same is true of emotional wounds: the emotional part of us should heal just like the physical part of us. God gave us emotions just as He gave us physical bodies. He has provided for our emotional restoration in Him just as He has provided for it physically. While it is true that you may always miss the person or the thing that was lost, it doesn’t mean you must suffer permanent loneliness.

I believe there are two things anyone wishing to overcome loneliness must do

  1. Know that God is with you all the time. In the Bible, God reminds us that He is always with us and He'll never forsake us (see Hebrews 13:5). Loneliness often leads us to ask ourselves all sorts of questions that can't be answered, such as: What if I am alone for the rest of my life? What if this pain I am feeling never goes away? What if a problem arises that I don't know how to handle on my own? What if...what if...what if...? The questions could go on and on endlessly. Chances are, you'll never be able to answer the "what ifs" in life. But as long as you know that the Lord is with you, you can be assured that He has all the answers you need. 

    2. Press aggressively into a new life. Not everything in your life is over; just one part of it has ended. One season has passed and another can now begin—if you are willing to take action. Don't just passively sit and wait for something to happen or someone to come along. Go make new friends. Find someone else who is lonely and be a friend to that person. You will reap what you sow, and God will return that friendship many times over. 

    Let the loneliness you feel turn into compassion for other lonely people, and then decide to do something about it!”

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Gods Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk about the NEST…..the “Eagles and Eaglets Nest”……Did you know that you cannot remain in one place too long on one spiritual level, that eventually you have to stop drinking the milk and get out of that crowded nest?  Oh yes, we get pushed out when it is time to grow….


I wanted to share part of T.D. Jakes message about this….sit back, focus and soak in this message because it is GOOD……


“As long as you are comfortable in the nest, you will never develop your wings.

You do not belong in this nest…You belong in the AIR!

The problem is:  These little wings have never been used and you say, I don’t even know what they are, the muscles have never been developed, because you cannot develop muscles in the nest….SO the MOTHER after she takes them up in the air ‘DROPS THE EAGLETS’…They do not fly, They FREAK OUT….they get SPASTIC…..they have a FIT, AND if they don’t get it together she will swoop down and get them up again, and catch them and allow them to catch their breath and takes them up again and DROPS them again.


Everything that God is going to do in your life is in this place right now(in the freaking out, in the fit, in the falling)…Your Destiny is in the falling and eventually you learn to FLY.  Your POWER and DESTINY and ANOINTING is in this place of falling, getting caught and dropped again until your wing muscles develop and you learn to FLY.


In the process of flapping and falling and flapping and falling, the eaglets starts to build up enough strength to FLY or SOAR on it’s own.




If the Eaglet could talk, it would say:


“It was good for me that I was afflicted”(Psalm 119:71)

“It was good for me that you let me down.”

“I’m so glad you dropped me, I’m so glad you forsook me.”

“I would have never known what it took.”

“I didn’t know what I had with you.”

“I didn’t know I could stand this.”

“I didn’t know I could survive this.”

“I didn’t know I could make it through this.”

“I didn’t know I was this strong, this powerful, this smart.”

So “Thank You” for dropping me OVER AND OVER and pushing me into my DESTINY.”


I just had to share this with all of you…..Enjoy today’s message and BE BLESSED!

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God’s Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:

Yet again today I have another fantastic article from Joyce Meyer……she explains it like a rubber band that breaks…..she said we are somewhat like the rubber band that we get stretched so far we just snap…..her analogies are amazing……in this message she teaches us how to not get to our snapping point…..enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!



“Today we live in a fast-paced society that seems to be placing more and more demands on us with each passing year. People are hurrying everywhere, and they're often rude and short-tempered. Many people are experiencing financial stress, marital stress and the stress of raising children. There's often mental and physical stress on the job caused by overwork. Many times this type of lifestyle causes health problems—adding even more stress.

The word stress was originally an engineering term that referred to the amount of force a beam or other physical support could bear without collapsing. Today the dictionary's definition of stress includes "mental, emotional, or physical tension; strain, distress." This is a condition most of us are all too familiar with. Almost everyone is under some kind of stress—it's a normal part of everyday life.

God created our bodies to withstand a certain amount of daily pressure, so when we push ourselves beyond our limitations, we begin to experience problems. Are you pushing yourself too hard? Many people live in a perpetual state of overload—always on the verge of collapse. They keep stretching themselves to the limit like a rubber band…until one day they snap.

A rubber band has an amazing ability to be stretched to its maximum length and then return to its precise original form, but how many times can it do that without weakening or breaking?

Let's say you're working around the house and break a rubber band while trying to stretch it around something. You can't find another rubber band, so you try to fix the broken one by tying the ends together. Sometimes in our daily lives, we stretch ourselves beyond our capacity, and we snap like the rubber band. We think we've fixed the problem by simply tying the ends back together. But soon we fall into the same behavior that caused us to break down in the first place.

When a rubber band you've tied breaks again, it usually breaks in a different spot. So you tie the ends together in another knot. In our daily lives, when we keep stretching, breaking and "tying the ends back together," we begin to feel as though we're tied up in knots—inside and out!

The solution seems simple—get rid of those things that cause stress. That may work for awhile, but it's not the final solution. It's impossible to totally eliminate all the stress from our lives. Our only answer is to adjust our perspective and change the way we respond to the inevitable stresses of everyday life. Over time with repeated exposure to stress, our lives begin to resemble that worn-out rubber band. Exhaustion—both physical and emotional—begins to take its toll. When stress depletes our bodies, our immune system weakens, and sickness (even depression) can set in.

Ignoring God's laws and His ordained limits for our lives will ultimately cause burnout. You simply can't continue to overwork your mind, emotions and body without eventually paying the price. Who sets the pace in your life? Do you let the pressures and stresses of everyday life drive you toward burnout? Are you stressed from trying to keep up with everyone else? Are you living under the stress of competition and comparison? Are you a perfectionist with unrealistic goals?

I believe we can live stress free even though we live in a stress-filled world, but it might require some radical decision making. If your life has become a rubber band all tied up in knots, it's obvious that a change needs to take place. Begin to adjust your perspective to match God's. Seek His peace and His pace for your life. Respect your body. Treat good health as a priceless gift. Don't waste the energy God has given you on stress. Save it for living and enjoying life!”

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Gods Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:


We all want it…..Emotional health……we want to wake up feeling like everything is going to be ok that day….my way of doing that is to spend the first few minutes of waking up with God…..I ask him to go through my mind, heart and soul and my day to remove any unwanted things from them that would cause me to not do His will… doesn’t always work out where things are easy on that day but I do have this peace when things don’t always work out that no matter what God is making sure that whatever happens works out for my good because I love Him and trust Him in all things…..Joyce Meyer has this amazing teaching on emotional healing and I wanted to share that with you today as well…..




“Today, people everywhere are struggling through life with damaged emotions. They've endured a lot of negative things, causing untold damage that needs to be dealt with. But all too often, these hurts are simply swept under the rug in an attempt to make them go away. 

Through my own life experiences and from many years of helping others through this process, I've discovered that although God wants to help those who really want emotional healing, there are some very important steps these individuals must take for themselves. If you want to receive emotional healing, one of the first steps you must take is to face the truth. You can't be set free while living in denial. You can't pretend that certain negative things didn't happen to you. 

I've come to realize that we're experts at building walls and stuffing things into dark corners, pretending they never happened. 

I spent the first eighteen years of my life in an abusive environment, but as soon as I got away from that situation, I acted as though nothing was wrong. I never told anyone what had gone on in my private life. 

Why don't we want to bring things like that into the open? We're afraid of what people will think. We're afraid of being rejected, misunderstood, or unloved by those we care about or that they might have a different opinion of us if they really knew all about us. 

The next step toward emotional healing is confessing your faults. I think there's a place for eventually sharing with someone else the things that have occurred in our lives. There's something about verbalizing it to another person that does wonders for us—but use wisdom. Choose someone you know you can trust. Be sure that by sharing your story with someone else, you don't simply put your burden on that individual's shoulders. Also, don't go on a digging expedition, trying to dig up old hurts and offenses that have been buried and forgotten. 

When I finally worked up the courage to share with someone what had happened early in my life, I actually began shaking violently in fear. It was an emotional reaction to the things I'd kept buried within me for so long. Now when I talk about my past, it's as though I'm talking about somebody else's problems. Because I've been healed and restored, my past doesn't bother me anymore. 

Finally, you must assume some personal responsibility. Some people are trapped in denial, afraid of what might happen if others find out the truth. But as long as they deny the past, they're never going to be free from it. 

Nobody can be set free from a problem until they're willing to admit they have one. An alcoholic, drug addict or anyone who's lost control of their life is doomed to suffer until they're able to say, "I've got a problem, and I need help with it." 

Even though our problems may have been brought upon us because of something done against our will, we have no excuse for allowing the problem to persist, grow and even take control over our entire life. Our past experiences may have made us the way we are, but we don't have to stay that way. We can take the initiative by taking positive steps to change things—and we can ask for God's help. Whatever your problem may be, face it, consider confessing it to a trusted friend, and then admit it to yourself. 

Face the truth—it can be the beginning of a happier life!”

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God’s Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:


Today I wanted to talk about “living in the past” and “letting go of the past”…..we all have painful memories from our past….the key to that is to take those memories and learn from them and give them to God to heal, so that our future can be based upon a healed and positive heart and mind and not holding us to our past which we cannot change….so today I wanted to share a Joyce Meyer excerpt on her take of “Letting Go Of The Past”…..Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!




“After Moses’ death, the law allowed the Israelites thirty days to mourn.  After those days were completed, God told Joshua it was time for him to take his new position.   It was time to start moving toward new thing.  Joshua would miss Moses, but he knew he had to obey God and move on.  There is a proper time for mourning those things that we have lost or that have come to an end.  But, ultimately, we must make a choice to start living and making progress again.  We all have a past, but thank God we all have a future—and a good one, according to God’s Word.


Because Moses had done many things for Joshua and the Israelites before he died, they needed to learn how to handle new responsibilities after he died.  They may not have felt prepared to step out into new things, but God knew they were ready.  It is actually a good thing when we do not “feel” ready, because then we are more likely to totally lean on God.  If we feely self-sufficient, God can’t really use us.


New things always seem frightening, but soon they will become old things, and God will  have another “new thing” on the horizon of our lives.  We need to grow accustomed to stepping out into new things.  The more we do, the more we realize that we don’t have to be comfortable to be obedient.  In order to take hold of a new thing, we must let go of the old and allow ourselves time to get acquainted with the new.  I believe that when God reminded Joshua that Moses was dead, He was encouraging him to let go of the past and press on.  I encourage you to do the same.


Remember the good things from your past, but do not get stuck there.  God is always doing a new thing!  When God called Abraham to a new place, he did not even think about where he was to go.  He simply trusted God because he knew God was faithful.  Do not be afraid to release and walk away from what God is finished with;  He has wonderful new things waiting for you!

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Gods Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:


I have always been a fixer……wounded birds, stray animals……you get the picture… when I grew up as an adult instead of birds and animals I tried to “fix” people….never understanding that until they are ready to be healed(fixed) all I can do is pray and listen….so over the years God has taught me to back out of situations or with people that I have done all I can do with….He has taught me how to “choose my battles”…..just an example here….lol….My husband used to leave his clothes on the bedroom floor and it would frustrate me because he did not wear them the next day but he would say “they are not dirty” but instead of putting them up like two spaces down in the dresser, he would leave them on the floor… was a place of strife with us for a long time(yes small thing we know now lol) and it was in this small thing that God  began to show me how to “pick my battles”… my strength for the battles that would matter….lol…I get it now and so today when I was in my Bible, I saw what Joyce Meyer had written about “Choose Your Battles” so today I wanted to share that with you….enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!

P.S. Did I mention I am also a licensed minister and can come across as preachy at times....I apologize if that offends some, but I am also a Gemini and find it hard to contain what I feel I need to is why I give others the option at the end of my emails to opt out if they would like....and it doesn't offend me if they do....and no I do not block them, I put them in a special folder that says "Opt Our Of Email" enjoy and have a Faery Blessed Day! :)




Acts 6:2-4 teaches us that it is not wise to be involved in everything that is going on around us.  Instead, we should select our activities cautiously so we can remain calm, cool and steady in life.  I often refer to this as “choosing your battles carefully.”


There are many things I could do at my office that I have learned to stay out of and let another qualified person handle.  Previously, I wanted to be part of everything that happened, especially the problems.  I learned the hard way that I simply cannot be involved in everything;  too much is going on for me to do that.  I pick my battles now, and that has greatly increased my level of peace.


I firmly believe that God provides for whatever He assigns to us.  He will make sure we have all the people we need to help us, but it is not their fault if we will not rely on them.


If you find yourself trying to do something and you do not have the help you need, you might need to ask yourself if you are doing the right thing.  Why would God ask you to do something, then sit by and watch you be frustrated and miserable because the burden is too much?  God meets all of our needs, including the people we need to work alongside us.


Acts 6: 2-4 gives an example of this act of wisdom.  Had the apostles not recognized their need for help, their priorities would have remained out of line and their true assignment unfulfilled.  They  would have ended up frustrated, and just like the people they were trying to serve, they could have lost their peace, and therefore, their power.  It is quite possible that the loss of peace was what triggered their decision to ask for help.  This is an excellent example for us to follow.”

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God’s Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:


I grew up believing in miracles…..I was raised to believe in miracles and healing…..I had such a vivid imagination as a child and was sometimes dismissed as too imaginative…..I would talk to my imaginary friend who I now believe was my wee ones and angels…..I remember I would talk to the animals(squirrels, rabbits,  and even a spider that was in my sandbox one day)….again let’s say I was dismissed for having an over-active imagination….I didn’t mind what others thought of me, I enjoyed myself all by myself with my imaginary friends and animal friends….anywho…


I remember being told to ask Jesus for anything in his name and it would be given to me…..At my young age I thought that meant that I would ask and it would simply appear….not so much the case….as I grew and began to communicate more and more with my faeries, God and angels and animal friends I began to realize that everything has a season…..and not everything we ask for do we receive and that is sometimes due to God knowing in advance what is best for us in the long run, thus the saying “Thank God for sometimes unanswered prayers”…..sometimes he is just protecting us from ourselves….


Anywho….I learned after many, many lessons and tries, to ask for what I wanted or needed, then add the “Thy will be done” statement to each and every one of my prayers and requests……and I would ask for the grace, strength and peace to accept whatever way he answered that prayer or requests, trusting that he knew always what was best for me….


Yes for a while I was a selfish little thing and threw my temper tantrums when I did not get what I wanted…I even once called the people who taught me to ask for what I wanted and I would get it “liars”….lol….But in all fairness to them, that is how they were raised to believe….and for some reason they were more accepting of it when they did not get what they asked for….lol


Over the years though I have learned that sometimes we ask for something, then instead of just turning it over to God to deliver, we get our hands in it and try to help God along in getting it to us….and I learned that when we do this, that God kind of steps back and says “OK, let’s see what you can do with this?”….and we make a mess out of it and then we cry out and blame others and God when we don’t get it…..


I have learned in all things to be content, knowing that if it is God’s will, what I ask for will come to me but if it is not His will then it won’t and I have learned that when God says “No”, that with that NO he also gives me the grace, strength and courage to move onto something else instead of wallowing in self-pity for myself….


The greatest four words of prayer I have learned in my life that always works for me personally is “THY WILL BE DONE”….not “my will be done”, “give me what I want right now”, or “having a hissy fit when it doesn’t happen”….lol….you get the picture….so today ask yourself…..”What am I asking God for and just expecting Him to deliver” whether it is good for me or not….or do I need to learn how to ask for it and then say “Thy Will Be Done” and trusting Him to do what is best for us in the long run…..enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!

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God’s Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:


Some days when I wake up and I just lay there and think about how grateful I am to have opened my eyes and given a chance to possibly make someone’s life better…..I look forward to my work, knowing that God and angels are going to send me someone, even if it is only one to guide that day….and each morning I say a prayer to give me the grace, wisdom and strength to do so…..And each day I get a daily prayer in my inbox….I just loved today’s so I decided to share it with you all… enjoy today’s message and prayer and Be Blessed!


Dear Lord God,

Thank You for this new day.

Each day the Earth spins on its axis and the sun sheds light on every living thing, all created by You.

The light You provide, in the day and through the night, brings life and rhythm into existence.

It is in You that I live and move and have my being.

I can not will my heart to beat or my lungs to trade oxygen for carbon dioxide.

It is no design of mine that life should include laughter and dancing and weeping and love.

You have woven joy and connectedness into the fiber of every living thing.

Your timeline is outside of mine, You move in eternity.

Here I am Lord, small and flawed and fearful; please use me.

Every year, spring emerges from winter.

Every year wildflowers peek out from the soil.

As I wait for spring, I remember that You work in strange and mysterious ways.

I pray that Your love and goodness will take root in my heart and bloom in my life.

I am in awe of You, Sovereign Lord.

I pray that my life will be marked by a sense of reverence and wonder.  

In Jesus' name I pray,


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God’s Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:


I was searching online for the definition of what true love is….there are so many definitions, but the best one I found was from an article that Joyce Meyer had on her Everyday Answers teaching website….so instead of my long rambling today, I am going to simply share her article with you today…..Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!


What Is True Love?

Love is not just a feeling, or a theory, or a nice word. It’s action—it’s the way you treat people, what you do for others. Love will always cost you something: time, energy, effort, money, giving up your pride, doing what’s right when you don’t feel like it, keeping a good attitude when you don’t get your way.

Loving the way God loves means you love when there’s nothing in it for you; it’s all about giving out and not expecting anything in return. We’re called to outreach, not in-reach. Real love is about dying to self and living to love others.

Before you can love others, you have to experience God’s love in your own life, because you can’t give away something you don’t have. Then you have to be willing to ask God to teach you to love the way He loves. When you do this, God will enable you to reach out and help someone else. I know this works because I’ve lived it.

Live to Love!

I used to be selfish, self-centered, always thinking about how I could get my way. And I was miserable. See, I loved God and wanted to love people, but no matter how hard I tried to be sweet and nice to everybody, all of my trying was getting me nowhere. I was cranky, hard to get along with and impatient. God showed me the problem was that I didn’t like myself because of the shame of my past. I grew up in an abusive home, and I felt guilty, condemned and ashamed because of it. I had to accept God’s love for me before I could love anyone else.
So I decided to study God’s love in the Word, pray for God to change my heart, and confess what His Word says about His love for me. Every day I would say out loud, “God loves me,” and I would say it over and over to purposely keep this truth in my heart throughout the day. After a year of doing this, I finally got a revelation about God’s love for me.

Now I am able to receive God’s love and love others the way Jesus taught us to love. I don’t do it perfectly all the time, but I’ve come a long way and am making progress every day. My prayer is, “God, show me how I can help others. Make me a blessing everywhere I go. I want to live to love You and others.”

In my personal life, I try to make it my business to add value to everybody I come in contact with. I can honestly say that learning how to love others with God’s love has made me the happiest I’ve ever been. The truth is you can’t be selfish and be happy or have peace.

Make it your goal each day to pursue God’s love and then give it (1 Corinthians 14: says to “eagerly pursue and seek to acquire [this] love [make it your aim, your great quest].” So go after it with all your might, and ask God to make you a blessing everywhere you go. You can do something to help someone. You can live to love, just like Jesus.

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God’s Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:


Let’s talk delegation… is described being able to surrender up some of the things other can do that you normally would do… my  past I was the one who did almost everything, thinking that no one could do it like me….Yes I was that person who went behind someone after they had done the dishes etc, that found flaws in the way they were done…either they were not stacked like I would in the drainer(no I don’t have a dishwasher) or how they were put up in the cabinets….I was in a way OCD like that with big glasses being in back and smaller ones in front and the coffee cups on a separate shelf…you get the picture right?


Well after years of feeling exhausted and complaining that I had to do it all, I found a passage in the bible that gave me permission to not have to do it all….I had to learn how to delegate and surrender my need to have everything my way or in a particular way….after I finally mastered the art of delegating(and believe me a lot of things were not so nice during my delegation lesson from God) I found that I had more time to do more of the things I loved to do and allowed others do take care of what I was no longer interested in doing….after a period of time I felt free…..I began to accept that it was ok if the glasses were all mixed together or if the silverware was not a certain way or the clothes folded the way I did or if dinner was cooked differently….suddenly I felt a peace from needing to be in control of aspects of my home… see I love working and paying bills and being the breadwinner and my husband likes cleaning house and cooking….it works out perfectly for us….


Was it easy to let go and surrender? No because I was raised to believe that a woman was to stay at home, take care of all things concerning the home and that the husband was to be the breadwinner and taking care of the families financial needs….but when we came up with the way it is now, I found I enjoyed it much more…I don’t like to cook or clean……I was doing it out of an obligation of what I was taught so long ago and my husband does not mind now doing things he likes to do….he loves to clean and cook and I can’t imagine why he “enjoys” this….but he does….


I got lucky that it all worked out so well for us…not a lot of people have that, but all of us in some way could allow others to do things instead of trying to do it all ourselves and if you are someone who feels they have to do it all or that no one does it like them then I do “feel” you there from a distant memory in my past, but let me say that following what you love doing and allowing others to do what you do not like and allowing them to do it their way you will find a freedom in it and a peace….I know I did and I know I don’t want to go back to the way it was….I wasted many years trying to be someone I was not, only to find that the new box I created for myself is perfect and just the right size and my husband loves his new box as well…..


Mind you he is not lazy…..he still loves to build things around the house, he can fix anything electrical or plumbing wise and is a remodeler by nature….so not only do I have someone who loves cleaning, but someone who can fix things as well… me lucky…..and loved…..I wish that for all of you as well…..Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!

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God’s Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:


Burn out and exhaustion go hand in hand…..You can love what you do and love it so much that you work yourself into a burn-out mode and then become exhausted…..I love what I do, it is a calling in my life to help others and for years all did was work and work and work…..I would get up in the morning, drink my coffee, go straight to the office my  husband had built me and work, only taking breaks to go to the bathroom, take a shower and sleep….I notice my marriage was suffering, my family was suffering, but I kept thinking well I need to work…this work I do was and still is my calling yes, but in the process of helping others I was neglecting those around me…..


Don’t get me wrong, I continue to love my work, but I began to see a need for balance…so for a little while now I work, but then I take my breaks to go out and see family, go out and enjoy a date night with my husband and to just sit out in my hammock to watch the clouds and the beauty of what God created and as I began to do this I found that my energy levels were coming up….I felt not so much exhausted as I did renewed…..sometimes we need a reminder that there is more to life than working or doing for others all the time….I had separated myself from the very relationships that were strengthening me….I was so busy helping everyone else and had neglected the one thing God had given me that had my back, supported me, loved me and was always there for what I needed….


You see what was exhausting me was not others putting anything on me, but my workaholic tendencies to push myself beyond what God wanted me to push myself…..So now I enjoy both…..I enjoy my work, my family, my friends, my freedom, the husband who loves me, the view God gave me when he created all of this… now I feel less exhausted and more energized….


So today if you are exhausted, look around and do a sincere inventory of your own life and see where you are overdoing something and need to make a check list and re-balance all areas of your life and begin to not do things in excess, but in all things balanced….


I hope this helps someone today…..Enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!

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God’s Grace & Mercy


Faery Blessings:


What is your attitude during the wait?  Mine is a lot better than it used to be but like Joyce Meyer says “While God was teaching me patience, there was a lot that came out of me before we got to patience” lol…..She meant that she got angry, impatient, frustrated, whined, moaned and complained and then some before she learned patience…..she said she finally understood that patience in to just waiting, but the attitude you have while waiting….


I now love when God sends me a lesson, because I know(even if it’s a hard lesson) that once I get it and pass that class that I am going to get to go to the next level with God….Over the years I have learned about His “grace” being sufficient for all my needs…I have learned that “courage” is not the absence of fear, but the facing of that fear in spite of the fear….I have learned that “strength” is not always about being strong and not allowing anyone to run over me, but being strong to me means looking beyond the behavior and getting to the root of the problem with compassion as well…..


I have learned that forgiveness is not for the other person but for me so that I release the power they have over me to continue hurting me…and in that forgiveness learning to pray for the person who feels this is the way they have to be in order to survive….


I have learned that prayer is not always being on my knees in a church once a week, crying my heart out before God, but I have learned that prayer is as simple as having a conversation with God anytime, anywhere, sitting or standing, driving or walking….I have learned he is everywhere and just like we like it when people talk to us, so does he enjoy casual conversation with us….and yes he already knows everything we do, all that we think, there is nothing he does not know about us, but he likes to hear our voice telling him how glad we are just to be in his presence…..a simple “Thank You Lord” makes him so happy just like an “I love you does one of our children or family”……


I’ve also learned that gratitude for everything I still have left, so that God can build on what I have left….I’ve heard people say, “Why would God give you more, when you don’t appreciate or you are not grateful  for what you already have?”……that struck me to the core and that is why now I am grateful on almost everything in my life, even the smallest ones, because I want my Father to know “He is always on my mind”…..enjoy today’s message and Be Blessed!

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God’s Grace & Mercy