The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.
We are vehicles of flesh and blood for our Angels and why it is so important not to allow our body, soul, and mind to become dysfunctional. When we sit idle and let our body become out of shape it is equivalent to not changing the oil in our car. Beating ourselves up with negative self-criticism is often a cop-out. The result is anxiety and guilt which goes straight to the source ...again, our angels, who take our abuse. Health issues or illness beyond our control are understandable challenges. Consider these tips of the soul and mind for the life journey ahead.


1} Visualize what your exercise and fresh air goal is for yourself in the next 12 months time. Wear a Fit Bit or Step Counter and make a reasonable goal for your quota of movement for the day. Remember. Gyms are great. Walking, cleaning house, yoga, anything that gets you up and moving is also beneficial. Make a mental picture that is simple and easy to attain. Baby steps towards your body goal are better than derailing your progress with unrealistic expectations.
2} Be Ambitious and don't find excuses to stop what you have started. Self-sabotaging your progress, being negative on those that have what you want, is a red flag your getting in a pattern of being a quitter.
3} Believe with all your heart that you will eventually lose weight, eat healthier and get more fresh air. With the same passion that you encourage others to hang on to what they want, do it for YOURSELF. Don't fall into the habit of being all talk and no action.
Instead of second portions of food, envision yourself and the reward of hitting a simple milestone of success. It helps to have a separate Pay Pal account n which you can splurge on yourself. This will keep you away from your checking account for living expenses, and allow you to earn your next "treat."


1} TRUST IN YOURSELF - Instead of putting all your trust in others for your happiness, trust in your own talents, gifts and abilities to gain respect and improve your circumstances. The great part about pride is how it attracts others to you when you believe in yourself.
2} AWARENESS - Be Aware of how many negative things you may be telling yourself. When you say No, automatically, to the brain candy of self-abuse talk, you are opening up to allowing positive energy to feed your soul. Understand your soul is the "awareness" that attracts and is reflected through the spark in your eyes, the animation in your voice, writing or teaching. It is also the love and comfortableness that attracts others to you. Awareness is taking count of what times people are drawn to you and how it is seldom ever when your feeling down on yourself.


1} COURAGE - No matter what the circumstances, it takes courage to get from one side to the other. Its a state of mind. Your mind sets its self to face what is ahead, and the body and soul follow.
2} ANXIETY - When the mind becomes addicted to analyzing everything, nothing is simple anymore. Even the smallest of tasks can become a heated discussion within oneself as to why you should NOT pursue your goals. It takes courage to:
@ Leave a bad relationship
@ Not Settle for less at work
@ Not allow a friend to use you or talk badly behind your back
@ Pursue a class or further your education
@ To retire in grace and continue your greatest passion as the Soft Warrior


Jesus and Buddha could heal the wounded but they never took them home with them.

@ Surround yourself with like-minded and supportive people who share and believe in your dreams.
@ When you are fair and honest you will attract fair and honest people into your life.
@ Let your Angels guide you. Don't ignore their message which comes as intuition, excitement, and tiredness when their answer is "no."
@ The wealth you feel when you are in tune with your Angels will take much of the guesswork, effort, and Anxiety away. You will instead follow your greatest excitement, which is your Angels speaking to you.

 photo dreamstime_xxl_111397617 1_zpsmksiuznh.jpg People are not that different than whales. You resonate with a higher vibration, like whale sonar, and only those with a similar frequency will ping back. Because your vibration resonates with specific people, they are your "Pod." We can hear our personal vibration in our quiet moments. Hear your nervous system? That frequency is your individual tone. Our nervous system, equivalent to the sound of electricity coursing throughout the body, is our "Ping." Yes, scientifically there is a reason you hear it when all is silent around you. But like Phermones, it is constantly present but consciously goes undetectable. Your personal frequency, which directs you to like-minded people is your whale-call. You attract others like you, with a similar "Ping" and they will have your qualities. Whether you decide to live without a pod, or with one is your individual choice. The ocean can be a lonely place without friends. When our tone does not ping in sync with those at work or even spiritual circles we may find the attitude of coldness directed towards us. Don't assume this is the whole world against you. You are in need of finding your "Pod." All around you are souls "pinging" out for friends, and it may start with finding common interest groups or spiritual circles where an interest you have is being presented. Find your Pod and live in balance.
A baby will lift their hands up and stare fascinated for hours in their crib. As we get older, our hands take on the story of our lives. Beautiful, bent, soft or gnarled, we may find ourselves going from painting our nails to hiding them. Hard industrial work and single momism made mine red and weathered. Other women my age painted their nails and grew them long. Mine were always too busy for long-lasting beauty. If they were not in the dirt gardening they were playing an instrument or reading cards. My hands have served me well. But thats my story.


She was sitting alone in an airport, petite, in her late 50's, dressed casually. I noticed that others were avoiding her, so of course, I sat beside her. And thats, when she lifted her hand to reach for her purse. Her fingernails were unpainted and at least 3 foot long spiraled like a pigtail to the floor. I was amazed. Children backed away from her, pointed, and horrified mothers grimaced. Noone seemed to want to be next to her claws. And yet, as if the condition of her nails was another appendage of her body, she was unbothered.

"Wow! Those are some nails!" I commented. Everyone's heads snapped to look, curious for her story. "Well thanks, I just won a Believe It or Not contest for them. Haven't cut them for years." "So you're a celebrity!" I remarked. I guess the question on mine and others minds were, how do you brush your teeth, comb your hair, or go to the bathroom?" As if she sensed this she answered my thoughts, "You learn to use your finger pads, and how to sit and stand and be around others without them getting in the way. No problem." The real point of admiration for me was not her nails but how she did not let the attitude of others, bother her in the least.


Beautiful smooth fingers bedazzled with rings from tip to base of the palm, long elegant painted nails, are almost every woman's wish. But like makeup, it takes a lot of work and care. I love watching my bank tellers hands. Like magic, she counts my paycheck with dancing hand movements. Her hands tell a story. She is relaxed, efficient, faces a crisis with confidence. And one fingernail is painted gold. She has a quirky side.


Many professions frown on nail polish and long nails. But there are women who no matter what, are never comfortable unless their nails are clipped short, without frill, and free to dig into their chores minus upkeep and worry. This would be me. It is also those who work with the earth, artists who chisel and detail orientated individuals who can not worry about breaking a nail or scuffing polish. We consider these things "handcuffs."


As we get older, our hands, just like our faces, take on the story of our lives. And like faces, there are actually "Hand Lifts" that can plump up your hands and make them appear younger. One woman, I spoke to said she considered this when one day sitting with her grandchild, the cherub in her lap said: "Grandma why do you have worms on your hands?" The child was referring to the veins on top of Grandmas' hands.

My sister told me the moment she realized her hands were "ugly" was when teaching one day in her class with a teleprompter, the image of her hand projected across the screen like a gnarly witches claw. Every line, vein, and tendon was magnified to giant size. She became deeply paranoid about showing her hands after this experience.


When I was in my twenties I framed interesting hand photos from a National Geographic magazine. Some belonged to Native Americans adorned with turquoise and silver, others were the worn hands from mountain folk, and some grasped reigns to camels in the desert. Hands in prayer, one with Buddha, sorrow and hard labor. Long, short, knarled, regal, I could care less about how pretty they were. The story behind the hands was fascinating. Then one day, I realized I had an interesting old paw. I call it "The Tarot Hand." Stretched to cup a well worn energetic deck of cards, receptive to energy, and laced with wisdom it is adorned with a ring that says "dance with me."

 photo 203acc20-1417-4c04-bed7-ffcc3244c7a6_zpssbj5ssn0.jpg

Bring through nurturing spirits with elements of growth, joy and the soft color of green with houseplants, soothing music, essential oils, and sunlight. Add coffee, kick back and enjoy the "feel."

LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE...and that includes Spirits.

There is an old saying that if you want to see how nurturing a person is, look at the condition of their houseplants. Or as my mother once told me, "You can tell the story of a persons life by the shape of the plants on their porch." Divorce, sickness, and family crisis take the focus away from watering, and sometimes even pets suffer. Sadness and anger are magnets for negative spirit energy. A psychic can help by the way. We listen as well as give advice on what we see, which can reboot your focus.

That said my life must be pretty good as my houseplants are thriving like happy kids. I am a nurturing earth mother type and seem to attract all kinds of people, successful, struggling, famous and ordinary. It makes life interesting. A biker group may come to get a reading, but my Pentecostal neighbors trust me to care for their German Shepphard, who also loves me. My healthy houseplants are testimony I'm content. Often, the comment as people enter my studio door is "what a great feeling this place has!" Kids tend to be attracted to a bowl of pink crystals and trail their fingers through them as if "tuning in." The color pink represents caring, compassion and love. I like that.

 photo b93ec843-b55c-4fbf-ade5-7c25b51ab0a9_zpsjvtd6gm3.jpg

When I first created Lily, my succulent dress cage, it began to feel like I was entering into a different portal in my studio. The energy changed as if she went from 120 separate succulents to a mass entity. As I opened my studio door with morning coffee, I flipped on her grow light, kicked my feet up as I sat on the couch and watched intently for signs of transplant distress. She was a newborn.


As Lily the Succulent dress lay roots and settled in, I relaxed and felt as if I were visiting her house instead of mine. Coffee in hand, I kicked back on the couch and felt myself traveling back in time to an old apartment in a college town, immersed in the sweet tinkling sound of little clay chimes by a humming air conditioner, and window sills filled with leaves, vines, and cuttings from friends. That's what meaningful women in my life at that time did. We shared symbolic umbilical plant cuttings, taken miles away in life, a telepathic connection with the owner of the creator plant. Earth Mothers. Some made bread, others created fabulous art, and I was the Intuitive plant woman. Lily, the succulent dress cage, became a time machine portal for me and brought the visitation of a kind, comforting spirit essence.


Stimulated by the energy of my botanic studio, I found myself ordering exotic plants, many not found in ordinary greenhouses. "Black Velvet," "Dragons Scale", "Amazon Mask", Begonias with scarlet furry stems and seashell shaped leaves, "Prayer Plants", "Baby Tears" and "Wandering Jude" filling my Psychic Reading room. This required a plant display stand, and a Hydroponic overhead grow light. I became breathless with the fascination of watching my plants grow! The addition of coffee brings me back to younger days, and perhaps, of lovely botanical visiting grandmothers and kind unseen visitors. Still, I was surprised when with what happened next.

 photo a3ebf9d5-cf5c-449a-8419-362fb333c10e_zpswyxabh7m.jpg


From 6:00 am to 6:00 p.m. a timer automatically switches the grow lights on and off in my studio. To my surprise, the lights have been switching on by themselves at night. The first time it happened I ran across the lane in my nightgown with my Golden Lab, "Maggie." Had I made a mistake in setting the timer? I opened my studio door cautiously not sure what I would see. Would I enter the door to a party of ghost Aunties and plants sitting cross-legged discussing their last fertile greenhouse memories? I threw myself to my knees to recheck the little tabs on my grow light timer. All looked normal. I shut the lights off in my studio, and together Maggie, and I walked through the rain to our beds. An hour later my eyes snapped open again! Peering through my bedroom window, across the road, my studio was glowing in light. Once again Maggie and I trudged across the lane. My nightgown was soaked from rain and my dog, always ready for a walk with Mom, looked weary. I unplugged the grow lights and yelled "Good Night!" Funny how working with spirit makes you accept the unknown. A quick look back to my darkened studio, I went back to bed.


The paranormal is not something to be afraid of and is as much about good energy as scary entities. It appears that my new plant family is getting a mind of their own, and I don't want to stop their botanic joy. I have noticed the energy shifting in my studio in a good way. If I am to share my workplace with the activity of time shifts and spirits, I would rather soften my environment with plants, soft music, essential oils, and sunlight. Any spirit that wants to travel a portal in time to share earth-based nurturing elements of growth and the soft color of green, is a friend of mine. But from now on, I'm turning the grow light timer off at night.

I first saw a fairy dress last year at Pinterest, a Victorian dress cage planted with succulents on a page that hosted water fountains, coffee cups, wreaths and bird baths with silver and jewel-toned waxy flower petals. Every Grandma in the old days had her little bed of Hens and Chicks. Back then I never took them seriously. But this was living art.

A year later a coffee sister sent me a picture of my fantasy fairy dress planted with succulents and said: "you should do this." She was right. I went on a quest to find the Fairy Dress pattern designed by "Pamela." Next, I contacted Manakin Madness, that also hosted the Fairy Dress pattern, for the necessary dress cage with a bottom shelf that could support the weight of 130 succulents. This led to Heather who had two greenhouses of succulents she sold wholesale. My tax check was flying away from me fast!

Once the dress cage was with me, I ordered a grow light on a pole. I lay awake nights dreaming how I would create a Goth-Cinderella dress, visualizing exactly where each color of succulent would go. Once UPS delivered my plants I really have no memory of anything except flying boxes, unwrapping each plant carefully, inserting each rosette through the wire cage, layer by layer, covered by its own blanket of cactus soil. Lily the Goth-Cinderella dress stood before me in all her glory exactly as I envisioned her.


 photo 20180427_192840_zpscw27ayne.jpg


I read plants like I do people. Lily was now under a grow light, beautiful and confident. I did a Spread on her in which I asked her what her energy was and if she had any messages for me.

Hello Lily, I said to her. How do you feel today?

Lily thanked me for being her angel, and was very happy in her new home, my studio.

Any requests Lily?

Give me two months to settle in. I need time.

As each day went by, I watched over her like a doting mother. Something was wrong. I was told to spray her roots but not to water too much. Her messages to me became stressed. She was beginning to have a worried deva feel. All around her healthy plants hung in windows, while Zen flute played on an iPod 24 hours a day. I felt she was making friends with the Rabbits Foot Fern.

Lily, should I take you to the Green House to root in? I'm concerned. You look thirsty.

What came through in the cards was a definite No! Please do not take me out of the house.

I began surgery on her bodice. Her String of Pearls roots was drying up. I had spent too many hours creating her, and I was Lilie's Angel and creator. Like it or not, I needed to do what was best for her. A quick trip to the Prairie Peddlar in Iowa, gave me the information I needed. Jane took me to her amazing succulent greenhouse, and showed me how her plants existed beautifully in potting soil. She encouraged me to wrap my String of Pearls into the soil amongst the other succulents. "Water your dress well...a good soaking....and then after that once a month.
@ Lily needed an old-fashioned soaking, this was why she was so stressed.
@ The Cactus soil was not draining right. Her roots were bone dry. Not a nurturing foundation for her new roots to take hold. The poor girl was dying of thirst!

For 2 hours I carefully performed Fairy Dress surgery, gently pulling out her bodice plantings, scooping out her old cactus soil and replacing with Miracle Grow, drenching her top to bottom with warm water. I replanted her, intertwining her String of Pearls necklace, grouping the pastel jewel succulents. I turned on the overhead fan to circulate the air to prevent mold. It was in the fairy God's hands now. I went to bed and hoped for a cure.

The next morning I saw the grow lights go on exactly at 7:00 am. I walked over to the studio, and what a joy! Her entire essence of anxiety was gone! Her succulent looked colorful, plumper, and as if they had been on a vacation. A quick reading to see how she was doing confirmed :

Lily how are you doing today?

"Joy", "Creative new beginning", "Balance!" the cards exclaimed

For those that are attempting to create their own Fairy Dress, this is no easy task. The creation is only step one. Keeping it vibrant, rooted, attached, is the time-consuming part of the first 3 weeks. A transformation occurs, as your Fairy dress is as alive as you are, developing its own spirit and essence. Your job is to treat it like a developing child as it becomes comfortable with itself. And if you are a reader, communication with your Fairy Dress enhances the experience.


I have to laugh, but in searching for perfect lighting for Lily the Succulent Fairy Dress, I took suggestions from a medical marijuana growing site. My studio is surrounded by trees with extensive shade. Lighting is everything, along with circulating air, and all of this can be accomplished for a Fairy Dress with a good grow light or two, and an overhead fan.

I discovered the wonder of colored grow lights! Red lights promote growth and height. Blue lights are like weightlifting, giving plants strong sturdy stalks and leaves. Lily now has colored lights, which I purchased online, over her bodice which have an automatic timer set for four hours a day, in addition to her 12 hours a day natural sunlight grow light. The succulent colors have become vivid, and the plants are thriving. I am so excited about this! The Rabbits Foot Fern is shooting new fronds above Lily like crazy and the Impatience mixed in with the ferns have come to full bloom in May, inside the house. She looks a little weird, but for now, while she is still an infant, the colored lights will help her to lay strong roots and grow.

AND WHAT DOES LILY SAY ABOUT THE COLORED LIGHTS? "I was lost, scared, and can't say these lights make me feel safe. But I respect your care, and for staying loyal to me."

 photo Amazon grow Lights_zpsmhha21u8.jpeg

From gliding down the Airport escalator to grandkids like Mary Poppins, to the Psychic Grandma Not-to-Do list, here's how to deal with cranky in-laws, explain "intuition" to children and change your image for older grandkids. Whether you like it or not, boundaries of consideration are mandatory as a Psychic Grandma.

 photo fba58c7b-fae3-4ea2-91db-569c5e22f558_zpskumlp7cd.jpg

I am a Psychic Grandmother.  Whether I hop a plane to the East Coast or Pacific Coast, my cards are in my bag at all times.  My air trips can be fun and interesting when word gets out I am a reader. Necks crane to listen as I look deeply into the palm of a passenger. Yearning curious eyes glitter. I have even had a few stewardesses on their knees by my seat asking for a love reading. Wonderful spiritual conversations with flying clergy have occurred. On destination, the family expects me to glide down the waiting room escalator in interesting attire, a waist-high leopard-print-tapestry suitcase on wheels beside me. The rock n roll Mary Poppins grandma-ma has arrived! Entrance impact makes young grandkids very excited.


 I will never force what I do on my grandchildren. If they are curious I will tell them. When a reading comes in by phone, in most cases I close the door behind me. If the grandkids ask me, I tell them that everyone has intuition and that their father also has the gift. He chooses not to actively use it. This is everyone's right, and just like runners, or skaters, or dancers, it takes lots of practice to develop the "Intuition Muscle". And since Grandma has been practicing for many many years, ever since she was a young girl, she is an Olympic Reader.


Not everyone approves of visiting Psychic Grandmas. Eventually, probably somewhere about the age of twelve, grandchildren may hear the opinions of sarcastic daughter or son in laws. This is when the magical grandmother's image goes from "tooth fairy" to "crackpot". At this point, I traded the leopard-print-tapestry suitcase for a smaller bag and my escalator entrance attire transformed to earthy Yoga clothing.


  • Do not give phone readings in the back seat of the moving family car.
  • Do not try to convince anyone of your spiritual beliefs.
  •  Keep your Psychic work private.
  • Do not speak about your work at meals. 
Be authentically you without the Psychic gift. Speak on anything BUT your readings. You will stay on the good side of your in-laws. Grandchildren will see that you are a normal person. Somewhere around their 20's, once they think for themselves, you will become interesting again.

 And if you are blessed, one day your adult Grand Child will ask you how they can develop their intuition. But of course, it's to stay with you and them. No one needs to know.

Saging your house is a spiritual ritual that sets the tone for Spring Cleaning. Fights, gone. Sickness, out of here. Depression, move somewhere else. TV Binging, your evicted. Whatever caused you to vegetate is now purified as you walk around your pad with a shell filled with clusters of white sage.  photo 7440fc35-edfc-4419-9031-6fcfbda2a861_zpsvugehdke.jpg

For those who have seen a long, brutal winter the junk is piling up. Fleece PJs and yoga pants are filling your drawers, closets full of hats, mittens, and Yak Tracks are spilling on to the floor. Windows are smudged, and no matter how much essential oils you have steaming on a shelf, the house needs a good airing.  The pets are getting cranky, molting or horny. And you need to start setting goals for a paint job, as well as an exact date you will begin dejunking.  Why?  Because once the weather gets beautiful, there will be no stopping you from running outside like a little kid.


Saging your house is a spiritual ritual that sets the tone for Spring Cleaning.  Fights, gone. Sickness, out of here. Depression, move somewhere else. TV Binging, your evicted.  Whatever caused you to vegetate is now purified as you walk around your pad with a shell filled with clusters of white sage, sweeping the fragrant smoke with your hand, around doorways, windows, into corners.  Wherever there was a negative experience, should be spiritually cleansed.  You may want to clean your windows now,  and begin to see clearly what is ahead.


Buy a big plastic tub for your hats, mittens, Yak-Tracks, and coats.  With a magic marker write on the lid, "Winter."  Doing so prevents the curse of the unlabeled black garbage bag shoved in corners or rooms, mistaken for Good Will clothing and hauled away or dying a sad mystery death untouched again until moving day.


By winters end, shelves often get mixed with miscellaneous winter essentials.  Pack them into another smaller tub, or throw them away. The trick here is to de-junk your brain.  The simple act of organization reboots your emotional well being.  Even better, the simple act of walking into your home becomes exhilarating.  When all the world is in chaos, your home-sanctuary is not.

Last but not least, a new bedspread can set the tone for sweet dreams.  It can be the finishing touch and a reward for your Spring purification ceremony.
There has never been a better time to rename Valentines, “Self-Love Day”. It is a reminder to honor your journey, friendships, family members, and accomplishments, big and small. Whether alone with a favorite book or pet, or arranging a Self-Love Valentines Dinner, do it for you and to give meaning to your friend's lives. What Does Self-Love look like in Practice? @ Do your best to eliminate your inner critic. If you are always beating yourself up about smoking, dieting or exercising, reduce the internal nag and take action on your goals. @ Keep yourself flexible to change. Don’t alienate yourself and live in a bubble. @ Let go of failures. Hold your head high. Self-Love Attitude opens doors in love, friendship, and career. @ Take on your next personal goal as if rebooting a computer @ Follow your Intuition and embrace the people, places, and jobs you enjoy. You deserve to be happy! How will you Accomplish staying True to Yourself? @ Stop analyzing and procrastinating your opportunities for happiness. @ Stay true to your personal growth for joy @ On your terms first, live your life in the best way you are capable. @ See a professional Counselor if you sabotage your journey and want more for yourself. {Please, remember! Psychics can help you to define your next conversation with your Counselor} @ Say “Good Job!” to yourself without scoring your value by others compliments.
 photo 9af7d3ba-47f8-488d-8bd0-50be1c979e88_zpstrwed8eg.jpg

In a world of gun violence, coldness and back stabbing there is something spiritual about going home to a botanical garden of Eden.  Ever since first on my own, I became mesmerized on entering the door of an artistic BoHo with windows of cascading house plants.  It was as if the person that resided within had a sort of magical power.  Like Harry Potter in which inanimate objects can communicate, I intuitively tuned in to a vibrational language going on among the plants. Imitation is the best flattery.  I wanted to learn and become a house plant alchemist. 

Soon I realized I had what it took.  Plant people like to give away cuttings from their plants to other plant people. Its like sharing home-baked bread.  In one town, from one plant, can thrive in apartments and houses many plant off spring. 

  I could pour all my Co Dependent nurturing in to my family of plants.  While my partner was hitting the bars, I was misting gigantic Coleas, tending long veils of Strawberry Begonia  with trails of piggy backing fuzzy little babies, directing long emerald-green heart-shaped vines of leaves called Philodendron, around my windows. 

The key to creating magic for the visitor of such a place, is balance.  Whether you add an occasional prism that casts rainbows on to the walls, between the plants, or a favorite glass trinket on a window ledge, peeking through in a brilliant sun-lit splash of color, putting an equal number of plants in equal heights, on both sides of a window, gives Zen.  Suddenly surrounding your environment is a sumptuous forest of Feng Shui plant order that will help you to think and strategize your own life. 

As one gets older, and becomes accustomed to the vibrational communication between house plants, it's fulfilling to see the look on the faces of visitors, who will walk slowly from window to window in my studio, observing in the same way I did, the "essence" and "alchemy" of mixing Art and Houseplants together.

Picture: My Sister Kate waving through my Studio Arch 2017

 photo AnnReadingStylesdreamstime_l_18579486_zpsohsdmmxd.jpg

As Psychics, most of us try very hard to give our clients the most meaningful, clear and honest perception of what comes through on their questions.  Whether we use a tool to reach our inner voice, or wing it alone, it's about reaching that special place of inner voice. How we deliver our message, is where you decide to return or not.

Two kinds of message styles, direct, or sugar coated. 

A Direct Reading tells you in a clear and direct way what comes through on your life, questions, and preferably, your direct reader knows how to say harsh truths in a soft way. Compare this to the friend who will tell you when you have sleep in your eye, or a dryer towel clinging to the butt of your jeans.

A Sugar Coated Reading is like visiting a Motivation Speaker.  Their emphasis is making you feel good about yourself.  This is a beautiful thing, until the promises do not come true.  When your down, they will pick you up. Compare this to the friend who always tells you what you want to hear.

No Reader can Promise Instant Gratification

The problem with Psychic Readings, is that some people see a reader as having a sort of Fairy God Mom ability to make things happen.  They can not make a hire happen quickly, they can not make someone love you or heal a dysfunctional family.  But they can calm you down, clear your head, give details and aid in making a plan to better your circumstance.  Of course you always have free will.

About time frames

Though time frames do come through in a reading, please remember, as in Einstein's theory of relativity, the past, present and future are all happening at the same time.  In other words, because time is an illusion, it is always approximate.

What else can a reading do?

A Reading can point you in the right direction, give you the pros and cons of your journey, relationship, career and in most cases, you will know immediately if what you are hearing is truth.  How? Because you know truth when you hear it, as it's based on things that have happened.  Truth is what you have experienced, and know to be accurate.  If you come back again, you had a great connection.  If you come back three times you have made a friend.

Sometimes readers make you mad!

When a reader becomes like a trusted friend, there will be times their honesty makes you mad.   When you call in a bad mood, knowing your trusted readers honesty is correct, chances are you would rather not hear it.  Remember! You are the one that came for a reading. Just like lashing out at a friend, patience is needed.  Before you write out a long revengeful review, wait at least a day and see how you feel.  Waiting one day before lashing out can bring an entirely different way of looking at things.


No two Psychics read exactly alike.  This is because each of us tunes in to spirit differently.  Add to this the many "niche" readers.  What is the same?  Message delivery: Sugar Coated or Direct Honesty.  Which do you prefer?
 photo chatdreamstime_m_63594012_zpsxkarj78c.jpg  Psychic Phone Reading, or Chat Reading, which is best for you?  The answer is easy.  If you have lots of questions, but limited time, choose a Phone Reading. Why?  The ability to hear and ask questions, quickly, does not rely on typing. Madly typing more questions, at the same time your Psychic is reading on the question you just asked, will not give you a good reading. Relax. Slow down. Here are tips for getting the very best chat reading possible.


  • Everything you ask me, and every question I read on, is in your history page for as long as you are a member of Keen. 
  • After Every Chat Reading, I send a copy of our exchange to your Keen mail.
  • And wait! If there is a question we are reading on, and time runs out, check your Keen mail.  Chances are I will have sent you the answer with your chat.


1} Start by just giving me your first name, and the first name of anyone you want your reading on. 

2} Keep your text chat questions direct and simple. 

3} Do not type while I am reading.  I will not see you as I am looking down at my cards. 

4}Instead of cramming as many questions as you can in a short time, go with the flow. 

5}Are you used to Computer Tarot Readings? The biggest difference between a flesh and blood psychic, and a cold, unfeeling computer download program, is speed. Give your living human psychic time to show you how we feel your energy better then a machine. Treat us with respect, and we will love you.


A phone reading shares breath, voice, energy and unlike a chat reading, you can hear "how" someone speaks to you.  Often in Chat Readings, CAPITALS can be interpreted as yelling, and humor can be interpreted as disrespect.  Not so a Phone Reading.

1} When getting a Phone Reading, it is often best to have a list of questions that you want to ask your reader.  This will prevent you from going in to "brain freeze" and forgetting.

2 Like a Chat Reading, give me as little information as possible.  I will always ask you to start a reading by giving me just your first name.

3} Please know if using a modern iPhone, by typing into your browser "call recorder"  a list of apps will come up with one perfect just for you.  You can now record your Keen phone readings. 

4} Choose a Phone Reading when you have many questions but limited amount of time.

 photo Keen - False Advertising_zpsmzswayer.jpg

The purpose of asking a direct question is to receive a direct answer. Whether in love, life or a Psychic Reading, cut to the chase and get to the REAL issue bothering you. Remember! No one is judging you as much as you are of yourself. Hiding your true intentions, behind the image you want others to see, is false advertising. In a Psychic reading, it's a waste of your money. Spit it out! You have nothing to hide with us. We take your faults and imperfections as a breath of fresh air.


When a client is afraid to expose who they are, energetically, they create an iron bar fortress around themselves.  Most of the time these are the people who believe they are too difficult for psychics to read.  In truth, they don't want to be "read," any more than they want others to know who they are in daily life.


  • The single mom or dad in a new relationship, afraid to expose the fact they have children.  {When the new lover  realizes there are kids involved, they run.} THE REASON:  False Advertising
  • The new car owner in hopes others will see them as successful, can't pay their rent or pay for a date. {Their car gets towed away on a credit card cruise} VICTIM?  False Advertising
  • The person who hides their intentions of romance, by "acting" like a supportive friend. {When they expose their true feelings, and other distances, they feel misunderstood and used.}  REASON:  False Advertising.
  • The iron clad masterful macho man, who flirts with women, but wants a boyfriend. {Can't find love and confuses every one}REASON:   False Advertising

Ever notice how popular people get attention by telling it like it is?  People love people who talk about the bad things THEY themselves go through.  It gives license to not be perfect.  Body image, finances, embarrassing moments are refreshing.


It is frustrating when a client is hesitant to be truthful, and their aura of iron bars comes up.  A reading can take a confusing essence as mixed messages and two images come through at once.  To cut through the "stuff," it may take longer for an iron bar aura client.  As long as Client is patient, a great reading can still happen as their authentic self is tuned in to.  Here are some questions to make the reading easier.

1} Will one of the job applications I have applied for, hire me?  I am especially interested in the company _______.  What was their perception of me?

2}The inheritance my father left the family in his death, is creating disputes with my bothers and sisters.  Will this be resolved?

3} How does _______ feel about me?  What are his intentions for me?

4} The number address of the house I want to buy is "529".  Will the seller and I agree on a price? What is the house energy like?

5} How does my boss feel about me as an employee?  What does he need more from me to get a raise or promotion?

6} Will my dog, "Soldier" be alright as I go on vacation?

7} Will the move to the state of ___________,  bring positive change in to my life? In what ways?

8}My name is_______. I need an emotional tune up.  Just tell me what comes through around me.

Whether in daily living or with a Psychic Adviser, being honest and up front takes courage, but saves on time, grief, money and yes, you will be loved even more for your imperfections.

 photo Ann-Teadreamstime_m_46931529_zpso4ntibes.jpg

She remembered the year she cultivated a family of Psychic Sisters and Brothers.  With a warm cup of coffee in hand, she began to seek a kind faceless voice who would not recognize her on the streets.  She liked the safe boundaries of these Psychic friendships. Sometimes she would talk about her career, other days her love life, family and frustrations.  On occasion, with a glass of wine, she would just chit-chat and ask questions.  In time her Psychic Friends knew her story well.


She grew up with the people that she loved and trusted most, turning evil and hurting her.  She cried a lot. Inner despair attracted cruel lovers.  When the first nice man came in to her life, instead of seeing him as a blessing, her personality changed.  She raged, she criticized, she screamed, and saw his sensitivity as weakness.  All of her life she had wanted a man just like him.  From the day he ran out the door, hating her, she hit the psychic lines.  She made many psychic friends.  As long as she did not call the same one too often, they remained accuratly correct.


When psychics become coffee brothers and sisters, it's a beautiful thing.  The danger of calling a psychic too often is knowing too much about a clients personal day-to-day life, a reader becomes saturated with "too much information."   In most cases, a client hires a psychic to get an unbiased reading on their romance, life or career, to explain the  "whys" and "what nows" without bias.  This way a client gets the "real picture" despite their emotional attachment to the subject.  The risk of calling the same psychic too often in one week, like your family and friends, is they don't want to hurt you. It's natural for friends to not want to hurt friends.  This may actually change the accuracy of a reading.


Therefore having two or three favorite psychic friends, is a good way for consistent accuracy by not visiting the same one too often.  Boundaries of distance keep things fresh.  Give as little information as possible before the reading.  Save your story details for afterwards.  This allows an Intuitive Worker to shine their best.


It is important for clients to know that calling a psychic is not like having a fairy god-  mother. They can not make a lover return, create a job offer or make depression disappear. No percentage of accuracy is going to change a clients life or financial situation. Your Psychic, along with reading on your questions, should be able to offer suggestions and, if allowed to be honest. it is important a reader be compassionately firm that they are not a replacement for mental health therapy or counseling.

When a Psychic gives a sugar-coated reading during a clients despair, it may feel good for them at the time, but cause a good person to hang on to a bad situation.  The client always has free will.  In the long run, the psychic who gives flowery readings too good to be true, will be the Psychic who is condemned if the seeker makes a fool of themselves, self-destructs, begins to stalk or commits suicide.

A Favorite Honest Reader, and a Favorite Professional Counselor, is a Beautiful Thing!  A reader can bring forth "topics" they see in their client, to take with them to their next professional counseling session.  Professional Talk Therapy may take months and even years to bring forth information seen in a reading. From a pivotal moment of truth, a professional mental health counselor can begin the process of true healing.
 photo solar eclipsedreamstime_l_33761834_zpsk0ansxet.jpg

From this day on, the Total Eclipse of 2017 will be a book-marker in your life.  In itself, there will not be apocalypse. Choose this event as a "before" and "after."  Use it as a book marker to change your life path for the better. The choice is yours.  What is your greatest vision for yourself?  Let the Great Solar Eclipse of 2017 be a transition point for personal change.

 photo strengthdreamstime_l_46142533_zpsjfenn22c.jpg

For all the blessings I have in my life, I have come to find my worst disasters helped me to stay cool in the face of tragedy.  The time alone and abandoned in a bad marriage, years I worked in a packing house as a single Mom to raise a child, and I won't lie, being with bad boys with all the same first name, {who even looked alike!} Times I sat on a bar stool beneath an oven vent, smoking in despair, until I realized no love was better then bad love; or at least until I learned to move on from my own cookie cutter addictions.

Through the Desire for Change

Its through the desire for change, and to believe that I must survive, one day something popped.  And I mean this.  It was as if the bubble of self inflicted alone, disappeared, and blessings poured in.  I was free, my fear of getting too close to other women friends, became relaxed, and I no longer analyzed everything to death.  I no longer looked for the cracks in life.  I embraced less is more.  And more actually began to happen on its own!  More analyzing, more self protection, more over pleasing had become so ingrained in me, I forgot to catch my breath. 

Gardens, three published books, my studio, Intuitive work, a new marriage, and becoming an Animal Rescuer, I redeem my past slaughter house work. Blessings flowed in. I never saw them coming!  But I will not forget how to embrace disaster.

Tough Times Enrich Our Lives

I feel enriched with the tough times I have seen in my life, knowing that eventually, the tide changes.  Disaster has enriched my ability to read without judgment, as I have seen just about every up and down that life has to give.  There will always be Ass Holes, and there will always be Angels.  Challenges are like little karma points.  In the process how we adapt, is our choice alone.

We Are All On a Life Path

As an Intuitive Light Worker, I realize that my life path came in tides of struggle. Every rough time was a lesson to learn from, to share as a life teacher, to give insight with compassion.  I have learned when to take my bitch pill. For all of us this is true.  May you learn from your pain, embrace the struggle, move on, and grow personally.  May you be free.



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