The Feng Shui Gypsy

An Adult Picture Story Book by Sister Othelia on helpful tips for Dating, Intuition, Tarot and Life.
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If you have ever watched a good psychic read, there is a sort of head tilt, where the readers eyes close, or look up to the side, as they listen to their clients question.  This is "Psychic listening," where the reader is processing what they hear within, as well as in the voice tone, words and energy of the seeker. Rarely does a good psychic blurt with out processing first.  A Psychiatry session is much different then a Psychic Reading although both depend on listening.  A Therapist, listens, more than speaks, and asks questions of the client. It is part of the traditional patient/Dr method for emotional healing.  A private Psychic session, usually, is when the client asks questions of the Psychic reader, who gives their intuitive "feel" on the subject.   In most cases, it is the reader that does the majority of the talking and the client listens.

5 Basic Rules For Psychic Listening

1} Value the Client Relationship.  Truly want to Listen. In the vocal tone lives an entire story.  You will not hear it, or feel any energy but your own, if illness, worry or a bad day obsess you.  Discipline yourself to listen.  Your seeker chose you over other readers.  Honor this. Schedule times to read when you are at your best with the world.

2} When the reading session begins, don't try to respond until the client has finished talking. Don't blurt or hurry them.  Refrain from pushing them to ask their question.  When they ask a question, repeat it by asking,  "Is the question you are asking ________? "   If need be, help your client to word their question. Repeating the question they ask you, confirms you have listened, and understand what they want from you.

3} Each client, and reader, has their own unique style.  By truly listening, and not judging an unfamiliar culture, style  or accent, you are free to communicate effectively in a rewarding and friendly conversation and reading. 

4} It is easy to get lost in one's professionalism, and forget how to be  human and friendly.  Your client will return if you learn to relax with them.  On the other hand, it is  important with some professional career clients, seeking a reading, to allow them to point out your flaws and tell you that you are wrong. Just listen. Don't get angry. It is likely this is their way to save their ego.  They seek "upper hand".

5} Really listen to the tone of your clients voice.  In it lies the energy of their spiritual life story.  Acknowledge you are hearing them with small responses.  Don't analyze.  Just listen.  You will be able to read better, know the emotional flow of your client, and when to wind your reading down.  All of these suggestions can be used by both client and reader, as well as in our every day lives with loved ones.

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  In the garden, alone, like Rosary Beads in the hands, we can offer prayer one weed-pull at a time, manifesting our intent for world change.  If  a congregation gives strength, garden with others.  If physical acts of humanity validate one's presence before God, offer to care for the gardens of the elderly or hospitalized.

There is no better place to teach children of compassion then the garden. The importance of right conditions, through sunshine, rain, planting seeds, watering and nurturing gives meaning to our own life journey.   Casual, inspirational conversation on life and death is as instructive as a Sunday School class.

 And what of drought, flood or tornadoes? We learn to let go.  We see the ancient spiritual journey of man and his intellectual ability to choose alternative methods to grow and mature seeds.  Through solar and incandescent lighting, green houses, we can start new food, flowers, trees and herbs. We learn that less is not always bad and how the importance of good timing, can bring a harvest in the future.

Through future planet exploration, Spiritual Gardening will endure.

GARDEN UNITY = A thread of one color, that playfully winds through the width and length of your property, yard or garden, gives rest and a focal point for the eyes.  Go crazy with color if you wish. This one thread of color, be it "white," "orange" "dark maroon", will unite the vegetables, flowers, herbs, and play space.  Your Spiritual Garden will have unity in this thin vein of same color, which acts as a prayer or intent of calm for your Spiritual Garden. 

Blessed with all shade? Hostas add unity, peeking from behind stones, mixed with other shade plants, popped by statuary.  Let Hostas give your shade garden calm and unity.

ARCHWAYS & GATES - If you were to read the energy of each part of your land, you would find wonderful stories being told by many voices.  In earth magic these voices of stones, water, air and land are called"Elementals".  All history resonates and vibrates in the land beneath our feet. Placing an Archway or gate between the areas of energy change, psychologically "introduces" us to a mind shift when we go from "Food"to "Flowers", to "Relaxing."   Feel the balance and unity of each energy change of your garden by consciously stepping into a new "Portal" through an Archway or gate..

PATHWAYS - Like life, our days are filled with intention and having a path that leads us from point A to B, and a place to sit down or rest after our journey, are what garden paths represent.  Pathways that drop off into a limbo of weeds, or stop at a border fence, frustrates and creates unsettled sadness.  Put a chair, bench or table  at the end of your path which gives a feeling of completion.

Whether you have a tiny garden, an acre plus, a church yard or apartment balcony, through Spiritual Gardening your mind will rest after a hectic day for contemplation, conversation, healing and contentment. Be one in the vibration of a new beginning and Spiritual Growth through your Garden.


Our Delta plane rises into the air. Two classy women strapped in seats beside me, smile, and we settle in with books and iPads for a two hour flight to Atlanta. Before this trip my husband said "Your going to yak up a storm with someone next to you the whole way, just like you do everywhere." "No...people don't seem to do that in Mid Air like old days." I answer. "Plane flight is different now." But here I am, two young grandmas with sweet smiles beside me, politely interested as our stewardess explains how to adjust the O2 masks, points to exits, requesting we check our pamphlets on how to hold our seat cushions next to our chest in case of a crash.

"Please give our three new stewardess aboard a nice round of applause" the pilot on the intercom says. "In other words, its every man for himself if we go down." I whisper to the middle woman next to me. She giggles then calls out to a passing attendant with a refreshment cart, "I'll take a Vodka!" and hands over her credit card. Outside seat gal says "And I'll take a Bloody Mary!" Introductions are made. We laugh. The middle woman explains she is visiting friends after the death of her husband. "Just what I would do if my husband died" I tell her. "WHAT?!" End seat grandma laughs, sipping on her Bloody Mary drink.

"And what do you do?" middle grandma asks the passenger next to her. "Well I am a Travel Consultant." We say "Ohhhhhhh...what a cool job." I giggle and say "And I'm a Psychic Consultant" The stewardess passing with a cart stops dead in her tracks and says over the engine drone, "WHAT?" Did you say your a Psychic Consultant?" "Yes," I laugh, and the women and stewardess say "" Next thing I know I am giving palm readings, then Tarot guidance, and stewardess are taking turns kneeling next to our seats to have quick readings.

Tarot in the sky is a new experience for me. During the next two hours I give love readings, career readings, and a spirit reading for the widow from her husband recently passed. Middle woman cries happy tears. End seat passenger hugs her. Romance readings for the pretty stewardesses make them happy and they nod over my accuracy. Watchful, over head, passing with a stern face, a blond with bright red lipstick brings order and discipline, overseeing the plane with hawk like alertness. Time flies by.

"I will never forget this as long as I live!" middle grandma says, hugs me and runs out of the plane as it lands and comes to a halt. "Thank You" the flight attendants call to me with poised calm. Delta Hawk woman with bright red lipstick stops me and says, "I'm a paranormal investigator. Look for me in the new TV Ghost investigator series coming out! Great to have you on board." "Wow," I call did so many of us end up in one flight?" "There are no accidents" middle grandma calls back, as she runs towards her gate in the Atlanta airport.
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When stuck, frustrated, bored or lonely, watch out for Impulse Choices.  They hit you with a sudden panic in the form of irrational behavior, binge eating, internet shopping, too much marketing or settling for less.  The result is the same.  You hate yourself in the end.  Especially when the weight piles on, the monthly credit card bill comes in, or realize trying to keep a business alive,  your marketing cost is far more than you have earned. Impulse choice is when you go back to an old dysfunctional relationship, simply because you were lonely.


Probably the most difficult task in life to learn is discipline.  Knowing the "Pause" is at times a life saver in making an impulsive choice that will lead to a huge regret, and is a powerful tool.

@ The pause means taking a walk, waiting until the next day to decide, refusing a high pressure sale until you have checked your finances, or learning how to say "No."

@ The Pause is thinking before blurting emotional words, refusing to embarass yourself or make an enemy with an angry reaction in a family, marriage or work setting.  As the great Mya Angelou said, "At times when expected to voice an opinion, I simply smile and look wisely into the eyes of the crowd.  It is amazing how everyone believes you are on their side.  Before I would have said the first thing that came to mind and made enemies."

@ The pause is learning to wait and see what tomorrow brings, before assuming that nothing will ever get better.


  There is a huge difference between procrastination, and the pause.  The pause works for those likely doers, that jump the gun, and often refuse to sit back.  A Procrastinator makes a life long ambition of putting things off.  For the procrastinator the pause is a way of life.

@ The Procrastinator puts off all things that become pressuring to them.  The closet that needs cleaning, the health that needs improvement, the dog that needs walking, the job that needs changing, the abusive relationship that needs leaving, are all unbearably pressuring choices to make. So they do nothing. Learning to just do, instead of avoid, creates miracles.

@ The Pause is for those that can not bear stagnation or emotional stress, and sabotage themselves by doing anything, other than nothing, making their situation even worse.  Learning to Pause saves the embarrassment of bad choices.

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Ready to be the life of the Party or with Co Workers? Begin with Palm Reading  on the way a person loves and leads. Get laughs and a chorus of amazement, {and yes some may get mad at what you see in their hand.} Remember! Palmistry is an ancient science thousands of years old based on specific hand characteristics.

 Cleopatra and Mark Anthony - Ancient Palm Readers

I love to think of Cleopatra reclining on her settee, gazing in to the palm of her suitors. What did she look for? Probably sensuality, vitality and passion. Its rumored Mark Anthony had the hands of his leaders analyzed for logic, intelligence and loyalty. Palm Reading, in itself, is not a Psychic Skill. It began as a science, like Hand Writing Analysis. The modern term for Palm Reading is “Hand Analysis”.


Analyze the chart above as you read your own palm. The following traits are basics of Palm Reading.  We will look for the four hand traits of a good lover.  When reading palms for a group of people, please remember diaper wipes, sanitation lotion or a nice pair of gloves will keep you from catching every cold in the room.


 The full pad beneath the thumb, {see diagram above} shows the amount of passion and romantic drive a person has. The rule goes that the more fleshy and full this part of the hand is, the more sensuality, passion and stamina they have. In the hand of a Co Worker this could also be the amount of stamina and drive they have on the job.


Spread the thumb as far apart from the other fingers as possible. The wider the thumb angles from the pointer finger, the more likely this person may "kiss and tell". A wide-angle between thumb and pointer finger shows this is usually a person that bares their soul, is easy to talk to, and loves to gossip. Unfortunately, this could also include someone who boasts about their bedroom adventures. After time, they learn from experience they need to keep their mouth shut. In the hand of a coworker the wide-angle thumb says NOT ONLY ARE THEY EASY TO TALK TO, but be cautious about what you say around them.


When the radius of the thumb/pointer finger is close to the pointer finger this shows hows a person that can keep secrets, is more private, and is better at listening to others then talking about themselves. For those that honor privacy in their relationship, especially in the dating stage, your secrets are likely safer with the owner of this hand trait. For Co Workers the closely held thumb friend is someone who can keep your private details to themselves.


This is the bump of good timing. Often a person with a large protruding thumb knuckle is very coordinated, an amazing dancer, actor or musician, as well as flows in the bed room. The warning about the large thumb knuckle person is they may have the characteristic of being a boaster, skilled at saying the right thing, at the right time, to get exactly what they want. In the hand of a lover who possesses the large thumb knuckle, {along with a wide angled thumb/pointer finger radius} …. you may risk dating a possible smooth talking player. In a Co Worker, you will be highly entertained and would do well to have them on your task force team promoting ideas!


Does the very top line, starting beneath the Pinkie, going across the palm, curve up towards the fingers? This is the mark of a sensitive lover, someone who enjoys cuddling and communicating about their feelings. In a co-worker's hand, a loyal friend.

THE STRAIGHT LOVE LINE: Does the top love line shoot straight across the hand without curving upwards at the end? This is someone who needs their independence, without being overly romantic or sentimental. In the hands of a coworker this may belong to a friend who has plans and goals, may love you but distances without reason. Their allegiance is to their independence and growth.


1}THE TALL THUMB: Hold your thumb next to your pointer finger. The rule of thumb is if it reaches the middle knuckle of your pointer finger, you are Presidential material. In a Co Worker this person is likely looked up to from others and finds themselves sliding into a manager or presidential positions.

THE MEDIUM THUMB: If the thumb reaches half way, between the bottom knuckle and middle knuckle, of your pointer finger, you are Vice President material. In a Co Worker this person makes a natural “connection person” between the boss and workers as assistant manager.

THE SHORT THUMB: If the thumb hits only the bottom base of the pointer finger, you are probably looking at a future entrepreneur who hates politics and work hierarchy. They do not want to get caught in the middle of cross fire, or take blame for others. They risk becoming invisible at work. However, based on their marketable skills, they may find more happiness, joy and success working for themselves.


These qualities are major personality traits of a leader. Check the fleshy mound above the “Venus Mound,” thumb side of hand. {See Diagram above} The more developed this mound is, the more “fight” they have. A less developed, or hollow in this area, shows a person who does not stand up for themselves enough.

{See Diagram Above] The more developed and full this area is, the more loyalty, strength and moral courage one has. Both the leader, and warriors, need these qualities if a smooth, well-functioning team is to exist.

 Please remember that the small details in the hand can add infinite detail, depth and reasoning to these main characteristics of the hand. Much like Tarot, palm reading for beginners, is just basics. With study and experience, you will amaze even skeptics.

 ABOUT ME Since a little girl hands have intrigued me. I loved to watch the long graceful hands of movie stars, the way artists touched their environment for inspiration, arching their fingers into a frame as they composed the next creative project. Wisdom and a rich story shimmer in every wrinkle and arthritic finger of the old, sometimes enhanced with aged silver bracelets and rings. Carpenters and gardeners, stained with varnish oils and berries, moved their hands with purpose, grasping on to their tools of trade as if an extra appendage of their body. In my twenties, I began palm reading in a tie-dyed wedding dress. As a grandmother now, with gardener hands, I love to amaze people with the in-depth personality detail I see in their hands.

When a skilled Actor or Writer creates without feeling stilted or forced, and goes within to calm, the critical voice disappears and flow of performance begins.  The audience becomes enraptured.  No one is aware of "self" as they share the artist's experience. When the channeling ends, it is like shaking oneself out of a time warp. 

What is Paranormal?  Paranormal is a phenomenon with unpredictable characteristics that may not  be explainable but is on the edge of being scientifically proven.

Are skilled artist’s one with Paranormal energy?  Can they become a vessel for a spirit to walk in to as they empty themselves of thought? Many artists believe so, and in the creation experience of becoming one with the full spectrum of their subject's emotions, are in a state of "channeling".  The Creative Process becomes addictive, profound, and at times, manic. Time and self disappear, as ones hands and body follow in the birthing of a painting, musical score, book or theater accomplishment.    

We can't understand why in a meditative calm the process of relaxing and letting go creates a feeling of tapping in to a higher source of knowledge.  "Letting go", emptying the mind of critical analyzing, going internally to a deep calm, creates amazing performance, spiritual highs, and audience oneness. Science can graph and diagram and measure this process, but can't explain what it is.

"Trying too hard" is equal to being amateur and impedes the process of excellence.  To become a Master, from a President to Artist to Intuitive Reader, one learns how to stop the self-critique voice of doubt.  The flow begins. True skill is an art of channeling the Paranormal Energy of "non thinking."...the point when spirit and wisdom step in.


Let it go.  To worry about how others percieve one's performance, creates self-doubt, a stumbling of words and actions, which sabotages creativity.  Many a gifted artist have self-destroyed for fear of being critiqued by the public..or their own fear of failure.  For others, as long as there is criticism they are still in the spot light and not invisible.  Like the weather, opinions change.  Relax, tap in to the Paranormal calm and go with the spiritual energy flow.

There is no real cure for March Depression. For many, work seems slow, stagnant and unprofitable. Small problems seem huge, loneliness is amplified, taxes are due, and even pets seem to suffer and look bedraggled and listless.  Its called Cabin Fever in the cold regions. Spring is so close.  The occasional storms become unbearable.  The heating bill sucks away your fun money and rather then walk the dog  in cold or rainy weather it seems easier to drive to the store.  And whats with those extra pounds of flab that have piled on?  {Never mind that the urge to eat becomes amplified when depression sets in. Right?}

The weather will become consistent and warm, flowers will bloom, work picks up and you will feel like exercising again.  Most of all you can get rid of all those bulky sweaters and boots.  Pretty shoes and Spring clothing will bring fun and adventure into your life.  Suddenly everyone seems to stare at who is in the next car, checking out who's on the streets, or jogging in the park.  And all of this of course encourages creativity, self esteem, tightening up, losing extra weight and love.

Its typical to head home in a March blizzard, or end the day stepping into grey slush.   Even Psychic Advisers feel the effects when nothing seems to satisfy many March clients.  Please know it's going to be all right.  It truly is. 

An Easter Celtic prayer by Saunder Lewis speaks of the time before the light, when being shut in creates a feeling of hopelessness, and encourages us to see hope in the depression before Spring:

Cherish the dark’s obscurity
Look for the diamonds in debris,
Thank God for all His mystery

Some of our best ideas come when we are in a relaxed "no thinking" moment, such as the shower.  It is no surprise that this is how intuition works.  The attempt to over think our intuition, ends up being "analyzing."  It seems impossible. How can a "gift" like energy healing or Psychic ability come from less instead of more?  Easy. Have you ever tried to learn a new job only to find by over trying you become stiff and make stupid mistakes? For many new in the reading and energy healing field this is also what happens.  Reiki becomes blocked by doubt.  Intuition closes down.  Of course the longer you are in these fields, the more going within to the calm becomes.  Next time you want to test your intuition do this:
1} Name three things you would like to do tomorrow
2} As you say them, each, how do you feel?
3} No = a tired, drained feeling and heaviness in your body.
4} Yes = champagne bubbles and a feeling of excitement.

By practicing these two simple feelings related to choices, you will become skilled at practical intuition. 

When getting a Tex Chat Reading, please remember to give your Psychic time to Intuitively Connect and type out your answer, before asking a new question. Here are some tips for getting a quality Psychic Tex Chat Reading:

  • Start by typing your first name, and a birth date if your Reader needs one.
  • Ask one question at a time. Pause. Wait until your psychic has read and typed out the answer to your question.
  • By waiting until your reader has answered your question, you will avoid your sentences from scrolling out of your readers sight.
  •  Remember!  Your Psychic is focusing / channeling / reading cards one question at a time. {If looking down at their cards they are not seeing if you continue to type away.} Be patient. Give them a moment to focus.
  • If in a hurry, have problems with your key board, or have a hard time forming your questions, ...CHOOSE A PHONE READING.
  • Your Tex Chat Reading is permanently in your Keen History, and can be read again by you.  If you would like your reader to copy and paste your Tex Chat Reading and send to your Keen Mail, let them know.

By following these simple rules, you will have a happy and fulfilling Psychic Chat Reading. Your Tex session is available to read again on your Keen Account History page. You can also print it off to read again, later.

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Love tends to hit you like a semi-truck when you least expect it. When it does, here are five signs that you have met "The One".

 photo The Onedreamstime_m_47686886_zpsfp6uirad.jpg

1} "The One" will go out of their way to make you feel confident about yourself.

2} "The One" often will blurt the same exact words you do at the same exact time. This is proof there is an intuitive connection between you both.

 3} "The One" instinctively "knows" you and does the small things you need and like without being asked, {in or out of bed}.

 4} "The One" feels like an old friend. You feel comfortable with each other.

5} "The One" feels like a team effort, and together your minds make clear, effective decisions.

7 Questions I Can Answer with a Love Reading

1} How do they feel about you?
Does "the one" feel the same way you do?

2} What are their intentions for you?
People love for different reasons. This question digs into the needs and issues that brought you both together.  Knowing "the one" completely, is also about knowing when and what to ask during intimate bonding conversations

3} What do they need from you?
Is there any one thing you can offer emotionally that "the one" has not told you?  And importantly, what  do you need from "the one" you have not spoken of  that misleads or confuses them?

4} Is there a future for you both, why or why not?
Whether strangers in the night, untimely soul mate connections or lovely divine perfect timing  "the one" does not always come along when its convenient. Is there a future for you both and if not what would the reasoning be?   

5} What is the energy that works in this bond?
What energetic quality brought you and "the one" together and makes you click?

6} What energy blocks this bond?
What energy is creating distance and is this a pattern related to your past or theirs? 
7} Are they worth your time and effort?
No one can tell you what to do, especially a reader.  The future is changeable ALWAYS according to your wise actions. So this question will be answered by me, but with you making the final decision.

I was watching a ghostie show on TV.  A woman claimed she was dabbling with new Tarot Cards when suddenly a portal for spirit visitation began in her home. The TV ghost buster did not ask questions and agreed "Yes, this happens when people use psychic tools."  I was surprised. Wasn't the paranormal investigator also using "tools" in each haunted house he investigated? From  electronic voice recorders, heat sensors and video recorders, how could residue energy not be attached to his equipment? And why hadn't the paranormal investigator asked the woman what else she had been dabbling in?

 A Crisp New Tarot Deck is a Blank Slate of Benign Energy
 A crisp new Tarot deck is untainted by personal energy.  It has just been birthed by a factory printing press.  Had the woman considered the negative TV shows or video games within the home?  What attitude did the woman bring home with her after a day of work politics? Did frustration with her husband silently seethe?  These were likely the deep concerns motivating her to dabble with a Tarot deck in the first place. Which brings me to the subject of "Intent."  Were the woman's intentions as she used her cards more in line with anger, grudge, possible punishment to someone she felt hostile towards? Was she using her cards in alignment with a book of get-back spells? Bad spirits are not attracted to portals of love.

It Is Not the Tool, but the Intent and Skill of it's User, that Creates Results

I understand that some would rather place the blame of a badly built home on the tool the carpenter used rather then their skill level and intent.  A good Kitchen Cook can work with any tool and create delicious meals. It is not the blender or the knife the Master Chef uses but their knowledge and love of spices with food. The cost or quality of the computer an author writes on does not promise a best seller.  Blaming a bad outcome on an inanimate object is an easy cop out.

  • Tarot
  • The Alphabet
  • Books, Magazines
  • Numbers, Math

Though we all have Psychic Ability, like athletes, some have more developed gifts for Intuition.  Those that want to develop their running, soccer, archery or gymnastics will find with daily practice and discipline they become better. So too will the gift of Intuition and Tarot Reading with practice become stronger.  Tarot may open your mind but not a portal to the spirit world.


I call the loving energy in which I read Tarot the "Angel Frequency." It is the  "Tarot Trinity" , a combination of  Conscious, Subconscious and Intuition combined with love..  Inner voice, gut feeling and Intuition is what cavemen listened to in the Ice Age for survival.

The "thinking tool" of Religion and Psychic Reading is "Interpretation."
Interpretation is the thinking tool of Religion and Psychic Reading.  This is why it is important to choose carefully the "intent" and "energy" of the person who is preaching, reading or counseling. Read their feedback testimony. Determine their authenticity and intention for others. Negative portals of spirit do not enter where there is love.  Tarot does not create portals for ghosties.

 photo KEENdreamstime_s_12826413_zpsb8u6psge.jpg

One day it hits you.  "Oh my God, I care for him and he's THAT MUCH younger then me?"  Maybe you start to analyze the faces that look at you both when your together, Even walking through a check out line may send the self critique screaming..  You worry if they can tell an age difference.  You worry about harsh morning light.  You may suddenly frequent the Botox and work out twice as much as you used to. And suddenly your sister, brother and friends are calling you a Cougar. While he tells you how beautiful you are you, between euphoria, common sense and self critique you are a mess.  This beginning stage is the most dangerous. Longevity depends on whether he's an imposter looking for a mother or a true "old soul". 


A true "old soul" is in their 5th and final stage of reincarnation, whether a baby, teenager or senior.  You can see a calm wisdom in their eyes.  They are very balanced and it is said they are born mentors with a birth agenda to "pass the torch".  With such an intense mission they do not stress or worry about what most humans do.  They look for maturity, calm and seasoned beauty.

"In other words, an old soul perceives every thing, every being, every moment, as part of one great tapestry."

  • Many old souls have artistic, humanitarian or philosophical outlooks
  • Many old souls are not driven and allow their partner to be who they want to be, will share in cooking, house cleaning or quiet hiking and walks.
  • A true old soul finds joy in simply being as opposed to doing.
  • Philosophically, an old soul searches for a partner to be calm, real and quiet with, not to conquest, to prove their sexual identity or turn in to their partner.


An imposter Old Soul mimics the qualities of calm, open mindedness, and acceptance of a woman's maturity and independence, as a "tool" to get into their heart or bank account.  
  • Many imposter old souls have mother issues, and go from calm to childishness within 3 months time. 
  • An imposter old soul can be manipulative in gaining gifts and money in exchange for being supportive and sensitive of their older partner.
  • An imposter old soul does see beauty as sexual identity. The older woman's aging process will soon be left when the imposter fears the spotlight is on themselves as "less".

Be aware that though you may be open minded about dating or living with a younger man, you can be sure your friends or family will not be.  They will see it as a "Conquest", or temporary insanity on your part. 

 As many women older then their younger "old soul" partners can tell you, its about common spiritual connection.  When it lasts all the paranoia leaves.   You are a part of an ever growing community.  The ignorant will call you a "Cougar" because they think it's funny, are jealous or want to hurt you.  {Let it go..}

 Your old soul younger partner will compliment your energy. If they are an authentic old soul, they will love your peaceful bonding together. A benefit is he is more inclined to help with house work and may love to cook.  The fact that he has an open mind, means he will accept your differences and you will find a common point of interest.


One of the basic rules of the Autumn/Spring relationship is that you will often not share the same styles of clothing, music and friends.  Let this be OK.

  Many younger men/older women find they become an island within themselves. Be careful not to lose your old friends.  DO spend time with them alone. 

Old friends needn't be a couples thing.  With earned trust and each others blessing, allow freedom for each other to be with less understanding family and friends. It is also important to do this to prove you are still the same person.

  The single worst destroyer of an enlightened relationship is self sabotaging inner voices related to insecurity, jealousy and social acceptance.

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you aspire to be "known" you need a power person.  Professionals will gain fame and recognition by knowing one.  Whether you are taken under the wing of a power person,   marry one or have an agent that carries power, their influence carries a powerful punch to the career.  Even the lone wolf's complexity will be seen as "inspiring" and their gift gains
notoriety.  Here are some personality qualities of a power person you may want to look for:


Beyond knowing the right people they can depend on, who ever and what ever they allow into their circle must be trustworthy and share the Power Person's focus.  What or whom they focus on can not be mediocre but give them a return by making them look good and enhance their brand.  Seldom will a power person multi task and risk a mediocre job. More likely they will do one thing at a time to reach the desired outcome until that job  is finished. If what you bring to the table is of excellence, they will give you their time, support and focus.


Powerful people strive for excellence. No matter what they pursue they understand mastery in performance is everything and that money is a by-product of the value they offer.


Powerful communicators know how to ask questions and without saying anything about themselves, gain trust by being open and present to the answers given back.   Powerful communicators remember names, and realize the way to a person's heart and trust starts with confirming their identity. A Power Person knows how to speak to the right people, the right way, to bring in more opportunities for you to excel.


Powerful people understand that building relationships is a vehicle towards reaching goals.  They understand the power of doing a favor without expectation of a reward, is also a way to achieve a goal. Those that consistently take without giving back will not be able to build or be a part of a power person's network. Being a part of a power person's net work brings respect, recognition and favors.


  Power people attract others with their excitement and enthusiasm.  They are driven by the potential of each day's ability towards reaching their dreams. Powerful people tend to be leaders because others are attracted to them. Loyal followers want to experience the same excitement and energy in their lives and to be a prime focus of a passionate person spells s-u-c-c-e-s-s.

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As a parent how can you encourage qualities that will help them to develop even more leadership skills?

1}As a parent, no matter what your income or job, your children download your attitude. Teach your children early from your own example that even when times get
tough better times are ahead.  Don't just say this, show through example! This way your children will see challenges as "winning" no matter how small, and as focused steps that lead to envisioned alternatives. Leaders are not exclusively from wealth, but by watching through  example and action.

2} When you lay down the law hold your kids accountable for their actions.  Allowing children to fail at times instead of doing the tough work for them, teaches them the consequences of their  own actions and decisions.  Allow them to learn at their own speed.  Children learn from mistakes as well as wins.  Don't interfere in the life lesson they learn. Discuss quietly afterwards, as a team, what the alternative could have been, and how chances to make the right choice are ahead. Your children will download your example as a diplomat, which teaches them to be good bosses and leaders.

3}Trust and Integrity lead to leadership in life, and it starts with the parent.  Kids need to download through example that you will be supportive and grounded through life storms. If the answers to their important questions are evasive, contradicting and full of excuses your children will learn "avoidance."  Through your example they need to see the importance of being a straight shooter, which they will carry forward  with employees, friends and teams in their future. They need to see your confidence through the divorce, job loss, as well as wins and see you stay grounded and calm. They need to trust that they can count on you to act with integrity regardless of the situation. Stand back and watch your power child grow and blossom.

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Emily is a Psychic in a tiny red neck town in Iowa where daily mail is delivered and distributed into a 10 ft wall of antique gold postal boxes.  To the town she is not considered a business, however her reputation as an Intuitive is known up to 60 miles around.  She loves her job, the people she meets, and the challenge of fitting in. 

Like many readers in the United States Emily supplements her private work by belonging to a National phone line who sends her callers from New York, California, and other states. She soon learned that calling herself a “life coach” or “Phone Counselor” was a more accepted label to small town America, who observed her car sitting in front of her house with curiosity.  As her own boss Emily set the same hours to be available on the Psychic line as she did her old day job.

All over highways and gravel roads of America are Psychics like Emily that would have never been able to make a good living with their intuitive gift unless they lived in a Metropolis renting and working from a shop.  Now, thanks to Keen and the ability to receive calls and text chat readings from within their home, one can pay their bills and live their passion as a  United States Psychic. 

How do you know if your psychic reader is authentic? How should you choose the best reader for you? How should you prepare for your reading? Say this to yourself before and during your psychic session. Can a qualified Intuitive work in conjunction with a Mental Health therapist?

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There are many kinds of readers.  In the old days psychics were encouraged to tell clients only what they wanted to hear to keep them coming back. Thankfully this is NOT the case now, and clients have a wide variety of readers with years of experience and client reviews. 

An authentic Psychic does not need to know your life story before a reading, and often times will read better the less they know about you. This is because by reading on raw energy they are not being influenced by your view point.

By giving your psychic the bare minimum of information you allow your reader to tell you exactly what they see around you in the present and past year and if what you hear rings true, you have found an authentic psychic.   


 It is up to the seeker to do the homework of choosing their reader

  • Read their bio and description of their services
  • Read at least 2 pages of reviews if they have them.  One angry review can be dominated by many wonderful reviews.
  • Price does not reflect do.
  • Does your reader have a blog?  Get to know them by scanning their titles.


  • Find a room free of distraction or a quiet corner in an airport or cafe'
  • Come with an open mind and a knowing that you will absorb what you need and let go of what you do not.
  • Be pleasant, give your name, and very limited information
  • Bring a list of questions to ask your reader
  • Remember that the more time you take describing your situation, the less reading time you will have from your adviser


"I always have free will.  The future is changeable according to my wise actions and guidance from my angels and God. "


NOW THAT YOUR READING IS COMPLETED write down the highlights of information that your reader gave you. Write down their name. 

  • If getting multiple Psychic Adviser Readings keep track of who told you what. You can go back and see which reader was most accurate
  • Leaving a review for your reader is a common courtesy as appreciated as leaving a tip for a will benefit and so will they.

At times the truth can hurt, but in the long run different options can change your life for the better.  A direct reading tells you the good with the bad in a compassionate delivery. When your psychic tells you what they see in the future, it is often based on the current choices and patterns you have made in the past. And the wonderful thing about this is it means you can change your future blue print by making better choices!


A sugar coated psychic reading specializes in telling you what you want to hear.  No psychic ability of course is needed in doing what your well meaning friend next door could do.  The problem with sugar coated readings is people leave their session feeling wonderful, hanging on to destructive relationships or harmful circumstances. 

  Unfortunately, AFTER MONTHS of being told only wonderful things that do not come true it's not unusual for this client to rage on the web and accuse all psychics of lying to them. {In truth, the client stayed away from readers that told them what they didn't want to hear.}


Though many people prefer going to a psychic for their questions and problems, they are not at all the same as a mental health therapist, nor should they be a replacement.

  • A psychic tells you what they see and does almost all of the talking based on their reading gift as they answer questions.
  • Though many bonding and lovely reflections can be shared in a psychic session, most light workers are not qualified nor have the years of education in leading the mind to complete transition that a mental health therapist has.
  • Most counseling sessions require the client to do the talking while the therapist listens.
  • HOWEVER it is my opinion from experience that many Psychic sessions can get to the root of a problem, leading to important topics the client may want to speak on in their next therapy session with their Dr.


It is imperative that at all times a Psychic Adviser tell their client they are not a replacement for mental therapy.  As an Intuitive reads and guides into the choices and reasoning they "see" happening for the client, it is great subject matter to discuss further in counseling should client already be a patient. It is also important that an Intuitive suggest to a client when something is over their head, when professional counseling would be more in line for them.