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💫Happy Thursday - Astrology Updates💫 Neptune in pisces trines ceres in scorpio at 6:18pm(mst), aligning the Higher Heart with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. Neptune/ceres is the ultimate Divine Mother Love. Neptune/ceres genuinely wants to save, help and heal. The shadow of this is when we overdo that and give to those who only take, keep poor boundaries and play the victim/martyr. This could also lend itself to idealized visions of what it means to be loved: expecting others to live up to perfection which means there is a long fall of the pedestal eventually. Channel this lovely energy into compassion, care and service. Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮"aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor
💫Happy Tuesday - Astrology Updates💫 Mercury in scorpio quincunxes retrograde uranus in aries for the 2nd time in the last 10 days, bringing wake up/shake up communications and revelations. There are BIG CHANGES in the air in relationships, finances, communications and thinking! 💫 Mercury trine the north node brings destined or fated communications and information to Light. Yet mercury/uranus could bring communications or information that is sudden, unexpected and chaos-inducing. Staying open to SEEING THE TRUTH about ourselves, others and the world around us is key right now.💫 Chiron in pisces sesquiquadrates ceres in scorpio at 2:25pm(mst), creating tension between the Wounded Healer and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. There is a strong pisces energy in home/family situations, relationships with parents and children, and in regards to our needs for safety and security. 💫 On the positive side this is great for Unconditional Love and getting into/healing old wounds from the past. The shadow side is idealizing our past/childhood/parents and not really seeing the shadow or wounds that have occurred clearly. Ceres speaks to our need for safety and security. Being present with the wounding rather than being taken over by it is key. The sun in sagittarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn at 6:26pm(mst), aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of transformation and evolution. Sun/pluto is great for getting focused, powerful and aligned. Its time to See the work that needs to be done and having the optimism and perseverance to do it.💫 Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮"aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor
💫Happy Monday - Astrology Updates💫 SpiritualAdvisorJennifer "aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor💫 Direct mercury in scorpio trines the north node in cancer at 6:18pm(mst), aligning the mind and intellect with the north node of destiny and evolution. Over the last week mercury has formed a Grand Water Trine with chiron and the north node. Major healing is possible right now, emotionally, in family dynamics, with parents, children, and more. The key is to FEEL, as we cannot heal what we cannot feel. Emotional intimacy is necessary right now. Pay attention to the talks, thoughts, and information incoming, as well as healers or healing connections coming into your life. 💫 Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮
💫Happy Wednesday - Astrology Updates💫 SpiritualAdvisorJennifer The 3-week Mercury retrograde is down to the last couple of days. Mercury is virtually motionless. Be careful to not misplace or lose anything, be careful with communications. Concentrate. Stay focussed. At 2:22pm(pst) the sun in sagittarius squares neptune in pisces, bringing a hazy energy to the day. Sun/neptune is mystical, compassionate and creative, but the tense nature of the aspect can make it easy for illusion, deception, confusion and denial. 💫 It’s important to be above board and honest, but also make sure others are doing the same. There’s a strong neptune vibe present right now and going into the new year. Taking off the rose colored glasses to see the Truth about ourselves, others and the world around us is key. 💫 It’s important to note that the sun is aligned with the Great Attractor today, a potent point in the heavens. If the Galactic Center is the Womb of the Great Mother then the Great Attractor can be seen as the Womb of the Great Grandmother. Access to spiritual Truths is possible right now however, we have to be willing to see past the veil of illusion and self delusion. We have to be willing to face the Truth of ourselves and our actions in life. 💫 The sun in sagittarius sesquiqudrates the north node in cancer at 7:18pm(pst) and retrograde uranus at in aries at 9:13pm(pst). Uranus square the nodes is game changing astrology! Some aspect of the past is DONE and a NEW PATH in life is opening up for us. With the karmic south node in capricorn what we need to let go of is patriarchal programming, rigidity, patterns of control and judgment, being so focused on success at the expense of our personal and planetary well being and interconnection. 💫 The north node in cancer reminds us that the path of healing is intimately related to our emotions, feelings and connection to the Feminine. With the sun triggering both today we can have insights or illuminations around what is holding us back and where we are being called forward. 💫 Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮"aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor
💫Happy Monday - Astrology Updates💫 SpiritualAdvisorJennifer ~ Offering Daily Readings 💫 We are in the samhain portal (from samhain to winter solstice) which is the dark of the sun. Right now we have the dark of the moon with the dark of the sun making for some very potent days ahead for letting go, death, loss, diving deep, facing shadow and doing the powerful work of inner transformation. Keep in mind we have some very strong neptune/pisces energy present, the sign and planet that resonates with the dark of the moon. Extra mystical and dreamy, also possibly extra deceptive and illusory. Navigate the darkness carefully this week.💫 At 9:53pm(pst) retrograde mercury in scorpio trines retrograde chiron in pisces and with both planets stationary (mercury goes direct on the 6th and chiron in the 8th) this aspect occurs twice in the next 7 days making it EXTRA powerful. Mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, revise and deal with the past. Chiron is the Wounded Healer and his link to mercury makes it a great time for therapy, shadow work, deep healing communication and more. 💫 Mercury in scorpio is going down to great depths, facing shadow and dealing with what is hidden, while chiron in pisces is helping us access and move through the depths of our emotions and see through illusion and self or other deceptions. Keep in mind stationary mercury is also triggering uranus and the nodes, so while healing is possible so is sudden and unexpected things coming to Light and sudden change or shift!! 💫 Mercury trines chiron a total of 3 times due to his Underworld journey, the first of these was on 10/29 so think back to then and what was going on to get a sense of what is coming up to be resolved/illuminated/healed this week. Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮"aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor
💫Happy Weekend - Astrology Updates💫 Retrograde mercury backtracked into scorpio at 3:12am(pst), bringing the focus of mercury’s Underworld journey into the sign of the Underworld! Mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise. Mercury retrograde in scorpio is a time to DIG DEEPER and confront shadow! Be sure to steer clear of power/control dynamics with others in thought & speech! Use the astrology to confront your own shadow rather than indulge in it! Vesta moves out of capricorn and into aquarius at 12:39pm(pst), shifting the Priestess asteroid Goddess from earth to air, body to mind, tradition to unconventional. Vesta in aquarius is wild, freedom loving and outside of the box. Vesta in aquarius is devoted to her freedom and evolution, as well as the freedom and evolution of others. This is a time to STEP OUTSIDE of THE BOX and attune to a Higher Frequency! Retrograde mercury at 29 scorpio semisextiles venus in libra at 1:49pm(pst), linking the mind and the heart in harmonious ways. This is a great time to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and communicate with others. When mind and heart are linked- communications are healing and illuminating. When only one is operating there is a disconnect. Find the point of connection and share from that place. This is a month to really "see" all that you are ready to release through "aha-ha" moments and transformational energies. Be open to change! Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮"aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor
💫Happy Friday - Astrology Updates💫 SpiritualAdvisorJennifer ~ Offering Daily Readings💫 Saturn in capricorn sesquiquadrates retrograde juno in taurus at 5:10am(pst), bringing tension between the Lord of Karma and Father of Time and the Wife asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. Saturn/juno can be heavy and bring a dose of reality to relationships of all kinds: marriage, business partnership and more. This is a time to GET REAL and see WHAT IS not what use to be/could be/might be/should be. Saturn helps us to see what things we are committed to that are good for us and can help us grow versus what things we are committed to that hold us back from evolution and growth. 💫 At 6:13pm(pst) venus in libra opposes retrograde uranus in aries, one of the defining signatures of venus’ retrograde was her opposition to uranus, bringing some much needed change and perhaps a bit of chaos and upheaval into relationships and finances! This makes for some game changing energy playing out in relationships right now. Add to this the fact that at 8:18pm(pst) venus also squares the nodes that just recently moved into cancer/capricorn and we have a Cardinal Grand Cross formed at the karmic 29th degree of aries/cancer/libra/capricorn! 💫 The cardinal signs are about new beginnings but the 29th degree is about endings of an old cycle. The north node is our path of growth/evolution, the south node the path of karma and venus/uranus is showing us that change is in the air. Relationships are changing, relationship patterns are changing and karmic threads we have been stuck in for perhaps lifetimes are up for shift right now. On Dec 2nd uranus squares the nodes, from now until then watch what is in a state of chaos or upheaval in your personal life or in the world around you and then attune to the underlying perfection of what is happening. 💫 Uranus only brings change that is needed, once you get on board with becomes less anxiety, producing and more freeing. This is a time to EVOLVE rather than repeat old karmic patterns.💫 Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮"aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor
💫Happy Wednesday - Astrology Updates💫 SpiritualAdvisorJennifer - "aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor💫 At 4:03am venus in libra will quincunxe retrograde chiron in pisces for the last time. Venus/chiron creates tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Wounded Healer planetoid, bringing up all our old wounds and pain around self-worth, self-Love and self-value. Old patterns we keep playing out in relationship that are toxic and keep us stagnant or stuck are coming up to be faced right now. With both bodies in signs that tend to over focus on others there is a need to pay attention to boundaries and where we tend to play the victim/martyr OR where we turn to addiction, denial and avoidance rather than dealing with things head on. Pay attention to what big wounds and pain are up for you right now. Chiron teaches us that our wound is our gift and that the pain we fear to fully feel and move through is the very pain that will liberate us when we face it, feel it and move all the way through!💫 Mars in pisces semisquares retrograde eris in aries at 2:28(pst), creating tension between the will and drive in the sign of surrender and passivity and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos in the sign of war and action. Mars/eris is an interesting combination when mars is in pisces. Typically mars wants what he wants and he wants it NOW, but mars in pisces either has difficulty pursuing his desires or he does so in slippery, out of integrity ways. this is not a time to be dishonest or misaligned as it will cost you! Using eris’ energy to willingness face the shadow and see what is going on behind the scenes what's front and center! Neptune in pisces semisquares vesta in capricorn at 5:38pm(pst), creating tension between the planet of sacrifice and idealism and the Priestess asteroid Goddess who tends to self sacrifice herself. Neptune/vesta is great for altruism and selfless service but not so great for those who tend to over sacrifice themselves and put themselves last. Finding balance between purpose/calling and self-care is key. Take off the rose colored glasses so you can relate to reality on it’s own terms.💫 Jupiter in sagittarius semisquares pluto in capricorn at 8:28pm(pst), creating tension between the planet of expansion and excess and the planet of transformation, death/rebirth and power dynamics. Jupiter/pluto can help us harness the powers of transformation and evolution, however the tense nature of this aspect can also have us abusing power or feeling victimized at the hands of those who abuse their power. CHANGE is in process right now and the key is to embrace change, not resist it and to methodically put change into action not act reactively or impulsively. Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮
💫Happy Tuesday - Astrology Updates💫 We have officially hit the midpoint of our Mercury Retrograde today! We're almost through it...however there is much-much more to be revealed in our lives!💫 Retrograde chiron in pisces sextiled vesta in capricorn at 3:34am(pst), this is a lovely aspect to embrace healing around our purpose and focus in this life. Getting more grounded in our ideals and dreams and working towards them from a practical awareness is supported right now. Later in the week uranus will square vesta, so she is in the midst of activation, healing and change. Being willing to question what we are deeply committed to so that we can ascertain what is good to stay committed to and what we need to leave behind is key.💫 Retrograde mercury in sagittarius semisquares pluto in capricorn at 10:12am(pst), creating tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the Lord of the Underworld. 💫 Mercury/pluto is great for research, investigation and getting to the Truth of matters, yet the tense nature of the aspect can also incite power dynamics and paranoia in communication with others. If we are over-focusing on the positive as a means to avoid the shadow, we will be facing things around that this week. If on the other hand we are over focusing on the negative and trying to be dominant and in control that can backfire this week too!💫 At 1:31pm(pst) mars in pisces sextiles saturn in capricorn, aligning the will and drive with the planet of grounding, integrity and self-mastery. Grounding our dreams and realizing our visions is possible when these two team up. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and your crown chakra open to inspiration today.💫 Retrograde mercury cojoins jupiter in sagittarius at 2:27pm(pst), aligning the mind and intellect with the planet of expansion, abundance and opportunity! This is great for communication, learning, teaching, traveling and opening your mind! Between the 25th and the 27th both the sun and mercury have triggered jupiter in his new home sign. Major insights into what growth and opportunities jupiter has incoming for you are being revealed right now! Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮 "aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor
💫Happy Monday - Astrology Updates💫🔮 The first aspect of the day and week was at 12:06am(pst) when retrograde mercury in sagittarius squared mars in pisces, creating tension between the mind and the will and drive. This can be fiery and feisty- making for intensity with communication-navigate wisely! Make sure you and others are not being deceptive or not completely above board-this will prove costly for all involved! Arguments around Truth and who is right and who is wrong is a waste of time-focus on knowing your Truth and living it.🔮 At 12:33pm(pst) the sun in sagittarius semisquares pluto in capricorn, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of the Underworld. This week we have 3 semisquares to pluto, from the sun, mercury retrograde and jupiter. There is significant tension between our desire to see the positive and the realities and karmic consequences arising that need to be faced and addressed. This is not a week to engage in power over/power under dynamics, instead be willing to dig and get to the TRUTH, both within and without. Finding balance between idealism and realism, expansion and contraction, luck and karma is key! Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮"aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advsior
💫Happy Friday - Astrology Updates💫 SpiritualAdvisorJennifer ~ Daily Readings 💫 Venus ends her 6-week retrograde journey today at 5:51am (pst) in Libra. Venus is what you value, what you love, how you partner, and how you earn money. Venus and the Sun met up on October 26, 2018 at 3 degrees of Scorpio and started a new eight year cycle around what you value and want in your life. Although Venus does not clear its shadow until December 18, 2018, this will help relationships and financial matters work in a more fluid manner. Keep the vision on that story even if things are funky right now. Positive changes are coming!💫 Hang on tight we also have Mercury stationing retrograde today too! Get ready for a time of imagination, confusion, illusion, fantasy, manifestation, deception, and wanting to escape.💫 With venus (the heart) stationing direct while mercury (the mind) is stationing retrograde, changes of the heart and mind are in process right now! Mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise the past. We have an opportunity to go over certain areas of life to see what needs addressing or releasing in preparation for the goodies and growth jupiter in sagittarius wants to bring!💫 Retrograde mercury in sagittarius is in search of Truth. What is Truth? What is a lie? What is fantasy? Do we want to see the Truth about others, the world around us and more important ourselves and the actions we take in our life? This is a time to take off the rose colored glasses of idealism and illusion and SEE REALITY AS IT IS! The picture may not be pretty but it will be real and when we can see reality we are empowered to change reality. Seek inner Truth first and outer Truth will reveal itself in due time!💫 There is quite a shift in the astrological mood happening as we enter the weekend. Be prepared for the usual delays, mix-ups in schedules and glitches affecting travel, transportation, technology and communications.💫 Moments like this can bring unexpected good luck, especially with Mars entering Pisces and linking up with Uranus, you can expect to get some good insights and clarity concerning certain confusing issues too! Keep your chin up and your tongue controlled as we enter the holiday season!💫 Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮"aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor
💫Happy Thursday - Astrology Updates💫 The sun in scorpio quincunxes retrograde eris in aries at 8:34am(pst), creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. With both bodies in mars-ruled signs having a healthy expression/connection to anger and rage is important. Being willing to see and own the shadow is the path to empowerment right now. Mars moves out of aquarius and into pisces at 2:21pm(pst), shifting the will and drive from air to water, yang to yin, mind to emotion. Mars in pisces is creative, romantic, artistic and dreamy. The coming weeks of mars journey through pisces is great for intuition, artistic expression, imagination, mystical experience and so much more! Be sure to watch out for the shadow side of mars in pisces: being in denial, deceptive, avoiding facing reality or turning to additions to numb out.💫 At 2:36pm(pst) mars in pisces quincunxes the north node in leo, an aspect between mars and the nodes right when they are moving into new signs respectively! Mars harmoniously links with the karmic south node, showing it can be easy to default to old patterns of doing/being. With mars in tense aspect to the north node we would do well to see where our old pattern is the very thing keeping us back from the evolution we seek. The leo north node calls us into a healthy sense of self, radiance, self-confidence and healthy solar plexus chakra! The shadow of pisces is when we merge and submerge ourselves in others without knowing the boundaries between us and those around us.💫 At 5:29pm(pst) the mean nodes of the moon backtrack into cancer and capricorn shifting the nodes of destiny and karma (north node/south node) into new signs where they will stay for the next year and a half! The north node is where our evolution and growth is, however it’s not the easy growth. This is where we are pushed out of the nest and we have to figure out how to fly while falling the saying goes! 💫 The south node is the path of the past- what is easy, familiar, comfortable but also karmic and keeps us stuck. Ultimately the journey is to balance the nodes, to take the goodness of the south node, while letting go of the karmic traps of the south node, and integrate that with the north node growth and evolution. With the north node in moon-ruled cancer our path of growth and evolution is tied up with our relationship to our emotions, our feminine and our capacity to surrender, be vulnerable and admit our needs. 💫 With the south node in saturn-ruled capricorn our karmic tendencies to shut down emotionally, stone wall, isolate, need to be in control, dominate and come from a patriarchal standpoint that shuts us off from the flow of life need to be faced and addressed. With the karmic south node in capricorn joining saturn and pluto, with both saturn and pluto heading to align with the karmic south node in 2019 we have some HUGE PUSHES to clear karmic patterning we have perhaps been playing out for LIFETIMES. 💫 Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮"aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor
​💫Happy 11:11 The Most Powerful Manifesting Day of The Decade!!💫 SpiritualAdvisorJennifer "aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor💫 Today, November 11th, 2018, the 11:11:11 portal flies wide open forming the most potent manifesting gateway of the decade!! Expect a rapid expansion of your personal power and abundance potential! 1/11, is a powerful time to start making your wishes come true. 11/11 is full of manifestation magic of 11: the angel number of perfect alignment and the attraction of your Twin Flame and soul’s purpose. There's no doubt that the 11:11 number code carries a powerful message of divine guidance, inspiration, and abundance. While Master Numbers bring great opportunities, they are often accompanied by great challenges. Master Numbers demand mastery, time and patience. This could be why the last 11 months haven't been all sunshine and rainbows yet..... Master Numbers are, in fact, slow burners, which patiently wait until the time is right before emerging into greatness. Everything that has happened up until this point has been in preparation for something much, much greater!! From October 31-December 31st is considered a potent portal of transformation, when the veil between Earth and Spirit Worlds is thinner. 💫 It's akin to the dark Moon phase, a time for dissolution and the release of old ways, allowing for inner change and hearty renewal to take place in preparation for a brand new year ahead. It's important not to rush through this time, not to simply keep your head down and carry on. This 11 Universal Year still has magnificent work to do and, this time, its energy will be especially potent and transformational. Now is the moment to harness this Triple Master Number's slow-burning momentum to manifest spiritual growth and abundance in your life!💫 Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮
💫Happy Weekend - Astrology Updates💫 SpiritualAdvisorJennifer - Daily Readings Online 💫 Saturday November 10th- at 9:26am (pst) Mercury in sagittarius semisquares retrograde venus in libra, creating tension between the mind and heart, our thoughts and feelings. Mercury in sadge wants the Truth, while venus in libra wants harmony and peace and at times deny the Truth in order to maintain a facade. Being honest about feelings, thoughts, needs and those of others is the theme right now. 💫 Sunday November 11th- at 3:42am(pst) retrograde uranus in aries opposes ceres at 29 libra, expect the unexpected in home/family situations, with children and parents, and with Mother Earth globally. Uranus comes in to show us what needs to change and to force our hand if we resist. Ceres in libra is over focused on keeping the peace at any cost, sometimes it takes shocking or unexpected things to shake us out of our stupor. Be open to change! 💫 The sun in scorpio sextiles pluto in capricorn at 7:22am(pst), linking the conscious self and ego with the planet of Transformation and Evolution. The sun is in pluto’s sign so there is a double down energy right now of pluto/scorpio potency, which helps us get deep, stay focused and do the deep inner and outer work of transformation. This is a great day for getting focused and moving mountains! Rather than give away your power or lord your power over others, step out of the victim/tyrant dynamic and relate to your power from a solid place within. 💫 Ceres moves out of libra and into scorpio at 1:34pm(pst), shifting the Great Mother asteroid Goddess from air to water, intellect to emotion, peace seeking to confrontation with the shadow. Ceres in scorpio brings the Mother energy into the depths of the Underworld. This is great for nurturing the self and others through deep transformation and death/rebirth processes. Yet there can also be some shadow and intensity arising in home/family situations or with children and parents. There is a strong need to nurture or be nurtured with ceres in scorpio however, sometimes the lesson is to let go and let others find their way or stop looking to get from others what we need to learn to Source for ourselves. Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮"aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor
💫Happy Friday - Astrology Updates💫 In the early morning hours retrograde venus in libra trined mars in aquarius, aligning the Divine Lovers in creative, romantic and fun-loving ways! Keep in mind venus is still retrograde and on an internal journey of reclaiming more of her essential self while letting go of that which holds her back from deeper and Higher self/other Love. With both bodies in air signs communication, connection, friendship and partnership can be supported right now. At 3:45pm(pst) jupiter who just moved into the first degree of sagittarius trines the north node who is just about to leave leo. Jupiter trine the north node is like a date with destiny. The north node is where your evolution and growth is and has a jupiter kind of energy- whereas the south node is where our karma is and has a saturn kind of energy. Interestingly jupiter positively links with BOTH nodes today: linking past with future, karma with dharma. We are given a Bigger Picture perspective of where we have been, where we are right now and where we are heading. Destined or fated connections, doors opening, opportunities and more are incoming. Stay open to growth and expansion, change is in the air! Peace, Love & Light - Spiritual Advisor Jennifer💜💫🔮"aka" Jennifer Pilates ~ Celebrity Intuitive Advisor
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