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Your Tarot Message From Tarot By Emilie 

Six Of Cups 

If The Past Comes back and makes it's way into your present what are you going to do? Today's draw speaks about the test of the past making its way into our present day. When it happens will you open the person back in with open arms?  Do you have the courage to send them to hell after hurting you so, ignore them? or do you give the person another chance though you know for certain that they changed?  It is up to you. Every choice as an effect. Prepare yourself for a surprise blast from the past. 

God Bless ~  Emilie ( Emmy ) | Tarot By Emilie  

If you are in need of a Tarot Reading I will be on Keen until 12 am Est. If I am away please arrange a call for I am most likely conducting another reading and will get to you promptly. 

God Bless ( Emmy ) | Tarot By Emilie 


Your Tarot Message From Tarot By Emilie 

5 Of Cups Of Reversed 

The ending of the year should not have you crying over spilled milk. || Tarot The 5 Of Cups Reversed || 2017 is almost over and here comes 2018 a new year. Many at times get stuck or lost in the funk of the things that they did not achieve over the 12 months span, overly focused on the burdens that they are still lugging around instead of focusing on all the blessings that came their way. You don't have to be depressed. Change your perspective and open your eyes. Why do personal achievements have to be measured by 12 months? Tending to see the worst aspect of things will not improve your current situation only make it worse. Pray to Santa Clara to alleviate depression and to help refocus your mind. Luz - Emilie ( Emmy)

If you are in need of a Tarot Reading I will be on Keen until 5 pm Est. If I am away please arrange a call for I am most likely conducting another reading and will get to you promptly. 

God Bless ( Emmy ) | Tarot By Emilie 


Your Tarot Message Today By Emilie 

4 Of Swords

Maybe you should relax a bit before making your next move. Your Tarot Message for today by Emilie| The 4 Of Swords tells us that right now we need to take a moment to ourselves and think things through before taking the next steps. Prayer and meditating on choices while asking the divine to guide us, protect us is essential right now. The church and places of prayer can be the perfect place to find the peace and clarity you seek. It's time to cancel out the outside noise and find your center. 
God Bless - Emilie ( Emmy )

If you are in need of a Tarot Reading I will be on Keen until 5 pm Est. If I am away please arrange a call for I am most likely conducting another reading and will get to you promptly. 

God Bless 

Emilie  ( Emmy ) | Tarot By Emilie 


Your Tarot Message Today By Emilie 

9 Of Cups In Reversed

So What Is It That You Really Wish For? Your Tarot  Message for today by Emilie.  | The 9 of cups is reversed tells us that this is a turning point where your wishes can be granted but too also watch out for gluttony and boosting. Remember where you came from, be humble and help those who are trying to climb up the latter as well. We all are equals. Materialistic and superficial goals do not always fill in the void within and be aware of how the ego can make a person so full of themselves that they quickly forget how to walk right in life. In a blink of an eye so much can be taken from you so appreciate where you stand and all that you have. Invite someone over for the holiday especially if you feel that there will be more than enough to go around. If God has blessed you try to bless others with your blessings as well. - Emilie (Emmy)

If you are in need of a Tarot Reading I will be on Keen until 5 pm Est. If I am away please arrange a call for I am most likely conducting another reading and will get to you promptly. 

God Bless 

Emilie  ( Emmy ) | Tarot By Emilie 



So What would you do if you found a wallet on the ground? (Ahh but little did you know there was a tracking device in it.) Your Weekend Tarot message By Emilie. Usually, the 7 of swords in reverse is a forewarning about an untrusted person getting caught red-handed. This throw though feels like it's about us. Spirit is speaking to us to be cautious about slipping up. Be honest. Trying to be the sly person to get out of a situation or make a situation easier will only lead you into tripping over your own shoelaces. People are testing and watching you see what you will do in order to point a finger. Someone's watching you very well and could definitely be setting you in for a trap. Please be careful with your actions. Act with high moral principles this weekend or get caught in the act. | Tarot By Emilie 




What is it that you want to manifest new in your life?

The tarot can help. Key cards pulled out for a day helps create an energy focus point to draw things into your life that you want to come to pass. For example, the ace of cups brings in New love, Ace of wands New work/ friendships or the ace of coins New money and business. Simply pull out a card and create in your mind's eye that situation and start to feel it. Create scenes and feel the vibration. The key to manifestation is believing things that you can't see the first step with this is envisioning and feeling those vibrations to attract more of it.

The #Tarot Ace of coins always brings me pleasure when I see it. It's such a positive card that announces something new of value coming into one's life along with security that can grow. We always pray for that shinning positive card to come out in a tarot reading, this is it for me. 

Today let this card be your focus point about Manifesting things coming anew for you.  | Tarot By Emilie 


I will be On Keen until 5 pm Est today if you are in need of direction and curious how will a certain situation come to pass or what you can do to improve a current path. 

God Bless

Emilie  | Tarot By Emilie 



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Today's divination reading message from the beautiful Gypsy cards called the Sibilla. I am so in love with these cards because their messages are super clear and ever so accurate. There's no second-guessing. 


The Message is about Love and A Journey. 

"A journey/destination that you are hesitant to go at will, turn into something that you love. It will be better than you expected to be. Don't put the breaks on something that has a chance to turn out great, you never know if that will be the place that you'll find love."  Maybe your uncomfortable putting yourself out there yet because, of the past relationships and previous dates. Life is a journey and not everything has to be so serious. You never know what surprises awaits you when you go outside your comfort zone and spread your wings.

God Bless


Emilie  ( Emmy) | Tarot By Emilie 




 Email By Tarot By Emilie

Do you believe in soul mates? I do. I truly believe that there are some people in which the universe placed on this earth for us to meet for a soul purpose.  If we stay connected, well that's a different story and if we learn the soul reason that is all up to us as well. Soul mates indeed exist. The tarot cards speak about this time and time again. I see it in the lovers, the two of cups, in the Star card and among other tarot cards. If you are ever doing a love tarot reading and the Lovers + The Star comes out in the tarot spread this is stating that this is a Soulmate connection. It was written in the Stars for the both of you to meet. Dig Deeper to find out the reason. 

Have a blessed weekend <3 - Emilie ( Emmy) | Tarot By Emilie

"We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason."


Good morning Loves, 

*Unfortunately, I am only taking chat readings today*

As I do every day, today I drew one card from the tarot to meditate on what spirits message was for the mass and for myself. I shuffled my deck and drew the moon tarot card.  I knew this was speaking about fears. Fears holding us back from making the power moves that we want in life and changing our lives for the better. The moon is about the mind. It speaks about our dreams but, also our fears preventing from our dreams to manifest.  Our dreams can become a reality it just takes is a plan, consistency, and bravery. Don't let the fear of what negative things you THINK are going to happen to you stop, you from taking those steps in walking the path that you truly want.

God bless you all loves

- Emilie ( Emmy ) | Tarot By Emilie



Want a tip about using tarot? 

Here's a tarot tip by Emilie, Try working with crystals during your tarot readings

Tarot Read With Crystals Near You: In general clear crystals, blueish and purple colored crystals (gemstones) helps heighten your intuition and gives you a clearer perception. Place these crystals near you or on you when you are reading to absorb its effects. | Tarot By Emilie 



Hola,  I know I have been on and off of Keen for some time. Things elsewhere with my readings have picked up greatly. I miss you all and will do my best to still be on keen more. For those who have had recent readings with me on Keen for longer than 3 minutes which were not free minutes, I will shortly be sending you some accounted free minutes ( please be patient with me as I go through my list an tally). 

Thank you all for sticking with me for the 8 plus years that I have been on keen.  You all have helped me built a platform for my tarot readings in which I truly appreciate. 

God bless. 

below is your tarot spiritual message of today. - <3 Emilie | Tarot By Emilie 

 Your Spiritual message today from the tarot by Emilie. The Devil + The 2 of wands. "Don't let your ego trick you into thinking you're better than your fellow man. This will only limit your growth as a being and cast out those who truly who was there for you." | Tarot By Emilie


Is love on your brain? Sometimes that is all that we can think about and in this time where things are all bipolar with the astro world, we need to be sure things are still on a good path. For these reasons, I have chosen to focus mainly on Love Tarot Readings today using the Love tarot, my a deck of choice.  If you need clarity I will be on and off until 5 pm Est. Arrange a  call if I am on a short break. 

God Bless- Emilie / Tarot By Emilie 

Tarot By Emilie's Love Scope For This Week 


As the retrograde spins the opposite direction for almost a month I thought weekly until then it will be helpful to all of you if I drew some a card for a quick tarot scope that will help guide you and prepare you for what is coming forth. Read your scope below:


Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces,

5 Of cups: The Card of error and crying over spilled milk. Let's not dwell on what has happened or what you fear of what is to come next with your love life. Try your best to keep a positive mindset in stead of dwelling over what was. This does nothing for you but, bring your energy more down and attracts more of it. Wipe your tears, pick up your head and know we all make mistakes. It's the lessons that will help us do better next time. It's not worth your tears.


Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo,

2 Of Wands: This week is all about having the courage to say what you want to the person in your love life. Not through safeguarded text but face to face or even over the phone. Things that have been on your mind and heart for some time. This can be something positive or negative. Be gentle with your words. Think about things before you speak for, not everyone understands you. Focus as well on building the friendship in your relationship and meeting the person half way. Comprising creates stronger bonds. 


Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The Temperance: A bit of patience goes a long way for you this week in your love life. Watch your mouth, don't  rush anything, and have patience when waiting for someone's response to you. It will come but, if you rush or push things you can ruin the connection you are trying to build with someone in the love department. 


Air Signs: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Queen Of Cups Reversed:  You may become highly sensitive this week with all matters of the heart. Love in relationships with romance or just in general about feeling unloved over all. Why me? Look at all I've been through or the "When will I  finally be happy?" question. When you become over emotional you are not balanced, you can't think clearly and can do some things that you will come to regret later. Don't you dare text that ex. Don't you dare start you social media rant. Even if it hurts you, it's ok to cry but, don't show them your tears. Let it out with out the overly emotional out burst. 


 God bless 

- Emilie 








Good evening everyone on this  beautiful Sunday

So, you read correctly.  It's that time again where things start spinning out of wack, loved ones argue, communication devices becomes problematic and setbacks are expected..... Mercury is now in retrograde. It will be spinning the wrong way from Aug 12th until -  September 5th.  If your romance with your love is on the rocks try to let it be instead of throwing more fuel into the fire break ups can happen at this time.

- God Bless - Emilie ( Tarot By Emilie )

I am currently available on  Keen but, only through chat tonight.


milie )


St. Clare of Assisi


Today is one of the most beautiful saint's Saint Clare's feast day. One of my favorite Saints to work with to ward off evil/ attackers and peace/ clarity. You can learn more about her here .


St Clare Pray for us. 


~ Emilie 



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