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I had looked everywhere that I would normally have been with keys in hand and they were no where to be found...two hours later I was vacuuming upstairs, putting laundry away and stripped the bed to wash the sheets...GUESS WHAT I FOUND! In my sheets! Good grief!

All I could hear was the tinkling laughter when I picked them up and shook my head...typical...last time it was the freezer. And I am NOT a nut:) Well..............maybe sometimes!



Have you ever watched the fluttering of a butterfly only to see it disappear when you looked too closely? Not just fly away but "poof"...gone!

Have you ever noticed something out of the corner of your eye only to see nothing when you turned towards it?

Have you ever been missing a necklace or earring only to have it turn up in the weirdest places?

Heard a tiny giggle? Saw a quick flash of light?
Chances are good that you have the little people around you! Some people attract them naturally with their positive natures...others need to ask them to come around by offering treats and pretty baubles or planting a garden in their honor. Whatever the case having them present in your life is a blessing...most of the time:)

Let me know of your experiences with the fae.