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Immature Love Says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature Love Says 'I need you because I love you' Very profound and something to really think about when it comes to love and relationships. Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
When we look at life we are all so caught up in material items, surviving and working hard but what are we really working towards. Money isn't happiness its the root of all evil so they say. We have to have it to survive or in order to thrive either way it's monetary. When you get to the end of things whether that be life, a relationship, the day it doesn't matter you only have two things in life that count besides the bonds you have made. You can't take anything with you so when you come to realize that it comes down to your name and your word and these are two things no one can take from you! I feel we should all think about and act in accordance to what you commit based upon your word first because that is what tarnishes your name. If you don't live by your word you will never be able to have the bond you deserve. You must self check and stay in the light of day not the dark of dawn which calculates in a karmic way in conjunction with the universe. Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
Living a life of being Divine is a rewarding and a great career, where we get to help others change their lives based upon their situations. We get to guide them through the crossroads, give them affirmations that they are on the right track, help them in learning how to live healthy lifestyles. Which starts with one wanting to change, grow, learn something new or different. Most importantly how to walk in the light of faith not in the dark of dawn. It's hard sometimes when there is no communication which is key and paramount to the success of individuals, family's, friends, co workers, partnerships, marriages really any type of relationship. The first thing we must all learn is communication and then how to share our feelings in an effective manner from a place of peace and positive power. Tarot is a divine gift that can help you achieve your dreams and goals in life. Remember you are the one in control and a great place to start is by owning your life and knowing along learning what to do next in order to be the best at whatever it is you chose in life to be. Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
I rarely get a bad rating in Tarot readings but when I do I feel compelled to address it in general. In order to get an effective Tarot reading you the caller needs to be focused on what it is exactly you want to know along with be direct in your questioning. Then you must allow the reader time to actually read your situation in which might take up to four minutes for one question to be answered. The callers that call and want the answer in under a minute then change their minds in the middle of their readings which changes their focus and in turn they will in turn not get an effective reading because the cards pick up both the conscious and the unconscious surrounding the question. It's why it's so important not to over think or over analyze things. Tarot comes from the game bridge so it doesn't matter what cards you read from the divination tool are known as one of the most accurate ones that allows you to take a sneak peak at the future. There are many things that can happen in between a reading and a crossroad because it's all based upon what you do with the information, how you use your moral compass and then you must factor in the person you were inquiring about. They may have crossroads themselves that changes the dynamics of things. When we look into the future we could be looking at anywhere from the past, the exact moment, the present and the future. Since Tarot is such an accurate tool to get accurate answers you must ask your questions with purpose. I find most people who get mad about their reading is because they didn't like what they were told, they don't want to believe, they feel that they can control things that are out of their control. It's like leading a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I am a 95% accurate reader of Faith and being honest about life is that most important to me. I often get calls about relationships and how one can either ruin one or obtain one. Those who get the most mad are those who want something they can't have. I advise at this point to let go of the past, look towards the future and find peace within yourselves. It's called growing and we don't stop growing or learning until the day we die. Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
The Queen of Winter - each and everyone of you have prepared for this day in one way or another in accordance with the scriptures. You may either walk in the light of day or chose to walk in the dark of dawn. Wisdom comes from life experience. It's time to de-clutter your lives, organize yourselves and be determined to deliver God's messages as the Angels chosen ones. Don't sweep anyone else's porch until you have swept your own. It is the time to be grateful and realize we are powerful as a group. One democracy in action for the betterment of man kind! No matter what you face or anyone faces just know you will come out stronger in the end by being the resilient leader of wisdom from a servant stand point in which God intended. Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
My prayers go out to all the victims in Vegas from yesterday's tragic events. - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
Empaths Will Always Try To Hide These Traits From You 1. Their Sensitivity An empath is a natural born healer and they feel as if they have to look strong for the people around them. Empaths hate being an inconvenience on other people in any possible way, thus they hide their emotions. They most of all hide that they are extremely hypersensitive. 2. They Absorb Others Emotions You might not notice it, but when you are having a down day they are too. This is because they absorb the emotions of other people and they can literally feel other people’s pain to some degree. However, you’ll scarcely hear an empath talk about this. They don’t want to appear crazy, as modern day society would label them as. 3. They’re Introverted Empaths really value alone time. They are so sensitive to the energies of other people that the only calm state they can get is when they are alone. They don’t want to appear rude so they are commonly extroverted introverts, or an introvert that partakes in extrovert activities. 4. They Become Replenished in Nature If you think that you have a friend that is an empath, you might take note that they love to be outside. They often take any chance they can get to go on some kind of nature walk. They do this because nature replenishes them of positive energy! 5. They’re Human Lie Detectors An empath has many different abilities when it comes to reading other people. They can easily see through a mask, revealing someone’s true intentions. They are excellent at detecting a lie. If they catch you in a lie they might not even say anything about it. They’ll just always remember it. 6. They Give Too Much Sometimes Like I said before, empaths are natural born healers. They have a natural urge to help other people. They very easily put themselves aside too much and this can cause a lot of emotional trauma for them. If they ignore their own feelings for too long they will all build up an overflow eventually. Watch out for them to be doing a little too much for other people. You might want to warn them of it. 7. They Seem To Be Targets For Negative People Empaths do not tend to talk about themselves, but they are well aware of the fact that they are big red targets for negative people. Negative people such as manipulators are attracted to empaths because they are so forgiving and understanding. They absorb all of your positivity and replace it with negativity. They are always terrified of the next person who plans to make a target out of them. 8. They’re Highly Intuitive Empaths are in tune with their intuitive connectedness, and they are able to make very important decisions based on just their gut. They know how to tune in and really feel what the universe is trying to tell them. They pick up on more things than you’d think. 9. They’re Easily Stressed Empaths tend to feel common emotions intensified and they are very easily overwhelmed and stressed. If they are trying to tackle too many tasks at one time it can be extremely overwhelming to them. It might even take a toll on their health. 10. They’re Easily Taken Advantage of Not trying to imply that empaths are weak because they are very strong. However, they are extremely understanding and have an extreme value of any human soul. They can see the sunshine in any kind of storm. This makes them easily taken advantage of by strong manipulators because they know just the right strings to pull. 11. They Love Deeply Empaths are extremely loving people. They care about their loved ones and society as a whole with a true passion. When an empath loves they tend to love very deeply. They have a deeply rooted appreciation for all of the people in their lives. they are the most loyal lovers and are some of the best friends you could ever ask for! Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
When I say it's all about love it is!! It's something you can't explain it's something you feel deep within yourself about others including you in the feeling of love. Love is one of the greatest feelings but I have yet to figure out why it causes the most amount of pain. Is it because it's not reciprocated? Is it because you don't feel loved or you don't feel love at all. I think when we talk about love it's just something you have to embrace the peace of and know that love heals all. It runs deep and it's a bond that no matter where you are, what you are doing or why you love, it never goes away. When love is so deep it's hard to let it go and it affects each of us in such ways that it's so hard to really wrap your head around it but your heart feels it. Once upon a time a wise man said follow your heart and I did, I followed my heart, I shared it, I gave half of it to the love of my life and in return the other half was ripped out. There is an art to loving and being loved. The goal of all should be to master the art of love as it's the big Why of everything we do in life, as long as you are walking in the light of faith otherwise the dark of dawn delivers hatred. A concept I struggle with because I come from a place of love and in turn is a place of peace. I love you with all my heart I can't fathom life without you but I have learned to move forward regardless knowing one day we shall meet again in one facet or another our love shall carry us through until then it's a bond no one will ever be able to replace or break because it's true love which is the best kind of love there is. Love hurts, love heals and love is what makes the world go round. Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
19 - Truly the righteous attain life, but whoever pursues evil finds death. - Walk in the light of faith never in the dark of dawn! Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
Is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other! Amen - Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
Gossip is a form of hatred and it's best when you don't participate. I think we all get so tied up with our lives and we forget everyone is human with feelings. If we spent more time working on peace within ourselves, love in our hearts and forgiveness we get further in life. Jesus was a servant and in order to serve accordingly you have to walk in the light of day not in the dark of dawn. Be a lover not a fighter, Be a lover not a hater, Be a lover and do right by others - don't gossip - be kind, loving and caring, as remember what comes around goes around - Karma does exist - Love to all - Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. –Wayne Gretzky
10 - Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all all your work and in everything you put your hands to. Walk in the light of day never in the dark of dawn - Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion. Dale Carnegie - Blessings The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
I have received one to many phone calls about the Divine side of evil magic, money and placing fear into peoples lives by hexes from unknown origins said to be bringing them bad luck. In order to make this such phenomenon go away they must perform all these crazy rituals and spend money they don't have in order to rid the negative energy along with bad luck from their life. Luck - Good, Bad or Indifferent is Lucifer - I believe in God along with hard work and positive energy along with the power to push that into the universe and expect it back by doing right by others including yourself in the simple terms of the Laws of Attraction. If you are working with people who tell you these things and or try and sell you that your life is simply a mess because someone put a hex on you - remove that from your mindset - reach in and find your faith - walk in the light of day never in the dark of dawn. Blessings - The Divine Mystic Jypsie - Faith
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